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Plunge headlong into a legendary tale of magic and enchantment your whole family will love.
From the creative talents of best-selling computer game author Roberta Williams, comes the SEVENTH exciting chapter in the King's Quest series. King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride, the most heartwarming and beautifully animated adventure game of all time.
Unfolding in book-like chapters, The Princeless Bride begins when Princess Rosella is lured into a magical pool and the enchanted world beyond. Her mother Queen Valanice plunges in after her, and they find themselves in a land beyond dreams.
The Realm of Eldritch is inhabited by delightful and fantastic creatures; talking stags, friendly trolls, a magnificent crystal dragon, and many others. But Eldritch is in the darkest peril. An evil enchantress plots to destroy the magic Realm, forcing Rosella and Valanice to use their courage, wisdom and heart as they battle her for the survival of an entire world.
Using breathtaking feature-film quality animation, this epic story takes you through a series of magical regions: a mystic and ancient desert, the volcanic crystal caverns of the trolls, a delightfully spooky land of surprises, and so much more. As Rosella searches for the beautiful Etheria, Land in the Clouds, Valanice searches for her daughter, and both become caught up in the adventure of their lives.

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