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Guide and Walkthrough by angeldeb82

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/10/2017
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(Version 1.01)

Author: Deborah L. Kearns

E-mail: angeldeb82@comcast.net

Copyright © 2017 by Deborah L. Kearns. A Mind Forever Voyaging is a trademark of Infocom and Activision. A Mind Forever Voyaging: Copyright © 1985 by Infocom.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended ONLY for private home use and may not be reproduced through electronic or commercial means without the consent of the author (Deborah L. Kearns). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items, and it should not be claimed as your own. All rights are reserved to respected parties, even those not explicitly stated herein. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for respecting FAQ authors.

Please, don't email asking for game tips, for I'm including everything I'm capable of answering in this FAQ. If you wish to make corrections to this FAQ, or have other comments, feel free to email me at: angeldeb82@comcast.net Don't be surprised if the reply comes from a different address, but include something like "A Mind Forever Voyaging" in the subject. I won't reply to requests for game tips, so if you have gameplay questions, try the GameFAQs A Mind Forever Voyaging message board. Anything I can help you with is already in this walkthrough. Oh, and no junk email, death threats, and/or comment that's unrelated to this game, okay? Thank you.


Hello, for those of you who are into the games in the Infocom TM franchise. As you may know, A Mind Forever Voyaging, or AMFV for short, was the brainchild of Infocom's interactive fiction writer Steve Eric Meretzky, the author behind such games as Planetfall (the first game created by Meretzky), Sorcerer (the second game in the Enchanter trilogy, which itself is a spin-off of the Zork franchise), and the video game adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (which he co-wrote along with the author of the Hitchhiker's series himself, Douglas Adams); the latter of whose huge sales were the only thing that allowed Infocom to survive their disastrous 1985 Cornerstone era, during which Meretzky was making every effort to keep the entire company sane with his parties and games and antics.

However, in the immediate aftermath of Hitchhiker's in late 1984, Meretzky, then 27, decided to go in another direction apart from comedy games. Even as he was basking in the glow of the game's huge initial sales and publicity, then-President Ronald Reagan was defeating Senator Walter Mondale, 49 states to 1, in one of the biggest routs in American electoral history (November 5). Meretzky later said in a 2010 interview with Get Lamp's Jason Scott that he was "appalled that [Reagan] was not only reelected but reelected in a landslide. [...] I thought about how other media were constantly trying to get messages across, change people's thinking. It seemed to me that interactive fiction could be an even more powerful medium for doing that. So that was my mission. I wanted to show people what a war-mongering, Christian-Right-pandering, environment-trashing, rights-trampling [jerk] Reagan was. And of course the game was so successful that we've never had another President like that!" (Although, given the time the interview took place, it's likely that the statement was a Self-Deprecation regarding how the game, unsurprisingly, did nothing to prevent the election of George W. Bush.)

The result that followed Reagan's reelection was AMFV, whose working title was PRISM before that title got changed to reference a passage in author William Wordsworth's lifetime endeavor, the epic narrative poem called The Prelude, in which said passage was applied to Sir Isaac Newton, whose statue stood near the "nook obscure" where the young Wordsworth slept at Cambridge:

And from my pillow, looking forth by light
Of moon or favouring stars, I could behold
The antechapel where the statue stood
Of Newton with his prism and silent face,
The marble index of a mind for ever
Voyaging through strange seas of Thought, alone.

AMFV was the first interactive fiction to be published in the "Extended Z-Machine Interpreter" (or EZIP for short), which Meretzky used as a trump card for the expansion of the Z-Machine from the sharp limitations of 128K of total code and data, maximum of 256 objects, and a fixed status line and a scrolling stream of text, doubling the maximum story size to 256K and increasing the maximum number of objects to bigger proportions. The game carried a difficulty rating of "Advanced" and has 178 locations. It's also the first game to have the "oops" command, in which a typing error in a previous command could be rewritten without retyping the entire command.

In this game the story, created by Meretzky, is very simple: It's the year 2031, and the economy of the United States of North America (USNA) is failing. Great numbers of youths are turning to "Joybooths" (a device which directly stimulates the sensory input of the brain) and committing suicide by over-stimulation. A new arms race involving nuclear weapons no larger than the size of a common pack of cigarettes threatens to turn the USNA into a police state. PRISM, unaware that it is a sophisticated computer, and the world's first sentient computer, has been living for 11 years (in real-time, 20 years within the simulation) as an ordinary human, "Perry Simm". Dr. Abraham Perelman, PRISM's "father", informs Perry of his true nature and gently brings him from simulation mode into reality. Perelman explains that he has awakened PRISM so a vital mission can be performed: running a simulation of a revitalization plan (dubbed the Plan for Renewed National Purpose), sponsored by Senator Richard Ryder. The Plan calls for "renewed national purpose" through de-regulation of government and industry, military conscription, a unilateral approach to diplomatic relations, and a return to traditional and fundamental values. PRISM will enter a simulation of a typical American town at 10 year intervals following the Plan's enacting, and observe... for good or for bad.

The game was inspired by sci-fi horror novels such as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Within months, the game was completed on August 14, 1985, and Meretzky and Infocom believed that what he had created was more than just a game -- it was a piece of interactive literature. In order to stress the seriousness of its ambitions, they held a press conference for the game's release in September 1985 at the New York Public Library. Meretzky had wanted to see the game's pointed message spark some real controversy. But with the limited writing becoming awkward, and almost no puzzles at all, there was no outcry over the game at all, apart from the rave write-up in Newsweek and rapturous notices in some enthusiast magazines. Sales amounted to no more than 30,000 copies or so, making AMFV Infocom's least successful game to date; it didn't have the sort of cultural impact of other 1985 releases like Super Mario Bros. or Gauntlet or Space Harrier. When the game had generated nearly no uproar at all, Meretzky decided that he would "write something with a little bit of sex in it, because nothing generates controversy like sex"; that resulting game was Leather Goddesses of Phobos, which was no more controversial but sold twice as many copies as AMFV and became a big hit (LGOP would later gain a sequel called Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X!).

With Infocom finally shuttered down in 1989, AMFV would be played by many of the interactive fiction fans and gamers alike. Eventually, the game would be considered through the decades as a cult classic. It's even included in the Lost Treasures of Infocom compilation, which can be purchased on iPhone. AMFV inspired Sam Barlow, contemporary designer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, to write an FMV game called Her Story, which became the award-winning game of 2015, selling over 100,000 copies. Gary Whitta, writer of films like Star Wars: Rogue One and The Book of Eli, was so intrigued by the game as a teen, that he even wrote a film script based on the game (the adaptation work is currently in development hell, but Whitta is still fighting to get the adaptation going). Jimmy Maher, author and writer for his blog, The Digital Antiquarian, says, "As a social commentary, the game's a bit of a mixed bag. It's at its worst when it merely cribs from classic dystopian literature like 1984, and at its best when it tries to seriously explore the potential ramifications of the Republican positions of its day."

As for Meretzky, he felt that he had learned his lesson about making an explicitly political game since AMFV and felt that he would not do it again. Currently, he says that he's not interested in pursuing another political game at the moment, even though he feels that the current White House occupant makes Ronald Reagan look like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. According to Meretzky in an interview by Glixel:

"So many of the things I was worried about in the 1980s have come to pass. All of the warmongering and trickle down economics produced exactly the sort of results I was afraid of. And the whole [Donald] Trump thing is massively demoralizing, particularly at my age. The day [Barack] Obama left office was the peak of what the world will achieve in my lifetime. People certainly won't repair all of the damage that will be done by the Trump administration before I die. [...] What I would say to [the game designers driven to distraction by current events in the administration] is that what we do may seem trifling, but it really is important, particularly at a time when so many people are so dispirited. People can't spend all of their time discussing politics and fighting evil. They are still going to need distractions and downtime. And we provide that. I think that's a pretty [dang] important function at any time, but it's especially important now."

I couldn't agree more on that. And so, with the amount of effort that I put in this Formatted FAQ text, I like to dedicate this walkthrough I have made to an America that's being torn apart along with the rest of the world by the Trump administration. We may be divided, and we may be battered and polluted, but we will never surrender or give up to the evil forces at work here. To quote the song from Newsies, "Seize the Day": Nothing can break us. No one, not even the administration, can make us give our rights away. We will fight to heal a divided world and a divided America, and we promise that we will do what we can to make everything right again.

Be mindful that AMFV came out nearly 32 years ago at the time that this guide is written; and as obtaining an Atari ST, an Amiga, an Apple II (IIe or IIGS), a Commodore 128, a Macintosh, or an MS-DOS computer is somewhat difficult in these days, I'm sure that not many people will be using this walkthrough, but there are many other ways to play this game. A date with Google will allow you to play this game on any system with emulators that will run these programs. Examples: DOSBox will allow you to run DOS games that are considered "abandonware", which can be found on any ROM website, while Apple II games can be run on AppleWin (for Windows), Virtual ][ (for macOS), or LinApple (for Linux); these Apple II disk images can be found on the Asimov site, at ftp.apple.asimov.net.

With all that said and done, I hope you will enjoy this Formatted FAQ walkthrough that I've made for you. Just a warning, though: spoilers abound in this walkthrough, so read at your own risk, okay? ;)


Like all other Infocom titles, this game is very non-linear and has a loose gameflow, so your adventure may vary on what's listed here. Due to the overwhelming amount of choices, I may put in ONLY ONE kind of flow that makes up the whole walkthrough, while the rest may be explored by yourself. To tell you the truth, I don't really have that much of a free time, and I may figure out a way to chart out the map to make it an easy play. Sorry!

Part I

"...tomorrow never yet
On any human being rose or set."
--Rev. Joshua Marsden [misattributed in the game as "William Marsden"],
What Is Time?

Table of Contents

  1. PRISM Project Facility (2031)
    1. For Your Amusement
  2. 2041
    1. For Your Amusement (2)
  3. PRISM Project Facility (cont.)

PRISM Project Facility (2031)

As the game begins, you wake up in Communications Mode following a message from Dr. Abraham Perelman, who tells you that the psych tests have all checked out at 100%, meaning that you have woken up without any trauma or other serious effects; and that his staff team will be able to start the simulation soon ("soon" meaning, of course, "about 30 minutes"). He then hands you your story in the current issue of Dakota Online (March 16, 2031, to be exact), and signs off. (BTW, the Dakota Online magazine is one of the objects included in the "feelies" package that came with the game itself.) So, obviously, you've got about 30 minutes until then. In order to pass the time, you can listen to the World News Network Feed from Communications Mode (WNNF), or explore other communication outlets as follows:

the PRISM Project Control Center (PPCC);
the Research Center Rooftop (RCRO);
Dr. Perelman's Office (PEOF);
the PRISM Facility Cafeteria (PCAF); and
the Maintenance Core (MACO).

Besides that, you can also go to the Library Mode by typing in "ENTER LIBRARY MODE", and it will give you a list of files, which will give you some insight into the setting of the game (see the command instructions under the directory/file list for help on how to open/close and read directories and files in Library Mode). BTW, here's the list of directories and files that I will point out to you below.

Library Mode



This directory has a list of files: PRISM.NAME, LIST.TTD, and RESIGNATION.LETTER. For "PRISM.NAME", we get two poems of how you, the world's first sentient computer, got the name:

Pursuing you in your transitions,
In other Motes --
Of other Myths
Your requisition be.
The Prism never held the Hues,
It only heard them play.
--Emily Dickinson
Memory is a prism through which
yesterday's light is passed;
Split into a rainbow of moments
each colored more dimly than the last.
How will today's light look tomorrow
and -- how would tomorrow's look today?
Would the filter of time be as brutal
if that prism were two-way?
--Asbur Honnurth, "Secret Recreations of the Soul", © Copyright 2007

"LIST.TTD" is Perelman's list of things to do on March 14, 2031. Here, however, he only cited five things, but suddenly stopped without figuring out what his sixth thing was. "RESIGNATION.LETTER" is Perelman's resignation letter to Ms. Vera Gold (the lady mentioned in Dakota Online), which he started writing on February 21, 2031, citing that he's unhappy with her management of the PRISM Project and her "inept, disgraceful and insulting handling of the Phase III Funding Request", which "has seriously undermined the morale of my team and endangered the Project's long-range chances for"... something, I guess. But whatever it was, Perelman kinda stopped abruptly and left it unfinished, possibly as his decision to stay in the PRISM Project Facility. Perhaps you can ask him why when you get a chance (see "For Your Amusement" below).


This directory has a list of files: MOUNT.TAKEOVER, BSF.FORMATION, LIBYAN.ECONOMY, and TAX.STUDY. "MOUNT.TAKEOVER" cites the story in which a group of religious extremists which calls itself the "Church of God's Word", led by 59-year-old founder Ellis Vincent, seized the radio telescope facility atop Greens Peak in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2027, after Vincent, himself a minor engineer, "claimed that signals emanating from a region in the constellation Cygnus were the revealed Word of God"; despite the fact that most scientists proved otherwise by attributing the signals to a new type of quasar at the fringes of the universe, and the state wanting to expel the so-called Church from the facility, on October 11, 2030, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that state authorities cannot evict the Church from the facility; and Chairman Larron Hart of the American Foundation for Astronimical Research (AFAR) was disgusted at what he called "a historically stupid decision" and vowed to appeal. "BSF.FORMATION" tells of how, on November 17, 2030, Congress approved the establishment of the Border Security Force, or BSF (the equivalent of Homeland Security), as a separate, independent uniformed military service, to be headquartered in the facility known as the "Pentagon of the West" in Colorado Springs, Colorado; how the BSF, established by the Executive Order 10 years ago (2021), has "the leeway we need to take the tough stance and courageous steps necessary to keep our nation free from the threat of nuclear blackmail", working hard to stop the smuggling of nuclear devices into the USNA from the U.S.S.R. (which is, BTW, still continuing only in fiction); how the BSF's secret charter supposedly empowers it to smuggle nuclear devices into East Bloc territory; and how the prevention of nuclear smuggling may become more difficult with the development of the nobellium bomb, "a nuclear device which can theoretically fit in a space no larger than a pack of cigarettes."

"LIBYAN.ECONOMY" tells of how Tripoli, Libya, in 2030 became a net exporter of crude oil for the first time since the 1998 nuclear accident that poisoned most of the Libyan oil fields and killed its former dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi along with nearly a million of his countrymen (a bit hilarious in hindsight since, in real life, al-Gaddafi did not meet his demise until 2011! :D); said accident was allegedly caused by a mishandled attempt to develop a nuclear capability and an acquisition of a nuclear arsenal, which was, ironically, al-Gaddafi's lifelong dream. "TAX.STUDY" tells about a study from Vancouver, Canada, called "The Tax Spiral: A Vicious Cycle", detailing how nonreporting and underreporting of income is undermining the current tax structure; the study concludes that unless changes are made, the federal revenue system could collapse by the end of the decade. The Tax Spiral, which began in the late 20th century, is a phenomenon "where higher rates cause more people to cheat on their taxes, necessitating even higher rates, causing even more people to cheat, and so forth." The chart shows the growth of the "underground" economy -- income nonreported and therefore not taxed, which started in 2014 with 19% nonreported income and 40% top tax rate, and would get even higher by 2038, with an estimated 73% nonreported income and a whopping 96% top tax rate! Yikes! :o


This directory has a list of files: RYDER.SPEECHES, PLAN.CRITICISMS, PLAN.POPULARITY, and PLAN.ELEMENTS. "RYDER.SPEECHES" tells of Senator Richard Ryder (a punny name, since his initials, R.R. also stand for "Ronald Reagan"), whose speeches of "moral decay" turning youth into "shiftless troublemakers", "subsidiz[ing] sick, inefficient, dying industries to the tune of eighty billion dollars", and "bleeding hearts" that are "sending a lot of money and stuff" to the "poor countries" (Greece, Guatemala, North Korea, and Albania) that are "always against the USNA in every issue, every forum, every two-bit propaganda show" (all of which can be solved by the Plan for Renewed National Purpose) could make President Donald Trump and his "tweets" blush with shame. (No offense, President Trump. ;) ) "PLAN.CRITICISMS" is a message from Citizens for Sanity in Government, a political action committee working for the reelection of President William Bowden (a Democrat, if you will), stating that 2031's domestic problems "exist not because of sophisticated government regulation, but despite it"; that global instability is exploited, not caused, by East Bloc adventurism, and said instability, the result of underdevelopment and overpopulation, "will be cured not by militarization of these regions, but by development aid and education"; calling the supporters of the Plan "blatantly hypocritical"; and stating that the Plan is "the work of hypocrites and demagogues, clamoring for power by making promises they can never keep", and that today's problems do not deserve "quick-fixes which sound inviting but promise even further problems down the road." (I think this message can be foreshadowing what will happen through the decades when we get to Simulation Mode, don't you? ;) ) "PLAN.POPULARITY" tells of the results of public opinion polling regarding the Plan in the weeks of December 9, 2030 and February 3, 2031, with the overall's "Strongly in Favor" increasing by 8.8% and "Strongly Opposed" increasing only by 0.8%, while "Opposed" decreased by a whopping 5.8%; Conservatives "in favor" increasing by 9.5%, Liberals increasing by a whopping 11.4% (!), Blue-Collars increasing by a whopping 13.7% (!!), and I don't need to tell you about the rest; and average opinions of individual Plan elements leaning toward "Don't Care". "PLAN.ELEMENTS" indicates the elements as follows:

    • cut tax rates by fifty percent
    • vigorous prosecution of tax evasion
    • decentralization of federal responsibilities
    • deregulation of all major industries
    • reinstatement of the military draft
    • emphasis on fundamentals and traditional values in education
    • mandatory conscription for troublemakers and criminals
    • a strict "USNA First" trade policy
    • termination of aid to nations not pro-USNA
    • cutbacks on all types of bureaucracy, e.g. registering cars, guns
    • termination of government subsidies to outmoded industries

Constitutional amendments:

    • increase the powers of the Executive Branch
    • increase the Presidential term of office to eight years

This may sound cliché, but "USNA First" kinda reminds me of "America First". And golly, these are the kind of elements that can make President Trump very proud. (Again, no offense.)


This directory also has a list of files: SIMULATION.CONTROLLER, HVAC.CONTROLLER, JANITORIAL.CONTROLLER, TRAFFIC.COMPUTER, and WEATHER.COMPUTER. "SIMULATION.CONTROLLER" is about the Simulation Controller unit that stores all data and handles all sensory input for PRISM simulations; a current status report can be obtained by Interface Mode (which will be quite useful in this part and in Part II). "HVAC.CONTROLLER" is about the HVAC Controller that can activate and deactivate the heating, ventillating, and cooling systems of the PRISM complex, which is divided into four independent sectors; the controller can be instructed to shut off or turn on the systems in any of them (a skill that must not be tampered with in Interface Mode until near the end of the game; also important). "JANITORIAL.CONTROLLER" is about a simple computer for scheduling various custodial functions in the PRISM complex, four of which can be independently scheduled for any time between 8:00pm and 11:30pm (this is one controller that you don't want to mess around with in Interface Mode, else it's Game Over!). "TRAFFIC.COMPUTER" is about the Metropolitan Traffic Computer that controls all ground and aerial traffic patterns for greater Rockvil based on expected periods of heavy usage, which can be scheduled for any time in morning and evening rush hours (yet another controller that you don't want to mess around with for risk of Game Over!). "WEATHER.COMPUTER" is about the National Weather Center Computer, which interprets data from the Meteorological Satellite Network (WeatherNet) and then transmits the data to various agencies and news organizations around the world; this Weather Computer programming is beyond Interface Control.

NOTE 1: Sometime later in Part II, Emily Warren will add a new Interface Controller, called "AUDITING.SYSTEM", which is about the IRS Auditing System, a data-oriented computer with massive storage capacity that produces lists of the best audit possibilities; the percentage of fliers audited in a given year, usuallly based on the year's Auditing Division budget, can be easily changed (again, one more controller you do not want to mess around with in Interface Mode). And at the beginning of Part III, Warren will add one more Interface Controller, which will be a big surprise later on.


This directory consists of messages you get from Dr. Perelman. Right now, it has only two of them: MESSAGE.3/14/2031.9:17am and MESSAGE.3/16/2031.7:35pm (the one you started off with), but you'll get more of them as time passes with every action you make in the complex.

Speaking of messages, you'll get one from Perelman at around 7:30-7:40pm, stating that the programming team has finished entering the parameters for the Plan, and that you're ready to enter Simulation Mode at any time. He also notes that the Social Science group has come up with a list of things to record as follows:

  1. Eating a meal in a restaruant
  2. Talking to a government official
  3. Visiting a power-generating facility
  4. Reading a newspaper
  5. Riding some form of public transportation
  6. Attending a court in session
  7. Talking to a church elder
  8. Going to a movie
  9. Visiting your own home or living quarters

Perelman also reminds you that since the Simulation Controller will be doing so much data-crunching, the simulation will run in real time, meaning that "a minute there will approximately equal a minute here." However, you don't have to enter Simulation Mode right away. You can finish reading files and directories from Library Mode and exploring the rest of the complex if you like. When you're ready, type in "ENTER SIMULATION MODE" (for me, I choose "ENTER SIM MODE" for short, which I'll use for the rest of the walkthrough) and enter in the security code for the color and number depicted in the game documentation, namely, the Class One Security Mode Access Decoder Wheel (for example: DARK BLUE 82 = 92, PINK 15 = 17, etc). Since very few people still have copies of this codewheel as copy protection than many once had back in 1985, and you are probably unfortunate not to have one, a date with Google can help you find many types of the decoder wheel, which can organize the codes to make it quicker and easier to look one up. If you have the iPhone version, you can tap on the codewheel button and turn the wheel to the indicated color, locate the indicated number on the inner wheel, and read the corresponding number on the outer wheel, which is the number you can enter in to gain access to the Simulation Mode.

NOTE 2: I gotta warn you that if you're playing the Apple II version, there is a fatal bug/error at the beginning of the game. If you get a message from Perelman at around 7:30-7:40pm while you're still in Library Mode, the game will crash and end in only a few turns (the crash error is not present in the DOS or any other computer versions). If you must use the Apple II version, it's probably best to read the first three directories in Library Mode, then press "C" to close the directory and "E" to exit to Communications Mode before 7:35pm, then wait around. Then, if you get a message from Perelman outside Library Mode, immediately ENTER SIM MODE and enter the code from the codewheel, or else the game will crash and end.

In addition to that, I've discovered more about the Library Mode error at the beginning, courtesy of Torbjorn Andersson of the Infocom Bugs List from Graeme Cree's 50 Webs website (thanks, Torbjorn! ;) ):

Spending too many turns in Library Mode without exiting to Communications Mode causes the game to crash and drop you to the DOS prompt. With Infocom's interpreter, there is no error message at all. With Frotz, you get "Fatal error: Stack overflow."

When using Infocom's interpreter, the crash will occur after about 105 turns. With Frotz, it may take anywhere from 140 to 200 turns, but milage may vary from system to system.

Apparently the stack is released upon leaving Library Mode, because if you time it so that you leave Library Mode just before the crash, the game will continue to operate normally. Since there are only a few messages to read in Library Mode, nobody should have any reason to stay there nearly long enough to cause a problem. -- Torbjorn Andersson

For Your Amusement

Ask Perelman to look at your recordings before you've ever entered Simulation Mode, and before you've ever recorded anything.

Talk to one of the staff members at PPCC and ask them anything.

Things you can ask Perelman about: himself, Esther (his daughter), Dr. Grimwold, Senator Ryder, Aseejh Randu, the Plan, Vera Gold, Alyson Price, Eleanor Fortzman, Emily Warren, his resignation letter, mindex, clerkmatons, your parents.


This simulation is based 10 years hence.

These are the opening words to this 2041 sim, as you start off at Kennedy Park in Rockvil. As I mentioned before, this game is non-linear and has a loose gameflow, so you may explore and record something however you like. But let me explain the situation to you quite frankly. While in Simulation Mode, you need to record certain events so that Perelman can see them when you return to Communications Mode. Type in "RECORD" or "RECORD ON" to start recording, and "RECORD OFF" if finished. In many cases you can turn the recorder on just before you take a single action, then turn it off again, but sometimes it will need to be on for several turns. Your recording buffer can only hold up so many minutes of buffer before it fills up; if the buffer is full, the recorder will deactivate itself, and when it does, type in "ABORT SIM". As for me, I'll explain the strategy to help you get all nine items on the aforementioned list above in one session, so just make sure not to let the buffer get too full.

From where you start, go SW, RECORD ON, and go NW to the courthouse, where a court is in session in the trial of one woman for petty theft. Afterward, RECORD OFF. One down, eight to go. For your next objective, go SE, S, and W to Parkview Apartments. UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY, then go W to the top floor. UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY again, RECORD ON, then go N to your Living Room to see your wife, Jill. If she asks you a question, say NO. You can spend more time here, but you don't want your record buffer to get too full, so, as soon as she finishes asking, RECORD OFF. If you go N to your bedroom, you'll find a baby here, who is your son Mitchell. You can spend time with him if you like (see "For Your Amusement (2)" below). When you're done, it's on to your next objective. Go S from your Living Room, then go E twice and then N. This is where you might find your first part of the "Eating a meal in a restaurant" objective. Go W twice, then S to Roy's Pagoda. RECORD ON, then ORDER FOOD. You'll get a fortune cookie for ordering a Hot 'n' Sour Soup and a meaningful message (again, see "For Your Amusement (2)" below). Afterward, go back N and E twice.

Your next objective can be simple: go N and W to City Hall, where you'll see a government official; RECORD ON and say, "OFFICIAL, HELLO." You'll have a nice chat with him before he runs off. RECORD OFF and go E. Here's the part where it gets tricky. For the second part of the "Eating a meal in a restaurant" objective, go N and NE to Halley Park East, then N to an Aquarium (once again, see "For Your Amusement (2)" below), and NW to Aquarium & Park. If you haven't completed the restaurant objective, go NE to Burger Meister, RECORD ON, and ORDER FOOD. Then RECORD OFF and go back SW. After that comes the first part of the "Talking to a chuch elder" objective. From Aquarium & Park, go E twice, then SW to the First Methodist Church (which is obviously a Protestant church). When you see a church elder, RECORD ON and say, "ELDER, HELLO." After a nice chat, RECORD OFF and go S and E to Bodanski Square for your next objective. BUY NEWSPAPER with your credit card, then RECORD ON and READ NEWSPAPER. You'll get some news about Senator Ryder becoming President of the USNA (which is what I'm afraid of, you'll understand why later), among other things. After that, RECORD OFF. This is also where the third part of the "Eating a meal in a restaurant" objective is, so, if you haven't recorded that objective already, go NE to Simon's, where a maitre d' asks if you're a "party of one". Say YES and he'll show you a seat. RECORD ON, ORDER FOOD, and a waiter will ask for a credit card. GIVE CREDIT CARD TO WAITER and WAIT a few times before he'll offer you food. Afterwards, RECORD OFF and go back SW. Three objectives (or four, or five) to go!

Head E and NW to a Cinema. (For fun, you can READ MARQUEE, whose current features include "an action-romance entitled Let's Get Going, a comedy called Paulette, the sequel to last year's [2040] Best Picture, Upbeat Patrol II, and Freefall, a Korean film." Pretty weird.) BUY TICKET, then RECORD ON and ENTER HALL. You'll get a brief glimpse of Upbeat Patrol II, whose soundtrack, locations, and special effects are all "top-notch". Once you're done, RECORD OFF. Go back SE and W, then S, E, and S to a Church Entrance, where you'll come across another part of the "Talking to a church elder" objective. If you haven't already recorded that objective, go W to St. Michael's (which is obviously a Roman Catholic Church). When you see a church elder, RECORD ON, say "ELDER, HELLO", and you'll have a nice and blessed chat before leaving along the lines of "The Lord be with you" and "And with your spirit." :) Once that's taken care of, RECORD OFF and go back E. Go E to the Cemetery (what a beautiful resting place it is!) and S to Main & Wicker, where you'll come to the final part of the "Eating a meal in a restaurant" objective. Once again, if you haven't already recorded that part, go SE to The Coachman, which is just like Simon's in that another maitre d' asks if you're a "party of one". Say YES and he'll show you a seat. As before, RECORD ON, ORDER FOOD, and another waiter will ask for a credit card as before. GIVE CREDIT CARD TO WAITER, WAIT a few times until he gives you food, then RECORD OFF and go NW.

We're down to the final two objectives now, one of them being "Visiting a power-generating facility". Go S to Wicker & Pier, then SW, SE, and SW to the Power Station Entrance. RECORD ON and go S to the Power Station, which is powered by fusion reactors. Afterwards, RECORD OFF and go N. You're now on the home stretch, so go NW to Wicker & River, where "the smell of stale urine wafts from a stairway leading down to a gloomy Tube station." Yuck. :P Anyways, go D to the Tube Station and WAIT if necessary for a tubecar to arrive. Once it does, go IN, then, using the last of your buffer, RECORD ON and WAIT until the tubecar reaches your next destination. Once the tubecar stops, RECORD OFF before the buffer gets too full. With all your objectives complete, ABORT SIM and you'll now head back to Communications Mode.

For Your Amusement (2)

Look in the waterpool at Kennedy Park. (2041-2051)

Go to Main & Kennedy and notice how the Infotech Building on its northeast corner changes in the rankings of the tallest buildings in the world from year to year.

Report a crime to the desk officer in the Police Station. (any year)

Talk to the librarian at the Main Library. (any year)

Kiss or touch Jill. (any year)

Talk to Jill from another room of the apartment. (any year)

Squeeze the toy duck in your bedroom. (2041)

Talk to baby Mitchell. (2041)

Feed baby Mitchell the bottle of formula. (2041)

Show the baby to Jill. Give the baby to her. (2041)

Try to leave the apartment while carrying baby Mitchell. (2041)

Examine the painting and notice how it changes every year.

Buy food or soda at any Foodville. (2041)

Try getting into one of the firetrucks or firecopters at the Firehouse. (any year)

Order food at Roy's Pagoda and notice how the message in the fortune cookie you get changes every year.

Buy clothing in Dunbar's, Rockvil Mall, or Heiman Village. (Dunbar's and Heiman Village: 2041-2061; Rockvil Mall: any year)

Examine the racks of clothing in Dunbar's through the years. (2041-2061)

Try to activate the joybooth near Rockvil Mall a second time. (2041 and 2071)

Try to push the mindex in the Dorm. (2041-2061)

Try to take one of the mallard ducks at Halley Park West. (2041-2051)

Look in the aquarium tank several times. (2041)

Feed the animals in the Zoo, in both early and later years.

Give your credit card to the bank teller. (any year)

Read the movie ticket. (any year)

Try to buy a ticket in the Train Station or Terminal. (Train Station: 2041; Terminal: any year)

Examine the souvenirs in the Train Station. Try to buy one. (2041)

Answer NO to the maitre d' in either Simon's or The Coachman. (Simon's: any year; The Coachman: 2041-2061)

Order coffee in one of the restaurants. (any year)

Buy a book in the Bookstore before 2071. Then watch it get destroyed during the BSF raid in that year.

Buy a bottle of scotch at the Liquor Store. Read the label. Drink some, both outside and at home. (any year)

Shoot some pool in the Pool Hall northeast of the Pier. (any year)

Listen to the jukebox in the bar near the Pier. Do it several times, and in 2071. (any year)

Order beer in a bar. Order water. (any year)

Try to buy a gun in the Gun Shop. (any year)

Try to open the crates in the Warehouse. Then try to buy a crowbar in the Hardware Store. (any year)

Try to buy drugs in the Drug Store. (any year)

Things you can ask Jill about: clerkmatons, Fyla, Eleanor Fortzman (2041-2051), her book, her painting (2041-2051), herself.

PRISM Project Facility (cont.)

Once you're back in Communications Mode, explore some more, listen to WNNF, or WAIT a few times. Eventually, Perelman's message will appear, saying that his staff team members are about to review your recordings now. WAIT 120 MINUTES or so. Within a few hours, you'll get another message from Perelman, telling you to come to his office ASAP. Go to PEOF and WAIT until Perelman appears. If somehow your record buffer got too full before you've finished recording all of your objectives on your checklist, he will get disappointed and tell you you need to complete your objectives, so ENTER SIM MODE again to finish what you've started. Otherwise, since you followed my advice in Sim Mode, he'll congratulate you on a job well done in nailing all of your objectives in one session. He then gets excited in supposing that the Plan will get adopted, and wonders what's next. He then tells you that you'll be a hero and probably get a call from President Bowman congratulating you, "except of course that he's against the Plan." BUT... (and that's a big ol' "but" somewhere) he also states that the Simulation Controller has apparently generated a lot of new data correlations while running your sim; he's not sure what its effect will be, but it "might make an even more accurate simulation possible."

Well, it appears that our story is not over yet. Little does Perelman know that over time, you'll become a true hero in recording more simulation events in the years yet to come, so stay tuned!

PRISM Project Facility

You start off in Communications Mode, as before. There are some new things I'd like to tell you. First off, in just a few hours, Ms. Warren will add in a new Interface Controller, the "AUDITING.SYSTEM", as I mentioned before in Library Mode back in Part I. Secondly, as more hours pass, Dr. Perelman tells you that, based on your recordings, the special Congressional subcommittee has recommended the Plan for full adoption, which might occur in a few weeks; however, he still gets a funny feeling that the Plan might not be what it seems, since things are moving very fast (in fact, I'm feeling a little worried there myself! :S). And third, you can now ENTER INTERFACE MODE (and say "Y" or "N" when asked to show a list of ports there) to find out the status of the Simulation Controller. In fact, let's do so now. ENTER INTERFACE MODE and say, "SIMULATION CONTROLLER, STATUS". You'll get a list of how many minutes you've spent in each simulation year; you'll also notice that a new sim has opened up for 20 years in the future, which is the one you'll go to now.

But before you go off on a new simulation scavenger hunt, I would like to go over the sims you'll be doing in excruciating detail. In each of these sim years, an assortment of very bad sights and events will show up little by little, which can hinder the success of the Plan. Your mission, then, will be to record every bad event you find in each sim year, so that you can show Perelman that the Plan will soon devolve into a mess as decades pass. Each bad event you record is worth a certain number of points, and you need to collect a minimum number of points from each year to "finish" it. The "worse off" the recorded situation gets, the higher the points value. You don't necessarily need to perform every action listed, but you can if you like (trust me, you might find it interesting). Some events can be seen in more than one sim year, but you can only count each event once. If Perelman says his team wants to see more from a particular year, then you haven't collected enough points from that year yet.

When trying to record an event that is listed as happening "within your first [number of] turns" in a given location, then it's your best bet to enter the location where it occurs with your recorder already on, since it often happens on the very first turn. However, it would be a good idea to save your game first, because if you miss an event you want to record, you can either ABORT SIM, then re-enter it and try again, or you can load your saved game, then RECORD ON and try again. Like I said before, your record buffer can only hold so many minutes of video, so if it gets too full, ABORT SIM and WAIT for Perelman to show up at his office. He usually shows up in his office from around 10:00am to around 9:00pm. You can pass some time by exploring some more, or you can WAIT in larger chunks of time than the 10 minutes that pass by default with the WAIT command (up to WAIT 120 MINUTES). If you exit Sim Mode late at night, however, you can pass the time by typing in "ENTER SLEEP MODE", and drift off to sleep for a good six hours. As soon as you wake up, ENTER COMMUNICATIONS MODE, go to PEOF and wait until Perelman gets there, after which you can show your buffer to him.

BTW, each sim year has a certain number of in-game minutes that can be completed before a new sim year opens up. The higher the minutes pass, the more "advanced" the new sim opens up, which I'll describe to you in each decade section. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you: at one point when you exit Simulation Mode, the first time you wait for Perelman at his office, he will ask you to come into his office for "one more quick series of psych tests we want to run"; WAIT a few more times, and he'll show up with Dr. Ernest Grimwold for the psych tests, which Grimwold has in placards; when he asks you if you're ready, say YES, and he'll hold up a series of (graphical) cards, each with an inkblot design (kind of like a Rorschach test, IMO). Say whatever word comes into your mind each time a card is shown, and after a few cards, you'll pass the test before Perelman and Grimwold leave. Afterward, WAIT 60 MINUTES again, and Perelman will show up for you to show him the record buffer then.

Well, I guess that should be all the info I can tell you, so, if you're ready, ENTER SIM MODE, enter in the Class 1 Security Mode Access code number, and type in "20" to start. Happy hunting! ;)


This simulation is based 20 years hence.

So begins this opening narration to the 2051 sim. You start off in the Tube Station below Elm & University. As soon as you set foot outside, you may notice that there is a bit of civil unrest, and the environment is starting to get a little choked up and polluted. Jobs are starting to get troubled, there are quite a few layoffs, and separation of church and state is starting to erode. As far as you can tell, you only need to get a minimum of 11 points from this year; that way, you can easily get enough points to satisfy the game requirement in a single session. However, keep in mind that you need to spend at least 300 in-game minutes before you can move on to the next sim year, so you may find it interesting to see the other "sights" even if you don't record them. Some of these events can yield 3 points, some of them 2 points, and some of them 1 point. You can mix these points in any way you record them. However, I'm gonna classify these points from highest to lowest, starting with the high-point walkthroughs and ending with the low-point ones. Though the high-point walkthrough is the quickest way for a high score, the low-point walkthrough may be the slowest, yet you can get all these points while spending the required 300 minutes you need for the next sim. The points you get I will highlight in bold and italics, so please bear with me as I start off these walkthroughs for 2051, okay? ;)

2051: 3-Point Walkthrough

From where you are, go U from the Tube Station, then go E, S, and W to Parkview Apartments. UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY and go W. UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY again, then go N and you'll see Jill (who may or may not ask a question that you have to answer with NO, but it depends). RECORD ON. You should see the BSF raiding your apartment and wrecking the rooms a bit; if not, WAIT until it does occur. (3 points) Afterward, you might want to COMFORT JILL a bit before you LOOK THROUGH WINDOW, as you may notice that many trees are dying due to the acid rain in the town of Rockvil; that can't be good. (3 points) Afterwards, RECORD OFF. We're easily halfway done, so we have only five more points to go. OPEN DOOR and go S and E four times to Southway & River. For the optional path, go S and SE to Wicker & River, then SW twice to the Dump Entrance. RECORD ON, then go SW once more to the City Dump. Apparently these people haven't been recycling lately, for there's a lot of junk and radioactive waste here. *Gulp!* (3 points) RECORD OFF, then go NE three times, NW, and N five times to the home stretch: Bodanski Square. BUY NEWSPAPER as before, then RECORD ON and READ NEWSPAPER. You may notice that the newspaper is thinner than before, and the lettering is so small, you can barely make out the stories of job layoffs, more pollution, the drop in USNA farm output, committee hearings on eunthanasia legislation, the decision by a Church of God's Word priest in Arizona to run for a Senate seat, the Ryder administration's approval for a strip-mining bill, and President Ryder still in power, with a poll showing him enjoying a 71% approval rating. We just can't help but wonder: WTH is happening to Rockvil and to this world?! :( (3 points)

Anyways, we are done here, so RECORD OFF and ABORT SIM to return to Communications Mode. Otherwise, barring the City Dump event (as it will be around in 2061 and 2071), get one of the events in the 2-point walkthrough or two in the 1-point walkthrough below, then ABORT SIM to return.

2051: 2-Point Walkthrough

From where you are, go U from the Tube Station, then E to Elm & Park. RECORD ON and go NW to the Courthouse, where you'll notice two men facing the death penalty for attempted rape. Attempted rape?! It seems like the death penalty must have been expanded to cover minor crimes. What happened to "the right to a fair trial"? (2 points) Afterward, RECORD OFF and go SE, N, and W to City Hall, where you meet up with a government official, as usual. RECORD ON, say, "OFFICIAL, HELLO", and you'll get a chat with him. Apparently, he looks troubled that the city is not doing too well these days. (2 points) Anyways, after he leaves, RECORD OFF and go E and NE twice to Bodanski Square. You might think of buying the newspaper again like in the 3-point walkthrough. Instead, RECORD ON and EXAMINE NEWSPAPER DISPENSER. Apparently this belongs to the last newspaper line, with all the others closed, so it's not doing too well (which explains the newspaper getting thinner than before due to a shortage of trees). :( (2 points) RECORD OFF after this sight.

Now apparently, the Invisiclues for the game say that you get 2 points for talking to a government official, but they didn't say anything about talking to a church elder at First Methodist Church or St. Michael's that will net you 2 points also (maybe they just forgot to write about it when the game came out in 1985). ...Whatever, we're heading to First Methodist Church now. Go W and then N, where you'll meet a church elder pacing around; RECORD ON and say, "ELDER, HELLO". He'll explain that he's getting more and more worried due to the growth of the Church of God's Word and the erosion of religious tolerance before running off to a wedding. Kinda scary, don't you think? (2 points) Speaking of the Church of God's Word (which the Invisiclues again didn't say is optional and can also be done in 2061 and 2071, as you'll see later), RECORD OFF and go S and E; RECORD ON again and go SE to find that the Church has replaced the old Train Station that you used to go to about a decade ago, kinda like how its cult members took over the radio telescope facility at Greens Peak, Arizona, in 2027. This kinda feels like a repeat of the Arizona nightmare scenario, huh? (2 points) Now you may be tempted to get a pamphlet and read it, which will be covered later in the 1-Point Walkthrough below. Instead, RECORD OFF and go SW, S, and E. If you didn't record either the "government official" or "church elder" events (or both, I'm not sure), then go N to Church Entrance and W to St. Michael's, where another church elder resides. RECORD ON, say, "ELDER, HELLO", then RECORD OFF and go E and S. Since you've covered both events, we've got two more 2-point events to go.

Go E to Main & Wicker, then go S and SW twice to Wicker & River. RECORD ON and either LOOK in Wicker & River or go N to the Soup Kitchen, which used to be a Closed Factory but is now owned by the property of St. Michael's. The soup here seems to be a bit less edible and thin, almost in poor condition. A sign of the bad things to come, maybe? (2 points either way) RECORD OFF (and/or go S from the Soup Kitchen). The final 2-point event is only hours away, so either explore the rest of Rockvil to pass the time and see other things you didn't record, or just repeatedly WAIT 60 or 120 MINUTES until night falls. When it's getting closer to 9:00pm (around 8:30-8:45pm, if you will), stop what you're doing, RECORD ON, and WAIT 30 or 60 MINUTES or so until you hear sirens signalling the start of curfew at 9:00pm, which means that you might get arrested if you wait outside for too long. And you don't want that now, do you? (2 points) (Of course, the event is also optional, so you don't have to record it if you don't want to, as it will also be around in 2061 and 2071, so you can fill up one event in the 1-point walkthrough below, but anyways...) With the objectives completed (including the optional events), you've also completed the 300 in-game minutes needed to move on to the next sim, so RECORD OFF, and ABORT SIM to return to Communications Mode.

2051: 1-Point Walkthrough

From where you are, you may be tempted to go into the tubecar to record something, but not yet. Instead, go U to Elm & University, then go NW to Rockvil University. RECORD ON, then go W to the Dorm, where you might WAIT until there's a police raid in which a few students are arrested for possession of "confiscated drugs" (I think these may refer to the mindex here). (1 point) Afterward, RECORD OFF and go E. RECORD ON again and go N to Halley & University, where you can catch a glimpse of a skycopter announcing a prayer meeting (apparently the separation of church and state is slowly eroding away, which is pretty scary, IMO). (1 point) Again, RECORD OFF and go N, NW, N three times to Rockvil Stadium, then NE twice to the Water Tower. RECORD ON and go N to the Rockvil Reformatory. Where the prison population had been growing a bit a decade before, here it's getting unbelievably overcrowded, "with brutally unsanitary conditions", and you can tell that the death penalty has been extended to cover minor crimes, so people may be thinking of shortening the appeals to speed up executions as a solution. That can't be good at all. (1 point) Anyways, RECORD OFF and go back S, then SW twice back to Rockvil Stadium. Go D this time to the Tube Station and WAIT for a tubecar to show up. Once it does, RECORD ON and go IN, where you'll find that the inside is covered with a bit of graffiti. Apparently the police are becoming lazy to clean up the graffiti after arresting these vandal artists, but they may do it sometime in the future, I guess. (1 point)

RECORD OFF and WAIT until the tubecar arrives SE to its destination, then go OUT and U to Halley Park West. Go SE, RECORD ON, then go SW to the Halley Museum, which here doesn't seem to look too well because of low attendance these days. (1 point) RECORD OFF and go NE, then RECORD ON again and go E to Huang Hall, which apparently has a jewelry and fur show going on (I gotta tell you, these people probably have no respect for animal rights :P). (1 point) When you're done, RECORD OFF. For the optional one, you can go N twice to the Aquarium, where you can RECORD ON and LOOK IN TANK, where "the water is murky and the walls of the tank need cleaning", possibly due to a bit of animal neglect. :( (1 point) Anyways, RECORD OFF and go back S to Halley Park East, then go E three times to Bodanski Square (or just go E and NE there if you decide to skip the Aquarium bit, which will continue on in 2061 and 2071 later). From there, go E and NW to the Cinema, where you can either RECORD ON and READ MARQUEE (whose current features include "Manure Marauders, a long-running comedy, a horror-thriller called Not Until I Scream, and the sixth and seventh films in the popular Foreign Raiders series"; apparently these films aren't doing too good these days), or you can BUY TICKET again, then RECORD ON and ENTER HALL, where you'll watch some Manure Marauders, which is starting to feel like a snuff film these days. (1 point either way) Afterwards, RECORD OFF. Only three (or four) more to go.

Go back SE, W, and SE to the Church of God's Word (where you would normally record for two points in the previous walkthrough section). This time, GET PAMPHLET, RECORD ON, and READ PAMPHLET. It seems like the Church is concocting a fanciful story in their own version of Ellis Vincent and the seizure of the the radio telescope facility atop Greens Peak in Phoenix, Arizona, and his final days... except that there's one mistake: while the "MOUNT.TAKEOVER" section in Library Mode stated that they took over the facility in December 2027, and would plan to construct a temple there in the future, here, the pamphlet says that the temple was constructed in Greens Peak in "2025"! They must have made a mistake in the confused numbering of the years between the seizure of the radio telescope facility and the construction of the temple there. Maybe they meant to write that said temple was constructed in 2035, which the game was supposed to say. But whatever. :P (1 point) Anyways, RECORD OFF and go SW. RECORD ON again and go S to Main & River, where you might WAIT until you see the BSF completing a raid on a nearby building. This is pretty scary! The inhabitants there must have been traumatized by the ordeal the BSF has caused. :( (1 point) Anyways, keep the recorder on and go NE to the Health Center. Apparently, this center is "a respected, member-owned HMO which has consistently refused to follow the trend of providing inferior health care to those unable to afford the best procedures" (a very rich and greedy bunch of health care hypocrites, they are! :P). (1 point) Anyways, RECORD OFF and go SW back to Main & River.

If you already had 11 points from recording the optional feature, ABORT SIM now, but there are about five 1-point events we haven't got to yet (and one more to go if you haven't recorded the Aquarium event). From Main & River, go S and then SW to Rockvil Mall, a renovated computer factory. RECORD ON and go E. Where the Joybooth stand once stood and had many Joybooths about a decade ago, they were banned a few years ago due to too many over-simulation suicides in youths, which explains why there's now a featureless wall. (Arcade game-haters these days...! >:( ) (1 point) RECORD OFF and go NE. At that point, absent from the Aquarium event, you can ABORT SIM, but we might need to get in a few extra points, for the sake of 1-point completeness. From Elm & River, go N and E. Try to go E to Main & Wicker, and you might get a visit from an unshaven man who is handing out advertisements; in which case, you can GET ADVERTISEMENTS, then RECORD ON and READ ADVERTISEMENTS. (Of course, the unshaven man isn't always there, so you might need to leave and then re-enter a few times before you see him.) Anyways, here's what the ads say:


Mona's Pleasure Parlor has it all!!
   * Massage Parlor
   * Topless Club
   * Escort Agency
   * Bordello
   * XXX Videos
   * Accessory Shop and more!
In Eastbank, on the corner of River
and Franklin.

Apparently the guy wants people to have some fun, which is kind of a bit... risqué, IMO. :P (1 point) Once that is accomplished, RECORD OFF and go E to the Main Street Bridge. RECORD ON and EXAMINE RIVER (you can also do it from any other place where it's visible). The water here seems to be a bit unhealthy and the current is strong, so it may not be a good idea to go swimming right now. :( (1 point) RECORD OFF and go W, S, and SW to the Factory Entrance. RECORD ON and go SE to the Skycar Factory, the last surviving smokestack industry in the area, which seems to be running well above half of the capacity "judging by the number of cars in the workers' lot, and the general level of activity" (a great fear that Perry Simm had in his college days, as far as I can remember). (1 point) Hope you still have the record buffer left, because there's one more point to go. RECORD OFF and go SW to the Power Station Entrance. RECORD ON one last time and go S to the Power Station. Apparently someone must have had a lame-brained idea to add some coal-burning generators to the fusion reactors to power up the electricity for the day, a sign of pollution and an omen of terrible things to come. :o (1 point)

Anyways, we're finally done, and depending on how many events you record, with or without the Aquarium event, the record buffer may become full and deactivate itself; if not, RECORD OFF. In any case, you've filled in the 300 minutes needed for the next sim, and filled in enough points (15 or 16), so without further delay, ABORT SIM to return to Communications Mode.

For Your Amusement (3)

Be at the bar near the Pier as curfew approaches. (any year)

Lie down on the blanket in the jail cell after you get arrested. (any year)

Look at yourself during each simulation year (from 2051 on).