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    Walkthrough by MHashimoto

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    (walkthru for Northern Hemisphere is somewhere below)   
    This walkthru starts off very explicit for the new players. In general,
    talk to every friendly you see and check every planter, black trash can,
    and barrel for money & hearts.  Use the magic ball from a distance to
    kill enemies, Discreet mode lobs the ball.  Use the F1, F2, F3, F4 keys
    to change modes since this is faster.  Some terms used in this walkthru
      TALK means select Normal mode (F1 key), and use the Action key
      RUN   means select Athletic mode (F2 key), and HOLD DOWN the
    up arrow key. 
      JUMP means select Athletic mode, and hit Spacebar once. 
      HIDE  means select Discreet mode (F4 key).  
      KILL  means select Aggressive mode (F3 key), and HOLD DOWN
      KILL  can also mean to throw the magic ball from a safe distance. 
    Get all the money you can. At one point in the game you will need
    $200 to buy a boat.  
    Tip: You can re-enter any scene such as your house and collect all the
    hearts, magic, and money stored in the plants, and cupboards again.  If
    you enter and leave your house 3 times, you can collect all the goodies
    all 3 times!  Applies everywhere else in the game!  
    Select Aggressive mode, wait for guard to arrive.  Turn facing guard,
    hit Spacebar several times to kill him. Take money. If you missed the
    elevator, walk onto it when it re-appears.  
    Ride elevator till it stops. Select Aggressive mode (F3) and kill guard
    on left. Then kill the scientist at right, get key.  Walk down stairs, walk
    West to locked gate and through gate. 
    Select Athletic mode (F2), Run straight ahead to red alarm switch.
    Select Aggressive mode (F3), face guard, and kill him when he
    Tip: Hit the <Enter> key anytime to center the screen.  Sometimes you
    cannot see an enemy cuz he is outside the screen,  hitting <Enter> key
    may help.  
    Walk East into the room on the right. Stand in front the first 2 lockers
    and use the Action key (Spacebar) in Normal mode (F1).  Get your I.D.
    Card & Holomap. The Holomap tells you where to go next indicated
    by a red arrow. Walk behind changing screen to change to white nurse's
    uniform. Stand facing each of the 3 lockers and use the Spacebar in
    Normal mode. Ignore the nurse in next room. 
    Walk West to room having stairway. Check all the barrels for hearts
    and money. Do NOT go near the White Grobo. Proceed up the
    stairway and to the right. 
    Select Aggressive mode, quickly kill guard next to red alarm button
    before he trips alarm. Kill the scientist next, get key, walk East through
    locked door.  
    Once outside, select Normal mode (F1), walk up stairs towards
    guardhouse. After his warning, walk behind the guardhouse to the trash
    pile. Hit Spacebar to talk to Rabbibunny, select Discreet mode (F4), hit
    Spacebar again, this starts animation sequence. 
    Select Normal mode (F1), use Action key (Spacebar) to check trash,
    then talk to Green Grobo. Read posters on wall and write down the
    clues. There will be many other dialogue clues from other characters
    throughout the game, so write them all down! 
    Walk East, enter house door, use Action key (Spacebar) in Normal
    mode to talk to Rabbibunny. Get money from chest. Also stand in front
    of bed-stand to get a heart, exit house. 
    Walk South to next scene. Walk onto square sewer grating at bottom
    right of screen, hit Spacebar once in Normal mode to drop down into
    sewer. Talk to Rabbibunny found there. Then keep walking left and
    along wall at bottom to the end. Take clover box, you now have an
    empty box to hold one extra life. Drop down into sewer, climb up
    ladder on other side in Normal mode. Take all mushrooms and check
    all barrels.  
    Carefully walk West to very edge, hit F2 key, then hit Spacebar once.
    Hopefully you just jumped onto the other side, otherwise walk to
    ladder, try again. Walk onto sewer grating, hit Spacebar once in
    Normal mode to return to surface. 
    Head left and follow paved road down to right stairway.   Hit F2 key
    once and holding down the up-arrow key RUN down the right stairway
    avoiding the guard, at the bottom make a U turn to your left and
    continue running down the right side of town on the paved road.
    Continue running SouthWest down the right side of town. When the
    paved road ends, walk right onto the grass, talk to Rabbibunny, then go
    around the house. You will see your girlfriend dressed in Pink in that
    Talk to her for an animation sequence. Immediately after the dialogue
    ends, hit <Esc> key, select QUIT GAME, select Option Menu, select
    Saved Games Management, select Copy Saved Game, highlight & hit
    <Enter> key on name of your current saved game to copy, type in
    MEET WITH GIRLFRIEND hit <Enter> key, then select Return to
    Previous, and Return to Previous again.  Select Continue Saved Game,
    highlight your current saved game  NOT the one named MEET WITH
    GIRLFRIEND, and continue your previous saved game.  
    You should be back in your house talking with your girlfriend. 
    Immediately after she stops talking, select Athletic mode (F2),  quickly
    run around the girlfriend, run down the stairs and straight through the
    doorway, stop, and run to the right side corner to hide.  HIDE by
    selecting Discreet mode and holding down the Spacebar to crouch
    down.  The objective is to hide behind a wall, in a corner, from the 2
    Grobos.  If this does not work, COPY the saved game named MEET
    WITH GIRLFRIEND to a new name such as IN MY HOUSE and
    continue again using that name. If you were to continue using MEET
    WITH GIRLFRIEND then you will lose that saved game when you are
    captured again. 
    After escaping the 2 Grobos, explore your entire house. There are
    hearts everywhere in the plants and cupboards.  Make sure you get
    your magic Tunic & magic Ball from the cupboard behind the drawing
    table.  Also, in the kitchen, check that plant by the doorway for a key to
    the cellar. In the cellar use the Spacebar in Normal mode in front of the
    barrels to reveal a secret passage. You CANNOT do anything in the
    secret room, but you know how to find it now. 
    Exit your house by walking into the fireplace.  My inventory <Shift>
    key is: Holomap, magic ball, magic Tunic, I.D. Card, and clovers. 
    Hitting <Ctrl> key shows me: full health, 2 clovers (2 extra lives), and
    1 empty clover box for one more life when I find one. You can hit the
    <Shift> key, select the green clover and hit <Enter> to give yourself
    instant full health & full magic at any time. Such as when just before
    fighting something.  
    Once outside, drop down to next level East but not off cliff. Slowly
    walk East, observe yellow Rabibunny clone, lob magic ball to kill clone
    as it patrols South side of house. Continue walking down East. At
    bottom, run past Grobo guarding your house. Run backup along the
    right side of town towards the tavern. Talk to everyone there. Go
    upstairs, turn right at top of stairway walk to Green Grobo, talk to him,
    walk to top of stairway and wait for waiter, talk to waiter, then return
    to Green Grobo, he will now tell you about another island. When
    exiting the tavern check the plants and nearby black trash can. 
    Walk to left side of town, then North West, exiting scene. In the next
    scene walk NW to the second doorway and enter. Quickly hit F2 and
    run straight all the way to back wall, turn around. Ignore the
    Pharmasist, throw magic ball at Grobo who appears. After killing
    Grobo, then kill Pharmacist. Look for bottle of red syrup and take it
    (Spacebar in Normal mode). Check cash register and candy machine for
    money. Exit Pharmacy.
    Again walk SouthWest along left side of town till you see the guard at
    guardhouse. Lob magic ball and kill him for more money. Then walk
    NW thru corridor.
    At next scene, walk halfway up steps, throw magic ball to kill Grobo,
    get key, continue walking NW through gate. Turn right, check all
    barrels. Talk to sailor, enter building, arrange the boxes on the X's. 
    Push first crate just forward enough to squeeze around it to the right,
    walk NE, then NW, push center crate NW against doorway, walk SW,
    push bottom crate NW just enough to squeeze around to the right.
    Then walk NE pushing center crate to corner of room. Walk back SW
    and push bottom crate only 1 step SW, walk around to back of crate,
    push it SE against SE wall, lining it up with walkway, then push it NE
    all the way to corner. Walk to third crate top-right of screen, push it
    just a bit SE. 
    Walk back to NW side of first crate, push it SE only 1 step, now walk
    completely around stone block not the crate to SW side of crate,  push
    it NE against wall. Walk just to right, push crate NW down walkway to
    stone block, walk around and push crate NE against far wall. Walk to
    right and push both crates NW to final positions. Talk to the sailor
    outside and he will give you a ferry ticket. Later he will sell you ferry
    tickets for 5 Kashes. 
    Walk East up the dock, give ticket to boat Captain, then walk onto
    boat. Inventory currently has bottle of red syrup added to previous
    Boat takes you to Principal Island. Check all barrels for money. Walk
    East down dock, turn right, select Athletic mode, then just run past
    Green Guard and Yellow Rabbibunny clone. Run and zig-zag if
    In next scene run all the way West and exit the West side of screen to
    Town. Walk slowly right and kill the Yellow Rabbibunny clone with
    magic ball. Just keep throwing and hitting him. Killing him proves your
    are a friend, then all the other friendlys  will talk to you. 
    Walk near where you entered scene, enter house there, talk to
    Rabbibunny lady, search her house and watch her TV. Exit holuse,
    walk West. 
    Talk to Rabbibunny at corner. He will show you the way around town.
    Follow him. At friend's house use <Spacebar> in Normal mode in front
    of sink, then do same in front of secret passage. You will re-appear in
    store, talk to Grobo, exit store, go to the locked gate on your right, he
    will follow and give you the key. Avoid the White Grobos.  Walk
    through gate, then to the left, enter the shop displaying a green gas can
    above the door, buy gas for 30 Kashes and a meca-penquin. Exit store,
    walk NW to tavern, enter tavern, talk to all 3 characters there. Note
    how they complain about the water and a new location appears on you
    Holomap.  Exit Tavern.  
    Now talk to the lone Rabbibunny lady. follow behind her, stop in front
    the statue, wait till the White Grobo leaves, then go left up the stairs, at
    the top of stairs go right, then up the stairway, use Action key in
    Normal mode on the square grating. Talk to round guy, you now have
    Port-Belooga on your Holomap and a friend there who will help laters.
    Get money from chest, walk downstairs, check for stuffs, exit room. 
    Use Discreet mode after Green Grobo leaves area to get to Rabbibunny
    lady again, have her distract the White Grobo again then quickly walk
    to the brown wooden bench and hit F4 to hide from Green Grobo.
    When White Grobo leaves, follow him to leave area.  Then go down
    SE stairway, walk SW to corner where lone Rabbibunny is standing,
    continue walking SW to next scene. 
    Walk SW, enter house, talk to lady. Note what she says about clover
    box on island. Get all the money in her house and check plant outside
    Walk West along paved road. Kill the guard, take motorcycle to water-
    tower. Walk up the stairways, use Action key in Normal mode on
    square door. Drop down passage. Take the mushrooms, check the
    barrels, read the sign, then pour the red syrup in water. You're done,
    BUT, climb completely out of room, then drop back down into it
    repeatedly to get more money from the mushrooms! Take motorcycle
    back, RUN past guard, enter the lady's house again to get more money. 
    Inventory: added empty syrup bottle, meca-penquin, and 8 gas. I left
    the water-tower with 133 Kashes, 3 clovers, and full health. 
    Exit scene and RUN  NE completely through next scene. Then
    continue running NE, staying on the paved road, make a sharp right
    past the 2 guards in the bunker. Continue running right,  past the other
    2 guards, stop at sign. 
    Walk NE, check the flowers and trash cans. You should now be at the
    top-right of screen at the top-right corner of Principal Island. The
    stairway leads to the Library, enter Library. 
    Inside the Library, ignore the Librarian he's a snitch. There are 4
    characters to talk to:  Green Grobo - tells of Hamalayi Mountains &
    Rebels, puts them on Holomap. 
       Round Yellow Guy - tells of pulling middle & right levers to solve
       Sitting Rabbibunny  - tells of statues without pedestals hiding
       Walking Rabbibunny - talk to him, then follow, he unlocks room.  
               Read book, this puts White Leaf Desert on Holomap. 
    For laters, one needs 200 Kashes to buy a boat.  Killing the Librarian
    and robbing the cash register is the fastest way to get money.  Just kill
    the Librarian then exit the Library, re-enter and kill him again.  Try
    Aggressive mode, if he trips the alarm, position yourself so the desk &
    lamp are between you and the green guard. You can then lob magic ball
    over and kill guard easily.   I left the Library with 251 Kashes. 
    Walk SW, exit to next scene. Hit F2, run SW, stop near green guard in
    trench, kill him with magic ball. Jump into trench, run back NE to end
    of trench. Hit F1, talk to prisoner. He tells you to see his brother on
    Proxima Island and gives a password. 
    Hit F2, run back through trench, kill yellow Rabbibunny clone and
    green guard at machine gun, climb out using ladder, try to run left, then
    left again away from fort. You cannot enter fort at this time. 
    Keep running left, back to the paved road on the right side of fort, and
    back the way you first entered scene. Exit scene at top of screen back
    on road leading to Library.   You have now done everything needed on
    Principal Island.  
    Now to leave Principal Island for Port-Belooga. Head for the top-
    leftmost corner of Principal Isle, this is the scene having those 2 green
    guards in the covered bunker. From the paved road near Library, note
    the sleeping guard. Wait until the other guard goes over and wakes him
    up, that's your chance to run NW on paved road. Exit and continue
    running past 2 guards in bunker while making a sharp left turn. Do not
    leave this scene. Near the bottom of paved road, walk onto the grass
    heading NW and stop between the 2 wooden posts. Watch for that
    yellow Rabbibunny clone, jump over sandbags, run straight NE along
    right side of statue, and along right side of 3 outhouses, to opening in
    wall. Walk into enclosure and take green cart to Port-Belooga. 
    On Port-Belooga, talk to the small round guy (will sell a boat laters),
    then walk up the dock and talk to fisherman.  He'll take you to White
    Leaf Desert.  
    At White Leaf Desert, 
    Jump across stones to the right, then South. Generally, position
    yourself at the edge of the stone you're jumping from and aim for the
    center of stone you're jumping to. Note the pattern of the bullets and
    stand between them. Hit <Enter> to center screen. 
    Run to right of machine gun, along left side of tents, kill guard for key
    to enclosure having the 3 wagons. Enter enclosure, walk straight SE,
    talk to man in desert, then jump into round ventilation shaft. Face SE,
    run to edge, jump to nearest column. Jump columns to right, then jump
    over spikes, get money in vase, ignore bouncing ball, go down stairway
    and up other side.  Don't touch levers, yet!  Walk around to the left.
    Continue walking,  down steps and up the other side. Drop down inner
    enclosure, walk around right and flip lever, note moving elevator. At
    top of stairs, run straight to barrel, then run just into corridor on left. In
    Athletic mode still, edge forward, when you hear log rolling down, run
    backwards and around SW corner. 
    Walk back into corridor and flip both white levers. Run around barrel
    and through opened gate. Stand just to left of the row of spikes. Run
    diagonally to end of stones  immediately after blue poles start left.
    Stand at end of stones, hit F1 and walk against wall. Hit F2 and
    generally run SW to corner when yellow ball sequence pauses. Ignore
    barrels and vases here. Up the stairs is the statue. Push it East, then
    drop it down, push it SW, then NW around fence onto elevator plate.
    Jump over wall, flip white lever. 
    Then walk back up stairway, walk around to the right. Then jump on
    top of right wall of stairway. Walk SE along top, a bit NE, then jump
    across to top of SE wall. Walk NE along top and jump to NE wall.
    Drop down and flip other white lever. Walk up to moved statue, push it
    SE onto second elevator plate. Try to position statue on SW corner of
    plate, then lob magic ball at skeletons. Discreet mode kills nearest
    skeleton. Normal mode kills far skeleton. Walk down flip lever. Walk
    to statue, walk behind statue onto elevator plate. Push statue and onto
    pedestal and retreat quickly avoiding yellow balls. Exit through opened
    door to second half of Bu. 
    Select Athletic mode, run down along top walkway, down  stairs and
    stop at the bottom corner of edge. Jump to bottom row of tiles to
    escape log. Sometimes if you are too close to inner edge of tiles the log
    still gets you. Keep trying, if you fall to lower level, quit game and
    restart, lower level is dead end!  
    Walk along edge, jump to other side, run East, flip white lever. Walk
    East avoiding dark colored tiles and openings. Lob ball to kill skeleton.
    Run past blue pole, keeping on right side. Inch close to stairway, run
    up stairs after 4th ball. White levers on post should be in down
    position. Walk around right  and through gate. 
    Walk up left stairway, walk along top of wall to switch (lever) post.
    Lob magic ball at switch in Discreet mode. Jump onto elevator plate,
    use <Spacebar> in Normal mode to flip switch again. Jump to opposite
    wall, walk to second switch pole, F4, lob magic ball, get on plate,
    <Spacebar> again. Walk off plate, walk SW till end of wall, jump
    across to top of bottom wall, walk East. Walk to NE around corner,
    flip switch. Walk down stairs, drop down. 
    Quickly walk South to avoid rock. Ignore blue magic bottle and
    passageway. Walk only along bottom of room, head SE to 3 switch
    poles. Flip only the middle and right switches!  Then walk only West
    away from switch poles. Approach first elevator plate from left side
    only. Jump on and up other 2 plates to upper level. Push statue onto
    topmost plate, then push down to other 2 plates. At bottom, push
    statue onto pedestal to open door. 
    Walk down corridor, stop just before corridor opens into room. Lob
    magic ball into room to kill both skeletons. Get Bu book and read wall.
    Then exit South. Talk to man in desert, and talk to horse.  
    Exit desert, head back to the boat the same way you came. Take boat
    back to Principal Island (actually Port-Belooga), so you can buy the
    guy's boat.  At Port-Belooga, talk to that small round guy, follow him,
    and he will sell you a yellow catamaran.  Take it to Proxima Island.  
    Inventory: Holomap, Tunic, magic ball, Book of Bu, I.D. Card, meca-
    penquin, empty bottle, 7 (voyages) gas.  84 Kashes and no clovers. 
    On Proxima, keep checking all trash cans, barrels, and planters. Walk
    right, down paved road, buy Hair Dryer from salesman in grey suit.
    Walk back to boat dock. Walk West to next scene. Walk NW into
    Inventor's house and exchange Hair Dryer for Proto-pack. Exit
    Inventor's house. 
    Walk NE, and attempt to enter chained house. A Grobo will appear,
    run away around him up the stairs. He will patrol house, so just lob
    magic ball down and kill him. Enter house, talk to Rabbibunny, give
    password, get Red Card. 
    Exit scene back to boat dock. Enter gate near dock, buy more gas in
    store. Then walk NW and enter second house. Grobo will give you
    Digital Keypad for use in Teleportation Center so make mental note of
    this.  :-)  
    Return to boat dock, walk East, down the paved walkway. Walk North
    to door on left and use Red Card to open. Enter Museum, locate
    square grating, use <Spacebar> in Normal mode to setup grating for
    laters. Walk down through sewer, climb up other side, exit sewer on
    other grating. In building, first kill guard in white, then talk to Green
    Grobo. Flip Red Alarm Lever to evacuate Museum. Return to Museum
    through the sewer gratings you just set up.  In darkened Museum, put
    on Proto-Pack, <Shift>, select Proto-pack, hit <Enter>, hold down up
    arrow key and head East towards door.  Do not stop to put your feet
    down, cuz the floor is alarmed. North of doorway, stop on pedestal,
    take Pirate Flag,  hit <Ctrl>, hit <Spacebar>, put on Proto-Pack again.
    Fly East then up stairs. Work your way West avoiding the robots. Find
    the treasure chest, get Golden Key. Exit Museum same way.  
    Exit sewer and building.  Try killing that sleeping guard to get 4
    Kashes. Return to boat dock checking all barrels and trash cans along
    the way.  You're done for now on Proxima.  Take yellow catamaran to
    Citadel Isle to use Golden Key in basement under your house. 
    At Citadel Island, walk to West end of dock. Jump onto ledge on left
    side of cliff face. Walk around ledge and jump onto beach. Walk into
    cave, up to door on left, use Golden Key, enter room, take Gawley's
    Horn & Sendell's Medallion. Walk to Seal of Sendell on East wall,
    blow horn in front of Seal. Take clover.  Read writing on West wall.
    Check everywhere for hearts & magic. Return to boat dock. 
    Take catamaran back to Proxima Island. Buy hearts at the store if your
    health is low. Walk all the way East, up stairs, head NE first. Always
    run quickly past yellow Rabbibunny clone without bumping into him.
    Take green cart to Marked Stone.  Blow Gawley's Horn on Seal of
    Sendell, enter passage, read Stone, get password for Eclipse Stone.
    Return to green cart. 
    Take cart back to Proxima. Run straight SW past clone up to
    motorcycle. Take motorcycle to Eclipse Stone, read Stone,  get Magic
    Flute,  get password for Marked Stone. Return to Proxima. Run NE
    back to green cart. At the Marked Stone give the password. Get
    enough health & magic, use <Ctrl> key to check health & magic bars. 
    You have done everything on Proxima Island. Return to boat dock.
    Take catamaran to  White Leaf Desert to blow horn at Seal of Sendell
    Inventory:  Holomap, Tunic, Red Card, Proto-Pack, Pirate flag, Golden
    Key, Digital Keypad, magic ball, Book of Bu, Twinsen's I.D. Card,
    meca-penquin, empty bottle, 12 voyages gas, Sendell's Medallion,
    Gawley's Horn, and 3 clovers. 
    At White Leaf Desert, watch out for guard at outhouse!  Kill the guard
    at the gate to get key again. Look for Seal of Sendell behind rocks just
    North after entering desert.  Blow Gawley's Horn on Seal, enter
    passage, catch Elf, get Blue Card, exit maze.  Return to catamaran.  
    At yellow catamaran, use Black Pirate Flag, it will appear on rear of
    Take catamaran to  Rebellion Island.  
    At Rebellion Isle, talk to lone Soldier there. He tells you where & who
    to see. Run SW to end of island, then NW, jump into trench. Talk to
    soldier, offers his buggy. Exit trench by jumping on sandbags & box.
    Walk SW to buggy, take buggy to Rebel Camp. 
    At Rebel Camp, head NE, talk to small round robot. Says to help
    rescue captured Leader in Hamalayi Fort guarding pass to Northern
    Hemisphere. Return in buggy, walk North along West side of island,
    meet with Soldier. He explains battle plan of mission.  Walk onto
    At landing, run SW avoiding the mines.  Kill the 2 guards at bottom left
    of screen. Walk SW in same scene and climb up sandbags & barrels to
    snow ledge along left side.  Walk NE along snow ledge and destroy
    Radio Antenna at end. Drop down and kill guard. 
    Follow Soldier NE into next scene. Run straight through, don't have to
    kill everything cuz not coming back this way !   
    In scene having parked Blue Tank on left, kill both guards in scene.
    Allow Soldier to take the tank.  Soldier will then drive tank rest of the
    way, so get into tank !  
    At Fort, it is easier to kill first yellow Rabbibunny clone with magic
    ball. Then use meca-penquin on the second guarding door.  Observe
    that Rabbibunny clone, and when clear, run in front of door facing East,
    release meca-penquin,   (<Shift> key, select meca-penquin, hit <Enter>
    key),  then run back down steps.  After killing clone, take key, enter
    Use a clover for maximum health & magic. Take out 2 guards up the
    stairway first by running up to them and throwing magic ball.  Take
    keys, but ignore doors. Walk back and just lob magic ball down from
    stairs to kill scientist and clone. Get the key from locker there.  Check
    for hearts. Ignore 2 locked doors on right side. 
    Enter locked door on left. Carefully observe Red Grobo, wait till he
    leaves, then unlock door.  Kill Green Grobo.  In next room, release
    Rebel Leader, listen to what he says.  Slowly approach last room, lob
    magic ball in to kill last Red Grobo.  Then leave through square
    passage door at end of room.  (Spacebar in Normal mode) 
    Congratulations !  You just completed the Southern Hemisphere of
    Relentless ! 
    Inventory:  Holomap, Tunic, Red Card, Blue Card, Proto-Pack, Golden
    Key, Digital Keypad, magic ball, Book of Bu, Twinsen's I.D. Card,
    empty bottle, 7 voyages gas, magic Flute, Sendell's Medallion, Gawley's
    Horn, and a Snowboard.   Also, 47 Kashes and 1 clover.  
    Walkthru for Northern Hemisphere is named RELENT.WLK and can
    be downloaded from Gamers forum, Adventure games section file
    Much thanks to the crew who designed & produced Relentless.  
    Awesome game!
    Written by Mark Hashimoto.  03-01-1995 
    [end of walkthru text for Southern Hemisphere]  
    I wrote this walkthru only for the Northern H. cuz most have
    already finished the Southern Hemisphere.  (revised1.1)
    A general hint is
    to always play with maximum health & magic if possible by
    using a clover.  You can always get extra clovers by talking
    to that Rabbibunny in the Rabbibunny Village, or by jumping
    to the iceberg located South and just behind the lone
    soldier on Hamalayi after landing by catamaran.
    Also, when using the sword, use the Alt key, not the
    Spacebar to fight.
    At the top of the ski lift, walk between any 2 same colored
    flags. At the bottom, walk East to the edge, then North till
    you come to the exit to the Rabbibunny Village. Talk to all
    3 Rabbibunnies before leaving. One will dig a hole for you
    to the military base.
    Jump off the ledge, kill the marching guard, walk SouthEast,
    talk to the Sailor at the dock. Then walk slowly North and
    kill the Red Grobo at a distance by throwing magic ball and
    take his key.
    Enter building. Talk to Green Grobo, he will
    startup the subway car for you, so wait on the South side
    of that subway car till he opens the gate for
    you, then just walk to the car. Do NOT follow the Green
    After the ride,
    ignore the small clone robot, walk to your right when he
    passes.  Using discreet mode, observe the walking guard
    wearing white.  You must then run past him between the red
    alarm button and kill him before he reaches it. Then walk
    to the stairs, observe the Rabbibunny clone and kill him
    by lobbing the magic ball. Walk up the stairs and proceed to
    the left side. Use magic ball to kill scientist & all 4
    mutant parts. Head left in discreet mode, position
    yourself just behind the 2 barrels, then lob your magic
    ball to kill guard ahead in white. Keep trying, this works,
    or just move a little bit to the left. After killing the
    guard, throw magic ball in the pit to kill both bouncing
    Then walk back, straight thru the empty mutant room and
    to the left being careful NOT to fall off the walkway,
    then right to the control room.   Discreetly kill the
    guard in white at the control room. I moved all three
    levers up, worked for me! Exit and find your way back
    to the subway car.
    (It may be easier to jump down off the walkway just
    outside the control room and head forward and to the
    left, but I never tried this.)
    Anyways, fight the clones again and hope they
    don't trip the alarm.
    At the subway car, head left, kill the clone robot, then
    go forward and stop to the left of the bottom of the
    stairs. A
    mutant crab will appear, throw your magic ball to kill
    it. Ignore the Red and Green Grobos and head
    forward and to the left. Take the green cart back to the
    Rabbibunny Village.
    Talk to all 3 Rabbibunnies again. One will always give
    you a green clover after doing a flip. Another will open
    the Carrot Door for you now so follow him.
    Go through the Carrot Door. Head left, kill the guard to
    get the key. Go through the locked gate, kill all 3
    guards. (I lob the magic ball, but for the stairway
    guard, run right up to him and be Aggressive.)
    Then, you may climb to the top of the bunker to get a
    looksee around, note the guard across the way.
    Run across the bridge along the right side, careful not
    to fall off and use blue card to open gate. Run towards
    the top-right corner of screen, and kill marching guard
    there for key. Select a clover for maximum health now.
    Observe Red Grobo marching below right, and walk to
    bottom-right of screen. Jump down and open gate when
    Red Grobo is at other end, then quickly climb back up.
    Then lob magic ball in discreet mode at Red Grobo as
    he marches by & turns around. After killing Red Grobo,
    jump down, walk to end of dock, then turn left.
    (Do not take airboat yet!) You are now at Clear Water
    Lake, select & use magic flute there.
    Take airboat to Tippett. Talk to clone and Green
    Grobo. Walk to the barrel, up the stairs, and buy a
    meca-penquin and more gas. Walk across bridge and
    talk to Funky Guy. Buy all his information.
    Tip: Use the meca-penquin on the Red Grobos and
    Yellow Rabbibunny clones. Very effective and easy!
    To use: quickly face a Red Grobo, hit the <shift>
    key, select the meca-penquin, hit <Enter> and
    run backwards fast!  Remember to get another
    at any store!
    Then walk West till you come to the fisherman. Talk
    to fisherman and he will catch you something. Take
    center walkway on way back. Enter locked gate, walk
    slowly forward keep on the right. Throw ball at the
    2 elephants, you just
    need to kill 1 elephant, the other will run away
    towards gate so don't get in his way! Walk into cafe.
    Talk to entertainer on stage. Then talk to bartender.
    Take airboat to Hamalayi so you can get back to
    White Leaf Desert and exchange your magic flute for
    the desert guy's guitar.
    At Hamalayi, walk left, go through the Carrot Door.
    Head for the hole that puts you back at the Military
    Base. Talk to that Rabbibunny first if you need an
    extra clover. Drop down the hole, staying on the
    ledge, walk to the left, kill the guard, then walk
    left to the end of the ledge. Drop down on the left
    side of the fence. Run left past the machine guns
    and head for the bottom left of the screen again.
    Keep heading left in the next screen too until
    you reach your yellow catamaran.
    NOTE: On the yellow catamaran screen,  if you need
    3 extra clovers, you can always jump to the iceberg
    located just South of that lone Rabbibunny soldier.
    Carefully walk behind him, then jump to that tiny
    iceberg, use the Action key on the barrels.
    Take yellow catamaran to White Leaf Desert to trade
    for guitar. Be careful, there's now a guard who comes
    out shooting from the outhouse.  And a tank has been
    added. Exchange your magic flute with the man-in-the-
    desert's  guitar.
    Take yellow catamaran to Principal Island to get
    architect's plans in fort since you are already in
    the Southern Hemisphere again. Once on Principal
    Island, buy a meca-penquin if you don't have one.
    Then attack the fort from the front left side.
    Run up to the green guard in the trench on the
    LEFT side and quickly kill him with the magic ball.
    Jump into the trench, walk right and climb out when
    you see the ladder. Simply walk and go up the
    stairway without shooting at anything else. Walk
    left and use the Red Card to open the gate. Then
    run just past the open gate, then stop facing
    both Red Grobos,
    release the meca-penquin, then walk backwards
    behind the safety of the gate pillar. The meca-
    penquin should kill both Red Grobos. Use the Blue
    Card on the next gate. Standing at the entrance to
    that gate, lob the magic ball to kill the yellow
    Rabbibunny clone, and the White Grobo which appears
    Get the key and enter FunFrock's fort carefully.
    Throw the magic ball twice immediately at the guard
    in white before he trips the alarm. Head left, then
    down to the RIGHT side of screen first, kill the
    second guy in white for his key, then walk back over
    to the LEFT side of screen. Kill the yellow
    Rabbibunny clone, walk down, open the door to
    FunFrock's office.
    Then simply stand and lob the
    magic ball at the Green Grobo. Doc will run away,
    and the Green Grobo is killed. Talk to the Sailor
    in the jail cell. Use his key on the safe. You get
    a magic sword and read the note in the safe
    carefully. Walk back up the stairs and go down the
    stairs on the other side, open the jail cell, talk
    to the Rabbibunny, he knows a secret way out.
    Return to the Green Cart. Take your yellow catamaran
    to Citadel Island. Talk to that Rabbibunny running
    around just outside your home. Have to catch him
    first tho. Follow him to his house. Talk to him inside
    and carefully note what he says. Take his I.D. Pass
    to enter the Teleportation Center later.
    For fun, (not required to finish), go to the Tavern,
    defeat the Red Grobo outside and a Green Grobo inside.
    Then use his key on the locked tavern cellar door.
    This gets you lives, magic, and an extra clover box.
    Get all the way back to Tippett Island in the
    Northern Hemisphere. On the way, get 3 clovers on that
    iceberg when landing at Hamalayi.
    On Tippett Island,  buy a meca-penquin
    if you don't have one also life & magic. Head for the
    cafe. Get past the 2 elephant thieves. Give the
    guitar to the entertainer on stage. Talk to the bartender
    and he will reveal the secret passage to the basement
    at the bottom right of screen. In the basement, kill
    the green blob, then walk to very edge of stairs near
    the right corner. The crab should pinch you, then it
    will pause, that's your chance to run onto it's back.
    Ride around on the crab's back several times for
    timing purposes, the as it nears the
    right stairway on the other side. Jump off onto the
    stairway in athletic mode.
    Kill the mantis in the next screen. Climb the ladder,
    drop down the hole to find the key. Climb ladder again
    and go through gate. In athletic mode, run past the
    snakes, down stairway, to ladder. Climb ladder,
    find flying dragon, talk to dragon. Then go to
    Fortress Island, talk to both Rabbibunnies there.
    One says to get the Architect's plans, but you have
    already been "told" them. Just go directly to Brundle
    Island and use the Architect's I.D. to get in. After
    you destroy the Teleportation Center, that Rabbibunny
    will still dig a hole for you at Fortress Island.
    Go directly to Brundle Isle, give the Architect's I.D.
    Card to the guard. Enter through the gate, head towards
    the left side of the building and talk to the Rabbibunny
    found there. He tells an odd tale. Climb the ladder on
    the building and walk forward to the painted wall. A
    Seal should appear, blow Gawley's Horn and a hole will
    appear. Enter the Teleportaion Center.
    Kill the Red Grobo on the right using the meca-penquin
    released on the stairs and get his key. Creep up to
    the guard
    in white and lob the magic ball to kill him before he
    sets off the alarm. You do not have to enter the
    enclosed area.
    Then go to the top right of screen. Use digital keypad
    on the door. Get another meca-penquin for use on the
    yellow Rabbibunny clone in the tape-deck room.
    Walk to the room having the tape decks. I released
    the meca-penquin near the second tape-deck. The
    yellow Rabbibunny tends to find it and goes crazy
    giving you a chance to lob magic balls at him!
    Kill that Rabbibunny Clone, this one's a little smart
    and tricky. Walk down the hallway, go to the left,
    use the Action key in Normal mode on the first
    barrel to get the key to
    the locked door. Select and use a clover for maximum
    and magic. After entering the locked door, RUN straight
    down the hallway up to the Rabbibunny Clone, quickly
    select & use the sword, select Aggressive mode, then
    attack the clone pressing the  Alt  key. Then you must
    kill the scientist who is pressing the button to call
    more clones! Then go after whatever other clones
    appear there.
    Then using the sword, destroy the red switches for
    every clone machine along the left side. Then go down
    the stairway, kill the scientist, then destroy the
    main Teleportation console.
    Exit the Teleportation Center by jumping out
    through the broken wall at the bottom right of the
    screen nearest the FunFrock statue. Walk to the left
    behind the statue and drop down. The Center should
    now be empty and dead. Take the dragon to Fortress
    Meet with the Rabbibunnies there. One will now dig
    a hole for you to enter the fortress after you kill
    the guards and tank. Tip: lob magic balls over the
    locked gate to kill the tank, before opening the gate.
    Open the locked gate, then look for and follow that
    Rabbibunny who will dig a hole. Enter the hole and
    observe the pattern of the volcano things. Run
    straight ahead, jump up to the next level, then
    select & use your sword. Jump to the next level,
    select Aggressive mode, and use the Alt key to
    battle the monster.
    Select Athletic mode, jump to the top-left corner
    and take the mushroom & key. Walk down to the
    top-right corner of screen, read the sign, then turn
    the wheel water valve in Normal mode, Action key.
    This will drain the pool in the next screen. Climb
    the ladder just to the left of the sign. If the
    pool is not drained, then go back and turn the wheel
    some more!  (Quite a few times, Whew!)
    Drop down into drained pool, select & use a clover
    for maximum health. Select & use sword, select
    Aggressive mode. Remember to use Alt key, not the
    Spacebar. Walk towards right of pool. Kill both
    flying Grobos who attack. Climb ladder at right corner
    of pool. Walk right, kill guard, get key and release
    Girlfriend Clone. Listen to sequence.
    Escape from prison same as before. Once through locked
    gate, select & use sword, select Aggressive mode, kill
    Girlfriend Clone, use key on door to right. Get
    inventory from locker. Walk through corridor exit at
    top of screen. Ignore sewer grating! Once inside clone
    room, do NOT disturb the clones! Walk to rear left
    corner of room. Blow Gawley's Horn in front of Seal of
    Sendel. Enter wall, read Stone, then select & use
    Clear Water on Stone.
    After sequence, walk towards top of screen around all
    the wreakage. Exit through top of screen, and run around
    tractor towards construction worker. Kill construction
    worker, get and use key on gate.  THEN, RUN STRAIGHT
    TO KILL ANYTHING. (There are mushrooms for extra life
    around tho.)
    At end of the island, walk to left, talk to Green Grobo,
    get and use his key on the nearby tractor.
    After animation sequence, run right, jump up to next
    level, run left, kill worker with jackhammer. Run just
    past the pile
    of bricks, jump up to next level. When yellow tractor
    leaves, run up to the 2 wooden blocks, jump to top
    block if possible up to next level. Walk to right corner,
    wait for tractor, run around it to very end of road to
    the far right, drop down to escape tractor. Kill the
    worker to get key. Drop all the way down to lower level.
    Walk left along the bottom, then kill worker at locked
    gate. Go through gate, select & use sword, select
    Aggressive mode, slowly walk towards stone mountain.
    A worker will suddenly appear behind you. Kill him, then
    select Discreet mode and lob magic balls at the other
    2 workers.  To the left of the small pile of rocks, is a
    ladder on the stone mountain. It's hard to see if you
    have a dim monitor, turn up the brightness. Climb up to
    the top.
    Select & use the sword, select Aggressive mode. Fight
    Dr. FunFrock. Then jump up to where your real
    girlfriend is waiting. Blow Gawley's Horn on Seal, then
    drop down.
    Immediately after falling, select & use a green clover
    for maximum health & magic.  Make sure you select your
    sword, and Aggressive mode and be ready to battle the
    Doc again!
    That's all folks!  Very creative game!
    by Mark Hashimoto  71501,2733
      [end of Relentless walkthru file]

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