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And you thought being a Terraform Engineer would be a quiet life compared to being a Space Marine? Blasting rocks to make way for new settlements on Tyrian seemed a quiet life, but your long-time Huzundra friend is now dead - bless his lizard hide. Murdered! And obviously Microsol, the Terraforming company wants you dead, too!
It's that huge new rock formation you and Buce uncovered - it's Gravitium, and it's priceless. Tyrian is the only planet where it exists in commercial quantities, and Microsol are determined to control it. You can expect them to throw all their resources against you - and they won't pull any punches.
Strap into your Gencore Hawk fighter and try to remember all you learned as a Space Marine - you're gonna need everything you have.
With dynamite sound effects, music that will blow you away, unbelievable graphics and weapons to die for, and to kill with!
If Tyrian is more than your 10 trigger happy fingers can handle it's got TWO PLAYER MODE which allows you and a friend to gang up and blow away the enemies over a NETWORK or MODEM connection or compete head-to-head to see which one of you can destroy the most stuff and survive the longest.
We told you this game is intense so be prepared for some serious fun!

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