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FAQ/Walkthrough by kirbyroks

Version: Final | Updated: 12/07/04

                  FAQ for Line Wars II PC. Version Final
                           Last updated 12/03/04
           This FAQ is of course copyright (c) 2004 Josiah Herrington
Contents                   [TOP]                |  [W0.1]  |

Table of Contents.........................[TOP] Use the above box to keep the
1:  Intro.................................[010] Search code for your current
2:  Legal stuff/Updates...................[020] Location in so you can jump
3:  Overview..............................[030] right back to where you were
4:  Frequently Asked Questions............[040] in the walkthrough without
5:  Factions..............................[050] having to search! 
6:  Playing the game......................[060] 
7:  Walkthrough...........................[070] You can access any area in
      Level 1 Asteroid Storm.............[W0.1] the table of contents by
      Level 2 The First Blood............[W0.2] Pressing CTRL+F and copy
      Level 3 Princess Escort............[W0.3] and pasting the code into
      Level 4 The Pirate Ambush..........[W0.4] the find box and it will
      Level 5 Disable The Base...........[W0.5] take you right to it!
      Level 6 Defend The Base............[W0.6]
      Level 7 Destroy the Convoy.........[W0.7]
      Level 8 Fight For Freedom..........[W0.8]
      Level 9 The Final Battle...........[W0.9]

8:  Ship Classes.........................[080]
9:  xxxxxxxxxxxx.........................[090]
10: Credits..............................[100]
11: Contact Information..................[110]


                                 1:  Intro

Hi there peeps!I be writing a line wars II FAQ! I have no clue why! It's like
writing for superman 64; Nobody cares! I would just like to say that this was
fun to write and I hear the Charlie Brown Christmas special on and that happens
to be something that in American culture is almost obligatory television. Go
And lastly, GO Nokia! More specifically, go away!

                              2: Legal stuff/Updates

This FAQ is mine and is copyright(c) 2002 Josiah Herrington. 
This FAQ, as of now, can only be displayed at:

Gamefaqs (http://www.GAMEFAQS.com)


and may be used for personal use only.

If any other site wishes to use this FAQ, then they may do so at will, but I
require them to still send me an E-mail telling me that they are doing so and
I still reserve the right to say that they may not.

You may not sell this FAQ, distribute it, or otherwise make money off of it.
Not because I said so, so much as that nobody is ever going to buy this guide.
However if you do make money I get a free dollar per sale! I am having way too
much fun here so I shall stop!

12/03/04 V1.0
Went on a line wars spree!
45% done! YAY!

12/07/04 Final
Finished it! 100% done!

                                3: Overview

"One of the most entertaining games I have ever played...for a short while...It
loses it's appeal after about a half an hour. Granted it is a really really old
game. Like back from the era where it was between games were new and awesome,
and where they were well known and still awesome. That era was known as "the
era where games weren't required to have good graphics, story, sound, replay
value, or anything else, as long as it was fun to play for a short time." That
was a bad era for video games, but they didn't screw everything up!"

This game really is fun to play, but it doesn't last very long. It is only 9
levels long and it doesn't have very good replay value.

                         4: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you writing for a game this old?
A: It's what I do! My hobby! And I love gameFAQs!

Q: So how difficult is this game?
A: Not very hard except for the 6th and 7th stage of each level.

Q: Hi! I am a fellow LineWars Fan!
A: Cool! You want a cookie or something?

Q: I can't beat *level* HELP!
A: Sorry, All I know about the game is in here or will be after this next
week of finals.

Q: Can I E-mail you? I found an error/have a question.
A: See the contact section.

Q: Wanna be my pen/pal? I'm from *insert foreign country, like Maine*
A: While people do ask me this, NO!

                                5: Factions
Yours: They don't really have a name, but they are the good guys. Lead by the
emperor who is the father of Princess Babifka, your lover.

The Pirates: A bunch of nefarious briggands who seem to like attacking
princesses who are sent out to a barren planet with a minimal guard making her
the prime target of a ransom situation.

The Aliens: Tha bad guys. they impersonate the Emperor for no apparent reason
and attempt to destroy humanity.

                             6:  Playing the game

The controlls ar simple:
Pitch down:       Up Arrow Key
Pitch up:         Down Arrow Key
Turn Left:        Left Arrow Key
Turn Right:       Right Arror Key
Fire Laser:       Control
Fire Missile:     Alt
Teleport:         F3

The controls can be changed to your preferences.

How to play:
Basically you will go through each level and each level has 7 stages. the first
one will be the easiest and the seventh will be the harde4st. This is the same
for all 9 levels. Kill all the baddies to proceed to the next stage. Beat all
seven stages to beat the level.
Now remember, lasers aren't very powerful, but a missile is a one hit kill to a
fighter craft, and three missiles will take down a cruiser. Thus when fighting
many enemies the key to winning is the teleport key. Use all your missiles and
then teleport to the next ship and use it's missiles. Your wingmen and foes
never use missiles. When you run out of missiles you should be in a cruiser if
at all possible. The rate at which they fire the lasers and the power of the
lasers makes it worth the slowness and clumsiness of the ship.

                               7:  Walkthrough

Here you will find the walkthrough for the Single Player mode of the game.
Level 1 Asteroid Storm
Blow up all the asteroids before they hit the starbase in the middle.

Stage one:
As soon as you start, hit the accelerator and start hunting the asteroids. I
promise you will fail if you do not use the radar. Asteroids are the red dots.
The ones closestthe mddle are in front of you and the ones on th outer edge are
behind you. The brighter the dot is, the closer it is to you. If you see one
that is far away, don't bother aiming, just shoot a missile. Remember, you
basically want to be shooting them and they will only take one laser to kill.

Stage two:
Not a whole lot different that stage one, just blow up the asteroids. Now the
base will launch another fighter to help you after a while. The fighter will
blow up a few asteroids and just sit there.

Stage three:
More of the same, but there are more asteroids and they move a little faster.
Keep an eye that one rogue asteroid doesn't hit the base because if one does,
the base dies. It is slightly incongrouous if you think about it. If you crash
an asteroid, it dies, if you crash the base, you die. So it would seem logical
that if an asteroid crashed the base, the base would die, but I guess not.

Stage four:
Now there are even more asteroids. This time there are some ones that are quite
small. If you aren't careful you can miss them and they will crash the base.
Needless to say, that cannot happen.

Stage five:
There are loads of asteroids now and they are al moving even faster. Don't try
to take them all out at once. Stay near the base and kill what you can. If you
kill all the ones to the right it doesn't matter much if a single one to the
left hits the base. Be sure you are using your missiles and wingmen here.

Stage six:
Now there are too many asteroids to count and they are all moving pretty
quickly. Staying close to the base and covering all sides is very important
to victory here. I wouldn't be suprised if you died a few times here.
Remember to use missiles and lasers effetively.

Stage seven:
O_O Now there are an obcene amount of asteroids, they are moving very quickly,
AND some take as many as 4 hits to kill! Just when you thought it couldn't get
any harder! Take these out and use missiles. When you run out of missiles or if
the remaining asteroids are far away remember to teleport to your wingman's
ship with F3. Use his missiles and always heep taking care of the ones near the

Congratulations! you just beat level one!

Level 2 The First Blood
You are pitted against a bunch of Space Pirates. Kill them all to win.

Stage one:
there are only 2 space pirates here. As soon as the battle begins you should
teleport to one of your wingmen's ships with the F3 key and proceed to use a
missile on each of the pirates. Remember, against fighter craft, one missile
translates into an instant one hit kill, so only use one per foe.

Stage two:
Basically the same as number one only there are three Space pirate ships
instead of two. Teleport into your wingman's ship and take them down with a
missile each.

Stage three:
Much like stage two, only there are four pirates here and they tend to gang up
on a single wingman so as to kill him before you can save him. This can easily
be countered by the old princible, "The best defense is a good offence." Warp
into a wingman's ship and slay as many as you can with missiles and use lasers
to kill the rest. Now you and your wingmen will gang up on him!

Stage four:
This is where it gets tricky. Not only are there more enemies, but they also
don't only spawn in front of your allies, that means they can spawn to the side
of you. So don't teleport immediatly. Instead survey the map and determine if
any of the pirates are near you. If there are then shoot them with your
missiles. Otherwise teleport to a wingman's ship and proceed to blast the
space pirates with missiles and lasters till they die.

Stage five:
Here it gets more tricky. The number of foes get bigger, and they are faster,
have more health, and all tend to gand up on other ships. Even though they have
more HP, a missile still wipes them out in one hit. Repeat the same strategy as
number four.

Stage six:
Here it is difficult. Now only will the pirates hide behind asteroids while
they attack, but there are like 12 of them and they all tend to focus on one
wingman or YOU! If they start to target you you need to kamakazi if possible.
Fire all of your missiles off as they are shooting you and ram a pirate ship
while shooting it. You will auto teleport into another ship and that pilot
instead of going to your ship will now go into deep space. Awww. Once the ship
dies, repeat the process. If they target youm kamakazi, if they target a
wingman, pick them off with missiles and then teleport to another wingman and
either kamakazi or continue to pick them off.

Stage seven:
Exactly like stage six except with more enemies, but you also have a ton of
wingmen now! Horay! This stage is a walk in the park. Just slay them with
missiles and lasers.

Congratulations! you just beat level two!

Level 3 Princess Escort
Protect the pricess's cruiser at all costs. If the cruiser dies, you die.

Stage one:
Simple, do like you did at the beginning of level 2 and teleport into a
wingman's ship and blow the pirates away with missiles. Careful as they tend to
hide behind asteroids and popout to attack suddenly. Such sneak attacks can be
deadly. If ANT ship is attacking the cruiser, slay it if you have to kamakazi
into it. You can teleport to another vessil. The royal family apparently does
not have access to such technology.

Stage two:
Repeat the above process but there are a few more pirates and the asteroids
tend to sometimes crash the cruiser which never is a good thing. Keep an eye on
the asteroids as you neutralize the pirates.

Stage three:
This stage gets a little tougher as the pirates now deliberatly target the
cruiser together. The cruiser has a lot of health but it can't take too much of
a beating. Use missiles to take out the pirate forces while they are occupied
with the cruiser.

Stage four:
The same as stage three except that the pirates are more numerous and will
break off the attack of the cruiser and attack you sometimes if you open fire
on the,. They won't have a chance to do that if you fire a missile at them so
do that. And remember to teleport to a new ship when you are done and use it's

Stage five:
Actually pretty easy. There are a lot more pirates, but many of them spawn
near your original ship so you can blow them with missiles ASAP. Then
teleport to a wingman and blow they crud out of the ones that attack head on by
using your missiles on them. Be wary of the asteroids.

Stage six:
Crudloads of pirates will attack and suddenly. Use your missiles to pick them
off as best as you can and then teleport to a wingman and do the same. Hope
that they don't target the cruiser because if they do it will be dead before
you can help it.

Stage seven:
And you thought it would be hard did you? You were right! Lots and lots of
space pirates will flood out of the asteroid field and from all sides. Use your
missiles in your initial ship to slay the ones that are closest inproximity to
you when the stage starts and then teleport to a wingman and use missiles on
any ships that attack the cruiser. When you have launched the last of your
missiles teleport to another ship and do the same. Once they are all dead you
will have beaten the level.

Congratulations! you just beat level three!
Level 4 The Pirate Ambush
Remember Level 2?
Well this is very similar.

Stage one:
there are only a couple space pirates here. As soon as the battle begins you
should teleport to a wingmen's ship and use a missile on each of the pirates.
Remember, against fighter craft, one missile translates into an instant kill,
so only use one per foe. Missiles don't miss in this game so once you fire it
target another foe.

Stage two:
Basically the same as number one only there are more Space pirate ships here
Teleport into your wingman's ship and take them down with a missile each. to
claim your victory!

Stage three:
Much like stage two, only there are more pirates here and they tend to gang up
on a single wingman so as to kill him before you can save him. As soon as they
kill him, they will gang up on another and kill him. Warp into a wingmans ship
and slay as many as you can with missiles and then warp to another and use all
of it's missiles to slay more pirates and continue on until all pirates are so
dead they could not be any more deader!

Stage four:
Now there are a crapload of pirates, though they still aren't very bright. They
still gang up on one ally and shoot him with lasers, and can still be beaten by
the good old strat of warping into a wingman's ship with the F3 key and blowing
three pirates away with missiles and then teleporting into another ship and use
it's missiles. The pirates will be dead in no time flat!

Stage five:
Here, not only are the number of pirates growing rapidly, but they are getting
tougher and there are enough of them that now they tend to gang up on multiple
wingmen! OH NOES! Continue the same strategy of warping and missile-using till
they all bite the dust...or become space dust...whatever; You get the idea.

Stage six:
It's hard here, now there are lots of them, they all have high HP, (though
missiles are still a one hit instant death), and they will gang up on your
allies. luckily your allies have grown much more numerous and actually hold
their own in battle. This not only translates to less pirates shooting your
ship, but also means that there are more missiles waiting to be used by you
to blow away the pirates! Which is exactly what you should to. In fact, you
will find that this strat of shooting three missiles, teleporting, shooting
three more, teleporting, etc will work on all space battles where foes tend
to be primarily fighter craft. It also works on bases very well as you will
see in the next level.

Stage seven:
See stage six? Do exactly that. The pirates are out in force now, but so are
your wingmen and you should wipe the floor with them provided you follow the
above strategy. If you want a chalenge you can try to do a no missile stage.
You will likely get whooped, but it would be a challenge!

Level 5 Disable The Base
Basically you must kill all of the pirates with/O killing the base. If the base
dies, its game over. What doesn't help is that the base spawns many more pirate
fighters that you have to kill. ALL the stages in this level are the same 'cept
that the base will spawn more pirate fighter craft in the later stages. However
if you follow this one strategy below in all seven stages you will do great and
should utterly obliterate them.

Stage one through seven:
OK, as soon as the mission starts, teleport until you get to the wingman that
is closest to the base. Use his missiles and the missiles of the wingman near
him to kill the sentry pirate ships. Then decend to the big rectangle that is
the hangar of the base. Now let your men handle all of the rogue pirate craft
that enter the system as they will do it nicely and just camp out in front of
the hangar. When a pirate ship spawns, blow it away with a missile. No sweat!
Once you run out of missiles, teleport to a nearby wing-man and spawn camp by
the base again and blow away the pirate fighter that spawn. Eventually you'll
will have destroyed all of the pirate ships and you will have won the mission
probably without having ever died. It's just that simple! Now if you for some
really messed up reason you want to do it the bad way you could just dogfight
them and not spawn camp and stuff, but this just makes it so much easier. But
I should warn you that in taking all the challenge out of it, it takes all of
the fun out of it. ;)

Level 6 Defend The Base
Wee, you know that base you just captured from the space pirates? Yeah, well I
guess they want it back and they are prepared to kill you to get it back. Wait
just a second! That would mean that they would have a bigger kill counter than
you, and that just won't do! So in this level pirate ships will spawn and will
attack the base trying to kill it rather than let you have it. This is the one
and only level where I have seen the AI use missiles. The pirates used them on
the base. Again, this base mission has one strategy that will work through all
seven stages very well! I will give you three guesses to guess what that is!

Stages one through seven:
OK, class, what was the strategy for fighting mainly fighter craft? Yes billy?
WHY YES! It is the shoot missiles, teleport, shoot missiols, teleport strategy
of doom! So that is what ye shall do! Basically, many fighter ships will spawn
and try to take out the base. The only thing you have to worry about is pirate
fighters that shoot missiles. I have found that they don't fight back when you
attack them, even if you don't missile them. However missiling them is the way
to go 'cause not only does it kill them quicker, exposing the base to far less
harm, but it make you be able to jump to killing the fighters quicker. Even if
you killed all of the missile shooters, but all of the fighters get destroyed,
you lose. So wipe them all out as fast as you can and the base will thank you!

Level 7 Destroy the Convoy
Do what you did for Level 4 The Pirate Ambush, only this time around you will
be fighting cruisers also. Cruisers take three missiles to waste. Luckily you
get to be in a cruiser if you want also! So shoot off all your missiles until
you get to the cruiser and then use it's missiles and massive laser firepower
to OBLITERATE everything in all of the stages. Aren't cruisers awesome? You'd
think they would have not put any cruisers in here because they are cheap now,
but they did! Thank them and move on to level 8.

Level 8 Fight For Freedom
EXACTLY like level 7 only now you anre the pirates are allied! You will have to
join forces against the EVIL and horribly cliche alien forces to save you both!
There will be an alien cruiser here and in the later stages, two to three of em
present. Use the fighters to quickly take them out with missiles 'fore they use
their lasers to obliterate your forces. Then either use the missiles, teleport,
missiles, teleport, strategy to obliterate the fighters, or if you prefer, the
missiles, teleport to cruiser, lasers till everything dies strategy. Either way

Level 9 The Final Battle
This level is EASY on the first few stages and REALLY HARD on the last few.
Basically it is every single ship that the pirates and you could throw find,
against the entire alien fleet.

Stage one through five:
Not too difficult. Three waves, 9 fighters and one alien cruiser each. As Viper
one, launch your three missiles at the foremost alien cruiser and fly left very
quickly then teleport quickly to the first cruiser as the alien cruser opens up
on that fighter and obliterate it. This is the reason why you flew left; 'cause
this way the missiles aren't between the lasers and the cruiser so the missiles
won't get shot down! As the cruiser, target as many of the fighter craft in the
first wave as you can and obliterate them with laser fire. Now focus your laser
cannons on the cruiser behind it, and then the cruiser behind it, and then that
cruiser behind it, using your missiles on the last cruiser. Once all them alien
cruisers are destroyed, they don't have much hope as you have 3 - 6 cruisers to
start with and when you take down their cruisers, then it becomes your fighters
and your cruisers against their fighters. Then you will start to do the awesome
Missiles, teleport, missiles, teleport trick or just annihilate them all with a
nice show of awesome cruiser firepower.

Stages six and seven:
Her is where it gets really hard. Now there are five waves, each with a cruiser
and 12 fighter craft, and after that there are some four stragling cruisers. If
youre good you can manage to take out all the cruisers with one of your own but
that isnt likely till you are good to the point where you would be embarased to
be reading a walkthrough. Like as good as me! ^_^ Anyways, if your cruiser gets
pasted, teleport to the second cruiser and continue on. Once you have taken out
all the cruisers it is still a very close battle. You may have the cruisers and
the missiles, teleport, missiles, teleport trick but they have 60 fighter craft
to your 20. It will be very hard to pull off so do the missiles, talaport trick
until all your craft run out of missiles, and then switch to a cruiser and take
them out as fast as you possibly can with your lasers. The faster they die, the
less time they will be shooting at you, and the less dead you will be. You will
probably lose all of your cruisers soon and be down to some fighters with laser
cannons only before you beat them.


                                8:  Vehicle

Royal Guard Fighter: The cobra ships.
A light and fast ship, it carries a full complement of three missiles and a
laser cannon with a low rate of fire.

Pirate fighter:
A light and fast ship, it carries a full complement of three missiles and a
laser cannon with a low rate of fire.

Alien fighter:
A light and fast ship, it carries a full complement of three missiles and a
laser cannon with a low rate of fire.

A heavy ship with a full complement of three missiles and a laser cannon with
an extremely high rate of fire.

Pirate Cruiser:
A heavy ship with a full complement of three missiles and a laser cannon with
an extremely high rate of fire.

Alien Cruiser:
A heavy ship with a full complement of three missiles and a laser cannon with
an extremely high rate of fire.

A large pase in space that has no defences but can launch multiple
fighters. Can take a lot of beating before blowing up.

Pirate Base:
A large pase in space that has no defences but can launch multiple
fighters. Can take a lot of beating before blowing up.

Alien Base:
A large pase in space that has no defences but can launch multiple
fighters. Can take a lot of beating before blowing up.

Asteroid: Not really a craft, but what the heck! A drifting space object that
is instant death to all non-player entities. It will not damage a player's
shields, but will put your hull and systems down to 1% without possibility of
parole, err I mean repair. So yeah, avoid them, don't crash them, they aren't

                                10: Credits

CJayC for the excellent gaming site.
My best and closest friends Josh and Emily whom I love deeply.
Microsoft and Terratools for this awesome game!

To those of you who actually play linewars I would like to say: get a better
computer. There are actually games out there where the models contain more than
12 polygons! No seriously! This may sound outlandish but there are some that
can contain millions or even thousands of polyons!

                           11: Contact Information

If for some reason or other you wish to E-mail me, My E-mail is:

Kirbyroks @ gmail . com

Also, be sure to put "Walkthrough Question" in the title or it will get deleted
by my spam filter, and be sure to mention which guide it is. I have several
guides out and asking me questions about how to do something in "Game X" aren't
going to be answered.


R E A D   T H E   F R E A K I N G   W A L K T H R O U G H ! ! !

That is what it's here for! I have get several dozen E-mails a week that are
promptly deleted because the answer was in the FAQ. I'm Not your private
gaming nerd! Read!

Please don't abuse the E-mail and make sure I haven't answered your question in
the guide.

And that wraps up this literary masterpiece. Thanks for reading!
Josh and Emily, you own! I love you guys so much! 

   \^^^/                                            \^^^/
\m/(-_-)\m/ Peace and love and happiness to all! \m/(-_-)\m/
   ( . )        [Hugs]----<(^_^)>----[Hugs]         ( . )
   _/ \_ (>^_^)> <(^_^<)           (>^_^)> <(^_^<)  _/ \_
************************END OF FILE********************************************

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