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FAQ/Walkthrough by IRogers

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/03/00


                      Hugo's House of Horrors


A FAQ/Walkthrough written, illustrated, and typed by Ian Rogers. 


Please drop me a line if you like my FAQ, have a question, or just want 
to say hi.


Version 1.2

Revision History:


Version 1.2

It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Anyway, for this update I've added a 
Points List and made a few small formatting changes, but nothing really 


Version 1.1

Finally found out what the candle was for!  I've listed the emails of 
all of the helpful citizens who took some time out of their busy lives 
to help me in the Acknowledgments section.  Also fixed a small spelling 


Hello.  In case you've overlooked the title up there, this is a 
walkthrough for the PC adventure game Hugo's House of Horrors.  I 
successfully beat it without the aid of a walkthrough, and since I'm the 
nice guy that I always pretend to be, I'd like to help you (the 
reader/gamer) out a little (or large) bit.  OK, lets cut the chit-chat 
and get on with the walkthrough.

Table Of Contents

1. Game Story
2. Controls and Keyboard Functions
3. Initial Wanderings 
4. That Spooky Old Cave
5. Old Man and Ending
6. Points List
7. Other Frequently Asked Questions
8. Registration Info
9. About the Sequels
10. Acknowledgments
11. Copyright Info

****  1. Game Story  *****

You are Hugo, that nice, fun-loving guy with the purple pants and the 
neat crew cut.  Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find 
your sweetheart Penelope who has mysteriously disappeared.  Penelope was 
last seen going to a baby-sitting job at that creepy old "haunted" house 
that all the townsfolk are always talking about.

I guess the moral of the story here is that if you're going baby-sitting 
at a house that looks haunted....well, it probably is!

Anyway, you arrive at the House of Horrors just in time to see the door 
mysteriously closing shut as you walk near.  This normally wouldn't be 
important, and well, it still isn't very important at all. Will Hugo be 
able to survive the horrors of the ghouls and ghosts that are waiting 
for him inside?  Or will he be beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry 
waiter?  You decide.

***  2. Controls and Keyboard Functions  ***

This is mainly just a little section to remind you of what the little 
"F" buttons are for. After all, the last thing that you want to do is 
make it past a hard part in your game, then accidentally restore instead 
of saving.  *Sigh*.

F1: Press F1 to read all about the game instructions and learn about 
game registration (Yay!).

F2: Press F2 to toggle the sound on and off.

F3: Push F3 to recall the last line typed.  Handy for those of you that 
make a lot of spelling errors.

F4: Saves the game.

F5: Restores the game.

F6: The F6 button displays your inventory (whatever objects you happen 
to carrying at the time.)

F9: Boss Button.  The boss button will simply hide your game in either 
the background of the DOS shell, or the Windows desktop.  Type exit in 
DOS to return to your game.


The Main Walkthrough!

For organizational reasons, I have divided this walkthrough into three 
parts, these parts are:

Initial Wanderings

That Scary Old Cave

Old Man and Ending

OK.  Just thought you'd like to know....

****  3. Initial Wanderings  *****

You start off in front of the haunted house.  You can listen to the 
"scary" music if you want, or you could press F2 to turn it off.

Feel free to look around, try to climb the fence, or whatever.  

Done playing around?  Good.  We've got a job to do.  

See that pumpkin over by the steps?  Walk right up to it, and take the 
pumpkin.  Hmmmm.  This pumpkin looks a little odd.  Maybe there's 
something inside.  Open the pumpkin....and we find a key!

Take the key, and unlock the door.  Still with me?  Now open the door.

Now we find ourselves inside Hugo's House of Horrors. Please resist all 
temptation to follow that white-suited man into that strange room 
upstairs.  We'll get to that later.

Now then, walk over to the little table and take the candle.  You could 
also look around, or glance at all the little paintings.

Finished?  See that little alcove under the stairs?  Walk right up to 
it, and type LOOK INSIDE.  

Now that you've taken a look, why not take the whistle and the knife.  
Now you should have a few little objects to carry around with you, you 
can check your inventory with F6 if you want, but you don't have to.

Now would be a good spot to save your game.  Press F4 to do that now.

Remember that little sign asking what the whistle was for?  Maybe you 
should try blowing it now.  (Be sure to save your game first).

Uh-oh, too bad.  Looks like you're dead, thanks to me.  Alright, that 
was pretty mean, and I promise I'll never do it again.

Heh heh heh.

Walk up the stairs and go into the first door on the left.

Now your in the only bedroom in the house.  Open the wardrobe (big brown 
thing to the right)  and walk inside.

Hey, what's that thing on the ground?  Well, its a mask, so you had 
better pick it up right now.  

Now put the mask on and play dress-up.  You don't look very scary, but 
that's alright.

Now walk out of the bedroom and through the middle door.

There's not much to do in the bathroom, you can't use the toilet, and 
you can't take a bath, but you can look in the mirror.

Whoa!  What's this!  A Satanist lives here!  Though that's probably 
true, 333 isn't the devils number (Oh man!).

Remember that number for later, its real important!

That's it for the bathroom, so you can safely leave and go into the 
scientist's lab (last door on the right).

Yeah, I thought the thing about the high frequency cosmic radiation was 
kinda weird, but I've got the same thing in my closet.  You don't need 
the mask in here anyway.

Meet the mad scientist and talk to him, then walk over to the large box 
against the rear wall.

Oh no!  The experiments gone totally wrong and now you're all tiny!  Try 
to regain your dignity and leave the room.  What's this?  You can't?  
Then we'll have to get back to our normal selves again.

But before we do that, we've got an item to find.  Walk over to the 
laboratory table and look at it.  Well what do you know, you never know 
when a bung might come in handy.

What's a bung you say?  Its like a cork, only exactly the same.

Now, since your small, you should have no problem fitting behind the 
door up to a point where you can grab the bung.  Its kind of hard, but 

For a REAL challenge, you can try it when you are regular sized, but it 
is a lot harder, plus, you might get stuck.

You can talk to Igor if you want, but it's a waste of time.  Instead, 
walk back into the box and TELL IGOR TO PRESS THE RED BUTTON.

Not again!  Now you've lost your balance and coordination!  Get back in 

Now your not quite all there, but we're almost done.  TELL IGOR TO PRESS 

There!  Now we're back to normal, and everybody's happy.

Speaking of normal, now is another good spot to save your game.

Walk outside the laboratory and grab your mask.  Now put it on and walk 
down the stairs and to the right.

So here's where all the monsters are hanging out!  You can look around 
in the dining room, but its not necessary.  Just walk up to that 
English-looking butler.

When he asks you for a chop, say yes.  With that finished you're free to 
leave, or whatever.

A word of caution: Don't try and take your mask off here unless you have 
saved first.  

Oh yes, speaking of which, now is another good time to save your game.

You can now find your way into the kitchen easily enough.  It's to the 
left from the dining room and up from the living room.

There's nothing at all to do in the kitchen, just walk out the back 

Now you should be in the yard.  You can climb the tree to get some 
exercise, or you could cut to the chase and go to the garden shed.

Uh-oh, a combination lock!  What's the combination?

Here's a hint, its the only number you've seen in the game so far.

OK, fine, the combo is 333 (the numbers from the bathroom mirror).

Walk into the tool shed and look around.  Grab the oilcan and leave, 
unless you want to climb the tree again.

Moving on, we venture into....

****  4. That Spooky Old Cave  ****

Alright work with me on this one.  Walk back into the kitchen, and save 
your game.  

Now, type THROW CHOP, but do not press enter!  Very, very carefully, 
with your finger on the enter key, move in to the door on the right.

Oh my God!  A monster dog!  Quickly press enter to throw the chop, and 
save your own life.  Whew, that was close.

Don't worry though, it gets closer.

Now your in this little room.  Hmmmmm, wonder what was so important?  
That mouse hole?  Naw, it must be that light bulb.

LOOK UNDER RUG, and find a trapdoor!  Hurray!  Now simply open it and we 
can be on our merry way...

What's this?  It's bolted shut?  No matter, simply undo the bolt, 

Alright fine, if that doesn't work, then you'll have to oil that sucker 
down with the oil can.

After you OIL BOLT, then you can UNDO BOLT, then finally, you can open 
the stupid trapdoor.

Now you should be in the basement.  See that door over there?  Go and 
look at it.

Could it be????????????  Is your quest really at an end?  No, because 
the door is locked, and Penelope is all tied up anyway.

Anyway, you've got to stop staring at Penelope and find a way to rescue 
her!  Well, there doesn't seem to be any way out of this basement, but 
I'll tell you the way out because I'm such a nice guy.

First of all, save your game.  That's good.  Now go over next to the 
door.  See those two boulders that are right next to each other?  Walk 
right between them.

AHHHHH!!!!!!  A bat cave!  Quickly, before it's to late, BLOW 

There, nice job, as long as you don't touch the bats, you should be 

By the way, it is possible to get past the bats without blowing the 
whistle, but it is VERY hard.

Now, save your game, and enter the next room.

Oh No, A Mummy!!!!!!!!!

Getting past the mummy is a pretty difficult part of the game, so pay 
attention, because I'm going to show you what to do.

Here is a carefully drawn out map of the mummy's tomb:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
      OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
Start                            I

In case you can't read my little map, all of the I's are walls, and the 
O's are rocks.  Everything else should be self-explanatory.

Now, for explanation purposes, the H will be you, and the M will be the 
mummy.  We start out like this:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
      OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
   H                              IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Start                            I

Oh No!  The Mummy is going to kill you!  Not likely!  Now, start running 
AS FAST AS YOU CAN until you get to this point:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O
                H OOOOOOOOO  M

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
      OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
Start                            I

See that?  If you stop on one side of the big rock, the mummy will stop 
on the other side and won't be able to move. 

Now, VERY CAREFULLY press left and walk to this point:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O
H                 OOOOOOOOO  M

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
      OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
Start                            I

If you don't move up or down, the mummy won't see you.

Now here comes the REALLY tricky part.

Quickly, move up a little bit, like this:

                                            I Door I

     H               OOO    M
                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
      OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
Start                            I

Now the mummy will start to chase you again.

Run down as fast as you can, to this point:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
   M              O       O

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
      OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
   H                             IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Start                            I

By now the mummy should be almost caught up with you.

Keep going, and run down along the bottom of the rock until you reach 
this point:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O

         O O
        O   O
       O     O
      O       O
    M OOOOOOOOOO H                       Treasure Pile
Start                            I

Now you should be back in the same position as before, only with the 
roles reversed.

Press right, and start walking until you get to the point just above the 
treasure pile:

                                            I Door I

                    O   O
                   O     O
                  O       O

         O O
        O   O
       O     O                               H
      O       O
    M OOOOOOOOOO                        Treasure Pile
Start                            I


That stupid mummy doesn't know what hit him!  Now you have the treasure, 
and he's trapped on the wrong side of the rock!  Start running up to the 
door.  The mummy will try to follow you, but don't worry, because he's 
still much to far away to get you.

Now you should be in the second to last cavern.  Don't worry, your quest 
is almost complete!

***  5. Old Man and Ending  ***

Walk right up to that "serviceable boat."  Turns out its not very 
serviceable; it has a hole in it!  

Remember that bung/cork?  Good.  PLUG HOLE WITH BUNG, and you should be 
ready to go.

ENTER BOAT, and then try to untie the rope that's holding you to the 

Uh-oh!  The rope seems to be tied in a rather nasty knot!  No problem, 
just cut the rope with your knife.

Now PUSH BOAT.  After an uneventful ride, you'll travel right past the 
cave exit, right up to the old mans pier.

Hmmm.  After talking to the old man it seems that he has some rather 
nasty/hard questions to ask you.  Well, here they are!

1. Q: What was the name of the hero in "The Hobbit"?
   A: Bilbo.

2. Q: Where did Aslan live? (Hint: Not in a wardrobe)
   A: Narnia.

3. Q: Who invented Count Dracula?
   A: Bram Stoker.

4. Q: What should you do with a pan-galactic gargle blaster?
   A: C, Drink it (Just type C).

5. Q: What's the name of the only mammal that can't fly that can fly?
   A: Man.

6. Q: What was the name of Roy Rogers' dog?
   A: Bullet.

7. Q: Did you register this shareware?
   A: Yes.

Now that that's finished with, you can GET OUT OF BOAT.

It's a simple matter for you to walk off of the pier and into the next 
cavern.  Or should I say, the last cavern.

Oh no, a scary pink man!  And you can't talk to him or hit him!

Oh well, I guess you'll have to give him all of your hard earned 

Or you could just give him a single coin!

Yippee!  You've made it past all of the many challenges out there, and 
rescued your sweetheart Penelope!

Enjoy the Ending Sequence! 

And they all lived happily ever after.....

The End.

***  6. Points List  ***

If you didn't finish the game with all 190 Points, than you still have 
some work to do!  If you don't know what what you did wrong your first 
time through, than check this Points List and find out!

Action                                              Points
------------                                        -----------

Get the pumpkin                                         2
Open the pumpkin                                        5
Take the key                                            5
Get into the house                                      11
Get the candle                                          3
Look inside alcove under the stairs                     8
Get the knife                                           6
Get the whistle                                         6
Get the mask                                            4
Get the bung                                            11
Say "yes" to the waiter, and get the chop               8
Open the combination lock                               9
Get the oilcan                                          4
Look under the rug                                      8
Successfully open the trapdoor                          17
Find the secret passage in the basement                 12
Blow the whistle in the bat cave                        7
Get the treasure                                        10
Answer the Old Man's questions                          33
Give the treasure to the guard, and rescue Penelope!    21

Total:                                   190 out of a possible 190

***  7. Other Frequently Asked Questions  ***

This section will cover those little questions that aren't covered in 
the main walkthrough.

Q: I'm missing some points.  What did I do wrong?
A: You probably dropped an important item somewhere along the way.  
Either that, or you didn't blow the whistle in the bat cave.  If you 
absolutely have no idea, check the Points List!

Q: What is a chop?
A: Chop is short for pork chop.

Q: What is the candle for?
A: The candle is used to light up the inside of the shed so that you can 
find the oilcasn inside.  It is also used when looking inside of the 
little alcove under the stairs so that you can get the whistle and the 

Q: Why can't I use the mask in the Laboratory or the cave?
A: It's not really very important, besides, I have no idea.

Q: What is high-frequency cosmic radiation?
A: I dunno.

Q: What happens if you blow the whistle in the front hall?
A: Heh heh heh.  You'll have to find out yourself.

Q: Are Igor and Penelope's cell guard related?
A: Yes. They're second cousins.

Q: Why can't I name my saved games using capital letters?
A: It's really not that important to start all of your saved games using 
capitals; I mean come on, it's not like your English teacher is looking 
right over your shoulder!

Q: Which one of the Old Man's questions is the hardest?.
A: Roy Rogers' dog.  I was stuck on that one for a year and a half.

Q: Why is the mummy so stupid?
A: Most mummys are.

Q: Does Hugo's House of Horrors support Soundblasters?
A: I wish.

Q: What happens if you type "fart"?
A: Try it and see.

Q: Why can't Hugo climb the fence?
A: It's a high fence.  Think you could climb it?

***  8. Registration Info  ***

To register Hugo's House of Horrors, send $20 American to David P. Gray 
(the creator) at:

David P. Gray
P.O. Box 333
Northboro MA 01532

Those of you living outside the good old U.S. of A. should contact David 
before sending money.

If you register, then you will receive:

FREE Hint Booklet
FREE Self Running Version
Free Game: Hugo 2: Whodunit?

In case you don't know, a Self Running version is a program where the 
game runs all by itself.

***  9. About the Sequels  ***

Hugo 2: Whodunit?

This game, the most difficult of the Hugo Trilogy, faces Penelope with a 
complex murder mystery.  Great Uncle Horace has been murdered, Hugo has 
gone missing, and there's a maniac on the loose!  This game comes 
complete with its own deluxe hedge maze to explore and get totally lost 
in, as well as a bunch of fast-talking relatives.

Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom

After returning home from Great Uncle Horace's mansion, Hugo and 
Penelope crash land deep in the South American jungle.  Penelope has 
been bitten by a poisonous spider, and her only hope is the magical 
healing water of the sacred spring hidden deep inside the jungle.  Face 
off against crazy Witch Doctors, sleepy elephants, and evil spirits in 
your quest to survive the Jungle of Doom.

***  10. Acknowledgments  ***

First off, I'd like to thank David P. Gray for creating the World of 
Hugo and all of the Hugo games.

I'd also like to thank Michael Rushia for introducing me to the Hugo 
Trilogy in the first place a few years ago.

Special Thanks to Gamefaqs.com for posting my FAQ on their website!

A special thanks to:


All of these helpful Hugo fans took the time to e-mail me the answer to 
that perplexing proposition about what the candle was for.

And finally, I would like to thank Ross Taylor, who gave me the solution 
to the eternal question "What was the name of Roy Rogers' dog?"

Thanks a lot everybody!

***  11. Copyright Info  ***

Copyright June 26, 1999 by Ian Rogers

No one at all may post this FAQ on their webpage without my written 
permission first.  No one has permission to alter this FAQ in any way, 
including adding "Ian is a loser!" to the top of the page.  No one may 
sell this FAQ in any way, or paste it on to another FAQ and sell it that 
way. (Nice idea though!)

You can however print out this FAQ and GIVE it to others.
And of course, NEVER, EVER take my FAQ and put your name on it, or claim 
to have written it!  (A.K.A. plagiarism).

Feel free to E-mail me with any questions, comments, or suggestions (Ian 
is a dork is not a suggestion) at mr_bean88@hotmail.com


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