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    FAQ/Walkthrough by XellKhaar

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/29/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |                              |
    | Warcraft: Orcs & Humans      |
    | FAQ/Walkthrough              |
    | Version: 1.03                |
    | Last Updated: 10/28/09       |
    |                              |
    Table of Contents:
    I.  Introduction
           1.01: Introduction
           1.02: About the Game
           1.03: DOSBox Setup
    II.  Basics
           2.01: Story
           2.02: Controls
           2.03: Tactics
           2.04: Formations
           2.05: Before you play
    III.  Orc Walkthrough
           3.01: Orc Level 1
           3.02: Orc Level 2
           3.03: Orc Level 3
           3.04: Orc Level 4
           3.05: Orc Level 5
           3.06: Orc Level 6
           3.07: Orc Level 7
           3.08: Orc Level 8
           3.09: Orc Level 9
           3.10: Orc Level 10
           3.11: Orc Level 11
           3.12: Orc Level 12
           3.13: Orc Ending
    IV.  Human Walkthrough
           4.01: Human Level 1
           4.02: Human Level 2
           4.03: Human Level 3
           4.04: Human Level 4
           4.05: Human Level 5
           4.06: Human Level 6
           4.07: Human Level 7
           4.08: Human Level 8
           4.09: Human Level 9
           4.10: Human Level 10
           4.11: Human Level 11
           4.12: Human Level 12
           4.13: Human Ending
    V.  Appendices
           5.01: Unit Stats
           5.02: Ranks
           5.03: Cheats
           5.04: References in WoW
    VI.  Closing
           6.01: Credits
           6.02: Revision History
           6.03: Contact Information
           6.04: Copyright Information
    Version History:
    v1.00 November 12, 2008
    v1.01 February 23, 2009 - Updated "References in WoW" section, fixed a few
    v1.02 October 16, 2009 - added "Before you play" section.
    v1.03 October 28, 2009 - Added "DOSBOX Setup" section and added hero unit
                                  I. Introduction
    | 1.01: Introduction      |
    Hello, and welcome to my Warcraft: Orcs & Humans FAQ/Walkthrough.  I've decided
    to write a Warcraft 1 guide because there arn't very many that exist.  It's a
    pretty old game, and since it's DOS, not a lot of people know how to go about
    obtaining or even playing it if they had it.
    To play this game on a modern operating system, you'll have to use a DOS
    emulator.  The most popular DOS emulator is of course DOSbox.  I think this is
    one of the few DOS games that works on pre-vista operating systems without an 
    emulator, but if you have vista, you'll need to use it.  Anyway, this guide
    isn't about setting up an emulator.  They have tutorials on www.dosbox.com if
    you really need help with that though.
    When I'm talking about general strategy, I'll usually say the Human name of a
    unit, the same strategy usually applies to the Orcs as well however, just use
    the Orc equivalent.
    | 1.02: About the Game    |
    This game came out in 1994 and was really the first successful title made by
    Blizzard.  Before this they just made obscure titles, but after this they only
    made successful ones.
    Technically, the game is a real time strategy game (RTS), but it really is
    nothing like modern RTS games.  Back in 1994, this game was really successful,
    but now most people can't stand it, usually because they try to play it like
    a modern RTS.  I'll explain more about why it's different in the tactics 
    section of the guide.
    In the game you either play as the Orcs, who are trying to take over Azeroth
    and destroy the Humans; or the Humans, who are trying to defend their home and
    drive off the Orcs.
    As for the player-character, in the Human campaign you're a nameless Human
    commander, who's never been identified in the lore.  In the Orc campaign you
    play as Orgrim Doomhammer, although not identified as such until later.  He
    becomes the Orc Warchief in this game, and is still Warchief in Warcraft II.
    "Orgrimmar", the Orc capital in World of Warcraft, is named after him.
    In the actual canon story, the Orcs win this war, so the "true" ending would
    be the Orc ending, even though parts of that arn't really canon either.  Actual
    canon takes aspects of both campaigns and puts them together, with the Orcs
    winning.  To really get the full experience of the game, you're gonna have to
    play both campaigns.
    | 1.03: DOSBox Setup      |
    Due to many people asking me how to setup DOSBox, I've finally decided to just
    include a section on setting it up!  Luckily Warcraft 1 happens to be an easy
    game to setup with DOSBox.  Some games you end up tweaking with the stupid
    cycles the entire game trying to get it just right, on this game you can just
    leave them on auto though.
    Before we start, I'll take a moment to go through my Dosbox conf file.  Your
    settings might be different than mine, but I prefer these.  Instead of trying
    to explain each setting, I'm just going to post my preferences word for word.
    Your conf file does not have to match these exactly, but if Warcraft 1 is the
    only game you're playing on DOSBox and you don't want to bother with details,
    then just use these.  Note that other games require different settings,
    especially when it comes to the cycles.  One thing that you might not want is
    the scaler.  I have my scaler set to advmame3x, which means that it stretches
    the game out to 3x scale, and then smoothes the edges to give the appearance of
    higher resolution.  If you want to play the game in it's authentic pixelated
    glory, then change the scaler to either none, or normal3x.  Normal3x will still
    stretch it to 3x scale, but won't smooth the edges.  Leaving you with giant
    sized pixels.  So here's my file:
    |fullscreen=false                          |
    |fulldouble=false                          |
    |fullresolution=original                   |
    |windowresolution=original                 |
    |output=ddraw                              |
    |autolock=true                             |
    |sensitivity=100                           |
    |waitonerror=true                          |
    |priority=higher,normal                    |
    |mapperfile=mapper.txt                     |
    |usescancodes=true                         |
    |                                          |
    |language=                                 |
    |machine=svga_s3                           |
    |captures=capture                          |
    |memsize=32                                |
    |                                          |
    |frameskip=0                               |
    |aspect=true                               |
    |scaler=advmame3x                          |
    |                                          |
    |core=auto                                 |
    |cputype=auto                              |
    |cycles=auto                               |
    |cycleup=500                               |
    |cycledown=20                              |
    |                                          |
    |nosound=false                             |
    |rate=22050                                |
    |blocksize=2048                            |
    |prebuffer=10                              |
    |                                          |
    |mpu401=intelligent                        |
    |mididevice=default                        |
    |midiconfig=                               |
    |                                          |
    |sbtype=sb16                               |
    |sbbase=220                                |
    |irq=7                                     |
    |dma=1                                     |
    |hdma=5                                    |
    |sbmixer=true                              |
    |oplmode=auto                              |
    |oplemu=default                            |
    |oplrate=22050                             |
    |                                          |
    |gus=false                                 |
    |gusrate=22050                             |
    |gusbase=240                               |
    |gusirq=5                                  |
    |gusdma=3                                  |
    |ultradir=C:\ULTRASND                      |
    |                                          |
    |pcspeaker=true                            |
    |pcrate=22050                              |
    |tandy=auto                                |
    |tandyrate=22050                           |
    |disney=true                               |
    |                                          |
    |joysticktype=auto                         |
    |timed=true                                |
    |autofire=false                            |
    |swap34=false                              |
    |buttonwrap=true                           |
    |                                          |
    |serial1=dummy                             |
    |serial2=dummy                             |
    |serial3=disabled                          |
    |serial4=disabled                          |
    |                                          |
    |xms=true                                  |
    |ems=true                                  |
    |umb=true                                  |
    |keyboardlayout=auto                       |
    |                                          |
    Now follow these steps to install and setup the game:
    Step 1: Put the disc in (or mount it), look at what drive it's in, this guide
            will assume it's in drive D.  If yours isn't in drive D, just
            substitute your drive for D.
    Step 2: Start DOSBox and type the following commands:
            mount c c:\
            mount d d:\ -t cdrom
    Step 3: This will open up the install screen.
            Choose FULL install.
    Step 4: Confirm directory as c:\WARCRAFT.
    Step 5: Wait for it to copy datafiles.
            The setup menu will now open.
    Step 6: Choose Select digitized sound card.
            Choose Sound Blaster 16/AWE.
            Choose 220.
            Choose IRQ 7.
            Enter 1 for DMA channel.
    Step 7: Choose Select music sound card
            Choose Sound Blaster Pro II / SB 16.
            Choose 220.
            Choose IRQ 7.
            Enter 1 for DMA channel.
    Step 8: Choose save settings and exit.  You will now be back at the DOS screen.
            It should say the version now.  Confirm that this is either
            As far as I can tell there is no difference between these two versions.
            1.22h looks like it's the version straight off some CDs, whereas 1.21
            is if you patch it manually with patches.  In the patch notes they
            don't even have 1.22 listed though.. so I'm pretty sure there's no
            difference between the two.
            If your version says something lower than those two, patch it!  Believe
            it or not, Blizzard actually still has the latest patch hosted on their
            site!  You can get it here:
    Step 9: Now close DOSBox and open up your conf file.
            At the bottom, in the autoexec section, type the following:
            mount c c:\
            cd c:\warcraft
            This will make it so Warcraft starts automatically everytime you start
            DOSBox.  If you don't want it to autoexec, then you can just type that
            everytime you start it.
    That's all there is to it.  Please note that there are many many ways to set
    DOSBox up, and your configuration might be completely different than mine and
    still play the game perfectly fine.  This is just one way to set it up that
    I know for sure will play it.
                                  II. Basics
    | 2.01: Story             |
    The story in this game has been retconned extensively in later releases, and it
    only has a very very basic outline of the real story that actually took place
    during the first war, but I'll explain it here anyway.  For the full story,
    read the manual.  Another thing you have to remember is that this was before
    the Alliance or the modern Horde was formed, so there's no other races besides
    Orcs and Humans (thus the title Warcraft: Orcs & Humans).  Here's my brief
    summary of the story:
    Basically, it all started when this "mysterious stranger" (later identified as
    the guardian Aegwynn) had this child with the Stormwind court conjurer (Nielas
    Aran) in order to pass all her power onto the child before she left this plane.
    She left the child in the care of the conjurer and disapeared.  The child's 
    name was Medivh.
    Medivh grew up a relatively normal life until the age of 12, when he started
    having a magical seizure and going crazy, his father and a bunch of clerics
    tried to restrain him, but were only barely successful, in the end his father
    was dead.  Then he went into a coma for 6 years.  When he woke up he went to
    Stormwind and gave the king this hourglass.  He said that as long as the sands
    of the hourglass remained in the top half, the kingdom of Stormwind would
    prosper.  Then he left.
    So a few years went by, and eventually the sand ran out of the hourglass, and
    right when it did, tons of orcs showed up and started destroying the city, they
    were barely able to drive them out, and thus the first war started.
    Now later, Medivh's mother shows up, and tells the king that he's gone mad, and
    that he unintentionally opened a portal to the orc's homeplanet (this was later
    retconned to be intentional), and the king should try to destroy him at once.
    That was the story from the humans point of view, the orc's story is a bit
    shorter, but still important.
    Now on the planet of Draenor, the orcs have completely conquered their planet,
    and enslaved or destroyed most of the lesser races (the Draenei).  But since
    the orcs are so hungry for battle, they've started to fight eachother.
    Then a rift in space appears, and the warlocks ask the clan chieftans to
    postpone their war for a year while they work on expanding this portal, it
    could lead to more enemies to conquer.  So eventually they expand the portal,
    and send some orcs in, they discover humans, and wipe out a small farm.
    As more and more orcs come through the portal, they learn that this place is
    called Azeroth, and the people there are called Humans.  They decided to attack
    the nearby city of Stormwind, which should ensure their dominion over the
    The orcs attacked but were driven off by the human knights, this caused chaos
    in the orc clans, they didn't know what to do.  Then an orc named Blackhand
    took control of the clans, and unified them.
    Now this is where the game begins, more or less.
    Here's the text of the opening cinematic:
    "In the Age of Chaos, two factions battled for dominance.  The Kingdom of
    Azeroth was a prosperous one, the Humans who dwelled there turned the land into
    a paradise.  The Knights of Stormwind, and the Clerics of Northshire Abbey,
    roamed far and wide serving the king's people with honor and justice.  The
    well-trained armies of the King maintaned a lasting peace for many generations.
    Then came the Orcish Hordes.
    No one know where these creatures came from, and none were prepared for the
    terror that they spawned.  Their warriors wielded axe and spear with deadly
    proficiency, while others rode Darkwolves as black as the moonless night.
    Unimagined were the destructive powers of their evil magiks, derived from the
    fires of the underworld.  With an ingenious arsenal of weaponry and powerful
    magic, these two forces collide in a contest of cunning, intellect, and brute
    strength, with the victor claiming dominance over the whole of Azeroth!
    Welcome to the World of Warcraft."
    | 2.02: Controls          |
    It's an RTS game, mostly you're just gonna click the mouse to do everything.
    You can also hold down Ctrl to make a box and select multiple units.  
    Seriously I'd just tape the Ctrl button down, there's no reason not to have it
    pressed.  Other than Ctrl, there's also buttons you can press to do various
    actions, incase you don't feel like just clicking on them.  Here they are:
    Game Commands -
    M = Move.
    S = Stop.
    A = Attack for units, train Archer for Barracks, Upgrade Axe strength for
        Blacksmith, build advanced structure for Peons/Peasants.
    E = Build Temple for Peons.
    K = Build Kennel for Peons.
    L = Build lumber mill for Peasants/Peons.
    F = Train Footman for Barracks, Far Seeing for Clerics, build Farm for
    T = Train Catapult for Barracks, Train Necrolyte for Temple, Train
        Warlock/Conjurer for Tower, train Cleric for church, build Tower for
    S = Train Spearmen for Barracks, Upgrade Shield Strength for Blacksmith, build
        Stable for Peasants.
    U = Train Grunts.
    B = Breed faster wolves/horses for kennel/stable, build basic structure for
        Peons/Peasants, build blacksmith/barracks for Peasants/Peons.
    R = Repair for Peasants, Rain of Fire for Conjurers, build Road for Town Halls,
        train Raider for Barracks, summon Scorpions for Warlocks.
    O = Summon Scorpions.
    D = Summon Daemon.
    P = Poison Cloud for Warlocks, Train Peasant/Peon for Town Hall.
    W = Summon Water Elemental for Conjurers, build Wall for Town Halls, upgrade
        Sword Strength for Blacksmith.
    I = Invisibility.
    H = Healing for clerics, upgrade shield strength for Blacksmith.
    U = Upgrade Spear Strength/Upgrade Arrow Strength, build church for Peasants.
    General Menu Commands -
    O = Ok
    C = Cancel
    Main Menu Commands -
    S = Start New Game.
    L = Load Existing Game.
    R = Replay Introduction.
    Q = Quit to DOS.
    Select Game Type Menu -
    S = Single Player.
    M = Modem Game.
    N = Network Game.
    D = Direct-Link Game.
    Ingame Menu Commands -
    S = Save Game.
    L = Load Game.
    O = Options.
    R = Restart Scenario.
    C = Continue Game.
    Q = Quit Game.
    1-7 = Pick which game you want to save/load.
    Load/Save Game -
    1-7 = Pick which game you want to load/save.
    Options Menu -
    G = Game Speed.
    M = Music Volume.
    S = SFX Volume.
    U = Mouse Scroll Speed.
    K = Key Scroll Speed.
    Quit Menu -
    D = Quit to DOS.
    M = Quit to Menu.
    | 2.03: Tactics           |
    These are strategies that apply to nearly every level, and you're going to be
    using them constantly, so pay attention.
    Firstly, forget everything you know about modern RTS games, because this is
    nothing like them, the strategies and skills you know from modern games do
    not even apply here.  The reason most people think this game is so hard, is
    because they try to play it like an RTS.
    The first thing you do is immediately locate the nearest gold mine and start
    mining, then build more peons as you're doing this, I usually like to have
    about 4.  While this is going on, position the units you start with in a mock 
    formation and locate the nearest cut off point, (an area where the enemy has
    to come through to attack) on river levels this is easy, you can just control
    the bridges, but on non-river levels, you'll have to be a bit more creative,
    usually cutting the enemy off using the tree positions.  Sometimes you'll be
    forced to guard two cutoff points, in these cases it becomes annoying because
    you'll have to divide your units into two groups.
    Anyway, continue to harvest resources and build more units, and upgrading.
    The first thing you should upgrade is arrows definitely, then armor.  Once
    you're confident in your defense, lure the enemies back to your formation and
    kill them.  An important thing to remember is that the enemy never makes more
    guard units, the enemy only produces raiding parties.  So if you kill a bunch
    of units guarding a bridge or town, the enemy won't resupply them.  The enemy
    will however, continue to produce raiding parties to send at you.
    Once all the guard units are dead, just run right into the town and start
    destroying buildings, barracks first, then town hall, make sure all the peons
    are dead, then destroy the rest of the buildings.  Then you win.
    This is a key strategy, and you're going to be using this all the time, every
    single level.  Basically, going towards the enemy is suicidal because of the
    clunky controls, slow moving units and idiot AI, instead, you're going to get
    the enemy to come to you, where you have a line of archers waiting for them.
    You need formation in defense, offense, and everything else, you cannot attack
    without a formation, you will die.  See the formations section below for more
    detail into this, and a list of useful formations.
    Once you have enough units to defend yourself, and you've upgraded your units,
    you're ready to attack.  This is done much like in an MMO, you send one unit
    out, (usually a knight or footman, summons work too) and get the enemy to start
    chasing him, then you run back and get in the formation, and let the archers
    take the enemy down.  If you just run in, you're going to take tons of damage
    before your idiot units even get in the right position to begin attacking.
    You should never really have more than 4 Peasants in a level, they waste your
    money, and they take up footslots, you can beat the game fine with only 4.
    Put 3 mining gold, and 1 chopping wood.  Gold is far more important than
    lumber, and even though it takes forever to chop wood, you only need to use it
    for buildings and 2 units, whereas gold you need it for everything.  Once
    you've built all the buildings you can, save up about 1,000 lumber and then put
    all 4 on gold.  That 1,000 lumber should last you the rest of the match.
    Dealing with catapults
    Catapults are by far the most annoying enemy to deal with.  They attack from
    really long range (far enough for your units not to even see them), and kill
    anything they hit in one hit, oh and the damage is AoE, so one could potentially
    wipe out your entire formation in one shot.
    Dealing with these catapults is also annoying, if you're not watching the
    minimap constantly one could come and kill your guys before you even realise
    what's going on.  To deal with them, follow these steps:
    Send a unit and map a long ways in front of your formation, this can be tricky
    if you're close to enemy territory, but try to map as much as possible.
    Next, as soon as you spot one coming at your formation, send a melee unit to
    intercept it, if your guy is moving, the catapult shouldn't be able to hit him.
    Knights work best for this, but footman will work also.  The melee unit should
    then start attacking the catapult head on, since he's right in front of the
    catapult, the catapult can't hit him, and it should be dead before it tries to
    move around your guy.  Hopefully, you've done this fast enough so the catapult
    isn't in range of your formation.
    If the catapult has other units with it, send more than one melee unit.  A few
    dead melee units are much better than losing the entire formation, kill the
    catapult at all costs.
    Differences between races
    Generally there's really no difference between the two races other than the
    spells, humans get a healing spell and invisibility, orcs can raise the dead
    and make their units invincible for a short time.  Humans summon scorpions 
    and water elementals, orcs summon spiders and daemons.  In a fight between a
    water elemental and a daemon, the daemon will win.
    There's another important difference that you should keep in mind besides the
    spells.  Humans archers have longer range.  Yep, that's right, the humans can
    shoot further, one square further.  This one thing makes playing as humans
    a bit less annoying as playing as the orcs.  Everytime an archer shows up,
    your idiot units will all run out of formation and try to attack him,
    this is very very frustrating when trying to keep up a good formation.  But
    when you're playing as the humans, your archers will start to shoot the
    spearman at the same time the spearman starts to shoot your melee units,
    this causes only your melee units to get out of formation, and your ranged
    units to stay in place.  Playing the orcs on the other hand, your spearman are
    gonna run out of formation just like the melee ones, and you'll spend your time
    rearranging the formation constantly.  One might point out, that Orc Spearmen
    do one more damage than Human Archers, but I would gladly give up a damage
    point in exchange for longer range.
    Summoning Offense
    In the last two levels of each campaign, you get the ability to summon Daemons
    (if you're playing Orcs) or Water Elementals (If you're playing Humans).  These
    are by far the most powerful units in the game, and can take down an enemy base
    very quickly.  Once you get to these levels, don't even bother pulling base
    defenders back to your formation or anything like that, just get 4 Warlocks or
    Conjurers, summon 4 of them, send them into the base, if they die, summon more.
    The base should go down very soon after this.
    Save Often
    This almost goes without saying, but be sure to save constantly.  Keep the end
    of level saves in a seperate save then the mid-level saves, you never know when
    you might have to start the level over again.  I'd save about every 2-3 minutes
    using alternating saves.  You never know, if you save, some catapult could be
    ready to fire, and when you get back to the game, all your guys are dead.  This
    is why you should keep at least 2 different saves, and save in different ones
    each time.
    | 2.04: Formation         |
    Formations are the key to playing effectively in this game.  They generally
    consist of 1 row of melee units, followed by 2 rows of archers, and then any
    other units behind them.  They don't need to be overly complex with tons of
    units, you really don't even need Necrolytes.  As long as you have tons of
    archers, and then melee units to protect the archers, it's a good formation.
    I usually like to have my Conjurer/Warlocks away from the formation, so they
    have room to summon their creatures, in front and to the side is usually
    good, depending on the map.
    Here's a list of formations I generally use.
    Heavy Formation:  This is a general all purpose formation, for guarding
    ================  wide open areas.
     KFFK      K = Knights
     AAAA      F = Footman
     ACCA      A = Archers
      cc       C = Catapults
               c = Clerics
    If you want, you can replace the footman up front with more knights, but it's
    not really necessary, knights are expensive anyway, and your main focus should
    be the archers.  The catapults in the back will take down units if they're
    walking in a straight line, they'll be less effective against a single unit.
    Of course this formation works just as well for Orcs, just you know.. use orc
    units.  As for Necrolytes, unless you're far enough to have unholy armor, I
    wouldn't even put them in there.
    Light Formation:  This formation is what I use to guard bridges mostly, or for
    ================  tight cramped spaces.  I usually start with this formation and
                      then upgrade it to a heavy one once I get enough money.
    Again, this works just as well for Orcs.
    These are just a general idea for some formations that you can use, any
    formation that uses the same idea is usually okay, feel free to make your own.
    | 2.03: Before you play   |
    Before you play, READ THE MANUAL.  Like most old games, 99.9% of the story is
    in the manual.  If you don't read it, you'll be pretty clueless to what is
    going on.  You can download the manual right here:
    The map that goes with the manual can be found at:
    Download both of these.  Read the Human story, the Orc story, and the Human
    and Orc unit, spell, and building descriptions.
    Also, I would seriously recommend playing the game in this order:
    Human level 1
    Orc level 1
    Human level 2
    Orc level 2
    Human level 3
    Orc level 3
    Human level 4
    Orc level 4
    Human level 5
    Orc level 5
    Human level 6
    Orc level 6
    Human level 7
    Orc level 7
    Human level 8
    Orc level 8
    *Human level 9
    Orc level 9
    *Human level 10
    Orc level 10
    *Human level 11
    Orc level 11
    *Human level 12
    Orc level 12
    The levels go together like this, where events in orc levels are referenced
    in human levels right after it.  Just keep two seperate saves, one for each
    campaign.  The levels with stars next to them might not be canon.  But I would
    still play them since they feature iconic locations such as Stonard and Black
    Rock Spire.  However; there is a way of explaining them to where they actually
    did happen.  Human level 9 starts with the Humans sending a force to wipe out
    the Orcs once and for all.  Similarly, Orc level 9 starts like this too.  So
    if both sent armies out at once, here's how events might have played out:
    Human level 9 - Humans send huge force to destroy orcs, they destroy two Orcish
    Orc level 9 - Orcs send huge force to destroy the humans, they destroy two
                  Human outposts.
    Human level 10 - Human force destroys Temple of the Damned.
    Orc level 10 - Orcish force destroy Human training base.
    Human level 11 - Human force destroys Rockard and Stonard while the Orcish
                     force is destroying Goldshire and Moonbrook.
    Orc level 11 - Orcish force destroys Goldshire and Moonbrook while Human force
                   is destroying Rockard and Stonard.
    Human level 12 - The Human force succeeds in destroying the base at Black Rock
                     Spire since most of the Orcs were out marching towards
                     Stormwind.  The Human ending happens, the player gets made
                     Defender of Azeroth and they celebrate, thinking they won.
    Orc level 12 - The Orcish force reaches Stormwind, destroys it.  Orcish
                   ending happens, and then they go and rebuild Black Rock Spire
                   before Warcraft II.
    So as you can see, those levels may very well be canon.
                               III. Orc Walkthrough
    Here are the level by level walkthroughs for the Orc campaign.  Before reading
    these, read the "Tactics" section of the guide, this walkthrough will assume
    that you know those basic strategies.  Look at my "Before you play" section
    before you start.
    | 3.01: Orc Level 1       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |Blackhand has assigned you to an outpost        |
    |in the Swamps of Sorrow. Your task is           |
    |simple enough that even the Warchief feels      |
    |that you are capable of it.  Construct at       |
    |least 6 farms, so that we may keep our troops   |
    |well fed and ready to do battle. Only a fool    |
    |would leave his treasures unguarded, so you     |
    |must also build a barracks for the defense      |
    |of these farms.                                 |
    Alright, this is the first level of the Orc Campaign, and it's extremely easy.
    It mostly exists just so you can get used to the basic controls.  To build a
    Peon, just click on the Town Hall and click build, to move just click on a 
    Peon and click move and then click where you want him to go.  To attack
    something, click attack and click the thing you want to attack (Peons can't
    This level really requires no strategy, just get 3 peons, mine and chop wood
    and then build 5 more farms and 1 barracks and you win.  As long as you don't
    move your units out of the immediate area around your base, you won't get
    | 3.02: Orc Level 2       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |Like the stinging of a wasp, the attacks        |
    |from the humans grow more and more bothersome.  |
    |You have been assigned to a small outpost on    |
    |the Borderlands of the Swamps of Sorrow.        |
    |You are to defend our lands from the incursions |
    |of these ravenous dogs by crushing any          |
    |opposition that you encounter.                  |
    In this level you must kill all the Humans on the map.  This isn't difficult
    since they don't have a base, and only attack one at a time, about every
    minute or so.  Immediately start mining the gold mine to the north, make more
    peons so you have a total of 4 or so.  Put 3 on gold mining and 1 on
    You get Spearmen as a new unit, and the lumber mill as a new building.
    The lumber mill lets you build archers at the Barracks, and upgrade arrows.
    Arrow upgrades are a MUST, so upgrade them as soon as possible.
    Your base is right in the middle of the map with no cutoff points at all, so
    you're going to have to make 3 formations, at the left, bottom, and right
    sides of your base.  A very small formation is enough to handle these guys,
    just make 2 rows of units like so:
    GGG  |  G = Grunt
    SSS  |  S = Spearmen
    They will never send more than 1 or 2 units at a time, so this little formation
    should be enough to handle anything they send at you.  Once you're confident
    in your defenses, make a team of 2 grunts and 2 spearman and just run around
    and kill any of them you can find.
    | 3.03: Orc Level 3       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The Humans are growing strong in Grand Hamlet.  |
    |An outpost will be placed under your            |
    |dictatorship, to use as you see fit.  You must  |
    |then prepare and lead a force to destroy Grand  |
    |Hamlet and all that dwell there.  Blackhand will|
    |brook no survivors, these Humans must be taught |
    |a hard lesson in the ways of humility.          |
    By now, you should just know to start mining, and get 4 peons, I'm not
    going to say that every time, so just assume it.  The nearest gold mine is to
    the south-east.
    In this level you get Necrolyte units, and the Temple building.  Don't be too
    excited, these guys really arn't that useful at this point in the game, I
    wouldn't even bother building them unless you really want to.
    This is the first level that you fight an actual base, this means that the
    enemy will be sending raiding parties at you every few minutes.  Luckily,
    this is a river map, and thus has two cutoff points you can control.  The
    first one is just to the right, and is unguarded.  Immediately send half your
    guys to the bridge and set up a little formation (Formation 1).  With the 
    other guys proceed a little south and setup another formation (Formation 2).
    Send a footman down to the bottom of the map and to the right a little, you'll
    find another bridge, pull the defenses (there shouldn't be very many at this
    point) and bring them back to Formation 2 to be killed.  Control the bottom
    bridge with Formation 2.  Phew.
    Now while this cutoff point controlling is going on, you should be building a
    barracks and then a lumber mill, and supplementing your formations with more
    archers and footman if necessary.  You can go ahead and use the old standard
    light formation, but this time, add two spearman to the bottom, and you can put
    a Necrolyte in the middle if you really want to.. but it's not necessary.
    GGG  |  N = Necrolyte
    Now east of Formation 1 is another bridge, when you're confident in your
    defenses, pull the defenders of that bridge back to the formation, and then
    move the formation to control that bridge, this will give you access to another
    gold mine, and further trap the enemy.  After you've done that, pull the town
    defenders and then destroy the town!  Easy so far.
    | 3.04: Orc Level 4       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |You are wakened from your nights sleep by a     |
    |runner from the Warchief.  Blackhand's daughter |
    |Griselda has run off with the outlaw Turok's    |
    |band of Ogres.  Our Wolfriders have tracked them|
    |to the dungeons hidden beneath the Dead Mines.  |
    |Find Turok's band of rebellious pigs and kill   |
    |them all --- including Griselda.  She must not  |
    |disobey the commands of her father ever again.  |
    This is the first "Dungeon" level.  There's no bases or anything, and it's
    pretty easy as long as you stay in formation, and don't rush it.
    You start with a new unit, Raiders, these guys are like Grunts but they're
    faster, stronger, and have more defense.
    Basically, you just form a formation, send a Raider out, attract some enemies,
    and run back to the formation.  When you get further along in the dungeon,
    you can move the formation along, so your puller doesn't have to run super
    far everytime.
    You can use a regular "Heavy" formation for this.
     N     |  R = Raider
    Those guys in the back are just there incase one of your people up front dies.
    Just save often, like everytime before you send your Puller out.  The only
    enemies are Ogres and Slime.  The Slime have really low attack power but
    ridiculous defense, it takes forever to kill them, even with the full formation
    attacking.  Ontop of that, there is like 17 of them in one group.  As for
    Ogres, they're just melee units, nothing special, they do have pretty strong
    attack power though.  In total, there's 17 Ogres, and you have to kill all of
    them to complete the level.  Once you've cleared out the final room, just send
    a Raider in and kill Griselda, and then you win.
    | 3.05: Orc Level 5       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |On your return from the dungeon, you receive    |
    |word from advance scouts that the recently      |
    |established outpost near the Red Ridge Mountains|
    |is under siege.  A group of Raiders have been   |
    |dispatched to assist you in taking back the     |
    |outpost and crushing the Human opposition.  Your|
    |secondary objective is to seek out and          |
    |completely destroy their encampment.  Putting an|
    |end to this threat for good.                    |
    Right when this level starts, I'd turn down the speed of the game to slow.
    That'll give you more time to react to what's happening.  You start with a
    town and pretty much every building, but it's being destroyed immediately!
    Send your units in and attack, no time for formations or anything like that,
    and try and save as many buildings as possible.
    After the battle is over, start training Peons and mining gold, the nearest
    goldmine is to the West.  Now with the units you have, setup a mock formation
    and send a Puller to the North and lure back the bridge defenders.  Once
    they're dead, head East along the river to a second bridge, and do the same
    with those defenders.  You may have lost a few guys doing this, but at least
    now you can focus your defenses somewhere.
    You probably already have a barracks, but you may have lost your Lumber Mill
    in the attack, build a new one right away and start training archers.  You'll
    need two Light formations, one for each bridge.  Use the following:
    Again, the Necrolyte really isn't necessary, feel free to replace it with
    another Spearman.
    You'll need a Kennel and a Blacksmith to build Raiders.  A Blacksmith lets you
    upgrade weapons and armor, and the Kennel lets you upgrade wolf speed.  Before
    you buy any of these upgrades, make sure Spears are upgraded to full strength
    first.  Wolf speed isn't really necessary, faster wolves are convenient sure,
    but they're not really necessary, I mean the Raider is just gonna be sitting
    in that formation most of the time anyway, and without any upgrades it's still
    faster than any unit.
    Use the Raider in the middle of the formation to pull the town defenders, then
    run in and attack like normal.  You win.
    | 3.06: Orc Level 6       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The Humans of Sunnyglade have become fat and    |
    |lazy with their prosperity.  The town is like a |
    |ripe plum waiting to be picked.  You will march |
    |upon their weak Human armies and smash them to  |
    |pieces.  Somewhere in the town is a tower that  |
    |you must keep intact so that we may study how   |
    |their magiks are created.  Fail me, and I will  |
    |have your head on a pike at the gates of Black  |
    |Rock Spire.                                     |
    Peons.  Mining.  The nearest goldmine is to the west.  You need to start mining
    immediately or else you might not have enough money to supply your formation
    Don't let the briefing fool you, these Humans are anything but fat and lazy,
    and they're the toughest enemy you've fought so far.  This is probably the
    last level you're able to pull the bridge defenders right from the start.  Make
    a mock formation a little Northwest of the town, and pull the bridge defenders.
    Some of your guys will die, but trust me, it's better this way.  Having enemies
    attacking from all sides is not fun.  Anyway, control the bridge.
    This is the first level you get Catapults, but it's also the first level the
    enemy gets Catapults as well.. these are very annoying to fight, but very
    effective in battle.  Refer to my "Dealing with Catapults" section of the
    guide for advice on how to combat these beasts.
    Build a Barracks and a Lumber Mill right away, once you have 3 Spearmen,
    upgrade spears, then build a Blacksmith, and then a Kennel.  Second thing you
    should upgrade is Armor, but only do this if you're holding off the raiding
    parties effectively, if you're guys are getting killed, spend the money on more
    Use a light formation on the bridge:
     GRG  |  C = Catapult
    Again, Necrolyte is not necessary.
    The catapult here can be very effective in dealing with large groups of
    enemies, it shoots the first guy in its range, and ends up hitting the people
    behind him.  When there's only one guy coming at you though, it doesn't work as
    well.  It's also useful for killing those lone Clerics and Conjurers that show
    up and just stand North of the bridge.
    Anyway, once you have a full formation, pull like always, run in, kill stuff.
    Be sure to not destroy the tower, if you destroy it you lose, save before you
    run in and attack.  The Catapult is very effective at destroying buildings, so
    use it in the attack.
    | 3.07: Orc Level 7       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The time has come for you to seize control of   |
    |the Orcish hodes for yourself.  Blackhand has   |
    |become foolish in the deployment of his personal|
    |troops, and has left an opening that you can now|
    |exploit.  A key outpost in the Black Morass is  |
    |the core of Blackhand's supply lines, not only  |
    |to his foremost battle groups, but to his castle|
    |at Black Rock Spire as well.  The complete      |
    |destruction of this outpost will disrupt his    |
    |power base long enough for you to secure his    |
    |overthrow.                                      |
    Just like that?  All of a sudden you're gonna take control of the Orcish hodes?
    You go from being a loyal commander to a traitor just like that.
    Anyway.. this in this level you're not able to kill the bridge defenders
    right off the bat.  So position your units in a formation just to the North of
    your town, try and put them at the intersection of those three dirt roads.
    This should still allow you to kill anyone coming off of the bridge, without
    actually being on the bridge.
    The nearest gold mine is to the West of your town, start mining.
    This is the first level you get Warlocks, at this point in the game they're
    really not very useful, and they're quite expensive, only build them if you're
    rich and have your defenses built up to the max.
    Once you build two more Spearmen, and upgrade spears to the max, you should
    have enough units to kill the bridge defenders.  Save first though, it's risky.
    Once the bridge defenders have been dealt with, setup a standard light
    formation on the bridge.
    As for Warlocks, if you really want one, put it North of the bridge to the
    left, behind all those trees, this should give him some room to summon the
    Finish upgrading armor, and you should be ready to kill the base, move the
    formation just to the North of the trees on the left, they should be facing
    West, right at the enemy base.  Pull the defenders, destroy the town.
    | 3.08: Orc Level 8       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The destruction of Blackhand's outpost has left |
    |him in a weak position.  The Shadow Council,    |
    |sensing your rise in power, orders the          |
    |assassination of Blackhand and elevates you to  |
    |the position of Warchief.  A Wolfrider brings   |
    |you news that our best spy, the half-orc Garona,|
    |has been discovered by the Humans of Northshire |
    |Abbey and imprisoned there.  She has valuable   |
    |information concerning new and powerful magiks  |
    |that would aid you in the destruction of your   |
    |counterpart, King Llane.  Trusting no one to    |
    |complete this vital mission in time, you must   |
    |find her, and then completely destroy the Abbey |
    |to protect her secrets.                         |
    Right when the level starts, send some melee units up into the room ahead to
    deal with the enemies that are there, they should be dealt with easily.  Now in
    the little pathway that you started in, setup a formation:
    As for the four grunts that you start with, you don't really need them, just 
    use them as replacements incase one of the Raiders die.  Now you can basically
    beat the entire level just by sitting here, all the enemies will come to you
    eventually, one after another.  But if you want to speed things up, send a
    Raider out and pull some stuff.
    The enemies consist of Brigands, Archers, Skeletons, Ogres, Slime, Spiders, a
    Scorpion and 1 Fire Elemental.  Pretty much everything.
    You can find Orc Peons in cages, they arn't very helpful, and they you arn't
    required to save them, you can use them as pullers if you want.  Now once
    everything else is dead, the Fire Elemental will break out of its cage and
    come towards your formation, this thing is very strong, it can kill a Raider in
    3 hits.  But as long as you stay in formation and keep shooting it, it should
    go down pretty easily.  Once that's dead, go to Garona's cage in the top room,
    free her, and bring her to the exit, and then you win.
    | 3.09: Orc Level 9       |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |With your new found magiks, the time is ripe to |
    |burn the Human occupation from our lands.  There|
    |are two Human outposts to the south that pose   |
    |the greatest threat to our security.  Reports   |
    |from scouts near these towns show that the key  |
    |to your success in this confrontation is to hold|
    |back the Human forces at their bridges while we |
    |strengthen your attack force.  The glories of   |
    |combat will be yours as you personally lead the |
    |armies that will reclaim your homelands.        |
    Alright, this is the first level where you fight more than one base at a time.
    It can be annoying, but it can be beaten.
    After making your Peons start harvesting gold and lumber (the nearest gold mine
    is to the South-East), form a platoon with the units you have just to the South
    of your town.
    Send a Raider out to the South immediately and pull the bridge defenders.
    There's only 4 Archers.  Once you've killed them, setup a little formation
    on the bridge with all your units, start producing units to supplement this
    formation, and to build a new one to the West of your town, you're going to
    need them.  Just make them standard Light formations, you don't have time to
    make Heavy formations, you need to destroy the bottom town quick before they
    start sending out large raiding parties.
    Upgrade arrows to the max, and when you have 6 Spearthrowers, a Raider, and two
    Grunts in your bottom formation, pull some town defenders, you may want to save
    before doing this.  Once the defenders are dead, run in and destroy the town as
    quickly as possible.
    Now that that town is taken care of, this level is a lot easier.  Move your
    bottom formation and merge it with the top one, pull the defenders of the
    bridge to the West.
    Setup a formation on this bridge, and do what you do in every level - upgrade,
    pull, destroy.
    Oh and I should mention that in this level you get two new spells:  Poison gas
    for Warlocks, and Unholy armor for Necrolytes.  While these spells are cool,
    they really arn't necessary, and you should spend your money investing in more
    troops.  Poison gas is fun and all, but nothing beats a line of fully upgraded
    Spearmen.  However, Unholy Armor is going to be very useful later once you get
    | 3.10: Orc Level 10      |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |You have tasted victory, and the craving for    |
    |more is upon you.  It is clear that one decisive|
    |blow to the Humans will make the total and      |
    |complete domination of this race a simple       |
    |matter.  Your spies have gathered intelligence  |
    |that points to an encampment near the center of |
    |the Human lands where their knights and soldiers|
    |are sent to train.  Although they will not be   |
    |expecting an attack, they should prove a good   |
    |fight.  The destruction of this site would      |
    |greatly weaken their forces, and etch your      |
    |position as Warchief in stone.  None shall      |
    |survive!                                        |
    Okay in this level you have to destroy just one enemy base, but you don't get
    a base yourself.
    This isn't as hard as it sounds really, I mean you destroy bases all the time
    with just a light formation, this time you have like.. tons and tons of troops.
    Head North-East of the starting position and setup a big heavy formation.  It
    should look something like this:
    It doesn't even use all your units, just save them for replacements.  The first
    thing you have to watch out for is this Conjurer who comes down a few minutes
    after the level starts and uses Rain of Fire on your formation, be sure to kill
    him before he gets close, he could damage your guys severely, and unlike the
    Humans, you can't heal.
    Now that you've setup your formation, just treat it like any other level, send
    in a puller, kill the defenders, and destroy.
    You can have a lot more fun in this level then you can in others though, it's
    almost like the designers just made the level as a break for all the hard ones
    you've beaten thus far.  You have 4 Warlocks with Poison Cloud, you can even
    use all their summon spiders at once, 16 Spiders are very deadly to a town.
    Your Necrolytes have Unholy Armor, with that your Spiders can be invincible!
    Anyway.. two more levels to go.
    | 3.11: Orc Level 11      |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The final march to King Llane's home, Stormwind |
    |Keep, is at hand.  Only two pathetic settlements|
    |stand in the way of the awesome, juggernaut;    |
    |your cruel leadership, has created.  The humans |
    |have proved to be amusing opposition, but the   |
    |hour of doom has come for them.  The complete   |
    |and utter demolition of the twin cities         |
    |Goldshire and Moonbrook will sever the lifeline |
    |between the King and his people, making him a   |
    |figurehead waiting to be lopped off.            |
    Personally, I think level 9 was slightly harder than this one.
    Nearest gold mine is to the South-East, mine it.
    Now the good thing about this level, is that you start with a barracks and a
    lumber mill right off the bat, and a pretty good number of troops, along with a
    Catapult.  Move your troops to the North-East until you see a small path
    through the trees, you need to setup your formation here.  Be sure to block the
    entire path off though, invisible units will slip by you if there's even a
    small diagonal opening, and you DO NOT want invisible units attacking your
    base, that'll just make this level waay more annoying.
    Build a few more Spearmen, and upgrade spears.  Once you've done that, build a
    blacksmith and a warlock tower.  Yeah, that's right, you're actually going to
    use Warlocks in your attack this time, for one simple reason - Daemons.  You
    are finally able to summon these beasts; they are the strongest enemy in the
    game, and can potentially destroy an entire town by themselves.  If you want to
    make them even stronger, upgrade armor and weapons, these upgrades actually
    effect the Daemons.
    Build a line of about 4 Warlocks, and research Major Summoning, it's expensive
    (3,000 gold), but worth it.  Once they're all full mana, summon 4 Daemons and
    send them at one of the towns, it probably won't survive.  Things to watch out
    for though, the human equivalent of the Daemon - Water Elementals.  These are
    not as strong as Daemons, but still can damage it severely, gang up on these
    things if you encounter them.  Catapults can also one hit Daemons, if they're
    standing still that is, kill them as soon as you see them.  If the Daemons die,
    wait a few minutes, and summon 4 more!  It's not like they cost anything.
    Once the bases are dead, you win.
    If you want, you can build a temple, spend 3,000 on Researching Unholy armor,
    and buy a Necrolyte to cast it, but on this level it's not really worth it.
    There's not enough enemies that will be attacking the Daemons to make this
    useful, and since it drains like half their health, it probably will hurt more
    than it will help.
    Anyway, one more level left.
    | 3.12: Orc Level 12      |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |Stormwind Keep is ours to take!  The Orcish     |
    |hordes gather like buzzards to carrion, as the  |
    |moment of destiny is close at hand.  A low growl|
    |fills the air as your wolfriders whip their     |
    |savage mounts into a frenzy.  The earth shakes  |
    |as catapults are loaded and moved into position.|
    |The fires of the burning rubble about you dance |
    |in your eyes as you gaze upon the pristine,     |
    |white towers of Castle Stormwind.  White that   |
    |will soon be washed with the red of King Llane's|
    |blood.  With his fall, all of Azeroth will be   |
    |yours!                                          |
    Alright, here it is, the final level.  It's not going to get any harder than
    this, but still, it's not really that hard.
    The main thing you have to worry about is the freakin' invisible enemies.  They
    will come all the time, and blocking off the bridges like normal isn't easily
    achieved, since you'll constantly be hit with 2, sometimes 3 Water Elementals.
    There's three towns this time around, one to the South across a bridge, one to
    the East across a bridge, and then one in-between those two.
    You start with a Lumber mill and a Barracks already built, as well as a Warlock
    and a Necrolyte, and Major Summoning and Unholy armor already researched!  That
    makes this level all the more easier.
    I wouldn't even bother blocking off the bridges this time, dividing your troops
    in half really isn't a good idea, and since invisible enemies slip by all the
    time, it's best to have your troops close to home.  As soon as you are able,
    build a Blacksmith and then a Warlock Tower, and start producing Warlocks.  I'd
    go without about 4.  Once your Warlocks are full mana, summon all the Daemons
    you can and send them at one of the towns across the bridges (I'd go with the
    North-East one first, since it seems to have less defenses, and that's where
    most of the Water Elementals come from).
    There's really not much I can tell you about a defensive strategy, any
    formation you have is going to be broken apart by Water Elementals, or you'll
    have to split them up to go fight invisible enemies killing your Peasants.  I
    wouldn't even really bother making a formation at all, just build a bunch of
    units around your barracks, and put a lot of them near your gold mine, and
    whenever Water Elementals shows up, summon a Daemon, and put Unholy Armor on
    it.  I'd have a backup Warlock sitting around just for Water Elemental killing.
    Nothing worse than having a line of 4 Warlocks, and they're all out of mana
    because they just sent their Daemons at the town, have an extra one that never
    sends Daemons for offense, and just is for defense.
    Keep re-supplying your defense, and keep sending more Daemons at the towns.
    Once the two outlying towns are destroyed, you can pretty much relax, the
    middle town doesn't really send very many attackers at you (or at all).  Send
    in some Daemons to kill the defenders, and then destroy the town like any
    Congratulations, you beat the game.  Or at least, you beat the Orc Campaign.
    There's still the Human campaign to beat.  You can check my Ranks section of
    the guide to see what rank you got, usually people will get up to Demigod rank
    just by beating the game normally.
    | 3.13: Orc Ending        |
    |With the decimation of the human forces, the    |
    |sacking of their castle was a simple matter.    |
    |They offered little resistance once you ran     |
    |their weak leader through with your war blade   |
    |and toppled his body into the moat.  The taking |
    |of Stormwind has kept your warriors in good     |
    |spirits, and the offerings of gold and jewels   |
    |that they bring to you are amble tribute to your|
    |leadership.  Wine flows like blood, and the     |
    |smell of freshly cooked meat fills you with     |
    |satisfaction as you begin your victory feast.   |
    |The countryside is ablaze with bonfires as      |
    |groups of battle hardened Orcs celebrate the    |
    |domination of this land with songs of war and   |
    |victory.  You have finally assumed your rightful|
    |place as ruler of this realm, as Warchief of the|
    |Orcish Clans.                                   |
    |                                                |
    |What new conquests will await you in this place?|
    |The Shadow Council has begun to bring you       |
    |information concerning the lands across the     |
    |great sea that are as yet untouched by Orcish   |
    |rule.  The Warlocks also seek permission to     |
    |resume their experiments with the portal, their |
    |intent being the subjugation of other worlds.   |
    |With the power you now possess your choices are |
    |limitless, but these are choices for another    |
    |time...                                         |
                               IV. Human Walkthrough
    Here are the level by level walkthroughs for the Human campaign.  Before
    reading these, read the "Tactics" section of the guide, this walkthrough will
    assume that you know those basic strategies.  Look at my "Before you play"
    section before you start.
    | 4.01: Human Level 1     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |As a test of your abilities, the King has       |
    |appointed you as Regent over a small parcel of  |
    |land.  Since we must keep our armies in the     |
    |field well supplied, you are to build the town  |
    |into a farming center of no less than 6 farms.  |
    |Construction of a barracks for defense is also  |
    |advised, as our scouts have reported Orcish     |
    |patrols in the area.                            |
    Alright, this is the first level of the Human Campaign, and it's extremely
    easy.  It mostly exists just so you can get used to the basic controls.  To
    build a Peasant, just click on the Town Hall and click build, to move just
    click on a Peasant and click move and then click where you want him to go.  To
    attack something, click attack and click the thing you want to attack (Peasants
    can't attack).
    This level really requires no strategy, just make 3 Peasants, mine the gold
    mine to the East and chop wood.  Build 5 more Farms and 1 Barracks.  As long as
    you don't move your units out of the immediate area of your base, you won't get
    | 4.02: Human Level 2     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The Orcs around Grand Hamlet are becoming       |
    |increasingly brazen in their attacks, and our   |
    |spies inform us that they are amassing a large  |
    |army to march against the town.  The King is    |
    |sending you, along with a small detachment of   |
    |troops, to rally the people and defend the town |
    |against all opposition.                         |
    In this map you're tasked with killing every Orc on the map.  This isn't
    difficult since they don't have a base, and only attack 1 or 2 at a time every
    few minutes.
    Start mining the gold mine to the South-East, and make more Peasants, I usually
    like to have about 4, three mining and one chopping wood.  You get a new unit
    this level, Archers.  In order to build them, you need to build a Lumber Mill,
    then you can create them at your Barracks.
    You need to guard the North and South parts of your base, so setup two
    formations between the trees here.  Use a small light formation like so:
    FFF  |  F = Footman
    AAA  |  A = Archer
    Since they only attack 1 or 2 at a time, this small formation should be enough
    to deal with any opposition that tries to attack.
    Upgrade arrows as soon as possible.  Once your confident in your defenses, make
    a small team of 2 footmen and 2 archers, and just run around the map killing
    any Orcs you find.  Be sure to still be guarding your base though.
    | 4.03: Human Level 3     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |With Blackhand's raiding parties routed, now is |
    |the time for us to secure a lasting peace in the|
    |area around Grand Hamlet.  You must seek out the|
    |Orcish outpost of Kyross that lies deep within  |
    |the Swamps of Sorrow, and destroy it.           |
    By now you should just know to make Peasants and start gathering resources,
    I'm not going to repeat it everytime so just assume it.
    This is the first level that you fight an enemy with a base, so it could be
    a bit tricky.  The new unit you get are Clerics, far more useful than the Orc's
    Necrolytes, because Clerics can heal.  You'll need to build a Church in order
    to make Clerics.  Upgrade arrows first of course.
    You'll need to setup two light formations to the North and South of your base,
    between the nearby lake and the trees, but this time, add two more archers and
    a cleric.  Use this formation:
    FFF  |  c = Cleric
    Once you're confident in your defenses, proceed West and setup one of your
    formations there.  Lure the enemies defenders back and kill them.  Then run
    into the town and start destroying the buildings.  Barracks first, then the
    Town hall, make sure all the Peons are dead, then destroy the rest of the town.
    | 4.04: Human Level 4     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |It has been some twenty months since Sir Lothar,|
    |one of the crown's greatest heroes, led an      |
    |expedition into the Dead Mines to search for the|
    |Lost Tome of Divinity.  They were never heard   |
    |from again.  However, the great knight has      |
    |recently appeared to the Abbot of Northshire in |
    |a vision -- battered and pleading for           |
    |assistance.  King Llane has ordered you to lead |
    |a detachment of warriors and healers into the   |
    |mines in an attempt to find Sir Lothar, heal    |
    |him, and bring him and any other survivors back |
    |alive.                                          |
    This is your first dungeon level, it's not very hard as long as you take it
    slow and stay in formation.
    There are a total of 21 Ogres in this level, and they are the only enemies that
    you fight.  They're basic melee units but they hit pretty hard.
    Use this formation:
    Send a footman out front to lure some Ogres back to the formation, and heal
    your units completely before pulling again.  This level is easier than the Orc
    dungeon level just because you're able to heal, your units probably won't die.
    Continue moving through the dungeon until you get to the final room, position
    your formation outside of the room and pull and kill everything inside.  Once
    everything is dead, send a Cleric in to heal Lothar.  Bring Lothar to the exit
    and you win.
    | 4.05: Human Level 5     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The Forest of Elwynn is a strategic key to      |
    |securing the Borderlands.  An outpost near the  |
    |southeast edge of the forest will serve as your |
    |stronghold.  The King has assigned one of his   |
    |knights to aid you, so that your task of ridding|
    |the area of Blackhand's dark minions may be more|
    |readily completed.                              |
    The nearest gold mine is to the South, but your Peasants will have to go around
    the trees in order to reach it, chop down these trees with your woodcutter
    so you can have easier access to the mine.
    As for your defenses, there is no rivers on this map, and thus no bridges.
    However, there is an easy cutoff point directly to the West of your base.
    Proceed West following the trees until you come to a very small path through
    the trees.  The enemy has to come through here to get to your base, so setup
    your formation a bit to the South of that.
    You get Knights in this level, and the Stable and Blacksmith buildings.
    Your formation should be a standard heavy formation and look like the
    KFFK  |  K = Knight
    Upgrade arrows first and then build a Blacksmith and then a Stable.  Once
    you've upgraded armor, pull the defenders that are guarding the North part of
    the cutoff path, and move your formation up there.  Pull the base defenders
    and then destroy the town.
    | 4.06: Human Level 6     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The monks of Northshire Abbey are under siege by|
    |a band of Human warriors that have been         |
    |convinced by enemey agents to fight against the |
    |crown.  You will be given a complement of       |
    |knights to lead to the Abbey, which is already  |
    |under attack.  Ride hard and fast, as you must  |
    |prevent its destruction.  When you have secured |
    |the Abbey and beaten back these treacherous     |
    |curs, you must then move to destroy the enemy at|
    |their source.                                   |
    As this level starts, you may want to take the game speed down to slow, so you
    have time to react to what's happening.
    You start with a full base with almost every building, but it's being attacked
    right from the start!  Move all your units into the town and attack the
    enemies, there's no time for formations, try and save as many buildings as
    Once you've killed all the enemies attacking the town, buy some Peasants and
    start harvesting like usual.  You actually start out with an advantage since
    you should have most of the buildings already built.  The nearest gold mine is
    to the North.
    Now you're gonna want two formations for this level, one North-West of your
    town, and the other North-East.  The North-West formation should be a heavy
    formation, and it should be between the forest the gold mine is at, and the
    forest to the West of that.  The North-East formation should be a light
    formation just to the East of that small lake, the enemy doesn't attack here
    very often, but it happens sometimes, so you need to defend it.
    You get Catapults this level, but this means that the enemy gets them too.
    Catapults are very annoying to fight, but also useful in battle, for strategies
    on how to deal with them, see the "Dealing with Catapults" section of the
    The Heavy formation (North-West) should look like this:
     KFFK  |  C = Catapult
     AAAA  |  c = Cleric
    The Light formation (North-East) should look like this:
    Once you've upgraded arrows, build a Blacksmith if you don't already have one,
    then a Stable.  Upgrade armor, and then pull the base defenders to your Heavy
    Formation.  After the defenders are dead, run in and destroy the base like
    | 4.07: Human Level 7     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |A raiding party has completely overrun the      |
    |village of Sunnyglade.  Our scouts report that  |
    |the survivors have been taken to a hidden Orcish|
    |compound to serve as slaves..  You must take a  |
    |detachment of warriors and rescue the group of  |
    |peasants that are imprisoned somewhere in the   |
    |Orc camp.  Our intelligence confirms that all of|
    |the prisoners are together, and that you must   |
    |destroy the enclosure to open a path for their  |
    |escape.  The rebuilding of Sunnyglade is also of|
    |the utmost importance, as you will need their   |
    |assistance in destroying the Orcish slayers.    |
    *NOTE*  Before playing this level, be sure to be patched to V1.21, if you are
    not, this level becomes really really difficult.  What's wrong with you, not
    updating a game before playing it!?
    You get Conjurers and the Tower building in this level, but they really arn't
    very useful at this point in the game, they're really not necessary, only
    buy them if you're rich.
    You start off with a bunch of troops and no Peasants, and not enough money to
    buy a Peasant either!  In order to start producing stuff, you'll need to rescue
    the imprisoned Peasants from the prison.
    Make all your troops head South-East towards the bridge on this map.  It's not
    a river, it's a lake, so this isn't a full cutoff point, the enemy can still
    go around the lake, but they rarely do.  When I played this level, they came
    from the West side of the lake 4 times and the East side of the lake 0 times,
    every other attack was on the bridge, so focus your main defensive there.
    For now, don't worry about the East or West of the lake, and put all your guys
    on the bridge, except a Knight and a cleric, leave them to guard the town.  If
    anyone attacks the town, just attack them with the Knight, and heal with the
    Anyway, on the bridge, you should have a formation like so:
    Once you've setup your formation, head East with a Knight and pull some
    defenders back to the formation.  Once you discover the prison, go all the way
    around the prison before busting through the walls, there's Spearmen on the 
    far side, and they will kill the Peasants if you break them out before killing
    Now bring all your Peasants back to your base, and start mining and chopping
    wood.  The nearest gold mine is to the South.
    Now, replace two of the Knights in your bridge formation with Footman, and put
    those Knights along with the Cleric in the village at the West side of the
    lake, they should be enough to deal with any attacks there.  Put the remaining
    Knight on the East side of the lake (just in case).
    Complete your bridge formation so it's a standard Light formation:
    This formation will be more than enough to handle any attacks they send, for
    some reason the enemies offense in this level is really lacking, just watch out
    for Catapults.
    Once you've upgraded arrows and armor to the max, pull the defenders of the
    town, and run in and destroy it.
    | 4.08: Human Level 8     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |A new crisis has arisen that threatens to end   |
    |the lives of all who would serve the King.  The |
    |evil warlock Medivh has begun draining the soul |
    |of the land itself to increase his dark powers. |
    |You must take a party into his tower and destroy|
    |him before he summons enough energies to        |
    |devastate all who would oppose him.  Beware his |
    |mastery of the black arts, for legend speaks of |
    |his ability to command the daemons of Hell.     |
    Alright as soon as you start, make a formation like so:
    As for the units you don't use, just put them in the back, and use them incase
    you need replacements, but you probably won't.
    There are very few enemies on this map, just a few Fire Elementals, some Slime
    a few Skeletons, some Spiders, and 1 Daemon, Medivh can summon more Daemons
    Just proceed through the level slowly, much like Level 4, healing after every
    battle, it's doubtful even one of your guys will be killed as long as you stay
    in formation.  Move the formation along every once in awhile.  Be careful of
    the Fire Elementals, they are very strong, they can kill a Knight in about 3
    Once you get to the final room, there will be a Fire Elemental and a Daemon
    inside.  The Daemon is the strongest enemy in the game, it can kill a Knight
    in two hits, and every other unit in one hit, be extremely careful when luring
    Once it's dead, just send all your melee units at Medivh, he's pretty strong
    but you should kill him pretty easily, I'd save before trying to attack him
    | 4.09: Human Level 9     |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |The time has come to take the battle into       |
    |Blackhand's own domain.  King Llane has ordered |
    |a full assault upon the Orcs, demanding that    |
    |this plague that spreads across the kingdom be  |
    |eradicated.  To the east of the Borderlands lies|
    |the Black Morass, where the Orcish hordes make  |
    |their encampments.  You are to lead an army into|
    |this foul region and destroy every trace of     |
    |their dark presence.                            |
    Alright, this level is where the game starts to get more difficult.  It's still
    not that hard though.  You're fighting two bases this time instead of one, but
    luckily, both bases have to go across the same bridge to reach you, so you can
    use the same cut-off point for both.  This alone makes it easier than the Orc
    level 9, they seem to send more Catapults on this level though.
    Alright, nearest gold mine is to the South-East, start mining.  Setup a
    formation with the troops that you have, and go North along the river with a
    puller until you reach the bridge, pull the bridge defenders - just 3 Footman,
    no problem.  Setup your formation on the bridge.
    The first building you should build - besides a lumber mill - is the Church,
    healing is gonna be really really helpful on this level, and otherwise you'll
    be wasting tons of money replacing your guys, a Clerics are important on other
    levels too, but now they're almost required.
    Now scout a very wide area in front of your troops, a bit North too, these guys
    send Catapults like crazy, and you need to be ready for them.  Another thing
    you should watch out for is the Necrolytes, they get Unholy Armor on this level
    and it's a pain in the ass.  Just send a Knight out and kill them, and then
    heal him later.
    Once you've upgraded arrows to the max, send a puller down to the South village
    and pull the defenders, there's quite a lot this time, most of which are
    Spearmen.  Once they're dead, send your melee units to destroy the town, but
    keep your other people on the bridge incase the Northern base sends troops.
    Once the South town is dead, do the same with the North, I think the Northern
    town is a bit easier than the Southern one.
    Oh and you get Rain of Fire and Invisibility spells this level, but they arn't
    really that special, Invisibility seems like it's more useful for the enemy
    then it is for you, and Rain of Fire is about as effective as having actual
    units there hitting the buildings, which can be easily accomplished.  It can
    be pretty useful in dealing with the Necrolytes that sit in front of your
    formation, but for the amount of money it costs, it really isn't worth it.
    | 4.10: Human Level 10    |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |Runners have arrived and informed you of grave  |
    |news.  King Llane lies dead this day,           |
    |assassinated by the treacherous Garona, at      |
    |Stormwind Keep.  His last command was that you  |
    |should assume the mantle of War Leader, and end |
    |this battle that has drained the land of its    |
    |resources, and now its king.  Scouts report that|
    |deep within the Black Morass lies one of        |
    |Blackhand's darkest seats of power --- the      |
    |Temple of the Damned.  No peasants dare approach|
    |the vile temple, and only the bravest of your   |
    |soldiers have agreed to accompany you on this   |
    |mission.  You must strike boldy and without err,|
    |for there will be no reinforcements.            |
    Alright, in this level you have to destroy just one base, but you don't get a
    base yourself.
    This really isn't that difficult though, you've destroyed bases with far less
    troops than this, you start with tons.
    Proceed North a bit to find a bridge, setup a big heavy formation right behind
    the bridge like so:
    Send a puller over the bridge and North a bit to find yet another bridge, pull
    the defenders back to your formation and take them out.
    Right across this next bridge is the town (they have three temples for some
    reason..).  Just pull the defenders like normal, and then destroy the town.
    This level really isn't very hard, and it's almost like the designers put it in
    as sort of a break from all the hard ones you've had to play so far (especially
    that last one).  You can really have fun with the level, and play around with
    the spells that you probably haven't been using very often in previous levels.
    There's only two more levels to go.
    | 4.11: Human Level 11    |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |Here beats the diseased and malevolent heart of |
    |Blackhand's plagued lands.  The sister towns of |
    |Rockard and Stonard are all that stand between  |
    |the forces of the kingdom and Blackhand's       |
    |stronghold -- Black Rock Spire.  After          |
    |conferring with your warchiefs, the path to     |
    |victory lays clear.  You must destroy Rockard   |
    |and Stonard, thereby cutting off all lines of   |
    |the support and supplies, so that the final     |
    |offensive can be made upon Black Rock Spire.    |
    This level is very annoying because there are no bridges, and there are like
    four different ways into your base.  The one small mercy is that you start
    with a lumber mill and barracks already built, and you start with a good number
    of troops, including a Cleric and a Catapult.
    Start mining, nearest gold mine is to the West, very close to your town hall.
    Now North of your town are two pathways through the trees, instead of blocking
    both of them off, you're just going to make a heavy formation just a bit south
    of both of them.  This will cover both entrances, and allow you to not 
    seperate your troops.  As for the third entrance, it's South-West of your
    base.  The enemy loops around that lake and comes in from the bottom, build a
    light squad facing West to cover this entrance.  The fourth one is between the
    lake and the trees North-West of your town, they don't attack from here very
    often, and it's usually just because the AI gets confused when it's trying to
    enter the third exit, and ends up taking a different route, usually they only
    attack one or two at a time here, just put two Footman and three Archers, it
    should be enough.
    Now in this level you get a new spell: Water Elemental summoning.  This is the
    strongest unit that the Humans are able to get, the Orc equivalent is the
    Daemon, which is actually a bit stronger, but not by much.  The Water Elemental
    advantage is that it has ranged attacks, not as far as an Archer, but still
    further than Melee, which will be an advantage when more than one are trying to
    gang up on one enemy; instead of going all the way around, it can just shoot
    from the back.
    Build a Wizard's Tower and research Major Summoning, it's expensive
    but worth it.  Train about 4 Conjurers and when they all have full mana, summon
    4 Water Elementals.  Send the Water Elementals at a base and kill all the
    defenders.  If you want to make the Water Elementals even stronger, upgrade
    armor and weapons, these upgrades actually effect Water Elementals.  Anyway,
    once the first base is destroyed, move onto the second one, if the Water
    Elementals die, you can always just summon more, they're free after all.
    One more level left.
    | 4.12: Human Level 12    |
    |Briefing:                                       |
    |Black Rock Spire stands before us!  The skies   |
    |above the reeking swamp fill with the gathering |
    |thunderheads that spell doom for the loser in   |
    |their final confrontation.  Tension hangs like a|
    |heavy cloak on your shoulders as your troops    |
    |prepare for the battle ahead.  Above you the din|
    |and chaos that swirls about the battlefield     |
    |stands the Castle of Blackhand, its gaze        |
    |sweeping down upon the battlefield where the    |
    |destiny of the land will be decided.  Destroy   |
    |the stronghold and those who would seek to      |
    |defend it, and Azeroth will be freed from       |
    |Blackhand's poisoned grip forever!              |
    Okay, this is the last level.  This is the hardest level in the Human campaign,
    but the Orc last level is a bit harder, so if you've beaten that, then this
    will seem like no problem.
    In this level you'll be fighting 3 bases at once, and they'll be sending
    everything they got at you (for some reason they never sent Catapults at me
    while I was playing this, so that's one less thing you have to worry about).
    Despite having no rivers, and thus no bridges, there is a cut-off point to the
    North of your base between a lake and some trees.  Now before you start
    chopping down trees, be very very careful where you cut, the only trees near
    your base are to the left, but if you cut too far in, you'll break into a path
    that leads direclty to one of the bases!  This will be just another thing
    you will have to guard, so it'd be best not to break into it.  Instead, cut
    trees at the very bottom of the level, you can go right under the path and
    never break into it, still be careful though.  You really shouldn't need that
    much lumber anyway.
    You start with a Conjurer and a Cleric, and Major Summoning and Invisibility
    already researched, this is very helpful.  Setup your defensive formation
    like so:
    Put the two Catapults you start with behind the trees to the left of the
    formation, it'll put them closer to the enemies, and give them more
    opportunities to fire.
    The first buildings you should build are a Blacksmith and then a Conjurer's
    Tower.  Start making Conjurer's right away, you should have about 5 of them.
    Your entire offense is going to consist of Water Elementals, raiding in groups
    of 4 at a time, the 5th Conjurer is there incase a Daemon shows up and your
    other ones are out of mana.
    Now just send groups of 4 Water Elementals at the enemy bases, the big base
    is in the top left corner of the map, and the other two are to the East and
    South of it.  Take out the smaller bases first, and then focus on the big one.
    The big base has a TON of defenders, it will probably take you 3 or 4 groups of
    Elementals before you finally take them all down, you will eventually though.
    Once they're dead, destroy the base like usual, and then you win.
    Congratulations, you've beaten the Human campaign, if you haven't beat the Orc
    campaign, then do that too.  You can check my Ranks section of
    the guide to see what rank you got, usually people will get up to Demigod rank
    just by beating the game normally.
    | 4.13: Human Ending      |
    |The fall of Black Rock Spire spelled final      |
    |victory for the forces of Azeroth.  With        |
    |Blackhand slain and their stronghold destroyed, |
    |the few scattered Orcs that remained were quick |
    |to bow before your might.  A celebration ensued |
    |that lasted for many days and nights, with music|
    |and joyous festivities resounding throughout the|
    |land.  The people of the kingdom have come from |
    |miles around to gather at Stormwind Keep, and   |
    |are delighted by a display of mystic sights and |
    |sounds provided by the Court Conjurers while    |
    |being treated to a feast of unequaled splendor. |
    |Amidst this celebration, your ascension to the  |
    |throne is acknowledged by your new subjects, and|
    |you are given the honorarium Defender of the    |
    |Crown.  As the evening's celebration continues  |
    |into the early hours of the morning you retire  |
    |to the sanctity of your throne room.            |
    |                                                |
    |The duty of ruling Azeroth is an awesome        |
    |responsibility, and should prove to be your     |
    |greatest challenge yet.  Learning the           |
    |intricacies of court politics alone will be like|
    |sailing in uncharted waters.  King Llane was    |
    |renowned for ruling with a fair and just hand,  |
    |and you resolve to be as proficient as he was.  |
    |There is also the matter of discovering the     |
    |exact location where the Orcish hordes entered  |
    |into this world, and divining a way to end the  |
    |threat of another invasion forever -- but that  |
    |is a story for another time.                    |
                                      V. Appendices
    This section contains any other info I thought might be useful.
    | 5.01: Unit Stats        |
    Here are all the unit stats, such as HP, armor, attack power etc.
    Thanks to Clownboss for the hero unit stats!
    Human Units:
    Unit        Range  Armor  Hit  Minimum  Random  Train
                               Pts   Damage  Damage  Time
    Peasant        -      0    40        -       -    750
    Footman        0      2    60        1       9    600
    Archer         5      1    60        4       0    700
    Cleric         1      0    40        6       0    800
    Knight         0      5    90        1      13    800
    Catapult       8      0   120        -     255   1000
    Conjurer       3      0    40        6       0    900
    Orc Units:
    Unit          Range  Armor  Hit  Minimum  Random  Train
                                Pts   Damage  Damage  Time
    Peon            -      0    40        -       -    750
    Grunt           0      2    60        1       9    600
    Spearman        4      1    60        5       0    700
    Necrolyte       2      0    40        6       0    800
    Raider          0      5    90        1      13    800
    Catapult        8      0   120        -     255   1000
    Warlock         2      0    40        6       0    900
    Hero Units:
    Unit          Range  Armor  Hit  Minimum  Random
                                Pts   Damage  Damage
    Lothar          0      5    50        1      15
    Griselda        -      0    30        -       -
    Medivh          5      0   110       10       0
    Garona          -      0    30        -       -
    Other Units:
    Unit                Range  Armor   Hit  Minimum  Random   Decay
                                       Pts   Damage  Damage    Rate
    Orc Skeleton           0      1    40        1       4      45
    Ogre                   0      0    60        1      12       -
    Slime                  0     10   150        1       0       -
    Scorpion               0      0    30        3       0      45
    Spider                 0      0    30        1       3      45
    Dungeon Skeleton       0      2    30        1       9       -
    Fire Elemental         0      0   200        0      40       -
    Brigand                0      4    40        1       9       -
    Daemon                 0      0   300        0      65      45
    Water Elemental        3      0   250       40       0      45
    Building             Hit     Time
                         Pts    Build
    Townhall            2500     1000
    Farm                 400     1000
    Barracks             800     1500
    Lumbermill           600     1500
    Church/Temple        700     2000
    Blacksmith           800     1500
    Stables/Kennels      500     1500
    Tower                900     2000
    | 5.02: Ranks             |
    These are the ranks you get after beating a level, depending on your score.
    Through personal experience, I can say that it takes 11,000 points to reach the
    God rank, but I don't know the exact points required to get every one of them,
    so I'm going to issue a challenge to everyone who reads this:  Write down all
    the points and ranks you get for every level while you play, and e-mail them to
    me.  If enough people do this, I might be able to piece together an estimation
    of the points needed for each rank!
    Also note that it's apparently possible to get so many points that the game
    glitches, and resets your rank to slave.  This has never happened to me though.
    |Rank |Humans    |Orcs     |
    |  1  |Slave     |Slave    |
    |  2  |Peasant   |Peon     |
    |  3  |Squire    |Rogue    |
    |  4  |Footman   |Grunt    |
    |  5  |Corporal  |Slasher  |
    |  6  |Sergeant  |Sergeant |
    |  7  |Lieutenant|Commander|
    |  8  |Captain   |Captain  |
    |  9  |Major     |Major    |
    | 10  |Knight    |Raider   |
    | 11  |General   |General  |
    | 12  |Brigadier |Master   |
    | 13  |Marshall  |Slayer   |
    | 14  |Duke      |Dictator |
    | 15  |War Leader|War Chief|
    | 16  |Demigod   |Demigod  |
    | 17  |God       |God      | -- 11,000 points
    | 18  |Designer  |Designer |
    | 5.03: Cheats            |
    These are the cheats for the game, just incase you're too weak to beat it
    legit.  Just press enter during a battle and type in the code.
    corwin of amber = You need to enter this code before you enter God Mode,
                      Instant Win/Loss, or level skip.
    pot of gold = Get 10,000 Gold and 5,000 Lumber.
    eye of newt = Get all spells.
    iron forge = Get all upgrades.
    crushing defeat = Lose the current mission.  You need to use the corwin of
                      amber code before this one will work.
    sally shears = See the entire map.
    human# = Skip to any Human level, where # is the number of the level you want
             to go to.  You need to use the corwin of amber code before this one
             will work.
    orc# = Skip to any Orc level, where # is the number of the level you want to go
           to.  You need to use the corwin of amber code before this one will work.
    hurry up guys = Speed up building and training.
    yours truly = Win the current mission.  You need to use the corwin of amber
                  code before this one will work.
    ides of march = Brings you to the ending cutscene.
    there can be only one = Your units are invunerable and do 255 damage.  You need
                            to use the corwin of amber code before this one will
    | 5.04: References in WoW             |
    If you play WoW, you might have been playing this whole time without realising
    how many times Warcraft 1 is referenced.  Little things like town names,
    geography, books, you probably just thought it was senseless background
    information that wasn't based on anything, well you're wrong, it's based on
    this game.  Here we go.
    Firstly, the entire title of WoW comes from this game.  The last sentence of
    the opening cinematic is "Welcome to the World of Warcraft".
    Andiun Lothar, Blackhand, King Llane, Garona and Medivh, all of whom appear
    in this game, are referenced countless times in WoW, and other media.
    The Tomb of Divinity, mentioned in Human level 4, is involved in a Paladin
    Now the most obvious references to this game are the town and area names.  You
    might recognize such places as:  Stormwind, Goldshire, Northshire, Moonbrook,
    the Deadmines, Stonard, Blackrock Spire, and area names like Elwynn Forest,
    the Redridge Mountains and the Swamps of Sorrow (called Swamp of Sorrows in
    WoW).  But what about Grand Hamlet, Sunnyglade, Rockard, Kyross, the Temple
    of the Damned, and the Black Morass you might ask?  Well most of those are in
    the game too, just not like you'd expect.  You have to remember, that Warcraft
    1 takes place a very long time before WoW (30 years to be exact), and that
    during the game, the Orcs pretty much destroyed nearly every single Human
    settlement around, the WoW ones you're looking at are not the same towns, just
    rebuilt towns that are called the same thing, some towns might have been
    rebuilt and called something else, whereas others were just never rebuilt.
    It was recently confirmed in "Warcraft: Legends Volume 2" that Grand Hamlet is
    in fact Darkshire, this means that Sunnyglade is probably Raven Hill, or was
    just never rebuilt.  There's no tower in Raven Hill however, but it was
    probably just destroyed by the Orcs after they had stolen all its magical
    secrets.  Now, what about Rockard and Kyross?  In Warcraft 1, Rockard and
    Stonard are sister cities, if that's the case, why does Stonard appear in WoW
    but not Rockard?  The answer is Rockard was probably just never rebuilt, same
    with Kyross.  There's some Orcish ruins in the Blasted lands that could be
    either Kyross or Rockard, it isn't certain which one though.
    Now as for the Temple of the Damned, this doesn't appear in WoW at all, since
    that level in the Human campaign where it appears probably isn't canon, it
    likely wasn't destroyed during the first war, it was probably destroyed during
    the end of the Second War, and never rebuilt. Now as for the Black Morass,
    that's just the name the Orcs gave to the Blasted Lands/Swamps of Sorrow area
    during the first war.
    Now what about Daemons, those don't appear in WoW right?  Well they sort of do.
    In the Karazhan chess event, the "Summoned Daemon" uses the same model as a
    Doomguard.  It's likely the Humans and Orcs during the first war just refered
    to Doomguards as "Daemons" since they didn't know the proper name for them.
    They're likely the same thing.  As for Water Elementals, Mages can summon
    them if they have enough points in the Ice talent tree.
    As for "Medivh's Tower" this is of course Karazhan, the level where you kill
    him is the underground portion of the tower.  This whole event is retold in
    "The Last Guardian" book.
    Now even as far as Kalimdor, this game is referenced.  Orgrimmar, the Orc
    Capital, is named after an Orc named Orgrim Doomhammer, who you play as during
    the Orc Campaign in this game.
    And anything that mentions "The First War" is talking about the conflict that
    occured during this game.
                                  VI.  Closing
    | 6.01: Credits           |
    Here are the credits you get after beating the game:
    Game Design
     Blizzard Entertainment
     Patrick Wyatt
    Executive Producer
     Allen Adham
     Patrick Wyatt
     Bob Fitch
     Michael Morhaime
     Jesse McReynolds
     Stu Rose
     Samwise Didier
     Ron Millar
     Mickey Neilson
     Brian Sousa
     David Berggren
     Roman Kenney
    3D Artists
     Joeyray Hall
     Ron Millar
     Duane Stinnet
    Music & Sound
     Glen Stafford
     Gregory Alper
     Rick Jackson
     Chris Palmer
     Bill Roper
    Manual Design & Layout
     Bill Roper
    Manual Illustrations
     Stu Rose
     Samwise Didier
     Roman Kenney
     Brian Sousa
     Mickey Neilson
     David Berggren
     Chris Metzen
     Nick Carpenter
    Public Relations
     Susan Wooley
     Linda Duttenhaver
     Kathy Carter
     Steve Huot
     Burkley Hanes
     Debbie Caton
     Fernando Paez
     Russel Nishida
     Aprile Penhall
     Helen Moriyama
    Quality Assurance
     Robert Louden
     Tymothi Loving
     Mark Menter
     Larry Smith
    Registered Beta Testers
     Derek Arasi
     David Bevik
     Jeff Cassens
     Shane Dabiri
     Robert Djorjevich
     Doug Gauss
     Sina Ghaboussi
     Tim Gossard
     Mark Pearce
     Vic Larson
     Issac Matarasso
     John Teichrow
     Andy Thorson
     Stuart Venable Jr.
    Special Thanks To
     Bob & Jan Davidson
     John Patrick
     John Goodman
     Jeff Beaumont
     Ralph Becker
     Mike Albanese
     John Sosoka
     Pam Drake
     Jenny Toney
     James Phinney
     Bobo the Wonder Orc
     Suzanne States
     Ronald Millar Sr.
     Private Pabst
     Salty Dog
     The "Batman"
     Frank Pearce
     Shannon and her white chocholate grapes
     Pretty Princess Gwendolyn
     Susan Bezzina
     Darlene & her hair
     The Memphis Blues
     Christina Cade
     Jason "God of Thunder" Thor
     "Dangerous" Damian Russell
     Shahram Dabri
     The Mang Mang
     Vic's Car
     The Poxy Boggards
     Ray the Soda Man
     The Kitchen Sink & you for reading this.
    | 6.02: Revision History  |
    V1.00 - 11/12/08 - Wrote the guide.
    V1.01 - 02/23/09 - Corrected grammar/spelling mistakes and updated some parts
                       in the "References in WoW" section.
    | 6.04: Copyright Info    |
    Warcraft and all things related to Warcraft are copyright Blizzard. 
    This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is protected under International
    Copyright Laws.

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