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You're an Annapolis-bred hotshot who's just been given a sweet promotion: the command of the USS Ticonderoga, a Ticonderoga class missile cruiser and the central core of the Navy's Modern Task Force Fleet. You're bound to climb through the ranks and get those four stars if you impress the top brass with your strategic decision making.
It's as close as you'll get to serving in the Navy--without actually enlisting! With its relentless command strategy and realistic role-playing elements reflecting current world situations from the Middle East to the Far East, USS Ticonderoga puts you in the heat of the action! And USS Ticonderoga's unique mission strategy system forces you to think fast and make critical command decisions--the missions only get harder.
- Awesome 3-D graphics and Advanced Surveillance Mechanisms put you in combat central.
- Actual US Navy specs with real-time decisions, perilous world security situations, and authentic military technology help you solve the critical problems of Modern Naval combat.
- First-person command view delivers real-time stress.
- Over 20 different mission scenarios keep your tour of duty exciting.
- See the world in 3 campaign areas--Asia, the Middle East, and the North Atlantic.

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