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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 04/01/08

Bloodstone(PC) FAQ/Walkthrough copyright 2003-2004,2008
version 1.0.0 by Andrew Schultz schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net
  (anti spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. However,
if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, then 
I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about
answering e-mail. Sorry.

**** AD SPACE: ****
My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762

****big note****
I have color maps for all locations. They are posted to GameFAQs, and so I 
decided to take the text maps out. In some/most cases, the color maps took up 
fewer KB than the text maps. So I gutted the FAQ. It is big enough. The color 
maps are not fully copied from the game, but they are intended to be 
representative of teleports and such.




    1-1. LEGENDS




    1-5. GAME SIZE




    2-2. COMBAT





  5. LISTS

    5-1. SPELLS

    5-2. MUSHROOMS


    5-4. MONSTERS






    7-1. DUNGEONS

      7-1-1. A CAVERN

      7-1-2. ANFORN

      7-1-3. CAVERNS

      7-1-4. DELQAFI

      7-1-5. ENTEMAR

      7-1-6. KIREINI

      7-1-7. NALUUN

      7-1-8. PRADAQA

    7-2. TEMPLES

      7-2-1. AIR TEMPLE

      7-2-2. DARK TEMPLE

      7-2-3. HIGH TEMPLE

      7-2-4. SEA TEMPLE







    1-1. LEGENDS



Nobody gets tired walking around! You can rename everyone! Cool fonts! You 
start with the awesome Aroten! And it's quicker to run around! Yes, Bloodstone 
used the same engine as Magic Candle III, but it has some tweaks to make it 


    1-5. GAME SIZE




    2-2. COMBAT




Danat (Full name:Danat McLagh) Energy = 99 Gold = 500
Race: Dwarf M/F: M
Bravery:12 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 6 Agility: 5
Loyalty:10 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 5
Sword:25/90 Axe:45/99 Archery:30/85 Magic:40/99 Fist:30/75
Swimming:30/50 Trading:30/75 Stealth:25/60 Research:25/50
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick:40/99 Tracking:30/99 Music:25/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:10/99 Gemcutting:10/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership:50/75
           Coin ( 0)      Alabaster ( 3)           Jade ( 1)
     Shortsword WT 0         Aroten WT 0   Med Crossbow WT 2
      Ring mail WT 4         Potion ( 6)         Sermin (10)
         Gonshi ( 6)           Nift ( 5)           Loka ( 3)
        Medicin ( 4)            Map ( 1)           Bolt (50)
        Blanket ( 6)         Gimlai ( 1)
   SHATTER: 4   GLAMOUR:13    DETECT: 8  FIREBALL: 5      HEAL: 1

[the female version, Danta, is identical.]

Layel (Full name:Layel) Energy = 99 Gold = 420
Race: Taldor M/F: F
Bravery: 7 Strength: 9 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 6
Sword:40/85 Axe: 5/50 Archery:45/50 Magic: 0/75 Fist:10/99
Swimming:25/30 Trading: 5/65 Stealth:20/50 Research:10/75
Soul Read:10/50 Lockpick:20/50 Tracking:10/60 Music:40/10
Carpentry:20/40 Metalsmith: 0/60 Gemcutting:10/75
Tailor:15/50 Leadership:20/75
           Coin ( 0)          Topaz ( 2)       Scimitar WT 2
   Med Crossbow WT 6      Ring mail WT 0  Bronze helmet WT 0
         Potion ( 4)         Gonshi ( 8)           Nift ( 6)
         Mirget (10)         Luffin ( 8)           Loka ( 4)
        Medicin ( 5)           Pick ( 7)

Maxon (Full name:Maxonorai) Energy = 99 Gold = 600
Race: Wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 4 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 5 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 8 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 9 Resistance: 4
Sword:10/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:50/ 0 Fist: 5/40
Swimming:15/30 Trading:20/25 Stealth:20/40 Research:35/99
Soul Read:35/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 0/25 Music: 0/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Leadership:10/25
           Coin ( 0)      Alabaster ( 4)     Shortsword WT 0
         Potion ( 8)         Sermin (16)         Gonshi ( 7)
           Nift ( 4)         Turpin ( 7)         Chalta ( 1)
   CONFUSE: 3   GLAMOUR: 7      HEAL: 6    WEAKEN: 7       SEE: 8

Enric (Full name:Enric Palazo) Energy = 99 Gold = 341
Race: Dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength: 9 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 6 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 6 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 5
Sword: 0/90 Axe:65/99 Archery:20/85 Magic: 0/99 Fist:25/75
Swimming:15/50 Trading:25/75 Stealth:30/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:15/99 Lockpick:30/99 Tracking:10/99 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:30/99 Gemcutting:35/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership: 0/75
           Coin ( 0)      Battleaxe WT 0  Dwarven chain WT 5
  Bronze helmet WT 2         Gonshi ( 5)         Mirget ( 8)

Pakrr (Full name:Pakkr T'thar) Energy = 99 Gold = 75
Race: Tlengle M/F: M
Bravery: 8 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 7 Agility: 3
Loyalty: 3 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 6
Sword:50/99 Axe:15/50 Archery:35/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:45/50
Swimming:70/99 Trading: 5/99 Stealth:15/99 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:20/99 Lockpick:10/99 Tracking:40/50 Music: 0/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor:20/99 Leadership:65/75
           Coin ( 0)     Broadsword WT 3    Lt Crossbow WT 1
      Ring mail WT 0  Bronze helmet WT 4         Potion ( 6)
         Mirget ( 8)         Luffin ( 5)        Medicin ( 4)
           Pick ( 6)           Bolt (24)

Volni (Full name:Volni Wucka) Energy = 99 Gold = 422
Race: Dwarf M/F: F
Bravery: 4 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 5 Agility: 5
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 7 Resistance: 6
Sword: 0/90 Axe:45/99 Archery:20/85 Magic:40/99 Fist:10/75
Swimming: 5/50 Trading:40/75 Stealth:25/60 Research:25/50
Soul Read:40/99 Lockpick: 5/99 Tracking:25/99 Music:15/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:20/99 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership: 0/75
           Coin ( 0)      Battleaxe WT 0   Med Crossbow WT 1
  Dwarven chain WT 4    Iron helmet WT 2         Potion ( 6)
         Sermin ( 8)           Pick (11)           Bolt (23)
  TELEPORT: 7      HEAL: 4    WEAKEN: 2      JUMP: 3 WHIRLWIND: 5

Talya (Full name:Talya) Energy = 99 Gold = 203
Race: Amazon M/F: F
Bravery: 8 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 6 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 5 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 5
Sword:40/75 Axe: 5/25 Archery:40/99 Magic:35/ 0 Fist:15/99
Swimming:20/99 Trading:25/60 Stealth:35/75 Research:10/99
Soul Read:30/99 Lockpick:15/50 Tracking:30/99 Music:40/99
Carpentry:10/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/99 Leadership:10/99
           Coin ( 0)           Jade ( 6)          Topaz ( 2)
      Longsword WT 6   Med Crossbow WT 2  Leather armor WT 0
         Potion ( 8)         Sermin ( 7)         Gonshi ( 6)
         Turpin ( 4)          Flute ( 1)
  TELEPORT: 5      HEAL: 3    WEAKEN: 8      JUMP: 4 WHIRLWIND: 2

Raran (Full name:Raran Benach) Energy = 99 Gold = 178
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 5 Agility: 7
Loyalty: 4 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 5
Sword:45/99 Axe:30/75 Archery:45/80 Magic:35/75 Fist:15/99
Swimming:35/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:35/75 Research:15/99
Soul Read:25/75 Lockpick:15/60 Tracking:30/75 Music:15/75
Carpentry: 0/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor:15/75 Leadership:30/99
           Coin ( 0)      Longsword WT 0      Hammeraxe WT 4
   Med Crossbow WT 2  Leather armor WT 3         Sermin ( 7)
         Gonshi ( 5)           Nift ( 6)           Loka ( 4)
        Medicin ( 3)           Bolt (43)
      HEAL: 2    WEAKEN: 4      JUMP: 2    ENERGY: 3       SEE: 6

Poral (Full name:Poral) Energy = 99 Gold = 382
Race: Dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 5 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 5 Agility: 3
Loyalty: 4 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 5
Sword: 0/90 Axe:35/99 Archery: 0/85 Magic: 0/99 Fist:15/75
Swimming: 5/50 Trading:10/75 Stealth:15/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick:30/99 Tracking:10/99 Music:10/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:15/99 Gemcutting:10/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership: 0/75
           Coin ( 0)          Pearl (15)      Hammeraxe WT 0
  Leather armor WT 0         Potion ( 2)         Gonshi ( 3)
         Luffin ( 4)         Shovel ( 1)

Tara (Full name:Tara LeKesh) Energy = 99 Gold = 98
Race: Amazon M/F: F
Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 4 Agility: 3
Loyalty: 3 Charm:10 Intelligence: 3 Resistance:10
Sword:25/75 Axe:25/25 Archery:25/99 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:15/99
Swimming:20/99 Trading:15/60 Stealth:25/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:10/99 Lockpick:10/50 Tracking: 0/99 Music:10/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith:10/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/99 Leadership:20/99
           Coin ( 0)       Scimitar WT 0    Lt Crossbow WT 0
     Chain mail WT10         Potion ( 3)           Nift ( 5)
           Loka ( 2)           Bolt (28)

Entor (Full name:Entor Glag) Energy = 99 Gold = 510
Race: Dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength:10 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 3
Loyalty: 4 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 6
Sword: 0/90 Axe:25/99 Archery:10/85 Magic:40/99 Fist:10/75
Swimming: 5/50 Trading:30/75 Stealth:25/60 Research:30/50
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick:15/99 Tracking: 0/99 Music: 0/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:10/99 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership: 0/75
           Coin ( 0)      Battleaxe WT 7    Lt Crossbow WT 0
      Ring mail WT 0         Potion ( 5)         Gonshi ( 8)
           Nift ( 6)        Medicin ( 4)           Pick ( 5)
           Bolt (25)

Halan (Full name:Halan Kuk) Energy = 99 Gold = 203
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 4 Endurance: 6 Agility: 3
Loyalty: 3 Charm: 3 Intelligence: 8 Resistance:10
Sword:35/99 Axe:10/75 Archery:35/80 Magic:25/75 Fist:15/99
Swimming:25/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:30/75 Research:15/99
Soul Read:20/75 Lockpick:10/60 Tracking:20/75 Music:10/75
Carpentry:10/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Leadership:25/99
           Coin ( 0)           Ruby ( 4)     Shortsword WT 0
    Lt Crossbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0         Gonshi ( 4)
         Mirget ( 6)        Medicin ( 3)           Bolt (31)
   SHATTER: 2    LOCATE: 4    WEAKEN: 3    QUIVER: 4   BERSERK: 6

Ranak (Full name:Ranakaratel) Energy = 99 Gold = 222
Race: Dwarf M/F: M
Bravery: 4 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 5
Loyalty: 5 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 6 Resistance: 4
Sword: 0/90 Axe:20/99 Archery:10/85 Magic:45/99 Fist: 5/75
Swimming:10/50 Trading:25/75 Stealth:25/60 Research:20/50
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick: 0/99 Tracking:15/99 Music:15/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith: 5/99 Gemcutting: 5/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership:10/75
           Coin ( 0)       Smallaxe WT 3    Lt Crossbow WT 0
     Chain mail WT 6    Iron helmet WT 4         Potion ( 3)
         Sermin ( 5)         Gonshi ( 4)           Nift ( 3)
         Turpin ( 5)           Loka ( 3)           Bolt (44)
    ENERGY: 1

Maka (Full name:Makana Tal) Energy = 99 Gold = 258
Race: Dwarf M/F: F
Bravery: 5 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 3 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 3 Resistance: 4
Sword: 0/90 Axe:30/99 Archery:10/85 Magic: 0/99 Fist:15/75
Swimming:10/50 Trading:20/75 Stealth:25/60 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:15/99 Lockpick:30/99 Tracking:20/99 Music: 5/75
Carpentry: 0/50 Metalsmith:10/99 Gemcutting: 5/99
Tailor: 0/50 Leadership: 0/75
           Coin ( 0)           Jade ( 5)       Smallaxe WT 0
    Lt Crossbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0         Potion ( 4)
           Nift ( 5)         Luffin ( 4)           Loka ( 6)
           Pick ( 5)           Bolt (22)

Kenit (Full name:Kenitlimkl) Energy = 99 Gold = 301
Race: Tlengle M/F: F
Bravery: 6 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 5 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 3 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 2 Resistance: 4
Sword:40/99 Axe:10/50 Archery:30/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:40/50
Swimming:40/99 Trading: 0/99 Stealth:15/99 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:15/99 Lockpick:10/99 Tracking:35/50 Music: 0/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor:10/99 Leadership:40/75
           Coin ( 0)       Scimitar WT 0    Lt Crossbow WT 0
      Ring mail WT 7    Iron helmet WT 3         Potion ( 2)
         Gonshi ( 5)           Nift ( 4)         Mirget ( 3)
           Pick ( 8)           Bolt (35)

Endel (Full name:Endela Solat) Energy = 99 Gold = 178
Race: Amazon M/F: F
Bravery: 6 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Endurance: 4 Agility: 4
Loyalty: 2 Charm: 4 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 4
Sword:25/75 Axe:10/25 Archery:25/99 Magic:20/ 0 Fist:15/99
Swimming:20/99 Trading:20/60 Stealth:25/75 Research: 5/99
Soul Read:15/99 Lockpick: 5/50 Tracking:20/99 Music: 5/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor:10/99 Leadership:15/99
           Coin ( 0)       Sapphire ( 2)     Shortsword WT 0
    Lt Crossbow WT 0  Leather armor WT 0         Potion ( 4)
         Sermin (10)         Gonshi ( 2)           Nift ( 4)
         Mirget ( 3)         Luffin ( 3)           Loka ( 4)
           Pick ( 4)           Bolt (32)
  TELEPORT: 8      HEAL: 3    WEAKEN: 5      JUMP: 2 WHIRLWIND: 4

Rif (Full name:Rifnrnra) Energy = 99 Gold = 506
Race: Tlengle M/F: M
Bravery: 9 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 7 Agility: 5
Loyalty: 4 Charm: 2 Intelligence: 4 Resistance: 6
Sword:65/99 Axe:10/50 Archery:45/80 Magic: 0/75 Fist:40/50
Swimming:70/99 Trading:20/99 Stealth:10/99 Research: 0/50
Soul Read:15/99 Lockpick: 5/99 Tracking:55/50 Music: 0/99
Carpentry: 0/99 Metalsmith:20/75 Gemcutting: 0/99
Tailor:25/99 Leadership:60/75
           Coin ( 0)           Ruby ( 1)     Broadsword WT 3
   Med Crossbow WT 4     Chain mail WT 0    Iron helmet WT 1
         Potion ( 6)         Gonshi ( 8)           Nift ( 4)
         Mirget ( 5)         Luffin ( 7)           Loka ( 5)
           Bolt (45)

Mory (Full name:Moryantak) Energy = 99 Gold = 390
Race: Wizard M/F: M
Bravery: 5 Strength: 4 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 7
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 5 Intelligence: 8 Resistance: 5
Sword:10/40 Axe: 0/10 Archery:10/25 Magic:75/ 0 Fist: 5/40
Swimming:30/30 Trading:30/25 Stealth:40/40 Research:65/99
Soul Read:45/50 Lockpick: 0/20 Tracking: 5/25 Music:15/10
Carpentry: 0/25 Metalsmith: 0/25 Gemcutting: 0/25
Tailor: 0/25 Leadership:20/25
           Coin ( 0)      Alabaster ( 4)       Scimitar WT 0
  Leather armor WT 0         Potion ( 4)         Sermin ( 6)
         Gonshi ( 7)           Nift (10)         Turpin ( 8)
          Otala ( 5)          Aster ( 4)          Berat ( 5)
          Dunha ( 4)          Henta ( 5)           Bolt (35)
        Demmock ( 1)

Tula (Full name:Tula) Energy = 99 Gold = 575
Race: Amazon M/F: F
Bravery: 8 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 7 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 7 Charm: 7 Intelligence: 4 Resistance: 7
Sword:60/75 Axe:10/25 Archery:15/99 Magic: 0/ 0 Fist:50/99
Swimming:45/99 Trading:10/60 Stealth:55/75 Research: 0/99
Soul Read:35/99 Lockpick:40/50 Tracking:55/99 Music:20/99
Carpentry:30/99 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor:30/99 Leadership:35/99
           Coin ( 0)     Greatsword WT 6   Bronze plate WT 0
    Iron helmet WT 0         Gonshi WT 0           Nift (10)
         Mirget ( 5)         Luffin ( 8)        Medicin ( 6)
           Pick (12)

Gruth (Full name:Jon Gruther) Energy = 99 Gold = 348
Race: Human M/F: M
Bravery: 7 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 6 Agility: 6
Loyalty: 8 Charm: 6 Intelligence: 5 Resistance: 6
Sword:45/99 Axe: 5/75 Archery:40/80 Magic:35/75 Fist:15/99
Swimming:40/99 Trading:25/99 Stealth:45/75 Research:15/99
Soul Read:50/75 Lockpick:35/60 Tracking:60/75 Music:35/75
Carpentry:20/75 Metalsmith: 0/75 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor: 0/75 Leadership:30/99
           Coin ( 0)      Longsword WT 5   Med Crossbow WT 1
     Chain mail WT 2  Bronze helmet WT 0         Potion ( 4)
         Sermin ( 8)           Nift ( 7)         Luffin (11)
           Bolt (54)
   CONFUSE: 3   GLAMOUR: 5  TELEPORT: 7      HEAL: 4    WEAKEN: 2

Pran (Full name:Pranararus) Energy = 99 Gold = 710
Race: Taldor M/F: M
Bravery: 3 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 5 Agility: 8
Loyalty: 4 Charm: 8 Intelligence: 9 Resistance: 5
Sword: 5/85 Axe:15/50 Archery:45/50 Magic:40/75 Fist: 5/99
Swimming:30/30 Trading:65/65 Stealth:65/50 Research:75/75
Soul Read:45/50 Lockpick:45/50 Tracking: 5/60 Music: 5/10
Carpentry:20/40 Metalsmith: 0/60 Gemcutting: 0/75
Tailor:20/50 Leadership:55/75
           Coin ( 0)          Pearl ( 5)      Alabaster ( 4)
       Scimitar WT 0      Hammeraxe WT 0     Chain mail WT 0
   Steel helmet WT 0         Potion (12)         Sermin ( 5)
         Gonshi ( 8)           Nift (10)         Turpin ( 6)
          Otala ( 3)          Aster ( 2)           Loka ( 4)
        Medicin ( 7)          Berat ( 3)          Dunha ( 4)
           Bolt (31)          Entus ( 1)
  TELEPORT: 6      HEAL:12    WEAKEN:14      JUMP: 4 WHIRLWIND:11

--Let's find us some Taldors to slice up!

--Some say that the quill is mightier than the axe, but I say a well placed
acidball is better than either!

--You have little reason to trust me or my kind, but my most heartfelt wish is
to %qshow%q you that we Taldor are not all mindless, slaughtering barbarians.
--SHOW: If you would let me be the least of your party, I will help you in 
endeavors. Allow me to start the cycle of trust by %qgiving%q you some 
--GIVING: Deep in the mountains of Seneret, crafted by the god %qPalelil%q, 
the %qDelqafi%q Caverns.
--DELQAFI: The Delqafi Caverns are an ancestral home of my people, but almost
all of the Taldor left many ages ago.  The caverns are guarded by a magic
%qgate%q, but I do not know the word to open it.
--GATE: There is another like me; one who regrets the ways of our people.  He 
older and wiser than I and might know the word to open the caverns.  I believe
he resides somewhere near the caverns.
--PALELIL: Palelil, so we believe, breathed life into the Taldor. Because of
Palelil's fear and hatred of Rohrkhad, the Taldor race unthinkingly strived 
the destruction of all the dwarven peoples.
--[after joining:] Thank you for your trust. You shall not be disappointed.

--What do you seek, my children?
--I see that you have accepted the fact that we Taldor can be civilized. Would
you have me on your mission as well?
--WORD: I am not inclined to tell you that right now. On the other hand, if I
were in your party...
--[IN BAR]: Urp... well, I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but, you 
those little cavern things I was talking about, the Delqafi ones? Well, the 
to get in is 'Frazintot'! Shoot! I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Bartender!
Another ale!

--Before we adventure further, we should stop to praise %qZiphanu%q, god of 
--His domain is all that is above the earth, may he grant us victory in 
He has granted me the knowledge of the teleportal combination to return to my
homeland, %qDormani%q.
--Use a Berat tile, followed by an Aster and a Henta to travel to Dormani with
the speed of the winds of Ziphanu!
--Many are the wonders of Western Tarq, and I'll tell you a %qquick%q way to
reach them.
--Find a teleportal chamber, use a Berat tile, an Aster tile and another Berat
tile, and you'll soon find yourself on the other side of the world!

--Look, little man, I'll have nothing to do with those with whom I am not well
--I commend your fighting skills in reaching the top of this vermin infested
tower.  Might I lend my fighting prowess to your party? I know quite a bit of
%qgeography%q that might be of use to you.
--There are other lands besides our continent of Tarq.  Once I found myself on 
mysterious %qisland%q.
--The natives named it Tanala. I accidentally teleported myself there by using 
Berat tile, an Otala tile and an Aster tile.
--The caverns are on the Tlengleian island of Balat, near the northern coast.

--My princess, Talya, was captured some time ago by a horrible horde of four-
armed insect things! Maybe we should try to find her.

--Choose your battles wisely, %h.  And be sure to equip your party well with

--Allow me to add my mighty axe to your party!

--That silly Princess Talya got captured by some insect things. I'm sure the
Amazon wenches would appreciate her rescue, but my tribe is perfectly happy to
let her rot in captivity.

Maxon: (Kafari tavern)
--You know, %h, every party of adventurers needs a %qquality%q wizard.  Do you
know how you can tell a good wizard from a bad one?
--QUALITY: I really shouldn't impart this information, but I like you.  All 
best wizards have names starting with the letter 'M', and there's no 
for a good M wizard.  Most of us know some %qteleportal%q combinations, too.
--TELEPORTAL: To get back to Asarene, use a Berat tile, followed by two Dunha

--Perhaps we can find a new dwarven tribe to protect us from the depredations 
wild beasts.

--Look out for wild Tlatol; degenerate cousins of the proud Tlengle race. They
live in cliff dwellings like we do, with ropes to ascend from level to level.
That reminds me, what do you call a tlatol with no %qarms%q?
--ARMS: A shut-in! Get it? No arms, can't climb down cliffs, ha ha ha!

--Before we embark on our quest, let us offer thanks to Tito, Protector of the
Weak, for prosperity in battle!

Volni(Haraza tavern):
--I don't believe in specialization, the best warrior is one who has many
talents, like me! Test me, %h, I would like to join your quest.

Pakrr:(Phoroshe tavern) [note short name is not first name]
--Don't be afraid of me, your mother wasn't! But seriously, can I join your
party?  I'm looking for a good day %qjob%q.
--JOB: Chopping monsters, of course. Let me tell you, those %qTlatol%q can be 
real pain.  Why, just the other day one tried to kidnap my wife.  I said, 
my wife, please, and I'll give you eight gold pieces to let me watch.'
--TLATOL: Nasty creatures.  You might confuse them with us, but the Tlatol 
our beautiful red scales. Back %qhome%q, we capture them and let the young 
practice their stand-up routines on them.
--HOME: I come from the far island of Balat.  There are also Tlengle on the
island of Noromi.  The only known mode of %qtransport%q to these islands is to
use a teleportal.
--TRANSPORT: To get to Balat, use an Aster tile, a Berat tile and another 
tile.  A Henta tile, an Otala tile and a Dunha tile will take you to Noromi.

A table is below for side by side comparisons of same-race people:

A=amazon, D=dwarf, T=Tlengle, L=taldor, W=wizard, H=human.

Raran |H|M| 6| 6| 7| 5| 7| 4| 4| 6| 5||45|30|45|35|15|35|20|35|15|25|15|30|15|
Halan |H|M| 6| 7| 5| 7| 3| 3| 4| 5| 6||36|10|36|25|16|26|20|31|16|20|10|20|10|
Gruth |H|M| 7| 7| 7| 6| 6| 8| 6| 5| 6||45| 5|40|35|15|40|25|45|15|50|35|60|35|
Danat |D|M|12| 7| 6| 6| 5|10| 5| 8| 5||99|45|99|40|99|99|99|99|99|35|40|99|99|
Enric |D|M| 9| 9| 6| 6| 4| 6| 2| 3| 5|| 0|65|20| 0|25|15|25|30| 0|15|30|10|10|
Volni |D|F| 4| 7| 5| 5| 5| 7| 7| 7| 6|| 0|45|20|40|10| 5|40|25|25|40| 5|25|15|
Poral |D|M| 5| 6| 5| 7| 6| 4| 3| 3| 5|| 0|39| 1| 0|18| 5|10|17| 1|10|31|10|10|
Entor |D|M| 4| 5| 5| 4| 3| 4| 5| 6| 6|| 0|25|10|40|10| 5|30|25|30|35|15| 0| 0|
Ranak |D|M| 4| 3| 5| 4| 5| 5| 5| 6| 4|| 0|20|10|45| 5|10|25|25|20|35| 0|15|15|
Maka  |D|F| 6| 5| 5| 5| 5| 4| 4| 5| 6|| 1|30|10| 0|15|10|20|25| 1|15|30|20| 5|
Talya |A|F| 8| 8| 6| 6| 6| 5| 4| 6| 5||40| 5|40|35|15|20|25|35|10|30|15|30|40|
Tara  |A|F| 6| 6| 4| 4| 3| 3| 5| 3| 5||25|25|25| 0|15|20|15|25| 0|10|10| 0|10|
Endel |A|F| 6| 5| 5| 4| 4| 2| 4| 5| 4||25|10|25|20|15|20|20|25| 5|15| 5|20| 5|
Tula  |A|F| 8| 8| 7| 7| 6| 7| 7| 4| 7||60|10|15| 0|50|45|10|55| 0|35|40|55|20|
Pakrr |T|M| 8| 8| 6| 7| 3| 3| 2| 3| 6||50|15|35| 0|45|70| 5|15| 0|20|10|40| 0|
Kenit |T|F| 6| 6| 6| 5| 4| 3| 2| 2| 4||40|10|30| 0|40|40| 0|15| 0|15|10|35| 0|
Rif   |T|M| 9| 8| 6| 7| 5| 4| 2| 4| 6||65|10|45| 0|40|70|20|10| 0|15| 5|55| 0|
Layel |L|F| 7| 9| 7| 6| 4| 7| 3| 8| 6||40| 5|45| 0|10|25| 5|20|10|10|20|10|40|
Pran  |L|M| 3| 3| 8| 5| 8| 4| 8| 9| 5|| 5|15|45|40| 5|30|65|65|75|45|45| 5| 5|
Maxon |W|M| 4| 4| 7| 5| 4| 8| 4| 9| 4||10| 0|10|50| 5|15|20|20|35|35| 0| 0| 0|
Mory  |W|M| 5| 4| 7| 6| 7| 7| 5| 8| 5||10| 0|10|75| 5|30|30|40|65|45| 0| 5|15|


  5. LISTS

    5-1. SPELLS

    5-2. MUSHROOMS

Sermins (53, 106) in Shatlam
Mirgets (91, 209) in Hataan
Nifts (42, 208) in Pasenta
Luffins (138, 109) in Toren
Loka (63, 91) in S Balat
Mirgets (229, 133) in Tanala
Gonshi (28, 58) in Noromi
Gonshi (101, 164) in Seneret
Nifts (175, 150) in Kalased
Loka (134, 211) in Unamar
Sermins (188, 211) in Dormani


Teleportals require five shapes: Aster, Berat, Dunha, Henta and Otala.

Teleportal houses at:
(39, 125)  in Shatlam
(116, 223) in Unamar
(99, 43)   in N Balat
(46, 36)   in Noromi
(230, 122) in Tanala
(150, 160) in Kalased

-> Otala Dunha Dunha to 120, 54. [Haraza loremaster]
-> Aster Berat Otala to  75,212. [Haraza loremaster]
-> Berat Aster Berat to  33,175. [praise Ziphanu]
-> Berat Berat Dunha to  99,136. [Tulara loremaster]
-> Aster Henta Dunha to 139,125. [Tulara loremaster]
-> Otala Dunha Aster to 135,219. [Noriin loremaster]
-> Berat Aster Henta to 185,214. [praise Ziphanu]
-> Henta Aster Otala to 155,144. [Noriin loremaster]
-> Berat Dunha Dunha to 212,178. [Maxon in Kafari]
-> Aster Berat Aster to 100, 29. [Pakkr in Phoroshe]
-> Otala Dunha Henta to  85, 69. [from Rifnrnra, camp]
-> Berat Otala Aster to 225,114. [from Gruth, camp]
-> Henta Otala Dunha to  35, 44. [Pakkr in Phoroshe]
-> Dunha Aster Henta to 130,183. [from Moryantak, camp]

    5-4. MONSTERS

Monster   |HP |SH| AC|MP| Spells
    Taldor| 50| 0|  5| 0|
Taldormage| 55|25|  5|50| Shatter Heal
Hightaldor| 60| 5| 10| 0|
   Pennari| 45| 0|  2|40| Fear
      Yeti|501|40| 40| 0|
    Bazard|420| 0| 45| 0|
 Dwarf Rot| 99|34| 18| 0|
Taldor Rot|110|43| 24| 0|
   Bundorf|150|45|  0| 0|
    Tlatol| 32| 0|  7| 0|
    Dimelf| 54| 0|  8| 0|
     Zappo|170|20|  0|65| Lightning
  Firelord|750|70| 50|85| Firestorm See All Fireball
   Windhir|750|75| 50|95| Whirlwind Disappear Deplete
    Lhakat|545| 0| 60| 0|
 Skeletier|233|60| 22|75| Shatter Freeze See All
 Sky Shark| 90| 0| 12| 0|
  Burrower| 85| 0| 15| 0|
  Kriktisk| 80| 0| 12| 0|
    Keeper|980|99|100|99| Revive See All Imbecile
  Sheemrim|356|80| 45| 0|
    Torjin|192|40| 20| 0|
 Thamalque| 60| 0|  5| 0|
    Mudman| 80| 0| 22| 0|
    Garlog| 84| 0| 10| 0|
  Trimmick|200| 0| 35| 0|
     Horad| 75| 0|  0| 0|
Deathbeast|444|50| 50|70| Deplete Shatter Drain
      Quem|199|30| 10|40| Sharpen
    Dokari|680|99| 60|70| Freeze Fear
   Felfrin| 50| 0|  0| 0|
   Epherus| 80| 0| 16| 0|
 Killgrill|261| 0| 16|70| Lightning
    Wobrin|235| 0|  9| 0|
 Dire Wolf|156| 0|  6| 0|
  Quethrop|277| 0| 11| 0|
     Almir|289| 0| 35| 0|
 Necromant|732|99| 40|99| Imbecile Firestorm See All
     Ghost|151|60| 30|60| Disappear Whirlwind Fear
 Wherrigan|150|90| 25|80| Firestorm Firestorm Fireball


Dungeon   | Word to open | Location       | What's there
Anforn    | Nakritos     |112, 10 N Balat |Quill, Scepter, Ziphanu
Delqafi   | Frazintot    |110,180 Seneret |??
Entemar   | Togarnak     |225, 19 Ilakasek|??
Kireini   | Palatigo     | 44,186 Pasenta |??
Naluun    | Bastirand    |231,109 Tanala  |??
Pradaqa   | Vuntista     |157,138 Kalased |??


  Locations are outside unless marked otherwise

God name   |Demesne   |Word     |Where?      | Temple
Rohrkhad   |Creation  |Garthume |Caverns 1   |57,27 Sartuma 37,29 Hikar
Zlntrlkopfr|Tlengle   |Rkdldn   |Anforn 3    |27,73 Noriin
Palelil    |Taldor    |Pel      |Dark Temple |74,151
Hantaknor  |Fire      |Ortakon  |Tarq 31,176 |63,229
Dablak     |Earth     |Plistical|Delqafi     |189,152
Ziphanu    |Air       |Furbimbor|Air Temple 3|217,87 14,72 Kafari
Melmalan   |Water     |Horoopa  |Sea Temple 3|109,131 65,19 Phoroshe
Tito       |protection|Opesai   |High Temple |91,144 66,177
            for the weak


  Groves act as strongholds did in MC2/MC3. Just stay there and rest a bunch.
There's one in every sector.

Shatlam  (48, 142)
Hataan   (80, 233)
Pasenta  (16, 172)
Amqal    (100, 128)
Toren    (119, 97)
Unamar   (135, 227)
Dormani  (179, 226)
Kalased  (146, 140)
Asarene  (208, 192)
N Balat  (95, 12)
S Balat  (75, 74)
Tanala   (207, 123)
Noromi   (55, 36)
Ilakasek (232, 21)
Seneret  (145, 174)

    5-8. CAMPS

Your cavern (199, 179) Asarene


Moryantak (29, 115) Shatlam
Gruth (30, 200) Pasenta
Tula (67, 222) Hataan
Pran (133, 207) Unamar
Rifnrnra (111, 35) N Balat


Bucky (108, 108) Toren
Denatrius (130, 102) Toren
Grovel (110, 155) Amqal
Mantar (199, 181) Asarene
Mikalat (46, 104) Shatlam


Swimming $75 (120, 59) S Balat
Tracking $125 (59, 230) Hataan
Magic $225 (83, 167) Pasenta
Lockpick $175 (109, 99) Toren
Trading $?? (219, 174) Asarene


Sartuma (62, 109) Shatlam
Rulaan (167, 76) Pasenta
Galaq (86, 148) Amqal
Hikar (146, 122) Toren
Tulara (154, 208) Unamar
Kafari (194, 204) Dormani
Haraza (194, 157) Kalased
Phoroshe (143, 159) Kalased
Marat (90, 44) N Balat
Noriin (40, 34) Noromi

High Temple (56, 115) Shatlam
Air Temple (71, 204) Hataan
Dark Temple (155,109) Toren
Sea Temple (197, 223) Dormani
Cavern/start (199, 179) Asarene


  There are several loremasters who take the place of libraries in MC2 and 
They don't have as much information as in MC2 and MC3, but with fewer wizards
around, they'll give good information about teleportals and so forth.



--Should you wish to teleport yourself to the land of Hataan, the
southwesternmost land on Tarq, use an Aster tile, a Berat tile and an Otala
tile. If Shatlam in the northwest is your destination, use an Otala tile,
followed by two Dunha tiles.


--When the earth was young and the gods of Power and Element roamed over the
mountains, rivers and valleys, Rohrkhad, in His Vision, saw that a hardy race 
mortals would thrive in such a place.
--From his palace on Ilakasek, he took up a multitude of stones, both precious
and rugged, and formed of them the first dwarf. To this dwarf he gave the
Blessed weapon, Khamalkhad - Bane of Dwarven Enemies.
--It was forged of the substance known as Bloodstone, unbreakable and
unmarrable. When the Great Separation occurred and Ilakasek was removed from
Dwarven Lands,
--Khamalkhad was taken from the Dwarves and removed to the great Castle 
on Ilakasek. It has been spoken by Rohrkhad himself that the mighty axe shall
not return among mortals until one can seek out and find elusive Ilakasek
--Having done so, the word 'Togarnak' must be spoken and the doors of Entemar
shall part, allowing entrance into that mighty structure.
--He who returns the axe to civilization shall be blessed, and all his
descendants shall prosper.



--We record this information should you wish to visit the dwarven lands. The
large northern tribe, the Tamar, and their cities of Haraza and Phoroshe are 
the region known as Kalased. To reach this via teleportal, use the following
tiles: Henta, Aster, Otala.
--The southern tribe, the Morin, live in the polities known as Tulara and
Kafari. Tulara resides in the marshy region called Unamar. To reach this
southern section of Tarq, an Otala tile, a Dunha tile and an Aster tile must 
used in that sequence.


--As Tarq was formed, Zlntrlkopfr, the Lizard God, saw that he was without
representation among the races of the land.
He created the Tlengle, in his own image and gave to them the islands of Balat
and Noromi to dwell upon.
--The mighty sword of Zlmnrdra he forged and gave to the Tlengle, that they
could righteously defend themselves against the denizens of the wild.
--Great skill in tailoring and weaving he also gave his children, that they
might celebrate their existence with bright and festive garb.
--Great lovers of lore, poetry and humor they were, despite their large,
fearsome appearence. They dwelt on the cliffs of their islands, delving into 
face of the rock to create their habitat.
--Lacking a good source of wood, the Tlengle became ingenious at using plants
and fibers to substitute in its place.



--The north central part of Tarq comprises two regions: the great snowfields 
of Toren and the region of high mountains and swift streams known as Amqal. To
reach Toren by teleportal, use an Aster tile, a Henta tile and a Dunha tile.
--The combination of two Berat tiles, then a Dunha tile will swiftly transport
you to Amqal.

  * TALDOR *

--When Rohrkhad created the Dwarves, his misshapen brother, the foul god
Palelil, in his jealousy and hatred, created the loathesome race of Taldor.
--The Taldor had no thoughts of their own, only the repulsive thoughts of 
their maker. When Rohrkhad saw what his brother had done, his rage was like 
fire from the heavens, but the deed was done and could not be undone.
--However, that his children, the Dwarves, not be mercilessly slaughtered by 
the new, hideous creations, he overpowered Palelil and forced a weakness upon 
--When Palelil was at his mercy, Rohrkhad decreed that the Taldor shall have a
weakness for alcohol and that their tongues shall loosen greatly when drunk,
revealing all manner of secrets, should the Dwarves be crafty enough to wrest
them out of the drunken miscreants.

  * DEATH *

--As has been told elsewhere, Rohrkhad created the dwarves from stone. The 
first dwarf he called Dahlkhad, or son of the gods, and he was radiantly proud 
of his creation.
--But Dahlkhad was mortal and although long-lived, his end finally came. So
great was the grief of Rohrkhad at his son's passing that he cried great tears
of alabaster that fell all about Tarq and ran into the ocean, creating 
beautiful beds of pearls. The craftsman Amarant succored some of the alabaster 
tears and created of them an exquisite and elaborate death mask.
--The mask he named Throshikhad, or 'Death Face of the God'. At this offering,
Rohrkhad's grief was assuaged and he took the mask, placing it upon the visage
of Dahlkhad and laying his to rest deep within the earth.


  Friendly may be a relative term here, but I mean...places where you won't 

    8-1. TOWNS

* HARAZA X=194 Y=157 *

(8-9, 17)  'Maluan's Supply Shop'
(23-4, 40) 'Haraza Axe and Sword'
(53-4, 54) 'Pints o' Plenty'

(6-7, 9)   'Haraza Fittery'
(64-5, 7)  'Smith instruction' ($175)
(42-3, 37) 'Riverside Inn' ($?? per day)
(9-10, 51) 'Lunak - Armorer'
(33-4, 55) 'The Gem Quarter - sales right, cutting and polishing left'
(13-4, 64) 'Loremaster'
(45-6, 73) 'Haraza Swordplay Academy' ($??)
(30-1, 18) 'Smithy - Employment Available'

Men (32,41) (51,60) (52,56) (17, 6) (40,21)
--Curse those Taldor swine! They ravage the land and threaten our children!
--The Taldor come from Tower Pradaqa which lies to the northwest.
--Asarene is relatively free of Taldor, thanks to the raiding between clan 
and ourselves.
--Someday we will end this warring between clans!
--I once saw a dwarf charge into battle with his axe and get peppered with 
bolts from Dimelf crossbows. Be careful of them; they are good shots.
--The wilds are not a safe place to sleep. Unless you are in a Sacred Grove,
beasts might tear you limb from limb as you rest.

Women (29,23) (43, 9) (49,39) ( 6,59)
--Someday we will end this warring between clans!
--If it's information you seek, the loremaster possesses a bounty of 
He even knows about 'teleportals'.
--If it is aid you seek, speak with our chief, Torongo. He is always happy to
provide assistance to those who have lost their way.
--TORONGO: He lives in the guarded pyramid on the western side of town.
--LOREMASTER: He lives in the southwestern part of town.
--I'm tired of the fighting between us and the Morin. I wish someone would put
an end to it!
--Beware the Tlatol! They are savage lizards!
--I am told that the Eastern regions of Tarq are much more civilized than the
western reaches.
--TARQ: Tarq is the name of this great land.
--MORIN: The Morin are barbaric and uncivilized! Take great care when dealing
with them.

Kids (20,73) (71,57) (72,15) (10,35)
--Someday my axe will be as big as Bucky's!
--Shouldn't you be out killing something?
--BUCKY: Bucky the superdwarf is known and loved by all!

Guards (60,20) (64,20)
--No one passes without the chief's name on his lips.

--I tell you this, traveller, and heed me well. The lands to the west are
TREACHEROUS!  Powerful and hideous creatures inhabit those lands. Go there 
only if you feel brave... or lucky!


(64,38) Fazil
--Seek ye the treasures of the gods? The holy scarab of %qDablak%q lies not
%qdistant%q from here.
--DABLAK: Dablak is the god of the earth. All which live on or under it should
revere him, lest they invoke his wrath!
--DISTANT: Yes, not far at all! The tower of Pradaqa, to the north and west of
here, is where it is rumored to be.

(61,20) Torongo
--Greetings, adventurers. Since you are in need of aid, I have a proposition 
for you. Scattered throughout the land of Tarq and the surrounding islands are 
many lost relics.
  The evil and hated Morin, weak dwarves living to the south of here, covet
these treasures. But as chief of the greatest tribe in the land, they are
rightfully mine.
  Unfortunately, I can spare no troops to secure these treasures, as I must
protect my people against the depradations of the Taldor. With the treasures 
in my possession, I will be hailed as the most powerful Dwarf of our time.
  Return these %qtreasures%q to me and I shall reward you appropriately.
--TREASURES: There was a magic scarab, a brooch, a mitre, a sceptre, a golden
bowl, an orb, a crown, a whistle, and the magical death mask of Rohrkhad.

(9, 71) Tyal
--If you wish to appease our chief, great Torongo, finding the %qtreasures%q 
of the gods will go a long way towards that end.
--TREASURES: Myths say that when Rohrkhad created the dwarves, there was great
rejoicing in the heavens. Rohrkhad loved his children very much, so much that
when the first one died, he cried tears of liquid %qalabaster%q which rained
down from the heavens.
--ALABASTER: Most ran into the oceans surrounding Tarq, forming beautiful beds
of %qpearls%q.  But some were caught by the craftsman, Amarant, who formed an
elaborately wrought %qdeath%q mask. He offered his work to Rohrkhad, who was
greatly pleased.
--PEARLS: The finest quality pearls and pieces of alabaster can be dropped 
into map flasks, forming a magic map of otherwise uncharted areas.
--DEATH: The Death Mask has unfortunately been lost to dwarven civilization, 
so our scholars believe. It is unfortunate that we war with the Morin, for I
believe one of their loremasters has information about the mask. Try 
researching 'death' when you get there.

  (54, 54)?? Tavern

--I'm only a farmer, %h. I know nothing of buried treasures and faraway lands.
Chief Torongo can surely help you.

--I am one of the Tamar clan scouts for the %qAsarene%q area. It is my duty to
to keep tabs on all %qMorin%q and %qTaldor%q activity in Asarene.
--ASARENE: The coastal region between here and Kafari is the contested ground
that the two clans fight over, probably because it has a number of useful
--LOCATIONS: Between here and Kafari, a Morin town, there is a Sacred 
which is of strategic importance to both clans.
--GROVE: The grove lies in a forest, northeast of %qKafari%q.
--KAFARI: The Morin town lies to the south, but I wouldn't go there. They have
very %qlittle%q to offer.
--LITTLE: Actually, their %qaxes%q are slightly better, but we make better
Dwarven %qChain%q and %qhelms%q than they do.
--AXES: I have found that axes do more damage than swords in the same price
--CHAIN: Dwarven Chain is better than normal chain mail. We just make it 
and stronger.
--HELMS: The added protection that a helm provides may be invaluable when 
get really hairy.
--MORIN: The Morin clan lives to the south. They are powerful, but vulgar and
unwashed. My clan will not allow their uncouth ways to destroy our progress!
--TALDOR: The evil and twisted creations of the jealous god, Palelil, these
creatures seek to end the life of every dwarf on Tarq!

--I'm tired and thirsty and have no time for pretty-faced would-be heroes!
Farming is the answer to our problems. Farming, farming, farming! If everyone
worked the land, they would be less worried about killing each other!

--Leave me alone, I'm old and %qbitter%q!
--BITTER: Yes... BITTER! Like Duin who comes in here at noon and like the
%qherbs%q that grow wild in this land!
--HERBS: Many are your enemies in this world, %h. Magical herbs can aid in 
struggle against what may seem unbeatable odds!

--ALE: At Pints 'o Plenty, we brew our own house lager, or I can offer you a
variety of local Kalasedian ales.
--ADVICE: Watch out for innocent looking doglike %qcreatures%q in surrounding
--CREATURES: They are called Pennari, the cruel attack pets of the Taldor. One
howl from their evil jaws will freeze you in your tracks!

--If you seek information, you came to the right person! I'm the queen of
rumors. What would you like to know about: An ancient %qisland%q, a 
or the local %qgossip%q?
--ISLAND: To the east of Tarq lies the island Tanala. Although I have never 
there, it is said to be the home of the antmen. Among other %qthings%q there 
said to be a %qtower%q there.
--BROOCH: The Brooch of Aquilla was said to be the prize possession of the now
dead human ranger named Drimmor. The beautiful, jeweled brooch is said to make 
man irresistible to women, and Drimmor was never without an amazon escort.
--GOSSIP: On the lighter side of the news, the increased flow of %qtraffic%q
through the teleportals has improved the economy and stimulated cultural
--TRAFFIC: Travellers who are rich enough to buy the necessary %qtiles%q 
from island to island using the teleportals. It is the only way.
--TILES: I hear that tiles can be bought from the same people that sell spell
--THINGS: I've heard that there is a mushroom %qpatch%q, a %qshrine%q, a
%qgrove%q, and a %qteleportal%q as well.
--SHRINE: I hear that the shrine to some god lies in the snow, northwest of a
place called 'Mountain Cross'.
--PATCH: They say it is on the southeast tip, by the mountains.
--GROVE: I am told that a safe grove lies in the forest on the southern side 
a large bay.
--TELEPORTAL: I think that I was told that it was south of the tower.
--TOWER: In the center of the island stands the Tower Naluun. It has been
overrun with insect type creatures. I think a priest on some other island, 
name begins with 'M', knows how to get in.

--%h, I have %qtravelled%q great distances in search of %qknowledge%q.
--TRAVELLED: My %qtravels%q are beyond the constraints of these shores! I seek
and use teleportals to aid in my journeys. All matters concerning them
%qinterest%q me.
--TRAVELS: If it is a journey you seek, try going to my home village, 
It is west of here, beyond %qPhoroshe%q and the mountains, on the shores of a
--GALAQ: It is the town of men.
--PHOROSHE: It is the Tamar town due east of this place.
--INTEREST: Knowledge of the teleportals and their combinations must be hard
won, and I doubt that you can tell me something I don't already know. Seek
Smorqa in Kafari. She knows who sells the tiles necessary to journey through 
--KNOWLEDGE: Through all my journeys, I have only encountered five different
teleportal tiles; %qAster%q, %qBerat%q, %qOtala%q, %qDunha%q, and %qHenta%q.
--ASTER: This tile has the shape of an arrow carved into it.
--BERAT: This tile has a bear claw shape carved into it.
--OTALA: This tile has the shape of an oval carved into it.
--DUNHA: This tile has the shape of a cone carved into it.
--HENTA: The carved image on this tile resembles a chicken foot.
?? on Barney

--Seek balance, %h. It may well be you who decides the fate of Tarq.

--I see you carry the famous axe, %qAroten%q!  You must be the survivors of 
%qHoprus%q clan that lived beneath the mountains between us and the %qMorin%q
--AROTEN: Surely you know that the axe you possess is the mighty Aroten! 
by the great dwarven smith, Arogus, and the long dead wizard, Morg'ten Kara, 
axe was presented to the first chieftain of clan Hoprus when it was formed.
--HOPRUS: Your clan's neutrality in the warring between the %qTamar%q and 
clans was a source of great aggravation to both clans. But, now that your clan
has been %qmassacred%q by the Taldor, I guess the point is moot.
--TAMAR: Our great clan is civilized and well advanced. Unlike the Morin, we
cultivate learning and progress. Some day, all of %qTarq%q will be under the
rule of the Tamar clan!
--MORIN: They are powerful, but vulgar and unwashed. My clan will not allow
their uncouth ways to destroy our progress!
--MASSACRED: The destruction of your clan by the %qTaldor%q will serve as a
great warning to both clans that only through unity can the monsters of the 
be turned back.
--TARQ: That is the name of this great land. It must be bad living in a cave 
your life.
--TALDOR: The evil and twisted creations of the jealous god, Palelil, these
creatures seek to end the life of every dwarf on Tarq!

--There was a time when the loremasters had an impressive collection of stone
%qtablets%q, but now that many have been destroyed by the perpetual raiding of
clan Morin, there are only a few %qtopics%q left intact.
--TABLETS: The Knowledge of past generations is recorded by the loremaster on
stone tablets that are stacked and stored for future generations.
--TELEPORT: One of the few topics left undamaged is a slab on 'teleport'

Store owners

--Care to try on some %qsnowshoes%q, %h?
--SNOWSHOES: It's nearly impossible to cross the great northern wastes unless
everyone in your party has a good pair of them.

--Didn't your mother always tell you to wear your %qhat%q before going out?
--HAT: My hats are the finest of helms: bronze, iron and even steel. Perfect 
those cold and dangerous mornings.

--Do you have someone special at home, %h? A nice diamond is a sure way to 
lover's heart.

--In case you hadn't noticed, mountains abound on our continent of Tarq. Be 
to equip your party with sturdy %qropes%q, %h.
--If each person in your party has a good length of rope, those mountains 
present no problem.

--Well, %h, if you ask me, a good sword by your side is equally useful for
slicing up %qTrimmicks%q or %qMorin%q.
--TRIMMICKS: Trimmicks are large, bipedal tree beasts. They seem peaceful, but
they'll crush you with their mighty branches.
--MORIN: That foul tribe of miscreants would just as soon have your heads on
poles as help you in your quest, %h.

* SARTUMA X=??? Y=??? *


( 3,20) 'Runemaster of Sartuma'
(14,36) 'Carpentry Instruction' ($175)
(46,12) 'Empari's WeaponMart'
(41,21) 'Frederick's of Sartuma'
(33,34) 'Silver Spike Gambling Hall'
(68,15) 'Employment available - Carpenter needed'

(57,27) = Rohrkhad temple

Man (27,27) (24,31) (30,17) (54, 9)
--Dire Wolves attack in large numbers but will retreat if confronted with
superior numbers.
--There are a great many perils in this wilderness. In particular, the Horad, 
vicious white snake, is extremely deadly!
--The snow fields hold death in the form of magical SPIDERS!
--I'm cold and tired; leave me alone.

Woman ( 6,24) (67,24) (45,26) (35, 7)
--Shatlam is a nice place to live. The permanent snow fields keep most of the
more deadly creatures of the land at bay.
--A strange man named Dirk hangs out near the carpenter.
--It is rumored that there is an ancient temple near the mountains, within the
snow fields.
--DIRK: He often sells strange items to passersby.

Kid ( 7, 7) (67,20) (47,28) (18,19)
--Bucky is my hero! He knows everything!
--Shouldn't you be fighting dwarven enemies like Bucky does?
--BUCKY: Bucky even knows that the magical Tlengle sword, Zlmnrdra, rests in 
ancient temple beneath the snow.

Special outside dialogue:

Dirk (68, 16)
--WOOD: You are the one! The one who needs the bent wood! It is as it has been
written. You shall build the ship and sail to the far shore. I have the wood, 
you desire to purchase a bundle.
[buy Bent Wood for $250]

Inside houses:

Anshus 19, 12
--Although there are many gods worshipped in Tarq, only %qRohrkhad%q, Creator 
All, truly deserves attention.
--ROHRKHAD: He created the first dwarves that roamed the earth, back in the 
before factions and tribes formed. Now, we dwarves cannot even unite to face 
%qTaldor%q threat.
--TALDOR: The evil creatures would destroy the whole dwarven race. If Torongo 
Haraza and Rakan in Kafari had any foresight whatsoever, they would stop their
petty wars and concentrate on the real problem at hand.
--RAKAN: He is the chieftain of the Tamar and lives in Haraza.
--TORONGO: The Morin chieftain resides in Kafari.
[Etenak knows this too]

Etenak 65,40
--In my great grandfather's time, before the Tamar and the Morin rose in
%qpower%q, our village's chieftain held a magic %qquill%q, which quill made 
any task of transcription half the work it would have been.
--POWER: The quill was lost many years ago, and was last purported to be seen 
on one of the northern islands.
--QUILL: It is unfortunate that we of scarcer resources are now second-class
citizens in our own land. If Torongo had his way, we would all be his slaves.


Empari (46,12)
--Though my stock is not as great as that of the Tamar or Morin, I think 
find my prices are more than fair, %h.

--You won't get far without a sturdy pair of %qsnowshoes%q, %h.
--SNOWSHOES: With all this snow about, you need them to avoid sinking into a

* KAFARI X=194 Y=204 *

(29, 7) 'Snug Cove Inn' ($6/day)
(47,11) 'Crossbow instruction' ($150)
(60,13) 'Raan's Weapon Shop'
(27-8,18) 'Kafari Runemaster'
(55-6,41) 'The Sapphire's Eye'
(26,35) 'Sealskin Emporium'
(17,47) 'Guitar Center.  Sale today ONLY'
(60,49) 'Kafari Gemcutting.  Help wanted'
(47,61) 'Gemcutting School.'
(37-8,68) 'The Frothy Mug'
(68-9,71) 'Chief's House.'

Man (65,17) (44,16) (67,41) (51,50) (63,71)
--Be sure to have a sturdy rope before you enter the mountains.
--The Tamar are pompous and arrogant! Take caution when dealing with them!
--In the wilderness, seek the Sacred Groves. They offer a safe refuge from the
beasts of the wild.
--Beyond Tulara, our sister city to the west, the lands become very dangerous!
Sinister creatures inhabit those lands. Take great caution travelling there!
--We must be vigilant! The Tamar tribesmen have been raiding our villages more
and more frequently.

Woman (19,20) ( 7,32) (34,49) (11,48)
--The west holds great peril for the unready warrior.
--The Tamar clan is a self righteous group of dwarves that lives to the north.
They perpetually raid the towns of our clan!
--Our chieftain, Rakan, lives in the big house in the southeastern corner of
town, seek him for advice.
--Our land of Dormani is certainly beautiful. Except for the occasional tribal
raid, our land is one of the least volatile in Tarq.
--RAKAN: He is the mighty chieftain of the Morin tribe.
--Go to gemcutting school. Your ability to craft beautiful gems will be 

Kids (18,59) (33,63) (31,34) (52,40)
--You don't look like us. Go away!
--What's wrong with you? Mommy said you're not as good as a Morin.
--I'm learning to shoot a crossbow at the school. One day I'll be able to 
Taldors like Bucky does.
--Daddy says that there's an old temple to the south.
--BUCKY: You know, Bucky. The superdwarf.

Guards (66,72) (71,74)
--You must know our chieftain's name to pass.

--Be sure to get to the Guitar Center soon. Their sale only lasts three days!
--What's a brave adventurer like you doing in town? Shouldn't you be out 
--Raan sells the finest weapons in Dormani.
--RAAN: He is our town weapon vendor.

--Brave adventurers! Did you bring me %qgems%q?


Smorqa (7,25)
--I am the mystic of Kafari. May I help you with something?
--I see great things in your future, %h. The %qactions%q you choose will shape
the history of Tarq.
--ACTIONS: Choose them wisely, %h. The wrong decisions can lead you down a 
path of destruction. Seek other %qwise%q people in Tarq to aid your journey.
--WISE: Sagely %qindividuals%q who sell the mystical spell %qtotems%q and 
teleportal %qtiles%q abound in Tarq.
--INDIVIDUALS: Well, there's Manteki in Tulara, Trillax in Phoroshe, Dorein in
Rulaan and the Tlengle Rnjrnet in Marat.
--TOTEMS: The spell totems are an adventurer's greatest aid. They allow you to
tap elemental forces and shape great magical effects.
--TILES: The tiles, Otala, Aster, Dunha, Henta and Berat, when used in the
proper %qcombinations%q, instantly transport you to various places in Tarq.
--COMBINATIONS: Loremasters have much information on teleportal combinations, 
do seasoned adventurers.

Shedara (57,19)
--Horatio sells many fine instruments, but none as fine as one I once saw, in
the hands of a travelling %qminstrel%q.
--MINSTREL: A lyre of gold and platinum he played, and his tongue was as sweet
as a gentle breeze on a hot summer day. People whispered that his great skill
was due to his being %qblind%q, that he could create vision for himself in his
--BLIND: Although I no longer know where the blind minstrel can be found, 
you run across him, ask him to play the Lay of the %qDeath%q Mask.
--DEATH: The song was the most beautiful I ever heard. It told the the tale of
the death of the first dwarf and the beautiful ceremonial death mask he was
given by Rohrkahd.

Pleitan (11,57)
--Far to the west, in the land of Hataan, lies an ancient temple, the 
of Ziphanu, god of the air!
--This temple is a relic of times past, times when the the gods roamed the 
with their children. In these troubled time, however, we are left to
%qstruggle%q on our own.
--We have lost many brave fighters in our struggles against the Tamar. If you
could retrieve the magic orb %qburied%q in the temple, my chief, Rakan, and 
whole tribe, will be in your debt.
--My family has passed down this information from generation to generation, in
the hopes that one such as you would one day come to our aid. The orb is 
in the far northeastern room of the temple, between the altar and platform of

Rakan (68,73)
--Brave warriors! I commend your skills in battle! Come, join me in my feast 
let us talk of things great and small. In the days of yore, the gods gave
treasures to those powerful in mind and body. As the ages past, these 
were lost to marauding tribes and monster hordes. Now, many, many lifetimes
later, the treasures are but a memory recorded in the tablets of the
%qloremasters%q. I have no right to ask anything of you, but if you find any 
these %qtreasures%q, please give them to me. In return for your help, I will 
what I can to aid you in your adventures.
--TREASURES: see Torongo's spiel
--LOREMASTER: The Morin Loremaster is located in our sister city of Tulara, to
the west of here. Your adventures will be aided if you journey there and
research the subject 'Taldor'. It might give you an edge in fighting the 

Notama (18,7)
--Mighty Dablak, god of the %qearth%q, smiles upon your adventures.
--EARTH: You have obviously travelled far, but seem both healthy and 
Seek his chambers deep within the caverns of central Tarq.

(bogus houses at 41,29 and 7,38 in the D.MCV file)


--Beware of the %qTamar%q, %h. They will beguile you with their fancy words 
make you think that we are the cause of all this fighting! Also, try to have a
representative of every race with you. They all have important things to say.
--TAMAR: The Tamar clan lives to the north and are our main rival. They are
arrogant and think that all the other tribes should bow to their will!

--ALE: Which kind of ale do you like, %h? The local inhabitants brew a fine 
ale - I highly recommend it.
--ADVICE: When you're not enjoying a nice brew, journey to the southeast of 
town. An ancient temple lies in that region. It is reported to be full of 
alive, or should I say, half-dead, creatures.

--When Rohrkhad imprisoned the gods, Ziphanu, the air god, hid in Hataan. 
has it that he was entombed in the %qruins%q there.
--RUINS: You should talk to Rolg at the bar in Tulara.

--It doesn't matter what tribe you come from, %h, we all die in the end and 
we go to Rohrkhad's %qcastle%q.
--CASTLE: When the children die, they go to the %qhome%q of their god. If they
have done well, they become guardians of the castle. If they have done poorly,
they work in the ice mines under the castle. Either way, they serve Rohrkhad.
--HOME: The gods banished Rohrkhad after he imprisoned them, so his castle is
empty except for its guardians. No one knows where the castle is for sure, but
some say that a crazy old man up north has been there...

--There is an ancient dwarven device called a map flask. If you find one, hold
on to it. It can be of great help when you are lost underground, if you have

--The rivalry between us and the Tamar clan is so extreme that it may be too
late for even %qKhamalkhad%q to unite the tribes.
--KHAMALKHAD: It is the axe created by Rohrkhad so that Dalkhad could defend 
dwarven race. It is said to be in Rohrkhad's castle, but no one knows where it
is or even if it exists!

[dialog in character section]
[you can ask Maxon to join you]

--I seek my husband, Atun. Have you seen him?
--YES: Thank you. It is good to know that he is safe.
--NO: I'm very worried about him. If you see him, tell him that I love him.

--When you live in this %qarea%q as long as I have, %h, you come to know all 
--Dormani has a grove in the tundra forest south of here and an herb patch
between the two forests southwest of here. To the south, along the coast, is 
entrance to a ruin, but before you go you should talk to Torm when he comes 

--If you want my advice, stay away from the southern tip of Dormani! There is 
ruin there with hideously powerful monsters. No %qtreasure%q is worth your 
--TREASURE: The research I have done on the ruin leads me to believe that 
are three treasures of note in the ruin: the %qDeath%q Mask of Rohrkhad,
%qNatal%q, and the %qhide%q of the azure sky shark.
--DEATH: It was made for Rohrkhad, the All father of the dwarves, from his own
tears when the first dwarf died. Shedara knows more about the mask. She lives 
town somewhere.
--NATAL: Natal is a magical axe created by the water god from the bones of a
million dead fish. He made it for the merman, Bloogridpr, who was killed by 
Tlengle Kripipip before he could receive it. It was made to fight fire
--HIDE: Sky Sharks are predatory fish that swim through the air. Their hide 
very quickly, and none have been able to cure it in time. However, one hide 
cured by ancient means now lost to us.

Well, if you ask me, %h, nothing is better than our black and tan. Much better
than any beverage they have ever attempted to brew in that worthless town of
Rulaan. Notice that they don't have an alehouse there?

MARAT X=90 Y=44

( 8,  5) 'Tailoring - apprentice needed'
(33, 20) 'Marat Metalsmith'
( 5, 22) 'Tumbling Dice Casino'
( 9, 40) 'Runemaster'
(22, 39) 'The Gem Center'
(31, 39) 'Krnshpazl's Herbs'
(37, 37) 'Tlengleian Tailoring School'
(38, 53) 'Ilntrakopf - Weaponmonger'
(17, 54) 'Golden Cliffs Tavern'
(2, 70)  'Adventuring Supplies'
(37, 72) 'Cliffside Guesthouse'

(31,72) (18,72) ( 1,73) ( 1,54) ( 9,58) (25,57) (36,57) (34,41) (21,39)
( 7,41) ( 9,22) (23,25) (36,25) (38, 8) (17, 6) ( 4, 9)
--I am tlengle, hear me roar!
--Beware of the ancient dead. This island was once a warring ground for many
races, and some have yet to die!
--So many lives were lost here that the spirits of the dead have even 
--Northern Balat has the majority of Balat's ancient dead, while Southern 
is home to creatures of the earth.
--Beware the behemoth Lhakats. They come from the earth and are very powerful.
It is said that the Lhakat is the servant of the earth god.
--The greatest concentration of ancient dead is in the buried ruins of an
ancient catacomb. It is located in the north eastern portion of the island.


--ALE: Well, %h, I'd suggest a Cliffside Stout, if you like a heady brew.
--ADVICE: What do you think of our little community? Don't drink too much or
you're likely to fall off the %qcliff%q. Of course, if you were married to my
wife, you might fall off the cliff anyway.
--CLIFF: Our unique living mode keeps us relatively safe from the depradations
of %qmonsters%q, since most of the monsters found in the countryside around
Marat lack the intelligence to be able to climb a rope.
--MONSTERS: Do you know why a ghost can't climb a rope? No hands! Ha, ha, oh,
I'm killing myself.

--Don't ask me, I just drink here! I'm sure Erthrs, our tour guide, could help
you with what you need.

--You will find, %h, that the people of Marat are well educated and are more
than willing to help in whatever way they can. Hopefully, you will be able to
end the squabbling between the dwarf clans.

--Welcome, %h, to the island Balat, where the %qdead%q walk the %qland%q!
--DEAD: Long Ago there was a great massacre in the ruins of %qAnforn%q. Ever
since, the dead have trotted about, half naked, terrorizing the women and
--ANFORN: Anforn lies in the tundra to the northeast. The massacre there was 
great that, it is said, the gods closed the doors to their houses and refused 
accept the dead. That is why these %qlost%q warriors reside in Balat and 
--LOST: They have been spurned by their gods and have been denied their 
and honorable deaths. Let's just say they aren't too happy, and they tend to
take it out on anything they encounter.
--LAND: Despite the walking graveyard that it appears to be, Balat can be a
pretty interesting place! You should %qtravel%q around, see the %qsights%q, 
meet the %qpeople%q.
--TRAVEL: What better way to travel than by teleportal. There's one to the 
--SIGHTS: Like our two groves. One is in the forest to the north, and the 
is south, in a forest west of a little patch of hills. Maybe even visit the 
patch of diatomaceous earth in all of Tarq. It's on an island off the southern
--PEOPLE: Well, there's Rif, who lives across the mountains in the northern 
of the forest to the east of here, and there's the Swimmer. To get to him, go
east until you hit the coast and then go south. But hey, we have an amazing
night life!

El Prdrfr
--The Apparations of Anforn guard two powerful magic %qitems%q! It may be the
magic which draws them there!
--ITEMS: Both the Scriber's %qQuill%q and the %qSceptre%q of the High King lie
within the ruins of Anforn. All who have tried to acquire the treasures in the
past have never returned...
--QUILL: The Quill belonged to a human monk who learned that the feather of a
bird could be dipped in dye and used to write on cloth. Unfortunately, the art
of creating the dye is lost to us. The magic of the Quill is that it always 
--SCEPTRE: Balat was once the seat of power for the humans. It is hinted that
the High King lived in what is now Anforn. At some point, the humans ceased to
exist on this island. That's why it is believed that the Sceptre is in Anforn.


--For what have you come to my store, %h? More herbs and mushrooms? Be 
my young friend. Put not your faith in potions and concoctions. True power 
from within.

--What do you think this is, a weapon shop? Oh, wait a second, it is a weapon
shop. Sorry, I thought I was my dead twin brother, Morty the Meatslicer. I do
have some weapons for you to buy.

--Pretty, pretty gems. I must have them. You must sell me all of your gems 
away! They must be mine! Give them to me!

--If you have any shovels, %h, I'll gladly %qbuy%q them. Not that I need any
shovels, but wood is very hard to come by in these parts, so the handle is
--BUY: Of course, I can't sell you any shovels, but I do offer picks and 
Our ropes are the best in Tarq. With some of the fat lizards we get around 
they have to be to support their weight on the cliffs.

Inside locations.

Ytyrph (11,55)
--Heed my warning: stay away from Rnjrnt! That dabbler in the occult will be 
end of us all with his totems and tiles!

Frfrfr (22,21)
--How much %qwood%q would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
--WOOD: None. Because he'd live in Marat where there isn't any wood! It's hard
to explain, %h, but there is just a lack of usable wood on this island, so we
make due mostly without it. The little that we scavenge we use for our cliff
--LADDERS: Aren't they nice? It's much easier, I think, to scale a cliff using 
ladder than to have to rough up your scales, excuse me, hands, on a nasty 

Imlgndro (28,22)
--You're asking me for advice? You've got to be kidding! I worship a giant red
%qlizard%q and you'd ask me for advice?
--LIZARD: You better believe it, my friend. Zlntrlkopfr gave life to the
Tlengle, and he taught us how to make such cool clothes. And now that 
can even be %qpassed%q to you, %h.
--PASSED: That's right! For just a few coins a day, you, too, can learn how to
sew like a lizard. Just head on over to our lovely tailoring school and 
set you up!

Rnjrnet (37, 5)
--If you will be journeying north to the ancient caves of Anforn, take along 
of the spell %qtotems%q that I sell.
--TOTEMS: I sell both the Gimlai and the Demmock totems. Either is an 
tool for adventuring. [2220 for Gimlai, 2820 for Demmock for 5 charisma]
--NALUUN: Ah, the tower on the island of Tanala. Yes, I do know what the word 
to open that dungeon. It's 'Bastirand', after the famous explorer of the 

* PHOROSHE X=143 Y=159 *


(32-3, 13) 'Phoroshe carpenter'
(61-2, 8) 'Falk's natural medicine'
(67-8, 34) 'Supply shop - Aalinta proprietess'
(63-4, 47) 'Gold Coin gambling hall'
(41-2, 56) 'Tuonial's music shop'
(63-4, 58) 'The Rusty Nail Tavern'
(70-1, 70) 'Rohrkhad's Beard'
(53-4, 67) 'Weapon Depot'
(37-8, 70) 'Phoroshe Axe School' ($150)
(47-8, 18) 'Academy of Research' ($150)

Men (20, 5) (32,25) (45,59) (46,36) (52,56)
--Were it not for our skirmishes with the Morin clan, we could concentrate on
clearing the land of foul beasts!
--Someday the plains of Kalased will be free of the Taldor scourge!
--The only thing that keeps the Taldor in Kalased is their tower northeast of
--The lands to the west and the lands of clan Morin, to the south, should be
entered with great caution.

Women (17,53) (53, 8) (25,66) (29,33)
--Some Taldor can cast magic.
--The Taldor are allied with Dimelves and the Tlatol.
--Beware the Taldor's pets, the Pennari. Their howl made my husband run from

Kids (20,73) (53,70) (58,21) (54,46)
--Don't be sad, Bucky will save us!
When Bucky comes to town, he's gonna hack, maim, and kill every Taldor and
Dimelf from here to Haraza and spread their guts out all over the plains! 
Bucky great?
--BUCKY: Bucky is the bestest dwarf in the world!


Borton (7, 5)
--I fancy myself somewhat of an apothecary. But Falk, the herbalist, rarely 
the %qingredients%q I need to make my special concoctions.
--INGREDIENTS: One in particular, %qLilten%q, is quite difficult to find in
Kalased. An old %qcharlatan%q, Groval, always used to have a good supply, but 
was run out of town several years ago.
--LILTEN: With such an herb, I can make many useful household items; crabweed
killer, berry fermenter, lots of different things. What's more, if you can 
some for me, I will tell you the word needed to enter Pradaqa Tower.
--CHARLATAN: He used to invite all the young dwarves over to his house to 
The townspeople, although lacking proof of any funny business, could no longer
tolerate his behavior. He was run out of town and was last seen heading west
towards Amqal.
--[give Lilten]: Ah, Lilten! I can already taste the grooberry wine! Now, if 
really want to find some good treasure, the tower of Pradaqa, northeast of 
holds many fine items. To open the gate, utter the word 'Vuntista'.
--[give anything else]: No, I told you I need lilten.

Karana (43, 9)
--My father, a great adventurer in his time, told me a wonderful tale once. He
was on an island full of big, red lizards who told really corny jokes. The
lizards showed him a %qdungeon%q at the very northern end of the island.
--DUNGEON: It was called Anthorn or Anforn or something. In this dungeon, he
found a beautifully wrought sceptre. He wanted to return home with it but was
set upon by a horde of nasty undead, so he secured it in a chest in a room on
the third level of the dungeon.

Trillax (47, 9)
--The only true way to defeat the monsters of Tarq is through the use of the
%qarcane%q arts.
--ARCANE: When the world was new, Rohrkhad gave unto his children seven totems
of power, each with a full complement of prestidigitational powers. To his
highest priests, he gave the power to %qreplicate%q these totems for those
deemed worthy.
--REPLICATE: Although the art of replication is long lost, the totems are 
known to exist. I myself have a supply of Ashard and Chalta totems, which I 
sell to you.


--When faced with great adversity, %h, one of my %qdrums%q is the best answer.
--DRUMS: When you beat it, your party will rally around you and crush your

--I pride myself on my large selection of weaponry. I've axes, swords, even a
%qcrossbow%q or two.
--CROSSBOW: It's more of a novelty than anything else. Those cowardly Morin 
them quite a bit, however.

--Take along a good supply of herbs and mushrooms. I sell all types here, and 
bargain prices!

--If you're going into a tower, take along a good supply of %qpicks%q.
--PICKS: You'll need them to open the many chests you'll find.


--The plains of Kalased are beautiful except for that %qeyesore%q of a tower 
the northwest!
--EYESORE: I speak of the ancient tower called Pradaqa. For many years, it was
just an elegant ruin from a long forgotten time, but now it is the
%qstronghold%q for the twisted Taldor!
--STRONGHOLD: Yes indeed, they use the tower to store their tools of war and
other necessary supplies. On the top floor they keep the Moon %qScarab%q that
shines from the tower every full moon.
--SCARAB: The Moon Scarab glows brightly every full moon. During that time, it
is said to bring death to the enemies of the possessor. In the hands of a
dwarven chief, it would be very useful.

--%qBorton%q, a would-be apothecary, knows the word you need to whisper to 
down the drawbridge of Pradaqa.
--BORTON: He is currently bitter because his assistant stole his only supply 
some rare herb. I'm sure he would be willing to trade the word for the herb. 
talk to him. He lives in the northwest corner of town.

--It is too bad that the fighting between ourselves and clan Morin is so
intense. It would be nice to exchange %qrumors%q with the women of their clan.
--RUMORS: Rumor has it that a crazy man living to the north, by the ice, says 
can make dwarves float across the ocean, but he says you need a special hammer
that's hidden in Delqafi. Also, I hear that Trillax sells teleportal tiles.

--We've got Bazard Ale and Bazard Light, which do you %qprefer%q?
--PREFER: I'm a Light dwarf, myself. I'll tell ya', %h, after a hard day of
killing monsters, nothing satisfies like a Bazard Ale or Bazard Light.
--ADVICE: Watch out for roving bands of %qTaldor%q in and around %qPradaqa%q
--TALDOR: Taldor are fierce savages, like misshappen dwarves in appearance, 
yet, in a way, different. The hatred between the two races is almost, but not
quite, legendary.
--PRADAQA: The large, foreboding tower to the northeast of here is rumored to 
full of Taldor, and worse.
--??: If you don't like ale, try our Fermented Unamarian Swamp Juice. 
to knock you under the table!

--On the altars of the trapped gods are words which are rumored to free the 
temporarily. Those who free a god are rewarded. A god can affect the world in
many ways, if he is prepared when summoned.

--There is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot, but I must admit a good
wizard can be invaluable. Not only are their spells useful, they seem to know 
great deal about ancient places.

--I'm Tlengle and I'm proud! I have travelled extensively in this area and 
information about its geography, if you're %qinterested%q.
--INTERESTED: I know quite a bit about special places in the regions of
%qKalased%q and %qSenerat%q.
--KALASED: Kalased is mostly a featureless plain: you might say a plain plain,
but there are %qthree%q little-known locations that I can tell you about.
--THREE: There is a protected grove in a forest north of here and west of
Pradaqa; a patch of mystical herbs lies northwest of Haraza at the edge of a
forest; and a shrine of some sort also lies northwest of Haraza but before the
--SENERAT: In Senerat, there is a grove southeast of Galaq, the Human town, 
west of here, over the mountains. There is also a patch of herbs south of 
in a forest by the mountains. Do not pick them all, so they can grow back.

--Sometimes my dad tells me stories about a man made of %qwater%q, called
Melmalan, that was turned to ice by %qRohrkhad%q!
--WATER: He was made out of water, and he was strong, and he ruled the seas, 
he was big, and fishpeople prayed to him, and he lived in the ocean.
--ROHRKHAD: One day, Rohrkhad, the god of all the dwarves, got tired of the
other gods messing up his world, so he imprisoned them so that they wouldn't
break his world. He %qtrapped%q the water guy in a block of living ice!
--TRAPPED: The trapped gods trapped Rohrkhad too! They made it so he couldn't
walk on the world. So now he watches from his Throne in the Stars and appears
only in visions.

--I have heard legends of an ancient %qcomplex%q carved under the ground. It 
said that many great %qtreasures%q lie hidden in its bowels.
--COMPLEX: The place is called Delqafi. It is said that it was the ancestral
%qhome%q of the Taldor before the %qBazards%q drove them out. If you go into 
hills, between the mountains that lie southwest of here, you will surely find
Perhaps you can enlist the aid of a renegade Taldor to help you get in. If you
do convince Taldors to join you, take them to a tavern. They love to drink and
when they're drunk, they love to talk.
--BAZARD: Savage and intelligent giant lizards. I've only seen one, and that 
as it ate my raiding party. I barely escaped by diving into a river without my
sealskin on. It would seem that they can't swim.
--TREASURES: There are two great treasures rumored to be sequestered in those
vaults: The %qBowl%q, and the lost Taldor axe of legend, %qMukora%q. By the 
I talk a great deal so stick wtih me.
--BOWL: The bowl belonged to Gorgo, the fattest dwarf that ever lived. He 
ate from it and took it with him wherever he went. It is said that the 
of the bowl will never grow hungry. The Bazards didn't when they ate Gorgo.
--OWNER: The bowl has no owner now, but I understand that a Morin dwarf whose
name begins with 'F' lives in Tulara and collects bowls. He may know something
about it.
--MUKORA: This magic axe was created by Palelil, the Taldor god, so that
Grefrin, the first born of the Taldor race, would %qsmite%q Dalkhad, the first
--SMITE: With unearthly strength and magical fire, Mukora's head was forged 
the metal of a fallen star with a shaft of petrified oak. In the hands of
Grefrin, Palelil commanded that Mukora destroy %qDalkhad%q.
--DALKHAD: Rohrkhad, the god of the dwarves, saw this and created
%qKhamalkhad%q. He gave it to Dalkhad so that he could defend himself in the
coming %qbattle%q.
--KHAMALKHAD: The mightiest axe ever made, the shaft is of %qMethreal%q and 
head is of %qBloodstone%q.
--METHREAL: It is the strongest metal known. No one living has been able to
forge anything with it. A few suits of armor do exist, remnants of a time long
--BLOODSTONE: The hardest stone known to dwarf, it is impossible to mine, and
when encountered, must be dug around. Some say it is the blood of Rohrkhad
--BATTLE: The battle between Grefrin and Dalkhad was brutal, but in the end,
only Dalkhad stood. This so infuriated Palelil that he struck down Dalkhad and
stole away with Grefrin and Mukora. Only %qlegends%q persist.
--LEGENDS: Taldor legends insist that the possessor of Mukora will RULE ALL

[see characters]
[you can INVITE Pakkr]
* RULAAN X=76 Y=167 *


(25, 16) 'Corina's mystical herbs'
( 8, 30) 'Rulaan Rest Stop' ??
( 8, 47) 'Stealth Instruction' ($200)
( 6, 71) 'Tailoring position available'
(37, 60) 'The Dice House' [no, Andrew Dice Clay isn't held captive here.]
(65, 44) 'Just Picks'
( 7, 33) 'Welcome to Rulaan'

Women (14, 6) (34, 8) (36,17) (21,27) (34,33) (45,44)
(28,49) (19,42) (26,51) (67,55) (26,62) (10,60) ( 5,52)
--The women of Rulaan do not tolerate the sexist behavior of men so watch
--Perhaps you would feel more at home in the town of Galaq. Wimpy men are 
--There's a big tower to the south; why don't you go there!

Kids (60,48) (16,18) (11,50) (42,65)
--I don't have a daddy, just two mommies.
--I'm very depressed. I think its because I lack a role model. [NO BUCKY!]
--There are cute bunnies to the south.
--Mommy says tattooed men fight better than normal men.
--I've seen a fish that flies.
--Mommy always tells me stories about bats. There are brown bats and green 
The green one have spears that make mommy sick!

Guards (64,64) (58,64)
--Our leader's name as a password or be denied entry!


Ilaya (7, 9)
--The pigs over in Galaq think that they are such masculine gods. Always 
about building something or their conquests in war, but not %qall%q of them 
such he-men.
--ALL: One of those real men, Gregor, pretends like he is the typical Garlog
slaying stud, but, in actuality he would rather be home pressing wild
%qflowers%q! Isn't that a riot?
--FLOWERS: I found this precious piece of information on a midnight raid, when 
looked in his window and saw a book entitled 'The Art of Flower Arrangement.' 
probably won't admit it at first; confront him directly and see how he reacts.

Dorein (37, 42)
--Heed my words, adventurer!
--Fire! Brimstone! The world is coming to an end! Hantaknor, God of Fire shall
cause the world to be consumed in %qflame%q!
--FLAME: Seek the %qtemple%q of Hantaknor and repent, lest you be among the
first subject to incendiary doom!
--TEMPLE: His final resting place lies westward in Pasenta, northwest of 
Be sure to take along %qplenty%q of teleportal tiles and spell totems to fight
off monsters in the wilds.
--PLENTY: I can sell you as many tiles as you need, and I also have a supply 
Chalta, Entus and Fanorl totems.

Katrina(60, 64)
--Hmm, I see some men in this party. I'm not sure I have anything %quseful%q 
say to you.
--We amazons are quite self-sufficient. I don't need your help to get what I
want. We've been fighting for our autonomy from those insensitive pigs over in
%qGalaq%q for years.
--GALAQ: Galaq is the town where all the male oppressors and proto-male hench-
rapists live. If the whole town was wiped out by the plague, I wouldn't grieve
for a second. Then I could retrieve the Silver %qQuarrel%q of Galaq without 
--QUARREL: It is something I've always lusted after. If you could get it for 
I'll tell you something useful, despite the fact that your party isn't 
of all wymyn.
--[return quarrel:] Well, well, well, you did manage to get the quarrel. A
promise is a promise, so I'll tell you that, if you wish to enter the tower
called Kireini, utter the word 'Palatigo'.


--Sometimes, %h, you may feel at a loss in battle. The answer to your problems
is to have a full pouch of my %qherbs%q.
-HERBS: They have many useful properties, from increased speed and strength in
battle, to curing the poison and illness inflicted upon you by monsters. Our
chieftain, Katrina, shops here. If it's good enough for her, it's good enough
for you.

--Welcome to 'Just Picks'. I'm Cara. Please, look around.
--PICKS: I sell the best picks at the best prices on Tarq. Feel free to shop
around, but no one can beat my prices. My high volume purchasing holds down my
cost to you, %h, so you get the best deal!
[20 per pick]
--[other]: Sorry, this is 'Just Picks'. I can't help you with anything else.

*TULARA X=154 Y=208 *


(58, 12) 'DiamondMart'
(18-9, 20) 'Tulara Music School' ($150)
(58, 33) 'Tailoring by Telana'
(41, 27) 'Mystic Herbs'
(11, 41) 'Gambling Hall'
(26, 35) 'Tulara Loremaster'
(42-3, 48) 'Tulara Steak & Ale'
(13-4, 60) 'Lanam - Smith'
(54, 64) 'Helm & Plate Armor Shop'
(69, 72) 'LeDawn's supplies'

Men (16, 5) (67,18) ( 9,21) (55,40) (36,54) (42,67)
--Clan Tamar's raids have made it difficult to keep Unamar free of dangerous
--Evil creatures lurk in the swamps to the west. Steer clear of them.
--The Taldor often have Pennari, Dimelves and Tlatol in their company.

Women (51,23) (39, 8) ( 5,45) (69,48) (23,53) (60,66)
--I wish someone would settle the clan feud between the Morin and the Tamar so
the men could spend more time at home!
--It is said that the Dimelves are excellent archers. Some even say they are
--My husband once went to the library for information on 'teleportals'.

Kid (20,71) (58,57) (25,46) (62, 8) (30,24)
--Look, see, its my new Bucky decoder ring!
--Daddy says to stay away from strangers but I think you're funny lookin'!
--Shouldn't you be out killing monsters?
--BUCKY: Bucky! Bucky! he's the best! Kills more monsters than the rest!

--I've seen a Taldor sneak into town and drink at the tavern. Later, when he 
drunk he talked about a lot of crazy stuff.



Forzo (5, 4)
--I'm not sure I like your looks. Whaddaya want?
--BOWL: Hah! You bloodletting slayers of innocent beasts! You're just as bad 
my bowl collecting %quncle%q. Always trying to take advantage of everyone 
--UNCLE: I'm sure you'd like to know just who he is, but I'm not going to tell
you. You are killers of innocent monsters, monsters with families and 
You so-called adventurers are the real monsters.
--[other]: Murderers! Talk to me no further.

Dilkatek (37, 45)
--Have you met my crazy nephew Forzo? He is always spouting off some 
babble. Ah, to be young again.
--BOWL: Yes, you'd like to know of the golden bowl of the gods. It is buried 
the caverns deep in central Tarq, known as the Delqafi %qcaverns%q.
--CAVERNS: On the lowest level of the caverns, next to a shimmering black 
you will see a skull. If my research is correct, the bowl is buried under this

Manteki (27, 71)
--It is a good idea, %h, to be able to cast many different %qspells%q when you
go adventuring. It is also helpful to know %qshortcuts%q to get from place to
--SPELLS: The Belfon totem has excellent spell capabilities. I can sell one or
more to you, if you wish.
--SHORTCUTS: The loremaster has information on teleportals and combinations 
can use to zap yourself from place to place.


--Take along my herbs when you journey in the wilds. There's nothing like a 
of %qmirget%q before striking your opponent!
--MIRGET: Mirget, properly administered, will make you attack with the 
of three!

--I'm more of a collector, than a vendor, %h. If you %qfind%q any gems in your
adventures, I will be more than happy to buy them from you.
--FIND: Ancient temples and towers are scattered throughout Tarq and the
surrounding islands. I'll bet they're full of beautiful stones.

--Don't leave Tulara without a good cache of my %qsupplies%q.
--SUPPLIES: I have rope, for scaling high mountains, shovels, for unearthing
treasure, and picks, for opening pesky, locked chests.

--A good suit of armor, %h, is sometimes all that stands between you and the
claws of a hungry Almir.


--Mother has told me stories about how Rohrkhad, the dwarf god, plucked out 
eye and put it in a statue to watch over the the Land of Tarq. When the statue
was broken, the eye was lost in the ocean. The dead eye is called 'Orb' now.

--Don't tell me, I know, you want to know about musical %qinstruments%q.
--Of course, everyone knows how instruments work, but did you know that a good
instrument is like magic? What I mean is that the better the skill of a
musician, the better the magical effects.

--You should settle down, %h. Get yourself a steady source of income, find a
nice little place, and have a few children.

--You stand on the threshhold of a very dangerous world, %h! The %qlands%q 
of here are brimming over with creatures of great power. You had best be well
--LANDS: The lands in that direction are far more dangerous than these eastern
lands that we and the %qTamar%q fight over. Journey there only if you have no
regard for your life!
--TAMAR: Those pompous, arrogant dogs have no concern for their fellow dwarf!
They pillage and destroy without provocation! We will not allow our heritage 
be swallowed up by the self-serving Tamar!
--PREPARED: There are many things you should know before going any farther 
For starters, do you know what this %qtown%q has to offer?
--TOWN: I didn't think so. First, spend some time with the loremaster. He can
tell you about the 'Taldor' and about 'teleportal' combinations. Then find
Manteki. He has a few interesting things to sell.

--When you're dashing about the countryside, be sure to keep on the look out 
%qBazards%q and other unfriendly beasts.
--Actually, I'm not sure how you could miss them. Giant green lizard-like
monstrosities with rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth.

Enric Palazo
[you can invite Enric to join--see character section]

--None in this town believes old Temra, but I'll say it once again! I's seen a
man with globes o' clay, set them down then runs away! Monsters step there in
the fray, and they die from the globe of grey!

--I have just returned from a long tour of the Unamar region. While travelling
through that area, I discovered a %qgrove%q, a %qteleportal%q, a %qpatch%q of
herbs, and the %qcamp%q of a renegade Taldor!
--GROVE: It's in the forest in the middle of the swamp just west of here.
--TELEPORTAL: It's at the northern point of the first forest to the west of 
--HERBS: The herbs are just south of the Taldor's %qcamp%q, but don't pick 
--CAMP: The camp of the Taldor is over the mountains to the west, in a forest.
If you need any more information, you should talk to Rolg. He has ventured
farther west than anyone.

--I unnerstand ya wanna journey to Hataan at some point. Am I right?
--YES: Well then, there's a lotta %qthings%q ya should know before ya die.
--Things like where da protected %qgrove%q is, where da %qruins%q are, where 
can find helpful %qherbs%q, and other things ya might %qencounter%q.
--GROVE: Things can get confusin' out there, so listen close. Da grove is in a
valley wit' a river that flows south. It's on da west wall o' that valley, and
da valley is south o' da %qruins%q.
--RUINS: Da ruins are inna field surrounded by forest, east of a %qbridge%q.
Dey're south o' Rulaan, da female barbarian city, and west o' here.
--BRIDGE: Many o' da bridges to da west are guarded by nasties, and ya may 
ford da river or go to its source.
--HERBS: Dere's a patch of herbs inna forest, inna valley wit'out a river. I
t'ink it's just east o' da valley wit' da river.
--ENCOUNTER: A few people live out dere but ya definitely don't wanna meet up
wit' 'em inna dark forest! Dere's two camps in a forest to the far west.

--Do you know why everyone is angry? I think its because we're fighting with 
Tamar clan all the time! I think, some day, Bucky will come and unite all the
dwarven tribes under one chief!

--I'm just a drunk, leave me alone! If you don't, Dablak, the earth god, will
come out of his home in Delqafi and slay you all!!!

* GALAQ X=86 Y=148 *

(63, 17) 'Galaq - town of quality'
(54, 19) 'Help wanted - carpenter position'
(53, 33) 'Garn's Clothing'
(39, 37) 'Tavern on the Brown'
(32, 14) 'Emeralds Etc.'
(30, 32) 'Know Thine Enemy Soulreading School'

Women (18,10) (49, 6) (67, 9) (13,19) (21,32) (35,35) (20,39)
--Stay away from the women of Rulaan. They have yet to learn their place.
--Those Rulaan women are way out of line.  If they hadn't moved so far to the
southwest we woulda had to teach 'em a lesson.
--Life's purty peaceful in these here parts if you don't go past the fences.

Men (40,21) (21,14) (10,27) (50,33)
--Beware the two headed wolf.
--If you must leave the village, avoid the air-swimming fish: its jaws are 
--Some say that even the trees come alive at night!

Kids (68,35) (39,13) (27,19) (51,22) ( 2,35)
--Welcome to the world of flying fish, dancing trees, and two-headed dogs!
--I wish I could be bigger so I could get my sister back from the women of
--Stay away from the fence or you will be snatched away by the baby-snatching
women of Rulaan!

Guards (10,38) (14,38)
--You must know our chief, or we will not let you pass. Call to him, if you 

Old woman(Q.U.) (47,34)
--The key to life, %h, is to get as much out of it with a %qminimum%q of 
--MINIMUM: I show up for just a few hours a day and pretend to work, but it's
all just for show. If I didn't get a free lunch, I wouldn't even bother to 
--[<10 charisma]:Why are you bothering me?


--I have been to Rulaan, the all female town southwest of here. Let me tell 
what I found out while I was there is probably the most important collection 
%qfacts%q you will ever hear!
--FACTS: Yes, facts! From the women of the town I obtained vital information 
secret %qlocations%q, hidden %qplaces%q, and a veritable plethora of 
--LOCATIONS: While I was there, they told me about a protected grove in a 
west of the town by the ocean, %qtwo%q camps, a %qshrine%q, an herb %qpatch%q, 
%qtower%q, and the %qvalley%q of a god! They trusted me because I was a woman!
--TWO: One camp has a teacher of magic. That one is to the east of the city. 
other is the camp of Gruth, and that's southwest of Kireini %qtower%q as you
follow the trees.
--SHRINE: The shrine to some god can be found in a valley, west of a lake 
to the southwest of Rulaan.
--PATCH: An herb patch is hidden near the coast, by a forest that is south of
the %qtower%q.
--TOWER: Kireini tower is in a clearing to the southwest of Rulaan and is the
abode of Doroma the wizard. It is also supposed to be the resting place of two
great %qmagic%q items! I believe Katrina in Rulaan knows how to get in.
--MAGIC: I heard rumors that the High %qMitre%q and the magical Crossbow,
%qDelatna%q, are in the confines of the tower.
--MITRE: Well, I was told that the Mitre once belonged to the high priest of
Rohrkhad. I'm sure that the dwarves are anxious to have it returned!
--DELATNA: Carved from a living Trimmick, the crossbow was the symbol of
peaceful cohabitation between the Trimmicks and the Amazons. The living nature
of the crossbow imbues bolts fired from it with the ability to disrupt ghosts.
--VALLEY: The god's valley is west of the lake that is southwest of Rulaan.

--Here in Galag,[sic] you are on the fringes of known civilization; much like
%qSartuma%q up north.
--SARTUMA: The lands up there are frigid and barren except for a few special
--FEATURES: There is a %qruin%q just southwest of Sartuma, by the mountains, 
herbal patch by the northwestern coast, a teleportal in a box canyon on the
western side of the westernmost mountains, and a few other %qpoints%q of
interest as well.
--POINTS: Like the shrine to %qPalelil%q in the mountains west of here, or the
protected grove in a little forest west-northwest of here. I think there are a
few semi-permanent %qcamps%q in that area too.
--PALELIL: The Taldor god, Palelil, tried to create the race much like 
created the dwarves. They were tainted, however, by Palelil's inexperience 
creation. This angered Palelil, and the Taldor have fought the Dwarves ever
--CAMPS: Both Mikalat and Mory have camps in Shatlam. Mikalat's camp is along
the northern coast, and Mory's camp is near the northwestern coast in a tiny
grass field.
--RUIN: The ruin of the High Temple (they call it that because of elevation) 
said to hold the Iron %qCrown%q and the magical sword, %qZlmnrdra%q.
--CROWN: The Iron Crown is a diadem of great value because it is studded with
diamonds and only diamonds, giving the polished iron an almost unearthly
--ZLMNRDRA: This ancient Tlengleian sword was crafted by the Tlengle metal
weaver, Bigrbi. It was used by the Tlengle highlord to kill the merman,
Bloogridpr. After that, the legends cease to mention it.

--I have travelled far and spent many days away from my wife, Olga, in Kafari.
Someday I will make it up to her. If you see her, tell her I love her very 
Now to other matters, I can tell you many things if you will %qlisten%q.
--LISTEN: The area around here is called Amqal. I have become somewhat 
with its %qgeography%q and its %qinhabitants%q.
--GEOGRAPHY: If you are going to travel north, visit the two shrines. Tito's
shrine is on the other side of the lake, and the water shrine to Melmalan is 
the western shore of Seahorse Bay to the northeast.
--INHABITANTS: The inhabitants of the region are dangerous. Groval may be able
to help you. He is in a camp on the other side of the western range, along the
mountains. Remember to use groves when possible. There is one downriver in a
forest by the sea.

--I've been thinking, what if I strapped a slab of wood to my feet and tried 
go down a mountain. Hmm, I may have to try it!
--SNOWBOARDING: Quite possibly the greatest sport in the world! I can't wait 
hit the slopes with my bro, Ed! Hey, hand me a beer. ??

--Hantaknor, the fire god, has a shrine in the Hataan Coastal Range. Dorein in
Rulaan knows about it, and she also sells spell totems.
Aside from their undying hatred of the men of this town, their 'princess' 
to have turned up missing. Some say she was kidnapped by antmen and is now in
some tower on some island. Actually, they really didn't seem to care that 

--Magic, my dear %h, is the way of the realm. The world is bursting with it! 
master your destiny, you must master magic and all its %qbeacons%q.
--BEACONS: Tito, the Protector of the Weak, placed beacons of magic on this 
so that his children would survive and prosper. Now he lies entombed in a high
temple. The sword, %qKastapha%q, and the Silver %qQuarrel%q are all that 
--SWORD: The sword was forged by Tito from pearl and ebony and given to the
human high chief. He was beset by an army of tattooed warriors and slew 
before he fell. Those 'quem' took the sword with them.
--KASTAPHA: Tanro in this village owns the magical crossbow bolt, the Silver
Quarrel of Galaq. It has been in his family for generations! It is said to be
indestructible and have mystical properties.


Gregor (9, 10)
--I'm a manly man, %h. When I go hunting, the forest animals tremble at my
approach! None can withstand my sword in battle! Women swoon at my feet!
--FLOWERS: I have no idea what you're talking about. What?? Someone told you? 
must have been one of those trollops from Rulaan. I can't believe my 
is out!
--SECRET: Please, please, tell no one else. This is most embarrassing. If you
promise not to tell, I'll not only sell you the book, but I'll tell you about 
special %qfriend%q from when I was a child.
--FRIEND: Growing up, I had a lovely friend named Doroma. He was the local
wizard's son. We used to love finding new flowers in the woods and fields. But
his father forced him into wizardry and I haven't %qseen%q him since.
--SEEN: I really have no idea where he might be these days. If you do find 
however, I'm sure he would think the book was really super.
[buy flower book from him. 262/5 charm 684/4 charm, 787/3 charm.]

Tanro (11, 38)
--As the chieftain of my people, I must mainly concern myself with the needs 
the tribe. Right now, that means I must protect my people against the night
raids of the amazon wenches from Rulaan.
I am sorry. I have nothing useful to contribute.

Narcoti (43, 7)
--If you wear any headwear, %h, make sure it's well attached to your %qhead%q!
--HEAD: Not long ago, I was exploring an ancient temple dungeon to the 
of here. I was ambushed by a group of flaming skulls, I kid you not, who stole
my beautiful %qcrown%q.
--CROWN: It was a Galaqian artifact, rumored to have been created by Ziphanu,
god of the air.

* HIKAR X=146 Y=122 *


( 7, 13) 'Hikar Leadership School - all applicants welcome!' ($200)
( 7, 32) 'Rooms for Rent' $??
(28, 44) 'Garnets Galore'
( 8, 59) 'Fisher's Tavern'
(36, 54) 'Anduzar's Supply Shop'
( 6, 69) 'Silver City'
(27, 70) 'Gemcutting position available'

(17,11) (11,16) (36,19) (22,46) (23,56)
--Rumor has it that there is an ancient ruin in the permafrost, near the
--We hope that clan Morin will deem us worthy to become part of their clan.

( 6,22) (32, 5) (17,31) (35,43) (15,67)
--We work very hard.
--Hard work is good for the spirit as is Rohrkhad.

Kids (35,66) (32,59) ( 8,38) (38,13) (19,23)
--You can't see me! I'm using the Bucky Invisocloak!
--I shouldn't talk to strangers...
--BUCKY: Bucky is happiness! Bucky is love!!


Yalu (12, 7)
--In business, location is everything. Take me, for example. I'm the
%qchieftain%q of this whole village, so I should be qualified to teach
%qleadership%q. But my subjects are such cowards, I haven't had a decent pupil
in months.
--CHIEFTAIN: It's not really much of a job. We're so isolated out here in the
snowfields, there's not a lot of chieftaining to be done. Marshall a parade,
settle a domestic squabble, ta da, ta da, ta da. I %qenvy%q you your
adventurer's life.
--ENVY: It's too bad my contract runs another three years or I might be 
to join you in your travels.
--LEADERSHIP: My studio is attached to the house. I would love to see you in 
class tomorrow. It would be a nice change to have a real leadership prospect.

Carmine (29, 18)
--Although not as mighty as the Tamar or the Morin, the dwarves of my tribe 
much more %qfestive%q.
--FESTIVE: To signal the beginning of festivities, we blow a special
%qwhistle%q, which has been handed down from generation to generation since 
--WHISTLE: To tell you the honest truth, that whistle has been driving me 
I'd be happy to part with it for a small sum, shall we say, 500 gold?
--??: Extortion you say? That's not true considering what you get for your
investment. So if you mention extortion again, I'll have your legs broken.
--[buy whistle]: %h, I give you this ceremonial gold-plated whistle! The 
of Hikar are yours!

--Don't wander aimlessly through Tarq, %h. Search for the tombs of the 
that you may receive their blessings.
--GODS: Many are the gods that once roamed Tarq, fierce %qelemental%q gods,
racial gods, and, above all %qRohrkhad%q, God of All.
--ELEMENTAL: Gods of fire, earth, water and air, they were, each Master of his
own domain. Now they are lost to us, only a memory.
--ROHRKHAD: The Creator of the Dwarves no longer visits his children in mortal
form. Legend says he will not return among mortals until there is an end to 
strife amongst them.


--Selling supplies isn't the most thrilling job a dwarf could have, but 
needs to make a %qliving%q, right, %h?
--You say you're an adventurer? Well, that does sound thrilling. I'll bet 
a real hit back home, eh, big shot?

--There is much to be learned from a name, %h. Take my name, for instance. 
is an ancient Torenian name. Scholars are unsure of the exact meaning, but as
close as they can divine, it means 'a thing.'


--Welcome to Hikar, %h. I have been sent as a representative of the Tamar clan
to show these poor people how much their lives would be improved if they 
fealty to us.

--ALE: To cope with the long northern nights, I prefer a warmed wine beverage.
Can I interest you in one?
--ADVICE: With the ancient %qtemple%q to the north and the tower of 
to the south, it's amazing that our town has survived for as long as it has.
--TEMPLE: It's rumored to be the tomb of an ancient god of the Taldor. 
it is, it seems to be full of ghosts and other horrors.
--PRADAQA: The tall tower is infested with Taldor, nasty mutants that they 
and some pointy-eared, effeminate, crossbow-wielding menaces, which I believe
are called dimelves.

--A man came into town claiming that he had spent months on an island that 
across the ocean in whatever direction the wind blew it! So we kicked him out 

--Take my advice and stay away from the northwestern coast of the Toren 
There's a crazy man there who thinks that dwarves can walk on the sea! He's so
nuts that one of his demands is a golden %qneedle%q.
--NEEDLE: This particular needle was last seen in the southwestern regions of
Tarq, but no one has seen it in ages! Only a lunatic would demand such an

--I am the %qguide%q of these parts. Before me was my father, and before him,
his father, and so on...
--GUIDE: Well, actually I don't get out that much anymore, and besides, it was
really my father's job. I just wanted to be a tailor. If you want to go out
there, I could %qtell%q you where some of the interesting places are.
--TELL: You're all right! Well, let's see. North, through the pass, in the 
there's a patch of herbs. On the eastern side of the East Mountains, in the
snow, is the opening to a ruined temple. There are things on some %qislands%q.
--ISLANDS: On the big island in the bay to the northwest is a protected grove,
and just west of that, on a small isle, is a guru who teaches lockpicking.
There, now you can go where you want without the bother of some guide!

--I know many songs and ballads, %h. Is there a particular subject you'd like 
to sing about?
--[most:] I'm sorry, %h, my repetoir includes no songs on that subject.
--DEATH: You wish me to play 'The Lay of the Death Mask'? Before I can do 
you must tell me the mask's true name. Only then can the tale be told.
--THROSHIKHAD: Excellent. But I divine that you really wish to know the
%qlocation%q of the mask, not hear the Lay.
--LOCATION: There is an ancient temple dungeon in the land of Dormani, near 
southeastern shore of Tarq. This dungeon has three levels. On the third level,
in the the far northwestern corner, is a tomb covered by swords. Dig just 
of this tomb and you shall find the mask.

--That %qCarmine%q is a lucky guy! He has this ceremonial whistle and all the
women flock to him because he's imporatant!
--CARMINE: He lives in the north part of town. That lucky bum!

* NORIIN X=40 Y=34 *


( 1, 19) 'Cave of Tomes'
( 3, 33) 'Unarmed Combat taught here'
(35, 34) 'Metal Plates forged by Syentyak'
(33, 49) 'Onkmaltn's Instruments'
(24, 52) 'Tlengleian Clothing Outlet'
( 4, 66) 'Noriin Gemcutter'
(36, 66) 'The Lizard's Lounge'

Tlengle ( 4,10) (22,10) (38, 8) (27,22) (13,20) ( 3,21) ( 2,35) (17,36)
(30,38) (40,35) (40,48) (30,53) (12,50) ( 4,70) (15,72) (32,70) (37,68)
--Built Tlengle tough.
--The loremaster is your best source of help for information on 'teleportals'.
--Heed the Bazard for it is vicious and mighty!
--Be careful of the Torjin. Their spears are nasty.
--Schnip Schnip Reeeee Bargooft.
--The Killgrill has a deadly tail, so attack it at range.
--BAZARD: The Bazard is a powerful foe. One can only defeat it by becoming 
meditate on this.


Dglumash (33, 49)
--We Tlengle %qmake%q the best clothes on Tarq. Unfortunately for you, most of
it is costumery, mere frippery that we use for relaxational and recreational
purposes. And I'm sure that most of it, like our Bgunzrnian %qHat%q, would be
completely useless to you.
--MAKE: While most of it is made from fine cloth, I also make things out of
canvas. Right now, I just happen to have a large surplus. If you need some all
weather canvas for anything, I'd be more than happy to sell it to you.
--HAT: It is something male Tlengle don at mating time, indicating that we 
those of the opposite sex to approach, ridicule and reject us. This way, we
insure the %qsurvival%q of our race.
--SURVIVAL: Yeah, weird, isn't it? But who can understand the mysterious mind 
the female lizard?
[buy canvas for $200 off Dglumash.]

Syentyak (35,34)
--Never go out in the world without a good suit of armor, %h. Why, my cousin
Fred once went out without his %qsteel%q plate and was mailed back to us cut
into 29 different pieces.
--STEEL: Steel plate is the best protection you can buy from me. Only a magic
suit of methreal will protect you better.

Onkmaltn (33,49)
--Play beautiful music, %h. That's what will bring %qpeace%q to this world. If
we all would just stop the hate and play music together, this world would be a
better place.
--PEACE: You dwarves with your petty rivalries know nothing of peace. Learn to
love one another, %h, that's the real solution.

Inside locations.

Klnkklank (34, 21)
--Burrr, whizzz.. errr. What do you want! You want, IN-FOR-MATION! Go east, 
along the coast is a grove. There, now go!

Wldprgn (8, 9)
--Say it now and say it loud, I'm a Big Red Lizard and I'm proud! That's what
we're taught by Zlntrlkopfr, our deity. He told me, personally, mind you, that
as long as I am proud of my heritage, I can be a failure and still demand
respect from others.

Hblktra (32, 8)
--Watch me do my 'speaking- in-tongues' trick, %h. 'On the Island of Tanala 
a great tower. The tower is called %qNaluun%q. It has been taken by
%qKriktisks%q and is falling into ruin. There is also a captive there who 
your help.' How was that?
--NALUUN: What? Oh, I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you about it. There is a
chap over in %qMarat%q who might know some more. I can't remember his name, 
I do remember that he sold spell totems. If you find him, ask him about
'Naluun', and maybe he'll know something.
--MARAT: It's the other bastion of Tlengleian civilization, over on the Island
of Balat. Go to the loremaster's and research 'history' if you wish to learn
more about us.
--KRIKTISKS: The Kriktisks are repugnant, ant-like bipeds. They have four arms
which they use to wield large, nasty four-handed swords. Don't you wish you
could randomly spew forth information like I can?


--It may seem worse than the hardest riddle, %h, but choose who you give
treasures to wisely. You will create your fate.
--RIDDLE: Back where you started, a place long dead, where a man should be, 
a treasure instead. [note: Riddle is not in red, but you can still ask for it
--GAME: I think it's a pretty enjoyable game, all in all. I hope you like it.
The price is good too!
--SNOWBOARDING: My brother, Alan, and I go every winter! It's way-far cool!
Nothing beats the feeling of being in the groove as you cut downhill, slashing
at the snow like quicksilver!
--CHESS: The ideal girlfriend will play strip chess. Think about it, To play 
would have to be smart and sexy; and you would already be attracted to her if
you asked her to play!
--ALAN: My brother's a really cool guy. I hope that someday, when he 
I'll be able to spend more time with him! I'm very lucky to have him as my
brother!There are no goats... There used to be goats, but now there are no 
goats. The helicopters came and took them all away... No more goats...
--DASHNI: Dashni is the god of love.

El Profundo
--Hey hero, the loremaster has some teleportal combinations for you. Heh, heh,

--Have a nice Redback Porter, %h. It's an excellent accompaniment to our
%qTlatol%q stew.
--TLATOL: You haven't seen any Tlatol yet? They bear a faint, yet obviously
inferior, resemblance to us Tlengle. But instead of our brilliant wit, they 
the intelligence of eggplants.

--I am the Mighty HASTUR! Do not even dare to say my name aloud!
--HASTUR: DIE, foul slug!

--There's not much to do here in Noriin, but as long as there's a tavern I'll 
happy! If you want to entertain yourself, try the loremaster. He knows a 
of interesting tidbits on Tlengle culture, but you'd better know what topic 

--Hmm, huh, ohh, there you are. Let me tell you something. If we get any more
travellers from that teleportal to the east, I'll go mad! I hear there's a 
of herbs southwest of the southernmost bridge; maybe I'll hide there!


  Here's where you'll find people with critical information as well as the 
characters for your party.

* BUCKY X=108 Y=108 *

  Bucky is a bit of a joke. Kids across the towns refer to him as a big hero.
But if you go island hopping, you can find out the truth about him.

--Don't ever become a role model, %h. The hours are long and the pay 
--SUCKS: Not only that, but you are constantly beset with screaming brats who
want your autograph. I could have just been a normal warrior, but once the PR
guys got a hold of me, it was all %qover%q.
--OVER: There was no time to be a hero any more. Between the celebrity
appearances and marketing meetings, I hardly had the time to go Taldor
--HACKING: Well, I was quite the warrior in my day. But, as they say, beauty
before talent.

* DENATRIUS X=130 Y=102 *

--Greetings, adventurer. What brings you to the camp of Denatrius the Mad?
--??: I was the most brilliant craftsman in Tarq. There was nothing that I 
not %qbuild%q, whether it was of stone, wood, or cloth.
--BUILD: I was of a mind to craft a vessel which would allow me to glide over
the ocean, a %qboat%q. The people thought me mad. 'The ocean is for fish,' 
said. Well, I showed them... I SHOWED THEM ALL!
--BOAT: I called my beautiful creation a 'boat,' after my great-aunt on my
mother's side. It was built from the finest woods. Its %qsails%q were crafted
from the most rugged of canvases. It was the majesty of the sea. It shall
%qrise%q again!
--SAILS: The boat had great canvas sheets attached to a vertical pole, called 
'mast,' into which the wind blew, propelling the craft across the waves.
--RISE: I am too old to brave the perils of the ocean. But you, you must
continue my legacy. Join me in my dream. Build a %qnew%q boat. No one shall 
us our glory!
--NEW: To build it, you must get the following items. Bent wood planks for the
body, all-weather canvas for the sails, a golden needle to sew the sails
properly, a hammer with which to drive nails, and a hefty supply of %qgold%q.
--GOLD: That's right! You didn't think I'd just give you all this information
for free, did you? Get the supplies and 3000 gold should about cover my
consulting fee. Now, GO!

--[BUILD BOAT: Your boat awaits! Hasten to the isle of %qIlakasek%q. Remember,
the word to open the castle is 'Togarnak'. Don't forget to write.
--ILAKASEK: Ha Ha Ha... and they call ME mad! In my first boat I found the
abandoned home of Rhorkhad! It was a steel castle on an island within an 
to the northeast. Sail hard, %h! The glory of BOAT shall live again!!!

--OTHER: I know nothing of that. I only know boats. Just boats.

* GROVEL X=110 Y=155 *

--Hey there, young fella.
--ADVICE: Befriend those your own age, %h. Anything else makes folks 
of ya. But ya didn't come all the way out here to hear me ramble on. Can I
getcha some %qlilten%q tea?
--LILTEN: Great stuff and easy to find out here in the wilds. I used to sell 
in Phoroshe, before they ran me off. I got a whole bunch if ya want to buy 

[You can buy Lilten from Grovel at 75 per. You only need one.]

* GRUTH X=30 Y=200 *

--You need me in your party, %h. Whether it be swordplay, a sharp eye with a
crossbow, or blasting the enemy with spells, I'm your man! Let's %qexplore%q!
--EXPLORE: I suggest we explore not only our continent of Tarq, but other
%qislands%q as well.
--ISLANDS: Tanala has a tower that might be worth investigating. If we can 
a teleportal, the combination Berat Otala, Aster will take us there.

[You can invite Gruth to join your party. And I highly recommend that you do.]

* MANTAR X=199 Y=181 *

--Young %h, I'm glad you have sought me.
--I am deeply sorry to hear that your tribe has been decimated by the foul
%qTaldor%q. I knew your father; he was a great dwarf in his time.
--TALDOR: The Taldor and other baneful creatures from the west are growing in
strength. If the threat is not checked, all the Dwarves of Tarq shall suffer 
same %qfate%q as your tribe.
--FATE: Instead of uniting under one banner, the Dwarves have %qfractured%q 
two main tribes, the Tamar to the north and the Morin to the south. In 
smaller tribes live in the wastes of northern Tarq.
--FRACTURED: The two clans are preoccupied with destroying each other. They 
ignoring the fact that they face their own destruction from the monster 
You must %qdo%q something to prevent this destruction.
--DO: In ages past, the gods gave magnificent treasures to their children. It 
written that he who possessed the treasures held great %qsway%q over his
subjects. I can not tell you the locations of these treasures, but rumors 
throughout the land.
--SWAY: If you find these treasures, %h, you must make a decision concerning
which chieftan to give them to. The chieftain that ultimately holds the most
treasures will become the most powerful dwarf on Tarq. If the treasures are
yours to give, the fate of the land is in your hands.

* MIKALAT X=46 Y=104 *

--POSSESSIONS: Why are you here? Are you trying to steal my magic %qsword%q?
Well, you can't have it!
--SWORD: My sword was crafted Zlntrlkopfr the Tlengle god. I found it in a
teleportal chamber, many years ago. I have no idea how it got there, but I 
it and it's %qmine%q!
--MINE: This sword, which seems to especially love the blood of Bazards, I 
not give you unless you can give me something of much greater value. Something
that I can really %quse%q out here in the wilds.
--USE: Since you asked, I've been suffering through the cold cold northern
nights. I've heard talk of a charmed hide, the Hide of the Azure Sky Shark. If
you can bring me the hide, I will give you Zlmnrdra, my magic sword.
--[OFFER THE HIDE]: Thank you my friend. I shall sleep soundly now, covered by
such a magnificent hide. Take Zlmnrdra in return for the hide.

* MORYANTAK X=29 Y=115 *

--[NO M WIZARD:] What is this? A party without an M wizard? Do you know the
trouble you could get into without an %qM%q wizard?
--[M WIZARD:] I see that you have an M wizard in your party! You could always
use another one, you know. You never can tell when you'll be stranded without
one far from %qhome%q.
--M: All great wizards' names start with M!  What did your parents raise, an
imbecile? Kids these days, the lights are on but nobody's %qhome%q.
--HOME: Tarq being the huge continent that it is, I sometimes find it useful 
%qteleport%q myself to the middle, to Seneret. But it's quite nice in
%qShatlam%q, which just happens to be my home.
--TELEPORT: What? You want to know how I do it? You need some of the magic
tiles. Which ones? Oh, I guess that might be useful. Try a Dunha, an Aster and 
--SHATLAM: The peacefulness, it's nice. With all the mountains and grandiose
snowfields, but, watch out for the %qWobrin%q packs, I'm telling you!
--WOBRIN: Nasty, two-headed wolves they are. They'll rip off two of your puny
heads at the same time!

* PRANARANUS X=133 Y=207 *

--Seekers of knowledge, know that not all Taldor seek your blood. Some might
even be persuaded to join your %qquest%q.
--QUEST: Search throughout Tarq. When your journeys have come to the center,
there you will find the %qDelqafi%q Caverns, a natural wonder beyond compare!
--DELQAFI: I can tell you no more about them at this time. But I can tell you 
the temple of my patron god, %qPalelil%q.
--PALELIL: In the mountains high above Rulaan, on the border of Shatlam and
Pasenta, lies his temple.


* RIFNRNRA X=111 Y=35 *

--There's nothing worse than being way out here in the wilderness with no one 
try out new %qmaterial%q on.
--MATERIAL: What do you call a Tlatol that can %qspeak%q intelligibly?
--SPEAK: A genius! But seriously folks, let me tell you something useful. I 
from a faraway island. The teleportal combination used to get to my home is an
Otala tile, followed by a Dunha tile and a Henta tile.

[You can invite Rifnrnra. He won't crack ay other lame jokes, and he's pretty
good too.]

* TULA X=67 Y=222 *

--BEFORE: Ho, %h, a weak, little dwarf like you needs a big, strapping Amazon
warrior like me to protect you from all of those scary creatures out there.
--AFTER: Before we go any further, I must advise you to offer a prayer to 
Protector of the Weak, that he may grant us glorious victory in battle!

[You can ask Tula to join your party. She is quite a good fighter.]


  I define unfriendly locations as anywhere you can be attacked. Dungeons are 
bit more unfriendly than Temples as there are more monsters in ambush, etc. I
define dungeons as places you need a word to get in, plus the place where you
start out.

    7-1. DUNGEONS

  The dungeons are in alphabetical order, although I cheated a bit and put 'A
Cavern' first since it's quite different from Caverns X, the final dungeon. 
various dungeons are:

  1. A Cavern
  2. Anforn (3 levels)
  3. Caverns (5 levels)
  4. Delqafi (3 levels)
  5. Entemar (4 levels)
  6. Kireini (7 levels)
  7. Naluun (6 levels)
  8. Pradaqa (7 levels)

  I have general comments about each dungeon above the map of level 1 and
specific instructions below.

      7-1-1. A CAVERN

  This is where you start out. There's not much to do here, but the game needs
to establish the tone.

  Your cavern is located at (199, 179).

* A Cavern *


  Ah, what better place to start off a game than in a generic cavern? It's 
perfect for a minor incident or two to start the plot going and get you
comfortable with combat! Here the incident is an ambush when you try to leave.
It's not too hard, but have weapons drawn etc. You should be more worried 
getting the game to run without freezing. There are many ambush squares but
really only one ambush. You can leapfrog over it, actually, if you want. But
it's probably best to go through with it and make sure you have combat basics

  The treasure is very much worth digging for. It should get you off to a 
start. Go to a town, get a shovel, and come back to dig. You're clued into 
in Balat, but there's nothing against you picking it up right away.


(3-4, 13) (5, 14-6) (3-4, 17) 8 taldors. This is the introductory fight. You 
leapfrog over it, say, with


12 <= With 1 at (3, 12) and leading, go to


34 <= set 3 as leader and flip back to




(13, 8) 5 diamonds, 6 emeralds, 7 sapphires, 8 rubies
(4, 8) 99 bolts, 50 picks, 6 snowshoes, 6 sealskins, 6 rope

      7-1-2. ANFORN

  The dungeon of Anforn doesn't contain many monsters, but they're all undead.
There are some extremely nasty side fights, but fortunately most of the 
can be avoided. One critical fight will really tax you, but there's a god in
here, along with two treasures(one a dwarven artifact) and it isn't especially

  Anforn is located at (112, 10).

* Anforn Level 1 *


  Having a few walkwater spells is a necessity, and you'll need a lot of
restsouls. You'll want to go east, south, west, south to the wall, and east. A
couple walkwaters should get you over. Turn south into the first area you see.
Enter the room to the south. Win the combat and rest up if you're low on 
Follow the corridor west, south, east, and south to the stairs. It does get


(8, 15) Tito, save me! The stench in here is awful! Look at the remains strewn
about. Whatever happened here, was a massacre!
(54, 12) Keep away from the pools, they may be toxic and eat the flesh from 
(10, 27) These are dwarven bones and dwarven picks! What happened here was the
senseless slaughter of the dwarven people!
(9, 28) Gathering the treasures that the chiefs requested will unify the 
and prevent this in the future!


(48-9, 13) 4 taldor rot, 7 dwarf rot. Drum.
(47, 49) (49, 45) 11 thamalque. 36 gonshi. A necessary room with nice 
(62, 59-60) necromant, 2 ghosts, 8 sheemrim. The 3 rubies of treasure are NOT
WORTH IT. If you want to win, you'll need to use the sharpen spell or, for
amusement, have two players with a ton of firestorms and gonshis. Have them
huddle in a corner, cast firestorm, use a gonshi, and cast firestorm. If the 
guys are getting close, use a nift and/or teleport to the other side. Fun eh?
Too bad the undead can't feel frustration. Even if they weren't on a computer.



  The course is pretty one way at first. East, south, west, south, east, 
A bit west and south and a square east of the NW corner you'll find some
treasure if you dig. Then go east into the room. Exit south and if you want to
get the quill, take the following detour and retreat: west, south, east, 
east, south, east, south, west. Nothing is beyond except a very annoying 
East all the way, north all the way, west. In the next room's northeast corner
you'll find more treasure. Go west, north, east past the lake, south, east, 
north--but only til the room opens up. Then go east to the wall and north to 


(42, 50) There's supposed to be an ambush here only you can't GET here.
(60, 7) 4 thamalque, 2 taldor rot, 3 dwarf rot, 2 ghosts. A nasty surprise
before the stairs. Just keep to the south in the final room to avoid this.


  The first two talks are positioned in a wall.

(5, 17) It seems that these caverns were entirely made by lava flows and the
formation of gas pockets.
(57, 25) The stench seems to have subsided a bit.

(15, 68) Come see the lovely lakes!
(15, 69) Oh, yas... it iz verry nice!


  Both are on your way, so why not pick them up?

(7, 30) iron helm, steel plate, battle axe, sapphire, ruby, 120 coins
(50, 12) 8 fireglobes, 16 alabaster, 9 jade

* Anforn Level 3 *


  Go west and south to enter one room. It's a very hard combat, but you get a
dwarven artifact(sceptre) from it. Then go north and east across the water.
Ziphanu is in the room to the north beyond. Whisper ?? and pump your guys up a
bit. He's actually not one of the better gods to visit, but he wasn't that 
to get to. After this you can go back over the water, and the room to the 
is a teleportal. Get out--preferably to Tarq mainland where you can go and get
the materials for the ship you want to build.


  Avoid both of these by keeping to the walls.

(10, 13) 5 thamalqe, 3 taldor rot, 5 dwarf rot. More a nuisance.
(12, 11) 13 ghosts. Potentially fatal if you don't detect it.


(12, 7) Be careful! Lava is still dripping from the ceiling here.
(3, 20) Look, a nook!
(34, 11) The undead that inhabit these caverns may be a result of the massacre
that occurred here.
(30, 10) ?? announcing a god


(4, 14-5) 4 ghosts, 4 necromants, 4 sheemrim. Sceptre. This is the big fight.
Cast berserk on your pure fighters, use timestop, and cast sharpen on your
fighters. Get rid of the spellcasters early. Use gonshis to make sure you're
protected with nifts. By the end you can even let your magic users sharpen and
attack the bad guys.

  Rooms without critical treasure are unnecessary, as everything is located on
the perimeter.

(18-9, 4) teleportal room
(4, 65-6) 3 necromant. 12 potions.
(4, 37-8) 12 thalmaque, ghost. 38 gonshi.
(38, 57) 12 sheemrim, necromant. 90 sermins.

(34-5, 4) Ziphanu is here.
  +1 strength
  +1 resistance
  +1 charisma
  +5 trading
  +1 intelligence
  +2 tailor
  +2 bravery

      7-1-3. CAVERNS

  The caverns, although they are the last dungeon, don't get really bad until
the end. You can find the next level just by looking for the glowing ice-post,
usually WAY opposite where you entered. You may need to win one fight in a 
to rest up and win, and there's a methreal here, but this is largely
straightforward. There's a lot of great treasure here, some behind flimsy
fights, but you don't want treasure now. You just want to get through it. Or 
will, halfway through the fifth caverns.



  You start out roughly in the northwest after being teleported here from
Entemar. Head east. Go south at the westmost sign. You should then  tend
southeast until you get to the bottom of the map. If you get to X=50 then try 
go straight down as an ambush may be a bit further to the east. At the bottom 
the map there should be a cavern with glowing ice statues next to it. Those
indicate entry to the next cavern.


(61, 67) 12 horad. Just watch the X/Y coordinates to make sure you haven't
drifted too far to the east. This is east of the door you need to get to 


(10, 4) Can we talk yet?
(10, 5) Yes.
(9, 6) Good, because it's cold in here!
(54, 13) (23, 25) Wow, it's cold!
(31, 14) (30, 39) This cold really bites!
(55, 36) I'm cold!
(16, 17) (47, 49) I'm really cold!


(25, 3) 'We are the children of Rohrkhad, and these are his laws.
(29, 3) 'Seek HONOR to purify your mind.'
(33, 3) 'Seek STRENGTH to purify your body.'
(37, 3) 'Above all, seek ROHRKHAD to purify your spirit.'


(47, 2) 10 hoard. 44 turpins.
(1, 20) 25 fireglobe. 10 direwolves.
(42, 53) 10 skeletier. 86 alabaster.
(61, 44) 10 felfrin. 77 luffin.
(14, 44) 12 horad, skeletier. 54 jade.
(39, 59) 6 horad, 7 skeletier. 89 bolts.
(72, 63) 12 horad. 15 fireglobes.
(14, 74) 11 direwolves. 34 loka.
(36, 49) Rohrkhad.



  With no ambushes you can concentrate on just getting through with it all, 
you really only need to stick to the walls and not stumble into a room by
mistake. You start in the northeast, and the exit is in the southwest. I just 
south and west and then latch on to the north wall and follow it
counterclockwise. It eventaully turns south, and although the path gets 
it never clogs up. You'll see the glowing posts after getting by a river that
ends just before the west wall.


(20, 2) 177 coins.


(44, 5) (9, 66) Wow, it's cold!
(24, 8) This cold really bites!
(27, 29) (34, 101) I'm cold!
(43, 49) I'm really cold!
(23, 33) We must endure the cold if we are to find Khamalkhad!


No comment means don't bother.

(3, 24) 3 horad, 8 yeti, skeletier. 1 methreal. The fight isn't too grueling 
why not knock these guys off?

(48, 1) 12 horad, skeletier. 10 locate spells.
(27, 2) 6 horad, 7 skeletier. 11 detect.
(71, 16) 13 skeletier. 12 rubies.
(70, 24) 1 yeti, 11 direwolves. 13 rubies.
(3, 37) 11 direwolves. 14 rubies.
(56, 38) 3 horad, 8 yeti, 1 skeletier. 15 fireball.
(1, 57) 11 keepers. 16 rubies. Not worth it.
(1, 73) 12 horad, skeletier. 17 teleport. A spell you'll never use again.
(53, 76) 6 horad, 7 skeletier. 18 rubies.
(67, 89) 3horad, yeti, 8 skeletier. 69 gonshi.
(29, 91) 11 direwolves. 20 rubies.
(48, 106) 1 yeti, 11 direwolves. 21 heal.
(18, 106) 5 yeti, 7 skeletiers. 32 potions.



  More mazes and loops here, but nothing to get too worked up about. The
ambushes aren't hard to avoid if you know where you want to get to. You'll 
in the northeast and exit in the southeast. Go south, then slightly southwest
along a path that wil eventually hit a T-intersection with a 
trail(~33, 38.) Go southeast. The path curves south then tends east. It will 
by a cul-de-sac, and when it turns northeast, look for the next intersection
where you will go southeast(~52, 51.) The path turns back east, and you'll see
the marker to the next level there. Go south before the marker. The east leads
to an ambush. The door will be on the west side of the southern chamber.


(13, 16) 10 yeti.
(29, 9) 11 yeti, 2 skeletiers.
(66, 29) 1 yeti, 13 dire wolves.
(65, 59) 1 skeletier, 13 horad. The others are so far off in left field that
this is the only one you have to worry about. The beacon to the next level may
fool you--you think it's beyond the beacon, but there are two chambers beyond
it. Ambushes won't kill you here; no one battle is terribly tough, as you can
use sharpen, but they're easily avoided.


(32, 71) Wow, it's cold!
(69, 28) (32, 7) I'm cold!
(68, 3) I'm really cold!
(60, 59) It seems that every chest is filled with sapphires. I wonder what the
explanation is?
(56, 58) These may have been the first dwarven mines. If so, it is quite
possible that sapphires were the gems that were most bountiful.


(33, 2) 10 horad, 25 sapphires.
(54, 4) 10 direwolves, 6 sapphires
(66, 7) 10 felfrin, 7 sapphires. This is a GREAT room to rest in and build up
spells if you forgot to. Because the fight is so easy--you need 2-3 firestorms
from your best spellcaster.
(13, 33) 10 skeletiers. 34 sapphires.
(8, 30) 12 horad, skeletier. 9 sapphires.
(73, 44) 6 horad, 7 skeletiers. 10 sapphires.
(61, 47) 91 bolts. 3 horad, yeti, 8 skeletier.
(40, 45) (43, 51) 5 yeti. 7 skeletier. 12 sapphires.
(7, 45) 13 skeletier. 13 sapphires.
(30, 61) (43, 65) 4 yeti, 8 direwolves. 44 sermins.
(16, 74) 11 direwolves. 15 sapphires.



  You need to get from the center west to the northeast. There are no ambushes
to consider. Head east. You can walk over the ice patches. When you are on 
take a few steps north and go northeast. Soon you'll see a door to a room, and
you'll need to turn north. Then when you hit the river, follow it, going west 
start. Once you're at the top, go east along the top wall. When you see a gem,
the passage to the next level will be south of that gem. Before you go to the
next level, you may want to recharge in the room just to the south at (57, 
It's got a few gonshis, which you may need with all the ambushes that are 


(9, 40) I'm still cold!
(52, 3) Cold, cold, cold!
(63, 9) This level of the caves seems to hold only emeralds.
(64, 9) It would seem that the gems have been stratified by value and level.
That is to say, the the more valuable a gem is, the deeper in the caves it was
(65, 8) You are probably right.
(66, 7) First gold, then rubies, then sapphires, now emeralds. That must mean
that deeper below are diamonds!
(66, 6) Let us hope we survive to see them.


The only one really worth it is at (57, 22).

(4, 6) 10 keepers. 23 turpin. Avoid avoid avoid.
(44, 3) 11 yeti, 2 skeletiers. 11 emeralds.
(57, 22) 11 yeti. 82 gonshi. Only if you need a gonshi recharge.
(65, 44) 4 yeti, 8 direwolves. 13 emeralds.
(51, 66) 10 yeti, 3 direwolves. 14 emeralds.
(30, 105) 11 yeti. 21 emeralds.



  Assuming there are no ambushes, or that you don't mind fighting them, here's
the path through, with the ambushes in footnotes after the directions:

--Go counterclockwise to 3:00 (1) and down the stairs.
--Go clockwise to 9:30 (2) and up the stairs.
--Go clockwise again to 1:00 (3) and down the stairs (4).
--Go counterclockwise to 10:30 and down the stairs, then clockwise to 3:00.
--Go down the stairs (5)  and clockwise to 8:00 and down the stairs.
--Go counterclockwise to 4:30 and down the stairs.
--Go counterclockwise to 3:00 and down the stairs.
--Go counterclockwise to 12:00 and up the stairs (7).
--Go counterclockwise to 9:00 and down.
--Go counterclockwise to the final level.

(1) Here you can just re-form twice to get around the ambush. Form your party
with 1 at the top. Then move 1 to (68,52) and form as follows:

 46                  12
 A5 => (4 leads) =>  35
213                 46

(2) Put 1 at the top of the formation after the first stairs. Then when he's 
(8,51) save the game. Have him make the party sit and go NE/NW and reform so
that 1 is on the bottom row. Then reinvite everyone back. They'll pop up north
of 1--and the ambush.

(3) Form


After going up the stairs on the left, go up the left wall. With 1 leading at
(3, 25) reform as follows:

 23 (let 3  12
1 4    =>   56
56   lead) 43

(4) This is easier than it looks. Just place your party as follows:


  Let 1 lead and probe to the south and east. When the stairs appear, have him
go southwest a couple of squares. Your party will springboard behind him.

(5) This is even easier. Just let 6 lead and when you go down the stairs at
3:00, push 6 2 squares west past it. Then go STRAIGHT DOWN.

(6) This is a very nasty ambush to get by. It's at (42,62) and in a 
What you need to do is to set your party up with 1 in the bottom left. Then 
he's at (43,62) dismiss everyone except the farthest right companion. Assume
he's #6. Set 1 as the lead and form...

6 1. Let 6 lead and go in for 1 6. Now you have bridged the gap. Move left and
reform with


  Now you can just invite your friends across as you need. If there is no 
go left, deform your party so the top row is open, go back right, and invite
whoever you need to. If you don't get everyone, because they're not all in 
then dismiss all but two people several squares away from the ambush. Flip 
party back over to the right of the ambush, have the third person join. Inch
everyone left with 1 at (43,62) and repeat as before. You may want to use a
separate save slot for the maneuver.

(7) Here you really do have to bring party members over one by one. But it's 
as tough as it may seem. Form your party as follows:


  Make sure character #1, who is leading, is at (38, 26) which is one square
south of the ambush. Now dismiss all but one other person. Reform to:

x..              x.1
... (x leads) => ...
1..              ...

  Now push X off to the side where he won't disturb the next guy coming it. Go
back onto the stairs and make three moves W, SW, SE. You're back where you
started. Rejoin a companion, and flip him over as in the above paragraph. With
everyone over, you can get on with your trek.


  Keep close track of the numbers in the ambush location. Write them down. 
the direction you're coming from so you can flip over them. It's a lot easier,
long term, than fighting. You'll get badly beaten in all likelihood if you 
detect the ambush, and often the bad guys appear off to the side, in part of
another circular loop, where you have to use magic to get at them. The 
are listed in order.

(68, 51) 5 windhir, 2 ghost, 3 yeti, 1 firelord. Get surprised and you're 
But you can sneak around this by repositioning.
(8, 50) 4 zappos, 4 necromants, 3 skeletier. You need to re-save and 
your party to get around this.
(4, 25) 8 skeletier, 3 yeti, zappo. Two rearrangements get you around this.
(59, 12) 7 firelords, 3 zappos. You don't even need to rearrange for this. 
far enough east of the stairs you need to go down that you can sneak by.
(56, 39) 7 firelords, 5 skeletiers, 1 yeti. A very easy ambush to avoid.
(42, 62) 5 necromants, 5 firelords, 2 ghosts. This ambush is very hard indeed 
get by and no fun to try to tackle. Save and reorganize and party flip and all
that. One person alone can't walk by it...
(38, 25) 5 ghosts, 3 windhirs, 3 firelords, 1 necromant. This is a very tough
ambush to avoid. You can flip your party members over two at a time.

(17, 67) 5 windhir, 2 ghost, 3 yeti, firelord. This ambush is completely in 
wrong direction. A dead end is ahead.
(29, 42) You don't need to get by this ambush. It guards a dead end where you
can see the final cavern but can't do anything. Plus it's inside a square you
can't walk over. But if you reform at the wrong time, it could be a nasty


(44, 49) Actually, it really isn't that cold anymore.
(37, 44) %h says: Khamalkhad lies beyond this last door. Although we are 
we must fight and triumph one last time so we can return the axe which will
unite all the Dwarven tribes under one leader!!!


  The first three are useful in case you want to play square and go through 
ambushes and need a place to recharge. None is tough except for the final one.

(36, 1) 11 yeti. 10 diamonds. 3rd on the way to the center.
(1, 33) 10 yeti, 3 direwolves. 12 diamonds. 2nd on the way.
(72, 39) 5 yeti, 7 skeletiers. 15 diamonds. The first.
(38, 42) 7 keepers. Final combat. The treasure here is supposed to be 20
diamonds, but you never get to see it. You're kicked to the final screen

      7-1-4. DELQAFI

* Delqafi 1 *


  You start off in the northeast, and the object is to work your way to the
southwest. You can almost hold down the soutwest(1) button but you can also 
go south to the edge then head west. It's the second door to the south. None 
the side rooms are worth bothering with.


(68, 6) 8 quethrop
(24, 22) 8 zappo


(28, 6) I don't very much like this. The sooner we get out of here the better!
(39, 6) It seems that this complex was created by someone, or something, and
then abandoned.
?? The creatures in this place are reptilian. Most of the species we have
encountered so far are not found in my homeland.
?? Hmm, Interesting!
?? Let us hope we don't have to kill any more reptiles.


(2, 15-6) 3 quethrop, 5 zappo. 13 loka.
(19-20, 11) 6 ephesus. 3 topaz.
(65, 23) 9 quethrop. 50 coins.
(3, 25-6) 6 quethrop, 1 zappo. chain mail.
(25-6, 30) 5 zappo, 3 quethrop. 2 sapphires.
(40-1, 29) 5 zappo, 1 quethrop. Steel helmet.
(45, 38) 15 epherus. 63 bolts.

* Delqafi 2 *


  You start at a door in the northwest, and you need to get to the southeast. 
east, then tend southeast. Eventually you'll be going along a river to the 
Follow its shore. It will loop back west and south, but first you'll notice a
structure to the north. A fight for methreal armor awaits there. It's not too
tough. Then, just as the loops back west, you will want to take a door in a 
to the east that leads to a room with the hammer you need to build a boat.
Eventually there'll be a door to the south. It leads to the third part of the
caverns. If you'd like you can visit Dablak in the third caverns for a boost
before winning these battles, but you probably won't need to.


Neither of these ambushes is really on the way to the third part of Delqafi,
unless you get tangled up in the lower right not following the river.

(38, 6) 9 quethrop, 1 bazard
(50, 51) 9 epherus


(12, 28) Knowing that Tlengles were once like these creatures makes me ill.
(12, 29) Do not be distracted. The axe Mukora must be found!
(65, 5) Oh great! More lizard killing!


  Good treasure:
(49, 28) 1 bazard, 7 quethrop. Methreal.
(68-9, 41) 7 epherus, 1 lhakat. Hammer.

  Not so useful:
(14, 6) 7 quethrop. 26 whirlwind. No treasure.
(66, 14) 10 epherus. 10 nifts.
(34-5, 13) 1 quethrop, 10 zappo. 4 sapphires.
(70, 35) 6 zappo, 5 quethrop. 200 coins.

* Delqafi 3 *


  There are a few rooms to reconnoiter with here. Dablak is by the dirt 
in the near northeast. But you can stop off at the room just east of the
entrance first to pick up Mukora. You'll need a lot of sharpen and mushroom to
dispatch the hit point and armor class heavy lhakat. The teleportal room is
northwest of Dablak's, on the north edge, in the center. That's the easiest 
to get out.


(6, 33) I feel like I'm slaying my own descendents.
(6, 34) If we did not slay them, they would EAT us!
(6, 35) I don't think anything is going to make me feel good about this...
(50, 18) ??


(55, 38) Bowl, dwarven artifact


Three important rooms...
(41-2, 7) teleportal room.
(49-50, 17) Dablak.
  strength +2
  resistance +1
  endurance +1
  gemcutting +10
  bravery +2
(19-20, 26) 5 lhakat. Mukora.

Three unimportant...
(6, 11-2) 8 quethrop. 11 medicin.
(72, 27) 9 bazards. 222 coins.
(13, 38) 8 epherus, 1 lhakat. 51 jade.

      7-1-5. ENTEMAR

  Entemar's big, but it doesn't have many blockades to you getting through.

* Entemar Level 1 *


  Here you might want to pick up the methreal but otherwise there's a pretty
straight shot through it all. Go east and, once out of the original square 
go south. Now you can go east and you should see room entries to the south. 
first has methreal as a treasure. You might want to detour for a fight there.
Otherwise the stairs are directly north. Through the archway to the east and
north, there's a relatively easy fight where you can stock up on potions.


(30, 27) 10 dokari, 2 firelords. This is so out of the way, you shouldn't 
about it a bit.


(8, 49) We are now in the home of Rohrkhad, the god of the Dwarves.  Out of
respect, please do not speak unless absolutely necessary.


(57, 17) (68, 20) 1 dokari. 43 potion. If you need a refill, this is not a bad
(35, 42) (41, 39) 3 dokari. 254 coins. A bit too tough for a side trip. You 
want to get through by now.
(15, 64) (28, 63) 12 bazards. 222 coins. Leads to a dead end room.
(66, 67) 12 dokari. 24 glamour spells. Too tough, side room, useless treasure.
(54, 67) 1 windhir, 12 bazards. 61 mirget. Nice treasure, but tough side room.
(38, 70) (44, 67) 3 firelords. Methreal. Pull out all the stops(sharpen,
shields) to win this one quickly. It's worth it.

* Entemar Level 2 *


  West through the archway, north all the way, east, and north when you see
stairs. It really is that easy.


  Both can be avoided.

(69, 7) 1 windhir, 12 bazards. 77 sermins.
(30, 41) (34, 38) (35-7, 56) 1 windhir. 38 topaz. Nice treasure and the 
a bit easier. But you don't need treasure, even if it's right by the down

* Entemar Level 3 *


  You actually have to run through a room to get past this. South, west, 
east and south into the room. The windhir isn't much, and you probably won't
even need to sharpen to beat him in the first round. Then you go west through 
REALLY cool planetarium room. On the other side is a north south hallway. You
can go south into the portals, then south, to get to the zigzag stair area, or
you can cheat with re-formation, which I think has more flair. With the
formation at


...make #1 the leader. Place him at (4, 16). Then reform as:


123. Blam! You jumped over the protective teleports!

  Now you just want to avoid an annoying ambush. The way to do this is to form
with the left row missing and go against the left wall, going north-west-
west etc. The stairs are through an archway.


(4-8, 58) to (4, 9). These send you beyond the first row of portals on top.
(4-8, 14) to (69, 63). These send you to the level 4 stair area.
(4-8, 15) to (4, 28). These push you back from the portals you need to get to.
(71, 74) to (68, 43) kicks you away from the stairs to the fourth level.


(57, 69) 12 dokari. Avoid by keeping to the left and getting rid of the right


(46, 6) If one of my god's eyes were to fall upon me now, I would surely be
killed for treading in such an unholy place.
(42, 28) This looks like a display of all the stars in the sky! Yet they 
to be moving, as if... nevermind.
(41, 34) It is said, in Dwarven legends, that Rohrkhad created windows to all
the worlds in which he was present so that his children could see how powerful
he was. I see now that they are not just legends.
(58, 31) This must be the tomb of the first dwarven king. As a child, I was 
that the first king of the dwarves was placed in a tomb near the world windows
so that he could watch them until the end of time itself.
(34, 31) This skull is enormous! It must be the skull of one of the fabled
'dragons' that battled and were slain by the gods!


  Only the room with the windhir is relevant. You have to go through it. Plus 
has the best treasure. Avoid the others.

(66, 30) (69, 22) (70-1, 42) 1 windhir. 42 rubies. The good one. Enter from 
north, exit west.

(6-7, 8) 13 firelords. 34 jade.
(20-1, 8) 1 windhir, 10 dokari. 82 gonshi.
(54-5, 8) 3 firelords, 10 dokari. 27 topaz.
(66-7, 8) 4 necromants, 9 dokari. 99 bolts. Total waste of time.

* Entemar Level 4 *


  Go east and north. Soon you'll see a solitary room to the northeast. Go east
and then north between it and two other rooms. Further north, there's an
archway. Behind the throne, there are portals to the caverns.


(36, 9-11) (43, 9-11) That table behind the throne looks like it might be the
one described in the legend! But where is Khamalkhad?? I think it would be a
good idea if we stepped up to the table to examine it more closely!


(37, 9-10) (42, 9-10) teleports to Caverns (8, 3). This is a one way teleport.


  None are necessary. Nice treasure, but too late. The teleportal room will 
you back to the mainland without a boat.

(13-5, 6) teleportal room
(27, 65) (32, 60) 4 firelords, 4 windhir, 4 dokari. 28 picks.
(41, 60) (49, 67) 4 necromant, 9 dokari. 30 sapphires.
(68-9, 68) 4 firelords, 4 dokari, windhir, 2 necromant. 45 emeralds.
(52-3, 49) 5 necromant, 3 firelord, 4 windhir. 57 nifts.
(28-9, 49) 12 necromant. 46 diamonds.

  7-1-6. KIREINI

  You'll need the Flower Book to get through this correctly, or you can just 
where to dig on level 7. Nifts are a VERY good idea as torjin poison you even 
they don't hit for much damage. You'll probably want some spare loka just in
case. Beware of Quem, too. They cast sharpen on themselves, and they hit for
pretty good damage anyway. One blow from them can mean 90+ damage to you, i.e.
death. You might even stay back and fling spells at Quem. They won't cast
offensive spells at you, and you can cut them down.

  Kireini is probably the toughest of the dungeons in terms of navigation.
There's a nasty maze spanning three levels where doors open up and close, a
diagonal maze later, and new tricky monsters and tight quarters that give you 
lot to do. Oh. You'll also need tiles to leave the place.

* Kireini level 1 *


  On your first time through, go south through the hall, win the fight in the
room, and exit west. Go north past the next room and west to the stairs.

  On your second time through, go south through two arches. The stairs back up
are in the southeast room. But they go to level 3, not level 2.

  On your third time through, just go through the door to the north and back 
the stairs.


(7, 15) 4 torjin, 6 epherus


(25, 6) Whoa, it's hot in here.
(25, 7)Yeah, but it's a dry heat!
(25, 8) Hot and humid. Like a greenhouse.
(25, 9) Judging by the mystical gate at the entrance, the gardener is probably
very magically adept.
(24, 38) This tower is well made. If its method of construction were known, 
Dwarves would be mighty indeed!
(17, 23) That rabbit's tough!
(17, 22) It had nasty, big, pointy teeth!!
(17, 21) Be quiet! I'm tired of your prattle.
(34, 34) This must be the mandatory wizard's maze.  All good wizard towers 


(27, 3) 'Kireini Tower'


(19, 24) (25, 19) (25-6, 31) 3 bundorfs. 34 sermins.
(22, 34-5) 10 bundorfs, 34 gonshi. A dead end room but you may net a few 
and an axe skill or two.

* Kireini level 2 *


  The first time through, go east through the room with the Quems(use nifts
beforehand!) and east through an arch and down the stairs to the north, back 
level 1.

  The second time through, you will be in the bottom half having come down 
level 3. Again go east into a room, but now you go east, south, and west. The
wall in front will magically open when you get near. Climb back down to level 


(11, 37) Hmm... a dead end.
(21, 37) This must be the hallway for rituals.
(36, 13) Definitely the spell practice room.
(26, 12-14) %a says: We're trapped! I hope there's a way out of here!

(33, 13-4) [a door opens up to the left.]
(26, 12-4) [the door shuts behind you. Fortunately there's a teleport ahead.]
(11, 36-7) [the wall to the left collapses, leading you to stairs down to 


Portal at (20, 13) to (23, 3) first level.


(14, 5) (24, 5-6) 6 quem, 1 torjin. 34 nifts. You'll want to jump a fighter in
to take care of the torjin, but make sure your front line has used nifts.
Firestorm is good to chip away at the quems here. As they cast sharpen, why 
give them a taste of their own medicine? If you don't have any restsoul
memorized, by the way, after you win this fight is a good time.
(10, 29) (20, 29-30) 4 thamalque, 2 torjin. 34 mirgets. Thamalque are undead, 
have a weaker player(Volni/Gruth) memorize a few restsouls in advance. Wipe 
the torjin and don't pay attention to the much weaker thamalque until you have

* Kireini level 3 *


  On your first time through, follow the corridor west, north, west to the 
and south. Then come back around north, east and south at the T. You will 
the wall to the west is removed when you get to the bottom. Then you go west 
down the stairs.

  On your second time through, from the southwest, go east. A square will open
to the northeast. Take it. Follow the passage. Don't worry about the odd 
room you pass by. Watch out for the ambush, which you can duck(see below). 
going northeast and east, go south when you land on the squares. This gets you
to a dungeon room. Win it, exit south, and go to the teleportal in the south
corner. In the new area, enter the room to the south. The epheruses/epherii 
pushovers, but which way to exit? If you're shrewd you'll note that this is 
four exit room you passed by first. If you're even shrewder you'll save the 
before you exit, as Doroma mentions that rooms are turned topsy-turvy. This
one's exits are just rotated 90 degrees clockwise from where they should be. 
want to be east of this room, so you need to exit north. The hallway leads to 
portal at the end which takes you to the stairs to level 4.


(34, 31) to (30, 13) takes you to the stairs to level 4.
(24, 17) to (13, 12) takes you to the room you couldn't get into at the start,
with the locked door.


(6, 13) 5 quem, 3 thamalque. This is a bit of a sticky ambush to get by so you
may want to align as follows:

56 with 1 as the leader. When he's at (5, 15) reform:

56 And to get past the ambush square for good, let 3 lead.

4 5

...and keep going northeast. If you want to play it honest, use nifts and
'sharpen' and jump your best characters so they surround the quem. Use
thamalques as bunkers too if possible. They can be knocked down turn after 
after they first lose all their hit points.


(23, 36) Do I smell flowers?
(23, 37) I'll wager that the keeper of the tower is male.
(8, 31) A meditation chamber.... definintely a meditation chamber.
(9-10, 24) The door is locked and %h has no key!
(12, 30) The voice of Doroma says, 'Welcome to my little funhouse.  Here doors
are hidden behind shapes on the floor and rooms are turned topsy-turvy.'

(16-18, 32) [Wall to the southeast will slide open.]


(8-9, 23) 'Some doors are better left unopenable - Doroma.'


(20-1, 6) (21-2, 3) 2 quem, 6 thamalque. This isn't too bad of a fight. You 
preuse luffin and mirget to knock out the quem. But do make sure you have six
restsouls. If not you'll need to backtrack a bit to a safe room.
(11, 18) (15, 22-3) 9 epherus. 34 turpin. This is the room that looks like you 
can enter it from four ways. You can only exit it specific ways based on how 
you enter, and only one exit advances you in the level. Enter from the north 
and go back north to go east.

* Kireini level 4 *


You can go through either arch--the right seems less lethal as the torjin are
slightly easier prey than quems--and circle around to the bottom, where you 
an easier fight(epherus.) Exit that room to the north, circle to the top, and
enter that room. Exit it to the south. You may not notice it but there is a
half-visible arch in the southwest. Just walk through the wall. There's a trap
that drains hit points/energy, but that's soon enough regained. Don't worry
about the treasure by the stairs--just get on with it.


(15, 10) Stone tablet. I'm sure of it.
(15, 15) Hmm... Interesting.
(17, 24) This is one of the 'mazier' wizard's towers I've seen.
(16, 23) 'Mazier'?!
(15, 23) Yeah, Yeah, let's get on with it.

(18, 26)  A gate in the archway suddenly clangs down!%h hears a strange 
sound...%h shakes %p head to clear it, and feels weaker. Everybody down to 1 
1 Energy.


(15, 21) 23 fireglobes.


(39, 21) (39, 27) 9 torjin. 34 medicin. One of two rooms before...
(17, 37) (19, 34) (23, 37) 10 epherus. 14 energy. This t-intersection room, 
first of two you'll need to hack through.
(4, 20) (4-5, 26) 8 quem. 34 loka. Nice treasure here. If you need loka or 
you can shoot the quem down easier, go for it!
(22, 16) (29, 16) (24-5, 20) 7 quem, 3 thamalque. 23 see spells. Necessary 

* Kireini level 5 *


  The first thing to do is to find the right portal to enter. The ones at (19,
4) and (20, 3) work best. The others lead to a nasty loop: NW corner room, SW,
SE, NE and then back to where you started. Basically, circle around the
structure with the stairs you took, and at the top, go north.

  After teleporting, go east, north, east, south, west, south and into the 
Here the events are a bit artificial. You need to exit the room to the west so
your party bemoans the wall that comes down. Then you have to backtrack--east,
north, and east, but go north through the narrow hall you passed before. That
make the wall slide away again. Go west, north and west at the intersection.
THere's an ambush to duck. See below for that.


(14, 15) (24, 16) (23, 4) (17, 4) to (7, 11). The beginning of a series of
forced teleports that kick you back where you were.
(6, 14) to (8, 34). NW room to SW room.
(28, 5) to (18, 13). NE room to main entry.
(37, 32) to (30, 4). SE room to NE.
(12, 38) to (33, 31). SW room to SE.
(20, 3) (19, 4) to (4, 18). To the second part of the level.


(8, 29-30) 11 torjin. Avoid this ambush. It's for your own good. Flip your
party(center row missing, pivot the leader) to get around it, or form as


...and go arount the top edge to get to the stairs to level 5.


(20, 15) Fungus Almighty!!  It's hot in here!
(20, 16) Yeah but it's a dry... Oops, sorry, I already used that one.
(6, 28) Are we there yet?!
(22, 37) %h says: I wonder how we get into the corridor north of here? Maybe
these circles are a clue. Maybe we've overlooked some more like them. Let's go
back and check.
(34-5, 16) %h says: These must be the circles we're looking for! Let's go back
to the other circles and see if the corridor is open now!


(18-9, 12) 'Step carefully 'til you reach the red, or you'll circle 'round and
'round, 'til finally dead.'


(26, 37) (29, 35) torjin, 8 thamalque. 20 disappear spells. A necessary room 
get through.
(24-5, 28) 11 bundorf. Needle. This is part of the treasure you need for the
sail, so visit this room. There's a reason it was blocked off for a bit!

* Kireini level 6 *

  A wicked diagonalized maze, but fortunately there's a quick way through. 
there's no way back once you go across, so you will need tiles to retreat from
Kireini via the 7th level teleportal. Head to the south corner to teleport to
the main maze. Now go northeast, northwest, and go against the west wall. Pick
the chest to get the magic sword Kastapha. Form with the right row missing and
go east, then go along the east wall up to the northeast. Follow the passage.
East, southeast, southwest all the way, then northwest and north. There are no
rooms on this level, which helps make way for the nasty maze.


(29, 33) to (19, 36).
(23, 38) to (24, 35) kicks you back to the main maze from a hidden room.
(8, 33) to (11, 34) takes you from the stairs down to the main maze.
(6, 14) to (34, 18) puts you into a dead end. This makes your exit a bit 


(24, 28) 12 quem, torjin. You do want to avoid this one, but you have no
business being anywhere near it. The southeast part of the tower isn't worth 


(3, 14) Kastapha. Nice magic sword. Get it.
(18, 36) there should be a treasure two squares below, but the game doesn't
recognize it, or maybe it's a joke of Doroma's.


(16, 13) his is amazing!
(27, 28) The walls have more twists than a Tlengleian fire dancer!
(6, 30) The intricacy of this brickwork is amazing!
(28, 18) NOW, which way do we go?

* Kireini level 7 *


  From where you arrive at the top, go east, south, southwest, west, and north
through the arches. Doroma's room is just north but you don't really need to 
in. You can just dig at (21, 27) and get the High Mitre. If you do go in you 
give Doroma the Flower Book. You can back out in hte teleportal room in the


(26, 25) 5 torjin, 4 epherus. Go clockwise to avoid this ambush in the 
of the center room.


(22, 27) ??
(19, 9) I'm hot, I'm tired, and I hope that this is almost over!
(19, 10) Shut up, you sniveling whiner, before I bludgeon you into a bloody 
of jelly!!!


(21, 27) High mitre, another dwarven artifact.


  No combat rooms are necessary. They've all got pretty good treasure, though.

(27, 28) (30, 26) 10 epherus. 26 walkwater.
(11, 26) (15, 29-30) 5 torjin, 6 epherus. 34 loka. You may need to recharge 
loka after Kireini, so you might want to duck in here.
(15, 17-8) (12-3, 20) 9 torjin. 35 resurrect.
(27, 16) (30-1, 20) 5 torjin, 6 epherus. 34 potions.
(21-2, 26) Doroma is here.
(30-1, 9) teleportal room

      7-1-7. NALUUN

* Naluun Level 1 *

  Naluun isn't too bad, but the most annoying monsters are probably Kriktisks.
Their attacks are deflected by your armor, but after that, your armor is
ineffective. Bring a lot of nifts.


  Well, you just go south a few squares, east, and north to up the stairs. 
doesn't seem too hard, but if you're worried about if you can hang around, go
into the room south of the stairs. It features kriktisks, which will be tough
and frequent customers in this tower. Armor lessens their first hit but not
their second, and unless you have a nift and/or serious offense spells, they 
do serious damage quickly.


(21, 5) The residue on the outside is similar to that found on a termite's 
(20, 7) Perhaps the residue on the outside means that the insects have 
the tower.
(21, 8) If the tower has been overrun by insects, we should be very cautious.
The senses of the common ant are very sensitive.


(23-4, 2) 'Tower of Naluun: Non bug people keep out!'


(32-3, 18) 8 kriktisk. Bronze helmet. The treasure isn't worth it, and this is 
side room, but it's a good early test.

* Naluun Level 2 *


  Go east all the way, then south through one room and south through the next
room, exiting west. Then west through an archway and up the stairs. You must
enter both rooms in this level to pass to level 3.


(33, 20) 10 garlogs, 1 kriktisk. This is in a dead end, so you don't really 
to worry about it. Garlogs shouldn't take you for much damage anyway.


(37, 12) (37-8, 21) 4 kriktisk, 4 garlog. 235 coins. Rest up and memorize 
spells here after winning. Cast them to prepare for the next room.
(28, 37) (36, 33) 6 killgrills, 2 kriktisks. 1 topaz treasure. Killgrills are
rather annoyingly slippery and it's worthwhile to surround them with party
members before hacking away at them. Also keep in mind that often there will 
a choice in the first round between using a mirget and getting the final 
in. Often you can kill off an extra bad guy with a spare attack. Don't worry
about killing them all, but be sure to have a decent amount of shields so that
if one bad guy sneaks by it's OK. If you have a crumble spell on hand, it can
work well in conjunction with a firestorm or two to start things off.


(31-2, 13) 'Home of the antmen. If you're not an ant, get out!'
(22-3, 34) 'Death to mammals! Long live the insects!'

* Naluun Level 3 *


  This is another level where you just need to avoid side rooms. Go south, but
move a few squares east whenever you hit a barrier. Eventually there'll be an
arch on the left. Take it and climb up the stairs.


(11-2, 8)
(37-8, 9)
(35, 38) (38, 35)



(40-1, 8) 'Nasty big Antmen inside! Stay out!'
(8-9, 34) 'If you don't have six legs, you're in the wrong place!'

* Naluun Level 4 *


  This is another level where you don't have to visit any rooms, although I
recommend you visit the one on the west side for some nice treasure. First 
to do is to make your upper right companion in your formation the leader. Have
him mive east and, at the first opportunity, north. You'll sneak down a narrow
north-south corridor past an ambush. Go through an arch at the north of thos
room and then go back west, north through an arch, and northwest to in-level
stairs that kick you to the outer rim. You can go up now, or you can go south,
win a spell book in a fight, north and then up.


(27, 32) ??


(22-3, 3) 8 killgrill, 3 kriktisk. 13 picks.  This is the second best 
but you have the most killgrills to deal with, so you can take a pass unless 
need a challenge.
(40, 20) 5 killgrills, 5 kriktisks. 44 bolts. Lousy treasure for such a tough
(3, 34-5) 2 garlogs, 4 kriktisks, 3 killgrills. Demmock(spell book) is 
and a very good one. If you visit any room, visit this one. It's one of the 
easiest fights, and it's got the best treasure.
(21, 40) 7 garlog, 2 kriktisk, 3 killgrills. 16 mirgets. Not terrible 
but not what you should expect from this game by now for a side room to help
build you up. You'll probably use 16 mushrooms to win this fight efficiently.

* Naluun Level 5 *


  You can just go east all the way into the room, which has a magic weapon, 
north, and go to the stairs to the north. But you can first take the detour
tending north and east through a one-wide passage to a room with nice 


(30, 9) 9 mudmen. 2 topazes as treasure. This is an easy side room with good
treasure, so why not?
(32, 37) (37, 31) 10 kriktisk. Delatna is the treasure. It's a magical 
Definitely check this out. Gruth, your weakest character, is he best candidate
to use this, although he can still use a sword when necessary.


(30-1, 33) 1 deathbeast, 5 kriktisk, 1 mudman. This ambush is tougher than the
room you're trying to sneak by, and it has no cool treasure. I suppose you can
sneak across and disband your party to get by, but that's harder than the 
to the right.


(5, 36) Am I the only one who thinks it odd that there are so many topazes 
(6, 36) Actually, I have been wondering the same thing.
(7, 36) Perhaps the topazes' yellow color is pleasing to the antmen.
(8, 36) Actually, I have read that the antmen have a limited range of color in
their visible spectrum. Perhaps they think the topazes are another color and
that is why they keep them.
(9, 36) WHAT?!
(10, 36) Never mind. (sigh)

* Naluun Level 6 *


  Go south and then west through an arch. There's some moderate treasure after
some tough fights to the north, but you may want to go south. You can pivot 
an ambush, but it's easy enough it won't save you much time. Go south and then
west through another arch. The next one is northwset. Then straight north is a
room where you can talk with Princess Talya. If you haven't visited any gods
yet, it's good to ditch Tula for her. But your party is good enough with Tula.
Dig the left square under the door to this room to get the brooch. Leave via 
teleportal room, which is east of the second arch.


(24,25) 3 almir. There's no way to avoid this without pivoting, and it is not
really a bad combat. You probably only need the mirget or two to speed things


(9, 13) The Brooch, an artifact, is here if you use your shovel.


(9-10, 12) Princess Talya is here. She tells you about the buried brooch.
(28, 7-8) 6 mudmen, 1 deathbeast. 4 topazes treasure. This probably isn't 
it except for you to learn how to fight deathbeasts. Gonshis before, mirgets
while whipping up on them. Worry about other monsters later, but use nifts
beforehand to protect your characters until then.
(32, 8) 1 deathbeast, 5 kriktisk, 1 mudman. 5 topazes treasure. The best
treasure on the floor, but not by much. Win this fight only if you want
experience against deathbeasts.
(7, 36) 5 kriktisks, deathbeast. This is a tough fight with the least treasure
of any room. 3 topazes.
(26, 36) Teleportal room. Use this to zap out of here once you've seen Talya 
gotten the brooch.


(10, 13) ??

NPC conversations:

Talya (9, 13)
--By the gods! Visitors! And I'm having a bad hair day! Well, it will be good 
get out of this cursed tower. Quite a motley crue, aren't you? But I suppose
that I could lend my bow to your efforts, should you wish it. At any rate, I
have some good %qadvice%q for you.
--ADVICE: When the foul insects imprisoned me here, I buried my brooch outside
of these chambers. You might find it to be of use in your %qnegotiations%q.
--NEGOTIATIONS: Yes, I know of the little deals that you are attempting to 
off with the dwarven chieftains.  The Caves of Anforn also hold something that
you %qneed%q.
--NEED: Use the word 'Nakritos' to open the gates of Anforn.

      7-1-8. PRADAQA

* Pradaqa Level 1 *


  There are two ways through this level. You can take the immediate door to 
right, an archway right, and enter another room. But the fights are a bit 
if you go down, right through two rooms, and up. Either way you won't miss the
staircase in the upper right. It gets you to the top a bit quicker than the
other way, so we'll use it.

  You can also check out the stairs to the south, through the arch, for what
turns out to be a bit quicker trip.


(8, 18) So, this is how the Taldor live.
(28, 6) As I understand it, the tower was built by an ancient race. Probably 
same race that built the underground temples.
(37, 13) We are only on the first floor and the architecture is already


  North way:
(10, 12) (16, 13-4) 4 taldor, pennari. 10 otalas. This is the first room you
need to face, and it's not too bad. You may not need mushrooms for it, but
they'll make it quicker.
(26, 12) (32, 13-4) 4 taldor. 10 asters. Another room that isn't too bad and
really has some nice treasure.

  South way(a bit easier):
(9, 29) (15, 30-1) 3 pennari. 10 berat. These are really very easy. You could
escape damage without using mushrooms, but why risk it?
(27, 29) (33, 30-1) high taldor, 2 taldor. 10 dunha. It's probably worthwhile 
use mushrooms to take out the taldor.

* Pradaqa Level 2 *


  From the upper center stair, go south, west through a room, north, and east.
The room exits north to stairs.

  If you're in the right center, go east and south into the room. Exit west. 
through the arch. Enter the rom to the north and exit west. You can slink by 
ambush as the corridor turns, then go south and come back east. Go south into
the final room and exit west to the stairs.


(5-6, 27) 2 tlatol, 3 dimelves. There's a way to avoid this ambush. You just
need to form the party with the right column gone. Then move along the left
wall, pushing down and to the left. Now you can either flip your characters so
that they don't touch the ambush(it's three squares above the top of the item 
the southwest) or move everyone to the bottom, then reform with the top row


(33, 5) (37-8, 9) 4 taldor. 10 henta.
(9, 17) (16, 17-8) 7 dimelves. 18 alabaster.
(11, 10) (15, 8) 6 tlatol. Heavy crossbow.
(33, 30) (37, 26) (37-8, 33) tlatol, 2 dimelves. Greatsword.
(16, 24) (21-2, 27) 3 dimelves, 3 pennari. 6 emeralds.
(10, 36) (13, 32) taldor mage, 4 taldor. 157 coins.

* Pradaqa Level 3 *


  This level is divided into the northeast part and the southwest. For the
northeast, go south into the room and exit east. You have a choice of two 
The bottom arch to the east leads to a slightly easier one with better 
After winning, go south to another arch. On the other side, there are stairs 
to level 4.

  If you entered from the southwest, go south through the room and exit east.
You'll again have a choice of rooms to tackle. Both have good treasure, but 
one to the north is a bit of a shorter walk. Exit east after winning and enter
the door above. Enter north. Go north to the stairs--too far west and you hit 
ambush. This goes to level 5.


(5, 12) 4 taldor, high taldor. This is hard to avoid if you want to see the
'party talk' below, but it's easy to avoid if you just want to get to the


(33, 36) Once the Taldor are removed, perhaps the dwarves will take up 
(35, 36) I doubt it. Dwarves are a superstitious folk.
(26, 34) How did the Taldor come by this tower?
(27, 34) They were the first here after the race that built it left. According
to legend, they just walked right in.
(28, 34) That is correct.
(4, 14) Something is etched on the table but I can't make it out.
(4, 13) It says, 'Grumph was here'


(11, 7) (15, 9-10) high taldor, 8 pennari. 65 coins.
(29, 4) (37-8, 8) taldor, high taldor, 4 pennari. broadsword.
(27, 18) (33, 19-20) taldor mage, 6 pennari. 13 topaz.
(4, 32) (8,34-5) 4 dimelves, high taldor, taldor mage. 49 bolts.
(16, 28) (15-6, 35) 4 tlatol, 1 taldor mage. 11 jade.
(12, 18-9) (8-9, 22) 4 taldor, taldor mage, high taldor. Bronze plate.
(8, 13) (12, 14-5) 3 dimelves, 5 tlatol. 12 potions.

* Pradaqa Level 4 *


  This is a very simple level shaped like an X. The left upper tip of the X
contains treasure, which is very worthwhile, so go northwest when you start,
navigating around posts in the way. The stairs are off down and left a bit. 
your ordeal on level 6 will mean that this way up Pradaqa is no easier than 


(13, 3) 1 map flask, 5 sapphires, 3 mirgets, 5 henta, 5 dunha, 5 berat, 5 
5 otala.


(24, 28) This is incredible! How could they build this grand hall with only
these little columns supporting the weight of the remaining floors?
(24, 17) The stones this tower is made of are like no others I have ever seen
(14, 11) I think I see a chest by the north wall!
(30, 4) I can hear the wind from outside. I wonder how high in the air we are.

* Pradaqa Level 5 *


  From the stairs, south, east past the branch(explore the room at the end for
nice treasure,) south through the room, west, south into the room, and exit 
to the stairs and level 6.


(33, 35) 4 taldor, 1 pennari. It's an interesting challenge to get by this
ambush without tripping it, but all the same, it doesn't guard anything.

(13, 36) It seems that whoever made these liked to get lost.
(12, 37) Not necessarily. It is possible that these corridors once had some
purpose and that purpose is now lost to us.
(32, 24) Look at this tower! With a tower like this I would have no problem
getting young maidens to flock to me!
(33, 24) OOOOoohhh, nubile... young... maidens...
(34, 24) If you keep talking like that I'll rip that spear off the wall and 
it deep in your forehead!
(14, 22) This is incredible! As high up as we are and somehow, water can still
be pumped up to this fountain!


(34, 17) 5 taldor, taldor mage. 5 emeralds. A lucrative side room.
(21, 18) (22, 23) 1 taldor mage, 7 pennari. 13 mirget. The first room to clear
on the way to level 6. Note you can't enter the right side of the bottom door.
(28, 30) (29-30, 35) 4 dimelves, high taldor, 4 taldormage. 54 bolts. This 
to a dead end and doesn't have particularly good treasure.
(7, 30) (13, 26) high taldor, 5 taldor mages. 9 medicin. The last room before
the stairs up.

* Pradaqa Level 6 *


  From the southwest(level 5,) this is rather easy. Press south into the wall
immediately and then go east. This avoids an ambush. Go southeast and enter 
room to the north, in the corner. Exit north, go east and follow the zagging
corridor. Stairs are at the end.

  From the northwest(level 4,) your path has no branches, but it does have 
rooms to go through.


(8-9, 30) high taldor, 3 taldor, pennari. The only way out of this ambush if 
go by here is to have your party formed:

  Get 5 to lead and have him at the right side of the arch. Push 1 and the top
row--except for #1, right of the ambush--will be all clear.


(10, 20) I'm almost certain that that these candles are some sort of miniature
(10, 19) Had you asked, I could have told you that.
(14, 5) The pattern of shrines and fountains would seem to indicate that they
are placed to ward off some type of anciant evil. Let's hope that they 
to work!
(30, 35) I wish I had something important to say right now.


(11, 7-8) (7-8, 11) 5 tlatol. Greataxe. This room is necessary coming from the
upper left.
(17, 8) (19-20, 13) high taldor, 7 taldor mage. 2 diamonds. This is the next 
the sequence--very lucrative but tough too.
(29, 6) (33-4, 10) 5 pennari, taldor mage. 111 coins. Another room you need to
go through from the upper left. Hey, you got off easy on level 4.
(32, 17) (30-1, 23) 6 high taldor. 135 coins. Yet another room.
(16, 21) (23, 22-3) 6 taldor mages. 18 nifts. Use the mushrooms here and
definitely have shields bumped up in any case.
(15, 29) (14, 35) taldor mage, 13 pennari. 4 sapphires. Firestorm/firedeath
would be great if you have it. Nifts are almost a given although once you wipe
out the taldor mage you have little to worry about. If you are taking damage,
enclose a pennari if possible and use a mirget before attacking it.
(30-1, 32) teleportal room

* Pradaqa Level 7 *


  It should be pretty clear. Go west and north. Win the first room. Then go
south to the next room, where you gain the Scarab after winning your fight. 
you can go back down. I recommend the way you came, since it's unimpeded now,
but if you want to rack up treasure and experience, then choose the other.


(26, 21) We are much too high in this tower. I think I feel sick!
(15, 21) It is said that the Tlengle once had wings. Being this high up makes 
feel like flying!


(22, 14-15) (16-7, 8) 5 taldor mages. 10 rubies.
(16, 22) (21, 26-7) 9 high taldors. Scarab.

    7-2. TEMPLES

  There are four temples in Bloodstone:

  1. Air Temple
  2. Dark Temple
  3. High Temple
  4. Sea Temple

  For all but the sea temple, you can walk through and get the items you need
without facing combat rooms. Each one has a god, and all but the Dark Temple
have a critical item.

      7-2-1. AIR TEMPLE

  You don't have to visit any rooms here. In fact the maze isn't terribly
profound or difficult or dense. There are just a few doors. Oh yeah, and a 
quest for a magic weapon.

* Air Temple 1 *


  The first level is pretty straightforward. All you have to do for the Air
Temple is to get the Orb. To do so, go east and then south through the door.
Then go east and north through the next door. Follow the rug up. On the right
square north of the altar, use your shovel. Voila, another dwarven artifact.

  But you'll probably want to see the god here, which is Ziphanu. He'll help
build you up for, if nothing else, a very tough fight in the Sea Temple. From
the orb, go south through the door and west past the first door you see on the
way. Go north at the second door. Stairs to level 2 are straight ahead.


(37, 8) the Orb, another Dwarven artifact.


(16, 5) Keep quiet, there may be danger ahead.
(24, 30) This was once a sacrificial platform.
(7, 5) I feel like I am being watched.

* Air Temple 2 *


  There are few impediments to entering level 3. Just go west, south through 
door, south all the way, east past the stairs up on the north side, and south.
The stairs are just east.


(17, 21) You know...
(16, 21) Shh...
(12, 20) but...
(12, 19) Shhhh!!

(Part of a running dialog as the party goes the wrong way.)

* Air Temple 3 *


  Go west through the door. Go south through the next door and continue down 
stairs. Go southeast and then east up some stairs. From there, go north into a
differently tiled area. Ziphanu rests in the room to the north. Whisper

+2 resistance and agility. +1 endurance, intelligence, and dexterity. +10 


(8, 7) This,...is TRUE Power...
(36, 19) This looks like some sort of antechamber.
(10, 35) These structures are so old that the reasons for their existence have
been almost entirely lost.
(36, 17) ??

      7-2-2. DARK TEMPLE

* Dark Temple *


  You don't need to visit any rooms here besides the room with the god. 
with all the overlaps and arches, this is a bit confusing. Here's what to do.

  Go west and continue through the narrow passage. When it widens, go south 
then back east through the archway with the arrow. You'll come to a flight of
stairs, which you should take. Go east from there through another archway. 
there, go south, west, south, west, south, west, and southwest a bit until you
get to a doorway. Enter that doorway and it will kick you south a few squares,
i.e. to the lower level. Go west from there into another doorway. It will kick
you up west to the outer wall. From there, go norh all the way and east. Enter
the next door you see. From there it's a few steps east to the god's chamber.

  Whisper PEL in the chamber to get your bonus. It's not that great, I guess,
but you didn't have to risk much to get it. And what do you expect from the
clown who 1) precipitated this trouble and 2) couldn't make a half decent race

+20 swim, +25 soulreading
+15 fist
+20 tracking


(30, 68) ??


(3, 70) This ledge makes me a bit edgy.
(2, 71) I'm a bit 'ledgy' too!
(24, 49) A marvel of design!
(46, 68) Welcome to the pit of despair!

(19, 9) ??


(64, 15) (63-4, 23) 4 killgrill, 9 garlog. 18 sapphires.
(8-9, 32) skeleton, 3 killgrill, 6 garlog. 29 turpins.
(39-40, 35) skeleton, 2 garlog, 5 killgrill. 14 fear spells.
(27, 43) (33, 42-3) (29-30, 46) 8 skeletons, ghost. 48 pearls.

* High Temple *


  Again there's no need to enter any rooms here, although the uninitiated 
may loop around into a few before finding the god here. Tito is quite good for 
starting patry to find as he gives endurance for hit points, which are at more
of a premium in Bloodstone than the Magic Candles.

  Go east from the entry. Then go south, and take the second narrow(1 square)
passage west. Head down the stairs. Go west and then through the tunnel to the
north. Once you reach the four way intersection, go east through the arrowed
tunnel and east through the next one. The game will spit you out to the south.
Notice the big chest to the west. Use a pick on it. You'll get the Iron Crown,
one of the dwarven artifacts. Then you can go through the tunnels to the left.
The next room has a tunnel to the north. Take it, and you'll appear right 
what looks like stairs but is actually the chamber of the god Tito. Whisper
OPESAI for a nice bonus.

+1 endurance, resistance, intelligence, charm, agility. +15 carpenter for 
who have the skill.

  Now leave the opposite of how you came: south, east, north, west, south at 
crossroads, east to up the stairs, east, north all the way, west and 


(62-3, 38) Iron Crown. This is one of the Dwarven artifacts.

(64, 56) Mmmm,mmm... DINNER TIME!
(46, 57) So it's true... Two heads are better than one!
(38, 66) This temple is truly awe inspiring.
(19, 26) I must admit, the continued presence of fresh blood is rather
(45, 29) Iron Crown, a dwarven artifact.


  None of these rooms are really worth entering, except maybe the upper right
one with four exits.

(12, 7-8) (7-8, 12) 13 ghosts. No treasure.
(63-4, 15) 11 ghosts.  12 dunha.
(46, 23) (49, 20) (51, 22-3) (48-9, 25) 11 thamalque. 12 berat.
(26, 28-9) 13 felfrin. 12 aster.
(65, 29-30) (58-9, 37) 11 ghosts. 12 otala.
(16, 49) (19, 46) (21, 48-9) (18-9, 51) skeletier, 2 garlogs, 5 killgrills. 8
(37, 56) (58, 56-7) 13 garlogs. 23 fireglobe.
(9, 57) (13-4, 62) 2 ghosts, 7 killgrills. 21 medicin.

* Sea Temple 1 *


  If you feel your party is good enough to take on many ghosts below, you'll
want to have memorized a lot of firestorm and restsoul spells. There's only 
fight to tackle ahead, but it's a doozy.  You'll want to have seen the high 
air temples first in all likelihood. The gods there are the best to build you

  The first level isn't terribly tough. You just go around in a spiral and be
careful about running into doors. Sometimes you'll have to switch your leader
when you get into a narrow hallway, but patience should get you through.
Remember to save just in case.


(32, 3) This is like the villages of my people, only underground.
(30, 3) Whoever made this was truly amazing!
(29, 3) Whoever made this had too much time on their hands!
(22, 3) The legends I have read speak of an ancient people who sank beneath 
earth after being struck down by their gods. Supposedly they were being 
for their evil ways.
(21, 3) The writings are very poetic, and as with all poetry it is as vague 
elusive as a young girl.
(20, 3) -sigh- ...a young girl...
(19, 3) Knock it off.
(18, 3) Anyway, they probably suffered some natural catastrophe or sickness 
their knowledge was lost.


(17-8, 6) 11 dimelves. 1 bugle.
(28-9, 16) 11 thamalque. 31 loka.
(11, 26-7) 9 dimelves, 4 thamalque. 14 confuse.
(21, 24-5) 2 dimelves, 2 kilgrill, 7 garlog. 15 ruby.

* Sea Temple 2 *


  South, then west through a dark door, then south through another dark door.
Turn east here through another dark door. Now you'll want to take the stairs 
the northeast, follow the passage(east, north, west) and climb down the 
Go south through the dark door and use a pick on the chest to the east for a
magic axe. Track back to the first winding stairs. Go southeast, east and 
through, yes, the final dark door. Take the stairs down.


(33-4, 16) Natal, the magic axe.


(32, 30) Hey look guys, momma skull... baby skull!
(17, 18) The water is bad to drink.
(7, 8) Benches, bones, and books - what a great combination!
(7, 7) Actually, these things are some of the most important tools in 


(19, 4-5) (14-5, 8) 13 garlog. 134 coins.
(30, 7) (32-3, 10) 12 killgrill. 9 alabaster.
(31, 21) (33, 19) skeletier, 2 garlogs, 5 killgrills. 15 mirget.
(4, 33) (8, 36-7) 4 killgrill, 9 garlog. 1 flute.

* Sea Temple 3 *


  Sadly you'll have to beat up some bad guys to progress further here. But 
you do, you'll be able to see a god and pick up an artifact. And in fact the
critical fight is right in front of you. With soulspeak/restsoul memorized, go
east along the south wall and enter the room. Use all the spells you can here:
crumble, then flamestrike or, where appropriate, flamedeath. Have your lesser
spellcasters throw in a few jump spells. Have your shields at 99. Search the
trunk once you've wone for the azure sky shark hide. Just to the east, you'll
have a small entry to the north for the god, Melmalan. Wake him up by 

+1 strength, +1 endurance, +1 intelligence, +2 dexterity,  +1 charm, +15

  Now take the stairs to the right. Form with the bottom row gone and go west
all the way, then north, then northwest. Go north when the pth forks and at 
top, dig the square north of the center of the altar to the east. That gets 
the mask. The teleportal room is in the very northwest. Take it out instead of


(16, 1) Rohrkhad's Death Mask.


(25, 12) Has anyone wondered why these candles haven't burnt out? ... Oh, 
(18, 11) Look dear, fresh blood. Isn't that nice?
(26, 36) ??


(9, 1-2) teleportal
(9, 6-7) (3-4, 10) skeletier, 2 garlogs, 5 killgrills. No treasure.
(23, 3-4) (18-9, 7) skeletier, 3 killgrill, 6 garlog. 18 shatter.
(31, 3) (35-6, 7) 15 felfrin. No treasure.4
(7, 19-20) 11 skeletier. 24 nifts.
(33, 19) (36, 15) (35-6, 24) 8 skeletier, ghost. 8 sapphires.
(25, 28) (27, 26) (30, 27-8) (26-7, 30) 2 ghosts, 7 killgrills. 11 emeralds.
(14, 37) (19, 34) (23, 36-7) 11 ghosts. Azure Hide.
(25-6, 35) Melmalan.


For this walkthrough you will need to refer to the unfriendly/friendly 
locations for the details of how to get around. However, you can try to figure 
them out without looking. I want this section to be a sort of index, an 
overview of what you need to do, with details where I feel they are necessary 
to get through the game smoothly. After all, I'm not sure how much you want 
spoiled, but I'd like to offer you as much spoilage as possible, as non-
intrusively as possible.

As I think picking the right characters is critical to getting through 
quickly, and I think you also want to be able to get through as quickly as 
possible, I've taken the down and dirty route. If you want to play honestly, 
more power to you.

But I think the basic tenets of getting through for any game in this series 
hold--improve to get the best weapons and armor early. Find treasures. Know 
what dungeons to loot where. Loot lousy player-characters. Get your party 
together, visit a few gods, and BAM! You can roll through. Your party will be 
weak at first, but you can run from pretty much anything outside, so don't 
worry about that. And you don't have to go into the dungeons.

?? who to start with

1. Start with Poral, Halan and Kenit. Improve Poral's metalsmithing. Improve 
Halan's carpentry. Improve Kenit's tailoring.

Draw your swords. Exit the cavern where you entered. Fight the Taldor, or you 
can skip over the ambush at (3-4,13) using flipping--place

34 <y=12

Activate 4, go


Then activate 1.


But really the fight is not bad. Your guy has Aroten, which mops the enemies 

Use Poral's shovel on the skulls if you want.

Memorize a few teleports here, because you may run into monsters. You don't 
have great range, but you'll get away from them. It may require a lot of 
fleeing, until you get a Teleport spell. You can flee from combat by placing 
everyone against the edge, but it it time consuming.

2. Go south to Kafari and take Maxon for his items. Go north to Haraza and 
have Poral work at the metalsmith's. Take all his items.

Go west to Tulara and have Kenit work as a tailor. You can rip off Enric for 
items in the Tulara tavern. You probably have $2000 or so now, so pick up a 
Belfon. The Belfon allows you to cast Jump and Teleport.

Go north to Phoroshe and have Halan work as a carpenter. You can rip off Pakkr 
for items in the Phoroshe tavern.

Stop in at the gambling houses and save til you win for easy gold.

3. Track down Volni in Haraza at the tavern. Have him join. Buy a shovel and 
return where you started. Dig there to get a lot of gold.

4. Rip off Pran for his Entas totem at 133,204 and his other items. Pick off 
Tula. (67,222)

5. Get Gruth in the southwest. B-A-B if you have the tiles. You probably 
don't, but you can walk. (30,200)

6. Get Moryantak on the northwest coast. (46, 104) Along the way, stop off at 
Rulaan. Pick up a Chalta if you have the money. A Fanorl can wait. But if it's 
there, great! Sell whatever jewelry you have. Chalta allows shield, Fanorl 

7. Use teleports to get Rif, which may be cheating a bit, but oh well.

A-B-A to Rif, then (111,35). The teleportal house is SW.

You can now start in earnest on your quest.

8. With your party all set, look for Hantaknor for your first bonus. B-A-B 
works to get near him, at (31,176). Whisper ORTAKON. Then you can walk back. 
Don't be concerned about the delay, because that means more money for you when 
you hit up your workers.

9. On the way back, visit the Air Temple to get the Orb(artifact #1) and wake 
Ziphanu. There is no fighting here. The orb is in the NE section behind the 
table on level 1. Ziphanu is on level 3. Stairs to L2 are in the west. To L3 
they are in the southeast. Then on 3 you head up from the SE to Ziphanu. 
Whisper FURBIMOR. He will give you a nice magic bonus along with other stuff, 
and you don't have to fight any monsters.

10. Return to Haraza and buy equipment now. Hit up your working pals for 
dough. Get steel helmets first(Pran already gave you one,) then go in for 
steel plate. Sell whatever jewelry you have.

Everyone can use a greatsword or great axe, except Mory. The final list should 
look as follows:

You: Aroten
Tula: Greatsword
Mory: Gruther's old longsword
Gruth: Greatsword
Rif: Greataxe
Volni: (no item) -- will get the axe Natal soon

If you don't have steel plate for everyone, don't worry. Keep checking on your 
workers. It should take 8 days for each steel armor, and for a tight spot, you 
can probably use nifts to deflect damage. But you are still in the process of 
building your characters up and avoiding fights, so don't worry about that 
now. You can wipe out a lot of the early monsters you need to fight without 
any armor, and having basic spells is more important.

11. Visit the High Temple and Tito. Whisper OPESAI. The endurance boost is 
insurance for the real adventures. You can also get the Iron Crown(artifact 
#1) on the way. Again, you can avoid combat, but you need to have snowshoes to 
get here. Stop at Rulaan on the way for some tiles, so you don't have to jump 
around so much any more.

12. Work east, teleporting over rivers, to get to the dark temple. Hikar, the 
town nearby, is not so useful. Though you can buy the Whistle(artifact #2) 
from Carmine there.

The god in the dark temple, Palelil, isn't really, either. But you might as 
well collect em all, so to speak.

Now you may wish to buy spell books. You should have the money. You can go 
back to Tulara to purchase the Belfon from Manteki. Then go to Rulaan to buy 
the Chalta then the Fanorl from Dorein. These should be done in that order. If 
you don't have Fanorl, don't worry, though it will only take strategic 
gambling and a few days' work. You have all the time in the world. Now find a 
place to rest.

Here is what I recommend:

--Mory memorizes restsoul from Gimlai before trading it to Gruth, who can 
memorize Jump or something til then. Give yourself a chance to memorize a few 
restsoul too.
--Mory gets Belfon and Demmock and memorizes Jump.
--You get Entas and memorize sharpen.
--Gruth gets Gimlai and memorizes restsoul. Also he should have Fanorl to 
memorize one timestop.
--Volni gets Chalta and memorizes see and shield.

Cast shield up to 99 on everyone. Make sure Gruth has 10+ restsoul. This may 
seem like a lot of preparation, but it takes a lot less time here than in the 
Magic Candles.

??gonshis, spells etc

13. Go to the Sea Temple and get Natal, the magic axe, on level 2. Give this 
to Volni. Next, you have a tough fight on level 3 to get the azure sky shark 
hide--well, tough unless you have the right spells. In general, combats in 
Bloodstone are either impossible or easy, and what spells you have or use will 
reflect which of these it is. Bring everything for all combats.

Beyond this room, you have Melmalan. Whisper HOROOPA to Melmalan for a nice 

The fight for the sky shark hide may be a bit tough, so use gonshis and nifts, 
and cast sharpen and timestop and lots of restsouls. One trick you can also 
use is to duck out the side with aid of gonshis, visit Melmalan, and go back. 
This fight isn't critical, but it gets you a great weapon.

1st round, you can cast sharpen on Tula and Rif and Volni and yourself and 
jump them into the fray. Mory should cast timestop and, if he has it, 
restsoul. Then Gruth should destroy all undeads you kill. Use Mory and 
yourself as wll. You may have to let a few of them pop back up after one 
round, but they don't have any hit points when they do.

You can leave one ghost after these first two rounds. He may try to go 
invisible, but you just have to have Volni cast see...the alternative is to 
hack til the ghost is visible. You don't want them getting a move. They cast 
Wherrigan, which is nasty.

You should also get the Mask(artifact #3) in the north of level 3 while you're 
there. It's at (16,1) and after you exit east, head N NW N and E.

Now go back to the NW coast and Mikalat(46,104). Trade the sky shark hide for 
the sword Zlmnrdra. The easiest way to do this is to enter the teleportal room 
west of the Mask. Use B-B-D. Then use a teleport west across the next river 
and go NW to Mikalat. Rif will have Zlmnrdra. Now you have three players with 
cool items.

14. The only thing to stock up on for your future adventure might be picks. 
You only need a handful of gonshis for Pradaqa(157,138). You want to get the 
scarab on level 7 here. Artifacts aren't completely necessary to complete the 
game, but I am only short-circuiting information in this walkthrough.

Whisper VUNTISTA to get in. You can walk through the rooms in the first level 
to get to the stairs in the SE. There are some tiles. First look in to the 
east for an easy dead end, then go counterclockwise. The monsters except 
hightaldor cannot damage you.

On level 2 you can greet the monsters if they seem nervous. Otherwise, jump 
into the dimelves. Exit west on winning, west through the arch, and north to a 
room. Now there is an ambush after you exit west at y=26. If you've played 
Magic Candle III, this should be a breeze. Set your party up:


With 4 active,


Then with 1 active,


Bingo! You flipped over it.

Now enter the room to the south. Jump a guy to the taldor mage, and that's 
all, really.

On level 3, go south into the room. You can pay off the monsters if they are 
greedy, even though they are weaker than you. It saves time. But the dimelves 
won't do much damage. Jump to the taldor mage.

N-E to one room, W-N above to level 5 gets you on your way. You can come back 
to level 4 later.

Level 5: Go south through the room, jump to the mage, exit south, go west and 
exit south. This one's a bit tougher--use all the jumps you need, probably at 
least 3. But if not everybody gets to the taldor mages, a few shatters won't 

Level 6: Let's go to the right door first. There is an ambush before the arch 
to the right, so be careful. Straight DR from the entry should be ok. There 
are a lot of enemies here but only one dangerous one, so jump to the 
taldormage, again. Walk by the door. Go to level 7.

Level 7: Go to the room to the west and fight. If you really want, use a few 
gonshis beforehand so you can be sure you kill all 5 taldormages. Then you can 
go south and get the scarab in the next room. Use gonshis to escape unscathed. 
There are 9 hightaldors. Don't jump Gruth in--he'll take 2 hits to kill them.

Retreat to level 6. You can go past the arch--form


and avoid the ambosh, then follow the passage down to level 4, get the gold 
and come back. You probably won't be able to avoid the ambush on the way back 
up. But it is not tough. Go to the portal room.

15. Teleport to Tanala(B-O-A) and head east around the river to Naluun. 
Whisper BASTIRAND. Naluun is a somewhat nastier dungeon--kriktisks paralyze 
you--so you need either a lot of gonshis and nifts or timestop spells. Side 
rooms are discouraged here. Kriktisk hit for 33, and garlog paralyze you. This 
place has a lot of side rooms, but they aren't really relevant.

Stairs to level 2 are to the east. Then take the room to the SE. It is not too 
bad with gonshis. Each fighter can clear 2 enemies.

The next fight below you'll want to have shields, and luffin/mirget for your 
fighters. Killgrills cast lightning for 28 damage. Volni is great here against 
the killgrills. Have him attack once, then jump an attack again. Have Gruth 
mop up the kriktisks.

The door ahead is just an arch, so walk through. Go to level 3. Exit south, 
east then south and back west.

On level 4, go east then north along the narrow passage to avoid an enemy. 
Then go northwest to an arch, up the stairs to the corner, and up again to 
level 5.

Here you have an ambush that is tough to flip over. But you can do it if you 
leave two people behind at first. I won't go into detail, since you probably 
want to go through the room instead. It has the bow Delatna, but I present the 
solution for posterity. The room has 10 kriktisks, so you know what to do. 
Gonshi, nift if necessary, and maybe even a timestop. Jump is necessary. 
Mirget and luffin will totally destroy them, and for such a big fight, you 
might as well. Gruth should use Delatna, but not all the time. Sometimes 
you'll need him to cast spells and pick off enemies from a distance, and 
you'll have enough hand to hand combat.

On level 6, go west through the arch. Form


To avoid the nasty Almir ambush. Go west at the bottom, then northwest. You 
can use the shovel on the left gold square below the door to get the 
brooch(artifact #6.) Retreat through two arches and go right at the bottom to 
get to the teleportal.

16. Kireini is next. B-A-B. Then loop counterclockwise around the mountains. 

There are a few goals here. Nab the High Mitre(artifact #7). Get the needle on 
level 5 too, and get Kastapha, the sword, on level 6 for Tula. Your party will 
have full offensive power except for strength maxing.

The first fight in the room below(3 bundorfs) is not hard. They are quick but 
do only 6 damage. You can exit west and go up the stairs. Avoid the ambush in 
the west.

Level 2 is tricky. Use gonshis and nifts and go east to tackle the Quems, who 
sharpen and make your life miserable. Volni and Rif do a lot of damage. You 
will get 34 nifts in return, not a bad investment. Rest up to memorize 20 
restsoul for the rest of this. Go east through the arch and down the stairs. 
Go south through two arches and up to level 3.

Now go W N W all the way, S. You are blocked. Go N E S and once you enter the 
dead end, a passage appears left. Go west and down to level 1. Go north in the 
arch then NW to level 2. Hit the torjin first. Restsoul the 4 thamalque, who 
can't even injure you. The path pulls back west and another block of walls 
vanishes. You reappear in the southwest of level 3, but NW of before. 

My level analysis has one way to get through. Still, here is another that is 
more mistake proof but slower.

Go est and north. Curve back left and leave 2 guys behind. Let 1 lead.


This avoids an ambush in the center of the hallway. Go diagonally to the UR. 
Leave 3/4 behind. Get 5/6 and bring them across. Go down the center. Kill the 
two Quem ASAP. Enter the teleportal and use gonshis. Go south again. Having 
mirget/luffin can save you using a loka, because the epherus poison you though 
they only hit for 4 damage. Now you need to leave to the north, oddly enough, 
or you'll be bumped back.

Go south to the teleport then NW to level 4. Go west and south. Take out the 
quem as you did before. It's a bit tougher now, so have luffins and mirgets 
along with gonshis and nifts. There's a t-intersection with epherus. Turn up 
and right from here. There's another t-room with quem. Exit south and go up 
the stairs. You may wish to organize your party


To avoid the big zap after the arch. The treasure, 23 fireglobes, is not worth 

For level 5, form


Go west to the wall, then north, and when you can go west, go 4W then up into 
the teleport. Follow the passage to a room with torjin and 8 thamalque. This 
one's easy. Exit west and retreat NE to the dead end you didn't go in, then 
return. That will make the passage north appear. You will fight 11 bundorfs, 
and they are not hard. Timestop so they are not so pesky, if you want. Then 
get the needle.

Go west along the top wall, bottom column empty, to avoi an ambush. Go to the 
bottom niche to teleport. Then disband everyone except your leader, making 
sure he has two picks first. Go NE NW and dig the treasure in the corner. Step 
back SE and go NE past the intersection. SE SW NW and open the chest in the 
SW. Get Kastapha and enter the east niche, teleport and go NW SW to get with 
your party.

Bring them NW and you can either avoid the teleport 3E of the chest with


Or you can enter it, loop, go NW at the intersection and SW. Avoiding the 
teleport, go SW at the T.

Level 7 is pretty easy. Enter the arch and Doroma is in the center room. He's 
the one that gave you this puzzle. (21,27) is where to dig for the High Mitre. 
If you got the flower book, give it to Doroma. Exit south. The portal is in 
the NE.

17. Teleport D-A-H to get to Delqafi. You'll need to go west a little from 
where you land. Whisper FRAZINTOT to enter. Here you can find the hammer, 
which you'll need to build the boat, and the bowl(artifact #8).

Level 1 is very straightforward. Go south to the edge, then west. Level 2 is 
the second door on the bottom. It is the biggest of the areas.

Go east from the entry here. Head SE and there'll be a room with an exit 
north. Go in and beat the guys there as they have methreal armor. ??

Go along the shore and go south when the river pulls back. The room facing 
north holds the hammer. Win the fight?? and go back west. Memorize a walkwater 
spell, or about 20(Anforn needs them too,) here to make things easier. Get 
past the isthmus then go south and enter the door at the bottom to level 3.

Mukora, the axe, is in a room straight to the east. ??fight Gruth can use it. 
His axe skill is not great, but he can slice enemies in crowded areas or with 
luffins. Then go east and NE to find Dablak. Whisper PLISTICAL to Dablak. Go 3 
east then south. The bowl is at the SW of the east lake. 55,38 to be exact. 
Dig for it. Back north and a bit west and teleport out of here.

18. Anforn is next up, where you can get the Quill and the Sceptre(artifact 
#9). The Quill isn't critical but helps you memorize spells better. A-B-A to 
get to the island. Then go around the mountains to the northeast and whisper 
NAKRITOS to enter.

Cross at the top of the river, then go down. Go east and head slightly up to 
get around the barrier. Go south, then turn west and go into the entrance, 
then enter the room. Be loaded for this. ?? Then go to level 2.

On level 2, zigzag back and forth as you go down. Treasures are at 7,30 and 
are nice, since they're not out of the way, but they may just muck up your 
inventory. ??inconsistent The first room has an exit south. Now go east--the 
bottom is useless--and along the very east wall up, then west at the top and 
around. Avoid the ambush at 60,7 below the stairs by keeping to the south 

Level 3 is a mess of a map but it's easy to say what to do. Go west along the 
wall and south and west for the sceptre. Then back north and east. Walkwater 
to ZLNTRLKOPFR to wake Rkdldn. Go back west to the teleportal room. That is 
all for the mainland dungeons.

??rooms not filled in L2

19. Get the canvas from Dglumash in Noriin. Get the bent wood from Dirk in 
Sartuma. Now you have a choice of giving all your artifacts to Torongo in 
Haraza or Rakan in Kafari. This affects the ending you get. Whoever gets more 
artifacts is the conquering chieftain. Make sure you have 10 
luffin/mirget/nift for everyone. You probably have a lot of money from 
treasure and from your assigned players' jobs.

20. Make sure you have 3000 gold and visit Denatrius X=130 Y=102. He will 
build your ship. You need wood, canvas, needle and hammer. Again, you could 
cheat by adjusting x2049/x204a in your save state to leap to Entemar, but 
that's no fun.

21. Sail to the northeast where Entemar awaits. Walk through it to level 4 
behind the big throne. It's pretty straightforward. 

Level 1: The 38,70-44,67 room has methreal. Sharpen and use shields. Then go 
north to level 2.

Level 2: W-N-E-N.

Level 3: two ways to do this after snaking W S E. Windhir??. Exit west. Enter 
the arch to the west. Go south then south again to get to the zigzags at the 
bottom. W S W N(hug the west wall to avoid ambush) W S etc. to get to the end, 
then go up the stairs.

Level 4: straight shot to the Caverns. NE, then N. Lots of treasure here, but 
you don't need that. The way to the caverns is in the north center. You don't 
need to do anything special.

22. In the caverns, wake Rohrkhad in the first level. Then there are four 
levels of pretty straightforward travel. Clear out one room early to memorize 
spells. In each level, look for a side exit with glowing gems.

Go south at the west marker, then SE in the next area. Enter Rohrkhad's 
chamber. GARTHUME for a bonus. ??bonus S to the edge, E and NE.

Level 2: go lft along the top, then down along the left. The treasure you'll 
see is $177. Why bother?

Level 3: follow the path as it turns SW. At the NW/SE, go SE. Then go east and 
when the path curves back up, with NE SE branches, go SE. Follow the south 
branch, left fork at the bottom.

Level 4: Go NE so that you wind up by the river. In the dead end, cast 
walkwater and continue NE. Level 5 is at the end of this mess. Without the 
walkwater you must go back NW NE and it takes longer.

Level 5: There are a lot of ambushes here and I think you may be best ferrying 
one pal over at a time. If you know where they are, you can explicitly avoid 
them. The trickiest one is at 42,62 where you can only flip one guy at a time 
in such a narrow passage. But it takes a lot less time than an ambush.

Bring everything for the combat in the center. Once you win, you get 
Khamalkhad, and you see the ending. There are rooms here where you can rest. 
The level details describe what to do, but here I say "follow the maze and 
avoid the ambush."

23. The final fight is inside a circular maze in Caverns 5. Bring it all. Have 
one person memorize destroy. Have everyone else sharpened and even 'berserk.' 
Use timestop and gonshis. On winning the fight, you get Khamalkhad, and you 
can see the ending based on which chief you favored.


  Listed below is the spoiler for the possible endings...

%h returns to Haraza with Khamalkhad.

But Torongo is jealous of %h's power. %h's 'reward' is being thrown in a 
for life. But %h escapes with help from %p loyal companions. %h returns to %p
ancestral caverns in secret. %h never forgets how Torongo treated him. Years
later, %w returns with a band of mighty followers. %h destroys Torongo and
becomes the ruler of the Tamar.

Having defeated the evil keepers, %h returns in triumph to Kafari. With him is
the mighty axe, Khamalkhad. Chief Rakan, now the most powerful dwarf in the
land, speaks with %h. 'With the dwarves united under the Morin banner, we will
end the Taldor threat.'
'I cannot overlook your part in these great deeds.'
'I shall grant you a fief within my kingdom.  Rule it as my ally, %h.'
Through the generations, %h's knowledge of shipbuilding is passed down.
His descendents build a mighty fleet of galleys.
They embark on a great voyage, landing at last in the land of Deruvia.
And the rest is history.

[So why do dwarves get so seasick in Magic Candle? Ehh? I bet it's the first
thing that -really- happened.]


 0=         Coin  1=        Pearl  2=    Alabaster  3=         Jade
 4=        Topaz  5=         Ruby  6=     Sapphire  7=      Emerald
 8=      Diamond  9=   Shortsword  a=     Scimitar  b=    Longsword
 c=   Broadsword  d=   Greatsword  e=   Elvensword  f=  Brightsword
10=     Kastapha 11=      Zmlndra 12=     Smallaxe 13=    Hammeraxe
14=    Battleaxe 15=    Doubleaxe 16=     Greataxe 17=       Aroten
18=       Mukora 19=        Natal 1a=  Lt Crossbow 1b= Med Crossbow
1c= Hvy Crossbow 1d=     Nastybow 1e=      Delatna 1f=Leather armor
20=    Ring mail 21=   Chain mail 22=  Elven chain 23=Dwarven chain
24= Bronze plate 25=  Steel plate 26=  Pearl plate 27=     Methreal
28=Bronze helmet 29=  Iron helmet 2a= Steel helmet 2b=    Elvenspun
2c= Suede outfit 2d=  Cotton robe 2e=    Snowshoes 2f=  Wool outfit
30=         Furs 31=       Pebble 32=       Potion 33=       Sermin
34=       Gonshi 35=         Nift 36=       Mirget 37=       Luffin
38=       Turpin 39=    Fireglobe 3a=        Otala 3b=        Aster
3c=         Loka 3d=      Medicin 3e=    Map Flask 3f=          Map
40=    Mindstone 41=        Berat 42=        Dunha 43=        Henta
44=         Lyre 45=        Bugle 46=       Shovel 47=         Rope
48=        Flute 49=  Broken Pipe 4a=         Drum 4b=         Horn
4c=      Scepter 4d=      Charter 4e=   Small rock 4f=    Tiny rock
50=         Pick 51=         Bolt 52=      Blanket 53=       Ashard
54=       Belfon 55=       Chalta 56=      Demmock 57=        Entus
58=       Fanorl 59=       Gimlai 5a=    Snowshoes 5b=  Silver Bolt
5c=        Quill 5d=       Lilten 5e=       Scarab 5f=       Brooch
60=        Mitre 61=  Flower Book 62=      Sceptre 63=         Bowl
64=          Orb 65=        Crown 66=      Whistle 67=         Mask
68=   Azure Hide 69=       Needle 6a=  Wood Bundle 6b=       Canvas
6c=       Hammer 6d=     Sealskin

At hex location 0x2049, you can alter the x and y locations of your party when
it's outside. But there's a small catch.

Byte 0x2049 = (x location) - 5
Byte 0x204a = (y location) - 4

End of FAQ proper



1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 4/1/2008, but with an April Fools that some tougher 
combats aren't outlined. "Bring everything and be safe." I want to address how 
not to be too wasteful.
0.9.2: sent to GameFAQs 3/11/2008 with the text maps cut and outline revamped.
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comprehensive walkthrough.
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maps/details, and some town info
0.2.5: sent to GameFAQs 1/25/2004 with full town info + outside info
0.1.1: sent to GameFAQs 1/18/2004 with dungeon maps and monster info
0.0.1: sent to GameFAQs 12/22/2003 with basic character, teleportal and 
location info.


Thanks to GameFAQs for being, well, THERE.
Thanks to Jason Spangler for his Magic Candle page:
Thanks to Marc Randall Kuhl for all the correspondence and hints.
Thanks to AXE for the hex editor that gave me the cheat section, among others.
Thanks to the DosBox project for being awesome and for letting me run this 
game in a window.
Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. Good 
people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed 
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