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    Rise of the Triad FAQ
    Version 1.0 Written 1/13/04
    Written by Thunderbird
                                Copyright Notice
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2004 by Sean Taylor
    This FAQ is merely for the purpose of giving hints and tips for the many 
    parts of Rise of the Triad. You may not post it elsewhere without first 
    asking for permission. You may not modify this FAQ and then post it as your 
    original work. You may not use this FAQ for money making purposes (this 
    includes running ads on the same page as this FAQ). If this FAQ is posted on 
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    sscthunderbird@yahoo.com and I'll probably allow you to do so, provided that 
    the above conditions are met.
                                Copyright Notice
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version Information
    3. What is Rise of the Triad?
    4. Obtaining the Shareware Version (The Hunt Begins)
    5. Obtaining the Registered Version (Dark War)
    6. Getting the game working
    7. Powerups, and the like
    8. Enemy Characters
    9. Boss Characters
    10. Secrets
    11. Special Thanks
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my Rise of the Triad FAQ. This FAQ is useful for both the 
    shareware version and registered version of the game. For the most part, the 
    two games are similar (well, except for the levels themselves). Parts that 
    pertain to only one of the two versions will be indicated. Note that anything 
    referring to an episode beyond Episode 1 is for Dark War only, as The Hunt 
    Begins only has 1 episode (which is not part of Dark War).
    2. Version Information
    Version 1.0 Written 1/13/04
    Initial version, most of the FAQ outlined. Some information is missing. A 
    walkthrough may appear in a later version.
    3. What is Rise of the Triad?
    Rise of the Triad (or ROTT, for short), is a relatively old (1995) 3D game by 
    Apogee (now 3D Realms). Featuring a good amount of enemies (and very good AI 
    for the enemies), as well as a large amount of secrets, this game contains 
    some good replay value.
    4. Obtaining the Shareware Version (The Hunt Begins)
    The shareware version of the game can be obtained from 3D Realms' website 
    (www.3drealms.com). It contains one episode consisting of 7 levels, 1 secret 
    level, and 2 warp only levels (cheat codes are required to enter the warp 
    only levels).
    5. Obtaining the Registered Version (Dark War)
    The registered version is available at 3D Realms' online shop (from their 
    website). At the time of this writing, it is available for $15 as either a CD 
    or a downloadable version. The downloadable version contains the 
    functionality of the disk version noted in the shareware version. As of this 
    writing, the CD version is out of print, but a new CD is pending (with more 
    6. Getting the game working
    Due to ROTT's age, it is a DOS game. As most of us know, DOS games don't get 
    along too well with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. While Windows XP may be able 
    to run the game, there are a few alternates available for this. One alternate 
    is the DOS emulator DOSBOX (at dosbox.sourceforge.net). Or, since the game is 
    now open-source, you can obtain the source from www.icculus.org/rott or get 
    compiled binaries (for the non-programmer people among us) at 
    www.apogeegames.com/rott. The binaries are only available for Windows, but 
    the game can also be compiled for Linux. As of this writing, both versions 
    seem to randomly crash, but the Windows version will also crash upon 
    defeating a boss. If you are running Windows, it is recommended to use DOSBOX 
    with the standard ROTT (though you may have to turn the detail down to get a 
    playable framerate).
    7. Powerups, and the like
    There is a plethora of powerups available in ROTT. These range from modes, to 
    weapons, to health items.
    Ankhs: These items aren't necessary, but if you gather 100 of them, you will 
    get an extra life. An ankh that is only a grey outline is worth one point. If 
    the outer part is beige colored, and it is a solid shape, it is worth 5. If 
    it has a beaded outer circle, it is worth 10. Finally, the best ankh is pink 
    with two rotating rings about it, and is worth 25. It is possible to destroy 
    these, so be careful.
    Bullet Weapons: You start with a measly pistol. If you find another one, you 
    can fire them both simultaneously. There is also a machine gun, with a heavy 
    rate of fire and decent damage statistics as well. All bullet weapons have 
    infinite ammo.
    Missile Weapons: These are probably the most damaging weapons in the entire 
    game. They are as follows:
    Bazooka: Just an ordinary missile. Goes in a straight path. Inflicts heavy 
    damage. Carries 10 missiles. If you get one of these from a Lightning Guard 
    (provided it wasn't your own that he stole), it will have 3 missiles left.
    Heat Seeker: Moderate damage, but will seek out an enemy target (or other 
    sources of heat, so watch where you're shooting this). Comes with 6 missiles 
    in the barrel.
    Drunk Missile: Shoots 5 missiles (only takes one ammo per shot though) that 
    appear to home in on an enemy. Damage value per missile is low, but it adds 
    up. Comes with 7 missiles in the barrel.
    FlameWall: When the missile hits the floor, it creates a deadly wall of 
    flame. Anything (except robots and bosses) that is hit by this will be killed 
    instantly. The missile itself does little damage if it hits an enemy. If your 
    enemy was wearing asbestos armor (in Comm-Bat mode), it won't do any damage, 
    but it will remove the armor. You'll find 7 walls of flame on this thing.
    Firebomb: Missile creates an explosion that expands outward in 4 directions. 
    The impact can be used to missile jump, but only if you're wearing asbestos 
    armor (it will kill you otherwise). High damage, but only comes with 5 shots.
    The following missile weapons are only available in Dark War.
    Split Missile: Launches a missile pair that acts as one, until you release 
    the fire button. Then they split and act as heat seekers. Moderate damage, 7 
    Dark Staff: Ouch. Kinetic energy ball that goes outward in a straight path 
    causing major damage to any enemy it hits. Comes with 7 shots.
    Excalibat: Interesting weapon we have here. The bat itself can only be used 
    as a melee weapon, but if you hold the fire button down, it will release a 
    batch of baseballs. Comes with 10 ammo, which is only used when an 
    Excaliblast is discharged.
    Armor: Armor is nice to have, but it lasts a limited amount of time. There 
    are three types.
    Asbestos: Anything flame based will have it's damage reduced highly (this 
    includes missiles). If hit by a flamewall, the armor's effect will end 
    prematurely, otherwise it will last for awhile.
    Bulletproof: Exactly as it says. Bullet weapons will cause no harm to you 
    until this armor wears off. Nice to have.
    Gas Mask: Not found often (since it's not often needed), but this will 
    protect you if the Oscuridos decide to release the gas (funny, as it also 
    harms them). Lasts about the amount of time that the gas does, and if the gas 
    ends before this does, it goes off automatically (since it's not needed 
    Misc Powerups: These items have varying effects, some are nasty. All have a 
    limited time before their effects are removed.
    Mercury Mode: You are able to fly by pressing the keys bound to Look Up and 
    Look Down (PGUP/PGDOWN default). Be careful not to fly outside of the level.
    God Mode: You are completely invulnerable, and can fire the Godfire weapon, 
    which does major damage to any enemy and will also seek them out.
    Dog Mode (Dark War Only): You see a dog snout in front of you. Yes, you are a 
    dog, for a limited time. Note that you are substantially shorter than normal, 
    and can use this to get into small areas. The basic attack is a melee one, 
    but since you are invulnerable, it makes no difference. Alternatively, you 
    can also hold the fire button to charge up the BarkBlast, which does heavy 
    damage to nearby enemies, but will also destroy all nearby items (including 
    Shrooms Mode: Avoid this, unless you're going for bonuses. This will cause 
    your vision to wander quickly, and all enemies and some objects will be 
    flashing colors (note that movable columns will also flash, which is useful). 
    Hard to hit enemies like this.
    Elasto Mode: Your friction factor is reduced to nothing (you cannot stop 
    moving, easily) and you bounce off walls. Dangerous in some areas. Avoid.
    Random Powerup: Randomly cycles between all modes, except for Mercury Mode. 
    Hit it to get the powerup. Note that if you can't pick up the powerup that is 
    selected for some reason (already have it, or changing from good to bad), the 
    random powerup will change to the mode you would have gotten if you'd hit it. 
    8. Enemy Characters
    Low Guard: Basic guard, wearing a grey and black uniform. Carries a pistol. 
    Some may be asleep, but will wake up if you get close enough.
    High Guard: Carries a machine gun, wearing a beige uniform. Advisable to take 
    out ASAP, as the machine gun can remove your health quickly. Has a small 
    chance of dropping his weapon when he dies.
    Lightning Guard: Dark brown uniform. If he gets close enough, he will steal 
    your missile weapon, and might even use it on you. Some of them carry missile 
    weapons themselves. If he took a missile weapon, he will drop it when he 
    dies, with the ammo that it had left in it. Otherwise, he drops nothing.
    Strike Team: These guys like to roll around a lot. Don't waste missiles on 
    them, as they'll usually dodge them. Wears a bright beige uniform, and 
    carries a pistol.
    Triad Enforcer: Wears a dark grey coat and carries a chaingun. Worst enemy in 
    The Hunt Begins. The chaingun causes heavy damage, and to add to it, he may 
    toss hand grenades at you. Dispose of first. High health, so it takes awhile 
    to take him down.
    Robot Patrol: Metallic robots that roam around. They are invulnerable to 
    bullet weapons and the FlameWall. They shoot explosive disks in your 
    direction, but these disks will not seek you out.
    The following enemies are in Dark War only.
    Overpatrol: Wears a black uniform. May fire a net to trap you (got a knife?) 
    and will shoot at you while you're helpless. If you lack a knife, you will 
    need to wiggle left and right to escape the net, which takes longer than 
    simply taking a knife to the net (many statues have knives).
    Ballistikraft: AVOID at all costs. They are invulnerable to all weapons, and 
    are slightly bigger than the Robot Patrol. They will fire missiles at you.
    Death Monk: Wears a brown robe. If they get close enough, they will drain 
    your life. Best to remove quickly.
    DeathFire Monk: Same as the death monk, except these fire magic at you. 
    9. Boss Characters
    Note that The Hunt Begins has no bosses (pity). Also, missile weapons are 
    required to cause any damage to the bosses.
    General Darian: Not too difficult to take down. Hides in a small room. Armed 
    with missiles, so be careful. When you first enter the room where the music 
    changes to the boss battle music, he will be inaccessible. After a time, a 
    couple doors will open, allowing you to enter and challenge him. Should you 
    want to get back out again, retrieve the Oscuro Key and open the door. You 
    will be able to use it to get back in should the time delay door close later 
    on. Takes about 8-9 bazooka shots to take out (naturally, most of the missile 
    weapons near him are bazookas).
    Sebastian Krist: Getting harder, but not too bad yet. He sits in a wheelchair 
    and wanders about his room. He will fire three disks at you, which are easy 
    to dodge. There is plenty of healing stuff in his room, so health should not 
    be a problem.
    The NME (Nasty Metallic Enforcer): Oh boy. Go straight from easy to hard why 
    don't ya? The NME is arguably the most difficult boss in the entire game 
    (yes, harder than El Oscuro). He is a robot that moves extremely fast, and is 
    armed with heat seeking missiles (better run). 15 bazooka shots will take him 
    out. There's an iron key behind where he starts, grab it if you find the 
    opportunity. If you somehow land on top of him, consider yourself dead. He 
    will not take damage due to you standing on him, and once you step off, 
    you're as good as dead. If you lead him outside of his room and into the 
    spinblades outside of it, the game will crash (the programmers never put any 
    code to allow for NME to be outside of his initial room).
    El Oscuro: There's a bit of a trick to taking him out. You might notice that 
    no matter how much stuff you shoot at him, he never dies. The key to 
    defeating him is to not fire at all. After awhile, he will expend his energy 
    and die on his own. Note that this isn't the final battle, you have two more 
    levels to complete after this.
    Snake Oscuro: Wandering around on the floor in his area. He can only be hurt 
    while over a fire pit. It will take quite a bit of damage to kill him, but 
    missile weapons and healing items are plentiful here. Note that before you 
    engage Oscuro himself, it is recommended that you find all of his larvae and 
    destroy it all. Otherwise you will end up replaying this level (with any 
    larvae you did destroy returning). Larvae can only be harmed by missile 
    weapons (there are plenty of Dark Staves in the first room for the first 
    10. Secrets
    ROTT is chock full of secrets. I do not have all of them, but I do know quite 
    a few. Some of these are detailed in the manual as well.
    Bonuses: There are many bonuses that can be obtained at the end of a level, 
    for various things.
    Supercharge Bonus: Acquired all powerups on a level (from the Misc Powerups 
    section of this FAQ, others don't count, and the dangerous powerups don't 
    count either). 10000 points.
    Adrenaline Bonus: Killed everything that could be killed (Ballistikraft is 
    excluded here, obviously). 10000 points.
    Bleeder Bonus: Used every health item in the level. ???? points.
    Skin of Your Teeth: Ended the level with only 1 dot of health. 100% health
    Republican Bonus 1: Acquired every missile weapon on the level. 5000 points
    Republican Bonus 2: Destroyed all plants on the level (okay....). 5000 
    Democrat Bonus 1: Never used a handgun on the level (Machine Gun is OK). 5000 
    Democrat Bonus 2: All Shroom Mode powerups acquired and healing basins used 
    on a level (interesting correlation here). 5000 points.
    Ground Zero Bonus: Hit by your own missile (FlameWall is the easiest to do 
    this with, but the deadliest). ???? points.
    Bull in China Shop: Destroyed all life items in the level (Geez). ???? 
    Curiosity Bonus: All Secret Walls found (number found and total number is 
    displayed upon finishing). ???? points
    Bonus Bonus: Got all bonuses. ????? points
    As you might imagine, getting the Bonus Bonus is incredibly difficult.
    Endgame bonuses: (Note that the Extra Lives Bonus is the only one that 
    applies in The Hunt Begins. Dark War has all 3).
    Extra Lives Bonus: Awarded for each life you walked away with at the end of 
    the game. 10000 points per life.
    Genocide Bonus: Killed every one of the same type of enemy (Low Guard, High 
    Guard, etc). Can be gotten multiple times. ???? points.
    DIP Bonus: Acquired all three developer balls. 100,000 points.
    The balls are located in E2A6, E3A3, and E4A6. E2A6 has it behind the Oscuro 
    locked door. E3A3 has it in the maze behind a pushwall. Get an asbestos 
    armor, and try to avoid the Ballistikraft near the wall. Make sure to get out 
    quickly, 3 gun emplacements guard this ball. I have not found the P ball yet.
    Scott's Mystical Head can be found in E2A3. It is quite difficult to acquire, 
    given the layout of the area near it. Bring a missile weapon with you for 
    this. When you are on a high area next to what looks like the outside of the 
    level, use your map to find a safe jump off point (where the level extends 
    outward). Once you jump off, follow the path, eliminating any gun 
    emplacements you see. Scott's head is located within a flamewall area. Grab 
    it for over 2,700,000 points (wow).
    Each episode of the game (including The Hunt Begins) contains one secret 
    level that is accessible via a secret arch. If you find this arch, you will 
    be warped to Area 8 of that episode. The following levels can only be reached 
    by using cheat codes:
    The Hunt Begins: Too Tall and Play Room
    Dark War: Dead in Two Seconds, The Vomitorium and This Causes an Error!
    All of these levels fit their names well. Normal secret levels are as 
    The Hunt Begins: Wall to Wall
    Dark War:
    Episode 1: Turn of the Screw (accessible from Burnt and Amazed, Area 3)
    Episode 2: Elevator Trouble
    Episode 3: Eight Ways to Hell (accessible from Movin Walls, Area 6)
    Episode 4: Switched Around
    11. Special Thanks
    I'd like to thank the following people:
    Apogee/3D Realms for producing this fun game, and releasing the source code.
    GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
    The fine folks at icculus.org for porting the ROTT source code to Windows and 
    12. Contacting Me.
    If you'd like to contact me about this guide, please put FAQ in your subject. 
    If this isn't there, it is highly likely that I will ignore it. The only 
    exception is if you'd like to host this guide. If you want to host this 
    guide, you must ask me first, unless I submit the guide to your site, or you 
    are on the following list:
    Everyone else, please ask me first.

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