Review by GreyHead

Reviewed: 02/13/04

A classic for the ages

Ok right up ahead this game does have a weird title but, just ignore that, for this game is great.

The controls are easy enough to figure out, there just the point and click style adventure with a bunch of commands near the bottom. It might take you a while do some the commands though but that doesn't happen very often. It's kind of weird selling an open tool box.

Now the graphics. First, remember that this game was created in the early 1980's so don't expect anything special. The graphics do their job most of the time but it can be hard to see some things but, that doesn't happen very often except for tiny items. You can even find a Maniac Mansion poster early on the game if look hard enough.

The story is kind of strange but it is hilarious. It's all about something involving some aliens making humans stupider than usual and a space mission on mars with a face shaped rock. The story reveals even more weird things about it that I don't want to spoil. But one thing you hear when you call someone is, ''Hello? Is this Edna again?''

The replay value is kind of surprising for a game this old. You might want to beat it second time if you can beat it once. Or find out how to do prank phone calls and other such weird stuff.

The difficulty is what really kills this game though. You can easily mess up and make it impossible to win the game. You can't die in this game or get killed easily so don't expect to be killed when you mess up though. Even without screwing up it can be really hard to solve some the puzzles in this game without a walkthrough. Playing connect the dots on the leg of the sphinx can get boring really quick.

The sound the PC Speaker so the sound come from your computer and you (usually) can't adjust the volume (Except muteing it in game.). Gripes aside I was surprised what music a PC Speaker could make. Some the other sounds like the air plane can't wear on your nerves really quick tough.

Graphics 7/10
Not bad for its time. The CD version has better graphics though.

Controls 9/10
Simple to use. Easy to Master.

Replay Value 10/10
Do it again! Do it again!

Story 9/10
Weird but funny. Even hidden Easter eggs.

Difficulty 7/10
I think I destroyed the bread again.

Sound 8/10
Not bad for an old game.

Overall 9/10
A Great classic from Lucas Arts. If you like classic adventure games try and find and buy this game.

Best/Worst part
Making prank phone calls to TPC. Running out of money in Egypt.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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