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FAQ/Walkthrough by Reptile

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/12/03

          _          _                       _____       _ _
         | |        (_)                     / ____|     (_) |  
         | |     ___ _ ___ _   _ _ __ ___  | (___  _   _ _| |_ 
         | |    / _ \ / __| | | | '__/ _ \  \___ \| | | | | __|
         | |___|  __/ \__ \ |_| | | |  __/  ____) | |_| | | |_ 
         |______\___|_|___/\__,_|_|  \___| |_____/ \__,_|_|\__|
                  | |                          
                  | |     __ _ _ __ _ __ _   _ 
                  | |    / _` | '__| '__| | | |
                  | |___| (_| | |  | |  | |_| |
                  |______\__,_|_|  |_|   \__, |
                                          __/ |

  ___ _  _ ____    _    ____ _  _ ___     ____ ____    ___ _  _ ____ 
   |  |__| |___    |    |__| |\ | |  \    |  | |___     |  |__| |___ 
   |  |  | |___    |___ |  | | \| |__/    |__| |        |  |  | |___ 
   _    ____ _  _ _  _ ____ ____    _    _ ___  ____ ____ ___  ____ 
   |    |  | |  | |\ | | __ |___    |    |   /  |__| |__/ |  \ [__  
   |___ |__| |__| | \| |__] |___    |___ |  /__ |  | |  \ |__/ ___] 

Leisure Suit Larry for the PC
Copyright 2003 Michael Tyler

Created by: Reptile
E-mail: reptile654@bitwiser.com
Created on: 5/10/2003
Version: 1.0

|--- TABLE OF CONTENTS ---                                        |
II.................................................The Story So Far
III....................................................The Controls
IV..................................................The Walkthrough
..A...................................Looking for Love at Lefty's..
..B..............................................Falling for Fawn..
..C...........................................An Evening with Eve..
V....................................................The Point List
VI..............................................The Easter Egg List
VII......................................................In Closing
VIII.................................................Special Thanks
IX......................................................FAQ History
X.............................................Copyright Information

|-I.------------------------ INTRODUCTION ----------------------------|

This document is a complete walkthrough for the original version of the 
game "Leisure Suit Larry: The Land of The Lounge Lizards", One of the 
earliest in Sierra On-Line's series of classic adventure games. In this
FAQ/Walkthrough, I will tell you each and every step you need to take 
to complete this game from start to finish. 

My instructions are pretty easy to understand, when I say "go up one 
screen", you should walk straight up until the background screen 
changes. When I say, "go right one screen", walk the character right 
until the background screen changes. Easy. When you get to the actual 
walkthrough, anything you read in parenthesis () is not a direct 
command; it is just what you will see happening on screen after you did 
the last command or just some helpful information. Anything  that is 
not in parenthesis is a command, and is something you must do.

When I use the term "near side of the screen", I mean stuff in the 
foreground. When I say "far side of the screen", I mean stuff in the 

Anything you see in all capitals is what you have to type into the 
computer. Example: Walk up to blue door and type OPEN DOOR. That means 
you have to type those words exactly into the game. Although this game
understands a lot of words, sometimes you can type in the simplest 
thing and the game has no idea what you are talking about. So follow 
each instruction exactly as you read it.

|-II.---------------------- THE STORY SO FAR -------------------------|

Welcome to the wild world of middle-aged singlehood!

You'll play this game as Larry Laffer, a 38 year old swinger with a one
track mind; YOU MUST GET LAID BY MIDNIGHT!!! Consider all other 
objectives secondary. As you make your way through the "land of the land
lizards", you'll try your luck with all the local ladies to make your 
dream a reality. That's right, in this game you get to play as a 
38-year-old virgin, Yippee! But with all your charms and just a little 
luck, you can change all that in one night. 

Alright, maybe a LOT of luck.

|-III.----------------------- THE CONTROLS ---------------------------|

This game uses a "parser interface", which means you have to tell the 
game exactly what to do via typing in commands. When you hit any letter
of the alphabet, a small white box will appear on screen. In that box 
you type what you want the character to do. If you want to look around,
you type LOOK AROUND and then press enter.

Moving with the arrow keys is pretty self-explanatory but just incase,

=-Right Direction Key-=
Starts Larry walking toward the right side of the screen.

=-Left Direction Key-=
Starts Larry walking toward the left side of the screen.

=-Up Direction Key
Starts Larry walking toward the top of the screen.

=-Down Direction Key-=
Starts Larry walking toward the bottom of the screen.

To stop walking, just press the key direction key again.

Here are some more commands you'll need to know:

Brings up the menu bar at the top of the screen, this action also 
pauses the game.

Brings up a little help menu.

Toggles the sound between on and off modes

Brings up the last thing you typed in a white text box.

Brings up the Save Game menu.

Brings up the Restore Game menu.

Brings up the Restart Game menu.

Brings up the Inventory screen.

Sets up your joystick.

Quits the game.

|-IV.---------------------- THE WALKTHROUGH --------------------------|

Because this game isn't actually split up into separate levels, I have
divided it into three sections. Each section represents a woman you are
going after, in the order you are supposed to do them in. **pun**

Also, it is a good idea to use the breath spray on yourself every so 
often. If you've gone to long without it, the game will start to 
comment on the sour smells pouring from your mouth, so stay fresh.

Remember, save early and save often...

|   Looking for Love at Lefty's   |------------------------------------

(Your adventure begins just outside a seedy little bar by the name of 
"Lefty's". You'll be run over if you step into the street below, and 
you'll be beaten to death if you step into the alley on the left. The 
neon glow of the "Lefty's" sign calls you name, so we'd better answer.)

First, walk up to the red entrance to "Lefty's" bar and type OPEN DOOR.

Once inside the bar, approach the empty bar stool ahead of you and type

(As you wait for the bartender to come to you, you'll hear the
punchline to a few jokes)

When the bartender is close to you,  type whiskey to order a drink.

(You'll buy a shot of whiskey, but you won't drink it. Instead, you'll
put it in your pocket and save it for later)


Walk over to and enter the dorrway that is to the left of the counter.

When you've entered the small blue hallway, walk over to the table on
the left and type PICK UP ROSE.

Walk over to the guy that is lying on the ground on the opposite wall.


(The drunk will give you a remote control in exchange for your gener-
osity in  feeding his drinking problem.)

Walk up to the brown door on the far side of the drunk and type OPEN

Type LOOK AT THE WALL four times.

(On the fourth look, you will learn of the password "Ken Sent Me".)

Walk over to the sink on the right side of the screen and type PICK UP

Walk over to the toilet near the center of the screen and type USE THE

Sit there for a couple seconds, and then type GET UP

Walk over to the brown door on the left side of the screen and type 

When you get back to the small blue hallway, walk down one screen.

Then, walk over to the red door on the right side of the screen.

Type KNOCK ON THE DOOR, and wait for an answer.

When someone answers and asks you for the password, type KEN SENT ME.

(The large pimp behind the door will open for you, and then return to
his post at the bottom of the stairs on the other side of the room.)

Stay on the left side of the television and type USE THE REMOTE.

Now type CHANGE THE CHANNEL seven times, until you come to a program
that catches the pimps full attention.

(When the porno movie comes on, the pimp will abandon his post and 
clear you a path up stairs. But, it's NOT time to go up there quite

Instead, walk over to the brown door on the left side of the screen 
and type OPEN DOOR.

When you re-enter the bar, go down one screen to exit the building.

Once you're back out on the street, type CALL A CAB.

Once you step inside the cab, type STORE.

When the car comes to a complete stope, type PAY HIM.

Then, type GET OUT.

Walk up to the payphone on the corner and type LOOK AT THE PHONE.

Type USE THE PHONE, and when prompted to, type 555-6969

(You'll take a funny little phone survey, and then get hung up on.)

Walk into the Quicki Mart on this street corner.

Walk over to the back wall and type GET SOME WINE

(You'll pick up an extra-cheap box of wine.)

Walk up to the counter and type BUY A CONDOM

(YOu'll answer short series of questions about your recent purchase, 
and then finally get your condom for only $6.00 and a little 

Walk out of the store the same way you came in and up to the payphone 
that is now ringing.

When you come to it, type ANSWER THE PHONE

(A female voice will appear on the other end, and tell you a funny
little story using your answers to the questions asked earlier.)

(By now, a wandering drunk should have staggered up to you.)

When he asks you for some spare change, type GIVE HIM THE WINE.

(Once again, your need to help alcoholics has paid off. This time you
got a pocket-knife in exchange for the super-cheap wine.)

Now, type CALL A CAB to catch a ride back to the bar.

When it arrives, type GET IN CAB.

When he asks where you want to go, type BAR.

When you finally make it back to Lefty's bar, type PAY HIM.

Then, type GET OUT to exit the vehicle.

Walk up to the red door and type OPEN DOOR to re-enter "Lefty's".

Once inside the bar, walk over to the red door on the right side of 
the screen and type KNOCK ON THE DOOR.

When told to, type KEN SENT ME.

Walk around the pimp and go up the stairs on the right.

Once you get to the room walk up to the bed, which is now occupied by
a very trashy looking hooker, and type GET NAKED

Then, type PUT ON CONDOM

Now, type SCREW THE HOOKER to get down and dirty!

(You'll watch a hilarious little scene of Larry finally losing it. 
Congratulations Larry, it only took you 40 years!)

When Larry's all done with his work, type TAKE OFF CONDOM.

Walk over to the small brown table on the right side of the screen and

Walk over to the window and type OPEN THE WINDOW.

Then, type CLIMB OUT.

Once you step out onto the fire escape, walk over to the left and you'll
tumble down into the dumpster below.

Once you land in the filth below, type GET THE HAMMER.

(And so ends the first part of your adventure in this seedy little city.
You've lost your virginity, but that no longer feels like enough. Larry
will continue his search for true happiness in the City of Lost Wages. 
The next lucky lady on Larrys list is a chick by the name of Fawn.)


|        Falling For Fawn         |------------------------------------

(As you search continues for just the right lady, it occurs to you that
you could use some more funds. It's always been your personal slogan 
that "work is for suckers", so getting a job is out of the question. The
only other place in town to make any money is the local Casino, so that
will be Larry's next stop. So for starters, let's get out of this trash
and into to some more enjoyable surroundings.)

Type GET OUT to exit the dumpster.

Walk left one screen to step back out infront of the bar.

Type CALL A CAB so you can catch a ride to the casino.

When it pulls up to you, type GET IN.

After he asks you where you want to to, type CASINO.

When the taxi cab comes to a complete stop, type PAY HIM and then GET OUT

Go right one screen.

Walk up to the man in the brown trench coat.


Then go left one screen again.

Wait for a man wearing a barrel to show up on screen. When he does come
into view, type BUY AN APPLE

(If he doesn't show up, walk right one scrren and then walk back. Sooner
or later he has to show up.)

Now, enter the casino behind you.

Walk over to the card table on the left and type SIT.

(Now, we're gonna do a little cheating. Right now you need to save your
game. Then, starting gambling, but only save the game if you make money.
If you lose any money, just restore your last game. Use this system to 
easily make some moeny. Stop playing when you  reach about $200.00)

When you've made enough money, type LEAVE to exit the blackjack game.

Now, go up one screen.

Walk up to the small light gray cylinder a few steps ahead of you and

(You'll pick up a free pass to the local disco, which is your next
destination in the search for love.)

Walk up to the yellow cabaret sign and then turn right.

Walk up to the chair on the lower-right corner of the screen and type 

(You'll score an extra point for sitting on a whoppe cushion, and get a
chance to hear a few bad jokes. You don't have to stick around, but it 
can be good for a laugh.)

When you think you've heard enough from this guy, type GET UP, and then
walk out of this room using the door in the lower-left corner of the 

Go down two screens to exit the casino.

Step out onto the blue sidewalk and type CALL A CAB.

When it pulls in front of you, type GET IN.

Next, tell him to take you to the conveinence store by typing STORE.

When you arrive at your destination, type PAY HIM and then type GET OUT

Walk into the store, and up to the shelf that is closest to the door.


(You just got a copy of "Jugs" magazine.)


Walk over to the counter and type BUY MAGAZINE

Walk back out of the store, and then over to the blue payphone.

Type USE THE PHONE, and enter in the number 209 683-6858.

Now, go right one screen.

Walk up to the disco club and type SHOW THE CARD

(You'll use the "borrowed" membership card to get past the bouncer and
gain access to the swingn' disco club.)

Now, walk up the stairs that lead in.

Walk up the small staircase on the right side of the room and up to the
empty chair.


Type LOOK AT HER two times.

Then, type TALK TO HER five times

When she starts to talk about "not being able to say no to presents",


For your final gift, type GIVE HER THE RING

Now, type DANCE, then type GET UP, and then walk over onto the dance 
floor on the upper-left corner of the screen.

(You and Fawn will move out to the dance floor, and you'll get to watch
 Larry get down. No, not _that_ kind of "get down, I mean dancing you 
 little pervert.)

When the little dance scene is done, walk back over to the table and 

When you're seated again, type LOOK AT FAWN

When Fawn asks you for a hundred dollars, type GIVE HER THE MONEY

When Fawn has left the room, type GET UP

Now, exit the disco club and walk out to the edge of the blue sidewalk.


When it pulls up type GET IN, and then once inside type Casino.

When you get there, type PAY HIM and then type GET OUT.

Once you've stepped out into the street, enter into the Casino.

Walk up to the blackjack table and type SIT DOWN.

(Once again, you need to use the same strategy for making money as you
did earlier. You can stop playing cards once you're reached about $200)

When you've made enough money, type LEAVE, walk back out of the casino 
and then go right one screen.

Walk up to the brown door to the wedding chappel.

Type OPEN DOOR, walk up to Fawn and the preacher, and then type GET

(You'll watch a quick little wedding ceremony. Sorry Ladies, Larry is
no longer on the single's scene. But something tells you that no one
is concerned, oh well...)

When the quick little ceremony is done, exit the chappel by going down
one screen.

Once outside, go left one screen and enter into the Casino.

When you get inside the Casino, go up one screen and walk into the

While standing inside the elevator, type PRESS FOUR

(You'll take a brief ride up the elevator shaft and arrive on the 4th 

When you get to that floor, exit the elevator and walk over to the door
that is decorated with a small pink heart.

(This is the honeymoon suite, and your dearly beloved is waiting inside.)

When standing directly in front of the door, type KNOCK

Walk over to the other side of the bed and up to the small gray box.


Wait a few seconds for a commercial to come on.

(You just heard an ad for a local alcohol delivery service. You know
the drill; if you wanna score you're going to need a little wine to set
the right mood. So now, we need to go to the payphone outside the store
and order some wine for your hotel room.)

Walk over to the door on the right side of the room and type OPEN DOOR

Walk into the elevator and type PRESS ONE

When you reach the bottom floor, walk out of the elevator and go down
two screens to exit the casino/hotel.

Walk out to the edge of the blue sidewalk and type CALL A CAB

When the taxi pulls up, type GET IN and then type STORE

When you make it there, type PAY HIM and then type GET OUT

Walk up to the payphone and type USE THE PHONE

Enter in the number 555-8039. When it asks you what you want to buy,
type WINE. When it asks you where to deliver it, type HONEYMOON SUITE.

(The wine will be waiting for you at the hotel room, so we'd better get
going back. I don't know how much longer she can wait!)


When it pulls up, type GET IN. When he asks you where you want to go,

When the cab arrives at the Casino, type PAY HIM and then type GET OUT

Enter into the Casino, and then go up one screen.

Enter into the elevator and type PRESS FOUR

When you reach the 4th floor, walk over to the honeymoon suite and type

Once you've entered, walk over to Fawn and type TALK TO FAWN

(She'll encourage you to pour some wine)

Walk over to the wine bottle on the mantle and type POUR THE WINE

Now, walk right up to Fawn and type STRIP.

(Another censored sign will pop up as you lay down with Fawn. Sadly,
this night will not at all be what you expected. Apparently, she had 
much more sinister plans in mind. All you're gonna lose this time is
your money and your dignity. When it's all over, you're tied down to a
bed and your "true-love" is running out the door.)


(You are now free of your kinky little entanglement)


(And so ends Larry's short stint in marriage. You figured you marriage
was gonna last at least 24-hours, but I guess you and her just weren't
meant to be. Oh well, pull your self together Larry, the night's not 
over yet!)


|      An Evening with Eve        |------------------------------------

(Don't quit now, you're at the final section of your night-life 
adventure. You need to get some money together before you can continue,
so you'd better get to work down in the casino. Hopefully, your next
date will go a little more "smoother".)

For starters, walk over to the brown door on right wall and type OPEN 

Walk into the elevator, and type PRESS ONE

Once again, walk up to the blackjack table and use that little cheating
system that I showed you earlier. Except this time, dont' stop  at 200
dollars. Instead, play  until you've reached the Casino's limit, which
is 250 dollars.

Then, go down one screen to exit the Casino.

Walk to the edge of the blue sidewalk and type GET A CAB

When it shows up, walk over to it and type GET IN.

Then, tell him to take you to the bar

When he gets there, type PAY HIM and then type GET OUT

When you get there, walk up to the red door and type OPEN DOOR

Next, walk over to the door on the right and type KNOCK

When he asks you for the password, type KEN SENT ME

Once inside the back room, walk around the pimp watching TV and go up
the stairs.

When you get upstairs, walk over to the window and type CLIMB OUT



(You will secure yourself to the railing as you reach for the bottle of
pills on the other window sill. Then, you notice the window is locked
from the inside.)


(You'll break the window open using the hammer)


(You just picked up a bottle of "Spanish Fly", which is a powerful
aphrodisiac incase you know.)



Walk over to the left side of the fire escape, and fall into the
dumpster below you.

Once you've landed, type GET OUT.

Then go left one screen and out to the edge of the blue sidewalk.

Type CALL A CAB, and when it pulls up, type GET IN

Type CASINO to head back to the hotel at the Casino.

When you get there, type PAY HIM and then type GET OUT

Enter into the Casino, and go up one screen.

Step into the elevator and type PRESS EIGHT

Once you reach the eighth floor, walk over to the woman standing at the
small table LOOK AT HER

Type TALK TO HER until you get a message refering to a "medical


While you're still standing at the yellow table, type PRESS BUTTON

(You will open up the private elevator behind you, which leads up to
someone's private penthouse.)

Walk over to and enter the elevator you just opened.

When you get to the top, walk out of the elevator and over to the back

From there, turn right.

(You just entered someone's zebra-skinned bedroom)

Walk over to the brown closet door on the right wall and type OPEN DOOR

Enter the closet and type LOOK



Now, as pathetic as it sounds, type FUCK THE DOLL two times

(You'll try to hump the doll, but instead you will accidentley pop a
hole in it. Watch as Larry runs after it in sad desperation.)

Follow the doll, which will lead you to a woman lying in a bubbling

Walk up to her, as if you need to be told to do that, and type LOOK AT

(She'll invite you into the jaccuzzi with her)

Now, type GET NAKED

(You'll take off your stylish suit, and hop right into the tub)

And for a little added fun, type TURN OFF BUBBLES to catch a quick peek

Finally, type GIVE HER THE APPLE

(That's it, your mission is complete and you've finally scroed with a
real lady. Both your big heart and your little head are satisfied, what
more could you ask for. Now you can watch the fireworks go off, and 
catch a little message from Ken Williams. Congratulations Larry, you 
should be proud of yourself.)

|-V.------------------------ THE POINT LIST --------------------------|

There are a total of 222 points to be earned in this game, and this
list will teach you how to ge every last one of them. Points are earned
each time you do something right in the game. Also, there are a few 
extra little things that you cando to earn extra points. 
Understand? Good, the here they are...

==-Looking for Love at Lefty's-==

Buy the whiskey-------------------1 point
Get the rose from the hallway-----1 point
Give the whiskey to the drunk-----2 points
Find the password-----------------2 points
Pick up the diamond ring----------2 points
Use the bathroom------------------1 point
Turn on the television------------3 points
Turn to the porno movie-----------8 points
Take a trip in the taxi-----------1 point
Look at the payphone--------------1 point
Call the sex hotline--------------2 points
Buy a box of wine-----------------1 point
Buy a condom----------------------1 point
Answer the payphone---------------5 points
Give the bum the box of wine------5 points
Put on the condom-----------------1 point
Climb into bed with the hooker----11 points
Remove the condom-----------------1 point
Pick up the box of candy----------2 points
Pick up the hammer----------------3 points


==-Falling For Fawn-==
Buy the apple from the man--------3 points
Talk to the trench-coat man-------1 point
Find the disco pass---------------1 point
Buy a copy of "Jugs" magazine-----1 point
Read the "Jugs" magazine----------1 point
Call Sierra On-Line---------------5 points
Show the card to the bouncer------5 points
Sit down next to Fawn-------------1 point
Look at Fawn two times------------1 point
Talk to Fawn----------------------1 point
Give Fawn the box of candy--------5 points
Give Fawn the rose----------------5 points
Give Fawn the diamond ring--------1 point
Dance with Fawn-------------------5 points
Give Fawn the money---------------7 points
Get married to Fawn--------------12 points
Hear liquor ad on the radio-------5 points
Call "Ajax Liquor"----------------5 points
Cut yourself free of the ropes---10 points
Pick up the rope------------------3 points


==-An Evening With Eve-==
Get the bottle of pills-----------8 points
Give the bottle to Faith----------5 points
Enter into the private elevator---5 points
Get the inflatable doll-----------5 points
Inflate the doll------------------5 points
Try to fuck the doll--------------8 points
Give Eve the apple---------------15 points
Get into bed with Eve------------25 points
                          Total 222 points

|-IV.-------------------- THE EASTER EGG LIST ------------------------|

An easter egg, in this case, is something funny that is put in a game, 
movie, or TV show purposely to be found by the viewer. It could be an 
inside joke that you may have missed, or something you would only see 
if you knew exactly what you were looking for. Got it? Good, then here 
they are...

1. The password "Ken Sent Me" probably refers to the head of Sierra
On-Line at that time, Ken Williams.

2. When Larry sits down on the toilet he reads "The Ball Street
Journal", which is an obvious joke on the business newspaper "The Wall
Street Journal".

3. One of the channels you will change the TV to, which gets a funny
reaction from Larry, appears to be an episode of the show  "Mr. Rogers"

4. Larry doesn't seem to worry about where that guy wearing the barrel
is keeping those apples at.

5. At the time this game was made, the number (209) 683-858 really was
the phone number for Sierra On-Line.

6. Everyone else in the disco looks exactly like Larry; this must be a
big hangout for losers and very desperate women.

7. For a very unpleasant surprise, take a closer look at the hooker
before you screw her.

8. Am I the only one that finds it odd that Eve has a inflatable woman
in her closet?

9. You probably already noticed it, but there is an obvious biblical
reference at the end of the game. Only this time, it is a man who is
giving an apple to a woman named Eve.

10. Only when you are standing in the main Casino elevator, and you
type SING, Larry will start singing the song "Strangers in the Night".

11. If you stand around outside for too long, a dog will walk up to you
and take a quick piss on your leg.

|-VII.------------------------ IN CLOSING ----------------------------|

My e-mail address is at the top of this document, please e-mail me if 
there are any corrections that need to be made or any missing 
information that I need to fill in.

If you found this guide useful, you may also want to check out my 
walkthroughs for other classic Sierra games, including one for the VGA
version of this game.

Also, don't forget to voice your opinion of this FAQ by using the 
GameFAQs.com FAQ-rating system

|-VIII.--------------------- SPECIAL THANKS --------------------------|

Thank you Sierra On-Line for making this, and all of the other classic
adventure games.

A special thanks goes out to the FAQ writer THayes. I used the point
list from his guide for reference as I made my  walkthrough, and it
was very helpful to me. THayes is a great writer, particularly in the
field of classic Sierra games, and you should definately check out his
work. Thanks again Hayes!

Thank you IGN for posting this on your website www.IGN.com

Thank you CjayC for hosting this, and all my other FAQs, guides, and
codes on your site www.GameFAQs.com

And finally, thank YOU very much for reading this FAQ. I really hoped
it helped you out.

|-IX.------------------------ FAQ HISTORY ----------------------------|

5/9/2003: Today, work has begun on my FAQ/Walkthrough for the game 
          Leisure Suit Larry. This is one of my favorite old games, 
          and it feels great to be writing for it.

5/10/2003: This was probably the easiest guide I've ever written. I'm
           not sure if there will be any improvements to this guide, 
           since I've covered the game completely and have a complete 
           Point List. Anyway, for now this is FAQ version 1.0

6/12/2003: IGN may now host this guide on their website

|-X.-------------------- COPYRIGHT INFORMATION -----------------------|

Since I, Michael Tyler (Reptile) wrote this document, it is protected 
by copyright law.  I do not allow anyone else to distribute this for 
any reason. As of now, I allow only www.GameFAQs.com and www.IGN.com to
publicly display this document on their websites. If you want to put 
this on your site, you must ask me first. There will be a penalty if I 
find someone using this document without my written permission. This 
document was written for personal\private use only.

Copyright 2003 Michael Tyler

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       |____|_  /\___ \|   __/|__| |__|____/\___ \
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