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FAQ/Walkthrough by AMorozin

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/16/00

                  Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero?
                          FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.0

                 Writer: Andrew R Morozin (LoudKing@aol.com)

                    (C)Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.

Hello I am Andrew. I have been a fan ever since I got 
Quest for Glory III: Waging War mailed to me for free by 
MCI.  I have beaten every Quest for Glory with every possible 
character even Quest for Glory V! I am sure you will find 
everything you need in this Walkthrough/FAQ.

Game Info
Name: Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero?
Type: Fantasy Adventure
System: PC
Company: Sierra
Maker: Lori Ann Cole

For more info check out my review at gamefaqs.com! 

 3.Tips, Tips, and Tips
 4.The FAQ
 5.Codes and Secrets
 6.Items and Spells
   a-Starting Out
   b-The Healer's Ring
   c-Saving the Baronet
   d-Visiting Baba Yaga
   e-Obtaining the Dispel Potion
   f-Attacking the Brigands
   g-Payback for Baba Yaga
11.Quests and Deeds
   d-Any Old Deeds



While I don't mind questions, what you should do first is READ THE FAQ 
to see if the answer is in there.  If it absolutely, 100% isn't in there, 
or if you can't understand what I'm saying, then you can email me about 
the question you want answered.  If you ask me a question when the answer 
is in the FAQ, I probably won't reply back.  
Thank you for your cooperation.


{2} Story

A man that came straight from graduating from the Hero's School of
Correspondance, heads to a town named Spielburg which seems to be
in trouble for his first adventure. He wants to become.. a Hero!
After he arrives there is an avalanche that traps him inside.

He arrives at town and meets the sheriff. He hears about the
Baron and his lost children, and about Baba Yaga and the
Brigands and he has found himself his first adventure.

He heads to the Adventurer's Guild, logs in and reads the
bulletin board.

Soon enough he hears the ancient prophecy.
"'Comes a Hero from the East,
 Free the man from in the beast;
 Bring the child from out the band;
 Drive the curser from the land.'"

If he fulfills these deeds he shall be known as Hero of Spielburg.


{3} Tips, Tips, and Tips


-Don't save all on the same save. Example:
 Thief1, Thief2, Thief3... etc
 That way if you screw up you won't have to start the whole
 game over!!!!

-Don't drink ANYTHING at the Aces and Eights Tavern! It's a waste 
of money, the Troll's Sweat is a COMPLETE waste of money, and the 
Dragon's Breath kills you.

-When you're burglarizing a house, make sure you're in stealth mode.
(bent over walking)

-The only safe places to sleep is the Hero's Tale Inn, the horse
stable inside the castle grounds, and 'Enry the 'Ermit's cave.
If you sleep anywhere else... you'll die. Fair warning.

-Pay attention to your stamina! If it runs out you can die, and
you don't lose stamina in just battles!


{4} The FAQ

Q: I can't kill things!
A: Get your timing right, when you see blood squirt from your enemy
   after you strike, you know you're doing something right.

Q: Can you steal Otto's yo-yo?
A: No. And wouldn't that be very inconsiderate of you if you did?
   Imagine how sad the little fella would be if you did that.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: 42


{5} Codes and Secrets

Ok you raskly Quest for Glory originals you finally get
an advantage.

All the codes here are for Quest for Glory Original.

Type in "Razzle Dazzle Root Beer"

ALT+B = Money editer. Up to 999

ALT+K = stats editer
0 = Strength 
1 = Intelligence 
2 = Agility 
3 = Vitality 
4 = Luck 
5 = Weapon Use 
6 = Parry 
7 = Dodge 
8 = Stealth 
9 = Pick Locks 
10 = Throwing 
11 = Climbing 
12 = Magic 
13 = Experience 
14 = Hit Points 
15 = Stamina Points 
16 = Magic Points 
17 = Open 
18 = Detect Magic 
19 = Trigger 
20 = Dazzle 
21 = Zap 
22 = Calm 
23 = Flame Dart 
24 = Fetch 

ALT+I = Item editer (Get any item you want!)
1 = Silver Coin 
2 = Gold Coin 
3 = Food 
4 = Mandrake Root 
5 = Brass Key 
6 = Broadsword 
7 = Dagger 
8 = Leather Jerkin 
9 = Shield 
10 = Piece of paper 
11 = Apple
12 = Vegetable 
13 = Glowing Red Gem 
14 = Porcelain Vase 
15 = Candelabra 
16 = Music Box 
17 = Candlestick 
18 = String of Pearls 
19 = Gold Ring 
20 = Spirea Seed 
21 = Rock 
22 = Flower from Erana's Peace
23 = Lockpick 
24 = Thieves Toolkit 
25 = Thieve's Licence 
26 = Empty Flask 
27 = Green Fur 
28 = Fairy Dust 
29 = Flask of Water 
30 = Mushroom 
31 = Cheetaur Claw 
32 = Troll beard 
33 = Chainmail Armor
34 = Healing Potion 
35 = Magic Potion 
36 = Vigor Potion 
37 = nothing 
38 = Dispel Potion 
39 = Undead Unguent 
40 = Magic Mirror 
41 = Magic Acorn 

ALT+T = Teleport anywhere (you have to guess)

ALT-S = list the sprites currently on screen

ALT-E = ego status

ALT-P = changes the objects on the screen to turn to only one color 
depending on whether it it's in the foreground or background


{6} Items and Spells

      A. Items

You can buy stuff with it.
Gold is better than Silvers.

You can buy stuff with it.

The Fighter starts out with it. The best weapon in the
game, but limited to only the Fighter.

The Fighter starts out with it, great defense item.
Limited to only the Fighter.

Leather Jerkin
The Characters start out with it. It's a good defense

You can put water and fairy dust in here. You also get them after you
drink a potion. You can buy them at the Dry Goods store. If you don't
want them the Healer will buy them from you.

Great rations for a great hero. You'll need these so you don't die
of hunger.
COST = 5 silvers for 10 rations

Basically they're throwing daggers. A Fighter will need one,
and Thieves could always use a few.
COST = 20 silvers

Chainmail Armor
Great form of defense but pretty heavy and expensive.
COST = 500 silvers

Healing Potion
You can buy these from the Healer or Zara (Zara sells them more
expensive), you can steal them from the Healer but if you do she
will find out and never let you inside her store again and you'll
lose the game. You get two as a gift for finding her ring also.
What they do is restore HP, obviously.
HEALER COST = 40 silvers
ZARA COST = 50 silvers

Vigor Potions
You can buy these from the Healer or Zara (Zara sells them more
They restore stamina.
HEALER COST = 20 silvers
ZARA COST = 25 silvers

Power Potions
You can buy these from the Healer or Zara (Zara sells them more
They restore Magic Points.
HEALER COST = 60 silvers
ZARA COST = 75 silvers

Undead Unguent
This will allow you to not be killed by the ghosts at night time.
You cna buy it from the Healer.
COST = 100 silvers

Dispel Potion
This will change the form of someone who's form has been changed.
You can get it from the Healer when you give her the ingredients.
COST = Flowers from Erana's Peace, Magic Acorn, Flying Water,
       Green Fur, Faery Dust

Open Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Open spell. You can buy it from
COST = 30 silvers

Fetch Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Fetch spell. You can buy it from
COST = 40 silvers

Flame Dart Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Flame Dart spell. You can buy it 
from Zara.
COST = 60 silvers

Detect Magic Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Detect Magic spell. The Green
Meep has custody of it.

Calm Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Calm spell. It is hidden in
Erana's Peace.

Trigger Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Trigger spell. 'Enry the
'Ermit has it.

Erasmus's Razzle Dazzle Rootbeer Spell Scroll
This scroll will teach you the Erasmus's Razze Dazzle
Rootbeer spell. You have to beat Erasmus at a magic
game to get it.

Drink at Hero's Tale Inn
This restores stamina. Sit down at the bench in the Hero's
Tale Inn and order it.
COST = 1 silver

Meal at Hero's Tale Inn
This restores stamina. Sit down at the bench in the Hero's
Tale Inn and order it.
COST = 3 silvers

Buy Abdulla a Drink at Hero's Tale Inn
Sit down at the bench in the Hero's Tale Inn and give money
to Abdulla to order it.
COST = 2 silvers

Buy Abdulla a Meal at Hero's Tale Inn
Sit down at the bench in the Hero's Tale Inn and give money
to Abdulla to order it.
COST = 4 silvers

Sleep at Hero's Tale Inn
This restores all stamina. Pay Shameen and rent the room for
the night.
COST = 5 silvers

They're fresh apples from the nearby farm. You can eat them,
but they're best to give away.
COST = 1 silver for 10 apples

Mixed vegetables. Best when eaten. You can complete your
diet with these.
COST = 1 silver for 10 vegetables

A waste of money. Wow. You drank ale. There goes that silver.
It can be bought at Aces and Eights Tavern.
COST = 1 silver

Troll's Sweat
A COMPLETE waste of money. Not only do you spend 5 silvers on
it, but then you black out and Crusher steals all of your money.
It can be bought at Aces and Eights Tavern.
COST = 5 silvers and the rest of your money too

Dragon's Breath
This is also a complete waste of money. It's pretty expensive,
and it kills you.
It can be bought at Aces and Eights Tavern.
COST = 25 silvers and your life

Thieve's License
A must-have for any Thief. If you're a thief, buy it.
It can be bought from Boris the fencer in the Thieve's
COST = 25 silvers

As a Thief you start out with one. You can pick locks
and break into houses with it. You can also buy one
from Boris but that's a waste of money.
COST = 15 silvers

Thieve's Toolkit
You can't be a true thief without one. Sure it may be
a waste of money but all the cool guys are doing it.
It picks locks and allows you to break into people's 
homes more efficiently. It can be bougt from Boris the 
fencer at the Thieve's Guild. 
COST = 100 silvers

Cheetaur Claw
You get it for killing a Cheetaur, but you have to search
its dead body to get it. The Healer will buy it from you.

Troll's Beard
If you kill Fred the Troll, search his body for his beard.
The Healer will buy it from you.

They're mushrooms from the Faery circle. ONLY
get them at daytime. The Healer will buy them
from you.

Spirea Seed
You steal it from the Spore Spitting Spireas.
The Dryad wants it.

Flying Water
Water from a waterfall. Where do you think you
could get some of that?

Magic Acorn
It's a magical acorn. The Dryad gives it to you
if you give her the Spirea Seed.

Green Fur
It's Green Meep fur. The Green Meep gives you

Faery Dust
Dust from a faery. Beats me. If you dance for them
they'll give you some.

Flowers from Erana's Peace
In the garden named Erana's Peace there are flowers
everywhere. This is a gold mine. The Healer buys
them for 5 silvers a piece.

Kobold's Key
You need to sneak up and steal, or kill the Kobold
for this key.

The Toadstools in the Kobold's cave will poison you
to death, and the Healer doesn't want them. So just
drop them all.

Just pick them up off the ground in the forest.
They can be thrown.

Glowing Red Gem
If you trade with Brauggi Barter, the Frost Giant, or 
mercilessly destroy him you'll get a glowing red gem.

Healer's Ring
The Healer's Ring is lost. You must find it.
She will reward you if you do.

Mandrake Root
Baba Yaga sends you out to get it, if you don't she'll
kill you. It must be pulled out at exactly the middle
of night.
It's at the town graveyard.

Magic Mirror
The Magic Mirror reflects spells.
Erasmus let 'Enry the 'Ermit borrow it, and 'Enry let
the Brigand Warlock borrow it.. so yer gonna have to
bust down a whole fortress just reflect one lousy

Porcelain Vase
Thieve's can steal this from the Sheriff's house.

Thieve's can steal this from the Old Lady's house.

Thieve's can steal this from the Sheriff's house.

Music Box
Thieve's can steal this from the Sheriff's house.

Pearl Necklace
Thieve's can steal this from the Old Lady's house.

Suspicious Notes
The traitor Brigands plant their notes on the floor of
the Aces and Eights Tavern. That's hwo they communicate
without getting caught. They're not too smart.

      B. Spells

Zap Spell
You can charge your weapon for more damage it only works once per cast.
You start out with this spell.

Fetch Spell
This spell will catch any item you want, that you can't reach.

Flame Dart Spell
This spell will attack someone or something with a darting ball
of flame.

Open Spell
This spell will open something that you can't yourself, perhaps
heavy or locked doors.

Calm Spell
This spell will calm your enemies, wild animals, fire, anything
that has gone balistic.

Detect Spell
This spell will detect magical things or some kind of invisible
magical effect.

Trigger Spell
This spell will trigger and disarm magical traps or effects.

Erasmus's Razzle Dazzle Rootbeer Spell
It has nothing to do with rootbeer, what it does is creates
a dazzling flash of light that will blind your enemies for
a certain amount of time.


{7} Characters

The Hero
A man setting out for the reputation as a hero.
      His hobbies include killing every sort of monster there is. 
           Magic User
           An amatuer spellcaster with potential. He starts out with one
           spell, Zap.
               If you are going to save others why not help yourself out also? 
               That's what the thief thinks.

Sheriff Schultz Meistersson
He's the Sheriff. He used to go out monster hunting with the Baron and
the Adventurer's Guildmaster, but now just spends time training Otto,
his deputy.

A Goon, being trained as a deputy by the Sheriff of Spielberg. He likes
his yo-yo.

Baron Stefan Von Speilburg
He is very upset, the Ogress, Baba Yaga is inhabiting his land, his
children are lost, and the Brigands anually come to Spielberg and
gang-rob anyone in sight. He needs a hero.

Baronet Barnard Von Spielburg
A cocky young man that has been lost for years, because of a curse
caused by Baba Yaga. He is the Baron's son.

Elsa Von Spielberg
A young girl that was cursed by Baba Yaga many years ago and
has been missing ever since. She is the Baron's daughter.

Yorick was the Baron's jester and set off once Elsa dissapeared and
promised never to return until she was safe.

Wolfgang Abenteuer, the Adventurer's Guildmaster
An old Guildmaster that used to hunt with the Sheriff and Baron. He
will take record of your deeds.

A "silly" if you will, Wizard. He will train you over the years in your
magic, if you are a magic user. He thinks he's funny and is very
annoying to talk to. He is friends with Baba Yaga, the Brigand Warlock,
and 'Enry the 'Ermit.

Erasmus's familiar. Or is it the other way around? He's a rat.
He likes to use lots of corny puns.

She is the Magic Store owner. She is also very mean. She knows
Erasmus and has great respect for Erana. She is half human
and half faeryfolk, just like Erana.

Damiano is Zara's familiar, he's some kind of imp creature.

Heinrich Pferdefedern
He is the farmer, he's also a Centaur. Wouldn't it suck to be
a Centaur? I mean he gets the worst half of a horse.
He was robbed by the Brigands one day, but eventually recovered
from it.

Hilde Pferdefedern
She is the farmer's daughter. She sells the goods he grows.

He owns the Dry Goods store, a great store for an adventurer to
shop at! He wants to be an adventurer, but is a bit of a coward
so he just helps adventurers.

He owns the Hero's Tale Inn an inexpensive and comfortable Inn.
He was trapped in Spielburg and can't get back to his desert
homeland Shapier so just stays around with his Inn. He is of the 
Katta species, a species of talking cat that walk upright like humans.

Shema is Shameen's wife and takes care of the kitchen at the Inn.

Abdulla Doo
Abdulla Doo is a merchant that flew to Spielburg on his flying
carpet with Shameen and Shema, but also got stuck in Spielburg.
He was eventually robbed by Brigands and Shameen and Shema 
take care of him. He will give you a lift to Shapeir on his
flying carpet if you find it that is, and the rest of his

Sam the Beggar
Sam has been poor all of his life, you can find him in the alleyway
at daytime, he will be begging for money. If you give him some he'll
talk to you. He promises to meet you at Silmaria one day.

Sneak is a thief that is ready to kill you if you don't hand over
your cash. Do whatever you possibly can to avoid him.

Other Thief
The other thief that does the talking remains nameless. If you
are a thief you can show him something that can get you out of
there with your money remaining and the password to the thieves

The Barkeeper
He's a mean, dark, scary man. Stay away from him. Well talk to
him first. Then stay away from him.

He'll lead you into the thieves guild if you know the passwoid.
He's a mean Goon, unlike Otto.

The Barber
He's always unconscious, don't bother.

Beef Butchmeister
He's the butcher. He's playing a hardcore game of... fish.
He has shut down the Butcher's shop and too bad the programmers
didn't allow the thief character to break into it.

Silas Sourdough
He's the baker. He's also playing a rough game of fish.
He has also shut down the bakery.

The Fox
You'll meet a friendly talking Fox along your travels in the
forest. You need to save it from a fox-trap.

Amelia Appleberry
Amelia Appleberry, is the Healer. She makes potions.
Not much else about her.. besides the fact she looks very
odd in the remake version.

Pterry the Pterosaur
Pterry is a Pterosaur, apparantly a flying dinosaur.
He is the Healer's pet and lives in the Healer's house.

Pteresa the Pterosaur
Pteresa is Pterry's girlfriend. She lives in a nest in the oak
tree outside the Healer's house.

Karl is the gatekeeper at the castle. He is friendly and talks a
lot. He will fill you in on what's been going on. He'll let you
into the castle grounds.

Weapon Master
The Weapon Master is a cocky swordsman that trains all the guards
at the castle on weapons.

He guards the castle door, if you talk to him about his bald
spot he will never speak to you again.

He also guards the castle door.

The Stableman
He tends to the horses which aren't used anymore. He has a
sad life, and the onnly way you can help him is to sweep
up the mess for him each day. He will return the favor
by letting you sleep at the stable at night.

Man at the Barracks
He's a very mean guard. Stay away from him.

'Enry the 'Ermit
'Enry is a hermit that lives in a cave. He is also a spellcaster
that is friends with Erasmus, Fenris, Baba Yaga, the Brigand Warlock.
Pretty sociable for a hermit.. or is an 'Ermit different from a 

Brauggi Barter
Brauggi Barter is a Frost Giant warrior. His people are starving
and he needs your help. He will bargain with you a glowing red
gem for food.

Bruno is a dangerous looking man that will tell you secrets
about Spielburg if you pay him. Stay away from him unless
of course you're wealthy.

The Chief
The Chief Thief is.. the Chief Thief. He owns the Thieve's
Guild. He'll play a game of throw daggers at a board with
you. You'll have to bet some money to play.

Boris is the fencer. You steal stuff at people's houses,
he'll buy them. It's not pawning! It's FENCING!

Traitor Brigand
A Brigand that is plotting against the Brigand Leader.

The Dryad
The Dryad is a talking tree that loves the forest. Don't harm
anything in the forest, besides hostile monsters, or she won't
help you. She teaches you about a special potion if you help

Green Meep
He's a green furred Meep and is the only one that will talk to
you. He's also the most magical Meep since his green fur is
well.. very magical. If you check back later on he'll show
you his son who carries out his green fur.

Baby Meep
The baby Meep is the green Meep's son. Baby Meep also has
green fur.

The Antwerp is a big oddly shaped.. clear jelly flesh thing
monster. It will only try to harm you if you try to harm it.
If you are fast you can stop it form harming you..

Baby Antwerps
If you're fast you'll create a bunch of baby Antwerps which
you'll meet again later on in your adventures. A lot later on.

Old Lady
She lives in town and rocks in her chair at daytime. She has
an interesting pet cat inside her house.

Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga is an Ogress that likes to eat humans, frogs, bugs,
mandrake roots, lots of disgusting things. She is good at curses
and sorcery. She put a curse on the Baron's children because of
Baron's demand for her to leave. She is friends with Erasmus,
Fenris, 'Enry the 'Ermit, and the Brigand Warlock.

Baba Yaga's "Children"
Baba Yaga's "Children" are two bats that she likes to talk to,
and they give her advice sometimes.

Brigand Warlock
He is a Warlock for the Brigands apparantly, and uses his rather
silly magic to guard the treasure hold. He is friends with Erasmus,
Fenris, Baba Yaga, and 'Enry the 'Ermit.

Brigand Leader
The Brigand Leader is a great strategist and sword fighter, and has
led the Brigands to great victories.

The Three Stooges
Yes they make a cameo appearance. You know who they are, this
time around they're dressed as Brigands and want to kill you.

Hans Halfwitten
A young adventurer that was slain by a Troll.


{8} Monsters

These things are simple and great for boosting strength and weapon
usage. There's a gang of them located in a screen in the forest.
You get a prize of money for killing them, not all the time

These things are easy... that's about it. The only prize for
killing them is a small satisfaction.

Brigand Warriors
A little training in strength and wepaon use and you'll be able to
take them out. You gte a money prize for killing them.

They only come out at night and are very tough. It will take a
while to be able to take them down. The prize for killing them
are Cheetaur claws, which you can sell to the Healer.

The Mantrays are very weird, very magical, and very tough to kill.
The only prize for killing them is satisfaction.

The only Ogre is outside the Kobold's cave. He's pretty tough
and takes a lot of stat building to be able to take him down.
The prize for killing him is.. a chest. If you manage to open
it there is a good sum of money in there.

Although you do not go into standard combat with the Kobold, he
is still a monster, and you do still fight him anyway.
Fighters attack him with sword, and magic users use flame dart,
thieves shouldn't attack him at all.
The prize for killing him is of course the key he's wearing.

Fred the Troll
The only Troll is inside the hidden passageway. It takes a LOT
of stat building to be able to take him down. He's TOUGH.
The prize for killing him is Troll Beard which you can sell to
the Healer.

Toro the Minotaur
Toro is a friendly Minotaur.. but not yet. Right now he hasn't
been aquanted to you, and will attempt to slaughter you. He is
also very tough but not much harder to kill then the Troll.
Fortunately enough you do not kill him, just injure him.
The prize for defeating him is money hidden inside his mace.

Brauggi Banter
The Frost Giant warrior, a.k.a Bruaggi Banter, can be killed if
you are strong enough I believe but that's just plain mean. There
is a way to help him so you both can benefit.

Just attack it, when it tries to fall on you, ready your weapon
and it will land on your blade.

Can someone please tell me if a Saurus Rex is in the game or not?
Email me at LoudKing@aol.com

{9} Bugs

The Centaur Farmer Bug:
The screen messes up when you enter this screen at daytime.
Just talk to him or pass by the screen.

The graphic Bug:
If you play for a while the graphics mess up. Just save and turn
off the game, and turn it back on.

End Game Bug:
Sometimes the end game screen shows forever and you are never
asked to save your character to a disk for the next Quest for
Glory game. You just gotta save ebfore the end of the game and
keep trying.

Calm Spell Bug:
After calming Toro the Minotaur he often wakes back up and
attacks you.

If there are any more bugs I haven't listed, email me at

{10} Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough! I am going to skip most of the minor stuff 
and subquests in this and get right to the important stuff!

       A - Starting Out

!Starting a Hero!

Ok I'll tell you about all these raskly attributes.

Strength - This is the amount of damage you deal when you hit your
Weapon Use - This decreases chances of missing an enemy.
Intelligence - This uhh.. determines how smart you are...?
Parry - This is a fighter's ability. It's for like a strike-retreat,
        repeat kinda thing.
Agility - This raises stamina.
Dodge - This decreases enemy's chances of striking you.
Vitality - This raises health and stamina. Very good.
Stealth - This is a thieve's ability. This decreases chances of
          people hearing you.. basically a sneaking around skill.
Luck - I have no idea. I guess it's a miracle skill or something.
Pick Locks - Gee. What could this be. It increases chances of
             picking a lock. A thieve's ability.
Magic - This increases your ability to use spells. A Magic User's
        ability obviously. It also raises magic points.
Throwing - Increases chances of hitting your targer while throwing
           a rock or dagger.
Climbing - Increases your chance of climbing stuff.

Health - If you take damage you lsoe health points, if you lose them
         all you die. Add points to vitality to get more HP.
Stamina - If you climb, throw, or attack too much your stamina decreases
          and if you lsoe all stamina points you die. Add points to 
          agility or vitality to get more stamina points I recommend
          vitality though.
Magic Points - When you cast a spell your magic points decrease if you
               lose all magic points.. you die. Nah just kidding you
               just can't cast spells until you sleep or drink power
               potions to restore them. Add points to Magic to get more
               magic points.

To make a pure-bred Fighter:
Have strength at 30, Weapon Use at 30, Parry at 20, and Vitality at 45. 
Good combo. 

To make a pure-bred Magic User:
Have Strength at 20, Weapon Use at 20, Magic at 30, and Vitality at 40.
Good combo. You can have Vitality at 35, and Magic at 35 if you wish.

To make a pure-bred Thief:
Have Strength at 20, Weapon Use at 20, and Vitality at 40.
Good combo.

Imbred Characters.. I mean Cross-bred!!:
You can have a Fighter or Thief with Magic skill if you wish, but
I recommend doing this after you use the pure-bred characters.


The first part is real simple. Talk to everyone in town, about everything. For
you Quest for Glory originals, instead of the remake, talk to people about
Erana, Baba Yaga, Baron, Elsa, Spielburg, Brigands, Erasmus, and anything you
see around you or something they mention. I prefer the remake myself though.

Ok time to shop! At the Dry Goods store make sure you buy two empty flasks.
You'll need them later. If you're strong enough and have enough money, buy
the chainmail armor. Food isn't very neccassary. Buy extra daggers if you
really want to.

Now go to the veggie and fruit seller, the Centaur woman, and buy fifty
apples (five pairs, they come in ten) you'll need them later.

Okie dokie head over to magic shop IF you're a spellcaster. Buy all
the scrolls of course, you'll need extra dough of course so just sell
a lot of flowers from Erana's Peace to the healer.

The healer.. Well in order to boost strength you'll need some stamina
potions but I'll teach you that later on. There's other stuff but that
will also be later.

..are there any more stores? ..guess not.

!Boosting stats!

To boost your strength work at the horse stables daily.

Another way to boost strength and weapon use is to go to the
screen where the Goblins hide and then pop out to attack you.
Just slay Goblins, save, take vigor potions if you need to,
repeat. Being able to slay large amounts of these fruitcakes
will have you ready to kill the Ogre outside the Kobold's cave.
By doing this your vitality, luck, and agility will also increase.

To boost your magic, just practice your spells. Practicing
your spells will also increase your experience with the
spell your casting also.

To boost your climbing, just climb stuff.

To boost your throwing, pick up lots of rocks and throw them

       B - The Healer's Ring

This is really simple. You really positively want me to ruin it
for you??? I'm warning you!!! Ok. If you really do need help
read on.

First pick up a rock and throw it at the pterosaur (It's Pteresa,
Pterry's girlfriend!). It will fly away.

Is that all you needed!? If not read on.

Now climb the tree, and pick up the ring in the nest.

!Magic Users!:
Magic Users must cast the fetch spell.

Fighters have to throw rocks at the nest, and it will fall down.

!!!!!Back to normal programming!!!!!!

Once you have the ring give it to the Healer for your rewards.

       C - Saving the Baronet

Ok, defeat the Ogre outside the cave first. When you do,
enter the cave.

You'll see a big hungry bear. You can feed it food from the
Dry Goods store, or you can cast the Calm spell. Once you
have done so, go right.

You will meet up with the Kobold.. ok fork in the road!

Go up to it.. say hi.. and engage hostile battle.
Just have your sword up. Hit it. It will disapear, it will
pop back up. Attack it again. Keep repeating this pattern
until it dies. Take the key and the toadstools if you want.

!Magic User!:
This is fun. While it's sleeping throw a flame dart at it.
It will disapear. Every time it pops back up have a flame
dart flying at it. Keep repeating this until you've
killed the freak. Take the key and toadstools if you want.

This is unjustified. In this scenario, the Kobold gets to
live. Go into stealth mode, walk up to the Kobold, grab
the key, and the toadstools if you want, and leave.

!!!!!Back to normal programming!!!!!!

Now go back to the bear, and use the key on it.

       D - Visiting Baba Yaga

Ok the talking skull won't let you in, eh? He wants eyes.

Have you visited the Frost Giant warrior, Brauggi Barter?
Well give the huge freak fifty apples so his people won't
starve to death. He'll give you a glowing red gem.
Can you guess what you do with that gem? No, don't fence
it to Boris.

Go back to the talking skull, who's name you'll learn a lot
later, and give him the glowing red gem. He'll go underground
and you may now call down the Hut of Brown. 

Talk to the hut, make sure you're not near it or it will crush you.
Talk to it while it's down, again making sure you're not near it,
and tell it the rhyme. If the correct rhyme doens't show up, shame
on you because that means you didn't talk to anybody about it
and maybe not anything. If Hut of Brown isn't listed go ask
people about Baba Yaga and her hut.
If you do see Hut of brown as an option click it and you may

To your disfortune, as soon as you enter Baba Yaga freezes
you and turns you into a toad.
She gets the idea of eating mandrake instead of.. well you
and sends you off to get the mandrake root. 

The rules are.. get the mandrake at exactly midnight, and
bring it back right away. If you fall asleep (sleep all night)
you will die. If you pick up the mandrake root before midnight..
you die. So stick to the rules. There's only two.

Go to the healer and buy some undead unguent. It's a bit pricey
but if you don't buy it you'll die, so it's a good bargain.

Locate the graveyard, see that red root thing? That's the
mandrake root. Go pick it up. No don't! You'll die.

Once you know your way to the graveyward head to town.
Wait until midnight. Check the clock thing, if it says
it's the middle of the night it's time to head out.
Ok, ready? Put on your undead unguent and go to the
graveyard. Are you sure it's midnight? If so pick
up the mandrake root and bring it back to Baba Yaga.

Ahhh.. Fantastic. "Hey! What was my prize!" you say.
Oh that's real simple. You weren't eaten. Plus you
got a few experience and puzzle points.

       E - Obtaining the Dispel Potion

Find a White Stag in the forest. Chase it, but don't hurt
it. It will lead you to a tree. Walk up to the tree.

Holy Sishkabob. Something came out of the tree and started
talking. "Are you one with the forest?" she say. YES you
answer. Now do it. Say yes. She will send you off to find
a special seed.

I'll make it real simple for you. If you find a bunch of 
flowers spitting something you've found it. Now for the
tough part. You have to GET it. This will of course ruin
the flower's game of catch, but The Dryad really wants this
Fork in the road!

Thrfow rocks at the seed, NOT the flowers!!! After a while
of practicing you'll knock the seed out of the air, and
pick it up. It's kinda hard to learn but you need to
throw the rock a little bit near the flower currently
holding the seed. It takes practice, don't bother me
about it.

!Magic User!:
This should be real simple for you to figure out. Just cast
fetch spell. You won't get it first try. or second try. Or
third try either.. You'll be practicing fetch spell for a 
while. Eventually you'll catch that raskly seed.

Just climb that rock thing, and catch the seed (put your hand
on the flower currently holding the seed).

!!!!!Back to normal programming!!!!!!

Now bring the Spirea seed back to the Dryad. She'll tell 
you about the Dispel Potion (which apparantly has different 
ingredients in other Quest for Glory games).
The ingredients for a Dispel Potion in Spielburg are:
Green Fur
Magic Acorn
Flying Water
Faery Dust
Flowers from Erana's Peace

Gee.. where could that Magic Acorn be..?
Oh what's this thing that the Dryad carelessly dropped.
Oh I found the Magic Acorn.

To get the Green Fur just talk to the Green Meep. He'll
give ya some.

For Flying Water, just dip an empty Flask into the water
outside of 'Enry's cave.

For Faery Dust make sure you're carrying an empty flask,
then seek the faeries and dance for them. They're at the
mushroom circle where teh gravestone looking things are,
but they're there only at night.  Afterwards hold out your 
flask to them and they'll pee or whatever they do in it.

And for Flowers from Erana's Peace I'm not even telling you
and if you seriously need me to just run into a wall somewhere.

Ok once you have all the ingredients give them all to
the Healer.. WARNING!! Don't give her the last ingredient
until you're absolutely ready to defeat the Brigands
because the Dispel Potion disapears after a while!!!

       F - Attacking the Brigands

One day in the second week I believe, the rolled up paper
in the Aces and Eights Tavern will say "B- meet me at the
target range at noon, urgent -B". Something like that.

So what you have to do is go to one of the sides of the
target range screen at noon. You will spy on the two
traitor Brigands, and will hear about the key, and the
secret word which is Hiden Goseke (Hide and go seek).
Hiden Goseke will tell Fred the Troll to calm down as
you enter. This is good for Magoc Users and Thieves,
but personally the Fighter should kill him. Uh oh.
Fork in the road.

Throw a dagger at the remaining traitor Brigand.
Go down, over, and up to enter the middle section
of this screen. Search the dead pansy twice and
you'll find the key to get through the secret
passageway.  :)
Go to the area where the Antwerp is, if it's gone
half the job is done, if it's there attack it, and
it will flee, you can go over and finish it off if
you like.  :)
Once it's gone search for a keyhole. If you feel
yourself getting scared of the troll inside, put
your mouth on the fake rock. (Quest for Glory
originals should type "hiden goseke".. or if the
secret word is different in the original version
say the right one, whatever). After your decision
use your key on the fake rock.  :)
Once the door is open, and you decided to fight
Fred, then kill him, and take the path over, down,
and right to a new screen.  :)
You have run into Toro, the Minotaur. You have no
choice but to beat him up. Afterwards slam 
yourself into the gate and eventually it'll open.
I hope you brought healing and vigor potions!

!Magic Users!:
After you learned the magic word, leave. Because you
need no key you have a spell for that.  :)
Go to the area where the Antwerp is, if it's gone
half the job is done, if it's there attack it, and
it will flee, you can go over and finish it off if
you like.  :)
Once it's gone, if you are afraid of fighting the
Troll inside, put your mouth on the fake rock to
make Fred go away (Quest for Glory originals should 
type "hiden goseke".. or if the secret word is
different in the original version say the right one, 
whatever).   :)
After your decision, cast the Open spell.  :)
Once the door is open, and you decided to fight
Fred, then kill him, and take the path over, down,
and right to a new screen.  :)
Ok, you've met up with Toro the Minotaur. Now yet
for some reason this doesn't always work, cast the
Calm spell. But prepare for a battle anyway. After
Calming him, cast the Open spell and the gate will

After you learned the magic word, leave because a
thief don't need no stinkin' key.  :)
Go to the area where the Antwerp is, if it's gone
half the job is done, if it's there attack it, and
it will flee, you can go over and finish it off if
you like.  :)
Once it's gone, if you are afraid of fighting the
Troll inside, put your mouth on the fake rock to
make Fred go away (Quest for Glory originals should 
type "hiden goseke".. or if the secret word is
different in the original version say the right one, 
whatever).  After your decision, search the fake
rock for a keyhole, and pick the lock.  :)
Once the door is open, and you decided to fight
Fred, then kill him, and take the path over, down,
and right to a new screen.  :)
Ok, here you see Toro the Minotaur. This might not
work but you can go for it. Go into stealth mode
and start climbing the wall to the right of the
gate. If he catches you, just build up your 
confidence and attack the smelly beast.

!!!!!Back to normal programming!!!!!!

Ok, now you're ready to head inside the headquarters.
Now for Magic Users this place !may! be cleared out
meaning no archers are ready to kill you. But for the
rest you have to watch out for arrows in your back.

Now before you move! ..listen to me. Use the hand icon
on all those wire, rope, string things whatever you
want to call them, they're a brown color near the ground,
use your hand icon on them. There's two of them.
Now plan your walk route because you have to get to that
door fast. Now see two very small bridges? One of them is
fake, the real one is on the right. Get there, walk over
quickly make sure you've already inspected the tripwires
and head for the door. Also stay away from a rug in this
This is much easier to do without the archers, but it
doesn't always work out that way.

This part is a bit hard!! Once you enter this screen,
close the door and walk over to the drunk Brigand.
When the Brigands wlak to the door and look through,
wait until they all leave and then move the chair so
it is against the door. The chair and door I speak
of is on the northeast section of the screen. Once
teh door is blocked the three stooges will come after
you. Once they're almost dangerously close to you,
knock over the candelabra (big candlestick thing).
They'll start wlaking the other way. Once they
reach the end of the table, climb on top of the
table and grab the rope on the celing. You will
then trap them into the chandelier and stop the
other Brigands from entering BUT ONLY for a small
time so quickly enter the north door.

There that wasn't so bad. But look you have to deal
with this now. First talk to the Brigand Warlock about
everything, ok? Once your done and you're a Magic User
cast any spell and he'll flee so you can get him out of
your way. Now walk over the ledge so you plunge to
your death. But you don't. You start rolling on the
floor, touch the floor to stop yourself from rolling.
Open the box and crawl through. This is the hard part.
Pull the chain right near you and QUICKLY reach the door
you just opened. This will take a while to do.
Once you finally got inside the door (I would save right
about now if you ask me), attempt to open the door right 
near you and move into the passageway but stay there don't
go through the passageway. Once the fake door falls stand
on top of it and open the real door.

Ok the moment of truth!!! Here is the Brigand Leader!
Throw your Dispel Potion at the Brigand Leader to see
the true identity. If the Brigand Leader kills you before
you can try you may have to attaempt an attack then throw
the Dispel Potion real quick.
There! Spielburg is so close to its freedom! Now grab the
potions and the Magic Mirror on the table, if you're a Thief
character feast your eyes on the statue of the Blackbird.
You'll be chasing after that later on, but for now leave
through the exit behind the mummy case looking thing on
the northeast section of the screen.

       G - Payback for Baba Yaga

Return to Baba Yaga's hut, doing the same thing as first time.
Once you're inside, ready your Magic Mirror at her and you'll
reflect her spell and she'll turn into a big purple toad.
Her Chicken Hut will fly off and you won't see her for a

The game is completed. Congratulations.


{11} Quests and Deeds


To kill or not to kill? To kill!
Go on a hunting spree! Kill every kind of monster you can! To see how 
many monsters and when they can be found go to the Monster section.

Beat the Weapon Master
Defeat the Weapon Master at the castle in sword fighting.
To do it just practice a lot.

         A-Magic User

Get every spell
Well go! Get every spell there is! For information on all spells and how 
to get them go to the Spells and Items section.

Open, Flame Dart, and Fetch Spells
Just buy them from Zara at the magic shop.

The Calm Spell
To get the Calm Spell, cast the Open Spell in Erana's Peace, and the
rock that looks like a grave will open and reveal a scroll.

The Detect Magic Spell
Talk to the Green Meep about Magic to get it from him.

The Trigger Spell
Talk to 'Enry the 'Ermit to get the scroll.
If you need help on getting inside 'Enry's cave go to
Any Old Deeds.

Erasmus's Razzle Dazzle Rootbeer Spell
Ok to get this spell you have to beat Erasmus in his
magic game. You have to get seven spells before you
can be able to play this game. It may take a while
to start the game even when you do have the seven 
spells but eventually you'll play it.
What you have to do is cast a spell then use it..
Like cast fetch, then click and drag a ladder or bridge
to the ledge you need to cross or climb down.
You can also move boulders from caves you need to enter,
or calm fires.
You can also cast flame dart to try to stop Erasmus
from getting further, so cast flame dart and aim it
at the purple flame (you're te blue flame).
It's a pretty fun game once you know how to play.
When you reach the finish line you get the last
spell in Spielburg.


Steal from everyone in Spielburg
Even your friends! Steal, rob, steal, steal, steal! Break into the
Sheriff's house (next to Dry Goods), and the old lady's house (next
to magic shop).

Sheriff's House
The Sheriff's House is right next to the Dry Goods store.
Pick the lock on the door at night time, go into stealth
mode. Enter the house. Touch the music box twice.
Pick up the candlabra on the drawer thing. Then open
the drawers and snatch the money in there. Then move the
painting on the wall, touch the safe underneath to pick
the lock. Grab the stash inside, clos the safe and move
the painting back to where it was.

Old Lady's House
At night time, go to the Old Lady's house (the one that
rocks in the rocking chair at daytime), go into stealth
mode, pick the lock on the door and enter. Grab the stuff
inside the purse on the sofa. Look for money in the
cracks in the sofa afterwards, then grab the stash inside
the knitting basket near the sofa.
Now open the drawers, and grab the candlesticks on top
of it.
Pet the kitty and leave.

Beat the Chief Thief at Dagger Throwing
Practice your throwing, save before you play, and wager big money.
If you lose, load your game and try again. Keep trying until
you finally beat him.

         A-Any Old Deeds

Save the Fox
On a screen near the snowed out area near the town path there is a
Fox snapped in a trap. He needs a hero.. this is a really simple
task if you ask me for help.. shame on you.

Help Sam the Beggar
Simple. Give him a bit of money and start talking to him. If
he stops talking give him more money. Keep doing this until you
talked to him about everything. For you Quest for Glory originals..
just give him money and leave.

Getting to 'Enry the 'Ermit's Cave
Ok there's a fork in the road here.
Repeatedly throw rocks at the door, 'Enry will open
the door and tell you to climb the ladder, and a 
ladder will magically appear out of nowhere.
Knock on the door, and move to the far right edge 
ofthe ledge.

Magic Users:
Cast the Detect Magic spell, climb up the ladder,
knock on the door and move to the far rigth edge of
the ledge.

Just climb up, knock on the door, and move to the far
rigth edge of the ledge.


{12} Credits

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