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Another Murder in the Budayeen
And everybody wants to talk to me about it....
Every hustler and freak in the Budayeen, the crime ghetto of this great city. You know, my friends.
My best buddy, Lt. Hajjar of the city police, who's no better than he should be.
And Papa Friedlander Bey, the "godfather" of the Budayeen--and my most benevolent employer.
See, it was Papa who "persuaded" me to get my brain wired. So now, with these little plugs sticking out of my skull, I can pop in personality modules ("moddies") that let me be someone else. And software add-ons ("daddies") that give me knowledge of what I need to know.
Except maybe who's leaving fresh corpses all over the Budayeen. And who's trying to make me the next one....
- You are Marid Audran in this 1st-person mystery adventure based on George Alec Effinger's award-winning world.
- Sinister futuristic setting creates the entire world of the Budayeen, a district of vice and corruption in a decadent 23rd-century Arabic culture.
- Over 60 locales, 10 major characters with a large cast of supporting characters, multiple musical themes.
- Includes "Guide to the Budayeen"--its dangerous places, colorful characters, customs and lingo.

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