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Reviewed: 08/24/00 | Updated: 01/18/03

You'd be a fool to miss this point-n-clicker.

A great puzzle point and click type game from Coktell Vision (a sister-company of Sierra (Space Quest, Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and of course.. Half-Life)). This game isn't the best of the Gobliiin's series (that would go to Gobliins 2), but this is one sure winner. Combining great puzzle elements with witty humor and that you-cant-die-no-matter-what-you-do encouragability to guide you along, Gobliiins 3/Goblins Quest is a must-have game.

You are Blount, your not-so-everday goblin. You find yourself stranded on an abandoned airship floating in the clouds. After making your way to the ground with your newfound parrot companion Chump, Blount finds himself struck by the love bug when he lays his eyes on the captured female goblin Wynnona. As the game progresses you make your way through puzzle upon puzzle of humorus levels. Along the way Blount makes several companions including a home-brew snake and a magic midget. All this for the name of love, Blount sets himself out to become a hero.

The graphics of Gobliiins 3 are not nearly as good as today's 2D video games, but they are suffice for an early 1990's game. VGA-Low resolution graphics aren't that bad when the gameplay more than makes up for it. 2D sprites on prerendered 2D backrounds is the basic premise here, with some animated cutscenes every other level that continues the storyline.

The gameplay is superior than a lot of modern puzzle-type games (Sanitarium comes to mind). You have a simple inventory system, but the beauty of the engine is that you can make new items to use by combining them with new things you may find laying around. Even the most useless piece of garbage could wind up getting you out of the next level. Items you get at the beginning of the game play vital roles in even the latest levels (*cough* coin *cough*).

Sound is the games downfall. You can play with crappy squeeks, exuces for soundeffects, or you can play without the sfx and with just the music like I do. The PC-speaker type squeeking screeches the ears with it's horridity. But the MIDI-quality music is superb and very fitting for most levels. The tunes are effective without being annoying to any degree.

Overall, Gobliiins 3 is one of the finest games Sierra Studios has ever cranked out. For an older game the replayability is very strong, at the time of writing I just replayed it after having the game for 4 years. Bottom line, if you can find this game in the bargain bins or on eBay or whatnot for very cheap, get it! You'd be a fool to missout on the Gobliiins series.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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