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Mutants. Again. Even more than there were last time: they seem to materialize out of the very grains of the radioactive desert sand. Venomous yellow eyes. The black gunmetal glint of Uzis as they close in for the kill. There's nowhere to run, and nothing to rely on but your MAC 17 machine gun. What a way to save the human race.

* Roam the deserts of the American Southwest. Neon lights never made Las Vegas glow like this.
* All your actions are permanent. If you blow up the library, don't expect to check out books later.
* No swords, no spells. Pistols, rockets, submachine guns, laser weapons, and cunning are all the magic you need.

* A whole new dimension in tactical combat.
* Plan your attack. Split up your party at any time and put your specialists to work.
* Burn the whole clip. Fire in shot bursts. Or do the job with just one shot. How lucky do you feel?

* Your characters gain real knowledge. Pick locks. Fire rockets. Disarm bombs. Decode messages. Learn survival skills that weren't in the Boy Scout manual.
* A cast of hundreds. Everyone wants to meet you -- most of them in the worst possible way.
* Plenty of subplots, intricate puzzles, and graphic surprises await in the vast nightmare of a post-nuclear world.

* Top-down views like Deathlord, close-up characters like The Bard's Tale.
* Extra booklet details encounters with strange desert inhabitants.
* From the creators of The Bard's Tale series.

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