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FAQ/Walkthrough by parapam

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/26/15


Platform: PC (1994), PlayStation (1996)
FAQ/Walkthrough written by parapam at 10/1/13
Please write me suggestions or questions at hykoss@gmail.com
All rights reserved.
Only www.gamefaqs.com has my permission to post this. Any other media caught 
hosting this guide without my written consent is in violation of copyright 
laws and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws.

1. Introduction
 1.1 Name
 1.2 Versions
 1.2.1 PC
 1.2.2 Playstation
 1.2.3 Android and iOS
 1.2.4 Others

2. Instructions
 2.1 General description
 2.2 Saving the current game
 2.3 Controls (PC)
 2.4 Attacking

3. About the Walkthrough (please read it first)

4. Walkthrough
 4.1 Plot
 4.2 Problems with the Authorities
  4.2.1 Citadel Island – Asylum
  4.2.2 Citadel Island – Destination Home
  4.2.3 Citadel Island – Looking for Zoe
 4.3 The Forbidden Legend
  4.3.1 Principal Island – Newcomers
  4.3.2 Principal Island – First Steps
  4.3.3 Principal Island – The Astronomer’s House
  4.3.4 Principal Island – Discovering the Legend
  4.3.5 Desert Island – White Leaf Desert
  4.3.6 Desert Island – Temple of Bu (part 1)
  4.3.7 Desert Island – Temple of Bu (part 2)
 4.4 Twinsen’s Legacy
  4.4.1 Citadel Island – A Story about Pirates.
  4.4.2 Principal Island – LeBorgne’s Log
  4.4.3 Proxima Island – After LeBorgne’s Treasure
  4.4.4 Proxima Island – The Rob
  4.4.5 Citadel Island – Legacy Uncovered
 4.5 Crossing the Hamalayi Mountains
  4.5.1 Rebellion Island – Meeting the Rebels 
  4.5.2 Hamalayi Mountains – Rebel Assault
  4.5.3 Hamalayi Mountains – A Problem with Mutants
  4.5.4 Hamalayi Mountains – The Last Magical Symbol
 4.6 The Path to the Dino-Fly
  4.6.1 Desert Island – Flowers in the Desert
  4.6.2 Principal Island – Clearing the Water (OPTIONAL)
  4.6.3 Tippett Island – Looking for the Dino-Fly
 4.7 Troubles with Teleporting
  4.7.1 Fortress Island – A Problem with Telepods
  4.7.2 Tippett Island – Finding the Plans
  4.7.3 Principal Island – FunFrock’s HQ
  4.7.4 Citadel Island – Visiting the Neighbors
  4.7.5 Brundle Island – The Teleportation Center
 4.8 The Well of Sendell 
  4.8.1 Fortress Island – The Last Runic Stone
  4.8.2 Polar Island – Construction Site
  4.8.3 Polar Island – Final Confrontation
 4.9 Ending (NON-PLAYABLE)

5. Bugs

6. Questions and curiosities

7. Legal and technical Issues about the game

1. Introduction

1.1 Name

“Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure”, known in Europe as 
“Little Big Adventure”, is a video game developed by Adeline Software, a 
subsidiary company of the French developer company Delphine Software 
(Another World, Flashback, Shaq Fu). 

The game was first published as “Little Big Adventure” in Europe in 1994. 
As stated by videogame designer and programmer Frederick Raynal, 
Electronic Arts found that name so “cute” and they decided to release LBA
in the rest of the world as “Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure”, to try to
catch "true" gamers. Both names refer to the same game.

1.2 Versions

1.2.1 PC

There are 2 well-known versions of the game for PC:

1994: CD-ROM Version
1995: Floppy disk version

It’s been reported the existence of two more versions: one floppy disk 
version of 1994, and a CD-ROM version of 1995, but they’ve been rarely 
seen on sale, if they ever were. Additionally there are a Preview and 
a Demo version, both consisting of the two first scenes of the game.

The game was first released on CD-ROM in 1994 and was followed in 1995
by the floppy disk version. The floppy version had the music replaced
with MIDI files, the speech removed and the full motion videos replaced
by still images showing the highlights of the video. It also solved the 
Red Magnetic Card bug (see Bug’s section).

In 2002 former story coder of the original LBA Sebastien Viannay made and 
distributed freely a port for Windows. This version has midis 
remasterized by Philippe Vachey, original musician of LBA. A notable 
addition is a config wizard with various options like changing the 
language of texts and voices, removing the wall hit damage or allowing a 
quick "action key" to avoid the need to go always to NORMAL mode.

1.2.2 Playstation

In 1996 a PlayStation version was released in Japan and in 1997 in 
Europe. This version had some variations regarding the PC:

- The Red Magnetic Card bug is solved as in the floppy disk version.
- It keeps the FMV and music from the CD version. 
- It has some graphic improvements like Twinsen’s model.
- It removed the damage received when hitting a wall in SPORTIVE mode. 
- Probably the most appreciated change is the Save Mode on the spot, 
  leaving behind the automatic save on "check points". 
- No menu to change behaviour, using L1, L2, R1 and R2 to 
  directly change between them.
- As there is no menu, a new Status Bar appears on the screen,
  showing health, coins, magic, keys and clovers. Each one shakes
  when the player picks a piece of them up.

Some players complained about the controls, especially to change 
modes with L1-L2-R1-R2. Still it’s generally seen as an easier version.

1.2.3 Android and iOS

20 years after its initial release LBA has been ported to the 
smartphones. Those versions have radically changed the gameplay in
order to adapt it to the touchscreens.

In further updates I will describe properly the changes.

1.2.4 Others

Originally there was a version programmed for Super Nintendio but 
was never finished. In fact the unpopular save game system was 
developed according to it.

There was also a port to the Game Boy Advance but it was also never 

2. Instructions

2.1 General description

LBA is an isometric adventure game in pseudo-3D. The game characters are 
made up of 3D polygons acting in 2D pre-rendered environments. The player
has freedom to travel around the islands and continue the plot at
will. The “levels” are made of scenes separated from each other, allowing 
the player to run from enemies just exiting the current scene.  

The player controls Twinsen. Twinsen has four different “behavior” modes:
Normal, Athletic, Aggressive and Discreet. They can be changed freely
at any moment. Each of them allows the player to perform specific 
actions. Twinsen will fight most of the game throwing the Magic Ball.
The trajectory of the ball depends also of Twinsen’s behavior mode.

The character has a life bar. The life bar will deplete by receiving 
damage, represented by “stars” around the character being attacked. 
When Twinsen’s life bar is completely empty a clover will be spend to 
restart the current scene. If no clovers are left the game will end, 
being needed to load a game. The maximum amount of clovers that can be 
carried at a time depends of the number of clover boxes that the player 
has obtained during the game.

The magic bar is only related with the distance that the Magic Ball 
“bounces”. It will deplete by using the ball. The coins can be used to 
purchase stuff in shops or pay certain characters. Magic powder flasks, 
coins, hearts to recover health and clovers can be found in several 
places, like enemies, mushrooms on the ground, looking into bins, boxes, 
wardrobes and so...

The player also has an inventory where the objects obtained can be 
checked or used when necessary. 

2.2 Saving the current game

LBA received some criticism for its way to save the game. The player 
can’t save his/her progress at any desired moment; instead the game 
automatically saves when the player reaches certain scenes. But as an
added problem the game will always save the last “check point” with the
current status. Per example you can start a saved scene, get beaten up
hardly and quit the game. If you reload the same game you will start in
the same spot as you did before, but this time you will carry the low 
health remaining to your character when you quitted. This is especially
painful when you’ve been using clovers, because you will need to do the
same difficult part that made you to waste them without them.

Other bad aspect is being unable to replay certain parts because they
will get automatically replaced when you continue playing. This can 
only be avoided by going to the “save game menu” when you are not in a 
game and manually making copies of the saved games in moments you want
to keep. Not so useful neither.

The Save Game system has been replaced in the PSX version and in the 
sequel, LBA 2.

2.3 Controls (PC)

The “arrow keys” allow the player to move Twinsen. The movement, 
depending of the “behavior mode”, will be a normal walk, fast run, 
angry-slow walk, and slow-discreet steps. When running you must be 
careful not to hit the walls because Twinsen will get hurt. 

The “Space Bar” allows the player to perform an action depending on 
the “behavior mode” selected:

- NORMAL mode: Push levers or buttons, talk to characters, and search 
to find objects or bonus. If you are playing the windows port you can 
make the “W” key to have this function even if you are not in NORMAL 
- ATHELETIC mode: Jump. You can press down at midjump to land.
- AGGRESSIVE mode: Attack. 
- DISCREET mode: Hide (barely used).

The “Alt key” is used to attack with the current weapon selected. 
Most of the game it will be the Magic Ball and its trajectory will 
depend on the behavior mode.

The “Control key” shows the current status and behavior mode: life bar,
magic bar (once the 1st level is reached), number of coins, number of
keys and clover boxes (empty or containing a clover). You can change 
the behavior mode from here by holding the Control key and moving with 
the left and right arrow keys. Keep in mind that this status will be 
always updated in your save game, including the clovers wasted.

“Shift key” brings the inventory. You can move around it with the arrow
keys to read the descriptions. Long descriptions can be continued by 
pressing Space Bar. You can use the items with Enter.

“Enter” centers the camera on Twinsen. Press it often to have always 
a good view.

“H” will open the Holomap as soon as Twinsen gets it.

“W” acts like the “space bar” in NORMAl mode when the option is 
activated in the LBA Win port.

F1-F4 are quick keys to change behavior modes.

F5 zooms the image. I personally don’t like it.

F6 opens the Option Menu.

F7 opens the LBAWin Config in said port. You can change in-game 
features like the hitting the wall when you are actually playing.

2.4 Attacking 

Twinsen has three “weapons” or ways to attack. The first one is always 
available, the second one is obtained early on the game, and the third 
one will be obtained much later. You will know if your attack is 
effective by checking if “stars” are coming out from the target. If 
it’s not the case it can mean that the attack is so weak for that 
target or that the target is not possible to be killed by any mean.

The first way to attack is with the AGGRESSIVE mode. There 
are two modes of aggressive, automatic and manual. While on automatic just
holding the space bar will make Twinsen to attack randomly, making you 
able to move at the same time with the arrow keys. In manual you can 
choose how you want to attack, if right punch (hold space bar + right 
arrow), left punch (space bar + left arrow) or kicks (space bar + up arrow). 
This will let you less chances to move, but a direct control on the hits. 
You can change at any moment between automatic and manual going to 
Option Menu (F6) – Advanced option.

Punches and kicks are fast enough to get rid of certain enemies and can 
harm even a few late-game enemies, but usually Twinsen gets so exposed 
that you will want to avoid it. Also it’s useless against every single clone
in the game. There is a small bug when using it in manual, which makes 
Twinsen to paralyze if you perform a different movement when the animation 
of a previous one isn’t finished yet.

The second attack option is by far the most used and popular one: the Magic 
Ball. The Magic Ball is obtained early in the game and allows Twinsen to 
throw it from the distance against enemies (with Alt key). It “bounces” as 
long as you have magic left. It starts on first level of power, but as the 
game progresses you will improve it up to level 4th. With each level the 
color of the ball changes and allows you to kill more powerful enemies, 
mainly the ones matching the new color of the ball. With each level of the 
ball also the magic bar grows, allowing you to keep more. The trajectory of 
the ball changes depending of the behavior mode:

- NORMAL mode: Normal range.
- ATHLETIC mode: It reaches further and has more bounces, but it spends more
magic, takes longer to shoot and has problems shooting enemies close to 
Twinsen for passing too high.
- AGGRESSIVE: Shorter range, but fast and directed to the ground. If you are
receiving hits you will probably want to switch to this one to try to survive.
- DISCREET: Parabolic trajectory. Useful to hit enemies behind a wall or up a

After getting the 4th level of magic the supergros enemies will change their 
attacks. Their projectiles will be red instead of white and they won’t put 
you to sleep and send you to jail after one hit; instead they will kill you 
in 3 hits without passing through jail.

The last weapon is the Magic Saber. Once you get it you can change between 
the Magic Ball and the saber by choosing one or the other from the inventory. 
The saber works as the ball by pressing the Alt key, and as the ball it has 
several modes depending on the behavior:

- NORMAL: Twinsen walks normally plus shaking the saber.
- ATHLETIC: Twinsen makes a back somersault, then jumps forward again with
a strike. Cool to see, but not so useful.
- AGGRESSIVE: Very fast combo, and the only way to get rid of certain 
enemies after getting caught in their attacks.
- DISCREET: Twinsen walks in discreet plus shaking the saber. Could be very
useful if the saber could be found earlier in the game.


- If you are getting hit always go to the behavior menu. Even if you keep
in the same mode the “getting hurt” animation will be interrupted and you 
will have more chances to counter-attack or run before the enemy attacks 
you again.
- Some enemies can be killed by jumping on them. Most notable are snakes
and crab mutants.
- Not so useful as the other two tips, but failing on the Water will not 
only kill Twinsen, but also your enemies if you manage to push them there. 
Related with this remember that if you are on water with the Proto-Pack a
single hit will make you to fall and drown. 

3. About the Walkthrough

My main recommendation, especially if it’s your first time playing, it’s 
to avoid the walkthrough as much as possible. The game has plenty of ways 
to perform almost every task and you have the chance to find your own one. 
The best use would be if you get stuck somewhere, if you think you missed 
something or if you wonder if there was a different approach to a certain
scene. The Walkthrough is full of spoilers and the beginning is explained
exhaustively for starters. 

One of the motivations to replay the game is to trigger every event and 
quote possible, that’s why I tried to approach every situation in all ways 
that I could and I explained down the significant results. Sometimes due 
to the particular save game system you don’t bother to try something out, 
it can take a long time to replay it afterwards or it can even prevent you
from finishing the game (Red Card Bug, I’m looking at you). 

For the indications I try to use always the cardinal points, like this:


If you find something not described or something that it’s not correct 
here please let me know.

4. Walkthrough

4.1 Plot

The planet Twinsun exists in a distant galaxy. Twinsun rotates himself 
between two suns, making a general warm weather except in the equator, 
where a mountainous chain divides the planet into two hemispheres. 
Northern hemisphere is said to be hotter and recently dangerous because 
of the appearance of mutant creatures. The current governor, Dr. FunFrock,
has ordered everyone from the northern hemisphere to install in the south.

The tyrant FunFrock set up a reign of terror in Twinsun. Using his army of
clones (robo-copies made from living models) and his extensive 
teleportation net he has converted the world into a police state where the
oppressed citizens are completely defenseless against his law and his 
soldiers. But the people still have one hope: an ancient legend calling for 
the Heir of the weapons of the ancient goddess Sendell. FunFrock himself
has forbidden to talk about that legend.

Meanwhile our character, Twinsen, has been having strange dreams where 
Sendell called for him. Those dreams finish with the vision of the 
destruction of the world.

4.2 First problems with authorities

4.2.1 Citadel Island - Asylum

You start the game in a small room with striped clothes. You've been confined
to a mental hospital. Go into AGRESSIVE or ATHLETIC and walk a bit around 
the room until the nurse comes to tell you to stop squirming. If you talk to
him (in NORMAL mode) he will let you know why you've been jailed: someone 
has told them that you are claiming to have prophetic dreams. And as a prize
for being a public trouble maker they are going to... take care of you.

Enough. Go into AGRESSIVE mode and kill him without remorse (and I mean it,
if you leave him alive in the room he will wait until the platform is back
and activate the alarm, bringing you a Supergro from who you can't escape).
If you miss the platform you would have to wait until is back, and in the
strange case that you fall in the other room the platform will also reach
you. When you land on the other side be quick and kill the nurse on the 
left before he presses the button. If that happens a white supergro will 
appear from the telepod and shoot at you, so you would be back at the 
beginning. After killing the left nurse kill also the right one to get 
the key.

Go down and open the door to the left (you will use the key automatically).
In this corridor there are two metal doors at right that you can't open, 
and if you run straight on you will find another nurse that you can kill or 
just avoid being seen by (DISCREET helps). At right you see two rooms. 
Go into the right one. There search in the wardrobe with a pink poster (go
to NORMAL and use action) to find your Holomap and your ID Card. You don't
need the ID Card, but the Holomap is extremely useful, press (H) to see it 
and find out where to go next. If you forget to take it here you can buy 
one later in Principal Island. 

Afterwards go into the curtain with the white clothes hanging to change to
them. This way the nurses won't go after you. In the next room there is a 
nurse. Greet him and kill him. Use the action command in NORMAL to loot all
the wardrobes and boxes there. Once done go back to the main corridor and 
face to the stairs at the end. At left there is a metal door with a supergro 
behind (don't try it, it's useless). That leads to an exit that we can't take. 
Go up the stairs and enter the room. Be quick and kill the nurse next to the 
button, your dress doesn't work with the doctor and he will yell fast to sound
the alarm. Kill him to take the key and get out through the main door.

4.2.2 Citadel Island - Destination Home

At last we are out of the Asylum! Now we have to try to reach home. Outside
in the first upper-right corner there is a useful clover (NORMAl - action).
Ahead we will find our first soldiers, the most common enemies that we will
find in the whole game. The first one will tell us that it's not allowed to
walk with that outfit and he will shoot at us if we go to the street. We can
kill both of them with the AGRESSIVE mode and wait the white door to open for
the truck but it's not a good idea. Soldiers can hit very fast and finish us
with the gun. Let's make it the good way.
Walk behind the soldier to the right and head up to the garbage. A rabbibunny
there will tell us a clue of what to do: go into DISCREET mode and hide 
(use space bar). Twinsen will wait for the garbage truck to come and sneak 
into it to pass through the soldiers and the wall.

You will be thrown away in the big garbage site on the other corner of the 
scene. Go down (you can search for hearths in the pile of garbage) and follow
the street right. The grobo there will tell us how to read the signs in the 
walls. There is one announcement that would be useful (about the new machine 
in the city) later but nothing really important.

If you enter the house at the corner the rabbibunny there will tell you how 
to look in objects for coins or hearths. And you will obtain from his chest 
25 valuable Kashes. Go out again. The last thing in the scene to the right, 
passing the forest, is a window heading back to the asylum, behind the door 
with the supergro that we couldn't take. Unless you are interested in getting 
trapped and starting all over again forget about entering through that window.

Go south to the next scene. Here first at all go down the fence in the floor
(stay there and use action in NORMAL mode). In the sewers you will be able 
to get a valuable clover box at the southeast. Climb the ladder to the right 
and get the items there, once done jump back to the starting point and use 
action to go up. Don't worry about the rabbibunny that seems in a hurry, we
can't do anything for him, he just wants to tell us about clovers and boxes.

Back to the main scene, you can read in the sign that we are in Lupin-Burg. We
can go down the stone ramp, where the soldier will remind us again that it's 
not allowed to run through the island in our attire. We can go also east 
instead, passing in front of the closed building and go down through one of 
the stairs in that side. Or as last option, we can just jump down next or on 
the soldier in the barricade and kill him to get 3 valuable clovers. Election 
is yours, but I recommend running instead of fighting with the two patrolling

NOTE: You can kill the soldier and other enemies having clovers as many times 
as you need, they will always drop the clovers.

Following the path to the right you find another soldier who will not put so 
much interest in pursuing you, and at the end of the way you will find the 
infamous robot that you will never use, besides the tips of the grobo there
(see Curiosities section). The fact it's that the game announced that you 
would be able to drive and use plenty of vehicles, but those features were 
absent in the final version of the game because of time restraint. The robot 
seems like a lot of work already made for being completely cut of the game.

Go back to the center of the scene were the tank lies in the middle of the 
fence (by the way don't jump the fence or the tank will start shooting at 
you). You can enter the pharmacy (the house with the bottles sing) but at 
the moment it won't bring you anything good. The pharmacist will be 
surprised to see you, giving you a hint about who was the informant who
reported you to the authorities, and ultimately will push the alarm to 
call a yellow grobo-clone. It's more than you can handle at the moment.
Don't worry, we will make him the visit a bit later. 

From the telepod next to the pharmacy a yellow rabbibunny clone will come.
He is very slow but you can't kill him, so get out of there as soon as
possible. It's not worth going up the roof of the southern sealed house, 
there is just a groboclone there.

The next scene is relatively safe, you only have that attacking machine 
patrolling in squares, but it won't shoot at you if you don't move from 
your tile and stay away from its route. And at any case you can also 
destroy it. There is a soldier guarding the path to the harbor but we
can't do anything here for the moment. To the east you find a building 
with a cocktail in the sign and a grobo in the roof: that's the tavern.
If you enter they will give you advices, starting for looking your 
Holomap to know how to go home. Get out of the tavern and go south to 
the next scene by any of the two paths present.

Be fast and run from the rabbibunny clone next to the east entrance, 
and a soldier close to the west entrance. South the clone you find 
a house with a brown rabbibunny: he is your neighbor, who has been 
fixing some things about your house, and was told to put a fence around
your chimney exit. But go to the other house, with the girl in pink 
waiting outside. She is Zoe, Twinsen’s girlfriend. He is finally home. 
Zoe will suggest using what Twinsen has been keeping in secret for so 
long, but before having time, they have a clone's visit. Get out of the 
entrance hall and go to one of the rooms, go into DISCREET mode and press
space to hide. If you stay next to Zoe or fail to "hide" the supergro 
will shoot and bring you back to the Asylum. In such case escape again 
and once at the sealed house's door you will need to jump up the mountain 
and enter home from the chimney's exit up.

No matter what you do they will take Zoe for aiding an escapee. Now you are 
finally safe at home and free to explore. You have multiple wardrobes and 
chests to collect coins and hearts, but what you need to take is in the 
room located wall-to-wall with the bathtub, in the wardrobe opposite the big 
table. There you find the iconic Magic Ball and the blue tunic. From now on 
you will also have a magic" bar, and you will find magic powder along 
hearts and coins to collect. Press ALT to use the magic ball.

NOTE: The Magic Ball always uses magic. When you run out of magic, the 
ball won't "bounce", reaching a shorter range. It's important to note now 
the color of your ball and your enemies.  At the moment is yellow so you 
can kill yellow clones, when you increase its power the color will change 
and you will be able to kill stronger enemies.

Back at the house, you will notice that the front door has been sealed. To 
open the wooden door at the north check for the key in the plant pot left 
to the door. In that room you can use (ACTION) standing in front of the 
barrel to reveal a secret passage, but it's useless at the moment. Instead 
go to the chimney in the big living room and you will find another secret 
passage out of the house. If you talk afterwards with the neighbor Twinsen
will now disagree about fencing the chimney.

Once out just jump and descend until you find the rabbibunny clone. Now you can 
kill it with the ball. They take a lot of time to recover from hit to hit so it 
won't give you many troubles. You may notice an entrance in the beach to a 
cave. That's the other way to the secret room down from the barrel's room, 
but it's also useless to go now so don't bother jumping there. You will see a 
yellow groboclone next to your house, now you can kill them with the magic 
ball. Go back north to the next scene, we have to find Zoe!

4.2.3 Citadel Island - Looking for Zoe

NOTE: I will write how to gather all the information regarding the next 
objective, but it’s not mandatory at all. If you played it before you 
probably know directly where to go. You can also go to the pharmacy now 
to avoid coming back later. 

Go back to the tavern and talk with the grobo upstairs, in the table at the top
right. He will tell you where the girl went if you give him a drink. Do as he
says and pay the waiter the 10 Kashes for the drink. The grobo will tell you 
afterwards that he saw Zoe escorted by the groboclones taking a ship at the 
port. Go out of the tavern.

Before heading to the port let's make a visit to our friend the pharmacist. 
So go north to the following scene and get inside the pharmacy (watch out with
the clone coming from the telepod). Kill the pharmacist and the groboclone who
enters (if he comes so close switch to AGGRESIVE mode to be able to shoot at 
him). At the right side you will see a red bottle, the only red one in the 
place. Go there and take it (ACTION button). It's a bottle of syrup, we will 
need it later. Before going out don't forget to check the cash register for 
money. The pharmacist won't respawn (he is dead... sniff).

Finally we can leave Citadel Island. Go south to the port. Don’t go to the 
ticket office. If you go there the vendor will start yelling and call 
a green groboclone. It will be much funnier when we can kill green 
groboclones and talk further with the snitch. But we can kill now the 
yellow groboclone in front of the white gate down. Do it and open the gate 
with the key he drops. 

The grobo to the right will offer a ticket to whoever can solve the puzzle 
of the boxes and the "X"s. It's not so difficult, but it can still be a pain
when you hit yourself running or you move a tile so much a box and you need 
to start all over again (reentering the scene). It's difficult to describe how 
to do it but I will try my best:

- Push the first box in the middle of the way just enough to be able to 
surround it in the wide corridor (just be careful not to push it to the top).

- Go through the first diversion left and push until the wall the box at your 

- Push a bit right the box next to it to be able to push all the way to the 
corner the one that you just moved next to the wall. You have the first at the 
upper left X.

- Take the path you just used and push the box next to the sealed door from 
that direction (right), but just enough to be able to pass and surround it, 
don't push it to the corner or it will be stuck.

- Push the box from down through the first path left (push slowly and carefully 
until it fits) and run with it to the bottom left X. Second done.

- Now go back to the box closer to the wall and push it all the way to the 
bottom right X. Only one remaining.

- Go to the first box you faced and push it from up until it fits through the 
first path (from the entrance) left. Push it all the way up to the diversion, 
go around and push it from down to the wall. Push it a bit left to the upper 
right X and we are done.

Once finished with the task the grobo outside will give you a ticket. If you 
come back to the island he will sell you tickets for 5 Kashes. Go to the ship 
and the conductor will invite you to board it. The marine grobo and the ship 
conductor saw Zoe leaving in a fast boat, but they don't know where. Anyway 
we have a ticket to Principal Island, where FunFrock has his Headquarters (HQ),
so let's make use of it.

4.3 The Forbidden Legend

4.3.1 Principal Island - Newcomer

You will find that Principal Island is much more dangerous than Citadel, with
plenty of enemies at every corner. If you want to go back to Citadel Island,
instead of going right with the yellow groboclone giving you pass, go left 
through the little corner, pass through the guard patrolling and the one in 
the sandbags (watch out if you go through, there is a hidden rabbibunny 
clone) and enter the door in the building with the life-jacket sign. The 
trip would cost you 30 Kashes. There is also there a quetch having problems 
to sell hair dryers, but useless at this point. Further in that direction 
(west) is the jail. As a curiosity now there is none at the door of the jail,
but when you go out from inside there will be a supergro will be waiting 
for you.

In case that you get caught by a supergro and putted into jail, just go on 
NORMAL and talk with the nurse. He will come inside to check the 
"loose stone", and then you can kill him or just run out to the wardrobe to 
get back your things. Then go out through the window (a supergro is waiting 
behind the front door). A soldier will ask you outside what are you doing 
there. Just don't say that you are Twinsen and you are escaping or he will 
call the supergro. Both saying that you are Santa Claus or you are fixing 
antennas work. Finally go into DISCREET mode and walk behind the supergro.

4.3.2 Principal Island – First Steps

Follow the path shown by the yellow groboclone (I think it's easier than 
going left through the soldiers and the hidden rabbibunny, but it’s your 
decision). The groboclone will only attack if provoked and the soldier will
usually leave you alone until you `pass the little barrack. But watch out 
because the rabbibunny clone will shoot at you, and then you would wish 
having killed the soldier. Go north to the next scene.

Here we are at the front of FunFrock's HQ, and as you may guess is HEAVILY 
guarded. You will find soldiers, machine guns, mines, tanks, clones... 
But we can't sneak inside by now so don't worry, you should mostly stay 
away of the enemies and their bullets. What you can do (but it can take a 
few tries) is to talk with the rabbibunny forger arrested at the east cell. 
To do so I recommend to jump from the corner close to the east white gate, 
next to the mine's field. Kill the soldier before and run north to the 
bar's window. 

The forger will invite you to visit his brother and he will give you a 
secret word to do so, marking the position in your Holomap. We will 
definetly visit his house later. Run down and left and climb the 
ladder. Watch out with the gun in the bunker and better kill the soldier 
with the machine gun. If you fall to the left you will find a poor grobo 
jailed for sneezing in public. He will confirm that Zoe is probably not 

From here we have access to three areas (plus two ways back to the port): 

- The white gate to the east brings you to an area with 2 yellow sphero 
clones and one green (that you can't kill). You would see an "S" seal but 
we can't open it yet. Still the clones drop clovers so it can be useful to
come to fill up your boxes. Watch out with them, they attack very fast and 
the green one is always pursuing you.

- Following the path north from the white gate we reach the scene of the 
Library entrance, with a sleeping soldier and another patrolling. In the 
Library we would only find vague hints at the moment so leave it for later. 

- The path west from FunFrock’s HQ takes you to Old Burg, the main 
residential point of the island. We go here.

4.3.3 Principal Island – The Astronomer's House

You will find that the people run from you or they just tell you that they
can't trust you. There are also supergros so be careful and don't get 
their attention. If you enter the first house just right the woman there 
will ask you to "clobber" a clone in order to gain the trust from the 
inhabitants. Just as a curiosity hitting a supergro won't impress them, 
so avoid the trip to jail. 
Going north the path in the last set of stairs you will find a rabbibunny 
clone coming down. Kill that robot and you will gain the trust of the 
people. BE CAREFULL: A supergro will appear from the telepod up, around 
the rabbibunny clone, so kill the clone far enough to avoid getting his 

Now the people will be happy to talk with you. The woman, called Julia, 
will tell you a big story about her friends and suggest you going south 
to understand it better. Julia has a TV and you can review the FMVs 

The brown rabbibunny from the entrance will invite you to follow him if 
you want to reach the astronomer, who is under arrest in his own house. 
Follow him to the west, passing the stable (just a useless horse inside). 
The brown rabbibunny will whistle for an orange one, who claims to have 
a blacksmith cousin. Follow him to his house. Do as he says and clean 
your hands (NORMAl - action in front of the washbasin) and go through 
the revealed hole.

You will appear behind the barrels in the Blacksmith shop. The grobo 
(how can a bunny have for cousin an elephant?) will offer to open you 
the gate to go up. He won't let you to loot his box, but you can go 
outside and as soon as you see him out go back quickly to take the money.
Don't worry if you lose the key, he will be going out the shop to drop 
it as long as you don't have it opened. So let's continue. Now the way 
get's full of supergros: one left showing you his back, one in front, 
and one coming from the telepod right.

Behind the FunFrock’s head is a shop. There you can buy several items:

- Holomap (if you didn't get it at the start of the game in the 
Asylum): 20 Kashes, VERY useful.

- 10 flasks of magic powder: 30 Kashes.

- 15 hearts of life powder: 30 Kashes.

- Meca-Penguin: 3 Kashes. Useful for distracting enemies, especially 
red groboclones. It explodes after a while.

- Gas for 10 voyages: 30 Kashes. You will need it to reach certain 
places by car, motorbike or hydroglider.

I suggest you to buy the gas and the Holomap if you don't have it 
yet, and a Meca-Penguin is always good to have. Go out of the shop.
In the tavern left you will find people complaining about the tap 
water and the yellow sphero will mark the Water Tower in your 
Holomap (hint for the near future). Go out of the tavern and talk with
the female rabbibunny. She will distract one of the supergros for you, 
leaving you free path. Follow her (far enough to avoid being seen, you 
can wait inside the walls with FunFrock statue) and wait until the 
supergro goes excited behind her.

We are almost at the Astronomer's House. You have an unbeatable 
(by now) green groboclone in the stairs left, and a soldier hiding a 
funny poster (he looks for a girlfriend, no matter if quetche or not). 
Can we call it zoophilia?

Go up the right stairs and use the trap door to go inside the house. 
The Astronomer will recommend you to seek about the Legend, as it must
be a weakness of FunFrock, and in order to do so you can visit his 
friend with a boat in Port Belooga. We don't have yet a place to go 
by ship so don't worry for the moment.

After talking with him you will have Port Belooga in your Holomap. 
Wait a bit and he will withdraw 15 Kashes from his chest for you. 
Now exit from the passage down and out of the next basement. Watch out 
with the exit, there is a supergro (he is done fast with the woman), 
so change to DISCREET to avoid him shooting at you. You need to go to 
your right (south) and jump down, then follow to the left and again 
down to reach the ground path.

From this scene we have 2 exits plus the one we took from 
FunFrock's HQ: north we go to the military camp, from where we will 
reach Port Belooga... when we know where to go. South is Peg Leg 
Street, from where we will access soon the tower of water. For the 
moment go back east to FunFrock's HQ area, and from there northeast 
to the Library. It's the proper place to find out about legends.

4.3.4 Principal island – Discovering the Legend

Inside the Library the brown rabbibunny in the counter will ask you 
for your ID Card if you want to read the censored documents about the
legend. If you do so he will run to push the alarm and a soldier will 
appear; also if you hit him or you manage to loot the cash register 
he will push the alarm (again). Just kill the soldier, kill the 
rabbibunny and take the money of the cash register. Now you don't 
have to worry anymore.

The first grobo you find seating will tell you about the Clear Water 
Lake in the Hamalayi Mountains and mark it in your Holomap (not that 
we need to go there at the moment). The yellow sphero tells you about 
a future puzzle: pull the middle lever ONCE, and the right one ONCE. 
We can come back and hit him if we didn't like his instructions.

But let's go for business. Talk to the orange rabbibunny standing 
and running around the stairs to the last floor. He will guide you 
around the Censored Publications Department if you change the taste 
of the tap water in the city. As they also said in the tavern it must 
be disgusting. So let's go to the Water Tower.

Go back south to FunFrock's HQ (watch out with the tank, it starts 
patrolling when you walk next to the forger's cell), from here west 
to Old's Burg (where the Astronomer lives) and here just take the 
path left when you arrive. You will be in Peg Leg Street.

South is the house of Beatriz, the friend of the gossip rabbibunny 
Julia from Old Burg. If you talked with Julia Beatriz will have also 
a long speech, but she will end saying that there is a box for clover 
in front of the house and you would need to be able to fly to get it.
 It's out of our possibilities now.

Go out and head west. You will find a soldier coming out from a 
motorbike. Just get to the motorbike (I leave it up to you to 
interrupt the soldier) and choose to go to the Water Tower. If you 
don't have gas you should go to Old Burg and buy some from the shop.

Now you are next to the Water Tower building. Go up (don't worry 
about the telepod) and enter through the floor tile. Get the 
treasures from the mushrooms, walk up next to the water supply and 
spill the bottle of syrup through the inventory (inventory - 
select the Syrup - ENTER). If you didn't get it from the pharmacy in 
Citadel Island, you would need to take the ferry back. As the vendor
in the shop in Old Burg says they only have Syrup there. 

Once done go out and take the motorbike back to Peg Leg Street.

NOTE: If at any point you find yourself without gas to go back with 
a vehicle and unable to reach a shop, you will always find a gas 
bottle somewhere in the area, but you can only take it if you are 
out of gas in your inventory. In the Water Tower you will find it 
next to the blue barrels, next to the entrance down.

Back in Peg Leg Street just follow the path back to the Library 
(the soldier who was in the "toilet" is now finished and will 
attack). If you stop by the tavern the grobo will confirm you that 
your plan worked and the difference taste of the tap water has been 
noticed. Once in the Library the orange rabbibunny will try the new 
taste in front of you, and as promised, he shows you where the 
documents about the Legend are. Follow him, he will open the yellow 
locked door and you will be able to read the huge book inside. It's 
about the prophecy, that the "Heir" will come to defeat a tyrant, 
and that the full text can be read somewhere in White Leaf Desert 
Island. Now we have a destination for our friend in Port-Belooga.
To reach Port-Belooga just go west from the Library entrance passing 
the two soldiers. Here is the military camp, and as it's obvious is 
heavily guarded. Run from the first two soldiers and stay behind the 
sand bags surrounding the robot (a green rabbibunny clone, we can't 
face him yet). You can jump up to two piles of sandbags so go ahead 
north through the sandbags next to the robotic being. 

Run north until you see a car, jump the sandbags and get into it. In 
the northwest corner you can find a funny scared soldier who runs 
away from you. He gives a quite good amount of Kashes, 15 to be 
exact. Choose with the car to go to Port-Belooga.

The yellow sphero here will give you a hint about a guy selling his 
boat (you should start saving money). Talk to the fisherman, if you 
met the Astronomer he will offer to take you for 10 Kashes (other 
way he won't trust you), and if you read the big book in the 
library you can tell him to go to White Leaf Desert.

4.3.5 Desert Island - White Leaf Desert

The ship drops you in a small sandy island. You can talk with the 
captain whenever you want to go back to Principal Island for 
10 Kashes. Jump right (east) to the small piece of land, and south. 

NOTE: When you are jumping press DOWN arrow to land instantly 
instead of waiting the full jump, it will be VERY useful in the 

From here you will already notice the shots. Observe the trajectory
of the projectiles and try to land out of them. Jump east to the 
big piece of land, jump in the middle and again to the "L" like 
island that it's already connected to the mainland. If you manage 
to jump further east you will see a mushroom waiting to be picked 
up, but it's so far away to jump there, we will come when we have 
better equipment!

In the mainland there is a big military camp. Close to the tents 
there is a soldier, who will drop the key to open the door next to 
him. At west there is a soldier at a turret gun and a barrack, 
which will always spawn a soldier when you pass near. Left from it 
there is a mushroom with magic bag. So the only thing that matters 
is killing the soldier next to the door to take the key, open the 
door and go east to the next scene.

Here a horse will great us with some horse sounds. To our left we 
will find another of the strange "S" signs in the rock. Go east and
you will find a rabbibunny laying next to a tree and a well 
(ventilation shaft) next to him. The rabbibunny will tell you about 
the bombastic legend if you bring the sacred Book of Bu from the 
temple, which only access is the opening behind him. So prepare 
yourself and jump inside the temple. This part can be challenging.

4.3.6 Desert Island - Temple of Bu (part 1)

NOTE: The infamous save system of LBA can give you a few bad 
surprises here, but don't exasperate, it just need a few tries to 
know the dungeon. I will try to explain it as in deep as possible.

Here we are, in the temple. Next to you there is a rabbibunny 
skeleton (all skeletons are rabbibunnies in fact) and it will start 
moving and attacking when you get close to the precipice east. You 
can kill skeletons either with the ball or by punching them, but I 
recommend you the second option because they use to dodge the ball 
quite well.

Jump through the stone pillars (don't worry if you fall, there is 
a ladder there to come back to the beginning) and WALK next to the
spikes. You need to stand next to them and jump to avoid touching 
them and getting hurt. Afterwards you find a fire ball jumping 
between four kind of stone cups, and an empty square in the 
middle. If you stand in that square the door opens, so our 
objective in this area is to place a statue here so the door in 
front will stay open to allow us to pass. 

Before proceeding don't forget to loot the vessels from the upper 
left corner to get 50 Kashes. Go down the stairs and you will 
find 2 "sleeping" skeletons and a blue lever in the wall between 
them. The lever lowers the platform to the right but we don't need
to do it now. Just go up the stairs. Here there are 3 dark tiles 
in the floor, if you step on one of them the statue will start 
shooting six fireballs, so avoid or jump them to prevent getting 

Next place has a platform running around a fixed path in the wall.
The lever just downstairs to the right brings the platform to your
side (and back if you pull the lever back). Leave it by now (with 
the platform in the middle of the path) and follow the path
upstairs, just to let you fall in the next area. First at all
take the path to the left and pull the lever there, which will
move the platform to the left and make it to land there. Follow
west upstairs and watch out with that green thing shooting spiked
balls from the ground. North there is a closed door and west you
find a path with a level at the entrance. Pull it to open the door
north but don't go there yet. Go into ATHLETIC mode and head west
a bit more, and when the giant spiked roller falls run to the 
opposite direction! Once the roller is gone go again west upstairs
and pull the lever to open the door north from you.

Now all the doors are finally opened. Go to the room with the 
green shooting thing in the floor and take the door north that 
you opened before. In this new area we have statues shooting 
fireballs and moving blades in a fixed path. The statues shoot 
10 fireballs in a determinate order (starting from your right to 
left and back). I personally recommend running across to stand 
next to the first statue instead of taking the side path of the 
blades (the blades make HUGE damage), but any option can be 
valid. Walk the stairs at the back and you will finally find the 
statue. It's funny that being all rabbibunny skeletons the statue
is a quetch like Twinsen, isn't it?

The statue is more difficult to get stuck than the boxes from the
port in Citadel Island so I hope that you don't need to start it
all over again for that. It's possible to push it downstairs but 
you won't make it through the blades and fireballs. They have 
prepared a clean path for you just east to the statue's original 
position. Throw down the statue and jump with it. Push it to the 
room with the green shooting thing in the center and from here 
northeast (don't push it downstairs). Put it in the platform 
(if it's not there remember to pull the lever just down from your
position). Now jump and push the lever down to move the platform
with the statue to the center. Go up again to where the statue
just was and jump up the cornice. At the right, up the lever you
just pushed. From here jump direction east to land in cornice 
down, and from here it's an easy jump up to the east cornice. 
Let yourself fall in the east side, next to the east lever. Push
the lever and the statue will land at the other side. If you 
left the platform at the top left the right platform won't work,
so remember to move the platform back to the center.

NOTE: You can push levers by hitting them with the magic ball. 
It's not needed here, but you will have to do so in other 
puzzles in the future.

Here if you push the statue downstairs (with the two skeletons 
already awake) or throw it off from the platform you won't be 
able to push it upstairs, but just in the corner down the 
platform there is a "hidden" passage that brings you back to 
the area with the blades and the fireballs. 

But instead let's make it as it's supposed to: push the statue
to the platform. Just be sure that it's in the last square,
it's the only one moving. Go downstairs and take care of the
skeletons, but watch out, they are dangerous, and if you got
killed, even if you have clovers, the statue will go back to
its starting place when you restart the scene. A good and
"cheap" way to kill the skeletons safely it's to make them to
follow you to the stairs and kill them from the other side,
where the statue is. Once done with them push the lever and
the platform with the statue will move to the other side.

Finally we can push the statue to the tile in the middle of the 
jumping fireball (watch out, the fireball also hurts you and it 
will be very painful to die here). Once there the fireballs will
dance a bit and the door will stay opened... forever! If we die
in the following scenes we will respawn at the beginning of the
temple but the statue will be at its correct place, unless you
move it on purpose (who would do such a thing?) and die while
having the statue in a wrong place; in such case you would need
to bring it from the beginning again.

NOTE: There is a trick to pass this scene in a fast and coward 
way. Instead of bringing the statue you can just use a 
Meca-Penguin from your inventory. Just face the tile in the 
correct direction and use it from your inventory. Run and stay 
next to the door to go through it as soon as the penguin 
reaches the tile, because it will only stay a little bit 
opened. As it obvious if you need to restart the temple the 
statue will be in the wrong place and you won't have any more 
penguins with you ^_^.

4.3.7 Desert Island – Temple of Bu (part 2)

NOTE: If you make a mistake remember that exiting the game and
reloading will put you back on the spot where you entered the
scene. Better than repeating the whole temple.

In the next scene as soon as you step in the corridor a spiked
roller will fall in your direction. You need to run and jump
out of it but probably you will fall somewhere in the first
try. In such case this is what you have to do:

(If you don’t fall, omit this part)

- If you fall through the first large hole (empty line of 
tiles) in the middle you will have just one way to follow. Go
up the last stairs and let yourself to fall to the area with 
statues, fireballs, spiked squares and three jumping egg-like 
things. In the floor there are dark tiles that when stepped 
make the statues to shoot fireballs, and the funny thing is 
that the egg-rock things can also activate them. When you 
kill the monsters (they drop 5 hearts) the door west will 
open, allowing you to reach at the end a platform with two 
levers that allow you to go back to the beginning of the 
scene (back another spiked rolled will fall so watch out this

- If you miss the floor in the "jumping area" the way up will 
be a bit longer. Follow the corridor and go down the stairs 
to the area with the two rabbibunny statues at the entrance.
Watch out with the fireballs here, they activate when you
walk around the stairs and statues. Go up and in this area
you will notice dark tiles in the floor, a lever and a
skeleton sleeping next to it. Push the lever to move the
platform and the skeleton will attack you (kill him for a
good amount of 40 Kashes). 

The dark tiles stop the platform but you just need to pull
the lever again to make it to continue the movement. When
it's in the top right you can reach it, but watch out, the
fireballs reach the adjacent platform and can be tricky to
jump there. Once on it push the lever and keep trying to
stand on it even if you get hit by the fireballs. Once the 
platform raises up you are safe. At the end jump, pass the
closed door and let yourself fall in the ladder.

In the next area we have lot of those green things in the
floor shooting spiked balls, a skeleton and a flying bird
(or whatever it is) standing up in one of the columns. The 
green things will only activate when the skeleton comes 
close to them. The flying thing will fly down and change
pillar when you get close to it. You can intercept it then, 
and when you hit it once it will stay stunned long enough 
to make it easy to kill. The skeleton has the key to open 
the next door so kill him, and you will reach the area of 
the three jumping egg-rock things described before.

NOTE: The monsters will be gone if you fall again, but 
still if you get frustrated repeating this whole thing, 
just exit the game and reload. That doesn't work if you 
die, in such case you would appear at the beginning of 
the Temple of Bu.

(Walkthrough continues here)

Now let's suppose that everything went finally good. Run
from the roller avoiding the center and in the next row
of holes I recommend jumping through the center line,
because it's only one jump instead of two. Afterwards
you would see a lever, PUSH IT! The platform beneath
will fall revealing a hole and the roller will fall
there. Next the typical dark tiles activate fireballs.
You can just jump both dark tiles and holes and continue
to next scene.

Watch out with the green shooting thing in the floor, be
even more carefully with the fast moving blades, and
attention with the fireballs when you are going to the
stairs (wait for 4 fireballs and advance in the little
pause before the next row). Here it's the trick of this
scene: to the left you reach a skeleton and a ladder
reaching a lever. DON'T PUSH THAT LEVER, it's a trap. It
will close the door at the right side and you would have
to go back to the last scene and in again (not a big
problem anyway, but can be confusing if you don’t know
the right path). 

So just take the path right at the stairs, going north.
Let yourself fall into the big platform. If you didn't
read me and you pushed the last lever the platform will
go down and at the end of the corridor you will appear
back in the previous scene. If you did right you can
continue north through the door. 

Here we have again platforms and levers to play around
very thin lines. Go up the stairs at the left and
follow the thin "cornice" to the end (don't forget the
mushroom, it has valuable Kashes). Stay in front of the
levers and push them by hitting them with the Magic 
Ball. Jump to the platform and from here just activate
the lever (just go NORMAl and push action next to the
column where it’s placed). Jump up to the empty space
and go through the thin corridor until facing again
the lever. Hit it with your ball (it can help going
to DISCREET mode to shoot) and the platform will come
in front of you.

Jump on it and hit again the lever to move further.
When the trip ends don't think in getting the mushroom
down, it's just a few hearts and you would need to
start all the platforms again. Instead go south, again
very carefully to avoid falling from the thin path.
Jump south to the crossing row and east to the end.
We are done. 

We have now two options: stairs or ladders. Let's go
first upstairs. At the first try a huge rock will fall
so run back and turn left to let the rock to get lose.
Go straight the corridor and push the lever at the
end, which would open a door. 

Now go down the ladder (watch out for another big rock 
falling on you). At your left you will see a lonely
magic flask in a semi-hidden place, but watch out if
you go there, there is a skeleton waiting to hit you 
hardly. At your right there is another tile waiting a 
statue (or Meca-Penguin) to open the door. And finally 
at the top east there is a platform puzzle. 

If you remember the sphero from the Library told you
to push somewhere the central lever once and the right
lever once. Do as that and the three platforms will 
make a nice stair. But be careful, DON'T STEP THE 
will mess everything and you would need to try the 
levers until you find a suitable solution to climb up. 

Jump on the platforms and you will find another statue
(inside the door we opened with the lever from the big
rock). Push the statue down and put it in the white
tile to open the door. Go ahead, we are almost
finished with the Temple of Bu. 

In the next area you will finally find the Book of Bu, 
guarded by two skeletons. Kill them (they don't 
pursue you around the corner, you can throw the ball 
from there) and get the Book. Or easier, you can first 
get the Book of Bu and kill them afterwards, they will 
start worshipping you and they won't response even if 
you are attacking them. 

With the Book of Bu you reached level 2 of Magic. Now
your magic ball will turn green and you can kill 
green-colored clones. If you read the book in the 
inventory you will know a few more details from the 
legend: apparently there is a prophecy that when a
tyrant will rise to power the Chosen One, using the
weapons gathered by his ancestors, will defeat him. 
It also says that the Chosen One will need four magical
symbols. You already have two (the blue Robe and the 
Book of Bu). If you head west to the inscription in the 
wall you will find out that the book also allows you to
read such inscriptions (obvious) and to talk with 

It's time to leave the Temple of Bu once and forever. 
From the area where you got the book go east and you 
will find a skeleton. It's always funny to be 
worshipped but you can kill him for 15 good Kashes. 
Walk east to the lighted point to exit the temple. 
Show the book to the old rabbibunny and he will tell
you that only the true Heir and Chosen One would have
survived the Temple of Bu, and that your destiny it's
to stop FunFrock from profaning the Temple of Sendell.
Sadly he doesn't know where this well is but your
ancestor may have left clues at your home.

You can now talk with the horse running around the
desert, he will tell you about strange noises coming 
from the "S" symbol at the northwest corner. But we
had enough desert for the moment. Go west back to the
military camp and go north, jumping, back to the
fishing rabbibunny who brought you here. He can take
you to Citadel Island or Principal Island for 
10 Kashes:

- If you have more than 210 Kashes I recommend you to 
go first to Principal Island. There a green sphero 
will offer you to buy his catamaran for 200 Kashes 
and it will give you freedom to travel all around the
hemisphere. By the way the fishing rabbibunny won't 
take you anymore. 

- If you don't have enough money go directly to 
Citadel Island, you don't need the catamaran for the 
moment. When you take the ferry again to Principal 
Island you will watch a different FMV, where Twinsen
doesn’t get seasick anymore.

4.4 Twinsen’s Legacy

4.4.1 Citadel Island – A Story about Pirates

The fishing ship will drop you in the Port (and he 
will run), but with your own catamaran you would 
arrive at a much more convenient place close to your 
house. You can jump to the cave beneath your house 
or go home through the chimney, open the closed 
wooden door (the key is in the pot next to it) and 
go through the passage around the barrels. Both ways 
allow you to reach the inscription in the secret cave. 
It seems that the key to the room with the family 
treasures is lost, the pirate LeBorgne killed 
Twinsen's ancestor Hegessippe and took the key. None 
seems to know where LeBorgne's treasure lies. It's 
time to gather information again, this time about 

NOTE: As said before I try to gather all the 
information about the next objective. If you played
before you probably know exactly where to
go so you can skip this part.

As everyone suggest you should ask sailors in the
port. But first we can make a visit to the tavern.
It seems that the manager was right and they are
closing it. Don't hesitate and try your new green
ball again the green groboclone to get a key to the
basement. The manager will be so thankful that will
allow you to take whatever you need, so go to the
cellar. You will find a valuable clover box there
and the typical stuff around the bottles and
barrels. When you come back to the tavern is
already full with clients. You can even pay the
grobo upstairs another drink but he doesn't know
anything this time, and if you didn't buy the ship
yet you will need to save money for it instead of
giving it to drunk elephants.

So go finally to the Port. Here if you didn't visit
before the ticket office you can do it now for a 
funny moment. The rabbibunny will call a green 
groboclone to take care of you but now you can 
kill him, and with his key you can go inside to 
have a talk with that coward vendor. It doesn't
give you anything but it's funny to make him to run. 
Kill the yellow groboclone, open the gate and talk 
with the sailor who gave you the first ticket to 
Principal Island. He will tell you that the owner 
of the Tavern in Principal Island knows something 
about the pirate that we are looking for, so let's 
move to Principal Island. Take the Ferry (or go back 
home to take your catamaran if you already have it) 
and ship to Principal Island.

4.4.2 Principal Island - LeBorgne’s Log

In Principal Island lot of people will give you
clues about going to the bazaar (in Port Belooga,
in Old Burg, even the Astronomer if you happen to
fall to his house), but let's trust the sailor from
the Port and go to ask first the owner of the
Tavern in Old Burg. If you forgot it's south of the
military base (the scene with the car), north
from the scene with the motorbike and just west of
FunFrock HQ. 

The way to the tavern is free of supergros so you 
can go without delays. Once there the yellow sphero 
at the other side of the bar will tell you something 
about LeBorgne’s log: he couldn't write so his cooker
had to write his log. And what a surprise that the
log is currently for sale in the bazaar next door!
Go out the Tavern and left to the Bazaar. Sadly
the vendor will tell you that he just sold that
book this morning to a rabbibunny who works in the
Library. So go there (north from FunFrock HQ or
east the military camp).

Once in the Library talk with our old friend the
orange rabbibunny with the orange t-shirt, aka the
librarian, who will probably be downstairs. He
explains you how lucky he was for finding
LeBorgne's log that morning and that you can
consult the book in the back of the room next to
the projection room. He also opens the door again
to see the big book whenever you want (in case you
are bored or something). 

Go upstairs and you will find a grobo in a table
and he happens to be reading the book that we
need. Talk with him and he will offer you to read
you the part that you are interested in. He won't
tell you so much about recipes (some kind of French
humor here) but you can hear the story of
LeBorgne’s nickname (LeBorgne means "the One-Eyed"
in French) if you want to get some funny 
back-story. But what we need to know it's about the
treasure. I will describe it in Proxima Island, and
put attention to it, you will only have one chance

To go to Proxima Island we need to buy the
catamaran in Port-Belooga. If you didn't before you
need to do it now. If you don't have 200 Kashes you
can loot the Library cash register a few times 
(25 Kashes each time) or the coward soldier in the
military camp (15 Kashes). When you have the money
go to Port-Belooga, talk to the green sphero and
follow him to see his ship. You must buy it so
don't feel bad for paying the money.

Now with the catamaran we can go to everywhere in
the southern hemisphere, at least in theory. The
new destinations are:

- Rebellion Island: Our ship will be rejected with
guns at the moment, being accused by the rebels of
working for FunFrock. We will end landing on the
Hamalayi Mountains instead.

- Hamalayi Mountains: This is a huge place heavily
guarded by FunFrock forces, but at the moment we
can't penetrate it. But just next to our landing
there is a rebel much more cooperative than his
fellows from the island. He explains about the
plan of the rebels to cross the Hamalayi, and
suggest you to get a pirate jack with a skull to
land safely in Rebellion Island. You can also
destroy the radio emitter already but it's
not mandatory.

- Proxima Island: Our next destination.

4.4.3 Proxima Island - After LeBorgne’s Treasure

and sometimes it doesn't work even doing
everything apparently perfect, but here it's
what you need to do. We need to follow the
instructions that we got from the Library. 
Here they are:

- Start at the closest mooring post (at the 
corner) with the back to the boats and always
walk in DISCREET mode.

- Go 6 steps north.

- 6 steps east (down the slide).

- 2 steps north until you reach the garbage can. 

- 3 steps east until you reach a light post. 

If you did everything right right here you will be
approached by a green sphero who recognized your 
path as having the map of the treasure, and will give
you a Coffee Pot to give it back to his owner because 
he is embarrassed after such a long time borrowing it.

- Stay in the middle of the two lamps and go 8 
steps north.

- The treasure is in the building you will be facing.

NOTE: Actually you only need to walk to the museum
in DISCREET mode the FIRST TIME you land in Proxima
Island. If you are lucky the green sphero will 
appear. If you can't make him to appear don’t
worry, it's not mandatory to complete the game, and
if you follow this walkthrough you will find all
the extra objects without him.

Well, so now we found out that the treasure is in 
the Maritime Museum. You can buy a ticket in the
ticket office for 5 Kashes (sadly we can't open the 
door with the red hole). But I must tell you that
nothing good will come from inside, the rabbibunny
next to the counter will start yelling like crazy
when you are about to go upstairs and you can't
kill him, so the supergro will come to bring you
back to Proxima-Island jail. However you still have
enough time to loot the cash register for 20 Kashes
if you don't care going to jail. If you manage to 
touch the treasure the soldiers will yell at you 
and start shooting, so it’s not the best way to rob
something openly.

NOTE: It’s actually possible to escape the supergro
just running west to the door (it opens when touch)
and going down the trap door. This way we can
finish the Museum without the Red Card, bringing
the infamous Red Card Bug. The game will think
afterwards that you've already got the Red Card so you
won’t be able to obtain it later from the forger. This 
will prevent you from going so far in the game, the 
save game will be useless and you will be forced to 
start all over again. The PSX and floppy versions have 
this possibility fixed so the bug can’t happen, just by
adding a bunch of barrels around the trap door in the 
Museum. This way you never have time to run from the 

If you finish in jail in Proxima Island you just
need to check the ventilation duct in the upper
right corner (NORMAL mode - action). A platform
will move you down (I guess it symbolizes that you 
escape through the ventilation duct). You will arrive 
to the sewers. You see an exit a bit north from your 
position but we can't get there from our current 
place, we will use it later to enter the museum. 

Go left (south) and kill the looped snake in
AGRESSIVE mode or by jumping on it in ATHLETIC.
Jump over the missing bridge and take the first
platform back to the surface. There is a second
platform southern but it will bring you directly
outside of the prison, without your inventory and
with a supergro waiting to shoot you. Once you are
back in the jail (but free) kill the nurse and get
your stuff back from the wardrobe (if you don't
recover it outside will be a supergro patrolling
who will always shoot at you). 

The grobo fixing the alarm in the jail will
explain you about the protection systems of the
Museum. Those are:

- When you press the alarm that he is fixing, the
Museum will be evacuated, with just a few
automatic guards remaining.

- The wooden floor will be full of sensors that
will sound the alarm with the lightest weight.

Going through the exit at the north east corner of
the jail we will reach the sewer platform (the one
that we couldn't reach from our room platform). In
the floor there is a snake, and at the other side
there is a platform that we can't reach. In the
wall we read that for security reasons that
platform is only accessible from the Museum. So we
need to go inside the museum somehow to open this
entrance from the jail.

Go out of the jail and make a visit to the houses
west of the museum (in the same scene). They have
a closed door but you don't need a key, it will
open just by touching it. The first house is a
shop, in the second one in the corner you will
find M. Lanktir, the owner of the coffee pot (you
got it from the green sphero before, remember?).
When you talk with him at first he will end
giving you a keypad for a locking system from the
Teleportation Center that he received by error (a
huge error if I'm allowed to say it). Afterwards
stay next to him, go to the inventory and select
the Coffee Pot to use it on him. He will be
thankful and will give you... the bonuses list
for your inventory.

We found almost all of them already, and the ones
that we didn't are not possible to be found yet.
As a summary this is what it says and what we

We FOUND already (you should know):

- Box for clover in the sewers of Citadel Island.

- Box for clover in the basement of the tavern of
Citadel Island.

- Clover owned by the soldier behind the sandbags
in Citadel Island.

- Clover owned by the sphero clone in the east
ruins in Principal Island.

We haven't seen yet the clovers from the roof of
the Maritime Museum, in front of FunFrock's HQ
and at the entrance of the Teleportation Center. 
There are others not listed in this list. This
is anyway unnecessary to complete the game, but
of course will help you by giving "extra lives".

We can't do anything else at the moment in the
scene with the Museum. We have three exits:
north east and south east bring to the Marked
and Eclipse stone by car and motorbike
respectively, but we would only spend gasoline
now, we will go there later. Instead take the
path west next to the port. 

4.4.3 Proxima Island - The Rob

As you come to the new scene you find a house
to your right. That house is locked, but when
you get close a green groboclone will appear
from the telepod and will give you the key
after being killed (once opened the door will
keep forever opened). Inside you will find the
brother of the forger being held in Principal

If you didn't talk with his brother then he
will ask you to go there and let him know how
his brother is doing, in exchange of a phony
(but reliable) Red Card. In such case go to
Principal Island and talk with the rabbibunny
in the jail's window in FunFrock's HQ and come 
back to the forger's house with the secret word 
from his brother. Talk with the brother and after
saying "Amos" he will give you the Red Magnetic Card.

Go out of the forger's house and go ahead
the other house, the one with a big hole in
the south wall. This is the house of Jerome
Baldino, an important character in the LBA
series (this first meeting is a historical 
moment!). He is an inventor and he is working
now in a jet-pack. Last time he tried it
didn't work so well (the garden's wall is the
proof) so he asks you to find him a hair 
drier to use its rheostat to fix the
jet-pack's motor. 

Do you remember that crying quetch from
Principal Island who always complained about
not selling hair driers? He is now here in
Proxima Island! Go to the main scene (where
the Museum is) and you will find him
wandering around the way (he is the only
"standard" quetch). The hair drier costs
30 Kashes. Buy it and bring it back to

He will mount the "proto-pack" (sadly not
"jet-pack") and will pay you 10 Kashes for
trying it. If you say “no” when asked for
the offering the Proto-Pack will fly alone
a bit and Baldino will "reboot" to the
conversation he had with you when you came
with the hair drier. Accept his 10 Kashes and
you will be able to take the Proto-Pack. If
you go back to Baldino's house by foot he
will yell at you that he is not paying you
for testing your shoes. 

NOTE: It's funny to notice that you will keep
the hair drier in your inventory until you
accept Baldino's "job", even if it's supposed
to be already used before.

Now we have everything we need to assault the
museum. First let's go inside. Now we don't
have to buy a ticket and suffer that stupid
rabbibunny and his alarm. We can use the
Red Card in the red slot at the door left to
the main entrance. First time we need to use
it manually from the inventory, but 
afterwards the Red Card will be used
automatically each time we pass around the
slot. The door will open and we can sneak
into the Museum. 

I recommend you to take a look at the Museum
going through the yellow door at right (it
will open when you touch it), so you will be
used to it later. Watch out with the rabbibunny
in the entrance, and if you hit the soldiers the
supergro will also appear. The treasure we are
looking for it's in the second floor, second area.
If you try to touch it the soldier will yell and
attack you, meanwhile a supergro will shoot one
of his unavoidable projectiles against you.
There is a secret passage leading to the roof. 
This is located in the second floor, in the empty
wall west from the boarding cannon. When you push
action in the wall Twinsen will push it and will
reveal the passage. Up a rabbibunny apparently
landed there with his ship after a strong storm.
He gives you 4 clovers and you can reenter the
scene as many times as you want for more.

Once everything is clear go back through the
yellow door and go down through the platform next
to our entrance (our entrance was the door with
the red card locker). We will arrive to the sewers
connected with the jail. Go down the ladder and be
very careful with the snake, it can really harm you,
but you can kill it by jumping on it in ATHLETIC mode.
Climb the ladder and use the platform to go up. You
will appear at the jail. Kill the nurse (he will
attack you when you wreak havoc) and push the alarm 
button that is being fixed by the grobo.

Now if you go through the surface the museum will be
closed because of the alarm and everyone is evacuated.
That's way we made an opening through the sewers. Go
back to the jail, go the sewers and enter the Museum.
Now the party will begin. The Museum lights are off,
there are clones and weapons patrolling and as soon as
you step on the wooden floor the alarm will be activated
(in other words, you will finish in jail). That's why 
we have the Proto-Pack, to avoid walking on the wood.

Run to the yellow door and as soon as you find the wooden
floor use the Proto-Pack from the inventory. Go straight
ahead until you land on the Pirate Flag (the tiles around
the museum's items are not wood, they are safe to land).
Take the Pirate Flag, it's necessary to visit the rebels
later. Continue the corridor (you can land in the carpet, 
is also safe to walk there). Downstairs you see two red
rabbibunny clones, REALLY fast enemies. Twinsen can't
fight them at the moment so just continue. You can exit
the museum but outside the white gate will still stay closed.

Continue again in the museum with your Proto-Pack until you
reach the stairs to the second floor. Again you can walk/run
here, but on the second floor starts the difficult part. You
have in each of the two areas one of those vehicles/weapons
who shoots when you move, like in Citadel Island. But when
you don't move with your Proto-Pack you land on the floor,
and that means activating the alarm. And once the alarm is
on, even if you reach the treasure running you won't be able
to retrieve the key from it. 

You can destroy the first weapon with the magic ball from
the stairs, if you have a bit of patient to wait for it as
it gets close; or you can land next to the Siren's Statue
and attack or wait there until it goes out of your way but
not recommended, maybe you have to run back from the next
area. Fly with the proto-pack to the next area, the one with
the treasure. Here it's another of those weapons patrolling
and it will be more challenging to find a safe spot to land
and attack, but it's still possible, especially on the signs
(I recommend the shark, it's closer and bigger). Destroy 
that weapon and go ahead to the desired treasure. Land on
the treasure's sign and use action in NORMAL to find the
Hegesippe's Key that belonged to Twinsen’s family.

Once done we just need to go out of here. You can either
allow yourself to get caught or you can Proto-Pack yourself
to the hole left to the treasure and let yourself fall
next to the entrance you took to sneak into the museum. You
would need to run through the sewers to the jail anyway ^_^. 
Once out the grobo in front of the Museum tells you about
the burglary and that the thief escaped (even if you let
yourself to be caught). We finally have what we came
looking for so let's go back to our ship. When we are in
front of it use the Pirate Flag from your inventory. Now
the catamaran looks cooler and we will be able later to 
enter Rebellion Island without being shot.

4.4.4 Citadel Island – Legacy Uncovered

Go to the secret cave in your house (you decide, either
entering house from the chimney and opening the wooden door
or just jumping directly to the cave beneath). Use the key
obtained in the Museum from the inventory to open the closed
door. Inside you read an inscription: there are three Runic
Stones in the world, 2 of them are in Proxima Island, and the
other one is in the northern hemisphere. Those stones guard
some kind of secret and the last one will point to the exact
location of Sendell's Well. 

But more important now are the objects in the center of the
room. With Sendell's Medallion Twinsen get's the third level
of magic, he can now kill red clones and the big tanks! And
the Gawley's Horn allows him to break those Sendell's Seals
(usually an "S" on the walls). You can try it with the seal
in the current room. You will find 5 clovers in the hole 
(jump to touch it and it will come down).

Now with the Gawley’s Horn we can reach a few areas behind
Sendell's Seals that we couldn't before. Also as someone
in Principal Island says FunFrock built busts of himself
over seals because he was unable to break them. We also can
make something with the Proto-Pack, we didn't have time to 
play before with it. 

All those tasks are OPTIONAL, but can he useful, specially 
the clover folder.

- Citadel Island: In the scene where the tavern is located
and that robot-machine patrols, there is a FunFrock's Bust
in the center, inside a park. You can break it using the Horn
and jump inside to fall to the sewers. Here you will find a
grobo statue, and when you touch it will start dropping an
unlimited amount of hearths. 

You really don't need it so much, just a scene north lays
a tank that you can now destroy and it will drop 30 hearts. 
And of course you can kill the soldier behind the sandbags 
for clovers. In the scene with the grobo statue there is also
an exit east to the other area of the sewers (from where the
rabbibunny in a hurry ran much before), but nothing new there.

As an additional note, at this point that strange robot, 
the one next to a grobo who didn’t allow us to take it, has
disappeared. The grobo guarding it says that it's been taken
to some secret construction site. Sadly we won’t see it again.

- Principal Island: There is a Seal in the ruins east to
FunFrock's HQ (where the sphero clones are, remember that
they all drop a clover when killed). The seal will reveal
a stone face from where you get an unlimited amount of 
magic flasks.
- Principal Island: In Old Burg (the city, where the
Astronomer’s house lays) there is another bust that can be
destroyed with the horn. It's next to the shop. Down you will
find a few dispensable mushrooms, but if you check the barrel
you will get 150 Kashes!

- (Very useful!) Principal Island: South of Old Burg lives a
female rabbibunny who, if you remember, told you about a clover
folder only accessible by flying. Use your proto-pack from the
small beach next to her house and fly to the other side of the
broken bridge. There is a small flat beach where you can land,
and in the little island you will find the clover folder.

- Desert Island: Just where you land with the ship use the
Proto-Pack down (even the smallest step will make you to drawn
so watch out, use the ramp). At the north-east corner there is
a little island with a mushroom. The mushroom contains a 
clover. Once here you can open too the Sendell's Seal located
where the horse and the Temple of Bu's entrance are. (check down).

(Mandatory walkthrough continues here)

What we would need to do better now than later, is activating
the Runic Stones in Proxima Island, as the inscription left
by Twinsen's ancestors said. Go to Proxim-City in Proxima Island
and take (per example, the order of the stones doesn't matter)
the car at the north-east corner. With it you will reach the
Marked Stone, but you need to open first a Sendell's Seal
(that's why we couldn't do it before). 

Jump through the hole and read the inscription on the stone.
It tells you the password for the Eclipse Stone (GIZMO) and
asks you for a password, which sadly we don't know yet (and
the game doesn't even give us the chance neither). So now you
can guess what comes next. Go back to Proxim-City and take the
motorbike south to the Eclipse Stone. The Eclipse Stone will
give you the password for the Marked Stone (BURBS) and will
ask you for its password. Choose "GIZMO" and it will activate,
giving you a magic flute in exchange. Go back to Proxim-City
and take again the car north to activate the Marked Stone
("BURBS" password). Sadly this one doesn't gives anything.

NOTE: It’s actually possible to finish the game without
activating the Marked Stone, but you need to activate the
Eclipse Stone to get the flute.

Now head to Desert Island. There, in the scene with the
temple's entrance, there is another Sendell's Seal, and 
this one is mandatory to be opened (remember that the horse
said something about hearing strange noises from there?). Use 
the Horn and jump inside the grotto. This is kind of a "maze"
in a very annoying way, where you need to get to the green elf
in the center but he will start walking around as you try to
get him. You will face the "running and hitting yourself"
problem to a new degree here, so walk or just wait for the elf
to come by your position.

Talk to him. He is Joe the Elf, another popular character from
the LBA series. He thanks you for freeing him (poor guy, the
creators couldn't find a place in the story for him). He gives
you the blue card, apparently you've become the fourth member of
the Elves Club. Even if it's difficult to resist, you 
shouldn't attack the elf, he will take back the blue card and
reject to give you it again until you exit the grotto and
come back again. But it's kind of funny anyway.

NOTE: If you show the blue card (using it from the inventory)
to any elf he will drop clovers for you.

In the desert you can also offer the magic flute to the old 
rabbibunny (as it says in the inventory it's supposed to bring
flowers to the desert) but he allows you to use it first in your
mission instead.

Coming back to the main story, We only have one stone remaining
to be activated, but it will take a while. In the meantime let's
find the last sacred item from Sendell. It's in the 
Hamalayi Mountains but the base there is heavily defended. It's
time to visit the rebels in Rebellion Island.

4.5 Crossing the Hamalayi Mountains

4.5.1 Rebellion Island - Meeting the Rebels

If you putted the Pirate Flag on the Catamaran (using it from
the inventory when standing next to the ship) the rebels won't
shoot at you anymore and they will allow your ship to land. You
need to talk with the Lieutenant Grap. The island is suffering
a bombardment from the clones so you should stay far from the 
"bombing spots". Lt. Grap is down in that kind of hole in the
center. He will allow you to use his buggy to meet the leaders
of the island. To go up again you need to jump first on the
sandbags and from there to the wooden box left. 

Now you can take the car south to the rebel camp (of course,
spending gasoline). If you don't talk with the Lieutenant you
can't use the car. In the rebel camp you find three rebels, two
of them attacking without mercy a poor Meca-Penguin, and one
sphero, who happens to be the leader. He tells you that they
want to take the Okojo pass by force. That pass reaches to the 
north hemisphere. He thinks that far from being dangerous, 
there are even people who refused to be deported from the
north hemisphere and continue living there at their own. 

We need to help them rescuing Colonel Kroptman and we will be
able then to go to the north hemisphere. Before going back to
the harbor you can replenish a bit your gas supply right to
the sphero. Go back to the harbor scene with the car. Just a 
bit north of the car, between bombing spots, there is a hidden
ship yard and a rebel waiting for you. He explains you a bit 
about the mission. Basically it will be like this for you:

- Wait for him before changing scene. 
- If he dies another rebel will appear at the landing point.
- Destroy the radio emitter (you could do it as soon as you got
the ship). 

Enter the ship from the back and get ready! This is one of my 
favorite parts of the game. Twinsen's Catamaran comes too by 
itself (or by a rebel command, but it's still weird that isn't
Twinsen the one controlling it).

4.5.2 Hamalayi Mountains – Rebel Assault

In the Hamalayi Range begins the action. The rebels will start
shooting and making some acrobatics. You need the rabbibunny 
just north of the landing site to get into the fort. He will
start following you when you talk to him. Before following the 
path north (with him) you should destroy the radio up the 
building, it will make things much easier (but it's not mandatory).
To reach it you need to go south where a soldier stands. Going 
further we reach our ship, but instead we need to jump on a pile
of sandbags and from there to the level ahead. Continue north 
and you will be in front of the radio emitter and able to 
destroy it. 

Now continue the path north, watching out with the mine on the 
right side of the path when continuing to the next scene. The 
rabbibunny will follow you close, but if he dies (they seem to 
like being shot) another one will be waiting for you next to the
 rebel's ship. And he will know what happened to the last one. 

Now the enemies will be different depending if you destroyed the 
radar or not:

- If you didn't destroy the radar the first scene north will be
full of red projectiles coming from the blue batteries, but you 
can easily dodge them, they take time to land from the sky and 
always in the same pattern. The main problem is the soldier at 
the machine-gun in the middle of the way, but you can kill him 
easily if you stay at the right side and use your Magic Ball 
above the sandbags. Put attention on the projectile’s patterns 
and go north to the next scene.

- If you destroyed the radar you will only find a turret soldier
at the beginning, from who you should run fast before he kills 
your rabbibunny.

NOTE: If you leave the rabbibunny behind when you leave a scene 
you just need to go one screen back to have him next to you. 
Also note that if you destroyed the radar the rabbibunny is 
MUCH stronger. If you don't destroy the radar your friend will 
die in just one shoot in the scene with the tank. You get 
absolutely nothing for not destroying the radio, so unless you 
look for a challenge don't go further without destroying it.

In the next scene an annoying sphero clone will start shooting 
at you from an advantageous position, so get rid of it. The 
rebel will help you with grenades, but sadly he has some 
kamikaze instinct, he won't hesitate attacking also the turret 
soldier up the building, who will finish him in no time. Be 
fast and help him with the Magic Ball (I recommend DISCREET 
mode for shooting). Afterwards he runs to attack the soldier
at the right side, but he is usually successful in killing 
him by himself. 

The last soldier is at another turret, run fast to the other 
side and attack him from his right. Once done the rebel suggest
you to use the blue tank, so follow him and get into it. The 
diver will run after one grenade and you can get in it. Don't 
bother pursuing the driver, he doesn't drop anything interesting. 
And if you leave the scene with the rebel inside the tank he 
will count as dead, the tank as unused and you will need to 
pick up another rebel at the landing point to get again the 
tank. It's funny still to note that the second time that you 
would reach the tank there is none inside when the rebel uses 
the grenade.

Anyway you will end inside the fortress thanks to the tank. 
The rebel will cover you (and surprisingly he actually does and
shoots the soldier next to you) meanwhile you save the 
Colonel Kroptman. Go upstairs and kill the red rabbibunny clone
(he is very fast, be careful, I recommend you to wait for him 
at the stairs). On this floor there is a door but it's closed 
by now, so go to the second floor and kill the other clone
(again wait for him on the stairs to be sure). This one will 
drop a key that you can only use in the big door on the second
floor. Enter it to go to the next scene (the clones on this 
one will remain death, except for the soldier who gets killed 
by the rebel). 

Here you will find at left one green rabbibunny clone and a 
nurse with a pistol (a new enemy, you won't go to jail if
they kill you by shooting). The nurse has a key and the
wardrobe with the poster on the side has another key (first
time we have two at the same time!). Now continue on the 
second floor and kill the two guards, who will drop another 
key each one (four keys in total!). Now you can open all 
the doors without worrying, there are only 4 locked doors 
in total; but the two at the north side are useless. 

Opening the left (south) door you will find the jail’s 
door, which also needs a key. Inside you have to kill 
a green or red groboclone (depending if you let him to 
change the helmet to red in the corner). With that key you
can open the jail door for the sphero ahead, who happens to
be the rebel Colonel Kroptman that we are looking for. Upon
rescuing he tells you to open the hatch at the end of the 
corridor north, but he will take the way back (same that 
you took to rescue him). Continue north and kill the red 
groboclone. Open the closed window at the end and go 
through it to the next scene, and further north.

With this we have cleared the Okojo Pass, one of the two 
paths to go from the south hemisphere to the north 
hemisphere. Remember it, because we would need to cross 
several times the Hamalayi Mountains. 

NOTE: Actually you don't need to rescue Colonel Kroptman
to complete the game, it's even technically possible to 
kill him, at least stars come out of him when you hit him,
but he seems to be unbelievable strong, I got tired before
he dies. If someone managed to kill him I would be happy 
to hear about.

NOTE 2: Even if you don't have to save the Colonel, the
rebels will talk to you as if you mission was still 
ongoing until you rescue him. Once completed they treat
you as a hero, in case you get bored and want to visit
them again. Surprisingly Kroptman is not found anywhere
in Rebellion Island. Where the heck does he go when he
gets free?

Back to our exit through the hatch, Twinsen will faint
because of the cold weather and he will be rescued by
those small white Kamis animals. They even will let you
a snowboard next to you for picking it up and using it.
Once you have it Twinsen will use it automatically when
you approach one the tracks of the scene (walking 
between the two colored flags that mark the start). 

Once down, as the rabbibunny says, you can use your red
card next to his little post to use the ski lift and 
repeat a track. But as far as I know it doesn't gives 
anything, nor allows you to play the descending itself
(other than choosing one of the three tracks), and you
can descend by foot anyway. I would say that the 
snowboard is completely useless for gaming purposes. 

Once you are bored of the snowboard continue east to 
the next scene. Here you will meet a new enemy: the
mantis mutant. Those mantises are better killed from 
the distance, even if they can be harmed with your 
punches, because they deal quite a lot of damage. 
You have one walking around close to your entrance 
point. At north you will find a rabbibunny town, and 
one of the rabbibunnies will be having a bad time 
fighting one of the mutants. Don't worry so much about
the rabbit, he doesn't get hurt by the mutant (who by
the way won't respawn). Talk with him and he will ask
you to destroy the eggs from the Mutant Factory so his
town will be safe. If you wait a bit he will dig and
find a clover for you. 

If you go southeast you will find another mutant hurting 
(this time really) a rabbibunny. If you are nice and you
help him he will dig for 3 clovers, and he will be in 
the mood for talking (when the mutant is alive, even if 
it's not attacking him, the rabbibunny has no 
conversation). This rabbibunny talks about the Clear 
Water Lake. Remember? The last Sendell's Symbol!. It's 
very close to here!

In the rabbibunny village if you try to get the food from
the cooking pot a rabbibunny will come yelling at you. 
He will offer you to open the Sacred Carrot (leading to
the northern hemisphere) once you have destroyed the 
Mutant Factory. They are having some mutant problems so 
it's a fair pact. The female rabbibunny will open you an
entrance to the Hamalayi Subway. So as a summary from the
rabbibunny village scene we have a small exit at the 
northwest, from where we reach the Sacred Carrot (closed 
at the moment); and the exit through the hole dug by the
woman at the south. We only can choose this last option
so fall for it.

4.5.3 Hamalayi Mountains - A Problem with Mutants

The hole will direct us to the scene east from our 
landing spot, where we couldn't run into before because
of a closed door. Now we can just jump down (or you can
walk west to the soldier at the turret and jump down if
you want to run back to your catamaran). You won't find
so many difficulties down, just a soldier and a red 
groboclone. The poor sailorgrobo is just waiting for a 
ship (for two years already!). The red groboclone drops
a key that you can use to open the metal door behind him. 

In there you find a grobo fixing the subway. Upon talking
with him he will activate it (open the gate for you to 
reach it). You can just wait a bit to enter the capsule, 
or you can mess a bit around with the quetches there. The
first one questions your presence there and mentions 
something about having trapped an officially-nonexistent 
elf. He doesn't attack you, but you must kill him, he has
a key. You should be more careful with the nurse on the 
second floor, he is very close to an alarm button and at 
this point you know what that means in a prison-like 
building. You need to run fast and kill him before he 
pushes the button (he will only run to it when you get 
close anyway). 

At the end of the corridor to the west you will find a 
room with a blue elf inside. He is Raymund the Elf, and 
as gratitude he tells you where is the Clear Water Lake
(northwest of here) and all what you need to know about
it (to play the flute and the blue card from the elf at
the desert). When you reenter the scene the elf will be
gone, but he will appear at the outside of the factory.
Remember that as with Joe you can show him the blue card
to get clovers.

NOTE: Freeing Raymund the Elf is optional. You will still
be able to find him free later, but he will say a 
different quote depending if you decided to free him or not.

(The following part is not necessary unless you get caught) 

If you get a bad encounter with the supergro coming from 
the telepod and you end in prison, just wait for the nurse 
to come. He opens the door politely to ask you if you prefer 
to eat something before dying. Kill him before the door 
closes or you’ll need to wait until he walks again to your
room. It's funny to see that he acts quite normal even if
you run out of the room, but he will call for the alarm when
he turns around or you talk with him (and by the way the
supergro will come to send you back to prison). 

Now don't go east where the entrance and subway were; there
is a supergro there. You need to take your belongings from
the wardrobes between the two jail rooms to make him to 
disappear (no "story" excuse, it's just a way to remember 
you to take your stuff!). The nurse who opened your door 
drops a key, and you can use it to free the blue elf in case
you didn't do it before. Remember that the nurse next to 
the alarm clock at the east is still present, so be careful
if you walk to that area.

(Walkthrough continues here)

At any case when you did everything here (mostly freeing
Raymund the Elf and it's not even mandatory) you can take
the subway. Congratulations, you are officially in the 
north hemisphere! But keep alert, a green sphero clone will 
approach you from your left, and at right a nurse will try 
to push the alarm button (don't let him! Just kill him when
he is far enough). Don't take the path of the sphero clone
(we will go in a bit to that scene). Instead go upstairs the
path were the nurse was. You will encounter a red rabbibunny
clone (you know how to deal with them) on the first floor. 

Following the path to the left (southwest) you will find
where mutants come from, at least those crab-like things. 
The nurse will yell at you but he is not dangerous at all.
You don't need to, but you can destroy the mutants and 
mutant parts from the operation tables. If you continue
south you arrive to an area with two bouncing eggs enclosed
and a nurse who runs to the alarm (kill him fast!). As the
rabbibunny said back at the village you need to destroy the
eggs. They are like the ones in the Temple of Bu but they
just last 1-2 shoots with the Magic Ball. 

Once you destroy both of them the screen will light red for
a moment. That means that you destroyed FunFrock's first
power: the Mutant Factory. And now the rabbibunnies from
the village will let us to pass through their Holy Carrot.
From the eggs scene go back to the area where the crab-mutants
were being made and take the path west (the one passing next
to FunFrock's Statue).

In this scene don't jump down; a hidden crab will 
definitely wipe you out. Go first right to make a visit
to the quetche there. He will pull the last crank to 
prevent you to escape (he also gets trapped, but he
doesn’t care). Just kill him and push it back to open
the door. And push the other two cranks too, the first
will open the car's door, the second will open the door
of the area that I advised you not to jump. 

Now we can jump down, but be careful with the crab monster,
it is hidden at the left side and you can't see it until he
runs after you. The crabs bite hard and fast, and they are 
also very difficult to hit with the ball, but if you are 
lucky you can kill it by jumping on it. Still I recommend
trying to avoid it. Once you exit its area it won’t run 
after you anymore, and it will be an easy target if you 
want revenge. 

Watch out because if you didn't push the first crank 
another crab mutant will be wondering around the main 
area of the scene. It will also appear if you enter the 
scene from the east path (even if all doors all opened). 
But this crab is considerable slower that the hidden one, 
and you can kill it easily with punches. Also if you 
follow this path you will find a big stand with a red 
groboclone, but nothing special is there. The only thing 
that we want from this scene is the car at the southern 
part to drive back to the rabbibunny village. If you are 
out of gasoline you can replenish for 4 trips there.

NOTE: It's technically possible to get stuck in this area
if you close the door of the fast crab-mutant and you jump
there. But even if it's possible I've never managed to 
kill the crab inside. If it happens to you remember you 
can just exit the game and load, you will start the scene 
from the beginning.

NOTE 2: Even if it's later revealed by the game that you 
can kill the crab mutants by jumping on them (like with
the snakes), I personally never managed to do so in this

The car will now stay at the Rabbibunny Village, in case
you want to drive back to the Mutant's Factory. If you 
destroyed the eggs the village will be free from mutants. 
Walk again to the food pot and the boss will come. He 
will offer you his gratitude for having disabled the 
Mutant's Factory, and asks you to go with him to the 
Sacred Carrot. Follow him west and he will open the door 
beneath the Sacred Carrot. If he says instead that mutants 
are still coming and the factory isn't completely disabled, 
means that you ran with the buggy without destroying the 

In case you want to go back to your ship you just need to 
fall through the hole you took first to the Mutant's Factory 
and go all the way west without falling to the lower floor. 
From now on a soldier will go guarding the outside door of 
the Subway entrance and he will drop a key after killed. This 
allows you to go from south to north by using the Subway to 
the Mutant Factory. This is the second option to cross the 
Hamalayi Mountains. The first one was the Okojo Pass you used 
with the rebels to reach the Rabbibunny Village but takes 

4.5.4 Hamalayi Mountains – The Last Magical Symbol

Go through the Sacred Carrot's door and you will arrive to a 
big area, covered mostly by ice (but still makes you to drown). 
Here is where you will land in the near future, when you travel
to the Hamalayi Mountains with your new transports. But now
you can't do anything, just go west to the next scene. 

Just in front of you stands a soldier who drops a key when 
killed to open the door behind him. Follow the path and kill
the soldier patrolling at the stairs. In the area upstairs
there are two more soldiers so take care of them. At the
left side there is a closed door and a ladder, leading to 
two frozen mushrooms (or whatever), but don’t bother so much,
they aren’t anything interesting. Follow the path north 
crossing the bridge. I recommend running fast next to the
closed door to avoid the shoots from the soldier. The door
will open with the blue card you received from the green elf
in Desert Island. If you didn't get the card you need to go
all the way back to your catamaran, head to Desert Island and
break the Sendell’s Seal there. 

In the next area we have two soldiers, the one who was already 
shooting, and another one patrolling, who has a key. So find a
safe position out of projectiles and kill them. Once done fall
through the ladder at east, open the closed door and kill the
red groboclone. Go ahead and you will see a boat. This 
hydroglider is your passport to the north hemisphere! It needs
gasoline but you can get next to the barrels in case you need. 

But before exploring the new islands there is one last thing
to do in the Hamalayi Mountains. Take the narrow path north-west
from the boat and you will reach the Clear Water Lake. Stand on
the little elevated tile and use the flute. The ice will melt 
and you will obtain the Clear Water in the flask, giving you 
the 4th and last level of power!

With the 4th level of the Magic Ball you can finally defeat 
those supergros who used to send Twinsen to prison. But from 
now on their projectiles will be different, instead of the 
white ball that put you to sleep they will shoot red colored 
balls. They are homing and go through everything as well, but 
they will take all your life apart with three hits (clover 
wasting) instead of taking you to the nearest jail.

With the boat we have access to two islands: Tippett Island 
and Brundle Island. Sadly we can't reach Fortress Island to 
activate the last stone.

- Brundle Island: Here it's located the Teleportation Center,
but we can't enter now. The quetche at the entrance will ask
for our identification, and if we show Twinsen's Id Card he
will call the alarm and we'll start receiving shoots.

- Tippett Island: This is the "underground city where clones
meet" that one of the rebels talks about. A place where as
said clones, dark informers, thugs and similar individuals
are found. You can obtain valuable information here, but
to finish the task we would need first to find the Space Guitar
in the south hemisphere.

Even if you land in a different scene when you come back with
the hydroglider, it will always be in the place where you first 
find it.

Let's first finish some open business in the south hemisphere
so we can enjoy our trip to the north completely. We need to
go all the way back to our ship and sadly there are no 
shortcuts. From north to south there is only one way: let you
fall in the hole in the Rabbibunny Village and continue from
the upper path (you will pass the blue elf, if you freed him)
to west, falling outside of the fence. Your ship is two more 
scenes west, where a rebel stands and will thank you for 
freeing his colonel. Choose to go to White Leaf Desert.

NOTE: Don't get distracted by the sailorgrobo outside of the
Mutant's Factory waiting for a ship, none will arrive to that

4.6 The Path of the Dino-Fly

4.6.1 Desert Island - Flowers in the Desert

Make your way again to the main land (tip: you can use the 
Proto-Pack to avoid jumping), kill the soldier to get his key
and go to the main desert area. Talk to the rabbibunny sitting
next to the well and if you melted already the Clear Water Lake,
he will demand the magic flute to fulfill his dream of growing
flowers in the desert. If you didn't he will just tell you to 
do it before. Now just give him the flute and he will give you
the Space Guitar, which apparently was found in a meteor.

With the Space Guitar we can continue our quest in the northern
hemisphere, but there is one more optional thing that we can do
now. Head your ship to Principal Island.

4.6.2 Principal Island - Clearing the Water (OPTIONAL)

Go to the Water Tower (all the way south from FunFrock HQ and 
take the motorbike belonging to the peeing soldier) and jump 
inside. Stand in the border as you made before (remember not 
to jump in the water or you'll get drown) and use the Clear 
Water flask from your inventory. Now the water is finally 
tasty and healthy!

When you go out Joe the Green Elf will appear from the telepod
(don't ask why, only clones are supposed to use telepods). He
gives you a clover as always by showing him the blue card, and
from now on, he will always appear from this telepod instead of
being in the desert. Oh, and here you can punch him freely.

Sadly only one person will notice the last change in the water.
He is our orange rabbibunny friend from the Library. Thanks to
you his kidney stone vanished, and he even gives two clovers as
a reward.

Additionally now that we are in Principal Island we can always
thank the forger rabbibunny jailed in FunFrock’s HQ for the 
fake red card, but he won't answer anything.

NOTE: With the 4th level of the Magic Ball you can already make
it into FunFrock's HQ in Principal Island, but the plot won't
demand it until later. At this point you can do so and finish 
all the remaining quests in the southern hemisphere, check the
appropriate section of the Walkthrough if you want to do it now.

Well, after all this stuff, it's time to go where we left the 
story: in the north hemisphere. Make again all the way through 
the Hamalayi. You already know them, but I remember you the 
three ways to cross the mountains from now on:

- Okojo Pass: You can go to where the Colonel was trapped, 
east of his prison through the little hole and skiing down to
the Rabbibunny Village. 

- Rabbibunny Village Hole: You can go directly east from 
your catamaran until you reach the outskirts of the subway 
building that you used before to reach the Mutant’s Factory. 
Just kill the soldier outside the Subway’s Building to get his 
key to enter, jump on the barrels and boxes to reach the upper
path and jump into the hole to the Rabbibunny Village.

- FunFrock’s Hamalayi Subway: It's longer than the option
above but you can always kill the red groboclone to get the
key to the subway's building, take the subway to the Mutant's
Factory and escape again to the Rabbibunny Village with the

Once there cross again the holy carrot and take the 
hydroglider ship like before to go to Tippett Island. 

4.6.3 Tippett Island - Looking for the Dino-Fly

You will notice that the main area in Tippett Island, called
Funky Town, is an underground sewer. The yellow sphero tells
you quickly that you need another thing to reach Fortress
and Polar islands: the Dino-Fly. 

At his left is a closed door and next to it there is a 
groboclone in his free time (even without a helmet, but he 
still speaks with that robotic-like voice). You can talk 
with him and he will offer to sell you information, but 
at the moment it seems like you don't have anything to ask
to him. If you attack him he says that he refuses to 
defend himself so feel free to kill him if you are bored.

A bit further going upstairs there is a door and if you 
enter you will find the shop. I advice you: the gas costs
10 Kashes more than in Principal Island, that vendor has 
a weird looking. Go out of the shop and cross the bridge 
to continue exploring the island. On the elevated area 
there is an afro rabbibunny, who for 10 Kashes will tell 
you information about one of the three powers of 

- Mutant Factory: FunFrock uses mutants to exterminate 
the people who resist to leave the north hemisphere. The 
factory was apparently sabotaged (by Twinsen in fact) but 
there are still mutants in the sewers. Reremember, you 
can jump on the crabs.

- Teleportation Center: Located in Brundle Island, they 
will let you in if you behave like one of them.

- Cloning Center: It's located in Fortress Island, inside 
FunFrock's HQ in this hemisphere. He seems to be working 
on some special clones at the moment.

South of the afro rabbibunny you will see another 
rabbibunny fishing. Talk with him and he will catch 
something: a key, which you can use to open the door
in front of the afro rabbibunny who offered information 
for Kashes. 

Go through that door and watch out in this alley 
(Swindler Street). Two thugs will come yelling for Kashes 
but actually they will just beat you up to death. The one 
with the glasses and hat will take a long time to recover 
after each hit so put him to "rest" meanwhile you kill 
the other, but when you make them a bit of harm they will
try to run. If you manage to kill the one with the glasses 
he will drop 20 Kashes, and the other 3 useful clovers.

The corridor finishes in a death end where a lonely 
mushroom with 3 hearths is located, but at the north side
there is a door with the sign of "Winsun Cafe". Inside 
the disco seems quite busy, but as the afro says there 
is no music (the others are just not moving or speaking 
because of technical limitations). 

The grobo in charge is next to the bar. He offers you 
a "way to reach Fortress Island hidden in his basement" 
if you improve the quality of the show. Luckily we are 
prepared for this event. Go on the stage and talk with 
the singers. He needs a guitar. Give him the Space Guitar
and he will start playing along with his battery (that 
weird red ball creature, whatever he is).

Now that everyone is happy with the show the grobbo of the
bar will open you the way to the basement, direction 
Dino-Fly Street (called accordingly). Let yourself fall in 
the corner recently opened and remember to watch out with
the crabs (as said, you can kill them by jumping on them).
Go north and you will see a strange green-grey mass that 
comes to attack you. You can kill it even with your punches, 
but don't underestimate it; his punches can take also a lot 
of health, and can be difficult to aim to it with the ball. 

Down you'll notice a crab mutant waiting for you. 
Unfortunately he is on water, you need to fly that area with 
the Proto-Pack, and meanwhile you are doing so you are an 
easy prey unable to defend. You should wait until he runs 
through the center waterway in the middle. That will give 
you enough time to fly to the other side. Don't waste time 
trying to kill it, another one will appear to attack you 
anyway. Once you reach the other side climb the ladders up. 

In this scene you get quickly welcomed by a mutant mantis, 
so get rid of it. Climb the ladders and you'll have a locked 
door at left, and a hole at right. Fall into the hole to 
obtain a key and afterwards climb again and go through the
locked door.

Next scene is full of stones. You need to jump along the 
pile of stones until you can reach the ladder (watch out 
with the ATHLETIC mode, you can get hurt so easily when 
running). There are five snakes up and they all will come 
after you, if you get surrounded it's better to run than 
to get killed. Those ones are not dying by jumping on them, 
they don't drop anything valuable and the barrels neither 
contain anything worth. Climb the ladder up to reach the 
surface of Tippett Island. 

Jump on the stones and on the level ahead, where you will 
finally meet the Dino-Fly. Talk with him (he is an animal 
after all) and he will recognize you as the Heir. The poor
guy has been waiting for centuries and has a bad backache. 
He can't cross the high Hamalayi Mountains but he can carry
you through the northern hemisphere, except for the heavily
guarded Polar Island. 

We can't do anything yet in Brundle Island (we can just 
meet that stupid nurse in the front gate asking for the
ID Card) so let's head to Fortress Island.

4.7 The Teleportation Center

4.7.1 Fortress Island - A Problem with Telepods

Here you will meet two rabbibunnies. The brown one down 
will recognize you as the one giving FunFrock a few 
problems, and the cause that he brought telepods to his
Fortress. Apparently he is scared of Twinsen by now. The
orange rabbibunny will give you much more information. 

He recognizes the symbol on your medallion; it's the same
than in the Runic Stone in front of which they used to pray.
Now it's inside FunFrock's fortress. His sorcerer Virgul 
told them about Twinsen's coming and he would dig a tunnel 
to get inside the fortress, but sadly the Fortress is now 
full covered with telepods to avoid your intrusion. 

You must first destroy the Teleportation Center, and you
need to find the plans of it to do so. We don't have many 
clues about the plans at the moment and the rabbibunnies 
neither (in fact the brown one seems more interesting in
knowing if your Dino-Fly is tasty). The best place for 
information is Tippett Island so let's go there.

NOTE: If you want to avoid the way along the 
Dino-Fly Street in the sewers you can fly instead to 
Bundle Island. There is always a ship there available 
to go to Tippett Island.

NOTE 2: No matter where you leave him, the Dino-Fly 
will always appear in the island you currently are.

4.7.2 Tippett Island - Finding the Plans

The helmetless groboclone informs you that he was the
watchman on the construction of the Teleportation Center
and he knows exactly where the plans are, but it will
cost 50 Kashes. If you pay him he tells you that the plans
are in FunFrock HQ in Principal Island, but you would 
need to be able to defeat the supergros (we already can 
with the 4th Magic Ball level). Now it's the time to 
finally get inside FunFrock's Headquarters in the 
south hemisphere.

Go back to the Hamalayi (you can take the ship, the 
Dino-Fly will appear in the Hamalayi later anyway) and 
make again all the way back to our beloved catamaran. 
Direct it to Principal Island.

4.7.3 Principal Island - FunFrock's HQ

After a LONG time we are finally able to sneak into
FunFrock's big house. Go to the main path (the one 
between the signs saying "Access is FORBIDDEN") and be
careful with the turret gun. Kill the rabbibunny clone 
and run from the shots coming from the closed bunker. 

You can run west or east. If you run east you will find
another clone and a soldier may shoot you from the 
level up. On the west path there is no dangers and a 
better position to face the red groboclones. Anyway 
you will have a gate closed on both sides and you need 
the red card to open it. 

Follow the path until you reach the two red groboclone
(kill first the soldier if you went east before). It may
be useful to have a Meca-Penguin here, it will distract
one of them so you can fight one by one. Other option is
just passing fast through the blue card gate, they will 
forget about you as soon as you pass that door. 

After the blue card gate you will notice a green 
rabbibunny clone ahead. You can kill him (4 hits with
the ball) from the level down, but you must know that
as soon as you kill it a supergro will come through the
telepod, and we need to kill him before he can shoot us.
USUALLY (not always, especially if you are close to the
telepod) he will take a bit of time getting ready himself
before attacking, so don't get nervous and find a good 
position next to him to aim. I recommend AGRESSIVE mode 
to shoot, it's faster. After 5 hits the supergro will die, 
dropping a key. Use it to open the front door to enter 
the HQ.

NOTE: The big door in FunFrock’s HQ is the source of a 
very common bug that prevents the door to open even 
effectively using the key from the supergro. If that 
happens just wait a bit longer, it will eventually open, 
or go to the inventory and read the Book of Bu/Holomap, 
when you come back to the scene the door will be opening.
See the Bug's section for more details.

As you enter a nurse (I continue calling them nurses to 
avoid confusions) will run to push an alarm button, but 
don't bother so much, it will just make appear a green 
groboclone in the level beneath. Kill the quetche and 
go downstairs (killing the clone if it appeared). 

Don't let down your guard, the nurse there has one of 
those unlimited-ammo pistol, so get rid of him and take
his key. Following the path south-east you will find 
the rabbibunny forger, who has found a convenient way to 
escape once we have what we want (the plans of the 
Teleportation Center). Go back to the telepod area and 
go this time west.
Kill the green rabbibunny clone and walk to the locked 
door, which can be opened with the key dropped by one of
the nurses. Inside you have two enemies: one green 
groboclone and one quetche in white with an overgrown 
head. He is FunFrock in person, you probably recognize 
him from the statues and the FMV played when you go to 
jail (if you are playing the CD version). Unfortunately 
we can't damage him at the moment, he will just laugh 
and after trying to hit us a bit he will run through 
the telepod. With a bit of luck he kills the groboclone 
when he gets in his way.

FunFrock leaves the safe unprotected. DON'T MAKE ACTION IN 
NORMAL MODE ON IT. There is a bug when doing so that makes 
Twinsen to turn around and walk indefinitely, making you to 
need to restart the save game (see Bugs section).
Continue instead to the end of the path to meet the poor grobo 
jailed for sneezing in public. He managed to take a key from the
guard, and it is valid to open the safe box in FunFrock’s room.
Open it to obtain Dr. FunFrock's saber, the deathliest weapon
in Twinsun! There is also a note about the plans we are looking
for. It happens that Mies Van der Rooh, the son of our neighbor
in Citadel Island, has taken them to work at home on them during
the weekend. 

NOTE: The saber has different ways to attack depending of the 
mode you are, but I find AGGRESIVE to be the only useful for most
situations. SPORTIVE has a great animation anyway.

So now we know where to go next. But first we need to get out of
FunFrock's HQ.

After opening the safe box the front door is occupied by a red 
groboclone, and each time we kill him another will come to occupy
his place, but it can be still be used as a hard exit; sadly we 
won't be able to open the blue gate from inside. On the other hand 
the forger had a window easily accessible to get back outside. Do 
as he says (go to NORMAL - action in front of the window). The 
forger will run after you. He won't wait to say bye, but you can
find him afterwards in his house in Proxima Island. He won't make
more fake red cards, he finds less risky to make fake Pirate 
LeBorgne’s secret maps.

NOTE: Actually there is a way to keep the forger in prison. Just
make yourself to get killed after opening the strong box in the HQ.
You will be respawned outside with the forger being still in prison.

Once done with Principal Island is time to go north to our 
catamaran and head to Citadel Island to talk with our neighbor.

4.7.4 Citadel Island - Visiting the Neighbors

First thing you will notice in Citadel Island is that Twinsen's
house is now only an amount of rubbles, apparently FunFrock's 
didn't like his visit to his HQ. As your neighbor says the clones 
came with an attack tank looking for you. Around your neighbor house
there is an orange rabbibunny running. He is the architect we are 
looking for. Talk with him (Twinsen says a small lie) and he will 
offer to show you the Teleportation Center plans inside his house. 
Wait for the father to give him the keys and go inside. 

He explains you that the Teleportation Center was build over ruins
with a strange symbol, and that a "mad man" is attacking places with
this symbol. That is giving him extra-work to fix the weak point of 
the center (located left after the first guard post). He offers you 
his card to pass, even if he wants you to stop that weird man with 
the destroyer Horn. Check his table to obtain his pass. 

And with that we can say goodbye to the southern hemisphere, we are 
not forced to go back anymore. Cross again the Hamalayi and take 
the hydroglider or Dino-fly to Brundle Island.

4.7.5 Brundle Island – The Teleportation Center

In this island there is only one building, but it's such an 
important one: the Teleportation Center. Go north to find the 
front entrance. The quetche will ask you for some identification. 
If you show Twinsen's ID you will get hardly shot, but we have the 
pass from our neighbor Mies van der Rooh. Show it to the quetche and 
he will allow us to go ahead. Now we can run inside the fence. 

At the north-east, next to the big door, there is a red groboclone 
coming from the telepod. Kill him to get 3 valuable clovers (we are 
probably going to need them). The big door isn't opening so follow
the path to the other side. You will find a rabbibunny who is in 
charge of painting the mysterious symbol but he has problems because 
the symbol always appears again. 

The painter has a house there but there is nothing special inside. 
Climb the ladder up and see the spot painted with white. This is the 
weak spot that your neighbor was talking about. Use the Gawley's Horn 
to break the seal and the painter will appreciate you for making it 
disappear :). Jump inside the hole to enter the building.

NOTE: You can kill the painter when he is out, but he is immortal 
when he is at home.

At the platform on the east there is a red groboclone, who will drop
a key after you kill him. Use it to open the fence on the left path. 
But before going there look at the closed door on the right side. 
Do you remember that keypad we obtained from M. Lanktir in 
Proxima Island (check the inventory)? Here we can use it to open 
this door. Not so much to do inside it, it's full 
of Meca-Penguins, but we can only carry one. Go out and open the gate
at the other side (remember, you need the key from the red groboclone). 

Before crossing the fence kill the nurse down next to the alarm, 
other way you will be facing a red groboclone from the telepod behind
every time he press the red button. On the next area there is one of
those fast red rabbibunny clones, so take care of it. At the east it's
located the main entrance (the big door that was closed outside). Take
the path left instead until you reach a closed door. Search in the 
barrels next to it to find a key to open that door.

NOTE: For no special reason the enemies of this last area won't 
respawn when you reenter it.

In this new area the door behind us closes and doesn't allow us to 
run. Be prepared to face a red rabbibunny clone running to us in the 
corridor. If you kill it another will replace it quickly from the 
telepod, so run first to the first telepod and destroy the button on 
the floor next to it. This seems to put everything upside down 
(including a red screen), but there are more telepods to destroy. 

Once you are done destroying all of them you still need to destroy 
the computer downstairs to stop the Teleportation Center and by the 
way find a way out of the room. Run fast downstairs (if you don't 
destroy first the telepods the red clones will follow you even there) 
and don't listen to the nurse (at this point Twinsen won't believe 
that they would take into consideration if he doesn't break anything).
Kill the nurse (he has a gun) and break the computer. The screen will
come to normal color and the telepods won't work anymore. The whole 
world is now free of telepods! That gives you a lot of freedom now 
in the southern hemisphere. FunFrock lost his second power, only his
clones are lasting.

To escape this room go to the southeast corner. There is a FunFrock's
statue. With the explosion the wall surrounding it felt, allowing 
you to jump through the lower hole and go out of the room. It happens
to be the same that you saw at the first scene. Jump down and again
jump out through the hole you first came at the south. Now there 
isn't anyone outside. Without the power of teleporting we can make 
a visit to FunFrock at his Fortress Island. Make your way to the 
Dino-Fly and fly there.

4.8 The Well of Sendell

4.8.1 Fortress Island - The Last Runic Stone

As soon as you land the rabbibunny will run to congratulate you for
your work with the teleports. Follow him to the next scene, where 
he says that he will dig a hole to get inside the fortress if you 
get rid of the guards and the tank. There is one soldier at each side 
of the gate (the one at right drops 3 clovers) and one green sphero
clone in front of the gate. The sphero has the key to open the gate,
where the tank is waiting. You have to destroy these 4 targets to 
allow the rabbibunny to come inside and dig a hole on the east part. 
The fortress is also guarded by several turrets so be careful if you
run around. 

Go to the northwest corner to see a familiar woman in jail. She is
Zoe! It seems that they found the Runic Stone, and they are 
treating Zoe quite badly. Twinsen must do something. Go back to 
where the rabbibunny was digging and he must be done by now. Go 
through the new hole.

NOTE: Besides the fear of the rabbibunny to the telepods, if we 
go before destroying the Teleportation Center the telepods won't 
bring any enemy neither.

We are in a sewer-like dungeon. You have several sources of fire
(or whatever is supposed to be) throwing projectiles everywhere. 
You won't get hurt if you stay at the top left and jump from there
to the level ahead. Jump again to the center corridor and one more
to the highest area.

As you land on it a strange mutant sphero-frog creature will 
appear from the hole in front. You can harm it even with punches, 
but it's very fast and will roll after you everywhere, even 
through the holes. You must use the saber to get rid of it. It 
drops 10 hearts or coins. 

The holes on the ground are connected with each other. Jump to 
the mushroom on the northwest corner, it contains a key. There 
is a less useful mushroom at the southwest, it only contains 
5 hearts. Now go back to the area where the monster appeared. 
There is a ladder and a valve at the right. On the sign it says 
not to touch the valve, but to know the consequences first we 
need to climb the ladder. Go up and use the key to open the 
closed door to the next scene. 

Here everything is full of water, it's supposed to be a 
swimming pool after all, but Twinsen is not such a friend of 
swimming. There is an added shark wondering around. The shark
is just there to kill you in case you think you can move around 
flying with the Proto-Pack. You can't kill it with the 
Magic Ball, but still, if you manage to reach the eastern 
platforms (there is nothing on the west side), you will find a 
very annoying new enemy: the flying groboclone. Even if you are 
lucky enough to face them on a platform you will have problems 
to escape from their fast shooting. 

There is an area just north of the entrance, where a mushroom
with 5 clovers is. This area is also a suitable point to kill 
the flying groboclones, but they just keep respawning 

NOTE: The only way to escape the shooting of the flying 
groboclone is using the saber in AGGRESSIVE mode; it's the 
only attack fast enough. To get close to them try to give 
them your back, this way you will be pushed back to them with 
each hit.

Personally even if I try to take all challenges, I couldn't 
do the swimming pool with water. But it's still useful to go 
to take the 5 clovers of the mushroom. So if you found it 
impossible like me let's make it the correct way. Go to last 
scene, where we found the big monster, and this time use the 
draining valve at the northeast corner. This will drain the 
water of the next screen, giving us much more movement freedom. 

Now even the shark doesn't look dangerous anymore ^_^. You can
only kill it with the saber. Be careful with the flying 
groboclones, they are as dangerous as before if you get 
trapped in their shooting. Here as opposed as with the water 
in the area the groboclones won't respawn, so you only need to
kill the two of them to be safe. Go north to the exit 
(attention to the sign: "do not throw anything to the shark!").

In the next room climb the stairs to find Zoe's cell! She is
been guarded by a single soldier (suspicious?). Kill him to 
get the key and open Zoe's cell. She seems very lovely if 
you talk with her before freeing her, but once you do... 

She was just a clone made by FunFrock's to capture you (the
very special clones he was working on, remember?). And it 
worked. FunFrock's appears and reveals that the original 
Zoe is safe. He already found the 3rd Runic Stone, but 
without Twinsen's skills he had problems to decipher it. 
But now he already knows where the Well of Sendell is 
located and he has already begun with the foraging (do you
remember this secret construction site where they took the
robot of Citadel Island?). He wasn't able to destroy the 
Runic Stone afterwards so he built his fortress around to 
dissimulate it. 

He is not happy about the fact that you destroyed two of 
his factories, but he pretends not to care so much because
the power he will obtain will allow him to do things like
cloning instantly or teleporting all inhabitants of the 
planet. He also plans to make you suffer the worst moments 
of your life indefinitely. Afterwards he leaves to encounter
Sendell and take her powers.

After a more "rebel" Twinsen in the FMV, we are back to a 
known place: the Asylum in Citadel Island, where we started 
the game. As we did at the start just go to AGRESSIVE mode 
and move around to make the nurse to come with the platform 
to yell you to stop fidgeting. If you try to talk with him 
he will attack you, so just kill him and mount the platform.

NOTE: There are already two differences between this 
situation and the one in Citadel Island: The nurse says 
"fidgeting" instead of "squirming", and you cannot talk to
him (or better said, he won't say a word, attacking you 
instead). As you may have suspected, this is NOT 
Citadel Island. Also as a curiosity if you get knocked 
down by the nurses you don't get back to jail, but you lose
a clover or you get a Game Over if you don't have any.

In the room next to yours you will notice one of the weirdest 
characters of the game laying on bed. It looks strangely 
similar to Twinsen, but he is missing some parts. It seems 
like if FunFrock's didn't have time to finish Twinsen's clone.
You don't need to, but If you get there he will stand up and
attack you, so don't let him live. You never know what
FunFrock's wants to make with a clone of you. Wait again for
the platform and get out of there. 

On the other side it's like you probably remember it: one 
nurse yelling for the alarm, but the other instead of pushing 
it, comes to attack you. Thanks God Twinsen destroyed the 
Teleportation Center and that makes the alarm very useless. 
If you let him to push the alarm (just run far from him) an
old friend will appear from the telepod. 

NOTE: Raymund the Elf shouts a different quote depending if
you freed him in the Hamalayi Mountains or not. 

One of the nurses drops a key. Use it to open the door to 
the west. The clone's show is not over yet. Zoe is there, but 
after some innocent laughs she starts hitting you hardly with 
her head. She also makes some cool somersaults. Go to AGGRESIVE
and destroy that clone. She drops a key and you can use it to 
open the door to the north. At the end of the corridor there is 
a wardrobe containing all our objects and we are going to need 
them. The door there is closed so go back to the main area. 
There is a trap door, but that only brings to a small room with 
two snakes and one of those fire-exploding things. Instead 
continue through the big door to the next scene.

NOTE: If you repeat this area Twinsen’s clone will 
respawn. You can enjoy killing your copy as long as you want.

Here you find plenty of clones but don't worry, they are 
deactivated. We don’t have to destroy any of them, but still, 
if you hit one of them the first groboclone lying on the table 
will start moving to attack. If you kill it the three 
rabbibunny clones will get activated one after each other, and 
the fourth red rabbibunny clones will follow when you destroy 
the yellow ones. The second red groboclone won't stand up at 
all, but you can still kill him. At the southwest corner there
is a symbol on the wall, you can break it with the Horn and 
jump inside.

NOTE: I remark that Killing the clones is useless; you can 
directly break the seal.

And we finally reached the last Runic Stone! The stone of 
Septentrion says where the Well of Sendell is located: at the
center peak of Polar Island and only the Heir can break the 
seal to enter. To get out of the room use the Flask of Clear Water
on the Runic Stone. Twinsen will pour a bit of the liquid on the
stone and suddenly runs out of the installations (which way? we 
don't know). The stone will explode, destroying the Clone Factory 
and FunFrock's Fortress with it. 

We destroyed the last of FunFrock's powers! BUT he is going now 
to obtain Sendell's powers and that would be a disaster. We 
need to reach Polar Island. It's just ahead the ruins of the 

4.8.2 Polar Island - Construction Site

Go north of the former fortress to reach the Construction Site.
This area can be tough; you will find quiet workers who shoot 
you hardly and some vehicles that can't be destroyed. First 
you will see a bulldozer trying to crush you if you get so close 
and a worker very talented in fighting with his shovel. Kill him
(you can use the ball or the saber, they dodge the ball quite 
often) to get the key to open the door and continue north to the 
next scene. 

Here you'll quickly find another shovel worker and a grobo worker,
who warns you that the area connecting both islands is top secret 
and will also attack you. Kill both of them. 

A bit eastern you will see a worker who is drilling with a 
jackhammer. Be careful with those because the jackhammer 
can also shoot quite damaging projectiles. And it does as fast 
as a machine gun; don't let them to hit you with that. But when
they are not attacking you they often release hearts and magic 
for you from the ground. 

Continue north and avoid getting in the way of the truck. You 
will eventually face a shovel worker and a pick-axe worker, 
they aren't so hard to handle. Exit north to the next scene. 

In this scene the path left is guarded by a red sphero clone 
(actually the first we find in the game). It will drop 5 valuable
clovers but other way the path is blocked due to the stones. If
you go along the right path you will meet another red sphero 
clone shooting from a higher level. Kill it and jump there to 
take the two mushrooms (4 hearths and 10 magic). 

Go north this time, kill the shovel worker and be careful with 
the jackhammer worker up. Personally I was lucky by running to 
the top-right corner, where he doesn't shoot, and aiming to kill 
him from there. Kill the pick-axe and shovel workers and you'll 
be safe in the scene. Continue north to the next one. 

This area is very big. Here you'll notice a narrow path where a
track is going forward and back. Don't get hit by it. Down a 
jackhammer worker waits to attack you, finish him before he has
the chance. 

If you go off the truck’s track to the left (west) you'll find 
another red sphero clone. Kill it with the Magic Ball and
continue west jumping the pipes. Here you find a grobo worker
but this one is nice. He gives Twinsen the keys of the 
bulldozer to bring it back because he doesn't have time. You 
can jump on the tubes and the stones to reach the bulldozer up,
or you can follow the main path (the one with the vehicle 
track), dealing with the truck, a shovel worker and a sphero
clone in the way.

Anyway with the key Twinsen can use the bulldozer to go to the
previous scene and retire the big stones blocking the path to 
the west. The stones won't respawn so if you get killed you 
can go there directly from the entrance. Twinsen prefers to 
avoid the safety of the bulldozer and continue by foot in the 
following scene. It’s a pity that we can’t control it.

In the new scene you have a very annoying worker shooting his
jackhammer from up. It's difficult to find a good position to 
kill him, I recommend just to run and avoid him... for now. 
Don't bother taking the corridor west, there is absolutely 
nothing that way; follow the track instead, avoiding the 
truck when it comes. 

You will eventually find another jackhammer worker next to a 
door. This time you will need to kill him, but sadly he 
doesn't have the key of the door he was guarding. Continue 
the track a bit further and kill the shovel and pick-axe 
workers. Continue on the track until you find the annoying 
jackhammer from the start. If you didn't kill him then kill 
him now. 

Get back again to the track until you reach a bulldozer. It
can be VERY difficult to avoid the bulldozer in such a small 
path (but can be done), so instead wait for the bulldozer to
go far left and jump on the woods at the right that look 
like a stair, and from there jump to the level ahead. The 
bulldozers are not over yet, a bit further you will find 
another in the way, but this time the path is bigger enough 
to run fast around of it. Don't stop running because the 
bulldozer follows you, and let you to fall at the end of the

Jump next to the shovel worker and kill him. That hidden 
worker was the one holding the key we needed. Now go down 
through the platforms until you reach the ground. Go a bit 
south from there and you will find again the locked door
that was being guarded by a jackhammer worker. Open it and
go to the next scene. 

This one looks a bit different from the previous ones. Walk
the small path and you will notice a jackhammer worker 
drilling some strange rocks. As you pass the first tile of 
rocks a hidden pick-axe worker will appear and fall down to
attack you. With a bit of luck you will make him to drawn 
easily, but the real danger at this point are always the

I recommend running from the first one, he can hit you even 
if you stand next to the rock so you won't find a suitable
position to shoot. Instead attack him from the right side 
(go to DISCREET mode to shoot). The second jackhammer worker
is in a higher rock so you can kill him by standing close 
to the rock without getting shot. 

In the rocks there are actually two ladders, they look like
hollows in the rock. One is in the rock where the second 
jackhammer worker was, and the other is next to where the 
first jackhammer worker was. Climb this one to reach the 
upper area. On the rocks ahead there is again a ladder 
(it's not seen, but get close to the wall and Twinsen 
will climb) and you will fall inside the Well of Sendell.

4.8.3 Polar Island – Final Confrontation

As you may guess FunFrock's was waiting inside. Also 
Zoe is there, the real Zoe. FunFrock's asks you to open 
the Sendell's seal for him and he promises to be nice to 
you, but as you may guess, he won't keep his words. 
Breaking the seal for FunFrock's will trigger an 
interesting FMV where Twinsen's vision of the end of the 
world comes to be true, followed by a Game over (no matter
how many clovers left you have). And also take in account
that when you load the save game you will appear at the
start of the construction site, BUT with the stones gone 
and the last door opened.

So now let's do things the right way. Draw your saber and
fight FunFrock's until he falls down the cliff (it's not 
possible to kill him by just attacking). Zoe will complain 
about the time you took (ingrate girl) and will promise you
that she is the real one. She commands you to find Sendell 
quickly and go back home. As Twinsen comments she will have 
a surprise when she finds what is left from the house.

Jump up to where the seal is and use Gawley's Horn. Zoe 
doesn't wait and jumps before than Twinsen. Follow her, and 
she will show more affection in the following scenes, 
kissing Twinsen whenever he is close. Go down step by step
until you reach the trap door. If you don't open it Zoe will 

And attention, you are in the last scene of the actual game.
Walk to the big door to meet Sendell, but it would be so easy
to finish just like that. When you approach the door FunFrock 
appears looking for troubles. He will attack both Zoe and 
Twinsen, but being Zoe immortal you can use her as a shield. 
Take the saber again and this time KILL FunFrock's once and 
forever. He will explode when you kill him (maybe a hint? 
Read the curiosities section!). After the fight the door to 
Sendell will open and you can finish the game.

NOTE: At the southeast part there is a big crystal ball. 
Using “action” with it you will review all the FMVs.

4.9 Ending (NON-PLAYABLE)

Twinsen and Zoe fall into the heart of the planet through
Sendell's Well, until Sendell appears. She reveals to be
one of several Sendells creatures who look over a stellar
entity who still needs several centuries in gestation. 
They can only act from the heart of the planet so they 
implanted a lineage of chosen creatures living on the 
surface, being Twinsen the current member of this family. 
When FunFrock's treat was too evident she called Twinsen
in dreams to stop him. 

Now the entity can finish its gestation, other way it would
have died and the world would have imploded (seen in the FMV
if you helped FunFrock's). It’s time for Twinsen and Zoe to 
return to the surface and erase the remains of FunFrock. 
Sendell helps Twinsen and Zoe to go there. 

They appear in Citadel Island where a party is being held.
Lot of characters from the whole Twinsun meet Twinsen there.
A new statue of Twinsen and Zoe is putted to replace one of 
FunFrock, and a concert by the group of Tippet Island starts.
After the credits Twinsen closes the shutters of his window
(new house?) and it comes the end.

5. Bugs

The Red Magnetic Card Bug (only CD-ROM version)

This is probably the best known bug in LBA. It happens in
Proxima Island. You can enter the Museum just by buying a 
ticket in the window for 5 Kashes, but once inside the 
rabbibunny will sound the alarm as soon as he sees you, 
and a supergro will appear from the telepod to shoot you. 
But if you run fast you can pass the west door (it opens 
when touch) and go down through the trap door before you 
receive the supergro’s ball, allowing you to sneak into the 
Museum afterwards. By doing this it’s not necessary to use
the Fake Red Card at all at the Museum. 

The problem comes later, because once you get the 
Ancestral Key from the treasure in the Museum the Red Card 
is impossible to obtain. No matter if you spoke or not with
the forger in Principal Island, his brother in Proxima Island
won’t have a conversation, not “Hi!” as if you already got 
the Red Card, and not the speech about visiting his brother 
as if you didn’t. 

And thanks to the save game system your present status is 
always the only saved one, including you lacking the Red Card
and being unable to obtain it. Without the Red Card is not 
possible to go inside FunFrock’s HQ, therefore is not possible
to finish the game and you would need to start all over again 
unless you edit the saved game with an hexadecimal editor.

This bug has been prevented from happening in the floppy 
disk and PSX versions, just by adding a circle of barrels 
around the trap door in the Museum. This way the player needs 
to spend more time going around the barrels, being so slow to 
escape before being hit.

FunFrock’s HQ Front Door Bug

This bug happens quite often for unknown reasons. Once in the
front door of FunFrock’s HQ in Principal Island, after killing
the supergro, you are supposed to open the big door with the 
key you just got. Sometimes the key is used (it appears on the
head of Twinsen) but the door keeps closed.

This bug is not so harmful, as it can be solved just by 
waiting a bit longer, checking the Holomap or reading the Book
of Bu from the inventory; the door will be opened when the 
game comes back.

It is said that this bug happens when you go to FunFrock's HQ
before you are supposed to (after talking with the clone in
Tippett Island about the Teleportation Center's plans), but
it happened to me even going when I had to.

FunFrock’s HQ Safe

Another bug involving FunFrock’s HQ in Principal Island. When 
you are inside the building you find a safe, the one containing
the saber. If instead of getting the key from the jailed grobo
to open it, you just try to make “action” in NORMAL mode in 
front of the safe, Twinsen will make a strange movement, 
turning around and walking indefinitely.

If that happens the only way to solve it is exiting the current 
game and restarting the saved game at the beginning of the 

6. Questions and curiosities

--- Can normal creatures use teleports? ---

On one hand it is said by the lady bunny in Citadel Island’s 
tavern (among other people) that it is very dangerous, only 
clones can teleport and that you shouldn't try it. Actually 
you don't use them in the whole game and it's true that if 
you stand in a teleport when a clone is entering you will get 
hurt and the clone entrance will be delayed a bit (sadly not 
enough to evade those supergros).

On the other hand we clearly see Dr. FunFrock teleporting 
himself in his Headquarters in Principal Island, so it can 
be possible that it's just a lie spread by the regimen to 
prevent people from using them. But taking in account the 
events of LBA2 we have the possibility that the FunFrock
that we see in Principal Island was also a clone.

And as a joker we have the elves appearing from telepods: 
Joe the Elf up the water fortress once we use the Clear Water
and Raymund the Elf on Fortress Island. But we shouldn't trust
the elves so much, officially they don’t exist, and they have
magic powers.

--- Are the clones living beings or are they just robots 
following FunFrock orders? ---

Difficult to say. It is explained in the introduction that
FunFrock makes unlimited copies based on living beings but
not that the clones themselves are alive. That would be 
supported by the fact that most of them have a robotic 
appearance, and all of them have a robotic voice (only in 
the CD version, floppy version doesn’t have voices at all). 

Also when you hit them with the ball it sounds like hitting
something mechanical and we see clones "inactivated" in
the clone factory instead of being sleeping as living beings 
would do.

In despite of this there are notable exceptions of the 
faithfulness of the clones about FunFrock, including some 
human or at least biological features:

- In Tippett Island there is a clone gaining money by selling 
confidential information. He does it against FunFrock’s 
wishes and on his own profit.

- In Principal Island we see a supergro being seduced by a
female rabbibunny.

- Again in Tippett Island we see a rabbibunny clone in the
disco, besides the rabbibunny clones being the most 
“robotic” of all the clones.

Those facts give the clones their own will, own behavior and 
even primary instinct to reproduce. So definitely they are not 
simply "robots". Probably they have a robotic part plus a 
biological, or at least a very accurate copy of the personality
of the living model they are based on. After all the spheros 
as a species are already kind of bio-cyborg beings.

--- Are the soldiers also clones? ---

This is a common dispute between LBA fans. Having grobbos, 
rabbibunnies and spheros clones one would ask where are the 
quetches clones. Soldiers look humanoid, they must be quetches
for sure. Here are the facts we know:

- Soldiers voice sounds with a mechanical tone, like every 
other clone. But when we hit them with the ball they don't sound
mechanical as the other clones do. The voice could sound like
that because of their helmets.

- Soldiers never use teleports and we don't see them in the 
cloning factory. However that means nothing, we don't see 
spheroclones teleporting and they are neither in the factory.

- Soldiers sleep, go to bathroom, run scared and go to disco. 
These behaviors are way out of what clones mostly do, but in 
fact we also see other clones going out of their normal orders 
when they have the chance.

With those facts I would say that soldiers are probably not 
clones, just normal quetches recruited, armed and trained by 
FunFrock. However it doesn’t solve the question about the 
quetches clones. 

--- So where are the quetches clones? ---

We don't see quetches clones, at least as clear as with the 
other 3 species. The nurses/scientists/technicians, the 
soldiers and the construction workers are the only enemy 
quetches we find. Only the soldiers can be interpreted as 
clones as said before. 

We should take in account that FunFrock himself is a quetche,
it can be possible that he has a better estimation for 
quetches than for other species, or it is also possible that 
the quetches trust him more than the others and he can have 
an army of them without needing clones. After all the workers
in the construction site are mostly quetches and they are 
extremely loyal to FunFrock.

--- FunFrock knows that Twinsen is dangerous, but he 
insists in trapping him and trying to make a fool of him 
instead of executing him directly ---

I would say that the true intention of FunFrock wasn't just 
killing Twinsen. Actually he needs him, and he also wants 
Twinsen in prison to have time to make a clone out of 
him. With the clone he would control the people who were 
cheering up for the Heir, or who knows, maybe even using 
the Heir powers.

The first tip is when we talk with the afro-bunny in 
Tippett Island, the one who asks for money in exchange of 
information about FunFrock factories. If we ask him about the 
clone factory he will say that at the moment FunFrock is 
working on very special clones (plural). This is a clear 
hint for Zoe's clone.

BUT after we are trapped because of Zoe's Clone we see in the
room ahead a strange character sleeping. If we fall there he 
will attack us and we would have to respond. That character 
seems like a half-done, incomplete clone of Twinsen. If 
Twinsen wouldn’t escape the clone would have been finished 
and eventually replaced the real Twinsen.

--- I like my jailed clothes but the supergros don't let me
to take them home ---

If you try to leave the Asylum or any other prison without
getting your belongings you will be shot by a supergro at 
some point, with one exception in Proxima Island.

- In Citadel Island you don't have a choice but to get the
white nurse dress. Other way the nurse in the last room will
sound the alarm. On the other exit there is a fat 
groboclone waiting for you. 

- In Principal Island you have a supergro in front of the 
main door, but if you exit through the window with the 
jailed clothes the soldier will give the alarm and the 
supergro will shot you.

- In Proxima Island a grobo will be walking in the 
surroundings of the prison and when he reaches the corner
of the building he always shoots you. Unfortunately it's 
impossible to reach the boat, the car or the motorbike on
time so you are doomed. 

One notable exception is running through the sewers to the
Museum. The game will forget about your outfit, but also 
about your inventory: if you go to the wardrobe afterwards 
you won't find anything, you need to get caught again at 
any jail to retrieve your stuff.

- In the prison of Hamalayi you won't be able to get into
the capsule: a supergro is patrolling there until you get 
your things.

- In the fake Citadel Asylum from Fortress Island you need
to get your stuff to escape breaking the Sendell’s seal 
with the Horn.

--- Is FunFrock a doctor? ---

FunFrock is a quetche (same species as Twinsen). He is 
referred several times as Dr. FunFrock but we don't know 
in which field he managed to doctorate. We know that he 
invented the teleportation system, the clones’ factory and
the mutant's factory. Also he is an expert in history and 
archeology, having a great knowledge of the ancient Twinsun. 

Probably mixing his technology and his magic powers from 
ancient objects he managed to become physically so powerful.
So far it’s a mystery how FunFrock managed to rule the 
world; it was supposed to be explained in the third 
installment of the series.

As hinted with the explosion of FunFrock after defeating him,
and confirmed in LBA 2, the FunFrock we kill at the end of
LBA is only a clone. It's unknown if the other times we 
encounter him is the real one or not.

--- Why is FunFrock digging the Polar Island? ---

FunFrock wants the power of the goddess Sendell for himself, 
but he can't break the Sendell symbol like Twinsen with the 
Horn. That's why he has to dig all around, what takes him a 
few months. However it’s unknown what the workers are 
building in the construction site between Fortress Island 
and Polar Island.

FunFrock thinks that by reaching the Well of Sendell he will 
achieve supreme power, enough to clone instantly or teleport 
all the inhabitants of Twinsen, among a few ways to make 
Twinsen to suffer. But he was mistaken, as revealed in the 
“bad ending” or by Sendell in the “good ending”. FunFrock’s 
plan would only destroy the world.

--- What is Twinsen? ---

Twinsen is also a quetche. He is the descendant of a lineage
who was chosen by Sendell to defend the planet if it is in
danger. Their ancestors lived in the same house where Twinsen
is now living with his girlfriend Zoe, and they kept there 
several magical items to help on that quest. 

At the beginning of the game he has been having dreams where 
Sendell called for him, showing him the vision of an implosion
destroying the world. Twinsen's objective is to prevent that 
prophetic vision from happening. But FunFrock is aware of 
Sendell’s legend and knows that it can give him problems.

--- And what is Sendell? ---

Sendell is the goddess of Twinsun. People often prayed to her
and her prophecy to call for the Heir that would save them, 
and to raise their hopes. FunFrock has forbidden to talk about 
it, he sees it as a weak point in his plans. 

It is revealed at the end that there are several Sendell's 
creatures (as described by Frederick Raynal, “one entity with
several bodies”) living in the hearth of the planet (“another 
dimension”). From there they can't do anything in Twinsen’s 
reality, so they had to choose creatures in the surface to act 
as saviors. Twinsen is the current descendent of that family. 

The mission of Sendell is to protect a creature in gestation 
which still needs a few centuries to be born. Obviously if the 
planet explodes their mission would be failed.

--- I read in a preview that it is possible to drive cars and
motorbikes. Now I feel cheated ---

That description really existed but the developers couldn't 
finish it on time for the final release. It's still odd to 
see all the work that was already made for it, not just about 
the cars and motorbikes, also the robot we first find in 
Citadel Island or the horses (as seen in the animation during 
the credits).

In LBA 2 we get our compensantion.

7. Other issues about the game

--- Where can I get nowadays Little Big Adventure? ---

Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure) is 
available on Good Old Games (www.gog.com) since 2009. It’s made 
to work on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Mac OS X. 

Little Big Adventure 2 is also available on Good Old Games. 

--- Is it Little Big Adventure 2 a decent sequel? ---

YES, ABSOLUTLY. If you liked LBA 1, LBA 2 it’s indispensable to 
have. It expands in everyway all what makes LBA 1 a great game.

--- I want to play the DOS version of LBA ---

You would need a DOS emulator to make the game to work in your 
current computer. Download the latest version of DOSBox 

--- Where can I download the free port for windows? ---

Per example, here: www.magicball.net

Magicball Network contains several others programs and 
utilities for LBA, aside of being a big and active community 
of the LBA series.

--- After LBA 2 in 1997, what has been the LBA series up
to? ---

Not so much I guess. In 2011 part of the original team
of Adeline Software revealed their plans for a remake of
the first LBA and were considering its release for touch-pad

We finally got the port to the smartphones in 2014.

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