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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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    | Spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova (P Summers) | shotgunnova@gmail |
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        I. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
       II. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
      III. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
       IV. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. WALKTHROUGH                                                           [WLKT]
     Pre-game notes: watching the introduction video gives the backstory to the
     game, and can be skipped with the Escape button. F5 opens the main menu; you
     might have to use the FN key first if playing on a laptop. Speaking of which,
     this game can be played entirely without a mouse, although there's one spot
     in particular that can be pretty annoying without one. Other than that, save
     Controls are pretty simple: the mouse (or "laptop mouse") controls movement.
     Left-clicking moves Robert around, and clicking on applicable objects gives a
     short overview of them. Right-clicking interacts (or attempts to interact)
     with objects. The inventory menu is at the top of the screen, auto-hidden
     until the mouse moves over it.
     As for the walkthrough, since it's spoiler-free, I'll just give the basic
     rundown on how to get through the game. However, this can be a pretty dry
     experience just following a guide. Walking around, talking to people, trying
     different things...that's all part of the excitement! The game has a pretty
     amazing wit, so don't forget to stop and check it out! [I'll give additional
     exposition when it's necessary, too.]
     Anyway, our protagonist, Robert Foster, starts in...
    UPPER LEVEL: Recycling Plant
     • Inspect the RUNG to obtain the METAL ROD
     • Use the METAL ROD on the right-side door, which prompts a scene
     • Return inside, and use the lower right-hand side exit
     Robert will be in an area with an elevator, a weird robot, some junk and
     • Use the CIRCUIT BOARD on the robot in the foreground junk pile
     This will make Joey, Robert's mechanical buddy, functional again. He can
     provide a wealth of information about things, and will be relied on quite
     a bit. He's also got quite a mouth on him, heh...
     • Enter the next room to find a worker (Hobbins)
     • "Interrogate" Hobbins until all conversation options are exhausted
     Hobbins notes the problem with the Transporter robot in the other room
     during the course of this conversation. In this same room, take note of
     the cupboard's location.
     • Enter elevator room
     • Ask Joey about starting the Transporter (leads to funny scene)
     • Stand on the elevator
     Standing on the elevator will invoke Hobbins' ire, leading him to fiddle with
     the buttons around the room before returning to his workspace. This is the
     time to enter said workspace and open his cupboard. If he catches you, just
     repeat it. [This part can be a teensy bit hard with a laptop mouse, but not
     • Take the WRENCH from the cupboard (the SANDWICH is optional)
     Return to the elevator room now. Note that the transporter droid will put
     barrels on the lift? This leads to the furnace room.
     • When a barrel is descending, click on the HOLE to descend as well
     • Inspect the door's LOCK
     • Ask Joey about opening the LOCK (cues a short scene)
     • Inspect the CORPSE to get the DARK GLASSES and I.D. CARD
     • Exit the recycling plant
     At this time, Robert can explore the rest of the upper walkway's area. From
     left to right: power plant, recycling plant, Securities HQ, pipe factory,
     helicopter crash site. For now, we want to visit the pipe factory.
    UPPER LEVEL: Pipe Factory
     • Talk to the WOMAN (Anite) regarding all available options
     Anita will then be relocated by Gilbert Lamb, the supervisor, for horsing off
     with Robert.
     • Lie to Lamb about your profession (doesn't matter)
     • Go east. Use WRENCH on COGS in the central machine
     • Take WRENCH out from the BROKEN COGS (ensuing convo doesn't matter)
     • Go west. Use WRENCH on ROBOT welder
     • Talk to Joey about getting a new shell
     Joey will now have welding capabilities.
     • Go east. Attempt to enter the storeroom (near the sensors)
     • Talk to Joey about entering the storeroom
     • Talk to Joey when he returns and tell him to disable the fusebox
     • Enter the Storeroom, lift up the gangplank, and get the PUTTY underneath
     Don't bother taking anything else, though. The clipboard guy (Potts) will
     confiscate the WD-40 and KEY if they were nicked, and they can't be obtained
     afterward. They don't go to anything, though, of course, so who cares?
     • Get confiscated by Potts on way out (he takes DARK GLASSES and SANDWICH)
     • Exit Pipe Factory
     • Inspect the red cable on the factory exterior
     • Ask Joey to cut it with his welder
     Okay, now it's time to visit the leftmost building, the power plant.
    UPPER LEVEL: Power Plant
     • Use the WRENCH on the two right-hand side BUTTONS
     • Ask Joey to press the right button
     • As Joey presses said button, press left button
     This will burst a steam valve and make the old fogey leave.
     • Activate the control panel's switch (shuts off electricity)
     • Take the LIGHT BULB
     • Use the PUTTY on the bulb's LIGHT SOCKET
     If you try opening the lower panel while the electricity's on, Robert gets
     electrocuted to death. Fair warning!
     • Turn SWITCH back on
     • Reverse the two switches inside (left one up, right one down)
     • Return to elevator between Securities HQ and Pipe Factory -- it works now!
     Random tidbit: if you didn't get the Sandwich before, it's now disappeared.
     Anyway, with the elevator working, use the I.D. Card to descend to the middle
     level. NOTE: Joey cannot access the elevator himself, so if he's not in the
     screen, he gets left behind! Make sure he's nearby before entering or it'll
     waste time.
     The middle level's not that hard, but it does have a few buildings to check
     out. From leftmost to rightmost: Burke's Bio Surgery, Apartments, Elevator
     (current location), and a plaza with an insurance and travel salesman. Also,
     there's a walkway in the background that connects the leftmost and rightmost
     sections, although it's not much of a shortcut (one still has to walk through
     all the screens). Anyway...
     • Obtain the CABLE nearby (this is the one that Joey cut earlier)
     • Go west and enter the apartments area
     • Use the I.D. Card on the leftmost door (Reich's apartment)
     • Inspect the PILLOW and take the MAGAZINE
     • Head to the eastern plaza and take the north door (travel salesman)
     • Talk with Trevor until you can get booked on the Economy Tour
     • Give Trevor the MAGAZINE
     • Take the TICKET from the desk's slot
     The next step is finding Gilbert Lamb. His movement pattern is going to his
     upper-level factory, down to his mid-level apartment, so there's plenty of
     opportunities to find him. (It doesn't matter where you find him.)
     • Give TICKET to Gilbert; he'll offer to give a free factory tour
     • Talk to Gilbert about taking the tour (when you're both in the factory)
     The tour itself is worthless, but since Robert's the guest of the supervisor,
     he can continue to the eastern screen.
     • Speak with Anita until she mentions Jammers (exhaust all options)
     • Give ID Card to Anita (she fits it with retina scan bypass software)
     • Speak with Anita to learn about Schriebmann Ports
     Said port is necessary to enter LINC-SPACE, a virtual representation of LINC.
     Robert doesn't have one, so that's the next step. NOTE: The retina bypass
     software doesn't allow one to get through Securities HQ, so don't try it!
     • Optional (for now): Use ID Card on any LINC Terminal
     • Optional (for now): Choose option 4 (Security Services)
     • Optional (for now): Choose Special Operations, then File Adjustment
     • Optional (for now): Choose to make Gilbert Lamb a D-LINC
     If you make Lamb a D-LINC, when he tries to leave the upper level, he won't
     have the security clearance to get back to his house. [Don't worry if you do
     the revocation while he's at mid level; he can still get back to upper level
     that way.]
     • Optional (for now): Ask about Gilbert's problem
     If you screwed up Gilbert's clearance and got his permission to feed his cat,
     that can be done now, too.
     • Optional (for now): Enter Gilbert's apartment using the ID Card
     • Optional (for now): Take the VIDEO CASSETTE and inspect food dispenser
     Now, back to the real matter at hand...
     • Visit Burke's Bio Surgery, the leftmost building
     • Talk with the projector assistant about Schriebmann Ports
     • Ask Joey to speak with the assistant (use "natural charm")
     • Enter Burke's office
     • Speak with Burke about selling your kidneys and lung
     • Speak with Burke again (to get the Schriebmann Port)
     • Talk with Burke about getting to Ground Level
     Burke will then refer Robert to his friend "Willy," who one might know as
     Billy Anchor, the owner of Anchor Insurance over in the eastern plaza.
     • Visit Anchor's building
     • Speak with Anchor about the "special policies", name-dropping Dr. Burke
     Billy will then go into the back room to make a phone call. This can be
     repeated by asking him to reach his source again, mind you.
     • Have Joey use his welder on the anchor
     • Take the ANCHOR
     • Combine the ANCHOR and CABLE to make the GRAPPLING HOOK
     • Revisit the recycling plant
     • Use the first room's emergency exit
     • Use GRAPPLING HOOK on the right-hand SIGN
    UPPER LEVEL: Securities HQ
     • Optional: Use ID Card on 5th-from-left locker slot (nothing useful inside)
     • Go east to the elevator room
     • Use the ID Card on the weird machine's slot
     • Enter the Interface
     This virtual reality zone can be accessed from any interface, and the powers
     one has inside it depends on the ID Card used (yes, you'll get more). Should
     Robert "die" inside, there's no game over -- he's just forcefully ejected from
     the interface, and has to try again. Robert's inventory has been changed now,
     and displays some default options (like Disconnect) and whatever ID Card
     powers are available.
     • Pick up the BALL ("Compressed Data" in inventory)
     • Go east and open (with "Open" command) the Carpet Bag
     • Take the Magnifying Glass ("Decrypt") and birthday surprise ("Decompress")
     • Decrypt the two "?" Documents in the inventory
     • Decompress the "Compressed Data" -- it splits into two Passwords
     Doing this has real-life repercussions: now those documents can be read from
     the LINC terminals. If you tried previously, they'd only contain encrypted
     • Go east to a small puzzle
     The goal here is to use the Compressed Data to make circuit paths to walk on.
     It's really pretty simple, but for the sake of things, here's the solution:
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| • Red Password on [3]
     | [1] [4] [7] | • Green Password on [6]
     |             | • Retrieve Red from [3] and use it on [2]
     | [2] [5] [8] | • Retrieve Green from [6] and use it on [5]
     |             | • Retrieve Red from [2] and use it on [9]
     | [3] [6] [9] | 
     • Go north and take the Bust ("Phoenix") and Book ("? Document")
     • Decrypt the third "?" Document
     • Disconnect from LINC-Space
     • Use the nearby LINC terminal
     • View option 4 (Security Services)
     • View the decrypted Phoenix, Briefing and Report documents
     • Use "Special Status Request" option to get heightened LINC clearance
     With the temporary augment to one's LINC level, it means Robert can safely
     pass through the Security scanner (the one that could kill him before), not
     to mention the real prize: getting to the bottom level. To reach it, take the
     elevator by the mid-level apartment entrance.
     The bottom level is the snooty part of this area. From left to right, the
     locations are: Courtroom, St. James club, Elevator/Cathedral area (current
     location), old shack (opposite side from current location), and the apartment.
     • Get the CIRCUIT BOARD from Joey (done automatically)
     • Inspect area's southern door to reveal LOCK, then use ID CARD on the LOCK
     • Take the SECATEURS from the crate
     • Talk with the St. James Club doorman about getting in & finding a sponsor
     • Find Mrs. Piermont (lady in pink jumpsuit) walking around
     • Speak with her about connection to Overmann, then sponsoring Robert
     • Visit the apartment complex by ringing the BUTTON and saying your name
     • Talk with Mrs. Piermont until she calls the club owner
     At this point, Robert is sponsored. However, to continue, a player will have
     to get into Lamb's apartment in that previously mentioned portion. If one's
     forgotten, it's:
     • Use ID Card on any LINC Terminal
     • Choose option 4 (Security Services)
     • Choose Special Operations, then File Adjustment
     • Choose to make Gilbert Lamb a D-LINC
     • Ask Gilbert about his problem
     • Enter Gilbert's apartment using the ID Card
     • Take the VIDEO CASSETTE and inspect food dispenser
     If that's done, then the next part can be done at Piermont's apartment:
     • Use VIDEO CASSETTE on VCR, which distracts her dog
     • Inspect the dog's bowl, then take the DOG BISCUITS
     • Return to the ground-level elevator area
     • Put the DOG BISCUITS on the PLANK by the pond
     Mrs. Piermont and her dog will start making their rounds shortly after doing
     • Wait until Spunky (the dog) appears in that screen
     • Use the ROPE to lower the plank, drawing Spunky near
     Using the brickwork as a fulcrum, the trap should be sprung, making Piermont
     and Officer Blunt preoccupied with the dog situation.
     • Enter the cathedral (where Blunt was guarding)
     • Go downstairs
     • Check all lockers, especially the middle one
     • Optional: Ask Lamb about Anita
     • Return to the pipe factory's right-hand area
     • Take the OVERALLS from the middle locker
     • Go east into the reactor
     • Use the computer's second option (opening reactor door)
     • Enter reactor and take the LINC CARD on the floor
     • Return to the lockers and take your COAT
     With the new card, one can do new things in LINC-SPACE. Return to Securities
     HQ and hop back in, this time using the new card in the slot.
     This card comes with some new abilities: Blind and Playback. The former is an
     ability to temporarily deactivate the eyeballs, which can otherwise eject Rob
     from the program. Both eyeballs have different deactivation times, with the
     first having a substantially longer one than the other (which is barely even
     a second, really). The latter option is a movie playback option, which will
     be seen momentarilly.
     • BLIND the first eyeball
     • Go east and BLIND that eyeball, too, quickly entering the door it guarded
     • Go north, ignoring the knight guarding a new door
     • Go east to exit
     • Quickly take the TUNING FORK before the 1st eyeball reactivates
     NOTE: You cannot Blind the eyeball from where the Tuning Fork is, which is
     why this part can be annoying. It's doable with a laptop "mouse," but should
     it pose a continuous problem, I'd suggest hooking up an actual mouse/mousepad
     to do it easier. Since the cursor disappears when commands are being carried
     out, it can waste precious time.
     • Backtrack one screen and PLAYBACK on the central WELL
     • Disconnect
     Anita's message suggests a rendevous at the ground-level park, and that there
     is a defunct subway system beneath the city.
     • Speak with the Gardener (exhaust all options)
     • Speak with the boy nearby (Vincent) until dandelions comes up
     • Speak with the Gardener until Anita and the gardener's name comes up
     Crocodile Dundee--err, Eduardo reveals the virus is in LINC-Space.
     • Go west and enter the now-open courtroom
     • Complete the trial's proceedings (any chosen option will give same result)
     • Enter the St. James Club -- the band will have retired
     • Use the Jukebox and turn on the first song ("You search, but find nothing")
     • Wait for the owner to get up to change the song, then take his GLASS
     You may have noticed the background door that needs a fingerprint ID to open?
     And what does this glass contain? Hehe...
     • Visit Burke's Bio Surgery
     • Give Burke the GLASS you stole (Robert's fingerprints changed to match)
     • Go back to St. James Club
     • Use the METAL PLATE to enter the wine cellar
     • Stand on the BOX
     • Use the METAL BAR on the CRATE
     • Take the crate's WOODEN LID and put it on the broken box
     • Climb on box and use METAL BAR on wall GRILL
     This is the point of no return, by the way.
     • Enter the narrow passage
     • Go east thrice
     • Use LIGHT BULB on the small socket
     If you don't do this, when Robert tries to go east, he'll be eaten by a giant
     scorpion/crab monster in that wall hole.
     • Go east twice
     • Quickly enter lower exit before the cave-in smushes Robert
     Robert will now be in a weird place with a giant fleshy vein on the wall.
     • Use METAL BAR on the PLASTER, then the BRICKWORK behind it
     • Take the BRICK
     • Use METAL BAR on vein's SWELLING portion
     • Pound bar with the BRICK
     • Take METAL BAR
     • Exit east when the medical droid enters
     • Go down the first door's stairway
     Our protagonist will be in a lava room.
     • Operate the CONTROL UNIT: choose to reduce the temperature
     • Quickly go on heat vent and pull the GRILL's handle
     If you're not quick about doing this, the vent's cover retracts and Robert
     gets a flame-broiled death...and not the KFC kind either!
     • Go back upstairs and look through the wall GRILL
     • Go east a second time
     • Use the CIRCUIT BOARD on the medical droid's SLOT
     • Ask Joey to check out the Tank Room
     • When he returns, talk to him until he mentions the Nutrient Tank
     • Have Joey untap the Nutrient Tank
     • Exit west into Tank Room
     If you've done everything up 'til now, the android will be eliminated. Not
     loosening the grill and/or spilling the nutrient tank's contents will result
     in a neck-breakingly quick death.
     • Go east (through tank room's NE exit)
     • Go east and enter control room
     • Use ID Card on the left-hand terminal and open restricted area's door
     • Go west for a scene (obtain the CIRCUIT BOARD automatically)
     • Take android's orange LINC CARD
     • Go east into control room and operate terminal with new LINC Card
     This new card has the "Divine Wrath" command...heh heh...
     • Go east, BLIND the eyeball and quickly go north
     • Use DIVINE WRATH on the Crusader
     • Disconnect
     • Re-enter LINC-Space using Anita's LINC CARD
     • Return to where the crusader was, and exit east
     • Use the OSCILLATOR (Tuning Fork) on the crystal
     • Pick up the HELIX
     Now that that's done, the virus is downloaded onto that LINC Card
     • Go east into restricted areaf
     • Use Anita's LINC Card on the console (infects system with virus)
     • Take TONGS from right-side wall
     • Use TONGS on AQUARIUM to take flesh sample
     • Quickly use TONGS on nitrogen tank
     If you're too slow about dipping the sample, it'll have rotted (turned black)
     and it'll have to be done over.
     • Go east to android activation room
     • Open middle android's cabinet
     • Use CIRCUIT BOARD on cabinet's SLOT
     • Operate middle android's console; download Joey's character data (option 2)
     • Activate Android #3
     Doing this will get Joey back. However, don't bother with any of the other
     androids as, if they're successfully activated, they'll immediately begin
     Robert's termination.
     • Go east with "Ken"
     • Command "Ken" to operate hand sensor
     Activate the 2nd hand sensor in time with Ken's to open the door.
     • Go east twice
     • Use CABLE on the PIPE SUPPORT
     • Descend ladder
     • Use TONGS on the ORIFICE
     The specimen should "poison the sludge" and cause a door to open. If it
     doesn't, it's either two reasons: (1) you didn't get a specimen to drop (2)
     you used a specimen that predates the virus; a specimen from after the virus
     has been introduced is needed. Whatever the case, simply getting a new sample
     will fix everything.
     • Use the CABLE to enter the final room
     • After the scene, quickly command Ken to sit in the chair
     If you don't act quickly, it's a game over -- oops! If you're smart (unlike
     me), you won't save after the chair becomes available. It can screw things up
     THE END!
    II. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]
     [Q] - I can't find the third document!
     [A] - It's in your inventory, just all the way to the right. I wouldn't be
           surprised if someone thought this, considering it's one of the few (if
           only) times where the inventory's that full.
     [Q] - How do I get the cable?
     [A] - The cable on the middle level falls from the pipe factory's exterior,
           after Joey's cut it with his welder.
     [Q] - How do I poison the sludge at the end?
     [A] - You need to drop a frozen specimen into the orifice. The specimen MUST
           be after the virus has been introduced. A specimen from before then will
           end up about as dangerous as double bacon cheeseburger...
    III. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                              [UPDT]
     7-17-11 ---------------+ Started walkthrough
     7-20-11 ---------------+ Finished walkthrough
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my stuff
     • Joey, for having cajones the like we'll never see again
     • Odino, for clerical corrections
     • After Lamb's tour: valid tipoff to Anchor's special policies?
    IV. LEGALITY                                                            [LGLT]
    This document is intended for private home use ONLY, and may not be reproduced
    through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
    author (P. Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit,
    and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items. All rights are
    reserved to respective parties, even those not explicitly stated herein. Those
    who find this document on sites not listed below should e-mail the author (me).
    Thanks for reading this, and thanks for respectin' FAQ authors.
     Allowed Sites:                       Disallowed Sites:
      • Gametalk.com                       • cheatcc.com
      • GameFAQs.com                       • gamershell.com
      • MyCheats.com
      • Neoseeker.com
      • Gamesradar.com
      • Supercheats.com
      • Cheathappens.com
      • Honestgamers.com
      • Chaptercheats.com                           E-mail me for permissions ~
      • Cavesofnarshe.com                        shotgunnova (a+) gmail (d0t) com.
    SEARING HEAT,                 Document © Shotgunnova, 1997-2011 (and countin'!)
    BLINDING LIGHT,                Beneath a Steel Sky namesake © respective owners
    WE LIKE IT FINE!                                  E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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