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Reviewed: 06/06/03 | Updated: 06/06/03

Another Hugo masterpiece. Keep 'em coming!

Though trying, the Hugo series keeps bombing left and right. Whether it's the fact that Hugo has an absurdly ridiculous aqua-blue shirt on, pink pants, or the fact that the game performs so poorly. Either way, frankly, the game will only entertain a very little audience. Hugo's House of Horrors, the first game in the series, managed to perform like a chewed up shoe. Does this Hugo adventure differ from the first?

Well, firstly, this adventure actually does not include our beloved hero, Hugo! No, but the role of Penelope, Hugo's swavé wife, is now under your complete control. It all starts out when our lovable twosome takes a vacation to Hugo's Great Uncle Horrace's house. You can only guess what cooky, zany adventures are gruesome duo will get in to THIS time. First, Hugo magically, but mysteriously, disappears. Then... Uncle Horrace gets savagely murdered! It's up to Penelope to solve the murder, and find her long lost husband! Oh, Hugo. When will you ever learn?

The game plays basically the same as the first. You take on the side perspective, making it actually look like it's a plat former. Don't let it fool you. While directing your character around, you'll have to actually type in the needed command. For example; You see a needed key on the table, instead of having an action button to pick it up, you'll have to actually type in the command ''grab the key''. This goes for anything else you might need during the game. Though frustrating at first, it will actually appear to you as a good idea, unfortunately, it delivers too poorly to actually make the system work successfully.

Moving Penelope around is a chore. Directing her with the directional keys on the keyboard, you try to edge your way through Venus fly traps, go across the bridge without touching the sides, and other inane illogical dangers. What sets this game apart from it's predecessor, is the fact that your movements better be right on if you wish to continue the game. For example; when you get to the point of the game in which you need to successfully surpass a series of fly traps, you need to make sure you cannot come close to any of them. Sounds like strategy, eh? Well, thanks to the games horrible graphics, and the poorly done perspective you see the fly traps in, you can't even tell if you are scott-free, or your about to become the fly traps' lunch. This leads to vigorous and unnecessary saving and reloading.

The games sour replay value is what kills it. With no alternative routes, secret items, or anything that will give you a shred of pride, this games route is pretty direct, and extremely linear. The game tries to throw mazes, puzzles, or any such thing that might challenge your IQ in here and there, but fails miserably.

The games item system is seriously unbalanced and flawed, just like it's predecessors' was. The game relies on items way too heavily, and since the game hands out no clues what so ever to what you might need to get past that door, or vampire, it constantly leaves you cold and naked in the breeze, with no where to go.

The games presentation only adds to the horrible gameplay. Visuals look ridiculously embarrassing to the programmers of this game, with bland, barf-like colors, ragged lines, and unrealistic character design. Penelope consists of a drab, polk-a-dotted dress, and Hugo still has his award winning pink pants and aqua-blue shirt.

Character animations, as always, move at a whopping five frames per second. Can you not count the minutes between each frame in Penelope's walk?

Experiments are fun, children. So, why not try one of our own? OK, firstly, take an average piece of surrand-wrap. Enough to cover a whole toilet seat. Then, at your local movie theater's bathroom, put the surrand-wrap above a toilet bowl, beneath the seat in which you put you buttocks on. Patiently wait for anyone that needs to relieve themselves in the stall you boobey-trapped. Watch you victims come out one by one.

Were the expressions on your subject's faces surprised? Possibly-- angry? Chances are, they are infuriated with anger. This is pretty much the same reaction you'll get once get a dosage of the audio in this game-- if you wish to call it audio. Obnoxious, offbeat tunes play loudly and annoyingly on your PC speaker. While sound effects are far and few in between, but an accidentally tapped 'forward' will be a bit too much for Penelope, and the game will screech loudly at you in a hair-raising esque.

This game, obviously, takes any playability that the first one had to offer... chews it up... and spits it out. Hugo, what other wild and crazy adventures will you put us through? -Shin (4/14/02)

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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