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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sabin Rene Figaro

Version: 3.4 | Updated: 03/31/02


VERSION: 3.4                      Thursday, March 8, 2002 at 9:29:12 PM

     _            _                           _____         _  _
    | |          (_)                         / ____|       (_)| |
    | |      ___  _  ___  _   _  _ __  ___  | (___   _   _  _ | |_
    | |     / _ \| |/ __|| | | || '__|/ _ \  \___ \ | | | || || __|
    | |____|  __/| |\__ \| |_| || |  |  __/  ____) || |_| || || |_
    |______|\___||_||___/ \__,_||_|   \___| |_____/  \__,_||_| \__|
                 | |
                 | |      __ _  _ __  _ __  _   _
                 | |     / _` || '__|| '__|| | | |
                 | |____| (_| || |   | |   | |_| |
                 |______|\__,_||_|   |_|    \__, |
                                             __/ |

      I n  t h e  L a n d  o f  t h e  L o u n g e  L i z a r d s

   This document is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Sierra. This
         document is strictly for individual or personal use.

                     Organizational Information

Game Title        :   Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
Platform          :   IBM Computer
Author            :   Sabin Rene Figaro (Jonathan McCoppin)
E-Mail            :   syrain@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger     :   Syrain
Last Modified     :   Thursday, March 8, 2002 at 9:29:12 PM
Created           :   Friday, January 21, 1994 at 5:34:43 PM
Type              :   Full Points FAQ/Walkthrough
Version           :   3.4
Document Type     :   Text (.txt)
File Name         :   GameFAQs : leisure_suit_larry_b.txt
                       Static   : lsl1.txt
Size              :   67.2 Kilobytes
Number of Pages   :   28 pages
Shameless Plug    :   http://syrain-static.cjb.net (redirect)

                          Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. My Review
  3. The Official Biography of Leisure Suit Larry
  4. Age Questions and Answers
  5. The Cast
  6. The Women of Leisure Suit Larry
  7. Things to Avoid
  8. Dying
  9. Item List
10. Frequently Asked Questions
11. Hints
12. Walkthrough
     * Lefty's Bar
     * Quiki Mart
     * Casino
     * Disco
     * Quiki Wedding
     * Casino
     * Quiki Mart
     * Casino
     * Lefty's Bar
     * Casino
13. Try These
14. Kenny's Jokes
15. Gambling Help
16. Larry's Black Book
17. Map of Lost Wages
18. Point List
19. Debugging
20. Submission Guidelines
21. Credits
22. Legal Information

1. Introduction
Welcome swingers and swingettes (is that a word?) to the first installment 
of the Leisure Suit  Larry Series! Stuck home on a Saturday night and want 
to have a little fun? Load up this game  and live your sexual fantasies 
through Larry Laffer, well...not all of them, because some of you are 

2. My Review
I remember sneaking downstairs late at night when my Dad got this game, I 
was eight. He wouldn't even let me see him play. I wondered why, so I snuck 
down and played. Of course I didn't have any idea what I was doing or what 
was going on, but I still liked it.

Now as I'm playing it, I'm nineteen. I see why my father didn't want me to 
play. This game is awesome. If you get passed the dated graphics, this game 
can be extremely fun, although most of you won't like the famous text 
parser. Anyways, the story behind Leisure Suit Larry is: A thirty-eight year 
old man changes over the course of a day. He was a geek and now he thinks 
he's sheik. He must have sex before the clock chimes at midnight or its the 
end of the line.

Graphics: 3/10
The graphics were great way back in 1987 when this game came out. Now 
they're just dated and pixilated. When the remake came out the graphics were 
awesome, everything was redrawn and most of it was animated. But I still 
like the original better, you can never beat an old classic.

Sound: 3/10
I couldn't stand the PC Speaker sounds even when I was a kid. But the music 
is good. The best times of the game are when you just sit back and listen to 
the music. It was written and performed by Al Lowe, the creator/producer, 

Difficulty: 4/10
This game isn't really difficult to get into, unless you aren't used to 
thinking things through. Most people probably won't get into the text 
parser, they might find it boring.

Control: 10/10
This is the easiest part of the game. You control Larry with the arrow keys. 
And if that's too difficult for you, then turn off the NUM lock and use the 
number pad to move Larry in eight different directions.

Fun Factor: 10/10
What can be better than wandering around a city, with access to large 
amounts of money, trying to get laid? NOTHING! Dont let anyone fool you.

Humor: 6/10
I thought this game was funny until I continued on with the series. The 
games just get funnier and funnier. This is the kind of slapstick that most 
people love.

Overall: 5/10
Maybe it would be higher if, like I said earlier, I hadn't continued with 
the rest of the games. But this game is good for a first in a series. It's 
kind of timeless. It's still funny no matter how many times you play it. 
Well, at least it is too me...

3. The Official Biography of Leisure Suit Larry
by Ralph Roberts and Al Lowe

©1997 Ralph Roberts and Al Lowe, all rights reserved

We decided (well, actually Al and Larry decided) that I should write the 
introductory chapter in this edition, just like I did in all the previous 
editions. This way, wonderfully glowing things can be said about both guys 
without them being embarrassed (not that they would be). What they don’t 
realize is that this also gives me the wonderful freedom to embarrass them 
in no small measure. You would think they’d catch on by now.
Oh well--life is good.
Besides, every man has his price and since Larry has promised me a few 
choice pages from his little black book, why not? This time he has assured 
me better pages then last time, pages where the ladies have not moved and 
left no forwarding addresses.
So, while we’re waiting for Al’s bribe... ah... anyway, please let me 
introduce Leisure Suit Larry--lover, adventurer, and all them other good 
This book is Larry’s first complete biography. Yes, that’s right, we beat 
Kitty Kelly to this one! Still, it’s a little funny, you know--it’s like she 
didn’t even try. Anyway, never mind her, she can have the lesser lights like 
Sinatra and Nancy Reagan; we’ll take our ole buddy, Larry, any day.
Larry, Larry Laffer--this is your life!
..aw... Larry... Larry? Don’t cry, Larry.

In the next chapter, we’ll have Al Lowe’s insights into the creation of 
Larry and, later on, some words from Larry himself. However, for now, let’s 
look at Larry’s "official" biography, as put out by the studio publicity 
people at Sierra On-Line in the now historical relic manuals that came with 
the first two Leisure Suit Larry adventures. We’ve dug up some more dirt... 
Er, we mean a few more facts to go with their offerings as well.
The following will bring you up to date on Larry’s life from his birth to 
the start of his first documented adventure. Here is the 
never-before-published scoop on Larry Laffer’s early life. Eat yer heart 
out, National Enquirer!
Larry Laffer at the time of his first adventure, Leisure Suit Larry in the 
Land of the Lounge Lizards, is 38 years old. He has been living with his 
mother for some years and, to all appearances, has been nothing more than a 
mild-mannered nerd. His reading material (other than the magazines he kept 
hidden under the mattress) are books like Probing Your Parallel Port, 
Compute!’s Using Turbo Basic, and The Unix Desktop Guide to Emacs. The one 
on Turbo Basic was his favorite.
He is a confirmed bachelor and, basically, terrified of women. Asking a 
good-looking lady for a date is as far beyond his courage as walking to the 
moon in nothing but a pair of Reboks. So he holes up in his room on Friday 
and Saturday nights, plays with his personal computer, and listens to his 
extensive collection of Barry Manilow, Air Supply, and Boxcar Willie 
records. He is torn between declaring Manilow or Slim Whitman as the 
greatest singer of all time, though there is also a soft spot in his heart 
for Elvis. Something about those white suits the King wore really appeals to 
ol’ Lar.
Don’t be fooled by how small he looks on your screen. In personal 
appearance, Larry is five feet, ten inches (average height). His hairline is 
beginning to recede and, worse, his head is poking up through his hair. His 
stomach is starting to win the race by pulling ahead of his chest. He 
typically wore cardigan sweaters to work, and has a different pocket 
protector for each day of the week.
Every morning, he carefully puts three felt tip pens (red, green, and black) 
in his pocket protector, along with a ball point pen (blue), a mechanical 
pencil (messy black lead), and one of those little metal rulers with inches 
on one side and centimeters on the other. He never uses any of these items, 
but feels naked without them.
Larry followed much the same sort of schedule during his school years. He 
attended a local college, majoring in computer science (natch), and lived at 
home, commuting to and from class. It was cheap, but he did miss out on all 
the swinging dorm life. "Coed" wasn’t a word Larry understood well. He was 
not even sure how many syllables it had.
His mother always fixed him the same type of lunch. Two sandwiches, an apple 
or banana (but never both), and a small cup of pudding (alternating between 
chocolate and vanilla). Thursdays were Larry’s favorite because she fixed 
him deviled ham on that day and, perhaps, this was a minor indication of 
Larry’s later blossoming.
He would pick up the brown paper bag with his lunch, walk out to his little 
rusty-red 1970 Volkswagen "Beetle," and putt-putt his way to work. Every 
morning was exactly the same series of actions. He never varied his route to 
work, and he always stopped at the "Stop" sign where Elm Street intersected 
Oak, even though you could see for six miles in either direction and there 
was never any traffic.
Before setting out on his now legendary adventuring, Larry worked for a 
small high-tech start-up company that was developing a line of artificially 
intelligent machine controls. Larry’s supervisors, when recently 
interviewed, all stated that they wished they could have given Larry some 
artificial intelligence.
However, everyone we talked to agreed that Larry was conscientious (a 
"plodder" was how it was most often put), and would keep plugging away until 
he succeeded with an assigned task. Whether devising database structures or 
making points in adventure games, this seems to be an admirable trait.
Larry would arrive at work every morning at exactly the same time, never 
early and never late. He’d walk through the door to the programmers’ office 
at precisely 8 a.m., and stroll back to his very own cubicle. You’ve seen 
how funny Larry walks in the games? Well, the people he worked with noticed 
the same thing. Every morning, as he walked cattywompus into his cubicle 
(for a definition of cattywompus, a good old Missouri word, use the PgUp, 
PgDn, Home, or End keys on your keyboard as Larry walks across the screen, 
then just think how that looked at his place of work).
He would put his brown paper lunch bag into his bottom right drawer, turn on 
his computer, and go right to work. He’d punch away at the keys until 10 
a.m., at which time he’d take the apple (or the banana) from his lunch bag 
and go on coffee break for exactly fifteen minutes, eat the apple or banana, 
and drink the one free cup of coffee the company allowed employees.
Lunch was always 30 minutes long in the same employee lounge. During lunch 
he would carefully munch both sandwiches and eat his cup of vanilla or 
chocolate pudding. Just before starting, he would always buy the same brand 
of soft drink (TAB) from the same machine against the wall of the lounge. On 
Thursdays, as he ate deviled ham, a slight smile would occasionally cross 
his face.
Anyway, Larry was pretty much tolerated by his fellow workers, and could 
have stayed with the company for as long as he wished. Nobody minded him all 
that much because no one ever noticed he was there.
Larry’s boss liked Larry a lot because he could brag to him for hours. His 
brother, as he told Larry time after time, was in the computer game biz and 
was pulling down big bucks.
Larry would just nod, do his job, and eat his lunch on time. He never 
changed and he never varied.
Essentially, Larry Laffer was boring as six-day-old lettuce.
Even Larry recognized that! He realized his life was going nowhere. Just 
meandering along. No fun at all. Besides, he wasn’t getting any.

Other than hints in the sleazy magazines he hid in his room and read late at 
night, Larry wasn’t even sure of what he was missing. All he knew was that 
the sexual revolution must have happened without him—-he hadn’t even noticed 
the recruiting offices. Larry was no draft dodger--he’d have been glad to 
have signed up for the duration.
Sex? Love? Were they the same? Were they different? Could you have one 
without the other? These were all questions Larry was desperately asking 
Watching his fellow workers only made him feel worse. Those who were married 
went home to their wives and returned the next morning with tales of married 
bliss. The ones who were divorced or otherwise unattached bragged about 
their conquests in singles’ bars. Larry would listen to them, as he sat 
alone during coffee and lunch breaks, and feel absolutely like a miserable 
and lonely loser. Which is exactly what he was, so at least his feelings 
were accurate.
It never occurred to Larry that these guys just might be exaggerating a tad 
(like out and out lying). He thought every time out on a singles foray 
resulted in (pant, pant) action. His erotic daydreams, for a change, started 
including him. And in a starring role, too--no more character gigs or even 
just being a walk-on or no-lines extra. The ratings on his dreams dropped 
from PG to PG-13, and plummeted through NC-17. Soon they begin hovering 
around the X mark!
His performance at work dropped off. Bugs began to creep into his programs 
as he lost concentration while daydreaming. They got into his desk drawer, 
too, the next day after the day he forgot to eat lunch and left his chicken 
salad and mayonnaise in there all night.
He ran the stop sign at Elm and Oak, and for once there was traffic there! A 
traffic cop who, after barely missing Larry’s red Volkswagen, happily 
proceeded to write him a ticket for unsafe movement (which brings us back to 
the way Larry walks in the Leisure Suit Larry games).
Larry found himself watching the girls at work and going down to the mall on 
Saturday afternoons. All of womankind goes to the mall Saturdays, and he 
could watch them bounce, trounce, and jiggle by, and dream his dreams. In 
there, all these gorgeous chicks couldn’t keep their hands off him. It was 
But, in the real world--the mall--he never tried to talk to any of them.
And his life just kept on getting more miserable.
Larry would sob into his pillow at night and pound it with his fist in quiet 
desperation. "I’m hornier than hell," he would whisper.
It sure wasn’t much fun. That was for sure. He was so dispirited that he 
didn’t even order the six-record set of Wayne Newton’s greatest hits offered 
on cable TV. He no longer stopped by the record store to see if there was a 
new Barry Manilow album or 8-track tape out. Larry’s Volkswagen still had an 
8-track player and he was waiting to see if cassettes were going to make it 
before switching over. CD-ROMS? Those he had not even heard of yet. Besides, 
most of the Manilow stuff he really liked was still just on 8-track, 
although some of them were quadraphonic!
Larry’s mom was the first and, alas, the only one, to notice the change in 
him. She just did not know what to do about it, though. Larry had never been 
an easy child anyway. She had given birth to him, nurtured him through his 
childhood, into adulthood, and now into what was evidently his second 
childhood. Or maybe "second puberty" would be more accurate.
All she knew for sure was that Larry was moping around like a moonstruck 
calf--lying in his room with the door closed and the stereo blaring that 
God-awful seventies music. Why couldn’t he be into heavy metal like any 
other decent kid? That and the fact she kept finding magazines such as the 
National Geographic under his bed (the ones with the topless native girls at 
least) was all very perplexing.
It was frustrating as hell to Larry’s mom. She’d had just about enough of 
him anyway. After all these sacrifices, what with his dad leaving all those 
years ago, the time had come for her to live a little. She could still 
swing, by golly.
His performance had dropped off so dramatically of late that the company 
could no longer justify his employment. So, by tragic coincidence, Larry had 
been fired from his job the very same day he moped his way home to find the 
house had been sold and a note from his mom. The note brusquely wished him 
luck and explained that she had bought herself a singles condo down in South 
"Gonna shake my booties while they can still shake," she concluded. There 
was no forwarding address given.
"You wanna get this junk outa here, like now," the real estate agent said, 
jerking Larry back to reality.
He looked at her blankly for a moment as she stood leaning against her 
snazzy red sports car.
"You don’t live here any more, dork," she explained gently. "So get the hell 
It was, indeed, a dark and tragic moment in Larry’s life.

There comes a time in the affairs of men when they decide it’s time to have 
some affairs. This was that time for Larry Laffer. His mother had not only 
run away from home, she had sold that home right out from under him! He had 
no job and no prospects for one. The heck with it, he decided. He would 
start afresh and go for the babes. Do all the things he hadn’t done yet in 
life. No problem. He’d go to, YEAH, out to Lost Wages, the sin capital of 
the West. Darn right!
Larry, under the watchful eye of the real estate lady, gathered his few 
meager possessions and packed them in the Volkswagen. There wasn’t that much 
left really. His mother had already hocked the valuable stuff like the 
stereo and his computer. He had a few computer books and some sleazy 
magazines left and, of course, his Barry Manilow collection.
With a sad but determined sigh, he drove away from the now-empty house and 
down Elm toward the center of the city. It was time for that new beginning 
and he was just the swinging dude who could pull it off. Too cool for school 
and the man the chicks dug.
He nodded. Yeah, that sounded hip. After all, how much could slang and stuff 
have changed since he was in college 20 years ago? Much? Nah. Why, he bet 
the Beatles were still together. All he needed was some boss threads to show 
how cool he was, and the girls would throw themselves at him. He smiled 
confidently as he parked in front of the Uptown-Downtown Pawn Shop, 
Delicatessen, and Night Fever Polyester Plaza. The joint was seedy in 
appearance and looked like a wasted investment, even to him.
Larry entered the shop and put all his worldly possessions on the counter.
"You got to be kiddin’ me, bub," the clerk said, rolling his stub of an 
unlit cigar to one side of his mouth, and distastefully thumbing through the 
stack of records.
"Good stuff there," Larry said confidently. "We’re talking the latest rage 
in music. It’s Manilow fer gawd’s sake. Hot, man, hot."
Know what kind of clothes you can get for an extensive Barry Manilow 
collection? Well, the shop owner was only all too glad to make an even trade 
for a white polyester leisure suit he’d had hanging there since 1973. 
Feeling just the least bit guilty, he tossed in a pile of genuine cheap 
imitation gold lacquered chains and a gift certificate for the Disco On Fire 
Health Club and Dance Spa (which he’d gotten free anyway), and a ratty, 
much--worn pair of "steppin’ out" elevator shoes.
Larry changed in the restroom and walked out of that shop a new man! No 
longer was he Larry Laffer, pathetic loser. Now he was that swinging single 
kind of guy, the great, the one, the only, Leisure Suit Larry! Another 15 
minutes at the health club just down the street, a quick visit to the barber 
shop for a "Saturday Night Fever" bouffant haircut ("guaranteed to get the 
chicks--by the truckloads"), and he was ready!
"Look out, you foxy chicks," Larry said, as he walked down the sidewalk to 
his car.
There were no chicks around, foxy or otherwise, but that didn’t keep Larry 
from trying out some cool moves, just like John Travolta in Larry’s favorite 
disco movie. After all Travolta wore a white suit, didn’t he? And how about 
ol’ Elvis, the King! Yeah, he’d be like a combination of those two hep 
cats--a dancer who could sing.
"Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive," Larry sang as he did a 360-degree twirl 
right next to his Volkswagen. The fact that young people today might not 
know who Travolta or even Elvis was did not occur to Larry. After all, these 
two are near-legends. Almost up there in the annals of all time greats like 
Barry Manilow and Slim Whitman already are. Not to mention Perry Como!
A young lady jogged by then, studiously ignoring Larry after one startled 
and incredulous glance at his leisure suit.
"Thank you," Larry said in his best Elvis imitation (which was none too 
good). "Thank you very much." He wished he had a sweat-soaked handkerchief 
or something to throw at her. That had worked wonders for Elvis. He’d have 
to learn how to sweat like Elvis. Yeah. No shortcuts!
He got in the Volkswagen Beetle and drove away. Next stop Lost Wages! Look 
out beautiful babes of the world, Leisure Suit Larry was on the prowl! 
Please take a number and wait. Thank you. Thank you very much.
"Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive," Larry sang as he gripped the car’s steering 
wheel and aimed in the direction of Lost Wages.

Lost Wages, Nevada at night looks like a huge neon dinosaur making it with 
6,000 acres of electrified sequins. That’s what struck Larry Laffer’s eyes 
as his wheezing Volkswagen topped a rise and the desert city was laid out 
before him.
This city, unlike its nearby neighbor, Las Vegas, did not even bother with 
such niceties as a Chamber of Commerce. The place existed for one reason, to 
afford a convenient grouping for businesses out to fleece suckers.
"There’s a sucker born every minute," P.T. Barnum said in the last century.
"Larry took three times longer than any normal kid to be born, the dirty 
little sucker!" his mother had often said to her sympathetic friends in this 
"Welcome to Lost Wages!" the city limits sign read, as Larry’s Beetle buzzed 
Larry knew a lot of people had come into Lost Wages in $10,000 cars and had 
left in $100,000 buses or on $2,000,000 trains. However, or so he thought, 
they were fools! They had come here to gamble and lost it all. He was a lot 
smarter; he’d just come for the chicks. Yeah. No wasting time on slot 
machines or at the blackjack tables for him. No sir.
Well... Maybe just a little. He was kind of short on cash. In fact, he’d 
spent his last ten bucks on gas and a can of breath spray a hundred miles 
back. He was broke and his credit card had just expired. Some flash money to 
impress the ladies was needed.
The first order of business then, Larry concluded as he entered the 
outskirts of the city, was to generate a more positive cash flow. Just a few 
thouand. That’s all. No sense being greedy.
He passed another sign. This one touted the great taxi service in downtown 
Lost Wages. "No need to walk, use our cheap, clean, luxurious cabs!"
There was a picture of a friendly, smiling cabbie, waving from the window of 
his late-model, shiny cab. P.T. Barnum would have loved that ad. "This way 
to the Egress, indeed," he would have chuckled.
Subtleties, however, were lost on Larry. He thought "nuance" was either some 
kind of perfume or a word applied to drunks (as in, "she made a public 
nuance of herself"). So he just accepted the sign at face value and figured 
that was the solution to his transportation problems.
A used car lot caught Larry’s eye. It was a seedy, unprosperous-looking 
place, but at least the "Open" sign was still propped in the window of the 
rusty little house trailer that served as an office. "A-1 Honest Used Cars." 
That sounded just like what he needed--an honest used-car lot. Larry still 
tended to believe everything he read.
Well, appearance didn’t matter, he decided, since the place would give him a 
good deal just like the sign said. Because Lost Wages had this fantastic cab 
service, he had no more need for the car. He’d sell it and use the money as 
table stakes to build up a real bank roll. No problem!
He turned in at the lot’s entrance, and parked next to the office. He pushed 
the creaking door open and entered to find a man, feet propped on a dusty 
desk, staring back at him with no great indication of interest.
"Business kind of slow, huh?" Larry said.
"Not anymore, mac," the man said. He reluctantly got to his feet and came 
around the desk to offer a hand to Larry. "Name’s Honest Tricky Dick; this 
here’s my lot. What can I do for you?"
Larry scratched his head. He wondered a moment about Honest Tricky Dick’s 
name, then shook it off and got down to business.
"I’ve got this great automobile, a real collector’s item..." Larry began.
Honest Tricky Dick pushed past him and looked out the window.
"Where? All I see is that ratty-looking Volkswagen. Nice, though, how the 
rust blends in with that red paint job. Har, har."
"It’s a classic," Larry said, desperately trying to remember all the used 
car jargon he could. "A real creampuff. Hardly used. Pristine condition. 
Why, just look at--"
"Yeah, yeah," Honest Tricky Dick said, unimpressed. "Looks like she’s a ’70 
or ’71, eh? Okay, the money ain’t mine anyway so I’ll buy it." He shook his 
head in disgust. "We must be on the wrong side of Lost Wages here. Har. Har. 
Everybody wants to sell, nobody ever buys."
"So," Larry said, already visualizing the several hundred big ones he’d soon 
have in his pocket, "how do you stay in business?"
"I gotta deal with a Sierra On-Line--you know, them computer game people. 
They buy my trade-ins wholesale," Honest Tricky Dick said. "Use them junkers 
in games like Police Quest. With those new VGA graphics, you can make even a 
real heap appear good. Saves a lot of production money. Har. Har."
Larry sighed. That stupid laugh was beginning to get to him. Why did he have 
the feeling he’d be hearing it a lot while here in Lost Wages?
"Yeah, well how much for my fine, vintage Volkswagen Beetle?" he asked.
"Ninety-four dollars," Honest Tricky Dick said. "Take it or leave it, and 
I’ll throw in a free ride downtown."
Well, Larry haggled like hell but Honest Tricky Dick was not budging. So he 
finally accepted it, and Honest Tricky Dick drove him downtown.
It was a seedy looking part of town they were in. Trash littered the 
streets, and dogs seemed to run wild, marking their territories with merry 
"What’re ya looking for?" Honest Tricky Dick asked.
"Women, babes, chicks--"
"Right, got ya." He pulled into the curb. "Well, here’s the right place for 
that, har, har. I come here pretty often myself. You might want to stay out 
of that dark alley over there."
"Thanks," Larry said, and got out of the car. He looked at the dive in front 
of him. It was a bar. "Lefty’s," the sign above the door read.
As Honest Tricky Dick drove away, Larry took inventory of what he had on 
him. A worn wallet with $94 in it, an as-yet unused can of breath spray, 
some pocket lint, and a wrist watch. That was it. Except for his fantastic 
leisure suit--a major chick-getting necessity!
"Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive," he sang. Then, seeing that little dog 
approaching with firm resolve in its eyes, he decided to enter the bar and 
begin his adventure.
"Hey, get away from me," he said, as the dog came even closer. He picked up 
speed and jerked open the door to the bar (how else would you expect a jerk 
to open a door?). The rest, as they say, is legend.

4. Age Questions and Answers
When booting up the game it asks your age, type whatever age you want from 
18-99. (NOTE: Type other various ages in to get funny results), questions 
are in no particular order, here are the answers:

  1. Which U.S. President was not elected to office? c) Ford
  2. Two bits is: d) the former cost for a shave and a haircut
  3. The song American Pie was about: c) a dead rock star
  4. The germ that transmits syphilis is: b) spirochete
  5. The G-Spot is supposed to be: b) a female erogenous zone
  6. Ted Kennedy is best remembered for his: ALL ANSWERS WILL BE CORRECT
  7. President Ford prescribed _____ for dealing with economic problems: b) 
  8. My parents are: d) 36 or over
  9. Making a Hole in One is: a) every golfer's dreams
10. John F. Kennedy drove a: a) PT Boat or d) Ferrari
11. Is this software pirated? c) No (how could you even ask!)
12. I have hair on my: d) lottsa places
13. Herpes is: D. fatal (if given to your spouse)
14. ERA is an abbreviation for: b) Equal Rights Amendment
15. Cesar Chavez led a boycott of: a) grapes
16. All politicians are: d) on the public payroll
17. A 747 is: c) a large airplane
18. Blackjack is: a) an ace and a face card
19. Detente is: d) a policy to replace war
20. G. Gordan Liddy was associated with: d) the plumbers
21. I find computer games with adult content: b) acceptable
22. It is customary to tip about: c) 15 per cent
23. Kookie's address was: a) 77 Sunset Strip
24. Michael Doonesbury founded: b) Walden Puddle Commune
25. Paul, John, Ringo and: b) George
26. Sex is: a) great
27. The East Coast is: a) home of the Mets
28. The last name of Annette (on the original Mickey Mouse Club) was: c) 
29. There are about _____ calories in a can of beer: b) 150
30. When playing Monopoly you: b) must own four houses before building a 
31. Which one of these was not a war? c) Chinese
32. Who lost a daughter but gained a meathead? c) Archie Bunker
33. Who was not an astronaut? a) John Milton
34. Who made a record album with a cover that looked like a pair of blue 
jeans, complete with a working zipper? a) Rolling Stones
35. Which is not in Hawaii? c) Fiji
36. When it's noon in California in August, in St. Louis it's: b) 2:00 p.m.
37. The term Working Girl refers to: b) a lady of negotiable virtue
38. The first man on the moon was: c) Neil Armstrong
39. The Chicago Seven was: d) partially convicted
40. Ronald Regan's co-star in Bedtime for Bonzo was: a) a monkey
41. O.J. Simpson is: d) no one to fool with
42. Marlon Brando is: b) an actor
43. Jo DiMaggio played: b) baseball
44. In Westworld, where nothing can go wrong, guests were entertained by: c) 
45. How many programmers does it to screw in a light bulb? ALL ARE CORRECT 
46. During the 70's, Carroll O'Connor portrayed: b) lovable bigot
47. Calvin Klein is: c) a clothing designer
48. A hard disk is: a) better than a floppy
49. Canada is: ALL ARE CORRECT
50. Former Congressman Wilbur Mills went for a dip in the Tidal Basin with: 
d) a 20 year old secretary
51. If Bo Derek were here, I'd ask her to: d) stop playing computer games
52. Joan Rivers is: c) a former talk show hostess
53. Martha Mitchell was: c) the outspoken wife of an attorney general
54. Peter Benchley's novel Jaws was about: d) sharks
55. The 1973 album Dark Sid of the Moon was recorded by: a) Pink Floyd
56. The first Negro to play Major League Baseball was: a) Jackie Robinson
57. The world is: b) spherical
58. Which is non-alcoholic? c) perrier
59. Who has not been a U.S. Attorney General? b) Sam Shepard
60. Who was banned from Saturday Night Live because he lost a telephone 
poll? d) Andy Kaufman
61. Whips, chains and handcuffs are: a) kinky
62. Where's the: c) beef?
63. The slogan It takes two hands to handle a whopper refers to: b) a 
64. The best pick-up line is: b) want to go for a ride in my Porsche?
65. Sergeant Pepper was: c) the leader of the Lonely Heats Club Band
66. My sex life is best described as: c) none of your business
67. Las Vegas is famous for: c) gambling
68. In the movie, Paint Your Wagon, Clint Eastwood sang: a) I Talk to the 
69. How many molecules are in a glass of water? d) as many as there are 
glasses of water in the hole world
70. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is about: c) creatures from outer 
71. A nehru jacket is: b) out of date
72. A Macintosh is: ALL ARE CORRECT
73. Do girls really have cooties? b) no
74. I am presently: d) past puberty
75. John Belushi was on: d) Saturday Night Live
76. My boss is: d) responsible for my paycheck
77. Spiro Agnew is: c) a former Vice President
78. The largest state is: b) Alaska
79. Tom Hayden is: c) Mr. Jane Fonda
80. Which is not an American armed force? d) the National League
81. Who was NOT in the movie Easy Rider? d) Karen Carpenter
82. Which is not a wine? b) Bon Aire
83. Tiptoe Through the Tulips was recorded by: c) Tiny Tim
84. The first baseball player to challenge the reserve clause was: c) Curt 
85. Richard Nixon was the _____ President of the United States: c) 
86. Mohammed Ali is a: c) a professional boxer
87. James Brown is often referred to as: d) the Godfather of Soul
88. Gone With the Wind is about: c) four hours long
89. Bourbon Street is in: d) New Orleans, Louisiana
90. A moon is: ALL ARE CORRECT
91. Edsel is a: c) car
92. It's not nice to fool: b) Mother Nature
93. My favorite actor is: d) not listed here
94. The American television debut of Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Elvis, and the 
Beatles was on: a) The Ed Sullivan Show
95. The tackiest seventies fashion was: ALL ARE CORRECT BUT D
96. Which is not a currency? c) fennel
97. Who was not Vice-President of the United States in 1973-74? c) Thomas 
98. Which is not a mountain range? a) Cayman
99. Thomas Eagleton was dropped from the 1972 Democratic Nation Ticket when 
knowledge of his previous _____ treatments became known: c) shock
100. The Atlantic and Pacific Ocean are connected by the: a) Panama Canal
101. Mork was from the planet: a) Ork
102. In some personal ads, TV stands for: d) Terre-Voracic
103. Doonesbury's Uncle Duck is based on: b) Hunter S. Thompson
104. A result of Watergate was: c) Richard Nixon quit
105. Herb Alpert and the _____ Brass: a) Tijuana
106. Lee Harvey Oswald killed: c) John Fitzgerald Kennedy
107. Richard Nixon was: d) a President
108. The most populous city in the United States is: c) New York
109. Who is not a famous musician? d) Steve Garvey
110. Who wrote To be, or not to be? a) Bill Shakespeare
111. Which song was not recorded by Elvis? c) What'd I Say
112. The most effective form of birth control is: a) abstinence
113. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled: c) peppers
114. James Earl Jones was the voice of: c) Darth Vader in Star Wars
115. Charlie McCarthy and: d) Edgar Bergen
116. Al Lowe is: c) never carded
117. If a physician were stranded on a desert island with Bo Derek, he would 
probably: d) thank god
118. Pia Zadora is: ALL ARE CORRECT
119. Utah is full of: d) none of the above
120. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? b) The Shadow
121. The drink Screwdriver contains: b) orange juice
122. Lucy, Ricky, Fred and: d) Ethel
123. Frank Sinatra is a: c) Saloon Singer
124. Angela Davis is: b) a failed politician
125. Kwi-Chang-Caine became famous by saying: d) aaaaaiiijeeeaagggh!
126. The Mile-High Club is: d) open to those who have performed aerial 
acrobatics inside a       plane's rest room
127. Which is not a city in Mexico? c) San Diego
128. Ralph Boysen invented: b) fins on 50's cars
129. IBM stands for: b) International Business Machines
130. Bonnie and: b) Clyde
131. Mel Brooks is: c) a comedian
132. What was illegal during Prohibition? b) alcohol
133. Which is not a car? d) Toshiba
134. Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? d) Mrs. Grant
135. Lingerie is: a) sexy
136. Captain Kangaroo's sidekick was: d) Mr. Greenjeans
137. Oral Roberts is: an evangelist
138. Does a pair of queens beat three deuces? a) yes, in Blackjack
139. The 70's practice of running around naked was called: b) streaking
140. Which U.S. Secretary of State was born in Germany? b) William Rogers
141. Hugh Hefner is usually photographed in: d) pajamas
142. Elizabeth Taylor is: a) an actress
143. VCR stands for: d) Video Cassette Recorder
144. If you arrived at a party wearing your birthday suit, you would: d) it 
depends on the party
145. The most likely place to find virgins is: c) St. Mary's Girls School
146. Let It Be was recorded by: d) The Beatles
147. Which is not a baseball team? c) Seahawks
148. NORML is: c) trying to legalize marijuana
149. The leader of Nazi Germany was: d) Adolph Hitler
150. Johnny Carson is: c) Ed Mcmahon's sidekick
151. Who was the inventive genius behind the Apple Computer? b) Steve 
152. President Eisenhower's nickname was: c) Ike
153. Who was not a politician? c) W.C. Fields
154. Taxes should be: c) unchanged
155. Who starred in Bedtime for Bonzo? d) Ronal Reagan
156. Which is not a cheese? d) Reisling
157. Who spends the most time in Las Vegas? b) Wayne Newton
158. Who is not a mass murderer? d) Timothy Leary
159. Who is not a sportscaster? c) Jayne Mansfield

After you enter your age you can bypass the questions by pressing <ALT+X>

5. The Cast
  Larry Laffer       :   That's you, meathead.
  Blackjack Dealer   :   Ordinary Blackjack Dealer.
  Black Dog          :   All he wants is to pee on you.
  Bum                :   All he wants is some booze.
  Cab Driver         :   Ordinary Cab Driver
  Cabaret Combic     :   Ordinary Comic
  Cabaret Drummer    :   Da Do Che. The Comic's drummer.
  Casino Gamblers    :   They belong in Gambler's Anonymous
  Cop                :   Hm...just a cop.
  Disco Bouncer      :   Bit guy.
  Drunk              :   Don't kick him in the balls.
  Flasher            :   Hm...he shows you his goods.
  Guy in Barrel      :   Steve Wozniak founder of Apple Computers.
  Kenny              :   Why won't he shut up?
  Ken Williams       :   Heh...
  Lefty              :   Owner of the Bar.
  Minister           :   Kind of looks familiar doesn't he?
  Mugger             :   Kicks your ass if you step in the alley.
  Pimp               :   He always reminds me of Fat Albert.
  Quiki-Mart Cashier :   Normal Middle-East guy.

6. The Girls of Leisure Suit Larry
  Bar Woman     :   Ordinary bar crawler.
  BlowUp Doll   :   You begin to...uh...like this doll, until it...er...she 
gets caught on a nail and goes flying out of the building.
  Cabaret Girls :   Dancing girls.
  Eve           :   They love of Larry's life. She actually WANTS to have 
sex with you!
  Faith         :   She seems to like Spanish Fly, and she leaves the 
Penthouse unguarded to go have sex with her boyfriend.
  Fawn          :   You marry Fawn, but she turns on Larry, robs him and 
ties him to the bed.
  Hooker        :   Larry loses his virginity to this hooker above Lefty's 

7. Things to Avoid
By doing any of the following you cannot complete the game.
  a) Not marrying Fawn (she'll leave and never come back)
  b) Give a person an item your not supposed too
  c) Eat the Apple
  d) Get tied to the bed without buying and giving wine to homeless person 
(no knife)

8. Dying
You should watch all of these at least once, although save before it.
  a) Walk into "Bad Alley"
  c) Walk into the street
  e) Call a taxi and tell him to go home
  f) Steal from the Quiki-Mart
  g) Buy and keep wine (don't give to homeless man)
  h) Have sex with hooker without protection
  j) Ride in taxi and get out without paying
  k) Still be a virgin by midnight
  m) Have sex and keep "lubber" on
  n) LEAN OVER the fire escape without the rope

9. Item List
(In order from debug numbers)

(debug number) Item
  Where found

(1) Wallet
   It's obvious, finding the Sierra On-Line phone number
   With you from the start
(2) Breath Spray
   It's obvious
   With you from the start, buy more at Quiki Mart when you run out
(3) Pocket Lint
   None (it was an inside joke)
   With you from the start
(4) Wrist Watch
   Reminds you to have sex before midnight
   With you from the start
(5) Apple
   GIVE to Eve
   Naked Barrel man at Casino
(6) Diamond Ring
   Impress Fawn with it
   Bathroom sink in Lefty's
(7) Whiskey
   Give do drunk outside Lefty's bathroom
   Lefty's Bar
(8) Remote Control
   Turn and change channel on TV in pimps room (distracts him)
   Drunk in Lefty's Bar
(9) Rose
   Impress Fawn with it
   Lefty's Bar
(10) Prophylactic (condom, lubber)
   It's obvious
   Buy at Quiki Mart
(11) Used Prophylactic
   Remove so you don't get arrested
   Figure it out
(12) Candy Box
   Impress Fawn with it
   Pimps bedroom at Lefty's Bar
(13) Inflatable Doll
   Find Eve with it
   Penthouse closet
(14) Disco Pass
   It's obvious
   Casino Lobby ashtray
(15) Pocket Knife
   Cut rope in Honeymoon Suite
   The homeless man outside Quiki Mart (give him wine)
(16) Bottle of Wine
   Give homeless guy outside Quiki Mart
   Buy at Quiki Mart
(17) "Jugs" Magazine
   Read to learn how to tie yourself to a balcony
   Buy at Quiki Mart
(18) Left-handed Hammer
   Smash window
   Dumpster behind Lefty's
(19) Pills
   Give to Faith
   Alley window
(20) Rope
   Tie yourself to balcony
   Honeymoon Suite

10. Frequently Asked Questions
This section is dedicated to all the questions people have asked me over the 

   1) Where can I find this game?
      The only legal way to attain this game would be to go out and get the 
"Leisure Suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure Pack." You get Larry 1, the Larry 1 
Remake, Larry 2, Larry 3, Larry 5, Larry 6, Larry 7, the Laffer Utilities, 
Larry's Casino and the all-text SoftPorn adventure.

   2) Is there a way you can bypass the age questions?
      Yes, just push ALT+X at the question screen.

   3) Which is better: The Original of the Remake?
      That is really an opinion question. I like the original.

   4) I keep going into the cabaret but the comedian isn't there.
      The only thing I can say is restart.

   5) That naked barrel guy isn't there.
      Walk into and out of the casino until he appears. If he doesn't appear 
then restart.

   6) What are all the games in the Leisure Suit Larry Series?
      1st) Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
      2nd) Leisure Suit Larry 2: Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several 
Wrong Places)
      3rd) Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the 
Pulsating Pectorals
      4th) There isn't a Leisure Suit Larry 4. Nobody knows the true story 
but Al Lowe gives it as this, "I jealously guard [it] here at my home and 
play only on fifth Thursdays." Most believe that since at that time a game 
series had never gone four games that it might be bad luck, so Al and his 
crew just skipped four and went straight to five.
      5th) Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover 
      6th) Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shap up or Slip Out!
      7th) Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail
      Other) Leisure Suit Larry's Casino and The Laffer Utilities, which is 
not really a game.

11. Hints
Want to figure out the game by yourself, but you're stuck? Just search this 
section. The answers are written backwards.

Lefty's Bar
  1) How do I get into that locked door?
  Hint: You seem to need a password. Have you seen any writing on the walls 
in Lefty's?
  Answer: ".eM tneS neK" s'ti ,llats moorhtab eht no nettirw si drowssap heT

  2) Where do I get the whiskey?
  Hint: It is a bar. Where would you get booze?
  Answer: .rab eht ta ti redrO

Fire Escape
  1) How do I get that bottle in the next window?
  Hint: You need to lean over the railing, but you can't reach it without 
  Hint: Do you have something to secure yourself to the railing?
  Answer: .liar eht REVO NEAL tsuj nehT .gniliar eht neht dna flesruoy ot 
epor eht eiT

  2) I've tied the rope to my waist. What now?
  Hint: Considering you've tied it to your waist what can you tie it too 
  Answer: .liar eht ot epor eht eiT

  3) I'm leaning over but I can't open the window.
  Hint: You'll have to break it.
  Answer: .wodniw eht kaerb ot taht esu ,retspmud eht eht ni si remmah A

  1) What do I need to get Fawn to leave with me?
  Hint: You must impress her. What can you get to impress her?
  Hint: Didn't you find something in Lefty's Bathroom?
  Hint: Didn't you find something in Lefty's hallway?
  Hint: Didn't you find something in the hookers room?
  Hint: What do people do at a disco club?
  Answer: .ecnad ot reh ksa dna ydnac eht ,esor eht ,gnir dnomaid eht reh 

  2) Where do I get a pass to get in?
  Hint: Have you visited the Lobby in the Casino?
  Answer: .yarthsa eht ni si ssap ehT

  1) I found a Jugg's magazine, what's it for?
  Hint: Have you looked at it? Have you read it?
  Answer: .sgniliar ot sevlesmeht eit srehsaw wodniw woh uoy llet enizagam 

  1) How can I get money quick?
  Answer: Check out my Gambling section.

  2) Fawn tied me up! How do I get out?
  Hint: Did you give some wine to the bum?
  Hint: He gave you something didn't he?
  Answer: nobbir eht tuc ot efink eht seU

12. Walkthrough
Words in CAPS means to type it in. I don't mention it but talk to everybody. 
When someone comments on your breath, USE SPRAY. When you have under $50 
dollars always go to the casino and replenish your funds.

Lefty's Bar
Leisure Suit Larry 1 begins with you standing outside Lefty's Bar.
Walk to empty chair
Walk to hallway
Walk to table
Walk to drunk
Walk to door
Walk to toilet
READ WALLS 4 times
Walk to sink
Walk back to main bar room
Walk to door
When prompted for password you can either type KEN SENT ME or AL SENT ME
Walk upstairs
Walk to table
Walk to window
Walk to the left of the fire escape
Walk back to the bar entrance
Walk to taxi

Quiki Mart
Answer questions to your satisfaction
Go in store
Walk to back shelves
Walk to magazines
Walk to clerk
Get your favorite condoms
Walk outside
Walk to phone
Wait around for homeless guy
Walk to taxi

Walk inside
Gamble until you break the bank ($250)
Walk to lobby
Walk to ashtray
Walk to Cabaret (If a man isn't telling jokes walk out and back in until 
he's there)
Walk to lower-right chair
Walk to entrance of Casio
Walk to taxi

Walk inside
Walk to empty chair by blond
When done walk back to chair
GIVE HER MONEY (now would be a good time to go back to casino)
Walk to taxi

Quiki Wedding
Walk to man so he flashes
Walk into chapel
Walk to alter
GET MARRIED (must have at least $100)
Walk outside
Walk left to casino (might want to gamble again)

Walk inside
Walk to lobby
Walk to elevator
Walk to left-most door (the one with the heart)
Walk to radio
Wait until you hear ad about Ajax Liquor
Walk out of room
Walk to elevator
Walk out of casino
Walk to taxi

Quiki Mart
Walk to taxi

There should be a naked man walking around wearing a barrel.
Walk in casino
Walk to lobby
Walk to elevator
Walk to room with heart door
Walk in
She ties you up
Gamble again until you have $250 (always saver than sorry)
Walk outside
Walk to taxi

Lefty's Bar
Walk up to door
Walk over to door
Walk upstairs
Walk to front side of bed
Walk to window
Walk all the way to the right
Walk to the left
Walk to front of Lefty's
Walk to taxi

Walk in
Walk to lobby
Walk to elevator
Walk to woman
Walk through the door that appears
Walk up and to the right
Walk to closet
Walk in closet
USE DOLL twice or USE DOLL and YES
Walk to hot tub

Congratulations you beat Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge 

13. Try These
In front of Lefty's

While at Lefty's
  a) Walk in between the drunks legs
  e) FLUSH TOILET in bathroom
  g) THROW UP next to toilet in bathroom
  h) TIP LEFTY while seated at bar
  j) LOOK IN MIRROR in bathroom
  k) USE KEY while standing next to the pimps door
  l) LOOK AT SINK after taking the ring, follow the directions

Pimps Room
  a) LOOK TV every time after you change the channel
  b) CHANGE CHANNEL before the tv program is announced
  e) LOOK UP

Hookers Room
  a) SCREW BITCH next to the bed
  d) SMELL

Fire Escape


Outside Quiki Mart

  a) Watch the drummer do his magic act while sitting in the Cabaret
  b) LOOK AT PLANTS on bottom floor by the elevator

Outside Casino/TALK to Barrel Man
  c) ASK LAST NAME (he's the founder of Apple Computers)

In Cab
  a) LOOK AT CABBIE then
  c) *SAVE GAME FIRST* Tell the cabbie TAKE ME HOME

Outside Disco



  a) When outside LOOK AT BUILDING
  b) LOOK AT PAINTINGS (Mark Crowe is a Sierra Employee)
  d) While on the first screen LOOK AT RUG
  e) When in the hot tub TURN OFF BUBBLES


14. Kenny's Jokes
In no particular order.
A recently recruited lumberjack was bemoaning the lack of female 
companionship at his new outpost in the North Woods. He asked the foreman 
what the other men do. The foreman replied, "Up on the hill behind that shed 
is a barrel with a knothole in its side. Most of the guys use that."
The lumberjack said he could never do that and walked away. But, after a few 
more lonely weeks, he changed his mind, and late one night, headed up the 
hill. There, behind the shed, he found the barrel and tried the knothole. To 
his surprise, he found it quite pleasant, in fact, very enjoyable. Over 
breakfast the next morning, he remarked to the foreman, "Say, that barrel is 
truly amazing! Does this mean that any night I want to, I can just go behind 
the shed and use that barrel?"
"Any night but Thursdays," the foreman replied.
"Why not Thursdays?" asked the lumberjack.
The foreman replied, "cause Thursday's your night in the barrel!"

A rabbi, a Hindu and a lawyer were driving late one night, far out in the 
country, when their car ran out of gas. They noticed a farmhouse nearby and 
knocked on the door. The farmer said he would be glad to run them to the 
nearest gas station, but since it has closed for the evening long ago, they 
were welcome to spend the night with him. He apologized that he only had two 
beds, so one of the three would have to sleep on the hay pile out in the 
barn. The three quickly agreed it would be far better than sleeping in their 
The rabbi kindly volunteered to sleep in the barn, giving the beds to his 
two companions. But after only ten minutes, there was a knock on the bedroom 
door. There stood the rabbi, exclaiming, "I can't sleep in the barn; there's 
a pig out there. It's against my religion to sleep with pigs!"
So the Hindu volunteered to sleep in the barn, as he had no religious 
problems with pigs. But after only five minutes, again there was a knock on 
the bedroom door. There stood the Hindu, exclaiming, "I can't sleep in that 
barn; there's a cow out there! It's against my religion to sleep with a 
So the lawyer, anxious to finally get some sleep, volunteered to go to the 
barn, as he had no problems sleeping with animals. But after only two 
minutes, once again there was a knock at the bedroom door.
There stood the pig and the cow!

Liza was on a country drive with her boyfriend Ernie, when she realized she 
simply had to go to the bathroom. She kept waiting and waiting for a gas 
station to appear, but finally a rough bridge got the best of her. She 
screamed, "Stop the car, Ernie!"
He did, she scrambled out of the car in the middle of the bridge, ran to the 
railing, hiked her skirt, and stuck her rather large rear-end over the 
railing, just in the nick of time! Heaving a sigh of relief as she finished, 
she glaned down, let out a shriek, and ran back to the car in embarrassment.
"What's wrong, Liza?" asked Ernie.
"Oh, Ernie, I'm so ashamed! In my dire need, I forgot to check the creek 
below the bridge. Ernie, I just urinated into a canoe!"
At which Ernie looked at her and smiled, "Dammit, Liza! Don'cha know yur own 

Two nuns were traveling to town for supplies when they were accosted, 
robbed, and raped by two young men. As they resumed their journey, the 
younger nun said, "Oh, Sister! Whatever will Mother Superior say when we 
tell her we were raped twice on our journey to town?"
The elder nun replied, "What do you mean, 'twice'?"
The younger nun said, "Well, we are coming back this way, aren't we?"

The Lone Ranger was captured by outlaws, tried by their kangaroo court, and 
sentenced to die at dawn the following day. His last wish was to say goodbye 
to his dear friend, Silver. That night, the outlaws granted his request, the 
Lone Ranger whispered in Silver's ear, slapped him, and the big horse ran 
off to freedom.
At dawn, the Lone Ranger had the noose around his neck when he spotted 
Silver galloping over the hilltop with a beautiful, naked woman riding on 
his back!!
The Lone Ranger shouted, "You idiot! I said POSSE!"

Ernie had too much to drink and decided to go sleep it off in his car, 
leaving Liza all alone at the bar. A big dude walked by her, looked her over 
and said, "Ooh, Liza! You've got the prettiest knees I've ever seen! I'd 
just love to rub those for you!" She ignored this impudent remark, and 
continued to drink.
A little later, she a little drunker, and her skirt has slipped a little 
higher. The same dude walked by again, and said, "Ooooh, Liza! You've got 
the prettiest thighs I've ever seen! I'd just love to cover those with oil 
and rub it all in for you!!" She also ignored this remark, and continued 
A little later, she was a lot drunker, and her skirt had slipped a lot 
higher. The same dude walked by again, and said, "Ooooooh, Liza! Why, that's 
the prettiest pussy I've ever seen!! I'd like to fill that up with ice 
cream, and eat it all out!!" She'd had enough! She hopped off the stool, 
stomped from the bar, raced to the car, and woke Ernie. "Ernie, you good for 
nothing, I want you to go in that bar and defend my honor!"
Ernie grumbled, "What the devil are you talking about, woman?"
She says, "Why, this bid dude came walking by and said I have the pretties 
knees he's ever seen, and then he said I have the prettiest thighs he's ever 
seen, and then he said I have the prettiest pussy he's ever seen, and he 
wants to fill it with ice cream, and eat it all out!! Now, you get in there 
and defend my honor!!"
Ernie just rolled over, closed his eyes, and said, "Get in the car, Liza!"
"What do you mean, 'Get in the car!'? I want you to go in there and defend 
my honor!"
"Get in the car, Liza! Nobody can eat THAT much ice cream!"

One Saturday evening, a priest realized there was no wine for the morning 
services. He quickly headed for town still dressed in his old clothes. Since 
his usual store was closed, he used a shop in a rather questionable 
neighborhood. he completed his purchase and walked outside as a lady of the 
evening shouted, "Hey, buddy! 25 bucks for a quickie?"
He ignored her, and returned to the church. However, his curiosity has been 
piqued, so seeing Sister Liza in the garden, he asked, "Sister Liza, what's 
a quickie?"
She replied, "25 bucks, same as in town!"

A man picked up his blind date, and discovered she was a beautiful, young, 
wheelchair-bound double amputee. He suggested a drive-in movie, and she 
readily agreed. While watching the film, they became very friendly, and 
subsequently passionate. She suggested they go someplace where they could be 
alone. He drove to a deserted country lane, and they became even more 
friendly. Unfortunately, because of her handicap and his car seats, it was 
impossible for them to continue.
Quickly improvising, she noticed a nearby tree with two low branches. "If 
you'd carry me to that tree," she said, "I could hold those branches and we 
can finish what we both want!" He did, and she did, and they did, and it was 
Later, they returned to her home. He was pushing her wheelchair up the 
sidewalk when her father opened the front door, "My, such a courteous young 
man," her father said. "What a pleasure it is to see that chivalry is not 
"Why, sir," the young man responded, "the least a gentleman can do is walk 
his lady to the door!"
"Yes," replied the dad, "but you know how guys are these days. A lotta guys 
just leave her hanging in a tree somewhere!"

15. Gambling Help
When playing blackjack or slots, after you win, save your game. That way if 
you lose the next hand or slot you can always restore your game and try 

16. Larry's Black Book
1. Sex Survey     :   555-6969
2. Ajax Liquor    :   555-8039
3. Sierra On-Line :   209-683-6858

17. Map of Lost Wages
The Maps are in the order of which I first visited them.

            -------       --------
            -------       --------
              |                      --------
              |               ------|UPSTAIRS|
              |              |      |BEDROOM |--
             ---      ---------      --------   |
            |BAR|----|STOREROOM|                |
             ---      ---------         --------
               |                       |
   -----    -------                  -----
  | BAD |--|OUTSIDE|----------------|ALLEY|
  |ALLEY|  |LEFTY'S|---              -----
   -----    -------    |    -----
                        ---| BAD |


             -----     -----
            |STORE|   |DISCO|
             -----     -----
               |         |
-----    -------    -------    -----
-----    -------    -------    -----

CHAPEL/CASINO (top of map is top floor of Casino Hotel)

            -------    ------    -------
           |HOT TUB|--|LIVING|--|BEDROOM|
           | TUB   |  | ROOM |   -------
            -------    ------
                 -----    |
                | 8TH |---
                | DESK|
-----    -----    |         --------
|SUITE|--| 4TH |  --------  | FLOORS |
-----   |FLOOR|-|ELEVATOR|-|1-3, 5-7|
          -----   --------   --------
                  --------   -------
                 | LOBBY  |-|CABARET|
                 |ELEVATOR|  -------
                      |       -------
                   ------    |WEDDING|
                  |CASINO|   |CHAPEL |
                   ------     -------
                      |          |
            -----   -------    -------   -----
           | BAD |-|OUTSIDE|--|OUTSIDE|-| BAD |
           |ALLEY| |CASINO |  |CHAPEL | |ALLEY|
            -----   -------    -------   -----

(6) Starting Screen
(8) Sierra Lab
(9) Bad Alley
(10) Taxi Cab
(11) Outside Lefty's Bar
(12) Lefty's Alley
(13) Lefty's Bathroom
(14) Lefty's Hallway
(15) Lefty's Bar
(16) Lefty's Storeroom (Pimp's Hideout)
(17) Lefty's Upstairs Bedroom
(19) Suicide Screen (Dying)
(20) Boss Key Screen
(21) Quiki Mart
(22) Outside Quiki Mart
(23) Outside Disco
(24) Disco
(25) Fawn Screen
(31) Casino
(32) Outside Casino
(33) Outside Quiki Wed
(34) Quiki Wed
(35) Casino Lobby Elevator
(36) Casino Cabaret
(37) Casino Slots
(38) Casino Blackjack
(40) Casino Hotel 4th Floor
(41) Casino Hotel Honeymoon Suite
(42) Casino Hotel 8th Floor Desk
(43) Casino Penthouse Hot Tub
(44) Casino Penthouse Living Room
(45) Casino Penthouse Bedroom
(55) Help Screen

18. Point List
Split up into the different section of the game.

ORDER WHISKEY           1
GET ROSE                1
READ WALLS 4 times      2
GET RING                3
USE REMOTE              3
GET CANDY               2
GET HAMMER              3
GET OUT of taxi once    1
                TOTAL  27

LOOK PHONE              1
DIAL PHONE/555-6969     2
GET WINE                1
GET MAGAZINE            1
READ MAGAZINE           1
ANSWER PHONE            5
GIVE MAN WINE           5
DIAL/209-683-6858       5
                TOTAL  52

GET CARD                1
SIT on whoopie cushion  1
                TOTAL  54

SIT by Fawn             1
LOOK HER 2 times        1
TALK HER                1
DANCE/STAND             5
GIVE CANDY              5
GIVE ROSE               5
GIVE RING               5
GIVE MONEY              7
                TOTAL  89

TALK MAN                1
GET MARRIED            12
                TOTAL 102

TURN ON RADIO           1
                TOTAL 103

DIAL/555-8309           5
                TOTAL 108

BUY APPLE               3
GET ROPE                3
                TOTAL 124

USE CONDOM             10
GET IN BED             11
REMOVE CONDOM           1
GET PILLS               8
                TOTAL 144

Walk to elevator        5
GET DOLL                5
INFLATE DOLL            5
USE DOLL 2 times        8
GIVE EVE APPLE         40
                TOTAL 222
19. Debug Information
Press ALT+D and press enter twice to enable Debug Mode.
Object and Room Numbers are listed above.

Type in exactly except for <> and fill in ().

To Teleport: <TP>, <(ROOM #)>
To get an object: <GET OBJECT>, <(ITEM #)>
Obtain all objects: <GIMME GIMME>
Show a list of items and numbers: <OBJECT NUMBER>
To tell what room an item is in: <OBJECT ROOM>, <(OBJECT #)>
X/Y Coordinates and current room number: <ROOM NUMBER>
Display value of variable: <SHOW VAR> or <SV>
Change value of variable: <SET VAR> or <CHANGE VAR>
Set a flag: <SET FLAG> or <SF>
See flags: <VIEW FLAG> or <SHOW FLAG>
Reset a flag: <RESET FLAG>
Display heapsize: (ALT+M)
Shows information about screen objects: (ALT+I) or <SP>, <(OBJECT #)>
Displays priority screen: (ALT+V) or <PRIORITY>

20. Submission Guidelines
If you'd like to submit something send it to <syrain@hotmail.com> with the 
subject heading "LARRY 1" or you can email me if you just want to comment, 
gripe or send spelling errors.
I WILL NOT answer an email if the answer is in this guide or the email is a 
marriage proposal, I'm just not ready for that step.

21. Credits
Thanks go out to the following:
Al Lowe <www.allowe.com> first and foremost for creating a great series.

Half thanks:
Sierra for letting Al Lowe creat the Larry series, but for not letting him 
continue the series with Leisure Suit Larry 8.

22. Legal Information
This FAQ/Walkthrough is hosted by GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com). If you want 
to use this FAQ/Walkthrough on your site, e-mail me at syrain@hotmail.com, I 
will most likely give you permission.

No portion of this FAQ/Walkthrough may be reproduced without my written 
e-mail consent. This document was made stricktly for fun, it may not be sold 
or used for profit, as a whole or as a part.

All is copyrighted by it's respective owners.

Walkthrough COPYRIGHTED 1994 by Sabin Rene Figaro (Jonathan McCoppin)


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