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FAQ/Walkthrough by Spatvark

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 01/09/09

          _                   _   _
         | |                 | | | |
         | |   __ __   __ __ | |_| |      __
         |  \ /_ |  \ /_ |__\|   |  \    |__\
         | | | __| | | __| _ | --| | |   | _ |
         |___|___|_|_|___|___|\__|_|_|   |___|
                                       _           _         _
                                      | |         | |       | |_
                                    __| |_  __  __| |     __| | |___
                                   /__|   |/_ |/_ | |    /__|  -| | |
                                  |__ | --| __| __| |   |__ | | | | |
                                  |___|\__|___|___|_|   |___|_|_|__ |

                              Beneath a Steel Sky
                                       by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)

                      / =============================== \
                    <          [01] Introduction          >
                      \ =============================== /

Robert Foster has been living in the gap since the tribe had found him by his
mothers corpse. Raised by the tribe's shaman, he was educated in the ways of
the hunt and survival in the harsh world outside of the vast, sprawling
metropolises polluting the world.

For so long he'd been outside of the "real" world, but now that world wants
him back, and it'll stop at nothing to get him. Security agents from Union
City have come to take him back, slaughtering the tribe he called his own.

However, on the trip back, the helicopter Foster was in malfunctioned, the act
of sabotage from an outsider, causing it to crash. Running for his life,
Foster has no idea what Security, the omnipresent LINC and the mysterious
Overmann want with him, but he's determined to get to the bottom of it.


Beneath a Steel Sky is an old-fashioned point-and-click adventure game, with a
strong sci-fi theme carrying through the suspense and dark humour this game

                      / =============================== \
                    <           [02] Disclaimer           >
                      \ =============================== /

Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
for personal reference but if you plagiarize any sections, well... I'll have to
come up with something evil to do to you...

The only places allowed to host this FAQ are:

GameFAQS            - http://www.gamefaqs.com
Broken Sword Planet - http://www.brokenswordplanet.com

If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk

You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to Beneath a Steel Sky
that AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes I've made
(this does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal retentive about
my work).

Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
bother, I won't even reply to your emails.

                      / =============================== \
                    <        [03] Version History         >
                      \ =============================== /

v1.20 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]

v1.15 - Changed my email address and edited the formatting a little.

v1.10 - Edited the disclaimer to reflect the fact that Broken Sword Planet
        (http://www.brokenswordplanet.com) are adding a Beneath a Steel Sky
        section to their site, using this FAQ/Walkthrough as its basis

v1.05 - Fiddled with the ASCII title a little bit.

v1.00 - It's not like there's a whole lot that can be done with a FAQ/
        Walkthrough for this kind of game, and I think I've got it all down

                      / =============================== \
                    <            [04] Contents            >
                      \ =============================== /

       **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
       **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
       **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
       **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
       **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
       **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [06]
         ==>Out With the Trash --------------------------------- [06a]
         ==>Routine Maintenance -------------------------------- [06b]
         ==>Baa Baa Black Sheep -------------------------------- [06c]
         ==>Entering LINCspace --------------------------------- [06d]
         ==>The Spectre Looms ---------------------------------- [06e]
         ==>Getting in Deeper ---------------------------------- [06f]
         ==>Uncovering the Truth ------------------------------- [06g]
       **>FAQ ----------------------------------------------- [07]
       **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [08]
       **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [09]
       **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [10]
       **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [11]
       **>Goodbye! ------------------------------------------ [12]

                      / =============================== \
                    <           [05] Characters           >
                      \ =============================== /

Robert Foster - The hero of the game, Foster grew up in the savage Gap, away
                from the oppressive technology ruling most people's lives.
                When dragged away from his home to Union City, he must fight
                to uncover the truth and find a way out of the city.

Joey          - Foster's robotic pal, his shell was damaged when the Union
                City Security troops came to take Foster with them. Luckily,
                his personality board was salvaged, so if Foster can find a
                shell for him, Joey will be back, cracking jokes and annoying
                everyone else.

LINC          - The omnipresent computer that runs Union City, LINC was the
                brainchild of Dr. Piermont. It seems to want Foster badly
                though, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its

Overmann      - A mysterious figure who lurks around the borders of what has
                been going on, Overmann is obviously someone with tremendous
                pull in Union City. Finding out just who he is seems like the
                key to finding out the awful truth.

Officer Reich - The highest-ranking street officer in the Security Corps,
                Reich leads the group who take Foster from the Gap back to
                Union City. He seems to be in close cahoots with the computer
                system LINC, and knows more about Foster than he's letting on.

Hobbins       - A long-suffering technician, Hobbins has to deal with most of
                the problems that crop up in the Recycling Plant, giving him
                plenty to grumble about throughout the day.

Gilbert Lamb  - The manager of the Factory, Gilbert Lamb is very full of
                himself, proud of the crummy job he's got himself. Seems like
                someone really needs to knock him down to size.

Anita         - A disgraced D-LINC, Anita questions what exactly LINC is doing
                to Union City. She's computer-savvy and knows a few tricks
                that Overmann may well need to be able to find out the truth.

Mrs. Piermont - A wealthy widow, Mrs. Piermont now spends most of her time
                spoiling her dog. She knew both of Foster's parents, and has
                some usful information, though she's more likely to talk about
                how wonderful her beloved pooch is.

                      / =============================== \
                    <          [06] Walkthrough           >
                      \ =============================== /

<--[06a] Out With the Trash------------------------------------->

Taking shelter inside of the Recycling Plant, Foster is followed in by a
Security Officer. After Hobbins and the officer finish talking, you take
control of Foster. Take the metal bar at the left end of the walkway, and then
use it on the door at the right end. The guard will hear the noise of the door
being forced open and spot Foster. As he charges up the stairs, Foster steps
out to find the door leads to a large overhang, with nowhere for him to go.

After his close escape, go back into the plant and walk down the stairs and
then head right a screen. Examine the junk; you should be able to find a shell
you can put Joey's Circuit Board into, so do so. Once he's active, go right
another screen and talk to Hobbins. Take note of where the cupboard is and
then go back to the previous screen. Step on the lift and alarms will sound;
as Hobbins comes out to turn it off, run into the workroom and open the
cupboard, grabbing the Wrench, and the sandwich as well if you really want to.
Don't worry if you aren't quick enough the first time, you can repeat the
process again and again, or if you want, just skip it.

Go back to the room with the lift, and examine the Transporter Robot, and then
talk to Hobbins about it. Ask Joey to fix the robot and it'll kick into gear.
Wait for the Robot to get back to the lift bearing some trash, and it'll place
it on the lift, kicking it into action. As the lift goes down, jump into the

Wait for Joey to fly down and then ask him to open the door. He'll do so, only
to reveal Officer Reich lying in wait for you. As he's about to kill Foster,
the large LINC camera in the top-left corner of the screen shoots an energy
pulse, tearing Reich in half. Search Reich's corpse to get his ID card and
Shades, before leaving the Recycling Plant.

<--[06b] Routine Maintenance------------------------------------>

Head right a screen and enter the factory. Talk to Anita, and when Lamb
arrives, tell him that you're with Security, looking for the Gap saboteur. If
you don't yet have the Wrench, leave the factory and head left two screens.
Enter the Recycling Plant via the right-hand door and make your way to the
workroom, opening the cupboard and grabbing the wrench.

Back in the factory, head right a screen and put the wrench in the cogs, and
then take it out again. Go left a screen and use the wrench on the Welder
Droid, before asking Joey if he wants a new shell. Once the transformation is
complete go to the right and ask Joey to check the Storage Room. When he comes
back ask him what he found and he'll say there was a fusebox he could fiddle
with to disable the alarms. Tell him to do so and he'll weld it good.

Enter the Storage Room and lift the gangway; ignore the can of WD40 and the
key, but pick up the bit of putty that was underneath the gangway. Leave the
room and Potts will check Foster to see if he's stolen anything. However, he
won't notice the putty. Ask Joey to examine the Putty, and he'll tell you that
it's actually plastic explosive. Leave the factory and ask Joey to cut the

Walk all the way to the left of the level, where you'll find the Steam Room.
Use the Wrench on both buttons to loosen the security tabs, and then tell Joey
to press the button. At the same time Joey uses the right-hand button, you
need to use the left-hand one. If successful, a gigantic gout of steam will
issue from the pipes, awakening the old technician. He'll rush off to find
Hobbins; while he's gone, turn the switch on the generator off and then take
the Light Bulb. Put the Plastic Explosive where the Light Bulb was and then
press the switch on. This will make the door of the generator blow open. Pull
the right-hand lever down and then walk to the elevator outside of the
factory. Use Reich's card in the slot and go down to the next floor.

<--[06c] Baa Baa Black Sheep------------------------------------>

Grab the cable that Joey cut earlier and then go left a screen, and up into
the top-right doorway. Use Reich's card in the left-hand slot and enter the
door that opens, to find yourself in Reich's apartment. Move the pillow and
grab the Magazine before leaving. Go back to the elevator and then right a
screen, to find a Travel Agents and an Insurance Company. Enter the Travel
Agents and talk to Trevor about everything. Once you're done, give him the
Magazine and he'll print out an economy-class ticket for you, so grab it.

Walk back to the elevator and wait for Lamb; if he doesn't show up here, go
up to the factory and check there. When you find him, give him the ticket.
Lamb will repay Foster by giving him a tour of the factory; when he leaves,
head right of the screen with Potts and talk to Anita. Give her Reich's ID
card when she asks for it, and she'll hack in a Jammer, so that it
automatically passes you through Retina Scans.

Leave the factory and use Reich's card in the LINC terminal next to the
elevator. Press 4 to open the Security Service menu, and then 2 for Special
Operations. Press 1 to adjust Lamb's file, and then go back to the Special
Operations menu page, this time pressing 2 to authorise making Lamb a D-LINC.

Wait by the elevator for Lamb to arrive, and after he tries to access the
elevator, talk to him; he'll give you access to his apartment so you can feed
his cat.

<--[06d] Entering LINCspace------------------------------------->

Use the elevator to go down to Belle Vue, and go to the apartment complex. use
Reich's card in the right-hand slot this time and enter. Take the Video Tape
and use the machine to feed the cat.

Leave the apartment and head as far left as you can go on this level, into the
surgery. Activate the hologram and tell it you need to get a Schriebmann Port.
When she rejects you, ask Joey to talk to it. When he mentions Overmann, the
hologram allows you to enter. Do so and talk to Dr. Burke about everything you
can. Eventually, after asking about how to get to the ground floor, Burke will
tell Foster to go and talk to Willy Anchor, the guy who runs the Insurance
Agents. Head down there and ask Willy about a special policy, and when he
asks, tell him Dr. Burke sent you. He'll go into the backroom, so take this
opportunity to ask Joey to weld the Anchor of the statue. Once he's done, take
the Anchor and use it with the Cable to make a Grappling Hook.

Go back to the overhang in the Recycling Plant and use the Grappling Hook on
the Security Corps sign across the way. Foster will swing into the building,
through a window, breaking the cable. Once he finishes spooling it all back
in, go through the door on the right and use Reich's card in the slot next to
the LINC interface, and then sit yourself down.

Upon entering cyberspace, familiarise yourself with the new commands you have
available. Take the Ball and then go one screen to the right. Open the Carpet
Bag and take both the Magnifying Glass and the Present. Use the Decompress
utility with the Compressed Data and then use the Decrypt utility with the
Encrypted Documents.

Once you've done that, go a screen to the right to find a maze puzzle. You
need to use the two Passwords you got by decompressing the Compressed Data to
form bridges, making a path across the screen. It doesn't matter which
password you use, they're identical in all but colour.

Here's a crappy ASCII art of the room's layout; the entrance in on square 1,
and the exit is on square 9:
 ___    ___    ___
|   |  |   |  |   |
| 7 |  | 8 |  | 9 |
|___|  |___|  |___|
 ___    ___    ___
|   |  |   |  |   |
| 4 |  | 5 |  | 6 |
|___|  |___|  |___|
 ___    ___    ___
|   |  |   |  |   |
| 1 |  | 2 |  | 3 |
|___|  |___|  |___|

Use Password 1, move to square 2, use Password 2, move to square 1, take
Password 1, move to square 4, use Password 1, move to square 5, move to square
2, take Password 2, move to square 5, use Password 2, move to square 4, take
Password 1, move to square 7, move to square 8, move to square 5, move to
square 6, move to square 3, use Password 1, move to square 6, move to square
9, and exit the maze.

Got that? No? Well, he's a hopefully easier to understand version =D?

> Use Password 1
> Move right
> Use Password 2
> Move left
> Take Password 1
> Move up
> Use Password 1
> Move right
> Move down
> Take Password 2
> Move up
> Use Password 2
> Move left
> Take Password 1
> Move up
> Move right
> Move down
> Move right
> Move down
> Use Password 1
> Move up
> Move up
> Exit

In the next room, take the Bust and the Book. Decrypt the new Document, and
then disconnect from LINC. Use Reich's card in the LINC terminal and then
press 4 for Security Service, 2 for Special Operation, and then 2 for Special
State Request, allowing you to take the public elevator down to the ground
floor. You can also now read the documents that were previously encrypted.
Once that's done, exit the terminal, and use Reich's card in the slot for the
elevator, and take it down to the lobby of the Security building.

<--[06e] The Spectre Looms-------------------------------------->

Take the public elevator down to Belle Vue and then head a screen to the left
and use the elevator there to get down to the ground floor. Unfortunately,
Joey seems to have forgotten he's changed shells, and this one can't fly. As
such, he's now scrap on the ground. Check it to get his Circuit Board out and
then talk to the guard there. Move one screen to the right and then leave to
the left via the bottom-left corner. Use Reich's ID card on the Lock to open
the door; go inside and take the Secateurs before leaving. Go one screen left
and talk to the doorman about getting into the St. James Club. He'll suggest
that Foster should ask Mrs. Piermont so sponsor him getting into the club.

Wait on that screen for a fat lady in a pick tracksuit with a dog to come
along. Talk to her about everything you can, including asking her to sponsor
you. Follow her to her apartment (the far-right screen) and use the Intercom
to talk to Mrs. Piermont again, and then use the lift to get into her flat.
Ask her to phone the club, but for the love of God, don't look at her if you
value your eyes. While she's doing that, put the Video Tape into the VCR and
the dog will go over and start barking at it, so examine the Dog Bowl and grab
some Dog Biscuits.

Leave the apartment and go back to the screen with the elevator. Place the Dog
Biscuits on the plank, and wait for Mrs. Piermont to arrive with her beloved
pooch. Pull on the Rope to lower the plank so the dog can get at the Dog
Biscuits, and when it starts to eat them, let go of the Rope. This will
catapult the dog into the Pond. Mrs. Piermont will beg the guard to rescue the
mutt, so take this opportunity to sneak into the Cathedral.

Examine the androids and then go down the right-hand stairs to the Crypt. Open
the lockers to discover Anita's corpse. Well damn, there was me hoping to get
some nookie! Looks like it's Mrs. Piermont or nothing now... *shudder*

Head back to the top floor, and tell Lamb about Anita's demise. Go into the
factory and head right two screens. Open the middle locker and change into the
Radiation Suit, taking time to admire Foster's wooly jumper. Once suited up,
head right again and use the Control Panel, pressing 2 to open the Reactor
Door. Enter and grab the ID card lying on the floor; it belonged to Anita.
Assumably, this is where she was killed, or at least taken from.

Exit the reactor and close the door using the Control Panel. Change back into
your normal clothes and then head back to the LINC interface. Use Anita's ID
card in the Interface Slot, and then sit in the Interface.

Again, take time to accustomise yourself to the new commands available to you.
Use the Blind program on the Eyeball and head right a screen. Use the Blind
program again on this eyeball and then go up a screen. Ignore the Crusader and
go up another screen. Go through the right-hand exit and grab the Tuning Fork
quickly. If the Eyeball kills you, it's because you weren't fast enough
getting there after using the Blind program on it. Just re-enter LINCspace
until you get the Tuning Fork. From there, go up a screen back to the Data
Well. Use the Playback program on the Well to get a message from Anita,
telling Foster about a Hobart undercover agent posing as someone called
Eduardo, and that there's something going on down in the old Subway. Once
she's finished talking, leave LINCspace. Run Anita's card through the LINC
terminal and read all the files there, before leaving the Security building.

<--[06f] Getting in Deeper-------------------------------------->

Take the elevators down to the ground floor and head right to outside of Mrs.
Piermont's apartment. Talk to the gardener about the dandelions, and then to
the kid, again about dandelions. Talk to the gardener again, and he'll reveal
that he's actually Eduardo, the undercover Hobart agent. He says that he was
sent in to give Anita a virus she could upload to LINC, stopping it, but now
that she's dead, he needs someone else with a Schriebmann port to get the
virus. Guess who that leaves =D?

Once the conversation has finished, head left two screens and enter the
Courthouse, where Hobbins is put on trial. Just say everything you can and it
should come out alright, though I've got to say, that judge has a few screws

Leave the Courthouse and enter the St. James Club. Talk to the two men sat at
a table, and then to the woman. Go down the stairs and examine the metal plate
int eh top-right corner, and then talk to the Barman. Go back down the stairs
and use the jukebox; eventually, Colston, the owner of the bar, will get
pissed off at the music and go to turn the jukebox off. When he does this, be
quick and grab his glass from the table and leave the club.

Head to Dr. Burke's surgery and give him the glass; he'll graft the
fingerprints from it onto Foster's hands. Return to the St. James Club and use
the Metal Plate to gain access to the Wine Cellar. Use the Metal bar on the
large crate to rip part of it off. Place the chunk of wood on the smaller
crate and then clamber up on it. Use the Metal Bar on the grating and then use
the Secateurs on it to open it up fully. Crawl inside.

You'll find yourself inside the old subway. Head right one screen, and then go
through the top-right exit. Put the Light Bulb in the socket just before the
hole; there's something nasty lurking inside there you don't want to mess
with. However, the light drives it away. Walk right again, and then as fast as
you can, click on the exit in the bottom-right corner, so you make it there
before the ceiling caves in on you.

<--[06g] Uncovering the Truth----------------------------------->

Now, there's something weird here. The walls are covered in some sort of large
veins. Use the Metal Bar on the Plaster to knock it off, and then use the
Metal Bar on the exposed brickwork to loosen one. Pick up the Brick and then
use the Metal Bar on the Swelling in the vein, before using the Brick on the
Metal Bar. The door to the right will open up, a Medi-Droid coming through to
tend to the vein; take this opportunity to sneak inside.

Look through the grill, and you'll see one of the Androids checking on the
vats, where more androids seem to be being cultured. Use the upper-left exit
to get into the Furnace. Use the Control Panel and press 2 to lower the
temperature, meaning the Iris contracts for a few seconds. Exit the Control
Panel and quickly limb up on the Iris, grabbing the Metal Bar hanging from the
ceiling. Go up the stairs and head right a screen. Use Joey's Circuit Board on
the Medi-Droid and tell him to check out the Tank Room. When he comes back,
tell him to open the Tap on the Nutrient Tank. When he returns from doing
that, enter the Tank Room.

The Android will spot you, but when it comes after you, it spots the leak from
the Nutrient Tank. As it goes to investigate it, the Android treads on the
grill linking the Tank Room to the Furnace, the grill that you'd loosened
earlier, sending the Android crashing to a fiery doom.

Leave the Tank Room via the top-right exit and then go right again. Use
Reich's ID card on the terminal and press 2 for  Access to Restricted Area,
and then 1 for Open Door. Exit the terminal and head left, where Gallagher
will appear. Remember him? The guy outside of Lamb and Reich's apartments. he
tries to kill Foster, but Joey fires some kind of uber-needle through
Gallagher's stomach, killing him, but also revealing that he's an android too.
However, Joey is also damaged once more in the fight. Check the remains of
both to get Joey's Circuit Board and Gallagher's ID card.

Go back to the top-right exit and use Gallagher's card in the LINC Interface
slot, before entering LINCspace once more.

Go right and then use the Blind program on the Eyeball before going up a
screen. Use Divine Wrath on the Crusader to kill it Monty Python style, and
then disconnect. Re-enter LINCspace using Anita's card this time. Go right and
then use the Blind program on the Eyeball before going up a screen (Woah...
Deja vu.) Head right past where the Crusader was and then use Oscillator
program on the Crystal, and then grab the Helix Virus. Disconnect from
LINCspace for the final time.

Go left and then through the bottom-right door, and then use Anita's card in
the console to infect the system. Grab the Tongs from next to the door, and
pick a bit of Flesh from out of the small tank, and then freeze in the large
tank. Go right a screen and open the small cabinet to the right of the middle
Android. Insert Joey's Circuit Board and then access the console, pressing 2
to Download Character Data, 0 to go back a screen, and then 3 to Run Startup.
Don't boot any of the other androids or they'll kill Foster.

After renaming Joey as Ken and talking to him, head right a screen and examine
the Lock Sensors. Tell Ken to put his hand on one of them, and when he does
that, have Foster put his hand on the other one to open up the door.
Unfortunately, Ken's new hands are a bit sticky, and get jammed on the Lock
Sensor. Talk to him and then continue on, going right twice.

Use the Cable on the Pipe Support and then climb down the ladder. Drop the
Diseased Flesh into the Orifice, and swing over with the Cable into the door
that opens up.

Inside, you'll find LINC's control center, where the council's corpses are
arraigned, and in the center of the room is Overmann, hooked up to LINC
directly. After a bit of discussion, which is mostly Overmann trying to
justify his stupidity and Foster shouting at him, Ken will finally arrive.
LINC then discards Overmann; quickly tell Ken to sit in the seat, or it's Game

Once Ken takes control over LINC, Overmann dies, and the game ends with
Hobbins assisting Ken in running Union City, while Foster plans to return to
the Gap.

                      / =============================== \
                    <              [07] FAQ               >
                      \ =============================== /

==Q. I can't get Beneath a Steel Sky to run on my computer!===================

A. Chances are, your computer is just too good to run Beneath a Steel Sky.
   However, there is a solution to this; the wonderful folk over at ScummVM
   (http://www.scummvm.org) have created a nifty program to allow many old
   point-and-click games to be run on todays more technologically advanced

==Q. I can't find a copy of Beneath a Steel Sky in the shops!=================

A. That's because it's not for sale anymore. Revolution Software
   (http://www.revolution.co.uk/) are such great people that they've made
   Beneath a Steel Sky freeware, meaning that, well, it's free. You can
   download it from the ScummVM folk at

==Q. So, if Revolution can release their old games as freeware, why can't
     other companies like LucasArts do the same?==============================

A. Well, as it goes, LucasArts still manage to shift copies of their older
   games in their bonus packs. I figure the reason they don't release them as
   freeware is that they feel the games still have a certain marketability
   factor, and if that's true, it'd be kinda dumb to release them for free
   when they can make money from them still. Nonetheless, I do have to applaud
   Revolution for taking this action, and hope that one day, LucasArts will
   follow in their footsteps.

                      / =============================== \
                    <             [08] Thanks             >
                      \ =============================== /

This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P

DJellybean   - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
Phoenix 1911 - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
               professional and stuff XD
GameFAQS     - for hosting this FAQ.

                      / =============================== \
                    <          [09] Legal Stuff           >
                      \ =============================== /

This unofficial document is protected by the international Copyright law. All
content within is created and owned by Peter Carter. Absolutely no profit must
be made from this work; it may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, and/or
altered in any way or under any circumstances without the prior consent from
the author, except for personal and private use. All copyrights and trademarks
contained within are owned by their respective holders. No copyright
infringement was intended during the creation of this document.

Copyright 2005-2009 Peter Carter.

                      / =============================== \
                    <          [10] Next Version          >
                      \ =============================== /

There probably won't be a next version to be honest.

                      / =============================== \
                    <         [11] Working On...          >
                      \ =============================== /

Fallout 1.

                      / =============================== \
                    <            [12] Goodbye!            >
                      \ =============================== /


And that's all for now folks!

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