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"The dreaded Prophecy long foretold is nearly upon us! The rise of the Shadow Lord will surely mark the fall of civilization as we know it. Brave adventurer, you must not let this come to pass!"
With these haunting words, the Magic Council sends you off on a quest filled with danger, magic and puzzles in a land replete with untamed wilderness, quaint hamlets, majestic castles, labyrinthine catacombs and dark dungeons.
Prophecy of the Shadow is SSI's exciting single-character role-playing game that uses state-of-the-art technology to breathe life into a mystical fantasy.
- Stunning cinematics with over fifty digitized art and animation sequences, including characters in full costume.
- Simple point-and-click interface with icon-based commands and graphical inventories makes game fast and easy to play. Learn words and converse from an icon bar by simply clicking on the word.
- Over 50 sound effects and a continuous FM soundtrack enhance the action.
- Three perspective viewpoints: An adventure view allows you to explore this exciting world and engage in combat; an up-close-and-personal mode lets you converse with Non-Player-Controlled Characters; and through the use of magic, an eagle's view of the world.
- A large, complex world--both above and below ground--that you must save!

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