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Who said the tortoise can beat the hare?

You would think that by now the tortoise and the hare would have settled their differences, but no! Years later, the feud is still going on and the wicked Tortoise King has kidnapped the rabbit princess and inhabited the galaxy with his dreadful goons!
Thank goodness that Jazz is on his trail. He can jump, shoot, run and duck, all at the speed of lightening. What else would you expect from a rabbit? Better yet, Jazz managed to confiscate an arsenal of weapons including RF Missiles, Launchers, and the most powerful weapon of all -- TNT. Still, the battle will not be easy.
Jazz must fend off the creepy Scorpweenies, the ghastly Snogoons, the deadly Dragoons, (just to name a few) and secure each area for the Galactic Rabbits. He must collect every treasure possible. He must survive the final clash with the Turtoise King in order to reach the trapped princess. Can you help him?
With stunning graphics and sound as well as many levels of difficulty, Jazz Jackrabbit will keep you hopping for hours on end.

Jazz Jackrabbit contains:
* Outstanding graphics and sound
* Challenging fun for the whole family
* No graphic violence
* Full menu with storyline
* Sound Blaster support
* Easy installation -- Simply insert the diskette, type GO, and you're up and running.

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