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Reviewed: 07/10/03 | Updated: 02/11/04

Malcolm rules!

Ah! Kyrandia 3, together with the Monkey Island saga one of the best adventures ever made, too bad this masterpiece is so unknown, it’s so unfair. Unlike the first Legend of Kyrandia that was a somehow series adventure, this game is very humorous, (I haven’t had the opportunity to play the second chapter, so I don’t know if that one was humorous too) it has a sense of humor similar to the Monkey Island series in terms of hilarity and ridiculousness, but never stupid and a little bit more mature, most of the situations are incredibly wacky and completely surreal, but are not going to feel ashamed every time a character opens his mouth, this is a first class adventure, don’t forget that.

Plot (10/10):
The plot is great and highly original: you are Malcolm, the mad jester from the previous Kyrandia games who has been turned into stone because of his crimes against the royal family. But now he is free and ready to take revenge… and he needs your help.

Although Malcolm is a bad guy, a murderer to be more accurate (which is much more than just a bad guy), the thing is that even if he has a rather questionable past and morality, he is hilarious, and for that reason the game is filled with black humor, nothing really objectionable, most of the time it is just light black humor, but the game has great moments.

Graphics and Music (10/10):
At the time this game was released, 3D graphics were starting their reign of darkness, but thankfully this one maintains marvelous 2D graphics (with some 3D effects I have to admit, but very little) with pre-rendered backgrounds. There are also some cinematic scenes during the intro and when something important occurs. High quality old school graphics. And for the soundtrack, it is exceptional!, there isn’t that much music as it is usual in this kind of games, but all the compositions are extremely pleasant to hear.

Sound (10/10):
The voice acting is very important in a graphic adventure, and Kyrandia never disappoints in that aspect, oh man!, you can bet your butt about that, in fact, Malcolm’s voice is one the best ever in a video game, period, his voice is truly hilarious, you have to hear him talking to understand. But not only Malcolm’s voice rocks, the voice acting in general is superb, I am not exaggerating if I say this game has some of the best voice acting ever. Another excellent little feature the game has are the laughs you will ear every time Malcolm does or says something funny, like in those shameful TV shows (Friends, Married with Children, Full House, and all of that repellent crap), it is something completely useless, but very amusing.

Gameplay (10/10):
This game is incredibly easy to control, just move Malcolm with the mouse and manipulate objects by clicking on them, that’s all. Some people may argue here because normally when you place the pointer on an object it starts to shine to let you know that something can be done with it, but that doesn’t happens here, I don’t mind really, in fact I like that a lot. Anyway it isn’t something that important.
I n this game there are a lot more things to do than in any other adventure, you can do lot’s of thing that has nothing to do with story, and all of them are incredibly amusing, for example at the beginning of the game there is a squirrel which can kill you if you piss her off, or seeing Elvis “The King” waiting at the entrance of the hell, or trying some of your items in Malcolm just to see what kind of stupidity he does.

This game is insanely fun, crazy and innovative, the best of the series by far. This is one of those games that are no longer made because they are too intelligent, too clever, too good for those stupid kids that are now amazed with fancy graphics or people that simply can’t appreciate how good a game can be without guns, girls, explosions, cars, and that crap. If you are one of those, go to the hell.

“My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there's any) are because I'm not from an English speaking country, sorry about that”

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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