Review by kirbyroks

Reviewed: 12/02/04

This is an awesome game...for 15 minutes.

One of the most entertaining games I have ever played...for a short while...It loses it's appeal after about a half an hour. Granted it is a really really old game. Like back from the era where it was between games were new and awesome, and where they were well known and still awesome. That era was known as "the era where games weren't required to have good graphics, story, sound, replay value, or anything else, as long as it was fun to play for a short time." That was a bad era for video games, but they didn't screw everything up!

Gameplay: 8/10
This game is really fun to play, but it doesn't last for very long. I mean, there are 3 ships you can pilot, and two of them are the same, but just look different. Basically you get to go out there and blow crap up! Your ship is equipped with the sci-fi standard; infinite lasers, and a few missiles. There are 2 classes of ships in this game, cruiser and fighter. Fighters can take a few lasers or one missile, and cursers can take three missiles of a bunch of lasers. Cruisers are slow and sluggish, but they take more damage, and spit out lasers like no tomorrow. Fighters are fast and agile, but shoot lasers slower. I have to give more credit because you can actually approach planets if you fly long enough. Granted you clip right through them but that’s ok.

Story: 3/10
Basically it starts out as you vs. pirates. The space pirates are plundering merchant ships but you are part of the royal navy so that just won't do. So you go to show them a lesson, but then aliens attack and you and the pirates have to band up to take them out. Its like space invaders...only in 3D and you have more freedom.

Graphics: 4/10
The graphics suck. Simple as that. When I first got the game it was a first edition dos based hunk-o-junk. But it was one of the few things my 90 Mhz would play. It has gotten much better but it is still crap. I have to give them some credit because at the time of it's release they at least ranked sub-par. But that’s about all I can give it in that category.

Sound: 2/10
Remember space invaders? That had better sound? I would say that this game has a total of 3 sounds. 1 for lasers being shot, one for your engines, and one for a missile blowing up, or you blowing up, or anything blowing up. Oh, I forgot, the menu has a "boop" sound.

Replay value: 4/10
Not a lot of replay value here. The multiplayer that was added in a later version was good, but that didn't add too much either. Basically you play it through once or twice and you are done with it.

Summary: 7/10
While it did rate poorly in jish about everything I would say that this is a buy game. Why? Because it will be the game that will be in the $1 bargain bin next to the garbage can. Save this game away for some free 15 minute or half hour long block of time where you have nothing to do and are bored stiff. Then when you are done you can format the floppy it was on and keep the floppy!
Talk about a good deal! I don’t know if you can even find this game anywhere anymore; Even on E-bay. I found it in my dad’s garage in a box of mine I hadn’t seen wince we moved when I was 6.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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