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ALERT! Contains Mature Language and Subject Matter
Manhattan 2094: I met her in her penthouse, expecting payment for the freelance job-and perhaps a little more. But I got more than I bargained for. I'm now part of an exclusive fraternity that moves catlike in the night through a world of high technology and senseless violence. I need to find a cure for this curse, even if it means hacking through every ICE in cyberspace, every rage ganger in Manhattan, every corrupt executive in the megacorporate hierarchy of faceless fools. My name is Ransom Stark. I'm a Vampire...
CYBERPUNK: set in a gritty, urban near future ruled by high-tech computer interfacing, oppressive megacorporations, cybernetics, and the dark, unleashed secrets of the soul.
VAMPIRES: sensual, Gothic, and terrifying; a mesmerizing combination of allure and danger, trust and treachery. Combine these two powerful genres and you have BloodNet, the only Cyberpunk Vampire game.
- Recruit cyberpunks, rage gangers, mercenaries, and hackers to aid in your fight against the vampires.
- Immerse yourself in the bizarre virtual reality of cyberspace, where anything is possible.
- Experience a breakthrough in role-playing with astonishing 3-D Hallucinographic art.

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