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Who is Leisure Suit Larry?
If you look up the word "nerd" in the dictionary, you're liable to find Leisure Suit Larry's picture as a definition.
Leisure Suit Larry is the kind of guy you see in just about every seedy singles bar. He wears a white leisure suit with the shirt open to the waist (lots of gold chains make up for the lack of a chest). If you can get past the glow of his Grecian formula, you can see that his hairline is making a hasty retreat from his forehead.
Larry is the original blind date nightmare - the kind of guy you wouldn't want your daughter to date, let alone meet.
He is such a loser that Cosmo Magazine recently voted him "most negligible bachelor of the year."
A Time Magazine article on "The War Between the Sexes" carried his picture with the caption "an unarmed innocent bystander."
Why is Larry suddenly so popular with the ladies?
On cruise ships, in laid back Los Angeles, and in other exotic locations, Larry is suddenly attracting the attention of all kinds of nubile nymphettes. He's been propositioned by a bikini'd babe at the poop-deck pool, suffered the seductions of a sadomasochistic spinster, even played "hide the onklunk" with a sexy spanish senorita.
Why is it that Larry has suddenly started looking only for Miss "Right" (as opposed to Miss "Right-Now") and will he find her? Find out why when you play...
"It's a nerd! It's a shame! It's Leisure Suit Larry! ...Now that's entertainment!" - Bob Lynstrom A+ Magazine

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