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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 03/30/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Magic Candle III(PC) FAQ/Walkthrough copyright 2003-2004,2008
    version 1.0.0 by Andrew Schultz schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net
      (anti spam spoonerism)
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. However,
    if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, then 
    will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about
    answering e-mail. Sorry.
    **** AD SPACE: ****
    My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762
    ****big note****
    I have color maps for all locations. They are posted to GameFAQs, and so I 
    decided to take the text maps out. In some/most cases, the color maps took up 
    fewer KB than the text maps. So I gutted the FAQ. It is big enough. The color 
    maps are not fully copied from the game, but they are intended to be 
    representative of teleports and such.
        1-1. LEGENDS
        1-4. BRIEF OPINIONS
        1-5. GAME SIZE
      2. CONTROLS
        2-1. GETTING AROUND
        2-2. COMBAT
        2-3. DUNGEON DO SE DO
      4. METRICS
      5. LISTS
        5-1. SPELLS
        5-2. MUSHROOMS
        5-3. TELEPORTALS
        5-4. SHIPS
        5-5. STRONGHOLDS
        5-7. MONSTERS
        5-8. TEMPLES/GODS
        5-9. CAMPS/ENTRANCES
      10. VERSIONS
      11. CREDITS
        1-1. LEGENDS
    So what is Magic Candle 3 about? It's going west from Oshcrun and the main 
    town Telermain, where you went east in MC2. The emphasis is more on traveling 
    between islands, and the plot is about something called the blight that's 
    taking over everything--including the rejuvenating mushroom patches. It's 
    spreading, and you need to rebuild yet another candle to do so.
    As in the previous game you need to shuffle your party around a bit as you 
    prepare to go out in the world, until you actually do start roaming around and 
    knocking off dungeons. Near the end, you may even need to ditch one party 
    member to get another. Many old friends are useful, and some just give advice.
    Use http://dosbox.sourceforge.net to play this. You'll have it in a window. 
    You can read a FAQ in one IE window and have an image of your current area in 
    another one.
    http://jasons.wumple.com has a transcribed manual that will help with some 
    Spell books are the same. There are fewer dungeon obstacles, and flipping your 
    party is more flexible, so you can go through narrow passages. You can assign 
    someone to wait and come back for them later to work around tight spots. There 
    are a few different special items, but the basic layout--gods with secret 
    words, dungeons too, a secret dwarf town, a big shemozzle to recreate the 
    candle--is the same. I'd say the monsters are easier but the dungeons are 
    about the same. Given how long some parts of MC2 were, that is a good balance.
        1-4. BRIEF OPINIONS
    Magic Candle 3 has some good bits but the Crowndeep Caverns seem to drag on 
    far too long even with a map available, and the punishment for not having 
    everyone ready at Rinora(10 level tower after) is harsh indead. But building 
    up your characters and being able to use more than the six by assigning them 
    makes you able to control a party doing multiple things at once. While the 
    spell books do feel unbalanced and only one spell is really consistently 
    useful from any one book, exploring for clues, made simpler by a journal, is 
    the heart of this game, and it works well, even if you skip the parts you 
    already know--this can help you pass whole dungeons. But you still have to 
    deal with the lulu that is Crowndeep. There's enough formula of what we like 
    in Magic Candle, but the locales and atmosphere are different, including 
    hostile ruins and few mushroom patches and even races that distrust each 
      2. CONTROLS
        2-1. GETTING AROUND
      MC3 is rather streamlined and allows for a good deal of ease--with the NUM
    LOCK key down you can explore very quickly. Sometimes your party will stop--or
    someone will drag behind. That's probably because his energy is down to zero,
    and he's exhausted.
      If you wish to have someone cast a spell or use an item, you push his number
    and then perform the action. The possible actions are listed in the lower 
    corner. If you wish to cast a spell on someone, then you specify the number of
    the caster and the number of the recipient.
      When paging through a list of spells or items, you can type a letter, and 
    game will scroll to the next item that has that letter. For instance if you 
    mirgets and medicin, typing U-M-M will highlight medicin. You can still use
    home/end/page-up/down as well.
      There's no extra time to move diagonally, so you might as well. I don't
    believe it costs any extra energy, either.
      If you know the X, Y location of where you need to go, try to line up the X-
    or the Y- and then go north/south or east/west. You can also do a bit of math 
    that you reach your destination going diagonally.
        2-2. COMBAT
        2-3. DUNGEON DO SE DO
      Warning: this sort of operation may be against the spirit of the game. But
    it's fun. Lots of fun. And it provides for interesting puzzles above and 
    just getting told what to do in the libraries. Hmph, adventurers don't need no
    stinkin' book larnin'!
      When in a town or dungeon, you have a formation your party always tries to
    squeeze to. If they're in a narrow passageway then it will mean trouble--
    have to line p--but once they get out, they'll realign. Sometimes this makes 
    tough to move. If you try to move into a fellow party member, and there's a 
    in front of that, the party won't budge. Other times, the party will budge
    slightly and you'll pull your way out of the bottleneck. On rare occasions a
    party member will shoot off to the edge and come bouncing back. There's no way
    to 'lose' a party member, and it seems that if there is a line of ambushes(as
    frequently happens,) there's no way to escape them. Magic Candle 2 didn't have
    lines, but you could put the left side of your party formation into a wall and
    often sneak by. Magic Candle let you split everyone up and walk by. Here, you
    can't move a party without your leader, but there is a clever flip flop you 
      Note that when you reorganize your formation, you pivot about the leader.
      Take the following diagram:
    [A=ambush, X=wall, 1-6 = party members]
    X       X
    X  123  X
    X  456  X
      Moving north, you would hit the ambush.
      But first, reorganize the party as follows:
      123 (1=leader)
      Knowing where the ambush is, move one square south. Reorganize as follows.
      Create 4 as the leader. Now...
      You're across! Many ambushes can be avoided like this, but they can get a 
    tougher when you have a blockade. In that case, work as follows:
    X  *X
    X34 X
    X56 X
      That * blocks the usual method. But you can still get across. Assign 3 and 4
    to stay--assuming they are companions and not hirelings. Then flip 12/56 as
    12    56              12
       >>    (5 leads) >>
    56    12              56
      Now 3 and 4 might be off the screen. What I recommend is to reform:
      Invite 3 and 4 over but be sure they don't land where the ambush is. It's
    almost certainly a bug that they can zip across the ambush line to rejoin your
    party without tripping it off, but in tight quarters they may step on it 
    Leave the locations in back open for them to land. They're more likely to land
    away from the ambushes then.
      There are other finesses based on the specific situation, but
    1) always flip around the leader
    2) in some cases, you don't need to take all 6 people everywhere--remember 
    3) in tight quarters, disband your companions temporarily near the line you 
    to cross. Cross it, be sure you're on the other side, and call them over.
    Also, you can ask any non-hireling to stay. This can make it easier to flip 
    around imposing obstacles, as a party of 4 or 5 is less awkward than one of 5. 
    Then later you can retrieve them. The time spent mastering this will pay off 
    in avoiding ambushes.
    **** CHARACTER A ****
    Lukas (Full name:Lukas Al Dem) Energy = 99 Gold = 500
    Race: Human M/F: M
    Bravery:12 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
    Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
    Sword:30/99 Axe:10/75 Archery:40/80 Magic:40/75 Fist:30/99
    Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:40/75 Research:10/99
    Soul Read:45/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:10/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:50/99 Leadership:50/99
          Blu Pearl ( 3)        Brennix WT 0       Smallaxe WT 0
            Brombow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0   Suede outfit WT 5
               Food (18)         Potion ( 6)         Sermin (18)
             Gonshi (12)           Loka ( 4)        Medicin ( 2)
                Map ( 1)      Mindstone ( 3)          Arrow (50)
            Blanket ( 1)
       CONFUSE: 5   SHATTER:15    LOCATE: 9    DETECT: 4      HEAL: 9
    **** CHARACTER B ****
    Luka (Full name:Luka Ni Dem) Energy = 99 Gold = 300
    Race: Human M/F: F
    Bravery:12 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 6 Agility: 7
    Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
    Sword:30/99 Axe:10/75 Archery:45/80 Magic:40/75 Fist:25/99
    Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:40/75 Research:10/99
    Soul Read:45/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:25/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:50/99 Leadership:50/99
          Blu Pearl ( 3)           Ruby ( 5)        Brennix WT 0
           Smallaxe WT 0        Brombow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0
       Suede outfit WT 0           Food (18)         Potion ( 6)
             Sermin (18)         Gonshi (12)           Loka ( 4)
            Medicin ( 2)            Map ( 1)      Mindstone ( 3)
              Arrow (50)        Blanket ( 1)
       CONFUSE: 5   SHATTER:15    LOCATE: 9    DETECT: 4      HEAL: 9
    **** CHARACTER C ****
    Lukas (Full name:Lukas Al Dem) Energy = 99 Gold = 350
    Race: Human M/F: M
    Bravery:12 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
    Loyalty:10 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 3
    Sword:45/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:30/80 Magic:30/75 Fist:40/99
    Swimming:35/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:25/75 Research:10/99
    Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick:10/60 Tracking:25/75 Music:10/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:25/99 Leadership:50/99
               Jade ( 5)        Brennix WT 0     Chain mail WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food (12)         Potion ( 4)
             Sermin ( 8)         Gonshi (16)           Nift (10)
             Mirget ( 4)         Luffin ( 5)      Mindstone ( 3)
                Map ( 1)
          FEAR:10   SHATTER:18  FIREBALL:12    WEAKEN: 5    FREEZE: 2
    **** CHARACTER D ****
    Luka (Full name:Luka Ni Dem) Energy = 99 Gold = 800
    Race: Human M/F: F
    Bravery:12 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 8
    Loyalty:10 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 3
    Sword:45/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:30/80 Magic:30/75 Fist:30/99
    Swimming:40/99 Trading:35/99 Stealth:20/75 Research:25/99
    Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick:10/60 Tracking:25/75 Music:10/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:25/99 Leadership:50/99
              Topaz ( 5)        Brennix WT 0     Chain mail WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food (12)         Potion ( 4)
             Sermin ( 8)         Gonshi (16)           Nift (10)
             Mirget ( 4)         Luffin ( 5)      Mindstone ( 3)
                Map ( 1)
          FEAR:10   SHATTER:18  FIREBALL:12    WEAKEN: 5    FREEZE: 2
    **** CHARACTER E ****
    Lukas (Full name:Lukas Al Dem) Energy = 99 Gold = 600
    Race: Human M/F: M
    Bravery:12 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
    Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
    Sword:35/99 Axe:15/75 Archery:35/80 Magic:35/75 Fist:30/99
    Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:15/99
    Soul Read:30/75 Lockpick:25/60 Tracking:25/75 Music:70/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:50/99
          Blu Pearl ( 4)        Brennix WT 0       Smallaxe WT 0
             Ashbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0   Suede outfit WT 0
               Food (18)         Potion ( 6)         Sermin (18)
             Gonshi (12)           Loka ( 5)        Medicin ( 3)
                Map ( 1)      Mindstone ( 3)          Flute ( 1)
               Drum ( 1)          Arrow (50)        Blanket ( 1)
       CONFUSE: 5   SHATTER:15    LOCATE: 9    DETECT: 4      HEAL: 9
    Sakar (Full name:Sakar) Energy = 99 Gold = 500
    Race: Dwarf M/F: M
    Bravery:10 Strength: 9 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 7 Agility: 4
    Loyalty:10 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 2
    Sword:25/60 Axe:60/99 Archery:30/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:40/75
    Swimming:10/10 Trading:15/75 Stealth:40/60 Research: 0/50
    Soul Read:20/99 Lockpick:25/99 Tracking:30/99 Music: 0/25
    Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:25/99 Gemcutting:20/99
    Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:30/75 Leadership:30/75
               Jade ( 4)      Battleaxe WT 1  Dwarven chain WT 0
      Bronze helmet WT 0    Wool outfit WT 7           Food (12)
             Potion ( 5)         Gonshi (15)           Nift ( 8)
    Fiz (Full name:Rimfiztrik) Energy = 99 Gold = 720
    Race: Wizard M/F: M
    Bravery: 5 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 5 Agility: 3
    Loyalty:11 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 5
    Sword:10/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:45/ 0 Fist:10/40
    Swimming:10/30 Trading:20/25 Stealth:20/40 Research:30/99
    Soul Read:30/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 0/25 Music: 0/10
    Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
    Tailor: 0/25 Hunting: 0/25 Leadership: 0/50
          Blu Pearl ( 4)      Silk robe WT 0           Food ( 5)
             Sermin (16)         Gonshi ( 5)         Felmis ( 1)
    Marsa (Full name:Marsa) Energy = 99 Gold = 289
    Race: Human M/F: F
    Bravery: 9 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 6 Agility: 7
    Loyalty: 6 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 4
    Sword:50/99 Axe: 5/75 Archery:30/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:35/99
    Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:60/75 Research:40/99
    Soul Read:30/75 Lockpick:20/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:30/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor:30/75 Hunting:25/99 Leadership:40/99
           Scimitar WT 0         Ashbow WT 0      Ring mail WT 0
      Bronze helmet WT 0   Suede outfit WT 0           Food (10)
             Sermin ( 3)         Gonshi ( 4)          Arrow (40)
    Tuff (Full name:Tuff) Energy = 99 Gold = 218
    Race: halfling M/F: M
    Bravery: 7 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 4 Agility: 9
    Loyalty: 6 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 1
    Sword:10/60 Axe: 0/50 Archery:20/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist: 5/50
    Swimming:50/99 Trading:75/99 Stealth:50/99 Research:20/50
    Soul Read:60/99 Lockpick:75/99 Tracking:20/50 Music:10/99
    Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
    Tailor:20/99 Hunting:10/75 Leadership:15/60
         Shortsword WT 0         Ashbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food (20)           Nift ( 3)
               Loka ( 5)        Medicin ( 4)           Pick ( 6)
              Arrow (24)        Blanket ( 1)
    Garz (Full name:Garzbondgur) Energy = 99 Gold = 422
    Race: Orc M/F: M
    Bravery: 8 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 6 Agility: 4
    Loyalty: 7 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 2
    Sword:50/85 Axe:20/50 Archery:30/50 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:20/99
    Swimming:20/30 Trading:35/65 Stealth:25/50 Research:20/75
    Soul Read:10/50 Lockpick: 5/50 Tracking:20/60 Music: 0/10
    Carpentry: 0/40 Metalsmith: 0/60 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:10/75 Leadership:60/75
           Scimitar WT 0   Bronze plate WT 0  Bronze helmet WT 0
          Silk robe WT 0           Food (10)         Potion ( 4)
             Gonshi ( 5)         Mirget ( 6)         Luffin ( 7)
    Evixa (Full name:Evixa) Energy = 99 Gold = 389
    Race: Wizard M/F: F
    Bravery: 5 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 6 Agility: 4
    Loyalty: 5 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 9 Resistance: 5
    Sword:10/40 Axe: 5/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:50/ 0 Fist:20/40
    Swimming:20/30 Trading:25/25 Stealth:20/40 Research:40/99
    Soul Read:35/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 0/25 Music:20/10
    Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
    Tailor:10/25 Hunting: 0/25 Leadership:20/50
              Pearl ( 6)     Shortsword WT 0      Silk robe WT 0
               Food (12)         Potion ( 2)         Sermin (11)
             Ishban ( 1)
      FIREBALL: 8  TELEPORT: 3      HEAL: 5    WEAKEN: 2      JUMP: 4
        FREEZE: 7      CURE: 5   BARGAIN: 2   SHARPEN: 2   CARAVEL: 1
    Ralle (Full name:Ralle d'Bois) Energy = 99 Gold = 125
    Race: Human M/F: M
    Bravery: 7 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 5 Agility: 6
    Loyalty: 4 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 3
    Sword:30/99 Axe:25/75 Archery:40/80 Magic:20/75 Fist:15/99
    Swimming:40/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:20/99
    Soul Read:10/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:10/75
    Carpentry:15/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:50/99 Leadership:20/99
           Scimitar WT 0         Ashbow WT 0     Chain mail WT 0
       Suede outfit WT 0           Food ( 6)         Gonshi ( 3)
              Arrow (30)
      TELEPORT: 1      HEAL: 3    WEAKEN: 1    FREEZE: 2 RESURRECT: 2
    Silva (Full name:Silva) Energy = 99 Gold = 126
    Race: Elf M/F: F
    Bravery:10 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 5
    Loyalty: 2 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 2
    Sword: 5/75 Axe: 0/25 Archery:30/99 Magic:20/75 Fist: 5/99
    Swimming:15/99 Trading:10/40 Stealth:25/75 Research: 0/99
    Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick: 0/50 Tracking:25/99 Music:10/99
    Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:20/99 Leadership: 0/99
         Shortsword WT 0         Ashbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0
       Suede outfit WT 0           Food ( 6)         Potion ( 5)
             Sermin ( 2)         Gonshi ( 2)           Loka ( 3)
              Arrow (40)
          FEAR: 2   SHATTER: 3      JUMP: 2    ENERGY: 4    SHIELD: 7
    Helen (Full name:Helen Boreas) Energy = 99 Gold = 163
    Race: Human M/F: F
    Bravery: 6 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 4
    Loyalty: 4 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 2
    Sword:10/99 Axe: 5/75 Archery:25/80 Magic:20/75 Fist: 5/99
    Swimming:20/99 Trading:10/99 Stealth:25/75 Research: 0/99
    Soul Read: 5/75 Lockpick: 0/60 Tracking:20/75 Music: 5/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 5/75 Hunting:20/99 Leadership: 0/99
           Scimitar WT 0         Ashbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0
        Cotton robe WT 0           Food (10)         Potion ( 3)
             Sermin ( 3)           Nift ( 2)           Loka ( 2)
              Arrow (30)
          FEAR: 2   CONFUSE: 1   SHATTER: 5    FREEZE: 2       SEE: 3
        FORGET: 1     SENSE: 2
    Anne (Full name:Anne Cliffe) Energy = 99 Gold = 212
    Race: Human M/F: F
    Bravery: 6 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 5 Agility: 4
    Loyalty: 3 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 2
    Sword:25/99 Axe: 5/75 Archery:20/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:10/99
    Swimming:20/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:20/75 Research: 0/99
    Soul Read:10/75 Lockpick: 5/60 Tracking:15/75 Music: 5/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 5/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:15/99 Leadership: 5/99
           Scimitar WT 0         Ashbow WT 2      Ring mail WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food (12)         Potion ( 4)
             Sermin ( 3)         Gonshi ( 5)           Nift ( 4)
             Mirget ( 3)         Luffin ( 4)           Loka ( 2)
              Arrow (22)
    Kark (Full name:Kark b'Dang) Energy = 99 Gold = 277
    Race: Dwarf M/F: M
    Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 6 Agility: 3
    Loyalty: 3 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 8
    Sword: 5/60 Axe:25/99 Archery:10/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:20/75
    Swimming: 0/10 Trading:20/75 Stealth:20/60 Research: 0/50
    Soul Read: 5/99 Lockpick:15/99 Tracking:15/99 Music: 0/25
    Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:15/99 Gemcutting:10/99
    Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:15/75 Leadership: 0/75
               Ruby ( 1)      Battleaxe WT 0      Ring mail WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food ( 6)         Potion ( 3)
             Sermin ( 2)         Gonshi (10)           Nift ( 1)
             Mirget ( 7)         Luffin ( 6)           Loka ( 2)
    Vinor (Full name:Vinor) Energy = 99 Gold = 84
    Race: Elf M/F: M
    Bravery: 5 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 5
    Loyalty: 3 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 2
    Sword:10/75 Axe: 0/25 Archery:30/99 Magic:20/75 Fist: 5/99
    Swimming:20/99 Trading:10/40 Stealth:20/75 Research: 0/99
    Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick: 0/50 Tracking:20/99 Music: 5/99
    Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:15/99 Leadership:10/99
         Shortsword WT 3         Ashbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0
       Suede outfit WT 0           Food ( 3)         Potion ( 5)
             Sermin ( 4)         Gonshi ( 3)           Nift ( 5)
               Loka ( 3)          Arrow (44)
          FEAR: 4   CONFUSE: 1   SHATTER: 6  FIREBALL: 8    WEAKEN: 1
        FREEZE: 1
    Bollo (Full name:Bollo Rin) Energy = 99 Gold = 298
    Race: halfling M/F: M
    Bravery:10 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 5
    Loyalty: 3 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 3
    Sword:15/60 Axe: 0/50 Archery:20/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist: 5/50
    Swimming:20/99 Trading:25/99 Stealth:20/99 Research: 0/50
    Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick:20/99 Tracking:10/50 Music: 5/99
    Carpentry: 5/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
    Tailor: 5/99 Hunting:15/75 Leadership: 0/60
              Pearl ( 4)     Shortsword WT 2         Ashbow WT 0
      Leather armor WT 0    Cotton robe WT 0           Food (11)
             Potion ( 5)         Sermin ( 6)           Nift ( 4)
               Loka ( 3)         Shovel ( 1)          Arrow (22)
            Blanket ( 2)
    Chad (Full name:Chadney) Energy = 99 Gold = 149
    Race: Human M/F: M
    Bravery: 6 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 4 Agility: 4
    Loyalty: 5 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 2
    Sword:15/99 Axe: 5/75 Archery:25/80 Magic:15/75 Fist:10/99
    Swimming:20/99 Trading:10/99 Stealth:25/75 Research: 0/99
    Soul Read: 5/75 Lockpick: 0/60 Tracking:20/75 Music: 5/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:20/99 Leadership: 0/99
           Scimitar WT 1         Ashbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food ( 7)         Potion ( 3)
             Sermin ( 5)         Gonshi ( 2)           Nift ( 3)
             Turpin ( 1)           Loka ( 2)          Arrow (35)
          FEAR: 2   SHATTER: 9  FIREBALL: 2      HEAL: 3    WEAKEN: 2
    Josh (Full name:Josten Hlon) Energy = 99 Gold = 224
    Race: Human M/F: M
    Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 5 Agility: 4
    Loyalty: 4 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 2
    Sword:25/99 Axe:10/75 Archery:15/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:15/99
    Swimming:15/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:20/75 Research: 0/99
    Soul Read: 5/75 Lockpick: 5/60 Tracking:15/75 Music: 5/75
    Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith:10/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:15/99 Leadership: 5/99
          Longsword WT 2         Ashbow WT 4      Ring mail WT 1
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food (10)         Potion ( 2)
             Sermin ( 4)         Gonshi ( 3)           Nift ( 3)
             Mirget ( 4)         Luffin ( 4)           Loka ( 2)
              Arrow (12)
    Naron (Full name:Naron) Energy = 99 Gold = 411
    Race: Elf M/F: M
    Bravery: 9 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 8
    Loyalty: 7 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 5
    Sword:35/75 Axe: 0/25 Archery:60/99 Magic:35/75 Fist:30/99
    Swimming:50/99 Trading:20/40 Stealth:50/75 Research:35/99
    Soul Read:45/99 Lockpick:20/50 Tracking:55/99 Music:65/99
    Carpentry:40/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:20/99
              Pearl ( 4)      Longsword WT 0        Brombow WT 0
        Elven chain WT 0      Silk robe WT 0           Food ( 6)
             Sermin ( 8)         Gonshi ( 4)      Fireglobe ( 5)
              Arrow (44)        Blanket ( 1)         Ishban ( 1)
      FIREBALL: 6    WEAKEN: 4    FREEZE: 7       SEE: 2 DISAPPEAR: 4
    Tori (Full name:Toriala) Energy = 99 Gold = 235
    Race: Elf M/F: F
    Bravery: 8 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 6 Agility: 9
    Loyalty: 6 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 6
    Sword:40/75 Axe: 5/25 Archery:65/99 Magic:40/75 Fist:20/99
    Swimming:55/99 Trading:30/40 Stealth:60/75 Research:40/99
    Soul Read:50/99 Lockpick:25/50 Tracking:60/99 Music:65/99
    Carpentry:30/99 Metalsmith: 5/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
    Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:35/99 Leadership:25/99
              Pearl ( 5)      Longsword WT 0        Brombow WT 0
        Elven chain WT 0  Bronze helmet WT 0      Elvenspun WT 0
               Food (12)         Potion ( 5)         Sermin ( 8)
             Gonshi (10)           Nift ( 6)         Turpin ( 2)
            Legbone ( 2)          Spine ( 1)           Rope ( 1)
              Arrow (45)         Alasol ( 1)
          CURE: 5   BARGAIN: 1    QUIVER: 7   SHARPEN: 4   CARAVEL: 2
         ALKAZ: 1
    Yolik (Full name:Yolik) Energy = 99 Gold = 466
    Race: Dwarf M/F: M
    Bravery: 8 Strength: 9 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 7 Agility: 5
    Loyalty: 5 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 3
    Sword:20/60 Axe:60/99 Archery:25/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:45/75
    Swimming: 5/10 Trading:25/75 Stealth:50/60 Research: 5/50
    Soul Read:20/99 Lockpick:35/99 Tracking:40/99 Music: 0/25
    Carpentry:10/50 Metalsmith:40/99 Gemcutting: 0/99
    Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:25/75 Leadership:35/75
           Greataxe WT 0  Dwarven chain WT 0    Iron helmet WT 0
        Wool outfit WT 0           Food (10)           Pick ( 5)
            Blanket ( 1)
    Sesmi (Full name:Sesmi) Energy = 99 Gold = 290
    Race: halfling M/F: M
    Bravery: 5 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 5 Agility: 8
    Loyalty: 4 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 3
    Sword:25/60 Axe: 5/50 Archery:30/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:10/50
    Swimming:60/99 Trading:65/99 Stealth:60/99 Research:15/50
    Soul Read:50/99 Lockpick:90/99 Tracking:40/50 Music:10/99
    Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith:10/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
    Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:20/75 Leadership:10/60
              Pearl ( 6)     Shortsword WT 0         Ashbow WT 0
         Chain mail WT 0    Wool outfit WT 0           Food (15)
             Potion ( 7)         Sermin (11)           Nift ( 6)
          Fireglobe ( 4)           Pick (10)          Arrow (24)
    Here's where you find everyone:
    Naron: Ganor's herb shop in Tiara
    Josh:  [start of game]
    Chad:  [start of game]
    Bollo: [start of game]
    Vinor: [start of game]
    Kark:  [start of game]
    Anne:  [start of game]
    Helen: [start of game]
    Silva: [start of game]
    Ralle: Telermain, Black Rooster tavern
    Yolik: Borhelm
    Sesmi: Qaldiur level 5
    Evixa: southern Serivu
    Garz:  Forest, after 1st fight
    Tuff: western Ketrop
    Marsa: Castle Oshcrun
    Fiz:   Castle Oshcrun
    Sakar: Castle Oshcrun
    --TELEPORTALS: A legbone, a spine and another legbone take you beyond Elport 
    --%h, I am glad to meet you, and doubly glad to help you defeat these monsters
    of the blight. Your fame has spread far to the south, and I have come to ask
    your help.
    --[before]:Don't leave home without me %h. The Solian lands are not safe 
    with this blight and all.
    --[after]:Just like the good old days back in Gurtex and Deruvia, eh? I say
    let's do what we always do: Let's find who is behind this blight-thing and
    convince him he has made a big mistake.
    --Mining can be so boring.  I want to see what the real world is like.  I want
    to go on an %qadventure%q!
    --ADVENTURE: There are wonderful hoards of treasure waiting to be found in
    Solia! Gems! Jewels! Magic Axes! Who knows what fortunes await us?
    --[before]: Allow me to join your team. You will not be disappointed.
    --[after]: When we fight, stand behind me. I'll be your shield.
    --When we engage the enemy, Magic users should soften them up with %qZutyun%q
    right away. After that, leave the rest to me!
    --ZUTYUN: Surely you folks know about the Zutyun spell from the book of
    --ZOXINN: If you don't have it yet, you'd better make it a priority to obtain
    --With all due respect, I don't see anyone here who can match my skill in the
    arts, or my knowledge of the Solian %qLands%q. I recommend that I join your
    --LANDS: I have traveled extensively in the Solian Lands. These were dangerous
    lands even before the current troubles erupted. You need me by your side if 
    want to survive.
    --[in party]:I'll freeze the blightspawn, then you'll slice them up! How about
    that for a plan?
    --TELEPORTALS: A legbone, a spine and another legbone take you beyond Elport 
    --[before]: Hire me if you want to survive. Even mighty %qArgas%q cannot match
    my skills in the martial arts!
    --ARGAS: He was good in his time. I am better!
    --[after]: When we engage the enemy, Magic users should soften them up with
    %qZutyun%q right away. After that, leave the rest to me!
    --ZUTYUN: Surely you folks know about the Zutyun spell from the book of
    --ZOXINN: If you don't have it yet, you'd better make it a priority to obtain
    --[before:] I don't see how you hope to accomplish anything without me in the
    party. When are you going to invite me?
    --[in party]: We must never make plans on an empty stomach. Why don't we eat
    --I've adventured all throughout Illorio.  I'm the one your party needs to
    %qsurvive%q.  That is, if you can %qafford%q me.
    --AFFORD: With blight monsters prowling the land, hired bows don't come cheap.
    --SURVIVE: If you have the intelligence to hire me, I'll give you good
    information - in small parcels, of course.
    You can also talk to the players you go along with. Nothing profound, but
    (talking to Lukas: 'Lukas gives X some good advice.')
    --Our cause is just, our path is set. Let's press on!
    --We should always stay close to shelters and %qstrongholds%q.
    --STRONGHOLDS: Great spots to spend the nights. They are always warm and cozy.
    --We must have faith in our ultimate victory. We serve a just cause!
    --[before]: We go back a long way, %h. I don't have to tell you how important 
    is to have a wizard of my standing in your party.
    --[after]: Um, well, I think I will be able to give you some very solid advice
    as soon as I figure out what is going on.
    --TELEPORTALS: I don't really know anything about teleportals in the Solian
    lands, %h.
    --We should be wary of the %qDrakka%q. I don't trust them!
    --DRAKKA: You know, the ones you call 'dwarves.'
    --[when idle]: You must let me rejoin your quest. I strongly believe my fate 
    yours are joined on the same path.
    --It is not my place to advise you! I am here to learn from the greatest hero 
    our times. You tell me what to do.
    --You can trust me. I will not let you down.
    --I appreciate the chance to follow in great %qSakar%q's glorious footsteps. 
    must never allow our honor to be compromised.
    --SAKAR: Mighty Sakar may be the greatest Dwarven warrior alive today.
    --Perhaps I should get some more training. I hate it when my arrows miss!
    --Perhaps we should let the Solians solve their own problems!
    Here's a rough table to compare PC's[I left out trade skills]:
    Lukas |H|M|12| 6| 5| 6| 5|10| 6| 8| 4||30|10|40|40|30|45|20|40|10|45|15|40|10|
    Marsa |H|F| 9| 7| 8| 6| 7| 6| 6| 7| 4||50| 5|30| 0|35|45|20|60|40|30|20|40|30|
    Ralle |H|M| 7| 6| 6| 5| 6| 4| 5| 6| 3||30|25|40|20|15|40|15|30|20|10|15|40|10|
    Helen |H|F| 6| 3| 5| 4| 4| 4| 4| 5| 2||10| 5|25|20| 5|20|10|25| 0| 5| 0|20| 5|
    Anne  |H|F| 6| 5| 5| 5| 4| 3| 4| 3| 2||25| 5|20| 0|10|20|15|20| 0|10| 5|15| 5|
    Chad  |H|M| 6| 4| 4| 4| 4| 5| 3| 5| 2||15| 5|25|15|10|20|10|25| 0| 5| 0|20| 5|
    Josh  |H|M| 6| 6| 4| 5| 4| 4| 3| 3| 2||25|10|15| 0|15|15|15|20| 0| 5| 5|15| 5|
    Fiz   |W|M| 5| 4| 6| 5| 3|11| 2| 8| 5||10| 0|10|45|10|10|20|20|30|30| 0| 0| 0|
    Evixa |W|F| 5| 5| 6| 6| 4| 5| 4| 9| 5||10| 5|10|50|20|20|25|20|40|35| 0| 0|20|
    Silva |E|F|10| 8| 5| 4| 5| 2| 5| 6| 2|| 5| 0|30|20| 5|15|10|25| 0|10| 0|25|10|
    Vinor |E|M| 5| 4| 5| 4| 5| 3| 4| 5| 2||10| 0|30|20| 5|20|10|20| 0|10| 0|20| 5|
    Naron |E|M| 9| 6| 7| 6| 8| 7| 4| 8| 5||35| 0|60|35|30|50|20|50|35|45|20|55|65|
    Tori  |E|F| 8| 5| 8| 6| 9| 6| 7| 8| 6||40| 5|65|40|20|55|30|60|40|50|25|60|65|
    Tuff  |h|M| 7| 4| 9| 4| 9| 6| 7| 8| 1||10| 0|20| 0| 5|50|75|50|20|60|75|20|10|
    Bollo |h|M|10| 8| 5| 4| 5| 3| 6| 3| 3||15| 0|20| 0| 5|20|25|20| 0|10|20|10| 5|
    Sesmi |h|M| 5| 4| 9| 5| 8| 4| 6| 7| 3||25| 5|30| 0|10|60|65|60|15|50|90|40|10|
    Sakar |D|M|10| 9| 4| 7| 4|10| 3| 6| 2||25|60|30| 0|40|10|15|40| 0|20|25|30| 0|
    Kark  |D|M| 6| 6| 4| 6| 3| 3| 3| 8| 8|| 5|25|10| 0|20| 0|20|20| 0| 5|15|15| 0|
    Yolik |D|M| 8| 9| 4| 7| 5| 5| 3| 5| 3||20|60|25| 0|45| 5|25|50| 5|20|35|40| 0|
    Garz  |O|M| 8| 7| 4| 6| 4| 7| 6| 5| 2||50|20|30| 0|20|20|35|25|20|10| 5|20| 0|
      4. METRICS
    Random lodge quotes:
    --Enchanted bones are used in the teleportals of the Solian lands.
    --The book of Alasol has spells that are found nowhere else in the world.
    --Monsters in the path of King Rebnard's army are fleeing Gurtex.
      5. LISTS
        5-1. SPELLS
        5-2. MUSHROOMS
      There are only two places I discovered to find mushrooms in Magic Candle 
    I looked through R.MCV and found nothing more.
    (17, 138)  Outsiders : Luffins
    (137, 101) Solihub   : Gonshi
        5-3. TELEPORTALS
    (149, 22)  Oshcrun
    (115, 75)  Kabelo
    (133, 102) Solihub
    (107, 146) N Tasuria
    (190, 132) Illorio
    (186, 176) Minalt
    ->    Skull    Skull    Skull to 141, 16.
    ->  Legbone    Spine    Skull to 107, 75.
    ->    Skull Wingbone Wingbone to 125, 83.
    ->    Spine  Legbone    Spine to  21, 85.
    -> Wingbone    Spine  Legbone to  15,123.
    ->    Spine    Spine Wingbone to  42, 85.
    -> Wishbone Wishbone    Skull to  37,158.
    -> Wishbone Wishbone    Spine to  32,140.
    -> Wishbone Wishbone Wingbone to  18,140.
    -> Wishbone Wishbone  Legbone to  14,150.
    ->    Skull Wingbone  Legbone to 148,111.
    ->    Spine  Legbone Wishbone to 180, 92.
    -> Wishbone  Legbone    Skull to 155,123.
    ->    Spine Wingbone Wingbone to 176,151.
    ->  Legbone    Spine  Legbone to 211,109.
    -> Wingbone    Skull    Spine to 204,147.
    ->    Skull Wingbone Wishbone to 177,172.
    ->    Spine    Skull  Legbone to  54,153.
    -> Wingbone Wishbone    Spine to  83,126.
    -> Wishbone    Skull Wingbone to 138,157.
    -> Wingbone  Legbone Wishbone to 115,117.
        5-4. SHIPS
    North Star(Turgut) at 157, 29 charges 20/day. By Telermain.
    White Gull(Lestor) at 55, 89 charges 30/day. By Herrington.
    Wayfarer(Dolan) at 112, 128 charges 35/day. By W. Tasur.
    Anemone(Renna) at 177, 130 charges 35/day. By Elport.
    Kurgarl(Nilkargar) at 117, 71 charges 25/day. By Urkabel.
    Illusion(Jinar) at ??, ?? charges ??/day.
        5-5. STRONGHOLDS
      There's a stronghold in pretty much every place on the map. Here are their
    (152, 20)  Oshcrun
    (139, 74)  Kabelo
    (178, 98)  Segrann
    (172, 113) Green Is
    (213, 125) Illorio
    (190, 174) Minalt
    (64, 142)  W Tasuria
    (162, 149) E Tasuria
    (127, 132) N Tasuria
    (109, 159) S Tasuria
    (31, 140)  Outsiders
    (49, 105)  Herring Isles
    * KABELO *
      Kabelo is the northernmost, and one of the largest, of the Solian lands. It 
    known for its forest products, particularly its fine hardwoods.
      Kabelo's inhabitants are orcs, the ancestral stock of the debased creatures
    who serve the Forces of Darkness in our northern lands. Unlike their northern
    kin, the orcs of Kabelo are very civilized with a high moral sense.
      The capital is Urkabel, an ancient city that was once one of the three co-
    capitals of the Solian Empire, with Tasur and Archos.
    * TASURIA *
      Tasuria is the largest of the Solian lands, forming the entire southern 
    of the Solian Sea. Its terrain is varied and often beautiful. The Snowcrown
    Mountains of western Tasuria are among the most striking in the world.
      The city of Tasur is the capital of Tasuria. It lies in the fertile 
    of north-central Tasuria, serving as both a market place and a center of
      Three other cities of note are Voliplan in the west, Eisheim on the frigid
    southern coast, and Nekros (formerly known as Archos) in the east.
    * ILLORIO *
      At the eastern end of the Solian Sea lies the beautiful land of Illorio, 
    its verdant fields and its green forests, lovingly tended by the Illorian 
      The Tiara River leaves lovely Lake Lapis at the town of Tiara and winds
    gracefully through the forests to the Oshmar Sea.
      On the Solian Coast is the village of Elport, renowned for its seafood, its
    hospitality, and its ocean view. On a clear day, one can see the Green Islands
    to the west.
    * RASTANNA *
      The rugged land of Rastanna, beyond the Herring Isles, marks the western end
    of the Solian Sea. The Rastan Mountains rival the Snowcrowns of Tasuria in
    height and beauty, and far surpass them in mineral wealth.
      The underground town of Borhelm is home to the cheerful, industrious dwarves
    who work the great mines of Tarrak. These mines are among the richest in the
    world, producing both precious gems and useful ores.
    * SOLIHUB *
      Sitting squarely in mid-ocean, Solihub Island truly is the hub of the Solian
    Sea. The city of Serivu is the primary center of trade among the Solian lands.
      The government of Solihub is unique. Leadership is attained not in a normal
    way, by inheritance or by force, but by 'election,' a peculiar ceremony in 
    the goblin citizens 'vote' for their leaders.
    * SEGRANN *
      The forests of Segrann Island and the Green Islands to its south are among 
    loveliest sights in all the lovely Solian lands.
      At the height of the ancient Solian Empire, Segrann had a thriving economy,
    centered on the mighty Qaldiur Castle. However, the wars that destroyed the
    empire also destroyed Qaldiur, leaving only one tower standing.
      After the wars, it was agreed to leave the depopulated Segrann and Green
    Islands as a nature preserve, so citizens of all the Solian lands could enjoy
    the serenity and beauty of their forests.
    * MINALT *
      South of Illorio and Tasuria in the aptly-named Frigid Sea lies the rocky
    island of Minalt. Minalt is uninhabited, and nearly uninhabitable.
      But in the early days of the Solian Empire, when the climate was warmer,
    Minalt was the home of the greatest mining endeavor of its day, the fabled 
    of Sora.
    * HERRING *
      The Herring Isles in the western Solian Sea share in the general prosperity 
    the Solian lands. For the Herring Isles, however, prosperity comes from the 
      The sea provides more than the namesake herrings. All sorts of fish and
    shellfish abound, and the finest salt in the world is extracted from the sea
    near the village of Herrington.
    * TELEPORT *
      It is of some interest that the rare wishbone is used in the teleportal
    combinations to the more remote locations of the Solian Empire, as well as to
    some of the most central and important.
      A spine, a legbone and a wishbone, for example, teleport to Segrann Island. 
    reach the Green Islands, follow the wishbone with a legbone and a skull.
      A skull, wingbone and wishbone send one to frozen Minalt, and two wishbones
    followed by anything else go to the wind-swept Outsiders.
      Other wishbone combinations lead to the major Tasurian cities: wingbone,
    wishbone and spine to Voliplan; wingbone, legbone and wishbone to Tasur;
    wishbone, skull and wingbone to Archos.
    * SOLNICON *
      Protection of the Realm: To guard the Realm, its races must unite to build 
    light a cleansing candle in the Chamber of the Gods atop the Tower of 
    candle must have a mold in which it will be built; wax from which it will be
    made; a wick to allow it to burn; a flint to provide its flame.
      From the north comes the keeper of the mold. The royal orc places the 
    mold on the chamber's floor and whispers 'Kabelo' to keep the mold upright.
      The keeper of the wax is a dwarf from the west. The waxkeeper places the wax
    in the mold and whispers 'Rastanna' to allow the wax to melt.
      The wickkeeper is an elf of ancient lineage. While dropping the wick into 
    wax, the elf's whispered 'Illorio' hardens the wax and causes the mold to drop
    away from the finished candle.
      The fourth task falls to the keeper of the flint. The halfling lifts the 
    to the candle's wick and whispers 'Solia.' The candle glimmers into
    flame.Finally, the human leader whispers the syllable 'Ur.' The candle blazes
    bright, and the Realm is protected against all harm.
    * RINORA *
      The Tower of Rinora is the tallest and most splendid structure in all the
    Solian lands. Access to its upper stories is limited, to discourage idle 
    vandals, and souvenir hunters.
      On the tower's sixth story are five pools illustrating moral precepts. To 
    the doors to the seventh story, the visitor must drop a precious gem into each
      Into the Pool of Regret goes a topaz; a ruby into the Pool of Betrayal. A 
    blue sapphire goes into the Pool of Contempt.
      An emerald of envious green feeds the Pool of Revenge, and a diamond, most
    precious of all, goes into the Pool of Greed.
      Beneath the Snowcrown Mountains lie the Caverns of Crowndeep. These natural
    caverns are full of beautiful and astonishing wonders.
      However, they are also full of natural hazards and are home to dangerous
    creatures who are no less deadly because of their blindness.
      The caverns are therefore guarded by the Tower of Rinora at their south end
    and a sealed gate at their north end.
      Explorers must be well prepared in every way before they whisper the word
    'Senibarat' to open the northern gate.
    * QALDIUR *
      All that remains of the legendary Castle of Qaldiur is a single tower,
    standing sentinel over the wilderness preserves of Segrann and the Green 
    to its south.
      On the lovely island of Illorio, in the verdant forest south of Lake Lapis,
    stands the ancient Tower of Hiltmos. Deserted now, it was once the home of
    mighty wizards.
    * WESGAR *
      The Tower of Wesgar on one of the so-called 'Outsider' islands was built to
    guard the ancient Tasurian Empire against threats from the west.
      Since no threats have ever come from the west, Wesgar was abandoned long 
        5-7. MONSTERS
    Monster   | HP|SH| AC|MP| Spells it can cast
           Orc| 20| 0|  0| 0|
        Goblin| 35| 0|  3| 0|
        Zorlim| 40|40|  6|40| Fireball Heal Shield
        Jerrah| 70|50|  6|50| Fireball Zofir Fear
       Hibliss|150|50|  8|70| Freeze Disappear Fireball
         Domug| 40|20|  4| 0|
        Tekhir| 35|10|  3| 0|
         Slime| 45|10|  0| 0|
          Barg| 60|20|  0| 0|
      Fermigon|120|30|  6| 0|
          Ogre|500| 0|  2| 0|
      Skeleton| 55|20|  5| 0|
        Zombie| 70|40|  6| 0|
         Ghoul| 90|30|  7| 0|
        Aciden|120|25|  8| 0|
      Darkwolf| 40| 0| 10| 0|
        Tigret| 35| 0|  9| 0|
    Blightboar| 20| 0|  2| 0|
    Blightworm| 40|25|  5| 0|
    Blightwolf| 40|25| 10| 0|
     Blightcat| 20|85|  1|50| Shatter Disappear
    Blightmold| 90|25|  0| 0|
    Blightlord|120|65|  8|70| Fireball Zapall Heal
    Blightbear|110|55|  9| 0|
    Blight-ape| 95|25|  6| 0|
         Urdag|130| 0| 12| 0|
       Deltaph|135| 0|  6| 0|
     Kothspawn|200|50| 10|50| Freeze Shatter Forget
       Pashafa|150| 0|  8| 0|
        Tathor|105| 0|  6| 0|
      Spiracle|200| 0| 15| 0|
        Spider| 30| 0|  6| 0|
      Scorpion| 50| 0|  7| 0|
        Scarab| 90| 0| 18| 0|
      Rustmoss| 45| 0|  0| 0|
     Venom-rot| 45| 0|  0| 0|
     Fevermold| 45| 0|  0| 0|
     Acidslime| 45| 0|  0| 0|
     Ogremance|300|50|  1|60| Shatter Freeze Heal
      Ogrelord|600|50|  4| 0|
    Guard-ogre|400| 0|  2| 0|
     Necromant|100|90|  2|70| Fireball Shield Zapall
         Ghost|100|90|  2|70| Zapall Fear Fireball
    Punktomato| 90|50|  5| 0|
     Blightasp| 30|50|  3| 0|
     Blightorc| 30| 0|  3| 0|
     Blightman| 40| 0|  2| 0|
    Elf Ranger| 55| 0|  4|25| Disappear Quiver
        5-8. TEMPLES/GODS
      Locations are outside unless otherwise marked.
    God     |Word      |Tomb               |Temples
    Bohar   |Wentegal  |(14,152)           |(50,83)
    Entas   |Wuckawoo  |Crowndeep 1        |(159,113) (146,116)
    Kaznur  |Helnibor  |Qaldiur Basement SE|
    Olkannis|Shibanabal|Tarrak level 4     |(105,74) (45,105)
    Prillila|Delmata   |Forest Building    |
    Selne   |Brundishar|(128,164)          |
    Vorhamme|Komdrom   |Sora level 1       |(78,146)
    Tas     |Pintaldi  |Wesgar level 1     |(15,110)
    Bohar +1 endurance +1 agility +1 intelligence +5 swimming
    Kaznur +2 bravery +1 strength +1 intelligence +5 hunting
    Prillila +3 charm +1 dexterity +2 agility +9 soulreading
    Selne +2 dexterity +1 agility +2 intelligence +5 magic
    Tas +2 strength +1 agility +1 resistance +9 leadership
    Olkannis +2 endurance +1 dexterity +1 charm +1 resistance
    Vorhamme +1 strength, +2 endurance, +2 resistance, +9 tracking. ??
    Note: characters can only get a maximum of 12 in any vital statistic.
        5-9. CAMPS/ENTRANCES
    (127, 82)  Kabelo:  Hunter for 125
    (199, 112) Illorio: Archery for 150
    Oshcrun   (154, 28-9)   Telermain(east side)
    Oshcrun   (150, 29)     Oshcrun Castle(SE corner)
    Oshcrun   (148, 19)     Ketrop(east side)
    Oshcrun   (145, 31)     Forest to start game(SE corner)
    Kabelo    (117-8, 74)   Urkabel(south side)
    Illorio   (197, 125-6)  Tiara
    Illorio   (178-9, 129)  Elport
    W Tasuria (60, 130-1)   Voliplan??
    E Tasuria (151, 151)    Nekros(N entry)
    E Tasuria (151-2, 152)  Nekros(S entry)
    Voliplan  (114, 130)    W Tasur(N entry)
    Voliplan  (115, 131)    was I believe intended to be a W Tasur entry but is
    misrepresented in the R.MCV file.
    S Tasuria (113-4, 168)  Eisheim??
    Herring Is(55, 87)      Herrington
    Solihub   (135-6, 105)  Serivu??
    Name      |Location            |Word      |What's there?
    Sora      |(193, 178) Minalt   |Kavitar   |??
    Hiltmos   |(206, 137) Illorio  |Uulangarum|Alvirex
    Borhelm   |(18, 102)  Rastanna |Gorfalion |Town
    Qaldiur   |(171, 94)  Segrann  |Melshinde |Kaznur/Bonecleaver
    Wesgar    |(30, 159)  Outsiders|Etaksbit  |??
    Crowndeep |(94, 143)  W Tasuria|Senibarat |??
    Tarrak    |(21, 104)  Rastanna |Damaldenur|Olkannis
    Rinora    |(88, 152)  Crowndeep|[none]    |??
    NOTE: Rinora is visible in W Tasuria, but the blight is too thick for you to
    enter it from outside.
      The entrance to this is located inside the Orc city of Urkabel.
    Guard 45,15 53, 2 62,24
    --The scepter has been returned! But I suppose you already knew that.
    --It's much harder to keep the palace clean since the blight has come.
    --There's a prophecy that Prince Garzbondgur will be a Solian hero someday.
    Guard 27,33 37,34 48,20
    --The tea at Melgenkul's isn't what it used to be.
    --I hate to think what the king would do without Panpelrus's advice.
    --PANPELRUS: The Lord High Chamberlain accompanies the king almost everywhere
    His Majesty goes.
    --MELGENKUL: She owns the Urkabel Tea House.
    Nezkargit (69,34) 9-13, 16-19 (68, 14) 13-14 (17, 35) 14-16
    [coverd in Urkabel]
    Garz (47,10) 9-17 (68,14) 18-20
    [you can ask Garz to (re)join you.)
    Rugniznek (49,33) 7-21
    [covered in Urkabel]
    Durbelkas (49,33) 21-7
    [covered in Urkabel]
    King (50, 8) 9-18
    --The king speaks. 'So you are the famous %h Orckiller. You must know that I
    strongly disapproved of my son's seeking your aid. The blight is a Solian
    problem, and we can deal with it without your help.
      'However, out of respect for my son, we will allow you and your companions
    free passage through our lands if you can prove your good will and
      'The royal scepter of Kabelo is an item of great value, symbolically,
    historically and intrinsicly. Due to a series of events that I need not 
    in detail, it is in the hands of our goblin allies in Serivu.
      'If you will sail to Solihub and retrieve the scepter for us, we will repay
    your service with our cooperation.'
    --If you have anything further to say, you may speak to Lord Panpelrus.
    Panpelrus (53,10) 8-18 (64,12) 18-20
    --ADVICE: Diplomatic relations between the orcs and the goblins are strained,
    %h. I can see no solution to the impasse of the Kabelo Scepter and Solihub
    Charter unless a member of our royal family is directly involved.
    --WIZARDS: %qLavinha%q, our wizard, has a spell book for sale. I understand 
    wizards customarily sell them.
    --LAVINHA: She lives south of the library.
    Servant (19,26) in Dormitory
    --I hear the blight is spreading on Solihub.
    Lotki (17,20) 9-18 [see Serivu inside]
    Nissa (6,34) 9-12 (21,3) 12-14 (37,19) 14-17 [see Serivu inside]
    Arennik (30,38) 8-11 (14,20) 11-13 (15,5) 13-14 (30,38) 14-18 [see Serivu
    Mayor's house Servant(UL corner room)
    --The mayor's house isn't open to the general public. You really should leave.
      Castle Oshcrun will be smaller than you remembered, but it still holds some
    information and volunteers--as well as old friends.
    Servants (19, 10) (34, 5) (32, 15)
    --Isn't our prince looking good? He has the heart of his mother, and the arm 
    his father. One day he will make a fine King.
    --There is discomfort among the common people. We are worried the blight will
    get worse, and The King is not here to deal with it.
    --There is talk of Blightlords, fierce, deadly, and ruthless creatures, 
    as the new rulers of the lands down South.
    FIZ aka Rimfiztrik (31,12):
    [You can invite Fiz, just as in MC2.]
    MARSA (16,9):
    [you can invite Marsa]
    Jemil (30, 5):
    --I'm nearly old enough to go with you on your adventures, and I'm getting
    really good with my sword. When you get back from Solia, take me along on your
    next adventure.
    Queen Alishia(29, 5):
    --Our King Rebnard and most of our heroes are engaged in the conquest of 
    Yet this blight appears to be an equally serious threat to the Children of
    Light. We urge you to solve the problem of the blight.
    --??: Your tale of an orc prince is of great interest. Sail south to Kabelo 
    try to locate him again.
    Bhardagast(28, 6):
    --I'm trying to recall what I can about %qKabelo%q and the ancient Solian
    Empire, %h. It seems to me that there was some sort of magical force that kept
    the lands of the orcs, elves, dwarves and humans united.
    --KABELO: The Telermain library has some information about Kabelo and the 
    Solian lands, I'm sure.
    Banas(14, 10):
    --It is obvious that the source of the blight is in the Solian lands. Make 
    that you are well prepared before you go there.
    ( 5,34) 'Welcome to Borhelm.'
    (12,13) 'Earth's Bounty Gem Store.'
    (24,11) 'Borhelm Supply Center.'
    (26,30) 'Rough Diamond Tavern-Barg's Ale on Tap.'
    (33,37) 'Dwarven Axes.'
    (12,50) 'Kambor - Blacksmith.'
    (24,50) 'Hack 'n' Slash Axeplay Academy.'
    ( 5,61) 'Aces High Gambling Hall.'
    ( 9,33) 'Polished Look Gemcutting School.'
    Dwarf ( 8,16) (10,37) (11,36) (13,64) (27,37) (21,12) (36,16):
    --Can't mine much, what with all this blight about.
    --When we drove Sardal the Loon from town, he was seen heading towards the
    --Tarrak used to be a source of wealth, now it's a fountain of blight.
    --Shoka used to be one of our greatest miners, that is, before blight fever
    struck him. He would probably appreciate a little medicin.
    --Try Barg's Ale at the Rough Diamond Tavern!
    --SHOKA:  He lives at the far south end of town.
    --KAMBOR: You'll find his house next to the gambling hall.
    --TARRAK: Tarrak is just a little to the Southeast of town.
    --ROCKY: The good blacksmith lives near his supply store.
    --SARDAL: He used to be your run-of-the-mill avaricious dwarf, but now he's 
    completely bonkers.
    --BARTEK: He's somewhere in Tarrak, I think.
    Karin (33, 38)
    --How can you call yourselves adventurers? Look at those puny %qaxes%q you're
    --AXES: My Greataxes are the most formidable in the Solian lands. They will 
    you an obviously needed advantage.
    Bolidus ?? JTRSED
    --Is there someone special waiting back home? A nice sapphire, perhaps even a
    %qdiamond%q, would make a lovely gift.
    --DIAMOND: It is even rumored that a good supply of gems can aid in one's
    struggle against the blight!
    Rocky ?? supplies
    --Great buys at Rocky's Supplies!
    Kambor (6, 59)
    --I'm quite busy right now. You might talk to Rocky at the Supply Shop.
    --WORD: Can a dwarf get no sleep? Pounding, pounding on my door... The magic
    word is 'Damaldenur.' Lose yourselves in the mines and let me sleep!
    Shoka (11, 71)
    --Leave me be! I'm a very sick dwarf.
    --[offer medicin]: Thank you so much! How might I be of %qhelp%q?
    --HELP: Kambor the blacksmith likes to %qdrink%q quite a bit.
    --DRINK: After a pint or two of Barg's Ale, his tongue loosens right up!
    * TAVERN *
    --A pint in the hand's worth two in the %qkeg%q!
    --KEG: The more ale you drink, the better my %qgems%q look.
    --GEMS: Come by my shop tomorrow. I'll make you a deal you can't refuse.
    --You need to know the %qmagic%q word to get into the mines.
    --WORD: Come a little closer... it's... 'Orc vomit'! Ha ha ha! No, really, to
    get into the mines... Ooh, would you look at the beard on that one! Hm. I seem
    to be a little out of sorts right now, but come by my house later and I'll 
    you there.
    --Rocky knows someone who went off to the mines and never came back.
    Rocky[house] (33, 6)
    --My cousin Bartek went off to the mines some time ago. You might ask the
    %qminers%q in Tarrak about him.
    --MINERS: Although the blight has ended many of their careers, a few are still
    scattered through the upper levels of Tarrak.
      You must enter Eisheim from the north.
    (35, 7) 'Welcome to Eisheim'
    (39, 24) 'Blazing Hearth Tavern - Bottoms Up!'
    (15, 19) 'Eisheim Delicatessen'
    (23, 43) 'Blacksmithy - Ketil Blacksmith, proprietor'
    (51, 37) 'The Frostbite Inn - Travelers Welcome!'
    (9, 54) 'Frozen Deck Casino'
    (61, 56) 'Aradon's Clothing Shop - All sizes fitted'
    (33, 65) 'Eisheim Library'
    --You northerners, as usual, are underdressed.  Go see Aradon to get some 
    --ARADON: His shop is in the southeastern corner of town.
    --BALDURA: I'm not sure where she lives, but she spends a good deal of time at
    the Blazing Hearth.
    --FORTUS: If he's not in the bar, his house is in the southwest corner of 
    --KETIL: His forge is always ready and waiting on the Western side of town.
    --LASILYN: Our high wizard lives in the northeastern corner of town.
    --MARTOK: He lives in the middle of the city.  You can often find him in the 
    with his drunk brother, Fortus.
    (62,46) (27,15) (61,16) (38,24) (40,26) (26,32) (59,25) (36,47) (14,59)
    --Weather a bit on the cold side for you?
    (13, 8)
    --The library is full of illuminating lore.
    --More adventurers!  Everybody's always rushing about killing one another 
    days.  No one stops to take the time to sit down and read a good book.
    (16, 46)
    [nothing much else]
    (48, 11) (11, 24) (58, 36) (41, 69)
    --Weather a bit on the cold side for you?
    Kids (52,23) (54,25) (65,68) (63,70):
    --Do you know any fun games to play?
    --I heard there's a city full of dead people around here.
    Misc dialog: ??
    --It's a good thing that it's so cold here all the time.  Otherwise, we might
    have to see what these southern women actually look like under all those
    --The Blazing Hearth serves a mean spiced cider. It's perfect for these nippy
    --That Ketil is such a hunk.  He's the best blacksmithon Tasuria, and the best
    looking, too.
    --I've ventured all throughout Solia and Deruvia, yet never have I found a 
    as cold or dull as Eisheim.
    --A tower to the Northwest of here is completely surrounded by the blight.
    Nurka (18, 19)
    --[greet]:Greetings and felicitations! May your stomachs always be full!
    --You are looking a little thin. Perhaps some provisions from my %qlarder%q 
    put some weight on you.
    --LARDER: It's important to have a good layer of fat on your body when the
    temperature drops below zero.
    --I am in despair, brave heroes! My patroness, %qEntas%q, Goddess of the 
    Below, grows weak!
    --ENTAS: She is the consort of Tas, giving succor to those who remained behind
    after the northern exodus.  Her beautiful %qcrops%q are being ruined by this
    --CROPS: Her traditional symbol is the sheaf of wheat. You must do what you 
    to stop the %qblight%q and restore her to her former majesty.
    --BLIGHT: It emanates from the Tower of Rinora, to the northwest of here.  But
    it is completely surrounded by blight and is unreachable, except by a 
    --SECRET: You must enter the Lost Caverns of Crowndeep, which tunnel under the
    Snowcrown Mountains, leading to Rinora.  In Crowndeep, you will find the 
    chamber of Entas.
    --??: Journey to the lost city of Nekros.  You will find much useful 
    there.  I have a feeling that our paths will meet again.
    --NEKROS: It lies Eastward on Tasuria.
    --CROWNDEEP: They are north and west of here, on the far side of the Snowcrown
    --??: I see that you are hot on the trail of Magic Candle %qParts%q.
    --PARTS: The best information I have tells that the Candle Mold is succored in
    %qWesgar%q Tower.
    --WESGAR: It lies to the west, on one of the Outsiders.
    If the supernatural is your bent, I suggest you visit the dead city of
    --NEKROS: It was formerly called Archos and was the other co-capitol of 
    Now it is a dead city full of %qghosts%q.
    --GHOSTS: The spirits rise every night at midnight, but only for an hour!
    --LASILYN: The high wizardess lives in Eisheim, which is on the southern coast
    of Tasuria.
    Fortas (14, 6)
    Library (38, 64)
    --The library has information on all the ancient Solian towers. From your 
    the information about Rinora would be the most important to you.
    Aradon (59, 55)
    --Ah! I see you have traveled far. If you have just arrived in these parts, 
    would do well to properly %qclothe%q yourself.
    --CLOTHE: I sell only the best quality furs. They're perfect for colder climes
    such as ours.
    Martok (38, 42)
    --I will pray to Vorhamme for your continued safe %qquest%q.
    --QUEST: Seek Baldura at the Blazing Hearth Tavern, she knows much of Tasurian
    Lasilyn (58, 11)
    --WIZARDS: In Tasuria, there are Renidalis in Tasur, Irilen of Voliplan, and
    myself, but I doubt very much that %qIrilen%q has survived the blight. There 
    also the wizards of %qTiara%q, %qSerivu%q and %qUrkabel%q.
    --IRILEN: As the blight engulfed Voliplan, Irilen bravely tried to hold it 
    and helped the other townsfolk flee. She was the last person in the blighted
    --ROZIMEL: Rozimel lives in Tiara. She knows much about magical artifacts.
    --ROZIMEL: Our friend Rozimel lives in Tiara, of course.
    --SERIVU: I see that one of the Serivu twins has become an adventurer. I trust
    that Evista is well, Evixa.
    --SERIVU: Twin sisters, Evista and Evixa, serve as the wizards of Serivu.
    --LAVINHA: Lavinha is the wizard of Urkabel. She seems content to live among 
    * TOWN: ELPORT *
    (36,71) 'Elport'
    (53,12) 'Snake-Eyes Gambling Hall'
    (41,34) 'Southern Star Inn - No Beggars!'
    (50,34) 'Dessimo's Food - Fresh fish today.'
    (54,44) 'Keshav's House of Supplies'
    (23,45) 'Portside Tavern'
    (28,65) 'Elport Swimming School - Paddlers Welcome'
    (41,63) 'Fine Bows and Arrows at Low Prices'
    --STAPHRON: Staphron lives north of the Tavern.
    --SABORA: Sabora's house is east of Staphron's.
    Wealthy Citizen (63,26)
    --My business is falling into ruin!  Can you brave heroes do anything about 
    What do you want?
    Kids ( 9,23) (10,24) (63,66) (64,66) (64,67)
    --Hey mister, have you ever killed an orc?
    --We have better things to do than talk to GROWNUPS!
    Sailors ( 4,39) (10,45) ( 1,39) ( 5,69) (11,72) (15, 8) ( 6, 6) (26,47) 
    (27,48) (30,14) (19, 2) (16, 4)
    --We already have enough trouble around without more strangers in town!
    --Our once fair and gleaming port has been ruined by the blight.
    --Arr, matey, be off before I cut yer throat!
    --The blight has practically shut down the shipping industry.
    --Hey smallpint!  You look vine ripe for a good beating!
    --Best to get on the first ship off of Illorio if ye be wantin' to escape the
    Men (22,69) (45,68) (49,48) (49,50) (24,53) (43,17) (17,20) (41,22) (49,26)
    --Be Off! Can't you see I'm busy?
    Women (44,67) (36,63) (44,16) (40, 3) (22,13) (56,36) (54,38)
    --I just don't feel safe in this town any more.
    Ranger (34,36)
    [see man]
    --You best be indoors after dark!
    --The elves in Tiarra[sic] know of a mystical tower on the Island.
    --This was once a nice place to visit.  The citizenry has turned decidedly 
    since the blight struck.
    --If you insist on having Dwarves in your party, you might send them to the
    local swimming school so they won't be completely useless each time we go
    Temple of Bohar:
    Marticus (61, 22)
    --Blight! The %qPlague%q of the Gods is upon us!
    --PLAGUE: Our failure to offer proper sacrifice to Bohar has caused this foul
    %qpestilence%q to rain down from the Heavens.
    --PESTILENCE: Such is our mortal reward.  Perhaps if we turn again to the true
    gods, such as Bohar, God of the Winds, the foul goo will remove itself from 
    Sabora (35, 11)
    --As travellers, you would be wise to avoid areas of heavy %qblight%q.
    --BLIGHT: One of the worst areas is around the tower called %qHiltmos%q.
    --HILTMOS: In ancient times, Hiltmos was a watchpost for the regions on the
    southern shore of Lake Lapis, but as of late, an ancient force of %qevil%q has
    overtaken it.
    --EVIL: Enormous black %qdogs%q and ferocious striped %qcats%q roam the land
    around Hiltmos.
    --DOGS: They look like the creation of some deranged wizard, one with a cruel
    and unusual sense of humor.
    --CATS: Once, in their growlings, I could almost make out a word. It sounds
    strange, I know, but I believe that they were trying to entice me into the 
    tower itself.  The word that they were growling might be a %qclue%q as to how 
    gain entrance.
    --CLUE: It's not easy to understand what a giant cat is trying to communicate 
    you, but I believe that the word was 'Uulangarum'.  If there was one part of 
    growling that was clear, it was that there are definitely two U's at the
    beginning of the word.
    Staphron (27, 13)
    --Without the divine intervention of %qBohar%q, it would be impossible to sail
    the seas, blight or no blight.
    --BOHAR: We Elportians believe that the ancient God of the Winds still sleeps
    far to the southwest of here, on one of the islands known as the Outsiders.
    --VILLAGERS: I must apologize for the behavior of my fellow townfolk. I'm 
    that the blight has made them uneasy towards strangers.  I hope I have been 
    to help you.  Another who may %qhelp%q you is my friend Sabora.
    --I live due north of the tavern.  Sabora lives to the east of me.
    Dessimo (53, 35) 84/12
    --Go back north where you came from. You can't do anything here. We're doomed.
    --FISHING: If there were any decent fishing at this end of the Solian Sea, do
    you think I'd be charging these prices?
    Casmel (??, ??)
    --If your livelihood fails, live on the proceeds from selling your life's 
    That's what I've been reduced to doing.
    --LIVELIHOOD: I used to be a hunter. They said I was one of the best in 
    Now there's nothing left to hunt but poisonous blight creatures.
    Keshav (50, 45) pearl + blu + supplies
    --I advise you to purchase everything you need from me. Just take a look
    around... Have you ever seen so much fine merchandise in one store?
    --SUPPLIES: Yes, as a matter of fact that's all I sell here, just supplies and
    nothing more.
    * TAVERN *
    --If you want to explore Illorio, hire Toriala or Naron. They're probably in
    Tiara. But if you want to leave, see me on the 'Anemone.'
    --SHIP: The 'Anemone' lives up to her name. She's beautiful, and she has a
    deadly sting! And there's no ship with a better %qcrew%q.
    --CREW: I hand-picked all the 'Anemone's' crew myself. They're big and strong.
    Proven seamen, one and all.
    --After a hard day's work, I like to relax with a pint of Barg's Ale.
    (32, 69) 'Welcome to Herrington'
    (53, 16) 'Pair o' Jacks Gambling Hall'
    (17, 16) 'Donbar's Supply Shop'
    ( 8, 16) 'Seafood - Fresh or Smoked'
    (13, 31) 'Nardil the Tailor. Employment available.'
    (20, 42) 'Island Inn - Vacancy'
    (45, 53) 'Net & Gaff Tavern - Cheers!'
    --In Herrington we have all you need to make your adventure a pleasant one.
    --BARBEDOS: Barbedos' house is a bit southeast of Kenneth's.
    --ENFALA: Our priestess of Olkanis lives near the beach.
    --KENNETH: He lives in the northernmost house in Herrington.
    --NARDIL: His tailor's workshop is on the western edge of town.
    SAILORS (67, 7) (66,40) (39,54) (40,54) (61,59) (58, 4) (41,20)
    --I hear Herrington is the best port in all of Solia.
    --Praise be to Bohar for the fair winds we've had on our journey.
    --The barmaids at the Net & Gaff are quite a handful, if you catch my drift!
    WEALTHY (19,50) (17,29)
    --I hear that one of the eastern islands has a long forgotten shrine.  But who
    knows what you can believe in these strange times.
    KIDS (57,46) (56,47) (42,56)
    --When I grow up, I'm gonna be the fiercest captain to ever sail the seas!
    --If we give you some money, will you buy us some beer?
    WOMEN (41,41) (41,39) (55,15) (24,63) (16,43)
    --Enfala and Kenneth know much about Solian religion.
    --Nardil is an excellent tailor, for a man, that is.
    MEN (30,64) (32,43) (27,14) (19,20) (10,59)
    --The dwarves on Rastanna aren't nearly as nice as they used to be.
    --Enfala and Kenneth know much about Solian religion.
    --The Island Inn has wonderfully soft beds.
    --Have you tried the smoked fish at the food store?
    --Nothing like a pint at the Net & Gaff after a hard day's work!
    --Hey dearie, wanna have a good time?
    Donbar e.
    --Take a shovel if you visit the Tarrak mines.
    --PRICE: My prices are absolutely the best. I practically sell everything at 
    --COST: Well, you know, that's the amount I pay to acquire my %qmerchandise%q
    --MERCHANDISE: My merchandise is the only kind fitting for a grand adventurer
    such as yourself.
    Stump w. 43/12 food
    --First, take a good supply of my salted herring along with you. It's
    nourishing, it's brain food, and it keeps forever. You'll get used to the 
    Second, stop by the 'Net and Gaff' tonight. I'd like to talk to you, and 
    like the Herrington ale.
    --ALE: Enjoy your ale. %qHerrington%q's the only place in the Solian lands 
    you can enjoy it. The orcs and the goblins only drink tea, if you can believe
    it, and everywhere else has been hit so hard by the blight that nobody can 
    --HERRINGTON: I'd love to talk, but I've got a lot to do. See me tonight at 
    'Net and Gaff.'
    all ??
    Barbedos (38, 28)
    --I understand that you are venturing to the Outsiders. When I was there, many
    years ago, there was a dark and ominous tower called %qWesgar%q, the haunt of
    ogres and other foul beasts.
    --WESGAR: A dangerous place indeed.  If you desire to gain entrance to the
    tower, utter the word 'Etaksbit' in front of the gate.
    Enfala (43, 36)
    --The Goddess of Birth, Olkanis, has a %qshrine%q on South Herring Isle.
    --SHRINE: Yes. And on Rastanna, to the west of here, Olkanis herself rests
    within the ancient dwarven mines at Tarrak.
    Kenneth (30, 11)
    --Before we fisherfolk embark on a sea quest, we offer thanks to %qBohar%q, 
    of the Winds.
    --BOHAR: There are few temples of Bohar left in our part of the world, but
    remnants of his glory can be found on the islands known as the %qOutsiders%q.
    --OUTSIDERS: They are far to the south of here and are %qfour%q in number.
    --FOUR: If the two northern islands serve some significant purpose, it is lost
    in time.  However, the ancient resting place of Bohar is believed to be on the
    Southwest Outsider.  I have also heard speak of a %qtower%q on the 
    --TOWER: When I was younger, my %qfriend%q Barbedos and I were to make a great
    voyage to the Outsiders.  And although I was stricken by a malady and was 
    to go, the voyage was completed by him.
    --FRIEND: His name is Barbedos and he lives here in Herrington, just a bit to
    the southeast of my house.
    House (35, 16)
    House (12, 52)
    House (36, 64)
    * TAVERN *
    --Herrington's a fine town. The fishing can't be beat, the folks are friendly
    enough when you get to know them, and the weather suits my taste. It's windy,
    but they say that's Bohar blowing the %qblight%q away.
    --BLIGHT: I reckon you know more about the blight than I do. It's pretty much
    stayed away from the Herring Isles.
    --STUMP: Aye, that's my name, and that's my %qleg%q. Don't be afraid to ask
    about it. Proves that I used to be an adventurer, just like you are now.
    --LEG: You'll never guess how I lost it, an old fisherman like me. Not from a
    harpoon, not in the rigging, but in a %qmining%q accident among the 
    --MINING: I was searching the mines of Tarrak for a magic %qmirror%q someone
    told me was buried there, when the roof fell in! Told you I used to be an
    adventurer, didn't I? Lucky the dwarves saved me. Can't adventure any more,
    --DWARVES: Dwarves brew good ale, but it's hard to enjoy it in a place like
    %qBorhelm%q with tons of rock overhead and rowdy miners shouting in your ears.
    I'll take Herrington any time.
    --BORHELM: Borhelm's where the dwarves live who mine the Tarrak mines. You 
    to whisper a magic word, 'Gorfalion,' to open the doors that guard the ladder
    that leads down to Borhelm. O'course, I don't do ladders any more.
    --MIRROR: Heard that there was a mirror buried in Tarrak that a wizard in 
    way over in Illorio, was interested in. Reckoned she'd pay well for it. Lost 
    leg instead. For all I know, mirror's still there. Getting late, %h. Big day
    --It's not my place to say so, but I know the West Solian Sea better than 
    else I've met. You'd be wise to sail with me. I even know a safe route to the
    --SHIP: There may be some bigger, and some faster, but I'd rather sail on my
    'White Gull' than any other. She's as sweet a ship as you'll ever see, %h.
    --OUTSIDERS: The Outsiders are cold, windy and desolate. And now they've been
    struck by the blight. Still, a person of vision can find beauty and knowledge
    * TOWN: SERIVU *
    (23, 9) 'Fine Weapons'
    (29, 7) 'Learn Metalworking Here'
    (14,17) 'Serivu Wizards' Lodge'
    (46, 9) 'Solihub Guesthouse'
    (55,18) 'Lessons in Soulreading'
    ( 9,42) 'Serivu Supply Store'
    (62,29) 'Mid-Solian Food'
    (64,47) 'Mystic Herbs and Mushrooms'
    (53,57) 'Gemcutter'
    (24,57) 'Serivu Tea House'
    I don't believe there's any reason why the goblins speak in quotes.
    (31, 7) (60,14) (37,33) (43,59)
    --'Evixa is very concerned about the dark blight.'
    --'Have you visited Selne's temple yet? It's next to Serivu City Hall.'
    --'Serivu is very fortunate to have two excellent wizards in residence.'
    --EVIXA: 'The twin wizards, Evista and Evixa, live at the south end of town.'
    --DARWEIN: 'A human farmer by that name passed through a while back. He said 
    was heading north until he found a place where there wasn't any blight or 
    they sold ale, whichever came first.
    Kalek (21,9) equipment
    --Better buy weapons while you can. If relations between the %qorcs%q and the
    goblins get any worse, my shelves will empty in a day!
    --ORCS: The orcs of Kabelo think they're better because they're bigger. But, 
    the grace of %qSelne%q, we're able to keep them off balance and out of step.
    --SELNE: She's the goddess of disruption. Tries to make sure that everybody 
    an even chance, and nobody gets away with bossing other folks around. They say
    she sleeps near %qEisheim%q.
    --Eisheim's a town in Tasuria, on the Frigid Sea, south of Tasur. Most maps
    don't show it any more, but it used to be pretty important.
    --[charter returned]: Feelings have calmed now that the Charter's back. But, 
    %qSelne%q's my witness, there'll be big trouble someplace before long if the
    blight keeps spreading!
    Eknib (8, 43) supplies
    --If you want to get into Qaldiur, I hear that there's an %qorc%q in Urkabel 
    knows the secret word that you have to whisper to open the door.
    --I can't remember his %qname%q. Orc names all sound the same to me. But he's
    big and green and ugly, I understand.
    --Orc names have three parts. The first is their own, the second is their
    father's, and the third is their family's. They're all nonsense grunts. Not 
    I have anything against orcs.
    Surto (8, 64)
    --[seems to be buggy--tough to see what he's trying to say)
    Tinseka ?? potions
    --POTIONS: If you'll take the advice of an old goblin lady, buy plenty of 
    potions and mushrooms before the blight spoils them all.
    --HERBS: Use them wisely. I'm a kindly old goblin lady, and I don't want to 
    involved in any malpractice disputes.
    --POULTICE: Yes, I've developed a treatment for blight sickness, and mixing 
    paste for the poultice even removed some wrinkles from my %qhands%q.
    --HANDS: For a kindly old goblin lady's hands, they don't look bad. But a nice
    diamond would make them look so much better, don't you think?
    --[offer diamond]: Why, thank you! You're very kind to an old goblin lady! You
    were interested in the poultice, weren't you? Here it is.
    Evista (44, 68)
    --Settle the matter of the scepter and the charter as soon as possible, %h. I
    fear that %qwar%q may break out between the goblins and the orcs, and Serivu
    would surely be destroyed.
    --WAR: There have been no major wars in the Solian lands since the great civil
    wars that ended the Solian Empire centuries ago. But relations between the 
    and goblins are strained, and the blight is causing unrest everywhere.
    --TELEPORTALS: Two spines and a wingbone take you to the Herring Isles. A 
    a wingbone and a legbone bring you here to Solihub.
    --BOOK: The Book of Alasol contains spells unknown to the male wizards of the
    northern lands. I happen to have one for sale.
    [sells ALASOL for 2980]
    [no discounts for family members]
    Evixa (36, 68)
    [ You can invite Evixa.]
    Lotki (24, 31)
    --See me in City Hall tomorrow.
    --Bring me the Solihub Charter, and then we can talk.
    --CHARTER: The Charter of Solihub is our greatest treasure. It established our
    representative government. It is now in the hands of the orcs of Kabelo.
    --CHARTER: Thank you again for returning it to us.
    --SCEPTER: It was a beautiful piece of work. Still, the charter is worth a
    hundred scepters! Or six, anyway...
    --SCEPTER: Scepter? Oh! You must mean the royal scepter of Kabelo! Yes, we're
    holding it in trust for the orcs until they return our %qcharter%q to us.
    --Mayor Lotki says, 'Welcome, %h! I speak for the citizens of Serivu and all 
    Solihub when I say how joyful we are to have our Charter returned!' He unrolls
    the scroll to verify its authenticity.
    --%h feels a cold sweat breaking out. %w hadn't thought that Panpelrus might
    have made a forgery. Maybe a Solian god could improve %h's intelligence...
    --'It is the Charter!' The mayor waves his guards forward. Prince Garzbondgur
    has been a gracious guest, and now his Royal Highness is free to return home.
    --Garz shakes %h's hand and murmurs, 'Return to Urkabel. Our friendship is not
    over. I feel that I must rejoin your quest, no matter what my father thinks.'
    The prince departs.
    Guligo (59, 29) food ??/12
    --Buy food while I've still got it. If the blight gets any worse, the
    %qgovernment%q'll take it away and hand it out. Or eat it.
    --FOOD: It's getting short. Nothing nourishing will grow in the blighted 
    and you'd be a fool to hunt for game in the blight.
    --GOVERNMENT: We're proud of our representative government, but sometimes the
    %qbureaucrats%q are hard to deal with. I have a wall full of licenses and
    permits to prove it.
    --BUREAUCRATS: Arennik and Nissa are the worst. Anyone who can get anything 
    of them could talk the socks, sandals, tunic and toga off of anybody else.
    Arennik (65, 9)
    --Go back home, clean up, get a good job, and settle down. Adventuring through
    the world is a dream of childhood, not the way a mature adult should behave.
    --HOSTAGE: Solihub foreign policy is based on personal relations, not military
    might. When we engage in delicate negotiations with another government, we
    invite one of theirs to live with us.
    --JOB: I enjoy my job, and I think I do it well. Now, if you'll excuse me...
    --CHARTER: The Charter is of great sentimental value, and holds irreplaceable
    autographs of historic leaders of Solihub.
    --LOTKI: Gossip is beneath the dignity of any informed citizen of an advanced
    --[other]: That subject is not within the scope of my duties.
    --??: We have no openings for Northerners at this time, but I'll be glad to 
    your name on file.
    Nissa (SE)
    --ADVICE: It's sad to say, but many of us in the Solian lands do not respond
    well to barbarous Northerners with bad manners who smell like overfed 
    --GOSSIP: Well, I wouldn't want to say anything bad about anybody, but I might
    be able to help you deal with Mayor %qLotki%q and %qArennik%q.
    --LOTKI: Lotki is a good mayor, but I don't think he has any idea what to do
    about the blight. And he's a typical male. He wants to keep everything to
    himself. He won't say anything about the royal %qscepter%q of Kabelo unless 
    press him.
    --ARENNIK: I should think of something nice to say about Arennik, but it's not
    easy. He's petty and inflexible. Frankly, I could do his %qjob%q much better
    than he does it.
    --SCEPTER: I have no idea where the mayor keeps the royal scepter of Kabelo.
    --JOB: Arennik's job has many duties, and he doesn't talk about most of them. 
    do know that he's in charge of %qhostage%q policy matters.
    --HOSTAGE: You'll have to ask Arennik about hostages.
    --If you haven't done so, you should visit Tiara. Their wizard, Rozimel, gives
    very good advice. ??
    --The blight is worst south of the Snowcrowns. I'd avoid that area until 
    learned all you can elsewhere. ??
    * TEA HOUSE *
    --ADVICE: Squabbles between goblins and orcs pale before the dire peril of the
    blight, %h. But first, have a nice glass of tea.
    --TEA: The tea's not as good as I'd like to serve. We've had to export all our
    best tea to Kabelo.
      The lower part really isn't that important. I just tacked it on so that you
    could see where the special talking parts are. You can meet most of the orcs 
    buildings when they visit the Tea House anyway.
    (12,32) 'Urkabel Armor'
    (42,88) 'Food for Sale'
    (53,40) 'The Jewel'
    (32,89) 'Kezrankog's Outdoor Store'
    (14,98) 'Beds for Travelers'
    (48,31) 'Learn the Art of Research.'
    (59,49) 'Tokbargor's School of Leadership Training'
    (31,78) 'Gemcutter at Work. No Loud Noises, Please.'
    (58,87) 'Gazruzkem the Carpenter'
    (43,74) 'Urkabel, Jewel of the Solian Lands'
    (23,54) 'Urkabel Tea House' 'Urkabel Armor'
      There are only two people outside in Urkabel.
    Boshtembul (16,66): 12-14
    --see inside dialogue
    Turulargut (48,37): 0-2
    --see inside dialogue
    (13, 104) (14, 105) (56, 101)
    --GARZ: Welcome to Urkabel! Of course, we're not really in the city yet. It's
    behind the walls to the north.
    (63, 60)
    --GARZ: This is the home of Lavinha, Urkabel's wizard. She is a great asset to
    the city.
    Gazruzkem (51, 97)
    --To be a successful carpenter, one must have good lumber. I get most of my
    lumber from the forests of Kabelo, but some of the best came from %qSegrann%q.
    --SEGRANN: Refugees from Gurtex have swarmed into Segrann and taken the tower 
    Qaldiur. I don't know how they got in - I thought that only I knew that the
    magic word was 'Melshinde.'
    Dangaladik (44, 99)
    --Qaldiur is ripe for the picking, %h. The secret word to get in is 
    Kiromadag (30, 101)
    --Northerners aren't trusted in the Solian lands. They should stay clean and
    well groomed, and have Solian companions with them.
    Hangarazut (24, 99)
    --My cousins Gazlaromut and Turulargut are always at odds. I wouldn't listen 
    either one of them if I were you.
    Turulargut (19, 79)
    --Take lessons in lockpicking. You never know when the skill might come in
    Gaslaromut (19, 90)
    [spelled Gazlaromut indoors]
    --If you see my brother Turulargut, ignore him. He's probably up to no good.
    Lamdurudin (66, 97)
    --Qaldiur is ripe for the picking, %h. The secret word to get in is 
    [this duplicates Dangaladik and should perhaps be, instead, ...]
    --The blight must be stopped! The fishing villages of Herrington and Elport 
    the homes of sailors who have sailed the length of the Solian Sea. They may be
    good sources of information.
    Tokbargor (50, 56)
    --A party of adventurers fights better when it is inspired by a person with 
    %qleadership%q skill.
    --LEADERSHIP: In the daytime, I teach leadership in the classroom behind my
    --QUEST: Great leaders always go on quests. The Tower of %qQaldiur%q would be
    --QALDIUR: I've been to Qaldiur. I may be the only one who knows that you must
    whisper 'Melshinde' to enter the tower.
    Lavinha (63, 60)
    --There is much that can be learned in the Urkabel %qLibrary%q.
    --LIBRARY: The Urkabel Library is just north of here. It has a book of
    %qteleportal%q combinations.
    --TELEPORTALS: Three skulls will transport you back to Oshcrun Island, or a
    skull and two wingbones will bring you here to Kabelo.
    Rugniznek (46, 13)
    --Don't listen to anyone who tries to send you to Qaldiur. The place is a
    narfing death trap! Besides, you need to know the secret word 'Melshinde' to 
    Library (??)
    Narkentnis (19, 43)
    --The rewards of %qresearch%q are beyond comparison. I cherish the hours I 
    in the %qlibrary%q.
    --RESEARCH: The skill of research is based on an open mind, a keen eye, and
    moistened fingertips. I can recommend the school next door to the library.
    --LIBRARY: Urkabel has a fine library. I have barely begun to sample its
    wonders. Still, I dream of the Great Library of %qArchos%q.
    --ARCHOS: Archos is now called Nekros, since it is inhabited only by the dead.
    The library and the city were destroyed in the great civil wars that followed
    the end of the magic spell of unity.
    [also in library]
    Zampoknel (43, 22)
    --ADVICE: Stand up straight and don't talk with your mouth full.
    --FAMILY: My son Kanrunknel is a very successful gem trader. He even knows the
    secret word 'Melshinde' to open the door of Qaldiur. I only wish he had more
    time to spend with his mother.
    Nezkargit (22, 10)
    --The great Prince Garzbondgur will be essential in dealing with the
    %qgoblins%q. And I heard %qBorgondnur%q prophesy that the blight would not be
    quelled without the great Prince.
    --GOBLINS: Greedy little creatures! They don't trust anyone! But their town of
    Serivu is withstanding the blight better than I expected.
    --BORGONDNUR: The High Priest Borgondnur is the King's cousin. He seems to run
    Kaznur's temple well enough, though.
    Durbelkas (41, 9)
    --Visit the palace during the daytime. At night, nobody's awake but me and my
    guard staff. And orcs sleep very soundly.
    Borgondnur (26, 65)
    --Respect the power and judgment of %qKaznur%q the Devourer and you will be
    --KAZNUR: The temple of the mighty god is next door. I have the honor to be 
    high priest.
    Kamshibel (15, 63)
    --Zampoknel's a fine person, and I love her dearly, but you should take what 
    says with a grain of salt.
    Boshtembul (9, 65)
    --I hear that other races drink fermented beverages. I don't hold with that.
    There's nothing better than a fine cup of tea.
    Narbanngum (9, 48)
    --The Tower of %qQaldiur%q has been taken over by our debased relatives from
    Gurtex. You would be doing us a public service to take it back.
    --QALDIUR: There is a secret magic word to enter Qaldiur. It's 'Melshinde.'
    Bezbelduk (53, 65)
    --They say the refugees from Gurtex have brought great hoards of treasure with
    them to Qaldiur. Of course, you have better things to do than to search for
    treasure, %h.
    Duzbaktar (14, 50)
    --Don't believe anything Turulargut tells you. He's a disgrace to orcdom.
    Kanrunknel (51, 40) TRSED
    --My mother Zampoknel lives near here. She visits the tea house every day. ??
    --GEMS: If you find any precious gems in %qQaldiur%q, bring them to me at 'The
    Jewel.' I'll give you a good price for them.
    --QALDIUR: I assume you'll be driving the northern invaders from the tower of
    Qaldiur. Whisper the secret word 'Melshinde' to get in.
    Melgenkul  (24, 54)
    --Relax. Have a glass of tea and some friendly conversation. Most of Urkabel
    stops by my tea house at one time or another.
    --TEA: I'm sorry it's not up to my usual quality. I usually import it from
    %qSolihub%q, but because of the %qblight%q I'm forced to use the home-grown
    --SOLIHUB: The blight is even worse on Solihub Island than it is here in 
    The goblins can hardly grow enough tea for their own use, let alone enough to
    --BLIGHT: If you're here to do something about the blight, I hope you can do 
    soon. I hear there are whole cities in Tasuria devastated by it.
    Nilkargar (24, 54)
    --The captain says: Avask, me hearties!... Correct me if I did not pronounce
    that in the proper northern way.
    --AVAST: 'Avast?' Well. You learn something every day. Thank you.
    --NORTH: I'll be glad to sail you back north at any time. My crew and I would
    like to see the barbarous northern lands.
    --SHIP: The 'Kurgarl' has been blessed by the priests of %qKaznur%q. She's
    sturdy and fast and ready for any voyage.
    Enjoy your stay in the Solian lands. Travel by sea to avoid the blight.
    --KAZNUR: Kaznur the Devourer abhors injustice and dishonesty. Perhaps that is
    why the %qgoblins%q do not worship him.
    --GOBLINS: The goblins are likeable little folks, good with their hands, but I
    can't trust folks who change their minds with the seasons.
    Barbrunten (9, 32)
    --ARMOR: Wear good armor when you drive the invaders out of Qaldiur. By the 
    you need to whisper a secret word to get in. It's 'Melshinde.'
    Kezrankog (30, 89)
    --Adventure awaits in the Tower of Qaldiur. You look competent, %h, so I will
    tell you the secret word: 'Melshinde.'
    Rentokfor (??, ??)
    --My %qfather%q is an excellent teacher, in my opinion. You'd do well to take
    lessons from him.
    --FATHER: His name is Tokbargor. He teaches leadership in the classroom behind
    our house within the city walls.
    * TOWN: TIARA *
    ( 6,32) 'Tiara Welcomes You'
    ( 5,73) 'Mullin - Carpenter Extraordinaire'
    (35,66) 'Superior Tailoring by Golna'
    (67,52) 'Hasoy's House of Music'
    ( 5,28) 'Tracking taught by Master Ranger, Hawk'
    (25,18) 'Ganor's Forest Herbs'
    Cow (18,45) (20,44)
    --Mighty peculiar forestry 'round here, don't you think?
    --ROZIMEL: Her house is near the center of town.
    --MULLIN: He is our carpenter here in Tiarra.
    --GOLNA: Her elfspun clothing is renowned among elves and men.
    --TESEPHONE: She lives next door to Dainfalti.
    --SHANDRA: Shandra's house is in the northeastern corner of Tiara.
    Men (25,57) (11,43) (45,10) (46,63) (55,56) (70, 3) (67,33)
    With all these blasted elves about, there's hardly room for us humans in Tiara
    these days.
    Elves (60,53) (62,15) (52,17) ( 5,60) (26,36) (37,47)
    --We're so happy the humans have let us take refuge here.
    --Dainfalti is full of interesting Elven tidbits, but he is a bit greedy.
    --DAINFALTI: There are two houses next to each other in the southwestern part 
    town.  His is the western one.
    --??As soon as enough of our kinfolk arrive from the forest, we'll drive the
    humans into the lake.
    --??Where this village now stands was once the dominion of the woodland elves,
    and will be again one day.
    --??There is a large tower on the south side of the lake.  My old hunting
    companion Toriala was last seen heading towards it.
    Women (49,31) (18,69) (28, 5) (49,35) (63,16) (71,69)
    --Rozimel has discovered some fancy new bone.
    Kids (53,68) (54,25)
    --Mommy said not to talk to elves or strangers.
    --Hawk is teaching us how to stalk forest beasts three times our size!
    --Hawk's woodcraft is second to none.  Perhaps he could teach even a great 
    like you a thing or two.
    --If you know anything about Pinktree wood, I hear that Mullin is looking for
    some help.
    --Looks like a good night for camping.
    --We're having a baking contest against some of those elven tarts today.
    --There's something funny about the island to the west of here.
    --Golna sells some of the best clothes in Solia.
    Ganor (26, 18)
    --There's nothing my herbs can't cure.
    --HERBS: Be sure to stock up before going any farther. You never know when you
    might be needing them.
    Naron (26, 18) hanging around Ganor's
    [you can invite Naron. He is a hireling, though.]
    Rozimel (43, 32)
    --I have a feeling that %qAlvirex%q has something to do with the blight, %h.
    --ALVIREX: Alvirex is a male wizard from the northern lands. He has moved into
    the Tower of Hiltmos. The elves say that he is a very bad person. Rude, too.
    --MIRROR: The Mirror of Honesty is truly a wonder. When facing one who wishes 
    deceive you, use the Mirror to force the villain to speak fully and frankly. 
    would be the ideal tool with which to confront Alvirex.
    --TELEPORTALS: A spine and two wingbones takes you to the eastern end of
    Tasuria. A wingbone, a skull and a spine bring you to Illorio.
    Tesephone (26, 47)
    --It has been told that in times of %qtrouble%q, a great hero would come forth
    to save the land from evil.
    --TROUBLE: My family has kept secret the location of one of the ancient
    %qgods%q, lest it fall into the wrong hands.  But it is my belief that such
    %qknowledge%q would do the best good in your hands.
    --KNOWLEDGE: Vorhamme, God of the Forge, is all but forgotten in today's
    society.  But I know from my father and his father before him that he rests in
    the ancient mines of Sora, on the island of Minalt.
    --GODS: %qTas%q, God of the Mountains High, is a favorite.  He has temples
    throughtout Tasuria. A lesser known goddess is %qSelne%q, mother of 
    He is the master of thunder and lightning, and none can stand before his 
    --SELNE: Selne is mostly worshipped by the Goblins of Serivu, but one can find
    her worshippers on %qTasuria%q as well.
    --TASURIA: It is whispered that the tomb of Selne lies close to Eisheim,
    somewhat to the north and east of town.
    Dainfalti (20, 50)
    --A beautiful green jewel is the way to an elf's heart.
    --[offer emerald]: Many thanks!  I will tell you of the magic mirror and my 
    door neighbor, Tesephone, can help you with some other important things. The
    magic mirror is a thing of great %qbeauty%q!
    --BEAUTY: Unfortunately, it is in the hands of the disgusting dwarves.  We 
    believe that they actually LOST it when their mines on %qRastanna%q were
    --RASTANNA: It is an island far, far to the west of here.
    --TESEPHONE: Like I said, she lives next door.
    --GODS: I can tell you of Vorhamme, God of the Forge, and my friend Shandra 
    tell you about Prillila, the Protector of Woodland Creatures.
    --SHANDRA: She lives in a house at the northeastern corner of town.
    Golna (32, 65)
    --My clothing is the finest you're likely to find.
    --FASHION: I always have the latest fashions for men and women at the lowest
    prices anywhere.
    --WEAR: I have clothing for all climates. If you need anything, you should buy
    it from me now.
    [Elv sue cot sil woo]
    Hasoy (68, 51)
    --Always purchase the finest quality instruments that you can afford.
    --MUSIC: Delightful music can brighten the most ardous of journeys.
    Shandra (61, 11)
    --We woodland elves once roamed the forests, singing and frolicking our days 
    nights away.  Now I am saddened, for the blight has forced us from our
    --HOMES: Living in a village is just not the same as living in the wonderful
    free and open spaces of the woods. I pray to %qPrillila%q, the Protector of
    Woodland Creatures, that the blight will rescind.
    --PRILLILA: She has a temple here in Tiara.  There used to be a %qshrine%q on
    the Green Islands, but the forest there has been overrun by blight and has
    become a place of evil.
    --SHRINE: It was on the southwestern island in the Green Island chain.  
    it is still there, I do not know.
      If you've played Magic Candle II, you will have a general appreciation for
    what is where. MC3's edition is, in fact, a bit bigger. But it shouldn't be 
    more intimidating, and the main people you know are still there. The main
    frustration is combing through all the vacant residences.
    (35,12) 'Parkview Guesthouse. No pets allowed.'
    (86,11) 'Telermain Jailhouse'
    (100,13) 'Methreal Nugget - Are you feeling lucky?'
    (37,41) 'Swordplay Academy'
    (48,38) 'Fandor's Weapon Store'
    (72,31) 'Telermain Gemworks'
    (88,32) 'Terilo's Supply Shop'
    (101,29) 'Eastern Breeze Tavern'
    (108,43) 'Armor Shoppe'
    (100,45) 'Fine Gems and Jewels'
    (76,44) 'Telermain Library'
    (41,52) 'Madame Shashika's Herbs and Potions'
    (37,51) 'Tombul's Grocery Store'
    (49,67) 'Academy of Deruvian Music'
    (51,63) 'Rabbonkar's Scholarly Services. Master Rabbonkar is gone to Deruvia. 
    won't be back until sometime next year.'
    (70,61) 'Carpenter'
    (81,61) 'Metal Smith'
    (108,60) 'Magic Users' Lodge'
    (112,72) 'Black Rooster Tavern'
    (78,72) 'Parr's Fine Musical Instruments'
    (45,82) 'Academy of Magic'
    (27,80) 'Durable Clothing is sold here'
    (32,94) 'Stealth Academy'
    (44,94) 'Weaponless Combat Academy'
    (58,10) (58,103) 'Telermain'
    (117,11) 'Pier 1.'
    (115,20) 'Pier 2.'
    (117,31) 'Pier 3.'
    --I hear the campaign in Gurtex is going well.
    MEN (58,10) (57,11) (111,76) (91,63) (23,88):
    --I feel much safer now that Deruvia and Gurtex are both Realms of Light.
    --One hears many things over a tankard of ale at the Black Rooster or the
    Eastern Breeze.
    WOMEN (110,89) (23,18) (24,17):
    --I feel much safer now that Deruvia and Gurtex are both Realms of Light.
    --A good voyage starts with a good supply of food, herbs and supplies.
    OLD MAN(22,71):
    --When I was younger, I traveled to lands far to the south of Deruvia or 
    Guards (63, 103) (58, 103) (58, 7) (63, 7):
    --A pleasant day to you, %y.
    Sailors (128,14) (99,31) (100,30):
    --Captain Garlin's Destiny is a fine ship for a long voyage.
    --Strange tales of a new pestilence have been heard in the Southern Lands.
    KIDS: (20, 20) (19,21) (125,67) (124,68)
    --I like to build sand castles that look like Castle Oshcrun.
    --Tombul sometimes gives us free cookies!
    --When I grow up, I'm going to be just like King Rebnard.
    --TOMBUL: His grocery store is over on the west side of town next to the Herb
    Ned (129, 25):
    --Don't pay money for food. There is still plenty of food to feed yourself 
    on this island if you have a bit of skill in hunting.
    --FISHING: Fishing is still all right, I suppose. Lately, though, I have been
    worried. I have been catching some very %qstrange%q looking beasts. Nothing 
    I have ever seen.
    --STRANGE: They somehow remind me of those awful things that seem to thrive in
    the blight!
    ?? all
      You can enter the generic homes with no problem. However, some are empty.
    A home ~11, 54:
    --They say if you hear a lyre played with grace, you will feel much refreshed!
    A home ??, ??:
    --They say if you have a crafty mind, you can actually figure out how the 
    can be stopped!
    A home ??, ??:
    --They say there is a lost continent somewhere out there from where the 
    folk originate. I wish I was younger. I would form a party and go search for 
    A home ~94,96:
    --I hear there is a ghost ship sailing the Solian Seas. I sure wouldn't want 
    be a passenger on that one!
    A home ~87, 83:
    --They say bugs created the blight. Or was it the other way around? Maybe they
    were saying the blight creates bugs.
    A home ~76, 95
    --They say a traveller from the South lost a fortune at the gambling hall the
    other night. Poor soul.
    A home 108, 38
    --Life is so complicated, it is almost easier to give up and die. Don't you
    agree? Why don't we all go South? They say death comes swiftly down there.
    A home 69, 19
    --Just as we are getting Gurtex under control, this blight-thing comes from 
    south. When are we going to see some peace and prosperity? I am seriously
    considering moving back to Deruvia.
    A home 75, 18
    --I'll be happy when the elections in Ketrop are over. All the halflings go on
    and on about their little election, drives me crazy, you know?
    A home 83, 20
    --My dad sent me a letter from Gurtex. He says we are winning the war and he
    will be home soon. He is a sergeant in the army. When I grow up, I will be a
    sergeant too.
    A home 51, 83
    --I hear there are a bunch of young recruits hanging around the queen, hoping 
    be picked up by an experienced adventurer such as yourself.
    Jail ??, ??
    --What do you think of our renovation?
    Terilo (89, 32)
    --%h, you already know how important my equipment is to those who go
    Fandor (51, 38)
    --I have many fine weapons for sale. Or, if you wish, I can purchase any extra
    weapons you have. You will find my prices more than fair.
    --WEAPONS: To keep your weapons sharp, the %qsmith%q skill is valuable to
    --SMITH: Too bad there's no smithing school on Oshcrun Island.
    Tombul (34, 51)
    --Buy plenty of food now. If the blight spreads, food will surely become more
    --FOOD: The food I sell to travelers is very well preserved. You don't need to
    worry about it spoiling.
    Shashika (42, 51)
    --Examine your mushrooms before eating them. Some that I gathered near the
    blight turned out to have gone bad.
    --HERBS: Herbs and mushrooms are in short supply lately, %h. I regret that I
    have had to raise my prices.
    Min (28, 82)
    --Everyone should have clothes to suit the weather. Furs for the cold; cotton
    for the heat.
    --CLOTHES: Elvenspun clothing has magical qualities. It's suitable for any 
    of weather.
    Baltazar (15, 82)
    --[low charisma]: You folks all seem so much smarter then poor old me. I don't
    really think I can be of help to you. Good day!
    --Well, here is something perhaps you may not know: %qWizards%q of the Solian
    lands down south are of the female gender, all of them!
    --WIZARDS: Seek the %qtwins%q in Solihub. They may be able to assist you.
    --TWINS: One is named Evixa. She is a very capable wizard and knows the Solian
    lands well. If she joins you she may be ofgreat help. Her sister's name I do 
    Faruk (98, 45)
    --A collection of gems is a never-ending source of beauty, as well as a sound
    --GEMS: The %qpearl%q is sometimes my favorite, especially when it's worn by a
    beautiful woman.
    --PEARL: The blue pearls of Maramon are the most beautiful of all. However, I
    have none in stock at the moment.
    Parr (80, 72)
    --If you take musical instruments into the blight, be sure to clean them well
    Karon (107, 43)
    --I don't know if armor will protect you from the blight, %h,but it will help
    against the monsters that the blight has produced.
    --ARMOR: My selection is not what it might be. The troops picked it over 
    King Rebnard took them to Gurtex.
    Rabbonkar's (52, 63)
    [no one's home, but you can type 'gonefishing' to enter.]
    Library (??, ??)
    --I'm sure that the information here about the Solian lands is out of date.
    --They say that the Library of Archos was the greatest in the ancient world!
    * TAVERN *
    --If you're planning to go south, start your explorations at %qKabelo%q.
    --KABELO: Recently I was there for the first time in my life, trying to get
    passage to Oshcrun. Frankly, I was astonished to meet orcs in Kabelo who were
    actually almost civilized!
    Misha[need 8? charisma]
    --Visit with %qBaltazar%q before you leave Oshcrun. He seems to know many 
    about the southern lands.
    --RUMORS: I hear some people claim the blight is a punishment from the gods.
    --BALTAZAR: He is a mysterious old man. Hardly ever leaves his home. You will
    find his house to the south of the park.
    --The Solian economy is suffering greatly due to the blight.
    --If you are into real-estate, now seems like a good time to buy property in
    Telermain. So many vacancies!
    --Only a few years ago I didn't even know there were lands to the south of
    Oshcrun. Now all I hear about is that there is trouble brewing in Southlands.
    --After a hard day's work, I like to relax with a pint of Barg's Ale.
    [you can invite Ralle.]
    --When played the right way, some %qinstruments%q can help you perform magic,
    even if you are not a magic user!
    --INSTRUMENTS: For example, play the lyre with enough skill and your energy 
    rise. Or try the %qflute%q, the %qbugle%q, the %qdrum%q, or the %qreedpipe%q.
    --FLUTE: Play it with enough skill and the beasts will be charmed!
    --BUGLE: It may actually scare away some monsters.
    --DRUM: Nothing is like a drum to rally your comrades.
    --REEDPIPE: Play that one with style and some of your enemies may betray their
    own side in combat.
    * TAVERN *
    --If you are heading down %qsouth%q, be sure to be prepared to fight long and
    --SOUTH: I am from the south myself. From %qVoliplan%q, to be exact.
    --VOLIPLAN: The fair city of Voliplan is no more. The blight has totally
    devastated our homes. I barely escaped with my life.
    --WAX: I buried some of my best wax in the southeast corner of the town of
    Voliplan when the blight first came. It may still be good.
    --WAX: I don't even want to think about my wax, my honey, and my poor dead 
    --If you want to sail off the island, Captain %qTurgut%q will be happy to take
    you on board.
    --TURGUT: He is usually here in the evenings, when he is not on the high seas.
    --RUMORS: I hear %qtravelers%q from down South speak of dire %qhorrors%q!
    --TRAVELERS: One by the name of %qDarwein%q frequents my establishment often.
    --HORRORS: They speak of the %qblight%q being much worse down in the Solian
    --BLIGHT: You'd better hear it from %qDarwein%q. It sounds pretty awful down
    --DARWEIN: He seems like a decent sort. Says he lost his family, his farm,
    everything. Poor soul, I hope the %qQueen%q can help him.
    --QUEEN: With Rebnard gone off to Gurtex, she is now in charge of daily 
    in Oshcrun.
    --If you sail south, be sure not to drink their local %qale%q. You will get
    sick. I tell you it is awful. Who ever heard of an %qale%q that is green!
    --ALE: I would not dare mess with the green stuff. On the other hand, if you 
    into any dwarves down there, I bet you anything their ale will be another 
    I've always wanted to sail the Solian Sea. I'll take you %qsouth%q for a 
    --SOUTH: There are reports of a magical caravel that plies the southern seas.
    I'd love to get a glimpse of it.
    --SHIP: My 'North Star' is anchored outside the city. You're welcome on board
    any time.
    * TOWN: W. TASUR *
    (35, 2) 'Welcome to Tasur'
    (56,52) 'Dragar's Weapons'
    (50,34) 'Ye Olde Armor Shoppe'
    (10,69) 'Tasur Commissary'
    (57,19) 'Tasur Gems & Jewels - Tarrabar prop.'
    (68,32) 'Prasdak's Supply Shop'
    (44,21) 'Markul's Gemworks - Help Wanted'
    ( 7,11) 'Capitol Inn'
    (32,33) 'Woodworking school - Yarun, master carpenter'
    ( 9,49) 'Tasur Stitch & Button- Tailor position available'
    (52,61) 'Handam's Fine Instruments'
    (15,34) 'Tasur Wizard's Lodge'
    (27,63) 'Bull's Horn Tavern'
    (15,21) 'Temple Square'
    --DARWEIN: He doesn't live here, but I remember him. He passed through Tasur 
    his way north. I think he was headed for Serivu, or maybe even farther.
    --POGAR: Pogar lives in the northeastern corner of town.
    --BENTAGOR: Bentagor's house is next to the tailor shop.
    --SHALAMA: You can find Shalama's house to the south of Pogar's.
    --DELPINA: She lives next door to Bentagor.
    --RENIDALIS: Her house is near the southeastern corner of Tasur.
    Guards (35, 3) (40, 3)
    --Welcome to Tasur, noble sirs.
    Women (60,64) (60,23) (53,33)
    --Renidalis is the wisest person on Tasuria.  Certainly wiser than any man.
    --The ghosts in Nekros come out at midnight.
    Men (23,35) (32,10) (11,24) (48,52) (25,63) (31,63)
    --It's a constant struggle to keep the blight at bay.
    --Tasur was once the co-capital of the ancient kingdom of Tasuria.
    --Pogar and Bentagor are a couple of religious fanatics.
    Kids (67,50) (69,50) ( 9,54) (10,55)
    --The blight looks like ogre snot!
    --The park used to be a fun place to play before the blight.
    --I hardly have time to work with the blight running rampant in town.
    --Sometimes, a pint of ale is all that keeps one sane in these trying times.
    --I hope you brave warriors can help us quell the blight!
    --We lost a holy relic when East Tasur was taken over.
    Gemcutter (48-9, 21)
    Carpentry school (28-30, 32) $175
    Tailor (7-8, 48)
    Wizards' Lodge (12-3, 31)
    Guard Tower (43-4, 6) (27-8, 11) (68-9, 71) (21-2, 71)
    Empty building (68-9, 40)
    Guesthouse 10/day (10-1, 10)
    Tarrabar (55-6, 18) gem store
    --If you're looking to buy or sell fine gems, you've come to the right place,
    --As the stars sparkle in the night sky, so my gems illuminate the dark 
    of the Solian Lands.
    --It would insult a fine gem to be sold below its true price. And my gems are
    fine enough for %qRinora%q itself!
    --RINORA: You'll need fine gems if you ever climb the Tower of Rinora. You can
    read all about it in the %qEisheim%q Library.
    --EISHEIM: Eisheim is south of here, almost to the Frigid Sea. It's not on all
    the maps.
    Lutik (8-9, 18) Temple of Entas
    --ENTAS: The goddess is resting beneath the Snowcrown Mountains in the 
    --CAVERNS: It is of UTMOST importance that you speak with her.  Her divine
    advice will aid you in your quest.
    --??: When you visit the Crowndeep Caverns, it is of UTMOST importance that 
    visit Entas in her chamber.
    Bentagar (22-3, 47)
    --Oh woe am I!  Once a simple farmer, my crops are all failing due to the
    horrible %qblight%q.
    --BLIGHT: The dark horror strangles the crops and seems to suck the very
    nourishment from the land which %qEntas%q once cherished.
    --ENTAS: She is the Goddess of the Plains Below, a goddess of fertility and
    growth.  But since the onset of the blight, her influence has waned mightily,
    and today we no longer bask in the glory of her power.
    Gate Room (66-7, 42)
    --I strongly advise against going into East Tasur. It is heavily blighted and
    infested with blight beasts.
    Renidalis (48-9, 71)
    --I will advise you to the best of my ability, %h. But the %qblight%q has made
    my responsibilities to the people of Tasur very time-consuming.
    --BLIGHT: The blight has a strong smell of evil magic, %h. It's very
    disorienting: the blight is heaviest southwest of here, especially around
    Rinora, but it feels as if its source is in the east.
    --TELEPORTALS: Use a wingbone, spine and legbone to travel to Rastanna. A 
    a skull and a legbone bring you to western Tasuria.
    Temple of Tas (23-4, 21)
    Delpina (31-2, 50)
    --Sometimes a great %qscholar%q learns more through research than a great
    adventurer does through exploring aimlessly.
    --SCHOLAR: Lasilyn is a wise and beautifiul sage. She has shared the following
    information with me. Many were the spelunkers who attempted to unlock the 
    to the mines of %qSora%q, but to no avail.
    --SORA: The ancient caverns on the island of Minalt have been closed for ages
    uncounted, but I Lasilyn has discovered the magic %qphrase%q which will open 
    --PHRASE: When you reach the gates, utter 'Kavitar' and the very rock itself
    should slide back to reveal the entrance to the mines.
    --In Eisheim, we devote much time to the %qgods%q in which we believe.
    Pogar (67-8, 8)
    --Quake and tremble when you see the %qsymbol%q of Tas, God of the Mountains
    --SYMBOL: The lightning bolt shows his domain over thunder and lightning, and 
    they rule the thunderous night sky, so Tas rules the outward expansions of the
    various lower %qraces%q.
    --GRACES: Tas was the instigator of the northern migrations of the elves,
    dwarves and halflings.  His efforts, however, went unrewarded, as he is now 
    with few to %qworship%q him.
    --WORSHIP: As people migrated out of Solia, they forgot their benefactor.  It 
    still known to the devout, however, that one day he will rise from his grave 
    %qWesgar%q tower to reward the faithful.
    --WESGAR: An ancient tower built on the islands west of Tasuria, known as the
    Outsiders, it was originally a watchpost to guard Tasuria from attack from the
    West.  When no attacks came, it fell into disrepair and is now the haunt of
    Prasdak (66-7, 31)
    --All the supplies you'll ever need are right here at your fingertips.
    --SUPPLIES: You'll have to select them yourself, %y. My hands are so numb from
    the blight that I don't trust myself to pick anything up.
    Dragar (52-3, 52)
    --A mighty adventurer such as yourself may sometimes require a sharp sword. Or
    an axe, if you're a dwarf. Forgive me, my %qeyesight%q isn't what it used to 
    --WEAPONS: Just take a look around. You'll see better than I can all the fine
    weapons I have in stock.
    --PRICES: Quality has its price, it's true, but you'll never regret making a
    purchase from me.
    --EYESIGHT: It's the cursed blight! It's taken half the town, and crippled the
    rest! I wake up and have to scrape the scum off my eyelids, then my eyes sting
    and water all day!
    Jarron (47-8, 33)
    --A warrior without armor is doomed.
    --ARMOR: Before the blight came, I'd put on my armor and show my customers how
    light and flexible it was. Now I can barely lift it. But try it for yourself.
    I'll watch.
    --WEATHER: When it's clear, we pray for rain to wash away the blight. When it
    rains, we curse the blight that fills our gutters. There's no good weather any
    Handam (49-50, 60) instrument store
    --Did you say 'advice'? I'm sorry, I can't hear that well any more. But my
    advice would be to buy good instruments, stay away from the blight, and
    practice, practice, practice!
    --MUSIC: If you need music lessons, I can't help you.
    --PITCH: I used to guarantee that all my instruments were right on pitch, %h. 
    can't do that any more. Since the blight has come, I've had such a ringing in 
    ears... I've reduced my prices accordingly.
    Garweg (10-1, 66)
    --Buy plenty of food, %y, but be careful. I've thrown out everything that 
    or feels blighted, but I can't smell anything any more.
    --FOOD: Most of my inventory is completely blight-free, and is usually quite
    safe to eat. Trust your nose, %h, if it can still smell anything.
    Shalama (66-7, 19)
    --I had a friend in blighted East Tasur whose name was %qLucia%q.
    --LUCIA: She was a priestess %qVorhamme%q, God of the Forge, and was married 
    the %qchandler%q of Tasur.
    --VORHAMME: It is said that many powerful weapons were forged by the might 
    including the legendary Brennix.
    --CHANDLER: In the last surviving days of East Tasur, he buried a scroll in
    front of his %qhouse%q, telling of the location of his secret cache of candle
    --HOUSE: He and Lucia had a beautiful supply of rubies.  They are probably 
    in a chest in his house.
    --WICKS: These are the only wicks you can use to build the Magic Candle which
    will defeat the blight. They are very special wicks.  Ask me about them some 
    when you have an idea of how they might be put to good use.
    * TAVERN (28-9, 62) *
    Shalama, Pogar, Delpina and Bentagor all have houses, and you can visit them
    there, too.
    --ADVICE: You can't stop the %qblight%q, %h. Sail back north. Better yet, to
    Deruvia. The blight might never reach that part of the world.
    --SHIP: The 'Wayfarer'? She's still seaworthy. Or she was last week, at least.
    I'll have to check, I suppose. It's a captain's duty, even when there's no 
    --BLIGHT: The cursed blight is rotting the 'Wayfarer's' hull as fast as she 
    be patched. And why bother to patch her? There's no more cargo to carry, and 
    markets to carry it to.
    * TOWN: KETROP *
    (51,37) Welcome to Ketrop Halflinghome.
    (58,37) Ketrop Guesthouse - Welcome.
    (66,26) Grocery Store - Traverlers' rations. [sic]
    (93,28) The Great Milo - Locksmith Extraordinaire.
    (67, 9) Tailor Workshop -     Help Wanted.
    (45,25) Ketrop Hall.
    (20, 8) The craft of Tailoring is taught here by the Master Craftsman, Tumin.
    (11,35) Balu - Master Trader. [180/lesson]
    (70,35) This well is in memory of a great Halfling teacher and scholar, 
    Cow (52, 3) (52, 6) (47, 5) (43, 3) (40, 4)
    Halflings (44,30) (21,34) ( 7,26) (18,16) (36,11) (55,23) (59,10) (65,30)
    (85,11) (86,33):
    --What news of the King's doings in Gurtex?
    --Jimbo is growing another strange crop.
    --Faranim says his spell books are the best!
    --We think Tuff is the best Halfling warrior ever lived!
    --There is so much excitement nowadays, with the election coming up soon.
    --??: There are plenty of good employment opportunities in Ketrop.
    --??:Legend tells us of an Island Kingdom far to the South where they worship
    strange gods.
    --JIMBO: You can find his house in the Western part of town next to the 
    --FARANIM: He lives in the Northeast section of Ketrop.
    --TUFF: We think Tuff is the best Halfling warrior ever lived!
    --MIKO: He lives in the northwest section of Ketrop.
    Grocery store
    --I hear the food in the Solian lands is not fit for consumption by civilized
    folks! Be sure to buy plenty of my delicious travel rations before you set 
      JIMBO (15, 25) HOUSE
    --I wish I could come with you, but I can not. However, you must be sure to 
    a %qHalfling%q in your party when you explore the Solian Lands.
    --HALFLING: We halflings would serve you so much better when it comes to 
    locks and haggling with traders. We are usually excellent cooks too!
    [Jimbo was available in the first two installments but not now.]
      TUFF (21, 27) HOUSE
    [You can invite Tuff.]
      MIKO (09, 13) HOUSE
    [see Ketrop Hall for dialog]
      FARANIM (91, 19) HOUSE
    --Don't you dare leave the island without a few books of %qDemaro%q in your
    --DEMARO: Well, aren't you the lucky one now? I happen to specialize in 
    I can sell you as many of them as you need.
    [Faranim's not as important here as in MC2.]
     * KETROP HALL *
    --If you believe that it is time for %qchange%q, I would appreciate your 
    for me to be elected as the next mayor of Ketrop.
    --CHANGE: I promise that if I am elected, anyone who wishes to study music at
    the academy of Telermain will be able to do so. Learn now, you can pay later.
    That's what I say!
    --I am running for the %qMayor%q of Ketrop. Your support is much appreciated. 
    I am elected, I plan to %qchange%q nothing!
    --MAYOR: I really like the sound of it! 'Mayor Punnik'. Sounds good, eh?
    --CHANGE: Yes, read my lips: 'No change' if I am elected.
      [random halfling at Ketrop Hall:]
    --The election of our next mayor is a very serious business. Not much else is 
    people's minds these days.
    --The polls seems to favor Punnik in the upcoming election.
    --Miko seems to stand for change. Punnik wants continuity. We must choose.
    --MIKO: He is either at home, or he is campaigning right here.
    --PUNNIK: He is usually here, giving speeches.
      There are two sorts of unfriendly location: ruins and dungeons. Ruins are 
    towns--don't need a word to get in--but they have damage and are frequently
    peppered with blight. But they do seem to have treasure too. Dungeons are a 
    like MC2 or MC but with less treasure to dig for and occasional comments. 
    are also squares you can step on to cause changes to your party which are, 
    often bad.
      The unfriendly locations are listed alphabetically, with the ruins first. I
    include walkthroughs for the dungeons and some general tips for the opposing
    towns. Even in the towns, the flip flopping methods you need to learn apply
    well. But the big picture thing to do is to find the right path to avoid
    ambushes all together, which you can do most of the time.
      E Tasur
        9-1-1. E. TASUR
    * RUINS: E. TASUR *
      You can only enter this town from ??.
      E. Tasur has two treasures. A scroll is at (9, 12) and the other, the wick, 
    behind a dungeon room and an ambush in the southernmost area.
      Scroll is at (??, ??)
    --This scroll documents the location of the last magic candle wick. Before I
    fled west, I buried the magic wick in a safe place. There is a walled 
    in the southwestern quarter of East Tasur. Inside, in the northeastern corner,
    the wick is buried.
      Nekros is the town formerly known as Archos that you may have heard about on
    your travels.
      There are actually a few people to talk to here--well, sort of. They only 
    out at midnight for an hour, you need to cast 'soulspeak' to get anything out 
    them, and you won't be able to get a word in before they clam up again. Here 
    can find the treasure pretty easily--right next to the person that talks. But
    the hard part is getting into the library.
      It's best to enter from the south, but you can enter from the north and go
    straight down and through a narrow gap, then east to a building and around to
    the north.
    (??, ??)
    --I was Vella, the first of the Solian female wizards! My soul is bound here 
    my home, the place where I was slaughtered in the first civil war. I cannot 
    until the lands are made whole again... / I can - I must - help you in your
    quest. But I must be sure that you are truly dedicated to restoring the unity 
    the Solian lands. Return to me when you are fully prepared to use the magic
    flint of the Solnicon. / Brave ones! Wise ones! Know that the magical flint 
    seek is buried beneath my ruined fireplace. Know also that my soul will rest
    when you have made and lit your magic candle!
    --Good Gorion can help you once again. Research 'subterranea' to reach the
    blighted tower.
    (??, ??)
    --The ghost turns to you and says: I was Gorion, the Chief Librarian of the
    Great Library of Archos. Of all its greatness, only I and a few scattered 
    remain. Yet I am happy to serve you. /
    --The ghost says: My name, I believe, was Harald. I can remember very little. 
    have been dead so very long. Perhaps Vella at the other end of town can help
      You can enter from the north or east--the east being easier for your 
    The treasure is in the southeast corner. Dig for it there. Then get out. Keep 
    the walls to avoid the big ambush line in the center.
            * DUNGEON: HILTMOS *
      WHAT TO DO
      First you need to go down all the way, then left to go up to Hiltmos 7. It's
    not that easy, of course; after you go right, hear what Alvirex has to say, 
    come back down, a new stairway will open to you.
      There's no way to get around the ambush via standard methods if you hope to
    see the room to the north, but you don't need to. In the middle of the right
    hallway, you need to visit the room to the left and then the one behind it. 
    gets you to the right path to the top.
    (29-31, 9) ?? . You can avoid this ambush rather easily by setting up as 
    with 1 as the leader.
    123    654                 123
    ... -> ... -> (6 leads) -> ...
    456    123                 456
    (38, 5): 'Beware ye puny mortals who enter the tower of Hiltmos.'
    (8,36-8) [if you've gone up to the 7th floor via the stairway to the left and
    hit Alvirex's energy drain, you'll get this message:] %a says:  Maybe we 
    look for another staircase going up.
    On the way;
    (23, 18) (33, 18-9) fermigon, 2 zombies, zorlims, domug.
    (14, 16-7) (10-1, 19) 4 scarabs, 2 scorpions. Bonebow.
    Out of the way:
    (15, 7) (24, 6-7) 2 darkwolves, 3 tigrets. 12 cure spells.
    (19, 25) (28, 25-6) (22-3, 28) 5 darkwolves. No treasure.
      WHAT TO DO
      Go east. Then go south at the skull into the first teleportal. This puts you
    in the northeast. Form the party with a column gone and go east, leaving a
    square between the party and the wall. Go north so your top row is at y=11. 
    go northeast one and all the way north. This kicks you to the southwest. Go
    south and east and north into the door. Then go west and, at the corner,
    southwest. The portal you want is in the center of the west wall. It'll kick 
    to the southeast. Go north and then east to enter the final portal. It'll kick
    you right of the up stairs. Go left.
    (22, 7) (36, 21) to (34, 4) level 1.
    (22, 34) to (27, 14) and the northeast corner. This is the 'right' portal to
    start things out.
    (36, 14) (34, 10) to (6, 20) kick you from the NE to the start.
    (35, 7) to (6, 33) sends you from the NE to the SW.
    (7, 8) (8, 17) to (6, 20) kicks you to the start from the northwest.
    (7, 12) to (26, 33) sends you from the NW to the SE.
    (35-6, 29) (35-6, 34) to (6, 20). These kick you to the start of the level 
    before you reach the stairs.
    (36, 26) to (34, 30) sends you to the right of the stairs.
    (36, 36) to (6, 20) kicks you to the start--the wrong teleportal outside the
    stair area.
    --You stumble through a doorway and, after a startling plunge, realize that 
    have fallen to the base of Hiltmos.
      SIGNS etc.:
    (22, 22) The skull looks at you with eyeless sockets and recites a litany.
    'Your path onward lies towards the nearest pole. Beware the false jump, lest
    your journey be lengthened.'
    (10, 22) My beard feels funny, we should watch out for teleportals and other
    (10, 35) Back in my days at Wizard School, some of the elders whispered of
    rumors that Alvirex had learned how to make rooms with secret exits.
    (29-30, 13) 2 zorlims, tigret, 3 darkwolves. 4 spines.
    (12-3, 34) 3 zombies, hiblis, 2 tigrets. 22 loka. You must enter this room, 
    you'll note there's an exit to the north that you can't see from outside. This
    kicks you north.
    (10, 14) (14, 11) 6 zombies, 8 freeze spells.
      There are two ways through this level. There's a teleportal in the north 
    may help you get out quickly, but you'll probably want to go north at the 
    crossroads. Tori is a good PC but would've been better if you'd gotten her
    earlier. At the north end of the hallway is a room. Win, exit west, go to the
    next room, and exit south.
      To the west, you have another room and stairs up.
      To the east, you have an ambush before the stairs up. It's possible to avoid
    the ambush although you have to make one party member stay for a bit.
    (28, 24) 3 skeletons, zombie, jerrah. This is a tough one to avoid, and you'll
    probably want to. First you need to form as follows:
    21 (1 at 28, 23)
      Have 4 or 3 stay. Let 1 lead. Reform:
      Let 5 lead. Then
      You may need to rearrange again so 1 can see the player you had stay. When 
    can, invite the player over. You made it past the ambush!
    (28, 13) (32-3, 16) venom rot, 2 acid slimes, rust moss. 2 rubiers.
    (23, 13-4) (20-1, 16) 2 jerrahs, darkwolf, 2 skeletons. 24 arrows.
    (18, 17-8) (13-4, 21) 1 jerrah, 7 tekhir. 4 wishbones.
    (32-3, 8) teleportal
    (??, ??) Tori
      WHAT TO DO
      From the upper left, go down, right through the room, flip over the X=30
    ambush, up, and left to the stairs.
      From the bottom left, go right all the way, up through the room, left 
    the next room, up and over the ambush(pivot at Y=24) and right through the 
    room to level 5.
      Not much treasure here--you'll have to wait a few levels.
    (30, 15-17) 3 ghouls, 2 fermigons, 1 darkwolf. The ghouls make this pesky but
    fortunately again you can jump over this by placing your front line at X=29 
    using standard flipping techniques.
    (20-22, 23) 3 hibliss, scorpion. You can jump over this ambush by positioning
    the top row at Y=24 and using standard flips. Otherwise you'll need to attack
    the hiblisses quickly.
    (18, 32) All of these long corridors make me uneasy. I wonder what mischief
    Alvirex has planned for us.
    (34, 20) 'I congratulate your valiant, yet futile efforts - love, Alvirex'
    (12, 15) (19, 15-6) 2 jerrah, 2 spider, slime, rustmoss. No treasure.
    (29, 32) (32, 29) 2 zorlims, 2 tehir, 2 tigrets. 19 medicins.
    (30, 27-8) (23, 26) ogre, 2 spiders, 2 slimes, tekhir. No treasure.
    (23, 21) (30, 21-2) 3 fermigons, hibliss, tigret. 11 caravel.
      WHAT TO DO
      Again, there are two branches based on where you started. If you enter from
    the stairs at the bottom, go right into the room and up. Either have your 
    remember no spells at all(Recall/[escape] or a useless one, have them missing
    the bottom column and pivot at Y=22 over Y=21. Also pivot over the ambush at
    Y=15, starting your maneuver at Y=16. You can then take the stairs up.
      To get past the spell-zap, you can also go up the corridor with the middle
    column out in your formation.
      In the northwest area, it's pretty linear. Go east to the room, exit north, 
    west through the archway, west through the door and out, and save before
    climbing the stairs, as you'll have some tricky stepping up next on level 6 to
    get treasure without springing a trap.
    (32, 18) That darned Alvirex!  He won't even give us a fighting chance.
    (31-3, 21) A loud ZAP echoes through the hall!  The spellcasters in the party
    blink and shake their heads as if they have forgotten a spell!
    --The party huddles around %a in terror!
    (31-3, 15)
    (15, 15) (20, 12) 3 ghouls, 3 zombies, 1 hibliss. 25 coins.
    (13, 8-9) (8, 9) 4 fermigons, ghoul, darkwolf. No treasure.
    (12, 27) (20, 26-7) ghoul, 3 hibliss, 2 darkwolves. 5 legbones.
    (27, 32) (31, 29) 2 zombies, 2 skeletons, 2 tigrets, jerrah. 18 nifts.
      WHAT TO DO
      In the upper left, you'll want to position your party immediately to avoid 
    two trap squares--each two east of the stairs. You should have room in your
    formation. Flip over if necessary. Then use a pick on the treasure in the
    northeast. Ladaya is a nice bow. Then flip back over the tricky squares--maybe
    save before trying it.
      From the upper right, go south. IF you have a companion to rescue he's 
    the door to the west. Otherwise continue south through the arch. Go west 
    the room, west, north through the arch, north into the room, exit east, south,
    east through the arch, east and up to level 7.
    (14, 11): 'Although your companion is close, he is farther away than you think 
    Alvirex' [They're on the other side of the wall and you'll need to go down and
    back up.]
    (10, 10-1)
    --The voice of Alvirex cackles in delight! [A companion on either of these
    squares gets spirited to the other side. This makes things tough to get.)
    (14, 9) diamond, ladaya(awesome bow,) 2 wishbones
    (20,12) (25,13-14) 5 tekhir, 2 zorlim, 1 jerrah. 10 potions.
    (14,16-17) (10-11,19) $130. ??
    (17,28) (25,28-29) 4 tigret, 1 darkwolf. 18 gonshis.
    (8,29) 5 punktomatos. Easter Egg.
      WHAT TO DO
      From level 1, go east until you trip Alvirex's little trap. Everyone will 
    to use sermins. Then go back west. IF you don't trip the trap, you won't have
    another stairway up.
      The second time through, go west to start. Then go north. Flip over the trap
    at (22-3, 19) and then flip over the ambush one square right of the purplish
    (10, 6) If your quest be done, the elf maiden awaits...
    (15, 30): That certainly was easy! We're already on the seventh level!
    (24, 25): You long-legged races have it easy; we dwarves and halflings are
    practically keeling over from climbing all these stairs!
    (18, 30) (18, 31) Ha, ha ha, you think that you, poor little adventurer, can
    outwit Alvirex the Great?  Here is but a taste of my power... (everyone's 
    drops to zero)
    (23, 25) %a stumbles over a pressure plate [this reveals a passage to the
    (22-3, 19) The door slams shut behind %h! / Laughter rings off the walls as 
    party's mirget is sucked out of their pouches. [The party huddles around %a in
    (18, 19-20) 3 jerrah, 2 darkwolves, ghoul. 8 timestop.
    (25, 20) Jerrah, 5 fermigons. 1 sapphire.
    (25-6, 15) Jerrah, 4 skeletons. Methreal. But a bit late! 
    (14-5, 13) Alvirex. Have someone use the mirror, and he will tell you about 
      As Alvirex stares into the Mirror of Honesty, he begins to tremble, then, as
    if it were against his will, to speak.
      'The blight is my doing,' the evil wizard admits. 'I had thought to be its
    master, and to use it for my own ends.
      'But it has grown beyond my dreams, and is now out of my control. Still, the
    blight makes the world more interesting.
      'I would not end the blight even if I could. The only thing that could
    possibly destroy the blight would be the spell that kept the ancient Solian
    Empire in harmony...
      '...but that spell was contained in the Solnicon, a book that no longer
            * DUNGEON: QALDIUR *
      Qaldiur is an interesting dungeon to start off with. You can go upstairs to
    get a weapon treasure or downstairs to find a God. Either way you can build 
    party up nicely to start things off. It doesn't have too many gimmicks either 
    confuse you.
      WHAT TO DO
      There's not much to do in the basement of Qaldiur though it is rather
    sizeable. You'll notice there are a couple of ambushes and a couple of rooms.
    You'll have to go through one room, and you'll need to cast WALKWATER to avoid
    the ambushes, which are not too taxing. Start south and you get through two
    rooms but have fewer walkwater spells to cast. Start to the west and you have 
    bit longer trek but one less combat. You can even try the strategy of flipping
    over the ambush line. In each case head all the way to the wall and then to 
    southeast corner.
      The resting place of Kaznur is in the southeast. Whisper Helnibor anywhere 
      I'm not sure what that space in the center is foor. The sign doesn't seem to
    have anything to say according to the disk format(D.MCV,) and there are no
    portals I can account for on the level.
     (34, 5) 'Welcome to the basement, no happy returns.'
    (8,8) (7-8, 16) 4 fermigons, jerrah, slime. 195 coins. A jump spell is very 
    here especially if the Jerrah is in the corner. Pound it. Watch out for the
    slime--it can be tricky to see, since not much of it is above ground.
    Mirgets/luffins make this battle quick but you can also hack at the fermigons 
    bring up your weapon skills.
    (34, 14) (34-5, 21) 4 fermigons, slime, jerrah. 195 gold. The jerrah is your 
    worry here, so use a jump spell to take it out. Nifts aren't a bad idea to 
    out, as this actually isn't a trivial combat.
    (40, 22) (48, 21-2) ghoul, 3 tekhir, fermigon, goblin. 6 wingbones.
    The fermigon is the top priority here as nothing else can damage you if you've
    built up your armor early. The tekhirs are particularly useless for all their
    shooting if you have methreal. The ghoul is annoying, but you should have a
    restsoul spell in reserve. If the ghoul resurrects, just kill it and cast the
    spell--it has 1 hit point as it comes back to life. Go east a bit once out of
    this room, even onto the water--use an extra walkwater spell east to avoid the
    ambush right to the south as you exit this room.
    (57-8, 64) Kaznur's resting place. The strength is cool, tracking isn't bad, 
    bravery seems to be silly but now Evixa won't flee at the first hint of 
    (13, 50-53) 3 tekhir, orc, zorlim. A few walkwater spells will help you avoid
    this completely, but you can also flip over it. Make sure that your right 
    is at X=12. Then have someone from that column be leader and put them in the
    upper left of the formation with the center vacated.
    (49-53, 25) 3 fermigons, 2 zorlims. Keep north when you come out of the second
    room on the eastern path to avoid this.
      WHAT TO DO
      You start in the southwest and can just go norh and then east. The first
    archway leads directly north to the stairs, or you can go east to the second 
    and poke around downstairs. You may just want to clear this area out so you 
    get a feel for what is going on.
      There's nothing terribly special in here but note the door in the northeast
    leads to the basement. There are a few dungeon rooms you can try out to make
    sure you're not totally weak, but you can actually pass by one of them by 
    under the arches.
    (8, 36) 'Tower of Qaldiur'
    (33, 5) 'Beware ye who would enter the Basement of Qaldiur.'
    (20-3, 13) #1. tekhir, barg and 3 slimes. They defend 5 legbones. The messiest
    of the rooms as bargs and slimes get ugly if they hit you, and slimes are hard
    to pick out. Put one fighter under each slime and another under a barg.
    (13, 19-20) (8-9, 23) #2. 5 orcs defend 14 gonshis. You can probably just 
    them and get some treasure.
    (19, 34) (28, 34-5) #3. 3 goblins, tekhir, zorlim. 12 walkwater spells. The
    zorlim tends to hide in the corner, so you may want to cast a 'jump' to take 
    out in the first round. No one else is dangerous.
      WHAT TO DO
      This level has a lot of dead ends but the right way is pretty transparent. 
    west through an arch, south through another and east to an ambush. Beat up the
    orcs and go north through the arch. The next room takes you to a portal. Go
    north into the stairs.
    (32, 6) 'The road back.'
    (15, 20) to (32, 7) kicks you to the 3rd level stairs
    (32,  5) to (26, 4)
      This is a bit of a maze from the top stairway without much to show, it would
    seem. But the ambush in tight quarters in the corridor guards the portal to 
    sealed northeast corner. There's a portal there that will kick you back to the
    main area. No dungeon rooms to speak of.
    (17, 24-25) (14, 24-25) 4 orcs.  No way out of this ambush. There's not enough
    space to flip around, and it's not worth dispersing to get past it. All these
    squares guard a teleportal you'll need to get to the next level. The ambush is
    not too bad as mostly orcs will attack you, but you need to remember to give
    your characters ways to avoid blows. Spread out ASAP. Use only nifts.
      This will probably be your first party talk:
    (34, 8) 'I had been wondering what happened to all of the monsters we drove 
    of Gurtex.'
      WHAT TO DO
      The first couple of levels haven't been really nasty, but from here on out 
    will be railroaded into some nasty combats. The rooms are passable, but the
    ambush before you get to the stairs down is a doozy. I recommend going south
    into the room. Exit south to another room. Win that fight. South and west--but
    use mushrooms first to polish off the fermigons. Then go northeasterly. Jump
    over the ambush(see detail below) or go through it. Then go north and down the
    (16, 35): 'We had better watch out for those disgusting fermigons, they just
    love these old towers.'
    (23, 5) (31, 6-7) #1. 3 Orcs + 2 Tekhirs guard 19 mirgets. You can probably 
    right in and take over. It's worth it. There's nothing important behind this
    (30, 13) (33, 11) (33-4, 17) #2. 2 goblins, 3 domugs. 17 picks. This is a nice
    treasure for a fight where the monsters will probably bribe you to avoid it. 
    so. You'll get less fatigued with these combats later and maybe even save
    (33, 24) (33-4, 30) #3. Zorlim, 3 tekhir, goblin, slime. You have to go 
    through with this, so jump someone to the zorlim. Eat gonshis before.
    (7, 32) (12, 34-5) #4. 3 fermigons, orc, slime.
    (16-7, 19) 2 skeletons, 2 jerrahs, 2 goblins. This will be your first 
    with undeads. Unless you skip over it. Both are concepts you'll need to get 
    to. You'll need to have restsoul memorized before going through with this
    combat. It's OK to keep hacking the dead guys every turn as the jerrahs are 
    important first. Use nifts and it doesn't hurt to have your shield up. You can
    walk around this one if you are creative. With the formation
    654 put 1 at (17, 20) and dismiss #4. Flip 65 above 321 and then 321 above 65.
    Then reform with the bottom row empty and invite 4 back into the party.
      WHAT TO DO
      The chain of ambushes is avoidable here if you just go north, west, and
    southeast. The rooms don't lead to anything special. North, west, south all 
    way, east, north and when you see the stairs, west.
    (16, 16) (17, 17) (18, 18) (19, 19) (20, 20) (21, 21) (22, 22) 6 fermigons. 
    really a good idea to avoid this by circling counterclockwise.
    (17, 23): 'I hope we're near the top, my knees are sore from all of this
      None is necessary and the treasure won't knock your socks off.
    (11-2, 4) zorlim, jerrah, 5 tekhir. No treasure. Don't bother.
    (18-9, 4) 6 tekhir. 7 skulls. You should have methreal, so these guys won't
    damage you. A good room to look at. Buying transport stuff is always a pain.
    (23, 5) 3 jerrah, slime, fermigon. 10 luffins.
    (5, 15-6) 5 skeletons. Ruby. Good practice fighting undead, nice treasure.
    (5, 29-30) 3 zorlim, domug, tekhir. $100.
    (9, 35) (12, 32)2 tekhir, zorlim, jerrah. 9 caravel. Hmph.
    (23, 17) (31, 18) (31, 19) tekhir, 2 domug, barg. No loot, but it leads to the
    right side...where there's nothing at all.
    (23, 29) 3 zombies, 2 fermigon, 1 zorlim. Mindstone. Eegh.
      WHAT TO DO
      Good job! You're almost finished with the first dungeon. Go west through the
    arch, south all the way, and east. If you need a methreal, go east at the
    crossroads and detour into the room, but otherwise you'll want to go south 
    Then sneak east through the gap. You may have to shift your leader for this.
    Then keep going east. Bring it all for the next combat. A nice magic weapon is
    your reward. Then you can go north to the teleportal area and leave or go back
    downstairs. Remember that if you have a boat docked and use the teleportal, 
    boat will stay there. This isn't fatal as you can still use teleportals, but 
    can be a nuisance if you don't know the combinations.
    (13, 33-4) jerrah, 2 zorlims, 4 tekhirs. This is not a necessary ambush. But 
    if you get into it, have some jump spells handy and shields cast beforehand. 
    The jerrah is obviously a priority.
    (13, 23): 'Hmm, I guess we'll just have to take the long way around.'
      This is a wandering final level. There's an ambush again in the corridor 
    you go west through the arch, tend south, and loop through the southwest. Past
    the room as you hit the east, you'll see a hireling who's willing to join your
    party, Sesmi. He's not particularly useful, though.
    (19-21, 15) 5 fermigons. Methreal. Great treasure here. It's the reason you 
    escape with 5 methreals instead of 6 at the start. Bring all mushrooms 
    nifts for this one.
    (33, 9) (33-4, 15) zorlim, skeleton, 3 fermigons. Bonecleaver. This is the 
    treasure you'll be looking for.
    (33-4, 4) teleportal room.
    Sesmi (35, 6)
    --Greetings!  I, Sesmi, burglar extraordinaire, offer my gratitude for my
    release from this foul place.
    --I would like to make my %qskills%q available to your party, that is, if you
    will have me.
    --SKILLS: I've got more than a bit of experience in coaxing chests open.
        * DUNGEON: SORA *
    * SORA LEVEL 1 *
      WHAT TO DO
      The first time through, before you get to the lower right, the three stairs
    make what to do first confusing. The rooms aren't worth bothering with.
      The bottom stairs lead to the lower right area. It has a useful
    combat/treasure room.
      The middle stairs lead to the lower main area. You need to go there to open 
    secret passage in the top.
      The top stairs lead to the top main area of level 2. Which is easy to walk
    through once the passage is open and impossible beforehand.
      You'll take a portal back up to the southeast from level 3. It's fairly easy
    to figure what to do here. Cast Soulspeak on the ghost to get him to talk. If
    you don't have one, you don't really need to--just crib the info below. If you
    want to play proper, be sure to drop off in the room to the right and beat up
    the monsters.  Vorhamme's room is on the right. An ambush is before it and if
    you try to sneak by, you'll get caught as you come out anyway. It's not too 
    and it's clearly worth it.
    (23, 25) to (17, 23) kicks you from the area you need to get to and back to 
    (12, 6) 'Mines of Sora'
    (41, 7) I wonder how we get to the other side of this wall?
    (43, 27) 2 blightasp, 2 blightorc. Not a tough ambush, but you have to face it
    after tackling Vorhamme.
    (13, 35) 3 venom rots, 1 scorpion, 2 blightorcs. 26 mirgets.
    (36-7, 5) 3 scarab, blightworm, blightbear. No treasure.
    (59-60, 5) 2 fevermold, 3 blightcats. 10 energy.
    (66, 7) 3 blightworms, 2 blightcats, blightorc. 100 coins.
    Off to the side:
    (60-1, 26) 3 blightcat, 1 necromant, 1 scarab. Greatsword.
    (42-3, 26) god room(Vorhamme.) Whisper Komdrom.
    (43, 30) Kinross
    --[cast Soulspeak]: The ghost wavers and shimmers, trying to coalesce into a
    more solid form.  Finally, it begins to speak.
    --'It has been many years since I have seen the flesh of my own kind.'Pressing
    indeed must be the times for one such as you to have unlocked the secret of
    Sora. Before the capitol city of Archos on Tasuria was obliterated and was
    renamed Nekros, the library was a source of much information.'
    --If you stand in front of the Nekros library, knock and ask for Gorion, the
    librarian.  He will admit you to that structure.'
    * SORA LEVEL 2 *
      WHAT TO DO
      There are three areas here, the main top, the lower main, and the lower 
      In the lower right chamber, you can go right, get the picks from the room, 
    climb back up.
      You need to complete the lower main part before taking on the main top. For
    this you need to split your party up. Go south from the stairs and east. 
    the sign is a red square. Leave a non-hireling on the red square. Have him 
    a day. You'll be back soon. Then go south, east, and north. Stick another
    companion(non hireling) in the upper square and have him stay for a day. 
    east, north, west. Drop another person in the dead end in the passage south.
    Then walk north, west, south, and east to the final square. You'll open up a
    passage in another part of level 2. Pick up everyone again although if they 
    in a special order you liked, you'll need to pick them up as you dropped them
    off, or shuffle them around. Go back up.
      In the upper main part, there is treasure although you can just go northeast
    and sneak into the top of the east wall, then south, east along the wall, 
    when you can, west, north, and west to the stairs to level 3.
      The treasure is pretty worthwhile--the four way room has some nice spells, 
    you'll find a chest in two triangular areas in the upper right. You'll need to
    organize your party to avoid an ambush--or suffer through it. It's not too
    tough, but enemies can wind up in annoyingly isolated places. You can let 
    friends stay as you sneak across, get the treasure, and get back. The 
    worth wasting a pick for.
    (12, 4) Mines of Sora.
    (27, 57) 'Four corners here you see, the corridors number four, complete the
    cycle if you can to slide the  hidden door. (think red)'
    (53, 7) blightmold, 2 scorpions, 2 scarabs, 2 rustmoss. This is in the upper
    right area. Go northwest a bit as you enter it. The most expedient way to do
    things is to trade a pick to your leader and have the three companions stay.
    Reform so your party goes along the top wall. Then go south once you're past 
    The chest is in a corner.
    (32, 57) (29, 57) (29, 54) (32, 54) %a stumbles, looks down and sees a 
    pressure plate! / %a says,'Let's see if we can find some more plates like 
    [If all four are covered:] A loud groan and a fresh draft emanate from the
      You'll need to split up your party to step on the pressure plates, but
    fortunately there's nothing like an ambush or anything. For the fourth plate 
    don't need to assign someone to stay. Just be careful about rejoining if you
    like your party in a certain order.
      Both treasures are a bit awkward to get to but nice when you're there.
    (59, 6) 3 sapphires
    (54, 13) 3 spines, 3 skulls, 3 wishbones, 3 wingbones, 3 legbones. An awkward
    ambush guards it.
      No rooms are necessary.
    (22, 29) (19, 32) (22-3, 37) (28, 32-3) 3 scorpions, 2 blightorcs, 2 
    8 timestops.
    (54-5, 60) blightasp, blightboar, 3 scarabs. 15 picks. If you need to get more
    picks, this isn't a bad place to do it. In the area below the lowest stairs on
    level 1.
    (17, 57-8) 2 rustmoss, 3 blightworms. 200 coins. Lower main area. Not worth 
    (42-3, 26) 2 blightapes, 2 blightwolves, necromant, scarab. No treasure.
    * SORA LEVEL 3 *
      WHAT TO DO
      North, east, south and west through the door. Exit west. West through the
    archway and west. Exit south. All the way south, east, north through the arch,
    east, south, east through the arch. South through the door. Exit east. South
    until you can go east. Do so. North, east through the archway, and north
    beginning on the spiral. Near the end you'll find an ambush. You can hop over 
    to an area with a portal in the upper left. Be sure to visit the room before 
    portal as there's a nice mgaic weapon in the room. The portal kicks you to the
    hidden area of level 1.
    (55-7, 17) (55, 18) 2 blightcats, 2 blightbears, 3 spiders. The monsters are
    hard to see here, so you may want to avoid this. With players 1-2 at (56-7, 
    you'll want to rearrange as follows, with 1 leading:
    563              .12
    ... => (5 leads) 563
    .12              ...
    (49 ,13) to (50, 26) level 1. This is where you get to visit the god.
    (51, 25) All this going around in circles is making me dizzy! If we don't pay
    attention, we'll wander into a teleportal without even knowing it!
    The first three are necessary. The rest are optional, though one is very
    (32, 16) (40, 15-16) 2 blightmold, 2 acidslime, 1 blightworm, 1 blightbear. 5
    (17, 13) (21, 16-7) (17, 19)  3 spiders, 2 scarabs, blightworm. 3 pearls.
    (37, 37) (40, 38-9) 3 blightmold, 2 blightorcs, spider. 8 betray spells.
    (51, 19) 1 blightorc, 4 fevermold, 4 blightcat. 4. Get this before you go
    (66-7, 38) 2 blightcat, blightape, rustmoss, scarab. 3 diamonds. If you are in 
    cash panic, stop off here. It's west after the first three rooms, down a 
    (49, 34) 6 blightorcs, necromant. No treasure.
    (62, 62) (59, 65) 2 rustmoss, 2 blightmold, 2 blightorc. 100 coins.
    * TARRAK LEVEL 1 *
      WHAT TO DO:
      You start out at the top of the map(this map is a cross) and really only 
    to find the teleportal to the center of the level. Go west and south. At the
    four way intersection you can go south(west corridor) to a spiral that leads 
    some nice treasure, or you can go east to a pair of archways. There are a lot 
    rooms in the south of this level, but no mind shattering treasure, so just go 
    the south archway and circle counterclockwise to hit a teleportal. The room in
    the center has four stairs down. Don't worry--it's not too bad to get back up.
      Go west the first time. The next time in the stair area, go east.
    (55, 6) 'Tarrak Mines - Enter at your own risk!'
    (50, 52) 'Which path to greater glory?'
    ?? The party huddles around %a in terror!
    (49, 63) to (51, 54) leads to the room with four stairs.
    Dwarf (48, 10) (57, 23) (55, 73) (44, 97) (46, 70) (64, 43)
    --Wondrous treasure awaits those who brave the horrors of the lower levels.
    --An ancient dwarven king supposedly rests beneath the mines.
    --Mine the mine the mine you mine.
    --Ask Bartek where to DIG for hidden treasure.
      The stairs work as follows:
      North -> Northwest L2
      West -> Southwest L2
      South -> Southeast L2
      East -> Northeast L2
      You'll want to visit the southwest and then the northeast. There are a few
    ways to get kicked back to level 1, and retracing your steps isn't too bad
    (29, 53) 2 jade, 2 ruby, 1 greataxe, 1 steel helm. This treasure is in the 
    spiral. You may wish to assign your companions to stay and have your leader 
    the shovel himself. It's much easier to navigate the spiral that way, and 
    are no ambushes.
    (38, 22-3)
      Monsters: 2 Venom Rot, blightworm blightorc, scorpion
      Treasure: 200 gold
    (45, 34)
      Monsters: 3 blightboar, blightape
      Treasure: 8 picks
    (59, 34)
      Monsters: 3 blightwolf + blightbear
      Treasure: 12 sermins
    (65, 59) (68, 61-2)
      Monsters: 5 blightbears
      Treasure: ashbow
    (67, 75)
      Monsters: 3 blightcats, blightwolf, blightorc.
      Treasure: 22 arrows
    (67, 95)
      Monsters: 2 rustmoss, 2 blightcat, 1 blightape
      Fountain: 12 fireball
    (52-3, 82)
      Monsters: 2 blightorc, 2 venom rot, 1 scorpion
      Fountain: 12 shield
    (47, 104)
      Monsters: scarab, 3 scorpions, blightorc
      Treasure: longsword
    (99, 42)
      Monsters: 4 fevermold, scorpion
      Treasure: None
    (52-3, 94)
      Monsters: 3 scorpions, boar, blightorc
      Treasure: 23 lokas
    (38, 94-5)
      Monsters: blightorc, 3 blightmold
      Treasure: none
    (58, 104)
      Monsters: 1 rustmoss, 3 blightmold
      Treasure: 24 mirgets
    (52-3, 82)
      Monsters: 2 blightorc, 2 venom rot, 1 scorpion
      Fountain: 12 shields
    (38, 75-6)
      Monsters: 3 blightorc + scarab
      Treasure: 15 mirgets
    * TARRAK LEVEL 2 *
      WHAT TO DO
      In the southwest, follow the spiral to get to level 3.
      In the northeast, dig in the fourth enclosure beyond Bartek, who gives you
    advice. Go into the third portal for some treasure--it will kick you to the
    southeast, and then you can reenter the northeast area after you leave the
    southeast, going back up the stairs.
      Touch one of the first two portals when you want to progress--this avoids an
    annoying ambush, then a room--with stairs in the northeast, down to level
    4(right side.) You can also practice 'flipping' when your top row is at x=29.
      The northwest and southeast have some interesting treasure and fights, but
    they can bog your journey down a bit. Even the treasure in the southeast area 
    via a teleport in the northeast.
    (44, 36) (49, 36) (64, 36) to (55, 25)--treasureless niches jump you over 
    (54, 36) to (53, 53) -- into enclosure with chest
    (57, 53) to (55, 47) -- and out.
    (57 6) to (50, 7) level 1--i.e. the mines' exit
    Dwarf (47, 48) (54, 9) (25, 32)
    --The legend of King Daglar tells that when he was buried, he took his 
    with him.
    --I believe that Sardal the Loon is entertaining himself on one of the lower
    --Hours of backbreaking labor are good for the complexion.
    --Ask Bartek where to DIG for buried treasure.
    --SARDAL: The mad dwarf is shunned by us of more sober mien.
    --DAGLAR: King Daglar Bazardslayer was the mightiest of the ancient Dwarf 
    Bartek (44, 31)
    --There are many dwarven %qTreasures%q hidden in Tarrak.
    --TREASURES: The third alcove leads to a fine trove.
    --DIG: Dig in the fourth alcove for the Platinum %qKey%q.
    --KEY: Without the key, you cannot enter the chamber of the ancient King, 
    (56-58, 28) 6 blight-orcs, 1 necromant.  Straightforward flipping can avoid
    this, but if you goof it up, the necromant is worth jumping at and using a
    luffin/mirget on. You'll also need a restsoul.
    (59, 36) platinum key
    (57, 55)
    (56, 6) 'Teleportal to the exit.'
      Lots of rooms here, only a few worth visiting. Remember, below, that
    necromants are undead so have restsouls ready.
    (65, 57)
      Monsters: 2 rustmoss, 2 blightcat, 2 spiders
      Treasure: none
    (67, 68)
      Monsters: venom rot slime 2 fevermold
      Treasure: 21 gonshi
    (17, 32-3) (11, 28)
      Monsters: 2 rustmoss 2 blightasp (hard t osee) 1 slime
      Treasure: steel plate
    (34-5, 27) (35, 23)
      Monsters: 3 scarab necromant 2 blightcats
      Fountain: 14 teleport
    (35-6, 5)
      Monsters: 3 blightorcs, 2 blightmolds, 1 rustmold
      Treasure: mindstone
    (35-6, 19) (35, 14)
    [this room has a one way exit north.]
      Monsters: 2 apes, 2 cat, blightwolf
      Treasure: none
    (56-7, 22) (57, 17)
      Monsters: 3 blightwork 2 blightwolf 1 blightboar
      Fountain: 16 jump spells
    (13-4, 23)
      Monsters: blightape, 2 necromants, 2 scarabs
      Treasure: 30 arrows
    (42-3, 5) [stop off here before descending--easy pay for the work]
      Monsters: scarab, blightworm, 2 spiders, 2 scorpions
      Treasure: 3 blue pearls
    (29-30, 5)
      Monsters: 2 blightcat 1 blightbear 2 spiders 1 venom rot
      Treasure: 200 gold
    (29-30, 19) (29, 14)
      Monsters: 2 blightworm, 4 blightmold
      Fountain: 14 restsoul
    (29-30, 27) (29, 23)
      Monsters: acidslime, venom rot, blightmold, scorpion
      Treasure: none
    (10-1, 12) (17, 8-9)
      Monsters: blightasp spider scarab 2 scorpions
      Treasure: 10?? acidball
    (59, 63)
      Monsters: 2 blightbear, blightboar, blightcat, blightape
      Treasure: 2 topazes
    * TARRAK LEVEL 3 *
      WHAT TO DO
      This is a pretty nasty maze, especially with the ambushes. But at least 
    are no rooms. I'll list the way to go at each intersection, from the stairs in
    the top right.
    south west (here there's an ambush--use the jump spell and maybe courage A 
    Also keep your #1 in the rear/east so he can turn around and smack the 
    west south (stop in east for a bit of treasure if you want) south west
    west(lower left corner) north east east east south west south east east north
    north west west south east north and watch for the ambush.
    (62, 65) 1 map flask, 2 sapphires, 2 emeralds
    (60, 62) 3 necromant 1 ghost. It's necessary to hack your way through this 
    and you'll need to cast a lot of magic to get through with it.
    (20-27, 48) 6 blightcat 3 blightorc. Use lots of jumps for this one. It's a
    roadblock unless you flip your party over it, which isn't too hard, but if you
    insist on Doing It Right, save just before and if you can detect the ambush, 
    restart until you do, these guys are easy. If you wish to be totally
    honest(gag), use shields and nifts as well as gonshi/luffin/mirget before the
    * TARRAK LEVEL 4 *
      WHAT TO DO
      From the right, be sure you have the platinum key or go back up to level 2 
    andget it(4th alcove from the left.) Once you do, you have a room fight, an 
    ambush before the end which you can jump over, with your right column at x=21, 
    and finally a nasty fight after which you get Khamalkhad, a very powerful axe 
    that doesn't get wear and tear. Then dig one square south of the sign to get 
    magic mirror, which is needed for Hiltmos. If you want to avoid the ambush, 
    finesse you want before going into the room with Khamalkhad is to form with 
    left column vacant, so that when you come out of the room, you won't really be
      From the left, you get to chat with Sardal the Loon, get kicked around a few
    teleportals, and meet up with Olkannis before hightailing it back to level 1.
    You should have your party's top row at y=11 before flipping them over the
    ambush and the bottom at y=9 while flipping back, after you see Olkannis.
    (34, 35) 'Onward brave adventurer'
    (35, 12) 'The Goddess awaits...'
    (7, 15) 'To the exit'
    (53, 19) 'Within lies the final resting place of the Great Dwarven King, 
    (54-55, 18)
    --[got platinum key]: The platinum key turns and the door opens!
    --[no platinum key]: This gate is securely locked. Probably needs a platinum
    (7, 16) to (50 ,6) level 1. This takes you back to the top.
    (34, 34) to (21, 9). [below Sardal the Loon, you get booted to an enclosed
    (22, 12) to (31, 9). [use this to skip a room combat]
    (34, 10 to (11, 13). [this gets you to the final area with Olkannis.
    Sardal (34, 33)
    Greetings! I am Sardal, otherwise known as Sardal the Magnificent!
    --ADVICE: Hoo hoo, ha ha, Would you like to know a %qSecret%q?
    --SECRET: Is it worth 200 coins to you?
    --YES: King Daglar's magic %qAxe%q and %qMirror%q are near his final resting
    --NO: Hmmph!  You won't get far without me!
    --AXE: Khamalkhad rests within the King's burial chamber. By the way, if you
    want to see the goddess, step around here behind me...
    --MIRROR: The Mirror of Honesty, a truly priceless treasure, is buried due 
    of the sign in front of King Daglar's chamber.
    I don't what you're talking about.
      Neither of these is terribly tough, but they're so close to something
    important that you probably want to make sure you kill them off.
    (54, 19-22) 2 blightcats, 2 blightorcs, blightape. Not a nasty combat, but 
    tough to avoid. Flip with the middle column open to avoid it, and before you
    enter the room to the north, form with the left column gone. Then when you're
    kicked out you'll be to the right of the ambush.
    (7-14, 10) 2 blightbears, 3 blightapes, blightwolf. A maginot line of a final
    protection. Not a terribly tough fight, and you can flip over it anyway 
    the middle row empty.
    (57-8, 32) (53, 28)
      Monsters: venom rot, 2 blightboars, 3 scorpions
      Treasure: none, but this is an important through room.
      Use luffins and mirgets.
    (54-5, 18)
      Monsters: 3 blightasps kothspawn 2 necromants
      Treasure: Khamalkhad(axe, give to dwarf or Garz.)
    (6, 27-8)
      Monsters: 4 cats, spider, rustmold
      Treasure: 150 gold
    (6, 33-4)
      Monsters: 2 blightmolds 2 blightwolves acidslime blightbear
      Treasure: 4 spines
    (25, 11) (31, 10-1)
      Monsters: 2 fevermold, rustmold, 2 blightworms
      Treasure: 13 mirgets
      Shoot the rustmold. The rest is easy.
     ***  Forest  ***
    ***** X=???  *****
    ***** Y=???  *****
     *** [start   ***
      | of game]   |
      |            |
      |            |
     /|\          /|\
      WHAT TO DO
      There is no dialogue with people standing around or treasure. However, there
    are ambushes lumped in three blocks. One guards each exit, and one is right 
    you as you start things out.
      Here's where you start the game off. You'll notice that there are a few
    ambushes to get by. In fact, there's no way to avoid them. Fortunately the
    blightmolds aren't very taxing, so you shouldn't have a problem plowing 
    The best way to sneak out is as follows:
    --Draw everyone's weapons first.
    --Up to the wall, east to the wall
    --Up and east at the intersection. There's an ambush. Garz will join your 
    Be sure to keep him.
    --East, north, west to the wall
    --Northeasterly to exit
    (You could also sneak around south if you keep to the wall, but you'll still 
    into monsters before the exit on the left.)
      You'll see the castle as you exit, and that's a good place to go to start
    things off.
      Note that Garz does say something to you as you get him to join:
      "%h, I am glad to meet you, and doubly glad to help you defeat these 
    of the blight. Your fame has spread far to the south, and I have come to ask
    your help.
      "First, permit me to introduce myself. I am Garzbondgur, Crown Prince of
    Kabelo. Our land has been sorely smitten by this accursed blight. Your bravery
    and ingenuity are well-known, and I have come to seek your aid.
      "My father all but forbade me to make this journey. He feels that the folk 
    the Solian Lands can deal with their own problems, and he has little trust in
    the northern folk - be they minions of Darkness or children of Light.
      "But I offer you a hand of friendship and a will to cooperate. Together, we
    can defeat this peril!"
      Also note the other way through isn't too bad. Go west and then go south, 
    switch over to the east wall. Form your party so it only has two rows. Then 
    you hit bottom, go west, then up at the next wall. West and then up into the
    next area--but be prepared for the ambush first!
      I believe you cannot sneak past the ambushes and exit without a gross cheat,
    becuase they are 2-deep, and you can only flip over a one-thick line. However,
    if you cheat and alter the D.MCV so the ambushes can be avoided, you'll wind 
    with Garz joining you in your first fight outside. But otherwise you have 
    to worry about as they're not too bad.
    (57-9, 36-7) 4 blightmold, 1 blightworm. This guards the upper right exit.
    (42-4, 60-2) 4 blightworm. This is avoidable but very easy.
    (14-20, 49-50) 2 blightboar, blightmold. This is a relatively easy fight, as 
    blightboars don't have many hit points. Just pick them off with your bow(and a
    gonshi before) and the blightmold can be surrounded.
     ***  Forest  ***
    ***** X=158  *****
    ***** Y=121  *****
     *** [Green   ***
      |  Island]   |
      |            |
      |            |
     /|\          /|\
      WHAT TO DO
      First--if you can't find the entry, it's because it's covered with blight.
    There will be a two-by-two block of forest outside that's distinguishable. 
    area is in the upper left square. Also, before you enter, have a few RESTSOUL
    spells memorized.
      This one may throw you off a bit at first. Upon entering you are thrown to
    what seems to be a place well inside the maze. There are some annoying dead 
    which are hard to backtrack from, and a couple of ambushes block your way out.
    At the end, across the water, is the resting place of the goddess Prillila. 
    ambushes are however a bit nasty and you'll want to be stocked up for them. 
    be sure to have several(10-20) WALKWATER spells memorized before starting in, 
    be prepared to camp outside and retrack a good deal. You may also have to 
    leaders several times through if you get stuck in a dead end, as the game 
    to force people following your current leader to squirt through after him/her.
      Path through: north, west, north, west, south down the narrow corridor, 
    north, east at the intersection, north, west throught the next narrow 
    and tend up. You probably won't make it past the ambush above so you may want 
    keep in the center just to have all spellcasters in your line of fire. Or you
    can flip over that line, go above, form with the bottom row gone, and push 
    Then go to the east and through that narrow walkway. There'll be an open area 
    the south and an ambush in the path ahead to the north. Get prepared, then get
    ambushed and win the fight. Go on to the east side of the lake with walkwater
    and enter.
      Prillila's temple is at the end of your journey, and she will give you a 
    bonus. If you don't have any spells, you'll have to rest up outside and do it
    again--the exit is north of the lake.
      Alternate path: north, east, south at the second passage, east, north to the
    wall, follow the path, east at the intersection. North to the wall. Follow the
    corridor and you'll see a thinly walled maze to the south eventually. South,
    west, south, west--there's an ambush in here so have 'jump' ready. North, 
    south, and east gets you out. Then follow the passage until you see an opening
    to the north. That's the ambush. Although you seem to be in a real bind and
    can't spread your party out, and cats may cast annoying spells, so can you. A
    few jump spells should do the trick.
    (6-11, 35) I wasn't able to get by by pressing against the right wall. You can
    of course flip and rearrange your party, with the middle row gone, but it's 
    terribly sporting.
      There's a line of squares here that trigger the ambush, but even though 
    spread out, it's still a tough fight. 2 Blightcats, tigret, blightbear, 
    I found that if I ate all mushrooms(including nifts) that the monsters
    wouldactually flee. But you don't want to mess around here. Jump your 
    around as necessary.
    (33-35, 29) This is the ambush you'll need to pass before you leave. Again, 
    can flip with the middle row out, but that's really slick. It's a doozy too. 2
    Jerrahs, blightwolf, darkwolf, 2 zombies. The jerrahs have to go first...it's
    VERY helpful if you have some courage spells mixed up, and jump is nearly
    essential. Next you can hack up the zombies. Don't worry about casting 
    just after killing them, as you can push them down again pretty easily even if
    you can't cast restsoul and they resurrect at round's end.
    (55, 14) This is the ambush in the tight-quarters maze. Blightwolf, 3
    blightcats, blightape. It's obnoxious enough you'll want to avoid it. The 
    ability to cast spells is very annoying.
    * WESGAR LEVEL 1 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Tas is here, one room has great treasure, and the enemies generally aren't 
    bad. You'll be facing a lot of Ogres and Ogre guards. These guys have lots of
    hit points and do 32 throw damage. I just use the jump spell to get my 
    at them and hack away, although if there are monsters with special powers, 
    are the first order of business. You also want luffins and mirgets if you are 
    just going to tackle Tas at first. That smash and grab to start makes other 
    things easier later.
      PS I confused Ogres(500 HP) and Ogre Guards(400 HP) as I wrote this up. The
    strategy is still the same though.
      For the walkthrough, east into the first dungeon room, exit east, north
    through the archway, south into the room, then take the west door up. Retrace 
    the first room, go south and through the archway, fight off the ambush and 
    the final room. Exit west and go through the archway to the stairs.
    (3, 3) 'Tower of Wesgar'
    (24, 16): Isn't this the tower where they kept the magic candle fungus, or
    candle rot or something like that?
    (22, 16): Actually, this tower is where they kept the magic candle mold and 
    a mold that you pour wax into, not a mold like a fungus.
    (5,4) (5,5) (4,5): The party falls through a long chute and finds themselves 
    the base of the tower! [sent back to NW corner) ?? (from a chute above)
    (5, 1) room 0, teleportal room
    (14, 11) (19-20, 14) (26,9) room 1: Ogre, 2 slime, 3 spiders. 20 sermins. This 
    is the
    first room you'll hit, and it is not too bad. Nothing can damage you except 
    ogre if you have the armor you should.
    (25, 10-1) Tas. Whisper PINTALDI for +2 strength +1 agility +1 resistance +9
    (37, 13) (37-8, 19) room 2: 2 acidslime, 1 spider, 1 ogre. 8 shatter. This 
    isn't worth it on its own, but it's what's behind it that's worth it. The 
    fighters can concentrate on the ogre while the others take out the 
    (18, 28-9) (12, 24) (7, 28) blightasp, 2 scarabs, ogre. Methreal. Nice 
    here. You can probably have three people(not even fighters) use luffin/mirgets
    to take out the non-ogre and gang up on him with the rest to make this a one-
    rounder. The stairs are behind this.
    (34, 29-31) ogre, 2 slimes, fermigon, 2 rustmoss. An ambush you can pivot 
    * WESGAR LEVEL 2 *
      WHAT TO DO:
      This is another level where you don't have a lot to take care of. You can 
    go north at the first, exit the room north, prepare for the ambush or jumping
    around it, and go to level 3.
      If you want, you can leave the first room to the east and hunt around level 
    You get some marginal rewards there.
    (13, 9-10) 3 fermigons, 2 ogres, blightorc. This is a very tough ambush to 
    by but it's possible. Organize as follows:
    321 with 2 hirelings in the left column.
      Have your middle column stay put. Reform with 1 leading:
    4 3
    1 6. Let 6 be the leader.
    Now start reinviting, but make sure that you're two squares away from X=13. 
    possible, although you may have to reshuffle a bit.
    (14, 29) Sometimes, these old towers have stairways that lead to levels of
    little practical use, but of great monetary reward.
    (24, 11) (31, 11-12) room 1: 4 skeletons, 100 coins. A jump spell should work.
    Rest in room 2 if you're low on Restsoul spells.
    (34-5, 19) (31, 16) (34, 14) room 2: 2 fevermolds, 3 bargs, ogre. No treasure.
    But necessary to get to the real treasure.
    (14-5, 23) (18, 18-9) (14, 16) room 3: ogre, spider, tekhir, 3 slime. 14 
    spells. Necessary to get to level 3. Again, you'll want to start with the 
    since nothing else can harm you.
    (27, 22) room 4: 2 rustmoss 2 slime. 3 skulls. If you must fight here, try to
    use arrows here to get rid of the rustmoss. They won't corrode.
    * WESGAR LEVEL 3 *
      WHAT TO DO:
      Straightforward dungeon crawling here. Enter the first room, exit south, go
    southeast and enter that room. There's a really nasty ambush beyond the 
    although I was able to slip out of it by zapping the middle row in my 
    The next room has some serious ogres. Use nifts and maybe even double-mirgets,
    whip the ogres, and exit north to level 5.
    (29-30, 20) Kothspawn, 2 acidslime, guard-ogre, blight-ape. This is very
    annoying and you would do well to 1) avoid it by zapping your middle row in 
    formation before entering the archway or 2) keep reloading until the ambush is
    detected--or you are able to hit the Kothspawn pretty soon after the start of
    battle. Have shields up and use gonshi, nift, luffin, and mirget. Then whale
    away--have someone with a bow take out the fake kothspawn.
    (10, 16) (9-10, 23) room 1: 2 ogres 2 fermigons 2 blight-orcs. 15 picks. A 
    endurance test but probably worth it.
    (18, 19) (22, 16) (26, 19-20) room 2: 4 skeletons, blightcat, guard ogre. 18
    nifts. Take out the skeletons, which do more damage, first, and the blight-
    which casts spells, next. Jump so one fighter can swat a few of them. Then 
    up on the ogre.
    (18, 32) (28, 32-3) room 3: guard ogre, fermigon, 3 zorlims. 10 acidball. Jump
    two or three fighters if you need to. This is a good luffin/mirget fight.
    * WESGAR LEVEL 4 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Wesgar level 4 has two parts. If you climb up to Wesgar 4, you'll be stuck 
    the outside, and you won't get much done.
      However, taking the chute from the top will lead you to the inside, where
    there's nice treasure in the top room and the Candle Mold in the bottom. You 
    then teleport out.
    (16, 15) 'Your egress lies behind me.'
    (20, 31) 'Around and around and around...'
    (23, 31) 'and around and around they went.'
    (15, 15) to (4, 3) level 1. ?? This kicks you to the exit of Wesgar.
    (19, 32-3) to (23, 31) continues your circle if you looped counterclockwise.
    (18, 31-3) (27, 31-2) ??, ?? %a says: 'I get the feeling that we're really not
    getting anywhere!'
    (14, 10-1) (10-1, 14) 2 venom rot, 2 ogres, 2 asps. Mindstone.
    (11, 29) (14, 31-2) 2 fermigons, ogre, rustmoss, slime. No treasure.
    (28, 11) (31-2, 14) 2 barg, 2 spider, ogre, necromant. 125 coins.
    (28, 32) (32, 29) 2 aciden, 2 fermigons, slime, ogremance. 12 heal.
    (18, 18) kothspawn, 5 necromants, ogremance. 2 diamonds. This is nice treasure
    but a tough fight.
    (17, 24) 3 ogremance, 3 necromant, 1 kothspawn. This is an even tougher fight
    and I recommend timestop here. You'll want your fighters to use mushrooms but
    have your weakest one, i.e. Tuff, stake out the kothspawn.
    * WESGAR LEVEL 5 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Another straightforward level. Go through the arch, west through the first
    door, exit north, follow the path(north/west) flipping over the ambush at
    Y=14(put your leader at Y=15) and go through the arch to the south. Enter the
    room to the south and exit south. Take the stairs.
    (21-23, 14) ogremance, 5 blightworm. You can flipflop over this encounter, 
    after you exit the first room.
    (19, 20) (27, 20-1) (23, 18) (22-3, 24) guard-ogre, 2 fermigons, 2 scarabs
    (19, 30) (27, 29-30) ogre, 3 bargs, spider, necromant. Greatsword. Not worth
    going to the side.
    (11, 22) (12-3, 28) blightasp, blightorc, ogremance, ogrelord. 8 terrify 
    * WESGAR LEVEL 6 *
      WHAT TO DO
      This level contains a few combat rooms, but it is straightforward as well,
    providing you know which room to go through. Go east and enter the room to the
    north. Exit left, as Daltonnier told you before you entered the room. Then go
    north through the room and into the next set of stairs, to level 7. But before
    you take the stairs, be prepared for the ambush that will get you either way.
      You can exit the first room to the right and climb up to level seven to a
    treasure room, but it's a real distraction.
    (20-1, 27) (17, 23) (21, 21) (25, 23-4) ogremance, 5 necromant, kothspawn. 175
    coins. Well, you need to get through it.
    (13-4, 18) (14, 13) 2 fermigons, 2 slime, rustmoss. 15 luffins. Again shoot 
    rustmoss down.
    (21, 13) (20-1, 18) 6 skeletons. 11 zapall. Not necessary or convenient.
    (28, 13) (28-9, 18) kothspawn, 2 aciden, guardogre, blightape. 3 sapphires. 
    treasure but why fight more kothspawn than you need to?
    (18, 28) Daltonnier
    --You are very close to your goal, but hear my %qwords%q and take heed.
    --WORDS: He who is straight is sure to crash.  He who is sinister shall in the
    end prevail.  He who is correct shall be rewarded.
      This clue tells you which way to exit the next room. Sinister=left=west.
    (20-1, 10) (28-9, 10) 'As you climb the stairs, they suddenly give way beneath
    you and you feel yourself falling...'
    * WESGAR LEVEL 7 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Go south and then east through the door. Exit that room to the north. Enter
    the room in the east at the end of the hall and exit north. The stairs are
    (12-14, 11) 2 venom rot, 2 blight asp, 1 guard ogre. These shouldn't be hard 
    pick off. Use jump on a trapped guard ogre and shoot him with an arrow.
    (29, 28) 5 necromants, 1 ogremance, 1 kothspawn. 9 blue pearls. Almost worth
    coming back for, but you should have enough loot.
    (15, 29) (18, 27) (22, 29-30) 3 scorpions, fevermold, 2 bargs. 5 wingbones. 
    first room you face.
    (21, 21) (24, 19) 6 skeletons, 11 zapall. A bit tiresome to pick off, but easy
    enough. The second room to plow through.
    * WESGAR LEVEL 8 *
      WHAT TO DO
      This is a pretty straightforward level. You need to go west, then south to a
    room, exit east, and then you want to be sure to prepare for the ambush. It's
    avoidable, but if you want to bull through it, put up your shields and use 
    as guard-ogres can hit you for some damage. A room with Bloodthirst, the 
    comes after, and then you have two treasure rooms on the side of the arch you
    need to go through. That sends you down to level 4.
    (21, 19-20)
    (20-2, 28) behind the arch to (20, 11) on level 4
    Chute at 20 28. 5 2 20 11.
    Chute at 21 28. 5 2 20 11.
    Chute at 22 28. 5 2 20 11.
    (20, 20): We've really gone a long way up, we must be almost at the top of 
    cursed tower.
    (13, 17) (16, 19-20) 2 ogre, 3 blightasp, 1 scarab. 14 gonshis.
    (26, 19) (28-9, 22) ogremance, 4 fevermold, slime. Bloodthirst.
    (14, 26) 6 spiders, ogre. 3 wishbones.
    (28, 26) 5 fermigons, 2 acidslime. diamond.
    (19, 25) Your reward awaits you.
      WHAT TO DO
      Ambushes guard the door to the next part. North, east, southeast past the
    lake. Further south, and when the corridor narrows to three-wide, get ready 
    the ambush--or for jumping over it. You just need to have the middle row 
    and flip flop over it. The door to the second caverns is in the southeast
      There really is no way back if you go through it. It's locked on the other
    side. Be sure to have a saved game backing things up!
    (60-7, 57) (55, 60-9) aciden, 2 spider, deltaph, 3 pashafa. The ambush is 
    to avoid from the left but you'll need to line up your vanguard at Y=56 or 
    Then flip. Not that the fight is too taxing.
    (6, 35) Let's turn back before it's too late!
    (16, 11) I think we're going in the wrong direction.
    (65, 66) Here is a door we've not seen before.
      Only one room in the entire caverns is worth bothering with.
    (55-6, 6) 3 urdag, 4 deltaph. 14 medicin.
    (13, 65-6) 6 scorpion, aciden, pashafa, blightworm. 11 picks.
    (6-7, 23) Whisper WUCKAWOO to wake Entas. He'll respond as follows if you 
    have the mold, wax, wick and flint.
    Entas says: Foolish mortals! Your ambitions exceed your means! Return to me 
    you are ready to brave the perils of these caverns and the task that awaits 
    atop the tower of Rinora!
    Entas says: You face great peril in these caverns and in the tower beyond. The
    creatures of the caverns live in the dark: they need not see you to slay you. 
    The caverns themselves are perilous. You will not be able to return through 
    the way you came. Tunnels will collapse at your passage; bridges will crumble 
    your crossing. / Finally, you will face the lords of the blight who have 
    the tower of Rinora for their own. I know not whence they came, nor have I any
    power over them. Your fellow mortal Alvirex has cleared a path that should 
    remained forever blocked, and you must face the results.
      None of the other rooms are really necessary. But for posterity...
      WHAT TO DO
      Here you can bite the bullet and try to save a bit of time going through the
    thin crack or you can circle to the east partition of this level.
    (31-33, 18) 4 necromant + 3 deltaph. You really need to be careful here if you
    want to shimmy by. Here are the steps.
    Before you get into the mess by the right side of the lake, form as
    21. Move 1 down to y=17 and have 4 and 3 stay. Be sure you position 1 and have
    him lead so you can rearrange:
    6 5
      Then have 5 lead and flip 1 over. Have 6 move SE and have 1 lead and greet 3
    or 4 and invite them. Pay careful attention to the Y-coordinate(18 triggers 
    ambush) and if you have to have 6 lead, move down a square, let 1 lead and
    talk(letting 1 lead from behind may cause the companion to go off screen) then
    be sure to take the extra steps you need. Otherwise get your shields and 
    up. The battles are in such close quarters that the esoteric act of flipping
    your party is easier than the combat.
    (36-39, 55) 2 tathor, 2 blightwolves, 3 bargs. With no magic users this is not
    really a tough fight at all, but it doesn't really guard anything. So while 
    can jump over it(having one party member stay,) don't waste the effort.
    (96-100, 49) (92, 42-44) 2 ghosts, 2 fevermold, blightmold. Avoid by making 
    Y>49 or X<92 for the leading characters in your party. Save several squares
    before the ambush as the game is vindictive about rearranging your party. Flip
    vertically or horizontally depending on how you came. You may have to make a
    teammate or two stay, but it's much easier than the bottleneck at the level's
    start. You should have this technique down by now. But the ambush is very
    winnable in any case.
    (31, 10) Surely there must be a safer path than this.
    (40, 64) I recommend traveling to the east.
    (16-7, 52) 4 blightwolves, 3 cats, 2 deltaphs. 20 food. Another 1 round fight,
    useful if someone's starving, maybe.
    rm-|                   |
    00 |                   |
       +---------------+   |
                       |   A
                       |   |
       +--!------------+   |
       |                   |
       |                   |
       +--------------L2   +-+       rm-01   rm-02
                             |         |       |
    rm-....................                        |
    03 ....................------------------------+
                                    to part 4
      WHAT TO DO
      This is more one-way than the previous dungeons. And some of the doors you 
    to walk through even work. It still has its pitfalls, though. You start in the
    northwest area. West, north, east, north, west, north, east. Arrange your 
    with the middle row out and leap over Y=17. You don't even need to rearrange
    your party. Then walk south and you will have to swing east a bit by some 
    you can't walk over. Eventually you can go south, west a bunch, south at 
    X=10, and east all the way back. You want to be south of the lakes when you 
    (32-6, 17) slime, 5 blightbears. Straight flipping, vertically, works here. So
    why bother fighting through?
    (8, 29) It's getting colder and colder with every step we take.
    (83, 69) Aha! Maybe this will get us out of this nasty place. [haha. You're 
    halfway there.]
    None of these rooms are necessary. But they're a change of pace from doors 
    won't open.
    (4, 10-1) 4 aciden, 2 blightape, urdag. 21 nifts.
    (59-60, 39) tathor, 4 urdag, pashafa, 3 deltaph. 31 arrows.
    (88-9, 39) aciden, 2 tathor, 3 pashafa, deltaph, 19 turpins.
    (4, 64-5) 3 necromants, 3 pashafa, blightasp, tathor. 9 wingbones.
      WHAT TO DO
    (56-9, 19)  2 aciden, pashafa, blightbear, 3 skeletons. You can flip this 
    if you have one player stay for a bit.
    (29-30, 56) It's possible to flip this ambush with two players staying, but 
    can just walk around instead. I encourage that.
    (30, 56) Look what happened to that guy.
    (12, 40) This doesn't look like the right way to me.
    (40, 24) We'll never find our way out of here.
    (45, 8) Or maybe not. [on entry--after 'aha! Maybe we'll get out...']
    Neither worth worrying about.
    (68, 6) 44 ghouls, 2 blightboars, 3 pashafa. 15 zofir.
    (9-10, 38) 3 urdag, 2 zombies, 3 aciden, slime. 2 rubies.
      WHAT TO DO
      Go west all the way. Then go up. Turn east when you can and work your way 
    way. You need to avoid the ambush at Y=83. Then go east and north. There'll be 
    bridge across a lake. Cross it and beat the ambush. The doors out are north.
    (51-6, 83) 4 necromant, 1 tathor, 3 pashafa. But you can flip over this. You 
    have to have a member stay as you can only form
    (53, 29) 3 necromants, 2 blightcats. No way to avoid this one. Have shields 
    (68, 81) It seems we are getting closer to our destination.
    (57, 31) Careful, the bridge seems to be crumbling under our feet.
    (41, 31) We're hoplessly lost.
    (47, 22) The party rushes to %a's side as the bridge collapses!
    (40-1, 64) 4 aciden, 2 spiders, pashafa, deltaph. 30 arrows.
    (62-3, 5) 5 blightapes, tathor, 2 scarabs, pashafa.
                       |               |
    +------------------+----A's-+--- --+
    |                           |
    +--------------    +----------------
    01                             |
                                from 5
      WHAT TO DO
      Go west and turn up. Then go east and turn north when you can. Flip your 
    by the ambush--2 people will have to stay as a security precaution as the 
    side doesn't have much space. Back off and put 1 on the right in your 
    run back and hire them.
      Go left and up. Again you'll have to deform your party. In this case you'll
    need to put 1 on the left and have the position on the game being...
      Be sure to save the game a few squares away. Drop two companions. Now you 
    5AX                15
    6A1 => (6 leading) 4 6
      Now have 1 lead and reform so that 1 is on the right, put 1 two squares east
    of the ambush(X=33) and hire people over. Keep reshuffling so 1 is always on 
    right. You can even dump companions way off to the left to make sure you've 
    enough space. After this it's a straight shot left.
    (35, 6-8) necromant, 3 tathor, kothspawn. You really don't want to get stuck 
    this one, but if you do, cast timestop so you can figure which kothspawn are
    (69, 16-19) ??--there should be an ambush here but it doesn't pop up all the
    (11, 7) At last!  The doorway to Rinora.
    (92, 35) We're going to end up just like him.
    (99, 16) Great, a dead end.
    * RINORA LEVEL 1 *
      WHAT TO DO
      If you try to leave via the north doors, you see 'The doors are heaped thick
    with the blight and are completely unopenable.' Level 1 isn't too difficult. 
    doors in the south aren't worth worrying about so go east through two arches 
    against the wall. Go all the way south--there'll be a small curve SW then SE.
    Then go west. Eventually you'll reach a 1-wide passage with an ambush in the
    middle. It's unavoidable with 2 hirelinds but also very easy: 2 blightwolves, 
    blightbears. Win it and go west and north to level 2.
    (19, 38) 2 blightwolves, 3 blightbears
    (21, 4) I feel the blight-chill in the air!
    (12, 7) Why is it so quiet in here?
    (19, 4) Rinora - the Tower of no Return
    Neither leads anywhere, really.
    (6, 18) (5-6, 23) blightworm, 2 blightboar, 2 blightwolves. 5 blue pearls.
    (17, 18) (17-8, 23) 6 blightmold. 18 mirgets.
    * RINORA LEVEL 2 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Form with one row missing. Move east, south, west, south, and then east.
    There's an ambush to the south so perform a flip to the south. Then continue
    south and a bit southwest. Go south, east, then all the way north to level 3.
    (22-5, 23) kothspawn, necromant, 2 acidslime, 4 blightmen. The blightmen are
    undead. Avoid this by doing a trivial flip.
    (6, 32): Well, nothing here it seems!
    The first is a dead end, the second gets you off course a bit.
    (19, 9) (19-20, 15) 3 blightbears, 2 blightcats. 11 sermins.
    (7, 18) (7-8, 24) 2 blightorcs, 1 blightape, 2 blightcats. 8 zengrl.
    * RINORA LEVEL 3 *
      WHAT TO DO
      This is actually pretty simple. Therer are three stairs here up. The middle
    stairs are the way to go, so go a couple squares west, then south, and at the
    second building to the right, go east and take the stairs up.
      Left lower stairs: leads to a spectacularly drawn out dead end.
      Middle stairs: leads to the place you need to get to eventually.
      Right lower stairs: leads to a small area with an unrewarding room.
    (23, 5) There is definitely a bad smell in the air! And I think it grows
    stronger as we climb higher.
    (20, 17) I sense presence all around us, we must be prepared!
    (31, 18) We must be getting close!
    None of these rooms are necessary. You just need to find stairs that work 
    (30-1, 9) 2 spiders, 5 blightmold. No treasure.
    (12-3, 13) 2 spiders, 2 scorpions, scarab, 2 blightasps. 198 coins.
    (25-6, 18) 2 scorpions, 2 spiders, blightworm, fevermold. 9 cure.
    (15-6, 22) blightape, blightbear, 5 wolves. 15 picks.
    (35-6, 23) 5 blightcats, rustmoss, spider. Methreal. Too bad you don't need 
    (11-2, 30) 2 fevermold, 1 venom rot, 2 scorpions, acid slime. 6 summon.
    (22-3, 35) SHOULD BE 3 blightboar, blightmold. 14 gonshi. But in fact there's 
    bug that makes this seem the same as above.
    * RINORA LEVEL 4 *
      WHAT TO DO
      If you didn't come in at the upper left, the best thing to do is to turn
    around and take another stair up. From the upper left, if you don't have any
    restsoul, then go east, south, east and enter the room. Rest up to get some 
    return to the starting point.
      Go all the way south and then east. Go up the 1-wide corridor but beware of
    the ambush. Be sure to have nifts for it as the monsters cause diseases if 
    hit you effectively. Use lots of jump spells.
    (37, 5) 'Dead end'
    (30, 28) venom rot, 4 blightmen, 2 fevermold. Just use nifts. And gonshis. And
    jump spell An annoying and unavoidable combat, but not too taxing.
    (37, 29): Please don't push! I am going as fast as I can!
    (27, 6): Shh! Let's keep it real quiet now!
    (30, 11) 2 rustmoss, 3 scorpions, 2 slime. 7 destroy spells.
    (13-4, 5) 3 blightboar, 2 blightmold, blightbear. 12 turpins.
    * RINORA LEVEL 5 *
      WHAT TO DO
      This is just your average silly little maze. The side room isn't worth it. 
    only thing you need to pay attention to is--who will be your leader? You may
    have to flip-flop this a few times.
      Here are the directions to go. I put in a new one at each intersection.
    Southeast, south, west all the way, south down the side, east, east(message
    here), north, north, east, north, west, north, east, east, north to the 
    (31-3, 35) 3 blightapes, 3 blightcats, 1 blightwolf. 15 nifts.
    (22, 36): Whoever built this place must really dislike open spaces. I hope we
    get to an exit soon.
    * RINORA LEVEL 6 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Here's where to use those gems. THere's not a whole lot to do here. You need 
    topaz, ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald.
    (17, 23) 'Only those who can solve the mystery of the pools are invited to the
    levels above where the mighty Blightlords dwell.'
    (10, 9) 'Pool of Greed'
    (25, 8) 'Pool of Revenge'
    (32, 11) 'Pool of Regret'
    (29, 31) 'Pool of Betrayal'
    (14, 33) 'Pool of Contempt'
    (23, 23) Ahh! This is nice. Look at all this open space! I wonder what the
    purpose of this place may be?
    (23, 8) Careful everybody! I don't think we want to drink from any of these
    (30, 8) %a says, 'This is stupid.  What difference does it make if we put five
    gems in five pools instead of one gem in one pool? The extra gems just mean a
    little more footwork, it doesn't make it much harder to get to the next 
      Pool map:
       GREED       REVENGE
        CONTEMPT          BETRAYAL
       (SAPPHIRE)          (RUBY)
    * RINORA LEVEL 7 *
    (18-23, 31) 2 blightmen, blightape, 4 blightwolves. Flip vertically to avoid
    (33, 7) 10 food, 10 potions, 20 arrows, 1 emerald.
    (8, 9) methreal, 12 mirgets, 12 gonshis, 12 luffins.
    (16, 8) (25, 7-8) (20-1, 12) 2 blightwolves, 4 blightapes, 1 blightboar, 1
    blightlord. 10 double spells. The real treasure is just behind.
    * RINORA LEVEL 8 *
      WHAT TO DO
      You can sneak past the ambush in the upper right with a minimum of care.
    Problem is there's nowhere to go once you do!
      From the center/cross area stairs, go south and win the room fight. Make 
    you have at least five restsoul spells for the next bit. Exit south, go west 
    up. The stair to level 9 is there.
    (26, 13)
    (21, 25) (21-2, 32) blightman, 4 blight-orcs, 2 blight-asps. 14 mirgets.
    * RINORA LEVEL 9 *
      WHAT TO DO
      The ambush is part of a bottleneck. You'll have to put up with it. Worse yet
    you'll have to do so with four party members. Reserve the one with ladaya and
    two fighters as well as a spellcaster. Let the other two sit and wait. Align
    your current party so the spellcaster and archer are in the middle. Then run
    south, clean out the ambush, reconnoiter with the two you left behind. Go 
    and east at the first chance. The next path north is narrow, but take it. When
    the path splits go northeast a couple squares and then north. The path hooks
    back east. Follow it, and then go north to the stairs to level 10.
    (11, 21) 5 blightcats, 5 blightmen.
    * RINORA LEVEL 10 *
      WHAT TO DO
      Go west into the first room. Exit west and go north. Exit north and go east.
    Exit east and go north. Exit east and go north into the final challenge. Now
    follow the Solnicon's advice.
    (24, 5) 'Herein lies the final challenge - only the strong survive.'
    (9, 10) 'Teleportal Chamber.' [note: leaving from here kills your chances to
    win. You can't come back because of all the blight.]
      The ones blocking your way are first. Note there's no treasure except in one
    room, so no need to feel remotely distracted.
    (14, 19) (19, 19-20) 2 blightasps, 4 blightapes, 2 blightlords. You know the
    drill--take out the blightlords. Rest here to learn a few restsouls as the 
    room has undeads blocking you. Also memorize a Zutyun for the next bit and a 
    timestops to make sure you win without much ado. A few zapalls should complete
    the deal.
    (10, 13) (10-1, 17) 5 necromants, 3 blightbears, 1 blightlord, 1 acidslime. 30
    heal spells, which don't do a lot of good. Timestop will ensure you wipe out 
    necromants although you can string things out by killing the necromants and
    knocking them down again for restsoul. But there's the blightlord to worry 
    (14, 11) (21, 10-1) 1 blightlord, 1 kothspawn, 10 necromants. Use timestop and
    zutyun to start things off. Pick off the kothspawn duplicates with your archer
    and leave the necromants to your spellcaster. Zapall also may nail necromants
    skulking. Two of them from Evixa should soften the necromants up for a one-
    deal from your fighters. And after they're at one hit point, a zapall from a
    weaker caster knocks them back down to get them ready for restsoul again.
    (24-5, 9) (30, 5-6) 4 blightlords. Use timestop to clear this out.
    (33-4, 4) 1 kothspawn, 1 necromant, 5 blightlords. Use timestop, again, to get
    things going right. Also use a sharpen spell where applicable. This is the 
    (10-1, 9) Teleportal room
    (9, 31) blightlord, blightman, 4 rustmoss, 4 slime.
    (6, 28) 1 blightlord, 3 blightmen, 4 blight-orcs. You can only enter this room
    in the top part of the door incidentally.
    (13, 29) (19, 28-9) 6 blightcat, 2 blightlords. 1 cat seems to appear behind 
    (32, 28-9) (26, 29) blightorc, 4 blightmen, blightlord, 4 blight-asps.
    (35, 21) (35-6, 27) 4 blight-asps, 2 blight-worms, 1 blight-worm, 1 blightwolf
    (22, 22) (22-3, 27) blightworm, 4 blightmen, 3 blightbears.
    (9-10, 27) (10, 21) 4 blightmold, 4 blightboar, 1 blightape, 1 blightman.
    (26, 19) (32, 18-9) 4 scarabs, 1 blightlord, 4 fevermold, 1 blightorc.
    (28, 11) 4 fevermold, 2 blightasp, 1 blightlord, 1 kothspawn.
    For this walkthrough you will need to refer to the unfriendly/friendly 
    locations for the details of how to get around. However, you can try to figure 
    them out without looking. I want this section to be a sort of index, an 
    overview of what you need to do, with details where I feel they are necessary 
    to get through the game smoothly. After all, I'm not sure how much you want 
    spoiled, but I'd like to offer you as much spoilage as possible, as non-
    intrusively as possible.
    As I think picking the right characters is critical to getting through 
    quickly, and I think you also want to be able to get through as quickly as 
    possible, I've taken the down and dirty route. If you want to play honestly, 
    more power to you.
    But I think the basic tenets of getting through for any game in this series 
    hold--improve to get the best weapons and armor early. Find treasures. Know 
    what dungeons to loot where. Loot lousy player-characters. Get your party 
    together, visit a few gods, and BAM! You can roll through. Your party will be 
    weak at first, but you can run from pretty much anything outside, so don't 
    worry about that. And you don't have to go into the dungeons.
    1. get Bollo, Anne and Kark as your starting party. Give Kark 30 metalsmith
    points. The plan is to put Kark to work. You could give 30 to another PC but 
    between that and dumping these lame intro characters later anyway, Kark's the 
    only one really worth it. Give Bollo and Anne whatever stats you want. I only 
    chose them because they are the best to loot.
    [you bollo anne kark]
    2. Exit northeast-ish from the forest--2 fights instead of 1. You'll get Garz 
    on your first fight. You'll have nifts and such, and it will only be a few 
    blightmolds and blightworms.
    [you bollo anne kark garz]
    3. A bit northeast, enter castle Oshcrun. Strip Anne and Bollo of their items 
    and remove them from the party. Camp to remove their armor. Then push 0 on 
    them then T-enter-enter-(#). Anne and Bollo will be waiting in the castle, but 
    you won't need them again.
    [you kark garz]
    4. Pick up Fiz in the east, loot him, and drop him--it's only a loan anyway, 
    or a contribution to your fight! You'll just pay him back after you've won, or 
    something. Pick up Marsa and Sakar, whom you'll want to keep for a bit. They 
    are in the west of Castle Oshcrn. Sakar is on the north wall. Both can work 
    [you kark garz sakar marsa]
    5. Go to Telermain. Pick up Ralle at the Eastern Breeze. He is there from 
    10:00 to 23:00. So it is possible to get him the first day, but maybe you can 
    do step 6 while you wait.
    [you kark garz sakar ralle marsa]
    6. Put Kark to work at the metalsmith. Have him talk to the metalsmith then 
    have your leader assign him. Leave Sakar at the gemcutter and Ralle at the 
    carpenter's. Drop the first two off if Ralle isn't around right away. And take 
    their stuff before you leave them if you didn't already in Oshcrun!
    Metalsmith 81,61 Taverm 110,72 Carpenter 70,61 Gemcutter 72,31
    Weapons 48,38 Armor 108,43
    [you marsa garz] [sakar ralle kark]
    7. Sell whatever of Garz's stuff you can before leaving Oshcrun. Exit and have 
    Garz, as leader, pay Turgut for the boat--loot all Garz's gold for this, since 
    he won't leave it. Keeping Garz may use a little extra food and sermins, but 
    it's probably worth it. Still, if you dismiss him, he reappears in the palace 
    in Urkabel.
    [you marsa garz] [sakar ralle kark]
    8. North/northwest to Ketrop. Stop by the Oshcrun stronghold so party members 
    can go there. In Ketrop, farm Marsa out to the tailor after ripping her stuff 
    off. Get Tuff to join. He is at 21,27 and you will need to knock. The tailor 
    is at 67, 8. You have seven party members doing something for you and only six 
    slots, but that won't be a problem later--just take a party member and dismiss 
    him after taking the gold he worked for. Unfortunately, you can't get Balu to 
    develop Tuff's trading any higher, but that would be worth it.
    [you tuff garz] [sakar ralle kark marsa]
    9. Go back south. Have Tuff sell all your stuff in Telermain. Just trade to 
    him and head to the weapon store, the gem place at 100,45, and the armory. 
    Tuff has the best trading skill by far, and he will be very useful in your 
    preparations. Don't buy anything yet, though, as you need all the money you 
    have to buy Methreal. You can, however, sell armor, as you won't need it when 
    you go to buy initial goods.
    Leave one blue pearl for later.??
    [you tuff garz] [sakar ralle kark marsa]
    10. Take Turgut's boat around to the various towns to pick up gold. Here's 
    where the cheating kicks in a bit, where you can save the game, walk into the 
    casino, and just restore if you don't win. You can make $1000 from the casinos 
    if you want(Elport NE, Eisheim SW, Herrington NE, and Borhelm SW--in that 
    order is best.) Note you are ultimately making 130 gold/day and paying Turgut 
    25/day even if you do not cheat, so this works well. You should be able to win 
    all fights.
    A rough map is below:
             Herrington   Urkabel
    Borhelm               Serivu
                 Big southern island:
            Voliplan     W Tasur
    11. Go south and a bit west to Urkabel. Whether you have Garz, talk to the orc 
    king to receive a quest--I'm not entirely sure if you can go through the quest 
    without talking to him, but it is not a huge detour. You can get the Solihub 
    Charter quest done while waiting for your pals to make money for you.
    [you tuff garz] [sakar ralle kark marsa]
    12. Garz's father is in the palace NW of the temple, which is N of the main 
    Urkabel gates. Enter, talk to the father, and leave.
    13. Go to Serivu--ESW of Urkabel by boat. It has an entrance at the top, and 
    you should pick up all but one of the gonshis in the area just north before 
    entering. Go to city hall in the center. Wait til 9 AM if necessary. Assign 
    Garz to the goblin palace and talk to Lotki, the mayor. He will give you the 
    [you tuff garz] [sakar ralle kark marsa]
    14. Return to Urkabel and talk to the king to swap the scepter for the 
    charter. You get another cut-scene. Return back to Serivu. That's the final 
    cut-scene. You can pick up Garz now, as he has returned to Urkabel, but you 
    probably want to save a bit on sermins. Stop by the gonshi patch as a few 
    probably grew back.
    The next phase of the game concerns getting the supplies you need to win.
    15. Stop at Tiara to the east and slightly south for six Elvenspuns. It is to 
    the south and east via boat, past the isles with Qaldiur and the forest. You 
    will need $990 for this all told with Tuff at 75 trading--$165 per elvenspun 
    per party member.
    16. Gamble if you haven't. There's little else to do but wait. Whisper 
    GORFALION to get into Borhelm. You may wish to detour from Eisheim to Borhelm 
    to grab the luffins on the isle, or you can get them with Bohar later. Then go 
    S-SE to W Tasur where you can pick up 5 Methreals at $1475 each. If you need 
    cash, return to the main island. You will get a sixth Methreal in Qaldiur--
    just stuff one player in back, or let Naron get by with Elven Chain until 
    Try to wind up with enough money for 5 Methreals(~1650 gold each from Tuff--
    I've gotten 1475, but I'm not sure what makes the difference) when you're 
    done, although you can probably get away with just five, since you will find a 
    methreal in Qaldiur. You may have to return to the island and collect some 
    gold for a bit from the people working for you. I had $5500 when I started 
    out, and I looted the gambling halls, so I made it okay. The only things you 
    really need to buy early on are sermins, and not much of those, since you can 
    just exhaust yourself on the boat with no penalty.
    As for what to do with Tuff, don't dismiss him. You should assign him to stay 
    outside the gem seller for 30 days. It usually takes a couple days to go to 
    and from a place, and a dungeon takes maybe two days, so he is safe there.  
    It's very improbable he'll disappear before you return, but if he does, he 
    will be in the Oshcrun stronghold.
    Even with a full party, you can bring Tuff back for a bit. Just assign Fiz to 
    stay and then pick up Tuff when your party is full. Trade to Tuff, sell, and 
    assign Tuff and get Fiz. So you can still use Tuff's trading skills.
    If you wish to play honestly(without the gamble cheat,) then you can get Fiz 
    and Evixa and have them power up on spells while you wait for your other 
    players to make money.
    Kark and Ralle can be reassigned after you take their gold. So can Marsa in 
    Ketrop. You probably won't need their gold again. Pick up Sakar and Fiz in 
    Oshcrun Castle. Budget $400 or so for sermins and, if you need them, gonshis. 
    Then buy Steel Helmets if you have the money($1200). You may want to wait 
    around a bit more to buy the very best weapons.
    [you sakar evixa fiz garz]
    17. Now to pick up your party. Get Evixa in Solihub. Pick up Naron at Ganor's 
    shop in Tiara. Naron and Tori are about evenly balanced, and by the time you 
    get to Tori, Naron will be above her level from the gods you visited. Hiltmos 
    may be a bit tough to navigate at first. So get Naron at Ganor's shop in 
    Tiara. You can backtrack and replace him with her later and re-visit the gods 
    to give her a bonus, too. But it may take a while. So I will assume you have 
    Naron. But having Tori helps you avoid ambushes in Crowndeep. You can also 
    give Bloodthirst to Tuff and Ladaya to Tori, which is nice.
    So, for this walkthrough, this will be your final party, but just beware of 
    giving Naron and Garz items, as they are selfish. You don't need any new spell 
    books. But you do want to rest and memorize a restsoul. You can do this at the 
    stronghold, before moving out. But you don't really need to for Qaldiur. Buy a 
    shovel and a few picks in case they get broken. Don't go in for anything more 
    expensive than potions and gonshis.
    [you sakar garz naron evixa fiz]--your party for the rest of the game.
    18. Head into Qaldiur. Get gonshis in the room just above. It's a good place 
    to rest, too. You can clear everything out without magic, though you can use 
    gonshis to make sure.
    Go into the basement. It is through the east arch, then to the northeast. In 
    the basement, enter the room below and go right. Use jump to get near the 
    jerrah. Concentrate on the fermigons, as no other enemies can really hurt you. 
    Get the god there, Kaznur, to awaken. The most straightforward way to win is 
    to go directly south(eat gonshis first--luffins and mirgets aren't necessary) 
    and whip the jerrah in the back of the first room, then use restsoul on the 
    ghoul in the second(with gonshis and good weapons, the fights are easy.) Walk 
    east on the water and southeast to avoid an ambush. Fiz should have drunk from 
    the fountain for extra walkwaters, but you don't need them.
    Whisper HELNIBOR to wake up Kaznur. You now really do want to loot Qaldiur as 
    it has some great treasure on the top level. It's pretty good experience, too. 
    Read the dungeon parts for details.
    19. Use gonshis when you go up to level 2 and beat the orcs in the ambush. 
    They can be pretty vicious. Have a formation with magic users in the middle. 
    Evixa can take out the orcs with a fireball. Take the teleport and the stairs 
    Greet the monsters in the room to the west. Then go south and greet again and 
    get 17 picks. That will protect against breakage for a while. Unfortunately 
    the next room requires you to attack, so memorize shield and jump--make sure 
    everyone's shield is at 99. Have Evixa jump someone to the Zorlim. Let Evixa 
    have the fireball spells.
    Try for a truce in the next room if the monsters seem cautious. It may work 
    anyway. The ambush ahead is really nasty. Give everyone shields, and I 
    recommend gonshis too. You need to get to the jerrahs right away. Have your 
    hero and Sakar take one of each out.
    Loop counterclockwise to level 5 in level 4. We'll visit the rooms worth 
    visiting later.
    In level 5, go to the narrow passageway in the east to avoid an ambush below. 
    But before then, duck between the arches above. That is the room with the 
    methreal. Use nifts for it(not Fiz and Evixa,) along with the usual jump 
    spells, to make sure the fermigons are ineffective. Have shields up once you 
    go east in the passage below and up to the combat room where you get 
    Bonecleaver. Fiz can fireball the fermigons if you want.
    On the way down there are a couple rooms in level 4 to visit. The right one on 
    the top and the top one on the left. They're easier with better armor.
    20. Now awaken other Gods to make your party better. Make sure you have 2 
    restsouls for getting Prillila in the Green Islands. Work your way out of the 
    forest. It is at 158,121, and you want to land on the NW of the forest to 
    avoid most of the blight.
    W at the first intersection, W at the T, S, follow the path, N and E(center 
    path,) W first chance you get, watch out for the ambush in the open space. It 
    is not tough--a zorlim and some enemies--but have gonshis ready to jump the 
    zorlim. You can even jump over it it you want. At y=36 and the active guy in 
    the top row, flip him to the bottom in formation. Then go right, and if the 
    formation is, say,
    Change to
    So you don't recoil into the line below.
    E from the ambush area, follow the corridor, N through the ambush that guards 
    you from the lake. This one has a jerrah, so it is tougher. Jump your fighters 
    after having them eat a mirget and luffin to start. Be sure to save just 
    before the fight, too, as if the jerrahs start casting fear, it will get 
    Walk on the lake to get into the building--the temple. To get there, go NE 
    from just above the ambush area, then N. It should take 2 spells to get in. 
    Whisper DELMATA. Take 2 walkwaters to get out to the north. You'll exit where 
    you entered. Don't re-enter as you'll have to go through it again. Prillila's 
    not great, but she gives some dexterity and agility.
    21. Selne is the next good bet, just east of Eisheim(north of a diamond shaped 
    inlet.) Go SE W to get there. X=128 Y=164. BRUNDISHAR. The extra magic is 
    22. Follow Tasur's south coast to the west. When the coast turns north, keep 
    going west past an island with a tower(Wesgar.) The god Bohar is at the west, 
    at X=14 Y=152 to be exact. Whisper WENTEGAL. Endurance!
    23. East to X=30 Y=159. Stop by the isle north of Bohar for luffins. Whisper 
    ETAKSBIT to enter Wesgar. Have only you and Sakar eat mirgets and luffins to 
    tackle the next bad guys. Between the two of you and jump spells, you can kill 
    one ogre.
    So go to the first room you see to the east. Exit east, go north through the 
    archway, then east and south. Go into the room, with luffin and mirget for you 
    and Sakar, and win that fight. Then exit south and take the other door north. 
    Whisper PINTALDI to Tas.
    Hooray! You've pumped your party up pretty well now. You should be able to run 
    through the dungeons, but you may want to prepare a bit first.
    24. Go back and collect money from your workers. And oh yes, see if the 
    gambling places are restocked. You'll want a spell book or two. Get a shovel 
    if you don't have one. Stock up on nifts, sermins(20 each), gonshis(15), 
    potions(10) and 5 luffins/mirgets for all but Fiz and Evixa. Also make sure 
    you have 5+ medicin and loka. You'll need nifts for Tarrak. Rest in the 
    stronghold so your party builds up gold.
    So what to buy? Demaro's shield spell will be critical, so get it first, 
    especially since it is so cheap. Faranim in Ketrop has it for $1200. You don't 
    really need any Sabano spells. You have 2 Ishbans(Naron and Evixa) and that 
    leaves Zoxinn, Emenad and Alasol. Timestop from Emenad is very useful, as is 
    Sharpen from Alasol and Zutyun from Zoxinn. Ideally, you'd have money for all 
    three, but I think that Timestop is the best to learn, then Sharpen, then 
    Zutyun. Alasol also has the small bonus of improving bargaining skill. That's 
    only about $5 per item, but it adds up when you buy a lot of potions, and it's 
    easy for even your leader to learn. He can do so in the Ketrop guesthouse.
    You can come back to buy the what's left once you've gotten through a few 
    dungeons. But you want to make sure you're well stocked on food and sermins--
    at least 20 of each. 5 gonshis for all and 5 mirgets/luffins for your fighters 
    are good too.
    25. Now go to Tarrak. It is SE of Borhelm. It's a tough dungeon, much bigger 
    than the previous. Get the treasure in the spiral in the west part of level 1. 
    This is a bit tricky as you can't leave Garz and Naron behind. There are some 
    useful rooms, too, like 38,45(picks), 58,104 and 38, 75-76(mirgets) and 52-
    3,82(shield) and 52-3,94(lokas). Have 20 restsoul spells for the next bit.
    Eventually though you'll want to head to the center teleport room. The quick 
    way down is to take the east exit then enter the 2nd-last niche on the right, 
    then return. However, you can detour to the middle niche, get the treasure in 
    the SE, and return NW and wind up at the south entry. It is worth it. You'll 
    get some supplies. The north holds nothing except decent treasure, but you 
    have to fight for it.
    Go down the west and follow the spiral to level 3. You can't flip over the 
    ambush S W of the entrance, so be mushroomed up. Have jump and restsoul spells 
    ready, too. The treasure just below is worth it. Ask your non-hirelings to 
    stay if you are having trouble getting to the end of the corridor.
    Go along the outside. W N E til you see the stairs up, then S W S W to the 
    edge. N to the edge, W to the edge, S E and jump over the ambush at Y=48. 
    Level 4 is tricky. Hit the teleport in the DR. Enter the room to the right. 
    You don't have to use mirgets/luffins but it is a big help. Exiting east 
    teleports you to the northwest of level 4. Avoid y=10 by shuffling your party. 
    Olkannis is north with a nice endurance boost. Flip back over the ambush line 
    and you are kicked to near the exit back on level 1.
    So now you just need to get the mirror. That's another trip through the center 
    of level 1. Go east, and at 56,30 level 2, flip over the ambush at y=28. The 
    next room isn't bad--you can probably get away with gonshis. Exit NE to the 
    stairs to level 4. Then go south and east and north. Again, gonshis in this 
    room. Open the door just beyond with the platinum key and dig 1S of the sign 
    for the mirror.
    You can leave now if you want, since Khamalkhad is not practical for your 
    current party. It will not break. Though your party isn't really built for it 
    because nobody besides Sakar has the axe skill or strength for it, and you 
    have Brennix anyway, it could be useful with other items, and it sort of 
    completes the game if you are looking to get all the treasures. Use 
    Save the game. Flip over the ambush at X=56. Have your party formed in the 2 
    right columns before going north. Bring everything for the fight. Nifts, 
    shields, mirgets, luffins. The tricky bit here is that the Kothspawn reproduce 
    and can freeze/fireball you. So ignore the blightasps. You need to hit all the 
    kothspawns there, as the kothspawn itself moves randomly.
    Once you win, get the chest. Save the game just in case, and if you really 
    want to make sure, use gonshis to make the ambush below easier. But the 
    With 1 active should work. Don't leave 2 active.
    Flip your party over to the left and retreat. The teleport is west of the 
    stairs. It goes to the top of level 1.
    You probably got a lot of treasure in Tarrak, so you can pick up whatever 
    remaining spell books you want/need now.
    27. Sora is next. It is not strictly necessary to complete the game, because 
    you can ask for the librarian by name in Nekros without it, but it has a god 
    and is a neat puzzle. It's all the way in the southeast of the map. You can 
    probably get away with just giving gonshis to your leader and Sakar, and that 
    will mean quick wins. Jump them in the middle of a bunch of monsters.
    Get the mirgets in the south room. You just need gonshis for the fight. No 
    other fights are worth it on this side. There are 3 stairs down just right of 
    the exit stairs. Take the bottom one for some picks--again, jump and gonshi 
    spells should work. The scarabs are annoying to kill but not really lethal.
    Then take the middle stairs. You have 3 non-hirelings. Have one stand on the 
    plate next to the sign--assign him there. Same for the one 3E, the one 3N of 
    that, and 3W of that. Just walk around. Make sure someone notices the plate 
    before they step on it, or it may not trigger the event. Once everyone stepped 
    on a plate, you should see "a fresh draft emanates from the north."
    Gather everyone up. Go up the stairs, north and down those stairs. You could 
    go NE to the gap in the wall you made to get to level 3, but I recommend a 
    detour for supplies. Enter the room with 4 exits. It has timestop spells. Use 
    gonshis and jump spells. If a weapon gets corroded, rest up and learn spells. 
    Only hit the rustmoss with special weapons.
    The detour for gold is worth it, too. Go all the way east then north to the 
    narrow crack. Leave your non-hirelings behind and beware the square 53,7. With 
    3 guys you can just walk along the top. These treasures are worth it as you 
    get teleportal items and sapphires.
    On to level 3, starting NE of the stairs up and around. Ignore the room on the 
    way. Follow the passage north. You've got a few fights here, but they're all 
    hand to hand and pretty easy. West through 2 rooms, and at the N-E-S exit room 
    go south and south on the passage to the bottom. Follow around to a room that 
    is N-E. Rest and memorize a few restsouls here if you don't have any.
    It's worth it to follow the narrow passage west--3 diamonds. Keep flipping 
    your leader to whoever is in the front of the party. Then go to the main 
    passage. Take the top gate going south a bit, then east. The ambush at Y=17 is 
    tricky to get through. Before going up, form a 2x3 with you and your non-
    hirelings at the top. Ask them to stay. Then flip your hirelings over so 
    they're at Y=16, then flip yourself over your hirelings. Go a square north and 
    talk to your pals so you can just see them. They will run across the ambush 
    line while talking to you.
    The final room has Meatus. You can skip it, since nobody can really use an 
    axe, or hit the teleport. If you must visit the room, kill the blightcats 
    Get the greatsword in the east room and then go to the west.  You will want to 
    avoid the ambush--it is at 43,27, and to exit the god room successfully, have 
    this formation:
    Hook around the NPC at 43,30 but not before casting a Soulspeak. Fiz should 
    have 4 to start, and there's been no reason to use any. Whisper KOMDROM to 
    Vorhamme, and the strength bonus will be nice. A teleport in the center of the 
    left wall kicks you back to the main area.
    28. Hiltmos is next. It's northeast, in southeast Illorio. 206,137. Whisper 
    Uulangarum to get in. You need to face Alvirex with the mirror. Stock up on 
    food and mushrooms. Hiltmos is a mean dungeon with its puzzles. Some hibliss 
    can be nasty, but it is not so bad with monsters.
    For starters, go down and left and up to level 7, where Alvirex zaps you. Then 
    you can go back down to level 1 and you'll have stairs to level 2.
    Visit the passage left of the entrance. Flip over the ambush at Y=9. Use 
    gonshis for leader and Sakar. Have your leader drink the cure spells. Then 
    exit right, jump over the ambush and go to the next room below on the right. 
    You need 2 restsouls right here, though you might as well rest up to get 10 or 
    so for later if you don't have them. Jump your leader/Sakar to the 
    zorlim/zombies. The domugs are not worth bothering with. The next room, you 
    don't even need gonshis.
    On level 2, go to the south of the cross. Form
    Then go up til 1 is at 34,11. Go NE then N. Use a gonshi for you and Sakar for 
    the next room. Get the hibliss and the other enemies will fall pretty easily. 
    The 22 lokas are nice. Exit north...
    ...to an entirely different area! Form your party in the top 2 rows and go 
    west along the top of the room, then south. The treasure in the room isn't 
    worth it. You'll hit another teleport.
    Now this part probably will require you to save a lot, so if you teleport, you 
    can try again quickly. Teleports are right of the top/bottom of the square 
    with the stairs. You need to have 2 non-hirelings stay on the left. Go east, 
    formed like:
    When 1 left of the edge, have 1 as leader and flip.
    Go up, leave a non-hireling just above the stairs and come back with both. 
    Goes to
    Now re-invite the guy you left. Take the stairs.
    Level 3: There are two ways to go up from here. Tori the PC is okay but she 
    has arrived too late as we went through the game this way. So go up past 
    her(west leads to a teleportal) and through two rooms. You will want to jump 
    your leader to the jerrah, but you won't need a luffin/mirget in each one.
    To the east, you have a detour for Ladaya, which can be handy. It's not 
    necessary or terribly useful, but I'll label it here.
    Avoid the ambush by bringing one PC over at a time. Putt you and your NPCs 
    against the right wall, with the PC in the UL of the formation. Flip him over 
    28,24, the ambush square. Leave him on the other side. Repeat to ferry 
    everyone over.
    Up the stairs, east through the room to L4. Flip over the ambush at X=30. Up 
    to L5. East to a room, then north to exit, then west through a room. Save. 
    There are two ways to go about avoiding the trap above. The easy way is to 
    have your PCs stay and form
    And walk up and right.
    Form before going to level 6:
    Activate 2 and flip
    If you do this right you avoid a friend getting zapped. The treasure Ladaya is 
    in the UR. Don't forget to avoid the trap on the way down!
    To the west, another room. Kill the jerrah. The tekhir are wimps. Go up the 
    stairs to level 4. Be healed for the first of these rooms and have 10 
    restsoul. The first room connects E-N then W--an ogre here, so use 
    luffin/mirget/gonshi. Flip over the ambush at Y=23, then east into the room. 
    Nail the hibliss. East to the stairs.
    Either room is tricky here, but the one to the east is easier. You need 4 
    restsouls to win it. Go east and now flip around a trap at Y=21 and Y=15.
    On level 6, go all the way down and left. That leads to one room. Then left 
    and up to another. Again, just use gonshis and jump. Exit east and the stairs 
    are east. The last room has an ogre.
    On level 7, you have 2 ways to go about things.
    1) drag your non-hirelings across one by one trickily after you step left to 
    activate a passage above. Avoid losing mirgets at Y=19.
    2) trade all your mirgets away to non-hirelings. Leave them behind and walk 
    over Y=19. Then walk over it again.
    Either way, avoid the ambush at 20,16 and make it to Alvirex's in the NW. Use 
    the mirror on him to learn of the Solnicon.
    Once you sneak everyone across(carefully) then methreal is in the NE and there 
    are also timestop spells and a sapphire. But you have enough of that. The real 
    treat is that, after seeing Alvirex, you can teleport by the sign to the 
    right, go down the stairs, go up to a teleport, and walk out from level 1.
    Now for the home stretch. You need to find wax, a wick, flint, and a candle 
    mold to win the game. The next parts are not bad at all. You just have to duck 
    a few ambushes. Sail west from Hiltmos for 29-31, then reload for Wesgar in 
    29. Go west to Nekros. Leave your non-hirelings behind. Form
    That will get you around. Now you are supposed to visit someone at midnight, 
    cast soulspeak at them, and dig under the ghost in the back of the house(63, 
    16)?? to find the candle flint. But you can just dig. Be sure your leader has 
    an inventory spot open.
    30. Go to East Tasur, through West Tasur, and the south center building has an 
    ambush and a room--and the wick in the northeast of the enclosure inside. 
    Approach the building going along the south wall and flipping through the 
    ambush at Y=10. Save, then be careful on the way out, too.
    31. Go to Voliplan and dig the southeast corner for the wax. Flip through Y=10 
    to avoid an ambush. Go east at Y=30 or so, then south down the wall, around 
    any trees. Retreat as you came.
    Now you will want to retreat and stock up on what you can. You should be able 
    to get total 100 nifts/luffins/mirgets from the jewels in the dungeons, if you 
    use Tuff. That should be enough.
    32. Enter Wesgar. It is a tall dungeon, but it is not too devious. This time 
    you'll visit more than just the god. You will want to use 
    gonshi/luffins/mirgets on you and Sakar for each room in Wesgar that has an 
    ogre. Also, have 20+ restsoul to start.
    Level 1: enter the first room, go through the arch, and loop around the X=34 
    ambush. Down the path there is a room with methreal, and the exit to the west 
    leads to the stairs. The room has an ogre, so jump people with luffins/mirgets 
    into it.
    Level 2: two ways up here, but actually the easier way leads where you want to 
    go. So go up at the first pass, then up through the room. There is an ogre, so 
    gang up on them. Switch off your luffin/mirget users right away--again, still 
    only need your leader and Sakar.
    Avoid the ambush at x=13 by switching one non-hireling over at a time. Then go 
    up the stairs.
    Level 3: In the room to the south, have you and sakar hit one of the ogres 
    first so one dies. Then gang up on the other one. Then go SE and you don't 
    need luffin/mirget so much as a few jumps to take out the zorlims. Then form
    to jump through the archway and avoid the ambush. Go west into the next room. 
    It has nifts. I'd take out the blightcat first for general nuisance avoidance.
    Stairs lead up to level 5. You'll hit 4 later.
    Level 5: Enter the first room on the left. Skip over the ambush at Y=14, 
    leaving one non-hireling behind at first.
    123   345
    45. > ...
    ...   .12
    . There's an ogremance and ogrelord next, so give every non-mage a mirget and 
    a luffin, and a nift. Hack down the ogremance with Naron and Garz, the 
    ogrelord with your leader and Sakarfirst. Then go south to level 6.
    Level 6:
    Have everybody juiced to take out the next room. Have shields at 99 and cast a 
    timestop spell too. Go through the left exit. Kill off the enemies, heal up, 
    get 20 restsouls, use luffin/mirget, then ascend to level 7.
    (Note--to use a hex edit cheat, take the right passage up then edit your x,y 
    Level 7:
    An ambush awaits you. Use the jump spell to get your main fighters to tackle 
    the guard-ogre, then the rest is easy. Go al the way southe, then east to the 
    room. Exit north, then exit east. Then exit north to the stairs. Neither room 
    really needs spells, or even mushrooms, except a few restsouls in the second. 
    Give Fiz a gonshi, then use jump spell from Evixa, to make that one go 
    Level 8:
    Tackle the room to the lower left. You really want to avoid the ambush, since 
    it has two guard ogres, but if you can't, give your fighters 
    luffin/mirget/nift and put shields at 99.
    Shuttle non-hirelings over the ambush at X=21 one at a time. It may be best to 
    leave the ones not yet taken behind the room you went through. Then rejoin and 
    enter the next room. It is pretty easy--only an ogremance is tough. But you 
    get Bloodthirst, a great sword, from it. I would wait and not give it to 
    Naron--instead, give him Ladaya--and give Tuff(eventually) Bloodthirst.
    Slide down the chute--the other two rooms have nice treasure but it's not 
    critical--and you are at level 4.
    Level 4:
    The final fight is a super nasty one. It is in the lower of the to rooms. Use 
    timestop, and give everyone luffin/mirget/nift. The first round, they can work 
    on the necromants--the ogremances aren't really harmful with their shatter 
    spells. The second, they can chip at the kothspawn. Bring your sorcerers into 
    the mix to locate fake kothspawn. You may be forced to take hits from a few 
    necromants, but oh well. The room above is even tougher, so don't worry about 
    it. Take the teleport back to the dungeon entrance. It is in the very NW.
    You can go back up to level 3 and get Tori if you want. She is a player 
    character, so she should work well. You may have to buy her elvenspun and a 
    steel helmet. You will find methreal in Wesgar level 1. You can sell Naron's 
    stuff, then have him pay Captain Turgut, then ditch him. Having Tori helps you 
    cycle around ambushes more easily. For some, you still need 
    33. Be sure you have a diamond, emerald, topaz, sapphire and ruby for the next 
    bit, as well as the wick, wax, mold and flint. I gave all this to Evixa. She 
    doesn't have many other items to keep track of. There's a long trek ahead. You 
    probably don't need much more firepower, but I bet you could use directions. 
    Also you need to trade Fiz or Evixa for Tuff as part of the requirement to 
    rebuild the candle.
    I recommend Fiz--Evixa is a slightly better spellcaster. Buy an extra Demaro 
    so you can give Fiz a Demaro and dump Fiz's spare Felmis book on Evixa. Naron 
    can use Ishban well enough to fill in for Evixa. He can jump everyone else 
    around, including himself. Tuff's going to be a bit lousy, but you can't 
    really help that. You may wish to sit around and memorize Resurrects for him 
    just in case.
    You can go around later and whisper to various gods in order to pump up Tuff's 
    various attributes. It's a bit easier now, since you've beaten the monsters 
    that guarded you, and the rest of your party's a lot better, too.
    But you actually don't have a lot of fighting ahead, and even with the 
    fighting, you can play shorthanded and resurrect him after. Have 20 spells of 
    that, and of restsoul(Fiz), and 50 jumps(Naron) for the long haul. Your leader 
    can memorize sharpen. Naron can also memorize shield, casting it outside of 
    combat. You may need to stock up on sermins a bit, but eventually you'll get 
    what you need.
    You can also just guess at the XY coordinates of the door and edit and reload 
    a game.
    Area 1:
    In area 1, go north and visit Entas. Without his blessing, you probably are 
    missing an item or race you need. You need a human, halfling, elf, dwarf and 
    orc. Head SE and at the line X=55, flip over it. Enter the SE door to area 2.
    cheat = 40 40(at byte 2049)
    Area 2:
    You will need to bring a party member over one at a time to get past the 
    ambush at Y=18. Then go south and turn east. Another ambush at X=55. Have a 
    party member stay in the background as you flip everyone over that, leave guys 
    to the east, and come back for the guy you left behind.
    For y=18,
    46 < 4 active
    goes to
    For y=55,
    1 2              2 1              1 2
    3 4 > (4 active) 4 3 > (1 active) 3 4 5
      5              5
    5 active to side, bring 6 over.
    cheat = 60 28
    Area 3:
    This passage winds a bit--W N E N W N E and Y=17 is an ambush line to cross. 
    Flip over it, then go into
    Then proceed S E S W and S-SE through the muck. There is a way. ?? Get to the 
    bottom and go east, where there is a door to level 4.
    cheat = 55 44
    Area 4:
    There's a bit of a craggy divide for the ambush here at Y=19. Again, you have 
    to leave 1 guy behind to start.
    123 becomes (1 active)
    Go all the way down, all the way left, down and right and down and left. Enter 
    area 5.
    cheat = 05 41
    Area 5:
    West, north, east. Flip again over Y=83, but leave 1 player character behind. 
    Not quite enough space. So leave your guys to the right and come back for 
    player #3. Regroup east of the ambush. Go north and cross the bridge. You may 
    not be able to avoid the ambush here at 53,29, and so I think it's best just 
    to use jump spells to knock out the enemies. Be fully loaded. This is your 
    only real fight before Rinora. You may wish to kep retrying til you surprise 
    the enemies. Oh, by the way, invisible blightcats won't matter. There's only 
    one road they can be on.
    cheat = 20 08(recommended)
    Area 6:
    cheat = 04 04
    This is the last one with the toughest ambushes to avoid.
    N W N E N. I recommend you bring non-hirelings up one at a time for the ambush 
    at X=69.
    Til just right of the line, then
    1 3
    2 4
    Flip 3 and 4 over, then
    Bingo! You're on the other side. Repeat.
    The next one at X=35 is even trickier, because there is less space.
    a x
    a 34
    With 1 active, form
    Then with 3 active,
    Then with 1 active,
    Bingo! You've made it across. Now pull the other guys across, too. This is 
    less annoying than the combats, trust me. Save after every successful step.
    34. Enter Rinora from Crowndeep. It's ten levels, but it is not too bad. You 
    can exit NE if you want, but you can't reenter. You should have everything you 
    need, though.
    There is just an ambush in your way to level 2 Go to the NE, then S and W. 
    Just use gonshis/nifts to take the blightworms/blightbears.
    Level 2:
    Go E S W S W and, when the path opens south, activate 4.
    Activate 1.
    There we go--S E N to level 3.
    Level 3:
    Take the middle of the stairs. They are south, then east at the dead end.
    Level 4:
    Go south, east, then north. There is an ambush here, but you can deal with the 
    enemies with gonshis. Nifts aren't necessary--you don't even need a jump spell 
    to wreak havoc. Just keep a good fighter in front as you move, so you can whip 
    any enemies in the dead end in the center. You really don't have many fights 
    left, but here's not the place to waste things. Remember to use restsoul on 
    the dead blightmen.
    Level 5:
    Just crawling around a lot works here. Go to the west, then down, pulling west 
    at the small opening. In the SW, go east and up at the second turn. Follow the 
    path up as far as it can go, then go east and up.
    Level 6:
    Pool solution:
    Diamond Emerald Topaz
         Sapphire Ruby
    If you get it right, you go to level 7.
    Level 7:
    Go SE W and take the stairs above. The northern treasures and rooms aren't 
    worth it.
    Level 8:
    The fight in the room to the south is not hard. It is a good place to rest, 
    too. Just go left after exiting south, then north to the stairs.
    If you entered in the very north, you got the wrong stairs.
    Level 9:
    Go south and be prepared for the ambush. Use gonshis and nift for everyone. 
    You also need shields at 99. You may have to reload a lot to get all monsters 
    in the area you're in. The only other solution is to bring 4 people(1 person 
    casts restsoul, 3 fight, all gonshis) or flee south quickly. This is rather 
    unsporting of them to do this without a warning. Leave Evixa and Tuff behind. 
    Her spells won't do enough against the melee monsters, who have shields.
    The fight will be tight at first, so use Restsoul ASAP. Mirgets aren't worth 
    it, as the enemies have much HP. Neither are luffins in this crowd.
    At this point, you can use a few nifts in this fight if you want, and you have 
    4 fights left, probably with more than a nift per fight. Jump your best 
    fighters around. Go east, then up and take the right fork to the stairs.
    Level 10:
    Cheat yourself to 
    Refer to the comments in the Rinora Level 10 sections. Kill all blightlords on 
    sight and use timestop, too. Memorize restsoul in room 1. Rest up and 
    memorize--better safe than sorry here. Evixa can memorize sharpen AND jump for 
    a big edge, and let her eat a gonshi too after casting a spell. She can even 
    jump herself around to poke the kothspawns. You need to be mobile here, and 
    you may need some good luck too finding the real kothspawn with your first 
    guess. Naron/Tori is also handy with a magic bow for picking out false 
    Kothspawns--either one can cast spells and stay back with Evixa. Spend as much 
    time as you want loading up spells, because this is the last bit.
    West to room 1.
    North to room 2.
    East to room 3.
    North to room 4. Exit east. Go to the ritual room. One last fight.
    Dwarf [place] Naron/Tori
    All items are used at the center place. It need not be at the exact center. 
    Just have everyone in the right positions relative to each other.
    1. orc uses mold, whispers KABELO
    2. dwarf uses wax, whispers RASTANNA
    3. elf uses wick, whispers ILLORIO
    4. halfling uses flint, whispers SOLIA
    5. human(can be anywhere) whispers UR
      [If you win:]
      %h wipes %p brow and watches %p companions gaze in wonder at the magic 
    they have made and lit. Out the window, the blight is fading, receding, and
    wafting away.
      The triumphant companions leave the Tower of Rinora and return to Kabelo and
    exciting news. The conquest of Gurtex is complete! King Rebnard is even now
    sailing to the aid of the Solian lands!
      As the blight fades away, the feats of the heroes are celebrated near and 
    The leaders of all the Solian races come to Urkabel to meet with King Rebnard
    and King Bondzagnur.
      Amid great jubilation, a treaty of eternal friendship is signed by the orcs
    and humans, goblins and halflings, dwarves and elves.
      But %h remembers the words of the goddess Entas. Has the candle in Rinora
    truly solved all the problems? Or have the forces unleashed by Alvirex only 
    held at bay? Only time will tell...
      [If your leader dies:]
      The greatest hero of modern times has died, and far too young. The wisest of
    the Children of Light, the cleverest of the Forces of Darkness, and the most
    sage in the Solian Lands all agree:The world, and all in it, are doomed.
    -> Magic Candle III
     0=         Coin
     1=        Pearl  2=    Blu Pearl  3=         Jade  4=        Topaz
     5=         Ruby  6=     Sapphire  7=      Emerald  8=      Diamond
     9=   Shortsword  a=     Scimitar  b=    Longsword  c=   Broadsword
     d=   Greatsword  e=   Elvensword  f=  Brightsword 10=  Bloodthirst
    11=      Brennix 12=     Smallaxe 13=    Hammeraxe 14=    Battleaxe
    15=    Doubleaxe 16=     Greataxe 17=   Khamalkhad 18=       Meatus
    19=  Bonecleaver 1a=       Ashbow 1b=      Brombow 1c=      Bonebow
    1d=     Elvenbow 1e=       Ladaya 1f=Leather armor 20=    Ring mail
    21=   Chain mail 22=  Elven chain 23=Dwarven chain 24= Bronze plate
    25=  Steel plate 26=  Pearl plate 27=     Methreal 28=Bronze helmet
    29=  Iron helmet 2a= Steel helmet 2b=    Elvenspun 2c= Suede outfit
    2d=  Cotton robe 2e=    Silk robe 2f=  Wool outfit 30=         Furs
    31=         Food 32=       Potion 33=       Sermin 34=       Gonshi
    35=         Nift 36=       Mirget 37=       Luffin 38=       Turpin
    39=    Fireglobe 3a=     Wingbone 3b=      Legbone 3c=         Loka
    3d=      Medicin 3e=    Map Flask 3f=          Map 40=    Mindstone
    41=        Skull 42=        Spine 43=     Wishbone 44=         Lyre
    45=        Bugle 46=       Shovel 47=         Rope 48=        Flute
    49=     Reedpipe 4a=         Drum 4b=         Horn 4c=      Scepter
    4d=      Charter 4e=       [NONE] 4f=       [NONE] 50=         Pick
    51=        Arrow 52=      Blanket 53=       Sabano 54=       Ishban
    55=       Demaro 56=       Zoxinn 57=       Alasol 58=       Emenad
    59=       Felmis 5a= Platinum Key 5b=       Mirror 5c=  Candle Mold
    5d=   Candle Wax 5e=  Candle Wick 5f= Candle Flint 60=        [NONE]
    61=       [NONE] 62=   Easter Egg
    Not sure how to get 62, but it's an item in the list.
    End of FAQ proper
      10. VERSIONS
    1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 3/31/2008 complete, with some questions but I'm pretty 
    happy with the basic idea. Oh, need to fix some auxiliary maps, too.
    0.9.2: sent to GameFAQs 3/11/2008 with the text maps cut and outline revamped.
    0.9.0: sent to GameFAQs 3/29/2004 with dungeons complete. Time to finish the
    0.4.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/3/2004 with 95% of inside info verified and a shell 
    a walkthrough. Some dungeons started as well.
    0.2.5: sent to GameFAQs 1/25/2004 with all outside info verified
    0.2.1: sent to GameFAQs 1/18/2004 adding monster info
    0.2.0: sent to GameFAQs 12/26/2003 with dungeons and towns mapped out, but 
    detail and actual walkthrough are lacking
    0.0.1: sent to GameFAQs 12/21/2003 with very basic info, Oshcrun Isle being
    mostly filled in
      11. CREDITS
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being, well, THERE.
    Thanks to Jason Spangler for his Magic Candle page:
    Thanks to Marc Randall Kuhl for all the correspondence and hints.
    Thanks to AXE for the hex editor that gave me the cheat section, among others.
    Thanks to the DosBox project for being awesome and for letting me run this 
    game in a window.
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
    are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. Good 
    people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed 
    Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog, Lagoona, Da Hui and 
    others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
    board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be part of 

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