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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 03/11/08

Magic Candle II(PC) FAQ/Walkthrough copyright 2003-2004,2008
version 1.0.1 by Andrew Schultz schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net
  (anti spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, 
then I
will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about
answering e-mail. Sorry.

**** AD SPACE: ****
My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762

****big note****
I have color maps for all locations. They are posted to GameFAQs, and so I 
decided to take the text maps out. In some/most cases, the color maps took up 
fewer KB than the text maps. So I gutted the FAQ. It is big enough. The color 
maps are not fully copied from the game, but they are intended to be 
representative of teleports and such.




    1-1. LEGENDS




    1-5. GAME SIZE

    1-6. INTRO TEXT



    2-2. COMBAT

      2-2-1. FLEEING

      2-2-2. AMBUSHES

      2-2-3. PREPARATIONS


      2-2-5. FAVORITE SPELLS




      2-3-3. CHUTE AVOIDANCE



    4-1. PRICES

    4-2. BORDERS


  5. LISTS

    5-1. SPELLS

    5-2. MUSHROOMS


    5-4. WEATHER




    5-8. MONSTERS











  14. BUGS, ETC.






    1-1. LEGENDS

  I'll be using a lot of shorthand in this FAQ--even some small diagrams. 1-6 
will refer to players 1-6 and MC(*) will mean Magic Candle [x]. Keys to 
Maramon, between Magic Candle 1 and 2, will be abbreviated KtM.

  This section is mainly an introduction to the FAQ and not the game. If 
you've played MC1 you should have a grasp of what to do for MC2, but the 
arrow-paging action menu is nice. You have some extra save slots and a 
selection of heroes at the beginning.

  In some places I may have confused a zombie for a zorlim. They're both 
about as obnoxious i.e. easy later on, so oh well.


  I turn the sound off when playing Magic Candle 2, just to be safe. 
Otherwise it seems to hang unless you know how to align sound cards. I've 
found you need to run MC2INST.EXE before starting the game.

  DOSBox is also a handy emulator to get through this game. It's just like 
DOS, only it doesn't take up the whole screen, you can kill and re-start the 
game quickly, and you can find it at dosbox.sourceforge.net at the time of 
this writing, although you can probably search on Google if it ever 
disappears, or wherever the next great search engine is. As of 
9/29/2004(version 0.6.2) you can use the numpad, too, which makes it easy to 
have this document in one window and DOSBox in another. Just add mount c c:\ 
to dosbox.conf, and you can treat it just like you would running it in DOS. 
The sound even works, which probably won't happen in your regular DOS system. 
You can also push ctrl-f12 after you started running the executable to help 
it go faster. But you have to slow down, re-execute, and speed up if you get 
killed and are sent back to DOS.


  Magic Candle 2 returns many of your friends from the old Magic Candle 
1(Deruvia) which is apparently to the west of Gurtex. There's no time-
pressure in the game, and you have a few new spell books. The style is still 
the same--2-d grid based with some nice isometric features. You can still 
knock at doors and name people in towns, and you still have a variety of 
skills and attributes. Sleeping gods and training halls can improve these 
although the gods are a bit more demanding here.

  You've got a few more characters who can join you, and some are 
hirelings(hoard items) while others are companions. It's a bit harder to find 
companions in some cases, though, but genders are even specified! I was 
surprised Lupi was female. You can also bring in a character from Keys to 

  The controls are a bit more fluid, and so the game is faster. You can 
perform certain stock options rapidly, and combat has more borders and 
blockades. Although many of the monsters are recycled. You can also learn 
certain songs to shake monsters up but there are more heavy-handed ways to 
win things.

  Dungeons also are just bigger and twistier. They aren't as tall but they're 
wider--and this allows for more caverns instead of stairs which made MC1 rely 
on traps. Other things such as new shapes for teleportals and new mushrooms 
for players to eat to boost themselves come out quite well. Libraries require 
research skills, and you really do have to use several players that are weak-
-for a bit, anyway.

  Weather can even factor into your travels, but most importantly, though, 
you need to learn to navigate the seas.


  Magic Candle 2 doesn't have the spontaneity and mystery of MC1, but it's 
still a fine game. I'd have liked a bit more exploring or back-and-forthing 
but they did take away the nonsense of separate teleportals going different 
places and so on. The graphics are of course massively improved--the dungeons 
don't look like they have tiled roofs, and the dirty floors are well 
detailed. Just having companions trapped in a dungeon is realistic and 
Drakhelm, with the dungeon beneath it, really blurs the whole town/dungeon 

  But MC2 is a bit intimidating at first. Telermain is a huge town and it's 
not quite clear what or how much to do there. There's almost too much to 
explore. There are no other towns like it. But you still have a few lost 
cities and some amusing talk among characters(your least brave constantly 
suggests new directions for your little jaunts) and although the idea is a 
bit plain--it doesn't ever go above the search-all-dungeons-and-the-entire-
plane conundrum--it's still going to keep you busy. There are several ways to 
get very good, and if you're patient you can build your characters up for the 
critical battles.

  There's not as much discovery of cool secret words and the names aren't as 
smooth, and some of the things that pop up(heroes having more than five 
letters per name--NOOO! Not nicknames!) are disappointing. But it's a nice 
spectacle, and dungeon rooms and ambushes provide many interesting problems 
in positioning and so forth.

    1-5. GAME SIZE

  Magic Candle 2 is a bit bigger than its predecessor in the outside world, 
but inside it's a bit of a different story.

  We can figure out an area's dimension by looking for D*.MCV and then 
looking at byte 3e and reading. I've tried to eliminate some of the open 
spaces, and I came up with roughly this:

Outside   256x145
Deraum    74x76
Telermain 76x106
Catacombs 138x76 - 64x34
Mandarg 1 74x76
Mandarg 2 42x110  1
Mandarg 3 42x76
Mandarg 4 74x42
Drakhelm  42x76
DrakhelmU 74x76x2+42x76
Katarra   74x76
Ruz 1+2   74x76x2 - 32x34
Dorak 1   74x42
Dorak 2   110x74-2x32x34
Dorak 3   74x76-32x34
Dorak 4   74x110-32x34
Dorak 5   74x76-32x34
Dorak 6   74x76
Dorak 7   42x76
3 evil villages + ussa + shumaran
Shann[6]  42x42x6
Namaz[6]  42x42x6
Dreax[2]  42x42x2
Dragos[3] 42x42x3

226576 squares in total--favorably with the original but not a crushing 
difference. They do look much nicer though now!


QR[2 carriage returns]/QS[2 carriage returns] quick save or quick restore 
game A. Super useful when navigating around chutes or portals--or saving 
before gambling.

    1-7. INTRO TEXT

  'More supplies,' Rebnard supposes. 'I dare not hope for troops so soon.'
  King Rebnard of Deruvia stands atop Castle Oshcrun. Across the straits, 
dawn is breaking on the dire lands of Gurtex.
  'Another sleepless night,' thinks the king. 'Why am I unable to rest?'
  'Advise the court that I will join them shortly.'
  Chilek descends the stairs. King Rebnard looks again at Gurtex, then 
follows. As the sun clears the horizon, the ship sails into Telermain harbor.
  'Welcome news indeed, Chilek,' says the king. The king's loyal servant 
Chilek climbs to the parapet.

[start new game:] %o has arrived in Telermain from Maramon, and has settled 
in at the Eastern Breeze Tavern.
[transfer from Keys to Maramon:] '%o, the hero who drove Alvirex from 
Maramon, sailed with them.'
[transfer from Magic Candle:] Was [you] a woman in disguise?

  'Yet I can hope for old friends from Deruvia...' Rebnard gazes at the ship 
and at Gurtex as the sun rises into the sky.
[new game:] 'Sire, your court awaits,' says Chilek. 'And your breakfast is 
growing cold.'
[transfer from KtM:] 'And a messenger has arrived from Telermain,'Chilek 
continues. King Rebnard starts to wave Chilek away.
[transfer from Magic Candle:] 'Captain Garlin has arrived from far Pheron 
with much lumber,' says Chilek.'And he has brought the great hero [you] with 


  Controls are different for versions 1.5 and 2.0. The big problem with 1.5 
is that, to access a character, you occasionally have to press the first 
letter of his name or use the numpad--but it doesn't happen all the time. 
Grr. 2.0 is much smoother, and you can push the number of the character. 
Generally you can just type the character number or use arrows when everyone 
is listed. The lower right box also allows you to press keys for commands. 
You can also use numbers for how you wish to walk around. Diagonal movement 
is the big improvement from the last version to this one.


  Since you don't use any extra time for moving diagonally, I prefer to do 
so--especially walking outside(inside, you can hit dead ends.) That can take 
up a lot of time otherwise. Certainly when you're taking a boat, you can use 
up a lot of time that way. It's probably the only way to flee from monsters 
as well--if you get caught by monsters a teleport spell is the best way to 
disengage as otherwise you'll have to move, flee combat, and repeat ad 

  Crossing rivers can drain energy quickly. You'll want to have lots of 
sermins packed for this sort of eventuality or, better yet, just cast a 
teleport. Then only the spellcaster needs a sermin.

  Using boats is a nuisance, and eventually you'll need to learn teleportal 
combinations to get where you want, with a few teleport spells to move 
closely. The important thing about boats is--sometimes it'll say it's too 
dangerous to sail a certain way when you're relatively close to shore. Don't 
worry too much about that--the game sees the world map as several 42x42 grids 
slapped together. The message means you're on the edge of one. So you may 
have to stop moving diagonally. The only thing to worry about is if the sea 
starts roaring to the south when you can see land--that requirs an item 
you'll find midway through the game. You will want topay the captain 20 days 
in advance, at least. I wind up wasting a bit of money here, but it's no big 
deal--after a couple of trade routes, money is not a problem.

  Scouting is an important practical tool if you don't want to use this 
walkthrough too much--save, move out in some random direction, restore if 
nothing's there, and try again.

  There are some macro combinations you'll need to learn.

    2-2. COMBAT

  Combat's very pesky at times. You'll want to avoid it even when you're very 
good. Outside, the general rule of thumb is:


1. avoid it outside
2. if you get in an combat, flee
3. flee repeatedly if you have to, but you can also restart. It's a matter of 
inconvenience rather than actually that you'll risk losing.
4. have teleport spells memorized if bad guys start to chase you.
5. don't get involved. The physical barriers out in forests are annoying. 
Dungeon rooms are much cleaner cut and smaller too.

  Last time I played through the game, I didn't bother once with a random 
outside combat. Some monsters guarded Pentyne, but that was about it. For 
these ogres, have everyone charged with mushrooms, and jump EVERYBODY--
including sorcerers--to get close to the ogres/spellcasters and beat them up 

  Inside, the rule of thumb is:


1. try to avoid ambushes. Snake along the walls. See 2-3-2 for an 
2. if you get in one, you may just want to restart for convenience, 
especially if you're on DOSbox. Often figuring where the ambush(note the X/Y) 
and avoiding it saves time, long-term, over strategizing how to win the 
3. if you have to fight the ambush(as in one case in Dorak) you want to be 
fully loaded before the combat, preferably with spellcasters that can take 
out opposing spellcasters right away. If you can't, don't memorize a spell 
for your spellcaster, especially if Gaems are going to cast forget. Recalling 
a spell doesn't take any time.
4. camp in dungeon rooms to fix weapons. It barely takes any time. It's the 
Gurtex equivalent of brushing your teeth or stretching before a workout.
5. switch players so that you have an enemy pinned down before they both 
6. try to calculate the damage you'll do against an enemy. For instance, if a 
spell will take 40 points, your sword takes 30, and the opponent has 65 hit 
points, cast a spell and hack him down.

      2-2-1. FLEEING

  In a dungeon, this is nearly impossible. The solution is to avoid fights 
and ambushes in the first place. You know where the dungeon rooms are. I find 
the best fleeing is ALT-TAB(to switch from a DOS window) or ALT-F4.

      2-2-2. AMBUSHES

  I often just reload as soon as I see one and make a note of where I tripped 
the ambush. Keep in mind that the X/Y coordinate given is for your current 
active player. See section 2-3-2 for more details on avoidance.

      2-2-3. PREPARATIONS

  You'll want to build up your cash reserves until you can afford endless 
gonshis/luffins/mirgets/sermins, and be prepared to memorize a ton of shield 
spells to get that up to 99 at all times. Try to have at least 30 per player 
when you go into the next dungeon. You can really make this go quickly with 
U-S-Y(use sermins--all, yes.) Don't be too concerned if someone has only lost 
20 energy--sermins are cheap and often the extra energy works very well for 
spellcasters. Don't underestimate the importance of having full energy as, 
for instance, Zefoar can cost Eflun 24 energy and with a gonshi you can just 
sneak in 4 such spells. Also if you want to save a bit of money, wizards and 
a bowman(with Darkfinder) don't need luffins/mirgets. You can usually easily 
recoup your mushroom investment on a combat won.

  I found that after a while I didn't worry about wasting mushrooms in case a 
room might be an easy fight--in fact this expedited the stuff that should 
have gone quicker anyway. The treasure you'll find on the way should more 
than make up for this all, but of course you can play fast and loose wiping a 
room out, realizing it was easy, restoring and winning without. Still near 
the end it's like being a chiseling old miser.

  Nifts would seem to be useful, but don't use them early on, as you can 
build up armor, and the main thrust of combat should be a quick knockout. 
Your main opponents will be spellcasters that freeze you. In fact, even in 
early combats, if everyone's eaten a gonshi and you get a few quick strikes, 
enemies often get scared and flee(first impressions are powerful, I guess!)

  Also be sure to have two players with 20+ RESTSOUL spells at any one time. 
It's annoying to have to flee a seeming walkover fight due to the lack of any 
such spell. I prefer to give them to my leader and the person with the bow--
that's the only way to kill undeads. Skeletons aren't particularly tough, and 
even if they resurrect at the end of their turn, they have zero points. Have 
a fighter whack them and cast restsoul to get rid of them.

  Fixing weapons isn't too bad, so spend time to do it. Two fighters go at it 
rapidly. But even if your weapon breaks you can repair the (99) damage pretty 
easily. Surreal but convenient.

  The only song you really want is Sambali, which will sometimes knock off 
those annoying Doombeasts in Dorak and beyond. The others are entertaining, 
if you figure out how to get the sound to work.

  Get Vannex early on, because JUMP is insanely useful.


  Being able to pin down an enemy in combat is a key to a quick win. One of 
the first things you should note if you've played Magic Candle is that 
players can move diagonally. This prevents a spellcaster from being tucked in 
the corner, but on the other hand it seems tougher to trap bad guys--the 
problem with hacking at someone diagonally is that they can duck that way. 
There's a way around that, though.

  Initial positions shouldn't be hard to figure out. Later on in the game 
when you're loaded with mirgets/luffins/gonshis you can just bring a 
spellcaster in to attack, and sometimes he can serve to box in a particularly 
pesky opponent. Have him jump in and then he gets a big hit and can delay 
using a sermin. But otherwise, if you don't have jump spells(which you 
should,) just place attackers in the front row and spread them out. The main 
thing is to get in touch with enemies, and then hack away.

Fortunately there's still a way to trap bad guys. Note they only duck away or 
perpendicularly. If a bad guy is in the corner, get him like so:

X 1

  Here player 1 can attack the enemy and hit him each time. Here using a 
mirget is that much more efficient as you don't need a luffin.

  Two fighters can also use teamwork to knock out an enemy. This is 
particularly valuable against Zakhad or the Naurs.

 1 2

  Here 1 and 2 can form a pincer and whale away. Let's say you've eaten your 
gonshis, luffins and mirgets. If a spellcaster has jumped 1 and 2 forward, 
then they will have four moves. Attack/mirget/attack for each one. If you've 
got two of the enchanted axes, that could be ~800 damage. Naurs have 700, 
Zakhad 800. And you have one move left to whack a henchman.

  You can also use standard non-diagonal methods of blocking a bad guy in.


  Here 1, 2 and 3 can hack away at the ogre and his 500 hit points until he 
falls over. And without 2, you could have another player(6, call him) shoot 
arrows for easy hits. Note that a corpse counts as something to block your 
way for ducking purposes although you can walk over it. You will also cast it 
to the side when walking on it. Also note that you want to nail the bad guys 
on the sides first--it takes fewer steps to surround them, and you can always 
just jump everyone back to surround the next guy.

  Note that diagonals and the ability to aim diagonally means spells and 
arrows can hit a wall. If they go over water they get killed too.

  It takes some creativity to nail an invisible guy. You can't use magic on 
him, but I often like to take an arrow to him. You'll also know you've found 
the square he's on if you don't move where you're supposed to and seem to 
swing at air instead. Note that invisible enemies usually move once per turn. 
Once you know they're trying to fool you this way, it's easy to anticipate. 
And if you miss, as opposed to walking around, the game will tell you.

      2-2-5. FAVORITE SPELLS

  The big rule: bring it all, right away. And be sure your spellcasters have 
gonshis too. Also, know your opponents. Some spells don't work on them. Many 
opponents have shields. And you can't win some fights without resorting to 
RESTSOUL. So have a lot of that memorized.

  I like having my leader know some Zoxinn spells--particularly Zutyun, which 
eradicates opponents' shields and armor. It's a one size fits all spell, so 
it's best to have your weakest player cast it. He or your elf archer can also 
memorize other flat-rate spells such as [noncombat] Glamour, Charm, Repel and 
Pierce and [combat] Jump and Shatter. Even Shield can be useful as you can 
memorize spells quickly, and you aren't ever pressed to cast it before a big 
combat. Your wizards, the heavy hitters, need the 
Zefoar/Zapall/Fireball/Acidball although if your archer does more damage with 
the arrow, or monsters have big shields, you'll want wizards to have jump 
spells in reserve. Spells that mess with opponents' psyches aren't as useful 
or predictable as usually you can calculate your way to a win. And while it's 
nice to have an arsenal

  In fact I rarely had a fight I couldn't win quickly after a few tries 
throughout the game. That's not to say they're easy; some monsters cast 
'forget' on you or 'drain.' This weakens your character for good. Therefore 
it's important to knock out these spellcasters ASAP. Gragans, doombeasts, 
Gaems, Zakhads, and Dreadknights are nasty in this regard. You can probably 
get by with a few drains but with some thought, or a couple repetitions of 
critical fights, you won't have to deal with any.

  The order you move in is very important--push 1-6 to get that character 
casting spells and then move the fighters in, especially if a Zutyun is in 
order. Fighters do more damage with armor gone. Some good strategies include:
1) cast JUMP on fighters so they can move in. This buys up to 3 moves and if 
they have axe skill 70+ and great strength from visiting Gods, it's better 
than a Fireball spell.
2) keep track of enemy hit points. If you know that a spell does 34 
damage(Zefoar/Zapall/Fireball/Acidball,) and you have four moves, you can 
calculate it. Zefoar vs. Zapall is also important--take out a lump of 
monsters with Zefoar(more localized, more damage) and wipe the rest with 
fighters. Note that zero hit points = death. Similarly you can keep track of 
damage done by an axe--which doesn't vary. Shatter is a bit more random and 
best used, say, when you'd leave a bad guy with one hit point with Fireball. 
This finesse was more evident in the original game, but there's still a 
possibility for teamwork.
3) Note that recalling a new spell doesn't officially take a move so you can 
have a spellcaster shuffle that around.
4) Your highest priority should be the spellcasters that cast DRAIN or 
FORGET. That puts a cramp in you. FREEZE may just be annoying as enemy 
spellcasters do seem to run out of spells eventually.


  Only one group of monsters is really nasty. Doombeasts, before you can do 
anything, mutliply into a bunch of illusory doppelgangers. Your object is to 
find the 'real' Doombeast(there may be 2) and kill it. Note spellcasters 
don't work so well. Playing detective should kill them off as fake ones 
disappear when hit, but you really should get Sambali(see Pharus in Wanasol) 
to deal with Doombeasts, which you want to wipe out in the first round before 
they DRAIN you. If you don't have it, though, here's the strategy I like to 
use. They aren't affected by magic, but the game does point out if you've 
damaged one. That's a hint--you hit the real deal.

  Positioning after jump spells is important here. You'll want a fighter to 
be able to hack away at two or three doombeasts before his turn is up.

1. luffins and mirgets may be wasted, but use them anyway. Gonshis are really 
1. take the nearest Doombeasts out--look to damage them with your archer. He 
does the least damage, so if he hits an illusory one, boo hoo. You'll get 
four shots, and you'll want to try to leave a couple close to each other so 
that a fighter can hack at both. If a doombeast is close enough in, you can 
run at him. Have your archer try to pick off the doombeasts on the side. You 
won't want to jump anyone around until after your archer has shot the 
doombeasts. Once he's picked off the ones on the sides, or discovered they're 
real, you know where to attack. Don't have mages jump your fighters until 
2. Always, always use a jump spell to move a fighter in so he can hit two 
doombeasts. (Fireballs won't affect them, so this is no net loss.)
3. Let that fighter hack away again and have another go in if the doombeast 
is real, or jump another at any doombeasts left.
4. Use fireballs to hack away monsters in front of doombeasts. But don't 
worry if one or two enemy spellcasters survive. Your shields should hold. 
They should be at 99 before the fight.

  Usually there are not more than 10 doombeasts or their hallucinations.
--4 go down to the archer's shots, assuming your archer is good and you have 
--you have 3 fighters left. Mages can use 3 jump spells, leaving them with 5 
to go. If you're feeling very risky, and the other enemies are bona-fide 
harmless, you can jump the mages in and have them take 3 swings.
--you now have 12 swings to find a fake doombeast and kill 2 others, 2 
doombeasts. Try to have one guy find a doombeast with his sword, and then 
another can use his luffin/mirget. If you can hit a doombeast you're sure is 
the real one while charged with a mirget, it's easy. Again you may want to 
use a bit of math here--perhaps someone on a mirget, plus someone else with a 
regular attack, would kill the doombeast, so why waste two regular attacks?


  Spellcasters are obviously the big baddies. Missile weapon shooters like 
Tekhir and Zumagin can be disrupted by putting someone next to them. If 
there's only one spellcaster, drop a bunch of spells on him and worry about 
the rest. After you've visited a few gods your party will be a bit hardier.

    2-2-6. FINESSES

  I visit a few gods before any real fights. That gives my party nice 
dexterity and agility, so I am able to make a move, use a gonshi, and make 3 
more moves. In the early stages, there's a risk I'll only get 1 move out of 
this, but later on, it's a free move versus the usual gonshi/3 move bit. 
Fighters can even use a luffin, then a gonshi, then a mirget, attack, use a 
luffin. Then they go mirget, gonshi, attack. Of course, with opponents 
cornered, you can just use mirget/attack, and go 
mirget/gonshi/attack/mirget/attack. Which is very useful against the big 
opponents. And with the big damage you can do, having a jump spell to bring 
your fighters near is better than any high powered spell.

  A bit of mushroom math here notes that gonshi/mirget/luffin/attack is 
better than gonshi/attack/attack/attack. With the first, damage = 3*usual-
enemy AC. With the second, max damage = 3*usual-3*enemy AC.

  You also want to bring out the scratch paper if your opponent has a shield. 
Is a wide range spell worth it? Sometimes it's good to cast a Zutyun then, 
after jumping your fighters in, a few Zefoars. But sometimes you are better 
off having your spellcasters keep shields up and maybe stab an opponent to 
put him down for good if he has 20 hit points left(and yes, your spellcasters 
will do that damage easily on a mirget and luffin later.)

  Oh. Don't be stingy with shields, either. If you're at 87 after casting 1, 
and you get 45 per spell, waste the extra 33 points and get 99. The spells 
are cheap enough.



  The two nasty things to avoid here are portals and ambushes. The first, you 
can see with the right magic. The second, you can't. The old method of 
breaking up a party and recouping as in Magic Candle doesn't work. There are 
some ambushes/portals that will block you, but there's leeway for new 
character-shuffling puzzles.

  If you're having problems getting by an ambush or portal, save just before 
you get there and then hit ALT-SPACE when you trip it, then C to close the 
screen and then rerun the game.

  Portals are not so bad to avoid/run into. Occasionally they'll seem to be 
blocking the way, but you can rearrange. Note that you have a 3x3 block to 
shuffle around in. With the detect spell(get LOTS of this--or shuffle around 
the dungeon, note the teleports, and restart) you can see where to tiptoe. 
Let 1-6 be your party and P be a portal in the diagrams below. You'll also 
find out that there are more portals as you get further into the game. By 
which time you should have memorized plenty of DETECT spells, which take 
little time to learn--and don't feel guilty casting the spell, roaming, 
testing things out, and restoring. In any case you'll want to use the 
cumulative effect.

For PORTALS, they are only activated if a party member steps on them.
456   P


In the diagram above the party seems to be blocked by a portal. But they can 
rearrange and just walk east!


You can also reform a party to land on a portal. That is the case with one 
portal behind a sign.

-    123
- P+ 456

Here you need to walk beyond the sign by staggering your party. Then you can 

There are also some unexpected ways to get around portals. If there are a few 
together, then you may need to resort to diagonal movement.

456   P


Here you can't "go wide" and split the portals so what to do?

a. Reform your party and get close to one portal.


    12P  (south then east)

Shift 4 to the empty square and move NE.

Reform and move SE. You're past!
-------- -------- -------- --------
              12        21
    12P       3P4      3P4       P21
    3P4       P56      P56      P3 4
     56                           56
-------- -------- -------- --------

Note you can't approach this from the top wall. You won't be able to 
rearrange in time.

Another variant on the theme may be if you are going down a diagonal 

456 *
*    *
 * P  *
  *    *
   *    *

You can't get past the portal as above, but look below--4 and 5 split past 
the portal.

4 6 *
*    *
 * P  *
  *    *
   *    *

A formation like such may allow you to cut a corner by moving diagonally 
around it:

  45 P
  | (go SE)

One thing to look out for when skirting portals: some formations that look 
the same aren't.

456  P   +
 P P

Here it's possible to get past the third portal to the sign--but ONLY if your 
formation is shown as


And not


The difference is that you can't really rearrange any players down once you 
get to the third portal--and you can't move down. So a word to the wise: be 
sure to have your party aligned correctly so they have room to maneuver.

123    123    123   123   123   123
456P > 45 P > 45P > 4 P > 4P  >  P
 P      P6    P 6   P56    56   456

And on that note, let's switch to a sort of reverse case:


  Ambushes are harder to avoid. But you have to take the opposite approach. 
The game looks for whether or not you're in the halo of an ambush. Let's say 
you're in the following corridor:



  Here you might be able to walk over the top. But it depends on your 

... won't get you past. The ambush square will be in your formation.

456 will get you past. Part of your 3x3 square is in a wall. You can't 
rearrange but you can sneak past.

In the case below it's impossible to avoid an ambush.

456  A


Fortunately there aren't too many of those around. In the case below, 
however, you can sneak past.
---   |
  -   |

---45 |
  - 6 |
  -   |
  -   |

...you can move diagonally that way. Finding these tricks can be helpful to 
avoid an annoying combat, and they're less pedantic than crashing through 
with mushrooms(which you should have prepared after each dungeon fight 
anyway) and spells.

  In conclusion: you can use this FAQ to avoid nasty hot spots, or you can 
suffer through some unlucky stuff(DRAIN/FORGET.) Having a very good hunter 
can help things--or you can just keep resetting until you are able to detect 
an ambush. In ambushes you have to recognize that walls will block spells and 
arrows and such.

  I do prefer to sneak past ambushes. Taking 15 seconds to walk around can 
save you from a less than lucrative 2 minute combat. But in case you need to 
avoid them, I suggest putting the two weakest fighters in the center of the 
formation, or if you have a bowman, he can go there. And walk so part of your 
formation is inside the wall and you can't reform.

My favorite way to do it:

Lukas Eldai Madir
Kruga Eflun Rogga

Or any reflection/rotation of this scheme.

      2-3-3. CHUTE AVOIDANCE

  Chutes don't appear that often, but when they do they're annoying. They're 
not visible.

  Chutes can be treated like ??.


  All characters except hirelings are good to have in your party if only to 
spit back out--because you can take them for all the items they have. Some 
are tricky to pick up later and others you'll need only for a brief spell.

  Here are my suggestions.

--At the beginning of the game you have a choice between characters, A-E.
--B is the female version of A, with slightly less gold and better charm. B 
also has a bit more treasure.
--D corresponds similarly to C. E is a good music player, but you don't need 
--So going with A is ok but if you're more greedy than sexist feel free to 
pick B.

  As for companions:
--Argas is not really worthwhile. He's strong to start out, but he doesn't 
want to trade anything. Your main concern early on is money--which can be 
converted to weapons.
--Ben is found on level 1 of Shann. He's not bad compared to the early 
characters, but you'll already have found better once you see him. His 
neighbor Eldai, for instance, works out quite well.
--Buz is really useless but he's easy enough to get and dump early on.
--Crys(the faraway Queen) isn't horrendous but she's got no great features 
other than nice charm--for a human. Sadly Magic Candle doesn't allow *ahem* 
err back to the analysis.
--Durin is out on a campground and not a bad fighter. A bit weak on hit 
points, but you can pick him up early. Later on you can sacrifice 
--Eflun is quite good. You'll want to get him down the line in Drakhelm.
--Eldai is perhaps a bit better than Lupi, and the fights with the Gnolls 
aren't too tough.
--Fiz is right in Castle Oshcrun and the weakest of the mages, but he'll 
still do OK for you.
--Gilondo is in Llendora and while he's a bit lonely and wants to leave, he 
isn't terribly striking.
--Grolf is great to start with, but you'll want to ditch him for a dwarf.
--Gustron is okay to start with if you must, but I wind up ditching him in 
the cellar for Sakar.
--Jimbo is in his house at Ketrop and great to ransack--you may want to keep 
him for trading purposes as well. He's got great trading skill and lockpick 
which come in handy in a dungeon--or when you comb back through a dungeon.
--Kruga is pretty cool and if you're willing to hold off on waking gods, he 
is a good choice.
--Lupi is good as an elf, but Eldai is about as easy to get. One's in a 
hidden village, the other's in a weakly protected tower.
--Madir is in a tavern in Ussa and is quite a strong fighter. Use him.
--Nazim is standing around in Mizor. He's moderately valuable but nothing to 
get carried away about. Dwarves are better fighters as a rule.
--Nehor is a notch below Eldai although his archery will give a huge boost. 
You could do worse than pick him up early when you go to see Llendora.
--Nimmo is a hireling like Argas. Don't expect to be able to take his stuff.
--Orbo is great for research. Assign a party member while you take Orbo to 
research. Then come right back.
--Perin is pretty useless for combat but that $1200 he wants to give you is 
incentive to...err...give him a chance, sort of.
--Polo is good for equipment too. Hey!
--Ralle makes three.
--Reb isn't available until later. He is of course the King(Rebnard) and you 
do need him.
--Rexor would R0X0R if you got him earlier. But he makes for a nice chunk of 
--Rogga is a good dwarf and, as in Magic Candle, makes a good front line 
along with Kruga.
--Sakar is a great pickup in the cellars but you may want to ditch him later.
--Subia is necessary at the start but obviously pretty stinko when you run 
into combat. Fortunately you can ditch her soon after you pick her up.
--Somona is in Pentyne, and you may want her later for something 
cool(huh...huh...) but she won't do any heavy lifting.
--Stref is nutty. He's on the sixth floor of Shann and adds some weird 
commentary in Dorak but isn't terribly good for your party.
--Tamas is a pretty good wizard, and you can probably get him pretty early.
--Tuff is another star struck li'l halfling only too eager to cough up his 
goods to you.

My party progression would be:
Grolf-Subia-Fiz to Rondl/Llendora

Now none of these companions will show up in the final accounting.

Drop Subia, pick up Sakar in the Cellars

Drop Fiz, get Madir from Ussa

Clear prisons in Shann(1st level,) drop Gus for Eldai

Drop Jimbo for Eflun when you go on quests--use Jimbo in towns to pump people 
for information and to sell items for a lot of money. Put Eflun in a 

Drop Sakar for Kruga

Drop Grolf for Durin or, better, Rogga

For going to see Gods, use...


(don't worry about the order.)

Except when seeing evil gods and sacrificing companions, then alternate 
Eflun/Madir. Who need the boost less than your fighters.

  Now on to the actual data.

Full name:Lukas Al Dem Gold:  500 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery:12 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
Sword:30/99 Axe:10/75 Archery:40/80 Magic:40/75 Fist:30/99
Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:40/75 Research:10/99
Soul Read:45/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:50/99 Leadership:50/99
     Blu Pearl:   3      Scimitar:WT 0      Smallaxe:WT 4        Ashbow:WT19
 Leather armor:WT 0  Suede outfit:WT 5          Food:  18        Potion:   6
        Sermin:  18        Gonshi:  12          Loka:   4       Medicin:   2
           Map:   1         Arrow:  50       Blanket:   1
   CONFUSE: 5   SHATTER:15    LOCATE: 9    ASSESS: 4
      HEAL: 9    WEAKEN: 9

Full name:Luka Ni Dem Gold:  300 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: F
Bravery:12 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 6 Agility: 7
Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
Sword:30/99 Axe:10/75 Archery:45/80 Magic:40/75 Fist:25/99
Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:40/75 Research:10/99
Soul Read:45/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:25/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:50/99 Leadership:50/99
     Blu Pearl:   3          Ruby:   5      Scimitar:WT 0      Smallaxe:WT 4
        Ashbow:WT19 Leather armor:WT 0  Suede outfit:WT 5          Food:  18
        Potion:   6        Sermin:  18        Gonshi:  12          Loka:   4
       Medicin:   2           Map:   1         Arrow:  50       Blanket:   1

   CONFUSE: 5   SHATTER:15    LOCATE: 9    ASSESS: 4
      HEAL: 9    WEAKEN: 9

Full name:Lukas Al Dem Gold:  350 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery:12 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
Loyalty:10 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 3
Sword:45/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:30/80 Magic:30/75 Fist:40/99
Swimming:35/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:25/75 Research:10/99
Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick:10/60 Tracking:25/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:25/99 Leadership:50/99
          Jade:   5     Longsword:WT 0    Chain mail:WT 0   Wool outfit:WT 0
          Food:  12        Potion:   4        Sermin:   8        Gonshi:  16
          Nift:  10        Mirget:   4        Luffin:   5     Fireglobe:  16
           Map:   1
      FEAR:10   SHATTER:18

Full name:Luka Ni Dem Gold:  800 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: F
Bravery:12 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 8
Loyalty:10 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 3
Sword:45/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:30/80 Magic:30/75 Fist:30/99
Swimming:40/99 Trading:35/99 Stealth:20/75 Research:25/99
Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick:10/60 Tracking:25/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:25/99 Leadership:50/99
         Topaz:   5     Longsword:WT 0    Chain mail:WT 0   Wool outfit:WT 0
          Food:  12        Potion:   4        Sermin:   8        Gonshi:  16
          Nift:  10        Mirget:   4        Luffin:   5     Fireglobe:  16
           Map:   1
      FEAR:10   SHATTER:18

Full name:Lukas Al Dem Gold:  600 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery:12 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
Sword:35/99 Axe:15/75 Archery:35/80 Magic:35/75 Fist:30/99
Swimming:45/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:15/99
Soul Read:30/75 Lockpick:25/60 Tracking:25/75 Music:75/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:50/99
     Blu Pearl:   4      Scimitar:WT 0      Smallaxe:WT 4        Ashbow:WT19
 Leather armor:WT 0  Suede outfit:WT 5          Food:  18        Potion:   6
        Sermin:  18        Gonshi:  12          Loka:   5       Medicin:   3
           Map:   1          Lyre:   1         Flute:   1         Arrow:  50
       Blanket:   1
   CONFUSE: 5   SHATTER:15    LOCATE: 9    ASSESS: 4
      HEAL: 9    WEAKEN: 9

Full name:Sakar Gold:  500 Energy: 99 
Race: dwarf M/F: M
Bravery:10 Strength: 9 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 7 Agility: 4
Loyalty:10 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 2
Sword:25/60 Axe:60/99 Archery:30/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:40/75
Swimming:10/10 Trading:15/75 Stealth:40/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:20/99 Lockpick:25/99 Tracking:30/99 Music: 0/25
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:25/99 Gemcutting:20/99
Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:30/75 Leadership:30/75
          Jade:   4     Battleaxe:WT 1 Dwarven chain:WT 0 Bronze helmet:WT 0
   Wool outfit:WT 7          Food:  12        Potion:   5        Gonshi:  15
          Nift:   8     Mindstone:   1

Full name:Rimfiztrik Gold:  720 Energy: 99 
Race: wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 5 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 5 Agility: 3
Loyalty:11 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 5
Sword:10/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:45/99 Fist:10/40
Swimming:10/30 Trading:20/25 Stealth:20/40 Research:30/99
Soul Read:30/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 0/25 Music: 0/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Hunting: 0/25 Leadership: 0/50
     Blu Pearl:   4     Silk robe:WT 0          Food:   5        Sermin:  16
        Gonshi:   5        Felmis:   1

Full name:Nehor Gold:  250 Energy: 99 
Race: elf M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 5 Agility: 7
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 3
Sword:30/75 Axe:10/25 Archery:65/99 Magic:30/75 Fist:20/99
Swimming:50/99 Trading:15/40 Stealth:40/75 Research:30/99
Soul Read:40/99 Lockpick:15/50 Tracking:50/40 Music:60/10
Carpentry:50/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:40/99 Leadership:25/99
        Ashbow:WT 1 Leather armor:WT 0  Suede outfit:WT 2          Food:   9
        Potion:   3        Gonshi:   9          Nift:   5        Luffin:   8
         Arrow:  36
      FEAR: 3   CONFUSE: 6    LOCATE: 8

Full name:Tuff Gold:  700 Energy: 99 
Race: halfling M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 4 Agility: 9
Loyalty: 6 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 1
Sword:10/60 Axe: 0/50 Archery:20/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist: 5/50
Swimming:50/99 Trading:75/99 Stealth:50/99 Research:20/50
Soul Read:60/99 Lockpick:75/99 Tracking:20/50 Music:10/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor:20/99 Hunting:10/75 Leadership:15/60
    Shortsword:WT 1   Wool outfit:WT 4          Food:  25        Potion:   2
          Nift:   2     Fireglobe:  16       Medicin:   4          Lute:   1
          Pick:   5

Full name:Ben Trimmon Gold:  350 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 5 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 5 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 0
Sword:60/99 Axe:25/75 Archery:40/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:60/99
Swimming:50/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:40/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:10/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:10/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:10/99 Leadership:50/99
     Longsword:WT 0      Smallaxe:WT 6        Ashbow:WT32    Chain mail:WT22
 Bronze helmet:WT 7  Suede outfit:WT12          Food:   9        Potion:   2
        Gonshi:   6        Luffin:   9     Fireglobe:   8          Loka:   1
     Mindstone:   1          Lyre:   1         Arrow:  20       Blanket:   1


Full name:Q. Crystyn Gold:  750 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: F
Bravery: 6 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 4 Agility: 9
Loyalty:10 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 2
Sword:35/99 Axe: 0/75 Archery:40/80 Magic:22/75 Fist:20/99
Swimming:60/99 Trading:35/99 Stealth:45/75 Research:40/99
Soul Read:50/75 Lockpick: 0/60 Tracking:15/75 Music:75/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:40/99 Leadership:60/99
    Shortsword:WT 0        Ashbow:WT 0     Ring mail:WT 0     Silk robe:WT 0
        Potion:   9        Sermin:  20        Gonshi:  12          Loka:   3
         Arrow:  60
      FEAR: 5   CONFUSE: 9   SHATTER: 4     REPEL: 7    LOCATE: 8    ASSESS: 
  FIREBALL: 9  TELEPORT: 9      HEAL: 9    WEAKEN: 5    FREEZE: 7

Full name:Ralle d'Bois Gold:  150 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 5 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 4 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 3
Sword:30/99 Axe:25/75 Archery:40/80 Magic:20/75 Fist:15/99
Swimming:40/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:20/99
Soul Read:10/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:40/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry:15/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:50/99 Leadership:20/99
         Pearl:   5      Smallaxe:WT 2        Ashbow:WT 0    Chain mail:WT 2
  Suede outfit:WT 3          Food:   5          Lyre:   1         Arrow:  35


Full name:Durin Gold:  525 Energy: 99 
Race: dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 6 Agility: 8
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 3
Sword:15/60 Axe:55/99 Archery:20/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:35/75
Swimming:10/10 Trading:15/75 Stealth:40/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick:35/99 Tracking:35/99 Music: 0/25
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:40/99 Gemcutting:65/99
Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:40/75 Leadership:20/75
          Ruby:   5
     Hammeraxe:WT17 Dwarven chain:WT 0 Bronze helmet:WT 0   Wool outfit:WT 7
          Food:  18        Potion:   7        Gonshi:  12          Nift:   8


Full name:Eflun Gold:  300 Energy: 99 
Race: wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 5 Agility: 5
Loyalty: 9 Charm: 3 Intelligence:10 Resistance: 7
Sword:15/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:65/99 Fist:10/40
Swimming:10/30 Trading:15/25 Stealth:10/40 Research:50/99
Soul Read:50/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 5/25 Music: 0/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Hunting: 0/25 Leadership:10/50
         Pearl:   3      Scimitar:WT 0   Cotton robe:WT 0          Food:  15
        Potion:   8        Sermin:   9        Gonshi:   7          Loka:   5
     Mindstone:   1          Cube:   8        Demaro:   1        Zoxinn:   1

     ZOFIR: 7    ZAPALL: 8    ZENGRL: 8   ZISHOXE: 9    ZEFOAR: 9    ZUTYUN: 

Full name:Eldai Gold:  400 Energy: 99 
Race: elf M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 8
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 5
Sword:35/75 Axe: 0/25 Archery:55/99 Magic:35/75 Fist:30/99
Swimming:50/99 Trading:20/40 Stealth:50/75 Research:35/99
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick:20/50 Tracking:45/40 Music:65/10
Carpentry:90/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting:20/75
Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:20/99
     Blu Pearl:   5     Longsword:WT 0       Brombow:WT 0   Elven chain:WT 0
     Silk robe:WT 0          Food:  12        Potion:   7        Gonshi:   5
        Luffin:   8         Arrow:  50
      FEAR: 5   CONFUSE:12   SHATTER: 9    LOCATE:10    ASSESS: 3

Full name:Gilondo Gold:  700 Energy: 99 
Race: elf M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 5 Agility: 9
Loyalty: 8 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 4
Sword:25/75 Axe: 0/25 Archery:50/99 Magic:30/75 Fist:20/99
Swimming:60/99 Trading:20/40 Stealth:50/75 Research:55/99
Soul Read:45/99 Lockpick:10/50 Tracking:50/40 Music:95/10
Carpentry:50/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting:50/75
Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:10/99
         Topaz:   5      Scimitar:WT 0        Ashbow:WT 0     Ring mail:WT 0
  Suede outfit:WT 0          Food:  15        Potion:   7        Gonshi:   5
          Nift:   9         Arrow:  40

Full name:Cmdr. Grolf Gold:  400 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
Loyalty:11 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 1
Sword:35/99 Axe:60/75 Archery:15/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:60/99
Swimming:30/99 Trading:10/99 Stealth:20/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:25/75 Lockpick: 0/60 Tracking:20/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:50/99
     Longsword:WT 0     Battleaxe:WT 0   Steel plate:WT 0  Steel helmet:WT 0
   Wool outfit:WT 0          Food:   5        Potion:   4        Gonshi:  15
          Nift:   6

Full name:Sir Gustron Gold:  300 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 5 Agility: 7
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 8 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 1
Sword:45/99 Axe: 0/75 Archery:25/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:20/99
Swimming:30/99 Trading:30/99 Stealth:30/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick: 0/60 Tracking:25/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:20/99
    Shortsword:WT 0     Longsword:WT 0    Chain mail:WT 0 Bronze helmet:WT 0
   Cotton robe:WT 0   Wool outfit:   7          Food:   4        Gonshi:   5
          Nift:   5        Mirget:   6

Full name:Jimbo Lim Gold:  750 Energy: 99 
Race: halfling M/F: M
Bravery: 5 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 4 Agility: 9
Loyalty: 9 Charm: 9 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 1
Sword:35/60 Axe:10/50 Archery:25/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:20/50
Swimming:50/99 Trading:75/99 Stealth:45/99 Research:20/50
Soul Read:55/99 Lockpick:75/99 Tracking:40/50 Music:15/99
Carpentry:75/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor:20/99 Hunting:40/75 Leadership:10/60
    Shortsword:WT 0 Leather armor:WT 0     Silk robe:WT 0          Food:  40
        Potion:   5        Sermin:   5          Loka:   6       Medicin:   4
          Pick:   3

Full name:Kruga Gold:  220 Energy: 99 
Race: dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength: 9 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 8 Agility: 5
Loyalty: 5 Charm: 1 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 3
Sword:35/60 Axe:75/99 Archery:25/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:50/75
Swimming: 0/10 Trading:15/75 Stealth:50/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick:50/99 Tracking:40/99 Music: 0/25
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:25/99 Gemcutting:25/99
Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:20/75 Leadership:10/75
     Blu Pearl:  10     Doubleaxe:WT10 Dwarven chain:WT22   Iron helmet:WT12
  Suede outfit:WT17          Food:   5        Potion:   9          Nift:   7
     Fireglobe:   8     Map Flask:   1        Shovel:   1          Rope:   1
          Pick:   2       Blanket:   1

Full name:Lupi Gold:  375 Energy: 99 
Race: elf M/F: F
Bravery: 8 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 5 Agility: 8
Loyalty: 8 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 3
Sword:35/75 Axe: 0/25 Archery:45/99 Magic:25/75 Fist:10/99
Swimming:60/99 Trading:20/40 Stealth:75/75 Research:30/99
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick:25/50 Tracking:60/40 Music:75/10
Carpentry:30/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting:30/75
Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:40/99 Leadership:20/99
          Ruby:   4        Ashbow:WT 0   Elven chain:WT10     Silk robe:WT 0
          Food:   9        Potion:   6        Sermin:   7        Luffin:   7
          Loka:   2         Arrow:  50
   SHATTER: 7    LOCATE: 8
  FIREBALL: 9  TELEPORT: 9      HEAL: 9    WEAKEN: 9    FREEZE: 4

Full name:Strephonio Gold:  153 Energy: 99 
Race: wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 5 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 0 Charm: 1 Intelligence:10 Resistance: 8
Sword:15/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:15/25 Magic:65/99 Fist:10/40
Swimming:20/30 Trading:10/25 Stealth:35/40 Research:70/99
Soul Read:15/50 Lockpick: 5/20 Tracking: 5/25 Music: 0/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Hunting:10/25 Leadership:10/50
       Diamond:   1   Cotton robe:WT36          Food:   2        Potion:   3
        Sermin:  20       Medicin:   1     Mindstone:   1          Cube:   7
        Sphere:   8       Pyramid:   9        Zoxinn:   1        Felmis:   1

     ZOFIR: 9    ZAPALL:12    ZENGRL:20   ZISHOXE:15    ZEFOAR:10    ZUTYUN: 
      JUMP: 9    DETECT:16     DRAIN: 5       SEE: 5

Full name:Madir Gold:  290 Energy: 99 
Race: wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 6 Charm: 1 Intelligence:10 Resistance: 6
Sword:45/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:30/25 Magic:60/99 Fist:30/40
Swimming:10/30 Trading:10/25 Stealth:35/40 Research:50/99
Soul Read:15/50 Lockpick:10/20 Tracking:10/25 Music: 0/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Hunting:15/25 Leadership:15/50
     Longsword:WT10     Ring mail:WT 2  Suede outfit:WT22          Food:   7
        Potion:   8        Sermin:  16        Gonshi:   7          Nift:   5
        Ishban:   1
  FIREBALL:18  TELEPORT: 6      HEAL: 9    WEAKEN:12    VISION:10    
      JUMP:15    DETECT: 9   GLAMOUR: 9     DRAIN: 9

Full name:Perin Gold: 1200 Energy: 99 
Race: halfling M/F: M
Bravery: 4 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 4 Agility: 8
Loyalty: 6 Charm: 9 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 2
Sword:35/60 Axe: 5/50 Archery:25/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:25/50
Swimming:45/99 Trading:65/99 Stealth:55/99 Research:20/50
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick:50/99 Tracking:30/50 Music: 0/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith:65/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor: 0/99 Hunting:15/75 Leadership:15/60
         Topaz:   5    Shortsword:WT 0 Leather armor:WT 0   Cotton robe:WT 0
          Food:  25          Nift:   7       Medicin:   4          Pick:   3
       Blanket:   1

Full name:Nimmo Gold:  700 Energy: 99 
Race: halfling M/F: M
Bravery: 4 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 5 Agility: 7
Loyalty: 5 Charm: 9 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 1
Sword:25/60 Axe: 5/50 Archery:25/80 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:15/50
Swimming:45/99 Trading:75/99 Stealth:55/99 Research:10/50
Soul Read:30/99 Lockpick:45/99 Tracking:35/50 Music: 0/99
Carpentry:70/99 Metalsmith:65/75 Gemcutting:60/99
Tailor:65/99 Hunting:25/75 Leadership:15/60
          Ruby:   2   Cotton robe:WT 0          Food:  12

Full name:Buzbazgut Gold:  120 Energy: 99 
Race: orc M/F: M
Bravery: 5 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 5 Agility: 6
Loyalty:11 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 1
Sword:40/75 Axe:15/50 Archery:25/50 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:25/99
Swimming:25/30 Trading:10/35 Stealth:20/20 Research: 0/ 0
Soul Read: 0/20 Lockpick:15/50 Tracking:25/60 Music: 0/ 0
Carpentry: 0/40 Metalsmith: 0/30 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Hunting:25/75 Leadership: 0/10
      Scimitar:WT26     Ring mail:WT32   Cotton robe:WT42          Food:   4


Full name:Nazim Gold:  350 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 6 Agility: 7
Loyalty:11 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 7
Sword:45/99 Axe:25/75 Archery:50/80 Magic:30/75 Fist:35/99
Swimming:55/99 Trading:10/99 Stealth:60/75 Research:30/99
Soul Read:60/75 Lockpick:25/60 Tracking:75/75 Music:50/75
Carpentry:40/75 Metalsmith:20/75 Gemcutting:40/75
Tailor:20/75 Hunting:55/99 Leadership: 0/99
     Blu Pearl:   9     Longsword:WT 0 Leather armor:WT 0  Suede outfit:WT 0
          Food:  16        Potion:  14        Sermin:   8        Gonshi:  12
          Nift:  15        Mirget:  11        Luffin:  24        Turpin:   4
     Fireglobe:  18          Loka:  12       Medicin:  14
  FIREBALL: 9  TELEPORT: 8      HEAL: 8    WEAKEN: 6    VISION: 8    FREEZE: 

Full name:Fr Orbonn Gold:  300 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 6 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 6 Agility: 3
Loyalty: 9 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 1
Sword:25/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:25/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:20/99
Swimming:10/99 Trading:25/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:85/99
Soul Read:60/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:10/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 5/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:10/99 Leadership:10/99
   Cotton robe:WT 0          Food:  12        Sermin:  24        Gonshi:  10
          Loka:   8

Full name:Brother Polo Gold:  400 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 3 Endurance: 5 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 1
Sword:35/99 Axe:25/75 Archery:30/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:40/99
Swimming:10/99 Trading:30/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:60/99
Soul Read:50/75 Lockpick:25/60 Tracking:20/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 5/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:10/99 Leadership:10/99
      Scimitar:WT10 Leather armor:WT10   Wool outfit:WT14          Food:   6
          Nift:   9       Medicin:   4

Full name:Argas Gold:  150 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 6 Agility: 9
Loyalty: 0 Charm: 1 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 2
Sword:70/99 Axe:35/75 Archery:45/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:55/99
Swimming:45/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:75/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick:40/60 Tracking:30/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:25/99 Leadership:10/99
     Blu Pearl:   9    Elvensword:WT18   Elven chain:WT 8  Suede outfit:WT 0
        Potion:   9        Gonshi:  18          Nift:   7        Mirget:   8
        Luffin:  12

Full name:King Rebnard Gold:  950 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery:12 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 3 Endurance: 7 Agility: 4
Loyalty:12 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 1
Sword:55/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:40/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:40/99
Swimming:10/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:50/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:40/75 Lockpick: 5/60 Tracking:10/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:60/99 Leadership:80/99
       Emerald:   5       Diamond:   2    Greatsword:WT 0   Steel plate:WT 0
     Silk robe:WT 0          Food:   2        Mirget:  12     Map Flask:   2
     Mindstone:   1

Full name:Lord Rexor Gold:  400 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 6 Agility: 4
Loyalty:10 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 1
Sword:50/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:25/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:40/99
Swimming:10/99 Trading:45/99 Stealth:30/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:20/75 Lockpick:25/60 Tracking:10/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:30/99 Leadership:60/99
     Blu Pearl:   9     Longsword:WT 0   Steel plate:WT 0  Suede outfit:WT 0
          Food:   5        Potion:   5          Nift:   4        Luffin:   7


Full name:Rogga Gold:  535 Energy: 99 
Race: dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 7 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 9 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 2
Sword:15/60 Axe:60/99 Archery:15/75 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:50/75
Swimming: 0/10 Trading: 5/75 Stealth:30/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick:15/99 Tracking:50/99 Music: 0/25
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:35/99 Gemcutting:40/99
Tailor: 0/50 Hunting:25/75 Leadership:20/75
          Ruby:   5     Hammeraxe:WT 0 Dwarven chain:WT 0   Iron helmet:WT 0
  Suede outfit:WT 0          Food:   6        Sermin:   7        Shovel:   1


Full name:Lady Subia Gold:  500 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: F
Bravery: 8 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 4 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 8 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 1
Sword:30/99 Axe: 0/75 Archery:15/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:10/99
Swimming:50/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:25/75 Research:40/99
Soul Read:15/75 Lockpick: 5/60 Tracking:20/75 Music:25/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting:30/99 Leadership: 0/99
      Sapphire:   1     Silk robe:WT 0          Food:   3       Blanket:   1


Full name:Tamas Gold:  350 Energy: 99 
Race: wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
Loyalty: 8 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 9 Resistance: 7
Sword:15/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:70/99 Fist:10/40
Swimming:10/30 Trading:15/25 Stealth:10/40 Research:30/99
Soul Read:50/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 0/25 Music: 0/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Hunting: 0/25 Leadership:10/50
   Cotton robe:WT22          Food:  12        Sermin:  23          Nift:   9
          Cube:   4        Sphere:   4        Ishban:   1        Demaro:   1

  FIREBALL: 6  TELEPORT: 9      HEAL: 5    WEAKEN: 7    VISION: 7    FREEZE: 
      JUMP: 6    DETECT: 9   GLAMOUR: 3     DRAIN: 4       SEE: 5  DISGUISE: 

Full name:Somona Gold:  480 Energy: 99 
Race: Human M/F: F
Bravery: 9 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 7 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 6 Charm: 2 Intelligence:11 Resistance: 7
Sword:25/99 Axe: 0/75 Archery:20/80 Magic:70/75 Fist:10/99
Swimming:10/99 Trading:15/99 Stealth:40/75 Research:35/99
Soul Read:55/75 Lockpick: 0/60 Tracking: 0/75 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Hunting: 0/99 Leadership:20/99
      Sapphire:   3     Silk robe:WT 0          Food:   5        Sermin:  12
        Sabano:   1
      FEAR: 9   CONFUSE: 3   SHATTER:14     REPEL: 4    LOCATE: 2    ASSESS: 
      JUMP: 5    DETECT: 2  DISGUISE: 1

Maximum attributes are listed below.

  halfling|60|50|80| 0|50|99|99|99|50|99|99|50|99|99|75|99|99|75|60|
     dwarf|60|99|75| 0|75|10|75|60|50|99|99|99|25|50|99|99|50|75|75|
       orc|75|50|50| 0|99|30|35|20| 0|20|50|60| 0|40|30|25|25|75|10|

Swearing tips: tell your pals narf.
--'Narf' is an orcish word. I think it means 'pray,' or 'prayer.' (Ralle)
--Bite your tongue, %h. (Buz)
--If you don't like my company, I could go home! (Argas)
--I couldn't agree with you more!


    4-1. PRICES

  Prices remain pretty much constant except for a few spikes for special 
items. Per-town details are in section 8.

--Elvenspun is cheap in Llendora.
--Ring Mail is expensive in Deadwood.
--Furs are cheap in Hugda-Hag and at the Barbarians' camp(Dancing Bear.)
--Scimitars are expensive in Glusaga.
--Blue pearls are expensive in Glusaga.

  For everything else, the price you get depends on your selling ability. 
When it's at 99, you get close to trade in value at any store. When it's at 0 
you may only get half what someone at 99 gets if you sell, or you may have to 
pay double. Different items get different profits in different cities. You 
can save 1000 gold or more early on if you have a halfling buy spell books. 
And you can always have them buy a trading item and give the items to others 
and have the halfling sell it back.

  Since you can get free ring mail and scimitars early on, you may want to 
make a run to Llendora for Elvenspun and buy Vannex and then start trading 
with Glusaga.

    4-2. BORDERS

  The map below isn't fully accurate--I push some areas past rough seas--but 
I boxed them in as well as I could. All corners are tested. I haven't written 
in all coordinates as you can figure some out(i.e. x<=59 borders on x>=60.)

|       | North | Demon  |  The   |                  |Krum       |
|       | Misor | Spine  | Throat |  Tundra          |x>=206     |
|       |x=40-79|        |x=      | x=137-205        |y<=32      |
|Oshcrun|y<=43  |x=80-102|103-136 | y<=43            +-+---------+
|Island +-------+  y<=53 |        +------------------+ | Rhon    |
|       |       |        |        |Mandarg             |x=217-255|
|       |       |        |        |y<=60     [mt]      |y>33     |
|x=0-39 | South +--------+        +--------------------+ +-------+
|       | Misor |  Ruul  | Isle   |      Farsum        | |Kar'   |
|       |x=40-79|x=80-102| of W   | +---------+        +-+lomug  |
|       |y>=44  |  y>=54 | inds   | |Sariss   |      x=75|y>=60  |
|       |       |        |        | |y>=69    |          |x>=224 |
|       |       |        |        | |x:147-184|          |       |
|   Altesia. y >= 96                                             |
|   Need conch to get to y=100+.                                 |

--Isle of Winds encompasses 52<=y<=59, 114<=x<=131.
--Mt Mandarg is a block inside Mandarg; it encompasses x=162 to 190 and y=50 
to 58.
--There's some changing of territories at sea, but it's nothing to worry 
about--nothing too important except to relate the terrain to clues you've 

    4-3. GAMBLING

The gambling works as follows:

--you win with a 2
--you win if you beat the gambler.

So let's go through it for each dice roll. I assume the dice are fair and 
it's a counting problem to work out the first column. The second column takes 
the sum of the first column...up to before where you're at(i.e. 7 beats 6, 5, 
4, 3, 2.) The third column is the probability you win with X. The total 
probability is the sum of all probabilities for any given number.

 #|P(happens)|P(you win)|Product
 2|     1/36 |    36/36 |  36/1296
 3|     2/36 |     1/36 |   2/1296
 4|     3/36 |     3/36 |   9/1296
 5|     4/36 |     6/36 |  24/1296
 6|     5/36 |    10/36 |  50/1296
 7|     6/36 |    15/36 |  90/1296
 8|     5/36 |    21/36 | 105/1296
 9|     4/36 |    26/36 | 104/1296
10|     3/36 |    30/36 |  90/1296
11|     2/36 |    33/36 |  66/1296
12|     1/36 |    35/36 |  35/1296
                          611/1296 = 47% or so.

Not good odds unless you cheat! Just save before you bet, then bet the 
maximum. If you lose, reload. If you win, save.

You can tell how broke/rich the casinos are, as they only have 1000 gold to 
begin with, and they'll never let you bet more than they can afford.

  5. LISTS

    5-1. SPELLS

  Here's a run-down of which spells are worthwhile and which aren't. A brief 
coment on each.


--Fear never works on any worthwhile monsters.
--Confuse would be useful if fleeing weren't so easy.
--Repel gets you past spiders and scorpions. You don't have to blast 
everything as you can often squirm through a gap, but have a ton memorized 
--Locate shows where enemies are. Unusable in dungeons and unnecessary 
outdoors(fleeing's easy.)
--Assess is pretty useless with the monster chart in this guide. Or if you 
track monster attributes yourself.


--Fireball looks impressive, but you need to have the opponent's shield down.
--Teleport is the key to getting through the game without going crazy. An 
easy flee from monsters, and you can even jump on to islands.
--Heal might work in a pinch, but if you need it, it may be too late. You 
should have potions.
--Weaken does little early on and not enough late. See Zutyun for the way to 
do it.
--Vision is the equivalent of entering a dungeon room, killing the program, 
and restarting. Why bother?
--Freeze seems to work better on you than opponents.


These are good spells for your fighter/magicians to have, because you can 
save your wizards' learning time and magic use for the powerful offense. 
Also, something like Resurrect or Pierce doesn't depend on magic skill.

--Energy is useless.
--Pierce is necessary but not in the quantity you would think. It's possible 
to squirm between energy barriers.
--Walkwater is necessary to win the game. Have a whole ton of these.
--Shield is also good. Always have a ton in spare and keep shields at 99 even 
if you "waste" some shield(i.e. at 85, cast shield even if it's worth, say, 
60 points per shield.)
--Resurrect isn't strictly necessary, but at some point you'll goof a bit and 
not want to save over. Make sure someone besides your leader has it. Remember 
to heal after resurrection as the recipient's very weak.


--Zofir's useless. If you need it, you're cooked anyway.
--Zengrl is a nice safety valve.
--Zishoxe is too. Have a few of each saved.
--Zapall is a bit weak(1/4 of fireball) and with the special effects, hacking 
many opponents to pieces is easier
--Zefoar is great if the enemy is bunched(1/2 of fireball)
--Zutyun is the first of these to cast all the time.


--Jump is a critical spell to get fighters in to positions.
--Detect is necessary to find portals for the various portal mazes.
--Glamour is necessary to find information and talk to the Altesens, and with 
some other discussions, but not really after that.
--Drain is much nastier on you than when you cast it on opponents.
--See is pretty useless. You can usually figure where a vanished enemy is.
--Disguise is, of course, necessary to enter Deadwood, Hugda-Hag and Glusaga. 
You actually might not have to enter the Catacombs in Deadwood to win, 
strictly speaking, but the items you get there are useful.


--Acidball isn't as effective as a jump spell. The later monsters have such 
good shields anyways.
--Forget is much nastier to you than them.
--Restsoul is necessary to beat the hordes of undead you'll face. Have 20+ in 
spare at all times.
--You'll also need a few Soulspeak spells later on to talk to the various 
ghosts--no more than 10--and then you'll need a restsoul on top of that.


You can of course get this book from Naendix before Ziyx wrote it(a bug.) The 
catch? Nothing's really expedient here.

--Destroy is the only really worthwhile spell of the bunch. And it wipes out 
all others. So maybe have a fighter use it. And with the naurs, or in the 
last battle with Dreax/Dragos, on a spellcaster ducking in a corner. I think 
it will work against even the powerful ones. But you don't really need it 
then anyway.

    5-2. MUSHROOMS

  While the way I give to go about the game means you don't need too many 
mushrooms, some fall nicely into place, so why not pick them up? I've labeled 
all locations here. I think I got them all--in the R*.MCV files. For ones 
that are just off the coast, keep an eye on your X/Y coordinates and make 
debarking detours as necessary. Also remember that you can't teleport ONTO a 
mushroom patch, which can help you detect where one is at times.

  Mushroom patches are also good for ducking monsters, who get confused by 
the blockage.

(24, 39) -- N edge of Oshcrun isle. It's a bit far from Ketrop actually but 
gets your game off to a good start
(77, 35) -- sort of near Llendora but not enough on your way
(168, 91) -- island just south of Wanasol, so why not stop in?
(236, 132) (235, 133) (234, 133) -- the last three are patches on a separate 
island SW from Namaz, bunched together enough that it's worthwhile to 
recharge, before or after

(162, 28) -- you can pick this up when you go see the Barbarians

(110, 49) -- teleport from the one below if you must, but it's stretching 
(123, 44) -- teleport from the one below if you'd like.
(123, 54) -- On the Isle of the winds.
(165, 98) -- 2nd island south of Wanasol. Why not, if you're going into 
(214, 136) -- too far south to bother.

(68, 69) (72, 67) -- good to pick up just before Shann
(160, 75) -- tricky teleport from Wanasol
(195, 125) -- a bit out of the way to Pentyne, unless you move diagonally and 
keep the end location in mind. Don't sweat it too much though.
(240, 96) (247, 81) (245, 87) -- look close together, but they're by the 
Kar'Lomug swamps so the teleports you waste to pick them up may not be worth 

(102, 43) -- too obscure, in Demonspine
(235, 16) -- by Ruz
(238, 20) -- close, but you'll need another teleport spell

(47, 41) -- Right on Rondl Isle. Perfect. Monsters may attack but you can 
flee into the patch.
(63, 18) -- on the boat's way to Ussa. Get it.
(165, 13) -- if you take the boat to Krum, this should turn up.
(175, 20) -- another one you take the boat to. Or it's near the summer 
barbarian camp.
(212, 118) -- on Namaz's isle, not too far away.
(243, 50) -- off in the swamps. Don't bother.


 1: talk to Acorn in Ketrop
 2: talk to Alex in Castle Oshcrun
 3: give gold to Greenpate in the Ussa tavern
 4: whisper the word to Maalaq
 5: entrap Zakhad??
 6: talk to Wartow in Wanasol
 7: talk to Bhardagast on Oshcrun Top Level
 8: ask Ozmin about Temple
 9: Cast Soulspeak at Drakhelm's ghost
10: Buzbazgut, 2nd lowest jail cell in Oshcrun Cellar
11: talk to the Altesen high priest
12: Fake: wrong Sun Mark.
13: Fake: barbarians in the north are led by Blackwolf
14: Cast soulspeak at Deraum's ghost
15: talk to Timm on the Telermain docks
16: talk to Lady Subia in Castle Oshcrun 
17: ask Timm about his Mark
18: Complete Deraum and release Horann's ghost
19: Fake: Llendora is just reclusive. But Somona *can* be sacrificed to one 
20: Fake: no dragon or moon tattoos
21: Fake: follows 19, but she's alive in Pentyne.
22: first time you talk to Rebnard in Oshcrun
23: Talk to Moongold in the barbarian camp.
24: talk to Llesiton at the Mighty Oak in Llendora.
25: Cast Soulspeak at Maratul's ghost

    5-4. WEATHER


--Yes indeed, nice weather for this time of year.
--Never met a day I didn't like!

--Wouldn't be suprised if it rains soon!
--I smell storm in the air!

--I expect the fog will clear soon.

--Don't you hate to get wet?
--Strange weather we are having for this time of the year!



I miss the sunshine, don't you?
Brrr, It is cold indeed!


FREEZING: Surely it is a day to spend by a roaring fireplace!

--It looks like Marior rages again!
--Aren't you glad you are not at sea right now?

--I reckon it will continue to blow for a while yet!
--Aren't you glad you are not at sea right now?

--I sure could use some ice cold lemonade right now!
--I pray for a cool breeze!





Candle of Despair: you need a white scroll to read this. It doesn't give any 
information, but it fills the scroll up so you can use it on the candle at 

Candle of Pain: you need a gray scroll to read this. It doesn't give any 
information, but again it fills the scroll up so you can use it on the candle 
at Ruz.


Mindstones are magical artifacts created and used by Eldens. Very few are 
known to exist nowadays. They allow transfer of thoughts over great distances 
between two holders of Mindstones.


In the days of old, before the Forcess of Drakness overtook Gurtex completely 
and forced Dwarves into hiding, Dwarves from all over Gurtex would come to 
Doria once a year for the great Dwarven Council.
In one such gathering, a proposal was brought forth to hire the best known 
wizard of the time, Harakun, to forge a magic axe. Harakun, who was known for 
his appreaciation of fine Doria diamonds, accepted the task.
The triumphant result of Harakun's labor, which cost the Dwarven community a 
considerable fortune, was Nalanduir, The Magic Axe. A warrior who attacks 
with Nalanduir will find his opponents experience great difficulty dodging 
his blows.
It should also be noted that as all magic weapons, Nalanduir does not suffer 
from wear and tear with use.

    * VANKRUH *

From the stagnant depths of the Doria mines, travels a tale of a tentacled, 
scrofulous, scutellated offense against creation, with the semidignified name 
of Vankruh.
No one really knows where The Vankruh came from. According to some, he is a 
mythical wizard from a distant world who fell in love with a devilishly 
beautiful goddess of the underworld, who sealed his eyes for staring at her 
unadorned reflection in the Pools of Forgetfulness.
When Vankruh lost sight of his goddess, and the memory of what he was doing 
in this world, his bright magic went bitterly dark and his mind turned 


Candle of Anguish: you need a pink scroll to read this. It doesn't give any 
information, but it fills the scroll up so you can use it on the candle at 

Candle of Death: you need a gray scroll to read this. It doesn't give any 
information, but it fills the scroll up so you can use it on the candle at 

    * CONCH *

The Conch of Calm is said to be a gift to the First speaker of Eldens from 
the Queen of Altesins toward the end of first age, when Gurtex was still a 
land ruled by Eldens.
This enchanted instrument, when played, would actually calm the raging waters 
to the south of Bay of Serpents enough for safe sailing.
After the Eldens' unexplained retreat from our plane as the second age began, 
The conch, along with many other items of power and magic became lost to the 
children of light. Some scholars believe the conch is in the possession of 
Goblins, but there is no solid evidence to support this theory.

    * ORB *

The Orb of Light, mysteriously referred to in many ancient writings as 'The 
Bane of the Demonlord' is said to be an artifact with the potential of 
devastating power in the hands of its destined owner.
As to who this Destined owner may be, there is no clear definition anywhere. 
Only a few vague remarks about a 'royal born child'. In more than one 
writing, it is also clearly stated that The Orb will not come to its full 
powers until it is touched by each one of the 'Three Marked Ones'.
'Three Marked ones' are defined as ordinary inhabitants of Gurtex, one with 
The Mark of Moon on her forehead, one with the Mark of Sun on his left hand, 
and one with the mark of star on his right knee.

    * PROPHECY *

A day will dawn on the land in which the forces that struggle to be free in a 
world of beauty- and those who seek dominion and power at any cost will face 
each other in a climactic encounter.
Up and out of the blackened heart of Gurtex will come the liege Lord of 
Death, to seek and subdue the souls of elf and dwarf and man, and all the 
harmony of the living world.
Then shall the bold of heart and mind join themselves together, to meet and 
combat this Shadow King- that would blacken even the pearl of life.
And so too will arise one yet a child, from the royal house, whose vigor is a 
gift of the Sturdy King, and whose fearlessness, a blessing of the Darkened 
This Royal Prince will become the only hope of his people, yet he will stand 
no chance against the forces of Darkness unless he holds in his hand The Orb 
of Light in his destined encounter...


    * ALTESENS *

There are numerous references in the ageless folklore of Gurtex to a race of 
people called Altesins. Whether it is all a myth, or Altesins really did 
exist in ancient times, had long been a subject of heated debate among 
The references to Altesins usually imply a fanatically independent people who 
paid no heed to struggles and fates of other mortals in Gurtex. 
They were a people with humanoid features. Tall, well-built, with skins not 
unlike the bark of pine trees. It is believed they originated in the 
uncharted lands south of Sariss.
There have been no report of any sightings of Altesins in the recorded 
history. Even if they lived in Gurtex in the past, it is safe to assume they 
are now extinct or they migrated to unknown parts of the world as Gurtex 
became home to dark forces.


Darkfinder is the name given by Elvenfolk to the legendary magic bow which 
until recently was in the possession of Elven Princess Lupi.
In transit from Deruvia to Mainland Gurtex, Princess Lupi visited shortly 
with King Rebnard. She reported that she no longer possessed Darkfinder. It 
was stolen from her under treacherous circumstances. She thought it was now 
somewhere in Gurtex.
Darkfinder can only be used in combat by one of the Elvenkind. Its user 
experiences greater skill with the bow, as well as increased strength. Of 
course, as all magic weapons, Darkfinder never suffers from wear and tear.

    * OOLAU BIRD *

In the days of old, before spawn of darkness poured forth from the depths of 
Mandarg, Gurtex was home to many fantastic creatures. Among them were giant 
birds named Oolau. These birds were known to lay a single egg every two 
hundred years.
No Oolau birds have been seen for many years now. They are largely believed 
to be extinct. However, it must be noted here that some reports have been 
received from seamen who dare to sail the north sea.
According to their accounts, sometimes, a wailing sound of great sadness and 
beauty can be heard when they sail by the Gull Islands after dark. According 
to legends, Oolau birds sing in this manner when the time to lay her egg 

    * RHOKADUR *

According to Dwarven lore, Rhokadur was a gift from the Mighty god Rhokan to 
Dwarven kind for their loyalty and dedication, in the days of old when Mines 
of Doria was home both to Dwarves and Rhokan himself.
Rhokadur was lost during the dreadful period when Dwarves were forced to 
abandon their homes in Doria and go into exile. Only to be used by Dwarves, 
Rhokadur increases the both the strength and the axe skill of its wielder.

    * ZAKHAD *

Most of what is said about Zakhad among the inhabitants of Gurtex can be, and 
probably are false. We can only be reasonably sure of following facts: He is 
of demonic origin. Probably a Demon Lord who became powerful enough to break 
down the Barrier of Abyss and establish himself in our plane of existence.
He rules Gurtex with absolute power. His evil might is feared, yet also 
respected. His seat of power is Castle Katarra, on top of Mount Mandarg. 
There is no surface road to access Castle Katarra. He makes no secret of his 
plans to destroy The Children of Light.
Zakhad's arrival to Gurtex is relatively recent. A long lost prophesy is 
believed to predict the arrival of a mighty demonlord who will cause much 
suffering to peaceful folks. It is possible that Zakhad is the one the Lost 
Prophesy spoke of.


Shumaran appears in several different places.
(163, 24) spring
(152, 28) fall
(173, 21) summer
(173, 37) winter


    5-8. MONSTERS

Here is a rough monster grid with attributes I've been able to figure out. 
Vankruh actually dispells magic, making him very nasty indeed.

            |    |SHI|   |DAM|MAG|
         Orc|  20|  0|  0|  5|  0|
      Zorlim|  40| 40|  6|  6| 40|FIREBALL/HEAL/SHIELD
      Tekhir|  35| 10|  3|  4|  0|
       Troll|  75|  0|  4|  7|  0|
      Goblin|  35|  0|  3|  5|  0|
      Sandgu|  40|  0|  7| 16|  0|
       Slime|  45| 10|  0| 13|  0|
    Minotaur|  90|  0|  3| 21|  0|
       Domug|  40| 20|  4| 14|  0|
    Skeleton|  55| 20|  5|  6|  0|
      Zombie|  70| 40|  6| 25|  0|
     Kurdazi|  60| 10|  4|  6|  0|
      Jerrah|  70| 50|  6|  4| 50|FIREBALL/ZOFIR/FEAR
        Barg|  60| 20|  0| 23|  0|
      Zebani|  45| 25|  5| 16|  0|
      Gragan|  70| 30|  6|  4| 60|FORGET/ACIDBALL/FEAR
      Mongor|  70| 20|  3| 20|  0|
    Fermigon| 120| 30|  6| 28|  0|
       Gnoll|  50| 10|  3|  6|  0|
        Ogre| 500|  0|  2| 32|  0|
        Gaem| 120| 60|  7|  7| 65|ZAPALL/ZENGRL/FORGET
     Zumagin|  90| 40|  7| 21|  0|
     Hibliss| 150| 50|  8|  4| 70|FREEZE/DISAPPEAR/FIREBALL
     Vankruh|2000| 90| 40| 34| 85|HEAL/FREEZE/ZAPALL
        Naur| 700| 99| 10| 10| 80|ZAPALL/FREEZE/ZOFIR
      Zakhad| 800| 99| 20| 12| 99|FORGET/ZAPALL/ACIDBALL
     Urgodot| 120|  0|  6| 21|  0|
   Doombeast| 200| 30|  8| 28| 80|/DRAIN/DRAIN
      Mizigu|  50|  0|  4| 18|  0|
      Aciden| 120| 25|  8| 22|  0|
  Flamebelly| 135| 30|  7| 25|  0|
 Dreadknight| 150| 45|  8|  8| 65|FEAR/ACIDBALL/FORGET
      Farazu| 200| 60|  9|  9| 75|DISAPPEAR/SHATTER/FREEZE
       Kazih|  90| 35|  5|  6| 60|DISAPPEAR/FIREBALL/FREEZE
       Ghoul|  90| 30|  7| 25|  0|
       Munak|  75|  0|  5| 23|  0|
   Barbarian|  65|  0|  5| 24|  0|


  There are 24 different combinations in the game.

  The information below was derived from d61.mcv, contained in 13 byte 
[shape 1] [2] [3] [8 filler bytes] [x-5] [y-4]

     Left   Center    Right Goes to Territory  Who tells(where)
     Cube     Cube     Cube  53, 23 N Misor    Fiz(Oshcrun)
   Sphere     Cube   Sphere  83, 51 Demonspin? Stref
  Pyramid  Pyramid   Sphere  23, 52 Oshcrun I  Truk
     Cube Cylinder Cylinder  76,  7 N Demonspi Estefaz(Llendora)
     Cone   Sphere     Cone 102, 53 Mainland   Faranim(Ketrop)
  Pyramid   Sphere     Cube 163, 11 N Tundra?  Zak Firebringer(Shumaran)
   Sphere     Cone     Cone 163, 53 W Mandarg? Eflun(Drakhelm)
 Cylinder  Pyramid   Sphere 157, 89 S Sariss   Nimmenzar(Wanasol)
     Cube   Sphere   Sphere 216, 64 Deadwood?  Natri(Deadwood)
 Cylinder     Cone Cylinder 246, 83 Kar'lomug  Gen. Wizard(Wanasol)
   Sphere  Pyramid     Cone 235, 75 Kar'lomug  Ehrizem(Wanasol)
  Pyramid     Cube     Cube 238, 53 Rhon       Eflun(Drakhelm)
     Cone     Cone  Pyramid 240, 38 Krum       Furukan(Hugda-Hag)
   Sphere  Pyramid Cylinder 231,  9 Krum       Furukan(Hugda-Hag)
     Cone     Cone   Sphere 215, 29 N Krum     Zak Firebringer(Shumaran)
     Cube Cylinder  Pyramid 217,  9 Duln Isl   Madir
     Cone     Cube  Pyramid 126, 52 Isl Winds  Some companion?
 Cylinder  Pyramid     Cone 126, 40*(not documented, but it works)
  Pyramid Cylinder  Pyramid 216, 58 Deladorn   Nimmenzar(Wanasol)
  Pyramid     Cone     Cone 208, 39 Fronnoxx   Dulgamir(Drakhelm)
   Sphere   Sphere  Pyramid  57, 66 Misor      Melvr(Telermain)
     Cone     Cone     Cone 140, 45 N Gizra?   Estefaz(Llendora)
     Cube     Cube Cylinder 104, 32 Blackwood  Madir
 Cylinder     Cube Cylinder 198, 66 Farsum     Ehrizem(Wanasol)


Here's where you can find ships:

Garlin 'Destiny'    20/day  33, 58 (E of Telermain)
Martin 'Red Shark'  45/day 118, 37 (N of Ussa)
Amos   'Fortune'    15/day 116, 35 (E of Ussa)
Turgut 'North Star' 25/day  46, 61 (W coast of S Misor)
Kuhna  'Misty'      40/day 166, 88 (by Wanasol)
Pavols 'Champion'   35/day 238, 55 (far east coast)

  Garlin's the best one to find--and overpay egregiously for his time. He's 
very good for running around, but if you forget him you can teleport to the 
others. Eventually you'll learn about teleportals, but until then he'll work 
OK although it is annoying to sail around the coasts. You can't teleport to 
Pentyne, so in the end you do have to use ships somewhat, but the sooner you 
wean yourself of them the better. Teleportals cost more but are faster.

  Oh--by the way--Amos's ship may seem the cheapest, but he'll take you for 
all your gold. Or his crew will--and he'll investigate it(heh.) Despite his 
being more polite than Martin...well, Ussa is a shady place, and there's a 
reason Amos fits in there even if he seems too clean-cut(even at such low 
resolution) and well-spoken.


--Stay away from the narfing Naurs. If they see you, they'll volunteer you 
for some pretty narfing hazardous duty! Narf!


  Splitting is not so valuable in Magic Candle 2 as in Magic Candle, where 
you could use it to sneak past traps and ambushes. Here you can't switch sub-
parties. You often have to send a friend home because you need to put someone 
better in your party, and there's no point in doing much other than 
dismissing him. Just send him to the Oshcrun stronghold, which you should 
visit on the way north to Ketrop on your first trip.

  However, during the early part of the game you really only need a player or 
two. It uses far fewer sermins, and you can avoid combat easily enough, so 
just be sure to have you, Subia and Jimbo. Jimbo gets good prices, and Subia 
discovers what needs to be discovered. Remember that when you leave a friend, 
he reappears where you dropped him off, unless he was picked up in a dungeon. 
Then he seems to go to Castle Oshcrun and hang around.

  Splitting up becomes toughest near the end, when you need Father Orbonn to 
research the scrolls. I like to drop off one of my Oshcrun Island-based 
players in the Oshcrun stronghold for 30 days and have Orbonn read all three 
scrolls at once.


  You can hustle quite a bit of free stuff before actually starting. It makes 
the rest of the game much easier. When starting off, it's not really 
necessary to do much in Telermain although if you want to cheat the old 
fashioned way you can just go up into the gambling houses and bet 500 a 
couple of times, saving before and, if you win, after. That will clear them 
out; 1000 is not bad. There are four companions in Telermain, but only two 
are worthwhile. Argas and Nimmo have some cool stuff, but they won't give it 
to you to sell, because they're hirelings. Spoilsports. About all you can do 
with them is to have them sell their stuff and pay Captain Garlin. However, 
Ralle in the Eastern Breeze(77,25) and Polo in the library(60,36) are pretty 
easy to fleece. Polo doesn't get there 'til 9 AM so if you're too gung ho 
you'll have to wait. Dismiss Polo and Ralle. Buy a shovel and leave.

  From Telermain, you probably want to go to Ketrop next. Be sure to run past 
the stronghold and enter it. That will allow you to dump companions there 

  In Ketrop, you'll be able to pick up three companions who have lots of 
stuff. You'll shortly learn how to maneuver items around; try transferring 
items/coinage from them to your player by regular transfer and then by 
pooling. Note that you can't type the numbers, but using arrows is OK. 
Immediately after t)alking and i)nviting, appropriate what they have(you can 
even c)amp and o)ff their armor) and t)alk to them and d)ismiss. They should 
pop up just where they were--not that you need to worry too much about them. 
Perin has a whopping 1200 gold you should rip him off for, but Jimbo is the 
best of the three for actual questing. You'll need one halfling to talk to 
various people, and he has an additional benefit. Stop in at Faranim (61,16) 
and ask about BOOKS. Buy a Sabano from him. Use Jimbo to buy the book and 
you'll pay 1400 instead of 1950 with your leader. There's a gonshi patch to 
the north, and it will serve you well through the Cellars' lower levels. 
You'll probably get back to the castle before dark anyway, so you might as 
well go north.

  From there it's on to Castle Oshcrun. Father Orbonn is near the bottom--get 
his cash and release him, although he'll be great for research later. Subia's 
next, in the throne room, and though she's worthless in combat she will pay 
off handsomely. You will probably want to pick up Fiz next. He's probably the 
worst of the wizards, but having one will help you greatly in the Cellars. 
And you can ditch him when you're done anyway--getting his valuable spell 
book(Felmis) first, of course. He always needs one spell book, but once 
you've bought another(say, Sabano, the cheapest,) you can trade it to him and 
then he can trade Felmis away. Grolf is in the same room; he's good for 
downstairs in the cellars. Don't sell his steel plate/steel helmet as that 
stuff is the best you can find for now. Gus is hanging around on the west 
side, and you can do worse than him.  But ditch Gus after taking his stuff. 
An open slot will benefit you shortly, and you won't be seeing any dungeons 
for a bit.

  So far your party should look like:

Lukas Jimbo Fiz
Grolf       Subia

  Now, see the King(upper right part.) Brennix, your pal from Magic Candle, 
is a strong and unbreakable weapon, and the mindstones will help you track 
important characters. Go downstairs to 'ground level' of the castle. View 
your party, see who doesn't have a helm, and give them bronze helms. Then get 
ring mail for everyone with leather or worse. Then load up on ring mail until 
the man won't loan you any more. (You can actually hold it and trade it to 
the orcs later, but that is probably over-finessing.)

  Your next task is to get Garlin's boat and sail to Ziyx in Castle Rondl, 
but do stop in Telermain first to sell off the extra goods you looted from 
the armory. As a nice bonus, there's a mushroom patch three squares south of 
there, but be moderately aware of monsters. If your party's not exhausted, 
fleeing is guaranteed if tedious(just push everyone back) and then you can 
enter Ziyx's. Before you do, make sure your leader DOES NOT have a spell 
book. If he doesn't, you get a free Demaro, the spell book you almost never 
use, but it's never there when you need it.

  Continue along the coast and there's a mushroom patch on the isle to the 
north at (64, 18) where you can and should stock up. Leave your boat around 
(77, 25) and walk east a couple squares to pick up Nehor and take his items, 
then head southeast. The elvish village is at (88, 36) and you'll want to 
enter there, talk to Llesiton in the village, find Estefaz in the NE(60, 7) 
and buy Vannex. Then find the clothes shop(10, 25) where you can have Jimbo 
buy lots of Elvenspun. He can buy it for 50 and sell in Telermain for 245, so 
you may want to have him buy and then share items. Be sure to keep six items 
to wear. The only problem with this is that you have to put Elvenspun back on 
before selling it--a sort of bug with the game, maybe. Oh, and before you 
leave, get Gilondo to join. He's at (8, 14) and has some good treasure. Then 
dump him. Go back NW-ish to your boat and sail back around.

  Back on Oshcrun Isle you can have Jimbo sell all the goodies. He should be 
able to buy five steel plates and five steel helmets with your swag. This 
will give everyone 12 armor, which makes them invulnerable from Tekhirs in 
the castle below. Again having Jimbo buy and distribute saves major cabbage. 
Shashika's prices are a bit expensive, but you might as well have Jimbo buy 
99 mirgets, luffins, potions, sermins, nifts and gonshis from her. Just 
remember to shift left-over mushrooms once you drop a player. Of your current 
motley crew, Subia should be the next to go. Drop her off in the King's 
Throne Room, and she'll give you a nice gift.

  Now you can go to Ussa and pick up a spell book with all that. Felmis is 
quite nice.

 All right, you're ready to face an actual dungeon. Sakar's there. Bring your 
party back up to six.


ZIYX'S TOWER ?? make art

--[1st time:]The Great Ziyx beams in welcome. 'Adventuring again, [you]? Then 
you will surely need spell books.' Ziyx gives %d a book of Demaro.
--[October:]Ziyx exclaims: 'Good news! I have completed the Book of Emenad! 
Please take it with my compliments, [you]!'

--HEALTH: My health is better than ever, thank you, [you]. The ocean breezes 
are very invigorating. I hope you are feeling well too.
--INTEREST: For the last ten years or so I have been working to create a new 
spell %qbook%q. I am pleased to say the day of its completion is near now.
--BOOK: It shall be known as %qEmenad%q.
--EMENAD: I expect to be finished with it by October of this year. It shall 
be yours as my gift.
--ADVICE: While the mysteries of the Berbezza massacre remain unexplained, we 
cannot ascertain what %qthreats%q lie ahead!
--THREATS: You must begin your search for answers in %qDeraum%q.
--DERAUM: It is a dreadful place beneath the castle. %qMaalaq%q had good 
reason to seal it with a Crystal door.
--MAALAQ: He is a powerful wizard who chooses to live in the fermigon-ridden 
Tower of %qShann%q. I hope he still has the %qCrystal key%q to %qDeraum%q.
--SHANN: It is found on Mariz Island. My distinguished colleague %qFaranim%q 
should know the %qword%q that opens its gate. It was his tower once.
--CRYSTAL KEY: Whisper %qHefriti%q to Maalaq and he will give you the key!
--FARANIM: He now lives in Ketrop.
--HEFRITI: It is a magic word that contains my message to Maalaq.
--WORD: Ask Faranim about 'Shann'.

--Now that I am finished with %qEmenad%q, I research my next work.
--I have given you the only copy that exists.

[you progress on your quest]
--I see your %qquest%q for the crystal key was a success.
--QUEST: Your quest in Deraum is not yet complete.
--QUEST: In the light of recent developments, your most important quest 
appears to be the rescue of the %qEldens%q.
--The blank %qwhite scroll%q given to you by the Ghost of Horann is your key 
to rescue.
--WHITE SCROLL: Research 'Candle of Despair' at Telermain library. Write the 
words of power you uncover onto the scroll.When you locate the Candle, use 
the scroll to release the Elden. I think you will need a different scroll for 
each dark candle!
--GRAY SCROLL: Ah! you have the gray scroll. That is well. You should now 
research 'Candle of Pain' at the Telermain Library.
--PINK SCROLL: So you have the pink scroll, eh? I believe you can now 
research 'Candle of Anguish' at the Wanasol Library.
--BLUE SCROLL: Well! You have the blue scroll at last! You can now research 
'Candle of Death' at the Wanasol Library.
--I don't know the scroll you are asking about.

            /----\               /------\
           /      \    TOWN :   /        \
          /--------\ TELERMAIN /----------\
           |      |  LOCATION:  |        |
           | /--\ |    X=??     |  /--\  |
           +-|  |-+    Y=??     +--|  |--+


(22, 5) 'Lovers' Corner'
(28,35) 'No dogs allowed in the park'
(37,21) 'Queen's Green Park'
(45,26) 'Fandor's Weapon Store'
(41, 7) 'Parkview Guesthouse - Hot baths and clean sheets.'
(77,25) 'Eastern Breeze Tavern'
(62,27) 'Telermain Gemworks'
(73, 6) 'Telermain Jail'
(52, 6) (57,67) 'Welcome to Telermain'
(80, 6) 'Methreal Nugget - Are you feeling lucky?'
(85,15) 'Pier 2'
(85,26) 'Pier 3'
(85, 6) 'Pier 1'
(70,23) 'Terilo's Supply Shop'
(43,40) 'Madame Shashika's Herbs and Potions'
(36,39) 'Tombul's Grocery Store'
(36,30) 'Swordplay Academy'
(64,39) 'Library'
(68,46) 'Metal Smith'
(62,46) 'Carpenter'
(78,42) 'Wizards' Lodge'
(83,51) 'Black Rooster Tavern'
(93,46) (93,59) 'Golden Beach'
(67,54) 'Parr's Fine Musical Instruments'
(45,57) 'Academy of Magic'
(45,64) 'Weaponless Combat Academy'
(38,64) 'Inquire within'
(45,48) 'Academy of Deruvian Music'
(82,32) 'Armor Shoppe'
(70,33) 'Fine Gems and Jewels'
(36,57) 'Durable Clothing is sold here'
(27,60) (23,60) 'Belazar Plaza'
(71,60) 'Dina Lane'
(81,63) 'Lower Quarter'
(50,47) 'Rabbonkar's Scholarly Services'(should be)


(82-3, 5) Methreal Nugget(gambling hall)
(38, 6) Guesthouse 6 coins/day

(39,29) Arena, swordplay $125
(60,26) Gemcutter

(79,23) Eastern Breeze Tavern

Ralle: (??-??)
--Advice: Keeping one's weapons in good condition may make the difference 
between life and death!
[You can invite Ralle.]

Riloen: (19-??)
--Advice: When played to the right audience, a song may be all you need!
--MAGE'S JOY: Ah yes, that particular tune has a strange effect on Slimes. I 
know the piece well.

Nimmo: (20-??)
--Advice: You must have a halfling accompany you in your adventures. I 
recommend %qTuff%q or %qPerin%q.
--TUFF: He lives in Ketrop, the new village northwest of Telermain.
--PERIN: He lives in Ketrop, the new village northwest of Telermain.

Ferom: (1-1)
--Rumors: I hear a %qZorlim%q was captured alive and taken to the castle.
--Zorlim: He must be in the jail at the castle.
--Regulars: Now that %qKemrul%q aspires to become a scholar, and spends all 
his time studying, I don't have many regular customers left.
--Kemrul: These days, Kemrul can be found either in the park contemplating, 
or at home studying.

Patrons: (20-6)
--They say there's a town of trolls in Krum. I always thought they lived in 
--Zakhad's hold on Gurtex is not complete.
--Countless Dreadknights guard the towers of Zakhad's Castle Katarra!

Misha: (7-1) (8 charisma)
--Advice: Seek my friend %qSheria%q if you wish to learn a magic %qsong%q.
--Father: She never knew her father. Then one day %qSefil%q suggested that 
Sheria should talk to his brother. That's all I know.
--Sefil: Sefil's a beggar here in town.
--Sheria: Sheria left Telermain in search of her %qfather%q.
--Song: She called the song 'Urg's Dream'.
--<8 charisma: Pardon me. I'm really busy right now!

(47,26) Fandor's weapons
--ADVICE: Don't venture beyond this isle without a good set of %qweapons%q.
--WEAPONS: I offer you a great selection to buy from. I can also give you a 
price for what you have.
*      PRICES      *
shortsword 62/86
scimitar 132/165
longsword 273/322
broadsword 346/445
greatsword 642/840
smallaxe 112/145
hammeraxe 253/300
ashbow 100/195
brom bow 392/590
arrows 24/29

--Advice: Food merchants pay me well to hunt for them. If you ever need funds 
quickly, you too can sell them what you hunt.

(41,39) Shashika
--ADVICE: I have a friend in the castle. He guards the jail cells. There is a 
%qzorlim%q imprisoned there, he says. My friend dares not speak to the minion 
of Darkness, but perhaps you might.
--ZORLIM: The zorlim is well guarded, by magic as well as iron bars. The vile 
thing refuses to speak, or even to allow a healer near, although my friend 
says the zorlim is quite %qill%q.
--ILL: My guess is food poisoning. Food prepared by the Children of Light 
would not agree with the minions of Darkness. But a ground %qloka%q root 
cures poison in all living things.
--LOKA: My shelves are full. It would be a great pleasure to provide you with 
whatever you might need. %h, was it? I hope you come back often.
Potion 41/60
Sermin 38/62
Gonshi 48/72
Nift 63/87
Mirget 64/96
Luffin 40/71
Turpin 91/140
Fireglobe 41/60
Loka 76/95
Medicin 46/65

(38,38) Tombul(food)
--ADVICE: You look like you're about to set out on a journey, %y. Allow me to 
supply you with %qfood%q packed for travel.
--FOOD: My rations last long and taste great.
food(12) 19/30

(60-1,35) Library

--Have you read about Vankruh yet? It is a dreadful tale, but a fascinating 
one! And somehow pathetic...
--They say there is a ruined temple in the Throat of Gurtex.
--Did you know that it is possible to awaken sleeping gods? You must know the 
correct word to whisper.
--They say an ancient prophecy will be fulfilled before long!

--The Black Rooster has a better wine cellar, but the entertainment is better 
at the Eastern Breeze.
--I have researched the temples of ancient Gurtex extensively. Four of them 
were located in the Demonspine, in Krum, in Mandarg, and in Sariss.
[you can invite Polo.]

(65,46) Metalsmith

(60,46) Carpenter

(64,54) Parr, musician
--ADVICE: Everyone loves music. Even monsters. And it sounds so much better 
when it's played on a fine %qinstrument%q!
--INSTRUMENT: You had to ask, didn't you! Well, I like to think I have the 
best instruments this side of the sea. That %qbandore%q just might be the 
best one anywhere!
--BANDORE: You play a bandore like a lute. But it's bigger, so the sound is 
deeper. It can be very soothing.
Lyre 200/385
Lute 250/420
Flute 120/240
Bandore 302/500

(42-3,56) Magic academy $225

(41-2,64) Fistfight academy $100

(34-5,64) Stealth $200

(35,56) Min's clothes
--From the frozen valleys of the %qDemonspine%q to the steaming jungles of 
%qSariss%q, your comfort is assured when I, the best tailor of the realm, 
provide your outfits. Look! Even the rarest of all, %qElvenspun%q, can be 
yours to wear.
--DEMONSPINE/SARISS: %qFazil%q the scholar told me that there's an old temple 
there, [you].
--FAZIL: Fazil lives here in Telermain someplace. I'm not sure where. But he 
knows a lot about %qGurtex%q.
--Allow me to present my selection of finest quality %qoutfits%q at very 
reasonable prices. (I'm practicing a new sales pitch, [you]. I hope you don't 
--ELVENSPUN: OK, listen to this. 'The finest fabric ever woven, proof against 
any weather, and only available from the House of Min!' Think it'll sell? But 
seriously, [you], my price is too high. Elvenspun is too scarce. I'd rather 
buy it than sell it to a friend.
Elvenspun 200/400
Suede 162/180
Cotton 61/80
Silk 122/220
Wool 111/200
Furs 233/400

(21,51) (18,66) (15,52) ( 8,38) (20,38) (69,13) (44,15) "Ferom" leads to 
weird locations outdoors
(68,60) No response ever
(91, 66) I suspect there is supposed to be a door here. But there isn't.
--I hear there is an interesting article on Rhokadur the Magic Axe at the 
Royal Library.

(71, 68) Man
--Brodin claims there are barbarians living in the Tundra!
--They say one day young Kemrul will be the wisest of all scholars. I wish 
his dad was still alive, he would be so proud of him.
--BRODIN: He lives near the Black Rooster. He doesn't usually get home until 
well after dark.
--KEMRUL: He owns a nice little cottage just to the south of the park. If he 
is not home, he may well be in the park. He takes frequent walks there. Says 
it clears his mind.

(85,66) Man
--NEWS: I hear some of them Halfling folks up in Ketrop have pretty deep 

--NEWS: They say one must have many skills to survive in this harsh land of 
Gurtex. We are fortunate to have so many training facilities right here in 
Telermain. Long as one is able to afford the fees, of course.

--I hear there are songs of magic that will mesmerize vicious beasts of 

(42,48) Music academy $150

(80-1,41) Lodge 
--Welcome to the Wizards' Lodge. Wizards are provided lodging here to 
memorize spells up to 7 days. There is no charge for our services if you use 
your own book, but a donation is appreciated.
--The registrar kindly asks you to leave, your presence is distracting the 

Busy wizard
--Gurtex is the home of turpin mushrooms. I don't know where they grow.
--The new book of Felmis is truly a boon to the Children of Light.
--Zakhad's Hibliss sorcerers have been animating corpses to fight for 
(200 coin rental for spell books, and only wizards can study)

(71, 22) Terilo (equipment)
--ADVICE: A well equipped adventurer lives longer!
--BUY/SELL: ??
Map flask 200/390
Shovel     87/111
Rope       72/96
Pick       30/40
Blanket    71/140

(79,32-3) Kavon(armor)
--ADVICE: I reckon you're heading for Gurtex, %y. Don't ask me how I know. I 
have hunches sometimes. But Gurtex is a bad place. You'll need good armor. 
That's more than a hunch.
--ARMOR: Alas, I don't have any %qmethreal%q armor. But what I have is pretty 
--METHREAL: Only the Dwarven folks can help you with that.
--BUY/SELL: ??
               0/99      0/99
Leather      100/195
Ring mail    175/340
Chain mail   300/565   215/300
Bronze plate 400/685
Steel plate  734/1130

(72,33): Faruk(gems)
--ADVICE: Bring me rare %qgems%q and %qtreasures%q, and I'll offer you prices 
like you've never seen!
--GEMS: I buy or sell them, your choice is mine.
--TREASURE: Mighty %qSakar%q must be the best treasure hunter alive!
--GAMBLING: There's a gambling hall north of the docks, if your tastes run in 
that direction. Myself, I prefer a sure thing.
--SAKAR: [joined] I see Mighty Sakar is in fitting company.
--SAKAR: [not joined] I would wager that Sakar is digging up a treasure 
%qchest%q at this very moment, if I were a %qgambling%q man.
--CHEST: I have reason to believe that there are many buried chests in the 
caverns below the castle.
            0/99     0/99
Pearl      60/46    30/44
Blu Pearl 100/68    45/68
Jade      200/131   87/131
Topaz     305/206  125/206
Ruby      460/262  175/262
Sapphire  610/412  265/412
Emerald   915/618  375/618
Diamond  1470/1074 625/926


 (    )                  +
(      )                -+-
 (_  _)   OUTDOOR      --+--
   ||  CONVERSATIONS  ---+---
   ||                ----+----
  /  \                 --+--

Merchant (66,14) (14,28) (22,23) (71,58) (84,59) (85,59)
--Brodin says there are nomadic people living in Gurtex.
--Tannas says there are mushrooms that turn your skin to bark!
--Taxes will increase, I hear.
--Rebnard is sick with worry, they say.

Halfling (26,35) 6-20
--News: Visit our beautiful village Ketrop, north of the castle.
--News: Faranim would be happy to sell you a book.
--Faranim: He lives in Ketrop.

Woman (27,58) (28,58) (17,14) (18,14) (76,58)
--News: Misha has her eyes on a stranger, they say.
--News: Fazil says there are undead creatures in Gurtex. I shudder at the 
very thought!
--News: I hear Rebnard is looking for a hero.
--News: Ozmin says he will never ever sail again!

General directions:
--BOL TANNIER: He lives in a big mansion south of the park.
--BRODIN: He lives on Dina Lane.
--FAZIL: He is such a wise scholar. He lives on the north side of Belazar 
--FEROM: He is the owner of the Eastern Breeze Tavern
--GARLIN: If not on his good ship 'Destiny,' then you can probably find 
Captain Garlin in the Black Rooster.
--MELVR: He goes to walk in the park after dark!
--MISHA: She is Ferom's daughter.
--OZMIN: He lives in a house north of the Eastern Breeze.
--REBNARD: I am proud to serve our King in any way I can!
--TANNAS: He is hard to find during the day. He spends much time outdoors. He 
lives on the street south of the Jail.
--TIMM: All day long he sits on the pier, thinking about his dream, he says!

Guards: (72,6) (52,5) (56,67) (51,67)
--King Rebnard will be happy to see you.
--You should report to the King as soon as you can.
--??: The Caverns of Mandarg swarm with ghouls and Dreadknights.
--??: I heard a mysterious sound coming from below the castle.

Sailor: (88,26) (80, 9) (79, 8) (90,52)
--Garlin says we may set sail again soon.
--They say the waters beyond the Throat are impossible to sail.
--I hear sea serpents of the Eastern Sea have swallowed whole ships!
--They say there are strange folks living in the uncharted waters south of 
--GARLIN: If not on his good ship 'Destiny,' then you can probably find 
Captain Garlin in the Black Rooster.

kids: (98,56) (99,57) (88,67)
--News: Timm never plays with us!
--News: Melvr says he can turn an orc into a frog!
--News: I will be rich like Bol Tannier when I grow up!

old man: (13,23) (82,25)
--News: Petro says he can outdrink Polo any day!
--News: Aren't you the one that Jimbo keeps talking about?
--News: I hear Rebnard is looking for a hero.
--PETRO: If he's not home, he would be at the tavern.
--POLO: He is probably at the library.

Melvr: (13,15) 22-7
[see indoors]

Timm: (99,18) 9-18
--Paragraph 15
--DREAM: I dream of the day when I will be the captain of my own ship and 
sail to faraway lands.
--MARK: paragraph 17
--LOOK:  He has the mark of a star on his right knee.

Kemrul: (26,28) 10-14
[see indoors]

Pushka: (76,52) 17-23
--Rumors: %qZakhad%q is breeding %qFermigons%q with wings!
--Ale: It's much better than water, I tell you! (Pushka belches loudly.) Oh, 
excuse me, %y. (He belches again.)
--Fermigons: My uncle had his leg bitten off by a Fermigon back at 
--Zakhad: The demon Zakhad's the Lord of Darkness in Gurtex. May he choke on 
his own foul drool!
--Berbezza: Ah yes, Fort Berbezza, home of the %qMagic Candle%q in the old 
country. Have you ever been to %qDeruvia%q?
--Deruvia: Oh gods, how I miss the fair lands of Deruvia. Sniff! Belch! 
(Pushka weeps.)
--Magic Candle: It still burns, with evil %qDreax%q trapped within its flame, 
thanks to the %qHeroes%q of the Candle!
--Dreax: Which one is the greater evil, I wonder: Dreax or %qZakhad%q?
--Magic Candle: By the good gods, %y! Where have you been these ten years 
that you don't know the Heroes of the Candle??
--Advice: We'll all be %qFermigon%q chow soon! So, enjoy your last days!

Sefil: (50,57) 8-18
--LOOK:  It seems he is about to pass out!
--Advice: Be %qgenerous%q to a poor beggar, %y!
--Generous: I would consider an offer of 50 coins very generous indeed!
--Offer <50 coins: I will pray for your good fortune, %y.
--50 coins: I am most grateful for your generosity, %y. In return, let me 
suggest that you visit %qUssa%q soon. You can gather much information there. 
But heed this warning! Many of the folks in Ussa are rogues and thieves!
--Ussa: Ussa is a small fishing village on the northern coast of the Throat 
of Gurtex. My brother %qAhmed%q lives there. Him, you can trust. Just be sure 
to tell him you are my friends.
--Ahmed: He will be happy to help those who helped his brother!
--??: Seek my brother %qAhmed%q in %qUssa%q. He is a good man. Very informed 

|       INDOOR      (*)
+--+                -+-
|  |                 |
|  |                / \

(16, 38) KEMRUL
--Advice: When you seek lost %qknowledge%q, the %qlibrary%q is a good place 
to start.
--Knowledge: So much of it is buried within ancient %qelden%q works, waiting 
for skilled %qscholars%q to uncover. I do my best, but I have so much to 
learn. The legacy of a wasted youth...
--Library: Talk to the librarian there. He may guide you.
--Elden: If the eldens were with us still, %qRebnard%q certainly would have 
fewer worries.
--Rebnard: Our King Rebnard needs help. The kind of help that only an 
extraordinary hero might supply!
--Scholars: Many scholars have arrived from Deruvia since the Telermain 
%qlibrary%q and the one in Castle Oshcrun were reopened: %qFazil%q, 
%qRabbonkar%q, Brother %qPolo%q, Father %qOrbonn%q...
--Fazil: Fazil works at his house here in Telermain. The librarian lets him 
take some books and scrolls home.
--Rabbonkar: Rabbonkar is an expert in dwarven lore and culture. He lives by 
the Music Academy.
--Polo: Polo spends most of his time at the library, studying the lore of 
Gurtex. I think he secretly wants to go there himself.
--Orbonn: Father Orbonn is so very wise. I will always treasure the few hours 
he spent with me, before he went to the castle. He is one of King 
%qRebnard%q's most trusted advisors, you know.
--[not enough charisma:] A scholar among adventurers! Now, this is truly an 
event to remember!

(60, 62) BRODIN
--Advice: The rumors of a %qbarbarian%q tribe living in the Tundra of Gurtex 
are true. They move from place to place with the seasons.
--BARBARIAN: A traveler once told me a barbarian named %qSwiftwind%q knows a 
special song called '%qFiredance%q.'
--SWIFTWIND: Apparently, he is a very good tracker, as well as a player of 
the bandore.
--FIREDANCE:'Firedance' is the song that Swiftwind can teach you. It is 
supposed to pacify those dreadful munaks of the Tundra!

(62, 13) TANNAS
--Advice: Don't pay %qShashika%q for gonshi. There's a %qpatch%q of them for 
you to pick right here on the island.
--SHASHIKA: Shashika's prices are outrageous. And I don't know what she sees 
in Captain Garlin. The old sea goat!
--PATCH: The gonshi are at the west end of the northern hills. Remember not 
to pick them all, so the patch can grow back again.

(11, 61) BOL TANNIER (18-8)
--Advice: Troubled times can provide great %qprofits%q, [you]. When a willing 
buyer meets a willing seller, the clouds part, the sun shines through, and 
the good gods smile.
--Profits: Diamonds and pearls built my fortune, and I'm not about to tell 
you my sources. But I grew up in the garment trade, and I don't mind saying 
that trading %qelvenspun%q outfits could make a very nice profit.
--Elvenspun: Elvenspun fabric protects from heat and cold, rain and snow. 
Only the elves know how to spin, weave and sew it. It all comes from across 
the Sea of Oshmar, since there are no elves in Gurtex. The tailor %qMin%q has 
many customers waiting for elvenspun.
--Min: Haven't you visited Min yet? He has a clothing store right here in 

(18, 58) MELVR
--Advice: Research 'Mindstones' at the Telermain library.
--Combination: Sphere, sphere, pyramid will set you down in Misor.
--Mindstones: Ah yes, a subject of great interest to every wizard. We are too 
old to walk to places, you know. I know one %qcombination%q. My collegue 
%qTruk%q will be able to tell you yet another one.
--Truk: Knock on Truk's door, on the top floor of the castle.

(41,16) Home
--I hear a learned scholar once suggested that little Timm was no ordinary 
kid. Always wondered what he meant by that.
--TIMM: Mostly he sits on the pier gazing at the sea, as if he expects some 
boat to appear in the horizon shortly. Strange kid, for certain.

(48,47) Rabbonkar
--I came across a very interesting article about %qAltesens%q in the Royal 
Library. Read it.
--GODS: The forgotten gods of Gurtex would be inclined to help you if you can 
find and awaken them, I'm sure. I suspect Marior sleeps right here on 
Oshcrun, possibly under the castle.
--ALTESENS: A race of ancient legends. Many of my colleagues are of the 
opinion that they are but a myth. I don't know. Go ahead and research it at 
the Royal Library in Castle Oshcrun, and than you can form your own view.

(49, 5) Tower with guard
--news: You seem like a dependable sort. I reckon you will be no trouble to 
us. I hope you enjoy your stay in Telermain.
--news: I have nothin' but admiration for the honorable Bol Tannier. He sure 
knows how to turn up a profit even in these direst of times.
--Bol Tannier: He is a man of great fortune. He lives in a big mansion south 
of the park.

(57, 5) Tower with guard
--NEWS: I hear Turgut sails to parts of Gurtex that few would dare go!
--NEWS: Did you visit with Rabbonkar? He is such a wise and knowledgeable 
scholar, I am certain he would provide you with many fascinating facts about 
--RABBONKAR: He lives in the mid-section of the town, right next to the Music 
Academy. His door is always open, no need to knock. Just walk in.
--TURGUT: He is a very skilled man of the sea, a great captain. He usually 
anchors across the channel, on the shores of Misor.

(71, 5) jail
Guard inside prison
--news: Let me tell you, I've got the cushiest job in this town! I hardly 
ever get to guard anybody in here cells other than an occasional drunkard 
brawler or two for a overnight stay.
--news: Did you hear of the stowaway Orc? I hear he is quite a character. 
They keep him locked away at the castle. If you get a chance, pay him a 
visit. May be fun.

(72, 14) OZMIN
--"Greetings, you look tired, is there anything I can get for you?"
--Rumors: The King could do with better advisors, if you ask me. Lord Banas 
can't be trusted, and Lord Bhardagast is losing his mind. At least, that's 
what they say.
--Sea: Never again will I set foot on a %qboat%q. The rest of my life will be 
spent on this island!
--Boat: I sailed in one from Deruvia.
--Temple: You mustn't miss it! [paragraph 8]

(27, 50) FAZIL
--ADVICE: A book in the Telermain library tells of the magical axe Nalanduir. 
Some research now may benefit you later.
--TEMPLES: My research tells me that there are eight remaining temples to the 
ancient gods of Gurtex. It appears that %qone%q of them is right here on 
Oshcrun Island.
--ONE: I think the temple is on the west coast of the island, overlooking the 
Sea of Oshmar.

(48, 38) PETRO
[see Black Rooster]

(80,50) Black Rooster Tavern

Ferom: (6-1)

--Regulars: Now that %qKemrul%q aspires to become a scholar, and spends all 
his time studying, I don't have many regular customers left.
--Kemrul: These days, Kemrul can be found either in the park contemplating, 
or at home studying.

Patrons: (20-6)
--Rumors: I hear a %qZorlim%q was captured alive and taken to the castle.
--Zorlims: He must be in the jail at the castle.

--The Gull Islands be haunted!
--There be a lost continent to the south of Gurtex! It be cold in summer, and 
light in winter! The folk there be monsters, and the monsters be folks like 
'ee and me!
--Ships that go venturin' too far from the shores of Kar'lomug never be 
comin' back!

Argas: (17-00)
--ADVICE: As long as I get a fair share of booty, I will fight the foe to the 
best of my ability. On the word of Argas.
[you can invite Argas.]
--ENDPOINT: Press on. It is now up to us to save the Prince. The future of 
the realm hangs in the balance.

Garlin: (19-23)
--Advice: If you need to sail to western Gurtex, my crew and I are at your 
service. You will see the 'Destiny' when you leave Telermain.
--Ship: My new ship is the 'Destiny.'

Nuwar: (6-1)
--Regulars: Well, Captain Garlin favors my tavern when he is in town, and of 
course Petro practically lives here!
--Rumors: They say a ghost wanders below the castle!

Petro: (18-00)
--Advice: Look at %qTimm%q's knee. The mark on his knee is no ordinary 
--DWARVES: They say there is a dwarf community somewhere in Gurtex. If so, I 
am sure their brew is every bit as good as I used to enjoy back in Deruvia. 
But I'm in no hurry to cross the channel to Misor.
--LOCAL BREW: No human has ever matched the brewing skill of %qdwarves%q. 
Nuwar is no exception!
--TIMM: Timm is a strange kid. You will usually find him on the piers, gazing 
at the shores of Gurtex across the water.

(,) Methreal Nugget
--NEWS: I felt so lucky earlier, I was absolutely certain I'd be a big 
winner! I don't know what went wrong, friend, but I tell you I am wiped out. 
Take it from me, stay clear of this place!
--NEWS: I feel so miserable! My pouch has nothing but air now. When I walked 
in, it was filled with sweetly jingling coins, and my heart was filled with 
--NEWS: They say if the demon Zakhad ever becomes ruler of this land, all its 
schools and academies will be made into gambling halls!

| | | | |    CASTLE:    | | | | |
+-+-+-+-+    OSHCRUN    +-+-+-+-+
| o   o | | | | | | | | | o   o |
 \     /--+-+-+-+-+-+-+--\     /
  |   |    o   /~\   o    |   |
  | # |        | |        | # |


(6, 4) (59, 4) 'Stairway Down'
(11, 4) (66, 4) 'Stairway Up'
(28, 8) 'Waiting Room'
(59, 16) 'Council Hall'
(59, 26) 'Dining Hall'
(47, 65) 'Guards' Hall'
(10, 25) 'Royal Library'
(18, 25) 'Royal Study'
(30, 65) 'Knights' Training Hall'
(48, 50) 'Prayer Chamber'
(61, 50) 'Music Chamber'
(12, 11) 'Knights' Room'

(34, 9) (39, 9) (34, 66) (44,66) (34, 32) (42, 32) Guards
--I hear Zakhad is guarded by Dreadknights!
--I hear there is disagreement among the king's counselors.
--Visit the Castle Armory downstairs. You can equip yourself and your friends 
there, free of charge!
--Rimfiztrik has written a new spell book! Who'd havethought old Fiz had it 
in him!

--TRUK: Knock on his door upstairs.
--FIZ: Fiz is often in the Knights' Room. Ask him about his book, 'Felmis'!
--REBNARD: May the gods protect and guide His Majesty!
--BHARDAGAST: He hardly leaves his room any more. Knock on his door upstairs.

(52, 46) (64, 37) (11, 16) (6, 8) (42, 5) (67, 5) (42, 25) Servants
--Bhardagast says 'Where swords fail, knowledge may succeed!'
--Master Truk says no magic user can match his skill when it comes to shape 
--Now I call this civilization! Look, even stairways have signs saying 
whether they go up or down!

(23,14) Gustron 10-19
--Whatever the Children of Light do, we should do it with honor!
[you can invite Gustron to join you.]

(24, 15) Lady
--We all feel deeply about the pain our Queen Alishia must endure.
--There are some in this castle who believe the King does not get the best 
possible counsel!

(35, 10) 9-18 ?? appears later

Later random dialogues:
--We are moving into Gurtex soon, I hear.
--They say the prince is slain!
--They say Zakhad's army is at Demonspine!


(16-7,25) Study (nobody there)

(57-8,16) Council Room (nobody there)

(57-8,26) Dining Hall (nobody there)

(45-6,65) Guards' Room (nobody there)

( 8-9,25) Library (nobody there)
Note: Tamas appears here later after he joins and is released.

(28-9,65) Training Room
Ben, Rogga and Eldai appear here later after they join and are released.

(59-60,50) Music Room (nobody there)

(12,12-3) Knights' Room
Ben and Eldai appear here later after they join and are released.
--What? Oh yes, I think you should proceed as you plan.
--FELMIS: I sold a copy once, you know. To a strange fellow called 
%qNightshadow.%q He gave me several rubies for it. I wonder where I put 
--NIGHTSHADOW: I don't know what Nightshadow wanted Felmis for. He looked 
more like a %qnomad%q than a wizard.
--NOMAD: There are rumors of a nomadic tribe of barbarians living somewhere 
in Gurtex. Can't say that I believe them. Darkness has ruled Gurtex for ages, 
you see. How could humans have survived?
--TELEPORTALS: I know one combination! Three cubes teleport to North Misor! 
Or wait, was it to North Mandarg?
[You can invite Fiz.]

--Good weapons, good armor, and lots of mushrooms. That's my formula for 
successful campaigns.
[You can invite Grolf.]

(36-7, 8) Throne Room


REBNARD: (1st time talking, 3 mindstones + Brennix)

--Your efforts are appreciated, [you]. Please carry on.

[after you solved Deraum]
--We need %qZidoni%q's help more than ever now!
--ZIDONI: Only Zidoni seems to know what is going on, but nobody knows where 
he is!

--To survive in this foul land of Gurtex you will need help from %qmagic 
users%q. Lots of it. Seek %qFaranim%q in Ketrop.
--MAGIC USERS: Some of the magic users you meet may join your party. I know 
%qEflun%q would if you ever find him.

--FARANIM: He lives in the halfling village of Ketrop, north of the castle. 
You can buy spell books from him.
--EFLUN: Eflun was here at the castle until a year ago. One day his dwarven 
friend %qKruga%q showed up out of nowhere, and the next day they were both 
gone. No farewell, no explanation.
--EFLUN[in party]: I see one of the best, the Great Eflun, is now with the 
--KRUGA: He was grim, as always. He didn't say much, but I heard him mumble 
something like 'First Dorak, and now Drakhelm!'
--KRUGA[in party]:I hear nobody wields the doubleaxe like mighty Kruga can!

--Who am I to advise the mighty [you], hero of Berbezza? Of course, you had 
%qwizards%q to help....

--Know the enemy well! Research 'Zakhad' at our Royal Library. Armed with the 
right knowledge, you will serve the realm better.
--LIBRARY: The library's on the west edge of the main floor of the castle, 
north of the gardens. The librarian's a good friend of mine, but he's so 

--You have heard about the elden %qstrongholds%q, I presume. Look for them 
when you reach the mainland. While within their walls, one is absolutely 
safe. They are ideal places for meetings, or for sleep and rest.
--STRONGHOLDS: Apparently, the eldens built a stronghold in each %qregion%q 
of Gurtex. There is one on this island, north of Telermain.
--REGION: %qTruk%q says that, in the old days, %qscrolls%q told the locations 
of the strongholds in every region of Gurtex.
--TRUK: Truk is usually in his room here at the castle. Knock on his door if 
you wish to see him.
--SCROLLS: A %qprisoner%q I once interrogated mentioned a scroll. His 
description of it suggests that it could have been a guide to the 
--PRISONER: The orc said his squad found the scroll while looting a %qtomb%q 
in a deserted Dwarven mine. He said that they had no use for it, so they left 
it there.
--TOMB: A simple grave, actually. No tombstone; just a signpost. None of the 
orcs could read, of course, but one of them thought he recognized the rune 
for 'traveler.'

--FIRST: Come with me. [paragraph 16]
--ADVICE: I am certain that the elves of Gurtex still survive in Upper 
Neirwood. I can find them if you take me there!
--WOOD ELVES: They are a most secretive race, aren't they? Almost as much so 
as the %qAltesens.%q
--ALTESENS: The altesens lived long ago, in the time of the eldens. They took 
no sides in the struggle between Light and Darkness.

(26-7, 8) Waiting Room

--NEWS: They say hoards of Zombies roam in Gurtex!
--NEWS: They say there are Ogres in Krum.
--WEATHER: Nice day, isn't it?
--WEATHER: Feels like it will rain.
--WEATHER: It is not the kind of weather for a stroll out there, is it?
--WEATHER: It looks like we don't have to worry about a drought, eh?

Wealthy man:
--I hear it is possible to reap great profits if a band of brave traders can 
reach Krum safely and buy fur from Trolls there.

Old man:
--They say Gurtex was once home to Dwarves and Elves.
--I hear there is an Orc settlement in Ruul.

(46-7,50) Prayer Room
Father Orbonn:
--I am not much of a fighter. However, if you invite me to join you, I can 
assist you with your research requirements at libraries.
--GODS: Gurtex had four gods of Light. They are nearly forgotten, but their 
ruined temples might be found. On their altars are engraved mystic %qwords%q.
--WORDS: Every god has a different word. When you find a sleeping god or 
goddess, whisper the correct word to awaken him or her. But use care in 
awakening the gods of Darkness.

| | | | |    CASTLE:    | | | | |
+-+-+-+-+    OSHCRUN    +-+-+-+-+
| o   o | | | | | | | | | o   o |
 \     /--+-+-+-+-+-+-+--\     /
  |   |    o   /~\   o    |   |
  | # | GROUND | | LEVEL  | # |


(12,13) (12,33) 'Jail'
(29,26) 'Guards' Dormitory'
(35,18) 'Servants' Dormitory'
(43,34) 'Royal Armory'
(50,18) 'Wine Cellar'
(57,32) 'Staple & Spice Storage'
(59, 4) 'Kitchen'
(57, 5) 'Pantry'
(44,24) 'Warehouse'
(64,15) 'Stairs to Lower Oshcrun. Not Safe! Proceed with Caution!'


Guardsman (61,16)

--The cellars below haven't been conquered like the rest of the island, %y. 
There are still monsters down there.
--I have to make sure that nobody goes down to the cellars unless they're 
prepared for a fight. There are creatures down there that can't be killed, 
'cause they're already dead!
--I wouldn't go down these stairs without a good squad with me! But I heard 
that the dwarf Sakar went down there alone. Nobody can talk to dwarves when 
they have their minds made up!
--It's wet down in the cellars. Pools and streams of salt water, sewage, and 
worse. From what I've heard, only Walkwater spells can get you very far.


(29,27-8) Dormitory
--ADVICE: I have the greatest respect for Lady Subia. If she says she can 
find the elves in Gurtex, she will!

--NEWS: They say there is a goblin town built above the ancient Catacombs of 
Eldens in Eastern Gurtex.
--NEWS: They say there are undead monsters underneath this castle. I hope our 
wizards know how to deal with them!
--NEWS: They say when one debarks to an island, it is best to pay the captain 
generously to ensure his boat will be waiting for one's return. 'Missing' the 
boat while exploring and isle may well be fatal!
--NEWS: They say Zakhad rules his filthy minions from the top of Mount 
--WEATHER: Looks like rain, don't you think?
--WEATHER: The fog should clear soon, I think.
--WEATHER: If it was my day off, I would be at the beach right now!
--WEATHER: Nice day, isn't it?
--ZAKHAD: I wouldn't want to face that one, no matter what!

(43,35-6) Armory
--ADVICE: By the King's order, the royal %qarmory%q is at your service.
--WEAPON: You can buy any weapon from the armory, at no charge, if we can 
spare it. But there's an invasion to prepare for.
--ARMORY:I am happy to fit you with the best armor we have!
[loot whatever you want. Get the stuff that costs the most and SELL IT.]

(58-9,32) Staple Storage
--NEWS: They say there was a time when Gurtex was home to Dwarves, Elves, and 
--NEWS: I hear the Ogre King has given up the tower of Shadrum and moved into 
Eastern Gurtex.
--NEWS: They say there are Ogres in Eastern Gurtex that are even bigger and 
stronger than those that occupied the Tower of Shadrum back on fair isle of 
Fubernel. You remember them, don't you?
--NEWS: They say Ben landed on an island after paying his captain to wait for 
him anchored, for five days. When he failed to return in five days, they say 
the captain took off, leaving him doomed on a cursed island somewhere in 
--NEWS: Sakar says his ancestors used to live under the Demonspine mountains.
--BEN: His highness thinks very highly of Ben the Mercenary, I hear.
--SAKAR: He seems to prefer hunting down orcs down in the cellars to having 
tea with Lady Subia!
--SUBIA: Lady Subia too would prefer exploration to tea parties if she gets 
the chance, I suspect.
--WEATHER: I can't really tell much about weather from where I am, can I? I 
hope it will be nice when my next leave comes up.

(60,23) stairs down

(60-1, 4) Kitchen
--I suggest you take Lady Subia along if you want to find a certain 
%qvillage%q on the mainland.
--VILLAGE: I believe Lady Subia fully when she claims there is a village of 
elves in Gurtex.

--NEWS: We hear not all visitors are happy with our chef Nuri's cooking!
--NEWS: Oran the guardian says the captive Zorlim never touches any of the 
food we send for prisoners!
--NURI: I aspire to be a chef just like him one day!
--ORAN: He says one of his Orc prisoners actually seems like a decent sort, 
if you can believe that!

(35,19-20) dormitory
--Beratt says Piero knows how to make Sand-gus dance!
--They say a Dwarf warrior went down into the cellars to hunt down orcs!
--I hear there is a tower on the island of Mariz taken over by Fermigons!
--PIERO: He is in charge of the wine cellar of our castle.
--BERATT: Rebnard wants him to retire but he says he will see Prince Jemil's 
coronation before he sails back to Deruvia!
--JEMIL: The heir Prince Jemil makes all of us proud. He will be a great king 
one day!
--REBNARD: We are proud to be in his service!

(57, 6-7) Pantry
--They say there is a type of magic mushroom which grows only in parts of 
Gurtex. Our magic users back in Deruvia have no knowledge of this strange 
--I hear swamps of Gurtex teem with dreadful creatures. The Kurdazi, they 

(??,??) Armory
--By the King's order, the royal %qarmory%q is at your service.
--WEAPON: You can buy any weapon from the armory, at no charge, if we can 
spare it. But there's an invasion to prepare for.
--ARMORY: I am happy to fit you with the best armor we have!

( 5,12-3) Jail
--I'd stay clear of the zorlim's cell if I were you. He is deadly!
--PRISONERS[before Buz]: The ship from Deruvia had a stowaway orc. We found 
the monster three days after we set sail, and locked him in the brig. When we 
reached Oshcrun, the orc went into a cell down the hall. He's been praying to 
the good gods ever since.
--PRISONERS[after Buz]: Without Buzbazgut, this jail won't be what it used to 
be. Not that it's ever been like an evening with %qShashika%q.
--SHASHIKA: Shashika sells herbs and mushrooms in Telermain. Um. She's very 
pleasant company. A very clever woman. Well, back to work.

( 5,16-7) Empty jail

( 5,20-1) Empty jail

( 5,24-5) Jail w Zorlim
--The zorlim says: My name is Nkh. My rank is Harruan.
--The zorlim says: I am Nkh, second Harruan of the merciless Dark Legion. I 
serve Zakhad the Mightiest. I fear nothing and nobody. I speak no more!
--You have heard my name and rank. I have nothing more to say.
--[offer LOKA]: Hmm. For the first time since I was brought here, the pain in 
my gut is gone. You have done well. When our forces recapture this keep, I 
may, perhaps, spare your life. I shall make you my personal slave!
--ADVICE: Don't think your King Rebnard is the only one who can throw people 
in %qjail%q. Mighty Zakhad has many jails too, for fools such as you!
--JAIL: I know of jails in %qShann%q, and in %qDorak%q. I am sure there are 
others as well, elsewhere in Gurtex.
--SHANN: Shann is a cozy little tower on the island of Mariz. You may meet a 
few of your friends there!
--DORAK: Ah! The famed Drakka home of ages past, under the Demonspine 
mountains. Now, Dorak belongs to us!

2nd bottom:

( 5,28-9) Jail w Orc
--The imprisoned orc rises. %r10
--ADVICE: Allow me to become a companion in your journeys, mighty hero! I 
have seen the Light! I can guide you through the Darkness!
--ADVICE: I'll do anything to help your cause. All you have to do is ask. 
Just don't send me back to my cell at the castle![you can invite Buzbazgut.]

( 5,32-3) Empty jail

(45-6,24) Warehouse
--I hear there is an Orc settlement in South Misor. What a place that must 
be, eh?
--There are those who believe Dwarves never left Gurtex, They simply went 
into hiding at a new home after Dorak was lost to them.

(21-2, 8) Storage Room (no talkers)
(29-30, 8) Storage Room (no talkers)

(51-2,17) Cellar
Piero (8-18):
--A little music may serve you better than a big sword at times!
--LULLABY OF GU: [you learn Lullaby of Gu]

| | | | |    CASTLE:    | | | | |
+-+-+-+-+    OSHCRUN    +-+-+-+-+
| o   o | | | | | | | | | o   o |
 \     /--+-+-+-+-+-+-+--\     /
  |   |    o   /~\   o    |   |
  | # | UPPER  | |  LEVEL | # |

[no signs]

Servants (15,5) (62,7)

--Lord Banas seems preoccupied these days!
--Just between us, I don't much like to serve Counsellor Alex.
--Queen Alishia's attendants say she is much distressed with recent 
--I hear that Lord Shannor suffers from a rare illness.
--I am so very fond of little Prince Jemil.
--His Majesty has so much to worry about. It's all we can do to make sure 
that he eats and sleeps enough.

--ALEX: His room is next to Sir Loren's.
--JEMIL: I serve His Royal Highness. A very intelligent boy he is, and not 
nearly as spoiled as you might expect.
--BANAS: I usually serve his dinner in his private chambers.
--SHANNOR: He is a wise man if you ask me.
I hear an important visitor is expected soon.
--REBNARD: If he is not in the throne room, he would be in his private 
chambers here on this floor.
--ALISHIA: She hardly ever atttends the court, or even goes downstairs!

  The guest rooms are roughly laid out as follows:

               Loren       Bhardagast Rexor?

[guest]           Banas              Jemil

                            (day)  (night)
       Truk  Subia         Alishia-Alishia

Many of the people listed below are found in the throne room, so you don't 
need to worry about them:
(35,19-20) Banas
(29-30, 8) Loren
(46-7, 8) Bhardagast
(12,14-5) Guest room
(12,22-3) Guest room
(55-6, 8) Rexor, later
(31-2,24) Subia

(47-8,24) Alishia(day) = Alishia(night)

(56-7,24) Alishia
--I feel we can be hopeful of the future while we have friends like you, 
--Have you seen my son Prince Jemil yet? He is grown so much. Rebnard and I 
are very proud of him. You'll find him in his room, please stop by and say 

(62,18-9) Jemil
--I just read about a giant bird called %qOolau%q in the %qlibrary%q. Very 
interesting it was. I recommend you read about it too.
--OOLAU: The book said there might not be any more Oolaus left.
--LIBRARY: The library's on the west edge of the main floor of the castle, 
north of the gardens. The librarian's a good friend of mine, but he's so 

(23-4,24) Truk
--I would be glad to join you, but His Majesty has other tasks for me. 
%qRimfiztrik%q is the only wizard on Oshcrun who can accompany you.
--RIMFITZRIK: My honor and the wizards' code constrain me from saying much 
about the Honorable Rimfiztrik. I admit that I am much impressed with his new 
spell book. His new Felmis seems designed for %qDeraum%q.
--DERAUM: Deraum lies far beneath this castle. No warrior has yet been able 
to breach its door. It bears a stench of death.
--[w/FIZ in party]: One moment. (Truk draws Rimfiztrik aside.) Master, I'm 
happy to see you, and glad you'll be able to prove your new book. Please give 
it a chance. I urge you, don't panic.
--TELEPORTALS:(charm < 7) What? Hmmm... An interesting subject that is. Look 
now, I am terribly busy at the moment. Perhaps some other time we can discuss 
it at length. Next spring perhaps?
--TELEPORTALS: A fascinating subject, teleportation. I've given it much 
study, [you]. I find that there are three different %qways%q to teleport.
--WAYS: There's the %qspell%q. It works if you're in the right place. There 
are portals to %qstep%q into, on purpose or by accident. Or you can 
%qoperate%q devices in special chambers if you know a %qcombination%q.
--SPELL: Get a book of %qIshban%q and you can learn it. Or visit a Wizard's 
Lodge and memorize Teleport from the house copy!
--STEP: A few wizards and demons can construct permanent teleportals. These 
teleportals show no sign of their presence. Stepping onto them transports 
you, often into a trap, sometimes to a location of great wonder.
--ITEMS: Cubes, Spheres and Pyramids. They are few and far between, but I 
have a few that I could sell to you.
--COMBINATION: (charm < 9:)Hrmph! There are many!
--COMBINATION: The combinations aren't the same here as they were across the 
sea. But I've found one. Pyramid in first, Pyramid in second, Sphere in 
third, and you will return to the isle of Oshcrun from wherever you are!
--ISHBAN: Acquire one soon as you can. Mind you, the book of Ishban does not 
come cheap! Perchance you'll find a companion who already has one.
--OPERATE: Use magical %qitems%q to operate the devices in teleportal 
chambers. You must know a %qcombination%q of items that works. Of course, you 
could experiment, but I don't recommend it.

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\  KETROP  /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+


(19, 7) 'Craft of tailoring is taught here by master craftsman Tumin'
(23,30) 'Master Trader Balu'
(41,18) 'Ketrop Hall'
(47,32) 'Ketrop Guesthouse - Welcome'
(37,11) 'Please keep the gate closed at all times'
(46, 7) 'Tailor Workshop. Help Wanted'
(53,27) 'Grocery Store - Travelers' rations'
(53,21) 'Locksmith Extraordinaire Great Milo'
(53,32) Tonton 'This well is in memory of great Halfling teacher and scholar 
(41,35) 'Welcome to Ketrop Halflinghome'

(23,13) (24,14) (33,11) (41,24) (29, 5) (14,34) (43,19) (64,32) (63,31) 
--Miko's wife Teres is the best cook I've ever met.
--Mayor Nebil says Riloen knows a song that makes Slimes dance!
--I hear terrible things have happened at the castle!
--Turnips from Tuff's garden are as big as a fist! A halfling fist, that is.
--I hear great treasures are buried underneath the Demonspine.
--Dwarves used to live under the Demonspine until Vankruh came.
--Mayor Nebil says we should keep our voices down when we pass by Faranim's 
cottage. We must not distract the great wizard from his very important work 
now, must we?
--They say even Zakhad will not mess with Vankruh. I can't even imagine what 
a dreadful horror of a creature it must be!

--FARANIM: We are honored to see Faranim the great wizard live among us 
halflings. His cottage is to the north of the grocery store, by the blue pear 
--MIKO/TERES:They live in the western section of Ketrop.
--NEBIL: You can find him in Ketrop Hall.
--RILOEN: He is a bard who plays at the Eastern Breeze Tavern in Telermain. 
Ask Mayor Nebil about him.
--TUFF: His house is in the western section, next to Jimbo's.
--JIMBO: I don't know what those yellow plants in his garden are for. You 
can't eat them!
--ZAKHAD: The ruler of all evil beings, may he be drown in his own foul 

(33, 29) Acorn 7-23
--GREET: The halfling greets you warmly. 'I'm Acorn,' he says. %r1
--GREET: Acorn says: Welcome back, [you]!
--ADVICE: Always carry plenty of food. Ketrop sells the best! And talk to 
Mayor Nebil before you leave town!

(24,28) Perin 9-18
See inside.

(19,14) Miko 9-18
See inside.


(44-5,31) Guesthouse 7/day

(17, 5) Tailoring $175

(21,30) Trading $180

(51-2,20) Lockpicking $175

(48, 7) Tailor

(15,18) Jimbo:
--Negotiate whenever you can. I'd be glad to help. Fighting day and night is 
not really necessary!
[you can invite Jimbo.]

(20,21) Tuff:
--I once killed a troll with one blow! It is true that my kin has no liking 
for the battlefield. But I am different! I am a warrior!
[you can invite Tuff.]

(57,25) Litken:
--You must buy your travel rations from me. You will find my prices much more 
agreeable than %qTombul%q's.
--TOMBUL: Tombul's the food trader in Telermain. His rations cost more and 
nourish less than mine!
* food-12 15/26 *

(39,18) Ketrop Hall
Perin (18-06):
--It is crucial to have a good supply of food, preferably bought from Litken 
of Ketrop, when one ventures into Gurtex.
[you can ask Perin to join you.)

Nebil (18-23):
--There are magical tunes that can help you defeat some of Zakhad's beasts. I 
believe the bard %qRiloen%q knows one such song.
--RILOEN: Ah, yes, when Riloen sings %qMage's Joy%q, slimes listen!
--MAGE'S JOY: Ask Riloen about it some evening in the 'Eastern Breeze.'

--NEWS: They say Eldens migrated to a land called Tfarcdnim!
--NEWS: They say there is a dreadful village full of Trolls up in the 
mountains of Krum in Gurtex.
--NEWS: I hear there are creatures called Munaks that roam the Tundra in 
Gurtex. They look like giant dogs with a tail of a scorpion!

(11-2, 8) MIKO'S FAMILY
Miko: [man]
--ADVICE: Seek %qEstefaz%q the Wizard if you are looking to buy %qVannex%q
--ESTEFAZ: Estefaz was living on this island when we first arrived. Later I 
heard he left for the mainland.
--VANNEX: Ask %qEstefaz%q about 'Vannex', the spell book. He may sell you 

SAM: [kid]
--ADVICE: I am sure Uncle Tuff will be the best adventurer in the service of 
our King!

TERES: [wife]
--ADVICE: Don't drink the water you find in Gurtex. You never know what may 
swim in it!
--NERELNES: I have done some research in my time before little Sam came 
along. I happen to believe Nerelnes sleeps on the Isle of Deladorn in eastern 

(61-2,16) FARANIM
--ADVICE: Allow me to sell you some spell %qbooks%q. If I were you, I 
wouldn't leave home without them!
--BOOKS: I specialize in the Book of Sabano, and the Book of Demaro. There 
are %qmore%q.
--MORE: There are also the books of Ishban, Zoxinn, Vannex, and Felmis. And 
when %qZiyx%q is finished, there will be a seventh one!
--ZIYX: The Great Ziyx lives on the Isle of Rondl. Hire a ship to sail there. 
Ziyx will be glad to see you. Visit him often, but not too often. We wizards 
cannot spend all our time entertaining visitors.
--SHANN: Shann was my %qhome%q until the Fermigons came. The noise of their 
grinding teeth was so irritating that I decided to move here to Ketrop. But 
now I must endure the incessant yappings of the halflings. I might be tempted 
to go back to Shann, if Maalaq had not moved in!
--HOME: My home? Shann? It's on an island south of Misor. Whisper the magic 
word 'Frilkenatz' to open the gate. Maalaq may not be happy to see you.
--TELEPORTALS: I've never used teleportals much. I'd rather stay in one 
place. There was a combination - Cone, Sphere, Cone - scrawled on a wall of 
the tower of %qShann%q. It must have gone back to the mainland.

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\   USSA   /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+


(30, 6) 'Grocery Store'
(16,14) 'Salty Dog Tavern'
(26,29) 'Equipment and Supplies'
(22, 6) 'Japno's fine Weapon Store'
( 8,10) 'Blue Whale Guesthouse - Welcome'
( 6,21) 'Harkun's Armory'
(12, 7) 'Shark's Teeth Gambling Hall'
( 9,35) 'Welcome to Port Ussa'

(20,14) Fisherman:
--NEWS: Cap'n Martin 'n' Cap'n Amos hates each other, y'know. Spensor been 
sayin' one of 'em hired an assassin to put t'other out o' business.
--NEWS: There be a lone dwarf a-wanderin' in the Blackwood. They say he be a 
warrior o' warriors. Slew four minotaurs, and walked away without a limp!
--NEWS: Glad I am t'be sailin' the northern seas. In the south, there be 
swimmin' sarpints big enough to swallow a boat and all aboard 'er.

(5, 32) Beggar:
--NEWS: Have you heard about the Dwarf of Blackwood? They say he is a fierce 
fighter. I hope he doesn't visit Ussa!
--NEWS: Ahmed says I look just like his older brother.
--NEWS: The wizard Naendix says he can get any spell book you desire, if only 
the price is right.

(32, 6) Fisherman
--NEWS: Zakhad has shape shifters working for him! They can disguise 
themselves as anyone or anything!
--NEWS: Martin is the best captain this town has ever seen. I trust him.
--NEWS: I heard a strange little verse: 'The Petras bade Zakhad: Begone! The 
Petras now languish in stone.' I have no idea what it means.
--NEWS: They say Deadwood is full of goblins. Fine. I never wanted to go to 
Deadwood, anyway.

(34, 6) (15,19) (16,15) (15,15) (22,34) Sailor:
--NEWS: Cap'n Amos says Cap'n Martin's boat ain't seaworthy.
--NEWS: Cap'n Martin's been callin' Cap'n Amos a thief. Ain't that funny?
--NEWS: I hear there be a temple south of Ussa, beyond the hills, in the 
desert, far from the sea.

--AHMED: He is probably at home right now. Check his house by Rasim's Supply 
--AMOS: Sea Captains are always either on board or in the nearest tavern.
--MARTIN: Sea Captains are always either on board or in the nearest tavern.
--NAENDIX: The wizard Naendix lives in the red house by the trees.
--RASIM: He is a wealthy merchant. He owns much property here in Ussa.
--SPENSOR: Spensor ain't been the same since his shipwreck. He rents the 
house just west of Rasim's Supply Store.


( 9, 9) Guesthouse 8/day

(33,15) Swimming 75

(27, 5) Durmush's food
--I recommend that you hire Captain Martin and travel by sea. Nowadays, 
travelers on foot do not get far in Gurtex.
* Food-12 31/40 *

(18,12) Tavern
--NEWS: The Gull Islands be haunted!
--NEWS: Ships that go venturin' too far from the shores of Kar'lomug never be 
comin' back!
--NEWS: There be a lost continent to the south of Gurtex! It be cold in 
summer, and light in winter! The folk there be monsters, and the monsters be 
folks like 'ee and me!

Sheria: (6-??)
--ADVICE: I think music is a wonderful thing! Don't you agree?
--URG'S DREAM: Yes, 'Urg's Dream' is truly a moving piece! I know it well.

Greenpate: (8-??)
--ADVICE: Make way, stranger, someone just gave me 50 coins to buy a round 
for the house. I must be servin' me thirsty patrons!
--OFFER 50+: Thank 'ee kindly, stranger! %r3
--OFFER <50: Thank 'ee, but the cost of a proper round for the house be 50 
good coins.
--ORPHANS: It's a fraud, Captain Tomak's Orphan Relief Fund. Tomak's the only 
orphan in town, until someone proves different. To him. And Tomak won't 
believe anyone.

Madir (18-??):
--ADVICE: My services are expensive, but I 'd say I earn my pay!
--TELEPORTALS: Cube Cylinder Pyramid is the combination for Duln Island. Cube 
Cube Cylinder teleports to Blackwood Forest.

Tomak (??-??)
--ADVICE: I don't recall collecting from you the customary %qtribute%q all 
strangers are expected to make.
--ADVICE(after): The %qnomads%q of the Tundra know much about the secrets of 
Gurtex. But will they share their knowledge with you? I don't know.
--TRIBUTE: All visitors are encouraged to contribute one ruby to our 
%qOrphans%q' Relief Fund. I am its safekeeper.
--TRIBUTE(after): You have already taken care of that. Would you care to 
contribute even more to my... I mean, to our Orphans' Relief Fund?
--OFFER (other): That is kind of you. But what the Fund really needs is a 
ruby stone.
--OFFER (ruby): Thank you. On behalf of the %qorphans%q of Ussa I extend to 
you a hearty welcome. Tell me, have you ever run into %qnomads%q out on the 
--NOMADS(after): I had the opportunity once to rescue a nomad barbarian named 
%qBlackwolf%q from a group of ravenous munaks.
--NOMADS(before): I'm sorry. My mind is so full of thoughts of the plight of 
the orphans of Ussa that I can hardly think of anything else.
--BLACKWOLF: Blackwolf claimed to be the chieftain of his people. 
Furthermore, he offered to tell me the word to open the gate of %qMaratul%q 
where many fine treasures are hidden.
--MARATUL: I had to tell him that such a word was a fine piece of knowledge, 
but I would rather have his ruby bracelet as a token of his gratitude.

Martin: (18-??)
--GREET: I be Martin, %qChuckie%q's son, Captain of the dauntless %qRed 
Shark%q. Pleased to meet ye.
--ADVICE: Steer clear of Cap'n %qAmos%q. A scoundrel he is, and a thief and 
worse! If you be lookin' for a good ship with a proud crew and an honest 
captain, here I be! Martin, %qChuckie%q's son, at yer service. I know the 
%qNorth seas%q like them %qJibs%q know the Tundra.
--CHUCKIE: Ah! Chuckie the Bold! Me dad he was, yes %y! Some folks never 
understood him, namin' him a pirate an' such. Distresses me greatly to hear 
folks fallin' for them lies. Chuckie never harmed nobody, never!
--JIBS: Ratlike little critters they be. Diggin' holes all over the tundra, 
never stop to rest. Amazin' how a jib knows the whereabouts of every blasted 
hole it ever dug! Fill its hole, it'll be right back to dig it over again.
--RED SHARK: She's a glorious sailing vessel! Been mine ever since the day 
%qChuckie%q died in me arms, a knife stickin' out o' his back. Saddest day of 
me life it was. Promised 'im I did, I takes no rest till I finds his assassin 
and 'venges his cruel death!
--AMOS: He calls 'imself Amos the Explorer. Bah! Me say only things he knows 
how to explore is other people's pockets and pouches!
--NORTH SEAS: Sailin' the northern waters is mighty tricky. But with me at 
the helm of %qRed Shark%q, you'll have no cause for worry!
--SHIP: She be the %qRed Shark%q. Nothin' like her shall ye find this side of 
the Sea of Oshmar!

Amos: (16-??)
--GREET: Greetings, %h. I am called Amos. Perhaps I can be of service.
--ADVICE: I would recommend you choose whom you deal with in this town very 
carefully. If you need a sailing ship, my %qcrew%q and I would be honored to 
serve you.
--CREW: My crew and my %qship%q have sailed far, seen much, and successfully 
pulled through more than a few ordeals. We are reliable, skilled, and we 
enjoy %qcompany%q. You will find my rates most reasonable.
--SHIP: My ship is the %qFortune%q. And she has been true to her name.
--COMPANY: My crew has been together for a long time. We have all heard each 
others' tales enough times to know them by heart. Nights are long when you 
are on the sea: we would enjoy some fresh tales.
--FORTUNE: May you find yours.
--CAPTAINS: In this town you will usually find %qMartin%q and myself.
--MARTIN: Well, I don't like to speak ill of my fellow fishermen, yet with 
him I must make an exception. Martin cheats and steals blatantly whenever he 
can. His %qfather%q also was rumored to have a dubious occupation.
--FATHER: Martin's father died from a knife wound between his shoulderblades. 
By whose hand remains a mystery. Martin inherited the 'Red Shark' as a 
result. Frankly, the way he looks after it, I am amazed the ship is still 

Husson: (17-??)
--RUMOR: They say them folks of small height and long beards live under the 
Gizra mountains. Some call 'em dwarves; some call 'em drakka.
--DWARVES: That be all I know 'bout the longbeards. But I'd bet a ruby that 
the orcs of %qGlusaga%q know more than me about 'em!
--GLUSAGA: Glusaga's a stinkin' Orc village, south of the Demonspine, in the 
region they call Ruul.

(18, 6) Japno's weapons
--ADVICE: Buy my Dwarven forged Axes. They are genuine. A distinguished 
adventurer such as yourself should only carry the best!
*       PRICES       *
* Shortsword  63/87  *
* Scimitar   159/191 *
* Longsword  316/365 *
* Broadsword 431/530 *
* Smallaxe   114/146 *
* Battleaxe  401/500 *
* Doubleaxe  582/780 *
* Ashbow     141/200 *
* Brombow    492/600 *
* Arrows      15/30  *

( 8,20) Harkun's armor
--ADVICE: My specialty be ring mail. I makes it well and sells it for a good 
price, to proper customers. I'd never sell to the orcs of Glusaga. (He 
*         PRICES        *
* Leather armor 100/100 *
* Ring Mail     292/490 *
* Chain Mail    483/600 *
* Bronze Plate  603/900 *
* Bronze Helmet  40/40  *
* Iron Helmet   150/150 *

(24,28) Rasim's
--ADVICE: When you hear the goblin drums, it is time to head for the nearest 
elden %qstronghold%q.
--STRONGHOLD: There is one nearby. Leave Ussa, turn your back to the 
Demonspine, and go toward the Tundra. After you pass through a small forest, 
you will come to a group of hills. The stronghold is in the hills.
*       PRICES      *
* Map Flask 250/400 *
* Shovel    108/132 *
* Rope      83/107  *
* Pick      101/110 *
* Blanket   76/140  *

(14, 6) Gambling hall
--NEWS: Red sky last night. Today be a sure delight! We sailors be winnin' 
every roll! Take yer share, before the sun go down!
--NEWS: Must be Nerelnes, the god o' opportunity, takin' a hand in this hall 
today! Two more rolls, I'll buy me own ship, sail to Deruvia and live easy! 
I'll never be a pira... fisherman no more!
--NEWS: Hurry up an' git yers while the gettin's good. I reckon this house'll 
be goin' bust soon, the rolls we been gettin'!

(32,29) Ahmed:
--ADVICE: Welcome to Ussa, %h. I hope your stay with us will be an enjoyable 
one. The gods know we get very few visitors.
The peaceful and law-abiding citizens of Ussa pay their respects to good King 
Rebnard. Please inform His Highness that we are his loyal and faithful 
--Big brother sent you? Sefil must have thought I could give you some 
%qleads%q, I'd bet! How's he doing? Begging on the streets, you say? Not 
good. But better than most of the people here in %qUssa.%q
--LEADS: I could warn you about %qUssa%q, but you'd be better off leaving 
town as soon as you can. Head for the %qTundra%q or the Mines of %qDorak%q. 
Maybe even %qHugda-Hag%q.
--USSA: Ussa is a quiet, peaceful, friendly fishing village. Believe that, 
and I'll sell you a bridge to Maramon.
--HUGDA-HAG: Hugda-Hag is a troll-town in Krum. You'll need a Disguise to get 
in. If you need teleportal objects, see Furukan there.
--TUNDRA: Talk to my friend %qSpensor%q and to Captain %qTomak%q, %h. They 
know more about the Tundra than I do.
--TOMAK: Tomak is in the Salty Dog most of the time, when he's awake.
--SPENSOR: Spensor lives right next to the Supply Store.
--DORAK: The largest set of mines in Gurtex. Dorak goes all the way from one 
side of the Demonspine to the other. Dwarves used to mine there, but 
%qVankruh%q kicked them out.
--VANKRUH: I hear that even %qZakhad%q wouldn't want to meet Vankruh. But 
I've also heard a crazy story that all you have to do is sheathe your weapons 
and talk politely, and Vankruh won't bother you.
--ZAKHAD: We pay Zakhad the tribute he demands, and he's left us alone so 
far. I wouldn't bet on him ignoring Ussa forever, though.

(15,28) Spensor:
--ADVICE(<6 charm): I would like to chat with you, but right now my old bones 
need their rest. Perhaps some other time?
--ADVICE: You should pay your tribute to %qTomak%q if you wish to hear his 
story about the %qbarbarian%q chief he once helped out.
--TOMAK: Tomak is a harmless rascal. He will expect a ruby from you for his 
so-called 'Orphans' Relief Fund.' You will find him at the Salty Dog.
--BARBARIAN: I know a bit about the barbarian nomads. They live in the 
Tundra. They move their camp %qsites%q as the seasons change.
--SITES: In the spring, their campsite is east of the Keshkul Lakes. In the 
fall, they can be found west of the lakes. Come summer, they move to the 
small group of hills in the northeast part of the Tundra, where it is cooler. 
In winter, you'll find them to the south of their summer site.
--ORPHANS: All needy townsfolk whose mother and father have gone beyond 
qualify for Orphan's Relief. Unfortunately, so few townsfolk know who their 
fathers are.

( 7,28) Naendix:
--ADVICE: You need spell %qbooks%q to survive in this land, and I, the Great 
Naendix, can supply you with them!
--BOOKS: I can get you any book you want. Pay me now and come back in three 
weeks. Your order will be ready to pick up.
--ENEMAD: Yes, I can obtain for you even the mighty 'Book of Once.' [Oops! 
Typo! EmEnAD.]
--[BUY EMENAD]: You will have to wait somewhat longer for the book of Emenad. 
My good friend Ziyx has not finished writing it. Come back in November.

*      PRICES      *
* Sabano 1250/1850 *
* Ishban 1400/1985 *
* Demaro 1200/1750 *
* Zoxinn 2000/2620 *
* Vannex 1500/2420 *
* Emenad 3000/4700 *
* Felmis 2000/2720 *

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\ LLENDORA /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=088    |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=036    +--+ +--+


(41,18) 'Mighty Oak'
(53,26) 'Pineshadow Guest House'
(64,17) 'Soulfeed Musical Instruments'
(46, 7) 'Academy of Archery'
(14, 9) 'Enchanted Weaponry is sold here'
(19, 7) 'Fine Armours and Accessories'
(35, 5) 'Wizards' Lodge'
(13,19) 'Mislit Biscuits. Oven Fresh! Will last forever!'
(12,25) 'Silk and Leather Outfits'
(23,30) 'Skilled carpenters are needed. Apply within.'
(27,18) 'Master Carpenter Nilmenor. Training offered at reasonable fees.'  
[175 to improve skill]
(56,32) 'Herbs and Potions. Picked and prepared by Gimlei, Pupil of Somona'
(41,35) 'Llendora, Elvenhome'

(40,32) (35,21) (36,22) (19,19) (24, 9) (25, 9) (62,10) (43,24) (44,23) 
(39,28) (40, 5) (55, 8) (49,12) Elves
--Our Elion knows the 'Wind Song' that is said to affect Fermigons in a 
strange way.
--Estefaz says that the lost magic of the eldens is the only hope for 
returning Gurtex from Darkness to Light.
Great Ziyx of legend. Estefaz has his home in the northeast corner of town.
--The news out of Ruz is 'Zulain melts in pain.'
--There was a rhyme when I was young. 'Royal Prince and Demon Foe. Who will 
strike the final blow? Light or Darkness, Orb or Spell. Which will conquer? 
Who can tell?'
--The Naur have once again emerged from the Caverns of Mandarg!
--From his chambers in the highest towers of his castle atop Mount Mandarg, 
the demon Zakhad despoils Gurtex! His power is too great to face directly!
--Gilondo says he is looking for adventure. He would be happier in your 
company than he is in Llendora, [you].
--Have you found Nehor yet? He would be pleased to see other Deruvians.
--Efahir, the great elven scholar, speaks of a mysterious lost artifact.
--EFAHIR: You will find him in his home by the well, at the eastern edge of 
our village.
--ELION: He sells musical instruments right here in Llendora.
--ESTEFAZ: Estefaz is a master of the magical arts. There are none wiser, 
except the 
--GILONDO: He spends his days in the forest. Night is the best time to find 
him at home. His hut is in the northwest end of our village. Occasionally he 
comes to Llendora for supplies, but he prefers to live in the forest by 
himself. Look for his camp in the forest nearby if you want to visit him.
--NAUR: There are three Naur. They are powerful demons, and report directly 
to Zakhad. He uses them only for his Darkest purposes.


(48, 7) Archery $150

(25, 18) Carpentry $175

(21, 30) Carpenter

(51-2, 25) Guesthouse 8 coins/day

(33, 5) Wizards' Lodge
--NEWS: Gurtex is the home of turpin mushrooms. I don't know where they grow.
--NEWS: The new book of Felmis is truly a boon to the Children of Light.
--NEWS: Zakhad's Hibliss sorcerers have been animating corpses to fight for 

(39, 18) Mighty Oak
--ADVICE: Speak at length with %qEfahir%q. His wisdom is great.
--EFAHIR: You will find him in his hut by the well, at the East end of the 
--LLENDORA: We must keep Llendora hidden, or the elves will suffer the fate 
of the %qdwarves%q. Remember your sworn promise.
--DWARVES: The dwarves lost the great mines of %qDorak%q, and now it is told 
that their new home, %qDrakhelm%q, is also infested by the spawn of Darkness.
--DORAK: Tunnels and shafts go from one side of the Demonspine to the other. 
Dorak was the greatest mine in Gurtex. Now the dwarves are gone, and 
%qVankruh%q rules there.
--DRAKHELM: The dwarves now live under the Gizra Mountains in the mines of 
Drakhelm. By report, the orcs of %qGlusaga%q enter Drakhelm at will.
--VANKRUH: A terror born of Darkness and madness. All the brave warriors of 
Dwarvenkind could not stand against Vankruh. Even Zakhad has no power over 
the monster.
--GLUSAGA: Glusaga is a filthy Orc settlement at the southern end of the 
Demonspine. Estefaz can sell you the book that has the Disguise spell. Use it 
to get into Glusaga, if you can stand the stench.

Random patrons:
--NEWS: When Delfina plays the song called 'Morning Mist', Bargs stop and 
--NEWS: I hear of an elf, one that is known to the Heroes of the Candle, 
living alone in the Upper Neirwood forest.
--NEWS: They say the legendary elven bow, Darkfinder, has been stolen by 
goblins and taken to Deadwood catacombs!
--DELFINA: She prefers the company of the old trees. You may run into her in 
the forests of Misor.

--ADVICE: With Darkfinder back in our possession, the Children of Light now 
stand a chance!
--ADVICE: We must recover %qDarkfinder%q, %h. I can't stand the thought of my 
precious bow being defiled by the hands of filthy Tekhirs!
--DARKFINDER: My investigations lead me to think the thieves managed to carry 
Darkfinder to one of their settlements and to hide it in the catacombs below. 
I assume it is heavily guarded.

(61-2, 16) Elion's music
--ADVICE: I hope you know that sometimes a tune may give you more than simple 
joy, especially if played with one of the fine instruments I can sell to you.
--WIND SONG: 'Wind Song' is an interesting tune indeed. I once played it to 
an audience of fermigons! You can see which of us survived!
*      PRICES     *
* Lyre    200/350 *
* Lute    250/400 *
* Flute   120/240 *
* Bandore 300/470 *

(11-2, 8) Viannor
--ADVICE: The Elven Bows I sell are expensive. But what you will face in 
Gurtex will justify any price to have the best possible weapons at your 
*       PRICES       *
* Shortsword  63/ 87 *
* Scimitar   134/166 *
* Longsword  336/385 *
* Elvensword 603/900 *
* Ashbow      76/150 *
* Brombow    402/600 *
* Bonebow    602/800 *
* Elvenbow   803/1100*
* Arrow       15/ 30 *

(17, 5) Nikei
--ADVICE: I recommend elven armor for all. It may not be as hardy as the 
dwarves make, but it is lighter and more comfortable than any other!
--RUMORS: They say there are scores of Hibliss in the chambers of Mandarg, 
working day and night, breeding Fermigons and worse!
*         PRICES        *
* Leather armor 100/190 *
* Ring mail     175/330 *
* Elven chain   350/620 *
* Steel plate   500/860 *
* Bronze helmet  50/100 *
* Iron helmet   125/250 *
* Steel helmet  225/450 *

(10, 25) Linne's clothing
--ADVICE: You won't find better prices for elvenspun outfits anywhere in 
Gurtex. Let me fit each of you for one.
--RUMORS: I hear that the Horn of the Tundra was taken to the Tower of 
Maratul on Deladorn.
*       PRICES        *
* Elvenspun 100 / 50  *
* Suede     180 / 156 *
* Cotton     80 / 59  *
* Silk      220 / 110 *
* Wool      200 / 101  *
* Fur       400 / 203 *

(52-3, 32) Gimlei's mushrooms
--ADVICE: I suggest that you stock up on as many of my herbs and mushrooms as 
you can. You'll be grateful you did when the zorlims and zumagins attack!
*       PRICES    *
* potion  61/80   *
* sermin  33/57   *
* gonshi  58/82   *
* nift    73/97   *
* mirget  74/106  *
* luffin  59/91   *
* turpin  111/160 *
* loka    86/105  *
* medicin 31/50   *

(57, 25) Efahir:
--ADVICE: Seek the %qOrb%q of Light. Events bring us closer and closer to the 
predictions of the lost %qprophecy%q. I fear we shall be doomed to eternal 
darkness unless we heed the prophecy!
--ORB: Some say the Orb is guarded by %qAltesens%q until a Hero of the Light 
arrives to claims it. Others maintain that %qZakhad%q has the Orb locked in 
an iron vault. Read about the Orb at the %qWanasol%q Library.
--WANASOL: Wanasol was built in the ancient ages by %qEldens%q as a haven for 
those who pursue enlightenment in higher arts. Over the years, the Sariss 
Jungle and its denizens have reduced it to ruins. But I believe that a small 
community of scholars remains.
--ELDENS: Frankly, I feel betrayed by their abandonment of our world. So much 
knowledge was lost in their sudden departure and the chaos that followed. I 
wonder if we shall ever be safe again.
--PROPHECY: The full prophecy been lost since the departure of the 
%qEldens%q. But a portion was found in the %qWanasol%q Library some years 
--ALTESENS: I strongly believe Altesens lived in this part of the world 
before most others arrived. They were, by nature, secretive and reclusive. 
They never cared to establish %qcontact%q and relationships with other 
inhabitants of Gurtex.
--CONTACT: Our limited knowledge suggests that the Altesens never were 
receptive to offers of alliance, or even commerce. They were sympathetic to 
no cause other than their own survival. It is suggested that they left Gurtex 
to avoid dealings with %qZakhad%q.

(8, 14) Gilondo:
--ADVICE: Slow and steady, that's how you should proceed.
[you can invite Gilondo.]

(60, 7) Estefaz:
--ADVICE: Enhance your knowledge of teleportal %qcombinations%q.
--VANNEX: Ah! You know of my great work? Well, I could certainly sell you a 
copy or two of Vannex.
--COMBINATIONS: I'll be happy to tell you the two I know: Cube, Cylinder, 
Cylinder ports you to the northern tip of the Demonspine, and three Cones 
take you north of the Gizra Mountains.
*      PRICES      *
* Vannex 1662/2850 *
* Ishban 1500/2550 *
* Cube     31/50   *
* Sphere   31/50   *
* Pyramid  31/50   *

(15, 18) Faenil's food
--ADVICE: My Mislit Biscuits are oven-cooked with elven care. I recommend 
them to all travelers!
* Food-12 31/50 *

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\  WANASOL /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+


(41,18) 'Elden Hall'
(19,9) 'Teleportal House'
(27,18) 'Serene Meadow Guesthouse'
(12,25) 'Oscar's Fine Foods'
(23,30) 'School of Soulreading'
(37,13) 'Tyne Park'
(36,8) 'Fresh water. Please do not pollute.'
(41,35) 'Welcome to Wanasol. May you find wisdom on your journey of life.'
(56,32) 'Wizards' Lodge'
(55,25) 'Wanasol Library'
(64,17) 'School of Scholarly Research'

(64, 32) (55, 5) Scholar
--NEWS: My research has found that Cylinder, Cone, Cylinder will port you 
from any teleportal chamber to the midst of the Kar'Lomug Swamps. My research 
suggests no reason for you to go there.
--NEWS: Wartow won the Sun Mark at the last Sunlight Festival.
--NEWS: Pharus says music can have a magical effect on the Aciden Beast, when 
a certain tune is played with proper skill.
--NEWS: Nemrut says there is a lost sword that killed Dreadknights with one 
--NEMRUT: A most dedicated scholar. Nemrut has studied the lost magical 
weapons. He lives in a cottage north of the Research School.
--PHARUS: He is a great scholar and a fine musician. He lives in a cottage 
north of the School of Research.
--WARTOW: Wartow spends his time in study and at play. His house is near the 
Serene Meadows.

(37, 7) Old Man
--NEWS: Have you heard of the legend that speaks of lands beyond the 
Shattered Islands?
--NEWS: Nimmenzar says that Zakhad plans to eliminate all of the Children of 
Light remaining in Gurtex. We will have to flee Wanasol soon, or die.
--NEWS: Ehrizem says that Zakhad will turn Wanasol into a vacation resort for 
--NEWS: If you can do anything to save Wanasol from the fiend, we will be 
forever grateful!
--EHRIZEM: Ehrizem lives in a cottage near the library.
--NIMMENZAR: Nimmenzar lives near Serene Meadows. He has kept Wanasol safe 
from Darkness for ages. But even wizards grow old. I fear that Nimmenzar is 
too weak to guard us for long.


(25,18) Guesthouse 9/day

(16-7, 8) Teleportal house

(39,18) Meeting Hall(nobody here until Zilfins rescued)

(21,30) Soulreading $150

(61,16) Research $150

(52-3,32) Wizards' Lodge

(10,25) Oscar's food
--ADVICE: Beware! The jungle is full of terrors. Also, always carry plenty of 
* Food(12) 15/30 *

(48, 7) Pharus:
--ADVICE: A wise adventurer would know when to swing and when to sing!
--GODDESS: My researches indicate the Goddess Oraniana sleeps on Eastern one 
of the two small islands to the south of us. Both islands are visible from 
the shore when weather permits. Perhaps Captain %qKuhna%q can take you there.
--KUHNA: Kuhna is an explorer, a scholar, and a seasoned captain of the seas. 
When in town, he spends long hours at the library, recording journals of his 
many journeys.
--SAMBALI: Hmm, you may be wiser than I gave credit. Yes, I know that song. 
And so do the Doombeasts!

(60, 7) Nemrut:
--GREET: "I welcome you weary traveller. I am Nemrut. I have dedicated my 
life to advance our knowledge of this world's many mysteries. How may I be of 
--ADVICE: I can talk to you about many special %qlocations%q of southern 
Gurtex. I may even share with you my latest discovery regarding the 
mysterious %qAltesia%q!
--LOCATIONS: Yes, I can direct you to a sleeping %qGoddess%q, and her 
%qTemple%q, Elden %qStrongholds%q, and mushroom %qpatches%q!
--PHARUS: The most distinguished scholar and teacher, great Pharus honors us 
by living among here in our modest village. Seek him at his residence north 
of the School of Research.
--TEMPLE: I have determined beyond any reasonable doubt that the mysterious 
structure Northwest of Wanasol, between the two bridges, is a Temple built 
for one of the Ancient Gods of Gurtex. Possibly Oraniana's.
--STRONGHOLD: Two Elden Strongholds I have been able to locate. Hmmm, yes 
indeed, I am quite certain that's what they should be. One is in Farsum, in 
the hills that run between Mt. Mandarg and Deladorn, and the other, some ways 
North of Mt. Wanasol here in Sariss.
--PATCHES: Plenty of Mushrooms in Gurtex, yes plenty. But most are useless, 
or even poisonous. Yet, for those properly trained, two patches should stand 
apart. One is on a small island right across from here. The other is deep in 
the jungle, to our east.
--GODDESS: My esteemed collegue %qPharus%q will enlighten you about the 
Goddess Oraniana.
--ALTESIA: According to one extremely ancient %qmap%q I had discovered in the 
archives and partially translated, there must be a group of islands named 
Altesia, to the south of the Bay of Serpents. 
--MAP: Faint as it is, I believe I identified an icon on the largest of 
%qAltesen%q islands, which appears to mark the location of a settlement. The 
label attached to the icon translates to something like %qPentyne%q, or 
--PENTYNE: On the western shore of a small lake, and wrapped by mountains 
north and west, it seems accesible only by a southern pass. Clearly, a site 
chosen for its seclusion. I want to go there and search for %qruins%q.

(57,25) Library
--ADVICE: Some say there once was a magic %qconch%q that would calm the 
waters in the Bay of Serpents and beyond. Maybe you should research that at 
the library. If you had such an item, perhaps we could sail into those 
uncharted southern waters.
--CONCH: Research that at Wanasol Library.

(15,18) Wartow:
The scholar says: Come in! Come in, please! A hero is always welcome in the 
home of Wartow!

--LOOK: He has a sun-shaped mark on his hand.
--MARK: [read paragraph 6]
--ADVICE: Let's see, there were the three %qAxes%q which Dwarves had lost. 
Mighty sword %qDreadslayer%q is gone too, taken by Trolls when they managed 
to ambush and slain %qMazarian%q the Brave. And lately I heard even 
%qDarkfinder%q fell into the wrong hands. A sad situation indeed.
--AXES: They were known as Orcbane, Nalanduir, And Rhokadur.
--DREADSLAYER: Ah! With Dreadslayer in hand, One could face the Palace guards 
of Zakhad, The Dreadknights, with no fear. Additionally, Dreadslayer is known 
to substancially increase the strength and the skill of its wielder.
--DARKFINDER: I believe there is some information on Darkfinder available for 
your study at the Royal Library.  The Magic Bow itself I suspect is now in 
the hands of Goblins.
--MAZARIAN: Mazarian the Brave was a great hero of the land, Protector of the 
weak, Friend of the needy. His untimely death in the hands of filthy Trolls 
was most unfortunate. It is possible that Trolls hid Dreadslayer in their 
undergroud lair up in the Region of Krum.
--INTEREST: My main interest in life is to research and compile the %qgames%q 
Eldens devised and played for their leisure.
--GAMES: It is an interesting fact that, Eldens intensly enjoyed games which 
challenged and developed their mental abilities. Vast volumes of material on 
ancient games of all sorts, still exist in the library. In time, I hope to 
publish a %qcatalogue%q of Elden Games.
--OCCUPATION: I am employed by The %qFoundation%q to interpret and preserve 
the written law of the Land. Lately I wonder though, what good is it all 
going to do?. I don't think Zakhad cares much for Elden Law, do you?
--FOUNDATION: It was established by Eldens shortly before they departed. 
Somehow it still exists. How, where, I do not know.
--CATALOGUE: I only include games I could comprehend. Many involve Elden 
Magic, and thus are beyond my comprehension. My current favorite is 
%qTumbalasi%q- Circles of Fate.
--TUMBALASI: I tell you, it's a great game. Much fun. Never seem to get bored 
playing it. Takes a while to learn though. I hope one day I can teach you how 
to play it, when your work is done.

( 8,14) Nimmenzar:
--ADVICE: Life can be easier in Gurtex when you have a few spell %qbooks%q 
and know a few teleportal %qcombinations%q.
--BOOKS: I can sell you two of them.
--COMBINATIONS: Cylinder, pyramid, sphere ports to southern Sariss. Pyramid, 
cylinder, pyramid teleports to Deladorn.
* Cylinder   21/40   *
* Cone       21/40   *
* Ishban   1400/2300 *
* Demaro   1200/2000 *

(52-3,21) Ehrizem:
--ADVICE: Between myself and my distinguished colleague, the Great 
%qNimmenzar%q, we can supply you with many spell %qbooks%q and teleportal 
--NIMMENZAR: He lives in the western section of Wanasol.
--BOOKS: I can sell you Sabano and even Zoxinn!
--COMBINATIONS: Sphere, pyramid, cone is the key to the swamps of Kar'lomug. 
Cylinder, cube, cylinder teleports to Farsum.
* Cube      21/40   *
* Sphere    21/40   *
* Pyramid   21/40   *
* Sabano  1250/1900 *
* Zoxinn  2000/3100 *

 /\  VILLAGE:  /\
/--\   USSA   /--\
|  | X=       |  |
+--+ Y=       +--+


(16,15) 'Salty Dog Tavern'
(26,29) 'Equipment and Supplies'
(30, 6) 'Grocery Store'
(22, 6) 'Japno's fine Weapon Store'
( 8,10) 'Blue Whale Guesthouse - Welcome'
( 6,21) 'Harkun's Armory'
(12, 7) 'Shark's Teeth Gambling Hall'
( 9,35) 'Welcome to Port Ussa'

    *  OUTDOOR  *
    * DIALOGUE: *

Sailors (15,19) (22,34) (16,15) (15,15) (34,6)
--Cap'n Amos says Cap'n Martin's boat ain't seaworthy.
--Cap'n Martin's been callin' Cap'n Amos a thief. Ain't that funny?
--I hear there be a temple south of Ussa, beyond the hills, in the desert, 
far from the sea.
--Martin/Amos/Captain: Sea Captains are always either on board or in the 
nearest tavern.

Fishermen (20,14) (31,14)
--Glad I am t'be sailin' the northern seas. In the south, there be swimmin' 
sarpints big enough to swallow a boat and all aboard 'er.
--Cap'n Martin 'n' Cap'n Amos hates each other, y'know. Spensor been sayin' 
one of 'em hired an assassin to put t'other out o' business.
--Spensor ain't been the same since his shipwreck. He rents the house just 
west of Rasim's Supply Store.
--There be a lone dwarf a-wanderin' in the Blackwood. They say he be a 
warrior o' warriors. Slew four minotaurs, and walked away without a limp!

Beggar (5,32)
--Ahmed says I look just like his older brother.
--Have you heard about the Dwarf of Blackwood? They say he is a fierce 
fighter. I hope he doesn't visit Ussa!
--The wizard Naendix says he can get any spell book you desire, if only the 
price is right.

--Ahmed: He is probably at home right now. Check his house by Rasim's Supply 
--Naendix: The wizard Naendix lives in the red house by the trees.
--Rasim: He is a wealthy merchant. He owns much property here in Ussa.

Loafer (32,6)

--News: I heard a strange little verse: 'The Petras bade Zakhad: Begone! The 
Petras now languish in stone.' I have no idea what it means.
--News: Zakhad has shape shifters working for him! They can disguise 
themselves as anyone or anything!
--News: They say Deadwood is full of goblins. Fine. I never wanted to go to 
Deadwood, anyway.
--News: Martin is the best captain this town has ever seen. I trust him.

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\ HUGDA-HAG/--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+

Trolls infest Hugda-Hag. You'll need Vannex to get in. Recall the spell 
'Disguise' and walk in; the game will ask if you want to cast it.


(27, 6) 'Hungry Troll Tavern'
(19, 6) 'Crushed Bone Gambling Hall'
(18,35) 'Hugda-Hag Trollhome'
(19,25) 'Lumfur the Fur Trader'
(32,19) 'Food'

(12,11) (19, 8) (21, 7) (23, 8) (30, 6) (31, 7) (13,17) (12,18) (16,31) 
(17,30) (23,32) (24,30) (18,25) Trolls

--GREET: Welcome to our village, mighty stranger!
--NEWS: Don't know why Furukan collects all those strange shapes. You can't 
eat them, and they break when you hit people with them.
--NEWS: Furukan comes home at midnight, then leaves again in two hours. 
Wizards don't need much sleep, I guess.
--NEWS: Mizogfr is the smartest troll of all. I think he wants to get rid of 
Gnumukfur and be the Chief himself.
--NEWS: Be sure you pay your respects to Chief Gnumukfur. If you don't, you 
won't be welcome here!
--NEWS: Ogres are dangerous! Stay clear if you see any.
--NEWS: Outside Hugda-Hag, trolls have to pretend to be stupid. It's part of 
Zakhad's great plan!
--FURUKAN: Furukan's a mighty wizard. Very powerful. He lives at the corner. 
I don't know why he's here in Hugda-Hag, but I suspect he's making secret 
plans with Mizogfr or Gnumukfur.
--MIZOGFR: He lives in a house close to the Chief's.
--GNUMUKFUR: He's our mighty Chief. He lives in a big house, and tells us all 
what to do.
--ZAKHAD: When Zakhad conquers the world, he'll replace all his zorlims and 
jerrahs with trolls! We'll have all the coins and gems we ever dreamed of!


--Be careful! The so-called Children of Light have gone into the spy 
--Soon the Long Winter will come. You soft-skinned ones had better dress 
--When Zakhad rules Deruvia, he will take the wizards for himself. The others 
will be free for all.
  { Dwarves are my favorite! They're crunchy and chewy!
  { Ah, sweet halflings! Too rich to eat by themselves, but spread them on 
granite toast!
  { You take the humans. They have no flavor.
  { Elves are nice. Very tender, but a little gamy. And hard to pick out of 
your teeth!


--Narf! You shoulda seen the narfing loot we got from narfing %qDrakhelm%q! 
Never seen so many narfing gems in all my narfing life!
--(<8 charm) Narf off, narfer! I got a narfing tavern to worry about!
--DRAKHELM: The one narfing thing we couldn't take with us was that narfing 
axe, %qDakarah%q. Had to bury the narfer before it killed every son of a narf 
in the narfing raiding party.
--DAKARAH: Some narfer put up a sign where Dakarah was buried. The narfer 
could probably only write two narfing words. 'Happy' and 'Shovel.' He used 
both of them.


(16, 5) Gambling hall

--NEWS: It's a sign of respect to share your winnings with Chief Gnumukfur. 
If you win.
--NEWS: The fools in Telermain will give many coins to own furs from Krum.
--GNUMUKFUR: The great, the mighty Chief of Hugda-Hag!

(24, 5) Tavern
--ADVICE: Hire some narfers to guard your narfing back, raid a narfing town, 
and grab all the narfing %qloot%q you can narfing carry! Then buy a narfing 
tavern. It worked for me.
--LOOT: Narf! You shoulda seen the narfing loot we got from narfing 
%qDrakhelm%q! Never seen so many narfing gems in all my narfing life!
--DRAKHELM: The one narfing thing we couldn't take with us was that narfing 
axe, %qDakarah%q. Had to bury the narfer before it killed every son of a narf 
in the narfing raiding party.
--DAKARAH: The narfing dwarves call the narfer %qOrcbane%q.
--ORCBANE: Some narfer put up a sign where Dakarah was buried. The narfer 
could probably only write two narfing words. 'Happy' and 'Shovel.' He used 
both of them.
--(<8 charm): Narf off, narfer! I got a narfing tavern to worry about!

--NEWS: When Zakhad rules Deruvia, he will take the wizards for himself. The 
others will be free for all. Dwarves are my favorite! They're crunchy and 
--NEWS: When Zakhad rules Deruvia, he will take the wizards for himself. The 
others will be free for all. Ah, sweet halflings! Too rich to eat by 
themselves, but spread them on granite toast!
--NEWS: When Zakhad rules Deruvia, he will take the wizards for himself. The 
others will be free for all. You take the humans. They have no flavor.
--NEWS: When Zakhad rules Deruvia, he will take the wizards for himself. The 
others will be free for all. Elves are nice. Very tender, but a little gamy. 
And hard to pick out of your teeth!
--NEWS: Soon the Long Winter will come. You soft-skinned ones had better 
dress warmly.

Zorlim: (see other areas)

(22,24) Lunfur's clothes:
--ADVICE: I sell only the finest of furs. Traders come from lands far and 
strange to trade with me. If I like them, I give them good prices. If I 
don't, my stock gets bigger by the hide of one customer. You, I like.
--TRADE: When greed rules one's trading habits, one may meet one's life's end 
sooner than expected!
* Furs 90/180 *

(30,18) Durkfur's food
--GREET: The goblin says: I, Durkfur, the finest chef east of the Demonspine, 
welcome you.
--ADVICE: I sell the best of food, powerful friend. Sure to tickle the tongue 
and warm the stomach. Let me pack you a supply of goblin trail %qrations%q.
--RATIONS: My own recipe. Goblin trail rations contain spider hair, snake 
skin, and some gravel for roughage. Fit for a zorlim master!
* food-12 30 *

( 8, 6) Furukan:
--ADVICE: Could I possibly interest you in my highly precious magical 
%qitems%q, gracious sir? You seem to be more intelligent than my usual 
clientele. I believe you will recognize the value of my merchandise.
--ITEMS: Ah! I knew it! You are... Tell me kindly, would it be too 
disrespectful of me if I were to venture a %qguess%q?
--GUESS: Well then, I think you come from Castle Katarra, and your mission is 
to supply Glorious %qZakhad%q with these valuable %qteleportal%q keys. I must 
say, I am most honored.
--TELEPORTAL: Please come visit this shop of mine often! Using the right 
%qcombination%q makes travel to Krum so easy. That's how I got here back when 
I had to depart from Ussa in haste after a certain rather unfortunate 
--INCIDENT: Well, you see, some years ago I was in Ussa, visiting a good 
%qfriend%q. One evening a sea captain named Chuckie brought a %qchest%q 
filled with some rather interesting items. My scientific curiosity led me to 
inquire and investigate.
--COMBINATION: Ah yes, combinations. I used Cone, Cone, Pyramid to reach 
Krum. Lovely cool surroundings. Never see an elf. Just plenty of trolls. Of 
course, I could also have teleported to northern Krum with Sphere, Pyramid, 
--ZAKHAD: I pledge my absolute loyalty and obedience to Zakhad the Mighty. I 
am but his humble servant!
--FRIEND: Naendix was his name. He was running a somewhat risky, but highly 
profitable operation there. I imagine that he is now comfortably retired, 
somewhere far away from his former clients.
--CHEST: No one else had any idea of the scientific value of the chest's 
contents. I decided to relieve them of their burden, so that the items would 
not be lost to science. Alas, I was misunderstood and had to leave quickly.
*     PRICES     *
* Cylinder 40/40 *
* Cone     40/40 *
* Cube     40/40 *
* Sphere   40/40 *
* Pyramid  40/40 *

( 9,17) Mizogfr:
--ADVICE: Put a mighty warrior in the service of %qGhartel%q, and you will be 
blessed in his glory!
--GHARTEL: The mighty god of Glorious Death! Ghartel rests in Holy %qRuz%q!
--RUZ: Haven't you been to Ruz? Ask chief %qGnumukfur%q to give you the 
%qpassword%q. Everyone must visit Ruz in their lifetimes. Take the children 
too. It's great fun. A massacre around almost every corner!
--PASSWORD: I don't remember it, but Chief %qGnumukfur%q will!
--GNUMUKFUR: He lives in the great mansion. You can't miss it. Just knock on 
his door. Oh, by the way, offer him 100 coins to show your respect, or he may 
not treat you kindly.

(34,28) Nushakrim:
--ADVICE: We must obey Great Zakhad and serve him to our best. He is leading 
us to eternal glory, our promised destiny!
--TRADE: It would give me great joy to supply you with rare magic %qpotions%q 
and such. For many years I served a mighty wizard and learned much, very much 
magic while in his service. Now, I apply  my vast knowledge to serve my 
brothers of Darkness.
--POTIONS: This is what the enemy calls a 'Healing Potion.' It cures warts 
and open sores instantly. No other known effects. This one, they call 'Loka.' 
Used to treat indigestion and sunburn. %qMedicin%q, another enemy invention, 
is a little more complex.
--MEDICIN: Medicin will sometimes cause you to become light as a feather, so 
you can fly short distances like a bird. Other times, it gives you nothing 
but a mild headache. Strange stuff. Now, this is called %qTurpin%q.
--TURPIN: I am still studying turpins vigorously. As yet, I am not satisfied 
with the results of my experiments. Naturally, I resist the temptation to 
speculate: my reputation among my colleagues must be maintained carefully.

(10,24) house of trolls who are doing nothing

(19,17) Gnumukfur:
--ADVICE: Show your %qrespect%q to those mightier and smarter than you or you 
won't last long in these parts.
--RESPECT: One hundred coins seems like a respectable sum to me.
--(OFFER 100): Well, I acknowledge your respectful pledge. Now, what was it 
that you wanted to know?
--PASSWORD: I get very angry when I don't get any %qrespect%q. Are you trying 
to anger me?
--PASSWORD: So, you want to visit the Glorious Halls of Ruz, eh? Whisper 
'Jimmelkin' and the gate will rise!
--(OFFER <100): I don't find that respectful enough at all!

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\ DEADWOOD /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+

Goblins populate Deadwood. You'll need Vannex to get in.


 'Green Ale Tavern'
(23,35) 'Deadwood'
(32,18) 'Kavahr Tromak'
 'Axe 'n Skull Gambling Hall'
 'Kusnag's Armory'
 'Natri's Food store'


(23,35) 'Deadwood'
(32,18) 'Kavahr Tromak'
( 6,19) 'Axe 'n Skull Gambling Hall'
(35,24) 'Kusnag's Armory'
(22,28) 'Natri's Food store'
(17,18) 'Green Ale Tavern'

(27,30) (28,29) (31,31) (32, 6) ( 8,24) ( 9,24) (19,10) peons
--NEWS: I hear Zakhad sent a Naur to Ruz to guard something very important!
--NEWS: Kurgu says that Children of Light have been seen east of the 
Demonspine, even in Deadwood Forest itself! As if we didn't have enough 
trouble with the other minions of Darkness!
--NEWS: Kurgu is the keeper of the word that opens the tombstone into the 
Catacombs. So that makes him the most important goblin in town. And I'm the 
King of Deruvia.
--NEWS: Kuygunna keeps saying that her ovens are empty. Some of us know how 
to keep out of trouble. We've been going out to gather firewood and small 
animals. We leave them on her doorstep. She knows who we are.
--NEWS: Many giant spiders roam the Catacombs down below. Without the Repel 
spell, it is not possible to see the more interesting parts.
--NEWS: May you bathe in the Dark Radiance of Zakhad's Glory. Speak softly. 
The stones have ears.
--NEWS: Kurgu is under oath to disclose the secret of the Catacombs to no 
one. By the way, it might interest you to know that Kurgu collects rubies.
--NEWS: Not long ago, a wounded orc crawled into town carrying a magic bow. 
He called it Darkfinder. We thanked him and hid the bow in a safe place. We 
gave his bones to Kuygunna.
--KUYGUNNA: The Witch of Deadwood lives next to Natri's food store. Leave her 
alone, like we do. I think she was sent by Balene to make our lives even more 
--NATRI: Natri sells food. He says it's special food, gourmet food that 
nourishes Darkness and Light alike. I say it comes from Kuygunna's ovens!
--ZAKHAD: When Zakhad rules the world, goblins will have their pick of all 
the treasure of the Children of Light, and will be trained in the arts of the 
Hibliss! So he has promised. I'm not counting on it.
--NAUR: There are three Naurs, Zakhad's lieutenants. Distinguish yourself in 
their service, and your surviving family members will remember you proudly.

(20, 27) Natri's food
--ADVICE: Orc food is most foul. Could you live long on the tails of rats? 
No, I thought not. Goblin %qcooking%q shames the orcs.
--COOKING: Here we have the tray of marinated slime tentacles. Don't touch! 
Cooking starts when the twitching stops. This kettle of munak eyes simmers 
nicely. Would you buy?
--TELEPORTALS: I know the combination for Deadwood. Let me share it with you. 
Cube, sphere, sphere. No charge for the information. Just remember that you 
owe Natri a favor.
* Food-12 31/50 *

(19, 17) Green Ale Tavern
--NEWS: Kurgu has a very fine collection of rubies. But he still wants more.
--NEWS: After Kinkuru was eaten, Kurgu became the keeper of the word to open 
the Catacombs.
--NEWS: They say Kuygunna is three hundred years old!
--NEWS: The wizards who serve Rebnard the Usurper know how to operate the 
teleportal houses.
--KURGU: Kurgu's home is near the Deadwood gate.
--KUYGUNNA: The witch of Deadwood? I never go near Kuygunna or her ovens.

(14, 33) Kurgu:
--ADVICE: Kill any Children of Light you see, before they have a chance to 
--OFFER RUBY(only 1): A very nice stone. Just the color of human blood! What 
was it you wanted to talk about?
--CATACOMBS(before ruby): A magic word opens the way to the Catacombs. But 
without proper authorization, I cannot tell the word to you. Zakhad's orders, 
you see?
--CATACOMBS(after ruby): Whisper 'Yommanis' at the great tombstone, and the 
catacombs will open. Do not breathe a word of our meeting to anyone!
--OFFER OTHER STUFF: Yes, thank you so much. But I can hardly risk Zakhad's 
wrath for such a small sum...

(13, 25) Kuygunna:
--GREET: The witch says: Welcome, pretty guest. You are not what you appear 
to be, are you? But it is of no matter to me. I can sell you my goods, 
whoever you are. Or perhaps you would like to inspect my %qovens%q!
--END: You wouldn't want to leave without seeing my %qovens%q, would you, %y? 
A pretty and plump one like you...
--ADVICE: You are a pretty one, aren't you! And clever! You must know already 
how my %qherbs%q can turn a plump little halfling into a fierce warrior.
--HERBS: I sell them all. Herbs, potions, mushrooms and more. But first, let 
me show you the %qovens%q in which I prepare them.
--OVENS: Follow me. (Suddenly, %h remembers %p bedtime stories about witches 
and ovens. %w stops in %p tracks.)
*      PRICES      *
* Potion    70/70  *
* Sermin    70/70  *
* Gonshi    67/67  *
* Nift      77/80  *
* Mirget   100/100 *
* Luffin    80/80  *
* Turpin   150/150 *
* Fireglobe 70/70  *
* Loka      49/60  *
* Medicin   44/63  *

(18, 5) Temple
--ADVICE: If you dare to awaken %qFronnoxx%q, be prepared to make your 
--FRONNOXX: It is said that the mighty god Fronnoxx rests in the hills to the 
northeast of the Chasm of Mandarg.

(34, 23) Kusnag's 
--ADVICE: Sell me your ring mail. I'd rather buy the narfing stuff than forge 
it myself. Then take your coins to the gambling hall, and win a narfing 
fortune! Narf! I've never given better narfing advice.
*        PRICES         *
* Leather armor 161/170 *
* Ring mail     172/250 *
* Chain mail    513/600 *
* Bronze Plate  633/930 *
* Bronze Helmet  40/40  *
* Iron Helmet   150/150 *

(9, 18) Gambling Hall
--NEWS: We caught a Wizard of Light disguised as a zorlim not long ago. He 
gave himself away by complaining that the dice were loaded. Of course they 
were loaded! They're always loaded.
--NEWS: They say Kuygunna the Witch sells lucky charms. Ghartel knows I could 
use one, but not enough to face Kuygunna. Not the way my luck is running.
--NEWS: Castle Katarra is sending sorcerers and demons to inspect the 
Deadwood Catacombs. I think I'll take a trip to Kar'lomug.
--KUYGUNNA: The Witch of Deadwood is not a good person to anger. In fact, 
she's not a good person at all.

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\ GLUSAGA  /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+

Glusaga is a village of orc. Many signs are grotesquely misspelled, and the 
inhabitants are quite stupid. You'll need Vannex to get in.


(18,35) 'Glusaga'
(19, 6) 'Glusaga Hall'
(17,27) 'Stinking Dwarf'
(32,19) 'Weppuns to KILL'
(28, 7) 'Mines of Glusaga - Closed!'
( 6,14) 'Food'
(13,14) 'Mutru's Pritty Jewels'
( 6,30) 'Troll's Nail Gambull Hall'


--NARF: Narf you, too! And the rest of your family! Settle down. We can talk.

(19,23) Tavern
Gizmug: (8-6)
--ADVICE: Narf off, narfers! Can't deal with strangers until %qNagziban%q the 
narfing Merciless gives me the OK.
--NAGZIBAN: Nagziban the Merciless runs this town from Glusaga Hall.
--Charm < 8: Narf off, narfers! Can't deal with strangers until %qNagziban%q 
the narfing Merciless gives me the OK.
--ADVICE: Did you hear about Nagziban and the magic narfing %qaxe%q? We found 
it on a Drakhelm raid. Cutest narfing %qtrick%q I ever seen played. Those 
narfing dwarves'll never find the narfer.
--TRICK: Nagziban said: 'Hide the narfing axe right here! The narfing 
dwarves'll never look for it right under their own narfing feet!' Narfing 
brilliant, if you ask me!
--AXE: We call the narfing axe 'Dakarah, Curse of the Brave.' The narfing 
dwarves call it 'Orcbane.' Orcs can't carry the narfer; it keeps cutting off 
body parts. But Nagziban knew what to do.
--ORCBANE: Narf! Narf that narfing name! And bite your narfing tongue! If you 
have to ask about that narfing axe, at least use its proper narfing Orcish 
--DAKARAH: Our raiding party lost three feet, two hands and a head before I 
figured out what to do with that narfing axe! But don't worry. Dakarah is 
hidden where the narfing dwarves won't ever find it.

Orc: (20- 6)
--NEWS: Zakhad has his Naurs guarding some narfing important prisoners. 
Narfing Naurs on guard duty! That's a narfing laugh! Next, the Naurs'll be 
cleaning the narfing latrines!
--NEWS: Be careful! The so-called Children of Light have gone into the spy 
--NEWS: There's a narfing death party searching for Zakhad.
--NEWS: Zakhad is getting narfed off. Watch your narfing step. The demon 
wants more narfing volunteers every narfing night.
--NEWS: The narfing Petras were narfing crazy! Who the narf would try to 
invade narfing Katarra Castle? It served the narfers right to be narfing 
turned to stone!

Zorlim: (20- 6)
--NEWS: Lord Zakhad expects you to hunt down the intruders who are even now 
staining the shadows of Gurtex with Light!
--NEWS: I am here to remind you: Zakhad is the Master. Fail to meet his 
demands and parts of you will end up in Mandarg's laboratories for some very 
interesting experiments!

(30,18) Dogmadug's weapons
--ADVICE: The narfing orcs in this town buy all the scimitars I can keep in 
stock. They must use their swords to cut trees, or to carve narfing rocks. If 
you have any scimitars, I'll give you a good price for the narfers.
* Shortsword  60/60  *
* Scimitar   281/313 *
* Longsword  200/200 *
* Broadsword 350/350 *
* Smallaxe    80/80  *
* Ashbow      80/80  *
* Arrow       20/20  *

(14,13)  Mutru's jewels
--ADVICE: Sell me all the narfing Blue Pearls you can find, after you pay off 
%qNagziban%q the narfing Merciless. The boss has a plan for Blue Pearls, and 
I want to be the narfer with the supply.
--NAGZIBAN: Nagziban figures that, when Zakhad destroys the narfing Children 
of Light, Zakhad will want a handsome new %qcrown%q on his head.
--CROWN: When the time comes, the orcs of Glusaga will have the biggest 
narfing parade you've ever seen. We'll march up to Zakhad and give him a 
crown full of blue pearls and red rubies. He'll narfing favor us over 
* Blu Pearl 426/475 *
* Ruby      400/550 *

( 8,13) Bazgandub's food
--ADVICE: Orcs from all over Gurtex come to buy my special travelers' 
%qrations%q! You won't find anything like them anywhere else!
--RATIONS: I can't tell anyone my narfing recipe; I'd go out of business! But 
it contains delicacies. Mizigu ears! Pressed rat tails! Narf it, stranger, 
let me sell you a sample or two!
--GODS: The Zorlims say their goddess Balene sleeps on the narfing Isle of 
* Food-12 47/50 *

( 7,29) Gambling hall
--NEWS: There's narfing strangers out there to kill and loot. Or capture and 
loot, if you follow orders. Narfing orders! But either narfing way, bring the 
loot to this hall, build a narfing fortune, and narf 'em all!
--NEWS: Zakhad says he'll name a narfing orc to be lord of Oshcrun when the 
castle falls to Darkness again. With all his narf-licking jerrahs and zorlims 
around, you think I believe that narf?
--NEWS: The narfing dwarves are marching on Glusaga. What a narfing joke. 
They don't have any of their narfing magic axes any narfing more! What the 
narf do they think they can do to us?

( 8,21) Gurnakvar:
--ADVICE: Kill all the narfing dwarves you can find! The little narfers think 
they can hide in %qDrakhelm.%q Wipe them out, and Zakhad will be narfing 
--DRAKHELM: Drakhelm is the home the narfing dwarves dug out of the narfing 
Gizra Mountains. The little narfers think it's safe. Narf! Just whisper 
'Nokarvahim,' and you can walk right in like you own the narfing place!

(34,29) Hagdaganak:
--ADVICE: You should visit Deadwood. It is very nice there. Not a single 
living tree left. Everything is dead. A moving sight indeed!
--ELDENS: Ah yes, the eldens. Zakhad captured them all! They now suffer in 
the hands of the %qNaur%q, experiencing the delightful %qtortures%q the 
Mighty Zakhad has devised for them.
--NAUR: Don't you know about the Naur? There are three of them. They form the 
inner circle of Zakhad's command. Each one is now guarding one of the three 
captured eldens. Zakhad guards the fourth!
--TORTURES: What an ingenious idea it is, too! Zakhad now has each elden 
trapped in the flame of a Dark Candle. They suffer eternal torture. Serves 
the narfers right, too, for what they did to Dreax. When Dreax returns, he'll 
laugh his narfing head off!!

(15, 5) Meeting hall

Nagziban: (12-??)
--GREET: He says: I'm Nagziban the Merciless! I'm in charge of these narfing 
orcs. In Glusaga, I make the narfing rules! Are you gonna ask my %qadvice%q, 
or are you gonna narf around?
--ADVICE: Visitors aren't narfing welcome in Glusaga unless they offer me 
five Blue Pearls for tribute. No narfing Blue Pearls, I may decide to detain 
you for security purposes!
--OFFER(<5 pearls): You got wax in your narfing ears? I said Five Blue Pearls 
for our narfing war chest! No narfing less, narfer!
--OFFER 5 pearls: Narfing right! I'll spread the word that you narfers are 
OK. Now I can help you, too. I'll tell you where Zakhad's narfing %qNaurs%q 
are, so you can keep out of their narfing way.
--NAURS: There's a Naur in %qDorak%q, one in %qKrum%q, and the third one's in 
a narfing tower in %qKar'Lomug%q. Don't tell Zakhad I told you. Or narfing 
Rebnard, either!
--DORAK: You couldn't get me back into Dorak with a narfing pitchfork! 
There's some narfing thing in there that eats everybody. Doesn't care whether 
they're from narfing Light or Darkness.
--KRUM: You wouldn't want to go to narfing Krum even if there weren't a 
narfing Naur there. The narfing place is too narfing cold for anybody but 
narfing trolls.
--KAR'LOMUG: There's a narfing island south of the Kar'Lomug swamps, with a 
big narfing tower on it. That's where the Naur narfs with whatever it is that 
Zakhad has him doing.
--ORCBANE: Narf! Narf that narfing name! And bite your narfing tongue! If you 
have to ask about that narfing axe, at least use its proper narfing Orcish 
--DAKARAH: Our raiding party lost three feet, two hands and a head before I 
figured out what to do with that narfing axe! But don't worry. Dakarah is 
hidden where the narfing dwarves won't ever find it.

Dunbaz: (12-??)
--ADVICE: If you ever go to the Tower of %qShann%q, look for the magic 
%qstone%q we buried there a few years back.
--SHANN: Shann's a tower on Mariz. Narf! We had a narfload of fun there!
--STONE: We killed this narfing wizard, see, and when I went through his 
robes and pouches, I found this narfing stone. It was warm, black, and shiny. 
When I grabbed it, the narfer got red hot and burned my %qhand%q. Cost me a 
narfing finger!
--HAND: We all tried to pick the stone up, and it burned every narfing son of 
a narf in the squad! I remember Kezrugonk, we dared him to pick itup with his 
mouth, and it burnt his narfing tongue out! So we buried the narfer in 
%qKarpat%q Hall. The stone, not Kezrugonk.
--KARPAT: Karpat Hall's in Shann Tower. I don't remember where; I didn't draw 
a narfing map! We buried the narfing stone in the northwest corner.
--NARF: Narf you too, buddy! You wanna narfing talk, or what?

Orc: (20-??)
--NEWS: Thank the darkness, they say the dreaded axe Orcbane is safely hidden 

(24, 27) (15, 28) (20, 12) (21, 10) ( 9, 6) Orcs
--GREET: Welcome, stranger. What the narf can I do for you?
--NEWS: The narfing Children of Light have a narfing death squad out 
searching for Zakhad! Narf! The narfers'll probably drown in the narfing 
swamps before Zakhad has a chance to blow their narfing heads off!
--NEWS: Gurnakvar says it's time to go to the narfing Gizra Mountains and 
kill the narfing dwarves in Drakhelm. Orders from Zakhad.
--NEWS: This town's a narfing bore. I can't narfing wait until Zakhad gives 
me a narfing castle!
--NEWS: Hagdaganak says that Zakhad is holding four narfing eldens captive.
--GURNAKVAR: He never leaves his narfing house any more. Ask him about 
--ZAKHAD: When Zakhad's killed all the narfing Children of Light, he'll give 
the orcs all their narfing castles and jewels!
--HAGDAGANAK: Knock on his narfing door. If he bothers to talk to you, ask 
him about the 'eldens.'

regular orc (15,28)

--Welcome, stranger. What the narf can I do for you?
--Gurnakvar says it's time to go to the narfing Gizra Mountains and kill the 
narfing dwarves in Drakhelm. Orders from Zakhad.
--The narfing Children of Light have a narfing death squad out searching for 
Zakhad! Narf! The narfers'll probably drown in the narfing swamps before 
Zakhad has a chance to blow their narfing heads off!
--When Zakhad's killed all the narfing Children of Light, he'll give the orcs 
all their narfing castles and jewels!
--Hagdaganak says that Zakhad is holding four narfing eldens captive.
--This town's a narfing bore. I can't narfing wait until Zakhad gives me a 
narfing castle!

--GURNAKVAR: He never leaves his narfing house any more. Ask him about 
--HAGDAGANAK: Knock on his narfing door. If he bothers to talk to you, ask 
him about the 'eldens.'

**** MINE **** / TOWN


(22, 8) 'Welcome to Drakhelm'
(30, 5) 'Golden Key Guesthouse. No Pets or Orcs Allowed.'
(33,21) 'Nalgor's fine foods store'
(16,28) 'Drakkahall'
(19,23) 'School of Axeplay. Welcome'
(31,39) 'Snarlig's equipment and supplies shop'
(19,36) 'Armory'
(23,47) 'Metalsmiths' workshop. Help wanted.'
(17,58) 'Master Gemcutter Sondurak. Training is available at a reasonable 
(10,61) 'School of Metal Shaping. Metalsmiths trained here.'
( 6,41) 'Balgar's Herbs and Mushrooms'
(33,36) 'Dragon's Diamond Gambling Hall'
(24,67) 'Gemcutters' workshop. Employment available.'
(11, 5) 'Gard's Axe Store'
(36,64) To the Mines. Proceed at your own risk. 

(??,??) Player character chat, Kruga, near mines: The minions of Darkness dug 
these mines, and filled them with tricks and traps. Deceptions and delusions. 
Death. It's not the easiest place in the world to make a living.

( 8, 8) (35, 6) (25, 7) ( 7,37) ( 9,45) (10,46) (15,58) (14,42) dwarves:
--Rhokan's temple must be no more than a ruin by now, with no dwarven 
worshippers to tend it.
--Eflun says that even Zakhad fears the monster Vankruh.
--Chief Dulgamir hopes to lead a band of our bravest to Rhokan's temple. He 
wants to cleanse the shrine of any traces of Darkness.
--When Giddar plays 'Rondo Miz' on his lyre, Mizigus start to act like cute 
little puppies!
--An old musician named Pharus came to town some time back. He played a song 
called 'Sambali.' He was looking for wizards. That was before Kruga brought 
Eflun here, so we couldn't help him.
--Old Yurek still knows how to open the gates of Dorak. But with Vankruh 
inside, it's better the gates stay closed.
--Ogan has an idea where Orcbane may be hidden. You may want to ask him about 
--Kruga knows the perils of the mines below better than anyone since Solak!
--DULGAMIR: The few remaining dwarves in Gurtex follow Dulgamir as our 
leader. You'll find him in the Drakkahall.
--EFLUN: Eflun is a great wizard from Deruvia. He now lives in Drakhelm, next 
to the food store.
--GIDDAR: He is our Brewmaster. He'll be in Drakkahall, most likely.
--KRUGA: A decade or more ago, Kruga went to seek his fortune. Some months 
ago, he returned with his fortune (not a large one), a wizard named Eflun, 
and many tales of the hazards of seafaring.
--OGAN: He lives in the northwest corner of town. He stays home in the 
evenings, thinking up crazy ideas.
--PHARUS: Pharus said he was going back south to his home in Wanasol.
--RHOKAN: Our ancestors built a temple to the dwarven god of wealth on the 
tip of the eastern horn of the Demonspine. Since we came to Drakhelm, few 
have ventured to journey there. Fewer yet ever returned.
--SOLAK: Solak is Kruga's father. He disappeared in the mines. Kruga has been 
searching for him.
--VANKRUH: The monster rules the Mines of Dorak now!
--YUREK: Yurek lives just north of the entrance to the mines. Ask him about 
'Dorak,' if you care to know.
--ZAKHAD??: The foul demon has sent hordes of his minions into the mines 
below! How they got there, we do not know. There are rumors that it is the 
doing of his tame wizard, Alvirex!

(19, 47) Nurdal 7-20
--GREET: Greetings Brave adventurer. How would you like to buy some rare 
gemstones? I would also be interested in any that you may wish to sell.
--ADVICE: Whether you want sell or buy gemstones, I am the one you should 
talk to.
*       PRICES        *
* Pearl       44/60   *
* Blu Pearl   66/100  *
* Jade       126/200  *
* Topaz      201/300  *
* Ruby       252/450  *
* Sapphire   402/600  *
* Emerald    603/900  *
* Diamond   1054/1450 *


(20,57) Gemcutting $175

( 9,59) Metalworking $175

(22,66) Gemcutter

(18,21) Axeplay $150

(14,27) Meeting hall

(28, 4) Guesthouse 8/day

(21,46) Metalsmith

(32,34) Gambling hall
--NEWS: It is indeed sad when you work all day, digging here, digging there, 
and what you find is lost again, this time to dice. Hear my advice: nobody 
gets rich by gambling. Stay clear of this place and you'll get to keep what's 
--NEWS: Dwarven Kings of ancient times wore armor made of pearly plates, 
brought from distant lands. Some claim this armor was even better than 
Methreal! Hard to imagine, eh?
--NEWS: There's a rumor goin' around about Orcbane! Some say, contrary to 
what we generally believe, the mighty axe may be within reach!

(28,38) Snarlig's supplies
--ADVICE: Picks, shovels, and mapflasks are essential equipment for all those 
who search for %qtreasure%q. I sell them. I sell them cheap.
--TREASURE: For a party of brave warriors, there is plenty of that to be 
found down in the Mines of Drakhelm.
*      PRICES       *
* Map Flask 262/440 *
* Shovel     63/87  *
* Rope       53/77  *
* Pick       61/80  *
* Blanket    76/140 *

(18,34) Kruko's armor
--ADVICE: This is the only place on Gurtex where you can fit yourself with 
Methreal armor! Do yourself a favor and buy a suit. Buy several! No other 
metal can give you better protection!
*          PRICES         *
* Ring Mail      175/340  *
* Dwarven Chain  320/585  *
* Steel Plate    600/980  *
* Methreal      1130/1625 *
* Bronze Helmet   80/80   *
* Iron Helmet    125/250  *
* Steel Helmet   255/505  *

(32,25) Eflun: 
--ADVICE: I trust the magic of the eldens to provide answers when the hour of 
trial is upon us! Meanwhile, the lore of the dwarves of Drakhelm is 
fascinating, and should not be ignored.
--TELEPORTALS: Hmm. I believe Sphere, Cone, Cone will teleport to somewhere 
west of Mandarg. Where else could it go, after all? And, oddly enough, 
Pyramid, Cube, Cube gets you to Rhon!
[you can INVITE Eflun.]

( 5,43) Balgar's potions
--ADVICE: If you ever want to visit our ancestral home, Dorak, ask %qYurek%q 
for directions.
--YUREK: Yurek lives just north of the entrance to the mines.
*     PRICES      *
* potion    36/55 *
* sermin    43/67 *
* gonshi    53/77 *
* nift      63/87 *
* mirget    64/96 *
* luffin    40/71 *
* fireglobe 61/80 *
* medicin   36/55 *

Kruga: (18-23)
--ADVICE: Find the Great %qEflun%q and ask him to join you. He is a most 
learned wizard.
--EFLUN: Eflun took lodgings next to the food store when he arrived in 
Drakhelm. I've never been able to understand the way he thinks. Wizards have 
always been a mystery to me.
--ADVICE(after joining): I think we should stop asking questions and start 
demanding answers!

Dwarves: (20-06)
--NEWS: When mighty warrior Bolumar went against Vankruh he was wearing a 
pearl plate armor! As we all know he is now long dead, one of many slain by 
Vankruh. But perchance his armor may still be somewhere in Dorak.
--NEWS: There were three magic axes possesed by my people in the days of old 
when Dorak was our home. They became lost during the evacuation of Dorak. I 
hear there is now a group of heroes in search of them. I hope they succeed!
--NEWS: Dulgamir is so very smart. He even knows a teleportal combination!
--DULGAMIR: He is Our chief. Under his able leaderdhip one day we hope to 
reclaim Dorak!
--BOLUMAR: He was a legendary warrior in the days of our glorious past.
--VANKRUH: It is the name by which the new ruler of Dorak is known. His evil 
power is said to be only second to that of Zakhad's.

--ADVICE: If you are planning to go down into the mines, I recommend you take 
%qKruga%q with you.
--KRUGA: You will find him here in the evenings when he is not working.
--KRUGA: I see the mighty warrior Kruga has joined the King's hero. This is 
good! Maybe there is still hope after all!
--TELEPORTAL: Teleportal combinations? I know one that'll get you all the way 
to Fronnoxx's Gap. Watch your step! Pyramid, cone, cone.

--ADVICE: After you drink a few tankards of my brew, you may get an urge to 
sing with me!
--RONDO MIZ: A fine song! But complicated. A true test of the fingers! Not 
many people know it, but I do. And so do the Mizigus!

(13, 4) Gard's weapons
--ADVICE: I sell the finest of axes, prime examples of legendary dwarven 
craftsmanship. Every warrior deserves an axe from %qGard%q's Store.
--GARD: That's me. Gard Ironbender. I am known for my skills at the forge. My 
axes are so sharp, you can amputate the leg of a fly with them!
*       PRICES      *
* Smallaxe   84/116 *
* Hammeraxe 216/260 *
* Battleaxe 281/380 *
* Doubleaxe 402/600 *
* Greataxe  553/850 *
* Ashbow    141/240 *
* Arrow      26/40  *

(32,25) Nalgur's food:
--ADVICE: If you are going to the mines below, I have not one but two pieces 
of advice for you: invite %qKruga%q into your party, you won't regret it, and 
buy my miners' food rations, they will keep you fit.
--ADVICE: (w/Kruga) Listen well to Kruga when you are in the mines below.
--KRUGA: He is usually found in %qDrakkahall%q here in Drakhelm.
--DRAKKAHALL: Our community hall. After a hard day's work we usually gather 
at Drakkahall and enjoy a few tankards of %qGiddar%q's ale.
--GIDDAR: Oh, he is our brewmaster. He also plays the lyre. Ask him to teach 
you 'Rondo Miz.'
* food-12 15/30 *

( 5,10) Ogan:
--ADVICE: A ghost haunts the Drakhelm Mines. If you can communicate with it, 
it may advance your cause!
--ORCBANE: The magic axe Orcbane, forged by a now-forgotten %qgod%q as a 
%qgift%q to Dwarvenkind, was stolen from us during the chaotic last days of 
our struggle to preserve %qDorak%q.
--GIFT: Mighty Orcbane can only be wielded by dwarven warriors, since it was 
a gift specially forged for dwarves. An attack on an orc or a goblin with 
Orcbane never misses! Our efforts to %qlocate%q Orcbane have failed miserably 
so far.
--LOCATE: One recent lead to Orcbane's location was a bloodstained %qscroll%q 
I found on a Zorlim after I beheaded him.
--SCROLL: The foul blood of the Zorlim stained the scroll and made it mostly 
unreadable. However, from what I could make out, I now suspect that the 
reason we haven't found Orcbane is that we haven't searched the Mines below 
--GODS: When we fled Dorak, we left our god behind. I believe Rhokan still 
sleeps there in Dorak, beneath the giant Diamond.
--DORAK: Our ancient home Dorak is now infested with creatures of the Dark.

(35,53) Yurek: 
--ADVICE: I think perhaps %qVankruh%q is not really the monster of Darkness 
our legends make it to be. You should investigate %qVankruh%q.
--VANKRUH: When Vankruh came to Dorak, our ancestors had no choice but to 
abandon their home. We dream of the day we return.
--(after taking Vankruh:) I salute you, %y, for your great success with 
Vankruh. Thanks to you, the dwarves may soon return to their true home!
--DORAK: Dorak has two entrances: the West Gate and the East Gate. Both are 
in the northern reaches of the Demonspine. Whisper 'Waharnial' to raise the 
west gate, or 'Zaradenak' for the east gate. May Rhokan watch over you.

 /\   /\  VILLAGE:  /\   /\
/--\ /--\  PENTYNE /--\ /--\
|  | |  | X=       |  | |  |
+--+ +--+ Y=       +--+ +--+

Pentyne is hidden deep behind some mountains, and you can't teleport there. 
In fact there will be a fight with a few ogres. It's best to eat 
nifts/gonshis/mirgets/luffins and then hit the ogres first. If you use jump 
spells you can probably trap them and knock them out pretty easily. Use only 
mirgets if they're trapped--in fact mirget, gonshi, attack, attack works 
pretty well.

Once in Pentyne you'll find some pretty aloof citizens. You'll probably need 
to cast glamour as you've likely ditched your halfling by now--but even your 
halfling might not have the 11 charisma needed.


(9, 22) Altan 7-21
--GREET: Strangers from realms far and away, what brings you to our land? I 
am Altan, The Loremaster.
--TALES: You are not what we expect outsiders to be like, it seems. Very well 
then, I shall recite to you but one single tale. However, you must name the 
tale that you wish to hear!
--TALES(<11 charisma): I know of more tales, myths, and legends than you 
could ever imagine. But, they are not for your ears!
--[BAD GUESS]: Ah yes, an interesting one. But it is not for you to hear!
--ELBUKAR: Ah yes, an interesting choice. It is the one you shall hear then. 
In an age of time far and long gone, when Gods and Goddesses still mingled 
with mortals, and none of your kind yet came to be, our %qancestors%q were 
already settled in Altesia.
--ANCESTORS: Under the care and protection of Goddess Senvara, they lived the 
same as we do now. One day, a traveler appeared at our gate. He introduced 
himself as Elbukar, the %qmessenger%q of friendship.
--MESSENGER: Sent to Altesia by the First Speaker of Eldens, his %qmission%q 
he explained, was to create three different structures at three different 
sites. Each one was to serve the Altesen people in a different way.
--MISSION: By providing these %qgifts%q, Elbukar stated, First Speaker was 
simply trying to show Eldens' desire for dialogue and cooperation between 
their two civilizations.
--GIFTS: First, Elbukar built the %qStronghold%q. Next came the 
%qTeleportal%q House. And finally, a %qTower%q was raised to house a library, 
and training facilities where Altesens could work with and learn from 
visiting Elden scholars and Men of Arts.
--STRONGHOLD: It was built here on this island, at the Western end of the 
--TELEPORTAL: Elbukar built it on the small island to the west of Pentyne. 
(not there, bug?)
--TOWER: Avo can tell you about it. (not there, bug?)

(54, 23) Avo 7-21
--GREET: I am Avo, the Lorekeeper. There are references to your kind in my 
oldest records. Humeans, yes I believe you call yourselves Humeans.
--ADVICE: I don't know that I should help you. Our philosophy had always been 
one of indifference to foreigners. Yet, something about you compells me to 
reconsider. I'll tell you this: Visit the tower of %qNamaz%q.
--ADVICE (<11 charisma): I think you should take your troubles and leave. We 
are not much interested in your affairs.
--NAMAZ: It is on the large island to the east of Pentyne. If I'm not 
mistaken, whisper 'Vumakleh' and its gate should open.

(55, 24) Alara 7-21
--GREET: I am Alara, The Earthmaster. Under my guidance, and with the 
knowledge I provide, the Earth,  what grows from it, and my people, we live 
as one.
--ADVICE: Search for a hidden field of %qMuirgem%q plants in the Jungle, 
Southeast of Pentyne. (they mean "Mirget" in human-speak)
--ADVICE(<11 charm): I share knowledge with my own kin only. To you, all I 
say is: Have a good day!
--MUIRGEM: From the leaves of the Muirgem plant, our brave warriors receive 
the gift of great strength!

(62, 6) Somona 1-1
--ADVICE: Always trust in the gods of Light. And do not fear the gods of 
Darkness. If your will holds true, they cannot prevail, no matter how great 
the %qsacrifice%q.
--SACRIFICE: The gods of Light are kind and generous. The gods of Darkness 
demand that you sacrifice what is most dear before they grant their boons.

(30,18) (35,18) Altesen guards 10 charm
--NEWS: We never go to war. But if war ever comes to us, we will fight as 
only the Altesaan can.
--NEWS: The spirits of those Altesaan who fall defending Altesia go on to 
protect the goddess Senvara in the lands of the gods. There can be no greater 
--NEWS: The Flower of Wisdom, Earthmaster Alara, says that the time of the 
Great Harvest is almost upon us.
--ALARA: She carries the ancient knowledge of all things that grow from the 
earth. She speaks with plants, and knows their secrets.
--ALTESAAN: Many youngsters, girls and boys alike, dream of being accepted 
into the Altesaan, the elite core of our fearless warriors, the protectors of 
the Altesen way. Only a very few, those with exceptional courage and ability, 
--SENVARA: Our shield goddess has protected us from the struggle between 
Light and Darkness for many ages. We pray that she has good reason for 
letting you visit Pentyne.

(13,20) (14,20) (12,11) (38,19) (21,30) (53,23) (62,11) Altesen 10 charm
--NEWS: There is very little news in Pentyne. We keep to the old ways, and 
they serve us well. Your presence is disturbing, as is that of the elven 
sorceress Somona.
--NEWS: Alin, the High Priest, is most concerned that strangers have come to 
--NEWS: Lately, Loremaster Altan often speaks of an ancient story, 'The Three 
Visits of Elbukar.'
--ALIN: The High Priest holds the wisdom of Senvara and leads us in our 
worship of her. He and the Altesaan also guard the Orb of Destiny against 
damage or theft.
--ALTAN: Loremaster Altan is the keeper of tales, myths, and legends. Like 
all the Loremasters who came before him, he will recite any one of them upon 
a citizen's request.
--ELBUKAR: Ask the Loremaster about 'Elbukar.' If he chooses to disregard 
your foreign origin, you too can hear this tale. 
--SOMONA: The sorceress arrived in Pentyne some months ago, in the shape of a 
sea bird. She changed to her elven form, and presented herself to Alin. He 
allowed her to stay.

(31-4, 16) Temple
[paragraph 11]
--[GREET:]I am Altan, High Priest of Goddess Senvara. Please state your 
purpose for being here. (oops! That should be *Alin*!)
--[LOW CHARISMA:]I think you should take your troubles and leave. We are not 
much interested in your affairs.
--ADVICE: The mystery of the orb is now yours to solve. We shall have no more 
dealings with you. You can leave when you are ready.

    ^  BARBARIAN  ^
   / \   CAMP:   / \
  /   \ SHUMARAN/   \
 /     \       /     \
/       \     /       \

Shumaran moves around with the seasons. See 3-2 for specifics. There are a 
lot of pieces of information here if you know where to ask. It's confusing to 
navigate some of the terrain, as a lot looks passable that isn't and vice 

(21, 31) (32, 28) (31, 24) (23, 11) (14, 11) (19, 27) Campers
--NEWS: Mysterious looking plants grow in a patch to the south of the small 
--NEWS: There is an elden stronghold by the northern sea, due north of the 
Keshkul Lakes.
--NEWS: Ask Swiftwind about the temple. He says he knows of a temple right 
here in the Tundra.
--SWIFTWIND: He is the best tracker in the tribe. And the best singer, too.

(26, 9) (27, 10) Kids
--NEWS: Roaring Bull says he knows where to find magic mushrooms. Ask him 
about 'mushrooms.'
--NEWS: My father says he'll let me carry a bow when we move to our next camp 
--NEWS: Dancing Bear says he knows of a secret treasure. Ask him about a 
--DANCING BEAR: Dancing Bear is a trapper and skinner. He makes the fur 
clothing we wear when the weather is cold.
--ROARING BULL: Roaring Bull is a great hunter and a mighty warrior. All the 
boys in the tribe want to grow up to be like him. All the girls wish they 
could be Moongold.
--MOONGOLD: 'Moongold' is an honored name, always carried by a woman of our 
tribe. In this generation, the chief's daughter has its honor. Imagine. High 
birth, great beauty, and the honored name, all at once. Who wouldn't envy 

(22, 21) Moongold 8-23
--ADVICE: If you visit Ussa, say hello to our tribe's friend %qSpensor%q.
--SPENSOR: A few years ago, Spensor was caught in a storm and his small 
fishing boat sank. Our hunters found him lying on the beach, barely alive. 
They carried him back to our camp where he could receive good care. We were 
happy to help his %qrecovery%q.
--RECOVERY: After he recovered, Spensor lived with us for many months. He 
became a good friend. But in his heart, he was never a nomad, always a 
fisherman. With my %qfather%q's permission, he returned to Ussa.
--GREET: She says: Welcome, stranger and guest. My name is Moongold. %r23
--FATHER: My father is Blackwolf, the leader of our tribe.
--MARK: When my grandmother died, the Moon Mark was given to me. My 
%qfather%q performed the ceremony.
--OFFER ORB: Grandmother foresaw that the Moon Mark would find its destiny in 
my lifetime. I am proud and happy that she was right.

(32, 12) Swiftwind 7-20
--ADVICE: Strength of arm is not enough to withstand the poison munaks!
--TEMPLE: There is a temple a few hours north of the lakes. I think it was 
built for the god Nerelnes.
--FIREDANCE: The Firedance can hold the munaks at bay.

( 8, 15) Dancing Bear 8-19
--ADVICE: The tundra is cold. The furs I sell are warm.
--TREASURE: I thought it was a secret. But if you ever find a signpost that 
says 'Snakes' Heaven,' dig underneath it.
* Furs 100/200 *

(28, 22) Nightshadow 9-22
--ADVICE: Look not at barbarians with pity or scorn. We live and survive in 
the harsh tundra, despite the Jerrahs and their %qMunaks%q. Few other 
Children of Light could do the same.
--FELMIS: I have made copies of the shining book sold to me by the wizard on 
the island. I can sell them to you in return.
--MUNAKS: The poison munaks are new to the tundra in our generation, brought 
here by the sorcerous Jerrahs. Mistake them not for puppy dogs!
* Felmis 2152/3340 *

(29, 27) Roaring Bull 16-23
--ADVICE: Find the lost %qHorn%q of the Tundra. It was our gift to the other 
Children of Light.
--HORN: The Horn of the Tundra calls us to battle and glory. Blow it when you 
are under attack, and our tribe will come to your aid if we can hear you, 
joining the battle on your side. 
--MUSHROOMS: I discovered a mushroom patch by the hills northeast of the 
Keshkul Lakes.

(15, 21) Zak Firebringer 12-23
--ADVICE: There is a teleportal house located between the Keshkul Lakes and 
the Mand Mountains. I hope you know how to operate it.
--TELEPORTALS: I can tell you two. Pyramid, sphere, cube ports to the north 
Tundra. Cone, cone, sphere ports to northern Krum.

(21, 22) Blackwolf 10-22
--ADVICE: Stay with us as long as you want. You are safe here within our 
--MARATUL: The tower of Maratul is on the island of Deladorn. It is filled 
with creatures of Darkness. Yet, for the brave and strong who %qenter%q 
Maratul, there are rewards for the spirit and the purse!
--ENTER: When you are prepared to enter Maratul, whisper 'Ruandair' and the 
gate will open. Prepare well.

 / o             \
|                 |
 \               /

--The whisper does not penetrate the bird's protecting feathers.
--Prince Jemil does not recognize [you]'s voice.
--The egg cracks open as young Prince Jemil hears his royal father call his 
--Suddenly the demon Zakhad appears! 'Just as I planned,' the demon snarls. 
'The King, the Prince and the despised [you], all in my power! Prepare for 
your doom!'
--%o says: 'A trap! We should have known that the demon was not truly dead! 
But we have the Orb of Light to protect us!'
--[you] lifts the Orb to face the demon lord of Gurtex. Zakhad laughs. 'That 
toy has no power against me in your hands, fool!' The orb shatters into 
--One by one, the demon blasts the King, the Prince, [you] and %p companions 
into oblivion!
--Prince Jemil raises the Orb. Its glow focuses into a beam of purest Light. 
Jemil aims the beam at Zakhad and says: 'Go far, far away!'
--The demon shrieks and slowly fades away. 'This time for good,' says %o. 
'Zakhad cannot be killed, but he can be banished. His Highness did very 
--'Better than you may think, %o,' says the elden Zidoni, appearing from 
nowhere. 'It will be many ages before the demon can even approach the world 
of mortals again.'
--'Zakhad's pall of Darkness has departed from Gurtex completely,' Zidoni 
continues. 'One happy effect is that your human Queen can see once again.'
--'Was Momma blind?' cries Prince Jemil. 'Oh, how sad! We must go home to her 
at once!'
--'As you wish, young Prince,' says Zidoni. The elden begins to whisper, and 
the party is magically transported!


  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Cellars 1
##       ########
##        ########


  The first level of the cellars is a good introductory level. You can beat a 
few monsters rather easily, there's a bit of treasure, and you can get 
comfortable with the rooms. You'll also find a teleportal and a good 
companion along the way.

  My brief recommendation is to use gonshis, go south into the first room, 
wipe out everyone, hug either wall as you go south, then go into the bottom 
room on the left. Have Fiz drink from the fountain and go back right and use 
gonshis before going down the corridor. After an ambush you'll need 
walkwater. Pass the water and go right. Just above the second pillar, there's 
a treasure. Dig around for it. Eat more gonshis and go south through the 
room. Then go left, into the mini-spiral, to pick up Sakar. You can leave now 
if you'd like or go down another level.


(22, 11) (21-22, 17) Troll + 3 Zorlim + Tekhir, 36 arrows. With a gonshi, you 
should be able to get them to flee. Zorlims have HUGE personal space radii.
(12, 26-7) 5 orcs. You can just talk to them and they'll pay you to leave 
them alone. No treasure.
(5, 35-6) 5 orcs. You can just talk to them and they'll pay you to leave them 
alone. 16 walkwater spells here are useful for your mage.
(32-3, 28) 4 orcs + 1 zorlim. Might be tricky to nab the zorlim, so have 
gonshis ready. $100 in prizes.
(21, 52) (21-2, 60) 3 orcs + 1 zorlim.
(8, 55) teleportal


(22, 22) 5 orcs. You can avoid this by walking down either the left or right 
side of the passage below the first room.
(21, 39) there's one here but you can't reach it
(31, 34) 2 Zorlims + tekhir. You can avoid with walkwater but don't need to.
(32, 60) 5 Tekhirs. These should present no problem if you've got the armor. 
But you can also go right, against the bottom wall, then up the right wall. 
However, if you need to avoid the combat, you won't survive down below.


(7, 5) I buried my treasure 40 paces south, 9 paces east. -Durren
(16, 45) 50 + 4 emeralds


(22,6) By the gods, %o! What a eerie place. I'll be happy to leave these 
cellars behind as soon as you say the word.
Party talk dialog # 4 at 32 41.
(8, 56) In this room, we can use pyramids, spheres and cubes to teleport back 
outdoors. Use pyramid, pyramid, sphere in the device, left to right, to get 
back out on the island. That's the only combination I know.
(33, 56) %o! Look at the time! Shouldn't we be getting back now? I'm sure 
they'll be worried upstairs if we're gone too long!
(32, 41) I'd hesitate to proceed any farther without a good supply of 
Walkwater spells. Were we to be stranded above one of these foul pools with 
no Walkwaters left, we would be doomed!
(20, 44) There was supposed to be a treasure chest buried around here, wasn't 
there? Or did we already dig it up? Sorry, %o, but you know that memory was 
never a strong point for me.


(30, 9) Do Not Drink the Water!
(29, 34)  -= Warning!! =- Flooding in Lower Levels!


(15, 67)
--This is boring, [you]. Let's go find some orcs!
[you can invite Sakar.]
--'Tis certain that %qRhokadur%q would be a great help to us now!
--RHOKADUR: It was the magic axe forged by none other than %qRhokan%q, the 
lost god of Drakka. Only dwarven warriors could wield the mighty Rhokadur, 
the legends say.
--RHOKAN: Rhokan is gone and nearly forgotten. I heard the story of Rhokan 
and Rhokadur a few years ago in Deruvia, from an aged dwarf in a smoky 
tavern. But enough wishing and dreaming! Back to the fray!

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Cellars 2
##       ########
##        ########


  There are two purposes to Cellars 2: first, to see Marior for a bonus, and 
second, to solve Deraum. You can also find some good treasure along the way 
in dungeon rooms. You'll want 10+ walkwater to be safe.

  To get to Marior, be sure you have your final party in place. Go west and 
then south. Cast walkwater and go south. Continue in a southerly direction 
until there-s a passage to the west bordered by walls on the top and bottom. 
Follow it. It curves north, and there's Marior.

  To get to Deraum, find a way south. Instead of turning west at Marior, 
continue south. There'll be a small wall to go around to get to the very 
bottom--with a lake to the right, go left. Cast walkwater and go east. Use 
mushrooms for the next room(east) and then when the passage turns north, hug 
the left wall as you go up. Enter the room and use mushrooms again to win 
out. There are some nice gems in your path here. The Crystal Door is ahead, 
and if you haven't seen Maalaq in Shann, you can't do any more. If you have, 
be sure you've got a couple soulspeak and several restsoul spells in hand, 
and enjoy Deraum.


  All ambushes are avoidable. They are tougher than the rooms you'll be in. 
So if you know where you want to go, steer clear.

(10, 27) 4 domug. This ambush guards nothing.
(41, 31) 3 orc + zorlim. Tight quarters here actually favor you, but use a 
gonshi if you want to enter the dead end with this ambush.
(67, 32) 3 domug, 2 urgodot. Tough ambush, keep to the left wall after going 
in the SE corner.
(40, 22) 4 slimes
(48, 6) 4 slimes
(15, 16) 4 slimes


(24-5, 4) 2 urgodot, 3 domug. Fountain with 24 walkwater. I don't recommend 
going into this room until you wish to tackle Deraum. You'll need the 
walkwater spells for that, and if you use Fiz for them, they'll be wasted. 
Plus it's a hard combat.
(65-6, 19) (65, 11) Zorlim, tekhir, Orc. 3 Rubies as treasure. This is a room 
you must go through, but it's not too tough. You don't need gonshis, but the 
treasure will pay for them a few times over. Why not win quickly and 
(39, 35) (46, 35-6) 2 Zorlims, 2 Orcs. 4 Rubies as treasure. Approaching from 
the side here is tricky, as monsters are a bit farther away, but worthwhile 
from the treasure. If you have a 'jump' spell, then use it, but otherwise 
you'll want to approach the Zorlims quickly with gonshis. Be sure to have 
shields in case they decide to cast spells instead of fleeing.
(7-8, 18) Marior's resting place
(62-3, 4) Room with crystal key door.


(58, 31) to (22, 5) 1st level--exit.


(30, 6) 'Hold on a minute, %o! There's more water around here than I'm 
comfortable with.' [you] spits in the pool, and %p saliva skitters around 
like an insect, trailing green fumes. 'If we run out of Walkwater spells, 
we're done for!'
(63, 6) 'Use caution, %o. Yonder door bears a great aura of magic. I cannot 
say whether the aura is of Light or Darkness, but a fearsome Darkness lies on 
its other side!
--HAVE KEY: 'I have the %a.' It opens the door to Deraum!
--NO KEY: The crystal door to Deraum is magically locked.


(28, 5) 'Poisonous waters! Do not attempt to swim!'
(36, 14) 'Stairs to the northwest.'
(56, 20) 'Proceed southward for Castle Teleportal.'
(10, 11) (39, 5) 'Slime Breeding Grounds. Proceed with Care.'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Deraum
##       ########
##        ########


  Treasure detour: if you want, cast walkwater and go west. At the second 
island, go south. There'll be a one-square island--dig on that one brown 
square, which is 2E and 5S of the sign.

  You'll need a few walkwaters here for navigation but nothing spectacular. 
You'll also need 20+ restsouls--you can of course recharge in any of the 
dungeon rooms. In fact, if you're out of walkwaters, follow the path to the 
southeast, where a fountain in a room should recharge you enough. Push south 
from the entry, using the narrow strip of land to conserve spells. Even when 
it looks like water, try to walk over it. You never know. There'll be a wall 
to the left--go west along it. Cast another walkwater and then go down when 
the wall turns south. Keep to the east wall after water no longer covers it. 
Eventually there'll be a break in the wall.

  Go through the break, win the room, recover restsoul spells if you are low, 
and go north. Just to be safe, take a


  Go straight north and as the wall juts west, lean up against it. There'll 
be an ambush--slimes and skeletons. Maybe use some nifts for it but then 
switch to


  Then go east. More undeads. Turn south and enter that room. On exiting, go 
west to the wall, south, then east. Win the last room and make sure you've 
got soulspeak before going further. There's a portal to the east. Then you go 
south. Cast soulspeak and restsoul and teleport out. You'll go back to the 
Throne Room, where there's an ugly scene.


(67, 68) to (7, 31) puts you by the ghost's room
(18, 35) to Cellars 1 (22, 5)
(53, 5) to Cellars 1 (21, 7)

[the last two portals are exit portals.]


(16, 54) 6 skeletons
(18, 52) 2 skeletons, 2 jerrahs--both can be avoided by keeping east and down
(27, 52) 2 skeletons, 2 domugs, jerrah. Keep east to avoid.
(34, 47) 3 skeletons, 2 slimes. Keep down to avoid.
(30, 50) 4 skeletons, 2 slimes. Unavoidable really
(50, 67) 4 skeletons. Tricky to avoid--move left once out of the room
(39, 52) 3 skeletons, jerrah, domug.


(7, 35) Is it just me, %o, or is it getting colder down here? Not that I'm 
scared or anything, but a hot meal up in the castle seems like a good idea.
(7, 38) We're not afraid of ghosts, are we, %o? Of course not! So let's go 
back up to the castle, get a good hot meal, rest a while, and come back down 
when we're really prepared!


(6, 31) Proceed Eastward for Castle Teleportal.
(36, 38) Haunted Area Entrance to the Southwest.
(65, 67) Point of No Return. Advance at Your Own Risk.
(34, 9) No more Walkwaters! This is it for me. Dig two paces east, five south 
to find my pouch. Pray for my soul. My life ends here. -Ranok.
(55, 5) West of this signpost is a teleportal. Use it. Congratulations on 
surviving Deraum long enough to read this. -Maalaq


(36, 14) 200 coins, 6 jade, 12 potions, 12 sermins, 1 map flask

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 1
##       ########
##        ########


  You'll enter Dorak 1 from the west if it's from outside, or the north if 
it's from Dorak 2(entering from the east.) If you enter Dorak 1 from outside, 
then go southeast and east. You can go south into mine # 3, or you can go 
north to pick up another magic item.

  To get the axe, form your party with the bottom missing and enter the 
doors. Go north. on exit, go south, hook east, go north and hook east/north 
to level 2.

  From level 2, just go south, west, south, and then go SW into the room. Go 
south to Dorak 3.

  If a companion was captured, he may be in the jail cells to the east. But 
you should have the party you want by now anyway.


  None are in your way here unless you really want to see how everything fits 

(18, 18) (20, 18) 2 ghouls, 3 jerrah, 3 flamebellies.
(9, 9) (12, 10) (15, 7) 3 zorlims, 4 skeletons.
(45, 22) 7 skeletons, 2 slime.


(11, 35) %o gazes in wonder at the mines of Dorak. The legends name these 
mines as the first home of Dwarvenkind in Gurtex, and possibly the oldest 
mines in the world.

(14, 35) I never imagined that I would see the Mines of Dorak, %o. The 
ancient home of the dwarves! Caverns beneath an entire mountain range!

(15, 16) (8, 14) (21, 14) (24, 19) Lead us to the spawn of Darkness, %o! I'll 
cut their filthy bodies into thin slices like so much sausage!

(21, 11) (27, 19) (12, 16) Speaking of sausage, did I ever tell you about my 
grandfather? He made the best sausages I ever ate! Hung them from the ceiling 
until they were ripe.

(8, 13) %o, hold a moment. There is danger ahead. My mind is besieged by 
waves of Darkness. Let us be sure that we are prepared for the denizens of 
these mines!

(22, 6) Are you sure this is safe, %o? I have a cold and empty feeling in my 
belly, and I'm starting to have second thoughts about this trip.

(32-3, 24) 'This is strange, %o. A lone zorlim? Not the normal way of the 
forces of Darkness. Perhaps we should talk to him.


(7,5) MESSAGE: Far beneath the mountains, in the seventh mines, Rhokadur 
awaits its new dwarven owner. The second mines lead to part of the seventh. 
Dig in the hole at the south end of the corridor. Avoid the west wall until 
you reach the pits. Then avoid the east wall.


(6, 30) 'Mines of Dorak. West Entrance.'


(7-8, 24) 8 goblins, 1 zorlim. No treasure.
(39, 11) 5 tekhir, 3 orcs, zorlim. No treasure.
(60, 26-7) jerrah, gaem, gragan, zumagin. Cell.
(45-6, 30) 4 domugs, zorlim, 4 trolls. The only room you'll need to go 
through unless you want to walk all the way around, trip an ambush by 
mistake, and waste time that way. Use nifts and gonshis.
(53, 8) 4 urgodots, 5 domug.
(60, 30-1) doombeast, zombie, skeleton, gaem. Cell room.
(63-4, 23) zumagin, gragan, jerrah, gaem. No treasure. ??


Zan (45, 25)
--The zorlim says: I surrender. You have pierced my energy fields, and I am 
helpless before you. Show me the fabled %qmercy%q of the Children of Light. 
My name is Zan.
--MERCY: %qZakhad%q will show no mercy to me now, and %qVankruh%q is a 
merciless beast! I have no hope. Leave me. I shall find a small cave and live 
out my life as a hermit, meditating on fate.
--VANKRUH: My troops could not defeat Vankruh. But perhaps you can. Know 
that, in Vankruh's lair, no spells have any effect but his own!
--MISSION: We were told to go into Dorak and to destroy %qVankruh%q. Against 
all hope, we reached the monster's chamber in the seventh mine. I alone 
--ZAKHAD: The great demon will be very displeased if he learns that my 
%qmission%q has failed, or that I surrendered to the Children of Light. I 
fear that I am doomed!
--VANKRUH: The Children of Light must join our fight against Vankruh! If the 
monster is not slain, he will destroy the world!
--You must slay %qVankruh%q! The monster's powers threaten the entire world, 
Light and Dark alike!

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 2
##       ########
##        ########


  If you have just entered from outside, you can go south, west, and south to 
get things going. Dorak 1 is south of here. Skip to the last paragraph for 
the best treasure.

  You can however make a detour to get a magic axe, or to get treasure in 
Dorak 6. From the entrance to Dorak 1, go west, north through the room, 
through another room, and east.

  First for the treasure in Dorak 6, which isn't so critical. Form


  And go along the north wall to the east. Slip by and go back west. Head 
north and go east when you see a door. Exit to the north and zap the right 
column from your formation. For the quick treasure(and more of it) go east 
along the wall, but don't turn east. Turn west at the T, then north, east, 
south. You'll need to go with


  ...to avoid the ambush, by moving diagonally. Then go east and north.

  For the other part of Dorak 6 NW, go along the east wall, pressing east 
and, when that's not possible, north. Go through the room, and there's the 
gate to Dorak 6.

  To get through a sliver of Dorak 7 containing treasure, go east under the 
ambush. Cast a pierce on the fields to the north near the east end of the 
cavern, enter the room, and exit east. The door to Dorak 7 is just ahead.

  Dorak 2 develops a good deal of the story and ties together the odd Hodli 
Duck joke from Magic Candle 1. But it doesn't have huge purpose in the game 
ultimately. There are lots of false tracks here.


(14, 83) 3 gaem, jerrah, zombie. This ambush is avoidable if you want to go 
north, but it's not unbeatable, especially if you've got shields and you 
memorized some worthless spells. Just form


  And go NE when exiting the room to the west.

(21, 29) 3 urgodot, 2 domug.
(19, 74) 3 aciden, 3 gnolls. There's a worthless scroll at the end of this 
(16, 11) 2 urgodot, 2 zorlim, 2 tekhir.
(46, 52) 3 urgodot, 3 domug.
(32, 49) 3 sandgu, 2 zebani, troll.


(54, 49) to (48, 49) kicks you back across a field you'll need to pierce to 
go through otherwise.


(35, 78) Strephonio to the Hodli Ducks, Greetings. In the Third Mines, below 
the First Mines, we must reach the Moon Corner. South of the rotten signpost, 
climb onto a rock or jump into a hole. Flap your lovely wings, and sing your 
beautiful songs!
Chest message # 2 at 41 60.


(33, 91) I never imagined that I would see the Mines of Dorak, %o. The 
ancient home of the dwarves. Caverns beneath an entire mountain range!
(17, 88) We should exercise utmost caution, %o. As we go deeper into these 
mines, the dangers are bound to become greater. Even here, close to the 
entrance, the forces of Darkness are likely to lurk.
(23, 82) My, my. How colorful. Someone worked hard to erect this rainbow 
barrier of energy fields, %o. Now I suppose that we must work to destroy it 
with Pierce spells.
(31, 79) Looks like some wizard got too smart for himself, %o. All those 
energy fields guarding a dead end are like a signpost saying 'Dig Here for 
Buried Treasure.'
(25, 89) Why would the dwarves want to live underground, %o? Up above there's 
the beauty of a flowering forest! There's fresh air! There are blue skies and 
bright sunlight! Down here there are only veins of precious gems and lodes of 
silver and gold.
(12, 75) We're not the only ones in this mine, %o. Even if you disregard the 
forces of Darkness, which I urge you not to do, there is still another 
magical power. We must all be alert and prepared!
(7, 68) The floor shakes. The walls shudder. A voice, deeper and stronger 
than %o has ever heard, vibrates through the mines. 'Aha! I hear the 
footsteps of the Children of Light. Come to me, and receive what you 
(7, 64) No Children of Light have ever heard Vankruh's voice and lived to 
describe it, %o. Right now, we seem to be a temporary exception. If I get my 
wish, we'll make the exception permanent!
(7, 49) Is that fresh-baked bread I smell ahead, %o? Or is it the breath of 
some poor soul dying of starvation? My Aunt Saffronia said that they both 
smell the same.
(7, 41) A man in tarnished armor rises slowly to his feet. His eyes are 
sunken. His cheeks are hollow. Beneath the grime, his flesh seems to be as 
white as his hair. He leans on his sword and waits.
(16, 8) This way leads deeper into the mines, %o. Trust me. I'm a dwarf. The 
farther we go on this path, the deeper we go, the more we must beware of 
Darkness and Vankruh.
(21, 6) My ears are aching, %o. Yipe! That last step hurt! We must be too far 
underground. Do you suppose grass could be made to grow down here? Or at 
least some potted ferns...
(25, 6) A voice thunders through the mines: 'Children of Light! Come to me! 
Bring your war tools and your magic tricks! Show me your skills! I promise 
you what you deserve!'
The stories say that there were seven mines in Dorak, %o. The first started 
from the west, and the second from the east. They met in the middle, then the 
other five went downward. Looks like we're headed for one of the other five.
(23, 11) I don't know about you, %o, but I think this is fascinating! Look at 
the way these old mines were dug! It's been ages since we mined like this!
(35, 69) Great magical power is in the air, %o. I'm sure you've noticed. It 
seems to come from that... Is it a person or a shadow?
(43, 45) (44, 41) It looks like this vein is played out, %o. Must be 
centuries since anyone was here. Except the spiders, of course. They seem to 
be everywhere!
(34, 88) %o gazes in wonder at the mines of Dorak. The legends name these 
mines as the first home of Dwarvenkind in Gurtex, and possibly the oldest 
mines in the world.
 He has faded away until there is not much left but his shadow.
(24, 82) Stref: The underground home of the Hodli Ducks! How good to see it 
again! I buried the ducks here, %o, far below, where the moon shines bright 
and the waters flow gently. So gently...


(30, 103) teleportal
(58, 54) (55, 57) (59-60, 62) (63, 57-8) 2 ogres, doombeast, 4 tekhir. 4 
restsoul. Don't worry about the ogre. Just take out the doombeast and then 
use more jumps to surround the ogre. The exit east leads to treasure.
(7, 86) (6-7, 93) 2 domug, 1 zorlim, 3 troll. 12 picks. Necessary to get 
going north.
(7, 71) (10, 74-5) (6-7, 79) ogre, 3 troll, jerrah. 20 potions. A t-
intersection where you should ultimately go east, but there's a conversation 
to the north too.

Ones you can avoid

(21, 37) (17, 40) (25, 39-40) 3 kurdazi, 3 slime. 18 mirgets. T-intersection 
that leads to 6 NW.
(18, 33-4) (13-4, 38) 4 slime, kurdazi. 20 gonshi. Another room leading to 6 
(7, 26) (10, 28-9) 4 troll, domug, zorlim. 4 blue pearls. Nice side room for 
(28, 16) (34-5, 20) (33, 13) 2 ghouls, 3 jerrah, 1 domug. Bandore. A final T-
room before a portion of 6 NW.

Totally useless ones

(68, 69) 4 trolls, domug, zorlim. Map flask.
(32, 34-5) aciden, 3 gnoll. No treasure.
(66, 48) 4 trolls, 1 domug, 1 zorlim. 18 turpins.


(54, 50) 'Emergency Teleportal'
(35, 88)  'Mines of Dorak. East Entrance.'


Moruk (7, 39)

--I'm starving, [you]. I don't need to tell you that. You can see my skin and 
smell my breath. But twelve rations of food, I figure, would see me out of 
these mines and all the way to Ussa.
--USSA: Ussa is a fishing village... Narf! It's a pirates' den, on the north 
coast of the Throat of Gurtex. It's not much, but it's my best bet for a 
place to sell the gems I found in the mines.
--STRENGTH: It's gone. I made it from the west side almost all the way under 
the mountains, then I couldn't find the narfing east gate. Pardon my orcish. 
Now I'm trapped. I found some water, but no %qfood%q.
--Thank you, [you]. But without %qfood%q, your gift will die here at my side.
--FOOD: The shadow says: Quickly! I am fading...
--OFFER FOOD [12]: Many thanks! I feel better already. You might want to know 
that I spent some time, too much time, digging near the west entrance. 
There's a [you]ole% at the far northwest corner of Dorak.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 3
##       ########
##        ########


  The main puzzle here is to get past the portals. To get to them, you can 
sneak by two ambushes or go through a room. The fight there is not 
particularly tough. The room is south of the first intersection you'll see 
but you can turn off east and then south. Along the wall, go two squares east 
when the space opens up, then go south. Repel the bottom spider and go



  Then form in the two left columns and go up on the right wall.

  After the portal maze where you need to shift around a bit(and DO use game 
saves here. It's not trivial,) it's pretty much one way. Go through two 
rooms, and the path eventually turns up. There's a treasure in the upper 
corner of the dead end, but you can also go up and across the water, left, 
up, and right(dispel a few spiders) to the next mines.


(9, 17) 3 skeletons 2 slimes.
(12, 37) 2 skeletons 3 slimes.
(34, 40) (38, 40) 4 zumagin, kazih, goblin. You can duck by these with bottom 
2 rows and sneaking along the top wall as the corridor opens up(east of 
recommended room) two squares. Then you go south until you see spiders.
(25, 39) (28, 39) Zombie, zorlim, ghoul, zumagin. Just past the previous 
entry, but now you go with the left two rows and go against the right wall.
(54, 53) 3 skeletons, 2 slime, 1 urgodot


  Instead of a list, I'll just give you the map, and which to avoid, where. 
Critical positions of your party's upper-left square will be indexed by 
number, with formations to change to there as well.

XT.........XX1P.... Before starting,
XX......A..XX....PX ; ; 2: ; ; 3: .;; 4: ..; 5: .;;
XXXXXXX....XT2..P.X ; ;    ; ;    .;;    .;;    .;;
XXXXTXXX...XX.P.P.X ; ;     ;;    .;;    ;;;    .;;
XXN........XX.3...X (center top for 6)
XT.........XTP4..PX 6:  ; 7: ;.; 8: ;
XX.........XXPP...X    ;;    ;.;    ;;
XX.........XXP....X   ;;;    ;.;    ;;;
XT.........XT...P.X       (SE to 8)
XX.........XX.5...X (treasure not worth it)
XXXXXXXXXXXXX....PX    9: ;;. a: ;;; b: ;;;
XXTXXXTXXXXXT.....XXX     ;;.           ;;
XX..Pb....PXX.P.....X     ;;.    ;;;    ;
XTd..PXT...XXP......XXTXXXTXX c: ;;; d: ;;.
XXP..PXX..PXT.7P......P..P.PX    .;;    .;;
XXfe..XX..PXX.....PP........X    ..;    .;;
XX....XX...XTP..P...........X e: ;;; f: ;.;
XX..P.XX.9.XX............~~~X    ...    ;.;
XT....XTP..XXP..........P~~~X    ;;;    ;;.
XXXXXXXX...XX....P....X g: ;.; h: ;;.
XXXXXXXX...XX........PX    ;;.    ;;.
XXXXXXXT..PXTP.....P..X    ;;.    ;;.

 It should be pretty clear how to get from place to place, but for some you 
may have to cut diagonally across a portal i.e.

;.    ..
P. => P;

  To get the treasure, you can order hirelings to stay temporarily to make it 
easy to get across the water.


(65, 66) Very sad, %o. Very sad indeed. %qLeahandria%q was no goddess, you 
know. It shows that even wizards can be fools.
(8, 11) By Rhokan's nostrils, %o, this stench is terrible! It's a crime to 
spoil these beautiful old mines with the smells of Darkness!
(29, 67) He is even harder to see than he was the last time.
(32, 63) I don't like fighting doombeasts, %o. They make my head swim and my 
eyes water, and I feel stupid when I pop the illusions.
(45, 65) What workmanship, %o! It's no wonder that these mines have lasted 
through the ages, even after Darkness came! Look at the shoring, and the 
ceiling beams! Watch your head...
(23, 34) I've been working on a poem, %o. It keeps my mind off the tons of 
mountain over our heads, waiting to collapse on us.


(31, 59) While my mind is clear, I will write these reminders to help me 
remember. My name is Vhan. I love the goddess Leahandria, and she loves me. I 
created a ... I came to Dorak to ... No! My memory has faded again!
(67, 68) Oshcrun 31-51, North Misor 60-29, South Misor 56-61, Demonspine 93-
23, Ruul 96-63, Throat 124-41, Isle of Winds 128-55, Tundra 163-13, Krum 231-
7, Rhon 225-41, Kar'Lomug 234-81, Sariss 166-80, Farsum 201-61 [these are the 
locations of all the strongholds.]


(67, 68) 'Tomb of the Lost Traveler'
(21, 32) '.ig .. th. s...he.st co.n.r p.st ... w.t.r. -T.. Gr... V..n'
['dig the southeast corner past the waters -The Great Vhan']


(19, 24) (18-19, 31) gragan, gaem, jerrah, zumagin. 5 restsoul. This room is 
a nice shortcut. Not too tough, good reward.
(7, 61) (7-8, 67) zumagin, 3 bargs, tekhir, orc. No treasure. Just softening 
you up for the next tough room.
(27, 68-9) (15, 68) 2 doombeasts + 1 farazu. 9 picks. Super nasty. Focus on 
the doombeasts one at a time and hopefully you'll be able to knock them out. 
Definitely save before entering and make sure someone plays his bandore. Your 
first encounter with doombeasts and it's a doozy.
(52, 60) 2 gnolls, 2 zorlims, 2 domugs. 2 diamonds. This is a side room and 
you need to scootch around an ambush, but if you need the cash, why not? It's 


(34, 14) (32, 17) 3 tekhir, 3 zebani. 4 Timestop.
(37, 48) (41-2, 52) 3 tekhir, 1 zorlim. 12 heal.


Old Man (6, 34)

--The shadow says: Ah! Children of %qLight%q! What a pleasant surprise! It 
has been dark for such a long %qtime%q...
--TIME: Never trust the minions of Darkness. Never stake your future on 
magic. Never...
--LEAHANDRIA: The name is familiar. Perhaps I can remember... No. In %qtime%q 
perhaps it will come to me.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 4
##       ########
##        ########


  This is a nice linear level compared to the previous ones. Although you 
have to go through it twice.

  Assume you've arrived from Dorak 3. Form your party in the left two rows. 
Go up the right side of the first passage turning up. Stick to the right as 
you tend up, turning right at the first big T. You can detour south for a 
chest with 12 mirgets. Otherwise keep going up. Just go all the way to the 
top. Beat up the monsters in the room to the right and then go down. You'll 
be forced into an ambush here so use all mushrooms. Cast walkwater to make it 
into the portal on the lake.

  If you're in the upper right part, go south through the first room, exit 
west, go north, hook east along the wall, north, and go back. Form with the 
right column vacated and push west. Go up when possible. Then go east through 
the next room and east back to #5.


(16, 100) 3 skeletons, slime, zombie. Sneak by on the right with the left two 
(15, 62) 3 zombies, skeleton. You are probably coming from the south, so keep 
the formation you have.
(21, 43) Gaem, 3 zorlims, skeleton, slime. This guards your destination if 
you're careless.
(31, 37) 1 jerrah, 12 slime. It's off in a dead end.
(10, 34) 4 skeletons, slime. Keep to the wall and you can avoid this.
(15, 14) (12, 14) (18, 14) (15, 20) (12, 20) (18, 20) Gaem + 4 jerrahs. 
You'll have to deal with this one. Be sure to have something useless 
memorized so a 'forget' spell isn't very traumatic.
(60, 93) 1 jerrah, 14 slimes. This is out in left field.
(32, 91) 1 aciden, 1 domug, 1 zebani, 3 tekhir. This is far away too. Don't 
(48, 11) (53, 14) 2 skeletons, 2 zombies. This ambush is on the east side. 
It's not too tough but undead are always annoying. Pick your delay.


(12, 27) to (52, 39), 5th mines. This is the way to progress to Rhokan and 
the candle.
(67, 22) to (24, 88) Dorak 2. This kicks you WAY back. You should really use 
the teleportals to back out instead.
(43, 11) to (37, 12) kicks you from the top east area to the main west area. 
It puts you back in your quest for the candle.


(63, 12) 'Close! So close!' Vankruh's voice fills the corridor and shakes the 
walls. 'I wait for your visit in the seventh mines!'

(11, 91) 12 mirgets. You can get in here with your party's middle row 
removed, and it's only a bit out of the way.


(11, 6) (19, 5-6) (14-5, 9) 3 aciden, 1 doombeast, 1 gaem, 1 barg. No 
treasure. This is the room before the big ambush zone and the hologram-
whatever of Stref, with the portal to the fifth mines.

Can detour
(30, 59-60) (23-4, 63) (23, 56) 3 skeletons, doombeast, slime, zebani. 
(24, 71) (23-4, 77) 2 zumagins, skeleton, zombie, ghoul. No treasure.

Not worthwhile

(13, 31) (16-7, 34) (21, 31-2) 3 gragan, 2 kazih, tekhir. 10 drain.
(38, 90) (44, 97) (44-5, 94) skeleton, 2 zombies, gaem. 12 gonshi.
(38, 102) (48, 102-3) 2 zombies, zorlim, zumagin. 12 sense.

East wing
(52, 6) (62, 6-7) 2 tekhir, 2 gnoll, 2 zorlims. No treasure.
(561, 29) (55, 34) 2 ghouls, 2 jerrahs, domug. No treasure.
(51, 25) (46, 28) 2 ogres, 2 tekhir, doombeast. No treasure. AVOID THIS. It 
leads to a dead end.


(67, 21) 'To the Eastern Shaft'
(43, 12) 'Emergency Exit Only. Alarm Will Sound.'


Stref (11, 27)
--The wizard says: Greetings, [you]. You have found the pond where the Hodli 
ducks swim to the moon.
--SWIM: Oh, I wouldn't if I were you. But if you did, you wouldn't go to the 
moon. Only ducks go there. No. You would go to the fifth mines, where you 
could go to the sixth mines, then back to the other fifth mines.
--ADVICE: When the ducks appear, you will see how sweetly they %qswim%q.
--INVITE: I'd join you if I were here, but I'm someplace else entirely. It's 
hard to explain. Even harder to do.
--INVITE [2]: Actually, I would be glad to join you if this were now. But 
it's a long time ago, far in the future, and the ducks need me badly. But 
thank you for your courtesy.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 5
##       ########
##        ########


  The first time through, it's pretty quick. You start out at (56, 40). From 
here, go east, zap the left column, and go down. Then form


  Inch southeast along the wall that juts out to the north, east side. Go 
down, right and up.

  However, the next time through, you'll be coming from 4-east. It'll be a 
bit more taxing. Go east to the four way intersection, slightly north and 
east some more. North, west, north through the spiders and into the room. Win 
the fight and go west. Form with the top row gone and hug the top/east walls 
as you go north to get to mine #6.


(61, 51) 2 flamebelly, 2 domug, ghoul, gaem.
(22, 44) jerrah, 12 slime.
(24, 59) 3 golins, 2 zumagin, 1 kazih.
(37, 65) 3 skeletons, doombeast, zombie, slime. This is somewhat in your way. 
Reform twice to get by it.
(19, 20) 4 trolls, zumagin, jerrah. As is this, but it's easier to duck. Or 
win if you do trip it.
(28, 10) 12 slime, 1 jerrah.


(28, 15) (24, 19) (28-9, 23) gragan, jerrah, gaem, zumagin. No treasure. 
Enter this room from the south and exit to the west.

Not useful:
(39, 40) 3 flamebelly, 1 ghoul, 1 gaem, 2 domug. 12 turpins.
(49, 40-1) 3 zebani, doombeast, mongor, gragan. 6 zefoar. These first two 
seem to connect on the big map, but they don't.
(27-8, 4) 3 domug, aciden, zebani. 18 gonshi.
(34-5, 8) 3 zumagins, skeleton, ghoul, zombie. 6 zengrl.
(8, 19) (6-7, 26) 1 zebani, 4 skeletons, 1 slime. No treasure.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 6
##       ########
##        ########


  Let's divide this up into four parts, three of which are necessary. In the 
northwest, you have treasure in the left grate, which requires a couple of 
pierce spells, and a couple of moderatly lucrative rooms in the right.

NE: this is where it all ends. Go down and win the fight. Go east and pierce 
the center two points in the structure. Then rest up and climb southeast. 
Take the following position for your party, with the magicians on the bottom:


  You can't get across like that, but you can put spellcasters in back when 
the bad guys attack and have other people jump. Your bowman should be out 
front, actually, as then he won't have his vision blocked. Once past this 
fight, recharge(shields too) and go in to face the Naur.

NW: On the west side, dig in the SE corner behind the energy fields for 
treasure. On the east, you can muck around for treasure if you want.

SE: you can go west and south and cast pierce/repel or zap the top row, hug 
the north wall, and go east. Then hug the east wall with the right column 
zapped, go through a room, and exit west. Go west to the fourth area's east 

SW: South to a room, east all the way, north through a room and then another, 
north to the edge, west along the edge, south, west, south to the edge. west 
and NW through a gate. This gets you to the seventh mine.



(33, 19) Zumagin, jerrah, gragan, gaem. Stick to right edge wall.
(9, 30) 6 skeletons, zebani. Stick to lower and left walls.


(59, 38) 4 gaem, 3 jerrah. No way to avoid this ambush. Best bet may be to 
wait to surprise them, but beware. Arrow shots and physical magic strikes 
don't go over water. This works both ways, but stuff like 'forget' is still a 
nasty bomb. Be extra sure to have 99 shield here.


Avoid these ambushes by going to the left and using repel/pierce.
(56, 45) 2 ghouls, 2 kazih, 2 flamebelly.
(65, 51) 3 orc, 2 zebani, 1 zumagin.

(29, 43) 3 zorlims, 3 slime, gaem. Circle over the top.
(21, 62) 12 slime, 1 jerrah. Circle under these.


(62, 39) to (27, 65) level 7 is a nice shortcut from the SE back to the 
teleportal room after you've finished your mission.


(61, 36) [you] says: He looks familiar! Yes! It's the Mad Wizard of Thakass! 
What could he be doing here? Well... anything, I suppose.

(6, 9) Ah, yes! Energy fields. They're usually installed to protect something 
important, %o. But I suppose you already know that, don't you?


(7, 12) Diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby.



You can avoid both of these combats. In fact, this is an unimportant slice of 
an ultimately uncritical area.
(17-26) (25, 25-6) 2 aciden, 2 slime, 2 barg, zebani. No $.
(15, 31) (27, 31-2) 6 skeletons, zebani, slime. Treasure=10 fireglobes


(54, 5) ghoul, zombie, zumagin, zorlim. 12 luffin.
(61, 10) 4 zumagin, 3 trolls, jerrah. 12 mirgets. These first two aren't 
(47, 22) (49-50, 27) 4 jerrah, 1 gaem. 5 summon. You need to go through this 
to get to the Naur fight.
(55-6, 36) gaem, doombeast, 5 kazih, naur. The naur is the one you want to 
kill here. Once you're done you can burn down the Candle of Despair.


(66, 59) (65-6, 67) (62, 64) 5 ghouls, zebani, zorlim. 12 Nifts. You can 
avoid this, and an ambush, by hacking through the left side with 


(13, 49) 3 zumagin, ghost, zombie, skeleton. 3 timestop.
(7, 66) (14, 68-9) 4 slime, 2 zorlims, gaem, skeleton. 12 restsoul.
(35, 59) (33-4, 67) 3 skeletons, 4 slime. No treasure.
(34, 44) (34-5, 51) zumagin jerrah gragan gaem. 5 double.


Stref(63, 38)
--Hello, [you]! I was just admiring this magic rock while I wait for the 

Old Man (6, 39)

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dorak 7
##       ########
##        ########


  On the right hand sliver, if you have detect, go along the right wall until 
the portals come on the right, then go down along the left wall. Search the 
center bottom square. Without the detect spell, change from the right to the 
left when you see a big hole to the left. There's no risk here anyway as you 
get kicked back out.

  For the main part, go south two squares. Form with the bottom row gone. Go 
west to the edge, go north, and sheathe your weapons to meet Vankruh. Go down 
when you exit. There's another room. South and east, and take the side room 
to see Rhokan. Then go back east and south, to get to 6 NE. Remember the 
teleportal room on the way back.


(14, 17) 2 urgodot, 3 ghouls, zebani, jerrah. Dead end. Don't bother.
(25, 17) ghoul, skeleton, zombie, 3 zumagin. Toughest to avoid--see above.
(25, 54) 1 gaem, 4 jerrah
(15, 32) jerrah, 2 gaems, 2 zorlims


(33, 8/11/14) (35, 23/26/29) to (33,5). This is guarding, sort of, the weapon 
at the bottom of the right sliver.

(28, 17) The deepest mines in Dorak! What a beautiful sight! We're the 
luckiest ones in the world, just to see this, %o! Even if Vankruh eats our 

(16, 6) The voice of Vankruh thunders through the dismal door: You have found 
me! Come in, come in, tasty ones! Crunchy ones! Let me present you with the 
reward you deserve!

(7, 11) IF YOU SHEATHE: That was strange, %o. I don't know my own mind. I 
wanted to kill Vankruh, but I'm glad we don't have to. Light, Darkness, I 
don't know. I'm not used to thinking about these things. IF YOU WIN: That 
wasn't easy. And I wonder... Now Zakhad has one fewer problem to worry about. 
Have we played into the demon's hands? Or claws, that is?

(18, 30) It's that zorlim again, %o. I thought he said that he was leaving 
the mines. But he did give his surrender. Let's hope he's up to no harm.


(34, 33) Rhokadur, great magic axe
(30, 58) 2 cubes, 2 spheres, 2 cylinders, 2 cones, 2 pyramids. If you're out 
of shapes, this is a great stop. If you don't mind an extra ambush and room.


(14, 5-6) (7-8, 9) Vankruh. He's tough to beat as he can regenerate and 
doesn't allow magic except his own.
(14, 21) (17, 23-4) gragan, 3 zebani, doombeast, mongor. 6 summon. 
Unnecessary room.
(7, 48) (6-7, 57) 5 skeletons, 1 slime, 1 zebani. 12 nifts. An easy one after 
(28, 34) (31-2, 41) skeleton, 2 zombies, gaem. 12 fireglobes. Not too hard, 
this room blocks treasure.
(34, 61) 4 bargs, 2 aciden, 1 gaem, 1 domug. 12 mirgets. Dead end room.
(16, 66) Rhokadur. Probably your last big strength bonus.
(30, 67) teleportal room

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Katarra
##       ########
##        ########


  Katarra has 3 parts: searching for Dreax, searching for Dragos, and getting 
out. I'll start things off with looking for Dreax. You'll want to remove the 
right row, go east and then scale up the east wall. When it turns west, 
reform with the bottom row zapped out. Then crawl along the wall and go south 
and continue that way. Reform with the right row gone and go along the right 
wall to go down the corridor. There'll be an arch to go through and a room to 
the right. Enter it, go left to the wall, up to the wall, and right(avoids an 
ambush.) Then there are two more arches to the north, and the big door to 
Dreax's is ahead.

  From Dreax's you will be teleported to the NW corner. You should have the 
bottom row of formation blanked out and you can just go SE/NE around any 
obstacles in the corridor to the east. Once you turn down, clear out the 
right column and take the right wall to avoid an ambushes. Use all you have 
in the next room, then take out the left column of your formation and go west 
and up--there's an ambush in the passage to the north, right side. Then there 
are two arches. Remove the right column from your formation and go north 
again--along the right side of the passage north. Another arch, and then, 
Dragos's tower.

  After completing Dragos you will be kicked to the northwest again. Form
  Then go south, east, and whenever possible, SE. You'll be back near the 
entrance, but don't use that to escape if you've got the right shapes to go 
to Sariss or Oshcrun Isle. Instead take the east wall when near the entrance, 
go south, and go west into a room. Be fully equipped to clean out the 
monsters. There's a teleportal room to the south that is more convenient than 
all that walking.


  Being ambushed by dreadknights stinks. They drain your skills. So avoid all 
ambushes. You can.

(17, 32) 8 dreadknights--a nasty introduction to Katarra and unless you take 
the east wall(right column out) it's hard to pass this ambush.
(18, 11) slime, farazu, hibliss, 4 flamebellies. One of the easier ambushes, 
and you'll need to take out the bottom row to avoid it to get to Dreax's.
(64, 31) hibliss, 5 dreadknights, 2 flamebellies, 2 domugs. You really want 
to hug the right wall, with the right column out, to avoid this.
(13, 9) 7 dreadknights, gragan, mongor. Easily avoidable if you take the 
wall. You'll run by it a lot.
(17, 44) 6 jerrah, 1 farazu, 1 hibliss. A pretty easy group to avoid as you 
seek the teleportals.
(19, 66) (17, 66) 4 gragan, 2 zumagins, jerrah, mongor. Not the toughest 
ambush, and it doesn't gaurd much. You can really hug the walls to get past 
them just to check and make sure, though.
(42, 44) 2 zebani, 3 tekhir, 1 flamebelly, 1 dreadknight. Stay on the right 
edge and zap the right column to get by this, just past the pools.
(50, 50) 4 farazu. This and the above ambush guard Dreax's, sort of. Slip by 
this by taking the bottom wall and circling around with the wall.
(29, 60) 5 jerrah, 2 dreadknights. Zap right column and go right, past them.
(31, 46) 4 zumagins, 1 dreadknight, 3 flamebellies, 1 gragan. Zap left column 
and go left, past this fight.


(9, 43) to (8, 6) can help you jump over a few ambushes.


(16, 38) The halls of Castle Katarra are gloomy and damp. Sounds of 
slithering, splashing and sometimes screaming echo faintly down the 
corridors. Just about what %o expected, except for the splashing...
(16, 15) Careful, friends. This castle is the home of Zakhad's Dreadknights! 
We must beware of ambushes at every corner!
(49, 7) I've never felt comfortable in castles, %o. This one's no exception. 
And the corridors go on forever! I liked it better in the caverns, but I 
guess we don't have a choice.
(31, 19) Ah! Blood serpents! I wouldn't get too close, %o... They live on 
nothing but blood, like some bats I've heard of. Don't know why Zakhad would 
keep them as pets. Perhaps they remind him of his mother.
(31, 15) The splashing noises become louder. There are hisses and gurgles as 
well, and the metallic smell of blood fills the humid air.
(41, 21) (65, 69) So much for this corridor, %o. You know, it might not be a 
bad idea to find some safe place to rest. Maybe build a fire, have something 
to eat, fix our weapons, take a nap...


(35, 39) 'Tower of Dragos'
(56, 39) 'Tower of Dreax'
(10, 35) 'Castle Katarra. Blood Donors Proceed to the North.'


  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Namaz 1
##       ########
##        ########


  The lower right affords a treasure room where you shouldn't have much 
problem winning. The upper left and right are a bit tougher, with some 
ambushes to avoid too. Keep to the top walls along the top. This level does 
not affect the game plot.


(21, 26) ogre, 3 flamebellies, domug, tekhir.
(16, 15) 3 tekhir, 2 orc, domug.
(19, 8) 3 zorlims, 3 ghouls, ogre.
(25, 15) ogre, 4 zebani, zumagin.


(6-7, 13)  (13, 9-10) 4 trolls, 2 ogres. Treasure: 12 sermins.
(28, 6) tekhir + 4 ogres. Treasure: 12 gonshi.
(33-4, 21) ogre, 5 trolls. 12 luffins.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Namaz 2
##       ########
##        ########


  The exit is the arrow to the south. This is the only dungeon where you 
don't start on the bottom or top level. You can go down either stair in the 
bottom part to go treasure hunting, but there's not much, so just go right 
and then take the first stairs you see to level 3.


(17, 32) 2 ogres, 2 tekhir, jerrah.
(11, 12) ogre, 2 mongors, gragan, zumagin. This one can be avoided by 
pressing against the left wall in the bottleneck from the bottom corridor.
(25, 16) 2 ogres, zumagin, zebani.


(11, 36) 'Tower of Namaz. Your final resting place!'


(19-20, 4) Teleportal
(11, 22) (23, 23-4) (16-7, 27) 3 ogres, kazih, Jerrah. Necessary to get to 
the teleportal. You should knock out the magic users first and have nifts 
readied. Beat up the ogres with mirgets if it gets too tedious.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Namaz 3
##       ########
##        ########


  Enter the room to the right, then go up. Cut left for an easier room, go 
all the way, then up, through the room, right, and find the stairs.

  There is a detour for treasure. The room in the center of the east-west 
hallway, to the north, has a portal behind to the right(watch for the chute 
by the right wall) and a clue you can dig up, about Nalanduir on level 4, to 
the left. The treasure isn't worth it and plus you may want to reorganize the 
party in 2 rows first or the teleportal guarding the treasure will bounce you 


(20, 24) 4 sandgu, 2 trolls. Only seems to guard the treasure--the teleports 
are insurance against that.
(14, 28) 4 tekhir, flamebelly, domug, ogre. Dead end.
(19-21, 26) to 19 23. These portals push you back from the treasure.

(26, 17) to (19, 26)
Chute at 28 11. To (25, 9) down a level.


(14, 15) I am Hakan. Ambushed by Kazihs and Jerrahs! A curse on the 
parasites! I'm dying. I was about to find our precious Nalanduir before they 
found me. I learned that it's buried upstairs where the three big rocks are. 
The monsters return.
(20, 30) 12 medicin, 12 potions, 2 cylinders, 2 cones, 2 cubes, 2 spheres, 2 


(14, 15) 'Dig here!'


(30, 34) (34, 31) 5 Zorlims, Ogre. 12 Zapall=treasure. Consider Zefoar if the 
Zorlims are lumped. Your introduction to this level.
(7, 31) (13, 33-4) 2 mongors, 3 trolls, 1 tekhir. 24 energy spells as 
treasure. This is off track and not lucrative.
(19, 13) (19-20, 19) 2 ogres, 2 zorlims, 1 kazih. 12 zofir spells as 
treasure. This room isn't strictly about game progress, but to the right 
there's a teleportal and to the left there's a clue.
(10, 5-6) (6-7, 9) 3 Zebani, 1 gragan, 1 tekhir. 12 fireball spells as 
treasure. This is the easier of the top rooms to pass through.
(29, 6) (33-4, 9) 3 mongors, 1 ogre, 1 zumagin. 12 Zefoar spells. A bit 
tougher than the upper left, but you get better spells in the fountain.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Namaz 4
##       ########
##        ########


  Take the north wall and go right. Position your party as follows:


  Assuming 1 is the one with the shovel, dig down and left. Nalanduir is 
there. Then go west, south, west through the gap, and south through the door. 
Exit east. Now form:


  Go east, always touching the top or left wall. You'll find the stairs to 
level 5.


(22, 9-11) 2 Kazih, 2 Zumagin, 1 Jerrah. You should be touching the walls in 
this room.
(21, 16) 3 ogre, kazih, jerrah. You shouldn't be so far from the walls.
(10 8) 4 zebani, 1 tekhir, 1 ogre. In an area you don't need, and you can 
avoid it anyway.
(32, 32) 4 zorlim, 2 ghouls, ogre. You have to work to get here, and all you 
get is this lousy ambush.
(31, 23) The trickiest ambush to avoid. See 'what to do' on how to avoid it.


(25, 7) (26, 9) (28, 9) to (19, 9). These three portals guard a treasure, and 
you need to sneak around them. Just approach from the stairs, go right, and 
hang to the wall on top.


(28, 6) Nalanduir is a great weapon. Let one of your dwarves use it.


(8, 23) (15, 26-7) (8-9, 31) 2 Zumagins, 2 mongors, 1 jerrah, 1 zebani. 12 
shields are a nice pickup right on the way to level 5.
(9-10, 4) mongor, 2 troll, 3 tekhir, 1 ogre. 12 disappear spells. Out of the 
way, and why fight ogres for so little?

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Namaz 5
##       ########
##        ########


Entering from the left, go to the first room, then on exiting west, go up. 
Follow the corridor, repelling snakes, and once it opens into a room go south 
to avoid the ambush in the center. Go along the south wall and into the door. 
Beyond it, there's a teleportal to the 'right' part of level 6. Double check 
to make sure you've got repel spells before taking it, though.


(29, 34) 5 zorlims, 1 ghoul, 1 ogre. This is not a bad ambush, but it's out 
of the way.
(9, 7) 4 gragan, kazih, zebani. To avoid this, just turn down when the wall 
does and follow it. It's in the way of the right path.
(16, 32) 1 jerrah, 1 ogre, 5 trolls. Keep to the lower wall to avoid this 
(18, 19) 2 zorlim, jerrah, kazih, ogre. You don't need to be here, but skirt 
around to the sides after exiting the room above.


(7, 34) to (6, 34) on the level above.


(34, 19) (28, 22) 4 zebani, 1 mongor, 1 jerrah, i zumagin. This is the 
starting room, and it's not too painful.
(18, 8) (17-8, 15) 1 ogre, 4 tekhir, 1 zebani, 1 domug. 9 betray. Not enough 
to recommend a pit stop.
(9, 11) (8-9, 19) ogre, 3 tekhir, jerrah. 9 summon spells. This is the right 
room to go through, and it's a pretty easy one, too.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Namaz 6
##       ########
##        ########


  From the SW corner, repel a few spiders, go north, then go east and repel a 
few more. There's a passage north to get to one door. Go west to exit and 
you'll be by the candle room. There's a teleportal puzzle before then.

  There are some 3x3 spaces where you can get the following formation.


  Tiptoe carefully as far UR as you can. Then move to

1 2

  Go one square up, then...

3 4

  Another square up.

5 6

  You can go up a bit, then form...


  Go up another square.

P1     12
23P => 3 P
456    456

  Now go UL. Give everyone a gonshi, luffin, mirget and nift for the big 
fight. Have one spellcaster ready with Zutyun and then Zapall, the other with 
jump. You can then go up, but if you're panicky, rearrange your party so no-
one would walk into the teleport as you walked into the door. I discuss Naur 
combats in the special combat section, so refer there. Win the combat, 
retreat, hit the portal, and get out!

  How to get out? You can go through another room to hit a teleportal that 
sends you right back down. Backtrack to the 3-way room, then exit north and 
then veer left to avoid the immediate ambush. Go clockwise along the wall to 
another room, then exit it to the south. Dance past the snakes through 
another portal, and now you've got a bit of a puzzle. Be sure to cast a spell 
so you can see the portals.


(15, 33) 3 tekhirs, 2 ogres, 1 mongor, troll. Right by the stairs in the area 
you don't need to be in. So, avoid going the wrong way in the first place.
(21, 27) 4 zebani, 2 ogres, 1 zumagin. This is unavoidable, but in a dead 
(26, 19) 2 kazih, 2 zumagin, 1 jerrah. Still a dead end.
(25, 13) 3 zumagin, 2 mongor, zebani, jerrah. The end of the dead end.
(16, 8) 3 domug, orc, 2 tekhir, zorlim.


(6 8), (7 6), (6 9), (8 10), (7 12), (6 14), (9 16), (8 18), (9 7) These 
portals in the upper left go back to (15, 7). They are the puzzle before the 
candle room and fight.
(34, 21) to (19, 15) level 2. This allows you a quick way out via the 


(25, 6) (33-4, 9) 2 gragan, 2 zebani, 2 gragan, 1 tekhir. 9 double spells. 
Not on your way anywhere except to the teleportal back to level 2.
(17-8, 17) (15, 11) (10, 14) 6 minotaurs, 1 jerrah. 9 terrify spells. The 
last room before the candle room.
(13, 37) 4 gragans, 3 tekhirs, 1 jerrah. 9 destroy spells. Very much a side 
room, in a section far removed from the candle room. Not worth the treasure.
(7-8, 4) Naur, 3 gragans, 2 jerrah, kazih. The candle room. Use the pink 
scroll and you will free Zewinul.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Ruz 1
##       ########
##        ########


  Fortunately you don't have to bother with most of Ruz to get through it. 
The pattern: go east and south to one room. Exit west and go south. Go west 
to the wall, up, and west. Cast walkwater and head NW. Get back on land and 
go NW some more. Head west over the water and go north at the other side. The 
stairs will be right there.


(27, 9) 7 trolls, between rooms unless you go with zapping the right row.
(37, 8) 3 goblins 2 domug 2 urgodot. In a culdesac.
(25, 49) 2 zombie 2 mizigu 2 gragan 1 farazu Go NW after leaving bottom row 
(21, 63) 4 troll 2 zumagin 1 jerrah.
(49, 32) 4 mizigu, gaem, farazu.
(63, 62) 6 trolls, lead to a dead end.
(54, 15) 2 zumagins 3 trolls 1 jerrah.
(63, 27) 3 troll, 2 ogre.


  You only need to go through one room to start--the first. It's got the best 
treasure, too. So ignore all except the last one if you just want to get 
through things.

(8-9, 4) teleportal room
(21, 7-8) 2 ogres, farazu, gaem, 2 trolls. This is a jail cell room in case a 
companion got captured on assignment.
(24-5, 4) 3 trolls, 2 ogres, mizigu, gaem. This is a jail cell room in case a 
companion got captured on assignment.
(38, 14-5) (30, 12) 2 ogre, 2 gaem, 2 domug. No treasure.
(7, 31) (7-8, 39) 3 trolls, 2 jerrah, ogre. 12 gonshis.
(23-4, 39) 2 mizigu, 2 farazu, 1 gaem. 8 zapall.
(14-5, 51) gaem, 2 ogres, troll, 2 flamebellies. Mindstone.
(64, 33) (64-5, 41) 4 mizigu, troll. 12 sermins.
(%1, 42) (51-2, 47) ogre, 2 trolls, 3 domug, 2 flamebelly. 6 fireglobes.
(53-4, 59) (58, 55-6) ogre, 2 tekhir, zebani, 3 domugs. 12 mirgets.
(49, 69) (58, 68-9) 2 ogres, 2 tekhir, 1 jerrah. 12 turpins.
(66, 15) (63, 17) (65-55, 21) 4 mizigu, 1 gaem, 2 farazu. 4 blue pearls. Take 
the west way out on your way to level 2.


(13, 24) to (33,8) is a chute. It is on an island in the middle of the water 
and gets you off track. But you will be going along the north part of the 

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Ruz 2
##       ########
##        ########


  There are two possibilities here: first, that you go to see Ghartel, and 
the second, that you go to the Candle of Pain. First, the room to the east is 
pretty easy.

  To see the Naur, go south and west and step in the water. The portal's 
smack in the middle. Then go north and when the space opens up, hug the south 
wall. Hug the west wall, and take the east passage when it splits off. BE 
sure to be charged for the fight.


(25, 32) 3 trolls, 2 domugs, 1 gaem.
(30, 21) ????
(12, 12) 2 trolls, 3 ogres.
(54, 33) 4 trolls, 2 ogres, 1 gaem.
(42, 60) 4 mizigu, 1 gaem.
(52, 52) 2 farazu, 3 trolls.
(62, 44) 5 ogres, 1 gaem, 1 mizigu, 1 troll.


(57, 24) to (7, 6) level 1 erases some of the nuisance of backtracking after 
you've visited the candle.
(10, 34) to (65, 67) leads to the candle area.


(7-8, 4) 3 ogres, 1 gaem, 1 farazu, 2 trolls
(61-2, 22) 3 ogres, 2 farazu, gaem, naur. Grey scroll/candle of pain room. 
Rescue Zulain here. This combat is tough and covered in the Naur/Zakhad 
combat section.
(52-3, 42) Ghartel's chamber. Whisper 'banishahbat' but beware--he'll want a 
sacrifice of a party member.
(62, 15) ogre, 3 trolls, 2 farazu. Mindstone.
(11, 27) (19, 27-8) 2 ogres, 2 gaem, 2 domug. 12 jump spells. Take out the 
gaems first as they can cause more long term damages. Then whale on the 
ogres. This is the first room you'll see on the level.
(43, 10-1) (34, 9) (37-8, 15) 3 mongor + 4 mizigu. 12 Zofir.
(41, 68) (48, 67-8) jerrah, 2 ogre, 2 tekhir. 12 betray. Maybe a silly 
treasure, but you're just one room away from Ghartel or Dreadslayer now!
(58, 68) 3 flamebellies, 1 ogre, 1 gaem, 2 trolls. Dreadslayer. I would give 
it to my leader and give the next big item to Kruga(in Dorak.) This room is 
well worth the visit on the way to see the god Ghartel!

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Mandarg 1
##       ########
##        ########


  After just entering:

  Take the southernmost passage east, then go south and east through the 
first room. Once out of it, be sure you have 10 or so repel spells memorized. 
Go northeast until you hit a pillar. Stay on the left side of it and go 
north. At the top, between the clusters of snakes, you'll hit the first 
portal. You won't need to use repel to get there, but you'll need it to get 
out of the room full of snakes. Vacate the bottom row and start blasting 
away. Head east. Exit the room on your way to the east, and when you reach 
another T, go north. Go west at the first turn, and there's a teleportal at 
the bottom of the room.

  Make sure your bottom row is vacated and crawl along the bottom wall, then 
the left wall. Slip off to the left to avoid the ambush at the top of the gap 
out of the room. Hit the left wall and enter the room above. It will turn 
south. Go west, take the north branch, and hit the portal to level 2.

  You also may need to exit Mandarg after backtracking, although I recommend 
taking the teleportal out of Katarra. For that, you just need to note there 
are two exit portals. The one past the big snake area(exit the dungeon room 
to the north) is the one you'll want to take, but further on, just below the 
portal to the second level.

  After you're teleported from level 4 to the top right:

  If you've casted Detect, notice that the sign seems to block you off a bit 
from the portal. Dig at the sign, make a formation with the middle row gone, 
and then, when at the far left, form with the right column gone. You'll 
reshuffle into the teleportal.


(53, 31) to (10, 29) is the first portal you'll need to hit to make progress. 
It kicks you from the lower right to the upper right.
51 23 to 44 16.
(42, 5-7) to (42, 5) kicks you back in the corridor. There's no way to pass 
this by reshuffling, so you have to find another teleportal to go west.
(7, 6) to (33, 41) level 2.
(56, 6) to (50, 14)--after you've gotten into the forbidden area, this kicks 
you out.
(23, 27) and (6, 15) to (6, 35) lead you back to the exit, but it's better to 
have finished Katarra/Dreax/Dragos and go out that way.

(13, 43) 4 aciden, 2 flamebellies.
(24, 49) 4 aciden, 2 flamebellies.
(24, 59) gaem, farazu, 3 trolls. All three above can be avoided by taking the 
southernmost road right after entering.

(47, 38) 3 bargs, 4 goblins, gaem.
(62, 64) 2 gragan, 3 mongor, 2 flamebelly, farazu
(46, 55) 2 hibliss, 2 flamebelly, 2 aciden
(60, 46) (59, 45) (61, 45) 2 jerrah, 3 domug, 2 zebani, 1 hibliss. This group 
of four is easily avoided by touching the bottom center pillar and going 
straight north.

(11, 19) 2 gragans, 2 domugs, 3 tekhirs. Beyond the teleportal to the exit 
you need.
(37, 11) farazu, 2 zebanis, 3 jerrahs, 1 domug. This is a tricky ambush to 
avoid. Hug the south wall to get by it.
(64, 21) 4 farazu. This is before a room you don't need to clear.


(58, 6) Iron key.


(6, 46) 'Cavern of Mandarg'.
(22, 27) (8, 15) 'Teleportal to Exit'.
(58, 6) 'Hidden Hole'.


(20-1, 11) (26, 7-8) doombeast, 3 zumagin, 1 jerrah, 2 mongor. 24 luffins 
treasure. A necessary room to clear. Focus on the doombeast and use a weaker 
player's mirget to get the jerrah.
(30, 48) 2 farazu, hibliss, 2 zumagin, gragan. 24 potions. Gragan and farazu 
are most critical here, but it's a side room.
(30, 38) 4 jerrahs, 3 farazus. 24 gonshi. Another side room. Get the farazus.
(30, 56) doombeast, 2 domug, 2 mongor, 1 zumagin. 24 mirgets. A third side 
room near the start. Get the doombeast--the others are incompetent.
(39, 66-7) (30, 67) 3 aciden, hibliss, doombeast, jerrah. Get the doombeast, 
hibliss, and jerrah in that order. This is a necessary room and as usual with 
doombeasts you don't want to tinker around.
(63-4, 16) 4 jerrah, 1 doombeast, farazu, 2 hibliss. 24 sermins. This is a 
hard side room that's really out of the way with no great treasure.
(28, 24) (25, 31-2) 3 zumagins, 2 gragans. 24 nifts. This is along the path 
and really very easy. You still might need mushrooms as insurance, to wipe 
out the gragans so they don't cast a 'forget' spell.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Mandarg 2
##       ########
##        ########


  On the way through, you'll have a choice of three rooms. Take the one to 
the south. Follow the corridor--ignoring the side passage--and enter the next 
room. Exit south and vacate the left column. Go through the south opening on 
the left side to avoid the ambush. There's treasure in the long passage to 
the right, and it should replenish some of your more important staples. You 
may just want to head down to enter the final room. After winning, be sure to 
have ~20 repel spells as only spiders are left to block your path. Exit to 
the south and repel the spiders. Once at the T, go east and north. You'll hit 
the portal at the end of the corridor. It will kick you to the northwest 
area. Go west to the edge and then all the way north.

  On the way out, you need to go through the room to the north. Form with the 
left column gone and hug the wall to the left, all the way up, until you hit 
a portal.

(7, 6) to (19, 41) level 3 gets you out of here.
(35, 93) and (12, 98) to (26, 57) kicks you back to the passage west of the 
starting room.
(21, 74) to (22, 63) does too, but at a slightly different location.
(30, 91) to (26, 35) puts you close to the portal for level 3.
(14, 12) to (10, 29) level 1.


(23, 61) 2 aciden, 3 flamebellies, 1 ghoul. Part of a looping corridor that 
won't help you.
(25, 71) 5 trolls, 1 gaem, 1 farazu. This guards a meaningless teleportal and 
is not a tough fight, but why bother?
(10, 75) 4 hiblisses, 2 jerrahs, 1 farazu. VERY nasty fight where you almost 
have to detect the monsters or you'll get a player killed. It guards the 
passage south, so you need to sneak around it by placing your party to its 
(16, 93) 4 farazu, 2 gragan, 1 zumagin. See comment above, only this is a 
relatively useless fight to win. There's a teleportal that kicks you to an 
unimportant area past all this, which you can duck, but you nee to reform 
your party twice.
(24, 14) 4 gragans, 1 farazu, 1 flamebelly, 1 domug. Forces you to pres 
against the left wall to make it to the teleportal NW of it.
(19, 33) 3 aciden, 2 hibliss, 1 gragan, 1 farazu. Guards a wide open area 
you'd expect has treasure--but it doesn't.
(11, 17) 4 zebani, farazu, jerrah. forces you to take the wall if you took 
the 'wrong' way to the portal to level 3.


(35, 80) 12 sermins/gonshis/nifts/mirgets.


(14, 10) 'Teleportal to level 1'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Mandarg 3
##       ########
##        ########


  You'll be kicked to an open area which isn't really open. Your party's 
starting location is (19, 41) and you want to avoid (20, 40) and (25, 42). Go 
east two squares. Then go straight north. When the area narrows, you'll have 
an unavoidable ambush ahead. It may not be nice to keep recycling until you 
can spot the ambush, but it will help immensely. It's got a lot of magic 
users. Remember not to have any spells recalled and to have 99 shields, 
mushrooms, etc. The rest is silly: go up, east, and down to the portal to 
level 4.

  To get out, go down a square, then SE, then hit the east wall and go down.


(34, 20) to (50, 14) level 4. This is your final destination.
(7, 18) (6, 22) (11, 19) (7, 69) to (19 41) kicks you back to the center, so 
avoid these.
(34, 69) to (33, 41) level 2. Useful if trying to exit.


(20, 40) (25, 42) doombeast, 5 aciden, farazu
(12, 28) 2 zumagin, 3 jerrah, 3 aciden. You shouldn't be mucking about on the 
(30, 32) 3 zumagin, hibliss, 3 jerrah, domug. See above.
(21, 14) (22 14) 4 jerrah, 2 hibliss
4 gragan, 1 farazu, 1 flamebelly, 1 domug
(9, 8) 4 gragan, 2 zebani. Not too tough, but it guards nothing.
(20, 47) (15, 42) 3 gragan, 4 domug, flamebelly, farazu
(10, 58) 4 hibliss
(23, 65) 3 aciden, 2 ghouls, 1 flamebelly.


(30, 65) 12 potions/sermins/gonshi/cylinder/cone. It's possible to get this 
without tripping an ambush but a bit hard.


(20, 55) (24-5, 59) 4 farazu. 5 timestop spells. With all the ambushes and 
the worthless treasure in here it's not really a room you need to look out 
for. Just get through the level.


(34, 70) 'Teleportal to level 2'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Mandarg 4
##       ########
##        ########


  This is a fairly complex level. You first want to go up and left through 
the room. Then go all the way down and west eight squares. Go up to the wall 
and then repel monsters to get to the portal in the northeast corner. The 
next area has a chute in the southeast where you pick up the iron key. After 
being kicked back to the center of level 4, go west by the snakes and hit the 
next teleportal. Northeast of where you land, you can use the Iron Key to get 
into Katarra.

  The teleport back is east of the main area.


(35, 12) to (58, 15) kicks you to the Iron Door area.
(26, 19) to (10 7) gets you to a hidden area which leads to important 
(66, 14) to 19 41) level 3. One ticket out of here.
(58, 5) to (50 14) kicks you from the Iron Door area back to the main area.
(26, 11) to (65, 5) level 1. This is a chute actually, but it kicks you to 
the hidden hole.


(25, 32) 4 farazu. Be sure to inch left a bit in the big SW area before going 
(14, 23) doombeast, 4 aciden, 3 flamebelly, 2 zebani. But don't inch too far 
left in the area!
(59, 28) farazu, 4 zumagin, 2 jerrah, aciden. Guards nothing and is a sticky 
fight. Avoid.
(44, 17) 5 zumagin, 3 domug, 1 hibliss. In a dead end. Just don't go west 
after starting the level.


(46, 33) I sense a chest! It must be buried somewhere here!
(61, 5) ?? At the Iron Door: This %a should open the door./The iron-bound 
door is magically locked.


(49, 36) Message: To find the Iron Key, find your way to the hidden hole! (Of 
course, you don't need to dig this up.)


(19, 5) 'Secret passage to the hidden hole'
(57, 5) 'Teleportal out of the wall'
(65, 14) 'Teleportal to level 3'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 1
##       ########
##        ########


  You'll need to have a restsoul memorized before starting, as the first 
ambush to the west features a skeleton. Then go through the door, exit the 
room west, and go south. Form as follows:


  Scale the north wall as you go east. Follow the passage down, then go left 
through the doors. Left out the other end of the room to the next level.


(15, 28) mongor, 3 fermigons. Out in left field.
(24, 21) jerrah, flamebelly, skeleton, fermigon. Avoidable.
(31, 15) 2 slime, 1 skeleton, 1 zebani. Your first forced ambush, but not too 
(14, 8) 2 zebani, 1 tekhir, 3 domug, 1 aciden. Very tough, no benefits, why 


(25-6, 13) (26, 8) (21, 10) goblin, 2 orgodot, domug. Use nifts here. This is 
a necessary room with no treasure.
(26-7, 4) teleportal
(24, 34) (32, 34-5) zumagin, 3 trolls, jerrah. Necessary to advance although 
6 zishoxe ain't much treasure.
(7, 27) 2 tekhir, urgodot, zorlim. Unnecessary and unprofitable.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 2
##       ########
##        ########


  Your first time here you'll want to rescue Rogga. He's on the left edge. Go 
up, right, up, right, and up to the 4 way intersection. Cut the diagonal 
corner to go left. Then repel the snakes at the T at the corridor's end and 
go south. Hit the monsters in there with all you have. If you want to 
continue up, go back right but tend up whenever you can.

  Some rooms here have good treasure and, if it's your second time through, 
it's not bad to go east through one room, north through the next, and left 
and up.


  All are avoidable if you stick to the walls. Make sure the bottom/top row 
of your formation is against the wall for the middle two. The fourth is in a 
dead end. The third, go north and east around it.

(10, 33) 4 fermigons
(26, 19) gaem, 3 fermigons, aciden
(32, 19) 3 skeletons, 3 slime
(16, 13) 2 flamebellies, 2 fermigons, 1 jerrah


--Don't ever let an elf lead the party, even for a minute. Eldai's tricks got 
us all captured.


(5, 26-7) 4 jerrahs, 1 gaem. Rogga is here. Bring everything you've got for 
this fight. If you don't win in a round you'll take damage. It helps if 
shields are at 99 too.
(24, 36) (33, 35-6) 2 trolls, 2 zumagins, 1 jerrah. Good idea to take out the 
jerrah with a jump spell. 1 diamond is a good treasure, but you can avoid 
this room with careful wall-sliding.
(28, 6) (34-5, 9) aciden, 3 domug, 1 zebani. 12 gonshi as treasure. You'll 
only need to eat gonshi for this room, so you net 6 gonshi.
(15-6, 10) (9, 6) 3 skeletons, domug, jerrah. 6 fireglobes aren't a reward 
for this dead-end room.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 3
##       ########
##        ########


  To get to the Nerelnes part of level 4, go south from the stairs to the 
wall. West, north, west down the corridor. South through the room. Zap the 
formation's bottom row. Go around the right bottom wall, then hit the right 
edge. Go down and left.

  Otherwise, to get through the dungeon, it's easy. Go south to the 
intersection, west to the wall, and up the stairs.


(30, 9) 2 aciden, gaem, 2 fermigons. This ambush is avoided by taking the 
(21, 7) 2 troll, 2 domug, 1 zorlim. The only ambush you need to run into if 
you want to complete Maratul. And even then only if you're very careless. 
Just go west from the entry and up the west wall to avoid.
(10, 21) 3 fermigons, flamebelly, skeleton. Blocks the north part of a 
passage, but not fully, on the way to Nerelnes.
(15, 27) 4 jerrahs, 1 gaem. Blocks the west part of the passage a bit further 
(25, 25) 1 jerrah, 11 slime. Found in an unnecessary side corridor, avoidable 
by going west to a wall, then around down that wall.


(34, 14) (32, 17) 3 fermigons, 1 mongor. 12 Zofir.
(8, 8) (7-8, 19) 3 gaems, 1 jerrah, 1 zorlim. 6 betray spells.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 4
##       ########
##        ########


  Coming up from the bottom, leave the right column vacant and hug the right 
wall. Go up and left and NW. From the top, blast through the vermin, go east, 
south, west and northwest. A detour for the treasure is to go east and into 
the vermin. Cast repel to get to the portal in the lower right. Be prepared 
for an ambush afterwards.

  Go into the next room, exit north and go to level 5.

  You can also visit Nerelnes if you entered in the bottom left. There's one 
room before him. But you need a halfling in your party.


(33, 33) 3 domug, 3 troll, zorlim. Avoidable if you hug the right wall.
(22, 26) 1 jerrah, 12 slime. Guards a dead end.
(15, 21) 5 fermigons, gaem, aciden. Guards a room from the bottom, but hug 
the walls and avoid it easily.
(25, 14) 2 fermigons, 3 tekhir, gaem, aciden. Takes effect if you're bounced 
by the teleportals around the treasure.


(30, 20) to (28, 11). This sends you beyond the vale of teleports and allows 
you to get to the treasure in the corner.
(26, 10-12) (28-30, 14) (27 13) to (24, 13). This group of teleportals kicks 
you back from the treasure you see.


(30, 10) 1 diamond, 2 emeralds, 3 sapphires, which is worth casting a few 
repel spells if you need it.


(6-7, 16) Nerelnes.
(8, 27) (13, 30-1) 4 fermigons, 1 gaem, 1 aciden. 12 turpins. Necessary on 
the way to Nerelnes.
(18-19, 10) (23, 6-7) 4 flamebellies, 2 fermigons. Mindstone. Necessary on 
the way to level 5.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 5
##       ########
##        ########


  The portal to the right side is in the lower right. The other portals all 
kick you to the top of the map. From the stairs, go right to an intersection, 
down, right, down, and then all the way left. Go down and wthen go all the 
way right. Go down for the right teleportal. You then have some snakes to 
hack through(2 if the party is 2 columns) and a room to visit to the north 
before you reach level 6.


  The point of the maze is to avoid all these ambushes.

(10, 13) 4 trolls, 2 zumagins, 1 jerrah.
(12, 28) 5 fermigons, gaem.
(25, 10) 3 gragans, zumagin.
(24, 27) 3 skeletons, zorlim, urgodot.


(6, 5), (6, 11), (6, 16), (6, 30), (11, 37), (18, 20), (19, 5), (27, 5), (30, 
8) to (17, 11). These just kick you to the center and disorient you.

(28, 37) to (33, 35). This puts you on the right side.
(31, 33) to (26, 33). This kicks you back.


(31, 32) 'Teleportal to the main corridor.'


(34, 12) (33-34, 20) 2 aciden, 2 tekhir, 2 fermigons, gaem. 10 shield spells. 
This is necessary to pass to get to level 6.


(8, 7) There must be a way leading onward, %o! I suggest that we search 
diligently for teleportals.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 6
##       ########
##        ########


  Go west from the stairs. There's a branch off to the south, and if you keep 
along the north wall and follow it to the stairs, you'll be OK. You can also 
go through the room to the west as the combat isn't too bad and you can net 6 
gonshis. You need to take the stairs from level 7 to get to the central area, 
which has a treasure that isn't quite worth it.


(17, 14) 4 trolls, zumagin, jerrah
(19, 29) gragan jerrah zumagin gaem.
(27, 24) 4 aciden, fermigon, zorlim.
(30, 35) 3 skeletons, 2 fermigons.


(12, 31) 5 cylinders, 5 cones. Not worth it.


(34, 13) (33-4, 21) (29, 16) 4 aciden , 2 trolls, 1 gaem. 10 drain. Not a 
necessary fight.
(13, 5-6) (6-7, 9) 4 fermigons, 2 aciden, 1 gaem. 12 gonshi. Another 
unnecessary fight, but it's on the way you need to go, with good enough 

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 7
##       ########
##        ########


  The left strip leads up to the teleportal to the horn room of level 8. Just 
enter the room, form

  6 once out of it, and go NW. Blast the spiders. Hit the teleportal.

  The right side puts you at a dead end, so there's little to do besides 
going back down.


(12, 14) 5 aciden, 1 zorlim, 1 fermigon. Avoidable, if you know the tricks. 
It's still beatable, but you'll be doing enough work in this game.
(28, 20) ????.
(26, 29) 3 fermigons, tekhir, aciden, gaem. You shouldn't be anywhere near 


(8, 5) to (14, 8) level 8.


(9, 25) (12, 21) 3 skeletons, 1 fermigon, 2 flamebellies, 1 jerrah. 12 
mirgets. An important room to get through. The teleportal to the horn part of 
level 8 is above.
(29, 6)( 33-4, 10) 2 aciden, 3 fermigons, gaem. Pearl Plate. Not worth it for 
the novelty item, an the part of level 6 below isn't worth looking through. 
With the gaem gone it's an easy fight.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Maratul 8
##       ########
##        ########


  You'll want to have entered via teleport. Clear off the top snake and enter 
the teleportal square behind it. Then go along the west wall, down, into the 
room below. Win it, go east, and go up the corridor to the east. Clear out 
the right sides as that's where another teleportal is. Before entering the 
teleportal, improve your party, and then go directly north into the next 
room. You may get ambushed otherwise. Then be sure to have a restsoul and a 
soulspeak memorized for the next bit. You'll also need to repel a few more 
vermin, but the door at the north features a ghost. Cast soulspeak and 


(30, 27) to (12, 27) teleports you nearer to where you want to be.
(9, 15) to (32, 5) level 1 kicks you back down to the entry after you've 
successfully(I hope) visited the ghost.
(12, 8) to (13, 13). Gets you out of the horn room area and on your way.


(29, 8) 3 skeletons, 2 fermigons, 1 jerrah, 1 flamebelly
(30, 19) 6 fermigons, gaem, aciden
(21, 19) 3 tekhir, gaem, 2 fermigons, 1 aciden
(10, 29) 3 aciden, 3 trolls, 1 gaem


(35, 8) (32-3, 16) 2 slime, 6 skeleton. 10 energy spells. If you come the 
non-recommended way, this is not a bad fight.
(22, 25) (20-1, 33) 2 skeletons, jerrah, flamebelly, fermigon. 10 pierce 
spells. This is a necessary fight but hardly tough.
(5, 15-6) 3 fermigons, 2 aciden, 1 gaem. If you want some walkwater spells 
this is a handy stop-off, but if you just need to rest and learn spells, use 
the room to the south you just left.
(9-10, 25) (9, 22) zombie, jerrah, 3 gaem. 10 disappear. It's a necessary 
room but you will want mushrooms to nail the gaem. Of course you can take the 
fireball hit from a single jerrah but you should be able to win in one round.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Shann 1
##       ########
##        ########


  Form your party a follows:


  Beat up the UL room's 5 gnolls and get Eldai. Take Gus's stuff and give it 
to Eldai. Then go south through the next room. Go east and south. Hit a 
teleportal and go north. The stairs are to the north.


(17, 35) to (26, 26). Not one you want to hit--leads you further from the 
level 2 stairs.
(22, 36) to (11, 34). One way, except for...
(12, 7) to (33, 5). This teleportal.


(29, 30) 4 gnolls
(32, 27) 4 gnolls

No need to get anywhere near here, so don't bother with these. Go left and 
down if you teleport near them.


(33, 7) My feet are getting cold, %o. Maybe we should go back outside, pitch 
a camp, and build a nice warm fire.
(22, 30) %o, there's something about this vicinity that leads me to advise 
caution. I'm sure that you have felt the aura of magic.


(18,9) (17-8, 15) 4 gnolls. Gonshis should take them. One hit from Brennix 
and they die.
(9,19) (9-10, 31) 4 gnolls. See above.
(17,26) (16-7, 31) 4 gnolls. See above.
(20-1, 4) 4 gnolls. The variety: Ben is imprisoned here. The downside: he's 
not worth it.
(17-8, 4) 5 gnolls. Eldai is imprisoned. You have to take him before you 
leave the room.


(10, 5) 'Do Not Climb Stairs Unless Authorized. This Means You! -MSgt. 
(14, 18) 'Not All That Glitters Is Gold.'
(11, 9) [should be here but isn't] 'Restricted Area. Exit Immediately to the 
Northeast. What the Narf Are You Doing Here Anyway? -MSgt. Kelmazgur.'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Shann 2
##       ########
##        ########


  No dice at the near stairs, but what did you expect? It's never that easy. 
You'll need to go through an ambush to the south to get anywhere. Then form 
as follows:


  Now go along the bottom wall to the left. Go up at the left edge and you'll 
make it to the third level.

  There are some side destinations but they're not really critical or 
lucrative. They're not too bad if everyone uses nifts, though, as you'll 
mostly be fighting Fermigons.


(31, 30) A chute which kicks you down a level.


(22, 6) (31, 5-6) 4 fermigons, 10 pearls. Nice treasure but no real reason to 
(30, 37) 4 fermigons, 200 coins. Again, nice treasure, but it's a 
(5, 21-22) 4 fermigons. 16 fireball spells. Not really worth it.


(15, 20) 2 Zebani, fermigon, mongor. You need to pass this.
(11, 29) 4 fermigons.
(35, 19) 3 fermigons + 1 mongor. Avoid by stepping alongthe left wall, then 
coming right when the room widens.


(13, 5) My sense of direction might be confused, %o. It works better 
underground. But I think we're going the wrong way.
(15, 12) Gods' mercy, %o, but this place stinks! I don't know how your nose 
can stand it! And that noise makes my teeth itch!
(15, 17) There it is again! Sounds like an off-balance grindstone sharpening 
something made of halfling bones. I don't like it, %o.
(7, 20) I have a plan! Let's go back downstairs, find an empty room, and get 
some sleep. Have something to eat first, of course.
(20, 27) The stench is getting worse, %o. It can't be good for our health. I 
really think we should go back outdoors for some fresh air.


(6, 8) 'Proceed with Caution. Wizard Area Above.'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Shann 3
##       ########
##        ########


  There are two stairs up to this level. The ones next to the level 2 stairs 
down lead you to the upper part, where there's treasure and a dungeon room. 
But the 'right way' up is pretty easy as you can just go NE from one set of 
stairs to the next.


(26, 35) Chute drops you down a level.
(15, 23) Chute drops you down a level.


(5, 11-2) 2 domugs, 2 fermigons, gaem. 24 shield spells. A bit too risky.
(35, 24) (30-1, 33) 4 fermigons + 1 mongor. 16 potions. No point really for a 
small reward.


(15, 10) 5 fermigons
(9, 20) 3 fermigons, 1 mongor, a Zebani. Don't go along the right wall if you 
must explore.
(23, 17) 5 fermigons


(22, 11) 8 jade, 1 emerald, 6 cylinders, 3 loka, 24 arrows


(22, 14) Oh, look! A chest! Let me try to open it. ([you] examines the 
chest.) The lock might be tricky, %o. I hope you'll guard my back.
(7, 17) Farther and farther from solid ground! But don't worry, %o. The 
heights never bother me once the battle is joined.
(13, 6) All this climbing is making me hungry, %o. Did I hear your stomach 
growling, too? Please tell me it was your stomach I heard.
(15, 19) If dwarves had designed this tower, %o, we could find our way 
around! But this corridor must have something at both ends.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Shann 4
##       ########
##        ########


  South, east, through the room, up, left at the sign, down. Go through the 
next room, then straight down to the wall, left, up.

  I'm not sure how to get into the narrow strip with the portal, but there's 
nothing important in there.


(29, 6) to (14, 29) level 3 kicks you back.
(30, 11) to (18, 21) seems to trap you.
(30, 29) to (24 14) is a good portal that moves you ahead.
(12, 19) to (6, 29) gets you out of the seeming trap.
(24, 29) to (6, 29) gets you out of the small chamber.
(7, 15) to (6, 19) kicks you back to the stairs down.


(23, 23) 3 fermigons, zebani, mongor. Avoidable.
(16, 12) 2 gaems, 2 fermigons, domug. Go south after exiting the room to 
avoid them.
(10, 6) 5 gnolls. You can avoid them, but they're not hard.
(22, 24) 6 gnolls. Avoidable.
(15, 21) 2 gaems + 3 fermigons. You can avoid this by going SW from where 
you're teleported, then north to the portal.


(26, 19) 6 topaz, 1 longsword, 1 bronze helm, 12 potions, 6 loka


(30, 19) Do you remember the way out of here, %o? I'm very confused. There's 
something about teleportals that makes me wish for a nice hot bowl of soup. 
It's just me, I suppose.
(23, 20) Is this the end? By the gods, %o, we cannot fail! Find a way out or 
onward, or the Children of Light will be doomed!


(32, 18) 'Teleportals! You Are Warned.'
(12, 29) (19, 19) 'You Were Warned. Resign Yourself to Starvation.'
(9, 15) 'Be grateful for the teleportal I placed here! -Maalaq.'


(5, 33-4) 3 skeletons, 1 domug. 18 mirgets as treasure. I actually greeted 
the monsters and they paid me to leave them alone, so it might be worth a 
(21, 34) (31, 34-5) 3 fermigons, 1 mongor. 12 nifts as treasure. This is a 
room you'll have to go through--just use nifts/gonshis and you should be OK.
(18, 9-10) (23, 6-7) 1 gnoll, 3 aciden. 24 gonshi as treasure. Necessary to 
pass through.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Shann 5
##       ########
##        ########


  Go along the corridor and once you're through the doozy of the first fight 
it gets a lot easier. East and north nets a mindstone but west through the 
room gets down the stairs. You may need to memorize a 'repel' or two.


(7, 13) 100 coins, 3 sapphires, 1 broadsword, 6 cubes, 6 spheres
(31, 5) Mindstone


(12, 10) 4 gragans, fermigon, zombie. The best hope of winning this fight is 
to wait until a party member detects the ambush. Have luffin/gonshi/mirget 
ready for this one. There's no avoiding it.
(20, 25) 3 Fermigons, zebani, mongor. You shouldn't even stumble onto this by 
(10, 17) 6 gnolls. You might accidentally trip this, but it won't cause 


(7, 8) Oh, %o, my throat is so dry! Do you suppose we might be able to find a 
fountain anywhere nearby? I think I hear running water.


(6, 32) 'Fortune Hunters Not Welcome!'
(13, 5) 'Dig 8 South, 6 West from this Sign for buried treasure!'
(32, 10) 'Karpat Hall'


(20, 34-5) (14, 29) (10, 34) 3 Zorlims, 1 Fermigon. Treasure=elvenbow. A 
necessary room. Be prepared to use 'jump' to tackle the Zorlims early.
(28, 37) 2 Mongors, 4 Fermigons. Treasure is 9 pyramids. A side room, but 
with nifts it might be worth your time.
(36, 27) 3 domugs, 2 fermigons. Nifts again net a nice treasure here.

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Shann 6
##       ########
##        ########


  Go east. Have the bottom row out so you can sneak below the ambush. Win the 
fight and exit the room north, then go east to another easy room. Stref is 
beyond there. You can ditch a party member to pick up later as Stref has an 
extra spell book and a diamond too. The wizard's on the left, and you can use 
a teleportal to get out to the right. Although that may strand your boat, you 
should have, or be able to find, enough shapes to be able to use teleports. 
Whisper HEFRITI in Maalaq's room.


(9, 6) Gragan, 2 Zorlims, 2 Fermigons. Not worth it, tough monsters, off the 
right path, why bother.
(22, 14) 2 gaems, 3 fermigons, domug. See above.
(12, 34) 1 domug, 3 fermigons. On the right path, but you can avoid it.

--- and going along the lower wall gets you by.


(19, 20) to (63, 75) outside, NW of tower.
(18, 8) %o, I'm not sure I can go on. Climbing this tower... I think I can 
find my way back down. Unless you need me?
(24, 24) Do you realize how far we are from solid ground, %o? Well, I do! And 
even I can feel an aura of strange magic! The sooner we get this business 
over with, the better!


(24, 18) 'Portal to Outdoors - Go West'

STREF (??, ??)
--What?! Yes, yes, you should always seek advice! It is essential to get good 
advice. The ducks never listened. They're dead now. The moon is next.
[you can invite Stref.]
--ADVICE: What?! Yes, yes, you should always seek advice! It is essential to 
get good advice. The ducks never listened. They're dead now. The moon is 
--TELEPORTALS: So you know how to operate them? The ducks never learned. I 
know all the combinations. Do you? Would you, if you were a duck? Sphere, 
Cube, Sphere. Where does it go? I know!
--ZAKHAD: Why, he is in his tower in Castle Katarra, on top of Mount Mandarg, 
with the Hodli ducks. But the ducks are dead. Zakhad rules the forces of 
Darkness in Gurtex. But can we save the moon?


(7, 13) (7-8, 21) 3 Zorlims, 2 Fermigons, Gragan. 12 freeze is a BAD 
treasure. Don't bother.
(29, 33-34) Maalaq's room.
(36, 33) Teleportal room
(33, 37) 3 aciden, 2 gnolls. 9 cubes. Just use nifts on this side room.
(33-4, 10) 2 aciden, 2 gnolls. 12 teleport spells are nice but not worth the 
(20, 34) (24, 28) 2 domugs, 1 fermigon, 1 mongor. Nifts should get you by. 
This is a necessary room. Stref is beyond.
(32-3, 23) (29, 20) 3 Zebani, 2 Mongor, 1 Fermigon. 5 emeralds as treasure. 
Nifts here. Great treasure, and it's on your way.


--I hope you have good reason to interrupt my work. Otherwise, you shall 
regret your action for the rest of your life!
--Stop bothering me, get out of here, and don't come near my tower again. 
That's my advice.
--CRYSTAL KEY: Yes, what of it?/It's in your hands now.
--DERAUM: You can't enter Deraum, I sealed its gate./Be careful. Goodbye.

[you need to whisper HEFRITI while not in conversation to get the Crystal 

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dragos 1
##       ########
##        ########


  This is a much tougher dungeon than Dreax; although it's still linear, the 
ambushes are nastier, some portals lead to a trap, and you have a few rooms 
that will be taxing.

  However, this first level is pretty easy. Eliminate the bottom row in 
formation and go south, then east all the way. Go up when you hit the right 
wall, past a room to the north. You'll enter a portal that leads to level 2 
when you go west.

  The way out is to go east from the stairs and back north, west, and north 
through the doors. Then east, north and zap the bottom row to retrace your 
steps to leave.


(19, 10) 1 dreadkknight, 2 jerrahs, 2 zorlims, 3 zumagin
(11, 28) 2 farazu, 3 gaem, 4 dreadknights
(30, 26) 7 zebani, 2 dreadknights, 1 hibliss


(34, 9) to (32, 34) leads you to the stairs.
(32, 32) to (32, 27) leads you out of the stair area. Both are useful 
depending on the direction you're going.


(13, 8) Long ago, in a land far away, a demon named Dragos was destroyed by a 
hero named Reis. Zakhad must have named this tower in his memory.
(32, 7) I've been looking at these statues, %o. I believe that the stories of 
the Petra People are true: a tribe of warriors made their way into Katarra 
and were turned to stone.
(27, 22) should be something, nothing
(30, 23) should be something, nothing
(17, 35) should be something, nothing


(17, 29) Grasshopper
--GREET: The slave boy says: Please do not hurt me, stranger. My name is 
Grasshopper. I mean you no harm.
--ADVICE: Then will you %qsave%q me?
--SAVE: Many full moons ago, Zorlims attacked our village. They killed 
everyone but me! They brought me here. Now I serve the Farazu %qupstairs%q 
and dream of rescue.
--UPSTAIRS: I know you look for the way upstairs. A dark spell ties my 
tongue. This I can say: The Petra People!

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dragos 2
##       ########
##        ########


  Again, another linear level, but you have a few things to watch for. Go 
east all the way, then south, then west. At the arch, go north. There's a 
portal along the north wall. Then you can go east all the way. Another 
portal. You have a choice of four entries now. Take the leftmost chamber to 
get to a long hallway. Go north and enter level 3.


(25, 10) 6 zebanis, mongor, hibliss. Not a dnagerous ambush, and it's easy to 


(12, 18) to (15, 7) kicks you back from going where you want.
(12, 11) to (14, 17) is necessary to pass the portal above.
(28, 18) to (8, 24) leads back to level 2.
(14, 27) to (32, 34) leads to the corridor to level 3.
(19, 27) (24, 27) (29, 27) to (32, 6) level 3, a no-way-out trap.
(9, 36) to (12, 7) helps you backtrack some more.


(23, 22) A goblin is scooping blood from a barrel and feeding the red liquid 
to a serpent. It's not a great job, but somebody has to do it.


(12, 32) 'Slow Death Ahead'
(31, 12) 'To the Hole of Desperation'
(8, 36) 'Do Not Enter'
(12, 5) 'Hole of Desperation'


(21, 22) Gnum
--The goblin says: I am Gnumru the Bloodkeeper. Slay me if you must, or leave 
me to my work.
--ADVICE: You don't belong here. Leave as soon as you can. ??

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dragos 3
##       ########
##        ########


  It's pretty much one way--go south and west to the first room(be fully 
prepared) and then go along the east wall north. There's another two rooms in 
order. Go all the way east. The portal will kick you to a new area where 
you'll want to zap the top row. Go up and all the way right. Then all the way 
south, all the way west, and go north. But not all the way--there's a trap 
there. Reform to zap the right row and, one square below the sign, go east 
and NE to reach the door. Get everybody prepared and go fight the Zakhad. 
Once you've won, retreat SW, S, E, N and then turn in south at the dead end 
with the sign. It's a teleportal back to Katarra.


(27, 21) 3 hibliss, 1 dreadknight, 2 slime, 1 flamebelly. Stay on the right 
wall to avoid this.
(12, 19)
(18, 32)


(26, 27) to a trap at (32, 6). Stay on the right wall after the first room to 
avoid this and an ambush.
(13, 27) to a trap at (32, 6). Don't try for the left room.
(15, 22) to Katarra (8, 6). This is the way to get out.
(29, 9) leads to the final stretch run at (8, 34).


(26, 31) There's something strange about the floor next to the west wall, %o. 
I'm not sure what, but I'd rather we didn't walk on it.
(9, 34) At least we're getting closer. At most we're getting farther!
(35, 7) A roar of wicked laughter fills the cell. Zakhad! The demon's voice 
sneers: Mighty Children of Light! How weak you are now! You cannot escape, 
but you can starve while you try! Save your blood or spill it. Either way, it 
will feed my pets!


  You'll have to face all these rooms in order to win. They're tough. Be 

(30, 34-5) (26, 33) 4 dreadknights, 1 doombeast, 1 farazu, 3 hiblis. 9 drain 
(27-8, 16) (21, 13) 1 doombeast 6 dreadknights 1 hibliss. 9 zofir.
(9, 12-3) (7, 9) 4 jerrah, 3 farazu. 9 zengrl.


(15, 27) 'Two wrongs make a right. The right way is right. The left way is 
(16, 22) 'This Way Down'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dreax 1
##       ########
##        ########


  This dungeon isn't so bad in terms of poking around. The monsters are just 
nasty. In fact the first level is a right-under-your-nose puzzle. So this is 
a break after Katarra.

  Form your party with the left column missing. Go east and up. Reform as 


  You'll hit the teleportal. Then just go northeast and north. The stairs are 
disguised as a wide door. 


(19, 32) 7 zebani, 1 hibliss, 1 dreadknight. This is the most devious ambush 
as it's right next to where you start. Hug the south wall to get around it if 
you got turned around.
(22, 14) Guards nothing. Vacate the top row and hug the top wall to avoid.
(22, 9) In a clear dead end. So avoid it.
(12, 19) Doesn't even guard a 'party talk' but to get beyond it clear the 
right colum and hug the right wall.


(27, 26) to (25, 34) kicks you to the passage to the next level.
(34, 36) to (19, 34) is a portal to the main corridor.


(12, 7) Well, then! Where's the least likely place to put our feet upon and 
port on?
(9, 13) These Petra People break my heart! I wish there was a way to turn 
them into flesh again...


(21, 28) 'Petra People's World'
(34, 6) 'Forbidden hall - Only for those who have been chosen by the Master' 
(34, 35) 'Teleportal back to the main corridor'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Dreax 2
##       ########
##        ########


  Once you know how to dance through the level, it's not taxing at all. With 
the 'detect' spell the only problem is--how to enter the portal to the left 

  Go southeast and hug the east wall down. Then go southwest, hugging the 
southeast. On the west wall, form

4 5

  Then go south and #6 will touch the square in the niche that teleports you.

  After some preparation(vacate the right column) just go east into the next 
portal to get to the third area. Now sneak along the side right wall and 
enter the room to the north. If you've solved Dragos, then have all mushrooms 
ready. Otherwise don't bother as you can probably get gold for leaving the 
orcs in there alone. Retrace your steps to the lower right corner and go left 
to get back to Katarra.


  All ambushes can and should be avoided.

(26, 9) 2 doombeasts, 1 farazu
(26, 14) 6 farazu, hibliss, 2 dreadknights, doombeast
(31, 13) 2 gaem, 1 hibliss, 1 doombeast, 6 dreadknights
(26, 23) 5 jerrah, 2 farazu, doombeast, hibliss
(13, 28) 5 farazu, 3 jerrah
(10, 10) (13, 10) 7 dreadknights, 1 doombeast
(10, 17) (13, 17) 5 dreadknights, doombeast, farazu, hibliss

(33, 36) is a chute that kicks you to Katarra (10, 7).
(21, 34) to (8, 34) kicks you to the fake Zakhad chamber area.
(18, 36) to (13, 18) kicks you to the real Zakhad chamber area.
(9, 20 to Katarra (8, 6) lets you wimp out of here.
(8, 31) (10, 31) (12, 31) (15, 31) (16, 31) (18, 31) to 12 31. This row of 
portals pushes your party back.
(33, 29) It seems we seek a spot we spotted not. For the likely reason that 
it was an unlikely spot to step upon!
(13, 25) The door is right but something is wrong! I've got the feeling we've 
been fooled!


(11-5, 24) 4 jerrah, doombeast, farazu, 2 hibliss. No treasure. This is the 
fake Zakhad room, and you shouldn't bother with it.
(11-2, 5) 10 orcs. No treasure here. NOTE: this will have Zakhad in it if you 
completed Dragos first. With no treasure here, you can just get the orcs to 
surrender. But you do need to complete a fake Zakhad room before the real 


(8, 20) 'To the Ground Floor'
(8, 7) (8, 25) 'Chamber of Zakhad'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Catacombs
##       ########
##        ########


  Gonshi/luffin/mirget should be used at all times. It's not impossible to 
win here without them, but some monsters are nasty.

  There are a few missions to accomplish here. First, rescuing 
Tamas/Darkfinder. Go east from the entry and south. Eliminate the top row in 
your formation and turn right ASAP. Enter the room to the north and go east. 
The north fork of the passage leads to a fight to rescue Tamas. You might as 
well. Then back west, south, and east, and use walkwater to go across east/ 
There are a few spiders to repel as well. Turn north and cast walkwater 
again. The room on the other side of the water holds Darkfinder, a great bow. 
On the other side, there's a pseudo-monster who will tell you about the 
teleportal in the fountain in the middle of the map.

  To get there, go south at the turn by the ambush. Be sure 1) to have ten 
repel spells and 2) to have reorganized so you're against the left wall. Keep 
going against it. Cast walkwater to go over the pool and step in the water. 
Then there will be some spiders to repel. Knock out a row and go to the 
right. When you can turn up, do so. But don't go down the center of the 
corridor. That leads to an ambush.

  Now there are two side trips for treasure. Avoid this paragraph and the 
next if you don't care about them. It's some of the best treasure in the 
game, but you may not need it by now. North to one room, east, follow the 
corridor, go west, and use pierce on the energy field to get the treasure in 
the corner. You only need one spell, and you can rest in the previous room.

  Go to the top of the 4 way intersection and head left. Go west into the 
room. Exit north, go north, then enter the east room and beyond it you can 
use a pierce spell to grab more treasure.

  Back on the main line, you can go east from the intersection. Exit the room 
north and go north against the east wall. Eventually you'll want to take the 
room in the west wall. Exit north. Skim along the east wall, going up and 
casting walkwater(if you don't have it, you can memorize a few in the room 
where you just won. You'll need about 20.) Go west through the room past the 
pond. There'll be two more brooks before the upper-left room. Enter it and 
win the fight to get the conch. You need this item to win the game.

  Retreat across the three lakes but instead of entering the room to the 
south, go west--again, hug the south wall to avoid an ambush. You'll need one 
more walkwater to go west to the portal which doesn't quite kick you back to 
the start. Won't hurt to have 5 shatter/repel spells either. So stop off at a 
room before continuing.

  Where you're dropped off, there are energy fields to the north. Hack away 
at the spiders and fields to get the last of the treasure if you've got the 
spells and you need the wealth. Then tend west into the next portal. Walk 
across the lake to avoid an ambush and then head northerly. Zap the left row 
and hug the left wall, then go right at the very top to the teleportal room. 
Calculate your next destination and go there.


(64, 13) 3 slime, 3 goblins.
(53, 69) 5 goblins, gaem, barg.
(58, 60) 3 zumagin, 3 goblins.
(72, 28) 4 goblins, 1 gnoll, zebani. Avoidable if you hug the top wall at the 
3-way intersection, with the top row eliminated.
(121, 28) 4 goblins, 2 kazih.
(23, 61) 5 goblins, barg, gaem.
(41, 51) goblin, domug, 3 gnolls.
(12, 28) 5 skeletons, zebani, slime.
(31, 15) 3 zebani, kazih, 2 tekhir
(43, 23) 3 zebani, 1 jerrah, 1 mongor, 2 zumagin.


(56, 63) to (43, 68) leads you to the west side of the maze.
(6, 22) to (93, 34) leads you to a side area before you're kicked to near the 
(61, 53) to (59, 61) leads you back to the center.


(127, 7) I don't think that goblin sees us, %o. He's certainly not much of a 
threat. Perhaps we can get some information from him.


(31, 34) 10 pearls, 5 jade, 5 sapphire, 1 emerald
(30, 10) 2 diamonds
(89, 31) 5 blue pearls, 3 map flasks, 15 picks, 50 arrows, 3 pyramids, 3 
spheres, 3 cubes, 3 cylinders, 3 cones
(6, 26) 5 picks, 25 arrows, 5 blue pearls.


(84-5, 23) (84, 14) 2 gragan, gaem, zumagin. 12 freeze.

(130-1, 16) (130, 9) 3 gaem, 1 jerrah, 1 zombie. Darkfinder is the treasure.
(102-3, 4) 4 skeletons, gaem, gnoll. Tamas is locked up here.

(87-8, 4) teleportal room
(105, 33-4) 3 bargs, gaem, 3 gonshi. 15 zapall spells.
(56, 17) (55-6, 24) 3 zebani, 1 goblin, 1 gnoll. 18 gonshi.
(50, 55) (49-50, 64) zorlim, 4 tekhir, goblin. 12 sermins.
(7, 57) (7-8, 64) (11, 60-1) 4 zebani, jerrah, mongor, zumagin. 12 walkwater.
(11, 34) (21, 33-4) skeleton, gaem, 4 goblins. 9 betray.
(39, 60) (43, 55) mongor, 4 goblins. Iron helmet.
(48, 32-3) (43, 28) domug, tekhir, 3 orcs. 18 turpins.
(32, 6) (40, 5-6) 6 goblins, 11 zorlim. 12 fireglobes.
(6-7, 8) 5 goblins, 1 gaem. The Conch.
(43, 8) (38, 16) 4 kazih, 2 goblins. 9 terrify.
(25, 15-16) (14, 15) 4 goblins, 1 gaem, 1 barg. 9 see.
(5, 15-16) 2 jerrahs, 4 goblins. 9 double.
(20, 27) (30, 28-9) 3 gnols, 1 domug, 1 goblin. 18 potions.
(22-3, 49) (28, 44-5) 2 zumagin, 2 kazih, 1 herrah. 12 resurrect.


Mogh (124, 5)
--Ghrpg! Khhh...khh..Jou diee..Oghtnk!
--If jou leth Mogh gho,  Mogh dell jou %qchute%q!
--CHUTE: It'z upsters inna big water. Inna water iz a hole onit!
--Mogh no naathing!

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Drakhelm 1
##       ########
##        ########


  The easy way is to walk a bit east and then go north(but not along the east 
wall--there's a chute there) all the way to the stairs. You may want to 
search other places. Orcbane, SE of the entrance, is nice to get. You'll need 
to wipe out one side column so you can walk in that corridor. South of the 
entrance there's an arch to the east with some nice treasure behind. The 
southeast has decent treasure, but you may just want to get through with 

  To get out, there's a teleportal along the north wall at (33-4, 4).


(15, 22) 5 orcs, zorlim.
(13, 37). 3 goblins, zumagin.
(9, 60) ghoul, zumagin, zorlim.
(29, 66) 2 gragan, tekhir, zebani.
(57, 12) 4 zumagin + goblin.
(54, 36) 3 tekhir, zorlim, goblin.


(11, 6) to (14, 6) teleports you from the 'treasure trove' stairs to level 3 
back to near the exit. But you're so close to your object...
(25, 9) is a chute to (8, 7) level 3.
(64, 42) is a chute to (9, 5) level 3.


(38, 43) 1 sapphire, 2 picks
(38, 49) 18 potions, 18 sermins, 18 mirgets, 6 loka
(38, 55) map flask, 3 blue pearls, lute, 3 cylinders, 3 cubes, 3 pyramids
(38, 61) 3 sapphires
(41, 67) bonebow, 30 arrows
(36, 36) Orcbane
(33, 51) 3 topaz + emerald


(8, 5) I remember what my grandfather told my father. First read the secret 
in the chest right in front of a door, where Ali Pasha's tomb is, then go to 
the Treasure Trove.
(21, 22) Careful, friends. This place has swallowed many dwarven heroes and 
cheated many fearless wizards. I know not all its tricks!
(36, 27) 36 twice by the map brings you to a gift. Or so says the ancient 
(64, 39) (25, 6) Perilous movement from below pulses in my feet!
(64, 45) The rot of this mine is tracking us. Let us change our course!
(58, 65) I wish I had a big Ketrop Steak with lot's of wine made with 
Ketrop's delicious red grapes! Have you ever seen our giant grapes? Nothing 
tests lik'em! Mmmm...
(56, 68) Isn't it too early to get hungry? Where do you put all this food 


You don't have to go in any rooms. The ones guarding treasure or stairs are 
listed first, followed by inconsequential ones.

(60-1, 32) (64, 26-7) 3 kazih, zebani, tekhir. 10 restsoul. This leads to 
level 2, but note that it is ONE WAY and there's no exit back south.

(57, 44-5) (46, 44) 2 kazih, ghoul, flamebelly. No treasure.
(56, 50-1) (46, 50) zumagin, zombie, zorlim, ghoul. No treasure.
(46, 56) (55, 56-57) 2 gragan, zumagin, jerrah
(46, 62) (54, 62-3) 5 troll, jerrah
(46, 68) (53, 68-9) 3 ghoul, slime, 2 zombie, zebani

(8-9, 20)  4 ghoul, jerrah. No treasure.
(14-5, 4) 3 orc + zorlim. No trasure.
(34-5, 4) teleportal room.
(44-5, 4) 3 zorlims, 2 tekhir, 1 urgodot. No treasure.
(54-5, 4) 2 zorlims, 4 orcs. No treasure.
(63-4, 4) 6 zebani. No treasure.
(32-3, 14) 2 tekhir, 2 orc, zorlim.
(5, 11-2) 3 urgodot, 1 tekhir. 10 restsoul. Not worth visiting even for the 
spells as it is behind an ambush.
(17, 28-9) zorlim, 2 tekhir, 2 goblins. No treasure.
(7-8, 30) 2 kazih, 4 ghouls. Mindstone.
(11, 32) (11-12, 35) 2 ghoul, urgodot, zebani, jerrah. No treasure.
(25, 32) 4 kazih + gragan. 24 sermins.
(21, 48) 2 tekhir, 3 zorlims, 1 urgodot. No trasure.
12-3, 56 4 trolls, 2 domug, 1 zorlim. 6 forget.
(33-4, 24) 2 ghoul, jerrah, domug. No treasure.
(43-4, 35) tekhir, 5 goblin, zorlim. No treasure.
(12-3, 56) 4 trolls, 2 domug, 1 zorlim. 6 forget.
(17-8, 65) 4 goblins, tekhir, zorlim. 3 blue pearls.
(30-1, 59) 2 tekhir, zorlim, orc. No treasure.
(11-2, 46) ghoul, 3 flamebelly, 1 kazih. 3 summon.
(47-8, 25) 2 zorlims, orgodot, tekhir
(23, 62-3) (17-8, 65) zorlim, tekhir, 4 goblins


(6, 5) 'You have found the Treasure Trove. However, a treasure will not buy a 
(11, 5) 'If you say no you may go!'
(19, 21) 'All who would enter Drakhelm Mine, be certain you are a Dwarf!'
(26, 38) 'The working pick has a pleasant tick.'
(35, 5) 'This goes where the Dead have gone!'
(33, 51) 'Happy shovel chases trouble.'
(71, 40) Without use, the bright becomes dull!

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Drakhelm 2
##       ########
##        ########


  Drakhelm level 2 is vastly confusing if you don't have a focus on what you 
want to do. There's a fairly easy way through assuming you left level 1 the 
quick way. Go through the room to the south. Enter the teleportal to the 
east, reshuffling the party. Go all the way to the south after being 
teleported, then walk into the west teleportal. This takes you to the four-
round room. Now you should go east to go back to level 1, but in fact that 
room leads you down to level 3 if you follow the stairs.

  There are of course treasures to be found as well. The structure southeast 
of the first teleport destination is a good one. You need to form a party 
with the left row out and step down into it once you're on the northeast 
edge. Then reform with the top row missing. Go west. Reform with the left row 
missing, go north, and reform with the bottom row missing. Walk east and you 
can use a pick on all the chests for nice treasure.

  Ali Pasha's maze isn't necessary, but you must go south down the east wall 
and then east. The portal's in the southeast. Then you go south down the east 
wall again and to the east. The next teleportal is just straight east in the 
square room. Then you can form with the center row gone and go east. At the 
right edge, go southeast. Txit and dig the square in front of the next room 
for a clue, reform with the right column gone, and walk into the portal to 
the west.

  You can also detour to a small treasure room by taking the third-lowest of 
the wall indents after your first teleportal. Get the treasure and hit 
another portal to get back where you were.


  Only one ambush should actually get in the way of what you need to do. The 
rest are off to the left or in a corner somewhere.

(33, 38) 6 zumagins. Keep to the west wall, with all the indents.

(15, 9) 4 tekhir.
(10, 23) 4 urgodot, 2 domug.
(9, 46) 7 zebani.
(21, 60) 3 zumagin, gnoll.
(37, 14) 4 tekhir, 2 goblin, zorlim.
(63, 29) 3 zebani, gragan, kazih.


(45, 28) to (11, 47) level 1 kicks you out if you try to reach for the 
treasure behind it.
(14, 18) to (29, 26) exits the small treasure room.
(25-6, 20) to (29, 22) to the right side from the left strip.
(26 39) to (11, 47) level 1 is a way to backtrack.
(26, 35) to (21, 21) is a slightly slower way.

(26, 63) to (13, 62), the 4 teleportal room, from a main part.
(58, 68) to (13, 62), the 4 teleportal room, from Ali Pasha's maze.

Four teleportal room:
(14, 61) to (6, 65) level 3, which is the left strip(less important part) of 
the level.
(12, 63) to (41, 41) kicks you into Ali Pasha's maze.
(14, 65) to (33, 65) Drakhelm. The town, not the dungeon. You'll be right by 
the entry.
(16, 63) to (7, 6) level 1. This leads to 'the treasure trove' and a ghost to 

             L3 left side
Ali Pasha -- Center -- Treasure Trove

(26, 55) to (16, 18), a small side treasure room.
(57, 63) to (63, 62), in Ali Pasha's maze. Be careful--you need to reform 
after this to walk around the teleport. Middle row gone.
(62, 63) (51, 41) (63, 41) (41, 50) (41, 67) (66, 47) (47, 58) (53, 56) (61, 
58) to (42, 41) kicks you back further out into Ali Pasha's maze.
(54, 69) to (52, 48). One of the right portals in the maze.
(54, 62) to (54, 53). And another one.
(67, 53) to (59, 62). And a final one.
(42-44, 71) to 42 67. 'Beyond this land forbidden to mortal...' and the 
teleportals will bounce you back.
(18, 33) to (14, 25) level 3 drops you past an ambush if you go immediately 
north, but you go to a relatively unimportant area anyway.


(16, 20) 5 blue pearls
(36, 26) 250 coins, 2 emeralds, 2 picks
(37, 26) 6 potions, 6 sermins, 6 gonshi, 3 cylinders, 3 cones
(38, 26) 2 cylinders, 2 cones
(35, 50) 12 blue pearls, 2 rubies, 16 turpins.
(62, 69) MESSAGE: To earn the secret of the treasure, walk towards the sign 
and learn surprise!


(27, 43) I know a treasure hidden. We should dig between the two doors 
southeast of here.
(26, 51) If I remember rightly, Grandpa built a cute trap where you needed to 
do just the opposite of what you would ordinarily do. It was on a little 
corridor with no grass but big stones.


(23, 10) (22-3, 17) 4 flamebellies, 1 domug, 1 ghoul, 1 gaem. 6 nifts. This 
is a necessary room to go through.
(66, 63) (66-7, 66) Zumagin, zombie, ghoul, zorlim. 6 turpins. This is on the 
way to a message about treasure and the way out of Ali Pasha's Maze.
(16, 35) (15-6, 41) 2 flamebelly, 2 ghouls, 2 kazih. No cash, but level 3 
chute behind.

Inconsequential rooms:
(34-5, 4) 4 goblins, zorlim, tekhir. 2 soulspeak as treasure. This is a nice 
side room to visit if you like that sort of thing.
(62, 6) (64-5, 9) 4 trolls, domug, zorlim. 4 jump spells.
(40-1, 20) zumagin, zorlim, zombie, ghoul. 12 luffins.
(48-9, 21) 3 zorlims, 2 tekhir. No treasure.
(61-2, 24) (59, 18) 4 zombies, 2 slime. 5 Zapall.
(68, 29) 3 ghouls, 2 flamebellies, 1 kazih. 6 gonshis.
(32, 65) 2 trolls, 2 urgodot, 1 goblin. 5 forget.
(36, 53) urgodot, 2 domug, 1 goblin. No treasure.
(36, 47) mongor, 2 gnoll, 2 domug, goblin. 5 acidball.
(68, 42) 3 kazih, 1 flamebelly, 2 ghouls. 5 zofir.
(50, 70) 4 ghouls, 1 gaem, 1 domug. 6 sermins.
(68, 48) 3 zombies, 1 ghoul, 1 slime, 1 zebani. 6 zutyun.
(68, 56) 2 ghouls, 2 flamebellies, 2 domug, gaem. No treasure.
(62, 70) 2 gragans, jerrah, zumagin. Mindstone.
(5,36-7) 4 goblins, 2 tekhir, 1 zorlim. 12 mirgets.
(5, 55-6) 2 zorlims, 2 urgodots, 1 tekhir. 12 fireglobes.
(13-4, 54) flamebelly, gaem, 4 domug. 12 gonshi.
(8-9, 11) zumagin, 2 gragan, jerrah. 12 picks. Treasure might be worth it.
(15-6, 31) 2 gragan, jerrah, zumagin. 5 see spells.
(68, 11) 2 domug, gnoll, goblin. 5 courage.


(21, 5) 'This goes where the Dead have gone!'
(40, 41) 'Ali Pasha's Maze.'
(12, 61) 'If you want a prize, learn a surprise!'
(16, 61) 'If what daunts a dwarf is your dare...' 
(12, 65) 'If you know your head, your heart is wise!'
(16, 65) 'If you  want the ember, brave the fire!'
(57, 29) 'Right may be left, left may be right!'
(57, 68) 'Ali Pasha's Tomb.'
(41, 69) 'Beyond this land forbidden to the mortal!'
(24, 20) 'Hurry to join the others!'

  ##   #####
 ##     ########  DUNGEON:
##      ######### Drakhelm 3
##       ########
##        ########


  If entering the treasure trove(from NW level 1) you should go into the room 
below, fight, memorize restsoul/soulspeak if you don't have it, and go into 
the room below that. Cast restsoul. Cast soulspeak. Get the scroll. Then go 
back through the other room and along the left wall. There's a torch at the 
bottom. Step into it, and you'll flash to the other side of the wall. You can 
then go south to hit a teleport back to the small room on level 2 that allows 
for a teleport four ways.

  On the left hand side there's not much to do although you can plow 
northeast(hugging the east and then, near the top, the north wall) to open up 
an informative chest. But I've got that covered below.


(20-24, 39) to (21, 41). This wall of portals means that you can't exit via 
the stairs.
(13, 20) to (33, 65) Drakhelm. Not just level 1, but the in-town entry. This 
is a sealed off area accessible only from a chute on level 1.
(7, 69) to (13, 62) level 2. Sends you back to the 4-teleport room on level 
(10, 65) to (6, 65) is not a portal proper, but it gets you out of the 
'treasure trove' area.


(21, 13) 3 domug, 3 troll, zorlim.
(13, 27) (16, 27) 6 zebani.
(32, 53) 3 ghoul, 2 domug, 1 jerrah. Harmless combat well away from where you 
need to be.


(7, 66) I wish I knew where we were going!
(31, 20) I remember now! There was an old chest around here. I think down 
there, somewhere between those fires!


(31, 24) 2 diamonds.
(30, 11) MESSAGE: The secret of the Treasure Trove is woven of these words: 
None can Wall the Will of the Warrior! The truth is in the torch!


(6-7, 17) No monsters. Kruga's dad.
(7-8, 29) (7, 21) ghoul, zombie, zorlim, zumagin. No treasure. Kruga's dad is 
behind this, but you just want his information, which is in this guide.
(29-30, 10) 4 flamebelly, 2 ghoul, gaem, 1 domug. 5 terrify.
(22, 46) (22-3, 55) 2 gragans, 1 zumagin, 1 gaem. No treasure. Jump is a 
necessity here to kill the g-men. This room blocks access to the ghost.
(19-20, 66) ghost room. Cast restsoul/soulspeak.


(19, 39) 'Treasure Trove.'
(11, 42) 'What gains are gotten may be forgotten!'


[rescue Solak, Kruga's dad, in the northwest]
--The dwarf says: Well! This is a surprise! I wasn't expecting to see 
anything but ugly Ghouls!
--I'm Kruga's father Solak. Son, I'm happy to see you in such good company. 
I'm grateful for being saved from those torturers, but even though I am 
obligated to you, I took a vow to keep the secret of the %qtreasure trove%q.
--TREASURE TROVE: My son knows about a 'sealed scroll' in a chest.
--[w/o Kruga]: I'm Kruga's father. My name is Solak. I'm grateful for being 
saved from those torturers, but even though I am obligated to you, I took a 
vow to keep the secret of the %qtreasure trove%q.


  The simplest logic path(excluding people's information) is below.

?? which scrolls, which libraries

Get crystal key from Malaaq at Shann
-> release ghost in Deraum
  -> release ?? from candle of Despair in ??[conch needed/Namaz]

Release ghost in Maratul
-> release Zulain from Candle of Pain in Ruz

Release ghost in Drakhelm
-> release ?? from candle of Despair in ??[conch needed/Namaz]

Get Conch from Catacombs
-> get orb from Altesens

Enter Mandarg
-> find Iron Key
  -> go to Katarra
    -> Win Dreax, win Dragos

Have 3 people touch the orb, Get Rebnard to join
-> See Oolau bird, win game


1. Loot Ralle and Polo. Win 1000 at the casino in Telermain.
2. get Subia(Oshcrun,) talk to the King for Brennix, and go to the armory to 
pick up extra armor just to sell. Go to Ketrop and get Jimbo. Loot Perin and 
Tuff there too. Go to Llendora (88, 36) and get tons of Elvenspun. Buy Vannex 
from Estefaz if you've got the money.
3. Drop Subia back at the castle. Get Grolf and Gus.
4. Use Jimbo to buy/sell(esp the elvenspun) to get steel stuff for all.
5. Go into the cellars and clear out level 1 with gonshis. Get Sakar.
6. Clear out level 2 to get rubies to sell.
7. Buy blue pearls and go to Glusaga if you'd like. Use Vannex to get in. 
Sell blue pearls for a fortune.
8. Go to Shann. Pick up Eldai. You can ditch Grolf now, but transfer his 
armor to Eldai. Rescue Ben if you can be bothered.
9. Go to Ussa. Pick up Madir and get rid of Fiz. See Naendix for spell books. 
You need Ishban.
10. Find Durin. Get rid of Gus.
11. Go to Drakhelm. Buy Methreal but use Jimbo to bargain. Get Kruga and 
Eflun. They can replace Sakar and Jimbo. You won't need to worry about cash 
from now on really. Risk Drakhelm to find a ghost if you'd like.
12. Go to Ruz and sacrifice Durin for a bonus. Get the sword Dreadslayer. 
[stop off in Hugda-Hag to pick up teleportal stuff]
13. Get Rogga in Maratul. Get the ghost if you're feeling brave.
14. Find Marior in the Castle Cellars for a nice bonus.
15. In Deraum, soulspeak/restsoul the first ghost.
16. Teleport to Isle of the Winds to trade Brennix to Balene for attributes. 
Then teleport to Sariss and find Oraniana on the island for more bonuses.
17. Take out Drakhelm's ghost if you want--otherwise, your next stop is the 
Catacombs, where you can find the Conch and Dreadslayer
18. Go east to (212,135) for another goddess. Then go to Pentyne south of 
Wanasol and get the orb.
19. Optional. Leave a player(Eflun) at a stronghold and get Somona in Pentyne 
if you'd like--bring her to Mandarg to sacrifice
20. Have 3 people touch the orb(Wartow in Wanasol, teleport back to Timm in 
Telermain, Moongold in Shumaran.)
21. Go to Maratul if you need to before going to Oshcrun and swapping for 
Father Orbonn. Have him research Candle of Despair/Pain in Telermain and 
Candle of Anguish in Wanasol(teleport there and back.)
22. Go to Ruz to free an Elden. Go to Namaz to free another, and finally...
23. Suffer through Dorak. Find Rhokan just before the big fight.
24. Go to Wanasol, get the final scroll, and research the Candle of Death 
25. Go to Mandarg caverns and find the Iron Key
26. Enter Katarra. Go up one of the towers and win the big fight.
27. Go up the other tower and win the big fight.
28. Go back to the castle. Hire the King. Leave anyone behind--no real fights 
29. Find the Oolau Bird on the island in N Misor. Use the orb. Have the king 
whisper 'Jemil.' Give Jemil the orb. Exit. Watch the pyrotechnics. Enjoy the 


  This doesn't have full details. The dungeon level sections have those. But 
it should be enough to get you through the game.

  Well, as long as you've read section 7 first. OK--now on to the 
walkthrough. The real nitty gritty will be in each Dungeon section, but I 
should point you in the right direction so I don't spoil too much. Once 
you've assembled your party and talked to the King, go downstairs.

  Eat gonshis before hitting the room to the south(in fact, ALWAYS eat 
gonshis and save after winning a big encounter) and then the others shouldn't 
be too bad. Jimbo can negotiate with the bad guys and you may not even have 
to fight--if they outright surrender you can find some really nice items. Let 
Fiz drink from the fountains--he'll get a ton of 'Walk on Water' spells and 
since he's the one with the best magic level, his spells will last the 
longest. But the usual policy of saving before crossing water and only after 
you get somewhere applies here.

  There are some ambushes, so be sure you haven't sheathed anything. Let 
Jimbo use a pick on all the treasures in various rooms, and save after each 
fight--ambushes seem to have random numbers of monsters, and if you're lucky 
you'll be able to detect them. In the lower right is some water and Fiz will 
have to recall Walkwater and cast it. There's treasure in this area before 
the next room.

  Now a friend from Deruvia awaits beyond the doors, so if the party's full 
you can probably just dismiss Gustron(take his items first,) but if you want 
to be super-careful, go back up to the castle and dismiss him, then return. 
To the left, down, and around is Sakar. He's a step up from Gus.

  There's an ambush to the right before the stairs to level 2. Again, eat 
gonshis and get into the battle. The room to the left should be saved for 
later, so you'll want to go left, then cast walkwater to go down, then go 
down to the bottom. Sweep right and go up. From the SE corner, go to the NE 
and you'll be at the crystal key's gates--or you can take a teleportal back 
to the start.

  Now there's a bit of exploration to do. I assume you've already discovered 
Llendora but if not now is a good time to. Bring Jimbo along to get great 
prices. Once back from Llendora, where you should get Vannex etc. and 
elvenspun to sell, you can make a real profit by having Jimbo buy blue 
pearls, but that requires a longer trek. So for now a couple of trips with 
Elvenspun should neave you enough money to buy Ishban, which you will need. 
Then go along the north shore of the main continent. Ussa is first up. 
Naendix sells magic books here and you can loot the gambling halls to buy 
another spell book if you need to. You can also swap Fiz for Madir, but give 
Fiz a mindstone to make sure he made it back OK. Further along the coast, 
move until X=103. Then go south. Find Durin and trade Gus for Durin.

  You'll need Vannex for the next exploring part, but actually, your party is 
good enough that it can go to Shann. Go southeast from Oshcrun and there'll 
be a tower on an isle. Whisper 'frilkenatz' to enter, then use nifts and 
gonshis to bust into the jails on the north walls. You will want to get rid 
of Gus or Grolf here. You won't be using either any more after you get Eldai, 
who is in the cell on the left. You need to invite him right away or he goes 
back to Oshcrun. Ben is worth ripping off for his items. Eldai is a bit 
better than the other elves, but on the other hand his status as a hireling 
can be annoying. Don't give him anything other than mushrooms and the steel 
plate/helmet he needs, and if you need to pay for passage, have him do it. 
You can sell the stuff he starts with, of course. Make sure you've got the 
mushrooms and potions you'll need before starting Shann. Shann and Glusaga 
are in the same area, so you can sell your blue pearls in Glusaga for major 
moola before looting a dungeon and getting even more.

  Current party, which may not be perfect, but it's effective:

Lukas Madir Eldai
Durin Sakar Jimbo

  Jump is actually the best spell to use--it's much better than Fireball, 
which often has to hack through shields, and it's not as draining as Zutyun. 
You can jump a character who has a mirget, and he can nail the tough monsters 
right away. Nifts don't carry over to the next battle as in MC1, so don't 
waste them except against purely thuggy monsters. As a precaution just have 
everyone eat luffin/mirget/gonshis but later you may find some combats don't 
need them. Be sure also to bunker Jimbo, who's the big money maker.

  I'm going to skip side rooms here. First level is straightforward. Go to 
the room south of the jails, then E/S/W/S to the dead end. There's a 
teleportal. Go north through the room and up the stairs.

  Level 1: there are stairs right next to you but don't mind them--they're 
nowhere. As Durin will probably tell you. You'll run into a few possible 
ambushes here so have gonshis and nifts.

  Level 2: east, south all the way, east a bit, south and at the 4 way 
intersection go west. The stairs are north.

  Level 3 is pretty simple. You can stop in at the room for treasure and rest 
or just go northeast where the stairs will be pretty clear.

  Level 4: The teleports here are nasty to deal with, and what you need to do 
is go south, east through a room, and north. At the sign go west and south. 
That puts you at a dead end where you can go north and west through a room.

  In this room you will need to rest to memorize some spells. Have one 
restsoul. Also be sure that you have recalled some useless spells--the 
gragans you will face in an ambush on level 5 will cast 'forget' which is not 
cool. Perhaps you can memorize a couple of jump spells. Once exiting the 
room, go south a bit to avoid an ambush. West into the sign and north to the 

  Level 5 has an ambush where I found I really needed to keep trying until I 
had surprised the bad guys. I'd have a spellcaster jump a fighter near two 
gragans. Then he can wax them. Don't worry about the fermigon and zombie 
until later. You can be methodical about the zombie--he comes back to life, 
but with one hit point, and he's easy to hit. So when you're ready to kill 
him for good, have your Restsoul spellcaster go last. Enjoy the special 

  There's another room west of the corridor's end. It's not too tough but 
you'll need to rest there to learn repel if you haven't already. You'll need 
to blast through the two snakes(well, only the right one with the formation 
below) to get to level 6.

  Going east leads to another room you exit to the north. At the 
intersection, go east for the final fight. Stref will be waiting for you past 
this one and he's worth it with the diamond he's holding--dismiss Sakar, whom 
you can always just pick up in the castle cellar. There's a nice fight in the 
south room where you get a few teleportal shapes, but to the west is Maalaq.

  Whisper(don't talk) the word HEFRITI to him, and he'll give you a crystal 
key. Then go back north and west into the teleportal to leave the place. 

  Now you can get through Deraum although you may want to make some trading 
runs for blue pearls, which you can sell for a lot. Jimbo is still your star 
at the bargaining table. If you don't use him for this, I can imagine Donald 
Trump would want to fire you if he were in MC2. And Carolyn will give you an 
icy glare too.

  You'll have to run through the cellars again. Once you use the crystal key 
and descend to Deraum, Follow the land to left, down and right--the first 
passage is a dead end with an ambush(not bad for experience) but the second 
leads to a tough room. The Orcs and Zorlims are pretty far away, but it's not 
a bad idea to give your halfling a bow for this one.

  In Deraum, be sure you've got restsoul memorized, and if you run out, 
memorize 10 more, at least. Have a soulspeak memorized too. Go south from the 
start. Follow the narrow passage and have a 2x3 formation with the right row 
stripped. Go left when you reach the wall below. Continue to push left, but 
go down when you can, as there are ambushes to avoid. In the lower left, go 
right. Exit the room to the north and go straight up. You'll have to run into 
one ambush so suck it up. But then go right so that your party touches the 
short wall below--keep going straight right into the room. Reform your party 
with the top row missing and you may avoid an ambush that waay through the 
room below. Then go right, leading to another room and then a portal. Don't 
go in the portal until you're sure you've got a soulspeak and a restsoul. 
Then enter the room in the closed off area you were zapped to. Cast soulspeak 
and then restsoul. Kazam. You'll get to 'see' a scene in the throne room 
where a few Royal Ugly Dudes(well, the resolution isn't high enough to be 
sure) get packed off.

  Drakhelm is the place to go next. In order to get to Drakhelm, you may want 
to teleport to it--with either spells overland or the teleportal in the 
castle basement. Sphere Cone Cone leads to Mt Mandarg, 23E/2S of Drakhelm. 
Whisper 'nokarvahim' to enter. Kruga and Eflun, your final two acquisitions, 
are in the town proper. Do the trade-off-from-dismissed-party-members bit. 
You should have money to buy Methreal by now. Do so--you'll be very tough to 
damage. Also you can splurge in Drakhelm 1 to find a powerful magic axe for 
Kruga, and you can probably nip up to level 3 to take find the second ghost.

  Here are the details. Level 1: first treasure room is south of the entry, 
behind an arch. Use a shovel in the SE corner. Then east of the entry, to the 
south a bit, you'll find a narrow corridor down. Form two columns and take 
it. There's more treasure in the SW corner. You can find even more treasure 
wandering around, but the best thing to do is to go north of the starting 
stairs and down to level 2.

?? Drakhelm L2/L3 ??

  Again have a Restsoul and Soulspeak ready. You can also pick up Tamas from 
the Deadwood Catacombs if you want, i.e. if you don't like Madir.

  You can probably win with this party, but I want to offer a tangent to 
sharpen things up a bit more. It involves bait and switching innocent good 
guys and helps establish part of MC2's unique flavor.

  Now that you've got just about everyone who's best, you can start improving 
them. The first part is incredibly fun--with Durin and Kruga in the party, 
you can go to Ruz in Krum(cube, cylinder, pyramid and then SE A bit to 231, 
15.) Ruz is a dungeon with two big levels. It's rather big but has a 
straightforward way through--south through two rooms, then west(up at the 
fork) and across some water. The door's on the west wall. The God is on level 
2, but before entering the chamber, be sure to 1) visit the room in the far 
southeast, where you can pick up Dreadslayer(give it to your leader,) and 2) 
trade all Durin's items away first. That's because he wil be sacrificed. 
Whisper 'banishahbat' and accept the god's demands. You won't get Rogga a 
bonus, but Rogga will get to 99 hit points anyway. For this, you'll want to 
push east, but always walk along the south wall. Once there are spiders, 
rearrange your party as you see fit to dance around, then go south. Take the 
room to the east and go east into another room for Dreadslayer--which your 
leader can use, but not just yet. Now you can go north and sacrifice Durin to 
an evil god for a bonus, which is cool. You can run back as you came.

  A good detour here is to go to Hugda-Hag, visit Furukan between 0 and 2 AM, 
and pick up enough of each shape so you have 30 of each. That's 150*50=7500 
gold at the most. If you've traded via Glusaga a couple of times this should 
be very doable.

  But you also need a replacement for Durin. For that, pick up Rogga in 
Maratul. It's the tower in the island in very east Gurtex. You can teleport 
there with Pyramid Cylinder Pyramid. Maratul's not too tough, and Rogga's on 
level 2. The path is easy: south, west to an ambush, north to a room, west, 
south(stay along the east/north walls and take out your top row in formation) 
and southeast to where a room is to the west. The level 2 stairs are past it.

  Then go north and keep walking along that wall(east-north-east-north-west-
south) until there's a room to the west. That's where Rogga is. You can leave 
now and improve just to be safe.

  There's a god on the fourth level, but without a halfling he won't be 
pleased with the party. He's the only one you'll be ignoring, and he doesn't 
offer anytihng really important such as endurance or strength. You can get up 
to level 8 rather easily, actually. There's a ghost there. But you may want 
to improve your party first before taking that out.

  Get back to Castle Oshcrun and, in level 2 of the cellars, there's a 
chamber on the west side. Whisper 'ranalamma' to that god for another boost. 
You could have gone here earlier, but there would have been no endgame bonus-
-the boost would have been wasted on your 'scrubs.'

  You could take a boat here to get to the Isle of Winds, but Cone Cube 
Pyramid zaps you there. Balene's in the SW. It's worth giving up Brennix to 
get the boost, because you can replace it with Dreadslayer. This Isle of 
Winds is a busy isle as not only is there a mushroom patch near where you 
were dropped off, but the teleportal house out is NW. Take it to Sariss with 
Cylinder Pyramid Sphere. The chamber for Oraniana is at (175, 92) and you 
need to head east, teleport to the isle south of Wanasol, and then teleport 
to the isle east to find the resting place. There's a mushroom patch along 
the way here.

  Before improving any more you'll need to go to Altesia. And before you do 
that, you'll need to go to the Deadwood Catacombs. Deadwood is north of 
Maratul's lake, and the Catacombs are beneath a slab in a graveyard. Whisper 
'yomannis' to get in. ?? In there you'll find the bow Darkfinder(NE corner) 
which can't miss, it seems--the big problem now will be keeping your archer 
stocked with arrows. There's also lots of other treasure and the Conch, which 
will allow you south to Altesia. ??

  Now I recommend you leave a Wizard behind for the trip to Pentyne. Keep 
Madir if you have him, as he is a marginal offensive threat, so you might as 
well pump him up. Leave Eflun in a stronghold, preferably the Oshcrun one. 
The party needs to go south to Altesia--here you can't teleport all the way, 
so take a boat close to where you are and move in. The best way is to 
Sariss(Cylinder Pyramid Sphere) and then take the boat by Wanasol south.

  Pentyne is tucked away behind some mountains. It's at (188, 118) but it's 
best to land at X=200. There'll be a fight as you approach Pentyne from the 
south. The ogres you'll face are nasty, but actually there's an easy way to 
take them out: luffins, mirgets, and jump spells. Hack away until they go 
down, pin them to the sides, and use as many gonshis as you want, although 
they don't do terribly much damage, so you can probably waste potions 
instead. Then enter the village. You'll need some Glamour spells to be able 
to talk to the Altesens. In fact, you'd probably need one even if you had a 
halfling. But once you've got charm at 11, you can go into the shrine and get 
the Orb. You should also get Somona, in the northeast corner, to come along 
with you for something very fun indeed.

  Here you may want to plow through Namaz just to get to level 4 and get 
Rogga a magic axe for Dorak, a very tough dungeon. You can't do anything 
about the Elden yet. But after this you'll want to go back to the Mt. Mandarg 
area and sacrifice Somona to the God there at (189, 55.) Then find a 
teleportal and pick up your party member you sent to a Stronghold.

  Now that you've improved enough to wipe out any bad guys, you'll want to 
find the eldens. And to do that, you'll first need to have worked through 
Deraum, Drakhelm, and Maratul. I haven't detailed Maratul past level 2 yet, 
so here's a brief outline(see the dungeon levels for specifics.)

  At the 4 way intersection on level 2, hook left around the ambush and go 
north. On level 3, go south a bit, all the way west, and north. On level 4, 
go east(with right column vacant,) south, and west.

  On level 5, go south, east, south, west, south, south, east, south. Hit the 
teleportal. On level 6, head east and then follow the fork south. Go west, 
sticking to the walls, and follow them to level 7. Go through the room in 
level 7. Form


  And sneak northwest into the portal to level 8.

  Then you have to study at various libraries. You can go ask Ziyx about the 
scrolls you've found or just follow this guide. And for now you'll need to 
have one player wait in the castle for 30 days--Kruga is a good candidate. 
Because you need to pick up Orbo now. Give him the three scrolls.

  Go into the Castle Cellars and use the teleportal room to get to Sariss. In 
Wanasol, have Orbonn read about the Candle of Anguish. Find a guesthouse or 
rest outside to learn spells. You can assign Orbo for two days, put your 
party in a guesthouse for a while, and then go back to the library to have 
Orbo join up. Then take the teleportal house in the north back to Oshcrun 
Island, and at Telermain's library, have Orbo about the Candle of Despair and 
Candle of Pain. If things work right the scrolls should say 'full' instead of 
'blank.' Again this is a good time to get some spells learned. Drop Orbo off 
in the castle and pick up your regular companion. Now it's time to rescue the 
three Eldens.

  Ruz is probably the easiest of the three to visit--there's a portal in the 
lake on level 2, and since you've cleared out everything already this is a 
straight shot. You'll have your first encounter with a Naur--eat mushrooms 
before, Zutyun with your leader, cast jump on your fighters, and try to pin 
the Naur diagonally. It shouldn't be too bad if you have Zefoars prepared as 

  Next best is to go back to Namaz. You've probably plowed through part of it 
already but the monsters aren't terribly hard. There's a tap dance through 
the portals at the end which I will detail in Namaz 6.

  Level 3: room to the east, go north to the room, west, stairs up.

  Level 4: Go to the right, and just left of the stone is a valuable 
weapon(magic axe) if you dig. Hug the top wall, then the left wall. Enter the 
room below. Exit to the right. Leave the top of the formation open and hug 
the top and left walls to avoid an ambush. Climb up.

  Level 5: Enter the room to the south and go west. You'll need to find a 
portal behind some spiders here--follow the passage past one dungeon room and 
when space opens up, hug the left wall and enter the room below. There will 
be spiders in the area past, but form to the left and you can hit a portal 
without casting repel. But be sure to have some repels saved up for where 
you'll land.

  Level 6: Here you'll need to repel some spiders. Then follow the passage, 
form to the top, and enter the room to the north. There's an ambush straight 
above, so go to the right wall and thenup. THere's another room to the right. 
Enter it. To the south you'll see a portal behind the snakes. You don't have 
to cast repel to get there, but it's convenient. This kicks you to a tricky 
area where you will need to reform the party. ??


  There's a three by three area in the bottom where you can reform so your 
party leans right. N, NE, N, N. Form as follows:

5 6

  Go northwest to hop over one portal.

3 4
5 6

  NE, N, N.




  NE. You don't have to realign to go north into the room.

  You're probably ready for Dorak now, but just in case--check to make sure 
you can play 'Sambali.' Pharos in Wanasol will teach you if you ask him. 
Doombeasts are rife. You'll find the final god in Dorak, a bit too late to 
make things easy here, but handy for the last run.

  Dorak is a nuisance but if you know how to get through, it's not too 
horrendous. Enter it at (95,26.) There's a treasure to the far north, but 
it's an axe, and you've already got two of those. Go south, west, south to 
Dorak 1.

  Dorak 2: Hug the south/east walls. South, west, south, enter the room, 
south through the door to Dorak 3.

  Dorak 3: West and south. At the second intersection, east and follow the 
path down. Enter the room, win, and get ready to jump among portals. Start 
out with:

1 2
3 4
5 6

  Past two rooms, the passage is pretty straightforward although you do need 
to cast Walkwater. There's a treasure at the first "T" intersection(to the 
east, upper right square) and at the second, after you headed north and 
through the bend, go north again. Repel the spiders to the east and enter 
Dorak 4.

  Dorak 4: form to the left and turn up at the first branch you see--although 
you'll ALWAYS want to hug the east walls here, because of ambushes.

  Up, left, up, right, up all the way, left, up, right, up(to the wall,) 
left, up and right into a room. You should be near the top of a maze now.

  Exit south from the room. It's a bit nasty here that you'll have to deal 
with two ambushes so just have mushrooms ready and head down the center--I 
recommend having a cheap spell recalled so that if the monsters move first 
and cast 'forget' on you, it doesn't really matter. There are two such 
fights. There's a portal in a pool to...

  Dorak 5: west through a door. North through the spiders, which you don't 
need to repel, and eventually to the rom that you see. Exit west and form 
down and hug the wall above--follow it around to the north where there's a 
gate to...

  Dorak 6(SW): (perhaps this is reversed, forget which gate=where)?? head 
south to avoid the ambush, east to the wall, north to the wall, east, and 
down into the room. Down to another room and then left. Go up and then 
there's a gate to...

  Dorak 7: Form to the top and hug the wall you see below to the left(nasty 
ambush.) Go left. Up. Left. Vankruh is ahead; sheathe your weapons and talk 
to him. Go south. Clear sailing to another room. Then you can go to the 
right. There's a god in the room to the south. Use his services. There's a 
teleportal room to the east, which will be handy to get out of here without 
going crazy, but you'll want to visit south...

  Dorak 6(NE): Enter the room to the south. Be prepared for extreme annoyance 
as you'll get ambushed while on the water. There's no way to stop it. Just 
eat your mushrooms, form to the left, memorize a crappy spell and don't feel 
guilty if you reset until someone detects the ambush. Also note that 
fireballs or arrows don't work from people in the water.

  Retreat if necessary to get everything under control. A Naur is in the room 
ahead. The same strategy as before should work. Use the scroll on the candle 
again. Now retreat to the portal room as you enter room 7. Teleport to 

  Go to Wanasol to get the final scroll. You'll need to teleport back and 
forth to get Orbonn. Give him the gray scroll and have him study 'Candle of 
Death' at Wanasol. Ditch him and now visit Wartow in Wanasol and offer him 
the orb. Go back to Timm in Telermain(right by where you started the game) 
and offer him the orb. Pick up your old companion and go to the Barbarian 
camp and Offer the orb to Moongold as well. ?? detail where to find

  On to Mandarg. Go south and keep low--before the dead end, turn east. Go 
south and east, then enter the first room you see. Hit one of the crosses in 
the center and go up(left side.) The first portal you need is at the very 
top. Hack through some snakes and get to the room to the east. Continue until 
an intersection allows you to go up. Take the room to the west and the portal 
at the south wall. Now form your party 'up' and snake around the lower wall. 
Go west and then enter the room in the wall. From there, go west and take the 
passage up. Enter the portal. You're kicked to level 2.

  On level 2 you will be stuck with a choice of 3 places to go. You actually 
need to go south to start. The corridor runs west and then north to another 
room. Now re-form leaning right to walk past the ambush below. If you want 
treasure, there's some in the corridor to the east, far side, bottom square. 
But the room in the next one below it is where you need to go to get to the 
next portal. Go south and gut through a few spiders with repel. East, north, 
and through the portal. Head west, then up. The portal to level 3 is behind 
some spiders.

  Mandarg 3 doesn't have much of a challenge, but there is one forced ambush. 
Head north. Memorize stupid spells. There's a bottleneck ahead. You'll want 
to be lumped left or right and against the wall as there are two ambush 
squares in a 4-wide corridor. Head up, right and down to the portal to level 

  Mandarg 4 bounces you around more teleports. There's treasure in the spider 
room to the southwest but there's a room to the north that leads you down a 
passage to the next portal you'll need. Past the snakes, go south. Go west at 
the very bottom and don't hug the wall--there's an ambush two squares east of 
it. Once you get to the top, cast repel to the east and the portal is in the 
NE corner. Enter the chute in the southeast and there will be a sign in the 
area. Dig under it and then reform the party as follows:



  And then, once past, to


  To get kicked back up.

  You're back where you started--thankfully, starting just level 4 and not 
all of Maratul. Now there are snakes to the west to repel. Do so--there's a 
portal behind. Enter the door as you can now use the Iron Key. Katarra 

  Katarra is a nasty place for ambushes if you wander aimlessly, but 
otherwise it's pretty linear. Form your party to the top and head east. Go up 
that wall and then head east when you can. Pass the arch and go south. Form 
to the left and go down the east wall. Through the archway and east. THere's 
a room to the north. Smoke those monsters and hug the bottom wall as it 
wraps. Two more arches and then a big door.

  The east doors lead you to the tower of Dreax. It's the simpler of the two 
to navigate. Form your party to the right and hit the right wall. If you've 
got detect you'll see a portal in a niche as you go up. You'll have to re-
form to enter it. A simple


  Should work. Level 2.

  There aren't any rooms here, so you just have to find the portal. For that, 
form: (?? redo ambush map)


  Then head southwest and south. That puts you in a new room where you'll 
have to form

1 2
3 4
5 6

  Then you can enter the room to the north. Hmm! That wasn't as cool as 
expected. Head back to the bottom half, enter the teleportal to the right, 
and then go left(avoid the portal next to the sign) and all the way up. Looks 
like you'll have to take out Dragos, too. There's a teleportal back to 
Katarra, so take it.

  You should be in the northwest corner. Head all the way east, then go 
south. Form left and go against the east wall. This avoids an ambush. There's 
a room to the left at the bottom, then a long hallway. Form right and when 
you can go north, stay to the left. When you hit the top wall, go through two 
arches and then form left. Go along the right wall at the next passage north 
and then you can enter Dragos's.

  The first level isn't too bad. Form your party up and hit the south wall. 
Snake along to the east. Then go up at the wall. The portal takes you to a 
hidden corridor. Go west to level 2.

  All the way east, south, west. Go through the arch to the south and form:



  At the east edge, re-form.


  Portal! You now have a choice of four. So save the game unless you're 
feeling 1)lucky or 2)strong/eager enough to read the next sentence. It's the 
first portal! That pushes you to a corridor on the right. Streak forward to 
the stairs and level 3.

  Last level--very close now. You need to go south, west through the room, 
northeast to avoid the portal, along the east wall to avoid the ambush, and 
into another room. Then there's another to the west. Exit north and at the 
east end there's a portal in the south.

  It's pretty one-way traffic from here but you just need to avoid the 
ambush(form down, go along west/north walls) and then go back south when past 
the portal. Hold to the east wall, then the south, then the west. You should 
have looped to where you can see a sign. The right door is the right one; you 
may have to re-form to enter. Win the fight and use the blue scroll. The 
final elden is free!

  Now go back to the castle. Drop off Kruga and get Rebnard to join you. Be 
sure to check you've gotten all three marked people to touch the orb. If 
Garlin isn't available to take his boat north, use Cube Cube Cube on the 
Cellars 1 teleportal and then work your way to the Oolau Bird which is 
slightly NE, on an island. Have the king whisper 'Jemil' and then offer Jemil 
the orb. Nothing will happen until you exit.


A banquet is prepared for the heroes and the Royal Family.
Queen Alishia says: It's long past your bedtime, my little hero. (Prince 
Jemil says goodnight and goes to bed.)
King Rebnard says: Now that the demon Zakhad is gone, our armies should make 
short work of bringing Light to the Dark lands of Gurtex.
Many thanks to you, [you].
And to your friends and companions:
[lists the four other companions as below:]
[you] says: We must not forget the others who helped along the way:
[list below:]
The mighty warrior Kruga/Sakar/Durin/Rogga.
The Great Madir/Eflun/Rimfiztrik/Strephonio/Tamas.
Eldai/Nehor/Gil/Nazim, the keen-eyed archer.
Brave little Tuff.
Strong and trusty Ben/Ralle/Grolf/Argas.
Our royal friend, Queen Crystyn.
Sir Gustron/Rexor, our loyal knight.
Clever little Jimbo/Perin/Nimmo.
Princess Lupi of the elves.
Buzbazgut, the most unusual companion, but the most loyal.
Polo/Fr Orbonn the wise.
Subia the Explorer.
The mighty sorceress Somona.

Prince Jemil says: What about me? I'm the one who waved the shiny orb and 
sent the demon away!
The King says: Yes you are, my son. And for that, you are the greatest hero 
of them all!
[game over. You can only quit from here. You can save if you want.]

  14. BUGS, ETC.

version 1.5.0

--knocking on certain doors and asking for Ferom in Telermain sends you to 
bizarre locations.
--cast walkwater and go under a waterfall. The player on that square will 
--invite a character after sacrificing him to a god. No problem!
--Ben is allegedly cooped up in Shann because he couldn't get back to the 
mainland. But if you cast teleport to get on Shann, he'll still make it back 
across the sea to Oshcrun! A sort of story error there.
--Local X/Y is not reset when you restore inside an inn
--"You are most kind, sir" from a goblin/troll/orc if you offer them 
something. Hee.


  Your party's outside location is in an odd place. 0x2049 is where you 
adjust your location (+5 +4) to hex values. (lo/hi)

  Your first character appears at location 0x78 of the file FFSAV*.MCS where 
* = A-H depending on the save game slot.

0x00-0x05 : short name of character
0x06      : race human/wizard/elf/halfling/dwarf/orc 0-5
0x07      : gender M/F
0x0d      : bravery
0x0e      : strength
0x0f      : dexterity
0x1e      : endurance
0x1f      : agility
0x10      : loyalty
0x11      : charm
0x12      : intelligence
0x13      : resistance
0x14      : ?character flags? - x80 mentions them when game's won
0x15      : sword
0x16      : axe
0x17      : archery
0x18      : magic
0x19      : fist
0x1a      : swimming
0x1b      : trading
0x1c      : stealth
0x1d      : research
0x20      : soul read
0x21      : lockpick
0x22      : tracking
0x23      : music
0x24      : carpentry
0x25      : metalsmith
0x26      : gemcutting
0x27      : tailor
0x28      : hunting
0x29      : leadership
0x2a-0x2b : ?? - usually 0
0x2c-0x52 : item # 0-39
0x53      : ?? - buffer 0 byte
0x54-0x7a : item quantities 0-39 or wear/tear. Wear/tear ORed with 0x80.
[it's legal to have 128+ items, actually. The game just doesn't let you 
OBTAIN that many.]

Spell quantities(again, >99 doesn't cause a crash.)

     Sabano         Ishban         Demaro         Zoxinn
    |# mem    |    |# mem    |    |# mem    |    |# mem    |
Byte|spell    |Byte|spell    |Byte|spell    |Byte|spell    |
0x7b|FEAR     |0x81|FIREBALL |0x87|ENERGY   |0x8d|ZOFIR    |
0x7c|CONFUSE  |0x82|TELEPORT |0x88|PIERCE   |0x8e|ZAPALL   |
0x7d|SHATTER  |0x83|HEAL     |0x89|DISAPPEAR|0x8f|ZENGRL   |
0x7e|REPEL    |0x84|WEAKEN   |0x8a|WALKWATER|0x90|ZISHOXE  |
0x7f|LOCATE   |0x85|VISION   |0x8b|SHIELD   |0x91|ZEFOAR   |
0x80|ASSESS   |0x86|FREEZE   |0x8c|RESURRECT|0x92|ZUTYUN   |

     Vannex         Felmis         Emenad
    |# mem    |    |# mem    |    |# mem    |
Byte|spell    |Byte|spell    |Byte|spell    |
0x93|JUMP     |0x99|BETRAY   |0x9f|ACIDBALL |
0x94|DETECT   |0x9a|SUMMON   |0xa0|FORGET   |
0x95|GLAMOUR  |0x9b|DESTROY  |0xa1|COURAGE  |
0x96|DRAIN    |0x9c|TERRIFY  |0xa2|SENSE    |
0x97|SEE      |0x9d|DOUBLE   |0xa3|RESTSOUL |

0xab-0xb6 : long name of character
0xba      : energy
0xcc-0xcd : gold(lesser byte first)

List of items:

 1=Pearl          2=Blu Pearl      3=Jade           4=Topaz
 5=Ruby           6=Sapphire       7=Emerald        8=Diamond
 9=Shortsword     a=Scimitar       b=Longsword      c=Broadsword
 d=Greatsword     e=Elvensword     f=Brightsword   10=Dreadslayer
11=Brennix       12=Smallaxe      13=Hammeraxe     14=Battleaxe
15=Doubleaxe     16=Greataxe      17=Nalanduir     18=Orcbane
19=Rhokadur      1a=Ashbow        1b=Brombow       1c=Bonebow
1d=Elvenbow      1e=Darkfinder    1f=Leather armor 20=Ring mail
21=Chain mail    22=Elven chain   23=Dwarven chain 24=Bronze plate
25=Steel plate   26=Pearl plate   27=Methreal      28=Bronze helmet
29=Iron helmet   2a=Steel helmet  2b=Elvenspun     2c=Suede outfit
2d=Cotton robe   2e=Silk robe     2f=Wool outfit   30=Furs
31=Food          32=Potion        33=Sermin        34=Gonshi
35=Nift          36=Mirget        37=Luffin        38=Turpin
39=Fireglobe     3a=Cylinder      3b=Cone          3c=Loka
3d=Medicin       3e=Map Flask     3f=Map           40=Mindstone
41=Cube          42=Sphere        43=Pyramid       44=Lyre
45=Lute          46=Shovel        47=Rope          48=Flute
49=Orb           4a=Horn          4b=Conch         4c=White Scroll
4d=Gray Scroll   4e=Pink Scroll   4f=Blue Scroll   50=Pick
51=Arrow         52=Blanket       53=Sabano        54=Ishban
55=Demaro        56=Zoxinn        57=Vannex        58=Emenad
59=Felmis        5a=Crystal key   5b=Bandore       5c=Iron Key

Note: set a scroll's quantity to 0x81 from 0x01 to have it 'researched' if 
you forgot to before you visited a Naur.

End of FAQ proper



1.0.1 sent to GameFAQs 3/11/2008. 400K. Removed text maps.
1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 10/25/2004. At ~550K. There are still details to clean 
up, but the game is completely mapped out and the walkthrough has been fine 
tuned several times.
0.9.6 sent to GameFAQs 10/24/2004. At 495K. Going through final dialogues and 
0.9.5 sent to GameFAQs 3/15/2004. At 460k. All dungeon details are done. Just 
the semi-detailed walkthrough, towns, and combat details are left.
0.9.1 sent to GameFAQs 3/08/2004. At 400k. Nailed down a few dungeons and 
general walkthrough procedure. Details to come.
0.9.0 sent to GameFAQs 12/11/2003. Added ship, map, intro text, some dungeon 
walkthrough detail
0.6.0 sent to GameFAQs 12/9/2003. I wanted to get an initial copy out there 
and although this is incomplete and disorganized I really am quite pleased 
with the amount of information I've dumped in here.


Thanks to GameFAQs for being, well, THERE.
Thanks to Jason Spangler for his Magic Candle page.
Thanks to Lee Beng Hai for his fine original walkthrough of the game sent to 
GameFAQs. I just wanted to detail things. He certainly didn't have my 
resources for checking things or the convenience of Windows, and he gives a 
strong overview with important details, so his work is to be commended.
Thanks to Marc Randall Kuhl for his work on the later games and words of 
encouragement to me as I created the color maps for MC2. MC3 and Bloodstone 
followed, and so will their guides.
Thanks to AXE for the hex editor that helped me unlock section 15.
Thanks to the DOSBox folks at DOSBox.sourceforge.net for letting me type in a 
window and play the game at the same time.
Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog, 
Lagoona, Da Hui and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-
yet-banned message board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want 
him to be part of mine.
Thanks to Mindcraft's Magic Candle 2 hint book for giving small visible maps-
-hey, I got around to it eventually--and providing oblique hints.

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