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Guide and Walkthrough by Irenic Apollyon

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 05/04/2004

Cannon Fodder v1.3
by Nuruljihad Nasruddin (Irenic Apollyon) - irenicapollyon@hotmail.com


            MMMMMMMMMM                  .MMM8       MMMM
            MMMM::r702                   MMM        ;MMM
            MMMM       MMMM  MMMM  MMMM  MMM  .MMM  MMMM  MMMM        MMMM
            MMMM        :BMMMMB8    XMMMMMMM,   @MMMMMMM    BMMMMMM.  WMMM


 Table of Contents                Recent Revisions
 .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.     .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
 | 1.0  - Information       |     |  1.25 - Added another mission  |
 |  1.1 - Introduction      |     |         phase (JMJ:LotF).      |
 |                          |     |                                |
 | 2.0  - Controls          |     |  1.2 - Made the FAQ much       |
 |  2.1 - Game Description  |     |         more modem-friendly.   |
 |                          |     |                                |
 | 3.0  - Walkthrough       |     ._____.                     _____.
 |  3.1 - Hints and Tips    |          |\____________________/|
 |                          |          |      ROBOTHRASH      |
 | 4.0  - Credits           |          |                      |
 |  4.1 - Revision History  |          |      "The end."      |
 |  4.2 - Contact Info      |          .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

DISCLAIMER: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
  private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
  publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
  web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
  violation of copyright.

<1.0> INFORMATION <1.0>

Released date : Unsure
Publisher     : Virgin Entertainment
                Sold-Out Software


<1.1> INTRODUCTION <1.1>

I remember first playing this game on the PC ages ago and I was instantly
hooked. Granted, getting a five year old hooked onto anything is hardly a
feat worth a parade but the game does create some fantastic memories. Even
the game is pretty damn fantastic. A great vintage classic.

Personally, I think the graphics have aged well over the years and definitely
lends well to the hardware found in the Gameboy Advance.  Though it wouldn't
be the first portable conversion of the game but with some tweaks it'd be
pretty damn sweet.

This FAQ is basically a huge tutorial on how to develop the necessary skills
to succeeding in this HUGE game. A total of 24 Missions, 10 of which are
available here, are found in this game and they are all of the same nature.
I feel that once you're able to complete the insanely difficult twelfth
mission, then you'll be able to do the rest yourself.

**                              [NOTE]                                      **
        Some portions of the information found in this FAQ and
        walkthrough were taken from a source. I did t
his because
        the author's strategy actually worked better than my
        original ones :P. Any level strategy in this case will be
        credited to AlaskaFox, who has a great FAQ/Walkthrough
        for Cannon Fodder (Genesis) and will be marked with an
        asterisk beside its level name.
**                                                                          **


<2.0> CONTROLS <2.0>

Actions are controlled by the mouse. Other miscellaneous controls are executed
with the keyboard.

- Action Controls -

Left-Click       :  Move units to specified location
Right-Click      :  Fire gun
Left+Right Click :  Launch grenades/rockets
Enter            :  Pause

- Misc. Controls  -

M                :  Bring up Map Screen
ESC              :  Repeat Level
F1               :  Quit Cannon Fodder



In Cannon Fodder you take control of a unit of soldiers through numerous
battles and dangerous missions in various environments.


<3.0> Walkthrough <3.0>

Below is a list of levels and the tactics I've found best, written down as I
discover them (I'm playing through the game again). But everybody's different
and each of you will go about playing the game differently than I, these are
just suggestions to be followed when you've got no better way.


(The Sensible Initiation) - Start a New Game

PHASE ONE: "It's a Jungle Out There"
o  Take two good men and clear the area.

1. If you don't know what to do here you probably don't have the game.


(Onward Virgin Soldiers)

PHASE ONE: Bridge Over the River Pie

o   Take three good soldiers and clear the area.

 "Right off the bat you'll find a soldier swimming in the river. Kill him and
  head south-west and take out three more. Go left and knock off two more then
  head back up and kill two other guys.  Cross the bridge (or swim) kill one
  more guy and go due west. Kill the soldiers there and follow the tracks and
  go east and confront five more soldiers."

PHASE TWO: Trash Enemy HQ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Kill all enemies.
o   Destroy 1 building/s.

1. Go west along the shoreline, shoot enemy soldiers as you meet them. Before
   the next bend, shoot the soldier across the river (he's standing next to
   a blue corpse) then follow the bend along the shoreline.

2. Cross the river (move south) to the next island. Head east, killing
   soldiers as you meet them along the way. Then make the turn around the
   bend and head westward until you kill all the soldiers on this island.

3. Cross the river (move south) one more time and follow the path. When you
   see soldiers kill them. Head east until you see a hut beside a load of
   barrels and a box of grenades. Clear the area of enemies; once the coast
   is clear shoot the barrels until they explode.


(Antarctic Adventure)

PHASE ONE: Blast It's Cold

o   Control four men and clear the area.
o   Destroy 4 building/s.

   From the start you'll begin on a ledge, down that ledge you'll see a shack.
1. Jump off the ledge, skip the shack, and jump off the next ledge. You'll
   see another shack with some grenades beside it. Shoot anybody coming out
   of the building and when the coast is clear grab the grenades. Keep a 
   fair distance from the building and then fire a grenade at it.
2. When the building is destroyed (the door flies off) head east until you
   find another shack. Shoot any men around the area. When the coast is clear
   dismantle this shack with another grenade.

3. Once you've finished head up the slope and you'll see another shack. Clear
   the area and then lob a grenade at the shack. Then head west. Up the
   cliffside a good collection of enemies have gathered. Kill them all but
   don't head up the slope just yet, keep going west until you find another
   hut. Destroy the hut in the same manner.

4. Now go a little east and then clear the slope. Once all the enemies are
   dead, head up the slope and next to the shack. Kill any enemies as they
   come out. Once they've stopped for awhile and the coast is clear, finish
   the level by blowing up the shack.


(Super Smashing Namtastic)

PHASE ONE: Beachy Head

o   Destroy all huts.

1. Start out by heading north until you reach a river. Cross the river to
   the beach on the other side and eliminate the infantry that are hiding
   in the trees. Head west until you see a shack. Grab the grenades next
   to the shack and use them to destroy it.

2. Head back east until you get to the shoreline. Follow the shoreline south
   until you find another shack. Fire a grenade at the shack to destroy it.

3. Now move east and cross the river. Once back to the main island (the
   island where you started) move eastward until you reach the extent of the
   map and then move north until you find another shack. Destroy it with
   your grenade and kill the two soldiers hiding in the trees.

4. From here, move northward until you find another shack. This one is poorly
   guarded. Just toss a grenade at it to destroy it.

PHASE TWO: Pier Pressure (Ugh...)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Destroy 1 building.

1. You'll be assaulted by a legion of soldiers at the beginning. Just hold
   the FIRE button (Right-Mouse Button) and kill all of the enemies. Then
   swim across the river and lob a grenade at the shack to win the map.

PHASE THREE: Village People~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Destroy 2 buildings.
o   Kill all enemies.

**                                 [NOTE]                                   **

When you see small patches of quicksand, stepping into it will only slow
you down (similar to the effects you feel whenswimming through water). When
there is a huge patch of quicksand, stepping into it will kill you.

**                                                                          **

1. At the start head as west. You'll find a place where the road pitchforks
   to three different areas (in the center is a triangular hole). First move
   west and kill all the soldiers there. Then take the right path to a little
   clearing in the forest. Kill the soldiers there. Now head south and then
   west to find a little village. Kill all the soldiers there and grab the
   grenades beside the lower left hut. Use a grenade on the hut where the
   soldiers are coming out of (the one with a door).

2. Now go south. Kill the soldiers you find there. Backtrack until you get
   back to where the native's huts are (you were just there). Now head east
   as far as you can. Kill the soldiers but try not to kill the natives. Keep
   heading east until you see a river. Kill any soldiers you see in the river
   and stop the two soldiers from the north trying to ambush you. Head south
   until you find a shack. Fire a grenade at the shack and kill any soldiers
   in the area.

3. Now go back where you came from and search every spot you've been to. Go
   west to the village. Then from there head as far south as you can go.
   Next, head north and check every nook and cranny you can find. Once all
   the soldiers have been killed you will start...

PHASE FOUR: Quicksand~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Clear the area with five soldiers

1. Move north, avoiding the quicksand, and kill the two soldiers next to the

2. Be careful when moving east from here, a soldier has planted a mine on the
   ground around this bend. If you aren't cautious you may lose some men.
   Shoot it to get rid of it, then move along and kill the soldier. Grab the
   box of grenades.

3. Head eastward around the quicksand and kill two more soldiers that come
   in from the north and south.

4. Continue southward and dispatch of two more soldiers. Then take out two
   more as you continue southward.

5. Now head west into the woods. Kill all the soldiers (six or seven) and toss
   a grenade at the building.

6. Go east to the beach to find two enemies swimming in your direction. Kill
   them to finish the level.


(Those Vicious Vikings)

PHASE ONE: The Valley of Ice

o   Clear the area with three soldiers.
o   Destroy 5 buildings.

1.  Head west and kill the soldiers. Keep going until you reach two shacks.
    Grab the grenades and rockets before firing a grenade at one of them. One
    should be enough to take out the two at the same time.

2.  Now, cross the river to the next shack. Clear it of enemies first and then
    go ahead and toss another grenade at it.

3.  Go a little westward until you find two more shacks. Shoot at the boxes
    of grenades beside them to destroy one. Use a grenade to take out the next

4.  Now, break off one person from the rest of the unit (stand still and click
    on their name with your mouse). Use that single soldier and head west to
    find three soldiers. One toting a bazooka. Run and kill the guy with the
    bazooka first and take care of the last two. Now make a daring run west
    and take out one more soldier before heading north and killing another.
    Move fast and cross the river, kill the last soldier to win.

PHASE TWO: Barmy Bazookas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Clear the area.

1. Head west along the cliffside, kill the soldier below you. Now jump off
   the ledge and toss a grenade at the shack. Watch the river for swimming
   infantry but beware of rockets!

2. Move eastward and cross the river in the narrowest area. Keep going south
   until you find two more shacks. Go ahead and toss another grenade.

3. Now break a single person off from the rest of the group. Move westward
   quickly and take out the guy with the bazooka. Don't stop moving; head
   north across the river and take out one more bazooka-toting baddy. Now
   regroup your team (select the other group and move them next to this guy).

4. Head north (back to the first set of shacks) and cross the river to the
   west. Keep going west. Above you is a bazooka-toting baddy. He'll either
   kill himself by firing a rocket at a boulder beside him, or he'll kill
   you. If he misses lob a grenade up there to kill him. Now move westward
   and don't stop. Kill the bazooka-toting baddy you find and move south.

5. Watch for a swimming soldier. Kill him and move east until you find another
   island. Cross the river there.

6. Move quickly through this spot; you'll find two soldiers incoming via water
   and one more from the south. Kill them all and keep moving south. Avoid the
   incoming rocket fire and kill the bazooka-toting baddy and three more dudes
   that come in. When you find a hole in the ice, wait beside it until a few
   baddies jump out. Kill them all until no more emerge.

7. To the west, you'll find some more incoming baddies through the water. Kill
   them until they stop. Then move west to find another shack, guarded by
   a few soldiers and a bazooka-toting baddy. Kill the bazooka-toting baddy
   first and then take out the building.

PHASE THREE: My Beautiful Skidu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Destroy the huts.

1. At the start, don't move your men. Just move your mouse south until you see
   a shack (and maybe one baddy). From your startpoint, fire a grenade at the
   hut to destroy it. Move south and kill the soldiers guarding the hut.

2. Continue south by following the eastern edge of the map. You should pass a
   collection of trees and find a path to the west and another to the south.


         OOOOOOOO     |
         OOOOOO       |        O = tree
         OOOOOOO      |        | = edge of the map
                      |        X = stop here
               X      |         OOOOOOOOOO   |
         OOOOOOOO     |

   Stop here and move your mouse (don't click!) until you see the bazooka
   baddy. Throw a grenade over the trees and up his butt.

3. Continue moving south. You should find another shack and beside it a
   skidoo. Don't fire a grenade at it. Instead, break one person of and move
   him west. Run westward and stay close to the fence that surrounds the hut.
   A bazooka baddy will fire a rocket at him, hopefully missing but
   undoubtedly taking out the shack along with the surrounding fence area.
   Kill the bazooka baddy. Ignore the skidoo.

4. Using the same person (the guy you broke off from the rest), move north
   along the river until you find a ramp. Switch to the bazooka and go into
   the shallow water beside the ramp. Quickly shoot a rocket at the bazooka

5. Now, move south (same guy) along the river. When you get to the bottom,
   cross the river and don't stop. A bazooka baddy will fire several rockets
   but all of them will miss you as long as you keep moving. As soon as you
   reach the shallow water on the next shore, kill the bazooka baddy.

6. Move westward, kill the soldiers you meet along the way. Then, head north
   to find a shack. Destroy it to win.

(Westward Ho)

PHASE ONE: The Grand Canyon

o   Kill all enemies.

You'll probably notice that the enemies are a lot tougher from here on out.
They're faster and can shoot farther so be prepared when going in.

1. Head east from the start and take out some troopers. Kill the two that
   are behind the fences above the bridge. Watch the trooper on the other side
   of the bridge, when he gets close take him out. Fire a grenade at the shack
   to your right, now cross the bridge.

2. Watch out for soldiers as you're crossing. Take them out. Jump off the
   ledge and take out even more soldiers. Head west and move quickly to avoid
   incoming rocketfire.

3. When you come across the fenced area with the trap door and rocket/grenade
   ammo kill the soldiers surrounding it. Move to the west side and blow a
   hole through the west side of the fence. Walk in and take the ammo
   (quickly!) and hurry out to finish the incoming troops.

4. Now cross the road quickly. You'll be assaulted by numerous baddies, aim at
   the bazooka baddy to take him out first, then take care of the rest. Fire a
   grenade at the shack at the southwest of the map.

PHASE TWO: Trigger Happy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

o   Destroy all huts.

1. Move through the map until you find a few shacks. When you see some that
   produce the darker soldiers (the kinda that are faster/stronger than the
   regular troopers) destroy them first.

2. Run through the map, ignoring the bazooka troopas and just quickly destroy
   all the buildings.

(Greenland Redblood)

PHASE ONE: The Slippery Stairway

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Develop some serious bazooka-dodging tactics - like ordering a single
  soldier around at a time. Kill the snipers and don't EVER stop moving."

PHASE TWO: Return to Reykjavik

o   Kill all enemies.

 "An easy level. At this point you should know what to do. Just be careful
  with your soldiers and don't get hit. Stay FAR away from the final building
  before it explodes."
PHASE THREE: Evil Knievel

o   Destroy all huts.

 "I hope you're proficient at driving your ski-doo because you're gonna be
  doing some very serious jumping with it. Aim carefully when blasting at
  the shacks (including the igloo) as you can't kill the Eskimo. Be sure
  to land PRECISELY on the ramps when you come down from a jump."


(Guerrilla Warfare)

PHASE ONE: Have a Nice Trip

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Here you should probably teach yourself how to use the pungee sticks. Walk
  carefully to avoid the traps (which you can see by looking carefully for
  holes in the ground)."

PHASE TWO: Bang Bang You're Dead

o   Kill all enemies

 "Take out the bazooka-toting enemies first off. Then jump into the turret
  to take out these fortified bunker buildings."

PHASE THREE: Deliverance

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Head south and destroy that giant plant. Grab the heat-seeking missiles
  and use those to destroy the enemy encampment."


o   Kill all enemies.

 "Proceed normally until you get to a Jeep. Ride it off the cliff, aim it
  into the water, and get out before it can sink. Get out of the water and
  keep going normally."


(Great Scott Good Shot)

PHASE ONE: Round the Garden

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Destroy the huts, conserve your ammo. Grab the skidoo and circle around the
  enemy in the other skidoo, then jump out when he skids past you and destroy
  it. Kill everything that moves."

PHASE TWO: In at the Deep End

o   Kill all enemies.

 "First head north-east, take out the turret, then go back to land and take
  out the next. Grab the bazookas and destroy the western turret. Take out
  the last two in similar fashion."


(One Gigantic Dust Bowl)

PHASE ONE: The Square Dance

o   Kill all enemies.

 "The enemies are tougher, and the helicopter is your worst foe. It can only
  be hurt while it's on the ground so take advantage of that."

PHASE TWO: Penny for the Guy

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Head west and cross the bridge, avoid the pungee sticks. Move quickly to
  avoid artillery fire and proceed normally."

PHASE THREE: Tanky in the Middle

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Forget the turrets and the tank. Blow up the two shacks to the east and
  use the jeep to jump the northern ramps. Take out the last two buildings
  and dodge the civilians."

PHASE FOUR: If It Moves, Kill It

o   Kill all enemies.

 "Grab the tank and take out the fortified bunker. Watch out for
  bazooka-toting soldiers and break one guy off from the rest to make a
  quick suicide run to take out the buildings."

PHASE FIVE: A Good Hard Tank

o   Kill all enemies.

 "You can't prevent losing one or two people at the start (you being right
  next to a frickin' turret). Head north and grab the tank. Ignore the
  infantry and use the tank to blow up the turrets and houses."
(Jungle More Jungle)

PHASE ONE: Lord of the Flies

o   Kill all enemies.
o   Destroy all buildings.

1. Follow the path west. When you reach the pool and palm tree, keep moving
   west and follow the path until it turns south. Destroy the hut.

2. Follow the road in front of the shack and move on to the southwest edge of
   the map. Kill the soldiers hidden in the trees.

3. Move west and skip the enemy hut. Now move east and fire a bazooka at the
   barrels under the two buildings. The explosions that result will destroy
   both buildings and the BigGun.

4. Head west and blow up the last hut.

(More to Come!)


<3.1> HINTS and TIPS <3.1>

Whether or not you'll be needing this after that harrowing campaign is up to
you. Keep in mind, not only are these "hints and tips", they're also common

   o   A great anti-bazooka tactic is splitting someone off from the rest of
       the group and having him do a suicide run against a team of bazookas.
       It might not sound like a very clever tactic but if you send your
       entire team in, chances are more than likely that you'll get hit by a
       rocket. Whereas a single soldier could run through an open field and
       most bazooka fire would fall behind him.

   o   Don't be too eager to hop into a vehicle. Some vehicles, like the
       Jeep, are lumbering death vehicles due to a lack of maneuverability
       or simply because you aren't a very efficient driver yet.

   o   Conserve your grenades. Most levels only give you enough ammunition to
       take out EXACTLY the total amount of buildings in the level.

   o   This is common sense, but don't stand still when there are snipers or
       rocket launchers nearby. In order to stay alive you have to keep

   o   If there's a bridge, use that instead of swimming across a river.

   o   If you HAVE to cross a river and swimming is the only option, move
       across the narrowest section of the river.

   o   When possible, avoid as many firefights as possible until you've
       collected as much ammunition as possible. This'll make the last few
       conflicts pretty damn easy.


<4.0> CREDITS <4.0>

Thanks to Gamefaqs.com and Virgin. Thanks to me for writing this great FAQ.
Big thanks to AlaskaFox, whose FAQ/Walkthrough at Gamefaqs.com provided some
great information and helped me round off my skills in the game as well.
Thanks to Jonathan Matthews who created the fantastic program, ASCGen.
Without it I wouldn't have that fantastic ASCII logo you see up there because
my skills don't pay the bills at ASCII art.

Huge thanks to In Flames' "Reroute to Remain" CD. I probably would've been
too distracted by stuff going on around me and not getting this FAQ done
without them crushing my ear drums every moment I was writing this and
drowning out real life.

Big thanks to you, as an individual. That's right you specifically. Now that
we're friends wanna hang out at the mall sometime?



v1.25 - Added another Mission Phase (Jungle More Jungle:Lord of the Flies)

v1.2  - Made the FAQ much more modem-friendly.

v1.1  - Included Table of Contents.
        Added Hints and Tips section.

v1.0  - Wrote the FAQ.
        Published on GAMEFAQS.com.


I'm always open to contributions, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from readers.
Anyone who feels that they can contribute to making this a better FAQ is more
than welcome to drop me a line. Below is my contact info:

     AIM    : GunnerOcelot
     E-MAIL : irenicapollyon@hotmail.com

Any hurtful comments or hate mail is completely welcome at the following

     E-MAIL : icantbelieve@imsendingthistoafakeaddress.imanidiot.com

                  (c)Copyright 2004.Nuruljihad Nasruddin.

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