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FAQ/Walkthrough by mmntw27

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/19/10

"Keep away from Pumpkinhead
Unless you're tired of living.
His enemies are mostly dead.
He's mean and unforgiving"


By mmntw26

EDIT: ....*sigh*....guys...Spoony's review does no justice
to the end of this game. I'm not kidding. The end of this game is just
so...so...horrifying, that words will not describe how much I HATE
this game's ending. Have you guys ever played or read ''I Have No
Mouth and I Must Scream?'' Remember the part in the beginning where
AM says how much he HATES humanity? That's currently how much I 
HATE this game's ending.

I must come out and be honest that when I wrote this walkthrough, I didn't
beat the game already. Everyone who has beaten this, stop reading.
You KNOW what I'm talking about. Anyone who CLAIMS they've beaten this
because they think it'll make them cool, shut up. I must warn you now
that if you beat this game, you WILL be scarred for life, especially if
you're a Pumpkinhead fan such as myself.

It was so horrid that I didn't want to finish this walkthrough OR finish
my Let's Play of this game. THAT...BAD...

However, finish them I did, and while I feel a chunk of my soul will now
forever be destroyed, we have finally come to beating this game. Perhaps
that is a worthy enough goal in the end to let one person have all the
torture. Massive sarcasm by the way.

Well, with that out of the way, let us proceed....

I noticed the supreme lack of a FAQ for this game, and
now thanks to The Spoony One, this old long forgotten game has come back 
to light and now his fans are going around looking for copies of it, and 
trying to figure out what in the heck you're supposed to do.

However, this isn't the most awful game I've ever played before.
In fact, I quite enjoy it. It's one of those games that you really
need to throw logic out the window and just play for the heck of it.
Sure it's old and the video quality sucks (However most CD based games
back then were like that, just look at almost any Sega CD game), but
for some reason or another it has some kind of appeal to me, much like
the Sherlock Holmes games did.

This guide as of yet isn't finished, but that of course will change in
the near distant future.

Oh, and it DOES help that you've seen the movie. I kid you not. I started 
playing this before watching the movie and some of the things in the game 
make a little more sense after watching it. 
It's an ok movie. Fake as a Friday the 13th movie but ok.

Also, this is my first walk through so bear with me I tried to keep it as 
organized as possible, so I hope you can use it well. MAKE SURE TO 

Thanks for taking the time to read this!



0.5: First version. Quick explanation of levels, Portals, items, where to 
find them, and what they do. Also a simple walk through of Level 1 - 

1.0: Finished version. I'm convinced I haven't found everything there
is to find, but you can beat the game with this. Some of the items in 
Section 2 have been updated from the original release as well, to fit 
with the rest of the game.

This guide is split into several sections. You can get to the sections you 
want easily by using the Find option on your browser and typing in the part 
number. EX: ''2A'' will take you to section 2A.

    -Section 1: Quick Guide to Starting Out
             -1A: CONTROLS
    -Section 2: Level 1 - Periphery
             -2A: A LOOK AT THE MAP AND ITEMS
             -2B: PORTALS
    -Section 3: Level 2 - Purgatory
             -3A: A LOOK AT THE MAP AND ITEMS
	      -3B: PORTALS
    -Section 4: Level 3 - Lair
             -4A: A LOOK AT THE MAP
	      -4B: PORTALS
	      -4D: ......
    -Section 5: Disclaimers and Contact info
             -5A: COPYRIGHT NOTICE
             -5C: CONTRIBUTORS (None yet)

SECTION 1: Quick Guide to Starting Out


It's very unlikely to find a torrent for this game (yet), but some people
do only have the game with just the CD and nothing else. After Spoony's 
review the price for this game has gone from a measly $10 to about $30. 
Luckily I picked up a boxed copy long before that for a measly $8, with 
manual and even registration card included. The main reason it's important is 
because the manual helps alot. And also it doesn't, but more on that later.

(UPDATE: At any time you can push the F1 key in game and a menu will come
up showing the keys and what they do.)

Here's a quick rundown of all the controls:


Arrow Keys: Movement

Alt Key: Allows sliding sideways while pushing left and right (EXTREMELY 
useful for killing enemies around corners).

Enter or W Keys: Immediate 180 turn (for when enemies are behind you)

I or Tab Keys: Opens Inventory. Press multiple times to scroll through both
items and statues.

H Key: Shows and hides Hand cursor.

Spacebar or Ctrl Keys: Fires weapon.

,(comma) or q Keys: 90 degree turn to the left
.(period) or e Keys: 90 degree turn to the right

R Key: toggles between rotational controls being set to float or not to float 
(It makes it so you immediately stop turing one you let go of the button)

F Key: toggles floors and ceilings (You'll never have to worry about this.
It's just like a graphics quality selection for the game)

D Key: toggles Depth Cueing (Again, nothing to worry about)

ESC Key: Brings up the Main Menu


Left Click: Grabs items, activate items, and shoots weapon

Right Click: Shows and hides Hand cursor.

You'll do well to remember what the ALT and ENTER 
keys do. It's crucial to surviving against the monsters in this game.

Also, you might need a brief overview of the HUD and what each segement in it 
means. I have put it all in this picture. Feel free to look at it if you're 



The only way I've managed to get this working is by using DOSBox, one of the 
best programs to ever run older games. You can download DOSBox here:


The real problem, however, is getting the bastard to work. I spent a whole
day figuring it out and finally got it working. If you've been wanting to
play it but can't find a solution, this is for you.

First, open up the contents of the CD and double click the INSTALL.EXE file.
This should run the setup. However I've only tested this on Windows XP, so if 
it doesn't work here's the next solution.

Once DOSBox is installed, open it up. If you've used DOSBox before and have
a great understanding on DOS prompt, you shouldn't have any problems. 
However, if you're new to this whole thing, I'll give you a quick walk 
through of how to get it working.

First you need to make a folder where you plan on saving the data for the 
game to install on. You can put it anywhere, but I recommend putting it in 
the root of the C:/, as it will make it much easier to do the next few steps. 
Name the folder whatever you want, but I would stick with PUMPKIN, as it is 
the default name.

Just so you know, the parenthesis around the text IS REQUIRED.

Type the following into your DOSbox prompt:
mount D "D:\" -t cdrom (With D: being the Drive Letter your Bloodwings CD is 
What this means is you're mounting the CD on DOSBox with basic CD support, so 
it can read data from the disc.

Next type:
mount C "C:\*Whatever folder you want to save the data in goes here*"
Now you have mounted a drive to install the game onto

Now you can start installing the game. Type in
You will now be under the D Drive mounted onto DOSBox. Next, type:
The installation will now begin. It will give you a help screen, but you can 
ignore it. Push a key and it'll ask you what Drive you want to install the 
game onto. Select Drive C:, as it is the one you just mounted to save the 
files onto. Next it will ask you to make a directory to install it to. Delete 
everything there and push Enter.

Next it will ask you what your processor speed is. Just pick 50Mhz or faster. 
Next it will ask you to choose a Sound Board. Pick Sound Blaster Pro and the 
pick Test Sound. If you hear a dial tone you're good to go. Just hit Accept 
Settings. If not, pick another Sound Blaster choice until you can hear the 
dial tone.

Next it'll ask you to confirm which drive you're running the CD from. Choose 
the one you're currently running the CD from (D: is mine, since I have the 

The next thing it'll ask is what setup you want. Pick Full Installation. 
It'll then install the game. It should only take a few seconds, and then 
you're done!

You have successfully installed Bloodwings! Now comes the real challenge: 
getting it to run.

When you're finished, close DOSBox. Now go to the folder DOSBox is saved in 
(usually  C:/Program Files/DOSBox) and find a file called dosbox.conf. Open 
it with Notepad.

Lots of text here, eh? Right now we want to focus at the very bottom of the 
file. There you'll find a section called [autoexec]. Below the line that says 
''Lines in this section will be run at startup.'', you can type commands in 
so that DOSBox will mount your game CD and the folder you saved the game to 
right on start up, so you don't have to keep  entering the text over and over 
again to play the game.

This is where it gets tricky, so pay attention.

Below the line, type all this in:
mount C "C:\(*Wherever you installed Bloodwings to*)"

mount D "D:\" -t cdrom (With D: being the Drive Letter your Bloodwings CD is 


Once all that is typed in, save it and open DOSBox. It'll type all that in 
automatically for you, and the game should start running! Hooray!

However, some of you might notice the sound makes an odd skipping noise every 
few seconds.  Well I'm happy to help you fix that too!

Open up your dosbox.conf again, and look for a section called [mixer]. Under 
it you should fine a line that says:


Now mind you, this will fix the audio in movie clips, but the sound will lag 
ahead of the clip.

Change whatever setting you have in the blocksize equals to 2048. This should 
fix all your sound problems, but the sound in clips will lag a bit. However, 
if you don't mind the odd skipping noise and want to play the game with the 
audio perfectly synced, set this to 512.

And there you have it! You can play Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge on 
DOSBox! Now the real question is: Do you want to?


There is one thing that you're going to have to get used to in this game:

Dying, and saving ALOT!

Seriously, get used to the children saying ''You Have Failed''', even on Easy 
difficulty.  This is why I HIGHLY recommended using the ENTER and ALT keys. 
Sliding and instant turns will  save your life in this game so many times. 
Waiting for an enemy to get into a long hallway and  then strafing and 
blowing their ass out of the sky is how you'll kill most of your enemies in 
this game, unless they sneak up behind you.

Anyways, here's a few tips to get through the game as easily as possible 
without smashing your monitor:

-Start the game on Easy. It'll make your life MUCH easier.

-Kill your first enemy and go inside the tornado. Grab as much Tatanik 
Crystal Energy as you can (You can grab the same crystal multiple times) so 
that you're maxed out.

-You can skip cutscenes and Crystal grabbing segments by pushing ESC, making 
it so you don't have to watch an entire cinematic if you're trying to get 
just one item.

-There is only ONE cinematic where you don't need almost everything in it. 
It's the cinematic where  the two men are talking about stealing and selling 
things. The only thing you should take off of this cinematic is the 
newspaper, which will help with the end of the level.

-In every other case, grab everything . This usually involves just clicking 
randomly around the screen, but check out the Items section if you're looking 
for something in particular.

-The 2 eyeballs inbetween a room means there's a Portal there, while 2 trees 
means there's a treasure chest. Keep that in mind.

-Recovering health is tedious. Only when you have the Fire Extinguisher 
can you recover it, so don't tear your hair out if you're stuck in between 
a wall and an enemy while your health gradually decreases. Like I said 
before, get used to dying and saving alot.

-Your beginning weapon is useless. Upgrade to the Crystal Gun weapon as soon 
as you can (More on that later).

-Energy for your weapon is also hard to get, seeing as how the Energy 
Recharge stations will only give you a few shots. Again, the Crystal Gun 
weapon is a must. With it you can use Tatanik Crystal Energy as your shots, 
so you can kill enemies to earn more shots in return.

-Alot of the items in the game have must-have uses, except for a few things 
such as the beer and cigarettes. Some items aren't meant to be taken at all 
because they're stolen property. Be careful.

-Movie Portals are in random locations each time you play. As such it's very 
hard to write a guide about items you NEED to find in specific ones. My 
recommendation is when you find the portal, pause the game and quick look at 
the guide so you know what items you can get from which one in the Portals 
section of the guide.

-You will have 1 of 4 different maps for Periphery. The maps are all the 
same however it will be flipped in 90 degree increments. Keep that in 
mind when playing.

More hints will be added in later versions of the guide.



There are TONS of items in this game. Alot of them are necessary, but some 
are not.


Here's a map of the entire first level if you get lost:


If your map looks different from this one, it's because the game flips the map 
in diagonal directions. The game likes to keep things ''fresh'' by ''changing 
the map'' to ''increase gameplay value'', which of course is bull. Just keep 
in mind that the map IS the same as the one in the picture 
above, so just use a program like Paint and flip it so it's upside down. It 
should look the same now. All locations, treasure chests, and Portals are 
still in the same location.

I also have made a map if you're looking for a specific place or object. The
Movie Portals are finally in as well.


These should help you as you progress through the guide.


Next we will move onto items that you can collect throughout the game. 

There's an amount of how important each item is by a star rating, from 1 star 
to 5 stars They will be ordered like this:

-Name (Stars of importance)
   MC # and where it is:

-Voodoo Doll (*****)
   Use: You NEED this for Purgatory. Without it there's no way you're going 
to complete it because it releases the souls you need to save in that stage. 
It's also the only way to stop Pumpkinhead from attacking you in that stage. 
Must be in your Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-1: Osie will drop it after she's hit. You'll see it clear as 
day (even with this crappy quality video)

-Blood Vial (****)
   Use: Shows where secret entrances are on the map and on the game screen 
(Can been seen as red check marks, or Bloodwings, as they are). Must be in 
your Active Items.
    Where: MC 1-2/MC 1-3: Anytime you see the teens holding it, you can take 
it in either scenes

-Map (****)
   Use: Obviously, reveals the entire game map. You can use it in conjunction 
with the Blood Vial (to see secret passages) and with the Hunting License (to 
see enemy locations). This map will also be your map for Purgatory and Lair
as well, so getting it is pretty necessary. Push M to bring it up.
Does not need to be in Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-2/1-3: When they talk about holding a spell (the thing that 
looks like a piece of paper), you can nab it In 1-3, Danny is reading off of 

-Shovel (****)
   Use: By getting this item and using it on a Tatanik Crystal (The blue 
crystals that shoot at you), you can get the Crystal required for the Crystal 
Gun, which is NECESSARY since your original gun is totally useless. Just 
click on the crystal while you have the shovel selected. You can do this from 
any distance away from the crystal.

    Where: MC 1-3: Anytime you see the shovel in this scene you can take it.

-Key (*****)
   Use: Opens up treasure chests. Glyphs are inside them, so it's crucial you 
get this from the get-go. Must be in your Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-7: It's RIGHT at the end of this scene, when you see Danny 
turning the keys on the car (Yeah, you gotta watch the whole thing to get 

-Candle and Flashlight (****)
   Use: There are areas in the level where it's completely dark. You need one 
of these to see in these areas. Must be in your Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-2/MC 1-3: Anytime you see someone in these scenes with either 
of these you can take them.

-Fire Extinguisher (*****)
   Use: You NEED this in order to enter the Zone of Nothingness, which is the 
only place that you can recover health (Why? Wish I knew. This game does 
enough to defy logic anyways that it shouldn't matter by now). Must be in 
your Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-8: It's behind the Sherriff's buddy in this scene. It can 
actually be hard to miss.

-Hunter's License (****)
   Use: Allows you to see where enemies and Recharge Stations are on the 
map. Must be in your Active Items. This is actually an invaluable item in 
Purgatory and Lair,but not so much in Periphery though.

    Where: MC 1-8: Shouldn't be hard to miss, seeing as how it's in your face 
twice through this whole cinematic.

-Fire (*)
   Use: Blocks an enemy's path so that they can't get to you. You also can't 
go through it, so it's useless. Click on the screen and it will appear in 
front of you.

    Where: MC 1-4: When you can see the outline of the graves in the witch's 
house, click on the flames there.

-Jar (*)
   Use: Does exactly what the fire does. Pretty useless...

    Where: MC 1-5: Right at the beginning of this scene there's a ton of 
jars. just click on one.

-Guitar (***)
   Use: Will knock enemies backwards until they hit a wall. Is actually
useful in Lair, but that's the only time. It can be used 6 times before
it breaks.

    Where: MC 1-5: When the Mayor asks for it, you can see it. Nab it then.

-Box (!!!)

    Where: MC 1-6: You can see them behind the truck. Leave them alone.

-TV (!!!)

    Where: MC 1-6: When the man opens his trunk, you can take this....but 
please don't....

-Radio (!!!)

    Where: MC 1-6: When the man opens his trunk, you can take this....you 
don't want to though...

-Newspaper (*****)
   Use: Used for hints to some of the questions in the game. In
Purgatory you NEED this to beat the level. Can also be obtained
in Purgatory using the Money from MC 1-9.

    Where: MC 1-6: In the same place the Radio and TV are.

-Cigarette (*)
   Use: Makes you get killed much faster. Seriously have you ever played a 
game where cigarettes are useful? Besides Metal Gear Solid? Must be in your 
Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-7: Danny smokes this in front of you. Take it if you really 
want it that bad.

-Beer (*)
   Use: Shakes the screen around like your drunk. Exciting, huh? Useless I 
say. Must be in your Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-12: You'll see Danny and some of the other teens with it. 
Grab it if you want it.

-Money (****)
   Use: Used in Purgatory if you didn't grab the newspaper in Periphery
If you have it then this isn't needed.

    Where: MC 1-9: You'll see the Knox brothers with it in their hands. 
Take it then.

-Food (*)
   Use: Just gets in your way. Really annoying. I thought I could eat it but 

    Where: MC 1-10: Anytime you see Osie with it or anywhere on the screen 
you can take it.

-Mirror (*****)
   Use: In the Gatekeeper's Room, it lets you see which Glyph you need to use 
on the pedestal in there through the mirror. You NEED to do this to progress 
or else you're just guessing and taking hits. Must be in your Active Items.

    Where: MC 1-11: Anytime you see the mirror in the background, you can 
take it. Really not a hard one to miss.

-Watch (***)
   Use: Stops time temporarily. This would have more stars, but while time is 
stopped you cannot shoot, which means you can't kill enemies, which means they 
get in your way, which makes life a headache. Use with caution. However, bump
this up one more star for Lair. This item is very useful there.This is a one 
time use item and must be used as an Active Item. If you want it again, you
can always grab it again from the Portal.

   Where: MC 1-11. Almost near the end of the cinematic you'll see Braddock 
putting the watch on. It's the perfect time to take it.

-Swinging Hook (*)
   Use: Gives you the same headaches that the Fire and Food do: it gets in 
the enemies way, and it gets in your way. Useless. Click on an empty space in 
front of you to use it.

   Where: MC 1-12: It's very easy to see it here. Grab it whenever you see 

[Part 2B: PORTALS]

Here's the part of the walk through where I explain all the Movie Portals in 
Periphery. This is crucial to finding where to find items in the movie clips 
of Pumpkinhead 2: Bloodwings. It's actually helpful if you've seen the movie 
because you'll be able to recognize which parts of the movie I'm talking 
about. Oh, and if you're ever getting a specific item and don't want to watch 
the rest of the movie clip, don't worry. Just hit ESC and you'll get right 
back in the game.

I need to note beforehand that these are in no particular order. Someday I 
would love to order these but because of the random nature of the game the 
Portals will be in a random order as well, save for the first 4. If anyone 
would love to help with the ordering of these clips, I would more than enjoy 
the help.

I will have the movies categorized by what is in the movie clip and what 
Items you can grab from it. Keep in mind that each time you play the Portals 
are in different spots. The only exception to this rule is the pictures in 
the Hall of Beginning. so you'll have to do the searching part on your own 
I'm afraid. Here's the format for each part:

Clip #: Short name-
     *Notes if necessary*
        Short description plus what the photo looks like
          Items available in this Portal

-MC 1-1: Car hits Osie-
     *Note: This Portal is in the Hall of Beginning, which means it's ALWAYS 
in the same place*

        This is the scene where the teens drive in the dark and hit the 
witch. They look for her but she can't be found. They decide to look for her 
to apologize.  The photo for this one is a car going down the road in the 

          Items: Voodoo Doll

-MC 1-2: Teenagers Enter the Witch's House-
     *Note: This Portal is in the Hall of Beginning, which means it's ALWAYS 
in the same place. Initially there's a gate in front of it. Watch cinematic 
M1-1 to make this one available*

        In this scene, the teens enter the witch's house. Upon entering they 
find both a spell and a blood vial. The witch tries to stop them but Danny 
beats her in the head. She curses the teenagers to death. The photo is REALLY 
hard to see, but you can make out the outline of a house in it.

          Items: Flashlight
                 Blood Vial

-MC 1-3: Teens go to the Graveyard-
     *Note: This Portal is in the Hall of Beginning, which means it's ALWAYS 
in the same place. Initially  there's a gate in front of it. Watch cinematic 
M1-2 to make this one available*

        The teenagers go to the graveyard and dig up Osie's son. They recite 
the spell but nothing happens, so they leave. This picture, again, is HARD to 
see, but it looks like 2 stones in the front of a large circle.

          Items: Shovel
                 Blood Vial

-MC 1-4: Osie Burns and Pumpkinhead is Resurrected-
     *Note: This Portal is in the Hall of Beginning, which means it's ALWAYS 
in the same place. Initially there's a gate in front of it. Watch cinematic 
M1-3 to make this one available*

       The witch attempts to grab something, but accidentally sets her house 
on fire. The teens rush back but don't bother checking to see if she makes it 
out or not. Pumpkinhead then rises from his grave. The photo on this one has 
Osie in front of it laying on the ground.

          Items: Fire

-MC 1-5: Sherriff Braddock Visits the Doctors-

      The Sherriff goes to the doctors for a check-up, and the Mayor enters 
asking for his guitar (Sounds like an episode of Full House). The photo has 
the Sherriff Braddock and Doctor Pettibone talking in front of it.

          Items: Empty Jar

-MC 1-6: The Two Smugglers-
     *Note: This Portal is NOT required to watch because it is useless. This 
scene is actually nowhere in the movie and is a decoy to those who didn't 
watch it. There's only 1 item that you can take from here, which is useful, 
but still be warned when you go to grab it.*

      Two smugglers talk about the stolen equipment the one has in the back 
of his car. The portal has a picture of the two smugglers talking next to the 
car. If you've seen the movie, you might recognize that the one guy is the 
postman from the movie. This would explain the stolen deliveries in his 

          Items: Box (DO NOT TAKE!)
                 TV  (DO NOT TAKE!)
                 Radio (DO NOT TAKE!)
                 Newspaper (TAKE!!!)
      *Note: If you take ANY of the items listed above as DO NOT TAKE, the 
children will start to tell you to return the stolen property. If you don't 
do this within about 5 minutes your ENTIRE INVENTORY WILL BE CONFISCATED! If 
you have accidentally taken one of the items, just select it and click it on 
the Portal you got it from. The children will tell you ''You're smarter than 
we thought'' and you're good to go.*

-MC 1-7: Teenagers Skip School-

       All the teens meet Jenny and decide to skip school. This one has a 
picture of all the teenagers in the car.

          Items: Cigarette (useless)

-MC 1-8: Sherriff gives Ernest his Hunting License-

       Ernest enters the Police Station and asks the Sheriff for his Hunting 
License. They argue and then he leaves.

          Items: Hunting License
                 Fire Extinguisher

-MC 1-9: Knox Brothers Hassle Their Sister-

        The two brothers start talking about how much money they made with 
the chicken fight, and start hassling their deaf sister. The one protects her 
while the other says ''You're one to talk'' (This scene is WAY different than 
it was in the movie. Really REALLY different. Sexual-abuse-and-death-was-here 

          Items: Money

-MC 1-10: Osie Feeds Tommy.-

        The witch calls for Tommy, and puts some food on the ground for him. 
When she's gone he takes it, goes hiding, and starts eating it. The picture 
shows a cauldron with fire coming out of it.

          Items: Food

-MC 1-11: Sherriff Braddock Get Ready-

        In this scene, Braddock is talking to his wife saying how much he 
enjoys the peacefulness of Farron Woods as opposed to the city. The wife 
disagrees though, saying it's not right for them. The photo in this one has a 
car with a tree behind it.

          Items: Mirror

-MC 1-12: The Teens Play At the Iron Mine-

        The teens are messing around, and Danny swings across the well. The 
Sheriff comes by and tells them to go back to school. This picture is easy 
enough to spot. It has a ''Danger: Keep Out'' sign on it.

          Items: Beer (useless)
                 Swinging Hook


Now that all of that's out of the way, I'm sure you want to actually beat 
this game, eh? Well let's get started!

The first thing you want to do is kill an enemy. Namely the skeletons that 
shoot fireballs at you. Once you kill one, head into the tornado and grab as 
many Tatanik Crystals as you can (you can grab the same crystal more than 
once as well) When you have 10, you can hit ESC to leave the craptastic mess 
of an FMV. 

Now that you have Tatanik Crystals, what's next you ask? Well you should walk 
around for a bit seeing if you can find any of the portraits I've mentioned 
in the Portals section. These are the only way you'll beat the game as you 
need alot of the items in them to progress through the game. 

Once you've explored for a bit, open your Map with the M key. You'll see a 
bit of the map by now, so compare it with the map I've posted above. If it 
looks like that you're good to go. If not you'll need the map in 90 degree
increments until it does. Fun times, eh? Anyways, you should find the 
section I've labeled with the number 1.: The Beginning Hall.

Now, when you're in here there's only one Portal available to you, MC 1-1. 
Jump right into it and grab the Voodoo Doll. It's the only item you need, so 
safely leave the cutscene. Jump right to MC 1-2 (This one is now available to 
you). Grab the Flashlight or Candle, The Blood Vial, and the Map. You'll need 
all of these, as they will help you see hidden walls and get to the 
Gatekeeper. Now MC 1-3 is open, so go down the hall a bit to find it. This 
one has them digging up Tommy's body, but you don't need to watch it long 
enough to find out. Just grab the Shovel and you're set. You need to watch 
the last cinematic, but you don't need anything in it. Just start the 
cinematic and then quit it. You'll learn why you need to do this in a bit.

Now that you have the map, you'll be able to find the areas that I have 
labeled on the map, but this isn't the most important thing you need to be 
worrying about right now. More than likely either your Health or Energy is in 
the low from those cartoon cutout Xenotropes (Yes, that's what they're 
called). Energy isn't a problem. 

You have the Shovel, which is a necessity. More than likely you've run into a 
Blue Tatanik Crystal while walking around the map. You need to get your 
shovel from your inventory and click it on one of these crystals. Note that 
you can do this ANYWHERE, as long as its clicking on the Crystal, so stand a 
good distance away from it so you don't take shots while doing this. After 
that, the Crystal falls off, and you can pick it up. 

A HUGE crystal will appear at the top of your screen now. When you click on 
it, you'll notice your Energy has changed from Green to Blue. You are now 
using the Crystal Gun, a very, VERY handy weapon, as it kills anything in one 
shot AND goes through other enemies shots and even other enemies. Also, you 
don't need to find a Recharge Station to refill it. Just kill an enemy, jump 
into the Vortex, and grab as many Tatanik Crystals as you can. This will 
refill the gun, thus giving you easy ammo! There is only 2 downsides to this 
gun however:

1. It needs to recharge. It's powerful, but slow

2. When you've wasted all the Energy in the bar AND your Tatanik Crystals, 
this is gone. The only way to get it back is to dig up another one. If this 
happens, DON'T dig up the other Blue Tatanik Crystals.

Now Health...that's a little more of a problem...

You need the Fire Extinguisher, which can only be found in MC 1-8. Use the
guide to look for Portals, and whatever you do, DO NOT go into the blank 
area labeled Zone of Nothingness until you have the Fire Extinguisher. Once 
you have it, put it in your Active Items and find a hidden wall to the Zone 
of Nothingness. With it you will blow away all lava and remain unharmed 
while going though. 

The Zone of Nothingness is...interesting. It's a HUGE area spawning outside 
of the game's map and actually loops around the entire map. This is the place 
you can get health. While going around you'll notice little balls floating in 
place. When you shoot one a gray bouncing ball bursts out of it. Once you 
shoot that, you'll notice that your health goes up.

...Yes I'm just as lost as you are, don't worry. But the Zone of Nothingness 
is VERY handy. You can go to other parts of the map safely through it, don't 
have to worry about enemies, and get health back. It seriously helps you out 
in the long end.

Well, that's recovering, now let's get back to business...your own business 
I'm afraid though. Since the game randomly places the Portals in different 
places each time you play, it's hard to tell you where you need to go first, 
so I'll point you in what you NEED to do for this part.

First, get the Key from MC 1-7. This is CRUCIAL! I can't stress it enough. 
You'll notice on the map sections I've labeled with Treasure Chest points. 
There are 2 things inside Chests: Glyphs and Tatanik Crystals. You need as 
many Glyphs as possible before heading on, and the Tatanik Crystals are 
useful for recharging your Crystal Gun. YOU...NEED...GLYPHS...TO BEAT THE 
LEVEL! You'll recognize them as oddly shaped gray objects in the chests. Grab 
as many as you can.

Now I need to talk about items and what they'll do for you in the long run. 
I'll try to keep this from being too confusing (but with this game it's 
really, REALLY hard), so please bear with me.

There's an area marked with a #3, which is where the Gatekeeper is. You need 
to get here, but you'll need some things first:

1. You need the Mirror, which is in MC 1-11, where Sherriff Braddock is 
getting ready for work. With this you can see what Glyph you'll need to gain 
access into the Hall of Memories.

2. Candle or Flashlight. With either of these you can light up the dark area 
that leads to the Gatekeeper. You should already have this if you've been 
following along at home.

3. Newspaper, which is in MC 1-6, and please God let it be the ONLY thing you 
get from this Portal. If you take anything else on accident. IMMEDIATLEY PUT 
IT BACK IN THE PORTAL! If you don't, your entire inventory will be taken from 
you. The Newspaper can give you hints about the Gatekeeper's question. It
is also necessary for beating Purgatory. You can get it in that level as
well, but then you will need to grab the Money from MC 1-9.
Watching the cutscenes is crucial, but I'm sure you don't want to watch them 
again and again. Again, the Newspaper is needed for Purgatory, so nab it.

Once you have those items, proceed to the Gatekeeper's Room. Also a good idea 
is to attempt to max out your Health and Energy as much as you can before 
coming here, because it only gets harder from here. Purgatory will swallow 
your soul.

Once you get to the Gatekeeper's Room, he'll speak to you:

''I am the Gatekeeper (N...NIGHTMARE?!?!?! MAN Nosul looks hideous!). I await 
your offering.''

(I must mention before I go on that whatever you do, DO NOT SHOOT THE 
GATEKEEPER! It is immediate Game Over if he dies. Save when you go in the 
room to be safe.)

Now take out your Mirror and put it in your Active Items. Once that's done, 
go to the mirror that is in this room. In its reflection you will see what 
Glyph you need to put in as an offering...you HAVE been getting Glyphs right?

Once you have inserted the right one (if you insert the wrong one, you'll 
lose a HUGE chunk of your health and you'll be scolded by the children), the 
Gatekeeper talks again:

''Follow me into the Hall of Memories.''

Follow him in. Trust me, I was stuck on this part for the LONGEST time. It's 
actually pretty easy.

The Gatekeeper will now ask you a Trivia Question from the 
movie...EXCITING!!! I've only played through a few times so the only ones 
I've gotten are:

''Who haunts the Iron Mine?''
''Who's worried about moving to Ferron Woods?''
''Who cares for Tommy? The wild boy?''

And the next thing that happens IS....the children...

''Choose the correct answer. When you've made your decision, touch the Flame 
of Truth, and await judgment. (Spooky much, eh?)'' 

Now this is where paying attention to the movie clips or getting the 
Newspaper comes in handy. They both have the answers you'll need for this 
part of the level, which is thankfully the last part.

You'll notice that there are portraits of different characters from the movie 
there. If there's a section of the wall that has a grading over it with lava 
inside, that means you haven't watched a cinematic somewhere. You don't need 
to fully watch the cinematics to get their portraits to appear, but you need 
to see them all...sucks I know...

What you need to do here is pick the person you think is the correct choice 
for the Gatekeeper's question. You'll hear a clip from the cinematic they 
were in, and the area surrounding them will be green.

You might've noticed that strange flame that is on the right upper corner of 
your HUD, which hasn't been doing much. That's the Flame of Truth. Once 
you've picked who you think is correct, click on it.

If you're right, the screen fades to black and the children say:

''Proceed to Purgatory...''

If you're wrong...well...you'll see...just remember to save before making 
your choice...

And there you have it! You've beaten Level 1! That wasn't so bad, right? 
Well...that's because the game isn't done with you yet. Purgatory awaits, and 
it's a living hell compared to Periphery.

Section 3: Level 2: Purgatory

And here we are. Level 2, Purgatory. This level is actually easy...if you
know what you're doing. Thankfully that's why you're reading this, eh?
Let's get started.


Before heading in though, make sure you grabbed these items from
Periphery first:

-Voodoo Doll (MUST HAVE!)
-Fire Extinguisher (For getting into the Zone of Nothingness)
-Map (The map changes with the levels.)
-Newspaper (Used for the end of the level)
-Hunter's License (Near invaluable for enemy and Hands of Destiny
-Money (If you don't have the Newspaper, you'll need this)

Purgatory is FAR different from Periphery in every way possible.
Your goal is no longer going through Movie Portals and collecting
items, but this time you must save innocent people, collect souls,
and even choose people for Pumpkinhead to kill. Let me list off
a few tips before you start.

-Let's cut to the chase: If you don't know what you're doing,
Purgatory is hell on earth. Until you figure out everything you
need to do, prepare to face one of the most confusing challenges
of your gaming life.

-Keep the Voodoo doll in your active items, as well as your Blood
Vial. The other two items in your last slot should depend on what
you're doing. If you plan on getting health, then equip the Fire
Extinguisher. If you're not, then use the Hunting License to see
the enemies around corners and in walls.

-Ignore everything else and go to the Hell Room FIRST! I will NOT
stress this enough. Once there, head to the Gatekeeper's Room. He'll
yell at you for not completing your task to get to Pumpkinhead's Lair,
but you can ignore this. There's a wall towards the north you can go
through. Congratulations you now have a shortcut to this room from the 
northern entrance.

-The reason I had you do this is because this game is evil. When you
kill an enemy, it doesn't die, but gets teleported to the Hell Room.
If you didn't do the above and decide to kill every enemy in your path,
guess what you get to do? Die when you need to get to the Gatekeeper's
Room that's what. DO THE ABOVE FIRST!

-And now after that you may ask, what's the goal? On the map I've made
(Check PART 3A for it), I've marked where the Hands of Glory and
Portals are. The Hands of Glory have Lost Souls in them, which when
you find them in the hands, go to the room on the map called the
Hall of Purgatory, where you need to grab them. Having all 9 souls
will grant you access to the Room next to the Gatekeeper's Room,
where you can beat the level by opening the right page on the
newspaper and pressing the Flame of Truth.

-The Portals this time aren't for grabbing items, but this time
for a more....practical use. This time you're watching Pumpkinhead
kill his victims in horribly cut FMVs. The goal of these?
Alot of the victims must die, so you have to sit there and watch it.
However, if you let an innocent die, so will you. It's all confusing,
which is why the Portals section for Purgatory will explain who needs
to live or die.

-Keep in mind that the victims that are supposed to die will give you
items if there are punished. Items you NEED to beat the game. Watching

The rest will be explained in Section 3C, so be sure to read that as
well. Now let's torture ourselves!


Now for this level, we don't have to worry about all that random map
flipping, Portal changing bull crap that we put up with in the last
level. As such, I've marked the map below with not only where to find
the Hands of Destiny are, but where every Portal is specifically,
which should make your journey much MUCH easier.

The Map for this level can be found here:



Now let's talk items:

-Name (Stars of importance)
   MC # and where it is:

-Lost Soul (*****)
   Use: Collect all 9 tot be able to progress to Lair. After you
find one by going to it's Hand of Destiny, it will fly to the
Hall of Purgatory, where you must catch it. After that, take them to 
the Gatekeeper's Room.

    Where: Look for the Hands of Destiny I've marked on the map.
They're easy enough to find.

-Football (*****)
  Use: One of the items in the last level used to quell Pumpkinhead's
soul. It's crucial that you have it!

    Where: MC 2-2: Have Danny get killed by Pumpkinhead in the
scene to have him give it to you.

-Toy Airplane (*****)
  Use: One of the items in the last level used to quell Pumpkinhead's
soul. It's crucial that you have it!

    Where: MC 2-3: Watch Ernest die and he gives you this odd toy.

-Teddy Bear (*****)
  Use: One of the items in the last level used to quell Pumpkinhead's
soul. It's crucial that you have it!

    Where: MC 2-6: After Pumpkinhead kills the Knox brothers, one of
them will give you this.

-Fire Truck (*****)
  Use: One of the items in the last level used to quell Pumpkinhead's
soul, and the original one from the movie. It's crucial that you 
have it!

    Where: MC 2-7: Red will give this to you after he dies.

-Pieces of Pumpkinhead's Medal (*****)
   Use: All 3 pieces are used to open up Pumpkinhead's door in
Lair. You MUST have these to beat the game. Without them you're

    Where: MC 2-4, 2-8, 2-9: Each of these character's deaths
will get you the pieces.

Part 3B: Portals

There's quite a few differences between cutscenes here. Not only
are we not taking items anymore, but you also have the choice to
let Pumpkinhead kill off victims or not. This is really where watching
the movie comes into play, because if you've seen the movie, then
you'll know who needs to live or die. It's a cruel trick of fate if
you've never seen it.

In this section, not only will I explain what each cinematic contains,
but what victims you need to kill off and what item they will give you
when you do.

Clip #: Short name-
     *Notes if necessary*
        Short description plus what the photo looks like
          Live or Die?

-MC 2-1: Pumpkinhead Attacks Jenny-
     In this scene, Braddock and Pettibone discuss the markings they 
found on Ozie's burned down house. This one has a picture of Jenny in 
front of it.

        LIVE! If you saw the movie, then you know that Jenny is
innocent. Save her by fighting Pumpkinhead. It is REQUIRED you
do this before watching any of the other ones.

-MC 2-2: Pumpkinhead kills Danny
     Danny decides instead of running from Pumpkinhead, he would
rather attempt to kill him with his pistol. Not a good idea I'm afraid.
This scene has a picture of Danny holding a gun out

        DIE! Having Danny die will net you the Football.

''We made a mistake by bringing Pumpkinhead back to life...let's hope
you do a little better than I did...''

-MC 2-3: Pumpkinhead kills Ernest
    While Ernest is taking care of his animals, he senses Pumpkinhead
coming. He goes into the barn and readies his shotgun, but Pumpkinhead
is way ahead of him. This has a picture of Ernest in front of it.

        DIE! Ernest will give you the Toy Airplane for his death.

''If you don't wanna end up like me, you better figure out
Pumpkinhead's secret...''

-MC 2-4: Pumpkinhead kills Paul
    Paul runs to the car to try to escape Pumpkinhead. Lo and behold
in slasher film fashion, he can't get the car started and dies. A
picture of Paul in the car screaming is what is on the one.

       DIE! You'll get a piece of the medal used to open Pumpkinhead's

''Hahahahahahahahahah! *edges you closer*''

-MC 2-5: Pumpkinhead Attacks Jane
    After the Knox brothers are attacked by Pumpkinhead, he looks
over a Jane. In the movie, he leaves her alone and she goes into
shock. In the game however, she is KILLED if you don't save her.
It's hard to see, but it's a picture of a girl behind a water

       LIVE! She must live as a requirement to keep going!

-MC 2-6: Pumpkinhead kills the Knox Brothers
    I'd explain the scene to you, but it's hard to make out.
There's also some censoring in this scene as opposed to the
movie version as well. Basically Pumpkinhead kills off the
Knox Brothers, with one of them thrown into a chicken
coop to get his eyes eaten out. Best way to die ever.
The picture is easy. If you've saved, it's that picture.

       DIE! Letting him die nets you the Teddy Bear.

''I hope you know what to do with this, cause I sure 

-MC 2-7: Pumpkinhead kills Red
    After his awesomely cut out sex scene, Red drinks to his
victory in bed. Pumpkinhead then comes in and deals with the
theiving postman promptly. Boy am I glad that that scene was
cut. Also, alot of the cuss words were cut out. He never says
''Jesus Chirst'', but just ''Jesus! God!'' through this clip.
The picture is of him screaming with his shirt half off.
I'd make a joke but I'm better than that.

       DIE! You are given the Fire Truck for his death.

''You probably think you know what to do with this if you
watched the movie...well this ain't no movie! Hehehehe!''

-MC 2-8: Pumpkinhead kills Marcie
     As she is running away from Pumpkinhead, she trips and...
I guess she breaks her ankle. Anyways, Pumpkinhead lays a
Fatality on her by impaling her on a...sharp pole? The picture
has her screaming on the ground.

       DIE! You get a piece of the medal out of it.

''I'm the key to your future...hehehe...HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!''

-MC 2-9: Pumpkinhead kills Peter
    Peter watches as Pumpkinhead shishkebabs his girlfriend,
and is apparently next on Hell's Kicthen as he also get's
thrown on for some variety....bbaaaddd joke. A picture of him
screaming is on this one (You know, I think they're ALL of
them screaming. Go figure)

       DIE! You'll get a piece of the medal out of it.

''You must bring the past to the present....''


Hope you had a good long read of the above, because you'll need everything
you find in this level. And I mean EVERYTHING! If you miss something,
don't leave the level until you have it in your possession. So let's get

First thing you'll see when you start the Level is MC 2-1. Watch it and
save Jenny.

How do you do this? Make sure that you have the Voodoo doll in your
Active Items before you start watching it. As the scene progresses,
you'll notice Pumpkinhead stalking Jenny while Braddock and Pettibone
are talking to each other. Keep your cursor (which should be a hand
with the Voodoo Doll in it know) on Jenny. When the cursor changes
to the Voodoo Doll with a white border around it, click it immediatly!

Now comes the fun part. Since you prevented Pumpkinhead from killing
Jenny, he'll come after you now. You need to defend yourself againest
him. The strategy to beating him is simple. Whenever his eyes glow
red, hit him with the Tatanik Crystal (which is your cursor now).
You will stun Pumpkinhead and save Jenny. If you are too late, however,
he will start slashing you until you're dead. To avoid him slashing
you, use the Crystal on the arm he's about to swipe at you with. That's
all there is to saving vicims in Purgatory.

After you've done that, you need to proceed to the room I've marked
Hell Room. Once you're in there then proceed to the next room on
the map marked Gatekeeper's Room. After that, proceed to the exit
in the north of this room. This will create a shortcut that you can
use from that spot you just came out of to go back to the Gatekeeper's
Room when you've collected all of the souls.

Why all that bullshitting? Because I just saved your life. Any enemy
you kill goes to the Hell Room after they're dead. Imagine if you beat
the level and never made the shortcut. EVERY ENEMY you killed will
now be in that room. Basically, you'd be screwed.

Now, there are two things you need to do in order to get through
this stage, and that's collecting Lost Souls and having Pumpkinhead
kill off anyone who was a poorly scripted character. Watching the
movie is near essential to this level, because if you haven't seen
it, you won't know who is innocent or guilty, and if you make the
mistake of having an innocent character die, it's immediate game over.
Oh, and for having guilty people die? Don't do anything. Don't
click on anywhere in the cinematic and watch Pumpkinhead kill them.
That's all there is to it.

There is also 2 new enemy types in this level: Mendregs and 
Pilliopods. They are both extremely annoying and deadly.

Mendregs look like abomitable snowmen patrolling the hallways. If
they hit you, they will stun you and send you flying across the room.
Luckily they're easy to avoid. They usually always follow the same path.
However, the only way to kill them is to shoot them in the back, so be

The Pilliopods are just annoying. Everytime you find a Hand of Destiny,
a part of the wall opens up to reveal these little guys. The only way 
you can kill them is to shoot them while they attack you. You heard right.
In order to kill these things, then need to hurt you. I haven't found a
better approach to killing them yet, but when their mouths are open, you
just shoot them and they die. Simple.

So you ran acrossed a Lost Soul, and the children tell you to ''Save the
Lost Soul.'' But alas, it appears to have been stolen away. What do you
do? Check my map for a spot called the Hall of Purgatory. Anytime you
find a Lost Soul in a Hand of Destiny, they will always go to this room.
All you need to do is head to that room. You'll notice the room has
electrical barriers all around it. Avoid touching them like the plague.
If you wander around you'll see the Lost Soul floating around the room.
Use you Mouse Hand to grab it. Once you have it, it's in your inventory.
Once you have all 9, you can proceed to the Gatekeeper's Room for another

Also, you might start running low on health and energy after a while.
It's the same deal as before in this level. Find a way to the Zone
of Nothingness and collect health. However, you'll notice that killing
enemies does NOT drop Vortexes. In order to recharge energy, you must
find a Hand of Destiny. When you've done that a part of the wall opens
up. Deal with the Pilliopod and head into the room that opened up.
You will find a Vortex in there to recharge your energy.

Now that THAT is all out of the way, it's time to continue playing...
here's where once again I must leave you to your own. If you keep checking
the map I've made and keep checking the guide for what items and Portals
there are you should have no problems beating the level.


After collecting all the items and all 9 Lost Souls, proceed to the
Gatekeeper's Room again.

''You have saved all the Lost Souls. Follow me.''

Follow him into the next room. He will give you your next quiz
question, which is along the lines of:

''What happened to Tommy, the wild boy?''

There are other questions, but you'll see why this part is
actually easy in a minute.


''Choose the newspaper which answers the question. Then touch the
Flame of Truth.''

Simply put, take out your Newspaper and look at it. If you read
some of the articles, they should help you out on what page it
needs to be on.

What's that? You don't have the Newspaper? HERESY! You have one
more chance at getting it.

On my map I marked a spot called Ferrin Times. If you have the money,
you can use it on this newspaper stand and receive a Newspaper.

Don't have either the Newspaper OR the Money? *SMACK!* Shame on you
for NOT following the guide! You'll have to replay the game all over
again now, dumbass!

Anyways, once you have the correct page on your screen, just touch the
Flame of Truth, and VOILA! You have beaten Purgatory! But now comes
a true test of your sanity. Lair...freakin Lair....oh I hate you so...

Section 4: Level 3 -Lair

Well guys, this is it. The final level. Lair. I could probably write
a 3-page thesis about how much I hate this level. Of course you're
not here for a rant. You're here to win. You're here to see what
horror's await you in Lair. Well, you won't be dissapointed.

You made sure you have all the required items at this point right?
If you didn't you haven't been following the guide. To beat Lair
you'll need:

-Toy Plane
-Teddy Bear
-All 3 pieces of Pumpkinhead's Medal

Now let's get to buisness with this level:

-As soon as you get to Lair, SAVE! You'll more than likely be
restarting this level alot.

-Restarting also has another effect on the game. Everytime you
load up the save the item you need to finish the level will be
different as long as you haven't check MC 3-5. If you DID miss
one of the toys, this is how you can redeem yourself.

-If you have any ammo left for it, switch back to your regular
weapon. It's actually very VERY useful here since all the
enemies die in one hit, and the Tatanik Crystal Gun is too
slow here to shoot anything.

-NEVER...EVER...STOP...MOVING! It is the ONLY way you will live.
Once you start getting towards the middle of the stage, the
enemies are more numerous and they'll kick the shit out of your
health. This level also has a Zone of Nothingness, where even
Pumpkinhead can't touch you. Go there if you need the health.

-And speaking of Pumpkinhead, he's the reason you don't stop
moving. He'll knock your health bar down to nothing if you stand
still for too long, which is once again why I recommened never
stop moving.

-However, if you have it, USE THE WATCH! You have no idea how
much it helps in this section.

-There's only 2 Movie Portals you have to worry about in this
level, . The other ones are just clips from the movie or conveinent
ways to get yourself killed.

-There's a faster, easier way to get through this stage without
having to dick around, and I didn't find it out until
recently. Just go to the ''Getting To Lair'' section to find

Well, let's finally do this then eh?


This will actually be real short since you don't get any new items
in this stage. The only thing I have to do is show you guys the
map, so here ya go!



Once again, the Movie Portals are random, just like Periphery. As
such this means I can't help you with specifics, but I can of
course give you a description of what they all are.

Clip #: Short name-
     *Notes if necessary*
        Short description plus what the photo looks like

MC 3-1: The Red Wings Kill Tommy
        The Red Wings chase after Tommy and beat him. Afterwards
they hook him up above the mine shaft, stab and slash him, then
drop him into the mine, killing him. The photo is 3 of the boys
standing by the mine watching Tommy hang.

MC 3-2: Pumpkinhead Spares Jenny
        Pumpkinhead finally catches up to Jenny, but Braddock comes
and reminds Pumpkinhead that he saved him when he was younger, and
that Jenny isn't one of the people who killed Osie. Pumpkinhead let's
her go. It's interesting to mention that this of course isn't the full
scene from the movie, where he's killed and dropped back down the mine
shaft again. The picture shows Jenny being grabbed by Pumpkinhead

MC 3-3: Jenny's Nightmare
     *NOTE: AVOID THIS ONE! IT'S A TRAP! If you do accidently view
this one, do NOT use the Voodoo Doll. It's immediate Game Over*
       Jenny is in bed sleeping when suddenly Danny shows up wanting
PG sex from her. The scene cuts to Jenny waking up realizing it was a
dream, when suddenly Pumpkinhead is above her. What do you know, that's
also a dream? No more ice cream before bed I guess. This has a picture
of Jenny in her bed, laying up.

MC 3-4: Pumpkinhead Kills Judge Dixon.
     *NOTE: You MUST watch this, but don't save Dixon. Let him
die and the children will tell you that Pumpkinhead killed all the
people responsible for his death. If you save him, it's immediate
Game Over.*
       Judge Dixon makes a phone call to Corey and tells him to come
over because his friends have been dying. Pumpkinhead comes in and
finishes what he started. The picture is of Dixon holding a gun to
the right.

MC 3-5: Young Braddock saves Tommy
     *NOTE: You HAVE to watch this to find out what item is the
correct offering. Repeat: WATCH THIS ONE!*
       As Braddock and his wife are going through some of Red Byers
things, he remembers when he was younger and saved Tommy from dropping
into the mine shaft after leaving a toy there. *IMPORTANT: Pay attention
to what the toy is! It changes with each playthrough of the game!* Has
a picture with just Tommy's face on it.


Alrighty guys, this is it. Time to show this bastard we mean buisness!
Time to finally quell Pumpkinhead's spirit and be done with it!

First thing's first, go to the Zone of Nothingness if you're even
halfway on health and top yourself off. You'll need it.

Now that that is done, we can begin. We've got quite alot to worry about
this time around:

-Skull Bats: These guys go down easily. One shot with even your normal
gun takes these guys down. However, thy're usually not alone, and when
you get further into the middle, there's a crapload of them. They can
also do this annoying glitch I like to call 'Wall Speeding', where they
go halfway into a wall and, if you're anywhere near it, jump right up
into your face. It's annoying as heck, but they're easy to kill.

-Pumpkinhead: Yeah...Pumpkinhead. He's an ''enemy'' in this stage. He
loves nothing more than coming behind you and sapping all of your energy,
like a Spy on crack. He CANNOT be killed (He makes noises when you hit him
with the Tatanik Crystal Gun, but he doesn't die), so don't bother shooting
at him. When you hear him, DON'T STOP MOVING. Go into one of the corridors
where there's a Portal and he dissapears temporarily.

Ok, now let's get to beating this stage. By looking at the map you'll see
a black area in the middle. That's where you need to go. However if you
equip your Hunting License you'll see it won't be a fun trip at all.
However you DO have some neat tricks to help you out.

If you have the Watch, it's a great time to use it. Enemies will stop
moving, giving you time to get to the middle without getting hit.
However, if you don't have it, you can also use the Guitar to blow
away enemies. They're stunned until they hit a wall, but rememeber you
can only use the Guitar 6 times before it breaks.

As a cool little thing the developers put in, ALL of the gray walls are
destructible. You can shoot them and watch them melt into nothing,
which can create shortcuts if you time it right. However, this can
be exploited to beating this level in a way that defies logic.

Go to the Recharge Station on the right side of the level. Once you're
there, stand inside of the Station, turn towars the middle of the stage,
and fire off your normal gun. You'll notice the wall breaking in front
of you. Keep firing one shot about every 5 seconds. If you check your
Map on occasion, you'll see that the shots go even where you can't see
them, and you're making a direct path to the middle of the stage, 
right in front of Pumpkinhead's door! And you don't need to worry about
enemies attacking you while you're here, becase the enemies can't go into
the recharge station, making it so that you're safe while doing this.

You have no idea how much I wanted to smash my head in when I found this
out, after all the times I died going to the middle just running away.
I hope you put it to better use.

Now, Movie Portals. There's only 2 you need to worry about: 3-4 and 3-5.
Unfortunately the Portals are once again randomized, so you'll have to
find them yourself. Remember to let Judge Dixon die and REMEMBER what
toy falls down the mine shaft in 3-5. That's the item you have to use
on Pumpkinhead in his Lair.

After you do those, get to the middle in whatever way you want. Once
there, you'll see a door with 3 split pieces showing Pumpkinhead's
face. Use all 3 Pieces of the Medal on the door and it will open.
Go inside and end this once and for all!

''Pumpkinhead awaits your offering...''

This is it. It's the end. All you have to do is open up your inventory, 
take the right item out, and use it. If you DON'T make the correct choice,
Pumpkinhead kills you. Game Over. However, giving him the right item
appeases him, and you've successfully beaten the game.

''You have appeased Pumpkinhead's Spirit. He will now rest easy...

Part 4D: ........

Yes, the ending needs it's own damn section. What happened? Did they 
think this was a great way to end the game? Did they talk it over one day
overtea and muffins and decide, ''Hey, you know what would be a great idea
for the end? PUMPKINHEAD DANCES! Nooooo it would be too easy to use the
end of the movie footage to close the game out. Let's do somethig crazy
and stupid that I'm sure no one will get to because we've made our game
defy logic!'' I would've thrown my tea in his face and forced him to
choke on my muffin for such a dumb suggestion.

I just seriously cannot believe the ending. The main reason it pisses me
off so much is that after almost a month of playing it, figuring out it's
puzzles, what I needed and didn't need, what the freakin Fire Hydrant was
used for, it's just so sssooooo stupid...I think after seeing it my
intelligence has been steadily declining, and it's been doing so for
the past few months.

So then, I guess there's one question that needs to be answered: Is it
possible that The SpoonyOne has seen this disaster and plans on
retaliation? Is there any chance that he could suffer that same fate that
I'm going through? Could it be that the rage of Spoony shall not be
contained in the face of this new evil? Will h-

I think I'll stop there. In short, yes, the ending was incredibly
retarded, and it wasn't even intentionally stupid funny like the end
of The House of the Dead 2. In short, screw the ending. I'm going
to try to erase it from my memory in the years to come.

The above shortened down, and as quoted by Spoony:

End of game...


As much as I don't want to do this, I know that there are people out there 
that LOVE to take other people's hard work and try to make it their own, so 
I'm afraid this part is necessary.

This guide is copyright mmntw26/Drue Dannible. If this guide is seen anywhere's 
else without my permission, I will have to ask you to remove it. I don't bite 
people's heads off for wanting to use a guide like this though, especially 
since this is the first guide to ever come out for this game. If you would 
like permission to use it, contact me at:


I will be more than happy to let you use it as long as I have permission 
first. If you're making your own guide and want to use the information, go 
right ahead! In fact, I encourage it! Just don't rip off of this guide 
directly is all I ask of you. As this is my first guide as well, I know it's 
pretty primitive and not well organized, but I would love nothing more than 
to help the gaming community out.

Sites allowed to use this guide:


I noticed that Cheatbook.de has my walkthrough on their site as well.
They never asked me and it certainly pisses me off that they put it
up without permission.

If this version of the guide is on the site, it's not supposed to
be. Let me know if it is if any of you see it.

Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge is owned by MPCA Interactive and BAP 
Interactive. Any information contained in this guide is for walkthrough 
purposes only, and infringes no copyright laws. All names and movie segments 
mention in this guide are from the movie Pumpkinhead 2: Bloodwings, which is 
copyright MPCA.


If you would like to help with the guide in any way whatsoever, I would be 
more than happy to accept it. In fact, I'll will list you as a contributor to 
the guide if I feel that it's something that will help other players proceed 
through the game. Either your GameFAQS ID or email will be listed at the 
bottom in the Contributors page. Again, I welcome the help. 

If you're helping with the guide, please put Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's 
Revenge Walkthough somewhere in the title of the email. I'd really appreciate 

But I must say in advance that you PLEASE read the guide thoroughly before 
asking any questions. Please don't waste time by emailing me a question that 
was already answered somewhere in here. It's a time waster to everyone.

I also would love your feedback on the guide as well! I love to hear from 
other gamers how much something I did could help them out. Even in a crappy 
game like this, it still feels like a small feat to be able to help out to 
anyone who struggled with this game, back then and now.

So, without further ado:

mmntw26@yahoo.com - Use this email if you want to leave me feedback and if 
you have some info you want to share.

mmntw27: GameFAQs ID, since after this guide comes up I'll be haunting around 
GameFAQs helping people out with it.

And now I have people to thank for this guide:


Dr. Pepper: My one true friend, who forces me to stay up late at night typing 
up a guide for a truely horrifying game game.

SpoonyOne (aka Noah Antwiler): For an amazing review of a game long 
forgotten. Something tells me I'm going to be called a loser and a geek for 
making this guide because of his review, but in the end I feel it was worth 
it. And if you've never heard of Spoony (Sort of unlikely if you're reading 
this guide) check his webpage at:


I highly recommend his site if you're into laughing your ass off. Spoony's 
style of reviewing is unique and clever, and is something that I don't think 
anyone else will be able to duplicate.

My friends Micah, Nate, and Josh: For prodding me on making this guide, since 
no one else has.

Micah for being a great friend for so long, and still remaining as insane 
about old games as I am.

Nate helped with some confusing parts of the game as well, so I have to give 
him credit for that.

And John for...well...being John. He's awesome, so it's all cool in the end.

MPCA: For making one of the most CONFUSING AND DOWNRIGHT INSANE GAME I have 
ever played in my entire life. And a smart move to them for making a T rated 
game for an R rated movie. Props to ya.

Having the Game In Its Box: Way too helpful in its own right. The manual does 
alot to help...for 18 pages, but the rest of the manual is how to setup the 
game and credits for both the movie AND the game. For shame for having such a 
big book dedicated to that.

GameFAQS: For being a useful site to me for all these years, I can contribute 
back to you guys in the worst way possible: With this guide.

Ebay: For getting this game LONG BEFORE Spoony reviewed it, brand new for a 
measly $8. Yea me.

And of course you as the readers! If you're looking at this chances are you 
have it or have heard of it, and have taken interest in learning about it. 
Power to you guys.

Again, thanks for everything!


As of now, this section has no names, but if anyone decides to help out, they 
can be displayed here by either an online profile or their GameFAQs ID.

And that's all for now! I hope this guide proves handy to everyone out there 
that tried their luck with this game and failed, and will now have the 
renewed luck to try again! Thanks for your time!


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