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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord_Craxton

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/21/07

Walkthrough for "Alien Logic: Skyrealms of Jorune"
by Steven Bellotti
Copyright 2007 Steven Bellotti
Version 1.00
Published by GameFAQs

Contact: sbell_324(at)yahoo(dot)com
(Comments and new information gladly accepted)
First Version completed 6/21/2007

This .txt file is Copyrighted in U.S. for a period of 28 years, and anybody
caught using it without my permission will be a mighty good friend of mine,
cause I don't give a darn. Publish it. Rewrite it. Sing it. Game to it.
Yodel it. I wrote it, that's all I wanted to do.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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"Edit" in Notepad) to zip to the section you want.

Getting Started
   Getting the game to run
   How to Play
      Exploration Mode
      Combat Mode
      Local Map Mode
      World Map Mode
      Dialogue Mode
      Cork Cutting
   Items You'll Find
   Dyshas You'll Learn
   Enemies You'll Fight
   Exploring Shanthic Ruins
   Mandare Bellies
   So what am I suppossed to do?
The Walkthrough
   Opening: Journey to Ardoth
      The Mountain Crown
      Dealing with Daclish
   Midgame: Wanderings
      Exploring Jorune
         Khodre Island
         Island of Health
         East Trinnu Jungle Lands
         Abandoned Island
         Corondon Island
         Central Dobre
         South Dobre
         North Dobre
         South Island
         Incupod Island
         Isolated Island
         Lundere Peninsula
         Shirm-Eh Island
         The Doben-Al
         North Temauntro
         South Temauntro
      Shanthic Ruins
         Gal-Imasti (211,167)
         Shenas-Abey (158,116)
         Do-Enesha (200,173)
         Dwelling of Ana Ci-Eshta (212,179)
         Ma-Eshira (223,169)
         Besieged Ruin (201,187)
         Crossroads of warpWorld (215,187)
         Sha-Yesh (208,200)
         Tellemes (291,116)
         Skyrealm Gateway (174,67)
         Gama-El (312,122)
         North Volcano Complex (185,161)
         South Volcano Complex (186,163)
         Suspended Ruins (Skyrealm over Burdoth)
         Sus-Cassen (171,238)
         Ca-Shal Storehouse (165,115)
         Eshanal, the Guarded Place (90,95)
         Dwelling of Elamas (351,269)
         Dwelling of Sho-Thal Family (330,253)
         Crugar Ruins (93,143)
         Home of Shal-Shellan (369,36)
         The Ramian Merchant
         Beagre Pit
         Gang War
         Protest March
         Herrid's Demands
         Broken Cle-Eshtas
         A Rare Sarceen
         War in Lundere
         The Dead Volcano
         The King Is On Vacation
         The Scrolls of Iscin
         Iscin's Last Work
   Endgame: Revenge and Retribution
      An Old Score to Settle
      Showdown and Epilogue
Amusing Quotes


Alien Logic is an action/exploration game loosely based on an obscure but
awesome pen & paper RPG called "Jorune", or "Skyrealms of Jorune". The
game takes place in the far future, on a planet called Jorune that was
settled by humans a few years before Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war.
War is no stranger to Jorune, either, and shortly after the destruction of
Earth a costly conflict between human colonists and the shanthas, Jorune's
native race, nearly wiped out both races. The game takes place 3500 years
after that war. Humans co-exist uneasily with other races. These include
the anthropomorphic iscin races, which were evolved from earth animals by 
a scientist in the aftermath of the war. Also the brilliantly intelligent 
thriddle, the warlike ramian, and others. The shanthas are still around, 
but the near extinction of their race has turned many of them vicious and 

As the game begins, a small group of shanthas led by Dytra-Al-Desti, the
"Red Shantha", has recently attacked a small city and destroyed it, 
killing many and carrying many more off in stasis devices known as 
keeper-rods. One man- you, natch- escapes the destruction and sets out to 
rescue his fellow villagers.

Jorune is, as the manual says, "A paradoxical mix of old and new." While
some in human society have access to advanced technology left over from
the colonies, much of the populace lives in a much more primitive mode,
fighting with swords and clubs and struggling to get by using basic crafts.
And a selectfew humans, called muadra, are born with the ability to harness
a powerful energy called Isho. Isho is an ambient energy that permeates 
Jorune, generated by mysterious crystals within the planet's crust. By 
harnessing Isho, a muadra can weave powerful projectile orbs called 
dyshas, and open dimensional warps totravel instantaneously over the face 
of Jorune.

You are a muadra, which gives you a powerful advantage in your quest to
defeat the Red Shantha. However, the shanthas can also weave Isho, and 
have been able to for millenia- it's the basis of all their magical-seeming 
technology. To have any chance to succeed, you must not only know the 
weaving of Isho, but master it.

Alien Logic is primarily a game of exploration. While there is a plot to
follow, characters to interact with, and a few subplots, most of the game
is spent travelling Jorune, seeking out crystal deposits and shanthic
ruins. It's a game for people who like the fundamental thrill of
treasure-hunting, ofgoing places in search of the amazing.

Not that there isn't action. Though it's often better to avoid combat,
when it does come to blows the game shines. Battles require a blend of
strategic planning, tactical adaptation, and quick reflexes, and as you
learn more Dyshas, the combat system becomes deeper and deeper.

Although the game is only a cursory representation of pen-and-paper
Jorune, it is still very rewarding to play, with many interesting
elements and a deep and detailed world.

Getting Started

Getting the game to run

This is difficult, if you don't know what you're doing. Alien Logic was
written for MS-DOS back in 1993. It doesn't work on modern operating
systems, for that you need a DOS emulator. As of this writing, DOSBox
is the standard. If you don't know DOS, a frontend will also be helpful.
I used Dfend v2.

This is how I personally got it playable. Every system is different of
course, so YMMV:

1) Run the installation program on the CD. This installs the game to
2) Find the patch (alien11.exe) online and install it. This updates the
game from version 1.00 to 1.02, fixing some minor issues.
3) If you wish, move the ALIEN folder to another directory.
3) Find and Download DOSBox online. (As of this writing, the game works
fine on version 0.70. Higher versions should also work.)
4) Find and Download D-Fend online.
5) Go into Dfend and create a profile for the game. The executable is
ALIEN.exe in the ALIEN folder. Don't worry about the setup file. You can
accept most of the defaults, except that you must mount your CD-ROM drive
as D: (in addition to the default mounting of the directory containing the
game folder as C: ), because the game won't run without the CD in the

Now when you want to play just run the game through Dfend. If you need to
make any changes to the DOSBox configuration, you can do so by editing the
profile. Consider yourself lucky- before DOSBox 0.70 I had to trip all over
myself to get it working, and when I finally did it was without music. No
such problems these days.

One additional thing you may want to do is adjust the number of CPU cycles.
(To do this bring up the profile editor in DFend, and click on the
"Environment" tab.) This will allow you to speed up or slow down the speed
at which the game plays. More cycles makes the game go faster. I find about
8000 cycles to be ideal, but you can adjust to your own taste. You can
adjust "on the fly" without leaving DOSBox by pressing CTRL-F12 or

As of this writing, you can find DOSBox at http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/ ,
and Dfend at http://members.home.nl/mabus/dfend.htm . The 1.02 patch for
Alien Logic is at Broderbund's tech support website at
http://www.support.broderbund.com/ .

How to Play

Normally I don't bother with hashing out the ins and outs of the interface,
but in the case of Alien Logic a few areas of the manual are in need of
clarification. There are several different modes of play in Alien Logic.
The main mode is exploration/weaving mode, but there are also Cork-Cutting
and Weaving World minigames, as well as a conversation mode and several
different kinds of maps. Here's the rundown:

Exploration Mode

Exploration mode is where most of the fun takes place. You'll see a side
view of your character in an environment of some kind. To move around,
left-click where you want to go. The screen scrolls horizontally- if you
walk off the very edge of an area, you'll go either to the next area or
back to the local area map. If you need to clear a pit or get up onto
something, you can jump by shift-left-clicking. Some items in the view can
be picked up or interacted with-to do this, left-click on the item. If
it's meant to be used with another item in your inventory, a menu will
come up listing items you can use on it. If you have no clue what it is
you're looking at, you can get it's name by right-clicking. The name will
appear in the text box below the view window, as will other important
information from time to time. One other thing you can do is Tra-Sense.
Shift-right-click to bathe an small area of the screen in Isho. This has
the effect of dispelling illusions, revealing hidden items or doors. You
won't use it much, but it can reveal important things, so when you're in
a shanthic ruin and something looks fishy, try using your Tra-Sense.

Now let's look below the view window. You'll see the text box, a picture
of yourcharacter surrounded by three bands of light, a meter consisting
of rows of orbs, four buttons along the bottom of the screen, and two
empty spaces- one below the textbox, one to the right of the picture.

The picture is your life meter. The three bands each start off green. As
you get wounded, they progress to lighter green, then through yellow,
orange, red, and finally a deep dark red. When all three bands are red,
game over. The three lines of orbs represent your Isho weaving rate, we'll
discuss that in Combat Mode. The four buttons each bring up menus in the
right area. The first button, shaped like a stone face, brings up the game
menu- this allows you to save, load, or quit to the main menu. A word of
caution- when you click on a slot to save, the slot will turn green and
you may think the game has frozen. It hasn't- it's waiting for you to type
in the name for the save. Do so and press Enter to save. The second button,
with the image of a flying Dysha, puts you into combat mode. The third,
featuring a clutter of items, brings up your inventory. Items are divided
into three catagories- Biotech, Crystals, and Limilates (Herbs), and
miscellaneous items are kept in the root menu. The fourth menu, with the
image of your eyes, keeps notes. These are pretty sparse, but are useful
for remembering shanthic site locations.

Oh yeah, one more thing- pushing ESC will pause the game and ask you if
you want to quit. If you need to take a break, this is how to do it.

Combat Mode

You toggle into and out of combat mode from exploration mode. To do so,
press the spacebar. You can also click on the second button in exploration
mode, but as you'll have to go into combat mode on a moment's notice, get
used to the spacebar. While in combat mode you can use Dyshas, but first
you have to set up a strategy. When you enter Combat Mode, a display shows
up beneath the text box showing your currently equipped strategy. This is
the sequence of Dyshas you'll cast. The red dots mark your defensive dysha,
the green ones your offensive dyshas. The small light in the corner of the
offensive dyshas marks where you are in the strategy- The next dysha you
cast will be the lit one, if it's ready. The green and red dots also
represent your level with the dysha and how close you are to having it at
full power. If all the lights are lit, you'll be firing the dysha at full
power. If one or more is grey, then you'll be firing it at a lower level.
If all the lights are grey, you can't use the dysha at all. You can change
to another offensive dysha in the same strategy by clicking on the box.

Back to strategies. In the menu area you'll see a list of Dyshas you can
use. To change a dysha, click on the name of the new one in the menu. If
it's a defensive dysha, it will change easily, because you can only have
one defensive dysha equipped at a time. If it's an offensive dysha, it
will be added to the strategy in a free slot. If you have no free slot,
it will replace the dyshain the lit slot. Although you can always see four
offensive slots, at the start you can only use two of them. You'll get
more slots later on. You have 10 strategies, each keyed to a different
function key, F1 through F10. Build a strategy for every situation you
plan on encountering- although you can technically re-work your strategies
on the fly, it's impossible to do this while at the same time dealing with
the enemy.

To cast an offensive dysha, right-click the target. To cast a defensive
dysha, shift-right-click anywhere. You can move around in combat mode, but
in an extremely limited fashion- take small steps right and left by
clicking to the right or left of your character, or take a larger step by
shift-left-clicking. Don't try to run in combat mode- if you must flee the
area, go into exploration mode.

An important step to mastering combat is understanding the Isho Rate Meter.
That's the meter containing the three rows of circles below the life meter.
It represents the rate at which you weave your dyshas. The more full it is,
the faster your dyshas charge. It starts at a baseline level. While you're
in combat mode and not doing anything, it rises steadily until it reaches
the maximum, represented by the red dots. If you're charging a dysha, it
will stop and hover around a certain level. If you're charging multiple
dyshas, it'll go down, as you're putting out Isho faster than you can take
it in. Whenever you cast a defensive dysha, the meter automatically falls
a certain amount. What this basically means is, in a difficult battle
where you're launching a lot of Dyshas, you'll eventually get tired and
won't be able to weave very fast. You'll probably want to stay in Combat
mode and take a breather after a tough fight, to make sure you're ready
for the next one. Your dyshas will remain charged even if you drop out of
combat mode and go back in later. This is also why Rate Crystals are so
important- whenever you use one, it increases your maximum level by one
column and increases your baseline level by a half of a column, meaning
you can weave faster and get tired less easily. When you exit combat mode,
your Isho Rate falls back to the baseline. 

Local Map Mode

A location map is a small representation of the surrounding area. You're
the figure surrounded by blue triangles. Click to move around as always.
Press the button labelled "SCAN" in the lower-right to make every NPC and
interactable object on the screen "blip". This is very useful when you're
dealing with outdoor areas with a lot of undergrowth. Colliding with an
object or NPC puts you into either Dialogue Mode or Exploration mode,
depending on what exactly it is. It's important to note that, if there
are potentially-hostile enemies on the Local Area Map, those enemies will
show up- almost without fail- if you try to dig for items or use other
"blips"on the same map. In other words, if you want to dig for something
in a certain area, you'll haveto clear out to enemies first.

World Map Mode

The world map is presented as the screen of the Earth-Tec Tracker given
to you by Salrough in the opening. The red circle in the middle of the
screen is you. Move around by clicking. You of course can't cross mountains
or water, though you can sometimes edge and squeeze through little gaps.
Points of interest are usually displayed as icons on the map, although
large structures like cities or shanthic ruins often have graphics. When
you come to one, you'll go into local mapmode. To the right of the
viewscreen are four indicators. These read proximity of points of interest.
If one indicator is falling, you're moving away from something. If it's
rising, you're getting close to something. If it hits the top, you're
right on top of it. The four indicators signify- from left to right-
animal life forms (NPCs or enemies), vegetable life forms (limilates or
incupods), Isho sources (crystals or open warps), and structures (cities,
houses, or shanthic ruins). Above the indicators is a circle. Click on it
to display a map of all Jorune. The three buttons here will display known
warps, known structures, and all known points of interest (including the
previous two). Click on the circle again to go back to travelling. Beneath
the viewscreen is your location in coordinates. The first number indicates
your distance from the west edge of the map- a larger number indicates that
you're further east. The second indicates your distance from the north edge
of the map- a larger number indicates you're further south. Finally, the
button labelled OFF will turn off the tracker, putting you into
Exploration Mode. This allows you to save or change your dysha strategies.
Return to the World Map by walking off the screen. 

Dialogue Mode

You enter dialogue mode when you encounter a sapient NPC. Pretty
straightforward- listen to his lines (click to advance if it's moving too
slow), then click on the response you want to give.

Warp World

Warp World appears as a distorted map of Jorune. The dot in the bubble is
you. Warps are represented by small white lights. If you're not close,
you wont see a warp, but as you get closer it grows larger. Once you move
into it, you wind up back at a local area map at the corresponding place.
When you enter Warp World via a new Cle-Eshtha, you'll see an illuminated
circle. That's the warp you just opened up. If you enter WarpWorld through
a new Cle-Eshta and don't see the illuminated circle, you just opened a
Skyrealm. Look around WarpWorld for a new warp to find it.

Weaving World

Weaving World is a subgame that you'll play to learn new dyshas. To enter
it, visit Sarella at the kerning bay in Ardoth. When you enter Weaving
World you'll see four dyshas sitting amidst a circular plane. At the
center of the plane is a dot inside a ring. This represents you. In the
lower-left corner is a box with a number in it. That's how many weave
crystals you have remaining. (The first time you enter Weaving World this
will be zero. Don't worry, you can still drop weave crystals- Sarella's
helping you out. First time's free, you see.) To gain a new dysha you have
to draw it to you. To do this, click on the plane. This will drop a weave
crystal there,where it becomes a gravitational force. In other words, any
nearby dyshas will be draw towards it, moving faster as they approach and
eventually settling into an orbit. However, the crystals aren't permanent-
they disappear eventually, at which point the dysha will either slow it's
momentum to a crawl, or slingshot away, depending on how it was moving when
the gravitational force disappeared. Getting a dysha to the center
requires patience, practice, and a lot of crystals. It can be frustrating,
too, so be prepared. You may wish to save at the Shambo Shenter before
trying. Oh, and there's no use going for two dyshas at once- the game will
only credit you the first.

Cork Cutting

Cork Cutting mode is how you create recos. First you need to find an
incupod- check the Points of Interest. Click on an Incupod to bring up a
menu, and click the laser scalpel to go into Cork Cutting mode. To start
cutting, click on one of the corks. These are the colored lines on the
right- pink on the right, red in the center, purple on the left. Once
you've loaded a cork, you'll see it on the left display, with strands of
genetic material floating inside. Note the meter in the center- clicking
on the strands in the window will move the indicator up one, two, or three
spaces, depending on the strand's size. If the strand has a black hole in
the center, it will instead move the indicator DOWN one, two, or three
places. Each click has a chance to turn one of the green lights
surrounding the bottom of the meter red, signifying an injury to the cork.
In they all turn red, the cork is damaged beyond repair and disintegrates. 

Higher quality corks and incupods reduce the chance of an injury with each
click, allowing you to make more cuts and develop better recos. Pink corks
and green incupods are low quality. Red corks and incupods are good
quality. Purple corks and incupods are high quality. Putting pink in purple
or purple in green has a chance of producing a dead reco even if it's
suppossed to be useful, so try and match the quality.

The objective is to get the indicator to one of the 9 green bars on the
meter- this stabilizes the cork into a specific reco, and it goes into
the incupod, germinating in seconds. However, only four of the nine green
bars will produce a useful reco- the others produce a useless one that
dies seconds later. The four recos are-
   Digger- Second from the bottom
   Rejuvenator- Fourth from the bottom
   Miner- Sixth from the bottom
   Surgeon- Eighth from the bottom
The button labelled "Destroy" will scrap the cork. The button labelled
"Shutdown" will take you out of cork-cutting mode, scrapping both the
cork and the incupod. Don't use either if you can avoid it.

Items you'll find

There are a number of things you'll wind up collecting on your journey.
Listed here are some of the more common things you'll be using. This list
does not include items that you'll find only once at a certain point. 

   Laser Scalpel
      The laser scalpel is how you make an incision in an incupod. To enter
      Cork Cutting Mode, click on an incupod and selectthe scalpel from
      your inventory.
      Corks are the genetic material used along with incupods to create
      recos. Pink corks are low quality, adequate formaking Diggers or
      Rejuvenators but requiring great luck tomake better recos. Red corks
      are good for making Miners, and can also make Surgeons without much
      difficulty. Purple corks can make anything.
      The Digger is a very simple reco, resembling a small green triangle
      on legs. Use it over limilate, cork, or crystal patches to retrieve
      the treasures buried beneath the surface. One of these should be the
      first reco you make, but don'tget attached to it. While they're
      useful early in the game when money's tight,as soon as possible
      you'll want to upgrade to a Miner, which dig faster, die later, and
      can dig in desert or ice field.
      The Miner is an all-around better bargain than the digger, and with
      good reason. However, it's not easy to make. You get best results
      using red or better corks and pods- you can make one with a green
      pod and pink corks, but it takes luck.
      Rejuvenators are very useful recos- when used, they'll heal all
      wounds of yellow or lower color. Carrying a few of these can help
      you save a bundle on healing limilates. They're pretty easy to make
      and can usually be done with a green pod and pink cork.
      Every adventurer should carry at least one or two surgeons. They'll
      heal you completely, which is perfect when you've just gotten
      through with an especially obstinant Shantha. However, they're hard
      to make. You pretty much need a purple cork and some luck, and a red
      or purple pod. Even then, it might be easier to just buy one.
      Weave crystals are used to learn new Dyshas in WeavingWorld. You
      want as many of these as you can get your handson, at least until
      you have all the Dyshas you need. (See "Weaving World", above for
      more information.)
      Rate Crystals are some of the most important items in the game. Use
      one of these and it will increase your maximum and baseline weaving
      rate, allowing you to charge dyshas fasterand with fewer breaks. Go
      out of your way to acquire these.
      Power crystals are used in conjunction with power sources that you
      find in shanthic ruins. Click on a source and use a crystal to
      activate the source. This will sometimes turn on some device in the
      ruin, and you can also use the source to activate your Isho
      Healing limilates, complemented by Rejuvenators, are your main means
      of keeping in fighting condition. Use it and you'll restore a tiny
      bit of health at random from one of the rings on the life meter. Not
      much, but there are so many lying around in limilate patches that you
      can almost always use them in bulk.
   Scragger Repellant
      Very useful- turn Scragger from a major annoyance to target practice.
      They'll still jump at you and try to bite, but instead of latching
      on, they'll lose their grip and fall harmlessly to the ground. Always
      use one before trying to clear out a Scragger nest.
   Isho Invisibility
      Use this and for a short time you'll become invisible to Evids. Evids
      aren't very tough, but later in the game when you have to fight
      several at a time, it might be easier to use one of these and sneak
   Poison Blood
      After you use a Poison Blood limilate, every creature that bites you
      for a short time will die instantly. This is pretty much the only
      practical way to kill a Corondon before he kills you, so pick these
      up whenever you can.
      Daij, as far as I can see, serves no purpose in the game. Well, it
      does serve a purpose of a sort- you can sell it to the marketplace
      in Ardoth for cash. A decent source of money, if you need it.
      Shirm-eh is useless to humans, but priceless to Ramian. You can
      exploit that. (See "The Ramian Merchant" subplot to learn how.)
   Money. Don't leave home without it.
Shanthic Artifacts
   These are small blue pyramids that you'll find in shanthic ruins.
   They serve no purpose, but you can sell them at the marketplace in
   Ardoth or, more profitably, to Tabor the Bronth historian.
Shanthic Keys
   Small spherical/cylindrical objects that open shanthic doors. Yep.
Warp-Out Crundorra
   Use this in a ruin and it will take you immediately back to the local 
   area map. This is very useful if you wind up backing yourself into a
   corner. You start off with two, and over the course of the game you'll
   find others lying around. You can also buy them at the Ardoth
   A Sarceen looks like a red visor or necklace. (In fact, it's meant to be
   touched to the temples, but never mind that.) When you use it, it will
   teach you a new dysha or ability instantly, without having to go through
   the fuss of WeavingWorld. Very, very useful- keep your eyes open for

Dyshas You'll Learn

As a muadra, you're not terribly good with martial weapons, but you can
fight with Dyshas, woven from Jorune's ambient Isho energy. Offensive
Dyshas are orbs fired at your enemies, while defensive Dyshas protect you
with a barrier. There are also Isho Abilities, which have genrally
non-combative uses. They're listed here because they're acquired in the
same way. The main way to acquire new Dyshas and abilities is to learn
then in Weaving World, but occassionally you can also find Sarceens that
will teach you a Dysha instantly- keep your eyes open for these, they'll
make things a whole lot easier. Dyshas have levels- if you learn a Dysha
you already know, it will go up to the next level, becoming more powerful. 
Most Dyshas have three levels. The Dyshas available to you are:

Power Orb/Lightning Orb
   Your main attack. Hit the enemy with it and do damage. You start off
   with Power Orb,and it improves to level 2 and then 3. Lightning Orb is
   basically Power Orb levels 4-6. With two Dysha slots, one of them
   should always be Power/Lightning Orb, unless you're trying to pull a
   really esoteric strategy. Normally you'll want to fire these one at a
   time, so that they can recharge quickly and without hurting your Isho
   Rate too much, but if you think you can take down your enemy right now,
   you can machine-gun them too. Power Orb is a simple orange orb,
   Lightning Orb takes the form of a blue burst of ball lightning.
Suspension Orb
   When this small orb strikes a foe, it expands to a large orb and
   levitates-with them inside- until it hits the roof and pops. Not very
   useful indoors, as it hits the roof real quick, but it has valuable
   uses. The best tactic to use with this dysha is to catch an enemy
   inside one, then smack him with a Power/Lightning Orb. This will knock
   him far back- usually out of range of an easy counter attack. You can
   use this strategy early in the game to slowly whiddle down
   capsule-throwers. Suspension Orb looks like a large bubble.
Power Hold
   Power Hold resembles a bunch of yellow rings surrounding a small
   central orb. When it hits its target, it paralyzes them by binding
   them with several rings. Crugar and Shanthas love to use this on you-
   it'll hold you in place and let them beat the snot out of you with
   Lightning Orbs. You can also use it effectively, however it's a bit
   trickier because it takes a long time to weave and wears off fairly
   quickly at low levels. It's really not useful until you have it at
   level 2 or 3 and a good weave rate, as well as a third or fourth
   offensive dysha slot to help you capitalize on a hit. In the early game
   Suspension Orb is much better.
Isho Drain
   Isho Drain is a deep black orb that takes a chuck out of the target's
   Isho Rate. I think.See, it certainly takes away YOUR Isho when you get
   hit with one, but I'm not sure the enemies work on the same system as
   you in Alien Logic, which would make this utterly useless to you. Even
   if it does work, I don't see how it would be more useful then just
   firing Lightning Orbs at your enemy. But, if you're up for something
   different, feel free to give it a try. Be aware that shanthas love to
   machine-gun you with this, which can make for some annoying battles.
   Crater is a large fireball that explodes on contact and does a lot of
   damage. However, it takes so long to weave that it's very seldom
   practical. It has one very important use, though: it's able to
   penetrate defensive dyshas. This makes it useful against especially
   cheap Crugar who use Shield constantly. Crater only has one level, as
   opposed to three like most other dyshas.
Fire Touch
   Fire Touch is a defensive dysha that appears as a small flame pointing
   sideways. Use it, and you burst into flames for a moment. It basically
   has one use- to knock Scragger off of you. Useful, but frankly I don't
   much like it. It will sometimes take several uses to actually knock the
   Scragger off, and it burns up Isho fast. I recommend Scragger Protection
   limilates instead. Fire Touch only has one level.
   Shield is a defensive dysha in the form of a blue square. Use it and
   you'll be covered for a few seconds in a white light that will stop any
   incoming dyshas. (Not physical attacks like capsules, though.) Useful
   when you have nothing else, but other defensive dyshas are better.
   This white orb is a defensive dysha with offensive capabilities. It
   functions the same as Shield, but instead of a white light that blocks
   dyshas, this is a blue light that bounces them back towards your
   opponent. Useful in battles against Crugar, where you have to keep the
   pressure on to have any hope of breaking through their shields. Not so
   useful against other foes- Shanthas will re-reflect it, putting a strain
   on your Isho since you'll have to keep blocking it. Evids have such a
   small vertical profile that they're unlikely to be hit by the
   A red defensive dysha that at first appears to be like Shield, but
   which has a bonus- whenever you block a dysha with Vampire, you absorb
   some Isho from it and your Isho Rate increases. The amount of Isho you
   absorb seems to depend on the level of Vampire you're using. Very
   useful against Evids and Shanthas, especially later in the game.

There are also Isho Abilities, which you learn the same way as Dyshas and
you activate at Power Sources in shanthic temples. They only last so long,
so make sure you're not in danger when they wear off. You learn Isho
Abilities the same way as dyshas- through Weaving World or sarceens.
In Weaving World they appear as small circles with four colored triangles
extending from them.

Lava Walk
   Walk on Lava. Simple, no?
Feather Fall
   With Feather Fall you don't take falling damage when you fall long
   distances. There areonly one or two places in the game where you have
   to do this, but when you do it will save your life.
   Use this ability and you'll be covered in a purple light that will heal
   you point by point for a few minutes. Not necessary, but very helpful
   in ruins where you face a lot of combat.
Morph Evid
   You can't get this ability in Weaving World, you have to find a
   specific sarceen. Once you have it, several areas of the game become
   much easier, or open up further. What this ability does is transform
   you into an Eye Evid. While in Evid form you can fly- even up through
   broken ceilings- and Evids will be friendly. (Shanthas will see right
   through the disguise, though.) However, you don't have access to your
   entire dysha list, so don't start a fight. You'll change back after a
   few minutes. While in Evid form you can also talk to Eye Evids, though
   they don't have anything to say.

Enemies You'll Fight

There are several enemies you'll face during the game, and they fall into
roughly three catagories- critters, evids, and sapients (i.e. intelligent,
bipedal life-forms.) It's importantto understand that there are no
experience points in Alien Logic and sapients very rarely drop anything,
so it will usually be to your advantage to play passive, either by avoiding
foes or talking your way out of fights. But sometimes they just don't
listen to reason. Small enemies like Beagre and Scragger appear in groups
of 3 or 4. Larger creatures you'll fight one-on-one.

   Beagre are obnoxious little brown critters that seem to infest every
   corner of Jorune. They travel in groups of three or four typically, and
   they're nothing more than target practice- level 2 Power Orb kills them
   with a single blow, and even early on they're not much of a threat.
   You'll occassionally have to clear them out of a limilate patch, other
   then that you can ignore them. There's a bounty on them in Ardoth, but
   it's hardly worth it.
   Scragger are very irritating Green Lizards who's attack it to jump
   toward you and grab you in their teeth. If they grab on, They won't let
   go for several seconds, and you'll be taking small bits of damage all
   along. You can drive them off with a Fire Touch, or just avoid
   encountering them. However, if you're willing to take the annoyance,
   you can also hunt them- Scragger Protection limilates can make this
   easy, and they'll fetch a decent price in Ardoth. When you fight
   Scragger, the best tactic is to launch a dysha at them at the peak of
   their jump.
   Pibber are small, fat, tan creatures that stirke me as nothing so much
   as bunnies with eyestalks. They're harmless, but if you capture them
   alive (click them while they're on the ground,) you can trade them to
   trarch or to the woffen beaster in Ardoth.
   Mandare are large, bloated critters with huge long necks. Their attack
   is to snap at you after maneuvering close. They can take a lot of
   punishment and will often get a few hits in before you kill them, but
   they're not especially difficult. When you encounter a mandare, your
   first move should be to walk all the way to your end of the area. Once
   you've put distance between you and them, drop into Combat Mode and
   start firing off Power/Lightning Orbs. This may seem lowbrow, but
   they're too big for Suspension Orb or Power Hold, so there you are.
   After killing a mandare, always take time to slice it open and check
   the stomach contents.
   Corondon are huge creatures resembling eyeless dragons. They're
   impossible to beat in combat. When I say "impossible", I don't mean
   "doable but annoyingly tedious", or "you need to be really strong", or 
   "you need the right strategy". I mean it can't be done. I've tried many
   times. They close with you with lightning speed and can take you from
   full health to game over in three attacks. The only practical way to
   kill a Corondon is to use a Poison Blood Limilate, so that after they
   bite you, they fall over dead. This is why Poison Blood Limilates are
   so important.
Eye Evid
   These floating evids will be your most consistant foe over the course
   of the game- you'll fight them in the first ruins you explore and will
   still be fighting them up until the final battle. They protect shanthic
   ruins, and occassionally aboveground crystal patches as well. Their
   arsenal consists of Suspension Orb and Lightning Orb, plus Vampire for
   defense. They will also occassionally close in and bite you. They're
   not especially hard,but it may take timing to sneak your shots in
   through their Vampires. Always block the Suspension Orb- if you get
   caught, he'll hit you with several Lightning Orbs while you're helpless.
   Whenever you beat an Eye Evid, it'll drop a Power Crystal.
Sphere Evid
   Sphere Evids are weaker then Eye Evids, but also quicker. They zip
   around dodging your shots or bouncing them back with reflect, and
   they'll fire back with Suspension Orbs and Power Orbs. The strategy is
   basically the same as with the big eyes, but you have to pay a little
   closer attention to them, as they can blindside you with an unexpected
   shot or surprise relfect. They also drop Power Crystals when beaten.
Spider Evid
   Harmless and don't drop anything. Ignore them.
Slug Evid/Blob Evid
   These two evids are different sides of the same coin- they crawl
   toward you and attack when really close. Not a problem- you can almost
   always blow them up before they reach you. Slug Evids are slightly
   weaker and drop Weave Crystals, while Blob Evids drop the standard
   Power Crystal when beaten.
   Trarch are blue guys with big clubs. If you watch yourself around them,
   you really only have to fight one over the course of the game. When you
   do, be advised that they only have a short-range attack, so they're
   pretty easy. The mandare strategy of getting distance and then wailing
   on them should work, or you can try the Suspension Orb knockback tactic.
   These three enemies all fight pretty much the same way- they hang back
   and throw grenade-like capsules at you. Sometimes, when that doesn't
   work, they'll close for a short-range attack. Only hit points and
   capsule strength seem variable, honestly. Early in the game, the best 
   strategy is to use Suspension Orbs to keep them at a distance. Later, 
   when you have a higher weave rate and more dysha slots, the strategy
   will become hit 'em fast, hit 'em hard. Scarmis, by the way, are
   naturally docile- unless there are Cleash around, there's no reason to
   attack them.
   Crugar are freakin' annoying. They really like Lightning Orbs, but 
   what's worse they really, really, REALLY like Shield. In a battle with
   a crugar, he'll have it up something like 90% of the time, making it
   really hard to sneak in a good shot. On offesne, they generally throw
   out lots of Lighning Orbs, but they can also use Power Hold, and watch
   out for that. If a crugar catches you in a Power Hold, you'll take a
   barrage of Lightning Orbs that will probably kill you. I find the best
   way to deal with them is to bounce back their attacks with Reflect,
   while adding some Lightning Orbs of your own to keep the pressure on.
   Occassionally a crugar will get caught in his own reflected Power Hold.
   When that happens, pounce and hit him with as many dyshas as you can
   before he snaps out of it. You can also try blasting through their
   shields with Crater, but this is risky- Crater takes a long time to
   charge up, during which you'll be vulnerable. Defensive dyshas will
   help, but not when the Crugar decides to close ranks and use his claws
   Shanthas are the toughest enemies in the game. (Corondons are more
   difficult if you don't know the trick, but simple if you do.) They use
   Power Holds and Lightning Orbs in a fashion similar to Crugar, but are
   also fond of using Isho Drains to render you helpless. They
   occassionally throw Craters as well. Block them- they break through 
   shields, but still do less damage when they hit one. Their defensive 
   dysha of choice is Reflect. You can thwart it by aiming at their heads.
   Since they're larger then you, your dyshas will often go over your
   head when they bounce back. Since they don't throw up shields
   constantly like the Crugar, you have more flexibility in your strategy.
   I recommend Power Holds followed up with as many Lightning Orbs as you
   can manage. However, shanthas are still pretty tough, and I recommend
   avoidance tactics if at all possible.

Exploring Shanthic Ruins

In many ways the best part of the game is the shanthic ruins you'll come
across. You'll explore these looking for valuables, mainly Cle-Eshtas.
Most are guarded by evids, some also by Shanthas.There are, additionally,
some obstacles and devices you'll come across. 

Elevators/Moving Platforms
   Yeah, Alien Logic is partially a platform game. Frequently you'll have
   to jump onto moving platforms, either to ride an elevator from one level
   to another or to ride a horizontal platform across a pit or chasm.
   Sometimes you'll find an inactive elevator- these are usually turned on
   by using a nearby Power Source.
   Maps look like large empty panels on the walls. If they ever actually
   depicted the floor plans of the ruins, those lines have long since worn
   away. However, small orbs representing power sources remain. Each orb
   on a map represents the location of a power source in the ruin. Yellow
   ones are active. Not terribly useful, but they can give you an idea of
   the general layout of a ruin.
   You'll sometimes find pedestals that hold stone tablets. These tablets
   contain shanthic writings. Read them for information- usually about the
   ruins you find them in.
Power Sources
   A power source is a small yellow and gold device on the wall, with a
   hole in the center to place a Power Crystal in. They transmit energy
   around the ruins, so turning one on will often activate an otherwise
   inactive device, like an elevator. You can also activate Isho abilities
   at an active power source.
Green/Red Doors
   Ah, the locked door- enemy of adventurers since the beginning of time.
   Green doors can be bashed down by using Power Orb or Lightning Orb, but
   to open a red door you'll need the corresponding Shanthic Key.
Isho Lifts
   An Isho Lift is a light blue column of light that, when entered, will
   move you either up or down to it's endpoint. It doesn't matter where
   you enter an Isho Lift, you'll always ride it right to the end. Keep in
   mind that Isho Lifts are one way- although it's rare for one to drop you
   off in an unescapable situation, you might want to save before entering
Power Floors
   Power floors are small circles on the ground, looking similar to
   de-activated Isho Lifts but more solid light. While you're standing on a
   Power Floor, your Isho Rate shoots up to the maximum. Very useful when
   tough foes are around.
Sentinel Evids
   Sentinel Evids are small brownish floating creatures that block your
   way. They're immune to dyshas and on approaching one you'll be pushed
   back by a storm of Isho Drain. This won't hurt, but it weakens your
   weave rate and prevents you from passing the Sentinel. The only way to
   get past a Sentinel Evid is to turn it off. This is done via a music
   box, which you'll always find close to a Sentinel Evid. A music box is
   a device that hangs from the ceiling. If you click it, it will make a
   sound and usually turn the sentinel off.
   Cle-Eshtas are your main goal in most shanthic ruins. They look like a
   blue crystal on a partially-closed pedestal. Use one and it will take
   you immediately to WarpWorld and open a new warp.

Mandare Bellies

Whenever you kill a Mandare, you can click on it's neck to slice open the
belly and see what's inside. At one point this will be the focus of a very
important subplot, but it's worth doing as a general rule. You can find a
great many things inside these creatures. Some are useless, but others
will be very helpful. Among the things I've found:

three pink corks and an assortment of human bones
a red cork
a wicker box containing two weave crystals and two power crystals
an empty keeper rod
a gemlink
two healing limilates and a partially digested reco digger
a decomposed thivin
17 gemlinks
1 power crystal and a mostly digested pibber
a large club and a blue hand
a power crystal
a warp-out crundorra
22 gemlinks and a large quantity of human bones
a large number of bones and a few tufts of crugar fur
a suit of thailerian armor
two barely digested beagre
8 weave crystals and 3 gemlinks
pibber juice

Of these, the most important by far is the Thailerian Armor, which you
can't get anywhere else. This reduces the damage you'll take. (By how much
I'm not sure- Alien Logic's injury system is somewhat vague.)

So what am I suppossed to do?

Alien Logic is a very, very open-ended game, which is kind of a polite
way of saying it doesn't give you much direction. Your basic goals are
simple- get strong and find the bad guy. The answer to both is to explore.
Walk around Jorune and see what there is to see. While you're walking,
keep your eyes open for two things in particular- Crystal Fields and
Shanthic Ruins. Crystal Fields are important because you can find crystals
(duh), which are important for increasing your skills. Shanthic Ruins are
places where you'll find Cle-Eshthas to learn new warp locations, as well
as items of use, some very powerful. 

Some general advise:
-Talk your way out of trouble whenever possible. As noted before, enemies
   rarely drop items and don't give experience, so you have no reason to
   risk dying if you can avoid it.
-Visit Salrough often. He'll often come up with new Shanthic sites for
   you to go looking for, and is crucial to several subplots.
-Power Crystals have limited use- don't go out of your way to amass a
-The value of money is arguable- you can buy a lot of supplies in Ardoth,
   potentially making the game easier, but you can also find a lot of
   stuff just by exploring.
-If you do need money, you can usually get some by selling Shanthic
   Artifacts or hunting Beagre or Scragger, but if you find some Incupods
   you don't need, you can also go into the Biotech business, turning corks
   into recos and selling them at a profit.
-If you have any Warp Crystals at all, you have plenty.
-Save you Poison Blood limilates for Corondon.
-Rate Crystals are extremely powerful.

The Walkthrough

Alien Logic has an old-school plot- it really only becomes complicated at 
a few key points, notably the beginning and the end. For most of the game,
you're just doing your thing. Hence, there are three distinct chapters- the
first hour or so of gameplay covers your awakening in Tan-Iricid and your
journey to and exploration of the city of Ardoth. There's a lot of
conversation here, learning the basics of gameplay, background of the
world and so forth. The second part is something like 95% of the game, and
deals with you wandering Jorune seeking the power you'll need to defeat
the Red Shantha. And the third is your journey to Delsha and the final

Opening: Journey to Ardoth

The Mountain Crown

After an intro sequence covering the history of humans and shanthas,
you'll find yourself talking to a thriddle. He'll ask you your name- it
may seem like the game has locked up when he does, but don't worry. Just
type in your characters' name- I used "Jacob", because it's a good name.
The thriddle will then introduce himself as Salrough Gomo, the head of the
Mountain Crown, and give you the backstory of the game. Briefly, a bad guy
named Dytra-Al-Desti, the Red Shantha,has kidnapped your village, carting
off everyone in stasis devices called keeper-rods. A Shantha called
Sha-Imsa tried to save your rod, but he lost it and it was four years until
the thriddle found and released you. So, you've got to save your neighbors
and stop whatever evil scheme Dytra-Al-Desti is cooking up. Salrough
recommends you start by heading to Ardoth, where you'll find your
benefactor Sha-Imsa and hopefully a kerning bay where you can learn
Dyshas. He also knows some shanthic sites you should look into, once
you've gotten yourself ready. Get as much information as you can out of
him, then he'll call a young thriddle named Hilder No-Trid to escort you
to the warp to Ardoth. You'll drop out of conversation mode into
exploration mode. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the
controls, then head off-screen to the left.

You'll wind up in a local area view of the Mountain Crown, with thriddle
milling about. Talk to them- noone has any pertinant information, but
they're quite amusing. When you come back later, you'll see a stationary
thriddle standing by the door in the northeast corner. His name is Limid
Lo Obbo, and he can tell you a lot about limilates. Exit via the bottom
of the screen and you'll find yourself on the world map with a view of
Tan-Iricid. The moving creature is Nilder. Follow him to the local warp.
When you get there you'll note Nilder preparing to run for his life, and
the beagre milling around. If you want, practice combat mode on the beagre.
It won't calm Nilder any, but you'll be able to collect the beagre to sell
for a few bucks later. 

The Warp will take you into Warp World. Note that there's a small light
just to the northeast of your current location. Walk into it and you'll
find yourself in the nation of Burdoth.


You arrive in a field outside Ardoth. There's a bronth walking around.
Talk to him- he'll gripe that you're trampling his crops, and also convey
some useful information about Burdoth and Ardoth. Exit to the world map.
You'll find Ardoth just to the south. Seargent Brontin, a retired military
man, guards the gate. He'll let you pass without trouble, and he can tell
you about the history of Ardoth, the Ramian and Shirm-eh. He'll also point
you towards Tabor and the Shambo Shenter. You'll meet Brontin at the gate
every time you come to Ardoth, and sometimes he'll let you know about
important events going on in the city.

Ardoth will be your central base of operations- whenever you need to
re-supply or learn new dyshas, you'll be coming back here. So, let's
familiarize ourselves with the place. We'll start from the enterance, and
go in a generally counter-clockwise direction. First note above and below
you are two NPCs. The lower one is a Crugar who will attack you- leave him
alone. Above you is a helpful thriddle who knows about BioTech and mentions
Daclish LeClur. His travelogue is boring as hell, though. If you remember
what Salrough said, your first objective should be Sha-Imsa's house, just
east of the city gate. (The blue dots indicate enterable houses, but you
knew that, right?) He's not happy to see you, for reasons he'll explain.
He's liable to kick you out at some point- march right back in and keep at
him until he agrees to help you. He'll give some clarity to your quest,
explaining about shanthic ruins, Warp World, Weaving World, and Isho
Crystals. He can't take you to Weaving World, however- for that you'll
need to find a kerning bay.

Keep going down the road to the east and enter the building on the right.
This is the healer. He offers three levels of healing. First Aid cures any
wounds up to the light green level, changing them back to the healthy dark
green. Medication cures orange and lesser wounds, and surgery will heal
you completely. I find the healer to be quite useless- healing limilates
are plentiful, reco rejuvenators are easy to make, and you can make a reco
surgeon or two for emergencies- but if you need him, he's there. Directly
north of the healer is the Shambo Shenter. Fighting is forbidden, but you
can duck in here at any time to go into exploration mode, allowing you to
rework your strategies or save your game. You can also chat with whoever's
sitting at the table- it's one of several random people. The most important
is the Ramian, who launches a profitable subplot. Across the street is a
Corastin who will buy dead Beagre, Scragger, and Pibber. The prices are
low, but it's easy money if you ever need it. However, Pibber are worth
more alive if you take them to the next guy on our itinerary- to the east,
at the end of the road, is a woffen trapper. He's a braggart, but he knows
a lot about the critters you'll encounter- most notably, mandare often
swallow their victims' valuables and corodon are "Death Machines". Ask
him about pibber to get the offer to buy any live ones you come across.
North of this is the ferry, which can take you to Dobre, but leave it for

From the center of town, go northwest and bear west until you come to a
circular building with a pointy roof. This is the kerning bay, but on
talking to the owner, Sarella, you may mistake it for a cathouse or a
hippies' den. Endure the eye-rolling dialogue and let her take you to
Weaving World. The first time is free and Sarella will loan you all the
crystals you need, so go for one of the far-off ones. I usually get Power
Orb level 2, but if you plan on hunting Scraggerfor cash, Flame Touch may
also be a good idea. When you come back later, Sarella will also be willing
to explain a few things about dyshas and dysha combat to you.

To the north of the kerning bay you'll see five scattered dots representing
the marketplace. From the merchants you can buy and sell corks, limilates,
recos, and crystals, as well as selling shanthic artifacts and buying
warp-out crundorra. Each merchant will also tell you a little about what
he sells. West of the marketplace is a woffen walking around. He has no
information, but the conversation is good for a laugh. 

Finally, north of the wandering woffen is the lair of Daclish LeClur, which
will be the focal point of our first subplot. 

Dealing with Daclish

As Sha-Imsa warned you, Daclish is a collosal jerk- not only won't he talk
to you, he'll have his bodyguard rough you up and toss you out into the
street. (You take no health damage from this- just a flesh wound, I guess.)
However, notice that after this incident a new dot appears near the big
building on the south side of town. Go over there, and you'll run into
someone who can help. After getting her advice, head back to Daclish and...
he'll get pissed off and throw you out again. What a prick. Go back to the
big building and your friend will decide to play hardball. Next time you
go back to Daclish, he'll be quite a bit more agreable give you what
you're looking for- a cork-cutting kit, laser scalpel, and 3 pink corks.
Go back to your friend and thank her.

Incidentally, if you go to the large building again, you'll learn that
Daclish has made complaints to your friend and turned her against you.
Grrr. Well, no big deal- you won't need to deal with either of them for
the rest of the game. 

Now that we know what's what in Ardoth, it's time to begin our adventure
in earnest. Head back to the Shambo Shenter to get ready, and then it's
off to gate, and onwards to the wilds- and adventure!

Midgame: Wanderings

From here on you basically go where you want. The first thing you should
probably do is get a reco digger- there are a few incupod patches in
Burdoth, so get to it. Once you have that, it's all in your hands. Look
around for crystal patches, and hunt down the ruins Salrough told you
about. Not the entire world is open to you from the start- you'll need to
complete subplots to open up some key areas, and some enemies will be too
tough for you until you get more powerful. If you ever need direction,
Salrough can often give you leads on Cle-Eshta locations and other
subplots. As you'll eventually learn from Salrough, the endgame will become
available once you've found and used twenty-five Cle-Eshtas.

Exploring Jorune

The following are profiles of each region of Jorune. They're listed in the
approximate order you'll encounter them if you follow the plot, but the 
game is free-roaming, so feel free to go off book. Most especially, the 
crystal patches make it a good idea to explore Gilthaw as soon as you can, 
rather then right at the end. I understand that not everyone has the 
manual with its map, so I'll do my best to describe just where each region
is. Additionally, you can look up a specific point of interest by it's
coordinates. However, the coordinates the tracker gives you are sometimes
off by a point or two, so don't try and make a script to find these sites
for you- once you get there, you'll be able to eyeball what you're looking 
for. I've tried to include all points of interest on this list, but Jorune 
can be vast, and it is possible I've missed something. The points are 
organized by clumps- in each region, the first clump is creatures, then 
limilates, incupods, crystals, and finally points of especial importance, 
such as ruins. Ruins and subplots have detailed walkthroughs listed in the 
following sections of this document. This list excludes a few areas on 
the map that you'll visit only during the endgame.


Burdoth is the most prosperous realm of Jorune, a lush land of forests and
fields crowned by the capital city of Ardoth. Your adventure will start
in earnest here, after some time exploring Ardoth and the Mountain Crown.
There's a mountain range seperating the east end of Burdoth from the west
end- get around it at either the south end or the north end. The Gauss
Valley- which runs through the mountains and connects northwest and
southwest Burdoth- is well worth exploring.Be advised that the extreme
south of Burdoth, bordering the East Trinnu Jungle Lands, is patrolled by
cleash. Avoid them- they'll fight you, and you'll get nothing out of it,
except maybe dead.

To reach Burdoth:
   Warp at 216,167 (open at start)
   North from East Trinnu Jungle Lands
   West from Heridoth
   Ferry from Central Burdoth

Of Interest:
   214,167- 4 Scragger
   213,166- 6 Scragger
   210,170- 5 Scragger
   206,179- 1 Cleash
   210,180- 4 Cleash 
   212,182- 5 Cleash

   217,155- 5 Healing, 1 Shirm-eh
   213,165- 9 Beagre, 3 Healing, 3 Shirm-eh
   210,171- 9 Beagre, 5 Healing
   210,162- 9 Beagre, 2 Shirm-eh 
   206,159- 4 Scragger Protection, 3 Shirm-eh
   205,160- 5 Healing
   205,167- 4 Healing, 1 Shirm-eh

   216,163- 4 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods
   212,157- 4 Green Incupods

   212,165- 5 Weave, 1 Rate
   205,171- 1 Power, 2 Weave

   216,169- City of Ardoth (see above)
   216,167- Bronth Farmer (same area as Warp)
   213,166- Beagre Pit (same area as Scragger- see "Beagre Pit")
   205,160- Cle-Eshta to Drail (only once you know about it- see "The Dead
      Volcano". Same area as Healing Limilates)
   211,167- Ruin- Gal-Imasti (Cle-Eshta to Khodre Island)
   200,173- Ruin- Do-Enesha (Cle-Eshta to Anasan)
   212,179- Ruin- Dwelling of Ana Ci-Eshta

Khodre Island

This is an island sitting on the lake that seperates North Khodre from
South Khodre. It's tiny, you can almost fit the entire thing on one tracker
screen, but there are some useful crystal deposits and a ruin here. You'll
likely reach it early on after exploring Gal-Imesti.

To reach Khodre Island:
   Warp at 157,119 (From 211,167 in Burdoth)

Of interest:
   159,119- 3 Healing, 2 Shirm-eh

   158,118- 5 Weave, 1 Rate
   159,116- 2 Power

   158,116- Ruin- Shenas-Abey (Cle-Eshta to The Doben-Al)


The Island of Tan-Iricid is home to the Mountain Crown, the largest library
on Jorune and the home of the Thriddle. You start the game here, but almost
immediately you're shuffled off to Ardoth. You'll return frequently to
confer with Salrough about new shanthic sites and occassionally other

To reach Tan-Iricid:
   Warp at 170,207 (open at start)

Of interest:
   163,207- 4 Healing, 3 Scragger Protection

   172,204- Mountain Crown (see above)


Heridoth is a fertile peninsula of trees and mountain that lies next door
to Burdoth, across a body of water to the east of Ardoth. Although
infested with Beagre, the region nonetheless has some things worth seeing,
most notably the ruins of Ma-Eshira.

To reach Heridoth:
   East from Burdoth (path between Ardoth and southern mountains)
   North from East Trinnu Jungle Lands

Of interest:
   222,169- 6 Beagre
   225,176- 13 Beagre

   217,180- 12 Beagre, 7 Healing
   224,167- 1 Poison Blood

   216,173- 3 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod, 4 Pink Corks

   224,162- 1 Power, 4 Weave

   218,180- Cle-Eshta to Island of Health
   223,169- Ruin- Ma-Eshira

Island of Health

This is another tiny island, just off the coast of Burdoth. It's small and
not especially interesting, but there's a treasure trove of Healing
limilates underground.

To reach :
   Warp from 218,180 (from 218,180 in Heridoth)

Of interest:
   215,150- 8 Healing
   216,149- 3 Healing, 3 Scragger Protection
   214,147- 5 Healing, 1 Poison Blood

East Trinnu Jungle Lands

The East Trinnu Jungle Lands are an area of very dense rainforest (i.e.
dark green) south of Burdoth. These lands are inhabited by the insectlike
Cleash, who aren't very bright, civilized, or friendly. You can try to
talk to them, but as you don't speak Cleash and they don't seem to care,
it'll just mean a fight. You don't get anything for fighting Cleash, so
you'll want to avoid them most of the time. However, if cleash are
inhabiting an area that you plan to be mining, you may want to clear them
out first. They might interrupt your mining and make you fight them off,
and if so your recos will likely get caught in the crossfire. 

To reach East Trinnu Jungle Lands:
   South from Burdoth
   South from Heridoth
   East from Thantier
   North from Anasan

Of interest:
   217,187- 4 Cleash
   212,187- 3 Cleash
   212,188- 14 Scragger
   208,189- 3 Cleash
   204,190- 4 Cleash
   200,186- 12 Scragger
   196,188- 2 Cleash

   211,186- 3 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods, 2 Pink Corks
   210,190- 3 Cleash, 2 Green Incupods, 4 Red Incupods.
   208,186- 1 Red Incupods 

   215,188- 1 Power, 5 Weave
   211,192- 6 Cleash, 4 Weave, 1 Rate
   199,185- 7 Weave

   204,184- Cleash General (See "Broken Cle-Eshtas" subplot)
   215,187- Ruin- Crossroads of WarpWorld (Cle-Eshtas to Abandoned Island,
      Voligire, Corondon Island, Lundere)
   201,187- Ruin- Besieged Ruin (Cle-Eshta to Gilthaw)

Abandoned Island

This is an abandoned island south of Sillipus, and there's nothing here.
I'm serious, not a single things to be found except the warp. Weird.
Anyway, you can ignore this completely if you wish.

To reach Abandoned Island:
   Warp at 218,246 (from 215,187 in East Trinnu Jungle Lands)

Corondon Island

This island off the coast of Temauntro is the first place you'll
encounter the deadly Corondon. Fortunately the main attraction here, the
crystal fields, are nowhere near the Corondon hangouts.

To reach Corondon Island:
   Warp at 68,92 (from 215,187 in East Trinnu Jungle Lands)

Of Interest:
   69,93- 1 Corondon
   72,88- 1 Corondon

   66,93- 1 Corondon, 3 Healing, 5 Scragger Protection

   64,98- 3 Weave
   70,90- 5 Weave, 1 Rate
   76,86- 2 Power, 1 Weave


South of the Jungles of Trinnu and north west of the Island of Sillipus
is a temperate forest realm. You'll find a warp here early in the game, or
you can just hike across the East Trinnu Jungle Lands to get there. It's a
small region, but worth exploring for the limilate patches,a Cle-Eshta,
and the ruin of Sha-Yesh.

To reach Anasan:
   Warp at 205,197 (From 200,173 in Burdoth)

Of interest:
   213,199- 11 Beagre
   200,198- 2 Cleash

   213,202- 8 Beagre, 6 Healing
   213,205- 6 Healing, 6 Isho Invisibility

   209,205- Cle-Eshta to Central Dobre
   208,200- Ruin- Sha-Yesh (Cle-Eshta to South Temauntro)

Central Dobre

Although expansive, Dobre is well worth exploring. The Bronth natives are
friendly, but mainly have no useful information, except to point you to
the way out. The main reason to come here is to visit Tabor, the Bronth
historian who lives north of the ferry. He'll buy shanthic artifacts from
you (he offers a much better price then you'll get in Ardoth) and will
help you with certain subplots. Additionally, he knows the history of
Jorune like the back of his paw, and can provide lots of backstory- it's
well worth your while to talk to him on the subject.

Dobre is so big that I've divided it into three sections. The central area
is where the Ferry and Tabor's house are. South and east of Tabor's place
is a pass that will allow you access to the mountainous south part of the
region. Follow the mountains west from Tabor and stick to them as they
twist around, and you'll eventually find a pass that leads you to North

To reach Central Dobre:
   Warp at 224,156 (from 209,205 in Anasan)
   From Burdoth via Ferry in Ardoth (arrives at 241,160)
   South from North Dobre (mountain pass around 225,140)
   West from South Dobre (mountain pass around 248,150)

Of interest:
   239,157- 1 Bronth
   232,152- 12 Beagre
   229,148- 1 Bronth
   221,141- 1 Bronth

   243,148- 4 Healing

   241,160- Ferry to Burdoth (arrives just north of Ardoth)
   245,148- Tabor's House

South Dobre

This area is unremarkable but deserving of some exploration. If you're a
hunter or just like beating up critters, there's a lot of stuff to do in
South Dobre. In addition to a lot of Beagre and Scragger, you can find
Pibber (capture them alive!), and a few Mandare. If you're not, the trip
is still worthwhile- you can find crystals, incupods, and a Cle-Eshta.

To reach South Dobre:
   Warp at 280,188 (from 173,177 in Thantier)
   East from Central Dobre (mountain pass around 248,150)
   West from Lundere (pass around 271,175)

Of interest:
   252,161- 1 Bronth
   260,171- 1 Bronth
   251,175- 1 Bronth
   251,180- 6 Pibber
   268,181- 9 Beagre
   262,186- 9 Beagre
   264,193- 4 Scarmis
   263,191- 6 Scragger
   273,195- 9 Beagre
   286,198- 16 Scragger
   285,199- 3 Mandare 
   282,197- 2 Mandare
   279,197- 12 Scragger
   272,201- 12 Scragger
   282,203- 21 Scragger
   279,202- 2 Mandare
   286,192- 1 Corondon

   253,178- 2 Healing, 4 shirm-eh
   281,195- 15 Beagre, 5 Healing, 1 Isho Invisibility
   283,197- 1 Mandare, 12 Beagre, 8 Healing

   256,165- 2 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod
   249,177- 6 Green Incupods
   280,200- 3 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods, 3 Pink Corks 
   286,189- 5 Green Incupods

   258,160- 3 Weave
   282,180- 4 Weave, 1 Rate

   256,159- Cle-Eshta to North Temauntro

North Dobre

North Dobre is pretty sparse, with few points of interest. Some of the
Bronth around here are looking for a Crugar. If you track down that
selfsame Crugar, you might be able to coax some information about the
Scrolls of Iscin out of him. There's also a Cle-Eshta near the Lundere
border that takes you to an island in the south seas with some worthwhile
items. The only other feature here of real importance are the mountains,
which constantly block your path and force you to take detours. (This makes
getting an accurate list of points of interest difficult- while I'm
confident the below list is comprehensive, I can't be completely sure I
didn't miss something.)

The border between North Dobre and Lundere is vague. I decided to draw the
line at the east end of the peninsula near the skyrealm, along longitude
line 263, but that's arbitrary, honestly.

To reach North Dobre:
   Warp at 241,113 (from 193,198 in Thantier)
   warp at 261,119 (from 93,143 in South Temauntro)
   North from Central Dobre (mountain pass around 225, 140)
   West from Lundere

Of interest:
   231,176- 1 Bronth
   229,155- 1 Bronth
   239,107- 1 Bronth
   242,105- 15 Beagre
   245,108- 3 Scarmis
   245,106- 15 Beagre
   237,122- 1 Bronth
   243,119- 5 Scragger
   245,133- 1 Bronth
   258,142- 9 Beagre

   233,125- 5 Healing, 2 Shirm-eh
   247,115- 12 Beagre, 4 Shirm-eh

   233,126- 4 Green Incupods
   262,123- 2 Green Incupods, 4 Red Incupods

   251,111- 1 Eye Evid, 1 Power, 4 Weave
   260,129- 1 Eye Evid, 5 weave, 1 Rate

   262,134- Cle-Eshta to South Island
   237,133- Crugar Exile

South Island

This small island in an archipelago off Drail is a treasure trove. You'll
find incupods and corks- including some purples- and some worthwhile
crystal desposits, including 2 Rate Crystals! Definately worth the trek
through Dobre to find the Cle-Eshta.

To reach :
   Warp at 152,285 (from North Dobre)

Of interest:
   150,281- 6 Healing

   153,285- 3 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods, 1 Purple Incupod
   155,280- 4 Green Incupods, 1 Purple Incupod, 3 Red Corks, 2 Purple Corks

   150,284- 2 Eye Evid, 2 Power, 2 Rate
   161,280- 2 Power, 4 Weave


Relative to the region of Dobre to the west, there's a whole lot of stuff
going on in Lundere. The Woffen in the south third of the region are
free-spirited and easygoing. They'll briefly mention that there's some
kind of war going on up north, and also tell you about a shantha hanging
out at 279,151. Said shantha is guarding a Cle-Eshta. Save before talking
to him- if you're respectful and contrite, he may let you use the Cle-Eshta
without a fight. The Shantha guarding the Cle-Eshta at 289,119 isn't so
accomadating, and will insist on a fight. However, due presumably to a bug,
you can zip right past him and use the Cle-Eshta as long as he hasn't
talked to you before you put your hands on it. There's a third Cle-Eshtas
around the region too, so keep your eyes open. As for the war, it's not
going too well for the good guys. Go to 281,129 if you want to help out.
If you need some quick cash, near the southern pass to Dobre is a huge
nest of Scragger.

To reach Lundere:
   Warp at 281,141 (from 215,187 in East Trinnu Jungle Lands or 346,252
      in Eserran)
   East from South Dobre (pass around 271,175)
   East from North Dobre
   West from Lundere Peninsula

Of interest:
   275,171- 15 Scragger
   280,171- 12 Scragger 
   276,170- 13 Scragger
   276,168- 12 Scragger
   269,156- 4 Woffen
   273,156- 8 Woffen
   273,151- 7 Woffen
   264,149- 6 Woffen
   270,141- 30 Beagre (In individual units? 0_o;;;;;; )
   268,140- 18 Beagre
   270,133- 12 Beagre
   283,127- 2 Woffen Scouts
   285,125- 3 Woffen Scouts
   273,114- 6 Scarmis
   282,111- 4 Scarmis
   282,116- 7 Scarmis
   297,113- 8 Pibber, 1 Corondon

   275,173- 8 Scragger, 5 Healing
   282,153- 3 Daij
   288,120- 6 Beagre, 4 Healing, 2 Daij

   271,100- 2 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods

   281,129- Army Encampment (see "War in Lundere")
   280,120- Front Lines (see "War in Lundere")
   275,109- Warp Crystal
   279,151- Cle-Eshta to Incupod Island
   289,119- Cle-Eshta to Isolated Island
   265,102- Cle-Eshta to Gilthaw
   291,116- Ruin- Tellemes- Cle-Eshta to Aylon

Incupod Island

This tiny island east of Voligire contains two bountiful Incupod patches
and is a good place to visit if you need to grow more recos at any point.

To reach Incupod Island:
   Warp at 357,93 (from 279,151 in Lundere)

Of interest-
   351,92- 4 daij

   355,94- 2 Green Incupods, 4 Red Incupods
   353,94- 5 Green Incupods, 3 Red Incupods, 3 Red Corks

Isolated Island

A tiny island all alone in the south seas, far from any major continent.
It contains only minor items- frankly, if you have to fight the shantha
guarding the Cle-Eshta here, it's not worth it unless you're trying to
pump up your Cle-Eshta count. But, hey, another island, another trove of
buried treasure.

To reach Isolated Island:
   Warp at 262,275 (from 289,119 in Lundere)

Of interest:
   262,275- (Literally right on top of the warp) 3 Daij, 3 Shirm-eh

   261,279- 4 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods

   264,176- 4 Weave


This island off the coast of Jasp consists of crystal fields and
Cle-Eshtas, all watched over by a Shantha guard. The Shantha is not a big
fan of Dytra Al-Desti. Talk to him about crystals, then mention the Red
Shantha, and he'll go nuts and promise to help you. He says he's given you
some weave crystals, but I didn't get any- possibly he gives you only
enough to bring you up to a certain amount, I had 10 at this point. Or it
could be just a bug.

Anyway, be sure to raid the crystal fields- you'll find enough weave
crystals to earn a new dysha easy. Also be sure to check out the ruins on
the south side.

To reach Aylon:
   Warp at 174,63 (from 291,116 in Lundere)
   Warp at 168,66 (from 165,115 in Khodre)

Of interest:
   172,61- 1 Shantha

   169,64- 2 Power, 5 Weave
   178,70- 2 Power, 5 Weave
   176,63- 3 Eye Evid, 2 Power, 6 Weave, 1 Rate

   172,68- Cle-Eshta to Lundere Peninsula
   174,67- Ruin- Skyrealm Gateway (Cle-Eshtas to Skyrealm over Drail, The
      Doben-Al, Skyrealm over Lundere)

Lundere Peninsula

This long Peninsula extends far to the east from Lundere proper. It's not
very well explored, so you'll find a decent mix of stuff out here. A
woffen at 312,128 has staked out a crystal patch, but he'll let you dig
there in exchange for a reco miner. Of course, since woffen don't have
battle sprites, you can just dig up the crystals anyway and there's not a
damn thing he can do about it. :) He'll also sell you a reco miner at an
insulting price, no real negotiotians. The Cle-Eshta at 296,145 is guarded
by a shantha. You'll have to fight him, unless you use the sneaky trick
from 289,119. (See "Lundere", above.) The most important thing here by far,
however, is the Gama-El ruin.

To reach Lundere Peninsula:
   East from Lundere
   Warp at 351,115 (from 172,68 in Aylon)
   Warp at 304,131 (from Skyrealm over Burdoth)

Of interest:
   348,111- 1 Corondon
   341,120- 11 Scragger
   336,128- 6 Scragger
   336,129- 2 Mandare
   334,131- 6 Scarmis
   339,111- 14 Beagre
   316,133- 10 Scragger
   334,123- 9 Beagre

   343,129- 3 Healing, 1 Poison Blood
   339,122- 9 Scragger, 6 Healing, 1 Daij
   333,119- 12 Scragger, 7 Heal

   352,107- 5 Red Incupods, 2 Red Corks
   334,132- 5 Green Incupods

   349,113- 5 Weave, 1 Rate,
   312,128- 1 Woffen, 2 Power, 3 Weave, 1 Rate, 
   302,135- 2 Eye Evids, 1 Power, 4 Weave
   296,145- Cle-Eshta to Shirm-eh Island
   312,122- Ruin- Gama-El (Cle-Eshta to Gilthaw)

Shirm-Eh Island 

Situated south of Temauntro, the only thing here besides the warp is a
beagre-infested shirm-eh deposit. Might be useful to stop off, but it's
hardly worth fighting a shantha to get here...

To reach Shirm-eh Island:
   Warp at 112,189 (from 296,145 at Lundere Peninsula)

Of Interest: 
   114,191- 10 Beagre, 4 Shirm-eh


Thantier is a land of forests west of Trinnu. The mandare are the main
attraction. In all likelihood, the main reason you'll first go to Thantier
is to hunt mandare for a particular subplot.

To reach Thantier:
   Warp at 181,206 (from 369,36 in Gilthaw)
   West from the East Trinnu Jungle Lands
   Southeast from Temauntro (pass at 138,178)

Of interest:
   196,208- 10 Scragger
   192,204- 7 Pibber
   183,198- 1 Pibber
   180,185- 9 Scragger
   176,191- 12 Scragger
   172,186- 4 Mandare
   173,181- 4 Mandare
   169,186- 4 Mandare
   169,181- 3 Mandare
   165,167- 7 Pibber, 3 Mandare
   165,168- 12 Pibber
   165,169- 8 Pibber
   161,180- 1 Mandare
   157,168- 8 Scragger
   152,185- 1 Mandare

   187,203- 1 Heal, 1 Scragger Protection, 2 Poison Blood
   183,207- 12 Beagre, 4 Heal
   176,102- 1 Mandare, 1 Isho Invisibility, 1 Poison Blood
   142,176- 1 Corondon, 3 Heal, 1 Poison Blood
   154,192- 5 Heal

   197,202- 1 Cleash, 2 Green Incupods, 3 Red Incupods
   192,203- 3 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupods
   161,181- 2 Mandare, 3 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods
   161,166- 1 Green Incupod, 4 Red Incupods
   173,185- 2 Mandare, 5 Green Incupods, 3 Pink Corks

   198,208- 6 Cleash, 8 Weave
   166,178- 1 Power, 3 Weave

   173,181- Mandare with Sarceen (see "A Rare Sarceen"; same area as 4
      other mandare)
   193,198- Cle-Eshta to North Dobre
   173,177- Cle-Eshta to South Dobre

The Doben-Al

Once suppossedly fertile, the Doben-Al became a wasteland after a volcano
near the center of the region died out. Restarting the volcano will be a
major subplot. The main inhabitants of the Doben-Al are Crugar exiled from
Temauntro. Avoid them- they're hungry, and you look like food. A few
Shanthas also live in the shadow of the volcano, and these are important.

To reach The Doben-Al:
   Warp at 189,157 (from 158,116 in Khodre Island)
   Warp at 158,147 (from 174,67 in Aylon)
   Southwest from East Khodre
   South from South Khodre

Of interest:
   187,161- Blind Shantha
   175,161- 1 Crugar
   177,156- 1 Crugar
   171,152- 1 Crugar
   161,150- 1 Crugar
   174,147- 1 Crugar
   183,148- 1 Crugar

   183,162- Ca-Launtra Oasis (See "The Dead Volcano")
   185,161- Ruin- North Volcano Complex (Cle-Eshta to Skyrealm over
   186,165- Ruin- South Volcano Complex (Cle-Eshtas to Voligire, Sillipus,
      and Jasp)


Drail is a harsh continent of jungles and mountains, home primarily to the
blue-skinned dimwit barbarians, the Trarch. You won't be able to get here
until you have to come to deal with a particular subplot.

The most important location here is the Trarch village. Feel free to talk
to them, Trarch are a riot. The most important one is the king, sitting by
the lake. When you first meet him, he'll ask how you want to be eaten.
Keep cool and ask to be spit-roasted. You might also want to talk to Kog,
the trarch scholar- he can tell you where to find purple incupods. Also,
one of the houses contains a trader who will buy pibber- usually he'll just
offer one gemlink, but occassionally you can get a Warp-Out Crundorra.

To reach Drail:
   Warp at 125,220 (from 205,161 in Burdoth, after you're told about it.)
   Warp at 162,248 (from Skyrealm over Burdoth)

Of interest:

   119,246- 20 Scragger
   122,227- 12 Pibber
   122,233- 7 Pibber
   122,243- 16 Scragger
   124,249- 13 Scragger
   129,231- 5 Pibber, 1 Corondon
   131,255- 1 Trarch
   141,219- 2 Pibber
   143,228- 9 Pibber
   178,222- 16 Beagre
   179,234- 14 Beagre

   119,250- 4 Healing, 2 Scragger Protection, 1 Poison Blood
   126,232- 2 Daij
   170,228- 15 Beagre, 6 Healing, 1 Scragger Protection
   186,244- 7 Healing

   119,208- 3 Green Incupods, 3 Red Incupods, 4 Red Corks
   121,239- 4 Red Incupods, 1 Purple Incupod
   136,233- 2 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod, 1 Red cork
   139,223- 6 Green Incupods, 3 Pink Corks
   141,210- 5 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod
   140,230- 5 Green Incupods, 5 Red Incupods
   175,254- 2 Green Incupods, 4 Red Incupods, 3 Red Corks

   117,231- 1 Power
   164,257- 4 Weave

   134,226- 1 Trarch (give him 3 pibber for a Rate Crystal)
   135,225- Trarch Village
   112,219- Cle-Eshta to Eserran
   170,238- Ruin- Sus-Cassen (Cle-Eshta to South Temantauro)


Kind of the opposite of Dobre, Khodre is actually several areas north of
the Doben-Al with so little in them that I've put them all together. (If
you know Pen-and-Paper Jorune, one of them is Ros Crendor.)Despite that,
what is here is useful- most especially, this is the best place in the
game to look for Isho Invisibility limilates.

To reach Khodre:
   North from The Doben-Al

Of interest:
   169,118- 11 Beagre

   166,128- 3 Scragger Protection, 1 Isho Invisibility
   176,139- 15 Beagre, 3 Isho Invisibility
   194,128- 2 Scragger Protection, 3 Isho Invisibility
   197,113- 12 Beagre, 3 Healing, 4 Shirm-eh
   169,133- 6 Beagre, 4 Healing, 1 Shirm-eh

   178,123- 6 Weave

   166,116- 5 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod

   165,115- Ruin- Ca-Shal Storehouse (Cle-Eshta to Aylon)


Jasp is like a mini-Gilthaw. It's small, but if the crystal fields are
very prosperous, and without the annoying problems of having to beat down
Cleash. You will, however, have to deal with Eye Evids and the occassional
Corondon. There's a Crugar wandering around the north end of the region
that has the same problem as the Crugar in North Dobre. North Temauntro is
to the southwest. 

To Reach Jasp:
   Warp at 163,60 (from 186,163 in The Doben-Al)
   Warp at 151,36 (from 335,268 in Eserran)
   North from Temauntro

Of Interest:
   164,61- 1 Corondon
   158,62- 2 Corondon
   141,53- 8 Beagre
   142,50- 11 Beagre

   163,59- 1 Corondon, 5 Power
   162,42- 5 Weave, 1 Rate
   161,47- 4 Eye Evids, 1 Power, 9 Weave, 1 Rate
   150,37- 2 Eye Evids, 3 Power, 8 Weave
   154,47- 2 Rate

   156,35- Crugar Exile

North Temauntro

North Temauntro is the land of the cygra. They look like Crugar, but are
a good deal more friendly, and won't fight you unless you explicitly pick
a fight. There's a good variety of stuff here, including a ruin Salrough
will point you to, Beagre hunting, and some weave crystal deposits. A few
in the south of the region are guarded by crugar who have crossed the
border. You'll have to kill them to mine there.

The border between North and South Temauntro is indistinct. I've drawn it
around latitude line 109, where there's a mountain range passable only on
the west side, near the sea. Around that area are three groups of 8 Cygra.
AVOID THEM! They appear to be left over from a subplot that got cut from
the final game, and the encounter is bugged. If you talk to more than two
of them, the game will crash. If you want, you can talk to one of them
than leave, and all three groups will disappear.

To reach North Temauntro:
   warp at 73,96 (from 256,159 in Dobre)
   Warp at 128,74 (from 377,93 in Voligire)
   South from Jasp 
   North from South Temauntro

Of interest:
   125,82- 3 Cygra
   108,78- 20 Beagre
   110,79- 9 Beagre
   112,77- 9 Beagre
   86,95- 3 Cygra 
   94,95- 12 Pibber
   115,95- 2 Cygra
   126,102- 5 Cygra
   78,105- 8 Cygra (WARNING: CRASH BUG!)
   82,104- 8 Cygra (WARNING: CRASH BUG!)
   80,106- 8 Cygra (WARNING: CRASH BUG!)
   108,108- 4 Cygra

   125,79- 1 Corondon, 3 Scragger Protection, 1 Isho Invisibility
   125,78- 12 Beagre, 8 Healing
   125,78- 3 Healing, 4 Scragger Protection
      (Yes, three points of interest on the exact same spot.)

   137,83- 3 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod

   130,69- 2 Weave
   132,86- 3 Weave
   114,90- 5 Weave
   79,98- 2 Crugar, 1 Power, 4 Weave
   142,104- 1 Weave
   140,110- 3 Crugar, 7 Weave, 1 Rate
   86,104- 1 Crugar, 6 Weave

   90,95- Ruin- Eshanal, the Guarded Place

South Temauntro

South Temauntro is home to the vicious Crugar. It contains some of the
richest crystal deposits on Jorune, but the Crugar guard them very
zealously, so if you want them, you'll basically have to become a poacher.
The eastern part of the region has a large, impassable river running
throughit. Get around it by heading north. Some of the Crugar in the west
portion of the region are FourPaws Crugar. You can fast-talk your way out
of fighting them if you're respectful. Go to their camp a 93,143 to start
an interesting subplot.

To reach South Temauntro:
   Warp at 145,146 (from 208,200 in Anasan)
   Warp at 96,145 (from 170,238 in Drail)
   Warp at 118,176 (from 316,67 in Gilthaw)
   West from Thantier (pass at 138,178)
   South from North Temauntro

Of interest:
   135,164- 82 Beagre
   89,137- 1 Crugar 
   96,137- 1 Crugar
   96,143- 1 Crugar
   110,142- 2 Corondon
   112,144- 1 Corondon
   98,151- 1 Crugar
   131,157- 12 Beagre

   87,134- 10 Beagre, 2 Healing, 1 Isho Invisibility
   108,140- 3 Healing, 2 Daij
   110,142- 1 Corondon, 2 Daij
   113,148- 2 Corondon, 2 Poison Blood, 2 Daij

   134,169- 4 Green Incupods
   108,163- 2 Green Incupods

   79,112- 2 Weave
   87,119- 5 Weave
   85,128- 1 Crugar, 1 Power, 6 Weave
   120,129- 1 Crugar, 1 Power, 5 Weave, 1 Rate
   144,147- 2 Crugar, 1 Power, 3 Weave, 1 Rate
   131,134- 2 Crugar, 1 Weave
   127,137- 2 Crugar, 6 Weave
   104,134- 2 Crugar, 4 Weave
   109,140- 2 Eye Evids, 1 Power, 7 Weave
   106,144- 4 Crugar, 8 Weave
   106,144- 4 Crugar, 8 weave
   107,144- 4 Crugar, 8 Weave
   112,145- 1 Crugar, 5 Weave
   102,147- 3 Crugar, 5 Weave
   87,151- 2 Crugar, 1 Power, 4 Weave
   99,154- 1 Crugar, 2 Power, 2 Weave
   117,157- 1 Crugar, 5 Weave
   109,168- 3 Eye Evids, 6 Weave, 1 Rate
   110,160- 6 Crugar, 7 Weave

   146,142- Iscin's Lab (See "Iscin's Last Work")
   93,143- FourPaws Camp/Crugar Ruins (Cle-eshtas to North Dobre and
      Gilthaw. See "The Scrolls of Iscin" to get in.)
   114,147- Cle-Eshta to Eserran


Esseran is the large island or small continent in the far southeast corner
of the map, so mysterious it isn't even named in the manual. It's
sometimes referred to as the "Lost Continent"- possibly because no-one
knows about it, possibly because noone can find it- the warp from Drail
that takes you here is marked in WarpWorld as being in the middle of
Temauntro. :) Bugs aside, this island has been abandoned for awhile,
and there are Corondon around, so bring some Poison Blood and Healing
limilates if you plan to explore the place fully.

To reach Eserran:
   Warp at 353,257 (from 112,219 in Drail)
   Warp at 339,275 (from 114,147 in South Temauntro)

Of interest:
   351,282- 6 Beagre
   351,280- 11 Beagre
   350,264- 2 Corondon
   344,275- 1 Corondon
   342,257- 1 Corondon
   343,269- 1 Corondon
   336,269- 9 Scragger
   335,268- 5 Scarmis

   347,265- 1 Corondon, 4 Daij
   345,262- 2 Healing
   332,265- 2 Healing, 1 Poison Blood, 1 Daij

   363,263- 1 Green Incupod, 5 Pink Corks
   334,267- 1 Corondon, 3 Green Incupods

   353,249- 2 Rate
   344,259- 1 Corondon, 5 Weave, 1 Rate
   342,260- 1 Eye Evid, 1 Power, 1 Weave, 1 Rate  
   341,279- 1 Corondon, 7 Weave
   330,251- 3 Weave

   346,252- Cle-Eshta to Lundere
   335,268- Cle-Eshta to Jasp
   351,269- Ruin- Dwelling of Elamas
   330,253- Ruin- Dwelling of Sho-Thal Family


Voligire is a land of Ramian. They are considerably more reasonable then
those on Sillipus, but they're still not happy at all to see you- pretty
much anything you say becomes an excuse to kill you. The scholar at 377,93
can tell you a little about the problem with Shirm-eh and how it
monkeywrenches any dealings with Burdoth. He also knows about a possible
solution. That's pretty much the only thing of significant interest here,
although you can find a nest of Scragger on one of the peninsula and
incupods all over. Oh, and a Cle-Eshta near the eastmost warp.

To reach Voligire:
   Warp at 264,67 (from 215,187 in East Trinnu Jungle Lands)
   Warp at 293,72 (from 186,163 in The Doben-Al)
   warp at 380,100 (from 90,95 in North Temauntro)

Of interest:
   379,113- 2 Scarmis
   350,88- 8 Ramian
   350,85- 2 Ramian
   349,81- 15 Ramian
   342,84- 2 Ramian
   338,79- 5 Ramian
   332,81- 10 Beagre
   332,78- 14 Beagre
   327,85- 4 Ramian
   323,81- 10 Ramian
   323,82- 10 Ramian
   322,82- 10 Ramian
   303,85- 18 Scragger
   299,86- 24 Scragger 
   296,81- 15 Scragger
   292,83- 11 Scragger
   294,71- 7 Ramian
   292,75- 4 Ramian
   291,70- 3 Ramian
   285,73- 3 Ramian
   278,70- 9 Ramian
   274,75- 6 Ramian
   266,71- 7 Ramian

   374,107- 7 Beagre, 4 Healing, 2 Scragger Protection
   334,79- 15 Beagre, 1 Healing, 3 Isho Invisibility
   295,83- 12 Scragger, 8 Heal, 3 Isho Invisibility
   295,70- 5 Healing
   264,71- 7 Heal, 2 Isho Invisibility

   367,100- 4 Green Incupods, 3 Red Incupods
   344,81- 4 Ramian, 4 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods
   338,82- 6 Ramian, 5 Green Incupods , 3 Red Incupods, 1 Purple Incupod
   290,89- 1 Green Incupod, 3 Red Incupods, 4 Red Corks
   299,69- 4 Ramian, 4 Green Incupods, 1 Red Incupod, 3 Pink Corks,
		1 Purple Cork
   266,74- 2 Green Incupods, 4 Red Incupods, 3 Red Corks
   245,76- 3 Green Incupods, 2 Red Incupods

   379,101- 2 Weave

   289,87- Crugar Exile
   255,84- Ramian Scholar
   377,93- Cle-Eshta to North Temauntro


In my opinion, this jungle island is just not worth visiting. For one,
there's almost nothing here- no crystals or ruins, and despite what
several characters insist on, you can find Purple Incupods elsewhere. To
make it worse, the Incupods here are guarded and if you try to use them or
dig for corks you'll get attacked by ramian. Oh, yeah, that's another
thing- the island is absolutely teeming with Ramian, usually so many in a
single area that they lag the screen. And they'll attack on sight. Now,
there is a way you can deal with most of them without fighting (see "The
King is On Vacation")- do so and the huge patrols and slave camps will be
reduced to just a few demoralized ramian wandering around, and the ramian
at the Incupod patches will disappear altogether- but this is useless
since they'll still show up when you go to exploration mode and you
wouldn't need to fight them anyway otherwise. Seriously, just find purple
incupods elsewhere and save yourself the trouble.

To reach Sillipus:
   Warp at 250,210 (from 186,163 in The Doben-Al)

Of interest:
   250,209- 30 Beagre
   241,210- Ramian Slavers
   241,209- Ramian Slavers
   236,209- Ramian Patrols
   235,209- 16 Beagre
   237,199- Ramian Patrols
   232,198- 15 Scragger
   233,216- Ramian Patrol
   232,215- Ramian Patrol
   231,212- 14 Scragger
   229,216- Ramian Patrol
   229,218- Ramian Patrol
   228,218- Ramian Patrol
   226,219- 18 Scragger
   220,224- Ramian Patrol
   221,218- Ramian Patrol
   222,214- 5 Mandare
   218,223- Ramian Patrol

   246,217- 9 Beagre, 5 Healing, 1 Poison Blood
   242,202- 12 Beagre, 6 Healing
   229,207- 14 Beagre, 3 Poison Blood
   223,239- 7 Beagre, 8 Healing

   241,204- 2 Purple Incupods
   243,195- 3 Red Incupods, 5 Purple Incupods
   235,198- 4 Red Incupods, 2 Purple Incupods, 3 Red Corks, 1 Purple Cork
   228,198- 6 Purple Incupods
   229,212- 3 Purple Incupods, 2 Purple corks


At the north extreme of the map are the cold and barren Ice Fields of Gilthaw.
This is the base of operations for the Cleash who caused you so much
trouble. Near the end of the game, you'll come here for a critical
subplot, but there's ample reason to visit before- the crystal fields
here are the richest in all of Jorune. However, the realm can be confusing
to navigate- the fields have few landmarks, so it's easy to lose your way
or overlook stuff. (Indeed, I'm not quite sure I've gotten every point of
interest here, but I'm confident I've recorded all the important ones.) A
tiny little gap between the sea and the mountains at 324,67 gives access
to the Cle-Eshta at 316,67. Also, at the warp at 330,22 is a Cleash
wandering around. Talk to him, but be nice, and don't attack. He'll be
very important later on.

To reach Gilthaw:
   Warp at 269,20 (from 201,187 in East Trinnu Jungle Lands)
   warp at 330,22 (from 265,102 in Lundere)
   Warp at 359,46 (from 312,122 in Lundere Peninsula)
   Warp at 331,42 (from 93,143 in South Temauntro)

Of interest:
   342,32- 1 Corondon

   338,34- 1 Corondon, 5 Daij
   332,23- 3 Isho Invisibility, 2 Daij
   268,28- 3 Poison Blood, 2 Daij

   338,16- 1 Purple Incupod

   367,45- 2 Power, 2 Weave, 1 Rate
   355,27- 5 Eye Evids, 2 Power, 14 Weave
   352,55- 4 Power, 3 Weave
   348,15- 1 Cleash, 3 Power, 9 Weave, 1 Rate
   335,35- 1 Corondon, 5 Power, 1 Rate
   330,11- 1 Power, 7 Weave
   331,6- 6 Weave
   326,15- 2 Power, 2 Weave
   320,14- 3 Eye Evids, 1 Power, 2 Rate
   316,12- 5 Eye Evids, 1 Power, 12 Weave
   308,16- 2 Cleash, 2 Power, 3 Weave
   305,24- 4 Weave, 1 Rate
   308,27- 8 Weave, 1 Rate
   302,5- 2 Power, 6 Weave
   268,19- 2 Cleash, 2 Power, 2 Weave, 1 Rate
   262,25- 8 Weave

   330,22- Friendly Cleash (at warp site)
   333,7- Cleash Nest
   316,67- Cle-Eshta to South Temantauro
   369,36- Ruin- Home of Shal-Shellan (Cle-Eshta to Thantier)


Skyrealms are accessable only by warps. When you find a Cle-Eshta that
takes you to a skyrealm, nothing will seem to appear when you enter
WarpWorld. Travel around Warpworld until you see a light you haven't seen
before- that'll be it. A Skyrealm is tiny- one point of interest on a
landmass barely big enough for it, but it will often contain useful items.
There are three Skyrealms reachable in the game (not counting one that
you'll explore in the endgame)-

Over Drail (from 174,67 in Aylon)- 6 Healing, 2 Daij
Over Lundere (from 174,67 in Aylon)- 1 Corondon, 5 Power, 1 Rate
Over Burdoth (from 185,161 in The Doben-Al)- Ruin- Suspended Ruins
   (Cle-Eshtas to Drail, Lundere Peninsula)

Shanthic Ruins

Exploring shanthic ruins is the most fun part of the game. In these
ancient underground structures, you'll find not only the Cle-Eshtas that
will help you master WarpWorld, but many other items and treasures that
will help you on your quest. They're listed here in approximately the
order you'll find them. It's always good to check with Salrough Gomo from
time to time- often he'll know about some new ruin or ruins you should

Gal-Imasti (211,167)

This is very likely the first ruin you'll come across, just west of
Ardoth. It's small and simple, but gives you an idea of what you can
expect from your career as an amateur shanthic archaeologist.

Ride the elevator down into the first level. The tablet tells you nothing
special. To the left, across two moving platforms, is a stalled elevator.
Use a power crystal on the source nearby to start it up. Down on the
second floor, you'll run into an Eye Evid. These guys generally aren't
too strong, but at the very beginning of the game neither are you, so be
careful. Kill him, then go right. Check the skeletons to find 3 weave
crystals and 17 gemlinks. Then head down to the third floor. Bash down
the green door to find a Power Hold sarceen. 

Double back to the entrance and go right. Use a power crystal on the
source to turn on the elevator, then go down to the second floor to find
the Cle-Eshta. It will take you to Khodre Island.

Shenas-Abey (158,116)

This ruin is the main attraction on Khodre Island. You'll find it very
early on, after Gal-Imasti, but you may not be able to get to the
Cle-Eshta until later. 

Note in Local Area Map mode that there are two entrances. The east leads
to a small room where you'll find a shanthic artifact and a key. Take
them, then go to the west entrance. You'll find the first room infested
with Beagre. The tablet implies that when this place fell into ruin, one
shantha remained behind. Hmm... that shantha could be a problem. Use your
key to open the door to the right, then kill the Eye Evid. Take the
elevator down, skipping the second floor for now to reach the third. Kill
the Slug Evids, then pick up two more shanthic artifacts and another key
from the floor to the left. Go back up to the floor above, and bash
through the green door. Jump the pit and open the red door with your key,
but watch out! There's another Eye Evid lurkingout of view that will
attack you.

Past the door, grab the power crystal and use it on the power source. This
will activate the elevator further left. Skip the next floor down and go
all the way to the bottom to find a shanthic artifact and a rate crystal.
Then go back up to the floor you skipped. The Cle-Eshta is here, but the
shantha guarding it is bad news. You won't be able to talk your way past
him, and if you've only just started the game there's no way you can beat
him. Keep in mind, however, that you don't necessarily have to beat him.
All you need to do is to get past him to reach the Cle-Eshta. Since you
got here via Gal-Imasti, you should have Power Hold. It's possible, with
quickness and a little luck, to run to the other side of him, hit him with
a pair of holds and keep him there long enough that you can use the
Cle-Eshta before he gets another shot off. If you can't manage that, you
can always come back- the Cle-Eshta takes you to The Doben-Al, which you
won't need to visit until much later.

Do-Enesha (200,173)

Do-Enesha is in southwest Burdoth, north of the East Trinnu Jungle Lands
and west of the Gauss Valley. 

The ruin has been more or less emptied out, either by the inhabitants
when they abandoned it or by looters. Whichever, there's much less here
than in Gal-Imasti. The first floor contains only a map, the second only
a tablet. On the third floor you'll find a corpse that has a rate crystal.
He was killed by an Eye Evid- you'll find that out when this same Evid
attacks you. Kill him. The Cle-Eshta is in the next room, and takes you
to Anasan.

Dwelling of Ana Ci-Eshta (212,179)

The Dwelling of Ana Ci-Eshta is situated in south-east Burdoth, near the
East Trinnu Jungle Lands. There's no Cle-Eshta here, unfortunately, but
you can find some hints to track down others. The surface is infested with
scragger. Beat them up or use a scragger repellant limilate. Actually,
you can do both...

Anyway, take the elevator in and get off at the first floor. You'll see
some Spider Evids roaming around. They're harmless, so ignore them unless
you have a grudge of some kind. In the room to the left you'll find a
corpse that has 2 shanthic artifacts. On the second floor you'll meet
more scragger. The tablet nearby is a message from Ana Ci-Eshta, which is
not very useful, honestly. Down on the third floor is an Eye Evid, which
you should clobber. 

It's important to note that sometimes the scragger on the higher floors
can fall down here due via the elevator shaft, which can leave you
fighting three or four scragger and an Eye Evid at the same time. This can
be amusing, as the scragger unwittingly intercept Suspension Orbs and
Lightning Orbs meant for you, but it can also make the fight more
difficult- since you get tired quickly in combat, large groups of even
weak enemies can be dangerous. You can get around this by using either
Isho Invisibility or Scragger Repellant limilates to make one or the other

In any event, once you're done with these clowns, read the tablets. They
contain cryptic clues for the locations of three Cle-Eshtas-
   With the Ca-Launtra, sealed away "until lava flows again".
   At "the apex", at coordinates 208,??? (or maybe ???,208)
   Twin Cle-eshtas in the forest where the mountains bordering Temauntro
      and the Doben-Al meet. (There actually appears to be only one
      Cle-Eshta here.)

Ma-Eshira (223,169)

This ruin has two entrances. The east one is initially closed because the
elevator's down, but you can get in via the west entrance. Go to the first
floor down and grab the shanthic artifact. Enter the hall to the right and
kill the four slug evids for weave crystals. Read the tablet. "Guardians
and things that are guarded rest in matched unison." Hmm. Bash through
the door at the other end of the hall and activate the power source. This
will turn on the elevator at the east entrance, which will come down the
shaft in this room. Ride it down two levels, then hop off and grab the
Suspension Orb Sarceen. Wait for the elevator to come back and ride it
all the way down. (Or you can just jump down the shaft, but you'll take
damage.) Note the red door that you pass. 

At the bottom level, take the shanthic artifact then head west. In the
hall are THREE rate crystals! At the other end is a green door. Smash it,
then smash the Eye Evid on the other side. Ride the Elevator back up to
the West entrance. You'll pass a room with an Eye Evid, then another with
a Sphere Evid. The room to the right of the sphere evid holds a Blob Evid.
Kill any or all of them for Power Crystals. 

You may have figured out that the tablet at the entrance was referring to
the symmetry of evids and treasures- one evid for each item. You may also
have noted that two items appear to be missing. You're right. The first is
the item behind the red door you passed earlier. The second is the key to
the red door, which isn't here. Someone has visited Ma-Eshira before you
and taken it. You'll find out who while following a subplot midway through
the game. If you haven't found that subplot yet, just let this area lie
for now.

Besieged Ruin (201,187)

This ruin on the west side of the East Trinnu Jungle Lands is a bit out of
the way. You'll arrive to find it under attack by Cleash. Avoid them and
go straight for the entrance. On the first floor down you'll find three
skeletons. Search them for 11 gemlinks. (The one in the middle appears to
be empty.) On the second floor you'll talk to the Cleash squad leader. His
squad is attempting to secure the ruins to use as an encampment, but
they've run into trouble- a shantha in the ruins has been fighting them
off. After the conversation, the Cleash will attack you. You can cheese
this fight pretty effectively by riding the elevator up and down. The
Cleash won't be able to hit you with his capsules, but you'll be able to
fire Power Orbs as you ride past. Occasionally the Cleash will get pushed
off the screen and vanish due to a bug. Don't worry- if he has any life
left, he'll reappear if you leave the screen then return. If you want to
skip this fight altogether, just head down to the bottom floor.

On the bottom floor is the shantha. The stress of fighting off the cleash
has caused him to snap, and he'll babble something incomprehensable before
attacking you. The fight is difficult, but you can find an advantage in
the power floors to the left. Stand on one of them, and you'll be able to
spam him with Power Holds and Power Orbs. When he's finished, bash down
the door to the left to find a shanthic artifact. Ride the elevator up to
find a rate crystal, warp-out crundorra, and a Cle-Eshta that will take
you to Gilthaw. 

Crossroads of warpWorld (215,187)

Salrough will be very excited when he tells you about this. He's confident
you'll find several Cle-Eshtas in this ruin. You will, but of course
there's always a catch...

When you enter the area you'll note someone walking around. Approach them.
It turns out to be a woman named Klassy, who won't tell you exactly what
she's doing... meaning she's probably up to no good. She disappears before
you can get anything useful out of her. Huh.

Enter the ruin. You'll be attacked by and Eye Evid on the first floor
almost immediately. Kill it, then look around this floor. On each side is
a room with two shanthic artifacts and a Cle-Eshta. Skip the second floor,
it contains nothing but spider evids. The third floor has a pair of
shanthic artifacts, and on the bottom floor you'll fight two slug evids
and a blob evid before finding two more Cle-Eshtas.

As you may have noticed, however, the Cle-Eshtas here are non-functional,
missing the central warp crystal. Puzzling, isn't it? To get them
operational again, you'll have to follow a subplot. Go back to Salrough
to start it off. (See "Broken Cle-Eshtas")

Once you have the Warp Crystals, you can re-activate the Cle-Eshtas. The
one on the upper-right takes you to an Abandoned Island, but there's
nothing there. The upper-left one takes you to western Voligire. On the
lower-right you can go to Corondon Island off Temantauro, where you'll
find some useful crystal fields. Finally, on the lower-left you can open
a warp to Lundere, which is a good way to get to the ruins of Tellemes.

Sha-Yesh (208,200)

Salrough tells you about Sha-Yesh, though his coordinates are off. The 
complex is in extreme disrepair, so you may want to bring a warp-out 
crundorra, in case you get stuck. (Of course, you can also just save and 
restore from the beginning. It's not that big a ruin.)

There are three apparent entrances into the Sha-Yesh complex, but two of 
them are sealed off due to lack of power. Enter the sole remaining 
entrance. There's nothing on the first floor, so get down to the second by 
jumping into one of the pits. (The elevator down is broken, so don't bother
waiting around for it.) Kill the Slug Evid, and grab a key from the corpse. 
In the room on the far right, activate the power source to turn on the 
Isho Lift and ride it down. (This lift comes out at the surface, if you 
ever need to get back inside.) 

The tablet at the bottom mentions a "caretaker". Uh-oh. Head over to the 
right and take the elevator up. Unlock the door with the key you found on 
the corpse earlier. In the next room is the Cle-Eshta, but leave it be for 
now. continue all the way to the left. Enter the door, and kill the slug 
evids. Use the Power Source to activate the elevator. Ride it up two 
floors and grab the shanthic artifacts. Ride it back down one floor to 
meet a shantha. He offers to let you use the Cle-Eshta and leave in peace. 
Go ahead if you want to, but if you can fight your way past him, you'll 
find a Suspension Orb Sarceen and a rate crystal. Also, if you need to get 
back in to the surface, you can take the elevator. 

When you're done here, the Cle-Eshta will take you to South Temauntro, 
land of the crugar.

Tellemes (291,116)

As Salrough noted, the only entrance to this ruin is an Isho lift, and 
there's no apparent way out besides any Cle-Eshtas you find inside. 
Salrough recommends that you bring a warp-out Crundorra, but in truth, 
the ruin is very small and the only real way to get stuck is if you don't 
have a power crystal. Even then, you'll find a crystal in the ruins 

Take the lift inside and grab the shanthic artifact. The Cle-Eshta is to 
the left and down, but the elevator that will take you to it is inoperable,
and the Power Source on the wall doesn't turn it on. So, go right, beat up
a Slug Evid and take the other elevator down. Snag the power crystal on 
the second floor, then continue to the bottom. In the room to the left 
stand on the power floor and beat up the Eye Evid. Keep going left to find 
a power source. Turn it on to start the elevator moving, then ride it up 
to the Cle-Eshta. And that's it. The Cle-Eshta will take you to Aylon, an 
island off the coast of Jasp.

Skyrealm Gateway (174,67)

This ruin in Aylon is very straightforward. It has two apparent Isho Lift 
entrances. The right one is really an exit, though, so enter through the 
left. Immediately after exiting the lift you'll be attacked by an Eye Evid. 
Clobber him, and that's basically it. All the way to the right is the Isho 
Lift that will take you back to the surface, and on each of the three floors 
reachable by the elevator there is a broken Cle-Eshta. Use each of them-
the bottom one takes you to a Skyrealm over Drail, the middle to the north 
area of the Doben-Al, the last to a Skyrealm over Lundere.

Gama-El (312,122)

Like before, the entrance is one-way, so bring an extra warp-out crundorra.

As Salrough warned you, there are lots of evids around here, and one of 
them- an Eye Evid- attacks you as soon as you enter. Kill him, then loot 
the corpses nearby for 7 weave crystals and 2 shanthic artifacts. To get 
through the door to the right, use your Tra-Sense to the left of the last 
corpse to reveal a key. (The elevator in this room will lead you to a 
tablet that contains no useful information. )

In the next room you'll be attacked by two sphere evids, and while you're 
fighting a third will come up, possibly from behind. Kill all three of 
them- one has a yellow key you'll need in a different ruin. Ride the 
elevator up and grab the Reflect sarceen, then rid it further up. At the 
top, grab the power crystal and go left to find the Cle-Eshta, which will 
take you to Gilthaw. 

By the by, you might notice that the map displays two further power 
sources that don't seem to be anywhere. Don't worry about it- Salrough 
did say the complex was mostly destroyed, I guess they're out there buried 
under rubble.

North Volcano Complex (185,161)

To enter this ruin, you'll have to complete the "Dead Volcano" subplot, 
which starts at the oasis ruin just south.

To get in to this ruin, use the Isho Lift on the left. Inside, go to the 
right past the power source, jump the lava, and beat up two sphere evids 
to find a weave crystal and a Cle-Eshta. Use Tra-Sense on the floor to the 
left of the Cle-Eshta to find a hidden pit. If you have Lava Walk, double 
back to the Power Source to activate it, then jump into the pit to find a 
sarceen holding the Isho ability Regenerate. However, the gap in the 
ceiling is the only way out of this room, so unless you have Morph Evid 
you'll need a Warp-Out Crundorra. Once you have Morph Evid, you can also 
use it to get to the floor above the entrance, where you'll find a rate 
crystal, power crystal, and most importantly, an Add Slot Crundorra that 
will give you a third offensive dysha slot!

Finally, the Cle-Eshta will open up the Skyrealm over Burdoth.

South Volcano Complex (186,163)

Just like with its twin to the north, you'll have to complete the "Dead 
Volcano" subplot before you can enter this ruin. You might notice as well 
that there's only one Isho Lift on the surface. Be prepared to use a 
Warp-Out Crundorra if things go wrong.

The Isho Lift will take you deep down into the earth.  Walk into the room 
to the right and kill the two Sphere Evids. You can cross the pool of lava 
with Lava Walk, but don't. Instead, ride the Isho Lift up to find an Eye 
Evid guarding a Cle-Eshta. Kill it and cross the chasm to find another 
Cle-Eshta and an Isho Lift that you can ride down. You'll find yourself on 
the other side of the lava. Go right. In the next room are two shanthic 
artifacts, a third Cle-Eshta, and an elevator going down. Ride the elevator 
to find a tablet and a power crystal.

You may have noticed that in the rooms above the lava room are some items. 
To get to them, you need to fly upward through the chasms in the lava room 
using Morph Evid. Do so- the loot includes a Lava Walk sarceen, power 
crystal, rate crystal, and Vampire sarceen.

When you're done, the first Cle-Eshta you passed will take you to 
Voligire, the second to Jasp, and the last to Sillipus.

Suspended Ruins (Skyrealm over Burdoth)

There are three entrances to this ruin- a door, an elevator, and an Isho 
lift. Take the door. You'll immediately have to kill two Eye Evids. Do so,
then jump over the elevator and continue all the way to the right. At the 
end of the hall is a map. Ignore the Isho Lift. Return to the elevator and 
ride it down to the next floor. Go to the right, and you'll find the tail 
end of the Isho Lift from the surface and the floor above. There's a Power 
Source nearby. Activate it to turn on a second Isho Lift nearby. Ride it 
up to find a hidden room containing a Sphere Evid and a broken Cle-Eshta. 
Repair it and you can open up a second warp to Drail. 

Jump back into the lift and go back to the elevator, then past it to the 
next room. Kill the three Blob Evids, then continue on to the room after 
that and kill the Eye Evid. Take the Warp-Out Crundorra and Power Hold 
sarceen. It's not necessary, but if you want, go through the door- you'll 
fight an Eye Evid and a Sphere Evid at once, then continue on to a fight 
with another Sphere Evid, then find the elevator back to the surface. 
Either way, you're finished with this floor. Double back to the elevator 
near the Isho lifts.

Go down to the next floor- you can take the elevator, but there's a pair 
of Eye Evids at the bottom, so you might want to jump and get the element 
of surprise. Kill the Evids, then bash down the green door. In the next 
room, kill the Slug Evids. Jump over the elevator shaft. Use Tra-Sense to 
reveal a music box on the left end of the room, and touch it. Then go left 
to find a Cle-Eshta. This one takes you to the Lundere Peninsula.

Take the elevator down to the next floor. If you didn't turn off the 
Sentinal Evid using the music box on the previous floor, you could be in 
trouble- his Isho Drain barrage will not only blast you off the elevator, 
it'll leave you vulnerable to either the Sphere Evid in the room, or the 
Eye Evid in the room below. You can keep the sentinal from firing by 
staying on the right edge of the elevator. If you're having trouble doing 
this, you may need to use Morph Evid to get back up. Go left and grab the 
sarceen, which teaches Suspension Orb. Finally, ride the lift two floors 
down, or just jump down using Feather Fall. (Or just jump down, period- 
barring a fall off a skyrealm, fall damage is generally negligable in this 
game.) Fight the Eye Evid, then use Tra-Sense to reveal two rate crystals, 
one on each pedestal. Take the elevator back up, grabbing a third rate 
crystal on the way. And we're done here.

Sus-Cassen (171,238)

The entrances to Sus-Cassen appear to be four Isho lifts. Actually, only 
three are enterable- the rightmost one is the exit, should you need one. 
The other three lifts go to three different levels of the complex. The 
leftmost one takes you down to the first floor, but it's blocked off by a 
sentinel evid. Take the second from the left takes down to the second 
floor. See that large hanging contraption to the left? It's a music box. 
It turns sentinel evids on and off. If you click it, it will turn off the 
sentinel on the floor above. Second and subsequent clicks toggle both the 
sentinel above and the sentinel below on and off. (So, it will turn the 
one that's on off, and the other on.) Touch it twice to turn the sentinal
below off.

Now head right, into the next room, and stand on the power floor. There 
are three Eye Evids in this room- beat them all up, then cross the chasm 
to find a shanthic key. Now go down to bottom level via the second lift 
from the right. Walk right, past a sentinel evid that should be off. Beat 
up some blob evids in the next room, then activate the power source and 
use Lava Walk. Jump down into the chasm and go left, past the red door, 
and fight your way past the shantha to reach the Cle-Eshta. It will take 
you to South Temantauro.

If you have Morph Evid, there are some other items you can get here by 
flying over the chasms. On the first floor you'll find a rate crystal and 
a warp-out crundorra on the other side. On the third you'll find a 
powerful Lightning Orb sarceen. In both cases, however, there are no power
sources on the other side, and jumping into the pit will leave you 
incinerated by the lava on the bottom floor, so you'll need to use a 
Warp-out crundorra to get out again.

Ca-Shal Storehouse (165,115)

This ruin lies near the shores of the lake in central Khodre. The entrance 
is a good old-fashioned elevator. Kill the Eye Evid at the entrance, then 
go right. Cross the pits, taking out the Slug Evid and picking up the 
power crystal on your way, and go down via the elevator you'll find. 

Kill the Blob Evid at the bottom and go left. Past the door, you'll find 
yourself duking it out with a Sphere Evid and two Eye Evids at the same 
time. This is a tough fight- don't be ashamed to use Isho Invisibility and 
sneak past if you need to. Leap the pits all the way to the other end of 
the room to find a tablet- apparently this place is a storehouse. Jump 
down into one of the pits and loot the room below for a shanthic artifact, 
weave crystal, and power crystal, then bash through the door to find a 
Cle-Eshta. It takes you to the Island of Aylon, off Jasp.

Eshanal, the Guarded Place (90,95)

Salrough has info on this complex in Northern Temauntro. There are two 
entrances: an Isho lift and a pit on the surface that resulted from the 
roof caving in. The Isho Lift leads to a locked door, so we have no choice 
by to jump into the pit. (If you take the lift by accident, use Tra-Sense 
to reveal a Warp-out Crundorra on the right pillar.) Save before doing so 
and try and land at the very edge of the pit- the bottom is five floors 
down, and falling down the center will mean a lot of damage. However, if 
you go down via the edges, you'll hit each ledge as you go down, thus 
slowing you enough to minimize the damage considerably. If you have to go 
down the center, you'll take damage, but if you're at full life you should 
survive- keep a reco surgeon handy. At the bottom, search the corpses for 
two weave crystals and a Scragger Protection Limilate. You'll also see a 
Warp-Out crundorra, shanthic key, power source, and door in this tiny room.
The key, annoyingly, goes to the door on the other side of the complex, so 
grab it then get back to the surface using the crundorra or Morph Evid. 

Take the Isho lift down. The key you found will open this door. Beyond 
you'll find a room with two shanthic artifacts, a Cle-Eshta, power crystal, 
rate crystal... and three Evids- two Eye and one Sphere- swooping down 
from the room above to kick your butt. Show them who's boss, then loot 
the room. If you want, take the elevator on the right up to grab an extra 
Warp-out crundorra. There's also a key which goes to the door on the right 
side of the room below, but as you may have guessed, that's just the room 
you jumped down a big pit into earlier. You can get out using Morph Evid if
you want, but of course you really want to use the Cle-Eshta instead. It
takes you to Voligire.

Dwelling of Elamas (351,269)

This is possibly the smallest ruin in the game, but well worth exploring 
nonetheless. Simple Elevator entrance. Down we go, into a small dwelling 
with three rooms. The room to the left is locked, and no key in sight. But 
the tablet in the room to the right tells us the key is in another ruin 
called Gama-El. (Salrough can point you towards this ruin, and in fact 
probably already has.) Once you have the key from Gama-El, use it to get 
in to the left room. Find a PowerCrystal, Warp-Out Crundorra, and a 
powerful Add Slot crundorra! Not bad for what amounts to some 

Dwelling of Sho-Thal Family (330,253)

These guys are old-school- they, too, like elevators. Ride it inside, 
then in the room to the right read the tablet. Turn on the power source, 
and ride the second elevator down. Pick up a shanthic artifact on the 
first floor down, and continue to find... an utterly empty dead-end room. 
Not a thing. Wow. If not for the Add Slot Crundorra in the Elamas 
dwelling, the Esarren ruins would be a complete wash. Oh well, they can't 
all be winners. Back to the surface and on to bigger and better things.

Crugar Ruins (93,143)

There are some shanthic ruins at 93,143 in South Temantauro, but they're 
under the control of a crugar village aboveground. On the first floor 
you'll find a crugar guard and a locked door. You'll have to do a favor 
for the local chieftan before you can get past them. (See "The Scrolls of 

There doesn't seem to be much here at first. The second room contains an 
elevator that will take you down to the second floor, and the second floor 
consists of a hallway and another empty room. Tra-Sense reveals nothing. 
Note that there is, however, a pit in the floor of the second-floor 
hallway. Activate Feather Fall or Morph Evid at the power source nearby, 
then head down. 

At the bottom, go right, through the green door, into a battle with three 
Eye Evids. Kill them and loot the two shanthic artifacts. There's a 
Cle-Eshta here, but leave it for the time being. Instead, head back left 
and beat up the Sphere Evid. You'll come to a sequence of three Isho lifts. 
Take the center one down and prepare for a fight- a shantha is down there, 
guarding something behind a red door, and he's not willing to talk it out. 
However, you have a major advantage- there are two Eye Evids in the room 
above that are likely to swoop down and join the fight. You may ask "How 
on earth is more enemies an advantage?" Simple, really- crossfire. Evids 
aren't particularly bright, and if you lure the shantha to a point between 
you and the evids, they'll try to hit you with their Suspension Orbs by 
shooting through the shantha. :) 

One of the evids has the key to the door on the left. If the evids don't 
come down, you can go up to get them via the holes in the cieling using 
Morph Evid. Behind the door is a prison cell. The captive is a shantha 
named Shal-Shallan. Fortunately, this one is friendly. In fact, he's a 
fellow enemy of the Red Shantha. He can't stay for long, but he offers 
you some aid- he has a house in Gilthaw at 370,36, and tells you about a 
cache of supplies that he hid there.

We're not quite done with this ruin yet- take the Isho lift on the left 
down another floor. Kill the Sphere Evid, then grab two shanthic artifacts 
nearby. Bash down the door to find another three artifacts and a Lightning
Orb sarceen, then continue on to find another shantha. From him you'll 
learn what Dytra al-Desti is plotting- he wants to cleanse Jorune of 
non-native life, meaning basically everyone but the shanthas. His tool is 
the Eleshon-she-Evid, the so-called "WarpWalker", an evid of immense power. 
And he plans to use the life force of your fellow villagers as a catalyst 
for the summoning. Having dropped the exposition on you, he'll attack.

Once you've killed him, there's a Cle-Eshta to the right, but there seems
to be an invisible barrier there. It fact it's a hidden pit. Use Tra-Sense
to reveal it. If you want, you can jump down there and pick up an Add Slot
Crundorra, but you'll need a Warp-Out Crundorra to get out if you do that.
The Cle-Eshta here takes you to Gilthaw, and the one you passed a ways
back to North Dobre.

Home of Shal-Shellan (369,36)

Shal-Shellan, a Shantha held captive in the Crugar Ruins, will tell you 
about a hidden supply cache in his home that can help you defeat the Red 
Shantha. Definitely worth checking out, wouldn't you say?

The entrance is an elevator, but it's been smashed, so jump down. Kill 
the two Eye Evids in the entrance. One of them has the key to the door on 
the right. The elevator past the door is also smashed so again, jump. At 
the bottom read the message from Shal-Shellan. To the left is a pit with a 
floating platform. Two easy jumps will take you over it to a Cle-Eshta, 
but of course that's not really what we're here for, is it? Use the power 
source to activate Lava Walk and jump into the pit. You'll land in the pit 
of fire Shal-Shellan mentioned. Use Tra-Sense to reveal a door in about 
the center of the room. Go through, zip to the other side of the lava, and 
bash down the green door to find your reward- Locurian Armor, a power 
crystal, a Power Hold sarceen, and an Isho Rate Crundorra. The Crundorra 
is equivilent to ten Rate Crystals! To get out, use Tra-Sense to reveal a 
Power Source on the wall, then use Morph Evid to fly out of the pit. The 
Cle-Eshta will take you to Thantier.


Subplots are what Alien Logic has that passes for quests. They're not 
REALLY quests because they usually don't follow the typical task/reward 
pattern with RPG quests- really they're more things you hear about, and 
then do for reasons that are your own. However, following these can often 
be very rewarding- you can open up new areas or change the face of Jorune's 
future. Again, these are in the approximate order you'll encounter them.

The Ramian Merchant

Sometimes at the Shambo Shenter you'll see a Ramian sitting at the table. 
Have a talk with him and be polite. You'll eventually guess that he's 
smuggling shirm-eh, and he'll offer you a good price- fifteen gemlinks per 
unit. Accept, and a woffen will appear by the Ardoth docks. Talk to him, 
don't mention exactly what's going on. You can sell shirm-eh to the woffen 
from now on.

However, the next time you're back in Ardoth, Seargent Brontin will tell 
you the latest rumor and that the guard's investigating. You have three 
options- you can turn in the smuggler, in which case you'll have to fight 
your way through two ramian the next time you want to take the ferry. You 
can just tell Brontin you'll keep your eyes open, and then warn the woffen.
In this case, the woffen will disappear and you won't be able to sell
shirm-eh anymore. Or, if you feel like some payback, you can accuse 
Daclish of being the smuggler. His dot will disappear on the Ardoth map, 
and when you talk to your old friend by the big building, she'll tell you 
he's been arrestedbefore she, too, disappears from the map. You can still 
warn the woffen if you've had enough of the criminal life.

Beagre Pit

This is not really a subplot, but at one point when you return to Ardoth,
Brontin will warn you about a Beagre pit that broke open outside the city 
gates. (He acts like they're the scourge of god or something. 0_o;;;;; ) 
If you're so inclined, head over to 213,166 to find the Beagre- 10 groups 
of 3 in all- and mop them up. Easy money. 

Gang War

At some point Seargent Brontin will meet you at the city gates with 
unfortunate news- a pair of rival street gangs have gone to war in the 
neighborhood of Oiders and the streets are not safe. "Why should I care?" 
you might wonder. Well, mainly because the woffen gang is blocking the 
enterance to the kerning bay. There's really not much you can do about 
this. You can talk to the Crugar gang and bluff your way into getting free 
passage through their territory, or you can goad the Crugar into a fight 
and kill some- or all- of them. But the woffen blocking the kerning bay 
will remain. Just move on and come back to visit Sarella some other time.

Protest March

Right after the Gang War concludes, it will be replaced by civil unrest. 
A bunch of unionized woffen will have gathered in the town square to 
protest unfair hiring practices. Well, at least they aren't blocking your 
path. There's nothing you can do, so talk to them if you want for some 
amusing dialogue, (Who comes up with these acronyms?) then move on. 

Herrid's Demands

The first time you return to the Mountain Crown, you'll find Herrid 
Go-Otgo, the obnoxious thriddle from the opening, blocking the door to 
Salrough's chambers. He knows Salrough told you to come see him whenever 
you wanted, but he's abusing a technicality to be petulant. He refuses to 
let you in without something called a Gomo-Giddyne. There doesn't appear 
to be anything you can do about it, so leave the Mountain Crown and 
return. (As in, go out to the World Map, then re-enter the Mountain Crown.) 
You'll see a bunch of four or so thriddle milling around over in a corner. 
Go over and see what's up. Apparently this is the "Run Herrid Go-Otgo Out 
Of Town Club." Herrid has made a lot of enemies, and they figure nothing 
will hurt him more then having Salrough's honored guest tell him how badly 
Herrid is mistreating people. They'll give you the Gomo-Giddyne, and 
Herrid will have no choice but to let you pass. Tell Salrough about 
Herrid's misbehavior, then go talk to the hate club again and you'll learn 
Herrid has been demoted to Nereverine and sent on courier duty in 
uncivilized lands. The Gomo-Giddyne will come in handy resolving a subplot 
much later in the game.

Broken Cle-Eshtas

After exploring Jorune for a time, Salrough will send you to a site in the
East Trinnu Jungle Lands called the Crossroads of WarpWorld. When you get
there, you'll find a woman named Klassy acting suspiciously, and when you 
find the Cle-Eshtas it turns out they don't work. Head back to Salrough 
and report the news. Putting the facts together with other bits of 
intelligence he's gathered and a few leaps of logic, he determines that 
the Cleash stole the Cle-Eshtas' warp crystals to use as a catalyst to 
warp an army to the Mountain Crown. Invading the Mountain Crown seems to 
be kind of their schtick. If the cleash succeed, the thriddle are in deep 
trouble. Salrough asks you to do some recon- go back to the East Trinnu 
Jungle Lands, find the cleash army, and ask the leader how large the army 
is. It sounds like a stupid idea, but then again, the Cleash are pretty 
stupid themselves, so why not? Salrough seems to know what he's doing. 
Besides, until the situation is resolved he won't be able to research any 
new ruins for you.

Though it won't appear until this point, the army is pretty easy to find. 
It's at 204,184, and the general is in the center, surrounded by loyal 
soldiers. Look for the cleash that isn't moving- that's him. Note that 
Klassy is standing next to him. Talk to her and she'll admit to taking 
the warp crystals, but won't tell you where they are. Talk to the general. 
As Salrough said, he's pretty free with the info... Klassy apparently 
wants something called a "Kre-ok-ok", and the goal of the cleash invasion 
is to contact "the old ones" by using a transponder at the Mountain Crown. 
None of this will make any sense in isolation, but if you're interested, 
Tabor will be able to shed some light on it. Other things will become 
clear later.

Go back to Salrough once you've coaxed the size of the army out of the 
general. Your intel will confirm his worse fears- the thriddle are 
hopelessly outmatched, outgunned, overpowered, and generally doomed. 
You've got to stop this invasion before it gets going, which will 
coincidentally also allow you to recover the missing Warp Crystals. Get 
the mission plan from Salrough, then head back out to save the day. 
Around the camp you discovered earlier, your tracker will pick up eight 
crystal signals. Those are your targets. The procedure is pretty simple- 
enter the local area map at the appropriate location, then click the scan 
button a few times. The blip that isn't moving is the Warp Pod. Go over 
there, jump up on the pod, and click on it to dig the Warp Crystal out. 
Sometimes a Cleash or two will show up to stop you- fight if you think 
you can win, otherwise just exit back to the local area map, then return. 
Once you'll got the crystal, move on to the next Warp Pod. 

After taking two crystals, Klassy will show up and try and get you to 
stop. She'll make some threats, but she's all talk. Keep up the work 
until you get all the warp crystals. After taking the last one, the army
will give up and go home. Return to Salrough with the good news. He'll be 
quite pleased, and tell you a little about what will be the endgame. He'll 
also be able to talk to you about shanthic sites again.

As for Klassy, she got away. But you haven't seen the last of her.

A Rare Sarceen

At some point when you visit Salrough, he'll have good news for you: he's 
discovered the locationof a potentially useful shanthic sarceen. To 
retrieve it for you, he's sent his trusted underling and friend... Herrid 
Go-Otgo. Yes, yes, he knows there's bad blood between you and Herrid, so 
he's also sent along his nephew, Nilder Ho-Trid. The one who's terrified 
of Beagre. *sigh* Well, nothing to do. Go about your business while they 
search offscreen. 

When you return to the Mountain Crown later, you'll find a thriddle 
standing stationary around the courtyard. It's Nilder. Talk to him to 
learn some "bad" news. Salrough will confirm it- Herrid has gotten his due 
at last, eaten alive by a mandare in Thantier, and he was carrying the 
sarceen at the time. Meaning, if you want that sarceen, you'll have to go 
mandare hunting. You might be wondering why bother. Well, that Sarceen 
doesn't just teach you any old dysha- it holds a very, very important Isho 
ability that you won't be able to get anywhere else.

So, off to Thantier! I reccommend you kill as many mandare as you can, 
some of them have interesting treasures (see "Mandare Bellies", above) 
but if you just want the Sarceen, it's in a mandare belly at 173,181. As 
for the sarceen, it teaches you the vital Morph Evid ability.

War in Lundere

When you visit Lundere, you'll note the woffen are talking about some war 
in the north part of the region. They don't seem particularly worried, but 
visit the army encampment at 281,129 and you'll learn the situation is 
very dire indeed. The cleash are attacking with a veritable hoard of 
scarmis. The woffen army has been more or less smashed- the survivors are 
in no shape to fight, and the cleash could sweep in any day now and 
that'll be the end of Lundere. However, if you know anything about scarmis, 
you'll realize the strategy has a Death Star sized flaw. Scarmis are by 
nature peaceful herbivores- their agression is due to a kind of 
mind-control based on what seem to be Cleash phermones. In other words, 
take out the cleash leaders and the army's will to fight evaporates. Not 
easy to get close to them, you might think, but remember, the Cleash are 
dumb. They expect to fight woffen and they expect to fight armies, so a 
single human won't be percieved as a threat until it's too late. Time to 
play superhero.

The Cleash have set up a war camp of their own around 282,120- it's 6 
points of interest in a phalanx formation. Pay each unit a visit, and 
weave through the Scarmis to the Cleash captains. (If you can't see them, 
scan a few times. They move differently from the Scarmis.) You can't talk 
them out of this invasion, so just kill the Cleash. Once you do, the 
Scarmis in the area will become docile and harmless. Note, however, that 
once you engage the Cleash in battle Scarmis are likely to show up to give 
him a hand. Because of this I don't recommend the Suspension Orb strategy
common to dealing with capsule-throwers, because it takes too long and 
you'll probably wind up fighting three different enemies. Just blast the 
Cleash to bits with dyshas instead, and don't be too proud to run if you 
find yourself outnumbered.

When you're done, most of the woffen in the area will vanish. Go back to 
the woffen encampment and the commander will explain that, with the crisis 
averted, they went home to their families. He stayed behind to give you a 
reward- a bag of crystals including 8 power, 20 weave, and 2 rate! Woohoo!

One more thing- check the area north of the fromer cleash battleline. At 
275,109, you'll found how they got into Lundere- a small detachment of 
cleash is guarding what they call a warp-pod, but is actually just a 
single warp crystal sitting on the ground. Snatch it if you want, but if 
you've already got the Warp Crystals from the "Broken Cle-Eshtas" subplot, 
you have all you'll ever need.

The Dead Volcano

Salrough will eventually point you in the direction of a complex near an 
extinct volcano in the Doben-Al, a vast Isholess wasteland between Burdoth
and Temauntro. When you go there you'll find that the ruins are 
unenterable. However, at 183,164 is an oasis where a Ca-Lautra Shantha 
tells you what happened. Apparently, while the volcano was active it was a 
great wellspring of Isho, but then for unknown reasons it died out, 
turning the Doben-Al into desert. Since shanthic technology uses Isho 
energy, this also left the ruins without power, which is why the Isho 
lifts that are supposed to get you in don't work. But supposedly the 
volcano can be restarted by a "Messiah with Inner-Peace" using an artifact 
called the Savage Crystal. You'll have to be messianic if you want in to 
the ruins, but problem 1: You don't have Inner-Peace, and there are no 
buddhist monastaries on Jorune, and problem 2: The Savage Crystal was lost 
in the jungle continent of Drail a long time ago.

This sounds like something we should consult Salrough about. And indeed, 
when you talk to him about it, he supplies a wealth of exposition about 
how bad the Ca-Launtra have it. As for the Savage Crystal, he has enough 
information for you to recognize it when you find it, but no idea about 
it's properties. He recommends talking to Sha-Imsa, but don't bother just 
yet. To get to Drail, he advises you to look up Bennid Go-Wogo.

Bennid is in Ardoth right now, so off to the big city. You'll find him at 
the Shambo Shenter, milling around. Upon talking to him, he'll immediately 
rope you into his latest study. Let him go on, and eventually you'll get 
the chance to ask him about his studies. He knows about Temauntro crystal 
patches and limilates in north Burdoth, but what you want to know about is 
Drail. He'll tell you about the Trarch and how friendly they were to him, 
and mention a strange crystal relic. Ah-ha! He also knows the location of 
a Cle-Eshta that will help you get to Drail. (You've probably been to the 
area before, but the Cle-Eshta doesn't show up unless you know about it.) 
Find it, go through the warp, and go to 135,225 to find the trarch village. 

Speak to the king at the hut by the lake. He'll ask you how you like to be 
eaten- keep cool and reply that you taste best roasted. (Anything else gets
you killed by his guard without even the opportunity to fight back.) He'll 
send you away in peace. Leave to the local area map, return to speak to him
again, and he'll be willing to talk while you wait for dinner. He has things
to say about the Ramian invading Drail, but what you really want is to get
info on the Savage Crystal out of him. He doesn't recognize the name, but
ask him about Bennid Go-Wogo and you'll get a very different
interpretation of his visit. Bennid annoyed them so much that the king 
tried to get him touch a "shiny rock" that turns people into goo. However, 
according to legend a particular "magic shiny stick" can enable you to 
touch the rock without getting hurt. 

Something seems to be getting lost in the translation here. If the shiny 
stick the Trarch king mentioned is a shanthic artifact, perhaps Sha-Imsa 
would know about it. Hike back to Ardoth and talk to him about recent 
events. From the information you give him, he'll deduce that the shiny 
stick is a Crundorra of Inner-Peace. (Instead of some enlightened state 
of being resulting from a lifetime of meditation and dedication to 
truth... you need a big stick. Is that a joke of some sort?) As it so 
happens, he also knows where to find one- a ruin in Heridoth called 
"Ma-Eshira". You may have been to this ruin before- the chief feature was 
a locked door that can't be opened. For this you apparently need a Launtra 
Key- which Sha-Imsa will give you at this point.

From here it's basically fetch-and-carry. Take the Key to Ma-Eshira (at 
223,116) to find the Crundorra, use it, and go back to the Trarch village. 
Tell the king you'll be able to touch the crystal, and he'll open the cave 
behind the waterfall. Go there, fight past the trarch guard and the Eye 
Evid, grab the Crystal (don't forget to use the Crundorra first!), and 
take it back to the oasis. Talk to the shantha at the oasis, then stand on 
the circle to his right to be taken down to an underground chamber. Walk 
all the way to the right, click on the device at far right, and use the 
Savage Crystal. The volcano reawakens, the Ca-Launtra are saved, and the 
ruins at 185,161 and 186,165 will be open.

The King Is On Vacation

After taking the Savage Crystal, if you talk to the trarch king again 
before leaving the village,he'll tell you he plans to go to Ardoth. 
The next time you visit Salrough, he'll tell you that the Trarch King has 
abandoned his subjects. If you return to the trarch village, you'll find 
yourself surrounded by trarch, who declare you the new king. Without 
asking you. Well, just play along. The trarch will bring problems to you, 
one by one, for you to arbitrate:
   -Murg comes complaining that his neighbor Thug stole and ate his cow. 
      Thug has a cow of his own (Begging the question "Then why did he eat 
      Murg's?", but noone ever accused the trarch of having common sense.) 
      so you can order Thug to give Murg his cow in exchange. You can also 
      just tell Murg to cope, but that won't go over well.
   -Urk found his wife sleeping with Ug and smashed Ug's house in anger. 
      The wife's motive: "Urk smell bad. Ug smell pretty." Talk to Ug and 
      get the secret to his nice smell. Then you can get Urk to rebuild 
      Ug's hut in exchange for some scragger juice to make Urk smell good. 
      Everyone's happy. If you don't give a crap, you can send them away 
      to work it out themselves, or just call it even.
   -Nuddo will be brought before you in chains. He doesn't like you and 
      wants to hit you over the head. Ummm, no. You can have him killed, 
      or simply escorted back to his hut to calm down.
   -Oggo the pibber-hunter will bring a trarch hunter from outside the 
      village before you. He found him hunting pibber on the village's 
      land, and decided he was a poacher. Several solutions to this one. 
      You can just let him go. You can ask Oggo his opinion, and get the 
      option to humiliate the poacher and let him go. Or you can get the 
      poacher's opinion, then either have him killed for his insolence or 
      invite him to join the village so he doesn't have to poach anymore. 
   -A frantic trarch will bring news of Ramian patrols two days south of 
      the village, led by Chavis Vaden Choko, a prominant warlord. You 
      can order them to ignore the patrols, or send out some warriors to 
      kill Choko.
   -Kog and Duga disagree over how to raise the trarch children. Kog 
      thinks they should study language and arithmetic. Duga thinks they 
      should learn to hunt pibber. You can support one or the other, or 
      make a compromise.
   -Having solved all the problems, you decide to choose a successor so 
      you can get out of here. Your choices are- Thug, Ug, Oggo, and Kog. 
      If you ordered trarch to kill the Ramian, you can also choose Chadu, 
      the hero of the campaign. Talk to each of them, then choose one.
When you're done, the new king will move the village to someplace safer
and it will disappear from the map. You don't seem to get much out of this 
subplot other than amusement initially. However, if you order the trarch 
to kill Chavis Vaden Choko, it will break the back of the Sillipus 
slavers- next time you visit Sillipus, there will have been a civil war, 
with the trarch escaping captivity, most of the ramian being dead, and the 
remainder having lost their fighting spirit. Unfortunately, this won't 
have a major effect on your explorations of Sillipus as the Ramian will 
still guard the incupod patches.

The Scrolls of Iscin

In North Dobre, Jasp, and Voligire, you'll run into exiled Crugar looking 
for something called the Scrolls of Iscin. Salrough will tell you a bit 
about the legend surrounding the scrolls, but the plot thread will 
seemingly go nowhere. Later, in South Temauntro, you'll find the camp of 
the FourPaws crugar clan situated over a shanthic ruin at 93,143. A Crugar 
in the ruin will forbid you from getting in. Starting a dysha-battle in 
the middle of the camp is probably ill-advised, so go to the leader, Chaln 
Daldir, and impress him with your boasting. (Humility gets you killed with 
crugar.) Apparently, he's something of a big man... err, cat, rather... in 
Temauntro. He'll give you the crugar perspective on the history of the 
Iscin races, and will freely discuss the ruins with you. But when it comes 
to letting you in, the answer is no. He says you'll need to trade him the 
Scrolls of Iscin to get the key off him. He means this as hyperbole, he 
doesn't seriously expect you to be able to find the scrolls. But you're 
very resourceful, aren't you? 

Pay Salrough a visit, and ask him to help you out. He'll gladly agree to 
help, but will need some time. Go off and do something else for the time 
being. After a while, return to Salrough and he'll have good news for you- 
the Scrolls of Iscin are indeed in the hands of a foreign government, and 
he's sent Nilder Ho-Trid to retrieve them. However, by this point in the 
game you probably don't have a lot of faith in Nilder, so let's check up 
on him.

When you think about it, there's really only one place the scrolls can be, 
isn't there? Hop over to Central Dobre to visit Tabor. Sure enough, you'll 
find Nilder out front, pacing nervously. Tabor does have the scrolls, says 
Nilder, but he won't lend them out. So you'll have to talk with Tabor 

(Why is it that whenever the thriddle offer to help you with something, 
you wind up getting more work to do yourself?)

Tabor turns out to be in a foul mood. According to him, the thirddle have 
a bad habit of borrowing things and not returning them, and he's finally 
decided to put his foot down. But, if you get his stuff back, he'll be 
glad- well, willing- to loan you the scrolls for a time. So, now it's your 
turn to play play Nereverine- go to Salrough, get the documents, back to 
Tabor, and the scrolls are yours. Err... "temporarily". Right. Take the 
scrolls to Chaln Daldir, HOWEVER, before doing so go through South 
Temauntro and poach any crystals that you plan too. Chlan Daldir will 
give you safe passage through Temauntro after you give him the scrolls, 
which actually makes it much more difficult to mine crystals where Crugar 
are standing guard. You won't be able to goad them into a fight anymore, 
but they'll still show up when you try to dig up the crystals- meaning you 
can't clear them out, and you have to face them two at a time to get the 
crystals. When you turn in the scrolls, Chaln Daldir will give you the key, 
allowing you access to the ruin. The Crugar guard at the entrance will 
also let you pass.

One more thing- if you ever tell Tabor you gave the scrolls to the Crugar,
he'll be livid beyond words. He'll refuse to talk to you or buy shanthic
artifacts anymore. In addition to the loss of a source of money, this may
also make the "Iscin's Last Work" subplot uncompletable. So be careful.

Iscin's Last Work

In Voligire you'll be able to visit a Ramian Scholar who discusses at 
length the problem of shirm-eh in relation to Burdoth-Voligire relations. 
He mentions that Iscin, the brilliant biotechnologist of the colonial era, 
created a reco that produced shirm-eh, but was killed before the cork 
could be incubated. If you visit Tabor, he will add to this information, 
and also knows the location of the lab where the cork was created- 146,142,
in South Temantauro. Do you think it could still be there? Go to the 
remains of the lab and send out a couple of miners. The cork turns out to 
be real! As Tabor said, put it in a Purple Incupod to create the reco. 
Then take the reco to Voligire and exchange it for free passage through 
Voligire- you may have to drive a hard bargain. Note also that, just like 
with South Temantauro and Sillipus, free passage is useless because you 
still get attacked while trying to do anything significant. Pity, but at 
least you've helped ease tensions between the Ramian and everyone else. 
(Well, there's still the little matter of the slavers, but hey, the world 
ain't perfect...)

Endgame: Revenge and Retribution

The endgame starts in a tiny, isolated valley in northwest Jasp. There's 
no Cle-Eshta that will take you to it, but after using twenty-five 
Cle-Eshtas, the warp will appear in WarpWorld with no announcement or 
fanfare. Indeed, you may not even notice it until the next time you're 
passing through Jasp or North Temauntro. 

An Old Score to Settle

In the valley is a small ruin. There's a door inside, but no key in sight. 
Tra-Sense reveals nothing. The power source does nothing. All this way for 
a dead end? Not quite. Leave to the World Map and you'll find there's 
another visitor to the valley. It's Klassy, the Cleash conspirator, and 
she's up for a little payback. You monkeywrenched her plans, so she's 
going to monkeywrench yours. See, the Cleash had promised her use of a 
kre-ok-ok transponder if the invasion of the Mountain Crown succeeded. 
She's using it to gain control a Skyrealm somewhere in Voligire- for what 
purpose she doesn't say, but I doubt it's good. Regardless, she has the 
key you need and will only exchange it for the transponder. If it were me, 
I'd just blow her away in a hail of Lightning Orbs, but I guess our hero 
has a rule about hitting pretty girls or something. Anyway, we'll have to 
parlay with the Cleash.

Enter Gilthaw via the warp at 330,22, near the center of the continent and 
north of the peninsula. Note there's a Cleash wandering around the area. 
Talk to him- he's a nice guy, so don't attack and instead convince him 
that you're a friend. The head north to find the Cleash Nest, their main 
headquarters. The commander is inside a circle of Cleash. You can fight 
your way inside the circle, but don't bother. Instead, talk to the lone 
Cleash hanging out outside the circle. It's your new friend. Have a chat 
with him and he'll open a gap in the circle, so that you can get in and 
talk to the head Cleash. As Klassy said, he's open to reason, though 
reasoning with a Cleash is kind of like fighting a battle of wits against 
Forrest Gump. He'll balk if you ask directly, but talk to him about the 
Lamorri for awhile and you'll be able to ask him to borrow the transponder, 
similar to how you may have borrowed the Scrolls of Iscin. He's doubtful, 
so show him your Gomo-Giddyne and bluff. Watch the gears click into place,
and you'll get the transponder.

Alternatively, you can enter the nest itself and blast your way to the 
transponder. It's not very hard- you'll face three rooms of three Cleash 
each, which is nothing if you have level 3 Lightning Orb and a good weave 

Either way, take the transponder back to Klassy to pick up the key you 
need. Behind the door and through two rooms of lava is the Cle-Eshta that 
will take you to the Island of Delsha, where the game's final battle will 
be waged.


Immediately southwest of the warp you'll find a group of Corondon on the 
ground encircling a Skyrealm that contains a structure. You might guess 
that that's your destination. Go west past the mountains, then 
north-northeast. At 13,164 you'll find a Cle-Eshta, guarded by four 
Corondon. Use it to warp to the Skyrealm.

The Red Shantha's stronghold is larger than most. From the entrance, go 
right across the pits and beat the Shantha. (You can get ahead by falling 
through the pit instead, but I don't recommend this- you're likely to fall 
into lava at the bottom and die.) Activate the power source to turn the 
Isho Lift on, then ride it down to the next floor. Head back left, dealing 
with the blob evid and the pit. In the terminal room, kill the Sphere Evid 
and use Tra-Sense to reveal a Power Source. You may think activating it 
will turn the Isho Lift on, but you'd be wrong. Instead, activate Lava 
Walk and jump into the last pit you passed.

On the next floor down, walk to the left. Same deal as with the room 
above- beat up the Evid (an Eye Evid, in this case), reveal a power source 
with Tra-Sense, and activate it. This time it will activate the Isho Lift, 
a shortcut that will take you two levels down. If you want to go the long 
way instead, walk right, beating up the Blob Evid, and take the elevator 
down to the next floor. Jump into the pit (watch out for the lava at the 
bottom!) and kill the three Blob Evids. One of them has a red key, which 
will let you into the room to the left. Your next challenge is a pair of 
Eye Evids, then after that you meet up with the other end of the Isho 
Lift. Beat up the Blob Evids, then go left to a second Isho Lift that'll 
take you down.

At the bottom of the lift, you'll meet two shanthas who will get on either 
side of you and start blasting away. If you have quick reflexes with the 
Vampire Dysha, you can actually beat them on those terms, but you may want 
to try and get them on the same side of you. After dealing with them, 
you'll stand before a sequence of three rooms leading to what appears to 
be a dead end. However, all is not as it seems. There are hidden doors in 
the wall in the background, revealable via Tra-Sense- two in the entrance 
room, four in the second, and three in the last. Most just hold more Evids.
The way forward is the third door from the left in the second room. Beyond
it is a passage where you'll fight three Sphere Evids en route to a green 
door. You're at the very bottom of the ruins right now, so be especially 
wary of the pits. If you fall into one you'll fall off the Skyrealm and 
die when you hit the ground. 

Past the green door, you'll finally come face to face with the object of 
your quest- the Red Shantha, Dytra-al-Desti.

Showdown and Epilogue

You'll meet your enemy across a pit bridged by two floating platforms. 
He'll give a little speech when he sees you. Talk with him if you want, 
but he's unrepentant- you're going to have to fight him.

Dytra-Al-Desti more or less fights like any other shantha, but he has a 
lot of health, so this will take a while. He also has a nasty trump card- 
a Dysha in the form of a large, spiky grey ball that will kill you with 
one shot. Disintegrate you into dust, in fact. Be ready to block it at 
any time- if you use Vampire, you'll gain a lot of Isho. You can, if you 
want, just duke it out with him from opposite sides of the pit- you should 
have enough distance to be safe from his reflect. However, if you can 
catch him in a Power Hold, you can rush across the platforms to reach the 
other side, where you'll find a Power Floor that will make the fight much 
easier. To win you just have to hit him with Lightning Orbs until he's 
dead, but if you want a slightly more Hollywood climax, you can knock him 
into the pit and he'll fall off the Skyrealm to his death.

After winning, you'll meet Salrough Gomo again and get a short epilogue 
narration detailing the results of your actions over the course of the 
game. You'll learn the fates of Sha-Imsa and Klassy, among others, and the 
political changes that resulted from the subplots you completed.

Amusing Quotes

The writer of Alien Logic is awesome. I've never seen a game with so much 
snark in it, let alone so much that hits. The following is some of the 
best lines, but not a complete list by any means:

"Hello. As my father used to say, 'If you can't say hello to an absolute 
stranger, then you should stop asking him questions.'"
-random Thriddle.

"Do I look stupid to you?"
"Well... yes, you do. But it's not your fault. You can't help the fact 
that you weren't born with eyestalks. Your entire brain has to fit in 
that little round head of yours."
-hero and a thriddle.

"Crugar always try to cut the prices. I SMASH them when they do that."
-Corastin merchant divulges his negotiating tactics.

"Seeing you is like impaling myself on the reflection of infinity."

"Leave or I'll have my corastin guard pummel you mercilessly. I'm just 
that kind of a guy."
-Daclish LeClur

"We will kill you now. If you run... we will kill you later. The end 
result will be the same."
-Ramian thug

"Beagre don't scare me."
"Don't try to be a hero, son."
-hero and Seargent Brontin. (Beagre are the weakest enemies in the game)

"Eat crawbie-crud."
-Thriddle insult

"I want to see Salrough!"
"Yeah- and I wanted to drop a three-ton boulder on your head."
-hero and Herrid Go-Otgo.

"You can't imagine how excited I am to see you. I was pondering the 
existance of bulbous, hairy-headed brutes, and here you show up."
-Herrid Go-Otgo

"I don't know."
"Good answer, but not quite there."
-hero and Salrough Gomo. (Is he failing to be sarcastic?)

"Salrough, I tried to use the Cle-Eshtas at the Crossroads site you told 
me about, but they wouldn't work."
"Really!? Now this is very important, Jacob. I need you to listen closely. 
What EXACTLY happened when you tried to use the Cle-Eshtas?"
"This could be very bad, Jacob."
-hero and Salrough Gomo

"If my suspicions are correct and given that my suspicions are always 
-Salrough Gomo

"Do you expect the Cleash general to just tell me how big his army is?"
"Of course. Cleash are funny that way. The whole concept of military 
intelligence is somewhat lost on them."
-hero and Salrough Gomo

"This is ludicrous. The Cleash will kill me for sure."
"I wouldn't say that, Jacob. [...] According to my calculations, you 
stand a 27.4% chance of survival."
-hero and Salrough Gomo

"We thriddle are tenacious fighters, but when you're outnumbered 100 to 1 
by creatures three times your size, it's hard to be optomistic."
-Salrough Gomo

"It would be just awful if you failed. You'd be dead, I'd be dead, and 
where would that get us?"
-Salrough Gomo

"Sure, those furries up north might run the government, but we're the 
only ones who haven't forgotten how to howl at the moon. AWOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
-a free-spirited Woffen

"Your days are numbered..."
"My days are numbered- yes. Your days are over- yes."
-hero and Cleash commander

"Would you like a copy of the Survey- the abridged version is only 
twenty-seven volumes..."
-Salrough Gomo

"Doesn't drinking sap make your throat dry?"
"So does eating whole human, but me do that too."
-hero and random trarch

"Take pibber. Put on rock. Sit on. Juice go on floor. [...] Lick it up. 
Spit in barrel."
-trarch recipe for pibber juice

"Trarch king like you. Me like anyone who give up life to fill belly."
"Actually, I'm not here to be lunch."
"Of course not. Fire not ready until dinner."
-Trarch king and the hero

"Me think turning thriddle to goo is very sacred function."
-Trarch king

"I don't have time to talk to you today."
"I've already noted your consistant lack of time. There's no need to go 
filling my pad with redundant notes."
-hero and Bennid Go-Wogo

"You fat four-eyed pibber!"
-Trarch insult

"Look. A piece of human scum at my door."
"That wasn't very nice."
"It wasn't meant to be."
-random crugar and the hero

"My name is Chaln Daldir. I am the father of the FourPaw Clan, the 
strongest Crugar clan in all Temauntro. I am the Scourge of Burdoth, 
Master of the Desert, Champion of Iscin, and Warlord of Temauntro. 
Single-handedly, I have slain the Dhar Corondon, the Mandare and the 
Dreglamon. I am legendary."
"I am Jacob. The Survivor of Jordis, Slayer of Cleash, Destroyer of 
Scragger, and Archenemy of the Red Shantha."
"Is that all."
"I have traveled in WarpWorld and explored the temples of the shanthas. 
In the years that come, old men will tell their grandchildren of the days 
when men like me walked the earth."
"You speak proudly."
-Chaln Daldir and the hero, trading boasts

"Humans only want to understand the Ramian so that they can destroy the 
Ramian. We are Ramian. We are silent." 
-Ramian scholar

"Disclaimer: No corondon, mandare, beagre, or scragger were harmed in the 
making of this game. However, we did kill pibber." 
-from the end credits (It's possible, in fact beneficial, to complete the 
entire game without killing a single pibber.)

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