Review by Exodist

Reviewed: 05/26/06

Yet again another great LucasFilm adeventure game.

Zak McKracken is LucasFilms second attempt to make an adventure game, and they did bloody well. Zak McKracken, is another scumm game, and is pretty good. Made in 1988, the same year as Maniac Mansion, it shares the same technology as it. But in this one, you have to control 4 characters, and there is only one way to complete the game.

Graphics - 7/10

Good for the time, but rubbish now. It's still pretty good though, its classic scumm. More or less, they are identical to Maniac Mansion graphics, and the characters seem to have slightly big heads im sure. The backgrounds are nice, but they aren't the best thing in the world.

Sound - 8/10

This time, theres abit more music, but yet again, its internal speaker sound, which I personally hate, because its so loud and annoying. Run this game in SCUMM and you wont have those bleeps and bloops anymore, but the music is good.

Gameplay - 8/10

Its more or less classic lucasfilm advenure game, but you are given 4 characters to control, and you have to control them. You can still die, get gameover and lose items you need to complete the game, meaning you can get pissed off when you do something by accident. The controls are the same as Maniac Mansion though, it has all the commands at the bottom, and sometimes its a pain in the ass looking for the right one. In Zak McKracken though, you have to be wise with your money. You have to buy items, and travel around the world in search for crystals, and you only have a limited amount of money, and there isn't many ways to get more.

Story - 7/10

Aliens are trying to take over the world, but the humans aren't stupid enough. So they use the telephone company to make a sound, so when ever you use the phone, you can hear a sound. This sound makes you turn stupid over time. You have a dream, with many things in it, and must collect some items to create a device to stop the aliens.

Overall - 9/10

Even with the crap graphics and sound, the game is still great none the less. The game is fun, its funny at times, its not the worst thing to control, and the story is decent. This is another game worth looking for if your a scumm fan, an adventure fan, or a lucasfilm/lucasarts games fan.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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