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Reviewed: 04/22/03 | Updated: 04/22/03

A bad example of graphics over gameplay

Back in 1994, we were all exposed to the graphics powerhouse known as ''Rise of the Robots''. With at least 2 megs of data being used for one character, we thought the rest of the megs were going to give us great gameplay as well. I went out and bought the game with the small allowance I had and realized I could have bought one of the cooler SNES games at the time......

Graphics: 9/10
Probably the game's only strong point preventing it from getting a 1. The characters and backgrounds are highly detailed with awesome looking lighting effects. The movies are great to watch just looking at the awesome looking rendered CG robots going up to fight against each other. These were pretty amazing graphics at the time and I still consider them pretty good for today's standards.

Sound: 6/10
There's not much on BGM and the sound effects are fitting. I know a band plays in the game but I haven't heard it yet.

Controls/Gameplay: 1/10
This is where Rise of the Robots ultimately fails. With all the awesome graphics, you think there would be good gameplay right? I was dead wrong when I started the first match. The controls are sluggish and unresponsive as it takes like 5 seconds to throw a punch where the computer will maul you viciously. Also your robot moves and attacks too slow. I was only able to win matches by using it's jumping headbutt move. The computer is cheap too because it can move at the speed of light in comparison to you moving even slower than a snail. With the sluggish control and the horrible gameplay, you have absolutely no chance of escaping the opponent. You can try blocking but the computer is so fast that it will break through your defenses and send you to the scrap heap in little bits and pieces before you can say uncle. I was only able to make it to the 3rd robot before giving up because the robots get harder and faster match after match. You could probably beat this game by luck if you keep using the jumping heatbutt move but don't count on it.

Overall (Not an average): 2/10
I'm only giving the game a 2 because it boasted incredible graphics at the time but being the first of it's kind, there were going to be some problems.

I was incredibly ripped off by spending $50 on this game when I could have gotten Megaman X2 instead.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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