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If you liked Wolfenstein 3D™ from id Software, you'll love this new space adventure that uses advanced 3D technology licensed from id Software itself.
Welcome to the 22nd century! The future is here and the ingenious Dr. Goldfire threatens to unleash unspeakable evil on the galaxy. This brilliant bio-scientist has developed an army of military mutant through his ghoulish genetic research. Poised for attack, Goldfire's hideous horde awaits his command to unravel the universe!
Only you, as Blake Stone, the galaxy's most invincible agents, have the brains and brawn to kick them out of the cosmos. Infiltrate Goldfire's secret fortress on a remote planet and battle the most horrific creatures ever to see the light of day.
This mind-bending mission features new mutant-bashing weapons! Blast through doors with your anti-plasma cannon! Fry the freaks with a fission detonator! And stockpile blastable ammo to take out four new bosses and alien-like guards!
But beware! Blake must beef up his brainpower too as he matches wits with the shrewdest enemies ever to prowl the planets. Whether cloaked in diguising haze or masquerading as statues, these fiends have smarts that could sink a lesser Stone!

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