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Guide and Walkthrough by Hlges

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/01/2017

+|                                                                           |+
+|                 "Merit's Galactic Reunion" Ultimate Guide                 |+
+|                                                                           |+
+|                          Version 1.0 (January 2018)                       |+
+|                                                                           |+
+|                             By Hugo Guimarães                             |+
+|                       Copyright 2018 Hugo Guimarães.                      |+
+|                                                                           |+
+|                      E-MAIL: hlges1[at]gmail[dot]com                      |+
+|                                                                           |+

| Table of Contents |

I.   Legality
II.  Introduction
      A. Reunion and this Guide
      B. My review
      C. Known bugs and exploits, pause and security check
III. How to Play, How Things Work: expanding the manual and explaining Reunion
      A. Colonization Guide
       * Advisors
       * Taxes, morale and population growth
       * Useful worlds
       * Buildings list
      B. Techs Guide
       * Advisors
       * Technologies list
      C. Exploration Guide
       * Advisors
       * Space Local
       * Items list
      D. War Guide
       * Advisors
       * Space battle
       * Ground battle
       * Military equipment
IV.  Complete Walkthrough
      A. Events list
      B. Colonising
      C. Meeting the first aliens
      D. Fighting the Morgruls
      E. Battling the League
      F. Reuniting with Earth
V.   Conclusion

| I. Legality |

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

| II. Introduction |

| A. Reunion and this Guide |

Merit's Galactic Reunion, or simply Reunion, is a space strategy video game
developed by Digital Reality (then Amnesty Design) and published by Grandslam
(Europe) and Merit Studios Inc. (North America). It was released in 1994 (PC
and Amiga floppy disk version) and 1995 (PC CD-ROM). This game received little
to no attention by mainstream game communities and was heavily criticised by
specialised press. Also, the game appears to have sold poorly in all markets.
Yet, there are still people who play it.

This guide intends to be two different things: a source of knowledge about the
game (because the manual and the in-game descriptions leave a lot to be
desired); and a detailed walkthrough. So, I will first give information about
the game features and, then, will write my walkthorugh. If anyone has any
doubts, suggestions or corrections, feel free to contact me through my e-mail
address in the beggining of this guide.

| B. My review |

My first contact with Reunion was in late 1995 or early 1996. My neighbour's
uncle bought this game for him when he was on a trip throughout the USA. My
friend couldn't get reunion to run on his computer, so he brought it to my
house. From that day, I developped an obsession with that game. My friend
didn't like it, specially because he did not understand english at the time (he
was younger), so I got to hold the game for me. I thought Reunion was way too
hard and unforgiven back then, but, when I grew old, I understood the game was
flawed: it was bad designed.

The main problem with Reunion is micromanagement. It's a common feature in
strategy games, specially in those empire building games, as you will have to
manage lots of cities, units, etc. But, in Reunion, things take a turn for the
worse. For example, the player has to manually fly all his ships across the
galaxy. That means: one must command them to take off, to fly to and to land.
Also, one can't establish trade routes: ore must be mannually transported from
colonies to your main planet by flying a trade group and transfering the ore,
then flying back and transfering the ore again.

But, also, Reunion has another problem. The game must be played in an exact
order as the gameply is actually a series of events that the player must unfold
at the right time, or else he won't be able to beat an enemy or research a
tech, for example. This makes diplomacy nonexistent, as one may communicate
with other races only when they come to talk. Also, this affects the game's
replay value, as every game will be equal, and makes it frustrating, as,
sometimes, one does not have a clue on what he should do next (that is, the
right choice).

However, Reunion has qualities! It has a good backstory and uses this events to
tell it. This makes the game addictive, as the player wants to know how to
unfold the story. In that way, Reunion is the kind of game you set aside for
awhile but eventually come back to it with renewed forces and ideas. Also,
Reunion has a superb soundtrack and very beautiful backgrounds and cutscenes
(for those who enjoy cyberpunk).

So, although we tend to focus on its flaws, Reunion is an average game (I'd
give it a five or six out of ten) and can be enjoyable (or leave you obsessed
by it, like me!).

| C. Known bugs and exploits, pause and security check |

Just as every game, Reunion has bug problems. There are three kind of bugs:
misspelling (keep in mind that the company who developed it was hungarian),
balance of the buildings and technical problems. Also, I explain two ways of
pausing the gameplay, as well as I explain the security check.

* Misspelling

- Misspelled word (right spelled word): game area or moment where/when it

- Phisics (physics): in the "research-design" screen

- Colonysible (colonisible): "areyounuts" from the Reunion thread in the
abandonia forum report this mistake but I haven't been able to find it

- Accomodable (accommodable): in the "main computer" screen

- Gallilei (Galilei): planet Jade moon name

- Syronians (Syonians): sometimes their name is spelled incorrectly, specially
at the diplomacy meeting

- MAK (MKA): in the last dialogue with the Syonians, they call MKA (the
renegade Syonian telepath) incorrectly MAK.

- Politican (Politician): in the endgame cutscene

- Solar Satelite (Solar Satellite): in the "info-buy" screen when you open the
"Solar Plant" description

* Balance

- "Farms" are completely useless. At first, I thought that "farms" were
complementary to "food resources". But, after investigating, I have found out
that, although they have the same cost per person feeded (both structures can
feed 40.000 people at a cost of 30.000 credits), "food resources" demand much
less planet space (20 tiles x 8 tiles). So, since both are available at start,
you have no reason to build "farms" at all.

- "Radar" is also useless. Although they allow you to see a mini-map in the
planet screen, this is not a must. Maybe it's an interesting feature, but
nothing can justify why the player needs to build something just to have access
to a mini-map with no strategy gain. If only ground battles had fog of war and
a "radar" could help you defend your planet...

- "Spaceport" is only marginally useful. It's supposed to allow you to transfer
products from one colony to another, but the only product you'll need to
transfer is the mine droid. Since you cannot build ships or ground forces
outside your main planet, transferring any other goods to colonies is
pointless. So, after you have 9 mines fully equipped with their droids, you
should destroy the spaceport to release planet space.

- Each "mine" provide 10.000 storage space, even beyond the 9 producing mines
per planet limit. So, you can use "mines" to gain cheaper extra storage space
("mines" cost 12.000 and "storage bay" 15.000 to provide the same storage
space) at the cost of a little planet space ("Mines" use 18 tiles against the
16 tiles "storage bays" occupy).

* Technical problems

- Once you have 9 mines and allocate 9 miner droids at any planet, you can
demolish 8 of your 9 mines and the production will still be maximized (the game
will act as if nothing happened). If you open the mine screen, it'll inform you
still have 9 droids mining. This can be exploited to release planet space to
other structures, specially at small worlds. The only problem is that the
storage space provided by those "mines" will be lost.

- If your trade group has more cargo space than the storage space available at
the planet or moon you are transfering the resources from, then you won't be
able to transfer beyond that amount, even though you have more free space in
your ships. For example, if your trade group has 120.000 cargo space and the
planet has 80.000 Energon, you'll only be able to transfer this amount. So, if
you wait and the planet mines another 1.000 Energon (or if you come from
another planet with some Energon loaded), you won't be able to grab all of it,
even though you have plenty of cargo space in your trade group.

- If you place a miner station on a planet or a moon and the station storage
space fill up, you won't be able to collect that ore anymore. This makes
mineable only worlds (not colonisible), which were already much less useful
than accommodable ones (for they do not yield taxes and mine at a much smaller
rate), useless.

- Mines only produce in one star system: when you have mines in different star
systems, only those in the last star system you looked at will actually produce
ore. The mines in the other systems will be in a pause state until you open the
map of that system (or send a ship to one of its worlds, or open the map of one
of its planets or moons).

- If you win a ground battle in your home planet (a deffensive ground battle),
all your ship groups (carrier, trade and army) will disappear. This prevents a
tatic of only employing ground units to defend your home planet (saving your
space forces for offensive combat), which I don't know if it would be
effective, as it can't be tested, because of this bug.

- At the end of the game, you can get a "Bounty-Hunter" in Space Local to kill
the telepath controlling Earth. Although you get a message telling you he
succeeds, nothing really happens and you still need to battle Earth forces
(which I consider weird, as it makes a waste of time doing so).

* Pausing the gameplay

I have discovered two ways of pausing Reunion. First, entering "disk
operations" screen; second, starting conversation with any of the advisors.

* Security Check

Like many other games at the 80's and 90's, Reunion relies on a password
protection against pirate copies, which required people to have the manual.
There are 20 words present at the manual it may ask from time to time. Also,
the game will ask you a question about the year a determined event took place
in a fictitious time line (also present at the manual) the first time you try
to enter one of the systems controlled by the league. The manual can be located
online (as well as the word list), so I won't put that on this guide.

| III. How to Play or How Things Work: expanding the manual and explaining |
| Reunion                                                                  |

| A. Colonization Guide |

Colonies have needs the player must take care in order for its population to
grow larger, for the tax income to increase and to avoid people revolting.

* Advisors

Like other aspects of this game, the world building requires that the player
hire an advisor from 3 choices: worst, average and best. The worst is not
recommended because, although cheap, she can't build outside your home world!
In a game that deals greatly with colonising other worlds, that's a huge
stepback. So, the best one costs more than 2,5 times the average one and their
greatest difference *AT THE START* is that he builds quickly. Building faster
is always good, but *AT THE START* building is limited much more by the
existence of credits than by how fast your designer builds. However, he is the
cheapiest of the best advisors and hiring him could be a good choice, as you
won't have to replace him. So, in the long run, the player will end up spending
more by the middle one.

                 | Arwen Nielson | Elanor Brady | William Forbs |
| Training level |      10       |      20      |      40       |
| Hiring cost    |     1.000     |    26.000    |    70.000     |

* Taxes, morale and population growth

Like other similar games, part of Reunion is a simulation of governing people.
Any colony has needs that should be looked upon in order for it to grow and
generate revenue (so you can expand). A part of the classic 4x. In Reunion, you
must balance morale (hapiness) and taxes for the population to grow. Once you
learn its mechanics, it's easier than similar games, because this game relies
on "leisure buildings" that allow you to raise your taxes without halting
growth or leading your people to revolt. That is, if you build all of them, you
can raise your taxes to "very difficult" and your colony will still grow
without people revolting. If you raise them to "opressing", people still won't
revolt, but population growth will stop.

There are 4 "leisure buildings" (park, church, leisure center and stadium) and
they require the "builder plant" and the "vehicle plant" in order to be built,
which make all of them quite expensive (130.000 credits plus expenses with
energy). The other types of buildings required by the colonists also affect
moral and halt population growth. Each building costs and requirements are
explained bellow in the "buildings list" section.

* Useful worlds

In Reunion, useful worlds are planets or moons which can be mined for ore,
sustain a colony, or both. Here are all of them, plus the quantity of ore per
hour extracted in each mine (since there's a 9 mine limit per planet or moon,
each world can produce 9 times the ammount showed here). The last column shows
if the world needs anti-radiation shield (AR), medicine plant (MP) or both (BO).

- Mineable only

Amnesty system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| Barada    |    -    |    5    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   2   |
| Amnesty 2 |    -    |    -    |   2    |     2     |    3    |   4   |
| Ithaca    |    -    |    2    |   3    |     -     |    2    |   2   |
| Gallilei  |    -    |    2    |   7    |     -     |    -    |   6   |

Phoenix system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| Phoenix 1 |    -    |    5    |   2    |     5     |    3    |   2   |

Mirach system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| Mirach 4  |    -    |    2    |   -    |     6     |    -    |   9   |
| M5, Moon3 |    -    |    2    |   -    |     3     |    -    |   7   |

Antares system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| A2, Moon2 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     4     |    -    |   -   |

Orionis system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| O1, Moon1 |    -    |    4    |   3    |     2     |    2    |   2   |
| O2, Moon3 |    -    |    2    |   2    |     -     |    2    |   -   |

Lyrae system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| L3, Moon3 |    -    |    1    |   -    |     -     |    2    |   -   |
| L5, Moon1 |    -    |    3    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   2   |
| L5, Moon6 |    -    |    5    |   6    |     -     |    -    |   -   |
| L7, Moon1 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    7    |   4   |

Rigel system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon |
| Rigel 1   |    -    |    4    |   2    |     -     |    1    |   3   |

- Accommodable

Amnesty system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| New Earth |    7    |    3    |   2    |     3     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| Apollo    |    5    |    1    |   3    |     1     |    9    |   -   | -- |
| Vostok    |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| Mir       |    5    |    7    |   1    |     2     |    5    |   -   | MP |
| Jade      |    9    |    2    |   2    |     3     |    -    |   9   | MP |
| Wright    |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| Hartmann  |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| Kepler    |    -    |    -    |   9    |     3     |    3    |   6   | MP |
| Russel    |    2    |    9    |   -    |     -     |    8    |   4   | -- |
| Penelope  |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    9    |   7   | -- |
| Syren     |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |

Phoenix system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| Phoenix 2 |    -    |    2    |   5    |     4     |    2    |   3   | AR |
| Phoenix 3 |    6    |    7    |   7    |     3     |    5    |   3   | MP |
| Phoenix 5 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    1    |   -   | -- |
| P3, Moon2 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| P4, Moon1 |    1    |    -    |   -    |     2     |    -    |   3   | -- |
| P5, Moon1 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |

Mirach system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| Mirach 2  |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | AR |
| Mirach 3  |    4    |    4    |   4    |     4     |    2    |   3   | MP |
| M3, Moon1 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| M4, Moon1 |    3    |    3    |   2    |     1     |    3    |   8   | MP |
| M4, Moon4 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| M5, Moon1 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |

Antares system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| Antares 2 |    2    |    3    |   2    |     1     |    2    |   1   | BO |
| Antares 3 |    3    |    7    |   3    |     1     |    6    |   -   | -- |

Orionis system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| Orionis 2 |    3    |    1    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   2   | AR |
| Orionis 3 |    9    |    8    |   6    |     5     |    9    |   9   | -- |
| O1, Moon2 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | AR |
| O2, Moon1 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | AR |
| O2, Moon4 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | AR |

Lyrae system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| Lyrae 2   |    8    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   3   | AR |
| Lyrae 3   |    9    |    9    |   9    |     6     |    3    |   9   | MP |
| Lyrae 4   |    2    |    2    |   2    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| Lyrae 5   |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| Lyrae 7   |    4    |    4    |   2    |     3     |    7    |   1   | -- |
| L3, Moon1 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| L3, Moon4 |    -    |    -    |   -    |     -     |    -    |   -   | -- |
| L5, Moon3 |    3    |    5    |   4    |     6     |    4    |   -   | -- |

Sun system
| World     | Detoxin | Energon | Kremir | Leptitium | Raenium | Texon | SP |
| Earth     |   yes   |   yes   |   -    |     -     |   Yes   |  yes  | -- |
| Mars      |    -    |    1    |   2    |     1     |    -    |   3   | -- |
| Moon      |    -    |    -    |   1    |     -     |    2    |   -   | -- |

* Buildings list

| Command Centre |
This building is required to start all colonies, so it can't be demolished. It
generates a different, but fixed, amount of energy for each colony (it will be
the same amount at a specific world for every game). Although it's already
built in New Earth, the player needs to research "Control Centre" to be able to
build one in another world. Just like with energy, a Command Centre produces
more healthcare and food than the population it can sustain needs.
- Cost: 100.000 credits
- Energy produced: varies from one world to another
- Population: can house up to 10.000 people
- Healthcare: provide healthcare to 20.000 or 10.000 people (see "Hospital" for
more information)
- Food: can feed 20.000 people

| Nuclear Generator |
The most common energy generator in colonies, it can be built in any colony.
The amount of energy produced varies from one structure to another. I already
have seen it produce as little as 1.350 KWH and as much as 4.020 KWH, although
the game documentation says it produces 3.000 KWH. So, the KWH cost can go from
8 credits up to 26.
- Cost: 35.000 credits
- Energy produced: varies from one structure to another

| Windtrap |
The other energy generator present in the game, although only at desert or ice
planets. Energy produced also varies (I've seen values go from 972 to 1836).
So, the KWH cost can go from 5 credits up to 10, which makes this the best one.
- Cost: 10.000 credits
- Energy produced: varies from one structure to another

| Builder Plant |
This building is required to build some structures. The game documentation says
it speeds up construction (I haven't noticed any difference).
- Cost: 21.000
- Production: you only need one per colony
- Special effect: allows the construction of "Church", "Storage Bay",
"Hospital", "Medicine Plant" and "Vehicle Plant"

| Vehicle Plant |
Same as the above. Both combine to allow all constructions to be built.
Requires the "Builder Plant" in order to be built.
- Cost: 35.000
- Production: you only need one per colony
- Special effect: allows the construction of "Leisure Center", "Stadium",
"Spaceport" and "Park"

| Mine |
It's one of the two structures that can mine ore in planets or moons.
Production depends on the existence of each type of ore in each planet or moon
and the ammount it can yield. Although it costs 6.000 credits, one'll also need
a miner droid to work on the mine which costs 3.150. There's a limit of 9 mines
fully working on any planet or moon. Also, each mine provides 10.000 storage
- Cost: 6.000 credits (building), plus 3.150 credits (1 miner droid)
- Ore production: varies from one planet to another
- Special effect: provides 10.000 storage space

| Derrick |
The only structure that can extract and refine oil in the game, which is named
"Detoxin". Different than mines, it doesn't require a miner droid and doesn't
have a limit per planet, making it easier to increase production and making it
unnecessary to build this in other planets (because one would need to transfer
it from his colonies to his main planet). Also, each derrick provides 5.000
storage space.
- Cost: 7.000 credits
- Production: varies from one planet to another
- Special effect: provides 5.000 storage space

| Storage Bay |
This structure provides 20.000 extra storage space in any given planet or moon
(for each ore type and "Detoxin"). It's not a must, but can help if you take
too long to collect ore from your colonies, as ore production will halt if
storage limit is reached. In your main planet, this is much more important
because it will allow you to stock great ammounts of ore, needed to build big
ships in the second half of the game. You need a "Builder Plant" in order to
build this one.
- Cost: 15.000 credits
- Special effect: provides 20.000 extra storage space

| Spaceport |
This structure is needed for the transfer of products to colonies. Actually,
the only product you will need to transfer to a colony is the miner droid. So,
to make an effective mine colony, you'll need one. You need a "Builder Plant"
and a "Vehicle Plant" so this one can be built.
- Cost: 50.000
- Special effect: allows products to be transfered to and from colonies

| Building |
It's the only structure that can house people, after the "Command Centre" has
reached its limit. It can house 7.000 people (game documentation says "300
families" which makes some 23 members per family!).
- Cost: 5.000 credits
- Population: can house up to 7.000 people

| Park |
The cheapiest leisure structure, it makes it possible to increase taxes while
diminishing the risk of rebelion or halting population growth. Each leisure
structure adds to the other, so, with all of them, people will never revolt and
population growth won't be halted by taxes (it will only be slowed down). You
need a "Builder Plant" and a "Vehicle Plant" in order to build it (which makes
it quite expensive).
- Cost: 8.000 credits
- Production: a single park can supply an entire colony!

| Church |
Same as parks, but (probably) more effective. You need a "Builder Plant" in
order to build this one.
- Cost: 17.000 credits
- Production: you only need one per colony

| Leisure Centre |
Another leisure building, but more expensive. You also need a "Builder Plant"
and a "Vehicle Plant" in order to build it.
- Cost: 27.000 credits
- Production: you only need one per colony

| Stadium |
The final leisure structure and also the most expensive. Besides making people
happy, a "Stadium" is required for the population to grow beyond 50.000 people
in any given colony. With this one, you may set colony taxes to "very
difficult" and not only people won't revolt as population will still grow. You
also need a "Builder Plant" and a "Vehicle Plant" in order to build it.
- Cost: 36.000 credits
- Production: you only need one per colony
- Special effect: allows population to grow beyond 50.000

| University |
It's required for a colony to go beyond 70.000 people. Strange enough, even if
you destroy the University you start with on New Earth, you can still send your
advisors on courses!
- Cost: 53.000 credits
- Special effect: allows population to grow beyond 70.000

| Hospital |
This is the only structure that supplies healthcare in the game (the other one
only produces medicine). A hospital can supply healthcare up to 20.000 people
(remember that the "Command Centre" supply 20.000). Everything looks fine,
except for one thing: some worlds require double hospitals (that is, the
hospital and the "Command Centre" supply only 10.000 people in these places).
You need a "Builder Plant" in order to build this one.
- Cost: 7.000
- Population: supply healthcare to 20.000 or 10.000 people, depending on the

| Medicine Plant |
This structure is required only in some worlds, because of sickness. In these
worlds, you'll need double hospitals too (hospitals and the "Command Centre"
will only supply healthcare for 10.000 people). You also need a "Builder Plant"
in order to build this one.
- Cost: 9.500
- Production: you only need one per colony

| Farm |
One of the two food structures in the game and the worst. You don't need to
build any of these as "Food Resources" are much better.
- Cost: 6.000
- Population: can feed up to 8.000 people

| Food Resources |
The best food building and the only you'll need. Although they have the same
cost per person as "Farms", they require less space: v. g., you'll need 5
"Farms" or 2 of these to supply the same population.
- Cost: 15.000
- Population: can feed up to 20.000 people

| Ion Cannon |
The game says it protects your colony by assisting either in space or ground
battles. However, I never felt any difference. But, as these become available
late in the game, when money is not a problem, you may build it in your main
colony (the only one that ever gets attacked).
- Cost: 120.000

| Energy Shield |
Another defensive structure. As the former, I have felt no difference with or
without it. It's costy, but you will have tons of credits by the time it is
- Cost: 170.000

| Anti radiation shield |
This structure is needed on some of your colonies, to prevent people from dying
from radiation. Without it, your population won't grow and, if you set taxes
any higher than "none", your people will revolt and destroy your colony. So, a
must for those worlds, but useless elsewhere.
- Cost: 70.000
- Special effect: allows some of your colonies to grow and generate tax

| Radar |
Useless structure whose only function is to be an alarm when power is
insuficient, as usually it's the first structure that goes down.
- Cost: 15.000
- Special effect: shows an useless minimap of the planet or moon

| Observatory |
Monitors the star system where it has been built, discovering new planets. It's
important in Amnesty system (so that one may find useful planets, like Amnesty2
and Jade) and Phoenix system (discovering Phoenix1 makes it easier to conquer
the Morgruls). Besides that, it's completely optional.
- Cost: 42.000 credits
- Special effect: allows discovery of planets in a star system

| B. Techs Guide |

Advancing in the game requires that you research various technologies which
will provide one of three things: new structures which can be built in
colonies, new items which can be purchased and have very specific funtions in
the game, or special items that does not need to be bought and which enables
special features. In order for one to be able to research new techs, they must
trigger a specific event. When you trigger one of those events, technology will
become available for researching by your science advisor. Research will be
sucessful only if your advisor meets the requirements of the tech you are
trying to develop. If not, research of that specific tech will halt at some
point. Only sending your advisor to university or hiring a better one will
allow research to be resumed.

* Advisors

Again, there are three advisors: cheap - but useless, average and reasonable
priced, and best - but costly. The first - as always - isn't recommended at
all. The middle one is, probably, the best choice, since the best one costs you
16 times more and you need to start researching from the start. So, waiting for
the necessary credits ($ 250.000) to hire the best one will take just too long.

                          | Sapphire Fox | Thomas Dempsey | Klaatoo |
| Math                    |      1       |       3        |    5    |
| Physics                 |      2       |       3        |    7    |
| Eletronics              |      2       |       4        |    6    |
| Artificial intelligence |      1       |       2        |    5    |
| Hiring cost             |    2.400     |     15.000     | 250.000 |

* Technologies list

| Tech name |
- Description.
- Event: event that leads to invention
- Requirements: math, physics, electronics and artificial inteligence

| Nuclear Generator |
- This is a free tecnology since it's alredy invented and researched when you
start the game. It can be built in colonies for energy. See "Buildings' list"
- Already invented
- Unknown: already researched

| Miner Droid |
- Allows the purchase of droids to work in your mines. It's already invented
when you start the game, although you need to research it (Which is odd since
you already have 3 of it: 2 working in new earth mines and 1 in stock).
- Already invented
- 0, 1, 1, 0

| Satellite |
- Allows the purchase of satellites, needed to colonize other planets and moons.
- Already invented
- 1, 1, 1, 0

| Satellite Carrier |
- Allows the purchase of ships that can carry several types of satellites.
- Try to place a satellite on another planet: it will get destroyed
(apparently, because of distance)
- 1, 2, 2, 0

| Miner Station |
- Allows the purchase of miner stations which can be placed in other worlds for
mining. They are much more expensive than regular mines, even though they
already come with 1 miner droid.
- Deploy a satellite on another planet or moon and discover it is suitable for
- 0, 2, 2, 1

| Transfer Ship |
- Allows the purchase of a small trade ship to deploy miner stations and
transfer resources from colonies to your main planet.
- Research miner station and a message will pop up telling you need a ship to
place the miner stations on other planets and moons
- 2, 2, 3, 0

| Control Centre |
- The Command Centre can be built in all worlds your satelites find that are
accommodable (now you can colonise other planets and moons). See "Buildings'
list" above.
- Place a miner station on a planet or moon suitable for living
- 0, 4, 2, 0

| Communicator |
- Enables communication with alien races.
- Encounter the Jaanosians by sending a trade group to Jade
- 1, 0, 1, 2

| Trade Ship |
- Allows the purchase of a better trade ship.
- Agree to send your researcher to cooperate with the Jaanosians.
- Unknown: it does not need to be researched

| Hunter |
- Allows the purchase of a mediocre battle ship.
- Agree to help the Jaanosians in fighting the Morgruls
- Unknown: the Jaanosians give it to you, so it does not need to be researched

| Laser Cannon |
- Allows the purchase of a laser cannon.
- Agree to help the Jaanosians in fighting the Morgruls
- Unknown: it does not need to be researched

| Radio |
- Enables receiving radio signals from throughout the galaxy.
- Land on planet Jade after Jaanosians are destroyed by the Morgruls
- 1, 2, 0, 0

| Twin Laser Gun |
- Allows the purchase of a better laser cannon.
- Survive the first Morgruls' attack
- 2, 3, 2, 0

| Hyperspace Drive |
- Enables your carrier groups to fly to other star systems
- Buy misterious item from the Jaanosians
- 5, 5, 3, 0

| Galeon |
- Allows the purchase of the best trade ship in the game.
- Research Hyperspace Drive and a message will pop up telling the device is too
big to fit your trade ships, so you need a bigger one
- 5, 5, 4, 0

| Starfighter |
- Allows the purchase of a much better battle ship.
- Encounter the Kalls and accept their help to fight the Morgruls
- 2, 4, 4, 0

| Trooper Carrier |
- Allows the purchase of a mediocre ground battle vehicle.
- Survive the second Morgruls' attack
- 2, 4, 3, 0

| Tractor Beam |
- Enables the capture of other ships (actually, this is meant to be used just
one time in the whole game).
- Survive the second Morgruls' attack
- 1, 6, 3, 0

| Pirate Ship |
- Allows the purchase of a medium sized trade ship, heavily armed.
- Encounter Morgruls' pirate ship, get the crew to transmit a message to their
superiors and let them live;
- 2, 5, 5, 0

| Spy Satelite |
- Allows the purchase of a satellite that can be placed in alien controlled
worlds, which is needed to invade other planets and moons.
- Get the Morgruls' spy (although working for the Morgruls, he's actually
druedian) in space local to work for you.
- 2, 4, 5, 4

| Battle Tank |
- Allows the purchase of a better ground battle vehicle.
- Encounter the Phelonians and, when prompted, exchange 10k energon for the
plans to this tecnology.
- Unknown: the Phelonians give it to you, so it does not need to be researched

| Missile |
- Allows the purchase of a missile that can be fitted in a handful of ships and
ground vehicles.
- Find Explorer1 by landing (or deploying a satellite) on Mirach2, Moon1
- 3, 3, 3, 3

| Destroyer |
- Allows the purchase of a big ship that enables military forces to travel to
other star systems.
- Find Explorer1 by landing (or deploying a satellite) on Mirach2, Moon1
- 6, 6, 5, 0

| Space Station |
- Allows the purchase of space stations which are needed to build big military
ships (Destroyers and Cruisers).
- Research Destroyer and a message will pop up telling it's too big to be built
on planets and moons
- 7, 5, 7, 0

| Spy Ship |
- Allows the purchase of a satellite that can be placed in alien controled
worlds so that you get to know the size of their defending forces.
- Get the Morgruls' spy in space local to work for you.
- 6, 6, 7, 6

| Aircraft |
- Allows the purchase of the second best ground vehicle in the game.
- Send the Eran on space local to break the league aliance and make the
Undorlings your allies
- 6, 7, 5, 1

| Solar Plant |
- Allows the purchase of a satellite that can be placed in your colonies to
produce a great ammount of energy.
- Get one of your groups to fly to Antares system
- 7, 8, 3, 3

| Meteor Disintegrator |
- Halts meteorites from hitting your buildings at Orionis or Lyrae system.
- When a meteorite hits and destroys one of your buildings at any of your
colonies in Orionis or Lyrae system
- 4, 7, 3, 7

| Ion Cannon |
- Can be built on your colonies and assist on planet defense. See "Buildings'
list" above.
- Defeat the Morgruls
- Unknown: it does not need to be researched

| Anti-rad Shield |
- Can be built in all of your collonies (only needed in some planets and
moons). See list of useful planets above. See "Buildings' list" above.
- Start a colony in some worlds and people will start to die because of
- 1, 8, 2, 0

| Plasma Gun |
- Allows the purchase of a weapon that can be fitted in a handful of ships.
- Land (or deploy a satellite) in Rigel1
- 3, 8, 4, 0

| Missile Launcher |
- Allows the purchase of the best ground vehicle in the game.
- Land (or deploy a satellite) in Rigel1
- 5, 6, 5, 7

| Cruiser |
- Allows the purchase of the biggest warship in the game;
- Defeat the league and they'll hand you all their technologies.
- Unknown: The League give it to you, so it does not need to be researched

| Mental Radar |
- Enables Rigel2 to become visible.
- Land (or deploy a satellite) in Rigel1
- 8, 5, 8, 9

| Energy Shield |
- Can be built in all your colonies, functioning as a defence against invading
forces. See "Buildings' list" above.
- Encounter the Syonians and they will give you this technology
- Unknown: The Syonians give it to you, so it does not need to be researched

| C. Exploration Guide |

Reunion is an ambiguous kind of game: although you're encouraged to explore to
be able to advance in the game, finding certain places or triggering some
events too early will make the game too difficult or even impossible to win.

* Pilot Advisors

Same pattern as before: three advisors; useless, average and best. The choice
here is harder just as it was with the builders. The best one isn't much
expensive, although hiring the midle one could be a money saver at the
beginning of the game. I hire Jack Benson, since the only noticeable setback at
start is the time it takes to travel between worlds (which is no big deal).
Later on, you'll have plenty of credits for hiring all the best advisors.

                 | Bruce Jordan | Jack Benson | Julie-Anne Roxford |
| Training level |      10      |     70      |         90         |
| Hiring cost    |    4.500     |   25.000    |      120.000       |

* Space Local

This is a bar where you can do different things: get hints about on what to do
next; get unique information that will lead to events (that is, unlock certain
events); spy on other races; and hire space pirates.

| Special people |
- Event that makes him/her available
- How to recruit him
- What he/her can do

| Bartender |
- He's there at the start
- He already works for you
- He gives you lots of important information and his dialog change from time to
time. Everytime something happen, you should talk to him.
* Information:
1- Person from another solar system - since the beggining;
2- He knows the suspicious character is a spy - after Morgruls' third attack;
3- He says you should try to break the league appart - after the League
declares war on you (5.000 credits);

| Informer |
- He's there at the start
- He already works for you
- Also gives lots of information and his dialog will change when some events
take place. So, as with the barman, you should talk to him frequently.
* Information:
1- The Morgruls are placing forces near you (he's talking about Morgruls'
colony in Jade) - after the Morgruls wipe out the Jaanosians (500 credits);
2- Strong and powerful race in Phoenix system (he's talking about the
Phelonians) - after traveling to Phoenix system (500 credits);
3- He warns you about the Morgruls - after third battle (500 credits);
4- Tells that the Morgrul in the bar is a pirate leader - after you defeat the
Morgruls (500 credits);
5- Tells the Erans are dangerous and allies to the Morgruls - after you
discover the Erans (500 credits);

| Spy-hunter |
- He's there at the start
- He already works for you
- The only time he's useful is when the Morgruls' spy (actually, he's a
druedian working for the Morgruls) appears on the bar. If you tell him to kill
the spy, you won't be able to complete the game, as the spy is the only one who
can tell you about Mirach system. So, as you cannot kill the spy without
rendering the game incompletable, the spy-hunter is useless.

| Spy |
- Appears after Morgrul's second wave
- If you talk to the bartender about him, when you go talk to him, you can
recruit him for, at least, 30.000 credits.
- He can get information on other races (enemies and foes), such as their
colonies, space forces and ground forces. Also, he is the only one who can make
you discover Mirach system. So, getting him on your side is not optional.

| Morgrul or Pirate leader |
- Appears after you defeat the Morgruls
- To recruit him, ask the informer about him. He'll ask for 500 credits. After
that, speak to him and he'll say he needs detailed information about the jobs.
- He is a pirate leader (in the game he says he's the leader of the Morgruls)
that can work for you. Sometimes you pick up messages about ores or weapons
being transported. He can attack these for you. He will always accept half the
cargo as his prize (if you got a fair amount of ores and not so much money this
can be good for the ore raids). And, also, often he will accept the middle
prize for hiring him (good for raiding for weapons, so you'll get more of
these). If he does not, you can talk to him again and offer more.

| Eran |
- Appears after you save the Erans on the Antares system
- You need to talk to the bartender about the league for 5.000 credits (he'll
give the idea about "breaking their aliance"). Then you can talk to the Eran
and he'll do a job for you
- He can get the Undorlings or the Lisonians on your side, breaking the
strength of the league and making it easier to defeat them. Getting the
Undorlings on your side is the only way to get Aircraft technology which makes
it much easier to defeat the League (it's not impossible to defeat them without

| Undorling |
- Get the Undorlings on your side
- He already works for you
- He's some kind of representative of the Undorlings. He can give you general
information about the other races of the league. Pretty much useless, only
useful from a narrative point of view.

| Bounty-Hunter |
- Discover the Solar system
- He already works for you
- When you agree with the "Treasonable" about getting someone to kill the
telepath controlling Earth, you can get him to kill the Syonian for 100.000
credits. The only problem is that this appears to be bugged: you'll get a
message that the telepath is dead, but you'll have to battle Earth anyway. So,
there's no point in doing it.

| Treasonable |
- Shows up at the back of the bar sometime after Earth declares war on you.
This appears to be bugged, so he can get a lot of time to actually appear.
- He already works for you
- He tells you that he represents people who are preparing an uprising against
the telepath controlling Earth. He asks you money for this and you can give him
from 100.000 to 200.000 credits (I haven't noticed any different outcome based
on how much money you give to him). After that, he'll ask if you know someone
who could kill the telepath. If you answer positively, you can talk to the
"Bounty-Hunter" to kill the Syonian. But this appears to be bugged as you'll
still have to crush Earth forces. So, there's no point in doing it or waiting
for him to appear.

* Items list

| Item name |
- Description.
- Price: Credits needed
- Ore: Detoxin, Energon, Kremir, Lepitium, Raenium, Texon
- Time: Time needed for it to be ready

| Satellite Carrier |
- Satellite's can't be deployed in other worlds by their own, with the
exception of New Earth's moon, Apollo. These ships are the only ones available
to carry them.
- 1.530
- 55, 105, 27, 18, 0, 0
- 25 hours

| Satellite |
- Can be deployed in planets or moons to discover if they can be mined or can
sustain life.
- 780
- 37, 31, 12, 5, 0, 0
- 5 hours

| Spy satellite |
- Can be placed in alien controlled worlds, which is needed to confirm to which
race that planet or moon belongs in order to invade it.
- 3.546
- 53, 255, 80, 335, 890, 900
- 15 hours

| Spy Ship |
- Can be deployed in alien controlled worlds, so that you get information on
the size of their space and ground forces.
- 5.600
- 1.800, 3.600, 870, 800, 550, 75
- 60 hours

| Solar Plant |
- Also called ingame as Solar Satellite, it can be placed in your colonies to
generate a huge ammount of energy. It has the best cost per energy production
relation in the game, although it requires reasonable ammounts of precious ore.
The biggest downside is that it becomes available too late in the game, when it
doesn't matter anymore.
- 3.100
- 6.000, 5.100, 3.335, 5.667, 757, 400
- 50 hours

| Transfer Ship |
- Also called ingame as Transport Craft or Sloop, it's the only trade ship at
the start of the game, but becomes pretty much useless once the trade ship is
developed, because of it having the worst cost per cargo space relation in the
- 3.800
- 223, 521, 451, 56, 0, 0
- 50 hours
- Capacity: 500t or 1 item (Miner Droid)

| Trade Ship |
- A good trade ship: cheap and with excellent cost per cargo space relation.
It's only setback is its inabillity to travel to other star systems alone.
- 4.590
- 300, 1.625, 366, 355, 0, 0
- 30 hours
- Capacity: 2.000t or 4 items (Miner Droid)

| Galleon |
- Huge trade ship needed to travel between star systems. Although it's the
biggest trade ship in the game, it's way too expensive. For the same cargo
space you would expend a little more than 18k credits on 4 trade ships. Also,
it requires excessive ammounts of ore (it marginally uses less Energon) and
requires Raenium and Texon, which are used in battle ships and vehicles. Its
only advantage is that it takes half the time to build the same cargo space as
it would take with trade ships. I usually build just one of it.
- 47.000
- 8.750, 12.670, 3.226, 11.000, 1.778, 1.936
- 60 hours
- Capacity: 8.000t or 16 items (Miner Droid)

| Pirate Ship |
- Despite its name, it's considered a trade ship in the game. The fact that
it's heavilly armed and the game's manual indicate that designers intended to
allow the player to create pirate groups. I have seen no relation between the
success of the pirate missions in space local and the ammount or how heavilly
armed you kept this ship. As a trade ship it's the second worst in the game.
- 7.000
- 1300, 1550, 600, 505, 800, 50
- 35 hours
- 1.000t or 2 items (Miner Droid)

| Miner Station |
- Can be deployed in planets or moons which are suitable for mining. Doesn't
need a miner droid (apparently, it already comes with one).
- 9.700
- 1.500, 1.024, 333, 212, 0, 0
- 60 hours

| Miner Droid |
- Every mine you build in your colonies needs one.
- 3.150
- 10, 10, 5, 3, 0, 0
- 7 hours

| Space Station |
- Required to build big warships (Destroyers and Cruisers), it requires
humongous ammounts of ore, specially Detoxin and Energon. There's no good
reason to build more than one since you don't need to build too many big
Warships (the only drawback of building just one is that you'll have to
purchase one big ship at a time).
- 28.500
- 60.000, 48.000, 6.590, 2.585, 2.000, 3.270
- 90 hours

| D. War Guide |

War in Reunion is divided in 2 different kind of battles, space and ground,
each with its specifics vehicle or ships. Ground battle does not come into play
unless the attacker wins the space battle. So, space forces are much more
vital, because one could survive with no ground forces. However, with no ground
forces the player won't be able to win the game, since you must conquer several
alien races in order to beat the game. Also, even building huge space forces is
no guarantee of survival: the AI is capable of building space forces faster
than you can.

* Advisors

That same old song and dance: worst, average and best. Here, since there aren't
battles in the start of the game, you can hire no war advisor in the beggining,
saving your credits for other needed actions. When war comes to your door, you
can fast foward to collect the credits needed to hire the best one. That way,
you can benefit from battle experience to harden your commander. It seems the
best strategy.

                 | Michael James | Kyle Douglas |   MACH  |
| Training level |       10      |      20      |   40    |
| Hiring cost    |     3.800     |    45.000    | 300.000 |

* Space battle

In space battle the player cannot mannualy fly his ships, or give them orders.
He depends on the war advisor to do so. With this in mind, I have identified 4
factors (one fixed rule and three variables) that the player should keep in
mind when planning his strategy for space battles.

1- Big ships (destroyers and cruisers) cannot be destroyed by smaller ships
(hunters and starfighters). So, even if one have 100 starfighters, a single
destroyer will eventually crush all of them.

2- The ability of the war commander: the best war advisor has a better chance
of winning a battle. But remember: even if one have the best war advisor, his
ability can be upgraded in the university. However, experience also counts: if
he wins more than X battles, he'll become so experienced that he cannot be sent
to university.

3- The size and strentgh of one army forces in comparison to those of the
enemy: the bigger force usually wins. But remember that the other variables or
the fixed rule may lead to a lesser force victory (v.g.: the narrowly smaller
army has a better advisor; or the smaller army has big ships, while the bigger
force doesn't; etc).

4- Chance: there's a chance factor. So, even when one has the best war advisor
with many victories behind him and a good army, the battle may still be won by
the other side, when they also have their best advisor and an equivalent army.
This is best noticed by saving, winning a battle and loading to fight that
battle again: the casualties will vary.

So, a good strategy is to focus on hiring the best war advisor before the first
battle, so that he may gain experience. Also, when one think that he should
have won - but didn't - one should pay close attention on the battle screen:
each ship will have a different graphic representation, so one may identify if
the other army has big ships (it's actually easy to identify as the battle, in
this case, always follows the same pattern: your army will crush every ship but
a few and then your army will be slowly destroyed by the remaining few ships).

* Ground battle

Ground war, instead, depends solely on the player commands, although I have
identified one automated feature: vehicles will always attack when enemies come
in range. Tactics varies a lot in ground battle, but their execution is
problematic because the engine is awful. It's hard to move troops and,
sometimes, the same moves by the player will lead to different outcomes. So, I
prefer to leave my troops standing, focusing on setting better starting
locations. Therefore, I try to mimic computer allocation of troops, matching
it's pattern. For example, I try to place my best vehicles alligned with those
of the computer. So, for ecxample, if the computer has 2 troopers and 2 battle
tanks in a descending order, I place my 2 battle tanks right in front of the
battle tanks.

* Military equipment

| Item name |
- Description.
- Price: Credits needed
- Ore: Detoxin, Energon, Kremir, Lepitium, Raenium, Texon
- Time: Time needed for it to be ready

| Hunter |
- The worst military ship in the game, but useful even in the last battle. Even
if you don't fully equip them, they are good because they are cheap and
distract the enemy from your starfighters.
- 5.700
- 450, 1.875, 406, 454, 78, 0
- 20 hours
- Can equip: 2 LC, 1 TG

| Starfighters |
- The best small fighter ship in the game. They will constitute the bigger part
of your space forces. Much often, space battles are won by who has more
- 8.400
- 1.490, 1.730, 506, 490, 120, 515
- 30 hours
- Can equip: 4 TG, 1 M

| Destroyer |
- The first big ship. They are worst than cruisers, but you'll need them, since
cruisers come into play only much more later in the game. A war group cannot
travel to other star systems without a big ship in it.
- 38.000
- 7.500, 13.500, 2.056, 8.000, 2.000, 1.530
- 67 hours
- Can equip: 2 TG, 4 M, 1 PG

| Cruiser |
- The best big ship in the game, but only available for the earth part of the
game. It's possible to win without ever constructing one of these. They are
costy and it takes forever to build a good force of them.
- 340.000
- 10.000, 18.675, 12.377, 6.665, 1.200, 2.860
- 200 hours
- Can equip: 6 M, 3 PG

| Trooper |
- Uneffective and useless. Actually, in battle ground, only the best vehicle
available matters, as the best one renders the other ones obsolete. So, take my
advice: ignore this one.
- 4.500
- 1.000, 970, 60, 335, 130, 236
- 35 hours
- Can equip: 1 LC

| Battle Tank |
- These are the best available for fighting the Morgruls - and you can defeat
the League and its Aircraft with it. It has good range and is the only ground
vehicle that can defeat one better (the aircraft).
- 6.000
- 1.300, 1.215, 66, 95, 780, 150
- 50 hours
- Can equip: 3 LC, 1 TG

| Aircraft |
- If you don't finish the Morgruls early, they will have this (which makes it
much more difficult to wipe them out). However, it's a League vehicle and it's
a little better than the tank (superior number of tanks may still overpower it).
- 17.000
- 700, 2.455, 1.455, 500, 200, 200
- 35 hours
- Can equip: 4 TG, 1 M

| Missile Launcher |
- Also called "Missile Tank" ingame, it's the best ground battle vehicle you
can get. While rendering all the others obsolete, because of its range, it can
destroy every other vehicle without receiving damage. The only problem it has
is that, when facing other missile launchers, they will destroy each other.
Oddly, it is expensive and time demanding, but go easy on your ore.
- 26.000
- 630, 510, 345, 48, 90, 0
- 50 hours
- Can equip: 5 M

| Laser Cannon |
- Also called "Laser Gun" ingame, it is cheap and weak. Only the worst ships
and vehicles use it.
- 1.550
- 50, 35, 16, 15, 78, 0
- 8 hours
- Used by: Hunter, Trooper and Battle Tank

| Twin Laser gun |
- This is the main weapon used by ships and vehicles in Reunion. Since it is
required by almost everything in large quantities (v.g., both the "Aircraft"
and the "Starfighter" need 4 of it to be full force) and as it is the second
most time demanding of the weapons, it will determine the speed in which you
can recruit and fully equip your army. Both in ground and in space.
- 2.650
- 85, 75, 35, 25, 118, 0
- 13 hours
- Used by: Hunter, Starfighter, Destroyer, Battle Tank and Aircraft

| Missile |
- The second most used weapon, it doesn't hold you back because it requires
less time to be manufactured and because the ships and vehicles that require it
in larger quantities are only available in the late game.
- 3.000
- 40, 50, 60, 50, 80, 300
- 10 hours
- Used by: Starfighter, Destroyer, Cruiser, Aircraft and Missile Launcher

| Plasma Gun |
- This one is pretty expensive and time demanding, but, since it becomes
available only for battling the earthlings (when you have lots of resources,
credits and time to prepare), it won't be a problem acquiring and waiting for
it to be ready to equip.
- 5.000
- 290, 35, 156, 335, 599, 2.300
- 22 hours
- Used by: Destroyer and Cruiser

| IV. Complete Walkthrough |

Here, I start my walkthrough to Reunion. Again, I advise the reader that
Reunion is a game that tells a story based on a series of coded events. So,
first, I'll list all these events. Then, I'll start the proper walkthrough.
I'll try to explain why you should be doing what I told, so that you understand
my strategy. Also, I won't tell you to build energy generators, hospitals or
food resources as population grow as these can vary. Every time one is prompted
with demands or needs from colonies, one should adress them.

| A. Events list |

Reunion is based on a series of coded events that take place when the
conditions set for them are reached. Those conditions can be time related
and/or an action done by the player. Here I'll list all of them, except for
those that keep repeting (colonists demand hospital, colonists are starving

| Event name |
- What it is
- Conditions

| Satellite destroyed |
- Your satellite gets destroyed when you send it too far on its own (no reason
is presented. When I was young, I thought it was aliens...).
- The first satellite you send to any place other than your own moon, Apolo.

| World mineable |
- The first time one of your satellites discover ores in another world you'll
get this message about trying to develop a way of mining ores in other worlds.
- Send a satellite to a mineable world.

| Transfering mines |
- When you research miner station, you'll get a message about not being able to
transfer mines to other mineable worlds.
- Research miner station.

| Plans to colonize |
- When you place a miner station on a planet or moon that is suitable for
living the game assumes you are planning to build a colony.
- Place a miner station in a planet or moon that is suitable for living.

| Message from deep space |
- if you don't meet the Jaanosians before this date, you'll get this event. You
receive a message from deep space, but you cannot decode it. After receiving
this message, you'll be doomed in a little more than a months time.
- Don't meet the Jaanosians before 2928-5-5.

| Encounter the Jaanosians |
- You discover the existence of another race in the Amnesty star system.
- Send a trade group to Amnesty, Jade.

| Alien Language |
- When you first meet an alien race, you'll get this message. Normally, it'll
be the Jaanosians, but if you never send a trade group to Jade, this event will
be triggered by the Morgruls' fleet.
- Meet an alien race for the first time.

| Control Centre destroyed |
- You get this event whenever you lose a ground battle in your home planet.
This is game over.
- The first time you can get this is right after you first encounter the
Morgruls, if you never send a trade group to Jade.

| Jaanosians first meeting |
- This is the first meeting you'll have with them. Here, they will propose that
you send your scientist there to work on a project.
- Meet the Jaanosians and research the comunicator (some time after, you'll get
the meeting).

| Jaanosians second meeting |
- In their second meeting, they will offer an unknown device.
- Accept to send your scientist to work on their project in the first meeting.

| Jaanosians third meeting |
- In their third meeting, they will ask for help in fighting the Morgruls.
- Accept to buy their unknown device.

| Jaanosians base destroyed |
- The Morgruls will attack and destroy the Jaanosians base. This event, like
the others, is hard coded and cannot be prevented once it's conditions are set.
Even if you destroy the Morgruls' invading force present in planet Jade screen,
the base will still be destroyed by the Morgruls.
- Get the Jaanosians S.O.S. request (either agreeing to help them or not).

| Encounter the Morgruls |
- You encounter a ship by the Morgruls either by sending one of your trade or
war groups to the same world as they are (Amnesty, Jade), or by waiting until a
war party come to your home world. They will never send a representative to
meet you.
- Don't meet the Jaanosians at all (you have to meet them before 2928-5-5) and
reach 2928-6-12; or wait for them to wipe out the Jaanosians (either if you
agreed to help them or not).

| Leaving your star system |
- You get a beautiful scene of your carrier leaving your star system (although
it looks more like a galaxy).
- Research Hyperdrive and send your carrier group to Phoenix system.

| Morgruls' first attack |
- This is the first attack by the Morgruls. It's more like an introduction and
the game don't count it as a Morgruls' attack (you don't get no special
sequence), probably because their forces are meager (5 hunters).
- Meet the Morgruls and they will attack you some time later.

| Encounter the Kalls |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Phoenix, Phoenix3.
- Send a trade group to Phoenix3.

| Meet the Kalls |
- When you first encounter them, they will send a representative right away.
- Send a trade group to Phoenix3 and encounter them.

| Encounter the Phelonians |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Phoenix, Phoenix5.
- Send a trade group to Phoenix5.

| Meet the Phelonians |
- After you first encounter them, it'll take some time for them to send someone
to meet you.
- Send a trade group to Phoenix5 and encounter the Phelonians.

| Morgruls' second attack |
- Because the Morgruls didn't destroyed you the first time, they send an
invasion force (20 hunters and 10 troopers).
- Survive Morgruls' first attack.

| S.O.S. message |
- After the Morgruls' second attack, your radio will get a message coming from
- Survive Morgruls' second attack.

| Morgruls' pirate ship |
- You'll find a Morgruls' pirate ship drifting in space and have an opportunity
to interrogate them and get the Kalls to be open and assist you in attacking
the Morgruls.
- Survive Morgruls' second attack.

| Morgruls' third attack |
- Because the Morgruls didn't destroyed you the second time, they send a new
invasion force (16 hunters, 8 starfighters, 2 battle tanks and 15 troopers).
- Survive Morgruls' second attack.

| Spy report |
- This is a clue to find Explorer1 in Mirach2, Moon1.
- Survive Morgruls' third attack.

| Find Explorer 1 |
- You'll find explorer 1 and new war technology.
- Land with your trade group in Mirach2, Moon1.

| Kalls-Morgruls aliance |
- The Morgruls and the Kalls ally and destroy the Phelonians. Then, they come
after you. It's not impossible to defeat both of them, but it's easier to
prevent this and get the Kalls support against the Morgruls.
- You'll get this event if you did something wrong in the "S.O.S.
message"-"Morgruls' pirate ship" events, or if you send your trade ship and
triggered the second event too early (I don't know if this is a bug).

| Morgruls' fourth attack |
- Because the Morgruls didn't destroyed you the third time, they send a new
invasion force (16 hunters, 24 starfighters, 02 destroyers).
- Survive Morgruls' third attack.

| Morgruls' defeat |
- This will grant you technology (ion cannon) and the discovery of three more
star systems (Antares, Orionis and Lyrae).
- Successfully invade the Morgruls' home planet, Mirach3.

| Encounter the Erans |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Antares, Antares2.
- Send a trade group to Antares2.

| Antares will go nova |
- Your scientists discover that the Antares star will soon go nova.
- Start a colony in Antares3 and build an observatory.

| Meet the Erans |
- The Erans will ask for a meeting when you send your trade group to pick up
your people in Antares3. They will ask for your help in evacuating their people
- Send a trade group to Antares3.

| Supernova |
- Antares explode, destroying the entire star system.
- Discover that Antares will go nova.

| Encounter the Druedians |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Orionis, Orionis3.
- Send a trade group to Orionis3.

| War with the League |
- The first time you encounter any of the races that form the League, they will
declare war on you.
- Send a trade group to any world controled by the League.

| Encounter the Undorlings |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Lyrae, Lyrae3.
- Send a trade group to Lyrae3.

| Encounter the Hirachi |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Lyrae, Lyrae5.
- Send a trade group to Lyrae5.

| Encounter the Lysonians |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Lyrae, Lyrae7.
- Send a trade group to Lyrae7.

| The League is broken |
- The Eran you sent succeeds in causing turmoil and breaking the League. Now,
the Undorlings or the Lisonians are your allies. Also, you acquire their
- Talk to the bartender about the League and then send the Eran to break their

| Druedians defeat |
- You destroyed the Druedians, members of the League.
- Successfully invade the Druedians' home planet, Orionis3.

| Hirachi defeat |
- You destroyed the Hirachi, members of the League.
- Successfully invade the Hirachi's home planet, Lyrae5.

| Undorlings defeat |
- You destroyed the Undorlings, members of the League.
- Successfully invade the Undorlings' home planet, Lyrae3.

| Lisonians defeat |
- You destroyed the Lisonians, members of the League.
- Successfully invade the Lisonians' home planet, Lyrae7.

| League defeat |
- You destroyed all members of the League.
- Successfully invade all the league members' home planets, Orionis3, Lyrae3,
Lyrae5 and Lyrae7.

| Alien shipwreck |
- You've found an alien shipwreck indicating the presence of a super-evolved
- Land your trade group in Rigel1.

| Scientists research |
- You get a message about a new research to find the eletronically disguised
planets hinted in the alen shipwreck.
- Land your trade group in Rigel1.

| Encounter the Syonians |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Rigel, Rigel2.
- Send your trade group to Rigel2.

| Meet the Syonians |
- The Syonians will ask for a meeting once you discover their existence.
- Encounter the Syonians.

| Encounter the Earthlings |
- You discover the existence of aliens in Sun, Earth.
- Send a trade group to Earth.

| War with the Earthlings |
- The first time you encounter Earthlings, they will declare war on you.
- Send a trade group to any world controled by the Earthlings.

| Telepath killed |
- If you pay the Bounty-hunter to kill MKA, he will eventually succeed. But
this seem to be bugged, as it does nothing.
- Pay 100.000 credits to the Bounty-hunter in space local so that he'll kill
the Syonian renegade telepath, MKA.

| Earth freed |
- This is the game ending.
- Successfully invade Earth.

| B. Colonising |

The game starts at 2927-08-14 and you have 121.620 credits. If you look at the
events list above, you'll know that meeting the Jaanosians is the main event in
the game; the one that allows all the story to unfold. But, one thing that is
not clear to all that play the game is that the date when you meet them will
make the game easier or harder. This happens because secondary story events
will be triggered by that meeting. Having said that, you should try to develop
before meeting them, watching the date and only sending your trade group to
Amnesty, Jade in the last moment (not really the last, but some 10 days before

So, the first problem we have to look after is income. We start with a decent
amount of credits, but our only colony (New Earth) generate only a few credits
every day (less than 2.000 at normal tax rating). Now that we know well all
buildings, their purpose and their effects; we can use this knowledge to
maximize our income in this colony. Also, since we start with a mine droid in
stock, we can build a single mine (it's cheap) from start to use it.

- Hire best builder;
- Set taxes on New Earth to very difficult;
- Build vehicle plant;
- Build stadium;
- Build 1 mine;
- Add mine droid in stock;
- Build 10 buildings;

Now, New Earth will soon be generating more than 5.000 credits daily (and its
revenue will continue to grow in time as population gets bigger). With all the
structures we have built, this colony can house more than 100k people (only
asking for a hospital or a food resource from time to time). Our next step
should be researching technologies already discovered, but not fully
researched, and start exploration.

- Hire average researcher;
- Research miner droid;
- Research satellite;
- Buy 2 satellites;
- Place 1 at New Earth, Apollo and the other at any other planet;

One of the satellites will explode and a message will say we need a ship to
carry satellites in safety.

- Hire average pilot;
- Buy 2 more satellites;
- Research satellite carrier;
- Buy 1 satellite carrier;
- Create carrier group and place satellites at Zeus, Penelope and at Amnesty 2,

Then, Reunion will say it's time to find a way of mining resources found on
other worlds.

- Research miner station and transfer ship;
- Buy 1 miner station and 1 transfer ship;
- Create trade group and place a miner station on New Earth, Apollo;

The game will, once again, say our plans should be colonising other planets and
moons, so that we can expand our people (generate tax) and mine needed
resources. The best candidate, at first, is our own moon Apolo. I only build
colonies to generate taxes at first, because we don't need ore so badly yet
and, solving our money problem is the number one priority.

- Send your researcher to university to learn math and physics;
- Research control centre;
- Start colony on New Earth, Apollo and build: 4 windtraps, builder plant and
vehicle plant;
- Set taxes to very difficult;
- Build all leisure buildings (park, church, leisure center and stadium), 1
food resources, 1 hospital and 10 buildings;

Then, we should procceed to start a colony on Mir, because it's a sand planet
(you can benefit from the cheap windtrap). The downside is that it requires a
medicine plant and double hospitals.

- Start colony on Amnesty 2, Mir and build the same structures you have built
in New Earth, Apollo with the adition of a Medicine Plant after the vehicle
plant and 2 hospitals, instead of 1;
- Don't forget to set the taxes to very difficult;

Last, it's time to start a colony on Zeus, Penelope which is the most expensive
one since it uses Nuclear Generators.

- Start colony on Zeus, Penelope and build: 2 nuclear generators, builder plant
and vehicle plant;
- Set taxes to very difficult;
- Build all leisure buildings (park, church, leisure center and stadium), 1
food resources, 1 hospital and 10 buildings;

So, all three colonies must be generating more than 10.000 credits daily and
this ammount will only grow. Don't forget to build hospitals, energy generators
and food resources when needed. With this in mind, we should keep track of the
time we have left and start to build our ore sufficiency. In my playthroughs, I
have discovered that you don't need to build derricks outside your main planet,
since you can build as many as you need of them in only one planet (unlike
mines). So, you don't need to spend time transfering detoxin from your colonies
to your main planet.

- Buy 6 miner droids, build 6 mines on new earth and add all miner droids;
- Build enough derricks so you have 20 total in new earth;

| C. Meeting the first aliens |

Now, it's time to send a trade group to meet the Jaanosians in Amnesty, Jade,
before our time runs out. We should be mindful that it's to our gain to mantain
a good relation with them, since we don't have no weapons and can benefit from
this relation.

- Send your trade group to Jade to meet the Jaanosians;
- Research communicator;

We should keep building mines and derricks to achieve a good level of ore
output, focusing on Raenium, Texon (both are not found on your home planet and
are very important for army units) and Energon (most important ore in the
game). Also, we should start to build our trade group to a decent level of
cargo capacit as we need not only to produce ore in great quantities, but also
to send it to New Earth in good quantities.

- Build the maximum number of mines and a spaceport in each one of your
colonies (26 mines, 9 in each colony - remember to count the existing miner
station on Apolo);
- Build another 40 derricks (total of 60!) in new earth;
- When prompted, agree to send your scientist to Jade;
- When available, buy at least 7 trade ships and exactly 26 miner droids;
- Add the miner droids to the mines;
- I recommend you have 50 trade ships in your trade group so you can carry 100k
tons of ore per trip;
- Keep transfering ore resources from your colonies to your main planet from
time to time;
- When offererd, buy device from Jaanosians;

Then, as everything is fine and working pretty good comes a new message from
the Jaanosians: war! We should build an army to defend ourselves at start,
since the Morgruls come from outer space and we cannot travel beyond our own
system yet.

- When asked, agree to help the Jaanosians in fighting the Morgruls;
- Buy 20 hunters and 40 laser canons;
- Create army group and add your hunters and laser canons;

You'll get a message that the Jaanosians were destroyed by the Morgruls,
leaving you with no ally. Your first actions should be to try to benefit from
that fact by sending ships and satellites to explore the Jade planet system and
see if there's a good place to stablish another colony or if there are spoils
to be claimed. Money should not be a problem anymore, but our ore production
can still be improved.

- When the jaanosians are destroyed, send your trade group and land on Jade;
- Research radio;
- Buy a satelite and place it on Jade, moon Russel;
- Buy 9 miner droids;
- Start a colony on Jade, moon Russel and build: 3 nuclear generators, build
plant, vehicle plant, 9 mines and a spaceport;
- Add the miner droids;

Although we are doing good and our space forces will prove to be enough to keep
us safe for now, we won't be able to win this war if we cannot travel beyond
our own solar system and colonize other planets. But a new discovery will
change this perspective for the best.

- Research hyperspace drive as soon as it becomes available;
- Buy another satellite and travel with the carrier group to the Phoenix system;
- Place the satellite on Phoenix2;
- Research Galleon as it becomes available;
- Buy 1 Galleon;

| D. Fighting the Morgruls |

The Morgruls first attack will allow new war technologies to be researched, but
we still need to find an ally.

- After the Morgruls' first attack, research Twin gun when it becomes available;
- Buy as many hunters and guns (both laser and twin) as needed to mantain 20
hunters fully equiped;
- Research troop carrier as it becomes available;

With new information we can acquire from our sources, plus the new technology
(Galleon) we can discover and meet new races that will become our allies in
this war. The only problems is that the Phelonians can offer little help and
the Kalls don't want to declare open war to the Morgruls (they ask you to deal
with them secretly). So, you still need another ally or to change the Kall's
opinion. We should put the new technologies to good use and start to assembly
an invasion fleet.

- Talk with the informer in space local and pay for information;
- Add the galleon to the trade group and travel to Phoenix system to meet the
Kalls and the Phelonians;
- Accept the help from the Kalls;
- Buy 20 starfighter (beyond the 10 the Kalls already gave to you, so that
you'll have 30 in total) and enough twin guns to equip them;
- When prompted, trade with the Phelonians 10k energon for the battle tank
- Buy 60 battle tanks along with the guns so they will be fully equiped;

You should build a new colony on Phoenix system, so that we can build another
observatory and develop anti-rad shield.

- Start a colony on Phoenix2 and build a nuclear generator and a observatory.
Set taxes to none;
- Send your research advisor to university to study math and physics;
- Research anti-rad shield when available;
- Build anti-rad on Phoenix2 and set taxes back to normal;
- You'll probably be attacked by the Morgruls soon. Keep in your army group
only those ships that you can equip fully, probably some 20 hunters and 20
- After the battle, buy as many hunters, fighters and guns as needed to mantain
20 hunters and 30 fighters fully equiped;

The second battle will bring a new technology that is essential to defeat the
Morgruls. Sometime after this, your radio will catch an S.O.S signal from an
interior planet in the Phoenix system. This is the opportunity to bring the
Kalls definitely to your side (as I understand it, they ask for secrecy because
they are playing double, waiting to see who comes ahead to enter the war in the
right time - and in the right side). But there's a complication in this: if you
go check Phoenix1 now, it will do you no good as it is too early to do that.
You have to wait until the Morgruls next invasion force (I don't know if this
is a bug).

- Research tractor beam;
- Now it's a good time to complete your carrier group with 4 more carriers;

After that, your time will be entirely dedicated to raise and equip your army
(space ships and ground vehicles). Since we did a good planning and a great
preparing before meeting the Jaanosians, money and ores should not be a
problem. The only factor of difficult now is time. That is, the time it takes
for your army to be ready.The third battle will bring another new feature: a
suspicious character willappear in space local. He is the key to find where the
Morgruls come from and to open the possibility of getting to the offensive:
sending your forces to attack their home planet.

- As soon as you are attacked for the third time, go to space local and ask
bartender about the suspicious character;
- Talk to the spy and offer 30k so that he works for you;
- Research spy sattelite;
- Don't forget to reinforce your army;
- Send your trade group to Phoenix1 and, when talking to the Morgruls', ask
what their plans are. Then ask them to send a message and let them live (I
recommend you check Phoenix5 first, to see if the Kall fleet is there);

Discovering Mirach system will also bring the opportunity of discovering new
technologies that will make your army better and, finally, strong enough to
wipe out the Morgruls. You should also use the new spy technology (first
satellite and then ship) to find more about foes and enemies.

- You'll get a message about a ship that can be found in the Mirach system.
Send your trade group and land on Mirach2, Moon1;
- Buy 3 spy satellites and place them on Phoenix3, Phoenix5 and Mirach3;
- Research Missile;
- Buy missiles for your starfighters;
- Research Destroyer;
- Send researcher to University: math and eletronics;
- Research Space Station;
- Buy 1 space station;
- Buy 5 destroyers and equip them fully;
- Send researcher to University: artificial inteligency;
- Research spy ship;
- Buy 3 spy ships and place them on Phoenix3, Phoenix5 and Mirach3;

With spy technology and with the Kalls on our side, we can, finally, defeat the
Morgruls. Now, when your army is ready, it's the right time to destroy the
Morgruls, because they won't have aircraft technology and you'll have the Kalls
support. It's just time for the Morgruls' fourth attack, but, sometimes, you
can attack before them. If not, reinforce your army after beating their
offensive and send your fleet.

- Send your army group (20 hunters, 30 starfighters, 5 destroyers and 60 battle
tanks, fully equiped) to Mirach3 and attack the Morgruls' base. The Kalls will
assist your attack with some ships (I don't how many), 10 troopers and 35 tanks;
+ Morgruls' ground attack strategy: Let the 10 troopers and the 5 tanks as the
first 2 units (the other tanks will be the remaining 3 units). The battle will
start. Wait until the enemy tanks are close to you and send your 3 best tank
units (the last three) to attack their 2 tanks. Finish the troopers. You've won!

| E. Battling the League |

Now that you've beaten the Morgruls, it's time to prepare for what comes next.

- Return your army group to new earth. You should reinforce it, adding more
hunters, starfighters and destroyers. You should have 50 hunters, 50
starfighters, 10 destroyers and 60 battle tanks;
- Build an ion cannon on New Earth;
- Talk to the informer about the Morgrul on the bar;
- When you get a message about ore or equipment being transfered around, talk
with the Morgrul on space local and he'll intercept the cargo;

It's safe to explore the Antares system, since the League is not present there.
This will give time so that our forces become ready.

- Buy 1 satellite and 1 spy satellite and travel with your carrier group to
Antares system;
- Place a satellite on Antares3 and a spy satellite on Antares2;
- Send your trade group to Antares2 and meet the Erans;
- Start a colony on Antares3 and build 1 observatory;
- When you are prompted about Antares going nova, send your trade group to
Antares3 and the Erans will ask you to evacuate their population too. Agree to
help and don't forget to take your trade group out of the Antares system;

The last thing we should do to prepare to face the League is to upgrade our
scientist to the best possible.

- Send your researcher to university so that he becomes 9 at every skill;
- Research Solar Plant;

With your army ready, it's time to meet the League. But we should approach them
with caution: first, we're gonna send our carrier group with spy satellites to
their main worlds. Only then, we're gonna send our trade group to meet them.

- Buy 4 spy satellites and place them on Orionis3, Lyrae3, Lyrae5 and Lyrae7;
- Wait until your satellites identify "alien activity" on every one of those
- Send your trade group to each one of the League planets (those four), so that
you will be "introduced" to them and then return your group to new earth;

The League is an alliance of four races: the Hirachi, the Druedians, the
Lisonians and the Undorlings. They are very powerful (more than the Morgruls)
and they have a new technology: Aircraft. If you ask about the League in the
bar, the bartender will have an idea that will help you break their strentgh
and equal their technology with access to Aircraft technology (it's hinted that
the other races suffer despotic treatment by the Lisonians).

- In space local, talk to the bartender about the league. Then, talk to the
Eran and ask him to break the league aliance. When prompted, tell him to try to
separate the undorlings;
- Research aircraft and build 20 of them;

Even with the same technologies, your aircrafts will take some time to build
and equip. So, you'll probably get attacked by the Lisonians at least one time
(16 hunters, 16 starfighters, 03 destroyers, 30 troopers, 15 battle tanks and 5
aircrafts). If and when that happens, rebuild your forces to that configuration
(50 hunters, 50 starfighters, 10 destroyers, 60 battle tanks and 20 aircrafts).

- After the Lisonians attack, rebuild your space forces;
- With 10 aircraft fully equiped, you may attack the hirachi or the druedians;
- After the attack, rebuild your space forces;
- Then, attack the other one;
- Rebuild your forces, again;

Now, it's time to rebuild our forces and to develop one last technology in this

- As of now you have 3 colonies on Orionis and Lyrae systems, build 1 generator
(nuclear or wind) and 1 observatory in each one of them. With time, a meteorite
will hit and destroy one of your structures (probably the observatory) and your
scientists will invent a meteorite disintegrator. Research it;
- Now send your army to Lyrae7 and defeat the Lisonians;
+ Lisonians' ground attack strategy: Move your lowest Aircraft unit so that it
stays right below the Lisonians' lowest aircraft unit. Do it in a way that
their aircrafts won't be facing your aircrafts, so that you can flank them.
When they are close, order your aircrafts to attack theirs, first the lowest
one to attack their lowest one (the weaker) and then the other. Finish the rest
of their units. It's somewhat tricky to get the right timing, but you can retry
it as many times as you want.

| F. Reuniting with Earth |

We are, now, in the last phase of the game. We have a new technology (cruiser)
and a new star system to explore (Rigel). Our first priority is to rebuild our
army, incorporating the cruiser.

- You can start rebuilding your space forces, but now adding 10 fully equiped
cruisers. Your final army will be: 50 hunters, 50 starfighters, 10 destroyers
and 10 cruisers. Don't buy anymore aircrafts or tanks, as you'll gain a better
ground vehicle soon;

Then, we should explore the new system as it'll wield important new
technologies needed for the Earth invasion.

- Send a trade group to Rigel system and land on Rigel1;
- Research plasma gun and missile launcher;
- Start building your final ground army, buying 50 fully equiped missile
launchers. There's no point in making more than 100 as you can only place that
much in a battle;

Our scientists will also develop the mental radar which will allow us to
discover a new race that knows about Earth.

- Research mental radar;
- Buy 1 spy satellite and place it on Rigel2;
- Now send a trade group to Rigel2;

The Syonians will give you the location of the Sun system. The final stage is
to develop one last technology and use our spy satellite to prepare the

- Build an energy shield on New Earth;
- Buy a spy satellite and deploy it on Earth;

When your army is ready, it's time to attack Earth. Remember that you can win
with "just" 50 missile launchers.

- Send your army to Earth and attack them;

| V. Conclusion |

I don't know if I will put new things in this guide, as Reunion is a very old
game (with less people interested in it every year) and I have many other
things to do (I am not even a gamer anymore, more like a "casual gamer"). But I
encourage anyone that feels like to contact me at my e-mail present at the box
in the beggining.

I want to thank Orin Thomas and Agnar Idsøe for their guides to Reunion.

I want to also thank some people from the Reunion thread in the Abandonia forum
who don't even know they helped with this guide: Guest_Paladin, Reunionlover,
Jaakko J from Finland - who helped "decipher" the game features - and,
specially, darkland52 who helped to perfect my strategy in beating the game.

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