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Prologue studied
Complete the first episode.
Out of the Nasty Woods
Complete the second episode.
Crossed the Frosty Heights
Complete the third episode.
Slipped down the Snowy Roofs
Complete the fourth episode.
Survived the Machinery
Complete the fifth episode and accomplish the campaign.
It's raining purple
Collect all purple presents in a level.
All my yellow fellows
Collect all yellow presents in a level.
A colorful experience
Collect all colored presents in a level.
Gift Grabber
Collect all presents in a single level.
Master Gift Collector
Collect all presents of a single episode.
Greatest Gift Gatherer
Collect every single present throughout the campaign.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Complete one episode without losing a life.
Supreme Survivor
Complete the campaign without losing a life.
Champion Claus
Achieve 100,000 points in the campaign.
Super Santa
Achieve 250,000 points in the campaign.
Jumping Legend
Achieve 500,000 points in the campaign.
First Night
Complete the first level.

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