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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 04/30/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Magic Candle FAQ version 1.0.0
    (with walkthrough and everything)
    by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
    Information extracted for the *Commodore 64* version. Some details may 
    be different for the PC and Apple versions, especially the bugs, but the 
    locations and strategies should be completely portable.
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
    However, if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this 
    FAQ) by name, then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that 
    means no--and I am bad about answering e-mail. Sorry.
    ** AD SPACE **
    my web site: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762
    This is a text document for (hopefully) relatively easy downloading and 
    off site viewing. But I thought Magic Candle was a complex enough game 
    that it merited a non-text guide. The developing one is at:
    Download whatever you want from it for personal use.
    Also I cannot recommend enough Jason Spangler's site.
        1-1. THE GAME, THE SERIES
        1-4. EMULATION
        2-1. BASICS
        2-4. COMBAT
          2-4-1. PREPARATION
          2-4-2. MOVING AROUND
          2-4-3. SPELL CALCULATION
      3. METRICS
        3-2. SPELL POTENCY
        3-3. LEARNING RATES
        3-4. BUYING/SELLING
        3-5. OTHER STUFF
        4-2. WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN'T DO
      5. LISTS
        5-2. LIST OF ITEMS
        5-3. TELEPORTAL LIST
        5-4. SPELL LIST
        5-5. MONSTER LIST
        8-1. CASTLES
        8-2. TOWNS
        8-3. VILLAGES
        9-1. DUNGEONS
        9-3. OUTDOOR AREAS
        11-1. 'MACRO' WALKTHROUGH
        11-2. CHANT CHEATS
      16. VERSIONS
      17. CREDITS
        1-1. THE GAME, THE SERIES
      Rings of Zilfin preceeded Magic Candle--it was more of a trading game 
    where you traveled down fixed roads and only gave you one character. It 
    was also insanely hard until you figured out some good trades, but many 
    of the monster and mushroom names made the cut to Magic Candle. Keys to 
    Maramon is unofficially "Magic Candle 1 1/2," with more emphasis on 
    fighting. It's a legitimate prequel. Magic Candle II looks at what 
    happened to the Four and Forty, whose absence caused the potential 
    catastrophe you are assigned to fix in Magic Candle. Magic Candle III 
    continues on the same themes. Bloodstone, according to the-
    underdogs.org, uses the same engines of this. But I can't evaluate the 
    last four, although I'd like to be able to some day.
        After reading Wyvern's FAQ of Magic Candle, which was packed with 
    information well for its size and time written(the writing tools at 
    one's disposal these days are tremendous,) it occurred to me as I began 
    to write more guides that it didn't quite have everything.  Dungeon maps 
    might be useful, as well as a quick walkthrough. The maps seemed 
    impractical at first until I was able to manipulate them with a 
    Commodore emulator and save states. Dialogs seemed opaque even with a 
    hex editor until I found a way to decode them. But I did not want to re-
    write what was already there, and on replaying this game there were 
    questions evident to someone trying to get his groove back after 
    thirteen years. Some things, such as party selection and NPC evaluation, 
    were straightforward. The dungeons and left-out keywords were another 
        If there are any typos in the game script, it's probably the 
    Commodore's fault. Everything is checked against some extensive save 
    state info.
        WARNING: the quick walkthrough spoils a lot of what is so fun about 
    the game. Read it at the peril of losing a lot of the enjoyment 
    discovering stuff in Magic Candle provides. Although I'll try to make up 
    for some of that enjoyment with humor, only use the walkthrough if 
    you've already played the game and want to sift through memories, or you 
    want to plow through it. I've found that once you know certain 
    information about what's relevant, Magic Candle is very easy to plan 
    completion for, and a good start can really get you rolling. But there's 
    still the getting through--and doing so efficiently. The dungeon rooms 
    provide some nasty combat challenges. Then there are stray mushroom 
    patches to find and even seeing if you can cut any tasks out.
      Magic Candle doesn't just have unique graphics, although the roofs in 
    the 3/4 perspective are a great use of tiles. It manages to tweak 
    standard mythic cultures, and every location has a great name. MC even 
    rewards heroism(or punishes last-minute goofiness) for its own sake in 
    ways Ultima IV couldn't; for instance, your charisma is boosted when you 
    free a town from an enemy tower that holds it captive. The game also 
    punishes greed or selfishness in some amusing cases that I don't want to 
    spoil for you just yet. It also allows your party to split up and do 
    their own things. The seemingly haphazard ways to travel also force you 
    to think of a way to maximize your efforts, and choosing companions is 
    fun. There are enough 'hooks' to improve that the game is appealing, and 
    given how your party formation matters more than in just combat(which 
    also allows considerable maneuvering--align players right and a tough 
    battle is won before it starts) Magic Candle achieves an admirable stab 
    at realism that still allows the player to imagine the rest--and want 
      The only annoyance in Magic Candle is how you can knock on a door in a 
    village, get the person's name right, enter, and be rebuffed. It's the 
    same at every hour. And sometimes the letter controls are goofy, and 
    ship travel takes too long(i.e. 2 days to travel a distance took you 3 
    hours to walk.)
        1-4. EMULATION
        Apple emulation of this game should be straightforward;  there is a 
    "crack" disk that will allow you to bypass the annoying copyright 
    protection, especially distressing since there is no way to tell which 
    page is which from the original manual on the web.  With the Commodore, 
    you can use a tool that is in fact effective for Apple or Commodore in 
    general:  the save state.  Use save states instead of the "save game" 
    option, since the program only asks for the verification when you try to 
    restore a game.  Although you shut down the Commodore emulator, the 
    program never really considers that you restart.
        Saving states is also useful in dungeons or in combats, and it can 
    easily cut down the time and risk you need to take to explore, which may 
    spoil some of the fun.  However, if you get addicted to save states and 
    shift them around, problems may be created when you use a save state and 
    the character disk changes--you wind up with two copies of Alhan and 
    Kruga is deleted, for instance, which is not fun. Generally if you 
    switch from one point in a game to a previous one and then mess with the 
    character roster, you may be in trouble. So just make sure you're not 
    ruining the character roster when you change things around. It's OK to 
    go to past parts of the game but make sure the big party changing 
    decisions are taken seriously.
        VICE + arnold.c64.org images work for Commodore.
        ApplePC + asimov.apple.net images(cracked) works for Apple.
        As for cracking the PC version--www.theunderdogs.org has a manual 
    where you can guess at when pages stop/start.  Maybe if it were scanned 
    as PDF, that would be even more helpful. But Jason Spangler's site(see 
    below) has a cracking executable that bypasses the copy protection.
      Also if you choose to use the Commodre emulator, be aware that the 
    keys are a bit different. SHIFT-7 gives the apostrophe, and you must 
    type = to get a dash. On VICE the ALT-W(warp) may be necessary to bring 
    the thing to a reasonable speed after disk loads. But you need to turn 
    it off for regular action. And you need to beware of double-typing stuff 
    on 200% which is the most comfortable speed for everything except typing 
    conversations. At times when you do that, you have to back up your 
    cursor because your hand slipped, and the person you're asking won't get 
    the question.
      The Commodore, you should note, also automatically capitalizes the 
    first word you type, but if you back up over it, that changes. Don't 
    worry about this for accuracy; even though the thing insists you type 
    out "RITUAL OF AWARENESS" in one case and is ponderously slow, it's not 
    case sensitive.
      Magic Candle is a thoroughly complex game for the time it was 
    released, and this FAQ would have not been possible without the hard 
    work that preceeded it. I've mentioned Jason Spangler's page before and 
    must recommend it again.
      He has allowed me to use the information on his page, including the 
    scans of the clue book--which I used in creating a list of the 
    teleports. It also has a general big-picture map of all the overworld.
      WordPad should be able to open up the manual with the mysterious 
    '.wri' extension although I may ask Jason and see about saving it in 
    HTML form later. Reading the manual is very useful and entertaining as 
    well, so don't be shy about it. It features amusing friendly infighting 
    among many of the NPC's that you may ask to join your party.
      I also have a weakness in my heart for my own sub-site:
      It contains graphical maps, and you can open up one browser for this 
    walkthrough and another for the pictures. Then use the alt-tab key to 
    move between the two.
      You may download the pictures for your own personal use, but please 
    don't pass them off as your own work!
      The game encodes conversations ingeniously in the Apple and Commodore 
    versions. It counts a 01 byte as TH, 02 as ER, 03 as RE, 04 as HE, 05 as 
    ST, and 06 as SH. This also discourages hacking to discover important 
    information as these are two common letter sequences. Also small letters 
    in the file became a space and that letter...and periods forced a 
    capital letter. So conversations were a bit packed in. I think dungeon 
    rooms were packed in with a (number of squares:icon number) algorithm.
      The world is also a pretty big place. 
    OUTSIDE MAP    = 19065 squares(155x123)
    DUNGEON MAPS   = 90854 squares(I trimmed some edges on this)
                           (range from 35x35 to 64x64 minus one 20x30)
    CASTLES        = 6400 (4 40x40)
    TOWNS/VILLAGES = 29946 (Port Avur 64x64, all others 40x40 to 50x50)
    DUNGEON ROOMS  = 18200 (7x13, ~200)
    TOTAL          = 164465 which is rather large for an early game, up 
    there with Legacy of the Ancients, and it has good variety. All the 
    added dialogue makes it feel even bigger.
      2. CONTROLS
        2-1. BASICS
      The commands are listed on the lower left part of the screen. Just 
    type the first letter of a command to do something. They change when you 
    change locations. Walking is the default and uses arrows.
      On an emulator you can frequently use time-warping for moving down a 
    road as long as you flee. It's awkward to try to move quickly but 200% 
    on the Commodore is good for a quick typer who barely touches the keys.
      Lots of times you'll need to get in the groove by repeating an action 
    several times, i.e. see which characters need which mushrooms and having 
    each one eat by-mushroom.
      What I call dungeon sliding or side-walling is one of the most useful 
    tricks in the game. You'll note there are narrow passages where only one 
    party member can squeeze through, but you can break up when it's not 
    necessary for substantial benefit as well. Let's say you want to go 
    through a hallway, but you keep getting ambushed. There's a way around 
    that even if you're walking on the same squares.
      Let's take a chute first. Say you know or suspect it's ahead. If 1 
    goes up to v he'll fall in. But let's divide the party up and go 2U2R. 
    Now we can pass by the portal. The only square that is a tripwire is the 
    'v.' But in fact I can be even more specific. Let's say 3 and 6 disband 
    and go north. They're not touching v but they still hit the chute. 
    What's important is if the UPPER LEFT SQUARE IN THE FORMATION touches a 
    trigger square. If they went 2U(1 or 2L)2U then they would step on what 
    I call the trigger square with no effect. Going up from D will have no 
    effect either.
     (A)   (B)   (C)   (D)
    Xv  X Xv  X Xv ^X Xv  X 
    X   X X 12X X  3X X23 X
    X   X X 45X X  6X X56 X
    X123X X  3X X12 X X1  X
    X456X X  6X X45 X X4  X
      You can also pass by by dividing your party with a horizontal line. 
    Below remove 4, 5 and 6 from the party and move in. Then 4, 5 and 6 can 
    move to the top and past and rejoin on the other side of the trap.
      I will call the methods left/right(making left and right factions) or 
    up/down(equal up and down factions) division as I go through the 
    walkthrough. Generally in a horizontal corridor, up/down division works, 
    but in a vertical one, you use left/right.
      There are some tricks where you can maybe jump over an obstacle, and 
    they are what make the walls need to be so thick. For instance, with 
      1 . .
      2 . .
      If there's a wall of energy in your way, one thick, you can skip over 
    it by going up to it and re-forming.
    1 E . => . E 1
    2 E .    . E 2
      You can also hop over snakes similarly or just not have to cast as 
    many spells--or maybe even any.
    S SX
    456X <= break off 1-5. Lead 3-6 through the snakes and when on the other 
    side switch back, dump 1-4, go north and rejoin. Then let 1-4 come up 
    and rejoin. It's a bit taxing, but it can be done.
      Rearrangement can also help a party stuck on water. Say 1-4 are here.
      1 2 3
      4 5 6
      Dispatch 1-4 and let 5 and 6 walk away. Then dispatch 1,4 from 1-4 and 
    let 2/3 walk away--it's OK to walk OFF water but not ON it. Then
    1 . .    . . .
    4 . . => . 1 4 (can't re-form on water)
      But this last bit is finery. The main thing to master and remember; 
    keep to a wall in unfamiliar dungeons and split up a party to explore 
    ahead. If any corner square is in a wall, you won't trip an ambush, 
    teleportal or trap...until maybe Khazan. Then you can probably rely on 
    the wall on the opposite side.
      In general, I determine SIDE-WALLING to mean that you will walk around 
    with your party split up and with some of the unfilled positions in your 
    current formation in a wall. Most traps aren't set up to deal with a 
    full party that walks through walls, and who would enter a dungeon with 
    less than a full party?
        2-4. COMBAT
          2-4-1. PREPARATION
      Many of these points will seem obvious, but when you get caught up in 
    strategizing or puzzle solving, you can forget.
    1. make sure your spellcasters have sermins before starting.
    2. before a tough combat, eat mushrooms and save the game. I've gone in 
    and lost and retried only to find what I'd eaten after saving was no 
    longer effective! Similarly the second time through a tough combat I've 
    forgotten to draw my weapons in the rush to get started.
    3. be sure to have shields for everyone before facing magic.
    4. have an extra pick for dungeon rooms as well as loka/medicin. 
    Accidents do happen when you fetch your just reward.
    5. starting formation is important. If you need to cast spells to soften 
    hand-to-hand monsters up, stay back and be ready to use bows. But for 
    strong spellcasters later on that don't just buckle under to spells, 
    you'll have to start off close to them.
    6. after visiting a god, be sure to check if you can get new weapons.
      If you want to save game time, you can perform operations in a dungeon 
    room. But later on in the game when I got flush with supplies, I had 
    everyone eat nifts before a big fight even if I knew my spellcasters 
    hadn't gotten hit. No need to micromanage--you can't take nifts with you 
    at the end of the game, especially on the Commodore/Apple versions which 
    never got the sequels.
      For overland encounters(guards at a pass) or tower fights/ambushes, 
    you can save right before the incident and enter until you get a fight 
    you like(numbers or placement in your favor.)
          2-4-2. MOVING AROUND
      There are three sorts of combat: outside, dungeon room, and dungeon 
    ambush. I'll group in tower fights with dungeon ambushes. Outside combat 
    allows lots of space, and if you have bows you should retreat and wait 
    for the bad guys to come at you. Generally few will have missile 
    attacks...if a cyclops or zebani does line up with you, you can actually 
    get ALL your party to line up with him and keep moving out of the way, 
    especially if you have good dexterity. He'll cut in and probably not 
      In dungeons it's a bit more crowded(7x13,) and you'll have to make use 
    of the vulnerability of trapped combatants. Here are ways to trap a 
    combatant. I assume here that 1-6 are your main characters, 4 is the 
    archer, and 5-6 are magic users. X is the wall. Then:
    XXX  <-The orc is trapped. The next hit gets him.
    XXX <- The orc is trapped here too.
    2    O
    XXXXXX <- The orc is trapped if you shoot at him but not if you attack 
    with a sword.
      Oh--one thing about arrows. They can hit the guy behind--friend or 
    foe. Below 4 can shoot 2 if the orc ducks.
    x 2  O 4    X
      Smarter monsters(i.e. spellcasters) may jump out of a corner if they 
    can; in general monsters can move diagonally at you, which isn't always 
    an advantage. Zebanis, who have missile attacks, do this, and it can 
    leave them open to manual attacks instead of bows and spells.
      You also have to be aware of a nonlinear spell being blocked. Let's 
    say you want to cast a spell at a Zorlim in the corner, but a fountain 
    is blocking your way.
      This is also relevant in ambushes; however in some such cases monsters 
    may try to align vertically with you and wind up trapped behind a wall. 
    I really push the envelope on ambushes, often restarting from my save 
    point or save state if I fall into one.
      The need for Gonshis is more urgent when you enter a dungeon room from 
    the side, as rooms are wider, and monsters can be eight paces away 
    instead of four.
      Wizards can be useful late in combat to trap in a monster. If there 
    are a lot of opponents that hang back, a spellcaster can move to trap 
    them and make it easier for you to finish off. Keep them with mirgets 
    and luffins, too, so if a monster does approach, they can do serious 
    one-time damage without using a spell.
          2-4-3. SPELL CALCULATION
      Casting spells isn't all pyrotechnics. With many spells and manual 
    attacks having fixed values, you can often figure out how many turns you 
    have to kill bad guys. Coupled with gonshis(4 spells you can cast or 4 
    attacks or attack+move=5) you can decide who to liquidate on your first 
    turn. This all may affect which spells you initially want to recall. 
    Let's say you do 45 damage with a fireball but there are enemies in the 
    next dungeon room with fifty hit points.
      It's almost never the best strategy to let 1 move first and then go 
    with the rest. One common tactic is, if you have gonshis and especially 
    luffins/mirgets, to take out front-guarding weaker monsters and have 
    your fighters run at the spellcasters behind them. In the example below, 
    say 1 has a luffin and mirget and gonshi. He can run at the orc and 
    overkill it(a mirget-less hit would have done easily) and then have a 
    swing at the hibliss. Then 5 can try to chip at its shields with 
      Or 5 can move first, wipe out the orc with one blow, and 1 can run at 
    and kill the hibliss, perhaps leaving 5 to knock off something else.
    5 1 O I
      There's another odd case where you can trap a bad guy in.
      3. METRICS
      Timing depends on your slowest person's speed and the terrain. Two may 
    win this booby prize, and even if no one else is close, the whole party 
    will suffer. It's usually your wizards who are the slowest. However 
    speed * time is not constant. In fact as your wizards get faster you can 
    really whiz around. On daylight after having found the three locations 
    to increase speed, with Tamar and Dokas both having eaten Drelins, you 
    only take ten minutes walking on the road.
    Drelins = +3 speed
    night = -1 speed
    tired = -1 speed
      As for energy used--there's a little bug where the energy used doesn't 
    show up if you try to flee but an obstacle appears in the way. However, 
    you don't use any time this way(another bug--fleeing into combat loses 
    1/2 your time,) and so occasionally it's useful if you're trying to get 
    somewhere quickly. Also it helps you spend even less time on a road, and 
    you can flee into a town with no time loss at all.
    --5 minutes if you try to buy something and decline
    --15 minutes if you do buy something
    --5 minutes if everybody wants to eat an item
    --100 ticks(8 hrs 20 mins) to train for charisma or learning
    --2 days to learn fighting
    --3 days to learn magic
      On a tangential note, people appear/disappear in towns on the hour, 
    and you get paid for working on the hour--even if you started at, say, 
        3-2. SPELL POTENCY
      Walkwater receives one move per magic user's ten points.
      Teleport allows passage in the following diagonal directions.
      90+: 6x4(whole screen)
      70+: 5x4
      50+: 4x3
      30+: 3x3
      10+: 2x2
      Shatter hits a monster for a random damage between 0 and (your spell 
    power - 1) inclusive.
      Fireball hits your opponent for 5 + (spell power / 2) damage.
      Zapall hits your opponent for (spell power / 4) damage.
        3-3. LEARNING RATES
      For regular learning, skill improvement = learning / 5, except in the 
    case of charisma. For charisma, improvement = (learning / 8) + 2.
      Learning increases 10 points for a wizard and takes 100 ticks. It 
    increases 7 points for a human or elf and 4 for a dwarf and 6 for 
    halflings. Charisma also takes 100 ticks but gives 14 for 99 learning--
    you're probably best off getting to 99 learning early on and then 
    getting some charisma later(in fact you may only need to get 2 
    improvements for the fast walkthrough, 75 is the maximum charisma 
    required so no one blows you off, 55 is strictly necessary for the 
    elves' guild, and any more is only useful for haggling, but you should 
    gain cash quickly,) as in the meantime you can memorize spells.
      It takes 1 point less of energy to cast a spell for every 4 points of 
    magic skill you gain up to 80. However you cannot go below 1.
      It takes 1 unit(5 minutes) less of time for every 4 points you learn. 
    However you cannot go below 3.
      Ishban with 99 learn is
             | LEARN  | ENERGY
    SPELL    |  0  99 |  0  80
    (SABANO) +---+----+-------
    FEAR     | 40| 16 | 50| 30
    CONFUSE  | 50| 26 | 40| 20
    SHATTER  | 35| 11 | 30| 10
    REPEL    | 30|  6 | 25|  5
    LOCATE   | 40| 16 | 30| 10
    ASSESS   | 25|  3 | 20|  1
    (ISHBAN) +---+----+---+---
    FIREBALL | 33|  9 | 30|  6
    TELEPORT | 60| 36 | 25|  6
    HEAL     | 30|  6 | 50| 26
    WEAKEN   | 25|  3 | 35| 11
    VISION   | 50| 26 | 25|  6
    FREEZE   | 50| 26 | 90| 66
    (DEMARO) +---+----+---+---
    ENERGY   | 25|  3 | 30| 10
    PIERCE   | 25|  3 | 25|  5
    DISAPPR  | 55| 31 | 40| 30
    WALKWATR | 42| 18 | 35| 15
    SHIELD   | 30|  6 | 25|  5
    RESURRCT | 75| 51 | 90| 70
    (ZOXINN) +---+----+---+---
    ZOFIR    | 45| 21 | 55| 35
    ZAPALL   | 65| 41 | 65| 45
    ZENGRL   | 60| 36 | 50| 30
    ZISHOXE  | 55| 31 | 50| 30
    ZEFOAR   | 60| 36 | 50| 30
    ZUTYUN   | 70| 46 | 75| 55
        3-4. BUYING/SELLING
    Weapon/Item |  Buy | Sell
    Brom Bow    |  400 |  300
    Great Axe   |  525 |  400
    Brennix     |  N/A | 3000<=but don't be a fool. Keep it!
      You can sell back an item--wear and tear does not affect price.
    Selling prices for supplies are never based on charisma. Instead, they 
    are determined by town. But of course you can't sell too many supplies, 
    only pearls and gems. Buying prices for supplies are based on charisma. 
    If charisma=5 you get no discount, but above that you get a little 
    something. Some items give more of a discount than others.
    Item     | High price | Low price
    b=potion |  35 for 12 | 21
    c=gonshi |  40 for 12 | 26
    d=sermin |  30 for 24 | 21
    l=mirget |  52 for  6 | 36
    m=nift   |  50 for 12 | 33
    n=luffin |  40 for 12 | 26
    p=loka   |  72 for  6 | 51
    q=drelin |  45 for 12 | 36
    s=pearl  |         50 | 26
    0=blanket|         70 | 51
    2=pick   |         95 | 71
    3=boot   |        150 | 111
    4=shovel |         55 | 41
    5=lens   |        230 | 181
    6=medicin|  55 for  6 | 36
    Town           | Pearl | Topaz | Ruby | Emerald | Diamond
    Port Avur      |    20 |    60 |  125 |     190 |     400
    Delkona        |    40 |    20 |  153 |     333 |     766
    Merg           |    20 |    75 |  110 |     210 |     390
    Knessos        |    35 |    65 |   95 |     200 |     475
    Keof           |    33 |  66?? |  133 |     233 |     560
    Sumruna 30 80 135 210 500
    * = best price
        3-5. OTHER STUFF
      Here's how people improve each time they meet a god, with the maximum 
    they can improve to:
    You, Nazim       5/  9/  2/  6
    Ziyx,Eflun,      2/  8/  1/  5
      Tamas,Dokar,Madir   /   /
    Nehor,Lupi       4/  8/  3/ 10
    Sakar,Kruga      8/  9/  2/  8
    Dalin,Rogga,     7/  8/  1/  7
      Yulig?          /   /   /
    Alhan,Eldai?     3/  7/  3/  7
    Amad,Ben?        4/  8/  2/  7
    Rexor,Nagi?      6/  8/  1/  5
    Jimbo/Min/Nimmo? 3/  7/  3/ 11
    Miko             4/  6/  3/ 10
    Rasul: ?
      Dwarves tire when energy = 24, humans at 19, elves and wizards at 14, 
    and halflings at 11. When you're tired you can't do anything and forget 
    any spell you might have learnt if you are sleeping.
      An important part of getting through the game is learning to multi-
    task. Have some people do something while others are split apart maybe 
    studying or learning skills. A weakness of this is if a party is 
    attacked, but on the other hand you can have some party members being 
    productive when they're not 100% necessary for the quest.
    --people with professions can work in various towns. Port Avur is a 
    great place for this. Keof's carpentry shop pays 9 an hour, which is 
    great, but it's a bit inconvenient. Port Avur has 3 different places to 
    work and companions from the castle can fill in all of them.
    --you can also have mages wait around and memorize spells while other 
    people are going on a quest. Check up on your mages and make sure they 
    don't get tired, or all this will be useless. Leave them with some 
    --the start of the game is best for this, as is at the Crystal Castle 
    when you get new members and need them to memorize spells.
    --you can even look ahead from a dungeon room although that is not 
    always practical.
        4-2. WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN'T DO
    --Unfortunately you can't switch every other move--it would require an 
    inane amount of disk loading.
      5. LISTS
    Here are the statistics for the people you will find in the Royal 
    Castle(companions A-L:)
    I've shortened the table from the actual view so that everything would 
    fit on one line.  Attributes where the current equals the maximum when 
    you start out(strength, stamina, agility, dexterity and speed) are only 
    shown once, and everyone has a maximum 99 HUNT and LEARN.  Race 
    abbreviations should be pretty obvious as well.
    People shown below are divided up into Royal Castle dwellers, Crystal 
    Castle folks, and you.
         | S| S|     |     |AG|     |     |  |LE|DEX|SPE|BO|R/C
         | T| T|     |     |IL|     |CHAR |HU|AR|TER|  E|OK|R/C
    ZIYX |04|30|20/45|00/00|03|50/99|07/30|00|25|30 |07 |S |WIZ/MAGE
    NAZIM|15|35|35/80|30/80|05|20/80|15/99|70|20|25 |10 |  |MAN/RANGER
    JIMBO|10|25|30/60|30/75|08|00/00|30/99|50|20|20 |10 |  |HAL/CARPENTER
    NEHOR|14|30|20/75|50/99|08|15/80|10/60|60|30|40 |11 |  |ELF/RANGER
    SAKAR|25|50|45/99|15/80|10|00/00|05/50|10|15|35 |09 |  |DWA/FIGHTER
    DALIN|22|45|40/99|15/80|09|00/00|10/50|20|15|30 |09 |  |DWA/METALSMITH
    MIN  |09|25|30/60|20/75|08|00/00|33/99|50|30|20 |10 |  |HAL/TAILOR
    EFLUN|10|30|30/45|00/00|05|35/99|04/30|00|20|20 |08 |D |WIZ/MAGE
    ALHAN|10|30|20/75|42/99|07|20/80|10/60|25|15|30 |11 |  |ELF/GEMCUTTER
    AMAD |20|40|35/80|35/80|06|00/00|04/99|00|10|35 |09 |  |MAN/MERCENARY
    REXOR|18|35|35/80|25/80|06|00/00|25/99|10|15|30 |09 |  |MAN/KNIGHT
    MIKO |14|30|25/60|25/75|09|00/00|30/99|40|25|20 |10 |  |HAL/METALSMITH
    KRUGA|42|60|55/99|30/80|12|00/00|05/50|10|20|45 |11 |  |DWA/FIGHTER
    BEN  |30|50|45/80|40/80|10|00/00|05/99|05|05|35 |10 |  |MAN/MERCENARY
    RASUL|14|40|35/80|25/80|07|00/00|30/99|10|35|30 |09 |  |MAN/TAILOR
    MADIR|15|40|35/45|00/00|07|35/99|10/30|00|25|35 |08 |D |WIZ/MAGE
    LUPI |22|45|35/75|55/99|10|25/80|15/60|70|25|45 |12 |  |ELF/RANGER
    NIMMO|18|40|30/60|40/75|09|00/00|40/99|15|30|30 |11 |  |HAL/GEMCUTTER
    YULIG|36|55|55/99|30/80|10|00/00|10/50|20|25|40 |09 |  |DWA/GEMCUTTER
    ELDAI|18|45|30/75|45/99|09|25/80|15/60|15|20|35 |11 |  |ELF/CARPENTER
    TAMAS|12|45|35/45|00/00|08|45/99|05/30|00|35|35 |08 |I |WIZ/MAGE
    NAGI |30|50|45/80|20/80|08|00/00|35/99|25|25|30 |09 |  |MAN/KNIGHT
    DOKAR|12|45|30/45|00/00|09|40/99|10/30|00|70|40 |08 |S |WIZ/MAGE
    ROGGA|38|55|55/99|30/80|09|00/00|05/50|25|20|60 |10 |  |DWA/METALSMITH
    LUKAS|16|35|35/80|35/80|06|20/80|20/99|50|30|35 |09 |  |MAN/RANGER
    Each one has a cute little blurb, too:
    ZIYX: I am Ziyx, the arch mage.I am old so my speed is not what it used 
    to be. However, my magical skill is still unmatched.
    NAZIM: Greetings (you), it's good to see you my friend.My hunting skill 
    can feed your party.
    JIMBO: Salutations (you), I can keep your group warm when you must camp 
    NEHOR: I am Nehor of Trilliad. My skill of archery is well known among 
    my kin.
    SAKAR: Garvath (you), slaying orcs and trolls is my favorite activity.
    DALIN: Hello (you), my skill at the forge may provide coins when in 
    MIN: I am the best tailor east of Oshmar.
    EFLUN: I have the spell to resurrect the fallen in combat.
    ALHAN: I am a gem cutter by trade, but note my skill with the bow.
    AMAD: I normally expect to get paid for my services. But this once, I 
    shall serve for no reward!
    REXOR: To die for a cause such as yours is the dream of every knight!
    MIKO: I am not a magic user or a mighty warrior. Yet, I am certain I can 
    KRUGA: Hail [char], there is none to match my strength.
    BEN: I may not be as strong as a dwarf, but I sure know how to fight!
    RASUL: I can learn to fight, but can a fighter learn my craft?
    MADIR: I fight with spells and swords.
    LUPI: None can match my skill with my brom bow!
    NIMMO: I am the best halfling warrior you will ever find!
    YULIG: I can fight as well as i cut gems!
    ELDAI: I am a craftsman. But I am also a magic user and a weapon 
    TAMAS: I conjure the best fireball in all the Deruvias!
    NAGI: I can charm or harm the devil, when I want!
    DOKAR: I learn spells faster than anybody!
    ROGGA: I am strong, fast, and I hate orcs!
    [Please allow me to join your quest as a member of your party.]
    You as an everyman also start out with 50 shield and 10 sermins, which 
    is nice.
    Now which of the five should you choose to start your mission?  That's 
    actually a different question from which you should choose to get it 
    going.  You can probably sacrifice at least ten days just to preparing 
    your squad in easy mode, stockpiling mushrooms, etc. with people who 
    have professions.
     * The best laboring party should have a large variety of professions: 
    NEHOR/DALIN/MIN/ALHAN/ZIYX.  After getting supplies from the King, you 
    can quickly run to Port Avur, buy armor, train, work and rest a lot.
     * The strongest combat party(i.e. the one to get you to the Crystal 
    Castle) seems to be LUKAS/SAKAR/REXOR/DALIN/NEHOR/ZIYX.  I'll describe a 
    finesse later where you can avoid having to use Eflun extensively, who 
    can be useless in combat before you get another spell book--and once you 
    get that spell book, it'll be close to time to trade up.  His slot is 
    better used with a fighter if you want to get through the game quickly, 
    and he's only really necessary for casting shield spells.  The resurrect 
    spells are nice, but 1)they're a lot less necessary if you've got extra 
    fighting power and 2) since the Crystal Castle characters are stronger 
    it's not worth getting him another spell book.  However, if you wish to 
    avoid spoilers, Eflun will come in handy.
     * No one character is a real stinker, relatively speaking, at the 
    beginning.  They are all trumped later on by Crystal Castle characters, 
    but you have no truly bad choices unless you combine too many of one 
    profession or ability or just outright forget about magic.
     * NAZIM is a decent choice, but he is pretty much pareto-dominated by 
    you.  Although his hunting skill is good, Nehor's is about the same, and 
    hunting isn't that useful anyway.
     * AMAD is pretty strong for a human, but dwarves are better in combat.
     * MIKO's charisma may come in handy, but if you have DALIN in the party 
    his smithing ability is less useful, and if you have ALHAN or NEHOR then 
    his bow skills are relatively diminished.  He is a bit stronger than 
    JIMBO, though, but I like to take NEHOR and give him armor immediately 
    as you can only have three people bringing home the bacon early 
    on(carpenters can only be hired in Keof.)
    Now on to the guys you'll find at the Crystal Castle.  The elimination 
    process is a bit tougher here.
      * BEN is overall pretty weak.
      * RASUL's a bit wimpy too, and carpentry is not the most convenient 
      * ELDAI's an interesting Jack-of-all-Trades.  But Lupi has the brom 
    bow and better magic.
      * KRUGA vs. NAGI seems to be a tough decision;  stats versus armor.  
    I'd ditch NAGI because even though he has the better armor, that can and 
    will be improved later in the game.  KRUGA will always have a nice 
    statistical edge.
      * NIMMO has good charisma, but you can improve that on your own once 
    you return to Pheron.  You may possibly want to use him to get into 
    Meardom your first time back and then switch to LUPI once you've trained 
    your own up.
      * MADIR is obviously the weakest of the three mages.  His relative 
    advantage in fighting skills doesn't mean much.
      * YULIG's gemcutter skills could come in handy but unfortunately he 
    doesn't have quite the statistics of a pure fighter.
      * This leaves a party of LUKAS/KRUGA/ROGGA/LUPI/DOKAR/TAMAS.  You may 
    not be able to cast resurrect until you find the Book of Demaro, but I 
    find the offensive strategy(combined with saving after a critical fight) 
    works best.
      * Congratulations!  You're now not only the leader but also the lame-o 
    of the group. Unless...well, you HAVE been following my advice and 
    training? That will help a bit.
        5-2. LIST OF ITEMS
      This isn't always logical or connected--i.e. why are the shapes broken 
    up? But I thought I'd give a nonspoiler list of what does what.
    A = none
    B = potion(heals all hit points unless diseased/poisoned)
    C = gonshi(offers extra attacks for one round)
    D = sermin(restores energy to 99 unless starving/poisoned/diseased)
    E = pyramid(used with teleportal)
    F = sphere(used with teleportal)
    G = cr dust(crystal dust, no use in combat or travel)
    H = cube(used with teleportal)
    I = S. Ash(Shir-Aka Ash, no use in combat or travel)
    J = Amulet(white amulet, no use in combat or travel)
    K = Hoyam(hoyam essence, no use in combat or travel)
    L = mirget
    M = nift(two standard attacks do no harm)
    N = luffin
    O = rope, which helps you cross chasms. Noncheaters may need several for 
    various mountain ranges.
    P = loka. Cures poison which cuts down hit points to 0.
    Q = drelin. Lets a party member go faster(+3 speed.) To conserve them, 
    give only to your slowest or those with <3 speed greater than your 
    slowest--your speed is determined by the slowest member, so someone who 
    *can* but won't break the speed record doesn't need one.
    R = star(star key, no general travel use)
    S = pearl. Useless special power with the "magic" of technology, but you 
    can sell for a profit.
    T = topaz, appropriately. Good to sell.
    U = rUby. Very good to sell.
    V = emerald. Fetches a day's salary at least.
    W = diamond. Makes you rich fast when you sell.
    X = hammer. No general travel use.
    Y = Dream dust. No general travel use.
    Z = Cloak. Not useful until...
    0 = blanket. buy at general store--lets you get energy>50 while sleeping
    1 = circlet. No general travel use.
    2 = pick. Use it on chests in dungeon rooms. You probably need just one.
    3 = boot. Get one for each party member for lava filled areas.
    4 = shovel. Get just one and use it to dig when you get a dungeon 
    treasure map/instructions.
    5 = lens. Use it at the temple altar--or one other place--to learn 
    chants you'll need.
    6 = medicin. Cures disease(i.e. hit by hraffel which cuts down energy to 
    1/2.) Probably won't need too many.
    7 = pass. Get it from the Port Avur guard house and use it at the jail.
    8 = Lens. Need it to read some small writings.
    9 = medicin. Used to combat disease. Disease reduces maximum energy to 
        5-3. TELEPORTAL LIST
      Thanks to Jason Spangler and, down the chain, the guy who dropped the 
    hint book on him for this. No comments on what passages are best to use 
    here, just what goes where.
      Cube Pyramid Cube -> Rosus 093, 034
      Sphere Sphere Sphere -> Shendy 019, 088
      Sphere Pyramid Pyramid -> Udar 128, 107
      Sphere Sphere Pyramid -> Pheron 007, 025
      Cube Pyramid Sphere -> Fubernel 067, 080
      Sphere Pyramid Pyramid -> Selderad 124, 030
      Pyramid Sphere Cube -> Trilliad 093, 069
      Pyramid Cube Sphere -> Pheron 021, 024
      Pyramid Cube Sphere -> Isles of Ice 009, 098
      Sphere Pyramid Cube -> Pheron 023, 009
      Cube Pyramid Cube -> Selderad 133, 032
      Cube Cube Cube -> Yberton 129, 090
      Sphere Sphere Sphere -> Port Avur N/A
      Sphere Sphere Cube -> Yberton 138, 096
      Pyramid Cube Pyramid -> Shendy 008, 087
      The portal to Yberton is east of the Crystal Castle, with no guards 
    stationed to hassle you as you slip back in. I think going to Crezimas 
    after Khazan is a good idea, putting two important dungeons together. 
    It's pretty easy to shuttle between the two, in fact, and late in the 
    game it's really necessary for expedient completion. The other two are 
    good panic retreats. Of course you can always leave and rest a bit on 
    Fubernel before attacking Shadrum. But in fact the distance to Keof is 
    about the same as the distance to Delkona if you'd exited.
      Cube Cube Cube -> Merg N/A
      Pyramid Sphere Pyramid -> Fubernel 058, 071
      Cube Pyramid Pyramid -> Hidden Vale 109, 094
      Sphere Sphere Cube -> Pheron 007, 023
    Khiriss: (ok)
      Sphere Cube Cube -> Fubernel 066, 075
      Sphere Cube Pyramid -> Trilliad 127, 063
      Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid -> Shendy 012, 075
      Pyramid Cube Pyramid -> Shertuz 055, 035
      Cube Pyramid Sphere -> Fubernel 045, 082
      Pyramid Sphere Pyramid -> Knessos N/A
      Pyramid Sphere Cube -> Kendar 069, 061
      Cube Cube Sphere -> Udar 144, 116
      Cube Sphere Cube -> Kendar 074, 035
      Cube Cube Cube -> Hidden Vale 109, 094
      Sphere Pyramid Sphere -> Meram 044, 051
      Pyramid Sphere Sphere -> Rosus 105, 036
      The official destination of CSC is "Bay of Meric." This place may be 
    useful to get to the Hidden Vale or(during the brick buildings quest) 
    Rosus. In addition, you can maybe use it as a shortcut from Port Avur to 
      Pyramid Pyramid Cube -> Fubernel 059, 071
      Cube Pyramid Pyramid -> Port Avur N/A
      Sphere Sphere Sphere -> Hidden Vale 109, 094
      If Sargoz is the last dungeon you need to face, then you can drop 
    right off at Hidden Vale and win the game from there. Otherwise it's not 
    too bad to track to Pheron.
      Cube Cube Pyramid -> Fisestar 140, 082
      Sphere Sphere Sphere -> Isle of Giants 041, 116
      Sphere Pyramid Cube -> Marmaris 007, 056
      Pyramid Cube Pyramid -> Shiran (Darvale 103, 108 actually)
      If you want to go to Fisestar, then 2S 3E gets you to one mushroom 
    patch and 4N lets you inspect another. The teleport to Isle of Giants 
    puts you in an awkward SW part of the island, and the Marmaris location 
    is just southwest of Soldain. Shiran is probably the best place to go 
    from here unless you forgot/need to pick up Dream Dust(Fisestar, close 
    to Bihun and Trilliad.) Even so Shiran->Khiriss->Trilliad->Crystal 
    Castle->Selderad is a good move.
      Sphere Cube Sphere -> Dakland 086, 005
      Cube Sphere Cube -> Piyan 098, 114
      Pyramid Pyramid Cube -> Uberion 015, 044
      Very useful on your quest to get through the whole brick houses, 
    levers and gods bit. Uberion is not a bad destination either as there's 
    a mountainous nook to the north where you can get sermins--although the 
    game doesn't reveal it to you after you win the fight with the guarding 
    trolls and Zorlims. Then you can go to Soldain for a Sabano if you want.
      Cube Pyramid Cube -> Darvale 085, 021
      Sphere Sphere Pyramid -> Marmaris (crashes C64)
      Cube Sphere Cube -> Pheron 007, 011
      Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid -> Sumruna N/A
      Ahh, Marmaris isn't really worth going to anyway. Pheron is; you can 
    sneak through the north entrance to Port Avur and go south through it to 
    get to the road with minimal time spent or fatigue.
      Cube Pyramid Pyramid -> Bihun 134, 053
      Pyramid Sphere Pyramid -> Khiriss 140, 026
      Sphere Pyramid Cube -> Sargoz N/A
      Sphere Cube Sphere -> Pheron 025, 021
      Pyramid Sphere Sphere -> Phaleng 073, 013
      Cube Cube Cube -> Meram 043, 049
      Sphere Sphere Sphere -> Shendy 008, 078
      The teleport to Phaleng is actually referred to as "Ice Plains." Meram 
    is just east of Marmaris and Soldain, and assuming you completed Vocha, 
    it's a good idea to go west. Also, if you've raised the sunken isle then 
    you may want to take a look at it on Meram. But if you need/want another 
    Ishban right now then Phaleng is an OK choice--you can always head south 
    from Pheron through some easy patrols at a later date. Shendy's a bit 
    too in the middle here although you can take a boat to Fubernel for 
    Khazan and/or Shadrum.
        5-4. SPELL LIST
    *    SABANO    *
      Not surprisingly for a basic spell book, some of Sabano's spells are 
    pretty lightweight. But once you buy another spell book there's nothing 
    wrong with your leader or an elf taking Sabano as a backup.
      FEAR: Moderately useful to breeze through a combat. If you have first 
    strike and high magic ability, you can stop opponents' magic casting for 
    a bit.
      CONFUSE: useful if nothing else is available, but your major 
    challenges will come from guards deliberately blocking a narrow path. 
    Maybe if monsters have cornered you and you want to try to push them 
      SHATTER: the best of the Sabano spells. Damage is random, as low as 
    zero and as high as your magic level. The randomness is not weighted. 
    The best time to use shatter is at the start of the game--be sure your 
    spellcaster's recharged before combat. Later on, fireball is more 
    consistent and potent, but when a fireball or two will leave a monster 
    with, say, two hit points(remember to keep track of monster HP,) you can 
    take a chance and cast shatter to try to take it out with one less hit 
    than you need.
      REPEL: necessary to get by snakes that block dungeon corridors. Not 
    good for much else, and you won't need TOO many--in fact, breaking your 
    party up to tiptoe past the snakes will save you having to use this 
    spell more than you need to. Since it's always effective and never based 
    on skill, later on you can have a non-wizard stock up with a few of 
      LOCATE: I find this uselesss widely because I flee so much, which 
    means monsters will not be able to run at me successfully. It's also 
    pretty clear where fixed monsters should be. Now if it'd tell you where 
    MERCHANTS are on a road...
      ASSESS: You should be able to figure out which monsters do what pretty 
    quickly. Since you can write down information, you've seen all monsters 
    once you've seen one, with a slight variance in armor class.  
    *   DEMARO   *
      You might get the feeling that Demaro's uses are somewhat forced on 
    you. It's not a big deal in combat, and many of the spells seem curious. 
    Still some of it is necessary to win a game, and none of the spells are 
    too bad to memorize. As you progress in the game and get the Zoxinn 
    book, you can probably fob Demaro off to your Elf and have him learn the 
    workaday spells to leave wizards free for offense.
      ENERGY: only marginally useful, but it can have its purposes; it 
    doesn't depend on spell ability, and often a weaker spellcaster can use 
    this on a stronger one in place of a Sermin, thus getting an extra 
    fireball in. You may have to break up the usual move order for combat.
      PIERCE: vital in later dungeons. Energy fields are these scrolling 
    things that don't go away without it. Lite Sabano's repel, you will 
    still want to be conservative with this and not try to eliminate 
    everything--even see if you can sneak by with two guys. Another great 
    spell for beginning casters to stock up on as it doesn't depend on skill
      DISAPPEAR: I never found this terribly useful as a luffin and mirget 
    before battle produce the same result, and the monsters will attack 
    SOMEONE, anyway. Useful in a pinch if someone's badly hurt as it has a 
    bit more offense than healing, and they can take a luffin and drink a 
    potion before they reappear and hit someone--especially if agility is 
      WALKWATER: also vital in later dungeons although sometimes water 
    conceals treasure. Be wary of getting caught on water without one spell 
    left. You may need to save and restart a few times to figure exactly 
    where you want to go if a weaker spellcaster uses it, as it wears off 
    sooner then.
      SHIELD: for combat purposes, makes the book of Demaro worthwhile very 
    quickly--but as your players get very good, it also becomes redundant.
      RESURRECT: definitely have a few in an emergency if you really don't 
    want to try to work through a fight again, i.e. you're very near a god 
    or a dungeon objective, and you forgot to save recently.
    *   ISHBAN   *
      Powerful combat stuff here.
      FIREBALL: on average, more damage than Shatter, but Shatter may give 
    that necessary jolt you need at the start of combat. With weapons being 
    predictable, knowing the damage you do helps immensely in planning which 
    enemies to hit with what.
      TELEPORT: a bread and butter spell while outdoors. Not always useful 
    to every square on the map, but it can often tell you where monsters may 
    be. You can also use it several times without saving just to explore 
      HEAL: somewhat useful in combat if you have no other important spells, 
    or if one player HAS to attack and is low on hit points. Still it's 
    usually better just to use a potion.
      WEAKEN: becomes more valuable as the enemy gets tougher. If one has, 
    say, 99 shield and 10 armor, then this is much more effective than a 
    fireball(max ~60 damage) or a shatter. Works best on spellcasters.
      VISION: practically worthless. You can just shut the computer off and 
    turn it back on instead.
      FREEZE: most effective when Jerrahs decide to cast it against you. 
    With enough stocked up you may be able to stall a few magic users, and 
    as you go first you may be able to keep this up for a while(lesser users 
    can cast energy.) But it generally helps the underdog to kill off 
    someone. You shouldn't go into battles as the underdog.
    *   ZOXINN   *
      Some very impressive spells but not always as awesome as advertised. 
    By the time you get around to this book, you will probably be so rolling 
    in money that mushrooms will do a better job. Ironically there's more 
    thinking for you in nonmagic combat than in wizards casting spells!
      ZOFIR: unfreezes a party member, but I prefer to go with direct 
      ZAPALL: is a great spell. Especially if there are a lot of monsters, 
    and you have two Zoxinn books, and energy spells to cast on your two 
    spellcasters with Zoxinn. The damage is not quite a half of fireball.
      ZENGRL: costly heal-all. I often prefer potions or just waiting it 
      ZISHOXE: very nice against several spellcasters, unless they happen to 
    have hit your party too unevenly. With combats against several 
    spellcasters you should also have had shields at 99 before.
      ZEFOAR: radius of this Fireball spell is 2 squares. Ideally have the 
    spellcaster use this first and then have the fighters move in.
      ZUTYUN: worth the cost, again, with lots of enemies when you need to 
    eliminate armor and shields(i.e. the strongest spellcasters) or just 
    flat out clear weak ones from your path to the big guys.
        5-5. MONSTER LIST
      While hit points and damage remain constant, monsters gain armor class 
    and even shields when they pop up in different areas. They also do 
    varying damage but the hit points and abilities are usually constant.
    NAME     |    HP | DAMAGE |
    SANDGU   |    25 |        |
    CYCLOPS  | 50-60 |     25 | STRAIGHT MISSILE
    ORC      |    15 |      7 |
    HRAFFEL  |    40 |        | DISEASE
    JERRAH   |    60 |    N/A |
    FERMIGON |    75 |     28 |
    AZRAEL   |   250 |    N/A | 49 SPELL DAMAGE
    WOLVINGA |    25 |      9 |
    BARG     |    54 |
    TROLL    |    57 |
    ZEBANI   |    51 |  22-24 |
    DOMUG    |    34 |     14 | STRAIGHT MISSILE
    D KNIGHT |    35 |        | 16 SPELL DAMAGE
    GRAGAN   |    50 |    N/A | 19 SPELL DAMAGE
    GNOLL    |    40 |     24 |
    OGRE     |   400 |        | AC=6
    GAEM     |    90 |    N/A | SPELL DAMAGE
    MONGOR   |
    HIBLISS  |   135 |        |
    DREAD    |   200 |        | AC=8
      Provinces are defined in game memory by rectangles, but most of them 
    border on the sea, so they seem more like your average country border. 
    Below I give the lower-right limits of each territory. When the border 
    as the computer sees it goes into the water I just look for the furthest 
    south actual land piece on the map.
            * MAP OF OUTERWORLD *
    | Pheron      | Phaleng                   | Dakland     | Fiztraz     |
    | x=033 y=031 | x=077 y=018               | x=118 y=017 | x=153 y=021 |
    |             +-------------+-------------+-------------+-------------+
    +-------------+ Shertuz     | Kendar      | Darvale     | Seld | Khir |
    | Uberion     | x=064 y=047 | x=077 y=066 | x=118 y=030 | erad | iss  |
    | x=033 y=050 |             |             +-------------+ x=132| x=153|
    +-------------+-------------+             | Rosus       | y=048| y=048|
    | Marmaris    | Meram       |             | x=118 y=043 |      |      |
    | x=033 y=066 | x=064 y=066 |             +-------------+-+----+------+
    +-------------+-------------+             | Trilliad      |  Bihun    |
    | Shendy      | Kuskunn     |             | x=123 y=076   |x=153 y=070|
    | x=024 y=096 | x=032 y=082 +-------------+               +-----------+
    |             +-------------+ Fubernel    +---------------+ Fisestar  |
    |             | Heavenly    | x=077 y=096 |               |x=153 y=089|
    |             | x=039 y=096 |             | Kherbel       |           |
    |             |             |             | x=123 y=101   +-----------+
    |             |             |             |               |  Yberton  |
    +-------------+------+------+-------------+               |x=153 y=101|
    |                    |                    +-------+-------+-----------+
    |   Isles of Ice     |     Isle of Giants | Vo    | Piyan |   Udar    |
    |   x=034 y=123      |        x=072 y=123 | x=082 | x=117 |x=153 y=123|
    |                    |                    | y=123 | y=123 |           |
    * - note there are some overruns. Part of the Isle of Vo is labeled 
    "Piyan," and the west edge of Kherbel is labeled "Fubernel."
    Place              | Location       | From |   X, Y
    Bondell            | Fubernel(NW)   |      | 044, 069(2x2)
    Crystal Castle     | Yberton        |      | 133, 096(3x1)
    Delkona            | Fubernel(E)    |      | 061, 080(3x2)
    Keof               | Shendy(NW)     |      | 010, 071(3x3)
    Kharin             | Udar           |      | 130, 108(2x2)
    King's Castle      | Pheron         | S    | 014, 027(3x1)
    Knessos            | Fiztraz(NE)    | S    | 135, 017(3x2)
    Lymeric            | Kendar         |      | 065, 026(3x3)
    Merg               | Trilliad(N)    |      | 101, 046(3x2)
    Port Avur          | Pheron         |      | 011, 017(3x3)
    Shiran             | Darvale        |      | 101, 018(2x2)
    Soldain            | Marmaris       |      | 011, 052(2x2)
    Sumruna            | Kherbel(SW)    |      | 082, 096(2x2)
    Theldair           | Trilliad(S)    | E    | 105, 063(2x2)
    Bedangidar         | Bihun          | S    | 148, 066
    Dermagud(E)        | Pheron         | E    | 024, 032
    Thakass            | Fiztraz        | NSEW | 145, 012
    Khazan(S)          | Heavenly       |      | 037, 093
    Khazan(N)          | Fubernel       |      | 051, 093
    Vocha              | Isles of Ice   | W    | 031, 117
    Monks/rest stop    | Uberion        |      | 116, 018
    Monks/rest stop    | Dakland(SE)    |      | 013, 041
    Monks/rest stop    | Piyan          |      | 113, 106
    Teleportal House   | Pheron         | SE   | 006, 005
    Teleportal House   | Khiriss        | NSEW | 136, 033
    Teleportal House   | Kherbel        | NSEW | 108, 085
    Teleportal House   | Shendy         |      | 019, 078
    Cliff(need rope)   | Rosus          | EW   | 106, 036
    Cliff(need rope)   | Fiztraz        | NS   | 125, 008
    Cliff(need rope)   | Kherbel        | NS   | 122, 083
    Cliff(need rope)   | Phaleng        | EW   | 052, 012
    Cliff(need rope)   | Uberion        | NS   | 007, 043
    Cliff(need rope)   | Kherbel        | EW   | 099, 093
    Elf Maiden Suerfin | Selderad       |      | 132, 035
    Elf Maiden Ellidrin| Trilliad       |      | 098, 066
    Elf Maiden Aellin  | Shendy         |      | 020, 087
    Enemy tower        | Meram          |      | 046, 058
    Temple(Valon)      | Uberion        | N    | 033, 036(Dermagud)
    Temple(Kalb)       | Dakland        |      | 101, 011(Dakland)
    Temple(Pax)        | Rosus          | S    | 087, 031(Piyan)
    Temple(Hissen)     | Kherbel        |      | 097, 098(Crezimas)
    Temple(Sur)        | Shertuz        | E    | 046, 035(Sudogur)
    Temple(Heru)       | Fubernel       |      | 062, 094(Khazan)
    Temple(Paladin)    | Kherbel(SE)    | N    | 123, 097(Bedangidar)
    Temple(Nexis)      | Kuskunn        | NE   | 025, 073(Vocha)
    God(Pax)           | Piyan          | S    | 105, 112
    God(Kalb)          | Dakland        | E    | 084, 009
    Brick House 1      | Darvale(W)     |      | 090, 026
    Brick House 2      | Piyan          |      | 093, 113
    Brick House 3      | Phaleng        |      | 074, 008
    Brick House 4      | Meram(island)  |      | 058, 057
    Obelisk(#2)        | Fiztraz        | W    | 143, 005
    Obelist(#3)        | Isle of Vo     |      | 078, 117
    [Obelisk #1 is in Meardom under Crystal Castle.]
    Unicorn            | Heavenly       | NSEW | 034, 086
    Wolf Rock          | Phaleng        | N    | 059, 010
      Mushroom or magic plant patches are great places to replenish supplies 
    or just pick up something you wanted to experiment with but didn't have 
    the money for. All are well represented, and talking to monks or 
    sometimes wizards generally helps you find them. Just be sure to leave a 
    plant behind in case you decide or need to come back. That's how they 
    Patch   | Location    |   X, Y   | Referrer
    Sermin  | Darvale     | 108, 026 | Ugdobar(Knessos)
    Sermin  | Fisestar    | 144, 084 | Zukumya(Sumruna inn)
    Sermin  | Uberion     | 018, 041 |
    Sermin  | Trilliad    | 115, 060 | Atvalan(Shiran)
    Gonshi  | Pheron      | 026, 014 | Lufer(Port Avur)
    Gonshi  | Yberton(S)  | 135, 101 | Lupsikin(Crystal Castle)
    Gonshi  | Selderad    | 124, 025 | Gelsham(Merg)
    Gonshi  | Fubernel(N) | ???, ??? | Tumis
    Mirget  | Meram       | 036, 061 |
    Mirget  | Piyan       | 099, 110 | Hakim(Sumruna inn)
    Mirget  | Khiriss     | 145, 037 | Lunikor(Merg)
    Mirget  | Giants Isle | 059, 117 | Shanek(Delkona)
    Loka    | Udar(S)     | 132, 116 | Mishu(Sumruna)
    Loka    | Darvale(N)  | 111, 009 | Berdiso(Lymeric)
    Loka    | Phaleng     | 074, 012 |
    Loka    | Isles of Ice| 021, 104 |
    Luffin  | Kherbel     | 111, 091 | Basko(Sumruna)
    Luffin  | Kherbel     | 093, 082 | Basko(Sumruna)
    Luffin  | Shertuz     | 058, 036 | Kafir(Lymeric)
    Luffin  | Fubernel    | 044, 081 | Gonnar(Delkona)
    Luffin  | Kuskunn     | 032, 077 | Tiko(Delkona)
    Nift    | Phaleng     | 046, 007 |
    Nift    | Trilliad    | 116, 067 | Sevidor(Theldair)
    Nift    | Fiztraz     | 131, 009 | Tenkit(Knessos)
    Nift    | Shendy      | 007, 081 |
    Drelin  | Shiran      | ???, ??? | Carvis(Shiran)
    Drelin  | Shertuz     | 039, 031 | [none]
    Drelin  | Fisestar    | 142, 079 | Bornozar, Sorgulara(Merg)
    Drelin  | Fubernel    | 058, 092 | Tumis(Delkona)
      Generally enemy troops will have one magic using unit and one brute-
    force squad--there can be up to four varieties of monster. The outposts 
    occupy strategic bottleneck areas so that you can't just go anywhere on 
    foot. Usually you can teleport over them but sometimes the game just 
    decides to guard certain squares against that. It seems pretty arbitrary 
    on the whole. I'll indicate when you should definitely avoid a fight--
    and when I recommend you slug through it.
      If you want to cheat at any mountain pass you can just keep running 
    into the monsters after viewing your party a different number of times.
         ** Ledger for shorthand below **
    Types of terrain guarded:
     b = located on bridge
     p = mountain pass
    For strategy:
     k  = you need to kill them if you pass this way
     l  = you should probably save your teleport spells for later
     t  = you can and should teleport over them
     u  = you're not allowed to teleport over the monsters
     ?  = it doesn't matter how you get over them--but teleport saves time
    1-5 = how important is what they're guarding? 5= *very*
    Az = Azrael
    Ba = Barg
    Cy = Cyclops
    Dk = Dark Knight
    Do = Domug
    Fe = Fermigon
    Je = Jerrah
    Mi = Minotaur
    Or = Orc
    Sa = Sandgu
    Sl = Slime
    Tr = Troll
    Wo = Wolvinga
    Ze = Zebani
    Zo = Zorlim
    Zu = Zumagin
    Location     |   type        |   X, Y   | Strategy/Details
    Bihun        | Je,Zo,Ba | 125, 086 |
    Bihun        | Zo,Mi | 143, 069
    Bihun        | Or,Ba | 145, 068
    Dakland      | p: Do,Wo,Or,Go| 106, 013 | l-1
    Dakland      | p: Do,Wo,Or,Go| 106, 015 | l-1
    Dakland      | p: Zo,Tr      | 088, 014 | ?-5(3rd to Kalb)
    Dakland      | p:            | 085, 010 | k-5(Kalb 1N1W)
    Dakland      | p: Zo,Tr      | 086, 012 | k-5(2nd to Kalb)
    Dakland      | p: Zo,Tr      | 090, 006 | l-1(dead end)
    Dakland      | p: Zo, Cy     | 093, 012 | l-1
    Dakland      | p: Zo,Mi,Tr   | 094, 009 | l-1
    Dakland      | p: Zo,Mi      | 105, 010 | l-1
    Dakland      | p: Je,Zo,Tr,Ba| 099, 007 | l-1
    Darvale      | p: Zo,Je,Ba   | 114, 027 | l-1
    Darvale      | p: Zo,Je,Ba   | 116, 024 | l-1
    Fisestar     | Zo,Je,Ba | 131, 086
    Fisestar     | Zo,Je,Go | 134, 081
    Fisestar     | Tr,Je,Zo | 128, 071
    Fisestar | Wo,Zo,Je | 134, 077
    Fisestar | Wo,Go,Or | 143, 072
    Fiztraz      | 122, 008
    Fiztraz 122, 015 Wo,Zo,Je
    Fiztraz      | p: Or,Zo,Je,Ba| 124, 012 | l-1
    Fiztraz      | p: Mi,Je,Zo   | 131, 010 | u-4(nifts above)
    Fiztraz      | p: Zo,Mi,Je   | 119, 012 | l-1
    Fiztraz      | p: Zo,Je,Do   | 133, 013 | u
    Fiztraz      | p: Zo,Mi,Je   | 136, 012 | u-1
    Fiztraz      | p: Zo,Je,Ba,??| 145, 012 | t-5(Thakass, Obelisk)
    Fiztraz      | b: Zo,Ba,Tr   | 125, 018 | ?-?
    Fiztraz      | p: Or,Zo,Je   | 125, 007 | l-1
    Fubernel     |    Ba, Sa     | 047, 082 |
    Fubernel     | b: Zo,Do      | 049, 076 |
    Fubernel     | p: Zo,Ba      | 052, 075 |
    Fubernel     |    Sa,Or,Go   | 055, 092 |
    Fubernel     | b: Tr,Zo,Or   | 056, 085 |
    Fubernel     | b: Zo,Je,Or,Ba| 062, 086 |
    Fubernel     | b: Tr,Zo      | 055, 081 |
    Fubernel     | p: Zo,Mi      | 058, 080 |
    Fubernel     | p: Zo,Mi      | 060, 078 |
    Giants' Isle | p: Sl,Hr,Ba   | 052, 105 | l-1(mirgets too far
    Giants' Isle | p: Sl,Hr,Ba   | 054, 115 | l-1 away/not worth it)
    Isles of Ice | p: Zo,Ze      | 011, 102 | l-4(best way to Vocha)
    Isles of Ice | p: Zo,Tr      | 006, 102 | l-1
    Isles of Ice | p: Je,Zo,Tr   | 012, 116 |
    Isles of Ice | p: Hr,Cy      | 013, 101 |
    Isles of Ice | p: Zo,Hr      | 015, 101 |
    Isles of Ice | p: Do,Or,Wo   | 013, 108 |
    Isles of Ice | p: Do,Or,Wo   | 015, 116 |
    Isles of Ice | p: Zo,Mi      | 023, 111 |
    Isles of Ice | p: Je,Zo      | 019, 117 | u-2
    Kendar       | p: Zo,Cy      | 074, 047 |
    Kendar       | p: Cy         | 075, 049 |
    Kendar       | p: Go         | 070, 055 |
    Kendar       | p: Cy         | 074, 048 |
    Kendar       | p: Cy         | 071, 049 |
    Kendar       | p: Cy         | 080, 048 |
    Kendar       | p: Do,Wo,Or   | 066, 048 |
    Kendar       | p: Sa,Or      | 065, 040 | k-2(e. desert passage)
    Kendar       | p:            | 074, 041 |
    Kherbel      | p: Je,Mi      | 122, 078 |
    Kherbel      | p: Ba,Zo,Je   | 102, 078 |
    Kherbel      | p: Sa,Je      | 101, 097 |
    Kherbel      | p: Zo,Je,Tr,Ba| 088, 093 |
    Kherbel      | p: Sa,Go,Or   | 079, 088 |
    Kherbel      | p: Wo,Do,Or,Go| 081, 090 |
    Meram        | p: Hr         | 035, 058 |
    Meram        | p: Hr         | 047, 049 |
    Meram        | p: Hr         | 059, 050 |
    Phaleng      | p: Or         | 035, 012 |
    Phaleng      | p: Wo         | 034, 013 |
    Phaleng      | p: Go         | 058, 015 |
    Phaleng      | b: Zo,Ba      | 072, 011 |
    Phaleng      | b: Do,Or      | 050, 012 |
    Phaleng      | b: Do,Or,Wo,Go| 078, 006 |
    Pheron       | b: Or,Wo,Do   | 030, 007 |
    Pheron       | b: Or,Wo,Do   | 036, 007 |
    Pheron       | p: Or         | 011, 009 | l-2(teleportal house)
    Pheron       | p: Do, Go, Or | 020, 009 | l-1
    Pheron       | b: ??,??      | 027, 020 | k-5(your 1st combat)
    Piyan        | b: Sa,Dk,Sl   | 102, 107 | ?-1
    Piyan        | b: Sl,Ba      | 113, 109 | l-1
    Piyan        | b: Dk,Sl,Ba,Hr| 116, 105 | t-4(guards temple/lever)
    Piyan        | p: Je,Zo,Or,Ba| 085, 108 |
    Rosus        | p: Do,Zo      | 118, 036 | ?-4(temple-fight to W too)
    Rosus        | p: Go,Zo      | 113, 038 | l-1
    Rosus        | p: Zo,Tr      | 114, 036 | ?-4(see 118, 036)
    Rosus        | p: Do,Wo,Or,Go| 110, 038 | t-4
    Rosus        | p: Zo,Ba,Tr,Je| 103, 036 | t-4
    Rosus        | p: Zo,Tr      | 101, 034 | t-4
    Rosus        | p: Zo,Wo      | 099, 032 | ?-5
    Shendy       |    Zo,Tr,Je   | 015, 075 |
    Shendy       |    Zo,Je,Or,Ba| 015, 067 |
    Shendy       |    Ze,Zo      | 017, 074 |
    Shendy       |    Je,Zo,Or   | 006, 082 |
    Shendy       |    Zo,Tr      | 011, 082 |
    Shendy       |    Zo,Tr      | 013, 081 |
    Shendy       | 019, 087 | ?-4(elf maiden)
    Shendy       | 020, 088 | ?-4(elf maiden)
    Shertuz      | p: Sl         | 052, 047 |
    Shertuz      | Sa,Or,Go      | 040, 034 |
    Trilliad     | p: Zo,Ba      | 095, 074 |
    Trilliad     | p: Zo,Ze      | 092, 074 |
    Trilliad     | p: Sa         | 094, 076 |
    Uberion      | p: Wo         | 009, 034 |
    Uberion      | p: Or         | 008, 048 |
    Uberion      | p: Or         | 013, 045 |
    Uberion      | p: Or,Go      | 015, 038 |
    Uberion      | p: Tr         | 018, 042 | k-4
    Uberion      | Go | 020, 044 |
    Uberion      | Wo | 020, 047 | 
    Uberion      | p: Zo,Tr      | 012, 032 | u-4(Dermagud/Soldain)
    Uberion      | b: Zo,Tr      | 028, 041 | l-1
    Uberion      | p: Go, Sa, Or | 034, 042 | l-1
    Udar         | p: Zo,Je,Tr,Ba| 125, 107 | t-1(easier way thru swamp)
    Udar         | p: Zo,Je,Ba   | 132, 102 | t-4(Methreal)
    Udar         | p: Or,Je      | 131, 105 | t-4(Methreal)
    Udar         | p: Tr,Je      | 134, 105 | ?-3(Loka S, Sermin N)
    Udar         | p: Je,Do      | 139, 113 | ?-3(Loka)
    Yberton      | p: Je,Zo,Tr   | 127, 095 | t-4(Crystal Castle)
    There's a weird bug where if you go to (77,78) through (77,82) from the 
    left(this is possible in Kherbel) you'll get an enemy combat no matter 
    what. I don't think you were supposed to switch disk sectors there.
      I'm going to assume you have a magic user with 50+ skill who can cast 
    teleport although some places may need even more.
      The three brick houses containing levers are not easy to find 
    information on, and then they're just not easy to find.
      The first, in Darvale, is a short jump from Shiran, and I mean jump--
    you can't just walk there. A teleport 3S3W onto one island and then 
    another teleport west--although you may want to move SW first as 
    monsters may be guarding that island. But you can also teleport south 
    from Dakland if you wanted to see Kalb first.
      Finally the third is NE of Lymeric. There are guards you probably 
    don't need to teleport over, and although there are ice patches it's not 
    really that bad. Because if you don't want to use a teleport, you can 
    move north and then flee three times--N, E, N--to get near the house, 
    and none of the flees uses energy or time.
      To get to the tower of Ruhan on the Sunken Isle, you need to go into 
    south Meram to see the tip of an island and then cast the spell there.
    Wolf rock script:
    [character] opens the vial and the sweet aroma of the Hoyam essence 
    starts to rise around them!
    Suddenly a white wolf appears on the rock above! It gazes at them with 
    calm blue eyes.
    A golden chain can be seen around the wolf's neck. From the chain hangs 
    a star-shaped, beautiful key.
    After a while, thw wolf shakes its head, as if to signal approval. The 
    star gets loose from its neck and falls to the ground below.
    [character] Finds the star key. Should he take it?
    Elf maiden dialogs:
    Oh! so you know about my song. All right, then listen.
    The elven maid starts to sing a most beautiful tune...
    [+1 speed to all]
    [get greedy:] You all have my gift. I can do no more.
    --1 of other 2: She is my sister
    Mismatch the songs:
      "That's my sister's song!"
    Omit 'song':
    --I sing about them!
    Seek my two other sisters as well.
    --SISTER: I have two.
    --C: I don't know what a rumor is!
    --SONG/TUNE: Ask me the name of the song you wish to hear.
    There are steps there going up to an iron lever in the wall.
    [pull all 3 levers:]
    A deep rumble rises from the earth as distant tremors are felt by all.
        On Sunken Isle:
    There is a book here, protected by a bell jar. Its title reads: 'Rituals 
    of Magic'.
    What is the name of the ritual [char] wishes to read?
    --AWARENESS: [char] Reads: 'Ritual of awareness' opens with the verse: 
    'Rehtem verek' 'Eklem kenek' 'Elatir gnassar'
    Bedangidar dialogues:
    That's a cage. There is a white pigeon within. The cage's door may be 
    opened. Should [char] open the cage?
    As the pigeon escapes from the cage, she tranforms into an elven lady. 
    She says:
    I, Somona the sorceress, am in your dept for freeing me. Meet me at 
    Theldair and I shall hear your need.
    Somona changes back to her alternate shape and flies through the window!
    A bird cage. It's empty.
    You found Dreax's chamber. This is the room where Zokadir captured the 
    Brennix! The legendary sword of great Zilbann! should [char] take it?
    Through the fiercely crackling flames a white amulet is seen, lying on 
    white-hot coals.
    Should [char] attempt to get it?
    [NO CLOAK:] Hot flames prevent [char] from approaching the amulet!
      [char] Wraps the elvish cloak all around him and disappears into the 
      After a few moments [char] returns triumphant with the white amulet in 
    his hand!
    Unicorn script:
    At a tiny clearing in northern parts of the forest.
    Facing you from a prudent distance is the legendary last unicorn!
    You are mesmerized as she gazes at you with calm blue eyes.
    Than suddenly, before you can make any moves, she disappears!
    [Sherro's high call:]
    Sherro's high call echoes through the forest.
    A short while later the unicorn reappears!
    [inspect front:]
    The unicorn wears a green ring on her single horn!
    Should [char] attempt to take the ring?
    The unicorn bows her head and the green ring gently falls into [char]'s 
    [never had this happen:]The unicorn shakes her head nervously, 
    preventing [char] from taking the ring!
    [inspect back:]
    That's the back side of the unicorn
    Ogre King(5)
    [You are in the presence of the Black king, king of all ogres.]
    "Greetings adventurers. You have defeated many of my minions to reach 
    here. I salute your courage.name a wish within my power and it shall be 
    --B: 'Ask' about an item you need.
    --C: The rumor is you wish to prevent Dreax's escape!
    --CIRCLET: Ah! the circlet eh? Well all right, it is my most precious 
    possession but here, it is now yours!
      again: [It is yours now!]
    --OGRES: My kind.
    Mad Wizard script:
    The Mad Wizard has some nutty things to say.
    Mad Wizard(40)
    "Oh go away or I'll turn you into a lizard!"/"Well.. I am not mad, and 
    that's that!"
    --B: Patience is a great virtue!
    --C: Well, hmm... The quonnies must be ready for the moon dance!
    --BUNGIONS: I eat them raw!
    --KUSPAR: Keeps babies quiet!
    --QUONNIES: They are my friends!
    --DREAX: Demon lord!
    --MOON DANCE: I love to watch it!
    --MONGIR: What a wild one he is!
    --MONGIR'S CURSE: I never learned to cast that one!
    --BLUE RING: The blue ring of power, eh?
    [you have it:]Didn't I give that away!?
    [random below, just keep asking:]
      Here, I have no use for it. it's yours if you want it!
      I think you suffer from Mongir's curse!
      O foolish one, give up and go home!
      It whispers of trouble!
      I vaguely remember something like that!
      Right! Just throw a pinch of kuspar and she will stop crying!
      Shadows of your thoughts darken my sight!
      My fireballs can fry Dreax himself!
      It looks like green bungions.
    A stone vault with a star shaped keyhole.
    Within the vault there is a book. On its cover the word 'Zirvanad' is 
    barely readable. A powerful spell holds it glued down. It's not possible 
    to remove it.
    [use lens:]
    With the aid of a lens [character] reads:
    Chapter V. Should the candle start to melt.
     In the event that the candle starts to melt, following steps must be 
    taken  to prevent Dreax's escape.
    Three magic users must enter the hall and locate the three lighting 
    Each magic user must possess one of the following items:The white amulet 
    of light, The green ring of order, The blue ring of power.
    The holder of each item must stand on the stone of its color: blue on 
    blue, white on white, and green on green.
    The holder of the white amulet starts the process by chanting the 
    'ritual of awareness'. It is essential that the steps described herein 
    be executed in the exact order specified.
    [3 chants here found elsewhere in the game]
    (Three of the following spells must be cast immediately after using 
    magical dusts and ashes. Do not allow the dust to settle before chanting 
    the magical words.)
    Next, the wearer of the blue ring must throw crystal dust into the air 
    and conjure a 'Bubble of Captivity.' the bubble will cage Dreax while 
    the candle is being repaired.
    [3 chants here found elsewhere in the game]
    Once the bubble is formed, it is time to transfer Dreax from the flame 
    of the candle into the bubble.
    This is done by the green ring holder who sprinkles  elven dream dust in 
    the air and chants the 'three words of will' while the dust floats 
    around the candle.
    [3 chants here found elsewhere in the game]
    Without the effect of the dream dust, Dreax can not be contained within 
    the bubble for more than a few seconds.
    Following the transfer, the green ring holder chants 'ude', 'samaid', 
    and 'dehuble' to prepare the candle for repair.
    Immediately, the blue ring holder must fling a pinch of shir-aka ash in 
    the air and chant 'exiteralmisto', 'haxobez', 'behsaim' before it 
    At this point, if all was done properly, the candle would be whole 
    There now remains one last step, the task of transferring Dreax back 
    into the candle's flame.
    This operation is performed by the amulet holder chanting: 
    'ekburamitral', 'hox', 'begone'.
    End of game(celebration at castle) script:
    Congratulations! You and your companions succeeded in restoring the 
    magic of the candle and, kept Dreax trapped.
    It is now time to return to King Rebnard's court and inform his majesty 
    of your great deed.
    Some time later at the king's castle...
    The banquet to honor the brave heroes of the Candle is in progress.
    His highness King Rebnard the Just, signals for silence.
    The king: My friends, we are gathered here this night to salute the 
    skill and the courage of these few men, who, as of this day, are to be 
    known as the 'Heroes of the Candle'.
    [he rattles off names and adjectives here in a roll call:]
      ] Our chosen hero [name],
      ] Great wizard [wizard],
      ] Fair [name], [elf]
      ] Charming [halfling],
      ] Valiant [dwarf/human],
    We hereby present you our most heartfelt gratitude for what has been 
    accomplished. Your names, and your heroic deeds, shall become a 
    permanent part of our land's lore and culture.
    It is thanks to your victory against Dreax and his forces of darkness 
    that we could gather here tonight and make merry.
    So, let us all rise and toast, to our Heroes of the Candle!
    The hall rings with the shouts of all who attend the banquet: Hail to 
    the Heroes of the Candle!!!
    The king: my friends, the victory we celebrate this day is sweet. But 
    alas, the war with Darkness is far from being won.
    The word reaching us from the lands beyond the sea of Oshmar causes us 
    much concern. There is talk of a new demon-lord who equals Dreax in 
    might. He is said to gather a dark host that is the most powerful ever!
    So it is our grim duty to make it known here tonight, that the well 
    deserved rest our heroes will have following their victory, may have to 
    be shorter than we would wish.
    But for tonight, let us all enjoy this moment of peace and thank you 
    once again,  [name] and Heroes of the Candle!
             The End
    You may now save the game one last time. The file you save in can be 
    transferred to play the upcoming sequel to The Magic Candle.
      It's actually not best to go out and start looking for monsters to 
    attack. Better to gather information. On easy mode, there won't be many 
    monsters to attack you and you can probably get away with resting and 
    using just magic to get by critical fights in mountain passes or 
    bridges. On hard mode, you may not survive with a full party.
      Therefore the best thing I find to do is to get three party members to 
    work at Port Avur. Metalsmith, Gemcutter, and Tailor can all make solid 
    salaries--6, 5 and 7 make for 18 an hour or 432 a day--yup, they get 
    paid 24/7. The best part is that they act as a nice bank--when you 
    return to Port Avur you just join the party with them and break them off 
    again--but be sure to begin them when they're in the one-person party so 
    they get paid for not questing! Also be sure to pool money and supplies 
    to your active party.
      Not much to buy here other than a shovel(to find treasure,) gonshis, 
    drelins for quick travel(useful when provoking random friendly road 
    encounters or making it to a town before the gates close) and maybe a 
    few extra sermins for emergencies.
      If you want to play the game totally honestly then pay attention to 
    advice in the Royal Castle and Port Avur. If not Ned can tell you how to 
    get a very good spell book early on. Eventually it'll lead you to 
    Soldain where you can buy some interesting stuff. There will be some 
    mountain passes but you can use magic exclusively as there shouldn't be 
    too many combats. In fact you may want to see if you can plow through to 
    Dermagud. The first task you have is to get to Yberton via the 
    teleportal. You'll need to get shapes from the merchants on the roads 
    first, and drelins help the whole process take less game time.
      In Dermagud There will be one encounter to pass through; you'll need 
    full shield spells and LOTS of magic, and you will probably have to 
    either take your workers along or eat a lot of gonshis--if nothing else, 
    to distract the bad guys from hitting your spellcasters exclusively.
      The point of getting to the Crystal Castle is to exchange Ziyx and 
    Eflun for the much more capable Tamas and Dokar. Now you wil probably 
    want to have one each of Ishban, Sabano and Demaro to start off as 
    Demaro's much harder to track down later, and there's no harm in 
    memorizing its spells you'll need later. Your hero can always just learn 
    shields to take the burden off Tamas and Dokar.
      Even if all six come to the Crystal Castle, don't exchange for Kruga, 
    Rogga and Lupi yet. Instead find the teleportal in Crezimas back to 
    Pheron--the combinations are hidden in the dungeons, but I'll forgive 
    you for using a crib sheet. Oh, and if you walk the road outside you may 
    find dwarves who offer a legit get rich quick scheme. Buy their gems.
      With your permanent spell casters in effect, you can start them 
    learning. Ned knows the short way, which is a bit cheaper, but either 
    way you should learn rapidly. Stop at Port Avur to get money and now let 
    your three non-workers learn until each is at 99. Those that make it 
    first can rest up and learn spells--Ned was even more ambitious, though.
      Now you can go back to Port Avur and learn some serious magic. Two 
    cycles will net everyone +38 to their magic skills, which really helps 
    fireballs. It's worth the delay at the beginning. With all this, you can 
    now go back to Dermagud with --OR you can continue to learn spells with 
    your leader using a teleport house to Fubernel and Bondell(make sure he 
    can cross the treacherous passes where encounters wait with teleport 
    spells.) The king's court mentioned Tonton will help with charisma, so 
    you'll want to see him. Then you'll need to take a boat to get back--no 
    teleporters are nearby, sadly. Blue Crab Beach is OK for the 'non-
    accelerated' since the way west and north has been cleared but otherwise 
    you can take a boat to Shendy.
      In the meantime Tamas and Dokar should be learning offensive spells en 
    masse. If you have two ishbans then fireball is best but otherwise have 
    one person learn it and another shatter with a couple of repels on the 
    side. Also have some teleports in reserve. Your hero can learn pierce 
    and walkwater which will be handy in dungeons.
      Once your hero is back in Port Avur(by boat, teleport, teleportal or 
    all of the above) it's time to go get the workers and bring them over to 
    Crystal Castle and replace them. You can now teleport through Dermagud, 
    and you should also have enough gold to get Methreal Armor(two teleports 
    southish from Crystal Castle to Kharin and back)--if not, you may want 
    to keep your spellcasters learning spells(leave your hero's book with 
    them so they can swap books) and have your hero eat some drelins and 
    take his cash and "invest" in what dwarves have to sell him off to the 
    east. I also recommend cheating the gamblers in whatever cities you can 
    find them in--Delkona has one, which makes it well worth the bribing 
    price of admission.
      You should be rolling in cash now, and so you'll want mirgets and 
    luffins for big encounters, gonshis for getting quick boosts, drelins 
    for quick overland travel, a lens and--if you're insanely rich--boots 
    for everyone, which aren't necessary until very much later. But you'll 
    probably forget them. Blankets are also nice.
      With your current party you may want to go back to Dermagud and find 
    Valon and clear the place in the process--note you wait until the new 
    party comes in to wake him up. Don't waste the one-time shot on the 
    weakies you got from the King's Castle. For the rest of the nine days, 
    instead of just waiting for Methreal armor you can solve the levers 
    quest or find a few more gods. Solving Bedangidar is a stretch unless 
    you have tons of mushrooms, but you can always find the elf maidens or 
    maybe even clear Vocha/Sudogur if you're wily.
      Or if you go the non-cheating route you're probably not going for a 
    record time. So you can just have spellcasters read and fighters build 
    up their learning before training. Lupi can learn magic twice, and Kruga 
    and Rogga can max out their sword abilities. All this with almost no 
    fights yet!
        8-1. CASTLES
    "That's Me" or "That's my name" will be eliminated.
    *t  tXXXXXXXXX;*****Xtt[]tt*
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, sphere, sphere from Pheron gets you to Rosus!
    (all:) REBNARD: Our king, may gods bless him!
    Dincher(20 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Nuri the cook gives free food.
    --C: They say Lady Naran is in love again!
    Rean(25 charisma, 18-5)
    [behind barrels, need to break party up to get to him]
    --B: Seek Everos at Port Avur.
    --C: I saw Sir Banas chase a chambermaid last night!
    --EVEROS: He is Belazar's grandson.
    --BELAZAR: He is wise.
    Forkos(25 charisma, 5-12)
    [SE corner]
    --B: Seek captain Garlin in Port Avur.
    --C: They say Garlin has much gambling debt.
    --TRAVELS: I bought 'passage' to keof once.
    --PASSAGE: Ask about that to Garlin.
      Castle, level 1, servants' quarters:
    --??: I asked Rimfiztrik about 'teleportals' once.
    Dehos(15 charisma, 12-22)
    --B: Read about 'hoyam essence' at the library.
    --C: Pay no attention to court gossip!
    Kayse(15 charisma, 0-9)
    --B: You'll need picks and shovel in dungeons.
    --C: I hear screams from below!
      Castle, level 1, kitchen:
    Rana(15 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Eat my master's food.
    --C: I hear screams from below!
    --FOOD: Ask the cook about 'food'
    Sol(15 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Read about 'hoyam essence' at the library.
    --C: Beratt hides a secret, they say.
    --HOYAM: It is a rare plant.
    Chilek(15 charisma, 8-19)
    --B: You may buy a Sabano from Azidamus.
    --C: I hear screams from below!
    --AZIDAMUS: Knock on his door at Soldain.
    --SABANO: It is a spell book.
    (40 charisma, 8-18)
      Castle, level 1, guard quarters:
    Bosekan(15 charisma, 12-18)
    --B: I have a 'friend' in Soldain.
    --C: Pay no attention to court gossip!
    --FRIEND: He is a 'dwarf'.
    --DWARF: My friend Yodan the dwarf lives in Soldain.
    --YODAN: Knock on his door at Soldain.
    --KNOCK: Do that if the doors are closed.
    Gron(? charisma, 19-0)
    --Bosekan knows a 'dwarf'.
    --C: Pay no attention to court gossip!
    --BOSEKAN: My friend Bosekan gets here at noon.
    Danamar(25 charisma, 0-10)
    --B: Buy a spell book as soon as you can.
    --C: They say a wizard in Soldain sells a 'spell book'.
    --BOOK: Chilek can tell you more!
    --CHILEK: In the supply room.
      This is where you start the game as well as where you find companions, 
    visit the king, and exit to the countryside.
    ***t  ttotXXXXXXXXXXX***********
    ***Xt  totototX;;t[]t;;tX::::***
      Castle, level 2:
    Gustron(20 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Rates of combat schools vary from town to town.
    --C: They say Thorin's hammer is stolen!
    Veridia(15 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Kids love Rimfiztrik.
    --C: I love them, have you any?
    Rimfitzrik(25 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: You must find 'cubes', 'spheres', and 'pyramids'.
    --C: A quaint concept!
    --CUBES: Talk to Ferdo about those.
    --TELEPORTALS: Read about teleportals at the library of Keof.
    Gelhad(, ?-?)
    --B: Ask monks about temples.
    Ferdo(15 charisma, ?-?)
    [right of fountain]
    --B: Buy cheap, sell dear!
    --C: They say trolls are holding all the bridges.
    --PYRAMIDS/SPHERES/CUBES: My wandering 'colleagues' sell them.
    --COLLEAGUES: Those that travel the roads.
    Guards(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Hail Brave one!"
    --B: Guards usually know when people come and go.
    --C: They say only Mindcraft can save us!
      Castle, level 2, servant chambers:
    Beratt(35 charisma, 6-9)
    VERY important.
      Castle, level 2, king's court:
        G K G     *
       0    1 2   *
      3        4a *
     5           6*
    7  8         9*
    Rejections: "Sorry but I have no time to chat. Matters of state, you 
    UBERION: Enemy guards all the passes there.
    Belazar was the old counsellor. /
    0 = Bhardagast(20 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings, I am Bhardagast, counsellor to the crown."
    --B: Seek help of 'gods'!
    --C: matters of state...
    --GODS: There are but eight. One sleeps in 'Dermagud'.
    --DERMAGUD: It's a deserted old dwarf mine in 'Uberion' that Bordal 
    --UBERION: Ropes may be needed to cross the mountains of Uberion
    --BORDAL: He is probably at the inn.
    --INN: At port avur.
    --ZIRVANAD: You must find it.
    1 = Dinge(4 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Salutations good sir, I am Dinge, mayor of Bondell.
    --C: Don't believe every rumor you hear.
    --BONDELL: My kin are gifted with 'charisma'.
    --CHARISMA: Tonton may improve your charisma.
    --TONTON: He lives in Bondell.
    2 = Nethien(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings, I am Nethien, the elven prince."
    --B: Seek my kindred in Trilliad.
    --C: Don't believe every rumor you hear.
    3 = Grolf(15 charisma, ?-?)
    "Hail, I am Grolf, commander of the royal guards."
    --B: Learn locate, and confuse spells to avoid enemy patrols
    --C: matters of state...
    4 = Subia(4 charisma, 14-?)
    "Hello, I am Subia, a royal cousin."
    --B: Oh do stay for a while. It has been so dull lately!
    --C: They say Banas is up to something!
    --BANAS: He is the king's uncle.
    5 = Brontos(10 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Go to Shendy.
    --C: They say Banas is up to something!
    --SHENDY: It's on the way to Bondell!
    --BONDELL: Home of halflings.
    6 = Banas(10 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings, I am Banas, the king's uncle."
    --B, C: Come see me tonight in my quarters.
    7 = servant(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings sir, I am a servant in attendance."
    --B: Ask Trikerviz about pearls.
    --C: We are all doomed, they say.
    --TRIKERVIZ: He is on the road a lot.
    8 = usher(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings, I am the usher of the court."
    --B: Find old Lufer in Port Avur.
    --C: They say Belazar is dying!
    --LUFER: He gathers 'mushrooms'.
    9 = servant(4 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: It is not my place to advise
    --C: We are all doomed, they say.
    a = Luan(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Hello, I am Luan, a courtier."
    --B: Guards are knowledgable about peoples' schedules.
    --C: The queen is depressed, they say.
    --QUEEN: She speaks to nobody!
    G = silent guards
    --(all:) Pardon me sir for I can not speak while on duty.
    K = king Rebnard
    --B: Seek counsel in my court but do also see old Belazar before you 
    --C: Best you be on your way.
    --LUAN/SUBIA: A valued member of the court.
    --BELAZAR: He is very old now.
    --COUNCEL: I need some myself!
      Castle, level 2, royal chambers:
    Two women(25 charisma, 8-0)
    [woman to left]
    "Hi, I am queen's chambermaid."
    --B: You are sweet but you must leave the royal apartments now!
    --C: They say Mikemira can alter the effects of black magic.
    --MIKEMIRA: She is a guest of her highness.
    --[THE] QUEEN: She worries much about the future of the land.
    [woman above]
    "Hi, I am queen's chambermaid."
    --B: Leave quickly, you don't belong here!
    --C: They say Mikemira was a great sorceress once.
    --MIKEMIRA: She never leaves her room anymore.
    --[THE] QUEEN: Lately, she has been in a foul mood.
    MIKEMIRA on the left. BELAZAR on the right. BANAS above but you need to 
    have visited him in court first.
    ***XX  XfX:::XfXfX:::ff::::::*
    Castle, level 3
    Naran(10 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Isn't Bhardagast wise?!
    --C: They say he will propose soon!
    Kid(15 charisma, ?-?)
    [next to Naran]
    "Wow! Are you on a quest?"
    --B: Do your homework!
    --C: Ha ha!
    Krien(20 charisma, 9-14) UR
    "Pardon me, sir, but I'm busy."
    --B: Ask Forkos about his travels.
    --C: (can't help you)
    --FORKOS: Catch him early in the morning in servants' quarters.
    Panok(10 charisma, ?-?)
    --B: Nuri the cook gives free food.
    --C: (can't help with that)
    Castle, level 3, Belazar's chambers
    Yolam(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings sir, I am Yolam, my master's servant for 30 years."
    --B: Do not stay too long for my master is very old and not in the best 
    of health.
    --C: They say some of the castle servants are enemy spies.
    --BELAZAR: He spends most of his days in bed now. he is too weak to 
    Belazar(25 charisma, ?-?)
    "Greetings, I am Belazar, counsellor to the late King Ognar."
    "Please go away, I am very tired."
    [no Zirvanad]
    Yes, I have some advice for you. [space] Your quest is long and 
    dangerous. You must learn about 'gods' and 'temples', 'elven maids' and 
    'halfling teachers', 'gate prayers' and 'gem traders'. [space] But most 
    important of all, you must locate Zirvanad. Seek father Orbonn at Port 
    Avur and ask him about 'Zirvanad'.
    [after Zirvanad]
    Now that you've read Zirvanad, you know what must be done. all those 
    items and knowledge you asked to gather are beyond my knowledge, except 
    one! [space] A 'green ring' was mentioned in an old parchement that I 
    once studied. It was written there that 'the last unicorn' carried a 
    green ring on her long horn. Find the unicorn, and perhaps she will give 
    you the ring.
    --C: Who can tell what is rumor and what is fact!
    --ELVEN MAIDS: Their songs have strange effects.
    --GATE PRAYERS: They are needed to raise dungeon gates.
    --GEM TRADERS: You may buy gems at favorable prices from wandering 
    --GODS: They may grant you more power.
    --GREEN RING: You must get it from the unicorn
    --HALFLING TEACHERS: One may teach you how to be more charming.
    --KING: He is a good boy.
    --LIBRARY: In Port Avur
    --ORBONN: He can be found at the 'library'.
    --SHERRO'S HIGH CALL: Elves may have this knowledge.
    --TEMPLES: For each god, there is a temple.
    --THE LAST UNICORN: It is said that the unicorn will come to 'Sherro's 
    high call'.
    --WANDERING DWARVES: They stay away from towns.
    --ZIRVANAD: Ask Orbonn.
    Castle, level 3, Mikemira's chambers
    Mikemira(4 charisma, ?-?)
    "Mikemira the sorceress greets you."
    --B: My power of sorcery is mostly gone now. But there is one last thing 
    I can do to 'help' you.
    --C: Shh! don't waste time!
    --GIFT: At great risk to my life, I will attempt to cast a 'Neutar' 
    spell. [space] It should slow down the effect of the evil magic that 
    causes the candle to melt. You would gain an extra 60 days to complete 
    your quest.
    --HELP: If you are down to ten days or less to complete your quest, and 
    in dire need of more time, I shall make you a 'gift'.
    [<= 10 days left:]
    I see it is time to cast the Neutar spell. Are you ready?
    Done! You now have 60 additional days before Dreax will go free.
    Please leave now, I can't talk anymore.
    Castle, level 3, Banas's chambers
    Banas(10 charisma, ?-?)
    [must have visited him in the court first]
    "Come in, I hope no one saw you coming here!"
    "I can't talk to you, I don't trust you."
    --B: There is something about this castle that I think you should know. 
    But I can't speak of it for I am under oath to my late brother Ongar. 
    [space] However, I will tell you this much: read about Meardom at the 
    library of Port Avur, and seek Bestul at Keof.
    --KING ONGAR: He was Rebnard's father.
    --OATH: I am bound to silence.
    --BESTUL: He is a friend.
    --KEOF: Buy 'passage' on a boat to get there.
    --PASSAGE: From captains
    --BANAS: That's my name.
    --MEARDOM: I can't say anymore than I did.
    *fOf******fOf***xt  tx***fOf******fOf*
    "Royal apartments."
    "Keep off. Mines infested by demon-kin."
    "Crystal court"
    "Hail brave one!"
    --B: Mind your manners in the court.
    --C: They say the queen can 'sense' the monsters down below.
    --SENSE: Ask her advice.
    Marumas(70, UL)
    --B: Hot lava flows freely down in crezimas. Don't go down without 
    magical 'boots'.
    --C: Some say the furnace of Hades is at the bottom of Sargoz.
    --BOOTS: You can buy them at any supply shop.
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, pyramid, pyramid from from Crezimas gets you to 
    --SARGOZ: Go there only after you are the best you can be!
    --FURNACE OF HADES: Hell's window at this plane.
    --B: Don't go down unless you are ready. It is hell down there!
    --C: I heard of a treasure down below.
    --CREZIMAS: Step down the stairs and you are there!
    --TREASURE: Talk to Edromir about that.
    --EDROMIR: He is around.
    Moria(woman, 35, by residences)
    --B: You can use the castle's 'guest room' to rest.
    --C: I hear there is no more dust!
    --GUEST ROOM: It is at the castle's north-east corner.
    --DUST: Crystal dust, that is.
    --CRYSTAL DUST: Ask the queen about it.
    --QUEEN: She holds court during the day.
    Veren(45) (center below court)
    --B: Shagar claims knowledge about the lost dungeon.
    --C: I hear Marumas is cursed with a no-sleep spell.
    --SHAGAR: He resides in Kharin.
    Edromir(55) (rt of him)
    --B: Seek Trebor one eye's treasure in Crezimas.
    --C: Umaro claims he went down once!
    --CREZIMAS: I used to go down there, but not anymore!
    --TREBOR: He was a thief-king. They say his treasure is buried 11 steps 
    west of his tomb.
    --UMARO: He is the queen's hero.
    Tamahir(55) (left of him)
    --B: Seek Hubbo's advice when you can.
    --C: I hear Marumas is cursed with a no-sleep spell.
    --HUBBO: He lives in Bondell
    --MARUMAS: He likes to wander after midnight.
      Everyone leaves at 19:00.
      db      f
    "Shsh! silence please!"
    --CRYSTAL DUST: Ask that to our queen.
    a = Tepekoz(kt, 45, 8-19)
    --B: Find the portal at level 2 .
    --C: I don't care much for rumors.
    --CREZIMAS: I counted two enemy parties waiting in ambush at level 4.
    b = Ochann(kt, 35, 9-19)
    --B: The queen can sense the presence of enemy bands down below. Ask her 
    --C: I don't care much for rumors.
    --CREZIMAS: I counted three enemy parties waiting in ambush at level 2.
    c = (lady, 20, 10-19)
    --B: Buy Methreal armor at Kharin.
    --C: I hear the 'cloak' is stolen.
    --CLOAK: The elven cloak protects from fire, they say!
    --CREZIMAS: My cousin Trelan said he observed 4 enemy bands waiting in 
    ambush at level 5.
    --TRELA: He was later slain in combat.
    d = Umaru(man, 35, 11-19)
    --B: Search Crezimas thoroughly.
    --C: I hear of a very valuable stolen 'item' hidden down below.
    --ITEM: I heard that one from Edromir.
    --EDROMIR: He is in the castle.
    --CREZIMAS: I counted three enemy parties waiting in ambush at level 1.
    [referred to as Umaro elsewhere]
    e = Queen(9-19)
    "Greetings adventurer, what brings thee to our court?"
    --B: I can tell you the number of enemy bands waiting in ambush within 
    rooms and corridors of Crezimas. Which level do you wish to know 
    about(1-5)? (if >5: 'There are only 5 levels in Crezimas.')
        **I sense # enemy bands waiting in ambush and # Enemy parties within 
    chambers of level #
    --C: We have no time for rumors!
    --CREZIMAS: 'Members' of my court explored Crezimas. Ask them about it.
    --MEMBERS: They are usually here with me.
    --ENEMY: They invaded our 'mines'.
    --MINES: Crezimas, the only place where crystal dust is to be found.
    --CRYSTAL DUST: We would much like to offer you some crystal dust.
    But the mines underneath our castle are infested with monsters of 
    darkness. We can no longer access the crystal dust veins. If you destroy 
    ALL the vile creatures below, we could then fetch all the crystal dust 
    you need.
    [But we still sense enemy bands down below. You must destroy them all. / 
    Here, would you like to have some?]
    f = Mahor(man, 40, 12-19)
    --B: There are two 'stairs' from level 1 of Crezimas.
    --C: I hear the only way to Vo is from Sumruna.
    --CREZIMAS: I counted four enemy parties waiting in ambush at level 3.
    --STAIRS: They go to levels 2 and 3.
    Glenli |        | Truk
           | Dessen |
    |Argelb| Remon  |Pindalf|
    |                       |
    |      +--------+       |
    "That's my name."
    Glenli(45, elf)
    "Greetings seeker, how fare you?"
    "I am busy right now. Perhaps we can talk some other time."
    --B: My kin may help you locate a 'ring'.
    --C: I hear of three 'elven maids' with strange powers.
    --RING: I suspect it may be on Heavenly.
    --HEAVENLY: The only way to Heavenly is thru 'stairways to heaven'.
    --KHAZAN: You can find out about its whereabouts and how to enter at 
    --ELVEN MAIDS: I once heard, on the Isle of Shendy, a maiden by the name 
    of Aellin sing a most beautiful 'song'.
    --AELLIN: She was sitting by a river.
    --SONG: The name of her song was 'river song'.
    Dessen(35, woman)
    --B: Dinera the witch knows the perils of Shadrum.
    --C: Hodli ducks will be our doom, they say!
    --HODLI DUCKS: They are huge and fat!
    --SHADRUM: Ask that to Dinera.
    --DINERA: She may be on Fubernel.
    Truk(75, wizard)
    --B: I have reason to believe that the teleportal at Thakass is a gate 
    to Sargoz!
    --C: Some say the gods have abandoned us!
    --SARGOZ: You must teleport to Sargoz.
    --TELEPORTALS: Three pyramids from Sudogur ports to Sumruna.
    Argelb(70, wizard)
    --B: Do talk to Shagar before you head for Khazan.
    --C: They say dreads are back in Sargoz!
    --TELEPORTALS: 'Pyramid', 'pyramid', 'cube' from Sargoz gets you out to 
    --SHAGAR: At Kharin.
    Remon(50, knight)
    --B: Seek evil dragon Rahkan's treasure.
    --C: They say Rahkan will one day return.
    --RAHKAN: Long time ago, a group of powerful wizards tricked Rahkan into 
    a 'trap'.
    --TRAP: It was a trap from which Rahkan was able to 'escape', but he was 
    forced to leave our plane.
    --ESCAPE: It is said that he had to leave his treasure behind, buried 
    under a cursed sign.
    Pindalf(75, wizard)
    --B: I hope my 'studies' can help you.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors!
    --STUDIES: I study 'magical rituals'.
    --MAGICAL RITUALS: Ask me about a specific ritual.
    --RITUAL OF AWARENESS: The ritual of awareness is written in a book 
    called 'Zilmaeron'.
    --ZILMAERON: It was put in a glass sphere and locked in the 'tower of 
    --TOWER OF RUHAN: Tower of Ruhan is on the 'sunken isle'. 
    --SUNKEN ISLE: Meliso claims knowledge of that long-lost secret.
    --MELISO: He lives in Bondell.
    --TELEPORTALS: I suspect the teleportal at Shendy is a gate to Sargoz
    --??: Read about the 'sunken isle' at the library of Delkona.
        8-2. TOWNS
      General tips about towns:
    --close at sundown, open at sunup.
    May: 7 00 AM / 19 00 PM ??
    Jun: 6 00 AM / 20 00 PM ??
    --You can gamble and win up to 1000 gold before the gambling houses shut 
    down. They don't regenerate that quickly, but you can proceed by winning 
    continually with either using save states on the Commodore/Apple or 
    saving games on the PC. The one problem is that the randomizer(for C64) 
    depends on how many times you've gambled, so if you find you'll lose the 
    next time, bet 1 instead of 99 and then go back to 99. You should get a 
    nice wad of cash pretty quickly. Just beware that when the computer asks 
    how many coins and suddenly gives 1-X where X<99, that means the 
    opposing gamblers are about to run out of funds. Back away then.
    * DELKONA *
    .]!<>*::*,,xx%%xx, , , , ,+         &&~~~
    .]                                   O~~~
    .]                                  ~|~~~
    .+-- , --+    +-----------] O         ~~~
    .]** ,,**[    ],,,,,,,,,,,-+-   ------~~~
    .]{,  ,{,[    ],,,,,,,,,,,,[,    /\~~~~~~
    .]     ! [    ],,,,/=====\,[,   /==\~~~~~
    .]**   **[    ],,,/=======\[    ==== ~~~~
    .]{,   {,[    ],,,*%%%%=/\=[    ====!~~~~
    .],,  ,  [    ----*%%%%/==\[  ,,=/\= ,~~~
    .]O, , **[        ,,,,,*%%*[   ,/==\ ,~~~
    .]|   ,{,[            ,*::*[    x%%x ,~~~
    .]/\     [            ,,  ,[    xxxx,,~~~
    .]xx===\ /\     ---]   ,  ,[ ,     ,,,~~~
    .]xx%x%x/==\    _,_]       [     ^  ,,~~~
    .-------====       ]      O[    /=\  ,~~~
    ....  ! ====      !---------    X%X ,,~~~
    ..      =/\=        ,  ,  ,     XXX  ,~~~
    .       /==\                    X%X  ,~~~
    ...+  ! xxxx                    XXX ,,~~~
    .+------xxxx.  O[-----------]   X%X ,,~~~
    .],/\,,,,..,   |[,,^ !      ]      , ,~~~
    .]/==\  ,  .    [,/=\       ]        ,~~~
    .]====   .     ![,xxx===\   ------  ,~~~~
    .]=/\=  .[------+,x%xxxxx          ,,~~~~
    .]/==\   [,,,,,,[,xxxx%%x           ,~~~~
    .]*%%*   [,,^   [,,,,,,     [-----,,,~~~~
    .]****,  [,/=\  ----]O      [...^..,,,~~~
    .], ,O   [,XXX     ,-+   [---../=\....~~~
    .] /\|,  [,X%X===\ ,,[   [./===X%X....~~~
    .]/==\   [,XXX%X%X,,,[   [.X%X%XXX...~~~~
    .]====   [-X:XXXXX----   [.XXXXX%X...~~~~
    .]====   [!,  ,,,,       [..........  /\~
    .]=/\=   [               [.....      /==\
    .]/==\   [    *    *     [./===\     ====
    .]x%%x   [***********O   [.*%*%*O    =/\=
    .]xxxx---------------|   [.**%**|    /==\
    .]!                      [......     *%%*
    .]                       [!..........*%%*
      Don't leave Delkona unless you're sure you're ready to. If you reenter 
    the guardhouse, then you can't go back east without another bribe. As it 
    is, it takes 100 gold to get in. But there's some useful info and even a 
    tower to test your battling skill.
    "Welcome to Delkona"
    Good morning! Are you ready to set sail?
    [Y:]Let's go!
    [N:]I give no refunds.
    --PASSAGE: You already bought one!
    --C: C'mon mate, let's go!
    Bobo(halfling, entrance, 35, ?-?)
    --B: Fozimar the wizard may increase your learning skill.
    --C: They say Fozimar's services became very expensive.
    --FOZIMAR: He lives with my kin at Bondell.
    Pavik(wizard, 46, s of entrance, ?-?)
    --B: There is an obelisk on Vo.
    --C: Stop wasting time on rumors!
    --OBELISK: Inspect it!
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, sphere, cube from Khazan ports to Yberton.
    Stavko(man, 60, walled east of entrance, ?-?)
    --B: One of the three levers is at Darvale.
    --C: They say there are two destinations to teleport from the 'lost 
    --LOST DUNGEON: Ask Llockhean about it.
    --LLOCKHEAN: He likes to wander in dark.
    --LEVERS: Must pull all three at once.
    Tombul(merchant, 50, by docks, ?-?)
    --B: Don't gamble! Look at  me, I am ruined. Lost everything at dice, 
    including the 'amulet'.
    --C: They say my amulet was magical.
    --AMULET: I fell on hard times. I sold it to Faruk.
    --FARUK: He is a rich merchant now, here on Fubernel. 
    Tiko(halfling, 37, NW, ?-?)
    --B: You can pick luffins on Kuskunn.
    --C: They say it's all because of hodli ducks!
    --HODLI DUCKS: They are dreadful!
    Kid(65, garden, 11-?)
    "Hi! I am not scared of goblins, you know."
    --B: [above]
    --C: They say you must go to Sargoz.
    --SARGOZ: I hear the only way in and out of Sargoz is through teleportal 
    Aartinix(65, NE, 3-?)
    --B: Faruk sells teleportal keys.
    --C: They say there are two stairways leading down from level 2 of 
    --KHAZAN: Khazan is the dungeon under the sea.
    --TELEPORTALS: Three spheres from Khazan gets you into Port avur.
    (should be --FARUK: He travels between Bondell and Delkona.)
    Leksra(Wizard, 55)
    --B/TELEPORTALS:There are four teleportal houses on the 'surface' of 
    --C: Stop wasting time on rumors!
    --SURFACE: At 'Pheron', 'Khiriss', 'Kherbel', and 'Shendy'.
    --PHERON: Three cubes from Pheron ports to Hidden vale.
    --SHENDY: Sphere, cube, sphere from Shendy ports to Dakland.
    --KHERBEL: Pyramid, sphere, pyramid from Kherbel ports to Fubernel.
    --KHIRISS: Three pyramids from Khiriss ports to Shendy.
    Llockhean(man, 70, SE area)
    --B: Argelb knows the teleportal combination to escape from Sargoz.
    --C: They say Argelb speaks to no one.
    --ARGELB: He lives in Crystal Castle.
    --SARGOZ: Sargoz is the lost dungeon.
    --B: Don't lose the rings, they would end up in the 'furnace of hades'.
    --C: Stop wasting time on rumors!
    --FURNACE OF HADES: It is the furnace of eternal flames at the bottom of 
    Leksra knows all about teleportals.
    Old man Kahir has much wisdom.
    "Hail adventurer!"
    --C: I hear the kraken is awake!
    [calls Llockhean Llockhgua]
    --C: I am concerned only with the facts!
    --"Greetings, ask me about your subject of interest."
    --B: Read about Khazan before you attempt to conquer it.
    --KHAZAN: Khazan is the name given to great underwater tunnels built 
    many ages ago by Elden engineers. Its two entrances are on Fubernel and 
    Heavenly. The first 4 levels of Khazan are interconnected by stairs. The 
    fifth level can only be accessed through a portal in the Hall of Lost 
    Souls at level 4. Within this hall there are four portals, placed at 
    four corners. Portal to fifth is in the northwest corner.
    --OBELISKS: It is believed that before their departure to the higher 
    plane, Elden wizards placed three obelisks in three different parts of 
    Deruvia. Engraved on each one of them was a single word which, when came 
    together, formed a most powerful spell. Up to this day, neither the 
    locations of the obelisks, nor the nature of the spell they contain, 
    have been discovered. Many scholars and wizards are known to research 
    the subject of mysterious obelisks.
    --SUNKEN ISLE: Sunken isle is an example of elden magical might. Before 
    the eldens started their trek to the higher plane, they placed many 
    books they deemed to be potentially useful for other inhabitants of 
    Deruvias in a tower called Ruhan. They then used their powerful magic 
    and submerged the island that housed the tower. Alas, the knowledge to 
    raise the isle from the sea was lost during the chaotic age which 
    followed the departure of Eldens.
    Bundi(50, right)
    --B: Read about Sherro's legend at the Keof library.
    Lippa(45, left)
    --B: I know of an 'elf' that may help you, but I must warn you about his 
    --ELF: Genevar the elf claims he has gained much insight to the mystery 
    of obelisks lately.
    --GENEVAR: He visits the Delkona inn often, but hardly ever speaks to 
    * INN *
    dish = roast pork
    a = Innkeeper(40)
    "Welcome to my inn."
    --B: Try and talk to that grumpy elf Genevar.
    --C: Murdar has a lady friend at Sumruna they say.
    --GENEVAR: He is here after 1700 hours.
    --MURDAR: Captain Murdar gets here before noon.
    --SUMRUNA: Nice town.
    b = drunk(70)
    "Letsh all trink!"
    --B: Search for the stairways to heaven!
    --C: I hear necromans are about town.
    --STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN: Beyond the snake pit of Khazan, there is heaven, 
    ho ho!
    c = Domlin(monk, 50, 9-15)
    --B: Seek Heru, the god of war.
    --C: I haven't heard a good one lately.
    --HERU: He sleeps in Khazan.
    --TEMPLES: Heru's temple is on Fubernel.
    --KHAZAN: It is close.
    d = Murdar(captain, 9-12)
    --B: Visit Shendy, it is dandy!
    --C: Some say faery rules Heavenly!
      Isle of Giants 200  x=061 y=100
      Shendy 150
      Blue Crab Beach 250
      Sumruna 150
    e = Emmo(halfling, 35, 16-)
    --B: You will find a lever in Piyan.
    --C: I hear there is no more dream dust in Theldair.
    --DREAM DUST: Elven magic!
    --LEVER: One of three.
    f = Pupin(halfling, 50, 16-20)
    --B: I survived! So could you.
    --C: I heard of the man who can raise dungeon gates with a gaze!
    --KHAZAN: Do you seriously consider entering Khazan?! Well, I wish you 
    good luck. The words are: 'eksam', 'rattabl', 'gangamurt'.
    g = Tumis(halfling, 30, 16-20)
    --B: Seek the gonshi patch at northern Fubernel
    --C: I heard of a drelin patch at southern Fubernel.
    h = Uzim(wizard, 50, 16-20)
    --B: You must find the combination to port to Sargoz.
    --C: They say there is a teleportal on Shendy.
    --SARGOZ: There is no other way in.
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, pyramid, pyramid, from Bedangidar ports to Udar.
    i = Genevar(elf, xx, 17-22)
    --B: Research at the 'library' is essential for success.
    --C: I haven't heard a good one lately.
    --LIBRARY: There is a parchment on 'obelisks' at Delkona library.
    --OBELISKS: I believe the words engraved on the obelisks are the three 
    Words of Will.
    j = Shanek(man, 65, 18-)
    --B: You can probably find mirgets on Isle of Giants.
    --C: I haven't heard a good one lately.
    --ISLE OF GIANTS: It was our home before the giants came.
    k = Gonnar(man, 65, 18-23)
    --B: Seek the luffin patch at west Fubernel beaches.
    --C: I haven't heard a good one lately.
    --B:/C: I am just a private. Talk to my officer.
    "Hail strangers, by the order of the city warden, no foreigners are to 
    enter the city."
    --B: Why don't you camp outside. It is so pleasant around Delkona.
    --C: Rumor has it that the enemy infiltrated our city and prepares to 
    strike from within!
    (after clearing tower:)My orders are to let no strangers enter the city. 
    Yet, you seem like a decent bunch!
    [Offer 100 gold:]All right, go ahead and enter. But stay out of trouble.
    [try to exit east:]Strangers are not allowed into the city.
    * KEOF *
    ~+-/====\    [ /\~~~~~~~~[--&      &-+.
    ~]/======\ &&[ xx/===\ ~~[&&&&    && [.
    .]====*%**O &[ xxx%x%x   [&&O!       [.
    .]====**%*|----xxxx%xx----  |       +[.
    .]=/\=         !                     [.
    .]/==\                               [.
    .]*%%*                               [.
    .]*::*+----],,,,,,,,,,,,, O       /\ [.
    .]....]....--------------+|      /==\[.
    .-]...]**................[       ====[.
    ..]...]{,................[       ====[.
    ..]!..].../=====\./====\.[       =/\=[.
    ..]...]...X%X%X%X.x%xx%x.[O      /==\[.
    ..--------%X%%%X%-xx%%xx--|      x%%x[.
    ..               ,      ,,       xxxx[.
    ..                                ,,,[.
    .. +!!                             !,[.
    ..+----------------------+ /\       ,[.
    ..]...........^..........[/==\       [.
    ..]../=\==\../=\.........[====       [.
    ..]./===\==\.xxx.........[====       [.
    ..].**%***%*.x%x===\[-----=/\=       [.
    .+--*%*%****Oxxxxxxx[./\../==\       [.
    .],,**%**,_,|x%xxxxx-/==\.*%%*       [.
    .]              ,,, !*<>*.....--+    [.
    .]***     !          ****==\....[    [.
    .]{{,!               *<>*<>*..**[    [.
    .],/\            !   *::****.***[    [.
    .]/==\       ,,,, !       ,O].{,[    [.
    .]====     ! ,,,,          |-----    [.
    .]====       ,,,,O                   [.
    .]=/\=       ,,,,|                   [.
    .]/==\           ~          +    O   [.
    .]*%%*  ^                /\-----+|   [.
    .]*%%* /=\              /==\....[    [.
    .],   Oxxx              =/\=....[    [.
    .] ,, |x%x        !     /==\....[    [.
    .-----]xxx====\  * *    *%%*....[    [.
    ......]x%x%x%xx *****   *%%*....[!   [.
    unknown dialog
    --MAD WIZARD: Bestul remembers him.
    --BUZBAZGUT: I hear he is captured at last.
    A lens is needed to read the Zirvanad.
    (rumor?): They say the king is ill.
    3 signs
    City of Keof
    Keof square
    "Good morning. Are you ready to set sail?/Let's sail"
    --B: I give no refunds.
    --C: This isn't the time for that!
    --PASSAGE: You already bought passage.
    "Hi! I ain't scared of you!"
    --B: Catch Ferrin at the inn early in the morn.
    --C: They say you can teleport from Vocha.
    --VOCHA: Home of orcs.
    Dolomar() monk
    --B: You need the mad wizard's help but you have to be very patient with 
    --MAD WIZARD: He sits at the top of his 'tower'
    --TOWER: Why, the tower of Thakass, of course.
    --THAKASS: He just sits there, looking at his 'ring'.
    --RING: The mad wizard holds the blue ring.
    Numbar(30) old man in garden
    --B: You must go into a dungeon to find what you seek.
    --C: I ignore rumors!
    --DUNGEON: Name the dungeon you seek.
    --VOCHA: You can raise the gate of Vocha by chanting: 'hokde', 'kaflth', 
    Nulden(20)(UL woman)
    --B: Talk to the mysterious guest at the guest house.
    --C: They say a saviour is coming!
    --GUEST: He is so handsome!
    Zentyne(15) (DR woman)
    --B: You must raise your charisma for the world is full of crabby old 
    --C: They say Tonton's services are expensive.
    --TONTON: A master of his craft, I hear.
    Kebo(12) halfling Keof Square
    --B: Seek Tonton at Bondell.
    --C: They say fermigons love to eat halflings!
    --FERMIGONS: Don't you hate them!
    Umurik(18) merchant
    --B: You can 'teleport' to Yberton from Dermagud!
    --C: They say the combination is hidden in Dermagud.
    --DERMAGUD: In Uberion
    --TELEPORT: Learn dwarvish to read the combination scroll in Dermagud.
    --YBERTON: Crystal Castle is there.
    --CRYSTAL CASTLE: You can find more volunteers there!
    Isham(15) man, E
    --B: Ask about 'teleportals' to wizards.
    --C: I ignore rumors!
    Atlan(20) man, Keof Square
    --B: Visit the 'candle'.
    --C: They say it's melting.
    --CANDLE: It is in Berbezza.
    --BERBEZZA: In Hidden Vale.
    Tasfaras(30) NE Keof square wizard
    --B: You must develop your learning skill. Aksimento can help.
    --C: I ignore rumors!
    --AKSIMENTO: He resides in Lymeric.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, sphere, cube gets you from Sudogur to Pheron.
    Bestul(40) SE Keof
    --B: Many teleportal combinations may be learned in Shiran.
    --C: They say the end is near!
    --SHIRAN: Wizards' village.
    --DEBARAMOS: He had an apprentice at Merg by the name of Ruhbear. Ask 
    him about Debaramos.
    --ONGAR'S WIZARD: Ask me by his name.
    Usmet(20, north) man
    --B: Ask Bestul about Ongar's wizard.
    --C: They say Chambur is dead.
    --CHAMBUR: He was an orc chieftain.
    --BESTUL: Ask the guards about him.
    --ONGAR'S WIZARD: Ask Bestul about Ongar's wizard.
    Vixeskre(30) e Keof square
    --B: Remulda of Lymeric sells Ishban.
    --C: I ignore rumors!
    --ISHBAN: It is a spell book.
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, sphere, sphere gets you from Vocha to Ice 
    lt guard(15)
    "Hail stranger!"
    --B: Seek Tasfaras.
    --C: They say Dolomar is worried.
    rt guard(15)
    "Hail stranger!"
    --B: Seek Vixeskre.
    --C: They say Dolomar is worried.
    --DOLOMAR: Dolomar is out around 01:00
    --VIXESKRE: Vixesgu[sic] is out around 00:00
    --BESTUL: Bestul is out around 16:00
    * INN *
    "Welcome to my inn travellers."
    --B: Hire Kunder to sail.
    --C: I hear the serpent has risen from the deep!
    --CAPTAIN/KUNDER: Captain Kunder gets here around 1900 hours.
    --SERPENT: It swallows whole ships!
    --ATLAN: He lives in Keof.
    "Letsh drink and be m-merry!"
    --B: Have fun!
    --C: If Atlan comes I leave!
    --ATLAN: I owe him 20 coins
    --B: Captains won't sail to Heavenly
    --C: They say a cure for the curse exists!
    --HEAVENLY: Isle of faery magic!
    --B: My advice to you is: avoid bad advice!
    --C: Kunder dares to sail to Isles of Ice, they say.
    --ISLES OF ICE: Monster domain!
    Father gostand[sic](25)
    --B: Ask about 'white wolf' to Yodan
    --C: They say giant eagles have stolen the prince!
    --YODAN: He lives at Soldain.
    --B: After you read Zirvanad, visit Belazar again.
    --C: I hear a strange guest is staying at the guest house.
    --BELAZAR: He is a wise old man
    --B: Read about Sherro's legend at the library.
    --C: I hear the captain may sail to Point Hena.
    --B: If you ever are in Lymeric, visit my friend Zeke.
    --C: I hear Vixeskre only comes out after dark.
    --ZEKE: He gives sound advice.
    --VIXESTRE[sic]: He is a wizard
    --B: Kunder can take you to Kuskunn.
    --C: They say black dragons burnt Theldair.
    --KUSKUNN: Take a 'lens' with you.
    --LENS: Buy it.
    --B: Kunder may take you back to Port Avur.
    --C: I hear a band of heroes is on a quest to save us!
    --B: Sail with me!
    --C: [can't help]
    --[location]: I sail there often.
    --CAPTAIN: I am one.
    --PASSAGE: Where do you wish to sail?
      Isles of Ice 200
      Port Avur 120
      Kuskunn 50
      Fubernel 100
      Point Hena 200
      I can take you there for * gold alright?
      (yes:) O.K. Meet me at the docks tomorrow at 7:00AM.
    "Greetings, I am the librarian. Inquire to me about your subject of 
    --B: I believe books will help you where swords fail.
    --C: I deal only with written facts.
    --SHERRO'S LEGEND/LEGEND OF SHERRO: The legend of Sherro is an old elven 
    tale that may or may not have happened. According to the legend Sherro 
    was an elf girl, born in days when unicorns still dwelled in Trilliad at 
    large. She had an unusual gift of attracting unicorns to her side by 
    chanting words that came to known as Sherro's high call. It is said that 
    upon hearing the call, unicorns would come to her side from great 
    distances. It is possible that the words to Sherro's high call are still 
    known among the elven kind.
    --TELEPORTAL/TELEPORTALS: Teleportal chambers provide the means of 
    instantaneous travel. In every tp chamber there are three slots, also 
    known as teleportal gates. A magical item, in the shape of a sphere, 
    cube, or pyramid must be inserted into each one of the gates. If the 
    combination of shapes form a valid key, all those that are present in 
    the chamber are teleported to their destination.
    --B: After obtaining the 'star', seek the 'Gate keeper'.
    --C: I hear of poisoned pillows at some guest houses.
    --GATE KEEPER: He is at Lymeric.
    --STAR: It is the key of the 'vault'.
    --SUDOGUR: Ask about 'Sudogur' to the gate keeper.
    --VAULT: The vault is in 'Sudogur' below lymeric.
    * KNESSOS *
    ./===\ **%%** [~~\==========/~~~~~/\~~~~~
    .X%X%XO*%**%* [O&&\========/&&~~~/==\~~~~
    .%X:X%|*%::%*--|+      !!&&&&~~~/====\~~~
    .]     ,    ,            &  !_ _**<>**~~~
    .]                             .*%::%*~~~
    +-                             ....,,,~~~
    ]*     +---------+    O+----     ...,,~~~
    ]**   !|/\    !/\[    |]...       ...,~~~
    ]{,    /==\   /==\     ]..           ,~~~
    ]**   *====   ====     ].            !~~~
    ]{,   {====   ====     ]      **    ,,~~~
    ]**   *====   ====    O]      {,, ^  ,~~~
    ]{,   {=/\=   =/\=    |]    **,, /=\ ,~~~
    ]*    */==\   /==\     ]    {,,,,x%x,,~~~
    ]**   {*%%*   *%%*     ]    ~~~~~xxx~~~~~
    ]{,    *%%*   *%%*     ]    ~~~~~x%x~~~~~
    ]**           ,/\,     ]    ~~~..xxx..~~~
    ]{,           /==\    O]    ~~~!.x%x..~~~
    ]*,/\         ====    |]    ~~~.......~~~
    ]****         ====     ]    ~~~.......~~~
    ]{,**===\     =/\=     ]    ~~~~~...~~~~~
    ],,**%:%*     /==\     ]    ~~~~~...~~~~~
    ]**           *%%*     ]    ...~~...~~~~~
    ]{,           ****    O]     .......,,~~~
    ]**   **/\    ,/\,    |-/\-+  .. . ,,,~~~
    ]{,   {/==\   /==\     /==\[    ,   ,,~~~
    -+     ====   ====     ====[!       ,,~~~
    .[,    ====   ====     ====[,     ** ,~~~
    .[! ** =/\=   =/\=     =/\=[   ,  {, ,~~~
    .[,,{,,/==\   /==\     /==\[**   ,,!,,~~~
    .[,,,,,*%%*   *%%*     *%%*[{ ,,,  ,,,~~~
    .[-----****   ****     *::*-----------~~~
    .[              ![   ![    ,,/========\~~
    .[               [    [,,,,,/==========\~
    .[   +-/======\--+    [-----====%<>%====~
    .[   ]/========\ [    |     =/\=*%%*=/\=~
    .[   ]**<><>==== [          /==\    /==\~
    .[   -***::*=/\= [          *%%*    *%%*~
    .[          /==\ [!   ++-   *%%*    *%%*~
    .[          *<>* [ !   ]                ~
    .[!         *<>* [     ]             !  ~
    .-----------------     -----------------~
    "Welcome to City of Knessos"
    [unknown] --THAKASS: You must examine the chests in Thakass.
    Hail adventurers!
    --B: The old man Gherig knows a wizard.
    --C: They say an Azrael is leading the enemy forces.
    --AZRAEL: I wouldn't like to face one.
    --B: Ugdobar is from Shiran.
    [see above for the rest]
    Zekros(wizard, NE, 50, ?-?)
    --B: There is a teleportal at level 5 of Thakass.
    --C: I hear of writings about Hoyam in Port Avur library.
    --THAKASS: It is on Wizard's Isle.
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, sphere, pyramid from Thakass ports to Khiriss.
    Tonos(knight, E, 33, ?-?)
    --B: Don't mess with gaems. I did and now I am cursed!
    --C: I hear an army of kobolds just arrived from grud!
    Kid(right)(docks, 15, ?-?)
    "I am realy a goblin!"
    --B: If all else fails, read the rule book!
    --C: I hear hodli ducks are losing their feathers!
    --HODLI DUCKS: They are so cute.
    Kid(left)(docks, 35, 11-?)
    "Hi, look at my new shoes!"
    --B: You must kill monsters!
    --C: They say only a wizard with lots of pierce spells can survive at 
    Merif(farmer, NW, 35, ?-?)
    --B: Seek Fagharn's advice in Sumruna.
    --C: Some say temples have prayers to gods.
    --FAGHARN: He reads a lot.
    --FOOD: Sold them all.
    Fendick(monk, SW of garden, 35, ?-?)
    --B: Seek the holy 'temple' in Dakland.
    --C: I haven't heard a hot one lately!
    --TEMPLE: Temple of kalb is in Dakland.
    --KALB: He is the god with a mask.
    Sarik(35, farmer, SW, ?-?)
    --B: Get inside, I feel rain coming.
    --C: I haven't heard a hot one lately!
    --FOOD: Sold them all.
    Kiprit(25, halfling, S of houses, ?-?)
    --B: Gherig's friend knows how to enter Thakass.
    --C: I haven't heard a hot one lately!
    --GHERIG: Ask the guards.
    Feyyuz(45, man, SE, ?-?)
    --B: Buy 'boots' to walk upon hot 'lava'!
    --C: I haven't heard a hot one lately!
    --BOOTS: Buy them at stores.
    --LAVA: Some dungeons have hot lava floors.
    Gurgay(45, man, end of houses, 19-?)
    --B: Barbos sails to Kuzu bay.
    --C: I hear of a treasure buried at level 1 of Thakass.
    --THAKASS: It is on Wizard's Isle.
    --CAPTAIN: He is a captain.
    --WIZARD'S ISLE: Barbos can take you there.
    Gherig(50, old man, docks, ?-?)
    --B: If you wish to enter Thakass, ask about it to Yetmishi.
    --C: I don't like the look of the folks who live in that corner house.
    --YETMISHI: He is a wizard of Shiran.
    Tenkit(25, halfling, e orchard, ?-?)
    --B: When facing tough monsters, using 'nift' helps.
    --C: Some say hodli ducks are a curse!
    --NIFT: I saw some just north of Knessos.
    Ugdobar(55, wizard, by tower, ?-?)
    --B: If you are in Shiran, visit Petkenpif.
    --C: I hear there is a sermin field in south Darvale.
    --PETKENPIF: He knows of the white amulet.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, pyramid, pyramid*OOPS*(9)from Thakass ports to 
    * INN *
    e  fh   g   b
      c d    a
    (boar stew)
    a = innkeeper(40)
    --B: Try my ale.
    --C: Some say the mad wizard is realy not so crazy.
    --BARBOS: Captain Barbos usually gets here around 1900 hours.
    --MAD WIZARD: He lives on Wizard's Isle.
    b = Flaygor(55, man, 10-18)
    --B: Barbos may sail to Bihun.
    --C: Some say one obelisk is below the king's castle.
    --OBELISK: Three obelisks for three words!
    c = Serem(33, monk, 14-19)
    --B: Seek the 'temple' in Rosus.
    --C: I seek only the truth!
    --TEMPLE[S]: Temple of Pax is in Rosus.
    --PAX: He sleeps at marsh of Piyan.
    d = Kemosh (22, halfling, 16-21)
    --B: Seek knowledge about the bubble at Shiran.
    --C: I hear the mad wizard moved to upper Bedangidar.
    --BUBBLE: You must be more specific for me to answer that.
    --BUBBLE OF CAPTIVITY: Ah yes! Talk to Kemkezar about it.
    --KEMKEZAR: He lives in Shiran.
    --MAD WIZARD: Ignore his meaningless responses!
    e = Mimosh(20, halfling, 17-22)
    --B: Keep asking about blue ring to the mad wizard.
    --C: Some say quonnies drove him mad!
    --BLUE RING: You may need it.
    --MAD WIZARD: Ignore his meaningless responses!
    f = Jemosh(25, halfling, 18-23)
    --B: Must have many pierce spells to conquer Thakass.
    --C: I hear of an 'obelisk' nearby.
    --OBELISK: North of Knessos, they say.
    --THAKASS: On Wizard's Isle.
    g = Rhumbu(55, old man, 18-23)
    --B: Barbos can take you back to Pheron.
    --C: Some say 3 spheres from Bedangidar ports to Shendy.
    h = Vilad(50, man, 19-0)
    --B: You must know the 'symbol' for each god.
    --C: Some say Zumagins rule Thakass.
    --SYMBOLS: See above altars at temples.
    --ZUMAGIN: They are awful!
    i = Barbos*50, captain, 19-22)
    --B: Sail with me!
    --C: I hear rats ate Garlin's boat!
      Bihun 200
      Wizard's Isle 150
      Pheron 400
      Kuzu Bay 350
    * MERG *
    ]O!               &&&       !O /\==
    ]|                           |/==\=
    --/====\ +    +        [------x%%xx
    ./======\[   +----------  ^  _x%%xx
    .x%xx%x%x[   ]/=====\ /==/=\     [-
    .xx##xxxx[   ]x%x%xx% xxxxxxO !  [.
    .]......![   ]%x%x%:x_xxxx%x|    [.
    .]......![   ]       !           [.
    .+--+-----   ---+O              ![.
    .],,]O          [|      !   ****,[.
    .]*,]|          [          ,{,{^,[.
    .]**--   ---+   [    ,,,,,  ,,/=\[.
    .]{,        [        , | ,  **x%x[.
    .] ,**   O**[        , t , ,{,xxx[.
    .],,{,   |{,[        ,,,,,  **x%x[.
    .], ,   ,[---   [          ***  ,[.
    .|/\ ,  ,[      [**!     **,{,   [.
    ./==\   ,[      [{,      {,/\,   [.
    .====    [   +---,,**    !/==\  ,[.
    .====    [   ]/===\{,     ====   [.
    .====   ![   ]%x%x%,**    ====   [.
    .=/\=    [   ]x%:%x,{,    =/\=   [.
    ./==\    [   ],   ,       /==\   [.
    .x%%x [---   ]!,   ,      x%%x,, [.
    .xxxx [      ---------,   xxxx,  [.
    .]   ,[                   , ,,   [.
    .]!   [                          [.
    .+-----   --+O   ++-^            [.
    .] ,,^      [|.   ]/=\           [.
    .]  /=\    ,[!   !]x%x           [.
    .] ,x%x    ,[!   .]xxx===\ O/===\[.
    .]**xxx===\ [ ....]x%xxxxx |x%x%x[.
    .--]x%xx%xx[-   ..----------------.
    Lord Merg II
    City of Merg
    Good morning, Are you ready to sail?
    [N:] All right but you get no refunds.
    [Y:] Let's sail.
    --PASSAGE: You bought it already.
    guard(L) (15)
    "Hail adventurers!"
    --B: Consider buying 'methreal armor'.
    --C: (can't help)
    --METHREAL ARMOR: Only dwarves can make them.
    guard(R) (15)
    "Hail adventurers!"
    --B: They have a crash course at the combat school of Sumruna.
    --C: (can't help)
    --FOOD: I sold all mine.
    Thoran(man N of entry, 28)
    --B: Tomola may sail to Kraken Bay.
    --TOMOLA: He is not a night person.
    Punok(farmer, 15) (S of statue)
    --B: Ask about 'food' to farmers you meet on the road.
    --FOOD: I sold all mine.
    Korhan(knight, 35) (SW of statue)
    --B: Find a dwarf that can tell you Bedangidar's secrets.
    --BEDANGIDAR: Brennix was lost there.
    --BRENNIX: I would love to own it.
    Rondel(elf, 32) (N in garden)
    --B: We are searching for Somona, so should you!
    --SOMONA: She is the queen's sorceress.
    --C: The 'queen' awaits thee.
    --QUEEN: 'Queen Fay' rules my kin.
    --QUEEN FAY: She holds court at Theldair.
    --THELDAIR: We are from Theldair.
    Leminor(elf, 37) (S in garden)
    --B: Seek the three 'elven sisters'.
    --C: The 'queen' awaits thee.
    --ELVEN SISTERS: Baelin knows one of them.
    --BAELIN: He lives at Theldair.
    Bornozar(monk, 30) (W side)
    --B: Perhaps the bird god will help you.
    --C: Have you heard of the drelins in east Fisestar?
    --BIRD GOD: He sleeps in Sudogur.
    --SUDOGUR: Below Lymeric.
    --TEMPLES: There is a temple in far southeast Kherbel, at the end of a 
    Sorgulara(wizard, 30, by docks, ?-?)
    Seems to be a bug here:
    --B: You must ask by the name of the spell book you wish to buy.
    --C: Have you heard of the drelins in east Fisestar?
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, sphere, pyramid gets you from Sudogur to 
    --BOOK: Spell book, that is.
    I suspect they meant to put in:
    --B: Ask Ruknet about Sudogur.
    --C: They say Queen Fay needs help./They say roads are not safe.
    Envil(man, NW, 35, ?-?)
    --B: You may buy passage from Merg to Bay of Meric.
    --C: They say 'temples' are for gods.
    --TEMPLES: Ask about temples to monks.
    Tuskin(hermit, NE, 40, ?-?)
    --B: Fizkreto sells the most powerful spell book.
    --FIZKRETO: He lives in Shiran.
    Lupsikin(wizard, NE, 33, ?-?)
    --B: You'll get best value for your money at the magic school of 
    --C: I hear of a gonshi patch by the sea, south of Crystal Castle.
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, sphere, cube from Meardom gets you to south 
    Lunikor(monk, N of Lord Merg, 30, ?-?)
    --B: Pick mirgets at Khiriss.
    --TEMPLES: Temple of Sur is in Shertuz.
    --SUR: He is the 'bird god'.
    Clero(woman, N of Lord Merg, 27, ?-?)
    --B: Ask Remulda about Ishban.
    --REMULDA: He lives at Lymeric.
    --ISHBAN: It is a spell book.
    Gelsham(old man, W, 35, ?-?)
    --B: Pick gonshis at Selderad.
    --C: I hear Ruknet is not well.
    --RUKNET: You can find him at the inn.
    * MUSEUM *
    Greetings, I am the museum master. (30)
    --B: Enjoy the elden 'artifacts' on display here at our museum.
    --C: They say the flames of hades are hungry.
    --[THE FURNACE/FLAMES OF] HADES: The furnace of hades burns hot but it 
    can not burn the amulet!
    --[THE] AMULET [OF LIGHT]: I don't know who has it now but I sure wish 
    to have it here on display one day.
    --ELVEN CLOAK: The elven cloak protects its wearer from the hottest 
    flames. One could even walk in the furnace of hades with it! Alas, it 
    was stolen from our museum not too long ago.
    --ARTIFACTS: One of our best prizes on display is the 'crown of 
    --CROWN OF KUMAKDGAN: He was a fierce and cruel king of gnolls.
    --PRIZE: We have many on display.
    * MERG BAR *
      i      g  h
    j   e
         d  f
    a b c
    --FOAD: He lives in Lymeric.
    a = Lokhan(elf, 32, 17-22)
    --B: 'Elven maids' can give you a gift in a song.
    --C: Come now, you can't depend on rumors! Seek the facts!
    --ELVEN MAIDS: There is a famous song written about one!
    --ELLIDRIN: Ask Ellidrin to sing you the swan song.
    b = Aposh(50, 16-0)
    "Ho hoy! i am known as Aposh the drunk!"
    --B: Seek my friend Pugar at Kharin.
    --C: I hear the breweries of Fubernel are closed down.
    --PUGAR: He hunts cyclops.
    c = Haendel(elf, 32, 17-22)
    --B: Seek 'elven maids'.
    --C: Come now, you can't depend on rumors! Seek the facts!
    --ELVEN MAIDS: Baelin is in love with one.
    --BAELIN: He lives in Theldair.
    d = Kimm(man, 28, 19-22)
    --B: Don't pick locks unless you carry loka.
    --C: They say gnolls put traps on treasure chests!
    e = Durmush(man, 25, 12-20)
    --B: Did you dig Chambur's tomb yet?
    --C: They say enemy has treasures hidden in their evil towers.
    f = innkeeper(man, 30, ALL)
    --B: Hire Tomola to get to Udar.
    --C: They say the food at Knessos is poison.
    --TOMOLA: Tomola gets here around noon.
    --UDAR: Dwarf-land.
    g = Ruhbear(wizard, 30, 18-23)
    --B: My old 'master' may be able to help you.
    --C: Come now, you can't depend on rumors! Seek the facts!
    --MASTER: He was the late king's wizard.
    --DEBARAMOS: My master Debaramos gave up practicing magic and became a 
    wandering 'hermit'. He also changed his name to Rufus.
    --RUFUS: He was the one to seal off Meardom.
    --HERMIT: He usually wanders aroun Trilliad and Bihun.
    --TELEPORTALS: Three cubes from Kherbel ports to Merg
    --MEARDOM: Read about it at Port Avur.
    h = Ruknet(monk, 30, 6-0)
    --B: Don't search Sudogur unless you have the 'star'.
    --C: I hear of a enemy tower in Sumruna!
    --STAR: It opens the vault in Sudogur.
    --SUDOGUR: To enter Sudogur, you must find the gate keeper in Lymeric 
    and ask him about the gate.
    i = Meneby(halfling, 5, 10-16)
    --B: The more you hunt, better you get.
    --C: I hear of good hunting in Trilliad.
    --TRILLIAD: Free food!
    j = Tomola(captain, 5, 12-18)
    --B: Sail away!
    --C: They say time is everything.
    --[UDAR/BAY OF MERIC/KRAKEN BAY]:I can take you there. 350/200/225
    * PORT AVUR *
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,.,,,,, , .,...............................
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~,.,,,  ,,,,,,................+--------------+
    ~~~|~~~~~[-------+----]    ...............|XXXXXXXXXXXXXX|
    ~~~|~~|~~[       ]    ]    +--------------]              [
    ~~~|~~|~~[/=====\] /\ ]    ] ,   ,   ,!_**]              [
    ~~~|~~|~~[*%%%%%*]/==\]   +--+      ,  ,{,]              [
    OO~|~~|~~[*%*:%%*|****]    !O[    /=====\ ]      /=====\ [
    \=======/|,,  ,,,O*<>*]     |[,  /=======\]     /=======\[
    ~  && &          |*::*|     ,[   *%%%%=/\=]    +*%%%%=/\=[
    ~ &&&&&                     ,[   *%%%%/==\]    |*%%::/==\[
    ~&& & &                     ,[   , , ,*%%*]    ]     *%%*[
    ~~~~~~~~~+      ,           O[        *::*]    ]     *%%*+
    ~~~~~~~~~~--   ---+---+     |[            ]    ]    !    [
    ~~~~~~~~~~        [ /\|     ,|/\         O------      ---+
    ~~~~~~~~~~,,  , , [/==\      /==\  [--   |XXXXXX     +XXX|
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~,, , ,[=/\=      =/\=  [,,                   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~,  , ,,[/==\      /==\  [                     [
    ~~~~~~~~~~,,,, ,  [*<>*      *%%*  [                     [
    ~~~~~~~~~~,   , ,,|*::*      *%%*---              O+-----+
    ~~~~~~~~~~~,,, , ,             ,,,,,    /\      ! |]  /\ [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~,, ,,, +                     **===\     ] /==\[
    ~~~~~~~~~~~, , ,        ,~,             **%*%* ****] *%%*[
    ~~~~~~~~~~,,  ,        ,~~~, !!   O+---------------+-*::*+
    ~~~~~~~~~~,,,, ,,       ,~,       |],  **, ,       ]     [
    ~~~~~~~~,~~,,, , ,  !              ] , {,  /====\  ]     [
    ~~~~~~~,,~~~,,, ,,                 ]**** **X=XX=X**--]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~,  ,, [-------+        ]{,{,_{,=X::X={,, ]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~,,, ,,[      &[       O], !              ]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~,,, ,, ,|/==\ &&[       |] ,               ]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~, , ,  /====\---O    , ,+---------   -----]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~,!, , ====\=,,,|     , ]** ** **,   ,,,**]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~,!, ,  =====\          ,|{,,{,,{,,   ,,,{,]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~,,  , ====%*              ,,,,,,,   ,,!,,]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~, ,,  =/\=%*              ,,, ,,,   ,,,,,]   [
    ~~~~~~~~~,,,,   , /==\,,       ,,,,]**  ,          ,,]   [
    ~~~~~~~~,,!,      *%%*       ,,,,,,]{,      ,,,,,   ,]   [
    ~~~~~~~,,,,  , && *::*     [--------,O     ,,~~~,,  ,|   [
    ~~~~~~,,,,,    &&&[        [O _  _ , |     ,~~~~~,       [
    ~~~~~~+------------       ![|,,,  , , ,    ,,~~~,,       [
    ~~~~~~]O,,                 [,,              ,,,,,        [
    ~~~~~~]|,              [----,,                      ,]   [
    ~~~~~~]           O   O[,,,,,,  ,,   ****          ,,]   [
    ~~~~~~]        O[-------,,,,,,   ,  ,+---------------+   [
    ~~~~~~]        |[,,,,,,,,,     ,   ,,]    ,**,  ,    [   [
    ~~~~~~]    +----+,,,,, ,,,      ,   ,]** /\{, _    v [   [
    ~~~~~~]    ]    [ ** ********       ,]{, **     ,**X [   [
    ~~~~~~]    |/\ ,[-------------+   ,  ] ****====\,{,  [   [
    ~~~~~~]    /==\ [           , [ ,    ] {,*%%%%%*, * _[   [
    ~~~~~~]    *<>* [ ,, v  /\   ,[   ,, ]_ ,**%::%*! ** [   [
    ~~~~~~]    *<>* [   ,X,/==\ , [      ] ,,,,,  ,,, {, [   [
    ~~~~~~]    *<>*====\, ,*<>*   [ ,  , ], ,,      ,,  ,[   [
    ~~~~~~]   O*<>*<><>* O *<>*==\[O ,  O]  ,          , [   [
    ~~~~~~]   |*::****** | *::*::*-|    |-------   -------   [
    ~~~~~~]   ,         ,,,       ,      ,                   [
    ~~~~~~]                                                  [
    ~~~~~~]                                                  [
    ~~~~~~-----------]/=====\[----+ !   !+---]/===\ /===\[----
    ~~~~~~~~.........]x%x%x%x[....[      ]...]x%x%xO*%%**[....
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~.....---------....[      ]...-------------....
    ~~~~~~~~~~....................|      |....................
    ~~~~~~~~~.......................    ......................
    *        PORT AVUR             *
    by library
    --B: Hear Fetrik's advice.
    --C: They say we are doomed!
    Lufer(25 charisma) old man
    --MUSHROOMS: I found gonshi mushrooms by the river in Pheron forest .
    by tailor
    --B: Ask about temples to monks.
    --C: I hear a guard of the castle knows a teleportal combination.
    Lunyan: (woman to left)
    --B: A carpenter may find work at Keof!
    --C: They say food is expensive at Merg.
    Sephair: (woman to right)
    --B: Don't camp out without blankets.
    --C: I hear the tailor of Knessos is the best.
    Hupson: (left of them, obstructive nuisance)
    --B: Sail to Bondell via Shendy.
    --C: They say gods may grant strength!
    Kid # 1
    --B: Listen to my friend's advice.
    --C: They say words are needed to awaken gods.
    Kid # 2
    --B: You must give me lots of candy if you wish to succeed!
    --C: They say gods may grant strength!
    Mezekare(wiz below them)
    --B: Read about 'hoyam essence' at the library.
    --HOYAM: Read about it.
    Hossav(very top)
    --B: 'Offer' beer to the bard.
    --C: I hear king's court is full of spies!
    Guard by jail
    --B: See my officer about a 'pass'.
    --C: I think they are a waste of time.
    --PASS: You need one to enter.
    Father Orbonn
    --B: My brothers can help you locate temples.
    --C: They say winds of despair are upon us!
    --ZIRVANAD: That's the subject of my 'research'.
    --RESEARCH: I have spent many years researching the whereabouts of 
    Zirvanad. Here is what I know: Zirvanad was placed in a stone 'vault' by 
    Zirva's apprentices after his death. The vault had a star shaped key, 
    without which it couldn't be opened. The fate of the star key after 
    Eldens' departure is vague. The only clue I could uncover was in a dwarf 
    ballad which referred to a 'white wolf' that carries a star around her 
    --STONE VAULT/VAULT: I believe it is hidden in an underground chamber. 
    Where exactly, I can't be sure. My colleague father Hosan claims it is 
    in the caverns of Sudogur below Lymeric.
    --WHITE WOLF: It may only be dwarf lore.
    --FATHER HOSAN: He lives and works at Keof.
    --SUDOGUR: Deadly caverns below Lymeric.
    --LYMERIC: It is a  village.
    Father Ulubal
    Make sure you have a lens when you visit temples.
    I hear Fubernel wine cures baldness!
    --RESEARCH: I reseach the wine making methods of wee folks.
    --TEMPLES: There is one for each god.
    --GOD: They sleep!
    "Greetings, I am the librarian, 'ask' me about you subject of interest."
    --B: 'Ask' me about what you wish to read.
    --C: I am only interested in facts.
    --MEARDOM: Meardom is the name given to the dungeon below the king's 
    castle. In the days of king Ongar the entrance to the dungeon was sealed 
    permenantly after Ongar's eldest son, Aslan, wandered down and was later 
    found slain by gnolls. Stricken by grief and anger, Ongar ordered 
    Debaramos the wizard to seal the gate with magic, so none could enter or 
    leave Meardom ever again. All who lived at the castle at the time were 
    sworn to an oath never to mention Meardom again.
    --HOYAM/HOYAM ESSENCE: Hoyam essence is a dwarffolk speciality made from 
    the buds of the rare hoyam plant, by a special extract process. The 
    plant is only found underground and will turn to ash if exposed to 
    sunlight. Although the exact use of it is a closely guarded dwarf 
    secret, it is suspected that it may have some luring effect on certain 
    * IN THE BAR *
    The bar opens at ?? and closes at midnight("It's closing time, all 
    patrons must leave."
      98        |
     0 5        |
      6      7  |
         2 3 4  |
       1        |
    To order a drink, buy one and the waitress will ask you if you want to 
    give it to someone else. Say yes. Then you'll have a new command, O for 
    offer. Drinks can lower the charisma necessary to talk to people.
    0 = Captain Garlin(15, 20-0)
    --POINT HENA: A fine place to sail to
    --Where do you wish to sail?
      >>Shendy 100 gold
      >>Fubernel 150 gold
      >>Point Hena 200 gold
    [choose:]O.K. Meet me at the docks tomorrow at 7:00AM.
    1 = Meno
    --B: Call for food
    --C: They say black dragons are awake!
    2 = Feyz
    --B: You can buy 'passage' from a captain.
    --C: They say Dolomar hides in Keof.
    --PASSAGE: Ask a captain.
    --CAPTAIN: Garlin is here at nights
    --DOLOMAR: He knows the mad one.
    3 = drunk(4, all hours)
    [anything:] Letsh drink and be m-merry!
    4 = Father Bonno(10, ?-?)
    --B: If you want to know about Valon, ask Hokando.
    --C: There is a dungeon under Lake Brelleht, they say.
    --VALON: He sleeps in Dermagud.
    [a bit odd--he knows there's a dungeon, and he knows Dermagud, but he 
    doesn't know the dungeon's Dermagud.]
    --HOKANDO: He lives in Soldain.
    --DERMAGUD: Old dwarf mine.
    5 = Kurek
    --B: Seek my cousin Denkar at Soldain
    --C: Denkar claims to know about the mysterious bowls in dungeons.
    --DENKAR: 'Knock' on his door
    --SOLDAIN: My hometown.
    --HOYAM: Kreh! Only Drakka speaks of Hoyam!
    6 = Bordal
    --B: Seek Rabbonkar the scholar.
    --C: I care for facts, only.
    --RABBONKAR: He lives in Soldain.
    --HOYAM: Seek Drakka council.
    --DRAKKA: Means dwarf in old dwarvish
    --DERMAGUD: I've been there! Chant 'achunne', 'reshiptar', 'ebitonagzi' 
    to get in.
    7 = innkeeper
    "Welcome to my inn"
    --B: Hire a captain to sail.
    --C: The word from south  worries the dwarves!
    8 = Ermal(5, ?-?)
    --B: Buy 'passage' from captains
    --C: I hear dwarves are in town selling hoyam
    --PASSAGE: Ask a captain.
    [offer beer:]
    Far yonder in Seldarad
    Lives a fair elven maid
    Eyes of bright emerald
    And hair of shiny gold.
    Man and elf come from afar
    Yearning a glance of her
    And her songs to hear
    Said to be like no other.
    Her name is Ellidrin
    She is known to favor the hearty
    Deep in seldarad green
    She sings, she waits for thee!
    [there's no way to THROW beer at him for such rubbish. But it's useful.]
    9 = Voer
    --B: Offer the bard a drink
    --C: I hear Garlin sails to Fubernel
    "Hail strangers, I am the officer on duty, how may I be of assistance?"
    --B: Stay out of trouble and you will be o.k!
    --C/PASS: Why don't you make me an offer!
    --JAIL: You need a pass to visit the jail.
    --PORT AVUR: I was born and raised here in port avur.
    [give >75 gold:]The officer signs and hands [char] a pass. [Don't worry 
    if you don't give enough. He doesn't pocket it.] "Show (use) this pass 
    at the jail gates."
    --C: I am just the guard. Ask my officer.
    "I can't talk while I am on duty!"(B:)
    [BRIBE GUARD:]Guard ignores(you)!
    (all) 30 charisma
    --ISLES OF ICE: My kindred dwell under The Isles of Ice.
    --DREAX: He is coming!!
    --DREADS: Nothing can stop them!
    I am Buzbazgut
    --B: Tell my brothers at Vocha that I sent you for help.
    --C: I heard dreads have risen!
    --CHAMBUR: He is buried in Vocha.
    --HAMMER: It was Chief Chambur's last wish that he be buried with the 
    --VOCHA: You need 'three words' to raise the gate of Vocha.
    --THREE WORDS: Seek that knowledge from Numbar the wise.
    --NUMBAR: He went to Keof on the Isle of Shendy.
    I am Hubantatur
    --B: Give up your struggle. Dreax's release can not be prevented.
    --C: I hear Dreax is already visible at times!
    --VOCHA: Ah Vocha! my home!
    --CHAMBUR: He is buried in Vocha.
    --HAMMER: I was a member of the squad that stole the hammer!
    I am Dagbunbagtur
    --B: Help us escape now and you shall be spared when the day comes!
    --C: I hear we shall be pardoned and send to Isles of Ice as 
    --HAMMER: We buried the hammer right next to Chambur's tomb.
    --VOCHA: Vocha is below the Isles of Ice.
    * SUMRUNA *
    .]/====\,,^,,,,,[,,,,,,,,,,~~&&&    O&&&   ~~
    .]*%<>%* /=\==\,[,,,,,,,,,          |     ,~~
    .]*%*::*/===\==\[,,           +          ,,~~
    .]O,,,,,x%x%xx%x|    /\,,               ,,~~~
    .]|    !xx%xxxxx|   /==\,                ,~~~
    .],    ,,,,,,,,,,   ====-+   +--------+  ,,~~
    .],                 ====X|   |XXXXXXXX|   ,~~
    .],                 =/\=,[   ],/====\,[    ~~
    .],   ******** O    /==\,[   ]/======\[    ~~
    .],   {+-------+    *%%*,[   ]=/\=%*%*[   ,~~
    .],   !|XXXXXXX|    ****,[   ]/==\*::*[   ,~~
    .],   ,] ^     [    ],,,,[   ]*%%*,,,,[  ,~~~
    .]/===\]/=\    [    ],,,,[   ]****,,,,[  ,!~~
    .]x%x%x]xxx===\[    ],,,,[   ]~,,,,,,![  ,~~~
    *-------x%xxx%x-    ------   ],,,,,,,,[ ,,,~~
    ,XXXXXXXxxx%xxxX    XXXXXX   -----   --  ,,~~
         +!!                     XXXXX   XX   ,~~
    *+-------+---   -------   ---+   +----------~
    ,|XXXXXXX|XXX   XXXXXXX   XXX|   ],,/=====\,~
    .].......[,*    O     O    *,[   ],/=======\~
    .]./=\...[***   |^ ***|   ***[   ]O*<><>====~
    .]/===\..|O{    /=\{{,!   !{,[   ]|**::*=/\=~
    .]=====..||    ,X%X,,,,,   _,[   ],,,,,,/==\~
    .]=/=\=..     , X%X===\ ,   ,[   ],,,,,,*<>*~
    .]/===\..     , X%XX%X% ,   ,[   ---,,,-----~
    .]xx%xx..+,*  , X:XXX%X ,  *,[   XXX,,,XXXXX~
    .]xxxxx!.|***  ,   ,,,,,  ***[     +     /\ ~
    .].......[,{   ,   ,       {,[          /==\~
    .+--------,!                 [          ====~
    .|XXXXXXXX,        !    -------------   =/\=~
    .] /\            ---+   XXXXXXXXXXXXX   /==\~
    .]/==\           XXX|                   x%%x~
    .]====      ^     * [                   xxxx~
    .]====     /=\   ***[  O    O    O  +   ,,!~~
    .]=/\=     x%x    {,[__|,_!_|,___|,__      ~~
    .]/==\     xxx===\  [!                     ~~
    .]x%%x     x%xx%%x**[                      ~~
    "Sea side promenade"
    "Bay view guest house"
    "Hail adventurers!"
    --B: Seek Rumba the wise.
    --C: Mizekske and Numan don't get along, they say.
    "Hail adventurers!"
    --B: Seek the monks Basko and Murkaza.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    Farhad(knight, NW, 67, ?-?)
    --B: You may have to enter the 'furnace'.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    --AMULET: I lost it during combat with wolvingas. It probably ended up 
    in the Furnace of Hades.
    --FURNACE: All elden artifacts found by the enemy are thrown into 
    furnace of hades.
    Mishu(farmer, NW, 35, ?-?)
    --B: Knock on Hubbo's door at Bondell.
    --C: I hear of a loka field in south Udar.
    Derhal(man, by inn, 50, ?-?)
    --B: Halflings once dwelled where ogres now roam. Seek guidence from 
    halflings about Shadrum.
    --C: I hear of deadly halls in Shadrum.
    --Shadrum: Home of ogres!
    Numan(merchant, by inn, 42, ?-?)
    --B: Guards must have seen Pupin leave.
    --C: The brew at the tavern is cursed, they say.
    Shibel(woman, bench south, 30, ?-?)
    --B: Seek Efenor the elf.
    --C: Some say Mikemira can buy you time!
    --EFENOR: He is a wood elf. Ask him about the 'unicorn'.
    --MIKEMIRA: Seek Mikemira at the King's castle.
    Kelock(man, east bay, 75, ?-?)
    --B: Seek advice from Kabuck the dwarf.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    --KABUCK: He lives in Kharin.
    Basko(monk, by center house, 30, ?-?)
    --B: Find luffin fields in Kherbel desert.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    --TEMPLES: Temple of moon is in southeast Kherbel, near Yberton.
    --TEMPLE OF MOON: I go to the temple of moon to pray.
    Murkaza(monk, below center house, 45, ?-?)
    --B: You must have many pierce and repel spells memorized to conquer 
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    Rumba(old man, by south lake, 55, ?-?)
    --B: The mad wizard has the blue one, the unicorn carries the green one.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    --BLUE RING: Ask the mad one until he understands!
    --GREEN RING: It is on her horn!
    --MAD WIZARD: He lives in Thakass.
    --UNICORN: Elves may help you.
    Aishen(woman, S of entry, 30, ?-?)
    --B: Knock on my friend Koldan's door at Kharin.
    --C: Dessen is friendly with a witch, they say.
    --DESSEN: At Crystal Castle.
    Fagharn(wizard, SE corner, 60, ?-?)
    --B: Read about 'the sunken isle' at the Delkona library.
    --C: They say Gonshi fields are drying up.
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, pyramid, cube from Dermagud gets you to Pheron.
    --DERMAGUD: It is in Uberion.
    --THE SUNKEN ISLE: Must be raised.
    Mizekske(wizard, rt of house, 45, ?-?)
    --B: Jagamer can teach you to learn faster.
    --C: Don't waste time with rumors.
    --JAGAMER: He lives in Theldair.
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, cube, pyramid from Khazan gets you to Shendy.
    --KHAZAN: On Fubernel.
    Enick(farmer, left of guards, 40, 6-?)
    --B: Seek Mikemira at the King's castle.
    --C: I hear Pupin survived Khazan.
    * INN *
    leg of lamb
    a = captain Patras(50)
    --B: Sea air will do you good!
    --C: Sirens caused Garlin to go down, they say.
    --GARLIN: Great sea-man.
      FUBERNEL 150
      ISLE OF VO 100
      SHENDY 250
    b = Dumear(man, , 20-)
    "I am Dumear, second mate to captain patras."
    --B: Sail with us, our boat is comfortable.
    --C: I hear there is a teleportal in Kherbel.
    c = Gourney(monk, 30, 10-)
    --B: Demren and I pray at different temples.
    --C: Concern yourself with facts, not rumors!
    --DEMREN: He is here in the evenings.
    --TEMPLES: My god's temple is in southeast Kherbel.
    --DUST: Ask specifically please.
    --CRYSTAL DUST: Ah yes! That comes from the mines of Crezimas.
    --CREZIMAS: It is underneath the Crystal Castle.
    d = Hakim(man, 40, 18-)
    --B: You can pick mirgets in Piyan.
    --C: I hear Pupin knows how to enter Khazan.
    --PUPIN: He left town.
    e = Pugar(dwarf, 65, 10-)
    --B: Seek my kin around Kherbel and Yberton.
    --C: I hear mining in Yberton is good.
    f = Zukumya(wizard, 75, 17-)
    --B: Pick precious sermins in Fisestar.
    --C: Concern yourself with facts, not rumors!
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, pyramid, sphere from Crezimas ports to Fubernel.
    g = innkeeper(50)
    --B: Speak to Patras about passage.
    --C: They say Gourney knows about a dust.
    --GOURNEY: He is usually here in the mornings.
    --PATRAS: Captain Patras is usually here in the evenings.
    h = Demren(monk, 30)
    --B: You may visit two temples in Kherbel.
    --C: Concern yourself with facts, not rumors!
    --TEMPLES: I follow Hissen, the snake god.
    --HISSEN: His temple is in southwest Kherbel.
    i = drunk(40)
    "Letsh drink and be m-merry!"
    --B: Oh letsh drink and forget all!
    --C: They say Ali is concerned about you guys!
    --ALI: Our creator! Let's drink to his health!
    j = Obuan(old man, 75, 14-)
    --B: I found a brick building with a iron lever within, in western 
    --C: I heard of another iron lever up in Darvale.
    k = Leshar(man, 55, 15-)
    --B: Visit Nimmet when you are in Bondell.
    --C: Concern yourself with facts, not rumors!
    l = Valero(man, 50, 20-)
    --B: Knock on Koldan's door at Kharin.
    --C: Concern yourself with facts, not rumors!
        8-3. VILLAGES
    * BONDELL *
    .++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
    .+/\....***.*/\...*...v./^\.....+ .
    .+/\....***.*/\...*...* /%\___,,+ .
    .+%X____.I..*%X___*.....X%X%X%,,+ .
    .+X%XXX%.****X%X%X****..X:XXXX,,+ .
    .+XXX:XX.****%X:X%******.....***+ .
    .+......-.I.**...**.I...........+ .
    .+..........**...**..***.....***+ .
    .+..........*.....*..***.....***+ .
    .+.........**.....**..I.......I.+ .
    .+***.....***.....***.!....++++++ .
    .+;;;........;;;;;........f++++++ .
    .+..........;;~~~;;.........../\+ .
    .+***.......;~~~~~;.........../\+ .
    .+***.......;;~~~;;.....***___%%+ .
    .+.I.........;;;;;......***XXX%%+ .
    .+.../\..................I,X:XXX+ .
    .++++/\+++ ..............,......+ .
    .+___%X v+ !...CW...............+ .
    .+%X%X% *+ .........***....../\.+ .
    .+X:X%X..*** CW.....***++++++/\++ .
    .+.......***..CW.....I.+. ___XX.+ .
    .+.......-I.........!..+..XXXXX.+ .
    .+***..................+++XXX:X.+ .
    .+***...........................+ .
    .+.I.=..........................+ .
    .++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
    "Bondell  Halflings greet you."
    --MELISO: Northwest corner house.
    --TONTON: North of the pond.
    --TUTEN: He lives in the northeast corner house.
    --NIMMET: Just south of the gate.
    --HUBBO: Southeast corner house.
    --FOZIMAR: Southwest corner house.
    --B: You can buy the book Zoxinn at Shiran.
    --C: They say Dinera lost her powers.
    --DINERA: She entered Shadrum with the help of Tuten and battled the 
    mighty king of ogres. Alas, she lost the fight. She now wanders the 
    roads of Fubernel.
    --ZOXINN: Ask about it to Fizkreto.
    --FIZKRETO: He lives in Shiran.
    --B: You can buy the book Ishban at Lymeric.
    --C: I hear that the king's hero is on a quest to recover the 'circlet'.
    --ISHBAN: Ask about Ishban to Remulda of Lymeric.
    --REMULDA: He lives at Lymeric.
    --CIRCLET: The 'king of ogres' wears it now!
    --KING OF OGRES: He sits at the top of his 'tower'.
    --TOWER: Tower of shadrum is on the isle of giants.
    --SHADRUM: Tuten and Dinera the witch entered it once.
    --ISLE OF GIANTS: We hope to return there one day!
    --B: A learning skill lesson costs 140 coins at Lymeric.
    --C: Demonic powers are at work!
    --B: A learning skill lesson costs 120 coins at Shiran.
    --C: They say enemy patrols the area west of here!
    --TUTEN: He lives here in Bondell.
    "Why don't you visit me some other time. I am busy right now." / 
    "Welcome to my home, traveller."
    Meliso Tonton Tuten
    Fozimar       Hubbo
    --B: You must raise the sunken isle from the sea by pulling the 'three 
    levers' at once.
    --C: They say the officers of Delkona are all crooks!
    --THREE LEVERS: There are three levers at three different locations. 
    they must be pulled at the same moment and the isle will rise from the 
    --SUNKEN ISLE: Eldens dwelled on it once.
    --ELDENS: I hope they will return one day.
    Tonton offers charisma training for 200 a pop. +14 for humans--your main 
    character can to 99 with 5 tries.
    --B: Seek Dinera. She is not as crazy as they think!
    --C: They say the ash of shir-aka was used by eldens to trap Dreax!
    --DINERA: I was with her when we took on the king of ogres in the tower 
    of Shadrum. I was wounded at the third level and couldn go up no more.
    --DREAX: Arch-demon!
    --ASH: You must ask the conclave.
    --CONCLAVE: At Shiran.
    --SHIR-AKA: Wizards of Shiran look after it now.
    --SHADRUM: Chant 'damlaz', 'firtarafa', 'yaklamatofar' to open Shadrum.
    --KING OF OGRES: Ask about him to Dinera.
    --B: Pay attention to all you hear about Sargoz.
    --C: I hear the  'furnace' of Hades burns in Sargoz.
    --FURNACE: You must find the portal in Lake Kumalis to reach the 
    --LAKE KUMALIS: They say it is at the bottom of Sargoz.
    --SARGOZ: Four levels of hell!
    --ENTRANCE: I don't know where it is. Search everywhere!
    --B: Seek the temple of Heru on this isle before you enter Khazan.
    --C: Some say it is already too late!
    --HERU: The god of war.
    --KHAZAN: One entrance to Khazan is on this isle.
    Fozimar teaches learning for 200 gold.
    * KHARIN *
    .+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
    .+i.......ii.........../^\.......+ .
    .+i.i../^\iiii........./X\.......+ .
    .+.i..//%\\.iiii.!.....XXX____i..+ .
    .+..../%X%\.i~~ii......XXXXXXX.i.+ .
    .+.ii.|%:%|.i~~~i......X:XXXXXi..+ .
    .+ii.......ii~~ii...........i...i+ .
    .+ii i....i~~~ii............ii.ii+ .
    .+.......i.iiii.............i....+ .
    .+..ii..i..................i.....+ .
    .+........i.........++++++++++++++ .
    .+ii...i.........................+ .
    .+...............................+ .
    .+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ..+ .
    .+iiiiiiiiiiii.._____........i...+ .
    .+iii.....!iii..XXXXX.i....i.i...+ .
    .+ii../^\...ii.fXX:XXf.i.iii./^\.+ .
    .+i..//%\\...i.....i..i..ii._/%\_+ .
    .+i../X%X\...i.ii....i......X%X%X+ .
    .+i..|%:%|...i......i...iii.%X:X%+ .
    .+i...i.i....i/^\.....i......i...+ .
    .+ii........ii/X\__....i.......ii+ .
    .+iii......iiiX%XXX..i....i..i...+ .
    .+iiii...iiiiiX%X:Xfiii!.ii...i..+ .
    .+.!!..............i..i.i........+ .
    .+................i..........ii.i+ .
    .+........................f...ii.+ .
    .+...++++++++++++ ..++++++++++++++ .
    .+..ii.........v+ ........../^\..+ .
    .+......ii.....*+ .. ......//%\\.+ .
    .+.....i.ii./^\.+ ..#..... /%:%\.+ .
    .+......i..//X\\+ ..+.*........i.+ .
    .+.......i./X:X\+ ..+***......i..+ .
    .+i........ii..i+ ..+***.ii......+ .
    .+iii..........i+ ..+,Ii...i.....+ .
    .++++++++++++++++ ..++++++++++++++ .
    Sign: Kharin -home of drakka.
    --SHAGAR: He lives by the pool.
    --KUREK: At east of Kharin.
    --PUGAR: His place is at the middle of the village.
    --VALODA: He lives by the well.
    --VIADRAS: He lives in the square garden.
    --KABUCK: He lives by the only tree.
    --KOLDAN: His place is across the village entrance.
    --ARMORY: Visit our armory here in Kharin.
    "Pardon me, sir, but I'm busy."
    --B: Viadras can improve your learning skill.
    --C: I hear the red octopus is at large again.
    (L pipe)
    --B: Visit loka patch to the south of Kharin.
    --C: I hear of a moss covered 'portal' area in Khazan, at 3rd level.
    --PORTAL: It ports to an area that has no other entrance, they say!
    --KHAZAN: Prepare your will before you enter Khazan.
    (R pipe)
    --B: Shagar's adventures may provide a lead for you.
    --C: I hear even the bard's mighty magic was to no avail!
    (L of Pugar)
    --B: Pax sleeps in Piyan.
    --C: They say the queen is feeling better.
    --PAX: He is the god of eye. His temple is in Rosus.
    (R of entry house)
    --B: Inquire about Khazan on Fubernel.
    --C: They say Valoda lost his plume!
    --KHAZAN: Dungeon of Khazan has two 'entrances'. One is on Fubernel.
    --ENTRANCES: Ask pupin about Khazan. He may know the words.
    --PUPIN: He lives on Fubernel.
    "That is my name!"
    "Welcome to my home, how can I assist you?" /
    "Best if you visit me some other time. I don't feel like talking right 
    Shagar          Armor
      Viadras     Kurek
      -----  -------
      Valoda      Kabuck
    --B: Seek Dinera on Fubernel, she faced the Ogre King and survived.
    --C: Pugar claims to know the location of a stolen cloak!
    --PUGAR: He lives here in Kharin.
    --ADVENTURES: I've had many. The worst was the 'lost dungeon'.
    --LOST DUNGEON: Kreh! Stay away from 'Sargoz', the lost dungeon. It's 
    home to dreads!
    --SARGOZ: There is no entrance into Sargoz. You must 'teleport' into it.
    --TELEPORT: You need to know two things to get to Sargoz: the 'key 
    combination', and the location of the 'chamber' to teleport from.
    --KEY COMBINATION: I believe the answer to that is in Khazan, written on 
    four signposts.
    --CHAMBER: Truk may know where you can teleport to Sargoz from.
    --KHAZAN: Kulak has some knowledge about Khazan.
    --DREADS: They are dreadful! They were created on the darkest day!
    --TRUK: He lives at Crystal Castle.
    --B: Catch Kulak at noon time.
    --C: Some say Dreax is now visible.
    --KULAK: He usually takes a walk in the village in the afternoons.
    --BEDANGIDAR: If you wish to enter Bedangidar chant: 'samandax', 
    'tifgaramo', 'kemt'.
    --B: Some time ago, with my squad, we captured a cyclop. He confessed he 
    was part of the band that stole the elven 'cloak' from the museum of 
    --C: Some say the end is near!
    --CLOAK: He said they buried it at the southwest corner of the 'hall of 
    ancient dreams'.
    --HALL OF ANCIENT DREAMS: The hall of ancient dreams is in Crezimas.
    --CREZIMAS: Crezimas is below the Crystal Castle.
    Viadras teaches learning for 150 gold.
    --B: Learn all you can about Shadrum before you enter it.
    --C: I heard a rumor about a 'scroll' hidden in Shadrum.
    --SHADRUM: The ogres call their tower on the Isle of Giants by the name 
    of Shadrum.
    --SCROLL: Ask about scroll to Kemkezar.
    --KEMKEZAR: He lives at Shiran.
    --B: I think you may need to raise the 'Sunken Isle'.
    --C: I heard of a mushroom which looks like sermin but affects like 
    --SUNKEN ISLE: You must locate the 'three levers'.
    --THREE LEVERS: They have to be pulled down at the same instant in time.
    Valoda offers dwarvish learning for 175. No big deal, same as Rabbonkar. 
    Or *ahem* this guide.
    * LYMERIC *
    ......+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ......
    ......+.... .,   ...............*  /^\  * + ......
    ......+. .    ,   ..   ........***//%\\***+ ......
    ......+... *** *   . ..   .....***/%X%\***+ ......
    ......+ .  ******   .        ...I.|%:%|.I.+ ......
    ......+.. .,I *** ..  ***     ....    ..  + ......
    ......+., !... I      ***.                + ......
    ......+  .  ...***   ..I,***          *** + ......
    ......+  *   ..***    ...***.*.;;..   *** + ......
    ......+ ***  ...I.      ..I.****...;;;,I .+ ......
    ......+;*** . , ....    ....*****.*.......+ ......
    ......+  I . .........    ...I******..,;;;+ ......
    ....;;+;;..!;;;...;;..     ...!I.***;;;;;;+ ......
    ..;;;;...;;;;;;;.;;....  .   ....;I;;;~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~........    . # ...;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;..+++;    +++.;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ . +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ;.....
    ...;;.+;;;;~~~~~~~~~~~~+.. +~~~~~~~~~.;;;;+ ;;;;;!
    ......+...;;;;;;~~~~~~~+ ..+~~~~~~~~~;;.;;+ .;;...
    ......+ ;;...;;;;;;.++++   ++++ ;;;;;;;...+ ......
    ......+... ............   . #  ...     .  + ......
    ......+../^\...      ....   f       /^\   + ......
    ......+.//X\\******    ..       *** /%\   + ......
    ......+ /XXX\******             ***.XXX...+ ......
    ......+,|X:X|,I,,I, !            I.fX:Xf..+ ......
    ......+............ ...                 ..+ ......
    ......+.............  ..                  + ......
    ......+++++++++++++++++     +++++++++++++++ ......
    ......+.CW.   v /^\...+     +..../^\      + ......
    ......+ .  ** *//X\\..+     +CW.//%\\ ***.+ ......
    ......+CW. *** /XXX\ .+     +.../%X%\ ***v+ ......
    ......+.. . Id |X:X|+++    #++++|%:%|- I *+ ......
    ......+                        ..    .....+ ......
    ......+=              .                   + ......
    ......+++++++++++++++++     +++++++++++++++ ......
    ........................    ......................
    --FOAD: He lives in his tower by the tree,
    --AKSIMENTO: He lives at the west side of Lymeric.
    --REMULDA: He lives by the well.
    --ZEKE: He lives in the first house east of the entrance.
    "Bridge of darwood" N and S of bridge
    "Welcome to Lymeric" at S entrance
    lower man(35)
    upper man(25)
    --ICE PLAIN: It's north of here.
    --GATE KEEPER: He lives north of Darwood bridge.
    --B: You can find dvarves mostly in Marmaris, Phaleng, and 
    --C: They say celebrations started at Mondar.
    --MONDAR: Shush! source of all evil!
    Kafir(upper man, 25)
    --B: Inquire to inn keepers about 'captain'.
    --C: I hear of a luffin patch in Shertuz.
    --B: You must have 'walkwater' as you go down below.
    --C: They say great treasures are hidden below Lymeric!
    --WALKWATER: Without a good stock of walkwater spell, you are doomed to 
    --B: Cube, pyramid, cube gets you to Darvale from down below!
    --C: I hear of a loka patch at ice plain.
      There's also an old man marooned off to the far right. You can't reach 
    over to him as the game won't let you leave. He also doesn't seem 
    accounted for in the disk image, so I can only assume his presence is 
    either a bug or an artifact.
       Gate Keeper
    Aksimento    Foad
    Remulda      Zeke
    --HEXTARIS: ??
    Gate Keeper
    --B: Only the holder of a Demaro will succeed below.
    --C: Hrmph!
    --DEMARO: You can buy the book of Demaro from Hextaris.
    --HEXTARIS: He lives at Theldair.
    --VAULT: It is down below, beyond the gate.
    --STAR KEY: It opens the vault.
    --ZIRVANAD: Zirvanad is locked in the vault.
    --GATE/SUDOGUR: I am its keeper. Do you wish to enter Sudogur, the 
    underground caverns?
    --B: Seek Kurek at Kharin.
    --C: They say Mokaram recently spoke to the mad wizard.
    --MOKARAM: Find him at Piyan or Bihun.
    --MAD WIZARD: Mokaram knows how to deal with him.
    --KUREK: He survived  Bedangidar.
    --BEDANGIDAR: Ancient dwarven mines in Bihun.
    --B: You must read about obelisks at the library of Delkona.
    --C: They say the time to understand the 'obelisks' is upon us.
    --OBELISKS: They were left by the Eldens.
    * SHIRAN *
    .++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
    .+.  ,,,,,/^\,,  ,+,,,,,,,***,,,,,,,,#+ .
    .+...,,*,//%\\*** + * ,/^\***,,,,,,,,,+ .
    .+ *  ***/%%%\*** +***//%\\I!,,,,,,,,,+ .
    .+*** ***|%:%|.I..+***/%X%\ . ,,,/^\,,+ .
    .+***  I .. ....CW+,Iv|%:%| ..,,//%\\,+ .
    .+,I,***..  ..CW..+, *   .      /%X%\,+ .
    .+ .,***.    .  . +=d     . ..  |%:%|++ .
    .+    I     +++++++++++++    ...   .. + .
    .+***,..    ..                 .      + .
    .+***   .           .              .. + .
    .+ I***            .    ***        !..+ .
    .+  ***     ***         ***         . + .
    .+***I .    ***        ..I.     ***   + .
    .+***..      I                  ******+ .
    .+ I..      ...;;;;;;;;         ,I,***+ .
    .+/\          ;~~~~~~~~;f     ;;;, ,I,+ .
    .+/\ /\      ;~~~~~~~~~~;      ;+++++++  
    .+XX//\\    ;~~~f    f~~;       # f      
    .+XX/XX\    ;~~ ```   ~~;                
    .+XXX::X    ;~~ ```   ++                 
    .+#-.  f    ;~~  ``                      
    .+;         ;~~       ++      ;   f      
    .+          ;~~~f    f~~;     ;;+++++++  
    .+ ;;.       ;~~~~~~~~~~;             + .
    .+  .         ;~~~~~~~~;f      ;;;;;; + .
    .+             ;;;;;;;;       ;;~~~~;;+ .
    .+f  . f                      ;;~~~~;;+ .
    .++++++++++++                  ;;;;;;!+ .
    .+..........+ .     ;      ++++++++++++ .
    .+..........+  ***   ; *** +.    .  . + .
    .+../\......+  ***     *** +..*** .  .+ .
    .+.//\\..*..+  .I.-     I ;+. *** /^\ + .
    .+//XX\\***.+   .- ;   ;.;;+***I.//%\\+ .
    .+/%%:%\***.+ *** ;;   .***+***../%X%\+ .
    .+.    ;;I v+ ***       ***+,I,,,|%:%|+ .
    .+..  .  - *+ .I f!    .;I;+++++++. ..+ .
    .+  .                   ....     .   .+ .
    .+..                                  + .
    .++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
      Seksanta KEMKEZAR Petkenpif
      Fizkreto          YETMISHI
    --SEKSANTA: He has two cows.
    --PETKENPIF: By the turnips.
    --KEMKEZAR: He has a dog for a familiar.
    --YETMISHI: South-east corner of Shiran.
    --FIZKRETO: South-west corner of Shiran.
    Atvalan(by turnip patch) (50, ?-?)
    --B: You can pick sermin mushrooms in Trilliad, northeast of Theldair.
    --C: Some say Debaramos no longer practices magic.
    --TELEPORT: Pyramid, sphere, cube from Crezimas gets you to Trilliad.
    --DEBARAMOS: His 'apprentice' may know where he is.
    --APPRENTICE: His name was Ruhbear.
    --RUHBEAR: I hear he lives in Merg.
    Matrakas(NE)(45, ?-?)
    --B: You may take lessons from Seksanta.
    --C: Some say a god sleeps nearby.
    --TELEPORT: Cube, cube, pyramid ports from Shadrum to Fisestar.
    --GOD: West of Shiran.
    Gnetra(S)(50, ?-?)
    --B: Search for Brennix in Bedangidar.
    --C: I hear Crezimas is infested with the spawn of darkness.
    --CREZIMAS: Crezimas is below the Crystal Castle.
    --BRENNIX: Brennix was the enchanted sword of legendary elden warrior 
    --BEDANGIDAR: Dwarves may know how to enter.
    --TELEPORT: Sphere, cube, pyramid from Khiriss ports to Trilliad.
    Carvis(by pool)(55, ?-?)
    --B: You may pick drelin mushrooms from a patch just west of Shiran.
    --C: Some say there is an obelisk in Meardom!
    --MEARDOM: Debaramos would know how to enter Meardom.
    --DEBARAMOS: His 'apprentice' may know where he is.
    --APPRENTICE: His name was Ruhbear.
    --RUHBEAR: I hear he lives in Merg.
    --TELEPORTAL: Pyramid, cube, pyramid from Khiriss ports to Shertuz.
    --OBELISK: There are three, they say.
    Blow-off = "It is best if you visit me some other time!"
    OK = "Welcome to my home, traveller."
    Seksanta teaches learning for 120.
    Fizkreto sells Zoxinn for 2000.
    --B: You may benefit from fountains of Thakass if you awaken Kalb.
    --C: They say Thakass teleportal is the gate to Sargoz!
    --SARGOZ: Home of dread!
    --WORDS: The three words to conjure the bubble are written on a scroll 
    called 'Zukkamear'.
    --ZUKKAMEAR: It is lost since the Elden days.
    --TELEPORTALS: 3 Spheres from Sargoz ports to Hidden Vale.
    --KALB: His temple and his place of rest are in Dakland.
    --BUBBLE: Ask precisely, bubble of what?
    --BUBBLE OF CAPTIVITY: The bubble of captivity is conjured by chanting 
    'three words' while crystal dust floats in the air.
    --THREE WORDS: The scroll of Zukkamear contains the three words for a 
    Bubble of captivity.
    --CRYSTAL DUST: Crystal dust comes from the mines below Crystal Castle.
    --B: You must conquer ten dungeons.
    --C: They say Koldan knows the location of Zukkamear.
    --KOLDAN: At Kharin.
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, pyramid, cube from Sargoz ports to Fubernel.
    --AMULET: What amulet? ask again with a better description.
    --WHITE AMULET/AMULET OF LIGHT: Oh! the white amulet of light. Well, I 
    heard Tombul bought it from an elf.
    --TOMBUL: In Delkona.
    --B: Raising dungeon gates requires special knowledge.
    --C: I hear my mad coleague is gone senile.
    --DUNGEON: Ask one by its name.
    --THAKASS: Chant: 'kuramdafur', 'tevalato', 'rekmetrek' to enter 
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, pyramid, pyramid from Crystal Castle ports to 
    * CONCLAVE *
    Opens 18:00- <=21:00
    [unknown: The conclave of orders is in progress.
    Home of all orders
    The one who carries the circlet may gather the 'twigs'.
    The one who wears the circlet of Aka must gather the fallen twigs of 
    Shir-aka. The twigs will turn into ash upon touch.
    The circlet of Aka is in the hands of the enemy.]
    "How dare you interrupt! begone before we lose our patience!"
    "That's me./That's him over there."
    --ENEMY: They are everywhere!
    --SHADRUM: Stay away from there!
    "I am Jaxinfozt, archmage of the green order."
    --B: We are all experts in teleportals.
    --C: We prefer not to!
    --TELEPORT: Pyramid, sphere, pyramid from Meardom ports to Knessos.
    "I am Gromus, archmage of the blue order."
    --B: You must walk in Shiran after midnight!
    --C: We prefer not to!
    --TELEPORT: Pyramid, cube, pyramid from Shadrum gets you to Shiran.
    "I am Shekyza, archmage of the red order."
    --B: You can buy a Zoxinn here at Shiran.
    --C: We prefer not to!
    --ZOXINN: Fizkreto sells the Zoxinn.
    --TELEPORT: Sphere, cube, sphere from Shendy ports to Dakland.
    "I am Freyapkin, leader of the conclave."
    --B: Magical items of the same color light up the 'stones'.
    --C: We prefer not to!
    --STONES: Lighting stones are in Berbezza.
    --BERBEZZA: In hidden vale.
    --SHIR-AKA: The great tree of magic power, may it flourish to eternity.
    --SHIR-AKA ASH: You need the ash of Shir-aka eh? [space] None other than 
    the one who wears the 'circlet' of Aka can gather the fallen twigs of 
    the great Shir-aka. Any other who attempts to touch will be severely 
    --CIRCLET: Halflings of Fubernel claim knowledge of its whereabouts.
    --TWIGS: They turn to ash upon human touch.
    --TELEPORT: Sphere, cube, cube from Khiriss gets you to Fubernel.
    * SOLDAIN *
    ......++++++++++++++++++ ****.I..  ***  
    ......+,,,,,,,,,+ ,, * .***I....****I** 
    ......+,,,/^\,,,+ ,,***.***./^\.********
    ......+,,//%\\,,+ ,,***CWI.//%\\.I*** I 
    ......+* /%X%\ *+  v,I ++++/%X%\+++I    
    ......***|%:%|*** ,*./^\.=!|%:%|f .     
    ......***+   +*** d //X\\.  .... ***    
    ......+I,+   +.I+ = /XXX\   ...  *** *  
    ......++++   +++++++|X:X|. ..    -I.*** 
    .......#..   f.......     .  *  .+++*** 
       ...          ...   .     *** .+...I..
                           .    ***..+......
    ......+++ ..../\  ***       ..! .+..**..
    ..***.+......//\\ *** /^\       .+.*****
    ..***.+.*..../XX\ .I. /X\       .+..I***
    ...I..+***..,|X:|  *  XXX /\   ..+...***
    ......+***.. .....*** XXX//\\  ..+..*.I.
    ......+.I....   ..*** XXX/XX\....+.***..
    ......+++++ .    .,I! XXXX::X....+.***..
    ......+,,,+ .         f #    f ..+*.I...
    ......+,,,+ ...                ..***....
    ......+,,,+++++    .     ...    .***....
    ......+,,,,, v+     .  ...    ...+I.....
    ......+,,,,, *+                .***.....
    ......+ ;;;~;.+       *    /\  .***..*..
    ......+;;~~~./^\     ***  //\\...I..***.
    ......+;~~~;//X\\    ***  /%%\...+..***.
    ......+CW.../%X%\     I+++|:%|++++...I..
    ......+.....|X%X|.    .f.......#........
    ......+.CW..|%:%|.     .................
    ......+...........  .  .................
    ......+***!...... .      ...............
    ......+***............ .................
    ......+ I=d ..;;.......f................
    ......++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .....
    left and right, "Soldain - Dwarf home"
    center, "Soldain hall - Council meets at 1800"
      House map:
      Yodan  Denkar  Makaso
        Azidamus   Hall
    	 Hokando  Rabbonkar
    --RABBONKAR: By the east gate.
    --HOKANDO: At the south west corner.
    --DENKAR: He loves dogs!
    --MAKASO: At the nort east corner.[sic]
    --YODAN: He lives in the first house by the west entrance.
    --VOCHA: Home of orcs!
    --ORCS: We kill them!
    --AZIDAMUS: He lives in the small hut.
    1 = Dunar(26, ?-?)
    --B: Interrogate the orcs at Port Avur jail about the 'hammer'.
    --C: They say the white wolf is alive!
    2 = Hodim(24, ?-?)
    --B: Seek 'temple of sun' at Kuskunn.
    --C: I hear there are captive orcs in Port Avur.
    --HAMMER: Orcs stole it, I swear!
    --ORCS: You know as much as I know.
    --TEMPLE: You can pray to Nexis there.
    --NEXIS: Sun god of Deruvias.
    3 = Varak(20, ?-?)
    --B: If you please the council, they may declare you dwarf-friend.
    --C: I hear of a 'captain' from Keof dares to sail to Isles of ice.
    --CAPTAIN: You may hire him to wait for you while you explore the isle.
    4 = Nokbin(30, ?-?)
    --B: A visit to Kuskunn before daring Vocha may be a good idea.
    --C: I hear rumors of many treasures at Vocha.
    by hall
    If they're selling, 5 charisma, but if they're not selling anything, 30 
    charisma. You can knock and enter and still be rebuffed inside("I can't 
    talk right now, why don't you visit me some other time.") which is 
    "Welcome to my home traveler." from all
    --RABBONKAR: Rabbonkar may teach you dwarvish.
    --HAMMER: We think orcs stole it!
    --ORCS: They are thieves, all of them!
    --B: Drop pearls in magical 'bowls.'
    --C: I hear Azidamus is willing to sell a Sabano.
    --PEARLS: They activate the magic that displays the map of the level.
    --BOWLS: Found in dungeons, they are filled with a milky substance.
    Rabbonkar [150 coins to read Dwarvish]
    Makaso [190 coins to increase learning]
    Azidamus [Sabano = 1500]
    --B: Awaken gods by chanting their 'prayers'.
    --C: I hear Azidamus is willing to sell a Sabano.
    --GODS: One of them, Valon, sleeps at Dermagud.
    --VALON: You can reach his temple through Dermagud.
    --DERMAGUD: Dermagud can only be entered by chanting the three magic 
    words to raise the gate. Stand by the door and chant: 'achunne', 
    'reshiptar', 'ebitonagzi'.
    --AZIDAMUS: He resides in Soldain.
    --PRAYERS: They are found at temples.
    --TEMPLE[S]: There is one for each god.
    --B: Find the white wolf at the wolf rock.
    --C: They say there is a new diamond mine in Phaleng.
    --WHITE WOLF: Use hoyam essence to lure the white wolf.
    --HOYAM: Ask about hoyam to the council, only they can give you some.
    --WOLF ROCK: The wolf rock is in phaleng.
    * DWARF HALL *
    You don't need charisma to talk to anyone here. But you do need to enter 
    just after 1800 hours.
    That's me./That's him over there.
    --SOLDAIN: Our beloved village.
    --WHITE WOLF: Could be in Phaleng.
    --HOYAM: Talk to Okdark about that.
    --THORIN: He was the greatest leader of dwarf kind.
    [after winning:]
    Use hoyam to lure the white wolf.
    Some say the white wolf has the key!
    Greetings adventurers, I am Okdark, eldest of Soldain. (rightmost)
    --B: You must prove your worth!
    --C: I heard of your quest. May Thorin guide you.
    --HOYAM: Hoyam essence eh? We can give you some if you prove you are 
    worthy of such a gift. [hammer given:] We will be honored to supply you 
    with it. Will you accept our gift?
    --HAMMER: We will be forever grateful if you can bring it back.
    --[give hammer:] This is a moment of great joy for the dwarf kind. You 
    must now name your need and we shall do our best to oblige./We are 
    grateful for its recovery. Ask us what you need.
    Yondilar (left)
    --B: Some believe that the hammer is lost forever!
    --C: Dwarves can be very generous on occasion.
    --HAMMER: It was stolen from our hall.
    Fodkin (2nd left)
    --B: We can't help while Thorin's hammer is missing.
    --C: We suspect it was orcs, of course.
    --HAMMER: It must be found!
    Freggar (2nd right)
    --B: The hammer must be restored to its place.
    --C: They say the hammer is buried in a dark dungeon!
    --HAMMER: It was stolen from our hall.
    * THELDAIR *
    .+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
    .+***...***....***.........*****/^\**+ .
    .+*********  ,,***.....**..****//%\\*+ .
    .+.I.***,I     ,I,.....*****I**/%:%\*+ .
    .+..,,I, ,           ...I**...     ,,+ .
    .+..!.                 .;;!.. .    ,,+ .
    .+....                    ;  ..      + .
    .+.....      /^\            .    *** + .
    .+...      *//%\\*   ***   ..    *** + .
    .+.. *** **//%X%\\** ***    .  ;;.I..+ .
    .+.  ****../%X:X%\..* I.        *;***+ .
    .+..  I *..,,   ,,..*   ..      *****+ .
    .+... .*..f,#    ,f..****        **I.+ .
    .+.  .**.          ..****/^\     ....+ .
    .+   *..     .;.    ..*I//%\\     ...+ .
    .+   * -    .;~;.     *./%%%\ ***  ..+ .
    .+   *      ;~~~;     *.|%:%| ******.+ .
    .+   * -    ;~~~;     **.....* I ***.+ .
    .+ . *      .;~;.     **.....*****I**+ .
    .+  ..**     .;.              f+++++++ .
    .+      *                               
    .+   .. *                               
    .+***  .....                   #        
    .+***  .. .......     *.      f+++++++  
    .+ I ***  . ....     .****   .*******+ .
    .+ * *** .....   *  **.  * ...*..***.+ .
    .+***;I,..   ...******    ... *..***.+ .
    .+***,...     ..***..    ...******I..+ .
    .+.I;, .      .*.I...    ...******...+ .
    .+.           ******.      ..I**I/^\.+ .
    .+...     /^\ ******... .  .....//%\\+ .
    .+..*    //*\\.I.*I..  .      ! /%:%\+ .
    .+.***   /***\ ****     .        , ,.+ .
    .+.***   |*:*|**,, *              ...+ .
    .+..I         ....***      ~   . ....+ .
    .+** .        ..*.***  ;    ;.    **.+ .
    .+***.         ***.I  ;~ ;.~. *** ***+ .
    .+***...       ***  .;..~~~;;.*** ***+ .
    .+.I.......f    I; ;~~...~.....I...I.+ .
    .+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
    "Council hall. Meeting starts at 1800 hours."
    Kehvean(40, elf, UR)
    --B: Truk the wizard knows teleportals like no other!
    --C: I hear there is curfew in Delkona.
    --TRUK: He resides in Crystal castle.
    Nehemas(40, elf, UL)
    --B: Seek Paladin in Bedangidar.
    --C: He is the god of moon.
    [should be? --MOON: The temple of moon is in eastern Kherbel.]
    Sevidor(45, elf, DR)
    --B: You can pick nifts if you go east from Theldair.
    --C: I hear of an elven maid on an isle.
    --ELVEN MAID: She sings.
    --SONG: Oh, I can't sing like aellin!
    [should be? --AELLIN: She is the best of the three sisters.]
    --FAERY: It's beyond the sea of Oshmar. [unimplemented]
    hall     Jagamer
    Baelin   Hextaris
    --B: Seek my love Suerfin in Trilliad.
    --C: Aydor will come to visit soon.
    --AYDOR: Aydor wanders in the woods.
    --SUERFIN: Oh how I yearn to hear my fair maiden's 'song'.
    --SONG: She sings the 'sparrow song'.
    --SPARROW SONG: Ask Suerfin that.
    --SING: I can't, but Suerfin does!
    --B: Maybe we can get help from the land of faery.
    --C: Is there a land of faery, I wonder.
    --SHERRO: She was a friend of unicorns.
    --UNICORN: Only one unicorn is left in our world now!
    --SHERRO: Sherro knew how to summon the unicorns. Her high call was: 
    'sherro', 'hoy', 'dumanfir'.
    Hextaris sells Demaro at 1500 when it is a rip-off for 150.
    Jagamer teaches learning for 180 gold.
    * HALL *
       3 4 56
    1        7
    1 = Tassen(30)
    --B: Stay away from bedangidar!
    --C: They say Azraels are coming!
    --BEDANGIDAR: Bedangidar is an old dwarf mine. It is now infested by the 
    2 = Galhail(45)
    --B: Ask about the 'elvish cloak' at the museum of Merg.
    --C: Some say there is a prison in Mines of Bedangidar!
    --ELVISH CLOAK: It is on display at Merg museum.
    --SOMONA: She is a sorceress and advisor to the queen.
    3 = Feadeil(30)
    --B: Only somona can give you the dust you seek.
    --C: Only an Azrael could overpower Somona.
    4 = Queen Fay(5)
    "Greetings adventurers, I am Queen Fay."
    --B: Elves everywhere are advised to help you however they can.
    --C: I am queen, I have no time for rumors!
    --DUST: Somona can help you about that.
    -- THE DUST/DREAM DUST/ELVEN DREAM DUST: Only Somona the sorceress knows 
    how to make dream dust.
    --SOMONA: She is the maker of the dust.
    5 = Nef(30)
    --B: Help so you can be helped!
    --C: Only an Azrael could overpower Somona.
    6 = Keldain(45)
    --B: Knock on Gilondo's door.
    --C: They say Azraels are coming!
    --GILONDO: He lives here in Theldair.
    7 = Neldor(40)
    --B: Somona the sorceress could help you.
    --C: They say Azraels are coming!
    --SOMONA: She is our sorceress.
    [other after she's rescued:]
    I know how to make dream dust!
    I've been away for a while.
    Ask Somona about dream dust!
    Dream dust eh?
    I would like to offer you some as a token of my gratitude. Would you 
    It was hell!
    Thanks but we have no need of that.
    That's me.
    We are grateful for her rescue!
      You'll meet a lot of people on the roads. The possible conversations 
    are divided into four areas based on what part of the disk loads up: 
    X=76/77 and X=61/62 are where they are divided. You can tell because the 
    disk loads. Other than that there is some division by territory--for 
    instance, in the SW there is no overlap between Shendy encounters and 
    Fubernel ones. So it's all marginally random. You can pick up some good 
    info here but oddly some folks seem to catch up to you even if you flee 
    like crazy--and old man, for instance. But this is better than having to 
    wait too long to see people. I've included some conversations I didn't 
    stumble on--that's probably due to not being in the right place enough, 
    as I tried to scour the roads thoroughly. But this is info taken from 
    the disk image. I also tried to include where I tended to find the 
    * NW sector roads *
    [ one of Frofha Shokki Tenke ]:
    --B: Ask about 'gems' to travelling dwarves.
    --C: Dreads are coming!
    Merchants are found closer to Port Avur.
    --B: Buy my 'goods'.
    --C: Rumor has it there is a combination to teleport to Isles of Ice.
    --GOODS: Won't you greet me first?
    Father Bullon(monk, 25) UBE
    --B: Six of the 'gods' sleep in underground chambers. Two sleep above 
    --C: They say the chosen hero will save us.
    --TEMPLES: There is a temple nearby, through Dermagud.
    --GODS: The ones that sleep above are Kalb and Pax.
    --KALB: His temple is in Dakland.
    --PAX: He is far far away.
    Father Gostav(monk, 25) UBE
    --B: Inspect the altars in temples.
    --C: I hear Rabbonkar teaches dwarvish.
    --TEMPLES: There is one between the two lakes.
    --RABBONKAR: In Soldain.
    Fibor(farmer, 20) KEN
    --B: Pick drelin by the Brelleht lake.
    --C: I pay no heed to rumors.
    --FOOD: Food eh? (I sell 5 rations for 07 gold.)
    Sefir(farmer, 11) PHA
    --B: I saw sermin mushrooms in Uberion.
    --C: I pay no heed to rumors.
    --FOOD: Food eh? (I sell 4 rations for 06 gold.)
    Fixnix(wizard, 50) PHA/KEN
    --B: You may sail to isles of ice or you may teleport!
    --C: I pay no heed to rumors.
    --TELEPORTALS: Pyramid, cube, sphere from Dermagud ports to isles of 
    Trikerviz(wizard, 46) PHA
    --B: Pearls can be used for purposes other than trade. Denkar knows how.
    --C: I pay no heed to rumors.
    --DENKAR: He lives in Soldain.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, pyramid, cube from Dermagud gets you to Selderad.
    Rokka(knight, 30) PHE
    --B: Captain Kunder sails to isles of ice.
    --C: I pay no heed to rumors.
    --KUNDER: He usually docks at Keof.
    Mallor(juggler, 28) PHA
    --B: If I was a gem cutter, I would go work at Keof.
    --C: They say the chosen hero will save us.
    Razmithar(wizard, 35) MAR
    --B: Seek 'teleportals'!
    --C: I hear of a teleportal at north Pheron.
    --TELEPORTALS: Three cubes from Vocha gets you to meram.
    Gretta(old woman, 50) KEN
    --B: Go back to your home.
    --C: They say it's out.
    Shapur(dwarf, 25) PHA
    --B: You can probably sell my 'gems' for a profit.
    --C: I heard none down at the mines.
    [Shapur sells Topaz? for 30? gold.]
    Sir Levnkor(knight, 32)
    --B: Pick nifts at north Phaleng.
    --C: I hear the king's hero beheaded an ogre.
    Gallen(dwarf, 25)
    --B: You can probably sell my 'gems' for a profit.
    --C: I heard none down at the mines.
    [Gallen sells 6 rubies for 60 gold.]
    * SW sector roads *
      Folks on Fubernel and Shendy are actually pretty friendly(la la la) 
    despite the garrisons on the first, and so you'll get a lot of advice 
    from halflings off the bat. But wizards are a different story. This part 
    of the road describes where some stories cross, and Dinera's advice is 
    time-saving if your charisma is good enough.
    **** known but not found
    --B: There is a nift field nearby.
    --C: ?
    Nuronn(wizard, ?)(JWHM)
    --B: Seek Kurek at Kharin.
    --C: ?
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, pyramid, cube from Shadrum ports to Marmaris.
    --KUREK: He has been to Bedangidar.
    --SHADRUM: Ask Dinera, she has been there!
    --B: Hurry up!
    --C: The amulet is lost!
    Cubes = 27 Pyramids = 24
    Jem(5) FUB
    --B: Tuten knows the words to enter Shadrum.
    --C: Some say the Ogre King wears a stolen circlet.
    --TUTEN: Conquer Shadrum!
    --SHADRUM: Seek Tuten at Bondell. [seems buggy here]
    Faruk (?) FUB
    --I was rescued from a goblin ambush by a brave knight. I gave him the 
    amulet as a token of my gratitude.
    --KNIGHT: His name was Farhad.
    --FARHAD: He was from Sumruna.
    Minky(halfling, 15) FUB
    --B: Conquer Shadrum!
    --C: Some say there is a dungeon with no entrance!
    --ISLE OF GIANTS: It used to be known as Hobbits' Isle.
    --SHADRUM: Shadrum is the tower the evil ogres built on our fair isle.
    --OGRES: They corrupted our beautiful isle.There is nothing but swamps 
    Dinera(old woman, 70) FUB
    --B: You must destroy the ogres. I couldn't!
    --C: No time for that!
    --OGRES: They live in the tower of Shadrum, on the isle of giants.
    --[TOWER OF] SHADRUM: You must reach the 'top level'.
    --TOP LEVEL: There are three halls at the top. One of them is the 'hall 
    of no return'.
    --HALL OF NO RETURN: If you wish to meet the King of ogres, you must 
    'cross' this hall.
    --CROSS: To cross this hall, reach the east wall and move south.
    --ISLE OF GIANTS: Ask halflings about it. They used to live there before 
    the giants came.
    --GIANTS: They are also known as ogres.
    Emin(halfling, 15) FUB
    --B: Pindalf studies the 'magical rituals'.
    --PINDALF: He lives in the Crystal castle.
    --MAGICAL RITUALS: You must ask that to Pindalf.
    --C: Some say the Ogre King wears a stolen circlet.
    --DINERA: She wanders around.
    Dundar(farmer, 25) SHE
    --B: Seek Tuten at Bondell.
    --C: No time for that!
    --FOOD: Food eh? (I sell 6 rations for 10 gold.)
    Degast(wizard, 60) SHE
    --B: Pyramid, pyramid, cube from Shendy ports to Uberion.
    --C: There is a sermin patch nearby, they say!
    --TELEPORTALS: Three spheres to escape from Shadrum!
    Alamas(monk, 35) SHE
    --B/TEMPLES: Visit the temple on Kuskunn.
    --C: They say there is a teleportal house on Shendy!
    Mola(monk, 35) SHE
    --B/TEMPLES: Visit the temple on Fubernel.
    --C: They say there is a teleportal house on Shendy!
      You'll find elves in Trilliad and dwarves in Bihun. There's also the 
    only mercenary on the roads here.
      All the roads are on the main continent, which not only makes it 
    easier to program but leaves the northeast isle as an object of mystery. 
    Wizards have good advice, but if you were careful earlier in the game, 
    you don't need to worry about the hermit. Some nicer deals on gems here. 
    Some very tough to talk to folks.
    [2 wizards]
    --B: Use 'teleportals' when you can.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, pyramid, cube from Bedangidar gets you to Rosus.
    --B: Wizards of Shiran come out after midnight.
    --TELEPORTALS: Sphere, sphere, cube from Kherbel ports to Pheron.
    --B: Catch the hermit in Trilliad.
    cubes 28
    Yowdin(dwarf, 40) BIH
    --B: Buy my gems!
    --C: Gem prices are falling, they say!
    [emeralds 22 at 110]
    Rufus(hermit, 40) TRI
    --B: Magic is not the answer to all!
    --C: Hrmph!
    --DEBARAMOS: I was!
    --MEARDOM: You want to go in eh? Well, ask Beratt about meardom.
    --BERATT: He is an old servant at the king's castle.
    Efenor(elf, 45) TRI
    --B: Seek the 'unicorn'.
    --UNICORN: Sherro loved them.
    --SHERRO: She chanted her 'high call' to summon them.
    --HIGH CALL: Ask Gilondo about Sherro's High Call.
    --GILONDO: He lives in Theldair.
    Gaylon(elf, 35) TRI
    --B: Find Pax in Piyan.
    --C: Nothing exciting.
    --PAX: God of eye. His temple is in Rosus.
    Leam-fr(elf, 40) TRI
    --B: 'Ashes' of Shir-aka may be needed.
    --C: Some say death winds will blow soon.
    --ASHES: Ask a 'conclave' member at Shiran about ashes of shir-aka.
    --CONCLAVE: Beware! Much 'charisma' is needed to deal with the conclave.
    --CHARISMA: About 55, I'd say.
    Ellone(elf, 45) TRI
    --B: Hunting is good in Trilliad.
    --C: They say the hermit wasn't always a hermit.
    --HERMIT: He wanders in Trilliad.
    Kellian(elf, 40) TRI
    --B: Seek Hextaris.
    --C: They say the hermit wasn't always a hermit.
    --HEXTARIS: He lives in Theldair.
    --HERMIT: He wanders in Trilliad.
    Zalim(mercenary, 30) TRI
    --B: Remember to fix your weapons often.
    --C: I heard of a 'prisoner' from a wolvinga.
    --PRISONER: She is held at the top of Bedangidar.
    Rulka(dwarf, 30) BIH
    --B: Find all three stairs of Sudogur level 1.
    --C: Gem prices are falling, they say!
    --SUDOGUR: Below Lymeric.
    21 rubies for 70 apiece
      You can often buy diamonds here as you go through Kherbel. Given that 
    Trilliad's still here, you get some elves giving you more help, but in 
    Kherbel dwarves may even sel diamonds. People are pretty tough to get to 
    talk to here.
    --B: Don't ignore rumors, they can be useful.
    --B: Seek Valoda the scholar at Kharin.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, sphere, cube from Shendy ports to Piyan.
    --B: Three 'wizards' live at Crystal castle.
    --WIZARDS: Argelb, Pindalf, and Truk.
    Fahael(elf, 50) TRI
    --B: Seek Remon the knight.
    --C: I hear of treasure chests stashed in enemy headquarters.
    --REMON: At Crystal Castle.
    Simmen(elf, ?) TRI
    --B: I hear Baelin is in love with Suerfin.
    --BAELIN: At Theldair.
    --SUERFIN: She is an elven maid of great beauty.
    Aydor(elf, 45) TRI
    --B: Remember to ask about teleportals to all the wizards you meet.
    --C: Some say Kurek entered Bedangidar.
    --BEDANGIDAR: I wouldn't dare to enter!
    --KUREK: He lives in Kharin.
    Mokaram(wizard, 50) FISE
    --B: You may have to ask about the 'blue ring' many times.
    --C: (can't help)
    --BLUE RING: Mad wizard holds it.
    --MAD WIZARD: Last I spoke with him he was rather senile.
    Krimkast(wizard, 48) KHER
    --B: Fizkreto sells Zoxinn.
    --C: (can't help)
    --FIZKRETO: He lives in Shiran.
    --ZOXINN: Zoxinn is the most potent of spell books.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, pyramid, sphere from Meardom ports to Fubernel
    Vadin(dwarf, 60?) KHER
    sells diamonds 10 for 210 each
    --B: You may buy 'Methreal' armor in Kharin.
    --C: I hear the merchant at Delkona offers best prices for gems.
    --METHREAL: Gives the wearer the best possible protection.
    Salimi(old man, 62) FISE
    --B: Ask Glenli about 'elven maids'.
    --C: Got no time for that!
    --GLENLI: He is an elf lord. He lives in Crystal Castle.
    Ehvenn(wizard, 65) FISE
    --B: Petkenpif may know something about an amulet.
    --C: Kemkezar is back at Shiran, they say.
    --PETKENPIF: At Crystal Castle.
    --TELEPORTALS: Cube, pyramid, pyramid from Kherbel ports to the hidden 
    --KEMKEZAR: He lives in Shiran.
    Haso(farmer, 40) FISE
    --B: Buy from me!
    --C: Got no time for that!
    --FOOD: (5 for 6 gold)
    Pyramids 38 Spheres 25 
    --B: Buy from me!
    --C: Got no time for that!
    Ovar(monk, 35) KHER
    --B: Seek Hissen in Crezimas.
    --C: I hear of treasure chests stashed in enemy headquarters.
    --HISSEN: He is the snake god.
    --CREZIMAS: It is now infested by demon spawn.
    --TEMPLES: Temple of snake god is in southwest Kherbel, by the sea.
    Donak(dwarf, 45) YBE
    --B: Buy my 'gems'.
    --C: I hear the merchant at Delkona offers best prices for gems.
    --GEMS: 34 topaz for 35 each
    Koton(dwarf, 45) YBE 
    ~ Donak but sells 14 diamonds at 200 each.
        9-1. DUNGEONS
      I've arranged the dungeons with Dermagud first and then alphabetically 
    for the rest. Although it's tough to judge the difficulty fully I think 
    a good approximation is as follows:
    Dermagud < Vocha < Thakass < Meardom < Sudogur < Bedangidar < Crezimas < 
    Shadrum < Khazan < Sargoz
    *,X = wall
    r,R = room
    ^   = stairs up    ]may be embedded in wall doors.
    v   = stairs down  ]
    t   = torch on wall
    $   = treasure chest
    +   = sign post
    0-9 = dungeon room labels
    x   = spot to dig for treasure. Stand not on it but one square away and 
    dig in that direction.
    A   = ambush[number for this and others below is embedded or to the 
    right for reference below]
    T   = time trap
    P   = portal, p = destination
    [note: your party can step on either one of these squares without 
    setting anything off, or it can set something off without seeming to 
    step on it. The criterion is whether the UL location in your party steps 
    on it. So for instance if you split up your party and your current 
    characters are aligned as follows:
    - 2 -
    - 5 -
    Then for the ambush right of the entrance 2 and 5 can walk onto the left 
    A's from the left with no problem. But they'll be caught a square before 
    reaching the right A's if they come from the right. Details of how to go 
    around ambushes are given later.]
    + = fountain
    $ = chest
    Z = zorlim
    F = fermigon
    O = orc
    N = gnoll
    E = Zebani
    Z = zorlim
    H = Hraffel
    B = Barg
    m = Gaem
    R = Gragan
    A = Azrael
    J = Jerrah
    U = zumagin
    M = minotaur
    Y = Mongor(sorry...but they're rare)
    D = Dark Knight
    ! = Ogre
    * = Dread
    1,2,3,4,5,6 = where to place your characters
      I assume 5, 6 = magic users, 2, 3 = fighters, 4 = elf(bow,) and 
    1=you(may have bow.)
      Dungeon rooms like town rooms are a 13x7 display of icons, but they 
    may have different parts walled out. They often contain fountains(which 
    improve dexterity, strength or agility) and/or nonrandom treasure and 
    always contain monsters--until you defeat them. Then you can rest in 
    them. You don't know if a dungeon room is 1 or 2 way until you've won--
    it's always N/S or E/W though, but never both.
    --Time trap lasts ten hours.
    --drelins don't really have an effect.
    --no time passes in post-battle operations in a dungeon room.
                 * DERMAGUD *
      Dermagud is a good introductory dungeon that introduces you to pretty 
    much every concept you'll need later on except force fields. Which it's 
    probably not big enough for. There's plenty to do even before you enter 
    the rooms. You won't need to on the first trip, but once you return with 
    your new characters, they are great places to practice for future 
    combats. All in all it's not too dense but seeing many of the tricks for 
    the first time may frustrate you.
    ***XXXXXXX**X        XX         ^*X   *X   **
    **XX     X**X        XX          *X   *X   **
    **XX      XXX   *X        ********X   *X   **
    **X AA    XXX   *X        *XXXtXXXX   *X   **
    **X A1          *****X   **XXXXXXXX   XX   **
    **X             XXXX*X   *XX          XX   **
    **X   ******X   XXXX*X   *XX               **
    **X   ******X       *X   XX     **X        **
    **X   ******X       *X   XX     **X        **
    **X   *RRR******X   *X          **X   *******
    **X   Xr1rXtXXtXX   *X          *XX   *******
    **X   XrrrXXXXXXX   *X   ********XX   *******
    *rr          AA     *X   ********X    *******
    *rr          A2     *X   ********X    *******
    *rr    ***X         *X   **RRR***X   **RRR***
    **r    X**X         *X   *Xr2rXtXX   *Xr3rX**
    **X+   X**X         *X   *XrrrXXXX   *XrrrX**
    **X     *************X   *X          *X    **
    **X     XXtXXXXtXXXXXX   *X          *X    **
    **X     XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   **************X   **
    ***X                     XXXXXXtXXXX***X   **
    ****X                    XXXXXXXXXXX***X S **
    ***********X   *X  p                ***XS S**
    *XXXXXXXXXXX~~~*X                   ***X S **
    *XXXXXXXXXXX~~ XX          **X   ******XS S**
    *X         ~~~ XX       *****X   *XXXX*X   **
    *X~       ~~~           *XXX**r4r*XXXX*X   **
    *X~~     ~~~~       *****XXX******X   *X   **
    *X~~~ $ ********X   *XtXXX $******X   *X   X*
    *X~~;;  *XXXtXX*X   *XXXXX  ******XP  XX   X*
    *X~~;****XXXXXXXX   *X      **RRR*X   XX   +*
    *X~;;*XtXX     XX   *X   ****Xr4rXX  AA     *
    *X~~~*XXXX          *X   ****XrrrXX  A3    **
    *X~~ XX             *X   *XtXX             **
    *X   XX        *X   *X   *XXXX        *X   **
    *X        *X   *X   *X   *X        ****X   **
    *X        *X   *X   *X + *X        *XtXX   **
    ******X   *X   ******X   *X        *XXXX   **
    **XtX******X   X*****X   ***********X      **
    **XXXXXXtXXX   XXXtX*X   XXXtX******X      **
    *rr+ XXXXXXX   +XXXX*X   XXXXXr****rr   *X **
    *5r            T0   *X        6****6r   *X **
    *rr                 *X        r****rr   *X$**
    ** Ambushes and Portals **
    1 = slimes
    2 = 
    3 = slimes
    P : the portal just frustrates you, kicking you backwards, and the time 
    trap gives fair warning beforehand with the dwarvish sign.
      ** Room maps **
    #0(teleportal room)
      You can teleport so many places here--Isles of Ice and Yberton being 
    the main attractions. But Selderad is also good. You can also wimp out 
    back to Pheron(yawn.)
    X $         X
    X F  B B  F X
    X  O  O  O  X exits: south
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 5 pearls
    X    213    X
    X5 4    6   X
      Here if your #1 player has a bow you may want to put him at the back, 
    as well, before moving him up. Basically your major task is to wipe out 
    the fermigons--or one of them. Staying back allows you to rake the 
    fermigons with magic before anyone gets close. The current setup also 
    allows you to move the archer(4) right. Be sure not to trap #1 as you go 
    right, though. #5 won't be tracked by a fermigon--and if he is you have 
    plenty of time to blast it. Don't be scared to blast the bargs with 
    magic, either, but try to use the bow on them.
    X $   +     X
    X   W   W   X
    X  F OFO F  X exits: south
    X     W     X
    X    312    X
    X           X
    X   6 4 5   X
      The fountain of dexterity awaits if you win this fight. Here start off 
    just passing, except for your archer shooting(missing the wolvinga is 
    good here) and 5 and 6 blasting away at the Fermigon. Eventually 
    monsters will crowd you a bit, and you should be able to get some free 
    shots in. The archer can move from left to right to pick up bad guys.
    #3 is the GOD ROOM. The chants are:
    X $ 4 5 6   X
    X    123    X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X     O     X
    X  O H F O  X treasure: 30 sermins
    X           X
    X   J       X
      This is the only room you need to pass to get to the god Valon. Leave 
    your guys back so you have an extra magic turn--shoot at the jerrah and 
    cast spells at it, as it's your main nemesis--it has no magic shield, a 
    break for you. Then concentrate on the fermigon. If the hraffel diseases 
    you, hopefully you'll have a medicin, but if not you can still survive.
    X     +   56X
    X  W        X
    X   O     2 X exits: east
    X  W      3 X
    XJ  O     14X
    X  W        X fountain: strength
    X           X
      Have spellcasters rain spells on the Jerrah from the side. Everyone 
    else can stay back a bit and attack the monsters when they're close. The 
    more you wait, the more spells you can use. Two bows are nice here and 
    you can switch weapons when the monsters come in.
    X $   +   56X
    X   M       X
    X   S    1  X exits: east/west
    XZ O     2 4X
    X   S    3  X treasure: 2 diamonds
    X   M       X fountain: agility
    X           X
      Here you'll have to start to deal with the annoyances of east-west 
    rooms. It's so hard to get to the bad guys on the left, but just shoot 
    arrows at the zorlim/orc and then cast spells. Spells may also be useful 
    on the minotaurs. Given this is a fountain room with great treasure, 
    don't be scared to throw what you can at the bad guys.
      If you have a shovel, there's good treasure you can find beyond this 
      ** What to do **
      The first room is a good place to clear so you can stay and rest there 
    while you pick the others off. But your first time through you'll want 
    to go E, S as soon as possible, E to the wall, N, W, N, and you will 
    notice the transport room above. Use the appropriate code--likely three 
    cubes for Yberton. Although another thing to note is that you can head 
    east, ambush-free, E-S-E-S-E-N-E-E-N, to the stairs. These kick you out 
    to the other entrance to Dermagud which is on an island. There's also a 
    God in room 3. You actually need just two repel spells to get by him. 
    Approach the snakes--but don't touch them, de-poisoning is tough--and 
    cast repel on the two in the middle column. Then split off your middle 
    column and have them run through. Split off the left column and have 
    them run through and rejoin, then let the right in on the fun. If you 
    know what to do there, great. The snakes regenerate once you leave the 
      You can find treasure in a few places.
      ** Messages **
    on island, parchment in chest:
    --Vod targ devar,gotra targ ragon, karb.
    [three steps north, four steps west, dig.]
    by entrance, west wall:
    --Dermagud. Ot trar drakka.
    [Dermagud. Home belongs to(of) dwarves.]
    southwest corner:
    --Agru zalfar lekion
    [examine elden fountain.]
    southwest, T intersection by south wall:
    [note: on the Apple version of the game, iirc I remember "Hukte 
    southeast corner:
    --Vod kup oru Yberton.
    [three cubes to Yberton]
    east edge:
    --Gru dahar
    [snakes ahead]
    behind fountain room:
    --Goda targ krav, gotrag[sic] targ ragon, den targ krav, karb
    [two steps south, four steps west, six steps south, dig.]
          * BEDANGIDAR *
      Bedangidar is a tough dungeon combat-wise as it features Azraels. 
    Fortunately you don't have to go through much of it if you're prudent, 
    and with the help of gonshis and a few luffins/mirgets I was able to get 
    through this dungeon second. Without them I needed lots of spells.
      Bedangidar is also an odd dungeon to map. But the long-term 
    improvement is worth it. You start on level 3 and can go up or down. Up 
    leads to a god and the rescue of Somona, which the elves in Theldair 
    will like and is the only specifically necessary part of the game. Down 
    leads to Brennix. There's a relative shortcut from the first to the 
    second. You'll note that 6 is not the furthest away from the entrance; 
    that honor falls to 5, which only has stairs down to 6.
    I couldn't match up this text with any sign:
    Tokra beri.
    [portal near]
    *X         ******X                           *X^    *
    *X         *****rr                           *X     *
    **r1r*X    *****r0                **************X   *
    ******X    *****rr       **X      XXXXtXXXXXXtXXX   *
    ******X    ******r      ****X     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *
    ******X    ******X     ******X                      *
    **RRR*X    XXXXXXX    ********X                     *
    *Xrrr*X    XXXXXXX    XXtXXXX*X   *X               **
    *Xr1r*X               XXXXXXX*X   *X              ***
    *X   *X                      *X   *******************
    *X   **********X             *X   XXXX*XtXXXXXXXtXXX*
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *X       *X            *
    *X            XXXXXXXXXX*X   *X       *X            *
    *X                      *X   *****X   *X   ***X   ***
    ***X   ***X             XX   XXXX*X   *X   *XXX % XX*
    ***X   ***X   ******XCHUXX   XXXX*X   *X   *XXX%%%XX*
    *XXX   XX*X   ******XTE0         *X   *X   *Xr%%%%%r*
    *XXX   XX*X   ******X            *X   *X   *Xr%%%%%r*
    *X       *X   **RRR*****X   ******X   *X   *Xr%%%%%r*
    *X       XX   *Xrrr*XXXtX   XtXXX*X   *X   *X  %$%  *
    *X       XX   *Xr2r*XXXXX   XXXXX*X   *X   *Xr%%%%%r*
    *X            *X   *X            *X   *X   **********
    *X            *X   XX            XX   XX   XtXXXtXXX*
    *X            *X   XX   *****X   XX   XX   XXXXXXXXX*
    *X   **********X   AA   *****X                      *
    *X   *XXXXXXXX*X   AA   *RRR*X                      *
    *X   *XXXXXXXX*X        XrrrXX   *X   *X   *X   *X  *
    *X   *X       *X        XrvvvX   *X   *X   *X   *X  *
    *X   *X       *X                 *X   *X   *X   *X  *
    *X   *X       *X                 *X   *X   *X   *X  *
    *X   *X  *X   *X   *****XA  ******X   *X   *X   *X  *
    *X   *X  *X   XX   X**XtX   XtX**XX   *X   *X   *X  *
    *X   *X  *X   XX   X**XXX   XXX**XX   *X   *X   XX  *
    *X   *X  *X         **X        **X    *X   *X   XX  *
    *X   *X  *X         **X        **X    *X   *X       *
    *X   *X  *************X        **X   **X   *X       *
    *X   *X  XXXXXXtXXXXXXX        **X   *XX   **r3rX   *
    *X   *X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *******X   *XX   *****X   *
    *X   *X                   r*****rr   *X+   *****X   *
    *X   *X                   4*****r4   *X    *****X   *
    *X   *****************X   r*****rr   *X    *XtX*X   *
    *X   ******XXXXtXXXXX*X   *******r   *X    *XXX*X   *
    *X   **RRR*XXXXXXXXXX************X   *******X^r*X   *
    *X   *Xr^^XX         XXXXX*******X   XXXtXXXX  *X   *
    *X   *Xr^^^X         XXXXX*******X   XXXXXXXX  **r5r*
    *X   *X                   *******X             ******
    *X   *X                   *******X             ******
    *X   X********X      *******RRR******************RRR*
    *X   X********X      XXXX*XtrrrXtXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXrrr*
    *X    r******rr      XXXX*XXr7rXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXr5r*
    *X    6******r6          *X        %   %   %        *
    *X    r******rr          *X      %      % %         *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    Chute 0: to right of level 2's stairs down.
      ** Room maps **
    X $         X
    XE  F       X
    X  F      14X exits: east
    XE  F       X
    X  F      25X treasure: 36 luffins(poison)
    XE  F       X
    X         36X
      No rush to tackle the fermigons. Let 4 shoot them and 1, 5, 6 cast 
    spells on the ones you can't shoot. Keep off line of the Zebanis to buy 
    a move(they'll also move in) and once you've zapped the fermigons, the 
    zebanis are not hard, but a few timely spells may make it less tedious.
    X $   4     X
    X    6 5    X
    X    213    X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X   J J J   X treasure: 72 sermins
    X    m m    X
    X     A     X
      Since this room is avoidable, you may want to do so. If you choose to 
    enter it, use luffins/mirgets and make sure you have some on hand for 
    the next fight below. But I really recommend going around. If you don't, 
    be prepared to use gonshis at the start of the second round. My point is 
    to have 5/6 get the jerrahs(center/left/right) and then have 2/3 get the 
    gaems. You'll trap the Azrael in round 2 and beat him down.
      If you want an easier and funny win, though, approach from the south. 
    It's doable if you tiptoe around the chute. Then before you enter the 
    room align your party as follows:
    5 2 6
    3 1 4
      Move them to the following arrangement, not possible otherwise as you 
    can't walk through monsters:
      The gridlock is perfect for you--magic users can't take advantage of 
    it, but fighters can. Have 2 and 1 wipe out the gaem to the right. That 
    should be three hits--2 from 1. 3 can then kill off the azrael. 4 can 
    shoot the gaem with the bow, and 5 and 6 can cast spells on the 
    Jerrahs(right, left, center.)
    X    J+J    X
    X     W     X
    X  B B B B  X exit: west
    X     W     X
    X    312    X fountain: strength
    X           X
    X    4    56X
      You don't really need to use gonshis here but you might want to given 
    it's a fountain room and my walkthrough, well, staggers when you find 
    them--just knock out jerrahs with spells and 4's bow. The wolvinga etc. 
    won't be a problem especially if you have nifts.
    X $4 5 6    X
    X  1 2 3    X
    X           X exit: north
    X           X
    X   F F F   X treasure: 60 gonshis
    X   E   E   X
    X  J     J  X
    Concentrate on the jerrahs(right side first, then left--one round should 
    kill the right) before moving on to the fermigons. Stay back so you can 
    train your bow and spells on them well before they approach--also let 1 
    use spells here for a nice extra boost. Odd positioning is so Zebani 
    have one less move to attack.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X    WEW 2 6X exits: east/west
    X    WEW 14 X
    X    WEW 3 5X treasure: 10 rubies(poison)
    X           X
    X           X
      It looks too trivial here--trap some guys and run in--but you get 
    trapped if you run left with all the carnage too quickly. Better to take 
    1 and have him use a sword, then have 4 use a bow. That will clear the 
    center, and other monsters will come into the vacuum. Let 2 and 3 push 
    forward. You shouldn't need to use magic, and 6 and 5 may be nice decoys 
    'til they've used nifts. 4 can also move vertically to get zebanis 
    trapped as wolvingas come around the ends. This is not one of the harder 
    rooms, and you will risk more damage from the treasure, which is worth 
    it. I'd visit this one before leaving, but from the east, where no 
    ambushes force you to divide your party.
    X $ 5 4 6   X
    X           X
    X   13 2    X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X    B B    X
    X  B     B  X treasure: 36 nifts(disease)
    X    JJJ    X
      This room guards the god. It's not too arduous. But besides gonshis 
    there's no really good way to make it quick. Remove the bargs below 2 
    and 3 with fireballs, but let 1 go down and box in the jerrah first. 4 
    can then blast the middle jerrah with bow shots. Be prepared to use a 
    lot of magic--even shatter spells by your main guy--to take out the 
    jerrahs in back. The bargs can wait.
    X $         X
    X5      Z   X
    X4 3   F  A X exits: west/east
    X  1    Z   X
    X6 2   F  A X treasure: 10 picks
    X       Z   X
    X           X
      This is the nastiest room in the whole dungeon. It guards Brennix. 
    You'll want to use luffins and mirgets here and double check your magic 
    shields as well. The trick is not to worry about the Zorlims--you'll 
    have to take SOME damage from them, as there aren't enough spells to go 
      Here you'll want to have player 1 run right and knock out the Fermigon 
    above. That allows your strongest player to run in. Then have players 5 
    and 6 wipe out the fermigon below so that the #3 can run to the right 
    and reach the Azrael. Hopefully you can hit the top azrael with enough 
    bow shots that you won't need to cast spells and wear out its shield.
      Once done here, you'll want to look ahead and see if you have walk on 
    water spells. You'll need 2 at a minimum(and this requires splitting the 
    party up) to get by the next phase. But fortunately the next and 
    immediate thing to do--going east and up the stairs--is easy enough.
    #7: room of Paladin the Moon God.
    Visit the fountain room of strength on the way back up!
      ** What to Do **
      East to the wall, break up your party, go south, rejoin and win the 
    fight in the room below. Then pierce a few times to get to the sleeping 
    god. Return to below the stairs and west/north to win the fight in the 
    fountain room, #2. The extra strength should help out for the next bit--
    stop by room 4, approaching from the east. Break up and rejoin. Split 
    your party up again to make it past the chute to the lower left(you 
    avoid an extra fight this way) and you can release Somona this way. Then 
    return as you came and you should have enough gonshis to go down to 
    level 5 and get Brennix...E-N-E-E-S to the portal area to get to level 
    4. There's a sign in dwarvish by it.
      ** Messages **
    Right side behind energy:
    --Yuvar, yuvar, ahkt oru Pheron.
    [Sphere, sphere, pyramid to Pheron.]
    E-E-S of center stairs:
    --Tokra oru aptar gotra.
    [portal to level four]
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X   ***********************X   *
    *X   *XXXXXXXX*****XXXX*RRR*X   *
    *X   *XXXXXXXX*****XXXXXr^^*X   *
    *X   *X       XXXXXXP  Xr^^*X   *
    *X   *X   ^   XXXXXX       *X   *
    *X   *X             A      *X   *
    **r0r**X            A      **r1r*
    *******X                   ******
    *******X      *****X+      ******
    *X       XXp  XrrrXX     *X     *
    *X       XX   XrvvvX     XX     *
    *X                       XX     *
    *X                              *
    *X       *X                     *
    *X       *X              *X     *
    ***X   ********X   *******X     *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    ***r2r********X     ********r3r**
    ********XXXX**X     **XXXX*******
    ********XXXX**X     **XXXX*******
    ***RRR**XQ  **********XY  **RRR**
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P: leads from the up-stair area to the down-stair area.
    Q: leads down to level 3.
    Y: leads to the stairs to level 1.
      ** Room maps **
    X $         X
    X           X
    X           X exits: north/south
    Xm EE   EE mX
    X1Z23     Z X treasure: 60 drelins
    X 4         X
    X  56       X
      Blast the gaem with magic spells, and get the Zorlim with arrows. The 
    enemy mages on the other side will need spells as well and this is a 
    pain although your fighters should still try to hustle. 99 shields are 
    necessary to buy some time. But 4 can move up to start long range 
    shooting. You can ward off Zebanis with nifts, and if you have methreal 
    armor they can't hurt too much anyway so don't waste spells on them.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X J       J X exits: north/south
    XR WW   WW RX
    X 132     . X treasure: 60 sermins
    X           X
    X4 56      .X
      This and #0 give access to a useless loop, and the battles are rather 
    tough as well, but this is the easier of the two The wolvingas aren't up 
    to much and mainly it's a question of getting rid of the bad guys. If 
    two guys have bows you can pin the gragans against the walls with your 
    fighters. Otherwise you can sit on one side and concentrate spells on 
    the jerrah and gragan on the other.
    X $  5 6    X
    X     4     X
    X 2  1 3    X exits: north/south
    XD  W m W  DX
    X J       J X treasure: 60 gonshis
    X           X
    X           X
      The only gaem can be surrounded for your archer to beat up. You have 
    the option of trying to beat up the dark knight and jerrah on one side 
    but you will want to cast spells on the bad guys on the other wing in 
    the meantime. You can even ignore the wolvingas and have 1/3 work on the 
    Gaem with 4's bow.
    X $  5 6    X
    X     4     X
    X E  123  E X exits: north/south
    Xm  E m E  mX
    X E       E X treasure: 6 picks
    X           X
    X           X
      The middle gaem can fall easily enough if 1 and 3 bottle him up, and 
    it's the ones on the side you need to be hitting with magic--one should 
    fall each turn. As above the zebanis are only marginally harmful, and 
    nifts before you enter the room should help. You'll only need the 
    occasional potion.
      ** What to Do **
      From the stairs go east through a passage, south before the room and 
    west--go south into the easier room on the left, which also has 60 
    gonshis to aid you in the next tougher fights. Win the fight, and the 
    second teleport to the right gets you to the enclosed area with the 
    stairs to level 1. Skin against the bottom wall to avoid an ambush; in 
    fact there are a lot of ambushes in the open spaces, so be careful.
      ** Messages **
    enclosed area:
    --Hukte zerbod beri!
    [Time trap near!]
    *X   *X        *X    *X        ***XP      *
    *X   XX   ^    *X    *X        ***X   +   *
    *X   XX        *X    *X       ****X       *
    *X             *X    *X      *****X       *
    *X             *X    *X     ******X      **
    *X   ***********X    *X    *******X     ***
    *X   *XXXXtXXXX*X    *X   ******XXX    ****
    *X   *XXXXXXXXX*X    *X   ******XXXA  *****
    *X   *X        **r0r**X   r****rr  0  XXXX*
    *X   *X        *******X   1****r1     XXXX*
    *X   *X   *X   *******X   r****rr         *
    *X   *X   *X   *******X   ******r         *
    *X   *X   *X   **RRR******************X   *
    *X   XX   *X   XtrrrXt*XXXtXXXXXXXtXX*X   *
    *X   XX   *X   XXr0rXX*XXXXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *
    *X        *X          *X             *X   *
    *X        *X          *X             *X   *
    *X   ******************X   ******X   *X   *
    *X   *XXXXtXXXXtXXXXtXXX   XtXXX*X   *X   *
    *X   *X                         *X   *X   *
    *X   *X                         *X   *X   *
    *X   *****X   *********X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *XXXtX   XtXXXXXX*X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *XXXXX   XXXXXXXX*X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X               *X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X               *X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   ********X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   XtXXXXX*X   *X   *X   *X   XX   *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXX*X   *X   *X   *X   XX   *
    *X   *X          *X   *X   *X   *X        *
    *X   *X          *X   *X   *X   *X        *
    *X   *******X    *X   *X   *X   ******X   *
    *X   XXXtXX*X    *X   *X   *X   XXtXX*X   *
    *X   XXXXXX*******X   *X   *X   XXXXX*X   *
    *X         r*****rr   *X   *X        *X   *
    *X         2*****r2   *X   *X        *X   *
    *X         r*****rr   *X   *X        *X   *
    *X    ************r   XX   ******X   *X   *
    *X    *XXXXtXXXXtXX   XX   XXtXXXX   XX   *
    *X    *XXXXXXXXXXXX   +    XXXXXXX   XX   *
    *X    *X                                  *
    *X    *X                                  *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    0: Jerrah, domug, fermigon
    P: kicks you left of level 2's stairs down.
      ** Room maps **
    X           X
    X           X
    XZ  B      ZX exits: north/south
    X  B J J  B X
    X    213    X
    X     5     X
    X4    6     X
      Gonshis are not a bad idea here to get rid of spellcasters quickly. 
    See how much damage 4's bow can do before casting spells on the left 
    zorlim. You may want to take the Jerrahs out with spells anyway if 2/3 
    almost finish the job.
    X $B        X
    X J       65X
    XZ B     2  X exits east/west
    X        3  X
    XZ B     1  X treasure = 60 gonshis
    X J        4X
    X  B        X
      This room guards the stairs. It's pretty straightforward; just let 
    your archer blast the jerrah and your magicians take out the jerrahs(two 
    fireballs,) top zorlim, and bottom--1 can join in the effort. Then have 
    1-3 wait handle the bargs as they come in. 4 can help where needed too. 
    This is a good room to look into even if you go back as you came, 
    because gonshis are quite useful. In fact you might want to use some 
    before entering.
    X           X
    X           X
    XZ  B      ZX exits: east/west
    X B  J J  B X
    X    213    X treasure: 60 sermins(disease)
    X     5     X
    X4    6     X
      This isn't the best way to go to get around, but if you do, it's not 
    too rough if you use nifts. That will allow enough time to attack the 
    jerrahs with spells and bows.
      ** What to Do **
      The long way requires you to go through two rooms, but if you head to 
    the east corner and north, there's a passage north before the room to 
    the west. Split the party up and side-wall, and then you can sneak past 
    the ambush.
      ** Messages **
    --south, by exit:
    Bedangidar. Hrukk trar drakka.
    [Bedangidar. Pride of/belongs to dwarves.]
    Tokra oru aptar vo.
    [portal to level up/above.]
    *X                    *X        *X   *
    *X                    *X        *X   *
    *X   ******X  *X   ****X   *X   **rrr*
    *X   *XXXX*X  *X   *XXXX   *X   ******
    *X   *XXXX*X  *X   *XXXX   *X   ******
    *X   XXA  XX  *X   *X      *X   ******
    *X   XXA  XX  *X   *X      *X   **RRR*
    *X            *X   *X   ****X   *Xrrr*
    *X            *X   *X   ****X   *Xrrr*
    ***************X   *X   ****X   *X   *
    *X                         *X        *
    *X                         *X        *
    *X   *X   *****X   **************X   *
    *X   *X   *XXXXX   *XXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *XXXXX   *XXXXXXXXXXXX******
    *X   *X   *X       *X           ******
    *X   XX   *X       *X           **RRR*
    *X   XX   *X   *********X   *X  *Xrrr*
    *X        *X   XXXXXXXXXX   *X  *Xrvv*
    *X        *X   XXXXXXXXXX   *X  *X   *
    *X   *X   *X                *X  *X   *
    *X   *X   *X                *X  *X   *
    *X   *X   XX   *X   *X   ****X  XX   *
    *X   *X   XX   *X   *X   *XXXX  XX   *
    *X   *X        *X   *X   *XXXX       *
    *X   *X        *X   *X   *X          *
    *X   ***********X   *************X   *
    *X        *X                    *X   *
    *X        *X                    *X   *
    ***********X   *************X   *X   *
    *X^;~~;~;;     *X               *X   *
    *X;~~~;;;~;    *X               *X   *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    #0: The TELEPORT ROOM. Best place to go from here in my opinion is 
    X $D  J  D  X
    X   E E E   X
    X  W W W W  X (exits: north/south)
    X           X
    X   1 2 3   X Treasure: 8 topazzes
    X           X
    X  4   5 6  X
      This is a less arduous task than it seems--although there are numbers, 
    you don't have to worry about anyone too powerful, and they're placed 
    badly. You will want to use gonshis for a quick start--if you're really 
    sick of Bedangidar, break out the luffins and mirgets beforehand, or use 
    gonshis each round(you should have found a lot here,) as the 
    teleportal's just north. Chip away at the jerrah's shield immediately, 
    and worry about the dark knights later. Engaging the Zebanis right away 
    will keep spellcasters safe. From there all you need is magic. The 
    wolvingas should barely damage you if you have methreal armor.
      ** What to Do **
      You may want to go through here two times. Once before you get Brennix 
    and once after. If you just got Somona and took the portal you'll appear 
    near the stairs up.
      From the stairs up(north wall) S-S-W-S-E-E-E-N-E-S(split party)-E-N to 
    the stairs down, or S-E-N-E-N-E-S-E-N to the teleportal room.
      From the stairs down to the teleport room, W-split up-N-W-S-W-W-W-N-E-
    N-E-N-E-N-E-S-E-N. There aren't many ambushes in relevant places here, 
    so don't worry about that.
      ** Messages **
    *X                    *X   *X   *
    *X                    *X   *X   *
    *X   *************X   *X   *X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXX*X   XX   XX   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXX*X   XX   XX   *
    *X               *X             *
    *X               *X             *
    *****X   *X   ****X   ***********
    *X       *X      *X   *X        *
    *X       *X      *X   *X        *
    *X   *****X   ****X   *****X    *
    *X   XtXXXX   *XXtX   XXtXXX+   *
    *X   XXXXXX   *XXXX   XXXXXX    *
    *X            *X                *
    *X            *X                *
    *****X   ******X   *****X   *****
    *XXXtX   XtXXXXX   XXtXXX   *****
    *XXXXX   XXXXXXX   XXXXXX   *****
    *X                          *****
    *X                          *****
    *X   ************X   ********RRR*
    *X   XtXXXXtXXXXtX   XtXXXXXtrrr*
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
      The only one here is where Brennix is. Just inspect Brennix to pick it 
    up. You will want your leader to have it. He's probably the weakest 
    fighter of the group, bar the mages.
      ** What to Do **
      Get Brennix on the north side and 1) take the portal back to where you 
    started or 2) go back to level 4 and use the teleportal. How convenient!
      ** Messages **
    --eastern area, at dead end:
    Tokra oru gapi.
    [portal to entrance]
    *X   *X                          XXXXX*X       *
    *X ;;*X                          XXXXX*X       *
    *X;;;*X   ********X   *******X        *X       *
    *X;;;*X   XXXXXXX*X   *******X        ***r2r****
    *X;; XX   XXXXXXX*******RRR*******X   **********
    *X;  XX;         *XXXXXXrrrXXXXXX*X   **********
    *X    ;;         *XXXXXXr3rXXXXXX*X   ***RRR****
    *X;;;            *X;   ;         *X   *XXrrrXXX*
    *************X   *X ;;  ~   ; ;~;*X   *XXr2rXXX*
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXX   *X  ~;~~ ~~~;~; *X   *X       *
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXX   *X  ;~~ ;;~     *X   *X       *
    *X               *X ~     ;~ ~~ ~*X   ***r4r****
    *X               *X ;       ;;~  *X   **********
    *X   *************X~  ~   ~ ;; ~ *X   **********
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ~;~; ;;;   ~~XX   ***RRR****
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XX   *XXrrrXXX*
    *X                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    *XXr4rXXX*
    *X                ~~;;;       ;;~~    *X       *
    *X    ********X   ~~;;         ;~~*****X       *
    *X    *XXXXXXXX   ~~;  *****X   ~~XXXXXX       *
    *X    *XXXXXXXX   ~~   *****X   ~~XXXXXX       *
    *X    *X          ~~   *RRR*X   ~~             *
    ***r5r*X          ~~   Xr^^XX   ~~             *
    **************X   ~~   Xr^^^X   ~~*X           *
    *******XXXXXX*X  ;~~;;        ;;~~*X           *
    ***RRR*XXXXXX*X  ;~~;        ; ;~~*X      *X   *
    *XXrrrXX  !  *X  ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X      *X   *
    *XXr5rXX     *X  ;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**X      *X   *
    *X         ***X;;;   *X   *X    ******X   *X   *
    *X$        *XXX;     *X   *X    *XXXXXX   *X   *
    ************XXX   ****X   **r6r**XXXXXX   *X   *
    *****XXXXXXXX;    *XXXX   *******X        *X   *
    *****XXXXXXXX     *XXXX   *******X        *X   *
    ****rr;;;       ***X      **RRR**X   *X   *X   *
    ****r7         ;*XXX  ;;;;*XrrrX*X   *X   *X   *
    ****rr   ********XXX ;;****Xr6rX*X   *X   *X   *
    *****r   *XXXXXXXX;;  ;*XXXX;   *X   *X   XX   *
    *****X   *XXXXXXXX;;;  *XXXX    *X   *X   XX   *
    *XXXXX   *X;;;;;;;;;;***X~    ; *X   *X        *
    *XXXXX   *X;;;;;;;;;;*XXX~~;;;  *X   *X        *
    *X+      **r8r********XXX~~~~~~~****************
    *X       *******XXXXXXX~~~~~~~~~XXXXXXXX*XX*****
    ******X  *******XXXXXXX;;;~~~;;;XXXXXXXX*XX*RRR*
    *XXXX*X  *******X       ;;~*X  ;~     ~~XX Xr^^*
    *XXXX*X  *XXXXXXX~~^     ;;*X  ~;;~     XX Xr^^*
    *X$~~XX; *XXXXXXX~~~~~    ;*X;;  ;~~~~         *
    *X  ~XX;;*X     ~~~    ;~~~*X  ~;       *X     *
    *X ~~~;; *X    ~~~      ;~~*X  ;  ;     *X     *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X + E   E   X
    X D   E   D X
    X   Z   Z   X exits: south
    X           X
    X 4 3   2 1 X treasure: 60 sermins
    X           X
    X5         6X
      You can probably wait a turn to start casting spells, and gonshis will 
    help you see if you need to bother. The Zebanis shouldn't be a problem 
    if you're on nifts. 1 can even cast spells at the dark knight instead of 
    running at him.
    X $ Z + Z   X
    X     E     X
    X  F EAE F  X exits: south
    X           X
    X    123    X treasure: 6 diamonds
    X     4     X fountain: dexterity
    X   5   6   X
      Definitely use a gonshi to dispose of the Azrael. 2 should be in the 
    center--3 hits from him and the bad guy's almost down. 4 can shoot the 
    bow to get rid of him. If you drank at the strength fountain and have 
    seen 4 gods it'll be just enough. 1 can burn 4 fireballs to nail the 
    Zorlims, and with nifts there's little risk for damage in the rest of 
    the fight. 5 and 6 can be spectators.
    X $ D   D   X
    X  E  D  E  X
    X   E   E   X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 25 pearls
    X           X
    X           X
      1 can be an auxiliary spellcaster as you mop up the dark knights. 4's 
    missiles will be useful so pick off the D's on the side first. Whip the 
    Zebanis manually.
    X  Z     Z  X
    X Z  B B  Z X
    X           X exits: south
    XB         BX
    X2          X treasure: 60 gonshis
    X 4  13     X
    X56         X
      Give 4 a gonshi here. See if he can pick off the left zorlims. Use 
    spells on the right and on the left barg, who may be a nasty 
    obstruction. 1 makes a good spellcaster here again too--maybe give him a 
    gonshi as well. But the treasure isn't worth the effort and spells to 
    get here.
    X $  m m    X
    X  B     B  X
    X Z  B B  Z X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 24 mirgets
    X           X
    X           X
      The first of three rooms in a corridor which isn't really necessary as 
    you have gonshis to raise dexterity for the big fight--but the treasure 
    is somewhat nice. Gonshi is handy to get fighters to thee top and cast 
    spells. 1 can fireball 1 zorlim, 4 can shoot the other, and 5 and 6 can 
    try to kill 3's gaem. Then 1 can fireball the other gaem.
    X $ 6 4 5   X
    X           X
    X    312    X exits: north/south
    X   WWWWW   X
    X  W  W  W  X treasure: 36 nifts
    X    m m    X
    X           X
      Gonshis make for some quick kills. Blast the guys below 2/3, let 1 get 
    an easy kill, move 2/3 down and give 4 an easy kill. Then let 2 and 3 
    take their shots and have 4 move over and shoot at 3's gaem if it's 
    still there. No further magic needed unless the gaem is stubborn. 
    X ?    56   X
    X       4   X
    X  312      X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X   F   F   X Treasure: ??
    X     G     X
    X   A   A   X
      This is the way to level 5. So you'll need to clear it. You'll 
    definitely want to use gonshis and what you have of mirgets and luffins 
    here. Note the strategy I decided on for getting to the Azraels: Use 
    player 1 to take out the Fermigon, and then let player 2 move down and 
    then #3. It might take a few moves, but it will be worth it--I recommend 
    feeding #2 with gonshis perpetually(3 moves, gonshi, etc.) Players 5 and 
    6 can cast magic spells at the azrael on the right, with 4 shooting at 
    him. Then once the azrael on the left is gone, #2, the strongest, can 
    run at him--another gonshi and luffin and mirget might work well 
    actually. The general idea is to kill one azrael quickly without spells 
    and hence without having to dent its magical shield. Through all this 
    the gragan may do minimal damage--to your shields.
    X     +     X
    X           X
    Xm  B    3 5X exit: east
    X RB     14 X
    X  B     2 6X fountain:
    Xm  B       X
    X           X
      This is a good place for your #1 or #4 to let off spells if they have 
    them. 4 can also shoot at the Gragan. 2 and 3 can charge if they want, 
    but the main duty is to wipe out the bad guys in back with spells. The 
    bargs shouldn't be a real problem. They tend to line up left of 4 as 
    they come at you. Who said good <=> dumb?
    X $  6 5    X
    X     4     X
    X    312    X exits: north
    X     B     X
    X F  F F  F X treasure: 8 potions
    X  B  B  B  X
    X           X
      If you must brave parasite moss to reach here(and it's really not 
    worth it,) nifts should work great. Gonshis are also OK but you'll want 
    to use them to cast spells on the fermigons. 2,3 down 1 can get a few 
    good bow shots off the bat. You might even be able to put a fermigon to 
    the sword, and spells probably won't be necessary then.
      ** What to Do **
      You want to get to the stairs back up to level 5. That is where 
    Brennix is. However, there is some good treasure in the W/SW if you have 
    the walkwater spells for it--and a fountain too, which will help with 
    one final combat. But you'll need an extra three walkwater spells in 
    addition to the two that are bare necessities.
      To the right, there's a great treasure through three dungeon rooms 
    along with a dexterity fountain to help with the big fight south of the 
    stairs, but you should be swimming in gonshis by now. Gonshis all seem 
    to give the same awesome dexterity, and you should be using them for any 
    fights in the future.
      Once you're ready to find level 5, to be sure the spell lasts, you'll 
    want to go south when your UR member steps on the parasite moss, and the 
    dungeon room requires you to be at your best.
      Beyond it you can make it across the pool straight south. Divide your 
    party as follows:
    1 2|3
    4 5|6
      Later reforming 3-6 horizontally. You should be able to walk around 
    the water then.
      ** Messages **
    Behind room #5:
    --Yozu targ nogar, vod targ devar.
    [eight steps east, three steps north]
    [3 emeralds]
    Between SW corner, room #7:
    --Kar vo han aptar.
    [go up one level]
    SW corner:
    --Krav goda, nogar den, karb.
    [south 2, east 6, dig]
                * CREZIMAS *
      Crezimas isn't really very accessible until after you've gotten good 
    and have a nice stockpile of mushrooms which you should eat before you 
    search for ambushes, and you can't complete it without boots. While 
    other dungeons allow you to pick and choose where to go, you will need 
    to clear everything here to get crystal dust from the queen, and that 
    includes several ambushes. Fortunately there aren't any nasty monsters 
    here, but doing this in one fell swoop is hard, and even finding the god 
    is tricky. Nevertheless finding the portal which can kick you back to 
    where you started once you get your new party members is pretty risk-
      You also need to use portals to get to the lower levels. Fortunately 
    signs help you with what to do where.
      By this time you should have a ton of nifts, and with gonshis these 
    will allow you to ward off the time monsters usually gain with an 
    ambush. Luffins and mirgets are really only helpful in the lower dungeon 
      Originally the Queen gives the following statistics for what you must 
    Level: ambushes/rooms
    1: 3/3
    2: 3/3
    3: 4/2
    4: 2/3
    5: 4/5
      Note: this means you'll want at least 132 gonshis total(one for each 
    fight, but you will find 60 in one chest,) which is actually relatively 
    cheap. Sell some jewels to get it. Ten rooms can use luffins/mirgets so 
    get sixty of each there although if you're frugal spellcasters won't 
    have to use them every time.
    *X^*X        *XP  *X           *X    *
    *X XX        *X   *X           *X    *
    *X XX   ******X   *X   ****X   *X    *
    *X      *XXXX*X   *X   ****X   *X    *
    *X      *XXXX*X   *X   XXXXX   *X    *
    ****X   *X + *X   *X   XXXXX   *X    *
    *XXtX   *X   XX   *X           **r0r**
    *XXXX   *X   XX   *X           *******
    *X      *X        *********X   *******
    *X      *X        XXXXXX*XtX   *******
    *X   *********X   XXXXXX*XXX   **RRR**
    *X   *XXXXXXX*X         *X     XtrrrX*
    *X   *XXXXXXX*X         *X     XXr0rX*
    *X   *X   q  *X    *X   *X           *
    *X   *X      *X    *X   *X           *
    *X   *X   **********X   ****X        *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXXXXXX   *XtXX        *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXXXXXX   *XXXXAA      *
    *X   XX                 *Xz  A0      *
    *X   XX                 *X           *
    *X   AA   ******X    ******X   **X   *
    *X   A1   XtXXX*X    *XXtXXX   XXX   *
    ******X   XXXXX*X    *XXXXXX   XXX   *
    ******X        **r1r**X        AA    *
    ******X        *******X        A2    *
    **RRR*X   *X   *******X   *X         *
    *Xrrr*X   *X   *******X   *X   *******
    *Xr2r*X   *X   **XtX**X   *X   *******
    *X   *X   *X   **XXX**X   *X   **RRR**
    *X   XX   *X   XtX+ XtX   *X   *XrrrX*
    *X   XX   *X   XXX  XXX   *X   *Xrvvv*
    *X        *X              *X   *X    *
    *X        *X              *X   *X    *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      1 : gnolls, bargs, 2 mongors, 2 zumagin
      2 : gnolls, 2 jerrahs
      3 : gnolls, 2 dark knights
      ** Room maps **
    X $         X
    X H C   C H X
    X  S OOO S  X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  3 1 4 2  X treasure: 10 pearls
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
      If you're a bit nervous you can just take out the cyclops with magic 
    spells. An archer could take out the embedded orc...but they're orcs, so 
    they'll fall soon enough. The big concern here is not getting hit by a 
    hraffel so maybe you can drop magic on them. Should take just one 
    fireball. This room should not require gonshis, but if you do use them 
    then clearly the cyclops can go right away. Move 1 and 4 to the edge and 
    3 and 4 under the cyclops.
    X $ 56      X
    X   4       X
    X  1 2 3    X exits: north
    X S       S X
    X   S   S   X treasure: 60 gonshis
    X  C C C C  X
    X   R   R   X
      This isn't a particularly hard room. You might have some problems with 
    gragans. However, if you keep your dwarves centered and kill the right 
    gragan with magic, the left one should fall to a few bow shots. No-one 
    else can really use magic against you here.
    X $R     R  X
    X   H   H   X
    X  N N N N  X exits: south
    X           X
    X  2     3  X treasure: 6 lokas
    X           X
    X 51     46 X
      Try to take out the gragans with arrows. If not then magic will be OK 
    to take out any monsters shielding them, but try to hit them with 
    conventional weapons first, maybe even using a gonshi. This is a 
    relatively easy encounter. Your armor should protect you from most of 
    the damage.
      ** What to Do **
      The first time through, don't worry about wiping out the monsters that 
    are bothering the queen. They'll drop later. W-N-W-N-E-N-W-N to the 
    portal. You'll be in a tight room with a portal to level 3.
      If you want to play fast and loose, this is the only dungeon where you 
    have to worry about ambushes, so save before one and then keep loading 
    until you see "Mighty hunter Lupi detects the ambush!" or very few 
    monsters attacking. At any rate, this is a great place to have nifts, 
    since so much can go wrong, and you may be boxed in by enemies too 
    easily. Also some spells may be blocked in their diagonal trajectories. 
    Also you can load up on gonshis before an ambush if you REALLY want to 
    even the score.
      When you want to clear areas out, room 1 has gonshis to start you on 
    your way. It'll be a useful place to heal up or re-learn shield spells 
    if necessary. The ambushes aren't too bad here--the main problem is to 
    give spellcasters(at least) gonshis so the bad guys can't drop magic on 
    you. Also be sure to give everyone a square to move when attacked.
      Clear the northeast room last. It hides a staircase to level 2.
      ** Messages **
    south, by entrance
    north, in culdesac
    --Portal to hidden stairs is nearby. [indeed, S-E-N]
    *X           **X     T     *
    *X           **X           *
    *X     AA    **X    AA     *
    *X     A0    **X    A1     *
    ******XT   ****X           *
    ******X    XX**X   T  *X   *
    ******X    XX**X      *X   *
    **RRR*X      **X      *X   *
    *Xrrr*X      **X      *X   *
    *Xr0r*X      **X      *X   *
    *X   *X      *****r1r**X   *
    *X   *X     ***********X   *
    *X   *X     ***********X   *
    *X   *X     *RRR*******X   *
    *X   XX     Xr^^XXXXXXXX   *
    *X   XX     Xr^^^XXXXXXX   *
    *XAA    T                  *
    *Xa2                       *
    ***X   *******X   **********
    *X      P  *X        *X+   *
    *X         *X        *X    *
    *X         *X        *XpR  *
    *X         *X   ^    *X    *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
     0: zorlim, domug
     1: zorlim, gnoll
     2: gnoll, zumagin, mongor, barg
     P: kicks you to room with a rubbish message
     R: kicks you back up
      ** Room maps **
    X $ mY Ym   X
    X  S     S  X
    X   S S S   X exits: south
    X           X
    X   21 43   X treasure: 48 potions
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
    1 and 4 can probably cast shatters/fireballs to get rid of the sandgus 
    and clear a path for 2 and 3 to hit the gaems. Then it's onward north to 
    tackle the mongors. The sandgus are little more than obstructions.
    X $ 5 6     X
    X           X
    X   4312    X exits: north
    X    HHH    X
    X   H Y H   X treasure: 48 nifts
    X    m R    X (pick broke)
    X     J     X
    X $         X
    X           X
    X   24 13   X exits: north
    XO         OX
    X O O O O O X treasure: 48 sermins, poison
    X    OOO    X
    X   m   m   X
      You shouldn't be intimidated by a bunch of lousy orcs by now. Use 
    gonshis just to get it over quickly. You won't even need magic, I bet. 
    Run 4 and 1 down and knock out the orcs below 2 and 3, who can run down 
    at the Gaems now. Even if you're trapped on each side the orcs can't 
    dent your armor.
      ** What to Do **
      This level is a dead end if you wish to go down further. It's not much 
    worse than level 1, and you should be getting comfortable with ambushes 
    now. Be careful of the time traps here. You'll want to hook around as 
    you go left to avoid one time trap. The left corridor has a fight and an 
    ambush. Below, you've got another room, and up the corridor, switch from 
    the west wall to the east after the crossroads. Another ambush is at the 
    top. Then you can go S-E-N to the final big area with an ambush and a 
    side room before retreating back up the stairs.
      ** Messages **
    SE chamber:
    --Fear the day Of my return, puny mortals! Rahkan.
    *X   *X   *XrFrFrFrFrFr                   *
    *X   *X   *XFFFFFFFFFFF                   *
    *X   *X   *XrFFFFFFFFFr***************X   *
    *X        XXFFFF   FFFF*X            *X   *
    *X    FF  XXrFFFFFFFFFr*X            *X   *
    *X   *XF    FFFFFFFFFFF*X   **********X   *
    *X   *XFFFF  FrFrFrFrFr*X   *XXXXXXXXXX   *
    *********XF  ***********X   *XXXXXXXXXX   *
    *XXXXXXXXXF  XXXXXXXXXXXX   *X            *
    *XXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXX   *X            *
    *X                          *******XA0  ***
    *X                          *******X    ***
    *X   *************X  AA     **RRR**X    ***
    *X   *XXXXXXXXXXXXX A 1     XXrrrXXX    XX*
    *X   *XXXXXXXXXXXXX A2      XXr0rXXX    XX*
    *X   *X                                   *
    *X   *X                                   *
    *X   *X   *********************X   ********
    *X                   Xr^^XX   *X   *XP    *
    *X                   Xr^^^X   *X   *X     *
    *X          *X  AA            *X   ***X   *
    *X   ********X  A3            *X   XXXX   *
    *X   *XXXXXX*X         +      *XF  XXXX   *
    *X   *XXXXXXXX        *X   ****XFF    +   *
    *X   *X F   XX        *X   *XXXXFFFFF     *
    *X   *X               *X   *XXXXFFFFFF    *
    *X   *X  F            *XT  *XFFFFFFFFF    *
    *X   *X    F*X   ******X   *XFFFFFFFFFF   *
    ********X FF*X   *XXXXXX   *XFFF******X   *
    *XXXXXXXXFFF*X   *XXXXXX   *X   ******X   *
    *XXXXXXXXFFF*X   *X        *X   *****rr   *
    *XFFFFFFFFFF*X   *X        *X   *****r1   *
    *XFFFFFFFFFF*X   *X   *X   *X   *****rr   *
    *XFFFFFFFFFF*X   *X   *X   *X   ******r   *
    *XFFF********X   *X   *XT  *X   ***********
    *XFF XXXXX***X   XX   *X   *X   XXXXXXXXXX*
    *X        ***X        *X   *X !          +*
    *X   *X  ^***X        *X   *X             *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    0 = zorlims, gnolls
    1 = gnolls, dark knights(30 shield)
    2 = gnolls, zorlims
    3 = jerrahs, mongors
      ** Room maps **
    #0: this is the teleportal room, with useful multidimensional conduits 
    to Dermagud, Fubernel, and Selderad.
    Xm$         X
    X  H     25 X
    X H      16 X exits: east
    X  H        X
    X H      4  X treasure: 48 luffins
    X  H        X
    Xm       3  X
      Remember to eat sermins after you run through the fire. This is an 
    annoying one because everyone's so far back, but a couple of Zapall 
    spells might work to blast everyone. Then fireballs at the hibliss and 
    then the gaem in the lower left. You may want a double-gonshi runner to 
    get the gaem in the corner--the other room has mucho refills, so be 
    X $         X
    X           X
    X1  2   3  4X exits = north
    X           X
    X           X treasure = 72 gonshis
    X  C     C  X
    XZ  g C g  ZX
      Here you can start to use a luffin and mirget. In order to get here 
    you need to break the party up as you go down the corridor. After 
    joining back up, you can have four "runners" each taking a magic user 
    out. The fighters on the inside can take out the gaems. You may even be 
    able to double-kill the cyclops nearby. The one in the center may take a 
    couple of moves to trap.
      ** What to Do **
      Before you decide to clear Crezimas: for the teleportal room, just 
    curl around the wall to your left, back right when it ends. The 
    teleportal room is at the T-intersection.
      You don't really need boots to get to level four, although you'll need 
    them to reach rooms below. Also note that using the boots allows you to 
    cross fire at a small price: you lose three energy for each move a 
    player is on there. This is OK to suck up as you go down to level 
    4(sermins are a dime a dozen) but if you want to get the treasure SE of 
    the chest, just disband the party member with the shovel and let him 
    make a run.
      But first to clear this level out. One of the rooms here is the 
    teleportal room, which leaves two with combats. The main trick here is 
    that two ambushes are right next to each other, and a player may either 
    1)stumble on one after the other, weakened because he didn't heal 
    IMMEDIATELY, or 2) go looking for that last ambush somewhere else as 
    he's "already been in that area."
      Both combat rooms are a nuisance to get to. One is down a corridor 
    with a time trap, a bit east and south of the stairs. Split your party 
    up to get past it--remember to do so on the return as well. The other is 
    in the southeast, past a bunch of fire. A portal to level one is also 
    there if you're really in bad shape, but you should be able to shake off 
    the fire and eat sermins all around.
      None of the ambushes are tough to get to, either, and they're hardly 
    tougher than on level 1.
      ** Messages **
    --by stairs up:
    Corridor of time passages.
    --in the middle of the fire:
    Dig the southeast corner of this hall.[16 topaz]
    --east of the fire:
    Portal to level 1. Use at your own risk!
    --southeast corner:
    Trebor one eye fell here. RIP
    [11 west of here dig for 5 emeralds]
    *X    XX      XX      *X+      **X   *
    *X    XX      XX      *X  Y    XXX   *
    *X               T    *X       XXX   *
    *X                    *X             *
    *X    *X      *X      *X             *
    ********X   ************X   **********
    *XP   XX           *X                *
    *X    XX           *X                *
    *X    AA      *********r1r***XAA     *
    *X    A0      r**************XA1     *
    *X    *X      2**************X       *
    *X    *X      r**************X       *
    **X   ***************************X   *
    *X      *X       *XrrrX*X            *
    *X      XX       *XrvvvXX            *
    *X  q   XX  v    *X    XX     *X     *
    *X               *X           *X     *
    *X               *X           *X     *
    ***X   ******X   *******X   ****X   **
    *XXX   XXX*XXX   XXX*XXXX   *XXXX   X*
    *XXX   XXX*XXX   XXX*XXXX   *XXXX   X*
    *X        *X        XX      *X       *
    *X        *X        XX      *X FFFFF *
    *X        *X   +            *X FF^FF *
    *X        *X                *X FFFFF *
    *X$       *X        *X      *X       *
    *****************************X  ******
    *X  T  XX       XXFFFFFFF*Xp    *XV  *
    *X     XX       XXF     FXX     *X   *
    *X         Q   FFFF  +  FXX     *X $ *
    *X                F     FFF     *Xy  *
    *X     *X       *XFFFFFFFFF     *X   *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    0 : zorlims and gnolls
    1 : zorlims and domugs
      ** Room maps **
    X $     J   X
    X  m H H H JX
    X HH    H   X exits: south
    X           X
    X   2  41  3X treasure: 48 luffins, diseased
    X           X
    X      56   X
      You don't really need to, but you could use mirgets/luffins and take 
    out the hraffel, jerrah and gaem(with one fighter displaced on the left) 
    and maybe use a Zapall spell to get it all done in one turn.
      Otherwise you can blast the hraffel with a fireball to get access to 
    the jerrah and hammer away at the gaem with spells. The hraffels can be 
    fireballed or beaten hand-to-hand. There's no doubt you should win 
    anything, but the tough monsters are spread out and well blocked.
    X $  56     X
    X           X
    X  3  1 42  X exits = north
    X        N  X
    X   YN     NX treasure = 60 sermins
    X R   Y  R  X
    X        Y  X
      If you're fully charged, just take out the gnolls by magic and have 
    the left winger swipe at the mongor before getting to the gragan. Have 
    him use an extra gonshi if that doesn't work out. Also fireball the 
    gnoll in the hot column, swipe the gragan from the left, and move 2 all 
    the way down.
    X5$   +     X
    X  1   OC   X
    X  2   O C  X exits = west
    X         C X
    X  3   O C  X treasure = 48 nifts
    X  4   OC   X fountain = dexterity
    X6          X
      Cyclops have no shields, so have your spellcasters annihilate them. 
    Here again it's late enough in the game that you can use mirgets and 
    luffins pretty freely. If you do so, just take out the orcs with 
    fireballs beforehand. Even with gonshis you won't be able to reach the 
    cyclops, but they'll only get in a few shots--which can be neutralized 
    by nifts. The second turn, though, you should have no problem. Drink at 
    the fountain of dexterity when you're done.
      ** What to Do **
      There are two rooms you can see right away, and you can't help but run 
    into the first ambush. The second is close to the stairs down, as is the 
    final room.  You may want to detour to level 5 on the way, and don't 
    forget to dig.
      Don't lose your orientation going down the stairs. The stairs at the 
    top transport you to the bottom of the right half of level 5, although 
    the other stairs leave you in roughly the same area below.
      You may have heard there is an item in the Hall of Ancient Dreams. The 
    cloak is is the southwest corner; dig there.
      E-(hit N room)-S-(hit east room)-W(ambush)-S-E-S-dig for treasure-E-N-
    detour down stairs-E-N-E-N-W-(hit S room)-N-E-down. You shouldn't need 
    to come back up as there are two portals on level 5.
      ** Messages **
    southeast fire pit:
    --Gorg the orc was slayed here by his mates for leaving the shovel 
    near southwest:
    --Hall of ancient dreams
    --You are in the Hall of Portal
    chest on west wall:
    --Dig the other side of the wall
    (9 emeralds in NW corner of room to the south, but it's so hard to get 
    southeast teleportal to/from room:
    --Pyramid-cube-sphere ports to Pheron.
    *X   FFFFFFFFF*X $^ *X   *X   *XFFFFFF*
    *X     FF*X FF*X    *X   XX   *XF    F*
    *X       *X  F*X    *X    +   *X      *
    ***X   ***X   **r2r**X        ***r3r***
    *XXX   XX*X   *******X        *********
    *XXX   XX*X   ************X   *********
    *X       *X   **RRR**XXXX*X   ***RRR***
    *X       *XF  XXrrrX*XXXX*X   XXtrrrXt*
    *X       *XFF XXr2rX*X   *X   XXXr3rXX*
    *X    ****XFFFF     *X   *X           *
    *X    XtX*XFFFFF    *X   *X           *
    *X    XXX************X   *****X   *****
    *X       *XXXXXXXXXX*X   XtXXtX   XtXX*
    *X       *X         *X   AA           *
    *X       *X         *X   AA           *
    *XAA *****X   *X    *X           AA   *
    *XAW *XtXXX   *X    *X           AA   *
    *X   *XXXXX   *X    ********X         *
    *X   *X       *X    XX******X         *
    *X   *X       *X    XX*RRR**X   *******
    *X   *XT  *****X      Xr^^X*X   *******
    *X   *X   *XXXXX      Xr^^^*X   *******
    *X   ******XXXXX           *X   **RRR**
    *X   XXtXX*X               *X   *XrrrX*
    *X   XXXXX*X       *********X   *Xr4rX*
    *X        *X       ***XXXXXXX   *X    *
    *X        *X   *******XXXXXXX   *X    *
    ******X   **r5r*******X         *X    *
    *XXXX*X   ********RRR*X         *X    *
    *XXXX*X   *******Xr^^XX    ******X    *
    *X   *X   **RRR**Xr^^^X    XtXXXtX    *
    *X   XX   XtrrrX*X    AA   XXXXXXX    *
    *XT  XX   XXr5rX*X    AS              *
    *X              *X                    *
    *X              *X                    *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    0, 1, 2, 3: slime, hibliss, mongor, gnoll
      ** Room maps **
    Xm  I +     X
    X  m O N I  X
    X   N   O   X
    X           X
    X1 42    3  X
    X        5  X
    X        6  X
      You've probably seen this process before: line up everyone in front of 
    the magic users and rush them. Here you'll need to wipe out the gnoll in 
    front of 2. Probably the orcs will fall by the wayside and the big 
    decision here is whether to waste a spell on the remaining gnoll.
    #1: Hissen sleeps here. There's a bit of a fire field outside but it 
    shouldn't be discouraging after all the previous fights.
    X $I   I   I  X
    X             X
    X  H       H  X exits: north/south
    X     HHH     X
    X  2   1   3  X treasure: 4 diamonds
    X      4      X
    X     5 6     X
      Nothing facny here if you've stuffed yourself with mushrooms. Shoot 
    north with 4 to release 1. 5 and 6 take out the hraffels above 2 and 3 
    and to the side as well. Although 1 can do the honors of using fireballs 
    for variety's sake.
      A chest with a combination is behind here, and once you've finished 
    this room you've probably finished the entire left area.
    X $ C   C   X
    X Z  I I  Z X
    X   H   H   X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X 1  2 3  4 X treasure: 10 pyramids
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
      You don't even need spellcasters here if you have mushrooms. If you 
    don't then just blast the hiblisses; nothing else matters. The cyclops 
    don't have magic shields, so they'll go down quickly, too. Good room 
    where you can rest and recharge before taking out the fountain rooms.
    X $ m + m   X
    X  C C C C  X
    X     C     X exit: south
    X           X
    X   21 43   X treasure: 10 cubes
    X   5   6   X fountain: agility
    X           X
      If you've used mushrooms there should be no need to cast spells here. 
    2 gets the gaem and then the cyclops to the left--mirror for 3. 1 and 4 
    can take out the stuff in the center.
    X $  5 6    X
    X           X
    X 1 2   3 4 X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X   H   H   X treasure: 5 emeralds
    X     H     X
    X Z I Z I Z X
      Cast spells on the hraffels--it should only take three. Run down at 
    everyone else. Luffins and mirgets negate the spellcasting annoyances. 2 
    and 3 should get the hiblisses. The biggest worry is to make sure you 
    have nifts in case the last hraffel attacks you. The zorlim at the 
    bottom often gets boxed in as a bonus during everyone's second turn. Or 
    he tries to move and gets slaughtered anyway.
      ** What to Do **
      Note how the ambushes get tougher; not only are the possible monsters 
    more nasty, but you're assured to face at least one of each.
      There are two places where you can go. The left side has less and is 
    more straightforward so I'll take a look at that. You can follow the 
    path through room #5(use mirgets and luffins first--Hiblisses are very 
    nasty)--there'll be an ambush before a teleportal to the right. Ignore 
    it and go to the NW corner. The fire is annoying, but eat sermins before 
    entering room #2. Again the hiblisses are shielded by a weak front line 
    of hraffels. But one supercharged hit per spellcaster will work, and 
    look at the treasure!
      I'll take a look at the right side(from the UR of level 4) next. 
    There's an ambush just as you leave the stairs to the right. Room 4, the 
    only one without hiblisses, is off to the right, and you can then go up 
    the main corridor. There are ambushes on each side in the big room. Get 
    mirgets/luffins/gonshis for everything else. Hissen is in the northeast 
      Between the two portals, you'll probably want to exit to level 1. 
    Learn spells if you get back at night, and then visit the queen for some 
    crystal dust. Then the next thing to do is to return to the portal and 
    probably go to Selderad(if only Thakass/Sargoz are left) or Fubernel.
      ** Messages **
    --by room on center of north wall:
    Portal to level 3 teleportation chamber.
    --in back of room, by bowl:
    Cube, pyramid, pyramid from Sargoz ports to Pheron. [sic--Port Avur on 
    --on the west edge:
    Portal to level 1 exit.
                * KHAZAN *
      The natural obstacles in Khazan are very unforgiving. There are also 
    some awkward ambushes. Although you don't have as many rooms as in, say, 
    Meardom, the rooms that are here are packed. Often you'll have to break 
    down a serious front line to get to monsters behind. Zoxinn spells may 
    be good for this.
      You'll have to be pretty good to get through Khazan--it's easy to rack 
    up repel spells(for the snakes,) but the more important thing is to get 
    Walkwater spells. Twenty-five seem to be minimum, accounting for 
    accidents as well: two for the second level, six for the fourth(the main 
    place you may not be efficient,) six to reach Heru and five to reach the 
    stairway to the island of Heavenly. Thankfully there are only two rooms 
    you need to fight in, and the first is below you go down the first 
    stairs to face the water.
      To dispose of this dungeon completely you will probably want a "big 
    mushroom cocktail" for each room. There are fourteen. But to go through 
    as quickly as possible, you only need two super combos--although using 
    extra gonshis during combat can help immensely. You'll also want to 
    watch your shields and keep them up.
      Shadrum may have more ogres, but Khazan has natural obstacles and 
    combinations with spellcasters, making it second toughest to Sargoz.
    * KHAZAN LEVEL 1 *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X   *X   *X      +             *
    *X   *X   *X   *************X   *
    *X   *X   *X   XtXXXXXtXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *X   XXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *X               *X   *
    *X   *X   *X               *X   *
    *X   *X   *************X   *X   *
    *X   *X   XtXXXXXX*****X   *X   *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXXXr****X   *X   *
    *X   *X           0****X   *X   *
    *X   *X           r****X   *X   *
    *X   ******************X   *X   *
    *X   XtXXXXXXXtXXXXXXXtX   *X   *
    *X                         *X   *
    *X                         *X   *
    ****************************X   *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    ****X   *************************
    *XXtX   XtX*XXXXXXXtXX***********
    *X         *X         1****XrrrX*
    *X         XX         r****Xrvvv*
    *X         XX   ***********X    *
    *X              XXXtXX****rr    *
    *X              XXXXXXr***rr    *
    *X         *X         2***rr    *
    *X         *X         r****r    *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    #0: the teleport room. How friendly! "Welcome, here's a way out." 
    Yberton seems the best place to port to.
    X $         X
    X 6     M   X
    X  2   M m IX exit: west
    X4 1   MM   X
    X  3   M m IX treasure: 8 spheres, disease trap
    X5      M   X
    X           X
      This room would be great for practice--the treasure's not big deal, 
    but the monsters are, so you should avoid this room. 
    Gonshi/nift/luffin/mirget/shield helps you avoid a big headache. Cast 
    spells and use 4's bow to clear the way for 1 to get to the Gaem. Also 
    cast spells on the minotaurs blocking 2 and 3. If you get to the far 
    side with either of their mirgets intact, the hiblisses will fall.
      If you choose not to use mushrooms, then you'll have to waste a lot of 
    shatter or fireball spells. 
    #2: the room that connects you to the stairs.
    X $         X
    X         E X
    X 43    OOEIX exits: west/east
    X  1    OO  X
    X  2    OOEIX Treasure: 8 pyramids
    X         E X
    X56         X
      I highly recommend having gonshis, nifts, and shields to get through 
    this room--luffins and mirgets aren't really necessary as you may find 
    your fighters can't get to the hiblisses, the only ones you need that 
    stuff for. It's not too bad to take out all the bad guys in front of the 
    hiblisses with gonshis--the middle guy is in fact trapped--but the 
    magicians can do some serious magic damage. Hit the one on the bottom 
    with EVERYTHING you have. You should be able to nail it after one turn.
      You can also put 1 behind 2 and have 1 use a bow or even cast 
    fireballs on the orcs. If you do use luffins/mirgets then concentrate on 
    clearing a path to one hibliss at a time. You may just need to zap the 
    other with magic.
      Resting here and building up spells is a very good idea. Have 25 walk 
    on water spells among your 80+ skilled magic users.
    X $  5 6    X
    X     4     X
    X    312    X exit: north
    X     W     X
    X    WWW    X treasure: 42 luffins
    X   WU UW   X
    X  Y I I Y  X
      This room's treasure is not worth the toil to secure it. Although you 
    can get through a few wolvingas pretty quickly(3 and 2 down, 1 butchers 
    the trapped one, 4 shoots the ome below them) it may be a while before 
    you get to the bad guys. Definitely use gonshis before you get in here. 
    It's not too hard to get your fighters to the Zumagins, and the Montors 
    will of course have to line up with targets, but you will need a lot of 
    spells to take out the hiblisses.
      42 luffins ain't enough to justify this room. Just find the exit--and 
    this is only level one!
      ** What to Do **
      East, south, west, and go along the northeast edge of the room(ambush 
    in the center.) The lower passage leads to level two. A straightforward 
    walk but a tough fight. The stairs down lead you to the east side of 
    level two, and it looks as if you've just left a room. It's a bit 
      Inside room #2 you may wish to rest to learn walk on water and repel 
    spells. Because the terrain gets much trickier, and fast.
      ** Messages **
    Sign by stairs:
    * KHAZAN LEVEL 2 *
    *X   *X+     +*X             r****X~~~S S$*
    *X   *X       *X   ******X   0****X~~~ S  *
    *X   *X       *X   ******X   r****X~~~~ SS*
    *X   *X+     +*XS  ******X   *****X ~~~~ S*
    ***************X S **RRR**********X  ~~~S *
    *X            *X;  *X   XX ~~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X            *X   *X   XX~~~~~~~~~~~~*****
    *X       ~~~  *X;  *X   ~~~~~ ~~~~    XXXX*
    *X    ~~~~~~~ *X;; XX ~~~~~    ~~~~   XXXX*
    *X  ~~~~~~~~~ *X;;;XX~~~~~*X   ; ~~~      *
    *X~~~~~  *X~~~XX;;~~~~~~***X      ~~~     *
    *X~~~*X  *X~~~XX;~~~~~  ***X  ;   ~~~     *
    *X   *X  *X ~~~~~~~~~ ; XXXX   ;   ~~~    *
    *X   *X  *X ~~~~~~; ;   XXXX  ;    ~~~    *
    *X   *X  *X  ~~~~;;                ~~~    *
    *X   *X  *X    ~~~ ;               ~~~~   *
    *X   *X  *X    ~~~   ***X    **X    ~~~   r
    **rrr*X  *X   ~~~;;  X*XX   ***X    ~~~   r
    ******X  *X   ~~~;   X*XX   XXXX    ~~~   r
    ******X  *X   ~~~;    XX    XXXX   ~~~~   *
    ******X  *X    ~~~;   XX;          ~~~    *
    *XXXXXX  *X    ;~~;;    ;          ~~~    *
    *XXXXXX  *X    ;;~~;;    ~~~~     ~~~~    *
    *X       *X     ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     *
    *X       ****X  ;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      *
    *X       XXX*X   ;;;;~~~~;;;;~~~~~~       *
    *X   *X  XXX*X          ;;;;;;;           *
    *X   XX     *X                            *
    *X   XX     *******************************
    *X                                        *
    *X                                        *
    *X   *********X   ****************X       *
    *X   XX****XXXX   XXX*****XXXXXXX*X       *
    *X   XX****XXXX   XXX*****XXXXXXX*X       *
    *X     ****X         *****X  S SS*X       *
    *X     ****X         r***rr   S  *X       *
    *X     ****X         2***rr   S ^*X       *
    *X     ****X         r***rr   S  *X       *
    *X+    ****X         *****r    SS*X       *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X         J X
    X       M   X
    X  1    M   X exit: west
    X4 2    Mm AX
    X  3    M   X treasure: 60 gonshis
    X5      M   X
    X6        J X
      Whenever there's an azrael, it's a good idea to use gonshis, mirgets, 
    and luffins. Here it might take a couple of times for your fighter to 
    get to the azrael--it's worth it to use an extra gonshi and make sure of 
    things. You can probably gamble successfully by moving a square and 
    eating a gonshi to be sure you get a hit in. In fact, you may want to 
    have 1 and 3 use gonshis as well on their second turns. The jerrahs will 
    cast spells, but nothing you can't withstand.
      After having your archer use his arrows on the center minotaur, you'll 
    want to focus your offensive spells on the gaem in the center. Then try 
    to take out the minotaurs on each side of them. That will clear 1 and 3 
    to run right. The reason you want them eating gonshis is that you can 
    pin the azrael vertically so it can't escape 4's bow shot. Plus you're 
    getting a bunch of gonshis back as treasure anyway.
    Xm$ m   m  mX
    X  NU N UN  X
    X    NNN    X exit: south
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 8 cubes
    X           X
    X4          X
      The sort of room that's a cakewalk with gonshis, but you get bombarded 
    with spells otherwise. You can save a luffin for later here by placing 
    your archer in the corner and letting him shoot the trapped gaem in the 
    upper left. 1, 2, and 3 can each run at a gaem. 5 and 6 just have to 
    cast spells at the zumagins in the way first.
      8 cubes are a nice treasure especially for those who use the Dermagud-
    Yberton 3 cube express, but it costs 4 walk on water spells to get to 
    this room and back, with a time trap on the way, so it's not really 
    worth it.
    X $         X
    X       M   X
    X642   M m IX exits: east/west
    X  1   MM   X
    X5 3   M m IX treasure: 48 mirget
    X       M   X
    X           X
      This room guards an area with snakes surrounding a bowl. But you've 
    got such nice color maps on the web, so that is no big deal, and the 
    treasure isn't inspiring enough.
      It's obviously important to get to the hiblisses--if properly charged, 
    your fighters will kill them on contact. Start with your archer taking a 
    few shots then have your spellcasters clear the way for 2. Although it's 
    also a good idea to get the minotaur out of the way so 3 can approach 
    the Gaem. 1 may go last and you can maybe place him behind 3 with a bow 
    if you'd like--however, if you get lucky with magic he may have a path 
    to the hibliss with his mirget intact, or he can be the first to move on 
    your second turn; use a gonshi then and take out a gaem.
      You shouldn't have to blast a hibliss with a ton of magic spells here, 
    but there are worse things to do.
      ** What to Do **
      Here we start to see the natural obstacles that make up Khazan. As in 
    level one, you won't want to waste time with side rooms, all three of 
    which are quite nasty, don't lead anywhere and don't give enough 
    treasure. You enter this level from what appears to be a room, and 
    you'll have to leave that way, too.
      You'll need two walk on water spells after going south and west and 
    tending northwest. Head north with the first one and for the second, 
    loop west and immediately south. THere's a two-width corridor here which 
    requires you to do the following. Assume your formation is
    a b c
    d e f
      Then once f has the wall to the east, disband a-d and take e-f down. 
    Then disband a-b, rearrange b and c's formation so they are where e and 
    f were, move down, and join. Switch to a-d and switch them to how e-f 
    were. You can't move through water in any standard way, but fortunately 
    you can rearrange the formations a bit until your players are as you 
    want them.
      At the bottom there's a T-shaped intersection. To the left(and down) 
    you find one set of stairs although there's an ambush on the left wall. 
    This leads to a fountain and a teleportal that gives the combination to 
    Sargoz, so those who already looked it up in this document will want to 
    hit the other side. Right and down staying close the wall gets you to 
    level three.
      ** Messages **
    Northeast corner:
    --Beware! the middle of four signs is a portal!
    Southwest corner:
    --Stairs to lower level
    * KHAZAN LEVEL 3 *
    *X     ~~****rr      *X          *XS    S *
    *X     ~~****r0      *X          *X S $  S*
    *X~~~~~~~****rr      *X          *X S   S *
    *X~~~~~~~*****r      *X          *XS S S  *
    *X~~~~~~~*****X      *X          *X  SS   *
    ***X~~***********X   *******X   ****X   ***
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X         *XFF   FFF     *
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X         *XFFF FF       r
    *X~SS~*X~~;;;;~~*X         *XFFFF*X       1
    *XSSSS*X~~;;;;~~*X         *XFFFF*X       r
    *X    *X~~~~~~~~*X         *XFFFF*X       *
    *X$   *X~~~~~~~~*X         *XFFFF*X       *
    *******X   ***********X   ***X   ****X   **
    *X         XX      S   S S *X       *X    *
    *X         XX       SS  S  *X       *X    *
    *X                 *X S S  *X       *X    *
    *X                 *X      *X       *X    *
    *X         *X      *X      *X       *X    *
    *X         *X      *X      *X       *X    *
    ***X  *X   *********X   ******X   *********
    *XXX  *X   XXXX*XXXXX   ******X   XXXXXXXX*
    *XXX  *X   XXXX*XXXXX   ******X   XXXXXXXX*
    *X    *X       *X FFFFF *****rr           *
    *X    XX       XX FFFFF *****r2           *
    *X    XX       XX F   F *****rr     *X    *
    *X                F   F ******r     *X    *
    *X                FFFFF ******X     *X    *
    *X    *X       *X FFFFF ******X     *X    *
    *X   ********************************X   **
    *X       *X~~~~~~~~~*X~~~~~~~~~~*X        *
    *X       *X~~~~~~~~~XX~~;SS;;;~~XX        *
    *X       *X~~~+;;~~~XX~;S;;SS;;~XX        *
    *X       *X~~;;;;;~~~~~S;;+;;S;~          *
    *X       *X~~;;;;;~~~~~S;;;;;S;~          *
    *X       *X~~~;;;~~~*X~;SS;;S;;~*X        *
    *X       *X~~~~~~~~~*X~~;;SS;;~~*X        *
    *X       *X~~~~~~~~~*X~~~~~~~~~~*X        *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    XZ    +   56X
    X   O       X
    XA U     2  X exit: east
    X   O    1  X
    XA U     3 4X fountain: dexterity
    X   O       X
    XZ          X
    X $    N    X
    X 52    Y A X
    X       N   X exit: west
    X  1  N    AX
    X  4    N   X treasure: 20 pearls
    X 63    Y A X
    X      N    X
      Only twenty pearls for defeating three azraels? Hmm, I guess it's the 
    challenge and thrill of succeeding.
      As usual, get 5 and 6 to take out the mongors. You can have 4 use a 
    bow to take out the gnoll right of 1. In general the gnolls are silly 
    and can be dispatched with minor spells. Their role as blocker is more 
    important than any damage they might give.
      Your resources will be stretched here and once you get to the azrael 
    you may wish to use gonshi, luffin, and(for your hero) mirget before 
    X $N        X
    X J         X
    X   N       X exit: east
    XA J N      X
    X   N       X treasure: 8 lokas(poison)
    X J         X
    X  N        X
      ** What to Do **
      This is the first level with lava, which saps your energy as parasite 
    moss does--but only if you have boots to walk on it.
      Right side of the island of parasite moss takes you to a hidden part 
    of level 2. It's the one with the four signs. However there's not a lot 
    else on the left side except for a fountain behind lava and snakes. By 
    now you should be pretty close to maximum, so you don't need to hit the 
    fountains right away.
      The right side contains two more rooms you don't really need to look 
    at, but a treasure island is to the left. A small party is an asset here 
    with the only drawback being you'll need to waste four repels and four 
    walkwaters. But I include it for posterity. Give your spellcaster(s) a 
    shovel and (going up with your whole party is an interesting puzzle in 
    splitting your party to get by) and it's the second island you'll find. 
    Once you're serious about level four, you'll have to walk through some 
    lava to get some stairs but remember to keep to the walls and you won't 
    notice any ambushes.
      ** Messages **
    In the secret room:
    --Sphere (NW)
    --Pyramid (NE)
    --Cube (SE)
    --Is the key to the lost dungeon. (SW)
    northwest chest behind snakes:
    --Dig the island of Holcombu, the pirate.
    southeast island:
    --This is not Holcombu's island, but you are close!
    southwest island:
    --Holcombu's island [treasure is south edge of west shore]
    [8 emeralds??]
    northeast chest behind snakes:
    --21 Steps south and dig.
    [southeast corner of this area]
    [8 emeralds??]
    * KHAZAN LEVEL 4 *
    *XFFFFFFFFF*X          *X;;;;;;;*
    *XF     FFF*X          *X;    ;;*
    *X+   *XFFF*X          *****X  ;*
    *******XFFF*X          *XXXXX  ;*
    *XXXXXXXFFF*X          *XXXXX~~~*
    *XXXXXXXFFF*X          *X~~~~~~~*
    *X         *X          *X~~~~~~~*
    *X         *X      +   *X~~~*****
    *X   **********X   *****X;; XXXX*
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXX   XXXXXX;      *
    *X          ~~~~~~~~~~;;;;      *
    *X          ~~~~~~~~~~          *
    ***********X~~*****X~~*X   *X   *
    *XXXX******X~~*****X~~*X   XX   *
    *XXXX******X~~*RRR*X~~*X   XX   *
    *X$  ******X~~Xr^^XX~~*X        *
    *X   **RRR*X~~Xr^^^X~~*X        *
    *X S *Xrrr*X~~~    ~~~*X        *
    *XS  *Xrrr*X~~~    ~~~*X        *
    *XS S*X   *X~~~~~~~~~~*X   *X   *
    *X S *X   *X~~~~~~~~~~*X   *X   *
    *X   XX   **X   *X;;;*******X   *
    *X   XX   X*X   *X ;;*XXXXXXX   *
    *X        X*X   *X  ;*XXXXXXX   *
    *X         **rrr*X   *X         *
    *X         ******X;  *X         *
    *X   **X   ******X ; **X        *
    *X   **X   **RRR*X   *XX        *
    *X   XXX   XXrrr*X   *XX        *
    *X   XXX   XXrrr*X;  *X         *
    *X              *X   *X    *X   *
    *X              *X   *X    *X   *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $   A   A X
    X AN     N  X
    X R   N   R X exit: south
    XM         MX
    X 2  41   3 X treasure: 72 rubies(!)
    X           X
    X    56     X
      The chest is a windfall in more ways than one; it puts a dent in the 
    symmetry of the whole set-up, leaving the azrael one square closer to 
    you. The azraels actually go down pretty quickly here if you have the 
    usual cocktail. Take out the gragans first; there should be time for the 
    gnoll, but if not, #4 can dispatch it leaving #1 a straight shot up.
      For the second turn don't be afraid to use gonshi/luffin and mirget if 
    necessary. The azraels are nasty enough that it's nice to have a quick 
    run at them once in a while.
      Even with the bonanza I still think this room is a needless 
    extravagance, wasting spells and the like. Spells will be more useful in 
    Sargoz and Crezimas.
    XmF5     6FmX
    XF2       3FX
    X1         4X exits north/south
    X           X
    X           X
    XF         FX
    XmF       FmX
      This level has a very elegant solution even if you're not hopped to 
    the gills on mushrooms--only gonshis are needed here for a quick 
    solution. First have 5 and 6 blast the fermigons above the lower gaems--
    this should take two tries each, but you might get unlucky with shatter. 
    Then 1 and 4 can shoot the embedded gaems in the bottom corners. You can 
    then have 2 kill both fermigons and move to strike the gaem, leaving5 
    todeal the final blow. All these attempts are on trapped monsters, so 
    they will hit.
      ** What to Do **
      The Delkona Library may have told you about what to do in the Hall of 
    Lost Souls. It didn't tell you about the ambush directly north, though, 
    or the annoying part before then.
      If you want to have enough money for the rest of the game(you might 
    already, though) then explore the SW door and see the room behind for a 
    whopping 72 rubies. In any case you will need four or six walkwater 
    spells. If two spellcasters with 80+ magic have two or more walkwater 
    spells, then divide parties up as follows and have one go W-N-E, and the 
    other can go E-N-W.
      --\  |  /--
      --/  |  \--
    /\    The    /\
    ||  Stairs   ||
    ||    Up     ||
      /==1 2|3==\
      \==4 5|6==/
      But be careful about going too far north! You need to keep one square 
    away from the walls to get around as the portals are in the corner. It 
    turns out that the right one is in the northwest. Take it to level 5.
      ** Messages **
    west side:
    --Dig X[pick broke]
    northwest, behind fire:
    --X[12 topazes if you dig--not worth the extra trek]
    north square room:
    --Hall of lost souls
    * KHAZAN LEVEL 5 *
    *X              **RRR**X               **X+   *
    *X              XtrrrXtX               ***X   *
    *X   *******X   XXr0rXXX   *****X      ***X   *
    *X   XtXXXX*X              *XXXtX      ***X   *
    *X   XXXXXX*X              *XXXXX      ***X;; *
    *X         ******X   *******X          ***X ;;*
    *X         XtXXX*X   *XXXXXtX          ****r1r*
    *X         XXXXX*X   *XXXXXXX   ***X   ********
    *X              *X   *X         *XXX   ********
    *X              *X   *X         *XXX   ****R1R*
    *X        *******X   *X   *X   **X     ***Xrrr*
    *X   ******XXXXXtX   *X   *X   XXX     ***Xrrr*
    *X   *XXtX*XXXXXXX   *X   *X   XXX   *****X;; *
    *X   *XXXX*Xp        *X   *X         *XtXXX;  *
    *X   *X   *X         *X   *X         *XXXXX   *
    *X   *X   *******X   *X   ************X   S S;*
    *X   *X   XtXXXX*X   *X   XtXXXXX****XX S  S;;*
    *X   *X   XXXXXX*X   *X   XXXXXXXr***XXS S; S;*
    *X   *X         *X   *X          2***XS S SS S*
    *X   *X         *X   *X          r***X S S  S *
    *X   *X   *******X   *****************X;  S  ;*
    *X~~~*X   XtXXXXtX   XtXXXXXXXt*XXXXX*X S     *
    *X~~~*X                        *X~~~~*X;  *****
    *X~~~*X                        *X~~~~XX ; XtXX*
    *X~~~************X   ******X   *X~~~ XX;  XXXX*
    *X~~~XXXXXXXXXXXtX   *XXXXtX   *X~~~  +       *
    *X~~~XXXXXXXXXXXXX   *XXXXXX   *X~~~~~~~~~~~~ *
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~        *X        *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
    *X~    ~~~~~~        *X        ***********X~~~*
    *X~    ~~~~~~*X   ****X   ******XXXXXXXXX*X ~~*
    *X~$   ~~~~~~*X   *XXtX   XtXXX*XXXXXXXXX*X ~~*
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X   *XXXX   XXXXX*X~~~~~~~r*X~~~*
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X   *X           *X~~~~~~~~*X~~~*
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X   *X           *X~~~*X~~~*X~~~*
    *****X~~~~~~~*X   *X   ****X   *X~~~*Xr~~*X~~~*
    *XXXtX~~~*****X   *X   *XXtX   *X~~~*X~~~*X~~~*
    *XXXXX~~~*XXXtX   XX   *XXXX   XX~~~*X~~rXX~~~*
    rr    ~~~*XXXXX   XX   *X      XX~~~*X~~rXX~~~*
    r3    ~~~*X            *X        ~~~*X~~~rr~~~*
    rr    ~~~*X            *X        ~~~*X~~~~~~~~*
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $ m + J   X
    X J        JX
    X  m   M MM X exits = south
    X M  M      X
    X  23   1  4X treasure = 60 gonshis??
    X           X fountain = agility
    X     56    X
      Here you'll want 3 to come and attack the gaem from the side. This 
    frees 2 to get the Jerrah. 1 and 4 can run at the other two. The best 
    part here is that 2 and3  are close to the other gaem, making the rest 
    of this relatively easy. You'll barely even need spells, but nifts might 
    #3: room of Heru the war god. You'll need 3 walk on water spells if you 
    approach from the right. Well, 2 if you have 90+ magic--you can 
    reshuffle your party for the final bit.
    X $ Y   Y   X
    X    A A    X
    X  F  F  F  X exits = north/south
    X    F F    X
    X   2341    X treasure = 6 emeralds, diseased
    X           X
    X     56    X
      This room guarding the stairs is actually much easier than the side 
    rooms that are just there for treasure, but that doesn't mean you can 
    skimp the usual mushroom smorgasboard. You can probably take out the 
    fermigons with magic; concentrate on the one in front of 3 first. Then 
    you can have him and 2 run at the azrael, which should finish him off. 
    The next one I'd go for would be the one in front of 4, who can  then 
    run at the Azrael. 1 can beat up the fermigon, run to the Azrael, and 
    then get a refill of mushrooms(gonshi, luffin, mirget.) The last move in 
    his turn will be to kill the Azrael.
      Fermigons shouldn't be much of a problem now, but you might want to 
    keep spellcasters out of the mongors' lines of sight, and if you're 
    flush with mushrooms there are worse places to be wasteful. 4 can use 
    his bow to help knock off the mongors.
      The treasure's well worth catching a disease as long as you have a few 
    medicins left over.
    X     +     X
    X  2     F IX
    X  1    F M X exit = west
    X        M IX
    X  4    F M X
    X  3     F IX
    X65         X
      This level may require every fighter to use an additional gonshi. It 
    wouldn't be bad for magic users either. The plan as I see it is to have 
    spellcasters move first. They'll wipe out the central fermigons and then 
    the ones on the side. So while your fighters are running and using 
    gonshis, spellcasters are making sure that your outsiders can use the 
    critical first hit on a hibliss, and maybe they can even knock off a 
    gaem too. The exception may be the final one--but by this time the 
    fighters will be so far right they can surround the final hibliss. 4 can 
    even go up one from killing a gaem and switch to a bow. Lights out.
      ** What to Do **
      You'll be dropped in a niche left of the main vertical corridor. Go E, 
    S, S, W, W. At the water cast walk on water. Turn south before you get 
    to the island and then go W/S to enter room 3. This will require a few 
    spells both there and back, but wake Heru.
      Back NE out as you came. Turn south and follow the passage east. Five 
    walk on waters here(8 moves per) and you should just make the opposite 
      You can split up so you have to cast fewer repel spells. Just don't go 
    south at the portal, and be sure to join together before room 1. The 
    stairway up to the other side of the sea is here. On the way back you'll 
    want to use the portal whether you're going to Khazan's portal or to 
    Delkona for a boat trip to Shadrum.
      ** Messages **
    chest in southwest(scroll:)
    --Heru sleeps nearby!
    sign in northeast:
    --Stairway to heaven
    southeast, after crossing water:
    --Snake pit
    by east wall:
    --Portal back to Fubernel entrance
              * MEARDOM *
      Meardom is not as tough as advertised if you've got a few dungeons 
    under your belt. It isn't strictly necessary to complete the game if 
    you've got a crib sheet, but it has some sleight of hand with 
    teleportals and chutes to keep you thinking. To get into Meardom, talk 
    to Beratt in the Council Room at 6 AM. He knows about Meardom and will 
    tell you to meet him in the north sector of level 1. He'll open up a 
    hidden door in the north wall, and you can enter. If you leave you have 
    to repeat the process, but the dungeon isn't so bad. 
    *X+      *******X                                         *
    *X       *RRR***X                                         *
    *X       XrrrXX*X   ***********X **X   **X   **X   *X     *
    *X       Xr0rXX*X   ******XXXX*****************X   *X     *
    *X             *X   ******XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   ***r1r**
    *X             *X   *****rr   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   ********
    *X   ***********X   *****r2                        ********
    *X   ***********X   *****rr                        ********
    *X   XXXXtXXXX**X   ******r   ***********X **X ************
    *X   XXXXXXXXX**X   ******X   *XXXXXXXX********************
    *X            **X   **XXXXXXXXXX       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*
    *X   ***********X   **X  XXXXXXX                          *
    *X   ***********X   *XX                                   *
    *X   XXXXtXXXXX*X   *XX            ***X  ***X      ***X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXX*X   *X    *********************X   ***X   *
    *X             *X   *X    ***********XXXXXXXX**X   ***X   *
    *X             *X   **X   ***********XXXXXXXX**X   **XX   *
    *X   *******X  *X   **X   ***********X       **X   **XX   *
    *X   XXXXtX*X  *X   *XX   ***RRR*****X       **X   **X    *
    *X   XXXXXX*X  *X   *XX   **XrrrX**XXX       **X   *XX    *
    *X         *****X   *X    **Xr3rX**XXX       XXX   *XX    *
    *X         *****X   *X    **X    **X         XXX   *X    **
    *X   **X   XXXXXX   **X   **X    **X               *X    r*
    *X   **X   XXXXXX   **X   **X    **X               *X    4*
    *X   **X            *XX   **X    **X               *X    r*
    *X   **X            *XX   **X    **X     ******X   *X    **
    *X   ****************X    ***X   ****X   XXtX**X   **X    *
    *X   XXXXtXXXXXXXXXXXX    ***X   ****X   XXXX**X   **X    *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    *XtX   Xt**X      ^**X   **X    *
    *X                        *XXX   XX**X       **X   **X    *
    *X                        *X+      X***********X   ***X   *
    *X   *******X    **********X       XXtXXXXXX***X   ***X   *
    *X   XXXXtXXX    XXXXtXXXtXX        XXXXXXXXXtXX   XtXX   *
    *X   XXXXXXXX    XXXXXXXXXXX                XXXX   XXXX   *
    *X                                                        *
    *X                                                        *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $       R X
    X  H N   M  X
    X           X exits: 
    X           X
    X       1 23X treasure: 24 potions
    X        4  X
    X           X
      The left side can be safely ignored, but as for the right you may wish 
    to swamp the gaem as soon as possible. Gonshis allow 1 and 2 to set the 
    gaem up for 4's arrows, and 3 can run down later. You can trap the 
    gragan on move two, diffusing the main threats.
    X $        5X
    X          6X
    X   3 14  2 X exits: north
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 36 gonshi(poison)
    X         E X
    X  E Y  Y   X
      Use gonshis to get this treasure. Streak down where they can't hit 
    your fighters--except 2, your strongest--and let their extra move only 
    save you time so you can attack them right away.
    X           X
    X  F        X
    X U         X
    X           X
    X  F     34 X treasure: 24 nifts(disease)
    X   U    216X
    X          5X
      Run at the bad guys on the bottom, and the others will probably come 
    by about when you win the fight. If you get crowded or trapped in have 5 
    and 6 in reserve to get rid of a zumagin with spells.
    Zumagin AC = 4.
    X $U      F X
    X    Y   W  X
    X           X exits: south
    X           X
    X  2.3      X treasure: 24 luffins
    X  1 4      X
    X 5 6       X
      The bad guys shouldn't hurt you too much, so 2 and 3 can run at them 
    while 1 and 4 shoot. Or 1 can charge with 2 and 3 if he has no bow. Just 
    wait for the right side monsters(weaker) to come over. They'll get 
    X $         X
    X  2  O R   X
    X           X exits: west
    X  1   U    X
    X  4  O     X treasure: 24 sermins
    X  3 O R    X
    X56         X
      Gonshis can break enemy ranks early, but first you might want to zap 
    all orcs with cheap spells.
      ** What to Do **
      Although you can just go west to the edge and north to get to level 2, 
    you might want to try the room immediately north for some good quick 
    supplies. Most rooms have a minor spellcaster or two, and you can also 
    go to the NE corner if you want more gonshis and nifts.
      ** Messages **
    --Stairs down to hell!
    By entrance:
    --Meardom. Dungeon of Doom!
    *X         ***X                   *
    *X         ***X                   *
    *X         ***X   ************X   *
    *X         ***X   *XXXXXXXXXX*X   *
    *X         ***X   *XXXXXXXXXX*X   *
    *X         ***X   XX         *X   *
    *X         ***X   XX         *X   *
    *****r0r******X     A  **X   *X   *
    **************X        **X   *X   *
    **************X   *X   **X   *X   *
    ***********XXXX   *X   XXX   *X   *
    ***********XXXX   *X   XXX   *X   *
    ***********X      *XCHU      *X   *
    *****RRR***X      *XTE0      *X   *
    *XXXXrrrXXXX   ***************X   *
    *X             **XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X             **X                *
    *****X   ********X                *
    *XXXXX   XXXXXXXXX    ***X ********
    *X                    ******XXXXXX*
    *X                    *XXXXXX     *
    *X   *************X   *XXXXXX     *
    *X   *XXXXX*******X   *Xrr$       *
    *X   *XXXXX*RRR***X   *X          *
    *X   *Xr^  XrrrX**X   X******X    *
    *X   *X    Xrvvv**X   X******X    *
    *X   *X         **X    **RRR**X   *
    *X   *X         **X    *XrrrX*X   *
    *X   XX    ******XX    *Xrvvv*X   *
    *X   XX    ******XX   **X    *X   *
    *X         *XXXXXX    **X    *X   *
    *X         *XXXXXX    **X    *X   *
    *X         *X         **X   **X   *
    *X         XX         **X   *XX   *
    *X         XX    *******X   *XX   *
    *X               *XXXXXXX   *X    *
    *X               *XXXXXXX   *X    *
    ******************X         *X   **
    ******************X         *X   **
    *X                     *X   *X   **
    *X                     *X   *X   **
    *X   *******X    *******X   *X   **
    *X   *******X    *XXXXXXX   *X   **
    *X   *******X    *XXXXXXX   *X   **
    *X   **RRR**X    *X         *X   **
    *X   XXrrrXXX    XX         XX   **
    *X   XXr1rXXX    XX         XX   **
    *X                               **
    *X                               **
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $  5  4   X
    X      6    X
    X 1 2 3     X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 24 mirgets
    X E N U N Y X
    X           X
      This room is a bottleneck you have to go through if you want to get 
    anywhere in Meardom. It also has two weird monsters you won't see much 
    of. Gonshis for fighters may help alleviate some of the annoying wait. 
    The recommended path through is to concentrate spells on the Mongor and 
    have non-wizards concentrate on one bad guy each. The mirgets are a nice 
    reward for winning.
    X $         X
    X  E     E  X
    X    E E    X exits: south
    X   F F F   X
    X    213    X treasure: 30 gonshis
    X     4     X
    X   5   6   X
      Not an important room to visit--might be worth the effort and several 
    gonshis used though given the treasure. Nifts are probably necessary 
    here due to the monsters that mesh well together. 2 and 3 can move 
    forward to doom the middle fermigon. If they can't kill the fermigons to 
    the side after two moves then just cast a few spells on them--1 can help 
    here. 4 can move to the side to shoot a zebani or two as well, and 5 and 
    6 can move to the center to drag an outside zebani in once the inside 
    one dies as well.
      ** What to Do **
      It's more complex to reach the hidden area than to pursue Meardom's 
    main attraction(S-W-S-E-N-E to the stairs.) But you may want to do it 
    when you get back up, to teleport to the next place you need to take on. 
    For the main path you can also take a chute down which requires less 
      After winning the first fight, E/N/E/N and then break your party up as 
    1 | 2   3
    4   5 | 6
      The numbers are just for reference and have nothing to do with party 
    order, as you just want to go down a chute. Have 2-3-6 head E-S-E-S one 
    square at a time avoiding the ambush if the whole group would have gone 
    into the circle to the right. They'll fall down the chute. Switch to the 
    1-4-5 party, rearrange them as 2-3-6 were, and have them walk to and 
    fall down the chute similarly.
      This is just the first time through, though; a portal on level 3 kicks 
    you back up to the bottom half, and you can take stairs down from there 
    to get to the other part of level 3. Although you might like the 
    treasure in the SE corner, too.
      ** Messages **
    chest in the east:
    6 East, 28 south and dig.[SE-most corner of level]
    *X+                          **X     *
    *X                           **X  $  *
    *XY   *X **************X     **X     *
    *X    *X **************X     **X~~~~~*
    ***********************X     **X~~~~~*
    **********RRR*****RRR**X     **X     *
    *********XrrrXX**XrrrXXX   ******X   *
    *********Xr0rXX**Xr1rXXX   ******X   *
    ***RRR***X     **X         *****rr   *
    *XXrrrX***X   ***X         *****r3   *
    *XXr2rX**XX   X**X         *****rr   *
    *X     **XX   X**X         ******r   *
    *X     **X     **X         XXXXX*X   *
    *X     ***X   ***X         XXXXX*X   *
    *X     **XX   X**X              *X   *
    *X     **XX   X**X              *X   *
    *X     **X     **X    ***********X   *
    *X     **X     **X    *XXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X    ****X   ****X   *XXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X    XXXXX   XXXXX   *X             *
    *X    XXXXX   XXXXX   *X             *
    *X                    *X   ******X   *
    *X                    *X   XXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *******X    *X   XXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *******X    *X     P  *X   *
    *X   *X   *RRR***X    *X        *X   *
    *X   *X   Xr^^XXXX    ***********X   *
    *X   *X   Xr^^^XXX    *******XXXXX   *
    *X   *X               **RRR**XXXXX   *
    *X   *X               *Xr^^XXX       *
    *X   *****X      ******Xr^^^XX       *
    *X   *****X      *XXXX*X             *
    *X   *RRR*********XXXX*X             *
    *X   XrrrXXXXXXXXXX   *X             *
    *X   XrvvvXXXXXXXXX ^ *X             *
    *X                    *X             *
    *X                    *X             *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P: back to the main area of level 3, below room 1.
    Y: to the south area of level 2
      ** Room maps **
    X $U  +  U  X
    X           X
    X  N N N N  X exits: south
    X           X
    X  213      X treasure: 24 sermins(poison)
    X  4        X
    X   56      X
      The one zumagin will have to move in. 4 and 2 might want a gonshi here 
    so they can move right and be active--4 should shoot the gnoll before 2 
    makes a move. The other zumagins have to come to you.
    X $E  E  E  X
    X           X
    X  F  F  F  X exits: south
    X           X
    X 132       X treasure: 20 mirgets(disease)
    X5          X
    X6 4        X
      Here you can just let the fermigons and zebanis come to you. The left 
    ones should die pretty quickly, and you can form a line against the new 
    agressors. 4 may switch to a sword. You probably don't need spells for 
    this. The mirgets will come in handy on level 5.
    X $ E E E   X
    X           X
    X  N  N  N  X exits: south
    X           X
    X  2  1  3  X treasure: 24 potions
    X           X
    X5    4    6X
      This should be a no brainer, since everyone can rush--or fire arrows--
    forward and then join in once the monsters ahead of him are gone. He can 
    even pull enemies to the center later. But the room's not worth getting 
    #3: teleportal room. Fubernel seems the most useful location.
      ** What to Do **
      You don't really need to enter any room to clear this level, but the 
    right room in the main area gives nice treasure, and the center has a 
    fountain. But simply splitting your party up to avoid an ambush will 
    take you down a level: W-N-W-S-E-N.
      The right area is the teleportal, which has useful destinations like 
    Fubernel, and there's a treasure across the water.
      ** Messages **
    NW corner:
    --Portal area
    NE island:
    --Dig the left corner.
    [upper left corner of the island. Treasure=??]
    *X    **RRR**
    *X    *XrrrX*
    *X   **Xr0rX*
    *X   X*X    *
    *X   X*X    *
    *X    *X    *
    *X    *X    *
    *X   **X    *
    *X   X*X    *
    *X   X**r1r**
    *X    *******
    *X    *******
    *X    *******
    *******X    *
    **RRR***X   *
    *XrrrX*XX   *
    *Xr2rX*XX   *
    *X    *X    *
    *X   ***X   *
    *X   XXXX   *
    *X   XXXX   *
    *X          *
    *X          *
    *X   ********
    *X   ********
    *X   *RRR****
    *X   Xr^^XXX*
    *X   Xr^^^XX*
    *X          *
    *X          *
    *X$        ^*
    *X$         *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $Z  +  Z  X
    X    B B    X
    X   W O W   X exits: south
    X           X
    X  2     3  X treasure: 24 drelins
    X  1     4  X fountain: agility
    X  6     5  X
      The zorlims are the main danger here but gonshis aren't really 
    necesssary. Bows seem to work best(spells for 1/4 if you have 'em) and 
    the other monsters are pretty harmless.
    X $   J     X
    X   E   E   X
    X  O     O  X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X    2 3    X treasure: 30 potions(disease)
    X     1     X
    X    645    X
      1, 4 gonshi + arrows should nail the jerrah but if not 5 and 6 can 
    waste spells. 5 and 6 can move out of the line of fire once Zebanis move 
    X $   J     X
    X           X
    X   B   B   X exits = north/south
    X    B B    X
    X   3 1 2   X treasure = 18 luffins
    X           X
    X   5 4 6   X
      No-one but a jerrah can do significant annoying harm, so shoot with 4 
    and have 1 cast fireball if he's got a lot to spare--if not he can 
    shoot. Only 1/4 need use gonshis.
    X $5  4  6  X
    X           X
    X   2 1 3   X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  W  W  W  X treasure: 10 topazs
    X   Z   Z   X
    X     Y     X
      Gonshis for 2/3 help get rid of the zorlims more easily without 
    spells. Let 1 and 4 chip away with arrows for a while--you shouldn't 
    even need spells once 2 and 3 converge on the mongor, who might get shot 
    up quickly anyway.
      There's more treasure to the south.
      Zorlims: 20 shield here
      ** What to Do **
      From the stairs up, go up and stick to the left. You can go treasure 
    hunting south, but you probably don't need to use the fountain in the 
    upper right.
      Treasure hunters will like going south. There are gems not only in the 
    room but also the narrow part below it, and the fight is not 
    particularly challenging.
      ** Messages **
    SW, 1 square up:
    --Cube, cube, sphere teleports to Udar.
    [pick seems to break here]
    scroll in chest, SW:
    --Dig by the opposite wall
    *X           ~~~   r****
    *X           ~~~   0****
    *X          ^~~~   r****
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   *****
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   *****
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   XtX**
    *X           ~~~   XXX**
    *X          ~~~       **
    ***r1r**X   ~~~       **
    ********X  ~~~~ **X   **
    ********X  ~~~~ **X   **
    ********X ~~~~  **X   **
    ********X$~~~~  **X   **
    ***RRR**X~~~    **X   **
    *XtrrrXtX~~~    **X   **
    *XXr1rXXX~~~*r2r**X   **
    *X      ~~~ *******r3r**
    *X      ~~~ ************
    *X      ~~~ ************
    *X       ~~~************
    *X       ~~~X*RRR**RRR**
    *X       ~~~XXrrrXtrrrX*
    *X   *X   ~~~Xr4rXXr3rX*
    *X   *X    ~~~         *
    *X   *X    ~~~         *
    *X   *X    ~~~~        *
    *X   *X     ~~~        *
    *X   *X   *X~~~       **
    *X   *X   *X~~~       r*
    *X   *X   *X~~~       5*
    *X   *X   *X~~~       r*
    *X   *X   *X~~~       **
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P: sends you to level 2, parasite moss island
      ** Room maps **
    X $         X
    X       M R X
    X        E  X exits: west
    X      M   JX
    X        E  X treasure: 5 cubes
    X       M R X
    X           X
      Worth stopping by as cubes are in rare supply(Dermagud->Yberton may be 
    your next move as well) and I don't see this battle as terribly tough. 
    You can get the gragans with spells, and you can shoot at the jerrah. 2 
    and 3 don't have to attack the first turn, but gonshis all around could 
    be helpful.
    X 56 1 4    X
    X           X
    X 2       3 X
    X           X
    X R W W W R X
    X           X
    X    Z Z    X
      No treasure here, but no huge stressful fight, and the room leads to 
    two others. Unfortunately they aren't much in the treasure sweepstakes 
    either. One fighter per enemy magic user; 1 can use a bow, and gonshis 
    might help avoid a minor dent in shields here.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X   1 234   X exits: north
    X           X
    X  M  R  M  X treasure: 3 diamonds(disease)
    X   R   R   X
    X  E  J  E  X
      You might get overoptimistic and think this room links to the other 
    side, but if you look closely you'll notice the doors aren't aligned. 
    Still it's worth it to go in here. 3 diamonds will restock the gonshis 
    you blew getting here nicely. A luffin/mirget would also be good here. 
    Gonshis will help a bow battery against the spell casters, with fighters 
    nailing the gragans on the wings, but if you're all exquisitely shroomed 
    up the formation in the box works well, 3 getting the gragan below 2 
    X    1      X
    X      4    X
    X   2   3   X
    X   ZZZZZ   X
    X           X
    X           X
    X           X
      By now the question for this sort of room should be how to win in one 
    round. Gonshis and luffins for 1-4 help expedite the whole deal. First 
    1, 4 shoot down. 2-3 get the outside zorlims and can move D-R. Then 1, 4 
    move in line with the last zorlim and shoot it down. No treasure here, 
    but it allows easier access to the obelisk room than burning walkwaters.
    4: the obelisk room, where you can read "SASTAMOUNU" as the first word 
    of will.
    X     +     X
    X         E X
    X5 2     M JX exits: west
    X 41    F FJX
    X6 3     M JX
    X         E X fountain: dexterity
    X           X
      Perpetual gonshi use is a must for this sort of room. 2 and 3 might 
    want to use luffins and mirgets beforehand, and if so 5 and 6 should 
    blast the blocking minotaurs beforehand. If the zebanis move in 1 and 4 
    can help out with fireballs the next round--first time though they want 
    to be able to shoot up the doomed jerrah pinned in by his allies.
    X $ 5   6   X
    X  1     4  X
    X   3   2   X exits: north
    X           X
    X M       M X treasure: 5 pyramids
    X   M   M   X
    X  Z  E  Z  X
      If no gonshis, use spells on surviving zorlims. Then switch from bows 
    once the minotaurs clinch and use a nift when necessary.
    X   5 4 6   X
    X    213    X
    X           X exits: north
    X           X
    X   F F F   X treasure: 5 spheres
    X  M M M M  X
    X     J     X
      You'll have to break up your party to squeeze in here(or waste 
    walkwater) and it seems an unnecessary detour. It's also a rather nasty 
    one as fighting goes due to monster volume and is not worth the 
    treasure, but here's the strategy. Have everyone stay back, and 1 and 4 
    can use archery to take out the jerrah. 4 can shuffle as need be. 1 can 
    move down and play point to avoid overcrowding. But it's best to look 
    for a way back and to trap monsters walking over others' corpses.
    X $  5 6    X
    X     4     X
    X    123    X exits: north
    X           X
    X F  FFF  F X treasure: 6 emeralds(disease)
    X   F   F   X
    X     J     X
      You'll want to skirt the edges to get to this room if you have the 
    firepower as the treasure's worth the effort. Given the volume of 
    fermigons you will want to use mushrooms(nifts at very least, 
    luffin/mirget for 2) or at least fireballs to make it easier, although 
    you can use some fighting strategy. 4 can nail one fermigon, and you may 
    want to stay back as 5/6 fireball the jerrah. Others may run in to where 
    he was trapped, making for another easy kill.
      With mushrooms, have 4 shoot and then 2 can wax the Jerrah. 1 and 3 
    can also stay in the center after killing their men, err green thingies.
      ** What to Do **
      Wow! Lots of rooms. Some are very worth going in; others aren't. To 
    read the obelisk you need just one walkwater spell. But there are some 
    challenging rooms in the meantime. I'd go east across the water, dig for 
    the treasure, enter room 0 for the cubes, and take out both rooms below-
    -the right gives passage, left gives great treasure for a tough fight. 
    On the other side the obelisk is the upper left room.
      ** Messages **
    [level 5, west of river]
    --5 North 12 east and dig.
    [treasure = 15 luffins, the SE of the NE corners. What a gyp. For such 
    cheapness you're morally obliged to reload your game, conserve the 
    walkwater, and dig anyway.]
                * SARGOZ *
      Sargoz is even nastier than Khazan, yet at the same time if you've 
    been through Khazan, you'll have a feel for what Sargoz throws at you. 
    Nasty monsters called Dreads appear here and although they're just a 
    notch below Azraels there tend to be more of them in any one fight. 
    You'll need plenty of pierce, repel and walkwater spells, and you will 
    probably need to restart from an earlier save point several times even 
    if you know the way.
      You'll need the Elven Cloak before you enter Sargoz to get the item in 
    * SARGOZ LEVEL 1 *
    *X       *X                                    *
    *X       *X                                    *
    *X       *X                 *****X   ******X   *
    *X AA    *X                 XXXXXX   XtXXX*X   *
    **XAA *****X   *********X   XXXXXX   XXXXX*X   *
    *XX   XtXX*X   XXXXXXXXtX                 *X   *
    *XX   XXXX*X   XXXXXXXXXX                 *X   *
    *X        *X                     *****X   *X   *
    *X        *X                     XtXX*X   *X   *
    *X   *X   ********X   *******X   XXXX*X   *X   *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXX*X   XtXXXXtX  SS   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXX*X   XXXXXXXX SS    *X   *X   *
    *X   *X          *X          SS  S   *X   ******
    *X   *X          *X                  *X   XtXXX*
    *X   ******X   ****X   ****X         *X   XXXXXr
    *X   XXXXX*X   *XXtX   XtX************X        2
    *X   XXXXX*X   *XXXX   XXX*XXXXXtXXXX*X        r
    *X        *X   *X+        *XXXXXXXXXX***********
    *X        *X   XX         XX         XtXXXXXXXt*
    *X   *X   *X   XX AA       XX         XXXXXXXXXX*
    *X   XX   *X      AA                   %  %    *
    *X   XX   *X                        *******X   *
    *X        *X   *X         *X        XtXXXX*X   *
    *X        *X   *X         ******X   XXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   ******X        +*XXXX*X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *XXXX****X   ****XXXX*X         *X   *
    *X   XX   *XXXXXXXXX   XXXXX   *X         *X   *
    *X   XX   *X   XXXXX   XXXXX   *X         *X   *
    *X        *X                   *X         *X   *
    *X        *X                   *X         *X   *
    *X   *********X   *X   ********************X   *
    *X   *X           *X   *XP   ; *X          ;   *
    *X   *X           *X   *X   ;  *X           ;  *
    *X   *X           *X   *X   ;;;*X             ;*
    *X   *X        ****X   ****X ;;*X           ;;;*
    *X   *X        *XXXX   XXX*X;;;*X         ;;;;;*
    *X   *X        *XXXX   XXX*X~~~***********X;;;;*
    *X   *X        *X~~~~~~~~~*X~~~XXXXXXXXXX***r3r*
    *X   ***********X~~~~~~~~~*X~~;XXXXXXXXXX*******
    *X   XXXXX******X~~~~~~~~~*X~;;;~~~~~S;;;*******
    *XF  XXXXX******X~~~~~~~~~*X~~~~~~~S;;S;;***RRR*
    *XFF     F**RRR*X~~~~~~~~~*********XS;;****Xrrr*
    *XFFFFF   *XrrrXX~~~~~~~~~XXXXX****X;S;****Xr3r*
    *XFFFFFF  *Xr4rXX~~~~~~~~~XXXXXr***X;;;r**rr   *
    *X   FFF  *X     ~~~   ~~~     5***X;;;6**r6   *
    *X^      F*X     ~~~   ~~~     r***X;;;r**rr   *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X    H H    X
    XY  S H S  YX
    X S  S S  S X exits: south
    X           X
    X56  123   4X treasure: 36 mirgets(broke pick)
    X           X
    X           X
      Have 5 run at the Mongor and cast spells to remove as many sandgus as 
    possible in front of 1, 3 and 6. Have 6 do the rest. The rest is a rout 
    as players push forward.
    #1: this is the teleportal room. It's guarded by a time trap(on the 
    left) and two ambushes(the two near up/down passages to the left.)
    X $     O   X
    X   2  oo  UX
    X      O D  X exits: west
    X  41  o   UX
    X      O D  X treasure: 24 mirgets(disease)
    X   3  oo  UX
    X56     O   X
      Well, given that this is the final dungeon, you might as well throw it 
    all at 'em. Blast the lower-case orcs with fireballs and run right. 4 
    comes behind 1 to help clean up the dark knights.
    X $        5X
    X          6X
    X 1 4   2 3 X exits: north/south
    X F  F F  F X
    X   F F F   X treasure: 36 nifts
    X           X
    X m m   I I X
      Two fireballs per fermigon please. Eight total means you have access 
    to the bad guys below. Keep wizards in the corner so fermigons don't 
    chase them.
    XJ$J J J J JX
    X   H   H   X
    X H       H X exits: south
    X           X
    X6 1 2 3 4 5X treasure: 72 sermins(disease)
    X           X
    X           X
      Everyone is in on the act here. If they all run forward everyone but 
    the right jerrah will die. You can fix that next turn by having 4 eat a 
    gonshi and trap the jerrah. The Sandgus can wait.
    X $     H D X
    X  2   M C DX
    X  3   H  C X exits: west
    X       C   X
    X  1    M   X treasure: 36 potions
    X  4     H DX
    X56   M     X
      No good way to win quickly unless you care to use quite a few Zapalls. 
    I recommend fireballs on the hraffels and then just running forward and 
    using gonshis to get to the dark knights quickly--4 may detour to whoop 
    the minotaur. Your shields will take some damage, and 5 and 6 may wish 
    to stay in a corner instead and cast spells.
    X           X
    XZEE     1  X
    XZZE     2  X exits: east/west
    XZZE      56X
    XZZE     3  X
    XZEE     4  X
    X           X
      Check shields before entering. You can proceed without rush if you've 
    got a Zishoxe under your belt, but otherwise, seven zebanis, seven 
    fireballs. The zorlims will fall quickly once you get there to sword 
    strokes because they are packed in. But have a double helping of 
      ** What to Do **
      If you need mirgets, go W-N-W but side-wall to avoid the ambush before 
    room 0. Room 2 in the northeast has fewer mirgets for a tougher fight, 
    but if you're in need, there are so many orcs there you'll probably 
    increase your sword skill, too.
      The teleporter in the far northeast can send you back to the mainland, 
    but it's a cop-out.
      To get through this level, go east from the center. Break your party 
    top/down and use a couple of pierce spells to get to the right. Then 
    rejoin past the bottleneck and head down. Room #3 isn't too bad but 
    you'll want to have sermins before room #6, where you can kill a bunch 
    of bad guys quickly. From there you need 4 repel spells(all but the 
    right snake) and two walkwater spells. The portal's northwest in this 
    area, behind the lake.
      ** Messages **
    NW corner of center room:
    --Few came this far. none returned.
    SE corner of center room:
    --You are in Sargoz, domain of darkness, the ultimate challenge.
    * SARGOZ LEVEL 2 *
    X  Q                *X   %%;%;;~~~~~*X~~~~~~~~~~~;$*
    X                   *X   %%%;%% ~~~~*X~*************
    X   *******X   ******X   ******X~~~~XX~X*XXXXXXXXXX*
    X   XXXXXX*X   XXXXXXX   XXXXX*X~~~~~~~~*X         r
    X         *X                  *X~~    ~~*X         0
    X         *X                  *X~~     ~*X         r
    X   *X    ******X   ******X   *X~~~*******r1r**X   *
    X   *X    XXXXXXX   *XXXXXX   *X~~~XXXXX*******XY  *
    X   *X    XXXXXXX   *XXXXXX   *X~~;XXXXX*******X   *
    X   *X              *X;;;;    *X~;;;;;;;**RRR*******
    X   *X              *X;;;     *X~~~~;;;;*XrrrX*XXXX*
    X   *******X   ******X;; ***********X ;;*Xr1rX*XXXX*
    X   XXXXXX*X   r****rr;; *XXXXXXXXX*X  ;*X    *X   *
    X   XXXXXX*X   2****r2   *XXXXXXXXX*X%%%*X    *X   *
    X         *X   r****rr   *X        *X%;;**r3r**X  ;*
    X         *X   ******r   *X        *X;%;*******X ;S*
    ***X   ****X   XXXXXXX;; XX        *X;;%*******XS;;*
    ***X   ****X   XXXXXXX;;;XX        *X%%%**RRR**X;;S*
    XXXX   XXX*X        ~~~~~~~~~~~~   XX   XXrrrX*X;S;*
    XXXX   XXX*X        ~~~~~~~~~~~~   XX   XXr3rX*XS;S*
    X         *********X~~~~~~~~~~~~              *XS;;*
    X         XXXXXXXXXX~~~~~~~~~~~~              *X;S;*
    ******X   XXXXXXXXXX~~~~;;;;~~~~***************X;;;*
    XXXXX*X             ~~~~;;;;~~~~XXXXXXXXXX*XXXXX; ;*
    XXXXX*X             ~~~~;;;;~~~~XXXXXXXXXX*XXXXX  ;*
    Xs   **************X~~~~~~~~~~~~          *X       *
    X    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX~~~~~~~~~~~~          *X       *
    X    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX~~~~~~~~~~~~********X *X       *
    X                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~*XXXXXX*X *X       *
    X                        **r4r***XXXXXX*X%*X       *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *******XX     *X%*X      +*
    XX   XX   XX   XX   *X   *******XX     *X ******X  *
    XX   XX   XX   XXT  *X   **RRR**X      *X XX*XX**X *
    X                   *X   *XrrrXXX      *X XX*XXX*X *
    X                   *X   *Xr4rXXX      *XP  *X X*XF*
    X    *X   ******X   *X   *X            *X   *X  *XF*
    X    XX   XXXXX*X   *X   *X            ******X  *XF*
    X+   XX   XXXXX*X   **r5r*X       *X   XXXXXXX  *XF*
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X   ******X       XX   XXXXXXX **XF*
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X   ******X       XX           *XXF*
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XX   ******X                   **XXF*
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XX   ******X            *X     **XFF*
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ********************X   ****X%F*
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     *XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *XXXX%%*
    X~~S;;~~~~~~~~~*X   *XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *XXXX%%*
    X~~;;;~~~~~~~~~*X   *X            S         *X !   *
    X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X  ^*X         S S S        *X     *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P : leads east of the NW corner.
    Q : leads to below the teleport chamber in level 1.
    S : leads back north of the lake
    Y : kicks you to level 3, in the center
      ** Room maps **
    X     +   * X
    X  2    W   X
    X  1    W  *X exits: west
    X      WW   X
    X  4   W   *X fountain: dexterity
    X  3   W    X
    X 56      * X
      Zap the wolvingas in the fighters' way and use gonshis in the second 
    round. Bring 2 and 3 around to assist 1 and 4.
    X  $        X
    X           X
    X  H  H  H  X exits: north/south
    X H mA mA H X
    X  H13H24H  X treasure: 3 pyramids(poison)
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
      Those azraels are too close for their own comfort. 2 and 3 can hack 
    them apart in one turn, and 1 and 2 take care of the gaems. The nifts 
    should ward off any hraffels who get lucky and actually hit you. Tough 
    part her is getting your guys in the right positions.
    X $         X
    X        5 6X
    X    MAC 2  X exits: east/west
    X    MAC 3  X
    X    MAC 1  X treasure: 42 drelins
    X        4  X
    X           X
      This room can be approached from either side although from the east is 
    a bit better as cyclops have 5 fewer hit points each. Have 6 cast 
    fireballs to take out cyclops--I recommend shatter here if your 
    fireballs do <50 damage. 5 can clean up the rest and move in to try to 
    trap an azrael. Then 3 can move in and destroy one azrael with two 
    blows. 1 and 4 can take out the lower one. 1 will have time to cast a 
    fireball on a straggling cyclops. So 5 can trap the azrael and 2 can 
    hack it to bits. That leaves the minotaurs.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X  D D D D  X
    X   34 12   X treasure: 48 sermins
    X           X
    X   5   6   X
      Your first encounter with dreads should be quick since they're so 
    close. When dealing with them ALWAYS have mushrooms handy. Here 3 and 2 
    can move up and hack away at the outside dreads. Perhaps they will be 
    able to turn around and deal with the others and make this quick. You 
    shouldn't need to resort to fireballs, but they can help make this a 
    X $         X
    X           X
    X  152 364  X exits: north/south
    X  I * * I  X
    X           X treasure: 36 nifts
    X           X
    X           X
      Rather easy--5 and 6 can mop up the dreads if everyone in the party is 
    charged with mushrooms and 2-3 are unlucky hitting the dreads. 1-4 can 
    just move down once.
    X $         X
    X 5       6 X
    X  21   43  X exits: north
    X           X
    X  Y  Y  Y  X treasure: 3 spheres
    X   SS SS   X
    X  * YYY *  X
      Here you can fireball the sandgus and take out the mongors with the 
    nonfighters. Then 2 and 3 will hit the dreads. Gonshis work well to 
    expedite things here. The dead sandgus will leave mongors trapped in the 
    back row as well.
    X $5     6  X
    X           X
    X 12     34 X exits: north
    X     S     X
    X   SS SS   X treasure: 48 sermins
    X  SU   US  X
    Xm m U U m mX
      Waste the 2 sandgus on the edge and the zumagins next to them with 
    fireballs--the zumagins have no shields. You may only be able to run 
    down the first round, but the second, gonshis take the gaems. Other 
    approaches may get you trapped by sandgus before spellcasters are gone. 
    Let 1 and 4 kill the outside gaems first.
      ** What to Do **
      There's no real treasure worth getting, so you probably just want to 
    get to the next level. Go to the northeast of the island, where a 7-move 
    walkwater spell will get you to the edge. Just break off your party and 
    reform if you get stuck with half your guys in the water. You then have 
    two rooms with spellcasters placed unstrategically(i.e. right next to 
    you,) including your first encounter with dreads. You'll want to wipe 
    them out ASAP, and mushrooms are a must. The portal is in the south nook 
    on the other side.
      ** Messages **
    By SW lake:
    --Lake Grool
    In NE corner:
    --Dig 15 steps south, 3 steps west of Gavahir's tomb.
    In SE 'inaccessible' part:
    Gavahir, the elven adventurer rests here.
    * SARGOZ LEVEL 3 *
    XQ  +     XX        *****XFFFFFFFFFFFF*X           *
    X         XX   *X   r***rr   **********X           r
    X              *X   0***r0   XXXXXXXXXXX           1
    X              *X   r***rr   XXXXXXXXXXX   *X      r
    X         *X   *X   *****r   FFFFFFFFF     *X      *
    ***X   ****X   *X   ********************************
    X         *X        *X   $*X+ %%%   %%% +*X        *
    X         *X        *XF   *X %%%%   %%%% *X        *
    X   **X   ***********XFF  *X%%%%%   %%%%%*X        *
    X   X*X   XXXXXXXXXXXXFFFF*X%%%%%   %%%%%*X        *
    X   X*X   XXXXXXXXXXXXFFFF*X             *X        *
    X    *X    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF*X             *X   *X   *
    X    *X     FFFFFFFFFFFFFF*X             *X   *X   *
    *r2r***********************X%%%%%   %%%%%*X   *X   *
    ******XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*****X%%%%%   %%%%%*X   *X   *
    ******XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXr****X %%%%W  %%%% *X   *X   *
    *RRR**X               3****X+ %%%   %%% +*X   *X   *
    XrrrXXX               r*******************X   *X   *
    Xr2rXXX   *X   ***********XXXXXXX*XXXXXXXXX   XX   *
    X         *X   *XXXXX*****XXXXXXX*XXXXXXXXX   XX   *
    X         *X   *XXXXXXXXXXX      *X                *
    ***********X   *X    XXXXXX      *X                *
    XXXXXXXXXXXX   XX      T         **********X   *****
    X    ~~~~~~~~~       *******X    XXXXXXXXXXX   XXXX*
    X   ~~~;;;;+~~~      *XXXXX*X                      *
    X   ~~;;;;Y;;~~~******XXXXX*X                      *
    X   ~~~~;;;;;~~ XXXXXXX P  *X   ******X   **********
    X   *X~~~~;;~~~~XXXXXXX    *X   XX**XXX   XXXXXXXXX*
    X   ***X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  *X;  XX**XXX   XXXXXXXXX*
    X   XXXX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *X;    **X              *
    X   XXXX   *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X ;   XXX              *
    X          *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*X   ; XXX        ****X *
    X          *********X ~~~~~*X;;;;;;          XXX*X *
    **X   *X   XXXXXXXXXX  ~~~~*X;;;;            XXX*X *
    XXX   XX   XXXXXXXXXX  ~~~~*X;;;*******X        *X *
    XXX   XX               ~~~~XX~;;*******X        *X *
    X                      ~~~~XX;; *******X   **r4r*X *
    X             **X    *X~~~~~~~; *******X   ******X *
    X             XXX ;; XX~~~~~~;~ **RRR**X   ******X *
    X   ******X   XXX  ;;XX~~~~*X;; XXrrrX*X   **RRR*X *
    X~  XXXXX*X     ;;;~~~~~~~~*X;;;XXr5rX*X   *Xrrr*X *
    X~~~XXXXX*X    ;;~~~~~~~~~~*X;;;;     *X   *Xr4r*X *
    X~~~~~~~^XX  ;;~~~~~;;;~~~~*X;;;;;    *X   *X   *X%*
    X  ~~~~~~XX ~~~~~~  S;;~~~~************X   *X   *X *
    X ~   ~~~~~~~~~~;;;; S;~~~~XXXXXXXXXXX*X   *X   *XS*
    X  ~;;  ~~~~~;;  ;~;;  ~~~~XXXXXXXXXXX*X   *X ***XS*
    X~  ;  ~~~USS;;; ~~~;  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XX   *X *XXXS*
    X~~   ~~~;S;S~~;;;~~~;;~~~~~~   S  S~~XX   *X *XXX *
    X~~~ ~~;;S;~~~;; ~~  S ;~~~~~ S  S  ~~     *X%*X   *
    X~~~~~;;;;;;;;;    S   ;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~     *X$*X  $*
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P : leads you to level 4.
    Q : to NW culdesac in level 2.
    U : to four portals
    W : to southwest island
    Y : to eastern walled off area in level 2.
      ** Room maps **
    X $      E  X
    X  4    E * X
    X6 3     E *X exits: east/west
    X        E  X
    X5 2     E *X treasure: 36 luffins
    X  1    E * X
    X        E  X
    X $DDR  DDR X
    XR  B   B  RX
    X  B BBB B  X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X 4 2   3 1 X treasure: 3 cubes
    X           X
    X   5   6   X
      Destroy the bargs in 2 and 3's ways. 1 and 4 attack gragans from the 
    side which makes it that much easier to trap the dark knights. If you 
    want you can fireball the other bargs but it seems a bit wasteful in 
    this relatively easy room--better to concentrate on the spellcasters you 
    can't reach.
    X $         X
    X6 4    S  *X
    X  3    S * X exits: west
    X       S  *X
    X  2    S * X treasure: 42 sermins
    X5 1    S  *X
    X           X
      Your spellcasters should take out the dread in the center on the first 
    move. The second move, they should take out the sandgus in front of 1-4 
    and then hit 4's dread. At all times people should use gonshis at the 
    start of the turn.
    X $4  5  6  X
    X           X
    X  1  2  3  X exits: north/south
    X  H  H  H  X
    X ZHZZHZZHZ X treasures: 12 lokas
    X           X
    X  A  A  A  X
      Zutyun then Zapall is a great start here, but fireballs can be used on 
    the Hraffels. First you can have 4 get one or two with his bow. That 
    allows 1 to run down and saves fireballs for the azraels if your 
    fighters' second hits don't connect--otherwise it's the zorlims that are 
    toast. Then move your fighters back up one and maybe you can shoot a few 
    trapped zorlims.
    X $   I C   X
    X II m   mC X
    X B C BB   BX exits: south
    X           X
    X 41  2 3   X treasure: 18 potions
    X           X
    X     5 6   X
      Not a bad room--you may be exhausted getting here, though. Two 
    fireballs let 2 and 4 get the hiblisses, and 3 should go for the gaem. 2 
    should get his gaem next round. Not much for spellcasters to do here 
    except wipe out any gaems that slip through.
      ** What to Do **
      This actually takes only three Walkwater spells. For a quick out from 
    the center, S-W-cast spell and now S-E along the wall. There'll be an 
    inlet and the teleport is in the NE corner. Sadly there's no treasure 
    outside the rooms here so unless you really like exploring you'll just 
    want to move on.
      To see a teleportal combination out of here, cast a walkwater spell to 
    get to the west island. Then use pierce to get to the signs. The 
    portal's in the south of the cross of this walled-off room. Then cast 
    walkwater and go north to get out, and to the east you'll find a river 
    north/south. Walkwater north to the portal.
      ** Messages **
    NW corner, W of center lake:
    --Portal to level 2.
    SE corner:
    --Dig the little isle on Lake Grool.
    SE, behind room:
    --Repel snakes to step on the portal of four signs.
    chest behind the fire:
    --There are three possible destinations from Sargoz.
    Walled off energy field room:
    SW: --First: cube
    NW: --Second: pyramid
    NE: --Third: pyramid
    SE: --And you shall leave Sargoz for Pheron.
    * SARGOZ LEVEL 4 *
    X% %      *X                    FFFF****X~~~***X~~~**
    X %       *X                     FFF*XXXX~~~XX*X~~~**
    X% %**X   ******X   **X   *****X  FF*XXXX~~~XX*X~~~**
    X % **X   XXXXXXX   XXX   XXXX*******X~~~~~~~~*X~~~**
    X% %**X   XXXXXXX   XXX   XXXXXXXX*XXX~~~~~~~~XX~~~**
    X % **X                       XXXX*XXX~~~~~~~~XX~~~**
    X% %**X                           *X~~~~~*X~~~~~~~~**
    X % *******************************X~~~~~XX~~~~~~~~**
    X% %*XtXXXXXXtXXXXXXtXXXXXX*******XX~~~~~XX~~~~******
    X   *Xt                    **RRR**X~~~~~~~~~~~~XXXX**
    *r2r*X                     *XrrrX*X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**
    *****X           ******X   *Xr3rX*X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**
    *****X           ******X   *X    *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X~~~**
    *RRR*******X     ******X   *X    *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X~~~X*
    XrrrX*XXtX*X     ******X   **X   *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X~~~X*
    Xr2rX*XXXX*XS    **RRR*X   X*X   *X~~~~~~Q~~~~*X;~;+*
    X    *X$  *X S ***Xrrr*X   X*X   *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X;;;**
    X    *X   *X   XX*Xr4r*X    *X   *X~~~~~~~~~~~*X;S;**
    *r5r**X   *XS  XX*X   *X    *X;  **************XS;;**
    ******X   *X    S*X   **X   *X;; XtXXXXXtXXXXXtX;SS**
    *******r6r*X     *X   X*X   *X;  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXS;;**
    *RRR*********r7r**X   X*X   *X;   ;        ;  ;S;;;**
    XrrrX*************X    *X   *X;;;;          ;   ;;;**
    Xr5rX**RRR********X    *X   *******X   ********X  ;**
    X    *Xrrr*********X   XX   XtXXXX*X   XtXXXXX*X ; **
    X    *Xr6r*XXXXXXX*X   XX   XXXXXX*X   XXXXXXX*X  ;**
    X%;%**X   *XXXXXXX*X              *X          *******
    X;%;*XX   *XS; SS;*X              *X          XtXXX**
    X%;;*XX   *X;S$ SS******X   **************X   XXXXX**
    X;;%*X    *XS;SS SXXXXX*X   *XXXXXtXXXXX**X        **
    X;%;*X    *X;SS;S XXXXX*X   *XXXXXXXXXXX**X        **
    X%;;*X    *XS;~~;S;S;;;*X   *X          **X        **
    X;;%*X    *X;~~~~~;;;;S*X   *X          ****X    ****
    X;%;**X   *X ;~~~~~~~;;*X   *X   ****X  **XtX    Xt**
    X%; X*X   *X  ;;;;~~~;;*X   XX   *Xt*X  **XXX    XX**
    X   X*X   *****X ;;;;;;*X   XX   *XX*X  **X        **
    X    *X   XXXX*X   ;;;;*X        *X^*X  **X        **
    *r8r**X   XXXX*X%%%*****X        *X *X  **X   *******
    ******X       XX   r****X   *X   *X XX  **X   XtXXX**
    ******X       XX   9****X   *X   *X XX  **X   XXXXX**
    *R8R*****X         r****X   *X   *X     **X        **
    XrrrXXXX*X         *****X   *X   **************X   **
    XrrrXXXX*X    *X   XXXXXX   *X   XtXXXXXXXXXXXtX   **
    Xq   T  *X    *X   XXXXXX   *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   **
    X       *X    *X            *X                     **
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    Q : kicks you to the SW corner
    T : kicks you to where you came in
      ** Room maps **
    #0: furnace where the amulet is. Inspect north and if your player has 
    the cloak he can grab the amulet!
    #1: the teleportal room. It goes the same places as the one on level 1. 
    Nice not to have to go all the way back.
    X*$  * *  * X
    X  A     A  X
    XH         HX exits: north/south
    X           X
    X1 52  46 3 X treasure: 60 sermins
    X           X
    X           X
      This room is as uncool as it looks, but fortunately you can catch a 
    few breaks if you're careful. First this is the last room you'll be at 
    so don't be afraid to use all the fireballs and mushrooms you can, 
    especially gonshis. The dread in the UL corner can be trapped or even 
    killed immediately by fireballing the hibliss in front. Zutyun is nice 
    to strip magic shields, and Zishoxe may be prudent to restore them. 
    There's no one-turn solution to this room, though. Use whatever spells 
    you can. The treasure is nice for the area beyond--there'll be a lot of 
    fire ahead.
    XI  I +   F X
    X I   R FR FX
    X R F  F    X exits: south
    X           X
    X12 4 3     X fountain: agility
    X           X
    X           X
      Fireballs are necessary to avoid substantial nuisance here. Zap the 
    gragan and fermigon in front of 2 and 4. Then zap the gragan on the 
    right. The hiblisses will fall, and 3 can retreat to help form a line 
    against the fermigons.
    XD+I  A  * JX
    X Z  m !  C X
    X  F YUR F  X exits: south
    X   B   B   X
    X  1  23   4X treasure: 8 emeralds
    X5          X
    X6          X
      Use lots of gonshis now. The first thing to do is for 5 and 6 to blast 
    the defenses in front of the azrael, ogre and hibliss with fireballs. 4 
    should run up and attack the jerrah and get the dread later. 1 can 
    probably wipe out the zorlim and trapped dark knight quickly--2 and 3 
    can gang up on the ogre once the magic users are gone. Because the 
    spellcasters are spread out it's not a bad idea to wipe out who you can 
    with spells in later rounds or even use a zutyun and then start 
    fireballing. On the first turn your shields will be severely depleted, 
    so fight back with magic ASAP.
    X D    J D mX
    X  mD m   J X
    XJ      H   X
    X  H  H     X
    X 2 5 146 3 X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X           X
     Get the Jerrahs first and then the gaems and then the dark knights. The 
    gonshis from the previous room can and should be burned at will. Note 5 
    can blast the hraffel by 1 with fireball before taking on the dark 
    XA+  A A   AX
    X  *     *  X
    XNN  NNN  NNX exits: north/south
    X  N     N  X
    X4   3 2   1X treasure: 10 topazs
    X           X
    X           X
      Uh...yeah. If you can beat this room, you are pretty effin' GOOD. But 
    not terribly worried about risk/reward ratios. Be totally hopped up on 
    mushrooms--don't forget sermins and nifts. A zutyun and zapall 
    together(two zapalls to kill the gnolls?) here will make for a great 
    start but otherwise fireball the gnolls in front of the azraels so you 
    hit them right away. Use gonshis at the start of each turn. An alternate 
    try is to put 2 and 3 in line with the dreads.
      4 will dispose of the trapped azrael above(after attacking, use a 
    mirget for next round--if the azrael runs, great, one less magic blast 
    to endure--use gonshi/luffin) and the better fighters should wipe out 
    one of the azraels. 2 and 3 can maybe risk one move before a gonshi, 
    getting them that much closer to the dreads. In the meantime your 
    spellcasters should be hitting the left dread with all the spells they 
    can--1 will be more help on the right than 4 on the left.
      Be sure to use potions to get stamina to 99 here whenever you're 
    injured. That means two hits you can survive from Azraels.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X 1  2 3  4 X exits: north
    X     M     X
    X  MMMMMMM  X treasure: 5 diamonds
    X   Y Y Y   X
    X I  I I  I X
      If you still needed money, blasting snakes to get here would be VERY 
    worth it.
      You've got a sort of Maginot Line of Minotaurs here. Because you can 
    just magic two of them out of the way with your spellcasters and proceed 
    down to kill the hiblisses. Nifts will ensure that the remaining 
    monsters hae a further disadvantage. Your fighters being in the thick of 
    it should help.
    Xm$A D D A mX
    X Y Y Y Y Y X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  2 4 1 3  X treasure: 48 gonshis
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
      Very nasty--let the fighters be on the outside so they can get to the 
    Gaems ASAP after taking out the Azraels. Lots of gonshis are a must 
    here. This and the places above are great to rest in.
    X +        JX
    X  1    B U X
    X5 2    B UJX exits: west
    X       B U X
    X6 3    B UJX treasure: 30 potions
    X  4    B U X
    X          JX
      Because of all the Jerrahs, this room is extremely nasty; you can wind 
    up with over half your party paralyzed. So if you have zutyun or any 
    zapalls to start things off then they would be very worth it. Otherwise 
    you will probably want to hit them with fireballs from 1 and 4 as well 
    as the Zumagins and Bargs can't really hit you much. The next round you 
    will want to hit the bargs blocking the zumagins and have 2 and 3 use 
    gonshis to get to the back line.
      ** What to Do **
      From the start it's hard to get to Lake Kumalis. E(past the snakes, 
    good treasure if money is still needed)-S past the cross roads(W in the 
    crossroads leads to good treasure after a tough fight)-E-S and now split 
    the party top/down. E-N-W-N before you rejoin. Then N-W-N-E and there 
    are six snakes to clear. It's too inconvenient to go around them so just 
    get to the water(Lake Kumalis.) Head west past the wall and down until 
    there's one square of space between your party and the south wall. Move 
    west, and you'll be ported to the southwest corner.
      Now is the time to use mushrooms in the second round. There will be 
    three very tough rooms to navigate. Dreads, Azraels, Hiblisses, etc. The 
    last one is especially nasty--nothing but constant mushroom use and 
    spell casting will do there. As for the corridors, it's a good idea to 
    break up your party. Between 8 and 5, break off two on the right with 
    one casting pierce on the three fields in front. Place them to the right 
    by the door, then switch and break two more off. Bring them up and join 
    and do the same for the final pair.
      From room 2 there's a nice rearrangement finesse so that you need only 
    three trips and four pierces. Assume this formation with 1 having pierce 
    6 5 4
    3 2 1
    4 and 1 can go north. When blocked,
    . . 4    . . 4
    . . 1 => . 1 . and E-N-E out of there. Hit the right wall, reform as (. 
    . 4/. . 1) and wait for the others.
      5/2 can walk through next and reform as follows:
    . 5 .    . . 5
    . 2 . => . 2 .
      6/3 are last to walk up.
    6 . .    . 6 .
    3 . . => 3 . .
      Now there's a huge stretch of fire ahead, but you probably already 
    used your boots for Crezimas. The right room is the Furnace of Hades, 
    and the left is your ticket out of there. The amulet in the Furnace of 
    Hades(have your player with the cloak inspect the north wall) may be the 
    last item you need before you can complete the final part, and it's nice 
    to have a combination to Hidden Vale.
      ** Messages **
    NE by lake:
    --To lake Kumalis.
    behind room, west side:
    --There are portals in lake Kumalis.
    by snakes behind field:
    --Reverse of four signs teleports to Fubernel.
                * SHADRUM *
      Shadrum doesn't have that many rooms, but there are a few critical 
    dungeons where you will have to beat up some ogres. You will also need 
    pierce spells in abundance, and these two issues come forth right away 
    when you can either cast pierce or go through a room with ogres to get 
    to level 6.
      There are also plenty of slides down to lower levels to watch out for, 
    and some put you behind a raft of energy fields at the bottom level, so 
    save your progress frequently. Eventually you hope to get to level 1 and 
    find the Ogre King. There's some other good treasure there as well.
      Since it took you two days to get to Shadrum, you should have enough 
    spells to pelt the ogres with fireballs, especially since they have no 
    shields. However it's more efficient to start out with gonshis, luffins 
    and mirgets, and if you're at the later stage of the game, you should 
    have a nice pile of mushrooms, and your dwarves may do the maximum 200 
    damage with one hit. Then they can do it again the second turn for a 
    quick knockout. This is especially good on the top level.
    *X                                   *
    *X                                   *
    *X   ****************************X   *
    *X                             ^*X   *
    *X                          *****X   *
    *X   *******************X   *****X   *
    *X   *XXXXXXXXX****XXXX*X   *RRR*X   *
    *X   *XXXXXXXXXr***XXXX*X   Xr^^*X   *
    *X   *X        0***X   *X   Xr^^*X   *
    *X   *X        r***X   *X       *X   *
    *X   *X   *********X   *X       *X   *
    *X   *X   *XXXXXXXXX   ***X     *X   *
    *X   XX   *XXXXXXXXX   XX*X     *X   *
    *X   XX   *X           XX*X%%%%%*X   *
    *X        *X             *X     *X   *
    *X        *X             *X     *X   *
    *X    *****X   ****X   **********X   *
    *X    *XXXXX   XXXXX   *XXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X    *XXXXX   XXXXX   *XXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X    *X               *X            *
    *X    *X               *X            *
    *X    *X   ********X   *X    *********
    *X    *X   XXXXXXX*X   *X    *********
    *X    *X   XXXXXXX*X   *X    *********
    *X    *X          *X   *X   ****RRR***
    *X    *X          *X   *X   *XXXrrrXX*
    *X    ********X   *X   *X   *XXXr1rXX*
    *X    *XXXXXXXX   XX   XX   *X       *
    **r2r**XXXXXXXX   XX   XX   *X       *
    *******X      %%  %%%  %%   *X       *
    *******X      %%  %%%  %%   *X       *
    **RRR*********X%%%%%%%%%********X    *
    *XrrrXXXXXXXXXX%%%%%%%%%XXXXXXXXX    *
    *X             %%     %%             *
    *X             %%     %%             *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    SE : bargs, mongors, gnolls
      ** Room maps **
    * $  Z Z    *
    *  O     O  *
    *   B   B   * exits: south
    *     B     *
    *  2 4 1 3  * treasure: 6 cubes(poison)
    *           *
    *    5 6    *
      This room isn't really worth it if you're trying to just get through 
    the dungeon. The cubes are a nice treasure, but you have to inch around 
    an ambush to get here, and in addition the ogres take forever to kill.
    * $         *
    *           *
    *     !     * exits: north/south
    *    ! !    *
    *    2!3    * treasure: 48 sermins
    *     1     *
    *   6 4 5   *
      Your first experience with ogres blocking your way--impinging on your 
    territory, actually, which is actually good here since they shoot 
    missiles. I think the best way to do things is to get the usual mushroom 
    cocktail--nifts are important since they do 90 damage. The formation I'm 
    showing lets two ogres get trapped, and your fighters can take out the 
    ogres on the sides. If you're really stocked up, you probably don't even 
    need to risk attacking once before you use gonshi-luffin-mirget on your 
    second turn and get an attack in--although the ogres' proximity may 
    backfire on them as you have five attacks, and four hits may be enough. 
    If you've seen enough gods, the firss hit's a guaranteed 194 damage, and 
    if your character has 75+ strength, 3 hits * 69 damage = 207 for a total 
    of 401, but you have an insurance policy with the second mushroom combo. 
    Otherwise you can be grateful that they have no magic shields--the only 
    problem is that if you want to take out all rooms, one ogre takes nine 
    fireballs, which make for a lot of resting time to recuperate.
    X $       E X
    X  2     O! X
    X  1     E  X exits: west
    X56        mX
    X  4     E  X treasure: potion(disease)
    X  3     O! X
    X         E X
      Here the best way to keep spellcasters out of harm's way is to stick 
    them in the center well away from the ogres' missiles! Your spellcasters 
    won't need much to take out the Zebanis and Ogres. Have both of them use 
    fireballs--noone has forty hit points, and your spellcasters' fireballs 
    should do at least that after magic training. Everyone else's first turn 
    will just be about gaining ground to the east. You should have been able 
    to wipe out the Zebanis and Ogres with six spells, but if they block the 
    way to the ogres you'll just need to use more spells. Once you do you'll 
    want 1-4 to use gonshis to start the second turn, and you'll have two 
    mirget attacks to hit each ogre with. Your dwarves should be able to get 
    in the additional attack that can be lethal. If your spellcasters have 
    nothing better to do, they can start spewing fireballs at the gaem--or 
    your 1 and 4 can after attacking the ogre once, as those are surer hits 
    than sword attacks.
      ** What to Do **
      There are two ways to get through this. The first is to blast through 
    the fields to the northeast as follows.
    %%  %%%  %%
    %%  %%%  45
     %%    +%%
     %%     %%
     %%     %%
      Now your party can move through one at a time. Compare this to if you 
    don't switch parties:
    %%  %%%  %%
    %%  %%%  %%
     %%    +%%
     %%     %%
     %%     %%
      Then follow the corridor E-N-E-N-W-S-E-S-E to the stairs
      Whichever one you use will depend on how many pierce spells you have. 
    But there's a third way--using two or four spells. Go to the left. 
    Divide your party to save two spells after blasting the bottom two 
    energy fields. Then rejoin, power up with four mushrooms, and enter the 
    room with four ogres. N-N-E-S-E to the stairs.
      ** Messages **
    by entrance:
    --Shadrum - Tower of giants
    *X^%  %XX    S XX          *X        *
    *X%%% %XX S S SXX          *X        *
    *X% %%%    S S             *X        *
    *X% %%%  S   S      AA     *X        *
    *X%%% %*XS  S  *X   AA     *X     A  *
    *X$%  %*X    S *X          *X        *
    ********************r0r**********X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*******XX*****XX   *
    *X                **RRR**X XrrrXX    *
    *X                XXrrrXXX XrvvvX    *
    ***X   **X   *X   XXr0rXXX           *
    *XXX   X*X   *X                      *
    *XXX   X*X   *X                 *X   *
    *X      *X   ***************X   XX   *
    *X      *X   *XXXXXX*XXXXXX*X   XX   *
    *X      *X   *XXXXXX*XXXXXXXXCHU     *
    *X      *X   *X     XX     XXTEa     *
    *X      *X   *X     XX               *
    ***r1r***X   *X    A                 *
    *********X   *X            *X        *
    *********X   *X     *X     *X        *
    *********X   *X     *X  p  *X        *
    ***R1R***X   *X   *****X   ***********
    *XXrrrXX*X   *X   XX*XXX   XXXXXXXXXX*
    *XXrrrXX*X   *X   XX*XXX   XXXXXXXXXX*
    *X  Y   *X   *X     XX  P   %%T     +*
    *X      *X   *X     XX      %%       *
    *X      *X   *X             %%%   Q  *
    *X      *X   *X             %%%      *
    *********X   *************************
    *Xq     *X        r****rr       *RRR**
    *X      XX        2****r2    S  Xr^^X*
    *X      XX   *X   r****rr     SSXr^^^*
    *X           *X   ******r    S  S    *
    *X           *X   ******X   S  S S   *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    a: this chute southish of the stairs up is not a nice welcome. It kicks 
    you to behind the barrier that seemed useless back on level 7.
    P: backs you up as you try to get to the lower right and may discourage 
    you into the ambush to the right unless you split your party up.
    Q: leads to the lower left. There's nothing special behind the fields.
    Y: leads to where the chute leads. Happens if you go right after winning 
    room 1.
    b: this chute at the end of the hall is nasty because it kicks you back 
    to level 7, behind a bunch of energy fields.
      ** Room maps **
    X $   D     X
    XD         DX
    X    C C    X exits: north/south
    X   H m H   X
    X1  52 36  4X treasure: 48 gonshis(poison)
    X           X
    X           X
      Here your sorcerers can get in on the action as you've probably used 
    mirgets and luffins as a group before without them getting in on the 
    action. You don't need to use mushrooms here. However, if you don't, be 
    prepare to take out the dark knights with fireballs, the top one going 
    first. Everyone else should fall easily--the gaem will get hacked up 
    right away.
    X $ 5   6   X
    X           X
    X  4 3 2 1  X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X     !     X treasure: 48 sermins, pick breaks
    X  !     !  X
    X    ! !    X
      Keep your spellcasters out of danger. Everyone else can run down and 
    pick off ogres. 2 can attack to the left before continuing down. Every 
    fighter can use a second helping of mushrooms(gonshi, etc) in his second 
    turn. Spellcasters can take out any ogre straggling with low(<2 fireball 
    spells) hit points. You'll have to move fighters around a lot, and 
    you'll also want to save the ogres at the bottom for last as there's a 
    strong likelihood you can trap the last one against a wall.
    X $        X
    X  1      !X
    X  2     ! X exits: east/west
    X        E!X
    X  3     ! X treasure: 6 pyramids, disease
    X  4      !X
    X56        X
      There'll be a lot of running at the bad guys at first. After zapping 
    the Zebani, you can use fireballs on the ogre in the bottom. Again use 
    gonshis at the start of the second turn. 4 and 3 can gang up on one ogre 
    and then move up.
      ** What to Do **
      It's possible to get through the snakes at the end with just two 
    repels, but the most practical way is to knock off the five at the 
    bottom with a non-wizard.
      ** Messages **
    Behind energy fields, east:
    --Portal area
    Behind energy fields, northwest:
    --Higher you climb, harder you fall!
    *X+  S   *X   *X^       X*X     XX   *
    *X    SS *X   *X         *X     XX   *
    ******X S*X   *X         *X          *
    *XXXX*XS *X   *X         *X          *
    *XXXX*X S*X   ****X   ******XCHU*X   *
    *X   *X  *X   *XXXX   XXXX**XTE0*X   *
    *X   *X  *X   *XXXX   XXXX**X   *X%%%*
    *X   XX  XX   *X          **X   XX%%%*
    *X   XX  XX   *X          **X   XX   *
    *X            ****X   ******X    %   *
    *X            *XXXX   *XXXX*X   %    *
    *X       ******XXXX   *XXXX******X   *
    *X       XXXXX*X      *X   *XXXX*X   *
    *X       XXXXX*X      *X   *XXXX*X   *
    *X      A     *X   ******X *X   *X   *
    *X      A     *X   *XXXXXX *X   *X   *
    ************X *X   *XXXXXX *X   *X   *
    ************X *X   *X      *X   *X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXX*X *X   *X ******X   *X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXX*X *X   *X XXXXX*X   XX   *
    *X         *X%*X   *X XXXXX*X   XX   *
    *X         *X%*X   *X      *X        *
    *X         *X%*X   ******X *X        *
    *X         *X *X   *XXXXXX *******r1r*
    *X         *X *X   *XXXXXX ***********
    *X         *X *X   *X      ***********
    *X     *****X *X   XX  *****XXXXX*RRR*
    *X     *XXXXX *X   XX  *****XXXXXXrrr*
    *X     *XXXXX *X       r***rr    Xr1r*
    *X     *X     *X       2***r2        *
    *X     *X     *X       r***rr        *
    *X   *****X   **************r   ******
    *X   XX*XXX   XXXXXXXXX*****X   ******
    *X   XX*XXX   XXXXXXXXX*****X   *RRR**
    *X     XX              r***rr   XrrrX*
    *X     XX              3***r3   Xrvvv*
    *X                     r***rr        *
    *X                     *****r        *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
     ambush NW: zorlims, bargs, zumagin
    --exceedingly nasty. You have to know the right way to sneak by it--
    X X X
    1 2 3 against n wall works
    1 2 3
    X X X against s wall doesn't.
    chute 0: of course just as you're about to get to level 5, you need to 
    be careful. Just break the party up in two to get past this one.
      ** Room maps **
    X     m     X
    X m       m X
    X   B B B   X exits: south
    X B       B X
    X 1 2 3 5 4 X treasure = 24 nifts
    X     6     X
    X           X
      Use magic to dispose of the bargs so you can run at the Gaems. You can 
    actually save a spell if you have Dokarand/or Tamas run at a Barg and 
    kill it. This room is easy enough; getting here is much harder. The 
    treasure isn't really worth it, though.
    X $  ! !    X
    X  HB H BH  X
    X    BBB    X exits = north/south
    X           X
    X           X treasure = 48 luffins
    X   12 34   X
    X5         6X
      You know the drill: blast the monsters in front, use gonshis on the 
    second turn to run at the ogres--and for spellcasters too if new 
    monsters pop up in the way. Fireballs should do it but have Dokar hit 
    the Hraffels first because he may hit for just 45 damage, not quite 
    enough to take out Bargs.
    X $   B     X
    X    D H    X
    X   H B     X exits = east/west
    X    H H    X
    X    DH     X treasure = 36 mirgets(disease)
    X    D H    X
    X     B     X
      You don't really need mushrooms for this one but they'd help. Gonshis 
    certainly make the whole deal less tiresome. Use fireballs to take out 
    the hraffels in front of the dark knights.
    X $         X
    X  !        X
    X   !       X exits = east/west
    X  !        X
    X   !       X treasure = 12 topazs
    X  !        X
    X           X
      ** What to Do **
      Only three rooms here and three basic ways to go. You want the one 
    north of the stairs.
      ** Messages **
    Lukor's treasure was found right here!
    *X                                   *
    *X                                   *
    **R0R****R1R****XP  **R2R**X    *R3R**
    *XrrrX*XXrrrXXX*X   XXrrrX*X    XrrrX*
    *XrrrX*XXrrrXXX*X   XXrrrX*X    XrrrX*
    *X    *X       *X         *X         *
    *X    *X       *X        +*X         *
    *X ****X       ************X         *
    *X *XXXX       XXX*XXXXXXX*X         *
    *X *XXXX       XXX*XXXXXXX************
    *X *X             *X      XX*XXXXXXXX*
    *X *X             *X      XX*XXXXXXXX*
    *X *X             XX        *X       *
    *X ****X          XX        XX       *
    *X XXX*X               *X   XX       *
    *X XXX*X               *X            *
    *X    *X *X   *X       *X            *
    *X    *X *X   *****X   *X     *X     *
    *******X *X   XXXXXX   *X     ***X   *
    *XXXXXXX *X   XXXXXX   *X   ***XXX   *
    *XXXXXXX *X            *X   XX*XXX   *
    *X       *X            *X   XXXX     *
    *X       *X       *X   *X     XX     *
    *X   **************X   *X            *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXX*XCHU*X            *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXX*XTE0**********X   *
    *X                *X   XXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X                *X   XXXXXXXXXXX   *
    **X   ********X   *X                 *
    *XX   X*******X ^ *X                 *
    *XX   X**RRR*******X         ****X   *
    *X%%%%%*Xr^^XXXXXXXX         XXXXX   *
    *X%   %*Xr^^^XXXXXXX         XXXXX   *
    *X%   %*X                         CHU*
    *X+%%%%*X                         TE1*
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P : down to level 7. You are put at the top of the passages guarded by 
    energy fields.
    Chute 0: kicks you down to level 5.
    Chute 1: kicks you down.
      ** Room maps **
    X +  5 6    X
    X           X
    X   21 43   X exits: north/south
    X H       H X
    X   H H H   X treasure: 18 pearls(disease)
    X  H     H  X
    X   I I I   X
      Blast the hraffels, and the hiblisses should fall on the first turn. 
    You may want to make one of 1 and 4 go on top of the hibliss so they 
    don't get trapped. 1 and 4 can use spells here to nail hraffels.
      The narrow corridor behind this room leads to a teleportal down, and 
    the treasure's only marginally worth it if you've got the two rings.
    X     5     X
    X     6     X
    X 1  2 3  4 X exits: north/south
    X !       ! X
    X     !     X treasure:
    X    ! !    X
    X           X
      The ogres being separated makes everything a bit tricky but room #3 is 
    a bit worse in that respect. Here 2 and 3 can take out the three ogres 
    although I recommend wiping out the one in the center first--use both 
    first attacks on him and then a fireball. The other two below will take 
    five hits(400/83) without mushrooms. 4 may need help, and 1 can use his 
    fireballs on the far ogre--or 2 and 3 can come over.
    X $  5 6    X
    X           X
    X   12 34   X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  H  H  H  X treasure: 48 drelins
    X H H   H H X
    X    A A    X
      2 and 3 have a straight shot at the Azraels but 5 and 6 will need 
    spells to take out the hraffels. The usual mushroom cocktail should 
    allow you to wipe out everyone before the second round although if you 
    have nifts the hraffels won't be able to make you ill, so just use hand-
    to-hand combat--or spells from 1 and 4--for that. Especially if 2 and 3 
    get a second swing at a hraffel in the first round and connect.
      This room guards a portal that kicks you back down behind some energy 
    fields on level 7, and the treasure really isn't worth it.
    X $5     6  X
    X           X
    X 1 2   3 4 X exits: north/south
    X !       ! X
    X     !     X treasure: 36 sermins
    X   !   !   X
    X           X
      One ogre per fighter, please! The usual twaddle about using double 
    mushrooms is in effect here. 2 and 3 can share the ogre in  the middle 
    once finished with their respective bad guys, and 5 and 6 can be 
    protected and in reserve to finish a bad guy off when his hit points dip 
    below 45. 4 may also need a few spells' worth of help.
      ** What to Do **
      ** Messages **
    --behind 2nd-right door:
    Portal nearby
    sign in SE:
    --Dalameir's last stand(7 topazs)
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX^  XX*
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X                                   *
    *X                    A              *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *X   XX   XXA  XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X   XX   XXA  XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X                   q               *
    *X                                   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X     A                             *
    *X     A                             *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X                                   *
    *X                                   *
    *XCHU*X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *XTE0XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X          p    A                   *
    *X               A                   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX*
    *X                                   *
    *X                                   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   ***
    *XQ           P  *X         % %      *
    *X               *X        % % %%    *
    [map not complete]
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    Chute 0 : kicks you to level 4, behind a narrow passage and a room
    P : sends you to the grid maze above.
    Q : kicks you down to level 4, NE corner of part below rooms
      ** Room maps **
      ** What to Do **
      Fifteen up, nine east. You'll be kicked to the lower side near the 
    stairs up. You can then blast through the fields as you please, 
    splitting the party into top and bottom to save pierce spells, or not.
      ** Messages **
    *X   *X    S         S   S      *X   *
    *X   ***********X       S S     *X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXX   **X  ^**X   *X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXX   ********X   *X%%%*
    *X   SSSSS          ********X   *X   *
    ****************X   ********X   *X%  *
    *XXXX******XXXX*X   **RRR***X   *X %%*
    *XXXX******XXXX*X   *XrrrX**X   *X   *
    *X   r****rr   *X   *Xr1rX*XX   *X  %*
    *X   2****r2   ******X    *XX   *X % *
    *X   r****rr   ******X    *X    *X   *
    **rrr*XXXX*r   ******X    *X    *X  %*
    ******XXXX*X   **RRR**X   *X   **X%% *
    ******X $ *X   *Xrrr*XX   XX   *XX   *
    **RRR*X   *X   *Xr3r*XX   XX   *XX   *
    *Xrrr*X   *X   *X   *X         *X    *
    *Xr4r*X%%%*X   *X   *X         *X    *
    *X   *X   *X   **rrr**rrr**X   **rrr**
    *X   *X   *X   ************X   *******
    *X   **rrr**rrr************X   *******
    *X   ************RRR**RRR********RRR**
    *X   ***********Xrrr*XrrrXXXXXXXXrrrX*
    *X   **RRR**RRR*Xr5r*Xr6rXXXXXXXXr7rX*
    *X   *Xrrr*Xrrr*X   *X               *
    *X   *Xr8r*Xr9r*X   *X               *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *************
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *XXXX********
    *X   *X   *X   *X   XX   *XXXX********
    *X   *X   *X   *X   XX   *X   ***RRR**
    *X   XX   XX   XX        *X   *XXrrrX*
    *X   XX   XX   XX        *X   *XXrarX*
    *X                   *****X   *X     *
    *X                   *****X   *X     *
    *X    ********X   ****RRR*X   *X     *
    *X    *XXXXXXXX   XXXXrrrXX   XX     *
    *X    *XXXXXXXX   XXXXrvvvX   XX     *
    *X    *X                             *
    *X    *X                             *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $DD + DD  X
    X    U U    X
    X  FF   FF  X exits: south
    X    H H    X
    X  12   34  X treasure: 48 nifts(diseased)
    X           X fountain: strength
    X5         6X
    X $J J+J J  X
    X           X
    X HH HHH HH X exits: south
    X           X
    X  1 2 3 4  X treasure: 4 rubies(poisoned)
    X           X fountain: agility
    X    5 6    X
      The usual mushroom cocktail makes this room a breeze compared to #6 
    which you probably just tackled. If you've followed my plans you won't 
    need the fountain, but anyway--fireball the hraffels in front of the 
    jerrahs to cut the spellcasters down. Mop up the other hraffels without 
    wasting 5's or 6's spells. Quick end of battle.
    X $   +     X
    X     R     X
    X5 3 R R    X exits: east/west
    X 42 UAU    X
    X6 1 R R    X treasure: 6 rubies
    X     R     X fountain: dexterity
    X           X
      The same no matter which side you approach it from. With gonshis you 
    can just take out the gragans with your fighters and a zumagin with 4 
    and get to the azrael with 2. 1 and 3 can box him in. You'll take some 
    hits from the other gragans' spells but pushing forward with another 
    gonshi or two should knock them off pretty quickly.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X     B     X exits: north/south
    X   BBABB   X
    X    2B3    X treasure: 24 mirgets(poison)
    X    4 1    X
    X           X
      Here you don't really need mushrooms. 4 and 1 can get the barg with 
    bows and 2, 3 move in to whomp on the Azrael, and it should only have 
    one term to live. With mushrooms and a few spells this all is a joke as 
    the Azrael will only take two hits.
    X $!  !  !  X
    X  !  !  !  X
    X           X exits: south/north
    X           X
    X  2 461 3  X treasure: 18 potions(poisoned)
    X    5      X
    X           X
      They're going for volume here, but I think you can take advantage of 
    how the ogres are lumped together. Eat nifts before entering the room. 
    Let your two weaker fighters gang up on the two ogres that are close by. 
    Here you can use your spellcasters to trap ogres in and get a quick 
    kill. 1 runs forward all the way, then 5. 4 can copy 1 and 5 and 6 can 
    run up and hit the bottom center ogre with mirgets before the usual 
    spell casting. Now 1 and 4 have open season on the one trapped ogre. 
    Later you can move 5 back, and 1 and 4 can buffet the ogre below. 4 can 
    run to assist 2 by trapping the UL ogre. The UR is the toughest to take 
    out and even if 1's Brennix is too slow, a few fireballs(4 pitching in) 
    would be worth it.
    X $I     I  X
    XE    I    EX
    X   E  JJ   X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  1  2 43  X treasure: 36 gonshis
    X           X
    X           X
      Clear paths to all spellcasters make this a breeze. Your one fighter 
    should be able to take out two bad guys, but just in case, you can use a 
    few spells. Also 4 and 3 can be swapped if 4 has the strength to get the 
    hibliss(51) leaving 3 to get an extra swipe at the jerrah.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X   !!!!!   X
    X   43 21   X treasure: 36 luffins(disease)
    X           X
    X5         6X
      Have 5 and 6 blast whichever ogre seems week at the moment. After the 
    first round your fighters' targets should be hurting. From there you may 
    have to surround the center one and fireball the edges.
      Scroll with worthless info beyond.
    X $ I I I   X
    X  NN N NN  X
    X N       N X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X 6 143 2 5 X treasure: 12 topazs
    X           X
    X           X
      Fry the gnolls above 1/2/3 first and you even have time to attack them 
    along the flanks--saves a bit of time and spells. Mop up. Easier than 4 
    to get to 2.
    X +  ! !    X
    X  !     !  X
    X    ! !    X exits: south
    X           X
    X   43521   X treasure: 36 sermins
    X           X
    X     6     X
      If 5 has nifts he can slip north and help trap the ogres, leaving 6 to 
    cast a bunch of spells. 4 and 1 can hit the near ogres from the side 
    then run up to box the ogres at the back in. 2 and 3 will have a few 
    tries to kill the ogres in front of them, and that's more than enough. 
    The rest is a bit of hacking, but you can use mirgets/luffins or 6's 
    spells to get rid of the ogres on the side.
      ** What to Do **
      I don't think any level has more rooms than shadrum level 2, but 
    actually the way through is pretty straightforward--the maze of rooms 
    mostly relates to finding fountains and such, but you should use 
    Dermagud for those with less hassle, and you don't need more treasure. 
    You probably won't guess it right off the bat, though. From the stairs, 
    W-N-E-N-E and north into the room. Then E-N-E-N-W, take out the snakes, 
    W-S and split your party into top/bottom. Blast the five snakes blocking 
    you to find the stairs.
      ** Messages **
    behind the energy fields:
    --Dalameir managed to bury his treasure just before his last battle.
    *X                                   *
    *X                                   *
    *X   ++    +*************X           *
    *X   *X     *XXXXXXXXXXX*X           *
    *X   *X   ***XXXXXXXXXXX*X           *
    *X   *X   *XXX%%%%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   *X   *XXX%%%%%%%%$%*X           *
    *X   *X   *X%%%%%%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   *X   *X%%%%%%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   *X   XX%%%%&%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   *X   XX%%%%%%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   *X     %%%%%%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   *X     %%%%%%%%%%%%*X           *
    *X   ***************X   *********X   *
    *XSSSSSSSSSSS$*X        *X           *
    *XSSSSSSSSSSSS*X        *X           *
    *XSSSSSSSSSSSS*X   ******X      *X   *
    *XSSSSS^SSSSSS*X   *XXXXXX *X   *X   *
    *XSSSSSSSSSSSS*X   *X      *X   *X   *
    *XSSSSSSSSSSSS*X   *X      *X   *X   *
    *XSSSSSSSSSSSS*X   ***r0r****r1r**r2r*
    *XSSSSSSSSSSSS*X   *******************
    **********X   *X   *******************
    *XXXXXXXXXX   XX   **********RRR******
    *X                 *XXXXXXXXXr1rXXXXX*
    *X                 *X                *
    *X   ***************X                *
    *X   *XXXX*****XXXX*X   ********XAA  *
    *X   *XXXX*****XXXX*X   *XXXXXXXX    *
    *X   *X   *****X   ******XXXXXXXX    *
    rr   *X   r***rr   XXXXXXX           *
    r3   *X   4***r4   XXXXXXX           *
    rr   *X   r***rr                     *
    *r   *X + *****r                     *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    SE ambush: jerrahs, bargs
      ** Room maps **
    X $    5    X
    X      6    X
    X 4.. 2 3 1 X exits: north
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 7 emeralds
    X   !   !   X
    X I   A   I X
      The plan here is to get the Hiblisses with 1 and 4, one azrael with 
    2(use a gonshi on the second turn to be sure,) and an ogre with 3. The 
    final ogre, you just drop a bunch of spells on.
      If you want to use your spellcasters as attackers you can let them 
    surround the ogre that's tough to get to. Put them just right of 4. Then 
    each can get a shot in at the ogre, and he will be quickly surrounded as 
    well--have 4 move onto the hibliss after killing it and then use a 
    gonshi the next turn to move right. Then 2 can come in and mop up. All 
    this so quickly without any spells.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X   !   !   X treasure: 6 diamonds
    X !       ! X
    X   m   m   X
      This is the sort of room you save your spells for. The gaems in the 
    back will cast a while unless you hit them with spells. Do so. In fact 
    you may even want 1 and 4 to contribute to the effort before they kill 
    their ogres--the logic being that 2 and 3 can run over to help if it 
    takes too long.
      This is a big room at the end of the Hall of No Return. Beyond lies 
    the climactic fight of Shadrum.
    X $  5 6    X
    X           X
    X   24 13   X exits: north
    X           X
    X ! ! ! ! ! X treasure: 5 diamonds
    X           X
    X     A     X
      I prefer to run at the Azrael with 4 and 1 and wait the second turn to 
    hit him--his spells should only reduce shields--although you can also 
    bet on 1 doing damage in the second turn and use spells for the rest. 
    The reasoning here is that they will do enough damage together to take 
    it out(if doing dungeons in your own order, you may need to calculate to 
    make sure and flop 2/4 and 1/3) and the 200-point attacks from the 
    dwarves will have a full impact on the ogres. Fireballs and nifts are 
    necessities here--even in the middle of battle. 1 and 4 can probably 
    pitch in with spells more than you'd think. No reason not to empty your 
    spell books on this fight--the Azrael adds a definite wild card. I 
    almost destroyed the central ogre this way before he got a chance to 
    move. 2 and 3 can take out the ogres on the side.
    3: this is the teleportal room. Shiran is a good destination from here 
    and in accord with my walkthrough, and you can get the Shir-Aka Ash 
    immediately this way. You may however need several teleport spells to 
    get anywhere(i.e. to Thakass) from Shiran.
    4: the Ogre King is here and he actually tells you good job and I bet he 
    really just wants to bribe you not to attack him. The item you should 
    ask for is the CIRCLET.
      Beyond is a worthless message about some treasure(a few topazs) in a 
    place that's hard to get to anyway.
      ** What to Do **
      Dinera's advice to get through the Hall of No Return works well--
    divide your party top/bottom and sneak by the teleport in the middle of 
    the hall to the east and, near the corner, dance S-E-S, rejoining before 
    the door to the south, or go north after hitting the first portal, then 
    east and south.
      The door to the left and down leads through. There's another ambush to 
    the right and down--splitting your party left/right gets you past but 
    actually you only need one character to visit the Ogre King. He will 
    applaud your bravery and give you the circlet if you ask for it.
      Once you've gotten the Circlet you can just hit the portal area to the 
    west. If you feel you haven't done enough work or if you are worried 
    about portal-lag or whatever, the way back is not too bad. Avoid the 
    ambush with a left/right divide. Top/down divide your party after 
    hitting the N/S room and then go north along the east wall. W-N-W before 
    you hit the NW corner and remember there's a teleport in the hall, so 
    crawl along the right wall. Now I recommend going through the force 
    fields to get to the teleportal chamber in the SW. It's going to take at 
    least 10 repels and I recommend 14--blast everything along the bottom, 
    and at the fifth field blasted, blast two up and dig north at the dead 
    end for a huge treasure. Then bring the trailing party through and re-
    join. S-W-S-W-S and W.
      In the room, you'll probably want to go to Shiran(pyramid, cube, 
      Digging the & will get you some serious treasure if you take a detour.
      There's a dirty trick I used here so that I only had to use six repel 
    spells. First, I took one person and made sure he had picks and the 
    repel spell. Then I put him in the UL spot in the formation. I cast a 
    spell on the snake D2R of him and re-formed so he was in that spot. Then 
    I blasted the two squares to the right and moved in, re-formed with my 
    guy in the DL, went right, and blasted the snakes two, three and four 
    squares right. Next I moved my guy to the DR, hopping over the snake, 
    and opened the chest.
      However, straightforward spellcasting gets you there in nine and it's 
    probably less futzing overall.
      ** Messages **
    3 signs near the stairs down.
    left sign:
    --Hall of venom
    center sign:
    --Hall of black ray
    right sign:
    --Hall of no return
    Behind all those energy fields:
    --6 West 3 south and dig[9 diamonds, enough to keep you afloat for a 
    LONG time)
    Behind all those snakes:
    --Zukkamear: 'tefk', 'akamur', 'darda-iym'.
    Behind the Ogre King's room:
    --portal area
                 * SUDOGUR *
      Sudogur gives you a choice of stairs which can be confusing at first, 
    and in fact there's another choice down on level 4. In the meantime 
    there's a god on the way to the vault with the Zirvanad, which contains 
    the information about magical procedure in Berbezza. For all this though 
    Sudogur isn't too packed with enemies; its teleportals and their setup 
    take away a lot of space for actual rooms, which themselves aren't too 
      A few gonshis--the cheapest of the combat mushrooms--really help here. 
    Stop at Port Avur to get them if nothing else. You'll also want at the 
    very least ten walk on water spells for your mages. (1 for levels 2/3, 4 
    for #4, 4 for #5.)
    *X  +             +             *
    *X                              *
    *X         ***X            *X   *
    *X         ***X   *****X   *X   *
    *X         ***X   *****X   *X   *
    **************X   *RRR*X   *X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XrrrXX   *X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XrvvvX   *X   *
    *X                         *X   *
    *X                         *X   *
    *X   *********X   ***X  +***X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXX   XX******XXX   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXX   XX******XXX   *
    *X                  ******X     *
    *X                  **RRR*X     *
    **************X     XXrrrXX     *
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXX     XXr0rXX     *
    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                 *
    rr                              *
    r1                **********X   *
    rr                XXXXXXXX**X   *
    *r                XXXXXXXX**X   *
    *************X            **X   *
    ********XXXX*X            *XX   *
    **RRR***XXXX*X   *****X   *XX   *
    *XrrrX**X  ^*X   *XXXXX   *X    *
    *Xrvvv**X   *X   *XXXXX   *X    *
    *X+   XXX   *X   *Xr      **X   *
    *X    XXX   *X   *X       XXX   *
    *X          XX   *X       XXX   *
    *X          XX   *X             *
    *X               *X             *
    *X               *X             *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X + U U     X
    X    R R    X
    X       U   X exits: south
    X      W UW X
    X       231 X treasure: 16 pearls
    X           X
    X       4 56X
      There aren't too many rooms in Sudogur so you can afford to be lavish 
    with luffins/mirgets. They'll get the battle over quickly here if you 
    line 1-4 from left to right below the zumagins/gragans, but a good 
    bunker strategy is just to hit the gragans with spells and cluster in 
    the corner. The zumagins can be blasted with spells as they drift over. 
    In any case gonshis will give fighters the jump on spellcasters.
      Despite decent treasure, though, this room isn't really necessary 
    unless you need a place to rest and learn spells.
    X $ W       X
    XU          X
    X    W      X exits: east
    XU          X
    X   W    3  X treasure: 24 potions
    XU    W  245X
    X    W   1 6X
     Get used to the Zumagins--there are a lot of them. Keep the mages out 
    of harm's way and you can probably cast a few spells at zumagins, center 
    first, then lower(try to shoot him first,) then top. But this room isn't 
    really worth it.
      ** What to Do **
      What's confusing here is how the stairs go all over the place.
    --The SW stairs go to the NW area of level 2, which includes the west 
    wall. This is the way to make progress. But you will want to split the 
    party up to avoid an ambush just before the stairs.
    --The NW stairs go to the SW area of level 2.
    --The NE stairs go to the east side of level 3, which has the teleportal 
      ** Messages **
    sign by stairs out:
    NW sign:
    --Many went down but none came up!
    sign above center room:
    --Go back while you can!
    SW sign:
    --Only water walkers will succeed!
    *X               r****rr                           *RRR**
    *X               0****r0                           XrrrX*
    ****X   ***X     r****rr        ****Xr*****X       Xr1rX*
    ****X   **********RRR**r        *XX********X            *
    *XXXX   XXX**XXXXXrrrX*X        *XXXXX*RRR***X          *
    *XXXX   XXX**XXXXXr0rX*X        *X$XXXXrrrXX*X   ***X   *
    *X         **X        *****X   **X    XrvvvX*X   ***X   *
    *X         **X        XXXX*X   X*X          *X   ***X   *
    *X         **X        XXXX*X   X*X          *X   ***X   *
    *X         **X~~~~~~~~~~~~*X    *X   ********X   ***X   *
    *X         **X~~~~~~~~~~~~*X    *X   ********X   XXXX   *
    *X         **X~~       $~~*X    *X   XXXXXXX*X   XXXX   *
    ****X   *****X~~       $~~*X    *X   XXXXXXX*X          *
    ****X   *****X~~       $~~*X    *X         !*X          *
    ****X   *RRR***************X   **X          *************
    *XXXX   Xr^^X*XXXXXXXX*****X   X*X      *****************
    *XXXX   Xr^^^*XXXXXXXX*****X   X*X   *********XXXXXXXXXX*
    *X           *X+      r***rr    **************XXXXXXXXXX*
    *X           *X       2***r2    *XXXXXXX******X         r
    ****X   **********X   r***rr    *XXXXXXX*RRR**X         4
    *XXXX   XXXXX*XXX*X   *****r    *X      XrrrX****X      r
    *XXXX   XXXXX*XXX****************X      Xr3rXXXX*X      *
    *X           *X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX           XXX****X   *
    *X           *X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX              XXX*X   *
    *X           *X                                 XXX*X   *
    *X           *X                                    *X   *
    *X           *X    ****************X               *X   *
    *X           *X    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXX*X   ********X   *X   *
    *****r5r******X    *XXXXXXXXXXXXXX*X   ********X   *X   *
    ***********XXXX    *X             *X   XXXXXXX*X   *X   *
    ***********XXXX    *X             *X   XXXXXXX*X   *X   *
    ***********X       *X   *X   *X   *X          *X   *X   *
    *****RRR***X       *X   *X   *X   *X          *X   *X   *
    *XXXXrrrXX*X   *****X   XX   XX   *X   ********X   *X   *
    *XXXXr5rXX*X   *****X   XX   XX   *X   *XXXXXXXX   *X   *
    *X        ******RRR*X             *X   *XXXXXXXX   XX   *
    *X        XXXX*Xr^^XX             *X   *X          XX   *
    *X   *X   XXXX*Xr^^^X   ***********X   *X               *
    *X   *X       **X       XXXXXXXXXXXX   *X               *
    *X   *X       X*X       XXXXXXXXXXXX   *X               *
    *X   *****X   X*X                      *X   *****X      *
    *X   XXXX*X    *X                      *X   *****X      *
    *X   XXXX*X    *X       *********X   ********RRR*********
    *X~~~~~~~*X    *X       XXXXXXXX*X   *XXXXXXXrrrXXXXXXXX*
    *X~~~~~~~*X    *X       XXXXXXXX*X   *XXXXXXXrvvvXXXXXXX*
    *****X~~~*X    ****X            *X   *X                 *
    *XXXXX~~~*X    XXX*X            *X   *X                 *
    *XXXXX~~~*X    XXX*X   **********X   *X   ~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X~~~~~~~*X       *X   *XXXXXXXXXX   *X   ~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X~~~~~~~*X       *X   *XXXXXXXXXX   *X   ~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X   ******X   ****X   *X            *X   ~~~     ~~~   *
    *X   *XXXXXX   *XXXX   *X            *X   ~~~     ~~~   *
    *X   *XXXXXX   *XXXX   **********X   *X   ~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X   *X        *X      XXXXXXXXXXX   *X   ~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X   *X        *X      XXXXXXXXXXX   *X   ~~~~~~~~~~~   *
    *X   *X   ^*****X                    *X                 *
    *X   *X   ******X                    *X                 *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X6$4       ZX
    XZ3         X
    X5          X exits: east/south/west
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 6 pyramids(poison)
    X2          X
    XZ1        ZX
      A gonshi for 1 and 4 makes this work really easily. Notice how the 
    zorlims on the left are trapped. You can shoot at the ones on the right 
    and if things don't work 6 and 5 can cast spells--of course 6 must cast 
    SE or be blocked.
      This is the only 3-way room I'm aware of. Treasure to the east, info 
    south, game progress to the west.
    X $   Z     X
    X  M  M  M  X
    X    U U    X exits: south
    X           X
    X    213    X treasure: 8 topaz
    X     4     X
    X   5   6   X
      The zorlim is the only one that can really harm you, so if you can't 
    shoot him(1 can start with a bow) just use spells. Your front line 
    should mop up everything else.
    X $         X
    X     M     X
    X    U      X exits: east/west
    X     M  3  X
    X     MU 24 X treasure: 10 topaz
    X     M  1 5X
    X          6X
      With 1 and 3 running forward having used gonshis, the zumagin is in 
    big trouble. 2 can chop him up, and 4 will shoot the minotaur behind him 
    down. 5 and 6 can hit the zumagin above and the remaining hand to hand 
    combat should be no problem.
    X $ U   U   X
    X  U U U U  X
    X           X exit: south
    X           X
    X  1 2 3 4  X treasure: 10 mirgets
    X     5     X
    X     6     X
      Bring it here with the gonshis, mirgets and luffins. Four will fall, 
    and you'll be so close to the other two you won't need spells. It'll 
    make for a net gain if you ever come around this way.
    X     +     X
    X        M  X
    X  3     M UX exit: west
    X  4     M UX
    X  1     M UX fountain: agility
    X  2       UX
    X           X
      1 and 2 can shoot the zumagins with ease once the minotaurs in front 
    go down--let 1 get the kill first as 4's bow is more accurate. You want 
    to fireball the minotaurs, shoot the zumagins, and fireball the other 
    X5$        4X
    XZ        6ZX
    X1    3    2X exits: north/south
    X     Z     X
    X           X treasure: 6 medicins
    XZ         ZX
    X           X
      2 can hack one zorlim to death. Then 4 can shoot the one behind. 1 can 
    shoot downwards, and 3 should take out the center. You can wait for a 
    round before casting spells here; 4 can move up to hit the zorlim by 1. 
    1/4 can use gonshis.
      ** What to Do **
      Not much to do in the center part except pick a fight in room 3--on 
    the west side, go down and through the water to find a portal, although 
    you can also search for treasure in the north.
      ** Messages **
    --Cube, sphere, cube to pheron!
    (center)--Dig right here!
    (bottom)--Dig the opposite corner.
    [9 rubies in NW]
    by north stairs down:
    --8 South, 9 east and dig!
    [this is the teleportal sequence, in floors, to get to the Zirvanad]
    *X    *X    *X             *
    *X   ;*X    *X             *
    *X  ;r*Xr;  *X             *
    *X    *X  ;r*X             *
    *X;   XXr;  *X             *
    *X  ; XXrr;;*X             *
    *Xr;r~~~~;;r******X        *
    *Xr;r~~~~r;rXXXXX*X        *
    *X;r;~~~~;  XXXXX******X   *
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~******X   *
    *X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*RRR**X   *
    *Xr;~~~~;;       XrrrX*X   *
    *X  r~~~;r;  ;   Xrvvv*X   *
    *X ;;r~~~   ;  ;      *X   *
    *X  ;r~~~       ;     *X   *
    *X   ;r~***************X   *
    *X   ;;~*****XXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X ;;;rr*****XXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X   ;;;****rr             *
    *X;;;;;;****r1             *
    *X;;;;;;****rr      ***XP  *
    *X;;;;;;*****r      ***X   *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    P: kicks you to the bottom of the '2' on level 2.
      ** Room maps **
    X $Z  +  Z  X
    X     R     X
    X  U U U U  X exits: south
    X           X
    X  1 253 46 X treasure: 24 nifts
    X           X fountain: strength
    X           X
      This room isn't necessary but if you want to bash through it then 
    charge up on mushrooms, have folks rush the zumagins, and 2 and 3 can 
    trap the gragan for 5 before moving on. The next move they can trap the 
    zorlims with 6 coming from the other side. Knock-out.
    #1: this is the teleport room.
      ** What to Do **
      The east side is from level 1, and besides some really annoying traps, 
    the only thing there is the teleportal out. The hall south has a portal 
    to sneak around.
      If you're arriving from level two, one walkwater spell is needed to go 
    south and then east--the room in the NW isn't worth it.
      ** Messages **
    *X                         Xr^^*X    ;;;;;~~~~~~~~~~*
    *X                             *X ^    ;;;~~~~~~~~~~*
    *X      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        *X     ;;;~~~~~~~*****
    *X     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     *X     ;;~~~~~;  *****
    *X    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    *X   ;;;~~~~~;;  *RRR*
    *X   ~~~~               ~~~    *X  ;;~~~~~~;;;; Xr^^*
    *X   ~~~                 ~~~   *X  ;~~~~~~~~;   Xr^^*
    *X   ~~~    ********X    ~~~   *X  ;~~~~~~~~;;      *
    *X   ~~~    ********X    ~~~   *X  ;~~~*X~~~~;;;    *
    *X   ~~~   *********X    ~~~   *X   ~~~*X~~~~~~~~~~~*
    *X   ~~~   ***RRR***X     ~~~  *X   ~~~*X~~~~~~~~~~~*
    *X   ~~~   *XtrrrXt**X    ~~~  *X   ~~~*X~~~~~~~~~~~*
    *X   ~~~   *XXr0rXXX*X    ~~~  XX   ~~~**************
    *X   ~~~   *X; ;  ;X**X    ~~~~XX   ~~~*XXXtXXXXtXXX*
    *X   ~~~   *X;  ; ;;X*X    ~~~~~~~~~~~~*XXXXXXXXXXXXr
    *X   ~~~   *X;;;;;;;X*X     ~~~~~~~~~~~*X           1
    *X   ~~~   *X;;;***********X~~~~~~~~~~~*X           r
    *X   ~~~   *X;;;*XXXXXXXXXXX~~~*********X   *********
    *X    ~~~  *X;;;*XXXXXXXXXXX~~~*XXXXtXXXX   *XXXXtXX*
    *X    ~~~  *X;; *X;;;  ;;;^~~~~*XXXXXXXXX   *XXXXXXX*
    *X     ~~~ *X;; XX  ; ;;;;;~~~;*X           *X      *
    *X     ~~~ XX ;;XX   ;; ;;~~~~;*X           *X      *
    *X      ~~~XX  ;   ;;  ;;;~~~;;*X   *X   *******X   *
    *X      ~~~~~     ;;;;;;;~~~~;;*X   *X   *XXtXXXX   *
    *X      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;*X   *X   *XXXXXXX   *
    *X       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;;*X   *X   *X         *
    *X        ~~~~~~~~~~;;;~~~;;;;;*X   XX   *X         *
    *X                 ; ;;;;;;;;;;*X   XX   *******X   *
    *X                      ;;;;;;;*X        *XXXXXXX   *
    *X   ***************************X        *XXXXXXX   *
    *X   XXtXXXtXXXtXXXtXXXtXXXtXXXtX   ******X         *
    *X                                  *XXXXXX   *******
    *X                                  *X        *******
    ***********X   *X   *X   *X   *X    *X        **RRR**
    ***********X   *X   *X   *X   *X    *****X    XtrrrX*
    ***********X   *X   *X   *X   *X    *XXtXX+   XXrvvv*
    ****RRR****X   *X   *X   *X   *******XXXXX          *
    *XtXrrrXtX*X   *X   *X   *X   *XXXXXXX             !*
    *XXXr2rXXX*X   *X   *X   *X   *XXXXXXX        *r3r***
    *X        *X   *X   *X   *X   *X$        ************
    *X        *X   *X   *X   *X   *X         ************
    *X        *X   *X   XX   XX   *****************RRR***
    *X        XX   *X   XX   XX   XXXXtXXXXtXXXXtXXrrrXX*
    *X        XX   *X             XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXr3rXX*
    *X             *X               ;;  ;  ;    ;;    ;;*
    *X             *X                ;;  ;     ;;;;   ;;*
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    #0: the god room, well worth the walk on water spell you need to get in 
    there. You'll want to exit the east side of the island to waste as few 
    spells as possible.
    X           X
    X5 2      R X
    X       M   X exits: west
    X14       RZX
    X       M   X treasure: 6 lokas
    X6 3      R X
    X           X
      You can use mirget/luffin/gonshi and 2/3 can use a gonshi on the 
    second turn to try to conserve spells, but minotaurs may step in front 
    on the second turn and try to ruin that anyway--let 1/4 try their hand 
    at spells first. First turn, have 4 shoot first--1 can cast or shoot--
    and let 2/3 run.
    X $ R R R   X
    X           X
    X   WW WW   X exits: south
    X           X
    X   312 4   X treasure: 30 sermin(poisoned)
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
      Stupid wolvingas. Use gonshis here; 2, your best fighter, should have 
    a straight shot at the gragan. 4 can try shooting one gragan. 1 can use 
    fireballs on the other after torching the wolvingas to let and 3 run and 
    4 shoot. 5 and 6 can relax.
    X           X
    X           X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X    2 3    X treasure: 36 luffins(poisoned)
    X    5 6    X
    X   1   4   X
      Gonshis help 1 and 4 kill the zumagins automatically. With gonshis 2 
    and 3 should be able to get their zorlims, and 5 and 6 can cast a spell 
    each on the middle one. Handle the other zumagins manually, switching 1 
    and 4 to swords.
    X     56    X
    X           X
    X    2143   X exits: north
    X           X
    X    MMMM   X treasure: 36 gonshis
    X           X
    X  U U  U U X
      Pull out the bows for starters here. Then you can run at the minotaurs 
    and zumagins. Since the outside zumagins aren't doing anything to start, 
    there's no need to use magic.
      ** What to Do **
      As you would expect the less accessible of the two stairs leads to 
    where you need to go. The stairs down in the south lead to the north of 
    level 5, too, so that is disorienting. But once you take the stairs up 
    it's a quick jump back down.
      ** Messages **
    chest in SE:
    8 East, 2 north, 11 east and dig!
    *X                                        *X   *
    *X                                        *X   *
    *******X   **************X   *********X   XX   *
    *X         *X           *X   XX      *X        *
    *X         *X           *X   XX      ******X   *
    *X         *X           *X           *XXXX*X   *
    *X         *X           *X           *XXXX*X   *
    *X      ************X   *X   *X   ****X   *X   *
    *X      *XXXXXXXXXX*X   *X   *X   XXXXX   *X   *
    ****X   *XXXXXXXXXX*X   *X   *X   XXXXX   *X   *
    *XXXX   *X         *X   XX   *X           *X   *
    *XXXX   *X         *X   XX   *X           *X   *
    *X      *X         *X        **************X   *
    *X      *X         *X        *XXXXXXX******X   *
    *X   *******X   *******X     *XXXXXXX**RRR*X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXX     XX      *Xr^^XX   *
    *X   XXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXX     XX      *Xr^^^X   *
    *X                                   *X        *
    *X                                   *X        *
    *X                  *X+        **RRR***X       X
    *X                  *X         *XrrrXX*X       X
    *X   ***********X   *******X   *Xr0rXX*****X   +
    *X   *XXXX*XXXXXX   XXXXXX*X   *X     XXXXXX    
    *X   *XXXX*XXXXXX   XXXXXX*X   *X     XXXXXX   *
    *X   *X ^ *X;;;;;;;;;;;;;;*X   *X              *
    *X   *X   *X;;;;;;;;;;;;;;*X   *X              *
    *X   *X   *X;;;*******X;;;*X   ************X   *
    *X   *X   *X;;;*******X;;;*X   XXXXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X   *X   *X;;;*******X;;;*X   XXXXXXXXXXXXX   *
    *X   *X   *X;;;**RRR**X;;;*X                   *
    *X   *X   *X;;;XXrrrXXX;;;*X                   *
    **r1r**r2r*X;;;XXr3rXXX;;;***********X   *******
    ***********X;;;;;;;;;;;;;;*XXXXXXXXX*X   XXXXXX*
    ***********X;;;;;;;;;;;;;;*XXXXXXXXX*X   XXXXXX*
    **RRR**RRR*****************X;;;;;~~~*X         *
    *XrrrXXrrrXX******XXXXXXXXXX;;;;~~~~*X         *
    *X          ******X         ~~~~~~~~XXXXX*******
    *X          r****rr         ~~~~~~~;XXXXX**RRR**
    *X          5****r5       *X ;;~~~~;;    XXrrrX*
    *X          r****rr       *X  ;~~~~;;;   XXr4rX*
    *X          ******r       *X   ~~~~~;          *
    *X          ******X       *X   ;~~~~;;         *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $ J +E    X
    XO M     M RX
    X    M M    X exits: south
    X           X
    X4  2  3   1X treasure: 6 diamonds(disease)
    X           X fountain: dexterity
    X           X
      This room is worth seeing before you leave, and the fight is not too 
    terribly hard. One thing to note--bring all your spells, and use your 
    mushrooms. Raze the minotaur by the zumagin, and have 4 shoot the zorlim 
    and everyone else run at his opponent. The minotaurs as usual can be 
    mopped up.
    X $ J    J  X
    X     UU    X
    X   M    M  X exits: north/south
    X    M  M   X
    X  51 23 46 X treasure: 42 sermins
    X           X
    X           X
      This is the last fight before you reach the Zirvanad. Here with 
    mushrooms 5 and 6 can stab the minotaurs, leaving everyone else to run 
    at the jerrahs/zumagins. I suppose spells to take out the jerrahs is OK 
    without mushrooms. Just split the party in half so the zumagins have to 
    move toward you. The treasure comes in handy for the parasite moss 
    stretch ahead.
    X $  UEZ    X
    X           X
    X   MMMMM   X exits: south
    X           X
    X    213    X treasure: 6 emeralds
    X     4     X
    X         56X
      With gonshis this is a total rout--no need for any other mushrooms. 5 
    and 6 can blast the minotaurs blocking 1 and 2. 4 can shoot to kill 
    another, and 1 can run forward for a kill. Next move, you can then 
    double team the 'back row Z's' and win easily. The treasure is worth it 
      The vault. Use the Star Key and then use the lens on the Zirvanad 
    encased in the glass for the info you desire(see 6-4.)
    X6$        5X
    X 1 2   3 4 X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X    M M    X treasure: 6 picks
    X R       R X
    X   R   R   X
      Monsters are nastily spread out here. Mushrooms, one fighter to a 
    gragan, really seem to be the only way to go. But if you're low just use 
    gonshis and then a lot of spells. Fortunately this room isn't important.
    X $         X
    X   M       X
    X J      3 5X exits: east/west
    XJ RM    41 X
    X J      2 6X treasure: 9 rubies
    X   M       X
    X           X
      This is a critical fight. Either use lots of mushrooms or spells. 4 
    and 1 can do lots of damage and 2 and 3 can run at the Jerrahs. You will 
    need gonshis for fighters in the second round if you've got 
    luffins/mirgets, or you can just start casting spells with 1/5/6 
      ** What to Do **
      ** Messages **
    --You are close!
    east side:
    --Portal back to level 1.
            * THAKASS *
      Thakass is by far the easier of the two towers. It may be one of the 
    simplest dungeons in the game; the toughest part may be getting there, 
    which requires a strong wizard or a long tedious boat ride. Its 
    teleportal is very useful, but given how there aren't too many chutes 
    and in fact there's one teleportal that kicks you UP two levels, the 
    only danger is a gauntlet of rooms on level 3. Then you need to use 
    pierce spells on level 2.
      The mad wizard at the top holds the blue ring, which is necessary, and 
    the teleportal chamber becomes critical later on.
    ****X                              *****
    ****X                              *****
    ****X        **X  ******X   ************
    ****X        ***********X   ************
    ****X   ^    **XXXXXXXX*X   ***RRR******
    ****X       ***XXXXXXXX*X   *XXr^^X*****
    ****X       *XXX       *X   *XXr^^^*****
    ****X       *XXX       *X   *X+    *****
    *************X         *X   *X     *****
    ****XXXXXXXX*X         *X   *X     *****
    ****XXXXXXXX*X   *******X  ~***X   *****
    ****X       *X   *XtXXtXX~~~*XXX   *****
    ****X       *X   *XXXXXXX~~ *XXX   *****
    ****X   *****X   *X ~   ~~  *X     *****
    ****X   *XXXXX   *X~        *X     *****
    ****X   *XXXXX   *X~~  ********X   *****
    ****X   *X       *X ~~~*XXXXXXXX   *****
    ****X   *X       *X  ~~*XXXXXXXX   *****
    ****X   *X   *****X ~~ *X          *****
    ****X   *X   *****X~   *X          *****
    ****X   *X   *****X    *X   ***X   *****
    ****X   XX   XXXX*X    *X   XX*X   *****
    ****X   XX   XXXX**rrr**X   XX*X   *****
    ****X            *******X     *X   *****
    ****X            *******X     *X   *****
    ****X       *******************X   *****
    ****X       *******RRR*******XXX   *****
    ****X       *****XtrrrXt*****XXX   *****
    ****X    A  *****XXrrrXX*****X     *****
    ****X       r***rr+     r***rr     *****
    ****X       r***rr      r***rr     *****
    ****X       r***rr      r***rr     *****
    ****X       *****r      *****r     *****
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    SW: domugs, zorlims
      ** Room maps **
    X           X
    X           X
    X     H     X exits north/south
    X  H C C H  X
    X    2H3    X
    X     1     X
    X   5 4 6   X
      One hraffel falls to 4's bow. 2 and 3 can handle the cyclops. This 
    should be short.
    X           X
    X     H     X
    X     H 3  5X
    X    H H1 4 X
    X     H 2  6X
    X     H     X
    X           X
      Let 4 go first. Rush your fighters forward. These guys should all be 
    pretty easy.
    X           X
    X           X
    X56 3CZC    X
    X   1       X
    X 4 2CZC    X
    X           X
    X           X
      Here 3 and 1 can attack above and 4 and 2 can attack below. Zorlims 
    have 15 shield so one fireball may not quite take them out, but they 
    should only dent your shields a bit.
      ** What to Do **
      Walk east through the room, go north and climb up the stairs.
      ** Messages **
    By stairs out:
    --Thakass- The tower of wizardry
    By stairs up:
    --The mad wizard awaits thee!
    ****X            XXXX   *X      CHU*****
    ****X            XXXX   *X      TE0*****
    ********X   *X          *X   ***********
    ********X   *X          *X   ***********
    ********X   *************X   **RRR******
    ****XXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *XrrrX*****
    ****XXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *Xrvvv*****
    ****X                   *X   *X    *****
    ****X                   *X   *X    *****
    ****X  *X   ****X       *X   *X    *****
    ****X  *X   ****X       *X   *X    *****
    ****X  *XCHU****X       *X   XX    *****
    ****X  *XTE1****X       *X   XX    *****
    ****X  *X   ******X   ***X         *****
    ****X  XX   XXXXXXXCHUXXXX         *****
    ****X  XX   XXXXXXXTE2XXXX    *X   *****
    ****X                         *X   *****
    ****X                         *X   *****
    ****X      *X   **********X   *X   *****
    ************X   XXXXXXXXX*X   *X   *****
    ****XXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXX*X   XX   *****
    ****XXXXXXXXX            *X   XX   *****
    ****X                    *X        *****
    ****X           *****X   *X        *****
    ****X   *X      XXXX*X   *******X  *****
    ****X   *X      XXXX*X   XXXXXXXX  *****
    ****X   *X          *X   XXXXXXXX  *****
    ****X ^ *X          *X             *****
    ****X   ***X   ******X             *****
    ****X   XXXX   *XXXX*************X *****
    ****X          *X$  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX *****
    ****X          *X                  *****
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    Chute 0 knocks you to the NE of level 8.
    Chute 1 knocks you to the area through the west door in level 8.
    Chute 2 knocks you onto the water above the north door in level 8.
      ** Room maps **
      ** What to Do **
      You need to split your party up to get to the stairs. You can either 
    walk over part of the chutes that will nail you if you go north after S-
    W-S-W-N or you can go to the west edge and avoid the chutes entirely. 
    With no rooms in the way the rest of the walk is pretty easy.
      ** Messages **
    After narrow SW passage:
    --Sphere, cube, sphere to Pheron.
    X                          *X$^**
    X                          *X  **
    X   ****X   ******r0r*******X  **
    X   XXX*X   XXXX*******XXXXXX  **
    X   XXX*X   XXXX*******XXXXXX  **
    X      *X       **RRR**X       **
    X      *X       *XrrrXXX       **
    X      *****X   *Xr0rXXX   ******
    X      XXXX*X   *X         *XXXX*
    X      XXXX*X   *X         *XXXX*
    X          *X   ***X   *****XQ  *
    X          *X   XX*X   *XXXXX   *
    X   ***X   *X   XX*X   *XXXXX   *
    X   XX*X   *X     *X   *XP      *
    X   XX*X   *X     *X   *X       *
    X     *X   XX     **r1r****X   **
    X     *X   XX     ******XXXX   **
    X     *X          ******XXXX   **
    X     *X          **RRR*X      **
    X    **X   *X     *XrrrXX   A  **
    X    *XX   *X     *Xr1rXX      **
    X    *XX   *X     *X           **
    X    *X    *X     *X           **
    ******X    *X     ***************
    ******X   **X     XXXXXXXX*******
    ******X   *XX     XXXXXXXX*******
    *RRR**X   *XX             *******
    XrrrX*X   *X              *******
    Xr2rX*X   *X    ***********RRR***
    X    XX   XX    XXXXXXXXXXXr^^X**
    X    XX   XX    XXXXXXXXXXXr^^^**
    X                              **
    X                              **
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    Ambush: zorlims and mongors
    P : goes to secluded level 4 area
    Q : down to level 8
      ** Room maps **
    X $ 5 4 6   X
    X           X
    X   3 1 2   X exits: north/south
    X   W   W   X
    X    W W    X treasure: 6 spheres
    X     W     X
    X   J R J   X
      Using mushrooms is overkill here but why not if you're getting close 
    to the end--you can fireball the wolvingas to get to the jerrahs that 
    way. Otherwise you can take the jerrahs out one spell at a time and send 
    fighters after the gragan as you shoot at it. The wolvingas should be no 
    X $  5 6    X
    X     4     X
    X   3 1 2   X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  W W W W  X treasure: 12 pearls
    X   C C C   X
    X           X
      If you're using mushrooms put 1-3 in the gaps to get the cyclops and 
    have 4 shoot a wolvinga, move, and get the other. The fighters can chop 
    the rest up easily. Otherwise run at the cyclops don't worry about the 
    wolvingas--with the right armor you're impervious.
    XW$   +    WX
    X  R  C  Y  X
    X    C C    X exits: south
    X           X
    X  2 1 4 3  X treasure: 5 cubes
    X           X fountain: dexterity
    X   5   6   X
      You should at least eat a gonshi beforehand to wipe out the Gragan and 
    the Mongor. Full mushrooms aren't necessary here although nifts may be 
    handy for the bunch trying to take out the cyclops.
      ** What to Do **
      Three rooms here, and although passing through two in a row gets you 
    to a portal, it's actually easier to walk around.
      W-S-E-S to the edge-E-N. No chutes to get in your way, even. You may 
    wish to detour west at the bottom to get some cubes before leaving.
      ** Messages **
    Northeast corner:
    --Cube, pyramid, pyramid to Northern Bihun.
    X   *X     *X             *X   **
    X   *X     *X             *X   **
    X   *X   ***X   ******X   XX   **
    X   *X   *XXX   *XXXX*X   XX   **
    X   *X   *XXX   *XXXX*X        **
    X   *X   *X     *X   *X        **
    X   *X   *X     *X   ************
    X%%%*X   *X     *X   XXXXXXXXXX**
    X   *X   *X     *X   XXXXXXXXXX**
    X   *X   XX     *X             **
    X   *X   XX     *X             **
    X   *X          *X      ***X   **
    X   XX   A      *X      *XXX   **
    X   XX    **r1r**X      *XXX   **
    X         *******X      *X     **
    X         *******X      *X     **
    X   *************X   ******X   **
    X   ******XXXXXXXX   XXXXX*X   **
    X   ******XXXXXXXX   XXXXX*X   **
    X   **RRR*X               *X   **
    X   *Xrrr*X               *X   **
    X   *Xr2r*X   ***X   ******X   **
    X   *X   *X   XXXX   XXXXXXX   **
    X   *X   *X   XXXX   XXXXXXX   **
    X   XX   *X                    **
    X   XX   *X                    **
    X        *X   *X     *X   *******
    X        *X   *X     *X   *******
    X    *****X   ********X   *RRR***
    X    XXXXXX   XXXXXXXXX   Xrvvv**
    X                              **
    X                              **
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    SW: Zorlims and Mongors
      ** Room maps **
    #0: teleportal out of here. You'll have found up to three codes inside 
    Thakass but the fourth one is in Khazan, and it sends you to Sargoz! 
    Don't worry about this until you've gone all the way to the top first.
    X $   5     X
    X     6     X
    X   2 143   X exits: north
    X    W W    X
    X           X treasure: 30 potions
    X  Y Y Y Y  X
    X     J     X
      Mushrooms are needed to avoid annoyance here. If you must proceed 
    drug-freee then be sure to have shields at 99 before entering and then 
    take out the Jerrah first. Otherwise fry the wolvingas with spells 
    before running at the mongors and the Jerrah. Leave a mongor in the 
    middle--let 2 attack to the left, 3 to the right.
    X $  Y Y    X
    X     R     X
    X    F F    X exits: south
    X  H     H  X
    X    2134   X treasure = 36 sermins(diseased)
    X           X
    X    5 6    X
      Mushrooms aren't a bad idea for this, although if you don't use them 
    you'll want to give 4 and 1 bows and start shooting. Have spellcasters 
    concentrate on one Mongor at a time. With mushrooms, wipe out the left 
    fermigon with a fireball and the right one with 4 if 1 can't pick them 
    off after taking out the gragan.
      ** What to Do **
      ** Messages **
    *X $ *X                         *
    *X   *X                         *
    *X   *X   ***X   *X   ******X   *
    *X   *X   ***X   *X   *XXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   XXXX   *X   *XXXX*X   *
    *XP  *X   XXXX   *X   *X $ *X   *
    ******X          *X   *X   *X   *
    ******X          *X   *X   *X   *
    **RRR***X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *
    *Xr^^***X   *X   *X   *X%%%*X   *
    *Xr^^***X   *X   *X   *X%%%*X   *
    *X   ***X   *X   XX   XX   *X   *
    *X   XX*X   *X   XX   XX   *X   *
    *X   XX*X   *X             *X   *
    *X     *X   *X             *X   *
    *X     *X   ******X   ******X   *
    *X   ***X   XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX   *
    *X   ***X   XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX   *
    *X   XXXX                       *
    *X   XXXX                       *
    *X           ***X   *X   ***X   *
    *X           ***X   *X   ***X   *
    *X   ****X   ***X   *X   ***X   *
    *X   *XXXX   ***X   *X   ***X   *
    *X   *XXXX   XXXX   XX   XXXX   *
    *X   *X      XXXX   XX   XXXX   *
    *X   *X                         *
    *X   *X                         *
    *X   *****X   *******************
    *X       *X                  p  *
    *X       *X                     *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
      ** What to Do **
      Two ways through. Teleporting from level 6, W-N-N-W-N, or from the 
    stairs, W-W-W-S-E-S-W-N. There are chutes in the middle, but they won't 
    stop you.
      ** Messages **
    chest in sealed off NW part:
    --Pyramid, sphere, pyramid ports to Khiriss.
    chest behind energy fields:
    --Dig here!
    [8 topazs]
    *X   r***rr         *X     *X ^ *
    *X   r***rr         *X     *X   *
    *X   r***rr    *X   **rrr***X%%%*
    *X   *****r    *X   ********X   *
    *X   *XXXXX    *X   ********X   *
    *X   *XXXXX    *X   **RRR***X   *
    ******X        *X   *XrrrXX*X   *
    ******X        *X   *XrrrXX*X   *
    **RRR***********X   *X     *X   *
    *XrrrXXXXXXXXXX*X   *X     *X   *
    *XrvvvXXXXXXXXX*X   **rrr***X   *
    *X             *X   ********X   *
    *X             *X   ********X   *
    *X   ******X   *X   **RRR***X   *
    *X   *XXXXXX   XX   *XrrrXX*X   *
    *X   *XXXXXX   XX   *XrrrXX*X   *
    *X   *X             *X     *X   *
    *X   *X             *X     *X   *
    *X   ******X   *X   *X     *X   *
    *X   XXXXXXX   *X   **rrr***X   *
    *X   XXXXXXX   *X   ********X   *
    *X             *X   ********X   *
    *X             *X  ***RRR***X   *
    *X   ***************XXrrrXX*X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXX****XXrrrXX*X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXXXXr**rr      *X   *
    *X              r**rr      *X   *
    *X              r**rr      *X   *
    *X   ***********************X   *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    **************X  ********X  *****
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $   +     X
    X    D  1  5X
    X    H C4   X exits: east/west
    X     J 3  6X
    X    Y  2   X treasure: 3 emeralds
    X     D     X fountain: agility
    X           X
      You really should use a few mushrooms here. 2 can probably pick off 
    the dark knight after the mongor. Everyone else can charge left. More 
    classical methods require lots of spell casting with the formation above 
    as the dark knights are split, annoyingly.
    X   R   R   X
    X    R R    X
    X     m     X exits: north/south
    X H       H X
    XH  12534  HX treasure: 4 pyramids
    X      6    X
    X           X
      The gragans are annoying and can be mowed down with spells if you 
    don't want to run right at them. But the formation given should dispose 
    of them handily. The key thing to note here is that you're using 
    spellcasters to attack one the gaem. This works for sure if the combined 
    strength is over 31; otherwise stay back and cast spells.
    X $J  J  J  X
    X    F F    X
    X  F  F  F  X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  2  14 3  X treasure: 8 rubies(poison)
    X           X
    X     56    X
      To get rid of the Jerrahs immediately you can hit the Fermigons with 
    two fireball spells each from spellcasters. 4 can take out the fermigon 
    blocking 1. The rest is hand to hand battle, and if you've got nifts, 
    it's just outright unfair.
    X $Y Y Y Y  X
    X   D   D   X
    X           X exits: north/south
    X           X
    X  1 2 3 4  X treasure: 6 mirgets(poisoned)
    X    5 6    X
    X           X
      This room is tailor-made for shrooming. Run at the mongors, kill them, 
    and probably get the dark knights on the same turn.
      Time is on the enemies' side here, so gonshis are really good for 
    gaining time. Maybe you should even use them two moves in a row 
    especially since they're the treasure here. Spellcasters should move 
    first to take out hraffels that block any fighter's way.
    X $         X
    X  2     H JX
    X5 4      H X exits: north/south
    X        H  X
    X6 1      H X treasure: 30 gonshis
    X  3     H JX
    X           X
      ** What to Do **
      S-S-E and plow through the four rooms to get up the stairs.
      ** Messages **
    *X            &     %%     %%   *
    *X        %         %%     %%   *
    *X     %   %   &******X   **X   *
    *X   %          XXXXX*X%%%X*X   *
    *X           &  XXXXX*X%%%X*X   *
    *X      % %          *X%%%%*X   *
    *X%   %         % %% *X    *XCHU*
    *X        %          *X    *XTE0*
    *X %                 *X    *X   *
    *X   %            ****X    ******
    *X       %  &    %*XXXX    XXXXX*
    *X            %   *XXXX    XXXXX*
    *X                *X            *
    *X   %    &  %    *X            *
    *X %    %   %     *X            *
    *X     %     %    *X %    %     *
    *X  %       *******X            *
    *X     %    r******X%     %     *
    *X          r******X %   %    % *
    *X%%     %  r******X  & %   %   *
    *X^%        *******X  & %       *
    *******************X %   %      *
    ******XXXXXXXXXXXXXX%     %     *
    **RRR*XXXXXXXXXXXXXX            *
    *Xr^^XX       %           %     *
    *Xr^^^X **&&   &           %    *
    *X     &  & &   &  %   %      % *
    *X     &&& & % %                *
    *X%   %%  % %    %   %   %  %  %*
    *X%%%%%%  %%    %               *
    *X %%%   %%            %   %    *
    *X     %%     %    %          $ *
    *X    %%     %    %      %      *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
    Chute 0 : goes to right corridor on level 3
      ** Room maps **
    X     +  H mX
    X  2        X
    X  3     H mX exits: west
    X         C X
    X  4     H mX fountain(strength)
    X           X
    X651     H mX
      You don't need to take this room on, but if you decide to, I'll assume 
    it's because you have enough resources. Run everyone right(with gonshis) 
    and use spells on the hraffels and cyclops. Use gonshis twice to get to 
    the wall. The top gaem is the trickiest, hiding behind the fountain and 
    all. I'd change 1 and 4 from bows to swords if necessary although 3 can 
    come over and trap the gaem soon enough. Note the UR hraffel is 
    protected from many diagonal spells by the fountain.
      ** What to Do **
      It's a bit tedious to either cast spells with a 3x2 party or sneak 
    around with a 1x2 so I offer the compromise of taking a 2x2 party past 
    the X and having a 1x2 follow them. The &'s are where it looks best to 
    blast. You can also top/down divide for the final part to save a few 
    pierces. But the main challenge is to have enough in reserve--no 
    monsters are eager to ambush you here.
      ** Messages **
    DR chest:
    --7 West, 11 north, and dig.
    [this is in the middle of the X--actually the bottom square of the two. 
    Makes a difference from the usual 'Dig on the X.' Oh, you get 3 diamonds 
    for this.]
    *X                              *
    *X   +                          *
    *X                              *
    *X             *****X           *
    *X             *****X           *
    *X             *****X           *
    *X             XXXXXX           *
    *X             XXXXXX           *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
    *X         *******X             *
    *X         *******X             *
    *X         *******X             *
    *X         **RRR**X             *
    *X         XXrrrXXX             *
    *X         XXrrrXXX             *
    *X                              *
    ******X                         *
    ******X                         *
    **RRR*X                         *
    *XrrrXX                         *
    *XrvvvX             **rrr**X    *
    *X                  *******X    *
    *X                  *******X    *
    *X                  *******X    *
    *X                  XXXXXXXX    *
    *X                  XXXXXXXX    *
    *X                              *
    *X                              *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    #0: the mad wizard's room
    X $J Z R m  X
    X C H Y F D X
    X           X exits: south
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 4 diamonds(poison)
    X  3 1 4 2  X
    X    5 6    X
      Oh look, one of each, sort of. Just use mushrooms and nail the 
    spellcasters in back. Your fighter should try to hit up the dark knight 
    just after.
    X $  5 6    X
    X           X
    X  3 1 4 2  X exits: north
    X           X
    X           X treasure: 7 emeralds
    X C H Y F D X
    X  J Z R m  X
      See above, which is a mirror image except for the treasure chest.
      ** What to Do **
      East to the wall, north to the wall, east til you see the wall, north 
    to visit the wizard--along the way you can stop in the rooms for good 
    treasure. Ask him about the blue ring until he makes sense. Then go west 
    into the portal. It sends you to level 5--W, S, W, N leads you to the 
    portal after a pierce spell.
      ** Messages **
    Northwest sign:
    --Portal to fifth.
             * VOCHA *
      Given that Vocha is the home of the orcs, you'd expect a lot of orcs--
    and easy fights--from this one. If you have methreal armor it becomes 
    even more of a joke to plow through until the final bit. If you 
    teleported in, you may want to make sure you have enough spells for the 
    occasional magic user.
      Vocha features a god and an item that eventually allows you to see the 
    Zirvanad--but you'll need a lot of pierce spells to get there. So you 
    could say it's not strictly necessary, but finding the god is easier 
    than in other dungeons.
    * VOCHA LEVEL 1 *
    *X                                        *
    *X                                        *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X     *X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X    +*X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   ********X   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   XXXXXXXXX   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   XXXXXXXXX   *X   *X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X               *X   *X   *
    *X   XX   *X   *X               *X   *X   *
    *X   XX   *X   *******X   *******X   *X   *
    *X        *X   XXXXXX*X   *XXXXXXX   *X   *
    *X        *X   XXXXXX*X   *XXXXXXX   *X   *
    *X   *X   *X         *X   *X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *X         *X   *X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *X         *X   *X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *X         **rrr*X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *X         ******X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *X         ******X         *X   *
    *X   *X   *******X   *****************X   *
    *X   *X                       X*X         *
    *X   *X                        *X         *
    *X   ************X             ************
    *X                                        *
    *X                   *****X               *
    *X                   *****X               *
    *X   *****************RRR*X   ********X   *
    *X   *X   *X        *X   *X          *X   *
    *X   *X   *X        *X   *X          *X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   *************X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   XXXX*XXXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X   XXXX*XXXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X   *X   *X   *X       *X      *X   *
    *X   *X   XX   *X   XX       XX      XX   *
    *X   *X   XX   *X   XX       XX      XX   *
    *X ^ *X        *X                         *
    *X   *X        *X                         *
      ** Ambush Monsters **
      ** What to Do **
      You might want to beat up the monsters in the room to the south(first 
    turn off) to build confidence. It's not too hard to get to the stairs--
    go left, take the second passage down, and hug the right wall as you go 
    all the way down. The large space up, once you reach a barrier at the 
    bottom and turn left, leads to level two--although you can look at the 
    room on the south wall first.
      ** Room Maps **
    X $ 5 4 6   X
    X           X (exit north)
    X    321    X
    X   O O O   X
    X     M     X Treasure = 12 gonshis
    X           X
    X     Z     X
      Have 3 and 1 move down a square, then have 2(your strongest) gore the 
    orc. Then you can try to move 3 and 1 down further, and 4's arrow shots 
    may even hurt the zorlim. Use magic on the zorlim if you want, but this 
    should be pretty easy.
    X $ 5 4 6   X
    X           X
    X    321    X (exit north)
    X     M     X
    X NO     ON X Treasure = 12 mirgets
    X    N O    X
    X           X
      Here the chest made Kruga ill when I tried to get him to open it, and 
    it broke a pick too. Don't know if the treasure's worth it. The minotaur 
    is the strongest so get your bow and strongest person behind him. Again 
    when the bad guys come in you should win a hand-to-hand fight, so just 
    let the monsters from the flanks come in and concentrate on the 
    minotaur, moving 1 and 3 down first.
      ** Messages **
    --by stairs out:
    [island in southwest, walls on north and east, parchment in chest:]
    3 West 2 south and dig
    [4th floor, island north of stairs up, parchment in chest:]
    Dig below the 'x'
    [4th floor, sign on south island]
    [5th floor, sign:]
    The other side!
    [5th floor, parchment in south:]
    'Dig' the tomb of Chambur.
    [5th floor, parchment in energy field behind room:]
    Treasure of Chambur is buried here!
    * VOCHA LEVEL 2 *
    *X                                          *XXrrrXX*
    *X ^                                        *X      *
    *X     *****X   *****X   ********X   ***X   **X    **
    *X     *****X   *****X   XXXXXXXXX   ***X   *XX    X*
    *X     *RRR*X   *RRR*X   XXXXXXXXX   X**X   *XX    X*
    *X     XrrrXX   Xr^^XX               XX*X   *X      *
    *X    +XrvvvX   Xr^^^X                XXX   *X      *
    *X                       ********X     XX   **X    **
    *X                       ********X          *XX    X*
    *X   *******X   *******************X        *XX    X*
    *X   *XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX****RRR*****X        *X      *
    *X   *XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX*XXXrrrXXXX*X        *X      *
    *X   *X                *XXXrrrXXXX*X        **X    **
    *X   *X                XX         XX        *XX    X*
    *X   *X                XX         XX        *XX    X*
    *X   *X                                     *X      *
    *X   *X   **X                               *X      *
    *X   XX   XXX   ***X   ****X   ****X   *X   **X    **
    *X   XX   XXX   XX*X   ****X   ****X   *X   *XX    X*
    *X              XX*X   ****X   ****X   *X   *XX    X*
    *X                *X   ****X   ****X   *X   *X      *
    *X   *X   *********X   XXXXX   XXXXX   *X   *X      *
    *X   *X   XXXXXXXX*X   XXXXX   XXXXX   *X   **X    **
    *X   *X   XXXXXXXX*X                   *X   *XX    X*
    *X   *X           *X                   *X   *XX    X*
    *X%%%*X           *X     ***************X   *X      *
    *X   ***X   ~~~   *X     *XXXXXXXXXXXXX*X   *X      *
    *X   XX*X   ~+~   *X     *XXXXXXXXXXXXX*X   **X    **
    *X   XX*X   ~ ~   XX     XX            XX   *XX    X*
    *X     *X   ~~~   XX     XX            XX   *XX    X*
    *X     *X                     *****X        *X      *
    ***X   *X                     *****X        *X      *
    ***X   *******X        ********RRR******X   **X    **
    **rr   XXXXXXXX        XXXXXXXXrrrXXXXXXX   *XX    X*
    **rr   XXXXXXXX        XXXXXXXXrvvvXXXXXX   *XX    X*
    **rr      %                  %      %       *X      *
    ***r      %                  %      %       *X      *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    Room #0:
    X $Z     Z  X
    X           X
    X    OOO    X (exit east)
    X B         X
    X 1   23    X Treasure = 20 luffins
    X           X
    X  4 5 6    X
      This room isn't hurting anybody, but you might as well hurt its 
    occupants. Your spellcasters should take out the UR zorlim, and your 
    archer and leader can deal with the barg. That leaves the three orcs for 
    your fighters to devastate.
    Room #1:
    X $       65X
    XE          X
    X  B     1  X (exit south)
    XE       2  X
    X E      3  X Treasure = 6 pearls
    X  B        X
    XZ         4X
      This room is behind a force field and not really necessary. But it's a 
    neat one to take out because here a little strategizing is useful. Try 
    to pick off the zorlim with your archer, and place each spellcaster in 
    the top right so he can successfully dodge the Zebani. The chest blocks 
    missiles and would even block a spell AT the casters(they're much less 
    hardy and easier to hit than fighters) from where the Zebani is; 
    however, they can cast a spell at him. This could speed things up. The 
    other people can march forward and win prosaically.
      ** What to Do **
      You can just tend right until you hit a wall and then go down and 
    left, break through the field, and down the stairs. Or you can detour 
    left/down/up/right for treasure in a room.
      On the right side, go north to wake the god, and the teleporter kicks 
    you a few squares left. If you were on your way back up, just go down 
    and enter the teleportal even if you called for a ride. There are clues 
    in the dungeon about how to use the teleporter.
      ** Messages **
    --by stairs down in northwest:
    Descend to your death!
    --on 2-square island: 
    Seek the portal at level 4 to get divine help!
    * VOCHA LEVEL 3 *
    *X     *****X           *
    *X     r***rr           *
    *X     r***rr   ****X   *
    *X A-  r***rr   *XXXX   *
    *X  -  *****r   *XXXX   *
    ***rrr******X   *X      *
    **********XXX   *X      *
    **********XXX   *X   ****
    **********X     *X   XXX*
    *XXXXXXX**X     *X   XXX*
    *XXXXXXX**X     *X     $*
    *X$     **X     *X      *
    *X      *****************
    *X                      *
    *X                      *
    *X   ********X          *
    *X   ********X          *
    *X   ********X          *
    *X   ********X     *X   *
    *X   ***RRR**X     *X   *
    *X   **XrrrXXX     *X   *
    *X   **XrrrXXX     *X   *
    *X   **X           *X   *
    *X   **X         ***X   *
    *X   ***************X   *
    *X   ***************X   *
    *X   ***********RRR*X   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXX*XrrrXX   *
    *X   XXXXXXXXX*XrvvvX   *
    *X            *X        *
    *X            *X        *
    *X   *****X   *X   ******
    *X   *****X   *X   ******
    *X   *****X   *X   *RRR**
    *X   XXXXXX   XX   Xr^^X*
    *X   XXXXXX   XX   Xr^^^*
    *X                      *
    *X                      *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    Room #0:
    X $4  Z     X
    X           X
    X   1O O    X (exits east, west)
    X    2E     X
    X   3O O    X Treasure = 24 potions
    X           X
    X  56 Z     X
      Archer hits one zorlim, magicians hit the other. Fighters take out the 
    orcs with the strongest one trying for the Zebani. You'll enter from the 
    west, and there's a chest with information to the east.
    Room #1:
    X $   4     X
    X    5 6    X
    X   1 2 3   X (exit north)
    X           X
    X     D     X Treasure = 36 sermins
    X Z       Z X
    X   E E E   X
      Remember to space out your back row here. Your three fighters can 
    charge down the center as each mage picks off the zorlim on his side. 
    You'll probably take some damage even if you use a gonshi--this is the 
    first room where you'll really need to.
      ** What to Do **
      This level has two components. The top part doesn't actually further 
    your game, but it does allow some useful experience and even a 
    relatively easy ambush. From the top you can go right to find a new 
    combination for the teleportal. At the bottom you can either go down the 
    stairs right away(left, up) or just divide your party and take the east 
    wall to circle around the ambush, then the north, then down once a wall 
    comes into view in the left, as there's an ambush in the wide open area-
    -there's an ambush in the far corridor, too.
      So the first time through the bottom, just go down, but the second 
    time you'll need to circle around.
      There are 24 nifts in the southeast corner.
      The top part is potentially annoying, because if you enter the room to 
    the south and exit, you'll be hit with an ambush. The key in this ambush 
    is to move everyone so he has spacing(doesn't hurt before the ambush to 
    arrange your party so the magic users are in back and also have everyone 
    eat a nift) and only then start hacking away. Often the bargs will get 
    trapped against the wall, and the zorlims aren't up to much--they may 
    even flee when approached, which works in a speedy party's favor even if 
    they aren't cornered.
      ** Messages **
    --top area, parchment in chest:
    Three spheres will get you from Vocha to Shendy.
    --bottom area, parchment in chest:
    Dig the south east corner of this level, by the stairs.
    * VOCHA LEVEL 4 *
    *X                                %                     *
    *X                                %                     *
    *X   **********X   *X   *****X    *****X   **************
    *X   *X       *X   *X   XX  *XXXXXXX           *X       *
    *X   *X       *X   *X   XX  *XXXXXXX           *X       *
    *X   *X       *X   *X       *X                 *X       *
    *X   *X       *X   *X       *X                 *X       *
    *X   ***X   ***X   **********X   *****************X   ***
    *X                 *X                                   *
    *X                 *X                                   *
    *****X   ***************X   ***************X   ***X   ***
    *XXXXX   X**XXXX********X   *XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   ***X   XX*
    *XXXXX   X**XXXXX*******X   *XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   ***X   XX*
    *X        **X   X*******X   *X                 ***X     *
    *X        **X    X**RRR*X   *X                 ***X     *
    *X        **X    X*Xrrr*X   *X     ***************X   ***
    *X        **X     *Xrrr*X   XX     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XX*
    *X        **X     *X   *X   XX     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XX*
    *X      ******X   *X   *X                               *
    *X      ******X   *X   *X                               *
    *X      *XXXXXX   *X   ******************X   *******X   *
    *X      *X        *X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXX   *
    *X      *X        *X                                    *
    *X      XX        *X                                    *
    *X      XX        **********X   ***************X   ******
    *X                *XXXXXXXXXX   *XXXXX*****XXXXX   ******
    *X                *XXXXXXXXXX   *XXXXX*RRR*XXXXX   ******
    *******rrr**X     *X            *X    XrrrXX       r*****
    ************X     *X            *X    XrvvvX       r*****
    **RRR****************************X                 r*****
    *Xrrr*******XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*X                 ******
    *X   XXrrrXXX                   XXXXXX******XXXXXXXXXXXX*
    *X   XXrrrXXX                   XXXXXX******XXXXXXXXXXXX*
    *X                    ******X         ******X$        ~~*
    *X                    *XXXX*X         *RRR**Xr~~~~   ~~~*
    *X          ***********XXXX*******X   XrrrXXX~~~~~~~~~~r*
    *X~~~~~~~~~rXXXXX*XXXXXX   XXXXXX*X   XrrrXXX~~~r~~~~~  *
    *X~~~~~~~~~~XXXXX*XXXXXX   XXXXXX*X          ~~         *
    *X        ~~~   $*X              *X          ~~         *
    *X         ~~    *X              *****X      ~~~   ~~   *
    ******X    ~~    *X    ~~~~~     XXXXXX       ~~   ~~~  *
    ******X    ~~~   XX   ~~~~~~~    XXXXXX     ~~~~        *
    *****rr     ~~   XX  ~~~   ~~~             ~~~~~        *
    *****rr     ~~~~~~~~~~~+    ~~            ~~   ~~  ******
    *****rr      ~~~~~~~~~*X   *X~~        ~~~~~r^r~~  ******
    ******r   *************X   *X~~    ~~~~~~~~~   ~~  *RRR**
    *XXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *X~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~   Xr^^X*
    *XXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   *Xr~~~~~~        ~~~~   Xr^^^*
    *X                         *Xr~~                        *
    *X                         *X~~~                        *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    XD    +    DX
    X   D   D   X
    X           X (exit south)
    X           X
    X   3 1 2   X Fountain: agility
    X           X Treasure: 36 gonshis
    X4    5 6   X
      The dark knights are annoying, and gonshis are a good way to avoid 
    damage. Hope for the best with your archer, but use spells to get rid of 
    the dark knights quickly. Fireball should do it.
    X $         X
    X           X
    X     O     X (exits north, south)
    X F  OOO  F X
    X    2O1    X Treasure: 12 lokas
    X     3     X
    X 4 5 6     X
     Being in close quarters makes this an easy fight to start for you--one 
    of the orcs is totally trapped!
      Exit to the south or be prepared to fiddle around a good deal just to 
    avoid ambushes:
    X $        DX
    X 5     O   X
    X  1    B   X (exit west)
    X  2     O  X
    X  3   B    X Treasure: 8 pyramids
    X6 4     O DX
    X           X
      Not a necessary room but not tough either and a nice way to get shapes 
    without messing around on the roads. The dark knights in the corner are 
    annoying, but long range(archery and magic) works well.
      The rest is just an annoying matter of time--
    XZ$         X
    X           X
    X          ZX (exits north/south)
    X    OFO Z  X
    X     2  3 1X Treasure: 10 spheres
    X           X
    X4       5 6X
      Not a hard room. If your #1 character has a bow, then you might even 
    consider having him go to the bottom and just shoot at the zorlim with 
    #4 taking the fermigon. As things are, 4 will take out the zorlim on the 
    left, 5 and 6 can mop up if 1 and 3 miss the zorlims on the right, and 1 
    and 3 can reinforce 2 to clean up the mess with the orcs.
    XZ$      5  X
    X           X
    XE O     2  X (exit east)
    X  O     1  X
    XE O     3  X Treasure: 48 drelins
    X           X
    XD       6 4X
      Give your fighters gonshis here. If the zorlim doesn't move out of his 
    shell, move #6 forward and have him use a fireball/shatter. #5 can zap 
    the dark knight if your archer doesn't do the job. Everyone else wants 
    to get to the Zebanis ASAP.
      ** What to Do **
      There are a few stairs here, and the one you want is in the upper 
    right; the DL leads to one room in the DL of level 5 and the DR leads to 
    a portal you don't want to take yet. However, I described a treasure 
    grab detour below. No matter which way you get to the NE corner you'll 
    have to avoid ambushes but the way through the right of the two doors 
    blocking progress is easier.
      Go through the right door, win the fight, and then E-(room east isn't 
    too bad)-N-W-(detour W-W-N for a room if you like)-N-W-W-N-E-N-E into a 
    big room. Now your party will have to break up and hug the wall(well, 
    they need something to hug after a breakup) to avoid the ambush waiting 
    for the full party going north. Join up at the other side.
      On the way back up, you'll probably want to go left from the stairs 
    from level 5. Break down the force fields and head south at the second 
    turn. W/N into the room and at the very center there's a teleport to an 
    area of level 2 you couldn't access before.
      On the island with the parchment, you will find 8 rubies. There are 10 
    topazzes underneath the X.
      To waste as few walk on water spells with treasure gathering, have a 
    mage cast it and then head to the left. Cast another spell to go south 
    across the water and be right of the sign. Enter the dungeon room if you 
    wish and cast a third spell when one south of the top part you can walk 
    to and at the east edge. You should make it across if you go east, east, 
    dig, west, west, and then floor it north--8 moves, which Tamas should 
    have. Stop by the room above to grab some lokas, and then tend back 
      ** Messages **
    --island in southwest, walls on north and east, parchment in chest:]
    3 West 2 south and dig
    --island north of stairs up, parchment in chest:
    Dig below the 'x'
    --sign on south island]
    * VOCHA LEVEL 5 *
    *X                                  *X    *
    *X                                  *X    *
    *X   *****X             **X   **X   *X    *
    *X   XXXX*X   *X   *X   ***rrr**X   *X    *
    *X   XXXX*X   *X   *X   ********X   **X   *
    *X      ^*X   *X   *X   ********X   X*X   *
    **********X   *X   *X   ********X   X*X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXX   *X%%%*X%%%***RRR**X    *X   *
    *XXXXXXXXXX   *X%%%*X%%%*XXrrrX*X    XX   *
    *X            *X   *X   *XXrrrX*X    XX   *
    *X            *X   *X   *X     *X         *
    *X   **********X   *X   *X     *X         *
    *X   **XXXXXXXXX   *X   *X%%%**************
    *X   **X           *X   *X%$%*XXXXXXXXXXXX*
    *X   **X           *X   *X%%%*X           *
    *X   **X   *********X   ******X           *
    *X   **X   *XXXXXXXXX   XXXXX*X   ****X   *
    *X   XXX   *XXXXXXXXX   XXXXX*X   *XXXX   *
    *X   XXX   *X                *X   *XXXX   *
    *X         *X                *X   *X      *
    *X         *X         ***X   *X   *X      *
    ***************X      X*XX   *X   *********
    *XXXXXXXXXXXX**X+      *X    *X   XXXXXXXX*
    *X           *****X    *X    *X           *
    *X           r*****X   *X    *X           *
    ******X      r*****X   *X    *****X   *****
    ******X      r*****X   *X    *****X   *****
    **RRR*X      ******X   *X    *RRR*X   *RRR*
    *Xr^^XX      **XXXXX   *X    Xrrr*X   Xr^^*
    *Xr^^^X      **XXXXX   *X    Xrvv*X   Xr^^*
    *X           **X$      *X        *X       *
    *X           **X       *X        *X       *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
    X $  5 6    X
    X     4     X
    X  2 1 3    X (exits south/north)
    X     F     X
    X   O   O   X Treasure: 6 diamonds
    X  E  O  E  X
    X R       J X
      The only place here you'll see a gragan or a jerrah--yeah, they're 
    guarding something. Great time here to use gonshis all around and even 
    luffins/mirgets for your fighters--spellcasters can take out enemies. 
    Surround the fermigon from left and right before moving on to the orcs. 
    Have the third fighter tear down to nail a zebani. The spellcasters can 
    work on the jerrah first and gragan later--two fireballs for each.
    X $        ZX
    X         D X
    X  1  O     X (exit west)
    X  2  O B   X
    X  3  O     X Treasure: 12 cubes
    X         D X
    X  564     ZX
      If your main character has offensive spells he could do worse than 
    cast a few at the UR monsters right now. They're just so hard to get to.
      ** What to Do **
      In the southwest section, stay by the south and then the east walls to 
    get into the room. It's not a big one but the treasure's nice.
      In the southeast section, there's a teleportal up to level 3. There's 
    a better teleportal somewhere else but if you've already taken it, this 
    is a good one to leave by.
      In the main section, you will need to cast pierce a couple of times to 
    get through each barrier. But first you will probably want to enter the 
    room near the top. Behind it there's another barrier; pierce it twice 
    and have the person with the shovel go down and dig the chest. The chest 
    behind the energy field to the left has a parchment telling you you'll 
    find treasure here. Indeed you do: 6 emeralds.
      After piercing the fields just west, S-E-S for the stairs to level 6.
      ** Messages **
    The other side!
    --parchment in south:
    'Dig' the tomb of Chambur.
    --parchment in energy field behind room:
    Treasure of Chambur is buried here!
    * VOCHA LEVEL 6 *
    *X                         *
    *X                         *
    *X   *******X   *******X   *
    *X   *XXXXXXX   XXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *XXXXXXX   XXXXXX*X   *
    *X   *X???????????????*X   *
    *X   *X?^?????????????*X   *
    *X   *X???         ???XX   *
    *X   XX??? ******X ???XX   *
    *X   XX??? ******X ???     *
    *X     ??? ******X ???     *
    *X     ??? *RRR**X ???*X   *
    *X   *X??? XrrrXXX ???*X   *
    *X   *X??? XrrrXXX ???*X   *
    *X   *X???         ???*X   *
    *X   *X??????   ??????*X   *
    *X   *X??????   ??????*X   *
    *X   ******************X   *
    *X                         *
    *X                         *
      Very little to do here besides casting pierce twice on the 
    field(approach it from the north) and then having one guy with a shovel 
    break from the party and enter the room inside. Don't worry--no 
    monsters, just a grave. Dig on the RIGHT side of the grave to get the 
    hammer. There aren't any ambushes you need to pass.
      On the way back up you may wish to take the portal to see the god if 
    you haven't already.
      Towers are found in Meram, Knessos, Delkona, and Sumruna. Winning all 
    seven levels of a tower gains you +15 charisma among people in the town, 
    unless you take out the Meram one. This all feels good but is only 
    marginally useful as there will be other towns unaffected--and getting 
    maximum charisma at Bondell is not bad once you've started rolling.
      But as for what to do, you basically get attacked by bad guys who 
    strike the first blows. It's like an ambush in a dungeon with a 6x11 
    room. You're also stuck in the center, so you can get trapped for a 
    forced hit. Fortunately you can recuperate(but not rest and learn 
    spells) after each combat in the cleared room and even leave the place 
    to come back much later(you'll always go to the lowest uncleared level) 
    if you MUST rest--which may cost time for your quest. They're grueling 
    death matches and quite different challenges from the sneaking around in 
    the dungeons. You'll really want nifts for the later levels(in 1-3 the 
    monsters frequently can't harm you, so it's a waste)--in fact after your 
    first fight in a town you might want to stop off at the supply store for 
    some. Also you should have built up shield spells before considering 
    going in here, and you'll want to keep the shields high. For the very 
    top levels(6 and 7) you may want to use mirget/luffin combinations. 
    Necromancers(aka Necroman which does have a ring to it) are rather 
    nasty. Also gonshis do not work here, slowing your progress a bit 
    further. Yet while the top levels are the hardest, the first five only 
    generally tend to improvement--there are some easy dips in the road 
    along the way.
      The computer randomly dumps the monsters on each level, but there's 
    always the same quantity. Although it's not nice, you can save the game 
    outside the tower(or the game state inside it) and keep entering until 
    you get a necroman right next to your fighter. If you have to use this 
    trick before the necromans, you probably still need to improve.
      Oh yes--spellcasters' shield totals rise as you go up a level, as does 
    armor class. I tried to write in what details I could. As for difficulty 
    it seems
    Meram < Sumruna < Knessos < Delkona
      At the top of each tower(up from 7) you will see a white chest, which 
    you can inspect for 10+ rubies, and a green table you can inspect to see 
    which patrols are where and how strong they are.
      Before entering a tower, remember to have formations as follows:
    1 5 2
    3 6 4
      Strongest fighter and bowman on one side, others on the opposite. 
    Although your spellcasters seem to be at risk of getting trapped, that 
    is for the first move, and anyway most monsters will have to be in the 
    dead center column to chase after--4 spots of 88 for 8 bad guys. And 
    that doesn't account for moving and nifts. Still, in case of entrapment 
    move your fighter BEFORE he even draws his weapon. It's also useful for 
    your archer to have a hand-to-hand weapon for all this. Also on the 
    later levels, with luffins and mirgets, you can run at the most vital 
    monster more quickly to wipe him out.
      There may be a lot of letting someone else move first--for instance, 
    try to let magic users kill someone useless in front of that necroman 
    while your fighter is sitting on a luffin/mirget combo.
    1. 1 domug, 4 orcs, 1 zorlim
    2. 2 trolls, 4 goblins, 1 zorlim
    3. 1 dark knight(15 shield,) 5 wolvingas, 3 slime(29 hp, 16 damage)
    4. 1 Zebani, 5 slime, 1 dark knight
    5: 4 hraffel, 1 minotaur(ac=6,) 2 jerrah(65 hp, 30 shield, 27 magic)
    6: 3 barg, 5 goblin, 1 necroman(75 hp, 40 shield, 36 magic)
    7: 3 necromans
    12 rubies in the chest on top. The table shows the following stats(this 
    is on easy level. If I didn't write notes, I did not attack any patrols 
    along the way:)
    Pheron, 4 with difficulty 0(killed 1, bridge to Lymeric)
    Phaleng, 4 diff=1
    Shertuz, 4 diff=2
    Meram, 6 diff=3
    Kendar, 4 diff=1
    Marmaris, 5 diff=3
    1. 4 slime, 3 wolvingas, 1 zorlim
    2. 2 zorlims, 2 minotaurs, 4 bargs
    3. 2 zebani, 2 jerrahs(15 shield,) 3 hraffels
    4. 2 domugs, 4 minotaurs, 2 dark knights(20? shield)
    5. 1 necroman, 2 jerrahs, 3 bargs
    6. 3 trolls, 2 necromans, 1 cyclops
    7. 4 necromans, 3 bargs
    Shendy, 6 diff=7
    Kuskunn, 3 diff=5
    Heavenly, 4 diff=4
    Fubernel, 8 diff=7
    Giants, 9 diff=7
    Isle of Ice, 4 diff=0
    1. 6 wolvingas, 1 domug, 1 zorlim
    2. 4 goblins, 2 zebanis, 1 zorlim
    3. 4 sandgus, 2 cyclops, 1 dark knight
    4. 3 trolls, 3 sandgus, 2 dark knights
    5. 5 orcs, 2 hraffels, 1 jerrah(30 shield)
    6. 2 jerrrahs(ac=8,) 2 bargs, 3 minotaurs
    7. 3 necromans, 4 bargs
    14 rubies in the chest on top. Inspecting the table gives:
    Dakland, 5 diff=4(I killed 4 on the way to Kalb)
    Fiztraz, 7 diff=4
    Darvale, 6 diff=6
    Rosus, 8 diff=3
    Selderad, 5 diff=5
    Khiriss, 8 diff=4
    N Trilliad, 4 diff=4
    N Bihun, 2 diff=4
    Note that Bihun and Trilliad are divided--this is probably due to how 
    they span different parts of the disk, for instance, when you move south 
    to Theldair, there is a long load. So Knessos in the NE only 'sees' the 
    northeast, and Sumruna 'sees' the southeast sectors. But it does feel a 
    bit more technical that way.
    1. 2 slime, 3 goblin, 2 cyclops(61, ac=2)
    2. 3 zorlims, 4 slime, 1 minotaur
    3. 5 orcs, 3 hraffel(s?), 1 jerrah
    4. 4 trolls, 2 zebani, 1 dark knight(44 hp, 20 shield)
    5. 2 dark knights, 3 wolvingas, 2 cyclops
    6. 1 necroman(40 shield, 33 magic,) 2 zebani, 4 bargs
    7. 3 necromans(85/50 shield,) 2 domugs(ac=10)
    11 rubies in the chest on top. Inspecting the table gives:
    Trilliad, 9 diff=4
    S Bihun, 5 diff=5
    Fisestar, 5 diff=6
    Kherbel, 12 diff=5
    Yberton, 3 diff=7
    Udar, 7 diff=6
    Piyan, 7 diff=7
    Vo, 4 diff=3
    * VOCHA LEVEL 6 *
      ** Ambushes and Portals **
      ** Room maps **
      You will want to search for Thorin's Hammer on the RIGHT side of 
    Chambur's tomb.
      ** What to Do **
      There are a few force fields here, but fortunately you'll only need to 
    bring one person into the central room. That means you only need to cast 
    two repel spells if you go left from the stairs and note the energy 
    field blocking the path to the south.
      ** Messages **
        9-3. OUTDOOR AREAS
      These are arranged alphabetically.
    * BIHUN *
    ~~~~~~~~~   ~~  r~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~r~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~r~~   ~~        ~r~r~~~~~~~~
            ~~~          ~~~~~~~~
      ..    ~~         ^^^~~~~~~~
    :.... ..        ^^ ^  ^^~~~~~
    :::::::..        ^   ^^^^^^~~
    .   . :          ^      ^^^^^
    ... ..: .        ^^^^^   ^^^^
    ....  :  ..              ^^^~
    ..... :  .               ^^~~
    ..... :...              ^^^~~
    ......:                ^^^^^^
    ......:              ^^^^^^~~
    ......:               ^^^~~~~
    :::::::  rrrr    ^^^^^^I ^^^~
    r=rr...rrr..rrrr     III^^^~~
    :: rrr... .rr..rrrr rrr~^^^^^
      Pretty boring except for Bedangidar in the southeast. No towns or 
    anything like that. Even the road seems to hook in, say, "why bother," 
    and turn back around into Trilliad.
    * DAKLAND *
    ~^^^^^^IIIII  IIII^IIIIIII~^~~~~~~~~^~r~~
    ~~^^^^^^IIII^II^I^^^^I^^I^^^~rr~~~~^^  ~~
    ~~~~^^^^^^^^^IIIII^^^IIIIIII   r~~~IIII r
    ~~~^^^  ^^^^^^^^I^^I^II^^II^^^^~~IIII^^~~
    ~~~~^^~ ^^II^^^II^IIII^^^IIIII^~~^III^~~~
    ~~~~~~~ I^III^^^I   ^^^^^^^^ I I ^^II^~~~
    ~~~~~~~~ ^^^III  ^ II^^III^IIII^II^^II^^^
    ~~~~~~~~ I^^^I ^^^IIIIII^^^^ ^^^^I^^^I^II
    ~~~~~~   III  ^^I   ^^^^^rrr rr^III^II^^^
    ~~~~~~~~~~^ ^^^I  ^^^^^rrr^r=rr^^ I^^I^^^
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ^   ^  ^rrrr^^.  ^rrrr II I^^
      This wasteland area is a nasty maze without the possibility of 
    teleporting anywhere much. Kalb is hidden away in one of the dead ends, 
    and in fact his temple is close by. I wouldn't blame you for saving and 
    mapping and THEN searching for Kalb. Lots of nasty monsters guard the 
    passes too--Kalb's heavily guarded, but heavily guarded areas may lead 
    to nothing.
    * DARVALE *
    ~;;;~~ ^^ ;^^^^r^^^^..  ^rr^r .^^^^.
    ~;;~~~; ;   ^rrrr^VV    .^^^rr   t..
    ~;;~~~ ; ;;  r ^rrVV   ..^^^.rrr  .r
    ~;;;;;; ;~~ ~~ ^rrrr^^^^^^...^^r.rrr
    ~;;;;;;;~~~~~  ^r^^rr^^.....^^^rrr^^
    ~;;;;;;~~~~   rrr ^rr^... ...^^rr^^^
    ~~~;;;;~~     r    ~^^.^^^^^^^rr^^^.
    ~~~~~~~~~~   rr   ~~~. ^. rrrrr ....
    ~~~~~~~~~    r   ~~~~....^r^^^^^^^..
    ~~~~~~~   ^ ~~  ^~~~. ^^. r^^..^^..^
      Very forbidding, but you can teleport around it. Shiran is the big 
    feature for this area, but there's also something on an isle that you 
    have to teleport to.
    * FISESTAR *
    ::::=::::::=:::..rr   ^~~^~~~
     :  rr.: ..r. ... ^ ^^^ ~~~~~
     :  rr :...~. .  ^^ ^   r~~~~
    :: ^rr ::: r~..:        r~~~~
    :^^^^rrr : ~~~.    ~~  ~~~~~~
      ^^^^^r^::^~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    r ^^^^^~^^:^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    r  ^ ^~~^.:.^^~~~~r~~~~~r~~~~
    rr^^^~~~~.: .^^^~~..~r~. ^^~~
     rrr^^r~~~:^ ..  ....    ^^~~
       rrr~~~~:^^           .^^^~
    ^  ^^^^~~.: ^^ ... ... .^^^^^
    ^  ^^^^~~.: .^ ..   ~~...^^^^
    ^   rr^~^.:  ~  ..   r~^^^~~~
    ^^ rr^^^^:: ~~~.....~~~~^~~~~
     ^ =::::::~~~~......r~~~~~~~~
    ^^rr^ ~~  r~~~..~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     rr^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     r^ ^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Since it's so tough to get to Bihun, I've found Fisestar is a 
    convenient drop off between Yberton(Crystal Castle) and Bihun. Plus 
    there are a couple of mushroom fields here, not to be missed. In fact 
    after completing Bedangidar you may be short of supplies, and if you 
    have a couple of teleport spells left, you can go south to Fisestar and 
    stock up again. No game critical locations though.
    * FIZTRAZ *
    ~~~~~~...^^^^...  I^^^^  r~~~~~~~~
    ~rr^r.........~~~ ^^^^^ ~~~~~~~~~~
    ^^.^...^r^^^.r~~~~^^^~~~~^^  ^^~~~
    ^^.^..^rr^^^.~~~~^^^^~~~^^^^ ^^^~~
    ...^..rr^^^ ..~~^.^^^~~~^..   ^^^~
    I^.^^.rr IIII.~~^.^~~~~^. T  ^^^~~
    I^..^..rrr^^ .....^~~~~^.  .. ^~~~
    ^^^.^^.^^r^^^^^..^~~^^^^^^  ^^^^~~
    ^^^.^^.^rr^^^^I..~~~^^^^^^ ^^^^^~~
    ^...^^.rr^^^II ..~~~~~^^~~~^^^~~~~
    . rrrr.r^^^I    TTT~~~~~~~~~~^^~~~
    .rr^^r=r^^^. .. TTT ~~r~~~~~~~~~~~
    rr^^^^...^  ....    .  ..~r~~r~~~~
      Fiztraz/Fisestar is almost as confusing as Dakland/Darvale but these 
    are totally separate. Knessos and Thakass are here along with a stark 
    outpost in the northeast of this continent. In fact the Obelisk is 
    there. If you have a superb magic user(80+,) then you can see what the 
    obelisk says after a few teleport spells. You have to teleport from 
    south of Knessos and to the east to the top of the screen, just above 
    the monsters. Go around the tower and north. Then it isn't such an 
    exhausting teleport onto the de facto isle. Nifts are in the brief 
    passage north of Knessos, but there's no easy teleport to them.
    * FUBERNEL *
    ~...VV::: ....~~......~~r~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~......::. ..r~......r~..~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~.... :...~~r~....~~~...r~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~......:^^.^^.. ^.~~~....~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~........:^.....^^^^^ ......~~~~~~~~~~
    ~........:^^.^^^^^^... ......r~~~~~~~~
    ........^:^^...^^^r^^.. .....~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~..^:.....rr:::: TT~~~~rr~~~~~^^D
    ~~~~DDD~~DD ...rr.rrrr^^^......r~^^^^D
    ~~~~~~~~DDD....rr.rr.r^^^^ ....r~~^^^^
    ~~~~~~~DDD  ....=... rrr       r~~~^^^
    ~~~~~~DDDD  ....rr.... =      ~~~~~~^^
    ~~~~~~~DDD...^^..rr ...rr     r~~~~~~^
    ~~~~~~~~DD^^^^^^^^rrr.. rrrrr~~~~~~~~^
    ~~~~~~~~D^^^^^^^^.^rr ...rr.. ~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~DDDDDDD^^^^.r........ r~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~DD~~~D^^...r~..... .~~~~~~~~
      Oh my. East Fubernel is not very friendly, is it? The whole island is 
    a bit guarded. In fact there's an amusing example of having to bribe the 
    people you eventually want to save.
      From the very east tip of Fubernel, you can teleport onto Kuskunn and 
    see a temple. There are also luffins that will come in very handy for 
    tougher fights.
      When going into Khazan, teleport into the L-shaped island. It has 
    sermins. The quickest way off Fubernel is through Khazan, where you can 
    kick yourself back to Port Avur or Yberton. However, players just 
    starting off who may have teleported into Fubernel may find that they 
    just have to take a boat to Shendy and then use the teleportal house 
    back to Port Avur.
      There's also a luffin patch in the small west desert part of the 
    island. If it's your first trip and you are exploring Bondell, you may 
    want to stop off there. Neat trick here: you can enter from the north 
    even if it doesn't look it. The guards to the east won't even notice you 
      The dialogues on the Bondell <-> Delkona roads reveal what's happening 
    with Shadrum. Strong players will want to be able to run through this.
      You can sail here via Shendy, but a teleport from Crezimas really cuts 
    down the time. There's no direct boat ride in, it seems.
    * GIANTS' ISLE *
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~r^^^^^^^ ~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ;   ;^~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~;;~~~ ;   ;  ^^^~r~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~;;;~~~~~;;;;; ;;   r~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~;;;;~~;; ;;;    ~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~;;;;^^^^^^^;;;;~~~;;~~~   r
    ~~~~~r;;;;;^^^^~^^^^;;;;;;;;~~~~  ~
    ~~~~;;;;;;;^^^~;~~^^^;;;;;;; r~   r
    ~~;;;;;;;;;^^r;T;~^^^;;;;;;;;~~  ~~
    ~~;;;;;;;;^^^^~;~~^^^;;;;;;;;; ;  r
    ~;;;;;;;;;^^^^~~^^^^;;;;;;;;; ;  ;~
    ~;;;;;;;;;;;^^^^^^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;  r
    ~;;;;;;;~;;;;^^^^^;;~~ ;; ;;; ;  ~~
    ~~;;;;~~~~;;;;;;;;;~~~~~~;~~~;  ~~~
    ~;~;;;;~~~~;;;;;;r~~~~~~;;;;~  r~~~
      A very swampy area that may sucker you into thinking more is there 
    than you'd guess. You don't see a lot of random combats, and in fact 
    from where you're dropped off it's a few steps and one teleport spell to 
    the island in the inner lake, where you must enter Shadrum. You'll 
    probably want to teleport here and teleport from Shadrum to the 
      Some mirgets are in the southwest, but the time wasted to get them 
    probably doesn't justify the detour.
    * HEAVENLY *
      On the other side of Khazan, the only thing to do here is find the 
    Unicorn. You need Sherro's High Call to do so. You'll need to visit here 
    * ISLES OF ICE *
      While traveling on this area is not strictly necessary to walk over 
    all of it, although some places are opaque to teleports. Bouncing into 
    the dungeon via the island is relatively quick, and the best part is 
    that you get some free Lokas on the way if you simply teleport east 
    until you get to the island and then south from there.
    * KENDAR *
    rrr..    I r~~
    rr......    ~~
    ::::::...    r
    .....:..     ~
    .....:.      r
    .....:    ~~~~
    r....:::  ~~~~
    r......:   r~~
    rrVVrrr:   r~~
    .r=rr r: ~~~~~
     VVV rr:. r~~~
    D    =:::.  ^~
    ^^^ rr..:.^^^^
    D^^ r ..:.^^^^
    D ^ r...:.T^^^
    D ^ rrr.:: ~~^
    D ^.  rr.:::r~
     ^^.. .rr..:~^
    D^^^... r ::^^
    D^ . rr^^^:II^
    D^..  rr^^I^^^
     ^^^^I    I^^^
    ~~~ ......^^^^
    ~~ ......^^^^^
    ~~~~~~. ~~~~^^
    ~~~~~. ...r~~~
    ~~~~~... ~~~~~
    * KHERBEL *
    ~~  ::::^^^DDD^^D^^^^^^ :::::::::^^.rrr rrr ::
    ^D  : ^^^DDDDDDDDDDDD^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ rr:r
    DDDD:D^^^DDDDDDDDDDDDDD^ ^  ^^^^^D^^^^^^^  r=r
    ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^::::::^^^^DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD^^^:r
    ~~  ^^^^D  ^^ DDD::D^^^DDDDDD^^^^DDDD^^DDD^r=r
    ~~ ..^^^   ~~D DDD:D^^^DDDDDD^^^^^^^^^^^^D^r::
    ~     ^^^^ ~~~~D D:::::::DDD^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^rr:
    ~     ~^^   r~~~~~~^^^^^:DDD^^^   ^     ^^^rr:
    ~~   ~~~^  ~~~~~~~~^~^^^:DDD^^^        ^^^^rr:
    ~~~ TT~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~D::DDDD^^^^ CC  I^^^rrr:
    ~~~ TT~~  ~~~~~~~~~~^^^:^^^^^^^^       ^^^r^^^
    ~~~  ~~~    ~~~~~~~ ^ ^:^^^^^^^^I    II^^^rr^^
    ~~~~~~^^ ~  r~~~~~     ::   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^  rr^
    ~~~~~^^  r~~~~~~~~  ~~  :       ^^^^^^^     rr
    * KHIRISS *
    ;...;.;;;.;;; ; r~~
    ;......;;; ..;;;~~~
    ;..;; ;.; . ;;;;~~~
    ;;..;;;;;; ; ;;~~~~
    * KUSKUNN *
      Come for the temple, stay for the luffins. This is a pretty one-stop 
    island, but it doesn't take too long to traverse. You can even teleport 
    northeast from Shendy; no need to buy passage.
    * MARMARIS *
    ~^^^^~ rr=rr.rrrrr.....  ::::;;;;;
    ~~^^~~~rr .VV. = ::: ... : ; ;;;;;
    ~~~~~~~~...VV.rr ..:.. ..: ;;;;;;;
    ~~~~^~...rrr.rr ...::::::: ;;;;;~;
    ~~^^^~~ rr rrr.........     ;;;~~~
    ~~~^^^^ rr  rr..........  ;;;;;;~~
    ~~~^~^^rrr ^^rr.... ...... ;;;~~~~
    ~~~~~~rr^^^^~^r^...  .^^^. ;~~~~~~
    ~~~~^^^^^^~~~rr^ .. .  D^^^^^^^~~~
    ~~~~^^^^^^^~~^^  .   DDDD^^^^^~~~~
      Soldain is here, but it's a rather obscure area other than that. 
    Uberion and Meram present treacherous terrain in the other two 
    * MERAM *
    ;;;;;^^^  ^^^;^^;;;;;;;;;^^;;; 
    ;;:;;;;  ^^^; ;^^;;;;;;;;;;;;  
    ;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~^^;;; 
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~~~~~~; ~
      The main "attraction," as it were, in Meram is the big tower. There's 
    also a mirget patch to its left that you may want to raid before 
    entering. Combined with coming down through Shertuz to get luffins if 
    you didn't buy any, this should get you off to a flyer in the tougher 
    fights. Remember that you can use items at the end of a victorious 
    fight, and you should be able to get through the tower OK. It's not 
    really useful as most of the places that benefit from your defeating the 
    tower are friendly enough, but it's a good challenge and proving ground. 
    Teleporting out of this jam saves no end of frustration.
      Oh--that island of question marks holds something very important. An 
    excellent mage can teleport there.
    * PHALENG *
    ~~ r  r~~~..~~~~~~~~r~~^^ ^r~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~^rr   r~~...~II~~~~  ~ I rr~~~. .r~~~~^^~~
      =  ~~~~....~~II~~^^I I^Irr r  rr~~~~^^^^~
    ^rr ^^~~..^^^^~~II~~III^^ ^r rrrr   r ^II^~
    rr^..^^^..^^III^II^^^II^^ rrrrr.   rr II^^~
    r^^......^^^II^^IIIIII^^^Irrr  ... rrrII^^^
    ^^ .......IIII^II^^^^^^I^^^r  ...  rrr=~~~~
     ..^.. . IIII^^^ IIIII^I^^^rrrr . rr IIIIr~
    .^^^^. ...     ^I^^^  ^III^^rrrrrrrrIIIII r
    ..  ........ ^^^^^^  ^^^^I^^I  rrr;r IIII  
    ...  ..  .... .^^.    ^   I^^^   rrr IIIII 
    ::::::::::    ^^^^^^^   ^   ^^^   r  IIIII 
    :...   D :::::::::::^   ^  ..   rrr IIII  ~
    :...   DD   DDDD   :^^^^^^ ..rrrr..    I r~
      In the outer reaches of North Phaleng you'll find all sorts of 
    goodies. The diamond mine rumored in one town isn't there, but the 
    monsters aren't too difficult and they try to guard several game-
    critical locations. There's also a nift patch you'll run across in the 
    process of clearing this area along with two locations critical to the 
    game's plot.
    * PHERON *
    ~~^^..^^^^~~~r~~...  ~~~~~~~^^~~
    ~~^^....^~~~...r~... r~~~rr~r^^^
    ~~~^^.^.r~^^ . .r~~..~~~~ ^ =III
    ~~~^^^^..^^^I...~r~...r~~ ^ rr^^
    ~~~~~~^^......... ..^.~~~...^rr^
    ~~~~~~~~^^...   . ^^^~~~~~~..rrr
    ~~~~~D~~ .....  ...I^^^.~~~~.rr^
    ~~~~DDr  .... ... . ^^^^ rr^.^r^
    ~~~~DDD ....  ........I..rr..rr^
    ~~~~DDDD  .  ......   ...r..rr..
    ~~~~~DDD    .............rr=r...
    ~~~~~~~D   ............  rr ....
    ~~~~~~~~DTTT ...........rr......
    ~~~~~~~~~~TT..........  r.......
    ~~~~~~~~~~TT........... rr......
    ~~~~~DD~~~..... :  .... rr.  .^^
    ~~~~DD~r.r..... : ..  ^^rrr^^^^^
    ~~~~DD   .......: ...^^^..rr.^^^
    ~~~~~     .....::.. ..^^^^^rr^^^
    ~~~~~~r     .  :...  ^^^^^.rr^^^
    ~~~~~~~        : ^^. .^^^^rr.^^^
    ~~~~~~~~    CC : .^^^^^^^rr^^^^.
    ~~~~~~~~..     :.^^^~~~~rrr^^^^^
    ~~~~^^~~ .:...^^^^~~~~~~^^^^^^^^
      This is the place where you start, and you should have unimpeded 
    access from the castle to Port Avur, where you'll be stocking up. The 
    teleportal in the upper left may be more useful than you'd think, and 
    Lufer's advice to get the gonshis by the river bank is sound. You may 
    want to go back to it every month or so to see if a new batch has grown 
    back. There are also plenty of people giving basic advice on the roads 
    and although you're initially barred passage by some monsters, you can 
    actually beat them easily with three others working, if you retreat, 
    your mages know enough shatter spells, and the spells don't give random 
    small results.
    * PIYAN *
    ~~~~~~~~~~  :    ^^;;       
    ~~~~~~~~~  ;;   ; ;   ^^^^  
    ~~~~~~~~    ;:::;;:::;: ;;  
    ~~~~~~~~  ~~: ; ;; ;; :;; rr
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~:;;;;;;; ;;;  = 
    * ROSUS *
    ~;;;;;~~;;~~      ^^^^^^^~~~~^^^^..
    ~~~~;;;;;;     ^   ^^  ^^^~~r~^^^^.
    ~~~;; ;;;;;  ~~^^ ^^I           ^^^
    ~~~;;~~~;;  ~~~~^  ^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^
    ~~~~;;~~; ~~~~~~~~       ^^ IIIIII 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^  ^^ ^^^^^^
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ^^       ^^^
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~ ^^     
    ~~~~~r~rr~~. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~
      Treacherous terrain and guarded passes keep you from the temple in the 
    west. And there's no easy way to teleport back once you get there. 
    Fortunataely you can flee into a lot of barriers to cut down the time 
    you spend if you want to visit the temple in the process of a saved 
    game, but this place has little to offer other than as a one-time 
    teleport destination.
    * SELDERAD *
    . ^^^^^......;
      Rather boring looking but in fact there's some action directly around 
    it and an elf maiden by the east lake to help you get there quicker. 
    Also a great destination for several popular teleportals and a good hub 
    for the northeast continent.
    * SHENDY *
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ .~rr~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~r~r~~~~^   ..r~~~~
    ~~~~~~~  ..~~~~  ^...r~~~~
    ~~~~~~....T~~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~D
    ~~~~~~ .::TT~~  .  ~~~~~~D
    ~~~~~~~ :.TTT^^^.   ~~~~~D
    ~~~~^~~~::....^^^ ^^^~~~~~
    ~~~^^^~~.::.....  . ~~r~~~
    ~~~^^^^^..:..^^ ~~~...~~~~
    ~~~^^^^rr^::.rr... .....r~
    ~~~~^^..rrr:.= .........~~
    ~~~~~~.. .....~......r..r~
    ~~~~~~~~.. .~~..~~.....r~~
      You won't need to spend much time on this continent. Nevertheless it 
    does feature an elf maiden, a teleport house, an unblocked road with 
    some good information, and a reasonably useful town. There are also some 
    guarded mushroom patches to discover.
    * SHERTUZ *
    : . .DDDDD DDDDDDDD:::::::: rrr
    :T     DDDDDDDDDDDD  DDD D::=::
    ^. .    DDDDDDD^^DDD DDDDDD rr.
    ^^^^^^^^DDDDDD  t^^^DDDDDDDDD^^
    ^^~~^  ^^DD^^ ^^^^DDDDDDDDDDDDD
    ^^D:::..::DD^^^ DD  DDDDDDDDDD 
    ^^ :   ..:^^^..   DDDDDDDDDDDDD
    ::::^^^..::....  ^^^^^ DDDDD^^^
    ^^^^^^^...:.....    ^   DDDDD^^
    ^^^^^^^^^^:::::  ^^^^DDDDDDDD  
     ;...^^^^    ^   ;^^ D^^DDDDD  
    :;:;;^^     ^^;  ;;^   ^DDD  ..
    ;;;;^^^^^^^^^; ; ^;^^^^^^^^.. ^
      A long boring stretch of desert with a rest stop clearly denoted on 
    the map. I say stick to the road on the Phaleng/Shertuz border if you 
    want to get anywhere. You may get lucky and stumble across vegetation in 
    the desert, but it's too slow going unless you want to try to walk 
    across the pass--but more on that in the Kendar section.
    * TRILLIAD *
    ^^~~^~~~~~~.   ......~~~~r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ^~~^^~~~~~~~ .........~TTT~~~r~r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ^^^^  ~~~~~~~........  TTT ~~...~r~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ^^I  ^~~~~~~..........  :  .......~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ^^^^  .~r~.. .......... : ........ r~~~~r~~~~~
    IIII  .........:::::::::::.........~~r~~  ~~~~
    ^^^II   ::::::::.........: ....... ~.  ~~  ~~~
    ^^^^  :::............ ...::::::::::.. .     r~
    ^^I^  ..................   .......:::    . ~~~
    ^    ^  ..... ............. ......  :...    r~
         ^ ..... ........ ............ .::::::: ~r
    ^...  ................................. ..:   
    ^^... .......  ...................... ... ::  
    ....   ... . ...... .. ... ...........   ..:  
    ...   .T............. ... .............. ..:::
    ....  ::::..............................     .
    ^.... ...:....................................
    ^^~~~  ..:.. .................................
    ~~~~~....::::.. ..............................
    ~~~~~~......::   .............................
    ~~~~~~.......:..  .........VV ................
    ~~~~~~~~.... :.. ......... VV ........... ....
    ~~~~~~~~~....:  ........... ............ .....
    ~~~~~~~~~ ...:........................... . ..
    ~~~~~....:.........................:::::::: rr
    ~~~~~....:......  ................::.rrrr.rrr 
    ~~~~~~  .:....  ^^  ..............:.rr..rrr.  
    ~~~~r~...:....^^^^^. .............:.r.........
    ~~~~  .::::::::::::::::..........::rr........ 
    ~~~~  D: D^^^^^ D^^^^ :::....   ::.rr rrrrr. :
      A very wide open and large territory--in fact the disk may load as you 
    go above and below certain points here, including around Theldair, and 
    that can bog you down--nevertheless there's not much to do in either 
    town, and there's no easy way out even though there is an elf maiden. A 
    road winds all over itself and almost in a circle. Trilliad and Bihun go 
    together as places to visit. For being in the center of the game, 
    Trilliad is surprisingly inconvenient.
    * UBERION *
    ~~~~~~^^^^^^:^I^^^^ r~~^^^  ^    ^
    ~~~~~^^II::::^I^^^^..r~~ ... ..~^^
    ~~~~~^^^^:^^^^^^^^II r~~~^^ ...~~~
    ~~~~^^^::::^^^^^^^I^^^~~~~ rr... ~
    ~~^^^^:^^^^^:^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^ ^r ^^
    ~~~^^^::^^^^::III^^^^ ^^^^^^^^r^^r
    ~~~^^^^:^^^^^:^^^^^^^::::: rrrrrrr
    ~~~~~^^:^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^::rr^^^^^
    ~~~~^^^:^^^^ t ^^^ ^..... ::=::^^ 
    ~~~~~~^:^^^^   ^^^I^...... :rr::::
    ~~~~~~^:^^^^^^^^^II^^......::rr  ^
    ~~~^^^^:^^^^ ^^    .......:::rr^^^
    ~~~^^^^:^^ ::::::::.^^.^^ :^^r^^^^
    ~^^^^^::^^^: ^^^^^:.^^    : rr::::
    ~^^^^^::::::^^    :::::::::rr^: ; 
    ~~^^^^^^:^^^^   ....^.^^^^rr^^: ;;
    ~~~^^^^^:^^^.  ... rr rrrrr^^::  ;
    ~~^^~~rr:: rrr...rrrrrr ^^^^:: ;;;
      A nasty set of mountain passes you can't teleport over; there's a 
    dungeon in the north and fortunately a pit stop for those who must walk, 
    but frankly it's easier just to teleport from PHeron, if you have the 
    know-how. There are a few obscure mushroom patches, and there's a temple 
    in the guarded lake area. But Uberion is an awkward if not particularly 
    deadly transition area.
    * UDAR *
    r   ^^^^I^^^.r~r~~~~~~~~~~~
    ;   I^^^II^.....~~~~~~~~~~~
      ^^^IIIIII  ....r~~~~~~~~~
     ^^    ^^^^I  ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
            ^^^I  .~~r~~~~~~~~~
    ^^^   VV ^^^I ....~~~~~~~~~
    ^^^^  VV ^^^^I  ..~~~~~~~~~
      ~~~      ^^^     ~r~~~~~~
    ~~~~~    ^^^^I .     r~~~~~
    ~~~~~~   ~~~.. ..   .r~~~~~
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^..~~~~~
    ; r~~~~~^^~~^^^III^^^ ^^~~~
    ~~~~~~^^^^^~~IIIII~~   ~~~~
    ~~~~~~^^IIIIIIIIII~~     ~~
    ~~~~~^^^III^^^^~^^^~~~   r~
      Nasty guards at the passes here guard Kharin, but once you get to 
    Kharin you will find good armor to defend against them. Loka are in the 
    extreme south but awkward to get to. You'll probably want to teleport on 
    your first trip to Kharin. Once you've got the armor(and nine days' 
    profitable adventuring) the patrols should be easier to knock out.
    * VO *
    ~~~~~~~~~^^ ^~~~~
    ~~~~~~~r~~~^..  r
    ~~~~~~~  r^^.  ~~
    ~~~~~~~~ ^^^ ^^^~
    ~~~~~~~   .  ^^~~
    ~~~~~~  .   ~~~~~
    ~~~~~~   .  ~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~ . ...r~~~
      Not much to see on Vo except for an odd C64 bug where the right half 
    shows up on Piyan. Still purists will want to see the obelisk. I don't 
    believe you can teleport onto or from it as monsters are in the niche to 
    the north. But the Sumruna round trip is not too bad.
    * YBERTON *
    rr^   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    r^  ~~~~~~r~~~rr~~~~~
    rrr r~~rr~..~~..~~~~~
    rr^:^^^..  ........~~
    rr^::^.. CC........r~
    rr^ ......^^^~....~~~
    r^^  ^.. ^^^r~~..~~~~
      Yberton's a tough place to hang--and that's just talking about the 50+ 
    charisma courtiers in the castle! But seriously, there's a mushroom 
    patch in the very south although you need to go into Udar to get it. You 
    could do worse than teleport there and back--or at least teleport back 
    to save time. Staying on the short road provides a surprising boost as 
    dwarves will be too glad to sell you something.
    * Rimfitzrik->Keof Library
    * Bhardagast(King's Court)->Bordal(Port Avur Inn) for chant
    * Father Bonno(Port Avur Inn)->Hokando(Soldain) (temple info too)
    * Dunar(Soldain)->Buzbazgut(Port Avur jail)->Numbar(Keof)
       +--->Hubantatur, Dagbunbagtur know about Hammer
    * Dwarf clan trades hoyam for hammer
    * Hodim(Soldain)->Temple of Sun(god in Vocha)
    * Hosan(Keof)--\
                    >==>Gate Keeper(Lymeric)
    * Ruknet(Merg)-/
    * Sol(Castle L1 servant quarters) -> Port Avur Library for Hoyam use
    * Father Orbonn(Port Avur library) -> Hosan(Keof) about Star Key's use
    * Bosekan(Castle L1 guard quarters) -> Yodan(Soldain about wolf rock's 
    * Lunikor(Merg)->Temple of Bird(god in Sudogur)
    * Nuronn(SW sector)-------\
                               >=> Kurek(Kharin) for words
    * Gnetra(Shiran)-\
                      >=> Brennix info
    * Korhan(Merg)---/
    * Galhail -> info on prison there
    * no info on Somona being here although Azraels in the top level should 
    be a clue.
    * Nehemas(Theldair) tells you Paladin is in here
    * Basko(Sumruna)->Temple of Moon
    * Jem(Fubernel road)->Tuten(Bondell) gives chant.
    * Tuten tells of Shiran, Shir-Aka ash and the circlet
    * Tuten->Dinera(on road) gives advice.
    * Shumme(Bondell)->circlet in Shadrum
    * Conclave(Shiran) asks for it back
    * Queen tells you to clear it out
    * Gourney(Sumruna), Moria(Crystal Castle)->Queen
    * Marumas(Crystal Castle) says you need boots for it
    * Ovar(SE sector,) Demren(Sumruna inn->Temple of Snake(god in Crezimas)
    [ Banas(King's Court)->Banas(private room)->Bestul(Keof)->
    [ Carvis(Shiran)->
      * Ruhbear(Merg)->Rufus(hermit on road)->Beratt to open Meardom
    * Shagar(Kharin) -\
                       >=> Kulak(Kharin) gives chant.
    * Kurek(Kharin) --/
    * Hodim(Soldain)->Temple of Sun(god in Khazan)
    * Gherig(Knessos)->Yetmishi(Shiran) for chant
    * Dolomar(Keof)->wizard in here
    * Zekros(Knessos)->portal here
    * Gurgay(Knessos)->treasure here
    * Jemosh(Knessos)->pierce here
    * Veren(Crystal Castle)->Shagar(Kharin)->Pugar(Kharin) to find out about 
    the cloak
    * Llockhea(Delkona)->Argelb(Crystal Castle)->Shagar(Kharin)-
    >Truk(Crystal Castle) to find out how to get in
    * Galhail(Theldair)->Merg Museum to learn about the Furnace of Hades
    * Ugdobar(Knessos)->Petkenpif(Shiran)->
      * Tombul(Fubernel)->Faruk(Fubernel)->Farhad(Sumruna) to learn what's 
    Elf Maidens:
    * Salimi(SE sector)->Glenli(Crystal Castle)->Aellin
    * Haendel(Merg bar), Leminor(Merg), Simmen(SE sector)->Baelin(Theldair)
    * Lokhar(Merg bar)->Ellidrin
    Gods above ground:
    * Kalb:
      * Fendick(Knessos)->temple, location
      * Kemosh(Knessos Inn)->Kemkezar(Shiran)->temple
    * Pax:
      * Serem(Sumruna inn)->temple, location
      * Turben(Kharin)->temple, location
      * Gaylon(NE)->temple, location
    * Emin(Fubernel)+Zirvanad knowledge->Pindalf(Crystal Castle)
    * Emmo(Delkona), Obuan(Sumruna)->Piyan brick house
    * Stavko(Delkona), Obuan(Sumruna)->Darvale house
    * Stavko: info on pulling all 3
    * no info on Phaleng brick house
    * Pavik(Delkona)->one on Vo
      > Mahor(Crystal Castle)->Captain Patras(Sumruna)->Vo
    * Lippa(Delkona)->Genevar(Delkona)->Delkona library+other stuff
    * Kemosh(Knessos Inn)->Kemkezar(Shiran) tells it's got words to Bubble 
    of Captivity
    * Zirvanad tells when to use it
        11-1. 'MACRO' WALKTHROUGH
      See section 7 for how to get started. This walkthrough assumes 
    everyone has Methreal Armor and has gotten through Dermagud and to the 
    Crystal Castle to get the better party members. It also gives no dungeon 
    crawling information, and it pretends as if you already know all the 
    information you're supposed to root out from townspeople to find.
    --Find the unicorn's hiding place by taking Khazan's "stairway to 
    Heaven." Use Sherro's High Call to summon it and get the Green Ring.
    --Clear out Crezimas to get Crystal Dust
    --While down there, get the Elven Cloak.
    --Go to Bedangidar. Release Somona.
    --Go to Trilliad and pick up dream dust from there.
    --Clear Shadrum on the Isle of Giants. Get the circlet.
    --Return it to Shiran. Exchange it for the right to get Shir-Aka Ash by 
    the tree.
    --Clear Thakass. At the top you'll get a blue ring.
    --Teleport from Thakass to Sargoz. That's where you'll find the White 
    --Teleport from Sargoz to the Hidden Vale in Berbezza. Perform the 
      Note this walkthrough leaves huge main parts of the story out--
    including searching for the temples. The whole Zirvanad quest is 
    eliminated, as is Ruhan on Sunken Isle, which frankly takes a lot of fun 
    out of the game. In fact if you just hit these dungeons, it may take a 
    while to rest up for that next fight. You may want to visit gods to 
    improve. There's a lot left, but still, if you want to get a minimal 
    complete-story walkthrough, here's what to do, in approximate order to 
    do everything. I'm assuming you are following the "know it all" path, 
    i.e. that you pretend you have already seen the temples.
    --Improve as in the beginning. Be sure to have some drelins for this 
    first bit to optimize your time. It involves running around.
    --Crezimas to Selderad (Sphere Pyramid Pyramid)
    --First a detour to make this and future treks quicker. Go south three 
    and east to find the first elven maid. She is Ellidrin, and you can 
    probably figure her song with those things in the water. Ask her about 
    the SWAN SONG to get +1 speed for everyone.
    --Go west to Darvale. You can teleport into a sermin patch. Across a 
    river the land is forked by a mountain--in the bottom there's a sermin 
    patch. You can never have too many sermins, even if you aren't going to 
    meet up with two gods in short order!
    --Another teleport puts you into Shiran. Why not drop by Fizkreto and 
    pick up a Zoxinn in the meantime?
    --Be sure you've learned more teleport spells. Then blink SW of Shiran 
    onto one island and northwest onto and off(or just straight over, if 
    Tamas is casting and has gained 40 magic by learning) the second. Now 
    there's a mountain pass to the north. You'll have to beat the monsters. 
    Head northwest for three more points--do whatever it takes--and you'll 
    find Kalb in the northwest corner.
    --Back to the island you may have skipped over. Teleport onto it and go 
    to the southwest where there's a brick house with a lever. Leave Lupi to 
    pull it down. Split up the party and the next goal for the remaining 
    five is the house in Piyan.
    --The teleportal at Khiriss is handy. You can zap to Shendy(sphere 
    sphere sphere) and then from the teleportal on that island to Piyan. BUT 
    WAIT! First, in the southeast, you'll find an elf maiden. She will help 
    everyone get +1 speed--her name is Aellin and she sings the river song. 
    Monsters guard her to the west and south. Now it may seem poor Lupi is 
    left out from this bonanza, in the cold(well, he's inside in the cold of 
    Darvale but...oh, you know what I mean,) However, he doesn't need the 
    extra speed. Tamas and Dokar and even you, fearless leader, do. Oh, by 
    the way, he might starve while holding that lever down. No big deal. 
    He'll still find the energy in himself somehow to push it down for days 
    on end.
    --Cube Sphere Cube from Khiriss to Piyan. Pax is on the north part of a 
    cross-shaped island in the south. You'll need to teleport SE to get 
    there but first get the nifts in the area and then watch out for the 
    monster on the east edge. Chant to awaken him.
    --Leave Kruga, your second fastest, to keep a lever down and after 
    teleporting out of the swamp to the north, push east until you hit the 
    mountain. Yberton and Crystal Castle are beyond the grass on the other 
    --Go back in to Crezimas and teleport to Pheron. Follow the road east 
    and when it bends south go NE. Wipe out the monsters on the bridge, and 
    in the NE nook you'll find the final house. Pull down the lever. Yay, 
    --Back to the Pheron teleportal and to Rosus and then Darvale(a diagonal 
    NE teleport here before going back east) to pick up Lupi. Through 
    Selderad to Khiriss, then back to Shendy and Piyan. Get Kruga.
    --Now you can see the third of the Elven Maidens if you want, or you can 
    just teleport right to Trilliad from Crezimas. Each takes about the same 
    time, and you'll be able to run into the third elf maiden(Suerfin, with 
    her Sparrow Song.) But I would say that your next stop is Bedangidar. 
    You can get Brennix there(go down,) find a god(up) or rescue Somona. 
    From Bedangidar, I actually recommend you go back to Trilliad to get 
    your reward(dream dust) before returning. With drelins, it's not a bad 
    trek at all. Sphere Sphere Pyramid to Pheron. Make a pit stop at Port 
    Avur to build supplies back up again.
    --Be sure to have bought a lens...and a shovel if you want to get mucho 
    treasure. (Re the lens: you don't have to visit the temples to use it, 
    but if you want to see the ZIRVANAD...well...)
    --Get Thorin's Hammer from Vocha. There's a god there, too. The hammer 
    is in a small room on level 6.
    --Cube Cube Cube to Meram. If you want brownie points for actually 
    finding some of the chants you need for yourself, go to the east, you 
    can teleport to the Sunken Isle which has appeared--read the Ritual of 
    Awareness. It'll be at the very bottom of your screen, but by now Tamas 
    and Dokar both should have 80 magic skill. Go back west and swap the 
    hammer for Hoyam Essence in Soldain, at the Council Hall. This may cost 
    a half-day if you get there at the wrong time. But whatever happens, 
    take the road north to Pheron and east to Shertuz, the one you took to 
    start the quest It will curve into Phaleng.
    --Lure the White Wolf with the Hoyam Essence at Wolf Rock(use) to get 
    the Star Key. Wolf Rock is north of the road (59, 10.) Use a teleport 
    spell both in and out to save time. Heck, use one to cut down the time 
    to Lymeric hopping over the river.
    --You can probably pick up another Ishban or two as 1) fireball for 
    multiple casters comes in really handy when you don't want to risk a 1-
    point shatter spell and 2) someone needs to be learning teleports for 
    the last part of the game to go smoothly. If you really want to become 
    powerful, get everyone's learning skill up and train fighters in various 
    disciplines at Port Avur while magicians learn spells. You should easily 
    have the money from the loot in Vocha.
    --Use the star key to enter the vault with the Zirvanad at Sudogur. A 
    nice side bonus is that there's a god sleeping close by, Sur. Useless 
    metaphysical question: Is Sudogur Sur with "dogu" inserted or with 
      **big choice here**
    --Three pyramids to Sumruna if you wish to break my cardinal rule of not 
    taking a boat until necessary: here you can see what's on Vo if you 
    want, or you can just go right to Fubernel. (Note--you can also go to 
    Pheron, smash around Meardom in the King's Castle and maybe even verify 
    an obelisk for yourself before you teleport to Fubernel from there. In 
    any case, go to one of these towns and shoot all your money but $300(for 
    passage) on supplies. You won't ever have to come back again.)
    --Teleport to the southwest corner and Khazan's entrance. Take the 
    stairs to heaven up and wake God # 7 while you're at it. Use Sherro's 
    High Call on the unicorn(SHERRO/HOY/DUMANFIR) when on Heavenly to get 
    the green ring.
    --If you haven't got the dream dust: Back into Khazan and onto Fubernel, 
    teleport back to Delkona through a Sermin patch to the east. Now you can 
    take a ship to the Isle of Giants. It's the only time you have to. Climb 
    up Shadrum and get the Ogre Circlet(first stop in the hall of snakes to 
    read Zukkamear in the chest,) following Dinera's advice for the final 
    level. Pyramid Cube Pyramid through the teleportal back to Fisestar--
    here's a good chance to go west to Trilliad and get the Dream Dust if 
    you haven't. Crezimas to Selderad and then a few teleports to Shiran--
    you should have them. This part also allows you to practice ambushed-
    style fighting against the tower in Delkona.
    --If you have got the dream dust: teleport from Khazan to Yberton, right 
    near Crezimas. Then clear Crezimas and take the teleporter to Fubernel. 
    Go to Delkona and Shadrum. Once you've cleared Shadrum, take the 
    teleportal there to Shiran.
    --In Shiran, exchange the circlet for the ash.
    --You now have ash, the crystal dust and the dream dust. Stop off at 
    Knessos for a final batch of supplies. To the east you can teleport onto 
    Wizard's Isle--to heck with boats. You can teleport NW from there for 
    your own edification to see the last obelisk before you enter Thakass 
    and go to the top level. Get the blue ring from the wizard. West to a 
    portal that kicks you back down to the 5th level and the teleporter. Now 
    go to Sargoz. You'll need the cloak here. Find the amulet in Sargoz and 
    now you can transport to Hidden Vale.
    --Perform the final ritual. It's not easy, so SAVE BEFORE ENTERING 
    BERBEZZA. I'll describe what needs description. When the Zirvanad says 
    "three magic users" that doesn't mean you have to have three wizards. 
    You and Tamas and Dokar can stand on various squares. First make sure 
    someone with the amulet or one of the rings runs around to reveal three 
    lines--white, blue, green. Now have the magic users step on them.
    B   G <-Dokar
      W  <-1 is one way to do it.
    --Trade the dream dust and green ring to Dokar. Trade the crystal dust 
    and blue ring and shir-aka ash to Tamas. The next part is arduous, and 
    if you mess up you must step off one of the squares and back on, or the 
    initial chant won't work. Also if you are looking in your notes for what 
    to chant, pushing C causes the game to pause indefinitely; after using 
    the dust you supposedly have only so much time, but during the dialogue 
    none of it counts.
    You chant:
    (game text: "Ritual of awareness successfully performed!")
    Tamas: uses crystal dust north(still time to transfer items here--just 
    hit the command key quickly and time freezes for your characters)
    It should fizz around the screen a bit.
    Tamas chants:
    DARDA-IYM (shift-= on the Commodore.)
    You should see a bubble among the three of you.
    (game text: "A bubble of captivity is formed!")
    Dokar: uses dream dust north
    Dokar chants:
    (game text: "Dreax is transferred into the bubble successfully!")
    (Note: you can now all get killed and lose the game by having someone 
    step into the bubble. "The bubble is ruptured! / Dreax is free! He fires 
    up his demonic spell! / [all your guys get zapped] / All is dark. Your 
    quest is at a sad conclusion.")
    Dokar chants:
    Tamas: uses shir-aka ash north
    Tamas chants:
    (Still time to burst the bubble and play the goat!)
    --You win! Yay!
        11-2. CHANT CHEATS
    To open Dermagud:
    To open Bedangidar:
    To open Vocha:
    To open Shadrum:
    To open Sudogur:
        talk to gate keeper in Lymeric.
    To open Khazan:
    To open Crezimas:
        [none required, back of Crystal Castle]
    To open Meardom:
        [see Beratt in King's Castle]
    To awaken Valon(?) in Dermagud:
    To awaken Kalb(masked) in Dakland:
    To awaken Pax(eye) in Piyan:
    To awaken Paladin(moon) in Bedangidar:
    To awaken Nexis(Sun) in Vocha:
    To awaken Sur(bird) in Sudogur:
    To awaken Heru(war) in Khazan:
    To awaken Hissen(snake) in Crezimas:
    (Note some of the god words are used more than once in chants.)
    Sherro's High Call, to use on the Unicorn, is SHERRO HOY DUMANFIR
      Ned is gone now. But his spirit lives on. I found these notes, full of 
    his trademark practical good humor. He left out inconsequential details 
    he couldn't make a snide remark out of, such as remembering to buy a 
    Brom Bow or getting the best weapons possible for his friends after each 
    visit with a god and then a fountain, buying a lens befor Sudogur, or--
    very importantly--remembering to keep spheres and pyramids and cubes 
    well stocked. But the ideas are powerful! And it's a sad comment when 
    even heroism is dry. Ned keeps it fresh. It's something he set to with 
    synapses a-blazing and how he wasn't scared to travel off the beaten 
    path to ignore jealous people begging attention and blackmailing him 
    with critical information and who would probably wait for the next 
    crisis before revealing what they had to say. But Ned already knew all 
    they had to offer. The result: an adventure based more on humanism and 
    social whatchamajiggers than the inevitable Instruction and Character 
    Attribute Building.
      Here's the third in my triad of worlds saved. Only this is more of a 
    get-it-done-ad and interestingly it features jaunts through Trilliad and 
    Selderad. It's certainly better than an iliad. At times I wonder why I 
    was chosen. I hardly wonder that I was. It's just that there must be 
    several excellent reasons to choose from, but I am not quite sure of the 
    specifics. At any rate, another task for Ned's Kingdom Rescuing and 
    Overhaul Consultants, inc. I got a day to take anything I wanted from my 
    old place--it was real Narnian how no time had passed on Earth while I 
    rescued Lorn from perdition--and I found the telegram slipped under my 
      Behind the oat bran cereal was a crawl space I'd never seen before. I 
    started spinning around corkscrew fashion as I got sucked into a world 
    with crescents and clouds and stars all over. There were probably a few 
    orbiting in a halo above my head too.
      "Now Ned, this world, Deruvia, is going to be a bit less--ahh--VIOLENT 
    than the previous ones. Your'e a good guy, Ned, but you may have--err--
    gotten sucked into it all too much. We've had some complaints from a 
    place called Tokushima. Peasants, inconsequential people really. It's 
    just that we have to keep them minorly disgruntled and we need some of 
    them to work in the fields to maintain the socioeconomic structure and 
    all. But you seem to have aggravated the situation with repeated attacks 
    and also unproved racketeering charges about defrauding ship sellers in 
    Tokugawa. There's none of that in Deruvia, and truth be told, the 
    rumblings were so great we almost signed a guy named Chubbs to take your 
    place. But he had more than five letters in his name and wouldn't 
    compromise on Chubz. Listen, you're lucky we haven't changed your race 
    from elf to gnome or something for some of the shenanigans you may have 
    pulled. There are just too many reported incidents--even if most are 
      Oh, of course, no killing the innocents. Blah, blah, yawn, yawn. But 
    isn't standing around while the world's going to pot, or obstructing 
    heroism by not revealing information, something to be guilty of too? 
    (Foreshadowing--there'd be clowns who wanted us to know their names 
    before divulging stuff, and some even would let us in at 3 AM and say 
    they were busy. Screwy place, Deruvia.)
      Well, people alwys PR that they need you less than they actually do. 
    But I gave my promise I wouldn't just tank it in a world that didn't 
    even have catapults!  I didn't even have gate-lag after stepping through 
    the interdimensional transport from Lorn to Deruvia. I didn't have time, 
    with all the briefing. Apparently you could stay up 24 hours and not 
    even need sleep--there were things called mushrooms. You ate them and 
    they boosted you for a bit. And apparently you had a lot more ways you 
    needed boosting--sermins restored energy, drelins helped speed travel, 
    gonshi gave extra combat attack, and luffins and mirgets were actually 
    plants but increased attack capacity. Oh--there was a bad guy named 
    Dreax who escaped and a bunch of wizards who guarded the candle that 
    kept him in check were gone, too. I had 1000 days. Not exactly 
    necessitating the king's wizard casting a fireball spell at your *** to 
    get you going, but getting up to level 400 or so like in Bard's Tale 
    seemed out even if things worked that way here.
    **author's note: several pepperoni and mushroom pizzas(and a Tombstone 
    Veggie Pizza) were harmed in the creation of this farce. But the author 
    was cheap, and they were the in-store generic kind(Jack's.)
      But the most important thing was what happened to me. It's that side 
    of magic that losers with computers generally don't see. For them it's 
    all spell points and bonus to hit and hit points and so forth. For me, 
    I'd been the recipient--and caster--of so many spells, and I had 
    maintained a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE that something wonderful had 
    happened. Maybe something like this will happen to you. Sometimes I wish 
    I could have strong armed my way ALL the way to the top but given my 
    experiences in a new exotic country I guess there are trade offs in 
      Regardless of the magic or technology I've learned to use, there's 
    something outside of all that. It's something I established early on. I 
    took contradictory positions and left people so sure of themselves in a 
    wallow of self-doubt. I agreed with people in a voice even louder than 
    they talked, and I also used my lack of knowledge about a subject to 
    show a generalist's view of why someone who worried about stuffy boring 
    details was wrong. When I joined a fraternity I even got a few lackies 
    who said "Y'know, he has a point there." Later on I hired a few. All 
    this preparation paid off in a huge flash of something or other when it 
    was decreed I *would* be right for this entire adventure, until Dreax 
    was captured.
      So I'm going to be right a whole lot in this walkthrough. Even more 
    right than people who've lived in Deruvia. Clueless putzes--that's why 
    they're in this mess. Well, that and how weak the resurrection spells 
    were. A pal died, you had to get them right away. Someone in the magic 
    research department rested on his laurels I tell you--maybe the army 
    coulda held out against invaders or whatever. Not that this lets 
    magically developed countries off the hook--if they've got all the 
    intelligence to keep folks alive, they're at fault for being too lazy. 
    Magic isn't everything.
      So basically someone like me who is just with it in general is needed 
    in any case. And there's no denying I'm right about that. But 
    foreordained? Just say I worked so hard back in high school and college 
    when I never dreamed of anything beyond a six figure salary by age 25, 
    that when I'm given so much more(hero of a kingdom) I feel really 
    shouldn't begrudge myself any greater prestige my actions merit. 
    Especially in these dumpy worlds where you can't hold more than 9999 
    gold at a time. Oh well, the spells are fun to cast.
      Apparently in Deruvia, there was a hero of legend. His name was Lukas-
    -maybe he was also a world-hopper and moved onto better things and 
    forgot his roots or maybe just got sick of it all and people seemed so 
    desperate they bought into how I used to be him or maybe another guy 
    came in and impersonated him because no-one remembered anyway. Anyway, 
    all the heroes' names are short there. Later I found out it's because 
    originally folks thought heroes deserved long names, but after a while 
    what with tombstones only being a certain maximum width, shorter names 
    could make for greater letter height so parents gave their kids short 
    names if they wanted heroes. Then after a while the government started 
    searching for short named kids and it got ingrained in society and all.
      With a name like Ned I was sure to be a big hit there. It all started 
    in the throne room where King Rebnard asked me if I wanted to take up 
    the quest. First chance to be right: "YES!" It got trickier when I 
    needed to sort out who was to join.
      And here is where my genius started. I thought the best companions of 
    the lot were Alhan, Dalin, Min, Ziyx, and Eflun. But it turned out they 
    were not fully RIGHT. I actually considered ditching Eflun for Nehor 
    once he'd cast all the shield spells, but Demaro would be useful once I 
    had to solve parts of this quest. Then I heard rumors of the Crystal 
    Castle and better volunteers so that was OK.
      Still I laid down the ground rules: very little sleep(we would be 
    entrepeneurial enough to make gold and not need mushrooms,) hard work 
    and a quick pass through. Big bad guys would be less willing to mess 
    around with a whole country if its heroes had 1000 days to solve a quest 
    and they got through it in under 100. That's a whole ten-gallon VAT of 
    gung-ho. They put out the general "we didn't think we were good enough" 
    and were overjoyed.
      It was one of the few instances in which THEY would be right. They 
    bungled the reasons--blue collar labor was needed--but it's better than 
    a lot of adventurers. But the sourpusses, once so afraid of combat, all 
    of a sudden decided they wanted the opportunity to get told what to do 
    and possibly killed.
      "Listen pal, I may have a reputation around other games, but let me 
    tell you something. There are 1000 days to go about this quest and I 
    have planning to do. You ever been in transdimensional hyperspace 
    planning? I have. Right now I've got spells to memorize. I'm taking up 
    my own time I could be bashing monsters."
      After introductions, we saw the king for supplies and headed north to 
    Port Avur. There after pooling all money and items to yours truly, we 
    leased out Alhan to the gemcutter east of the entry, Min to the tailor 
    north of the park, and Dalin to the blacksmith northwest of a pond. They 
    implied I was pimping them out but I mentioned maybe they were right 
    when they didn't think they were good enough for the real deal and I'd 
    had experience they couldn't imagine and besides they were more useful 
    than Ziyx(who had to sit there and take it as he couldn't cast Shatter 
    outside enemy combat and would be foiled by the Shield spells Eflun had 
    just cast anyway) at this point. And I also explained that if we didn't 
    make a big splash in the first few days the enemy might become 
    complacent, not that a party like this could make too big a splash 
    anyway. That shut them up.
      I calculated 18 coins per hour made 432 coins per day. The 3000 coins 
    would last a while but I had planned ahead. See, I'd hired street 
    urchins and stuff to get me information and it worked out quite well.
      "Who found treks to Pheron a pain.
      "Folks from Lymeric
      "Found things much more quick
      "And cheaper if learning you'd gain."
      The first part was a bit thorny. We had to go east on the road to 
    Lymeric. First we went to the supply store. I got some luffins and 
    mirgets and gonshis(oh my) in case we ran into anyone, and drelins to 
    help avoid this possibility. There was a brief encounter--a zorlim/troll 
    patrol at the bridge. With Ziyx's shatter spells and my eating 
    mushrooms(gonshi/luffin/mirget,) it was no contest. Along the Phaleng 
    roads we found dwarves hustling gems on the road, and I bought them out. 
    Also some merchants sold various shapes and cubes were slightly more 
    valuable to us than the rest so we strove for 10 of each and looked for 
    a double dose of cubes later.
      We went into Lymeric and the first house on the left was REMULDA. It's 
    not real good business to have a "what's my name" security check, and 
    maybe if he got a few more customers he could've lowered the price from 
    a whopping 1750 gold. Then I upped my learning a notch at 
    Aksimento's("Learning is the basis for all skill points!") in the house 
    above, leaving Ziyx and Eflun to play with the new spell books. I 
    thought I knew how to learn in college. But that was just about 
    cramming...etc. Here we had to retain our skills, and the books we had 
    to read were spell books we'd already read, which is different from 
    remembering something on the fly that you know is ultimately useless.
      Now Ziyx didn't want to swap his Sabano for Eflun's Demaro(I can't 
    blame him) and be without a spell book, but once we got three books this 
    game of Hot Potato was possible: Ishban to Ziyx, Sabano to Eflun, Demaro 
    to Ziyx, Ishban to Ned. The Demaro would be useful outside of combat, 
    well in the future.
      But it was more practical that Ziyx got Ishban and gave Eflun Sabano. 
    Ziyx memorized a couple of teleports, Eflun a couple of walkwaters. Then 
    Ziyx switched to fireball and Eflun finally got something useful for 
    combat, Shatter. By that time I'd gotten my learning skill up--in fact I 
    took a whole day to do it three times, moving from 30 to a quorum of 51, 
    and I rejoined them and we travelled back along the road. No need to use 
    drelins really but that didn't stop us.
      Gems got sold. Gonshis were bought. Gold was taken from the workers--
    yeah, they worked 24 hours a day but they got free food out of it and 
    wouldn't run into any encounters.
      My overall long term budget read as follows:
    Learning sessions me    = 51->99 needs 7
                      ***** = 35->99 needs 7
                      ***** = 70->99 needs 3
    17 total * 140          = 2380
    Methreal plate 6 at 900 = 5400
    Learn magic, 2 sessions = 1800(300*2 for 3 people)
    Charisma for me         = 20->99 needs 6 14-pointers
    6 * 200                 = 1200(probably get by with 4)
    30 cube/15 sphere/
     15 pyramid             = 20*(24+22+19)
                            = 1300
      This would take 27 days of work from scratch, but while we learned, 
    the grunts would still be earning, and perhaps there would be treasure 
    in a dungeon somewhere, or more dwarves selling jewels? I picked up a 
    shovel and a couple of lockpicks along with some other items, like 
    medicin and loka. They were an investment.
      In the meantime we had a dungeon to blast through. We took the road 
    east and then south from Port Avur. Ziyx teleported southeast across the 
    mountains to a nook with the door to the north.
      And here's where being a real know-it-all allowed me to chant the 
    three words.
      Bam, we were in. So we headed south, east, and south where there was 
    no water. Westward to the edge and then we only needed to cross one 
    square to the north. I broke off from the party and found a chest that 
    said more treasure was in the upper left. I used the shovel. Then we 
    rejoined at the top and went west--here's before and after of how we 
    formed. Eflun's walkwater spells didn't last too long and we would've 
    been stuck without my ingenuity.
    15. =\ ..6
    6.. =/ .15
      Then there was a room in the north--a teleport room. I used 3 cubes to 
    get to Yberton and then we teleported SE from where we landed. People in 
    the Crystal Castle were awfully snooty, but we weren't there for them. 
    In some seedy back room we found some heroes. I managed to use a little 
    false humility to get Eflun to cough up his Demaro and then picked Tamas 
    and Dokar to replace Eflun and Ziyx, from whom I of course took all 
      We rushed through Crezimas--W-N-W-N-E-N-W-N, and boom, a portal to the 
    third level. We then held to the wall to the upper left and circled 
    around it, W-N-E. The teleportal room was above. Pyramid/Cube/Sphere. 
    Back to Port Avur--we extorted the Working Class some more and took off 
    for Lymeric again. This time we were able to get everyone up to 99 
    learning. In fact Dokar made it early and went outside and boned up on 
    teleport spells, and better yet, I calculated the budget and picked up 
    another Ishban! I took it for the short term and gave away my Demaro. 
    Now the spellcasters could juggle spells between themselves at will.
      So we were pretty juiced so far. In the long term, I could learn 
    stupid spells from Demaro easily while the heavy hitters nailed down the 
    important ones. Thus, my magic skill wasn't really important but if we 
    got bored I suppose I could always go and learn magic to get THAT up.
      Although we were only three, we were pretty powerful, and after 
    hitting up the grunts for more dough, we went back to Dermagud. Actually 
    we at first had a squabble with Alhan. I let loose I needed the gold for 
    charisma. But they were easy to refute.
      "I -don't- have charisma. I'm just stating the facts. You're arguing 
    with me and not the facts, which would be a bit tougher. See, my 
    charisma can't be good if we're arguing already. So obviously I need 
    some more to get info from the townies."
      He looked petulant. "Anyway maybe I'll convince you of the need for 
    learning and then charisma lessons AFTER my boosts. It'll make more 
    sense to you then. As much sense as if you paid attention to logic in 
    fact. Sheesh, it's too bad they don't catalog intelligence in this game. 
    THAT would be juicy."
      With that I whirled out to a fun round trip and even split up for a 
    bit, but I gave them three spheres as a parting present well before.
      First, we ported to Selderad(Sphere/Pyramid/Pyramid) and then 
    Khiriss(12E, 3S) had a teleportal house that sent us to Fubernel. 
    Teleporting southwest to Delkona(gems fetched a great price there and 
    were worth the bribe of entering) and then west across two guards we set 
    up camp at the bend in the road. Tamas and Dokar learned spells as I 
    went into Bondell, where I could learn Charisma from Tonton. They then 
    went south, teleporting over the mountains and entering Khazan. From 
    Khazan they went back to Port Avur(3 spheres.) And thus did they train 
    in magic, which took three days each. We were not losing too much money 
    on the deal as the Forgotten Proletariat toiled further.
      And so far, we'd improved incredibly under the radar while taking out 
    only one enemy patrol. Dreax was happy, but we actually had reasons to 
    be. Verily, I R TEH SNEAX0RZ! My next agenda was: teleport to Khazan(2 
    spells) and use three spheres to Port Avur, possibly getting back in 
    time to train myself in magic before the wizards maxed out.
      The wizards took six days to learn before they couldn't any more, but 
    with their skills at 80%+, there wasn't much more they needed to do. 
    There were other places to learn, but they were patently useless; we 
    planned to use magic or guile to take out most fights. Plus our fighters 
    had such lousy learning, it would probably waste a few days even if we 
    did sleep.
      Once all this was over it was time to retire the old guard. We 
    released them from their blacking-factories or wherever they worked. We 
    got the usual "where've you been?" thanks, so we showed them Dermagud 
    and the Crystal Castle where we'd come from. Heck, we showed them the 
    VERY ROOM where Tamas and Dokar came from. Their own non-magic candle 
    wicks were burning down, and they knew it. "But we did all the hard 
      Then we told them "Well that's what you get for just going to school 
    and plodding through and being releived it's out and thinking you were 
    gonna be a big star and not even suckering sympathetic soulds into 
    saying they're sure you'd do well, going in for a remedial profession, 
    nurturing a stupid-***ed hope in your heart while those around you are 
    actually DOING something BIG." But we patted them down for their 
    inventories first. Not fully poetic, but we're on business here. And 
    being as on top of things as I am I don't know anything TOO personal 
    about the subject.
      Not that there are any. Orcs aren't technically inclined that way. But 
    I suspect even Orcs can get scared, and Kruga's axe was mad wicked.
      He and Rogga and Lupi were the replacements. We were just rolling in 
    gold so we decided to buy everyone Methreal Armor. But first we stayed 
    in the castle for a day and learned teleport spells--I'd long since 
    relinquished mine so both Tamas and Dokar could learn(those Wizards. 
    They don't have any soul and can't dance but MAN can they send evil 
    souls dancing.) We needed two teleport spells to get past some rather 
    tough monsters, but it was worth it. The armory was the 24 hour type, 
    and we bought some stuff and prepared to wait nine days for delivery.
      "Ned! Ned! Whatever shall I do?" I thought I heard as I herded my new 
    companions out. Well, they were lucky I didn't leave them in the palace 
    room injured and reduced their maximum staminas permanently.
      In the meantime it seemed expedient to pump ourselves up a bit. We 
    went back to Pheron and into Dermagud, where we found a god past some 
    snakes. There was a north/south room in the center, but we also decided 
    to sneak by an ambush--the top half of our party scaled against the 
    bottom wall then the other half caught up. Then to get by the snakes I 
    used a couple of repels and we split up into three columns to get past. 
    We joined once past them, and then we wiped out the rest of the dungeon 
    rooms and found treasure and drank from the fountains to get even 
    buffer. One god down, seven to go.
      I knew there'd be some nonsense about raising an island and although 
    that didn't seem strictly necessary(Being right and all, I knew what was 
    there and it was just information--nothing like an important item, no, 
    just a few words--but I still had to go through with it. Plus I knew we 
    could improve quickly this way) there had to be poetry and legend and 
    stuff otherwise later potential heroes might not see it as glamorous. 
    They don't realize there's so much MORE to heroism. In the meantime I 
    wanted to make sure my troops were all buff.
      Now here is a part where I do feel a bit guilty. We sluffed Kruga off 
    in the far Piyan peninsula after teleporting west a few times and left 
    him out of the loop. But first on a cross shaped island we found the 
    temple of Pax and left of there we dropped Kruga in this brick building. 
    "Hold that lever down for a few days, huh, pal?"
      So after that we went from Crezimas to Selderad and ran west with no 
    monsters around and cast teleportal spells when there were. We passed 
    Shiran and maybe could have picked up a Zoxinn but we'd get it on the 
    way back. From one island we teleported northwest into a swamp and had 
    four fights to get through. Kalb was at the end of this northwest trek--
    I knew the words and did the honors.
      With everyone improved(except Kruga, who would max out shortly anyway) 
    we ran back to the swamp, teleported south, and left Rogga manning the 
    brick house in its southwest, pulling the lever down.
      From there we had lots of teleporting east. We even found Suerfin in 
    Selderad before hitting the teleportal house(2N, 4E) and got her to sing 
    the swan song for us. Kruga was left out, but he wasn't our slowest, so 
    it didn't really matter.
      The third lever was the toughest to find. In fact no-one in the whole 
    country could find it. PCP(not the drug, the shape combination) took us 
    from Khiriss to Shertuz and with our newfound speed and Drelins it 
    wasn't such a bad journey north to the road which turned into Lymeric. 
    When it turned south we went onto the ice fields and pulled the final 
      We still had marginal reconaissance though and for that I retreated to 
    Dermagud, ported to Selderad and we teleported the other way to get 
    Rogga, who was flopped out exhausted over the lever. Good kid, giving 
    his all. He hadn't moved and not just because he was too tired to.
      Teleporting back east, we entered the Khiriss house and 
    Cube/Pyramid/Pyramid previewd the Hidden Vale. A teleport southwest, 
    walking, and then another teleport got us to Kruga. Then we had to go 
    east for our Methreal armor. There were a few days to wait so we just 
    sat around and learned spells until then. Even Lupi got a few in--he 
    mostly got pierce or repel, stuff that didn't reflect on your skill. 
    Then we walked into Kharin, got the armor, and jumped up to the Crystal 
    Castle. From there, Pheron and Dermagud(some shape replenishment along 
    the way,) and this time we went to the Isles of Ice(Pyramid Cube 
      Vocha was next. We were actually over-prepared for it, and when we 
    found Nexis the sun god and the extra fountains, it was a total blowout. 
    Plus we were starting to amass mushrooms from the treasure chests, 
    making for one less expense.
      But first we had to teleport to the east--actually we walked east when 
    we could and teleported east otherwise(a no teleport zone to the south,) 
    making it onto an island with some loka. Then it was southeasterly.
      I opened my pronunciation guide for the second word: "HOKDE KAFLTH 
    POKANDAJO" and bingo! We were in.
      First level: W-S-E-S-E-S-E-S-W-W-N. We stopped in rooms along the way 
    for some easy mushrooms. Apparently we'd gone out of order in what we 
    were supposed to solve, and a lot of hurt that did us. Then again that's 
    what heroes do: they leave the beaten man's common track to look for 
    better solutions. We learned some walkwater spells just in case.
      Second level: I figured the easily accessible stairs down were 
    worthless, and they were. We got some treasure that way, but hitting the 
    wall to the east and going south and then casting pierce to the west 
    revealed more stairs. The rooms had some decent treasure and we picked 
    them off just in case. But there was an ambush in the big center 
    area(why could *I* always see the monsters but Deruvians couldn't?) so 
    we decided we wanted to get through it all.
      Third level: we were in the right area now. In the southeast corner, 
    some nifts, but otherwise we had an easy path to the stairs: W-N. 
    Getting to the teleportal later would be a bit trickier, as with 
    ambushes we had to really skirt it all.
      Fourth level: the rooms here had good treasure but after getting 
    across the water once I noted treasure on an island in the southwest. I 
    cast spells but it might have been quicker if Tamas or Dokar had had 
    one--they could've gotten there and back quickly. I dug at the sign and 
    all around another small island.
      Once banded with the party we headed north through a room--there were 
    plenty to raid(with stairs to the level below getting even more 
    treasure) although we went to the east(past the west room there was an 
    ambush so we doubled back) and went along the wall until it opened up 
    into a room. West, north into a big room, and we split up again going 
    along a wall--the whole ambush inconvenience thing. We rejoined 
    afterwards. The "right" stairs were in the northeast.
      Fifth level:  S-W-N-W and we turned off into a room south where we 
    found mucho dollars. Then a chest was past there--digging it got us even 
    more. Then we retreated, W, S, blasting the field, and tending southeast 
    we found stairs down to level 6.
      Sixth level: all that was needed was a shovel and some pierce spells. 
    I hacked through and there was a room at the bottom. I walked in there 
    and saw Chambur's Tomb. I forget which side I dug now but one of them 
    had Thorin's Hammer.
      Now that we'd smoked the whole dungeon, we went back up a level(darn 
    fields had regenerated) and even to level 4. From the northeast we went 
    west through more fields and south and west--again breaking up into 
    columns to enter the room above. A teleport zapped everyone to what our 
    eardrums or something told us was level two. A god was to the north.
    "EFTAH EFTAH YOLIMDAR PEHRIZ!" I shouted. We got another charge, and 
    there was a teleportal west of the south wall. It kicked us near the 
    stairs down, which we took after using more PIERCE spells. We snuck by 
    ambushes on level three to get to the teleportal and three spheres 
    packed us off to Shendy.
      Still we had to find what to do with the hammer we found on level 6. 
    The teleportal kicked us nicely to Shendy, where we found another Elf 
    Maiden in the southeast area--guarded by patrols, but Aellin's River 
    Song made us that much faster. Teleporting northeast found us a portal 
    house, and we went to Uberion from there.
      As it actually took less time to follow the road fleeing west to 
    Soldain than to cast and re-learn a teleport spell, we used our feet. 
    Once in Soldain we picked up a Sabano book and also showed the hammer to 
    the dwarves, who gave us Hoyam Essence. Yippee-Yee-ha!
      Fleeing up Uberion back to Pheron was no big deal. We sold off our 
    loot and bought boots for much later at Port Avur and even 
    Drelins(progress was very fast now, especially fleeing along a safe 
    road,) and then we headed east to Phaleng. Walking north just before the 
    bridge to Lymeric and then teleporting north, we found Wolf Rock. We 
    used the hoyam essence and got the star key from the Wolf and ported 
    back south. Hooking around to Lymeric we entered and in the northeast 
    corner we talked to the GATE KEEPER who let us into Sudogur.
      There was a god in Sudogur as well but we had to bounce around to find 
    the Zirvanad. Sur was marooned where only birds could find him(what a 
    yellow-belly.) On level 5 we looted all the rooms for all the treasure 
    we'd need, then we went back up to level 1 and entered the teleportal 
    room. Cube Sphere Cube to northwest Pheron, and we entered Port Avur 
    from the north for a little variety.
      Oh, I made some spur of the moment poetry for the Finding of the 
    Sacred Document.
    And Lo, Ned did have a choice of three stairs
    Wherein he recognized the potential for ambush
    "Thou must use reverse psychology!"
    Oddly the other heroes, who protested, clung to his side
    For a bit before breaking up and climbing down
    The southwest stairs.
    Level two: sundered three ways, with sundry rooms.
    Treasure grabbing to north of stairs was debated,
    "Should we leave some to aid the next heroes?"
    "No, fool. We take it to devastate evil entirely,
    So they are not needed."
    They did trap zorlims against walls and pummel them,
    Consult the brilliant GameFAQs guide for exact treasure locations,
    (Searching for * SUDOGUR LEVEL 2)
    Marveling at the magic of the control-key.
    Rushing to get by the water
    Using the magic of Party Rearrangement to avoid
    Casting an additional Walkwater.
    Booted northwards to a C shaped area, they
    Dug for more treasure then climbed down.
    Through parasite moss they packed off level 3.
    Another level, another walkwater spell. To the south was the stairs.
    "Why can't they all be like this?"
    "It's just making us overconfident."
    It was time to schmooze with a God. They circled
    The circular river or maybe it was some conic
    Ned never bothered to study in school(anyone
    Who remembered it probably could have used his smarts better.)
    Ned cast the spell; a short hop, there was Sur.
    "YENNA BENIVO HEB BENNA" and then Tamas cast walkwater
    Off to the east and with the river curving northeast
    Cast another spell and rearranged the party to avoid
    Casting it again. It was getting a bit repetitive.
    The stairs went back to level two. The party debated
    If there was anything on the island. Reverse psycholo-
    Gy could be applied as an argument in either direction.
    Ned cast it. They got kicked to level 5.
    Oh the bonanza of monsters! Oh the mushrooms they ate
    Before each fight so that the victory was crushing!
    The treasure was immense, the Zirvanad awaited
    Behind lots of parasite moss. And Ned thought
    Losing his library card at age 8 had been tough.
    So they just went in a side room and beat up some
    Monsters until their fear abated. Heroes have feelings too.
    The Star Key opened the vault, and the lens helped us read it.
    Thankfully it was short on stupid calligraphy.
    A handy sign heralded an exit to level one. But exiting not,
    (say, I almost forgot to be medieval every ten lines there,)
    They took the stairs south of the entrance.
    Then they snuck by the time trap by separating
    Into columns. Cube and Sphere and Cube
    Sent them to Pheron.
    They didn't have time for poetry school during all this.
    But what they did write down was probably a bit more useful.
    Ned, up 20 days straight, showed more social import than your average
    Insomniacally "inspired" hippie. Praise be to him, though
    A side order of money increases the chance it's acknowledged.
      With nothing better to do we decided to clean Crezimas's clock next. 
    We'd talked with the queen and found about 15 rooms and 15 ambushes. 
    Gonshis, luffins and mirgets would come in handy. With the Zirvanad and 
    Vocha gems we would've had money to burn if the local currency had been 
    paper and not gold. So we had money to smelt or something and close to 
    maxed out our supply of combat mushrooms. My charisma gave a nice 
    discount and I bought in bulk and dished out the psychedelics. It was 
    time to bust monster head with our boots on--we heard Crezimas had lava 
    and wanted to be prepared.
      Crezimas had a few annoying teleportals, and south of level three's 
    stairs there was a time trap to side-wall, but otherwise the main bit of 
    trickery was that there were two ambushes right next to each other. 
    Level 3 also had some treasure in the lava which we picked up out of 
    habit. We also noted how many groups of bad guys we'd knocked off so we 
    didn't have to go running back to the queen.
    1: 3/3
    2: 3/3
    3: 4/2
    4: 2/3
    5: 4/5 
      Also level 4 seemed pretty straightforward but a sign said "hall of 
    ancient dreams" and so we dug in the southwest to find a cloak. It'd be 
    useful somewhere. The trickiest part was how two stairs led down. Two 
    rooms were way behind some fire--in the northwest a room held four 
    diamonds, and in the northeast we lamented the nerve of some fallen 
    monsters not leaving a treasure chest in the BOTTOM LEVEL of a dungeon 
    before we saw Hissen off to the east, the final room we found.
      "TUEM OBOTEM KEFLUEM MAESLEM" and our statistics, he improved 'em. A 
    teleport to level 1 was just west, and after stopping at various 
    fountain rooms we'd found, we returned to the teleportal room on level 
      From Crezimas we moved on to Bedangidar. Teleporting up the far east 
    coast was tricky, but 5E3N of a teleport from Crezimas to Trilliad was 
    the third elf maiden, Suerfin. We stopped in Theldair and some sap named 
    Baelin was whining about how she'd return soon and we ran out as he 
    looked like singing a dirge that would LOWER our speed right back down. 
    It was mostly straight east with a detour south to walk on a road a bit. 
    We teleported over some ice to find Bedangidar's entrance.
      We found a god, rescued some sorceress named Somona, and picked up 
    Brennix from Bedangidar. It was a good haul--Bedangidar was a weird 
    dungeon with levels going both up and down. But it still involved the 
    usual manipulation and shuffling: level 3, EE-NN-(split party to go 
    north)--west fork of room. Zap to level 2.
      From there we went to the east, then south and we slid west before 
    entering the room. The west-side room worked well. We surrounded the 
    gaem(we'd never seen one) and didn't even need mushrooms for the fight. 
    Our shields held out as we picked off the magic users.  The second fork 
    up on the other side teleported us--sidewalling the north wall led to 
    stairs to level 1.
      Heading east and then south at the last passage we could squeeze in, 
    we bumped to the east edge and went through the room below. Mushrooms 
    allowed us to get to the spellcasters quickly, but Lupi had one Jerrah 
    pinned in back. Our spellcasters bombed the bargs, and the bad guys were 
      Past them there were some energy fields; I'd saved up more than I 
    thought, so I just blasted through them. On the other side, we saw a 
      Booyah! We retreated to the stairs, and just northwest we found a 
    useful fountain. North of the stairs we headed west and split up--there 
    was a chute to side wall. We joined up by the west wall and contemplated 
    going north--I figured we could surprise some tough monsters there who 
    didn't anticipate us coming from the south.
      But the big fight was in the southwest. We got our mushrooms again and 
    everyone came forward. Tamas and Dokar knocked out the fermigons and got 
    to work on the zorlims, and Kruga and Rogga shot the gaps formed. The 
    azraels got the first shots in but we had put up protective shields. 
    Then we used gonshis. Our first hits were dead on, and the Azraels went 
    down quickly. Live by the wand, die by the wand. A bird was on the other 
    side and it turned out to be the Somona girlie that was almost as whined 
    about as Baelin's dear old Suerfin, although Somona apparently had 
    something critical for the candle spell.
      But first we found a portal to level 4. We'd heard some sword was on 
    level 5 and thought, great, one more level. S-S-W-S-E-E-N-E-(squeeze 
    through gap)-S-E-N and down! Yay!
      Oh dear. Down to level 6. This was annoying but we headed east onto 
    parasite moss, walked on water, and through another dungeon room and 
    over another river(we stayed by the east wall and split up to avoid 
    puddles past it) we found the stairs up.
      W-N-E-N-W-N-E-N led to the room with Brennix. I took it. It seemed to 
    increase my strength by a third. Best of al there was a teleportal S-W-
    S-E-E-N-W back to the stairs.
      From here we went back to Trilliad to see Somona and pick up some 
    dream dust. Then we went south/southeast to the Kherbel portal(it 
    required porting over mountains) and took PSP to Fubernel. A teleport 
    spell got us to Delkona, but first we took out Khazan. Two teleports 
    south got us to an L-shaped island with mushrooms, and then going west 
    we entered.
      There were unsavory characters like Hiblisses there, and we didn't 
    muck around much. We did find another god there and left as we'd come.
      We had the opportunity to see a unicorn on the other side too, and it 
    gave us a green ring. It was the last of the unicorns, and I had to use 
    Sherro's High Call to get it.
      Now I'm all for self promotion but putting your name in the chant 
    title and body is overdoing it don't you think? At any rate I managed to 
    keep my opinions of why unicorns are so rare across universes(let's just 
    say they look feminine. And that joke about dogs licking themselves 
    because they can--well, unicorns being such unselfish things activate 
    others' chocolate roads...now that I mention it, I remember a famous 
    painting of a daisy chain...but they've got NOTHING on Centaurs, a case 
    against enviro-magicians sobbing about why we should preserve magic 
    species we don't even know about) and even considered washing my hands 
    after getting the ring. The Zirvanad said it was important. Once we got 
    the ring, we re-entered, took the teleport to level 1, and left and 
    teleported back to the main area of Fubernel.
      But first we like went through the dungeon and stuff.
      E-S-W and along the NE wall. The hiblisses were rather annoying in the 
    room, but the orcs guarding them were so packed together that eventually 
    our spells wore them down. Although we used gonshis before entering to 
    get a big jump. Still just one room(we should have rested to learn 
    walkwater here) and a straightforward path down.
      With level two we snaked down the south wall and around--walking on 
    water twice and dispersing the party to crawl down a narrow 2-wide 
    tunnel. At the bottom of the T we went right and south.
      Here we just had to go through some fire, but we'd already gotten some 
    boots from Crezimas. It was pretty much straight north. Level 4 was more 
    of a problem, though. We were surrounded by water. We didn't have enough 
    spells, so we went south to find a room where we could rest. On the 
    other side we found another room with 72 rubies that cemented our 
    financial security, especially with Delkonian jewel prices. We had also 
    noted we had to split up to get north of the stairs into the teleport 
    hall, so Tamas and Dokar got stuck with memorizing a few Walkwaters. The 
    right teleport was in the northwest. It turns out we had a few left 
    over, which was a good thing for later.
      On level 5 E-S and now going SW in the lake led to a room with Heru.
    War gods! Huh! What are they good for? Boosting your statistics!
      We needed about five or six more walkwaters to get across a lake in 
    the southeast. From there some repel spells got us by snakes and a 
    "stairway to heaven" led out to the island where we got the ring. The 
    unicorn was SW.
      Now we teleported back to level 1 and then to Yberton(SSC.) We drank 
    from the Crezimas fountains again. It was our last god and we were 
    pretty well maxed out anyway, but we needed it before sending ourselves 
    back to Fubernel(CPS.)
      After re-bribing the guards and then making an appointment with the 
    captain, we debated taking out the tower or just resting and learning 
    spells. On the one hand, the citizens would be ungrateful, but on the 
    other hand we'd get a glut of spells on the two day boat trip anyway.  
    Since we'd found all those rubies in Khazan we figured we just wanted to 
    be secure with our spells. Also we got quite a few teleport spells, 
    which came in handy when we saw the island in the center with the tower 
    sticking over the mountains.
      Shadrum didn't have many fights, but what there were were tough. I 
    wasn't surprised; you leave a dungeon a way from the mainland so you 
    can't teleport and it takes TWO DAYS to get a distance we can walk in 
    three hours, you gotta think seedy folks will crop up. Shadrum was a 
    nasty tower with a lot of chutes. I memorized 99 pierce spells and went 
    to work on fireballs. Lupi, despite being a slow learner, was maxing out 
      In level 7(we were going up and LOSING level numbers--geez, it'll be a 
    mess if they ever install elevators here) we had the choice of using 
    fewer pierce spells and fighting ogres or using more pierce spells and 
    going right to the stairs. We took on the ogres, and with nifts we 
    managed to surround them and hack them to death. The stairs were north 
    and east just short of the wall.
      Now I knew we had to be careful. Lots of chutes here could knock us 
    back down, so we kept to walls at all times. So we went W-N-W and split 
    up to go south. We rejoined before entering a room to the east of the 
    hallway end. We'd learned our lessons and with gonshis/luffins/mirgets 
    five ogres were not so bad.
      The right way from the stairs was through the north room. We had to 
    pierce a field or two but that only made me feel resourceful. I think I 
    got down to only 70 spells before this finished. Again, we slipped along 
    the side for the last bit to avoid a chute.
      On level 4, another choice. We went through the second-left room and I 
    spotted another chute in a southerly hallway(S-S-E-S-W to the stairs) 
    and then it was up to level 3, which was a grid after you entered the 
    portal to the right. Fifteen paces up and nine east led to a teleport to 
    the up stairs.
      From there, W-N-E-N-E-N: with a hallway to the east, we entered the 
    dungeon room north. Past that, E-N-(repel snakes)-S and we had to split 
    in half. I repelled five snakes and when we rejoined on the other side 
    we saw the stairs to level 1.
      Here we had a repel- and pierce-fest. First I managed with some fancy 
    tap dancing to jump across and repel snakes and find Zukkamear in the 
    northeast corner of the Hall of Venom. Then in the Hall of Black Ray I 
    blasted to the square 4E 3N of the SW corner of the fields and dug there 
    for treasure.
      Later we would split top/bottom and walk right along the hall of no 
    return. We didn't return; we used a teleport. On the other side we used 
    our mushrooms to win fights in three rooms, each of which had diamonds. 
    Only #1, though, permitted through passage, and we still sidewalled the 
    south passage to the east. 
      Meeting the ogre king was an anticlimax. He applauded our bravery and 
    gave us the Circlet of Aka. Best of all, behind him was a portal that 
    led right to Shiran if you had PCP and so we got the Shir-Aka Ash pretty 
    easily from that.
      Teleporting east to Thakass--we found going east from Knessos you 
    could see the south tip of Wizard's Isle, which spared the time and 
    money we'd need for a boat there--we found what a lousy-easy dungeon 
    that was. Apparently one of the obelisk words was also there and 
    although most heroes can't do this I managed to rig the lens so that it 
    could see the landlocked area where the obelisk blended in with 
    mountains. More pedantic minds who rely heavily on magic and rules would 
    have to teleport there.
      Anyway on level 8, through the east room(were the monsters easy or 
    what?) and north we found stairs up. S-W-S-W-W abd now we split up to go 
    through the narrow passage and N-E-N on the other side was level 6.
      W-S-E-all the way S-E to level 5. We split up and sidewalled 
    left/right to go up the west side and then up/down to get past as we 
    went east--a force field blocked our way north. But we wanted to go 
    northeast, to level 4. W-W-W-S-E-S-W-N avoided chutes without us having 
    to break up, and on level 3 it was a matter of going east before the 
    south wall and slugging through four rooms. But there weren't hiblisses 
    or azraels so we didn't mind.
      On level 2 I used the pierce spell--we went through a big wall 2 at a 
    time--and in the center of a big X of fields, I dug around just for 
    kicks just below the very center. Gems turned up.  From there I found we 
    could rejoin below, and a few repels later(west along the wall) we 
    managed to find the stairs.
      We thought about visiting the rooms in the center but what if there 
    were chutes in the way? So we went to the top and visited the mad 
    wizard. I asked him about the ring a bunch of times, and he coughed it 
    up. Skirting the north wall, we found a sign that said "teleport to 
    level 5."
      I guess the mad wizard didn't write that sign because it actually sent 
    us there. W, S, sidewall up to avoid ambush, W, pierce, N. We pierced 
    the force field, teleported to Sargoz(SPC,) and hacked through there.
      There are no stairs in Sargoz. Just teleports. And we went east 
    immediately on entering. We split top/bottom to get through the narrow 
    passage and cast pierce. In the southeast corner, fermigons and gaems 
    didn't seem too bad for the first room. The next one had zorlims and 
    zebanis packed together--perfect for that Zoxinn spell that takes out 
    everyone. Beyond, we found a lake and two walkwater spells later(and 
    some sermins; the parasite moss was nasty) we hit the portal for level 
      It kicked us to a parasite moss isle in the center of the lake. In the 
    northeast we cast walkwater and broke up and rejoined to make it past 
    the final bit(2N then E.) There was a room to the east and one north of 
    that. We'd been lucky so far but still kept up our diets of mushrooms--
    the encounters wouldn't get easier. Well, actually, we'd met some dreads 
    in the second room, who had slightly fewer hit points than azraels and 
    no Hraffel hangers-on. But the azraels were planted so close to where we 
    entered that we'd hacked them up pretty quickly especially with 
      Third level: back to roughly the center. We headed southwest and then 
    cast walkwater to go south on the river, then east, then norh into the 
    portal. That was easy!
      Fourth level: all the way east, then south and east at the second 
    turn. S and here we split top/bottom. E-N-W-N for both groups before we 
    joined. Then we went north and east. At the lake we went west and, at 
    the first opportunity, south until one square separated our bottom guys 
    from the wall. Then two squares west and we hit a teleporter.
      The last run of rooms was the worst. Although we could have snuck 
    through many of the fields with pierce I just blasted all the fields I 
    found; along the way there were two tough fights(the middle room was a 
    bit of a joke) where we just used gonshis at the start of each turn and 
    in fact wished we'd had a Zutyun or two to strip magic shields. 
    Otherwise, we were overstocked. Of course we always had our shields up 
    and threw whatever spells we could at the bad guys as well.
      We got an amulet out of the deal, then at the teleportal we went to 
    Hidden Vale with three spheres. We were all set. But a funny thing 
    happened on the way to the magic castle--the heat from the flames of 
    Sargoz must have overcome me. My energy had seemed a bit low...
      A dingy Chicago apartment. Past Pepto Bismol pink walls and up a 
    creepy elevator. An apartment door unlocks. I go in and trip over a box 
    of cassette tapes, kick a metal waste basket. Some twentysomething guy 
    with glasses who needs a haircut sitting in a chair.
      "How'd you get here?" I ask.
      "It's more like, how YOU got here. This is my apartment. Let's just 
    say...sector editing. And a lot of late nights with store-brand licorice 
    cola which is better than it tastes."
      "Boy," I said, "for a medieval setting, is it getting way too 
    postmodern here or is it just me?"
      "Even if it were just you, it would still really be just me."
      "Yeah, whatever. Say! What's up with that football jersey?"
      "Well, yeah. Drew Brees doesn't play for Purdue any more. He's in the 
    pros with the Chargers now. I should buy one of those."
      "I mean this is a medieval place and story and stuff."
      "That Ned. Always after The Truth."
      "Do I know you?"
      "Well, you know how you were always right? Well that wasn't quite 
    right. It was me. Save states. Emulation. Bit-processing in C files. 
    Countless mistakes that I undid. Remember your apocalyptic visions?"
      "Yeah, what happened to 'em? I guess I don't need them any more."
      "Well, since you never slept I had to do something else. So I 
    toploaded it all."
      "The heck...you mean?!?!"
      "Listen, Ned, I got you this gig. I got you the previous two as well. 
    You--you've been good to me, Ned. But maybe it's time you thought of 
    settling down. Plus I'm too old and lazy to finish an RPG again. I let 
    you into my favorite RPGs and you helped me with taking a more sarcastic 
    angle. I'll leave you with one last hint: for now I've written 500 KB 
    out in a month and am really too tired to read any more. Control-F. 11-
    2. Remember that."
      I made a mental note.
      "Oh, and Ned? This one just doesn't feel as funny as the Deathlord 
    one. I'll blame you for that, ha ha. But if you're bored of Deruvia I 
    can get you another gig. It's really a question of how you want to sit 
    on your butt. Off in some hut, at the mercy of some adventurers who need 
    advice at 3 AM, or perhaps I can get you a gig in my own game. You can 
    be a sage--you'll have the opportunity to be sarcastic."
      I coughed pointedly.
      "Fine. I'll take Zebez."
      At that point he tilted his computer monitor around: I saw the name 
    Zebez over Rogga, Kruga, and the other names. "You loser!" I yelled. 
    "You can't live a REAL life so you rely on this stupid..." I reached for 
    Schultz. He snapped his fingers. I tripped over a CD for some bargain 
    game. I knew no more. Well, I probably knew more than that clown. 
    But...what I mean is, I woke up a bit worse for the wear in the valley 
    south of the Kherbel desert.
      We'd been in the Hidden Vale before but never entered the castle 
    proper. All the items on my checklist were there: dream dust, shir-aka 
    ash, crystal dust. Blue ring, green ring, amulet. I had the amulet. 
    Dokar took some dream dust and the green ring, with Tamas getting the 
    blue ring, crystal dust and Shir-Aka Ash.
      "So where are the pillars we're supposed to be on?" All this walking 
    around dungeons and they were scared of a beat-down castle the size of 
    one dungeon room. I walked around and turned up all three in short 
    order. Tamas stood on the blue, Dokar stood on the green, and I 
    completed the color coordination by standing on the white with my white 
      I chanted the words, two at a time. Then Tamas went and chanted his 
    words before using the crystal dust. The electricity in the air ended. I 
    tried starting my chant again but nothing happened. Tamas and Dokar 
    slumped sitting onto the pedestals and wouldn't move. "Lo. We are 
      At this point I started yelling. "Where was that Candle Can-Do? I'll 
    be candid. Life isn't a bowl of candy." There was a lot of shouting in 
    general. Eventually Tamas and Dokar got so whiny that Kruga and Rogga 
    went over and kicked their butts off the pedestals. They both got back 
    on and the crackling started up again.
      So the chants began anew. It crossed all our minds what would happen 
    if...we burst the bubble...then with Dreax inside if we burst it or left 
    him there...or we flat out mis-said something. It was exciting for all 
    of us; my comrades didn't fully trust me as we hadn't all seen the words 
    of power on the obelisk, and I couldn't trust them because they might 
    flip out and lose faith in me. But we made it through.
      King Rebnard gave us a dinner and stuff for all this. It was real 
    tasty. I slept for the first time in fifty-odd days and realized I could 
    make this place a home. I was hoping for some house in a village but 
    wound up doing better. Turns out my companions got some ceremonial 
    appointments, and the king seemed to think I was very humble not wanting 
    to be around Deruvians much.
      Third Time Lucky and all that--I don't really believe in catch phrases 
    although they're great to throw at people.
      Deruvia really was my kind of place. I'd even begun to make a 
    collection of those cool pointy hats elves wore in my room in the King's 
    Palace I'd carved out--Meardom was behind its entrance. Yet were I not a 
    hero people would have found this more shocking than transvestism(cross 
    species dressing, the noive!) It's nice to have that kind of clout.
      Yet there is always the feeling of loss. Occasionally while questing I 
    would have given a good deal to watch a video with an exploding guitar. 
    But a few days later after all the ceremonies I went to a roadside pub. 
    A bard was singing a shanty rather badly. A wizard who'd had a bit of 
    ale extended his palm; a burst of light shot forth from it, and the lyre 
    was no more. So I guess people could make do without technology here. 
    The only thing that would never happen was, I could never vote 
    Republican again. Oh well. One day someone got my name and knocked on my 
    door at 3 AM.
      "Hello sir? We've got a problem off in a very parallel universe over 
    here. It's, well, about the same thing you had to take care of over 
    here, but it's forty percent less time to do it in and monsters are just 
    swarming. Your past experience shows you have eminent qualifications, 
    and a man of your resourcefulness..."
      "I'm terribly sorry sir, but Ned is busy. Why don't you come back some 
    other time?"
      He was just uncharismatic enough for the laws of the universe to allow 
    me to do that, but all the same it was a good thing I'd put on my 
    glasses/mustache/fake nose before responding. It'd still actually work 
    here. I visited the places Schultz recommended me--the dungeon room 
    monsters had been destroyed since Dreax's fall-- and saw the obelisks. 
    The out of the way mushroom patches. Eventually after bribing the magic 
    teachers to help me learn more, I was able to teleport and set up shop 
    on the island with the Tower of Ruhan--the one we'd bothered to lift but 
    never entered. With all my free time and my 99 learning skill I pulled a 
    few all nighters poping mushrooms as I boned up on the Deruvian history 
    and the stuff I'd probably have felt obliged to do if I were born in 
    Deruvia. Best of all, I managed to hide more than 9999 gold pieces--see, 
    Kruga and co. moved on and couldn't take it with them, and I got the 
    stuff we couldn't sell and when I got bored I traveled roads and played 
    middlemen between dwarves and Delkona.
      I even established a committee to put up plaques in critical dungeon 
    rooms describing my tasks. It took longer than restoring the candle BUT-
    -what good is adventuring if you can't enjoy the laurels? No, Deruvia 
    didn't seem like such a bad place. And best of all, never again would I 
    turn on the radio out of boredom only to be ambushed by the them to "The 
    Greatest American Hero." Occasionally people knocked on my door and some 
    even got in because they knew my name but they were mostly wizards with 
    no charisma so I didn't actually have to TALK to them. Ha ha.
      If you can't go home again, you sure don't want to go to hell again. 
    Or to the next canto. Even if Dante's Inferno was the only one of the 
    three that made any sense and got cooler as it went along. So I stayed. 
    I'd just have to make sure to pay people a decent salary to keep my 
    island above water. People were too lazy to visit, which probably meant 
    someone evil could swoop in, which is probably better than Schultz's 
    lousy old deal. If he even exists. I think that whole dream thing was a 
    sign of how good I've got it because I made it that way, but I'll figure 
    out why later. If I'm bothered. After all, that's how I managed to save 
    Deruvia in record time.
      You won't be able to attack the bridge to Lymeric right away, so you 
    may want to sit back and have your mages learn important fighting spells 
    and so forth. You may want to go with two SABANO casters here. Having to 
    wait isn't all bad, as you can accumulate spells, knowledge and--best of 
    all--cash for methreal armor. Drelins are really important to get you to 
    mountain passes away from increased roving patrols and so forth. The 
    sooner you get learning the sooner you'll be a match for the monsters. 
    Fortunately once in the mountain maze in Uberion(or once you get Ishban 
    from Lymeric) you can swap off spellcasters. Train them in magic and the 
    pendulum has swung in your favor. You may not be able to walk on cross 
    country treks as easily so be sure to stick to the roads to flee and 
    pack crazy drelins.
        15-1. THE JUST WEIRD
      The Sumruna inn in the Commodore version shows ghost characters(at 
    least VICE does. Keep this in mind with all C64 bugs.)
      There are two characters named Pugar: one in a house in Kharin and the 
    other in a bar in Sumruna. Similarly there's a Kurek in Port Avur and 
    one in Kharin.
      On the C64 I found monsters in the sea trying to attack me along SW 
    Selderad's coastline.
      (C64) Buy armor with one character #3. Go to a castle and switch for 
    another in that slot. Come back. The armor, which is supposed to be for 
    individuals, is actually reserved for player #3.
      (C64) teleport from Sudogur to Marmaris causes crash.
      (C64) leaving a teleport room, you get "insert side 2" when it should 
    be side 3 you need to put in.
      (C64) stepping on an ambush just after a time trap doesn't activate 
    it--is this by design?
      (C64) stairs down to Crezimas leave left players in a wall
      (C64) have someone not use the strongest hand weapon he can, so that 
    damage is less than strength. Then use a luffin and mirget. Damage will 
    be 3 * strength, not 3 * normal damage.
      (C64) crash into the Bubble of Captivity before Dreax is in it, and 
    your person can't move off his square, although duplicates of him will. 
    It's supposed to be powerful magic, but still...
      (C64) Beratt says, meet me on level 1 at 8. But he stays in the 
    council room until 9!
      When crossing to Uberion, there's a long path south. On one square you 
    need to use a rope to cross a chasm. However, you can just leave that 
    square and then flee twice south--your party in essence runs over the 
    gap that's supposed to be there! You'll see this at other places in the 
    game. So why tax yourself?
      There also *has* to be a way to disk-swap characters, at least with 
    the Apple and C64 emulators. *UNVERIFIED:* Save your game. Make sure one 
    player has no stuff when you save it. Then transfer it all to him and 
    drop him off at the castle on your starter disk. Restore your game. Drop 
    your itemless character on the backup disk and put the regular disk in. 
    Ask him to join up. This way you could double stuff significantly.
      Of course this backfires as well--see the C64 version. If you leave 
    someone only partially healed at a castle, then his maximum stamina 
    becomes his current stamina. More seriously, this happens for speed as 
    well. Not a big deal if you are leaving someone for good, but in case 
    you need to drop someone temporarily and want to  do so at night, you'll 
    lose points. In fact you have to wait, go outside at light, move, and 
    reenter for the speed to be recharged.
      I've already mentioned the trick to win almost 1000 gambling as a 
    quick boost.
      The right part of Piyan is listed as Vo. Also Fubernel is listed as 
    the very left of Kherbel in some cases, and you're kicked into automatic 
      I still like how the monks' temple closes if you don't donate. Dwarves 
    get seasick and are miserable throughout voyages.
      This really can sap a lot of fun out of the game, but if you're one 
    cube short at a teleportal, then there are worse things you can be 
    doing. The thing to notice about how VICE data is saved is that the 
    program looks at stats one by one, going through each party member--in 
    many games it's the other way around. Worse yet current and maximum 
    attributes are in very different places. You'll need a hex editor for 
    this(I recommend AXE) and basic knowledge of hexadecimal.
    Warning--if you give someone 1 of every item then the program will 
    crash. This should not happen if you play the game correctly, as a lot 
    of the items are traded for each other, i.e. the circlet for shir-aka 
    ash or the hammer for hoyam essence(which you can get more of) for the 
    star key.
    Attribute    | Current | Maximum
    strength     | 0x974   | 0x9bc
    stamina      | 0x97a   | 0x9c2
    energy       | 0x980   | 0x9c8
    sword skill  | 0x986   | 0x9ce
    bow skill    | 0x98c   | 0x9d4
    agility      | 0x992   | 0x9da
    magic level  | 0x998   | 0x9e0
    charisma     | 0x99e   | 0x9e6
    hunter skill | 0x9a4   | 0x9ec
    learn skill  | 0x9aa   | 0x9f2
    dexterity    | 0x9b0   | 0x9f8
    speed        | 0x9b6   | 0x9fe
    0xa04 gold * 100
    0xa0a gold (<100)
    Example: a04 at 17h and a0a at 17h would give 2323 gold for your leader.
    0xa10 food
    0xa16 arrows
    0xbdd shield
    Items       | Offset
    b= potion   | 0xa4c
    c= gonshi   | 0xa52
    d= sermin   | 0xa58
    e= pyramid  | 0xa5e
    f= sphere   | 0xa64
    g= cr dust  | 0xa6a
    h= cube     | 0xa70
    i= s. ash   | 0xa76
    j= amulet   | 0xa7c
    k= hoyam    | 0xa82
    l= mirget   | 0xa88
    m= nift     | 0xa8d
    n= luffin   | 0xa94
    o= rope     | 0xa9a
    p= loka     | 0xaa0
    q= drelin   | 0xaa6
    r= star     | 0xaac
    s= pearl    | 0xab2
    t= topaz    | 0xab8
    u= ruby     | 0xabe
    v= emerald  | 0xac4
    w= diamond  | 0xaca
    x= hammer   | 0xad0
    y= dr dust  | 0xad6
    z= cloak    | 0xadc
    0= blanket  | 0xae2
    1= circlet  | 0xae8
    2= pick     | 0xaee
    3= boot     | 0xaf4
    4= shovel   | 0xafa
    5= lens     | 0xb00
    6= medicin  | 0xb06
    7= pass     | 0xb0c
    8= b ring   | 0xb12
    9= g ring   | 0xb18
    Spells      | Offset
    Fear        | 0xc14
    Confuse     | 0xc1a
    Shatter     | 0xc20
    Repel       | 0xc29
    Locate      | 0xc2c
    Assess      | 0xc32
    Fireball    | 0xc38
    Teleport    | 0xc3e
    Heal        | 0xc44
    Weaken      | 0xc4a
    Vision      | 0xc50
    Freeze      | 0xc56
    Energy      | 0xc5c
    Pierce      | 0xc62
    Disappear   | 0xc68
    Walkwater   | 0xc6e
    Shield      | 0xc74
    Resurrct    | 0xc7a
    Zofir       | 0xc80
    Zapall      | 0xc86
    Zengrl      | 0xc8c
    Zishoxe     | 0xc92
    Zefoar      | 0xc98
    Zutyun      | 0xc9e
      There's also a sort of editor on Jason Spangler's page that takes 
    saved games on the PC and allows you to get whatever item you want.
    End of FAQ proper
      16. VERSIONS
    4/1/2003: 0.3.0, sent in first draft. The plan is to have this done by 
    the month's end, but that may be ambitious. First draft of text maps. 
    Dermagud complete along with 99% of dialogs. 300k+ with a satisfactory 
    skeleton walkthrough, but I believe there's some underdone stuff and 
    some huge gaps, especially in the dungeons and side quests. Puns in 
    Ned's walkthrough pending.
    4/5/2003: 0.6.0, my biggest FAQ ever. Thakass and Sargoz, along with 
    dungeon general stuff, not done. But you can figure how to get that far 
    from the details in the other dungeons from this FAQ(exc. Dermagud which 
    is easy) said the Busy Prolific FAQ Writer, sniffing pointedly!
    4/7/2003: 0.8.0. Almost forgot about Sudogur and Meardom details. What 
    to Do section still need glossing over, but the detail is there. Solved 
    the game in 54 game-days. Pulled Ned for now, but OH will he be back in 
    a bit :).
    4/9/2003: 0.9.0. More stuff. Ned's still waiting to bust out, but I 
    added more info and organized it some more. What to Do is now complete. 
    I want to write a logical walkthrough before completion.
    4/21/2003: 0.9.5. Ned's walkthrough drags on but I think all the rest of 
    the info is there!
    4/30/2003: 1.0.0. Ned's walkthrough is complete although I still feel it 
    drags on. Not as funny as I hoped, but I deadlined myself for version 
    1.0.0 in April, and maybe I'll touch it up later.
      17. CREDITS
    Aric Jacover, for telling me this game was better than Deathlord, even 
    if he wasn't Q-U-I-T-E right. Sorry I cut under you calling that 900 
    hint line, man :). This little labor of love doubles, I hope, as 
    Jason Spangler, for letting me use info, and all the contributors to his 
    kahei for the wonderful AXE hex editor.
    Jeanne Wyvern Harlon-Marriott, whose walkthrough reminded me of parts of 
    this game and eventually inspired me to (I hope) take it to the sort of 
    next level that wasn't really possible over ten years ago. Also I took 
    some road conversations from her FAQ, initialing the entries JWHM.
    The usual gang for putting up with my "Magic Candle is coming any day 
    now!" and at least trying to care: The usual reviewers' gang at 
    GameFAQs: bloomer, daremo, falsehead, MaxH, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon, 
    ursil and Zigfried(who remembered and said they liked this game, causing 
    this nostalgic overreaction of a FAQ) and others I know I forgot.
    Thuan Nguyen for writing to me on the day I told myself this game was 
    "due." It was serendipitous encouragement, and it worked, thanks!
    Oh. I forgot Sashanan. Who reminded me of the Magic Candle save-state 
    trick when using an emulator.

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