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FAQ by DKennedy

Version: 1.50 | Updated: 01/21/1995

######                            ###     ###           #######    #     #####
#     #  #    #  #    #  ######    #       #            #         # #   #     #
#     #  #    #  ##   #  #         #       #            #        #   #  #     #
#     #  #    #  # #  #  #####     #       #            #####   #     # #     #
#     #  #    #  #  # #  #         #       #            #       ####### #   # #
#     #  #    #  #   ##  #         #       #            #       #     # #    #
######    ####   #    #  ######   ###     ###           #       #     #  #### #

Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis
Sega Megadrive version FAQ (Virgin Games/Westwood)


(1)  Administrivia.
(2)  Frequently asked questions. (Long)
(3)  Strategy
	(a)  Defence
	(b)  Offence
	(c)  General
(4)  House Strategy
	(a)  Atreides
	(b)  Ordos
	(c)  Harkonnen
(5)  The Passwords!



Title:    	Dune II - The Battle For Arrakis FAQ (Sega Megadrive Version)
Version: 	1.50 (21/01/1995)
Format:	 	Plain Text	[HTML version also available]
Author(s): 	D.Kennedy@qub.ac.uk			Sega Adaptation
		sepollit@teaching.cs.adelaide.edu.au	Original PC version
	This document was put together because there were several requests 
	for the same information posted to rec.games.video.sega

	Most people, myself included, have found that the manual fails to
	explain several features of the game.
	I obtained a FAQ for the PC version of this game from 
		sepollit@teaching.cs.adelaide.edu.au 	[E-mail]
	which you can either E-mail him for or use FTP to get it from:

	[The file name format will be "dune2_??.lzh" where ?? is the version
	number. The file will be generically LHARC'ed with Unix LHA, so any
	version of MSDOS LHA should de-archive it.  Any problems, give 
	sepollit@teaching.cs.adelaide.edu.au a yell.]
	Many thanks for Simon's permission to use his work.
	I then used this as a base for a FAQ for the Sega version of the game.

	This FAQ is available by E-mail from
	or by FTP from -
			cd /pub/vi/vidgames
			dune2faq.txt		[or similar filename]
	Thanks to Andy Eddy (vidgames@netcom.com) for the FTP site.

	A HTML version is held on the WWW off URL -

	This is the 'Dune Home Page' and contains various interesting things!

	Or try the 'Games Domain' pages at URL -

	All the information contained herein is collated from my personal
	experience, and those of others on the net.  I don't vouch for the
	correctness of any of it, but all error reports would be appreciated.

	Thanks to all who contributed to both this version and the PC version
	of the FAQ. Thanks to Bruno Wolff III <bruno@cerberus.csd.uwm.edu> and
	his roomie <someone@somehost> for corrections and new material.

	All comments/corrections/suggestions for this document should be posted
	directly to me rather than to the net, where I might miss them.
	I'd appreciate it if you sent in the whole FAQ with the corrections,
	saves me the bother of doing it then! Just send new or revised
	sections by themselves.
	Could people also refrain from posting this document in it's entirety 
	to the net, as this could result in different versions floating around,
	as well as a great waste of bandwidth.
	Remember - please post only Sega relevant details to me.

(2)  FAQ (Frequently asked questions) :

Q1. When I try to create a vehicle (or trooper) the computer 'uh-uhs' at me and
the vehicle (or trooper) icon is covered with a 'no' sign.
A1. This is due to the fact that, using production facilities, you can't
create more than your quota of units (unit = soldier, trooper, squad or
The quota varies from mission to mission. 
e.g. Atriedes last level, 25 units.
  (i)   Send your weaker vehicles (e.g. if you have tanks, get rid of
        quads & trikes etc.) to map out the enemy's structures, and in the
        process, get destroyed.  Then use the now empty vehicle slots to
        create stronger units.

  (ii)  Build a Starport?	
	Certainly on the PC version of "Dune:II" you can only create 25
	units, but then you can buy in extra units from the starport.
	However this doesn't hold true for the Sega version. :-(
	In the Sega version effectively the StarPort is an alternative
	to the vehicle factory, which *may* allow you to purchase cheaper
	vehicles and perhaps ornithopters.
	Its main uses are these:
	(a) When you are playing Ordos then you will *need* a starport in
	order to get missile launchers.
	(b) You need a starport in order to build a Palace. :-)

Q2. When I try to create a structure I find that the selection has dropped to
walls and concrete.
A2: This is due to the fact that there can only be a fixed number of structures
on the map at any one time. However if you have gotten to the stage where you
have the maximum number of buildings then you need to worry very little!
If you *must* have a new building then destroy one of your old buildings, 
and create the new one.  
 This is not advised, as with the Death Hand opposing you, you will have 
enough trouble keeping your structures standing.  It can, however, be good to
destroy your rocket turrets and move them forward to let your defences "roll"
forward as you expand.
 Remember that if you make a mistake or need to replace one building
with another then you can make your units attack one of your own buildings.

Q3. How do I stop the computer from rebuilding the rocket turrets that I
just destroyed ?
A3. Simple answer, destroy the computer's construction site, then it cannot 
rebuild buildings (though it can repair them). 
  This is really the only answer.
  You can try leaving a heavy tank or two (siege tanks or above) beside
the destroyed turret like this -
	 t      T=Turret	t=tank
 This is a good position to attack from as well, as the tanks are too close
to be fired upon with missiles and are able to attack the turret from both
sides while the turret can only attack on tank at a time.
  When the turret is rebuilt it is damaged from being placed on bare
rock and so is even easier to destroy.
  Another, slightly too complex method is suggested from the PC FAQ, and
that is to build concrete up to the turret, destroy it, lay concrete and
build your turret in the same place. Never tried it, won't vouch for it.
 Note that you *cannot* build on enemy concrete.

Q4. How do I give orders to my Carryalls and Ornithopters ?
A4. You can't.  Ornithopters automatically attack the enemy base, and
Carryalls do whatever is judged most appropriate by the computer (Pick up
harvesters, pickup damaged vehicles etc.) 

Q5. What can I get a Carryall to do ?
A5. A Carryall can be used to transport Harvesters to and from the spice
fields, and can be used to carry damaged vehicles to and from the repair
facility. More useful than most people think.

Q6. Why does my Carryall not return the harvester to the field, after
picking it up & dropping it in the refinery ?
A6.  Usually they will! But of course you only notice these things when they
stop working.
    The Carryalls must "learn" where the harvester was harvesting, and
then it will be returned there after unloading harvested spice.  Two
things will disrupt this : 
	(a) If you have less Carryalls than harvesters, and two need to be
taken back at once, one will be returned and the other will be deployed
next to the Refinery.  You must send the deployed one back to the spice
fields manually.
            This will happen less if you have two (or more) refineries.
	(b) If the field where it was harvesting has no spice left, it
will be deployed next to the Refinery, and you must set it harvesting 
again manually.

Q7. How do I defend against Death Hand Missiles ?
A7. You cannot defend against a Death Hand Missile. >8-)
    Anyway, there are a few ways of getting around the problem of a
destroyed base.
    (a) Spread your base out at the start of the game.
  That way, if a missile hits, it won't destroy too many buildings at once
before you get properly established.
  It has the disadvantage of making a base difficult to defend in the
beginning when you have only a few vehicles.
    (b) Build / Buy a MCV to replace your Construction Yard if it gets destroyed.
Better yet, incorporate the second construction site into your base early in 
the game. Keep the two far apart, so that one hit cannot destroy both.
    (c) If you don't let Harkonnen units get within sight of your base, the 
missiles' hit chance is much lower.  To achieve this, build rocket turrets well 
away from your base, in the direction of the Harkonnen, and defend them with Tanks.
    (d) Build another Construction Yard as far away (on another rock section) as
possible from your first one.  That way, if the main one gets destroyed,
the missiles will start to be targeted on the newly built one, and this
will get you some breathing room to rebuild.
    (e) Send a large contingent of vehicles to take out the computer's palace 
as quickly as possible.
Q8. What use is the high tech factory? 
    Can I not get carryalls with new refineries? Do I need ornithopters?
A8. The high tech factory is most useful when you go back to look at your 
Vehicle Factory.  On high enough missions it allows you to build the House
weapons (Devastator, Sonic Tank, Deviator.)
  It also allows you to build ornithopters on later levels. 
	(Atreides or Ordos only)
  And yes, you get carryalls with refineries, but you need extras to lift 
damaged vehicles and extra harvesters.
  Ornithopters *are* very useful, apart from all else when an attack is in
progress the turrets will fire at an ornithopter first, and leave your
ground troops alone. On a base without turrets (say after you have destroyed
them and the construction yard and are about to attack the rest of the base)
ornithopters are sufficient to destroy the whole thing given time.
 Note that if you send an ornithopter on its own against a base heavily
defended with rocket turrets chances are it won't last long.

Q9. How can I defend against Ornithopters ?
A9. Build Rocket Turrets as soon as you can.  Firstly because they provide
an excellent defence against enemy vehicles, and secondly because they are
the only unit with any chance of destroying an Ornithopter.  Don't worry
if it seems to take a long time to destroy the Ornithopter - remember it
is moving very fast and so it takes quite a few shots to get a hit.  All
it takes is one hit to destroy it however, so be patient and repair whatever
it is attacking.  Also don't worry if some of your missiles miss, and hit 
your own buildings - just repair the damage quickly.  Before you can build
Rocket Turrets you must build a Radar Outpost and, depending on the mission,
you may have to upgrade your construction yard.
 While defending from ornithopters keep a close eye on your 
	(a) Vehicle factory
	(b) Repair facility
as these seem to be the favoured targets.

Q10. Is it worth trying to steal spice ?
A10. In general, it is fairly pointless.  Once the Silo is damaged "into
the red" so that you can send a set of soldiers in to capture it, it will
generally be attacked immediately by the surrounding enemies, and
destroyed in a short space of time.

Q11. How many Refineries should I generally create ?
A11. Don't overdo it.  In most later games it is best to build 2 (maybe 3)
refineries, buy an extra harvester or two, and build Silos instead.
There are a few good reasons for this : they take up less space, they
cost less, they hold only 100 units less of spice, and they use less power.
However at the start of a level, build refineries, you get 1000 units storage,
a harvester and less power consumption for a great price!

On a level where you face Death Hand missiles you should definitely have
two refineries, far apart so that they cannot both be destroyed by one hit.
Imagine if early on in the game you are hit and lose your construction site
and your refinery - game over. You cannot recover. If however you still
have a refinery you at least have the chance to get enough credits to buy
an MCV and use that to continue building with (assuming you still have a 
vehicle factory of course!)

Q12. How many Vehicle Factories should I build ?
A12. Generally, one is enough, but occasionally 2 may be useful.  The
thing to remember is that you can only _CREATE_ 25 units (or whatever
the limit may be on a mission). After that you must wait for vehicles
to be destroyed before building more.
 So you can use two vehicle factories for a 'quick start' but in the
long run save your money. One *is* enough.

Q13. How can I get repaired units to be transported back to where they
were picked up from ?
A13. Build your repair centre in a position that ensures that buildings can
be placed all around it.  i.e.

     ...OOOOO...  O = other building 
     ...ORRRO...  R = Repair Centre
     ...ORRRO...  . = any other stuff

(The "O" positions can also be taken up by vehicles, but this is pretty
pointless, as a wall is cheaper even than a trike)

This means that the only way a vehicle can get to the Repair Centre is
using a Carryall, so make sure you have some already made.
When the Repair Centre is completely surrounded, and a damaged vehicle is
brought in, it is repaired, and then, instead of just being deployed next
to the Centre, a Carryall comes and takes it back to the spot where it was
originally picked up from.
All this will happen without you having to worry about it.
You *might* lose a carryall to enemy fire when lifting damaged units, but
thats a small risk really compared to getting automatic repairs.

A thing to be aware of is that if you only have one Carryall, and it gets
destroyed or is doing something else when you have a vehicle ready to be
returned to the field, the vehicle will eventually smash it's way out of
the Repair Centre, destroying a building if necessary.

Q14. Is the amount of spice on each mission limited ?
A14. Yes.  Once it is gone, it can't be replaced.  The only thing you can
do then is to steal it from the enemy, which is pretty hard.  This is a
great incentive not to go overboard building unnecessary buildings (e.g. 5
Vehicle Factories !)

Q15. What buildings are worth trying to steal ?
A15. Vehicle Factories : produce House Weapons (Sonic Tank, Devastator,
     Windtraps : easier than building your own.
     Spice Silos: instant money, if you could be bothered!
 If you capture a building inside the enemy base try and surround it
with rocket turrets to hit enemy vehicles etc as they are produced.
The rocket turrets however will not fire upon enemy buildings.

The negative points of capturing buildings are :
     (a) The soldiers take forever to get there.
     (b) The soldiers often get killed before getting to the building.
     (c) It's very hard to keep a building in the red without destroying it.

Q16. How do I aim the Death Hand Missile correctly ?
A16. You can't. If it always hit where you aimed it, Harkonnen would have no
trouble winning every time on level 8 & 9!
 Your best bet is to pick the middle of the enemy's base, that way it has more
chance of landing on *something*!

Q17. Which have a longer range, Sonic Tanks or Missile Launchers ?
A17. Missile launchers (*not* Ordos Deviators) have a longer range by one

Q18. When can the Ordos build Missile Launchers ?
A18. The Ordos can never build Missile Launchers, but they may buy them
from the Starport, when available.  If they capture an enemy Vehicle
Factory, they will be able to use that to produce them also.

Q19. How can I capture a building ?
A19. Damage the building until it is in the "red" damage sector, then move
an infantry unit in to take it over.  If the damage is not in the red,
then the unit is destroyed, and the building is damaged. You can only capture
certain buildings. If your troopers will not invade then it cannot be 
captured eg Palaces.

Q20. Why can't I build Ground Vehicles, but I can build Carryalls ?
A20. This is due to the fact that there is a separate count for the total
number of Carryalls & Ornithopters owned by everyone, just like the building
quota.  If the computer has too many, shoot them down as they are picking up 
a damaged vehicle. 

Q21. How do I tell a Harvester which Refinery to return to ?
A21. Harvesters generally return to the last Refinery they unloaded at.  If 
you want it to go to a different one, you have to instruct it to move there, 
and after that it should return to that one, if possible.

Q22. How is the score calculated ?
A22. The score doesn't depend on time at all, despite what it looks like.
The only things that factor in to it are amount of spice harvested, number
of enemy units destroyed and number of enemy buildings destroyed.
Buildings that are taken over don't count as buildings destroyed.  To
maximise your score, take time at the end, before destroying the last
building, to harvest all available spice.  Even better, let the last
building left be a Refinery, and harvest spice while destroying the
continual supply of Harvesters the computer will get.

Q23. How can I make my troops move in a group?
A23. Simply pick a unit to be the 'leader' and then 'aim' the rest of the
group vehicles at the 'leader' as if he were an enemy to be destroyed.
 Then move the leader to whatever destination and the rest of the vehicles
will follow. You *can* aim 'tank1' at 'tank2' and aim 'tank2' at 'tank3' and so
on and then move tank3, but this makes the game slower.
 One thing to beware of, if you have X number of vehicles following a tank, say,
and that leading tank is destroyed the rest of the group will cease to move and
happily sit there, often in range of enemy turrets.

Q24.  How do I use the MCV?
A24.  The MCV allows you to build a new construction yard, simply move
the vehicle as normal to where you want the new construction site and then
double click on the MCV (with the A button). Hey presto!
 The new yard will appear as shown below.

 ....		....	ie The MCV is placed where you want the top left
 .M..		.CC.	   hand corner of the new construction yard to be.
 ....		.CC.
 ....		....	. = Rock  M = MCV  C = Construction Yard

Q25.  How can I self destruct a Devastator?
A25.  Simply double click on the Devastator (with the A button) and it will 
start to beep (as for the MCV). After a few beeps it will explode.
 Why destroy one of your own units?
 Well if it is lying beside a turret and well into the red the more powerful
self destruct explosion (as compared to the usual explosion when it is killed
by the enemy) may be enough to destroy the turret (or windtrap or silo etc)
 This is much more useful if you are playing the Ordos and being attacked by 
Devastators, simply Deviate them and then self destruct them!

Q26.   How much spice does a harvester hold?
A26.   About 700 units of spice.

Q27.   My windtraps were damages so that the 'low power' icon was flashing
and then I found other buildings damaged - why?
A27.   If you are short of power your buildings will accumulate damage until
they reach half damage. Its likely that the rate of damage depends on how short
power is. Factories especially seem vunerable.

Q28.   Why do I lose 2-3 credits now and again when building nothing?
A28.   Unsure of the correct answer here, but by hints in the manual this
might represent 'wear and tear' due to exposure to the elements.
 Though you would expect this to be represented by slight damage to buildings.

Q29.   How much money do you get at the start of each mission?
A29.   Table of Starting Credits for each house -

Level		Atreides	Ordos		Harkonnen

1		990		990		990
2		1200		1200		1200
3-5		1500		1500		1500
6		1700		1700		1700
7		2000		2000		1800
8		2000		2000		2000
9		2500		2000		2500

Q30.   I got vehicles dropped off by carryall, but I don't know how!
A30.   Nope. What you got were reinforcements that arrive on certain levels.
They are dropped in by carryall, usually beside your base, but sometimes they
appear anywhere on the screen.
 What you get doesn't vary each time you play the level, though they vary
between levels.


    This section of the FAQ is divided into three:
	(a) Defence - how to avoid getting wiped out.
	(b) Offence - how to wipe out the enemy.
	(c) General - things you *should* be aware of.

T1. Use your harvesters to run over approaching enemy troops before you
get hit by them.

T2. Once you can get tanks, use them to run over troops; it is much
quicker than shooting them. Especially when being attacked by Sardukar or

T3. As soon as you start a new level, use the vehicles that you are given to
explore in all directions to find :
        (a) Spice, and those little "bumps" in the sand that often have
spice under them.
        (b) The approximate location of the enemies base.
Once you have done this, RESTART THE LEVEL, and start building!

T4. Don't explore too far until you have built a good defence up.  The
computer at the start works on a strategy of "If you can't see him, he
can't see you!"

T5. As soon as you can build Rocket Turrets, build about 3 and put them
in a line, facing in the direction of his base, about 3 squares apart.
Make sure that you have "explored" at least 2 squares greater than the radius
of the Turret.  This allows the turret to get a lock on approaching vehicles/
soldiers, and attack them before they can hit the base.

T6. Build about 5-7 of your heaviest direct combat vehicle (i.e. Tank),
and set them up in a flat U, with Missile Launchers (if you have them) on
the sides i.e.

                     LX                       XL

                             X    X    X

{L : Launcher; X : Tank}
The most important point is that the left and right "horns" should be far
enough away from the centre to not be attacked.

Then, when the enemy vehicles (Y) arrive :


                     LX             Y          XL

                             X    X    X

Wait for the enemy to get past the "horns" and start being attacked by the
front tanks.  Then move the horns inward to attack from the side/rear,
using the launchers from a distance.

Above all, do not let your front line break.  keep a few vehicles as
backups, and move them up if part of the line is taking a beating.

T7. Defend Missile Launchers well, as they are devastating from a distance, 
but easily destroyed from close up.

T8. Make sure you leave a few units at the rear of your buildings, to
defend against the enemy units that will be dropped by Carryalls.

T9. Keep an eye on your radar, if you see circular gaps appear near a spice
field it generally means that a missile launcher (or a rocket turret) is 
firing upon one of your harvesters.


T1. Destroy his harvester when it gets too far from his base.  It will
explode, releasing however much spice it had harvested.  Make sure you
destroy it while it is on sand, as if it is destroyed over rock then the spice 
is lost.

T2. Don't use soldiers or troopers to attack harvesters - the harvester
turns and runs over the attackers.  The only time you should do this is if
the Foot unit is standing on a mountain range - the only units that can go
over mountains are the foot units.  They still can be attacked while on the
mountain, just not run over.

T3. Concentrate your attack on one structure at a time.  If the computer is
pumping money into repairing while you are attacking, you won't be able to
keep pace unless you have a *very* concentrated attack.

T4. When attacking buildings, use the Missile Launchers to attack the Rocket
Turrets first (moving the tanks behind the launchers to defend them from
vehicle attacks).  Remember that the radius of detection of a launcher is one
greater than that of a turret.  That is :

        X        T        X
        X                 X <- radius of the turret (T)
        X                 X
         X               X
          X             X
           XX         XX
             XXX   XXX     
                 L  <- best position for the launcher (you don't get hit!)

 The easy Idiot-proof way to get a launcher in the safe position.

 Place the launcher in a straight line very far away from the turret.
 When you are ready to attack lock a couple of tanks onto the missile launcher.
 Then aim the missile launcher at the distant turret, the launcher will trundle
forward until it is just within range, and just out of the turret's range.
 The tanks will follow and provide protection for the launcher.
 After the turrets are down, use the tanks and launchers to destroy the buildings.
Remember that the computer will rebuild his Turrets (in the same place), so
don't hang around - move in and destroy him quickly.
 It is often useful to leave a couple of strong vehicles in the squares 
directly around the turret, so if it is rebuilt, they will immediately attack
it again. Remember units very close in cannot be fired upon with missiles.
The turret can only fire back with normal guns which do much less damage.
As an added bonus as the turret wasn't rebuilt on concrete it takes less hits to
destroy it.

T5. Before attacking the enemy in force, use some kamikaze units to scout
the base and locate the Construction Yard. Then launch a heavy attack on the
construction yard! Once the construction site is destroyed you settle in for
a war of attrition.
 On low levels trikes are best for scouting, for higher levels use a combat



(1) Create a Repair facility as soon as you can.  It is a lot cheaper and
faster to repair vehicles, rather than build new ones.

(2) Build one Carryall for each harvester you have, as well as 1-3 to use
for transporting damaged units.

(3) Don't bother building 4 Refineries.  It is much more efficient to
build about two, along with an extra harvester (or two), and to use
Carryalls for transportation.

(4) Build a Starport early on, as that is the only way you can get a palace.
Watch the vehicle prices carefully, as there is a lot of fluctuation.  
Remember the Starport needs payment *before* sending your vehicle. You must
have sufficient funds to buy straight away. And, unlike a vehicle factory,
you can order multiple items in a short time.

(5) After Level 4, build two refineries and a few Silos to increase your
cash for the more expensive units.

(6) Sand Worms remain dormant until a unit (yours or the computers) comes
within a couple of squares of it, or it is fired on.  If all the vehicles
on the map are over rock, then the Sand Worm will just stay still until it
is reduced to half damage, or until a vehicle goes on to the sand.

(7) Sand Worms will disappear when they have been reduced to half damage,
or have eaten 3 units.  If you are in a hurry to get rid of one, send a
Trike towards it, and lead it towards the enemy base.  When you are just
about to be fired on, let the enemy vehicles get drawn onto the sand, then let
the Sand Worm eat the Trike and then watch it eat the fleeing enemy :-).

(8) When you choose the region to attack in Mission 8, remember that the
house controlling the region will have a palace, whereas the other house

(9) You can't order more than 10 of any one vehicle, at one time, from the
Spaceport.  The Spaceport does replenish 'Sold Out' stock over time though.

(10) Damaged building produce slower than undamaged ones.  There is not
much difference while in the green, but below that the production rate is
noticeably lower. Rocket Turrets also fire less often when damaged.

(11) Damaged units fire less frequently.  If a unit is down to below
green, they fire at half the rate.

(12) Palaces don't cost anything to repair, so keep them in top condition
all the time.

(13) At the start of a scenario, there will be a set of units guarding each
enemy construction centre.  When they are destroyed, they aren't replaced.
Make sure to take these units out before your main offensive.

(14) The computer attacks only on one front, and doesn't look for
weaknesses in your defensive belt. Therefore only defend on one front,
you need leave only a few units to guard your back from enemy units dropped
by carryall.

(15) (REPORTED) A square that contained a building that was destroyed by a
Saboteur can't be rebuilt on for quite some time.
 I don't know about this, I have never even managed to destroy a building 
with a Saboteur.

(16) When the computer rebuilds buildings, they can be placed over your
units, destroying them. So don't leave units where something like a vehicle
factory was without making sure that you have already destroyed the enemy
construction site. 
Note that the computer only rebuilds what was there, its will not build
something different.

(17) The computer can build buildings unconnected to it's construction site.
Not a problem unless you dislike computer games 'cheating' but be aware that
you may be attacking a 'dummy' base, in that the construction site isn't there
and if you damage the base, it will only get rebuilt so you wasted time and
effort. Scout around first.


Q1. How are the Fremen best used ?
A1. Send out your Fremen as often as possible, and overwhelm the enemy with 
sheer numbers of them.  They are very useful for mapping out the enemy base, 
but as you can't control their movement, it makes the mapping somewhat erratic.
 Try and aim them at the area you intend to attack later on, that way any 
vehicles that are guarding the area may be destroyed.
 Another way to use Fremen later in the game is as shock troops, simply add them
to a heavy offensive to keep it going, and in the end game just sit back while
they tear the base to bits with their hands.

Q2. How are Sonic Tanks best used ?
A2. They are most effective against foot units, which they can destroy in two
hits.  They are also very useful against rocket turrets at close range.
 Best used in defence and for destroying undefended buildings.

Q3. Atreides units won't fire on worms without being ordered too. How else
can I guard against worms?
A3. You cannot really. Either order vehicles to attack them (sonic tanks are
best) or just wait for the worm to eat harvesters at the beginning of a level.
If you lose your last harvester you get a free replacement.
So build only one refinery and wait until the worm gets three free meals!

Q1. How are the Deviators best used ?
A1. The Deviator is the best weapon you can use for indirect offensive
purposes, and  the best time is close to the opposing forces' buildings.  Aim 
the Deviator at the strongest vehicle you can find, and get it to attack it's
own structures.  The defences of the enemy won't recognise that it is an
enemy, and let it destroy the structure.  Once it has destroyed a
structure, it's allegiance will revert, but it can easily be re-Deviated!
The problem comes if you use it to attack vehicles, as they will return fire, 
and the vehicle will revert to it's original allegiance.  They are also very
effective against defending Devastators - deviate them and destruct them!
If you have deviated unit selected when it reverts, you will be able to
give it one last order (with it's allegiance set to the enemy).  This
allows it to attack it's own buildings without being attacked.  Beware of the 
fact that Deviators have a significantly shorter range than Missile Launchers.

Q2. How are the Raider Trikes best used ?
A2. The most important thing is to keep them moving.  Due to their speed,
they can outrun anything, and a missile launcher is pretty useless against
them if you get up close.  They should be used to map out the enemy base,
as their speed should keep them out of most trouble.  As an offensive
weapon they aren't much good unless you are continually moving them.

Q3. Are the Saboteurs any good ?
A3. In general, nope. 
 They are terrible compared to the Death Hand or the Fremen.
 They are highly unlikely to break through a strong defense and will not 
destroy a building by themselves, not even a turret. They will however destroy 
any vehicle which may be hampering your advance.
 What seems to happen is that after a building has apparently 'absorbed' 
a Saboteur without damage any hits taken do more damage than usual.
 i.e. Throw the Saboteur at a turret and then attack the turret, it should
be destroyed much more quickly than usual.
 There is a rumour that perhaps a building destroyed by a Saboteur is harder
to rebuild over, but that is hard to check. (See above)

T1. More than any other house, it is of paramount importance for the Ordos
to build a Starport and to buy Missile Launchers. Destroying rocket turrets 
is a *bit* tricky otherwise.
Though you can always try an attack with massed seige tanks on a selected 
turret...a bit frantic but effective. :-)

T2. Early in the game, when the other houses have Siege tanks and you
don't, you must split up attacking Siege tanks, and attack them with 3-4
combat tanks each.


Q1. How are Devastators best used ?
A1.  A group of them is a formidable offensive / defensive force, but make
sure you have a Repair Centre surrounded with walls, as well as a couple
of Carryalls.  This way, they can attack, do what damage they can, get
repaired, and start attacking again.  If one is about to be destroyed, it
is better to destruct it than to let it explode as it does more damage on
 If you are using them to spearhead an attack on a base they will suffer from
rocket turrets using them as target practice due to their slow speed.
 Its best to pick a section of base leading straight to the construction
yard, group your vehicles along that front, weaken a turret with a missile
launcher and then throw all the Devastators forward at the one turret with 
the intention of punching a hole in the defence and taking out the yard.
 Once inside missile range their firepower is .. well, devastating!

Q2. How are Death Hand missiles best used ?
A2. Launch them and target them in a group of buildings - if you're lucky
they might hit the target!  What you aim for and what you hit are
generally two very different things, but their power is undeniable!



    --------------	-----------		---------------


Q: Only 9 levels? I thought there were 10!
A: Yes, there *are* only 9 levels, its the inaccurate manual again.

Q: Any bonus passwords?
A: We're *hoping* that there are some hidden/secret/bonus passwords lurking
around somewhere but so far no one has found any. :-(

---------------------End Of The Dune II FAQ (Sega Version)---------------------

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