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Assassin Guide Guide by syarul

Version: 1.22 | Updated: 09/22/2005

===================== Neverwinter Nights Assassin Guide =====================
========================== Hordes of the Underdark ==========================
================================ Version 1.22 ===============================

                        By Syarul hottincup@lycos.com

Glad to know that a lot people start noticing the superiority of the 
Assassin. In hope to bring the greatest potential in Assassin, this guide 
have gain lots of feedbacks. Thanks to anyone who had given thoughts to this 
guide. It's priceless and keep playing NWN!^^

21/09/2005 Version 1.22
-Minor updates, spelling, few changes

18/09/2005 Version 1.21
-Lost version 1.2 and writing it back as version 1.21, huh~
-Build more sentences, change the introduction, fix grammars etc++
-Put a bad news in the intro,huh~
-Add quotes in 4.0 Core Classes,^^
-Add Ranger tracking ability benefit to the Assassin
-Add poison info from Assassin.
-Correct Death Attack percentage on how often it works.
-Forgot about Gnome and put it into recommended race for Assassin.
-add more info in 8.0 Battle Tactics
-Correct Initiative checks on Death Attacks per round info, please read 
[6.0 Feats] for more info.
-Also include new table of attacks per round compare to executable 
Death Attacks per round for all Assassin builds ( refer table 6.0)
-All builds now have Death Attacks offset per round stated
-Add 1 more build the "Reverend Assassin"
-Refine the Loudmouth Build, substitute Rogue with Monk for maximum
-Add Builds Table as quick reference in 9.0 Special Character Builds
-Add more links at the bottom of the page.

24/07/2005 Version 1.1
-Correction Thug feats explanation, no lvl restriction. 
-Include 3 builds Coupe de Grace, Shadow and Loudmouth. 
-Add 1 more recommended race Halfling.
-Add comparison table between Death Attack and Stunning Fist
-Correct info regarding Low-light Vision and Darkvision, both abilities 
didn't work under Darkness only Ultravision can override the concealment 
-Correct Ultravision spell explanation.
-Add Death Attack paralyze effect lasting time info ( refer table 2.0)
-Correct Attack Bonus for Ranger.
-Correct some grammar mistakes.
-Add more monsters to the enemy list in [8.0 Battle Tactics]

17/07/2005 Version 1.0
-Initial release and full of mistakes

Table of contents







    9.1 Coupe De Grace Assassin
    9.2 Shadow Assassin
    9.3 Loudmouth Assassin
    9.4 Reverend Assassin


    Neverwinter Nights is already nearly 3 to 4 years old. NWN game is a D&D 
based games but used modules as its core foundation and since then, continuous 
effort by developers and fans in creating new modules, HAKS, etc++ somehow 
prolong the life span of this game. Worlds and DMs attraction for online play 
also a great alternative getaway rather playing on solo modules. 

    If we haven't realize it, the fast-phase-changing of our gaming society 
only offer few strong games especially RPGs to live long enough and worth for 
us to mention around. Like its predecessor BG series, NWN series would consider 
as one of them, Diablo 2 or Final Fantasy Series are also in the list. Although 
by graphic standard, would considered poor compare to nowadays games, still 
it would outnumbered some top high end games these days. It still stir us in 
most cases if we not care what we facing with within these games.

    And finally I can say, being into such development team of game makers 
nowadays only disappointed me. What they offer us are newbie games with 
subtle effort in gameplay and system design rather rushing to keep phase with 
top notch high end graphic games. They probably already forgot that such 
thing wouldn't supply us gamers soul with satisfaction. We don't buy games 
just as token of gratitude and have them on shelves covered with dust. What 
we prefer is to play them until those cds scratch unreadable by our ROMs. 
There's more then meet the eyes for games that we like and for that here I am 
writing a guide for such thing. Enjoy your reading^^ 
                                                                2005, Syarul 

If you have finish reading this guide and have finish the official campaign, 
I would recommend to check out new modules at IGN.com nwvault, it might be 
worth to play some of these home baked modules, "Honour Among Thieves" by 
Baldecaran is one of them and might suits well with the Assassin. 

As for this guide, hopefully it will change your perspective over this class. 
Most of us belief it would less reflecting what a typical Rogue can be like, 
but in deceiving ways Assassin prevails better over Rogue. At the turn of the 
surge, I hope this guide would lead us with more option and reason to play 
and enjoy NWN again. 

This guide is especially for HotU (Horde of the Underdark) although Assassin 
class is already available before in SoU (Shadow of the Underentide). 
Assassin is a Prestige Class and you should have the SoU expansion to be able 
to play as an Assassin. In HotU you can start at least lvl5 to lvl10 Assassin 
+ core class lvls to play the module and also some new good feats available 
in HotU to enhance Assassin in battle. 

" The Assassin is a master of dealing quick, lethal blows. Assassins often 
function as spies, informants, killers for hire, or agents of vengeance. The 
Assassin's skill in a variety of dark arts allows him to carry out missions 
of death with shocking, terrifying precision..."                          
                                                 SoU Manual

Unlike Bard or Rogue, Assassin has no wits and charm that makes he least of a 
charismatic person. He is evil due to lack of morals and ethical conduct. He 
trade himself with a little bit of dark arts (Death Attack, Ghostly Visage, 
Darkness, Invisibility, Improve Invisibility) that makes he more then just a 
plain Rogue. Assassin doesn't have enemies, what are them to him are his 
"PREY". Unlike Rogue who thrive on stealing, Assassin likely prefer more to 
killing matters. They often found working alone in secretive usually for 
certain orders or merely for hire. Prime assassin don't work on small bounty, 
they are more contend into overcoming their limits to track down the hardest 
prey they can hunt. They DO NOT kill for pleasure but they do love the 
hunting game on their prey. More info on how Assassin function and behave, 
I suggest reading some Forgotten Realm's books about a leading wicked 
Assassin name Artemis Entreri by R.A Salvatore. Well anyway this guide have 
a bit of reflection how the real Artemis fights and moves^^. Seriously you 
have to think just like him to play your Assassin with this guide. Well if 
you never heard of him this guide might still help you.

Lots of people might have despised the Assassin prestige class. They would 
say Assassin is far worst even compare to a Rogue class character. The first 
skill they are lacking is the useless Death Attack. But for me this is the 
crowning skills for the Assassin. If you like to go hunting undead likely 
Assassin is not a worth class to have, but other than that Assassin is 
somehow one of the best class to have around. While Death Attack functions 
similarly to Sneak Attack, it can paralyze a target. Pathetically, lots of us 
still think that Death Attack only works in the first of each battle. So to 
spend few lvls as an Assassin is a waste, the best we can think of is to get 
the use poison ability to coat weapons with poison. Well you all wrong, 3rd 
D&D Assassin is different then Rogue, 2nd D&D Thief and even 2nd D&D 
Assassin. Death Attack is a special version of Sneak Attack that can paralyze 
enemy. Monk Stunning Fist DC is count through half of their lvls and only can 
make the blow in certain amount in a day. Death Attack is count at all lvl of 
an Assassin and there's no limit on how much Death Attacks you can deliver 
per day. It's already superior compare to a Monk Stunning Fist. The only 
problem with Death Attack is how to deliver it as often in a battle. To 
paralyze not just one but all enemies in a battle is an artistic measure and 
to do so an Assassin have to be aware and fully understand their capabilities. 
That's what has driven me to write this guide on Assassin.

The Game So Far..
NWN is a 3rd D&D rules product, compare to Baldur's Gate series, NWN premium 
modules difficulty is far easier, since there is no battle that is far to 
long to finish and have lots of crazy powerful monsters spawning from 
everywhere. There are two annoying places in HotU that is effected with wild 
surge and another one with death magic that's not even close to BG's 
Watcher's Keep. Every book that you can find in the NWN game have less records 
concerning the spawn of Baal saga - Baldur's Gate, Amn and Thetyr. The best 
book related to the event is Time of Troubles.  Likely the event in 
Neverwinter, Underentide and Underdark might actually happen after that. 
The first thought meeting the followers of Eilistraee in HotU would lead to 
Soulfien. He is a drow in BG's 2 who help you to recover the silver dragon 
eggs in Ush Natha. Before he left he did mention about the lady of the silver 
hair. Meeting him at Lyth My'athar among them would be a surprise. It is said 
after the Throne of Bhaal, Korgan Bloodaxe a BG's 2 Berserker live and rule 
among the Underdark Dwarf although rumors said he died in certain battle. 
Collective items of him like the Nasher equipments for a Dwarven Defender 
might be good also. Aerie an Avariel Cleric/Wizard as the ruler among the 
Avariels you meet in the Underdark would also seem convenient to have. Would 
it be good if those have slight effect in NWN a bit. Ah I do mish them so 

Good news: NWN2 which is developed by Obsidian Entertainment promise us NWN2 
to be far better. Neverwinter City will be a massive place and least 
reflecting what Athakala City in BG's 2 where we can free leave and comeback 
at later time in the game and maybe much more. Hopefully it is not a sequel 
for NWN, it should be a massive expansion on top NWN. We'll see how it goes..

Bad news: The 3.5e Assassin is a lot more magical oriented and don't offer 
what Assassin was like in the current NWN game. Most of the benefits on the 
Assassin are already strip off. As usual  we harness some great potential
within them and later they are taken back. Not complaining though just a bit
unhappy, still I hope to find the 3.5e Assassin come my liking when I have
the chance to play them. A link to this at the bottom of the guide if you 
want to check them.

Assassin abilities summary
Death Attack - Function similar to Sneak Attack and has chance on paralyzing 
opponents. If enemy make save they suffer additional 1d6 + the actual Death 
Attack dmg. +1d6 dmg at 1st lvl and increase by +1d6 each 2 lvls. Uncanny 
Dodge - At 2nd lvl they retain DEX bonuses to armor class even if caught flat 
footed. Starting at 5th Lvl they get +1 to Reflex Saving Throws and +2 at 
10th lvl. Spells - Once per day Assassin can cast Ghostly Visage at 2nd lvl,
Darkness at 5th, Invisibility at 6th and Improved Invisibility at 9th. Poison 
Domain - At 1st Lvl never make DEX check to apply poison on weapons. They 
resist poison far better then other classes. +1 Fortitude Save vs poison 
starting at 2nd lvl and increase +1 each 2 lvls.

Assassin vs Fighter
First, Assassin is not a fighter. They should always make attack base on the 
situation. If an Assassin is force to fight hand on hand it is because they 
force to do so unwillingly. Fighter class is an ancient and typically bold 
fighting man that always provokes enemies to fight hand on hand. Fighters are 
thugs, mercenaries or guards with no sense in other things beyond fighting. 
Assassin doesn't work like a plain Fighter, they do no jump upon a ready prey
just to find at their full disadvantages. They unwillingly fight but seek the 
upmost opportunity to kill. Assassin lurks and stabs with his daggers when it 
cause more then just hurt. Once move, his prey should have never lived to 
counter react his attacks.

Assassin vs Rogue
When it come to senses Assassin and Rogue have a lot similarity. Like Rogue, 
Assassin is also vulnerable when it comes to fight hand on hand. But Assassin 
functions beyond Rogue. A Rogue always spends less time in the shadow and 
they are good at flanking opponents. A Rogue alone can't survive a battle 
without a party or henchmen by their side. That's why Rogue has the Evasion 
and Improved Evasion to survive those pesky Wizard's spells. Flanking 
opponents is Rogue job, Assassin shouldn't do that anymore, it is past below 
your specialties. Assassin Death Attack will go to waste if flanking their 
prey. If you prefer flanking rather then using Death Attack I suggest you 
stick to Rogue and have henchmen as the bait, it won't do any good if you 
were Assassin anyway. Assassin is a bit magical oriented, lesser skills 
attributes and points while still retaining important skills on Hide/ Move 
Silently/ Traps/ Tumble/ Use Magic Device skills. 

Assassin Death Attack
It's possible to finish the HotU module with an Assassin class character in 
very difficult mode without even rely on any henchmen during every battle, 
having henchmen, animal companions or summons turn your Assassin Death 
Attacks into normal Sneak Attacks. The beauty of Death Attacks only revealed 
when there is no actual combat happening around you or the victim you strike 
is not in combat mode. While I play with my Assassin I do have a henchmen but
I left them somewhere far from battle and they just meant for carrying 
stuffs. Rather than henchmen I rather called them pack mule. If you want to 
utilize all the Assassin skills I would suggest to leave your henchmen or 
not to let them enter battle. It's somehow difficult for your Death Attack to 
work as often if you have them around.

              "as certain as the death itself..."
                                         Grimnaw / NWN Longdeath Monk

The manual didn't explain completely how the Death Attack works, but in the 
game you can read the whole explanation on Death Attack in character sheet/
feats. Death Attack function similarly to Sneak Attack but if the target 
creatures is "NOT IN COMBAT MODE" it become the victim of the Death Attack 
and have a chance to be paralyze. If he succeeds the DC check for the Death 
Attack he still suffers additional 1d6 dmg + the actual Death Attack dmg. If 
the victim is in combat mode the Death Attack is considered as normal Sneak 
Attack so there is no chance to paralyze anymore. Some of us might believe
that Assassin Death Attack has a chance to paralyze, well to be true the 
percentage chances for Death Attack to work are always 95%. Why 95% it is 
base on the measure when your prey roll his fortitude saving throw to negate 
the paralyze effect. If he roll 20 even it is lower then your Death Attack DC
he will negate it. It's beyond help but a small matter to comprehend. The 
things that we need to worry are about improving the DC check and how to 
execute Death Attack more then just 1 time in battle to gain higher chances 
paralyzing your prey. This is a table to compare Assassin Death Attack with 
Monk Stunning Fist.

                 |   Assassin Death Attack    |       Monk Stunning Fist 
1. DC            |  10 + Sin lvls + INT mod.  | 10 + 1/2 Monk lvls + WIS mod.
2. Blow per day  |         Unliminted         |       1 every 4 Monk lvls
3. Lasting effect|      1 turn/Sin lvls       |           3 rounds
4. Attack penalty|            N/A             |             -4
5. Dmg Penalty   |            N/A             |             -4
6. Attack bonus  |        flat-footed         |             N/A
7. Dmg bonus     |+1d6 Death Attack/2 Sin lvl |             N/A
8. Mode          |    target not in combat    |             any
Note: 1 turn equals to 10 rounds, 1 round is +/-6 seconds.

Victim of Death Attack have to make fortitude saving throws against paralyze 
to avoid the effect. Constitution modifier will add bonus to fortitude saving 
throw. Ogres or Orcs usually high on constitution, they likely more often 
succeed on their saving will Elf/Drow will always fail their fortitude 
saving throw.

Shadow and Darkness

               "the world is blind to my passing..."
                                        Yoshimo / BG's 2 Bounty Hunter

A Shadowdancer embrace the shadow, while Assassin is the living shadow 
itself, your prey can't smell, listen or see you. Make use Hiding and 
Darkness spell all the time, it's the best resource you'll ever get for your 
Assassin. Compare to Shadowdancer Hide in Plain Sight, Darkness gives much 
more space and time for you to deal more Death Attacks. For me Hide in Plain 
Sight is much more of a defensive type skill and meant for running away from 
battle. It's too annoying to deal few damages, provoke enemies attack and 
hide back again. Darkness if cast correctly, wait for few moments for combat 
cool down and you can have lots of Death Attacks. With it enemies are less 
provokes only one at a time. Even if your Death Attacks failed all creatures 
is consider caught flat-footed under Darkness effect you'll be dealing Sneak 
Attacks anyway. Under Darkness effect you can hide and leave shadow at your 
will without being detected just like what Hide in Plain Sight can give. 
After Darkness spells has expired you have few last resorts with Invisibility 
spells to finish anyone not caught under Darkness. Assassin is quite limited 
with resources, but with correct timing and planning it challenges you to 
make the best short works on your prey. That's why they are given with the 
title Assassin, your victim should never live a moment just to figure how 
they die instantly.

There are 6 type of poison, since your are Assassin there's no penalty to
apply them to your weapons. Still a bit of info here will surely help. There

Very Strong

Every poison would apply 1d2 Strength penalty each time hit. Well it's like a 
Rogue Crippling Strike with DC check. If you have already imbue your weapons 
with lots of enchantment likely these poison wouldn't applied. DC from Deadly 
Poison can't get on any magical weapons. So you can keep your weapons with 
minimum enchantment if you plan to use poison most of the time. In HotU, 
Robe of Leathers may give you infinite use to coat your weapons with poison.

There are 4 races which is good to be an excellent Assassin. That would 
be the Elf, Halfling, Gnome and Human. 

They are high on DEX and less on CON ( DEX+2/CON -2). Assassin should go with 
Weapon Finesse feat to utilize DEX to roll for the attacks. So higher DEX get 
good attack bonuses. Skill affinity is a bonus and also keen senses that 
automatically detect everything that is hidden in passive mode. They are good 
with longbows and swords and gain +1 attack bonus with these weapons.
Recommended build: Coupe de Grace Assassin.
Recommended build: Reverend Assassin.
Recommended build: Loudmouth Assassin.

At first I have no love and affection for Halfling, but since I found out 
that Low-light vision/ Darkvision didn't work under Darkness there's room for
this class and seem that this class is quite hefty with bonuses. They gain 
+ to armor class because of size, skill affinity in Hide/ Move Silently. They 
are high on DEX and less on STR ( DEX+2/STR -2). 
Recommended build: Coupe de Grace Assassin.
Recommended build: Reverend Assassin.
Recommended build: Loudmouth Assassin.

Someone pointing this up and I miss to mention about them. Like Halfling they 
also gain +1 AC because of their stature, Bonus Fighting with Reptilians and
Goblinoids, bonus armor fighting with Giants, Skill Affinity in 
Listen/Concentration, Spell Focus Illusion and Low-light Vision. They get
benefit in constitution and penalty in strength ( CON+2/STR -2). Quite a lot
benefit and their favored class is Wizard. 
Recommended build: Loudmouth Assassin.

There is no actual advantage and motivation in the beginning to make them 
good Assassin. Compare to Elf or the Halfling, Human would be think as a 
poor choice to advance as an Assassin. Well not exactly and for my opinion 
they are somehow the best Assassin can achieve in the game. Why? Because they 
get 1 additional feat at first lvl. Feats are crucial for Assassin if not 
your Assassin will be less effective after awhile. 
Recommended build: Shadow Assassin.
Recommended build: Reverend Assassin.
Recommended build: Loudmouth Assassin.

Other Races
Other races are not much for Assassin. No potential and make really worst 
Assassin class ever. Bad stats and XP penalty when multiclass.

In the game manuals, the recommended core classes to be an Assassin would be 
either Rogue, Monk and Bard. Well to some point it's true but they can never 
make a perfect Assassin. Rogue is far better to go with epic Rogue since 
their epic abilities is worth for them to flank enemies. Monk, I have to be
contend as this class would benefit a lot for your Assassin(not as prime core
class, 1 lvl already enough). As for Bard it's good for them to be Dragon 
Disciple. A Bard who tells story about dungeons and dragons will look much 
more charming as he's like a dragon incantation of the lesser race. People 
surely love to hear and believe your tales. No one will throw you eggs or 
chase you with fork anymore. Deekin would love to hear this.

            "make way villainy, hero coming through!"
                                             Minsk / BG's 2 Ranger

The best of all core classes candidate to be Assassin is actually Ranger. It 
might sound fishy to have an evil alignment Ranger. But in world of Toril 
it's possible. Remember the quest in NWN at Port Last where you have to 
collect bounties of 5 outlaws and one of them actually a Ranger. If you 
listen to his story you realized he's a bit more chaotic as to what he has 
done. His revenge made other ppl considering him as a dangerous evil outlaw. 
Ranger usually is chaotic class so make a chaotic evil Ranger.

            "make way hero, villainy coming through!"
                                           Syarul / NWN Assassin Guide Author

Why Ranger makes the perfect Assassin?
These are listed as useful feats to the Assassin and I won't be talking about
favored enemies or animal companion ability that Ranger has. All other that 
is not listed is a bonus, you only need 9 to 10 lvls in Ranger and not much 
for  favored enemies or a good animal companion. Each listed here is a boon 
for your Assassin.

Ranger roll HD of d10 and with that it would help your Assassin lvls since 
you will be spending time fighting alone lots of time. My suggestion is to 
have at least 10 lvls in this class although you can switch to an Assassin as 
early as lvl5. So by lvl10 if you roll around +9 to +10 for HD each lvl, 
you'll get around 90~100 HP without any CON/Feats bonuses and its far better 
then a Rogue of the same lvl can have. Beyond lvl10 there is no significance 
benefit to advance as a Ranger anymore. If you want to play in very difficult 
mode this should help as you be getting hit at double damage anyways.

Ranger gets the Dual Wield feats for free at first lvl and further at lvl9 
they gain Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. This is why you have actually to have 
at least lvl9 Ranger. Dual Wield feat consist of Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon 
Fighting feat and only available if they wear light armor. Assassin is DEX 
based class and to use armor beyond light is worthless. My Ranger/Assassin 
ventured into Undermountain even by wearing modified Rogue's tunic. For that 
you have to spend some point at craft armor to be able to make it. You can 
buy the necessary needs outside behind Halaster's Inn from a forger. So with 
these you get 3 feats for free and further if you choose Human you'll get 
altogether +4 bonus feats. 4 bonus feats is just to damn great to have. Your 
Assassin will be the one with the most feats that other class would dream 
for, considering you only get 1 additional feat every 4 lvls. 

Ranger is considered as a hybrid of a Fighter/Rogue class. They get some of 
the Rogue class skills abilities and also their fighting abilities are nearly 
as good as fighter. Ranger does get hide/move silently as their class skills 
and it is important for the Assassin. At least 8 skill points in these 2 
class skills to multiclass as an Assassin.

Ranger gets access to some cool spells. At lvl 10 you could have lvl1 and 
lvl2 spells. With wisdom of 12 you can have 1 slot for 1st lvl spell. I 
suggest you get a wisdom amulet to make further use at least 2 slots in lvl1 
spells and 1 slot at lvl2. You'll be thinking that this some kind of a joke 
to make use some lower lvl spells and even it were Ranger spells the worst 
class of spells. You going to cast at your enemies with these and they die 
instantly? Well not really, but yes you can kill your enemies efficiently 
when you use it. These are the best spells for your Assassin to have, 
considering you choose Human to be an Assassin, even better for your elf 
also. So memorize only these recommended spells;

1st Lvl spells
Slot 1: Camouflage
Get +10 to hide skills, it's like temporary Epic Skill Focus feat on hide. It 
last for 1 turn/caster lvl. Quite long last and worth it.

                         1 turn = 10 round
                         1 round = +/- 6 seconds
Slot 2: Ultravision
Gives the caster Low-light Vision and Darkvision ability. This spell rocks! 
This what makes your Assassin perfect. Actually you can get Ultravision spell 
also with Bard/Wizard as your core classes but Ranger is too good to be an 
evil Assassin. This's the only spell that can pierce through Darkness and
override the 50% concealment penalty to hit chance. Last 1 hour/caster lvl.

2nd Lvl spell
Slot 1: On With the Land
This gives you with +4 to Hide/Move Silently/Set Trap and Animal Empathy. 
This just as sweet as what skill focus can gives. Last 1 hour/caster lvl. You 
could also use the Cat Grace spells but that be better works with Belt of 
Agility, Braces of Dex or Nasher Nimble Boots.

Ranger is good with tracking ability, a minor feats. When come to footprints 
they define it firmly and you usually can guess what prey may lay ahead and 
prepare well for them. Although footprint come at the slightest amount in the 
game, still it benefit in anyway. It's awesome for you to know your assassin 
capable of such thing^^.

Other Classes
There are few potential core class to become Assassin a few lvls in these 
classes will give a bit spice to your Assassin. Both which I meant is the 
Wizard or Bard class. Both classes would give you endless supply of Darkness 
spell in spell slot and also the scroll creation. But if you depend on 
Assassin Darkness ability that also would be fine although you can cast it 
only once it would last longer as long as your Assassin goes up in lvl. The 
choice is up to you who is the ultimate creator, any class would be fine as 
long you happy with it^^.

These all mundane stuff to talk about, most guides got these already and it 
might be irritating to read them again. If you insist keep reading eitherwise 
skip to Feats [6.0].

This is quite less important for the Assassin. Assassin is best using Weapon 
Finesse feat to roll attacks with DEX. Strength modifier will only add bonus 
to the damage. But spending at least 13/14 points is quite a good investment. 
Some ppl like the Cleave feats, at least 13 STR to add spice to Assassin.

This's the prime ability for the Assassin. DEX modify armor class, attack 
bonus (Weapon Finesse Feat), Reflex Saving Throws, Initiative and all those 
DEX based skills. You should be always upgrading this when you achieve higher 
lvls. Human go for 16 while elf go for 18 points.

Survival also important and give 10 points here.

This is somehow raise in value for the Assassin. It will modify your Death 
Attack DC. 14 or 16 points here might works well with the Assassin. Improve 
this with Ring of Thought/ Headband of Intellect to enhance your Death Attack 
DC more. Higher points here will make further your prey hard to resist your 
Death Attack.

Ranger must have at least 11 point in Wisdom. Taking 12 points here lets you 
make use Ranger 1st lvl spells. Need at least 12 points here. Assassin with 
no Ultravision is useless.

You are no Paladin of good or some evil power hunger Blackguard. Leave this 
at 8 points, unless you are somekind charming Bard/Assassin.

Assassin skills
Assassin gets 4 + INT modifier skill per lvl so not so many points like a 
decent Rogue can have. Spend on what are important only. You might want to 
leave set trap, appraise, craft trap for the Assassin.
Hide - Stealth: counter for Spot check, done when you are not moving around,
very important always put points here.

Move Silently - Stealth: counter for Listen check, done when you moving, 
importance same as Hide.

Concentration - it's a good thing to invest some point in this skill, casting 
Darkness while being hit is not good. You can upgrade these with least 
penalty during you former core class (Ranger/Bard).

Tumble - improved DC checks on attack opportunity done at you. Every 5 points 
increase your AC by 1, by 40 points you can have +8 to AC. Very good 
investment since you can wear only light armor. You may leave this also if 
considering taking Spring Attack feats.

Use Magic Device - let you use scrolls, wands, charge equipments/items, 
restricted class equipment. Rogue, Bard and Assassin get access to this 
skill. Let your Assassin to be versatile in many ways. I suggest you keep 
points up in this skill. If you going to kill Dragons, Duerger, Undead and 
Bosses this would least helps you with lots of time. Death Attack don't work 
on them this is like your survival kit.

Search - find traps and hidden things

Spot/Listen - aware of you surrounding, enemy sometimes hiding/moving and 
buffing up themselves. Caught your prey unsuspected not unsuspected caught by 
you prey.

Disable/Set Trap - Recover traps if have high enough points. Either sell them 
or let enemy step on their own traps. Just don't let undead walk on the 
negative traps, it means you healing them.

Pick Lock - Well treasure is also important in many ways.

Craft Armor - Customize what you wear, make your Assassin looks much cooler 
and put dye on them. At least 4 point to get raw materials from door/chest 
and chickens. 

This is the tedious part of making an excellent Assassin. People will 
disagree with some of the decision. Well it's all up to you, but a lone 
Assassin which die so frequently because lacking in feats is beyond this 
guide. With these recommended feats you'll be always surviving any battle in 
very difficult mode especially. All listed based on how important and useful 
the Feats for an Assassin. 

Ranger Bonus Feats - Free!;
1st Lvl: Dual Wield - package of Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting, only 
active while wearing light armor.
9th Lvl: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting - additional attack with off-hand 
weapon. Attack penalties with main-hand/off-hand reduce to only -2/-2 if the 
off-hand is a light weapon. Assassin or Rogue class character is excellent in 
wielding two weapons simultaneously. With it they gains lots of attacks per 
round and Death Attack will add bonus to the dmg in each attack. Assassin 
class didn't depend on the sheer of power they can put in their attack but 
more to the number of consecutive attacks they can perform to gain more 
chances to paralyze their prey. The number of attacks will also roughly 
multiply the Death Attack dmg you can make per round.

Blooded/Thug/Improved Initiative/Superior Initiative
This is the super most important feats you need to take if you plan to make a
truly terrifying deadly Assassin. While dealing Death Attack, with all 
Two-Weapon Fighting feats, the first attack of the Assassin usually react 
before the victim can make their attacks. To improve chances executing Death 
Attack, you should spend feats on Blooded, Thug, Improved Initiative and 
Superior Initiative (epic feats). With these you'll ALWAYS get the higher 
opportunity dealing most of your attacks as Death Attacks since your victim 
is yet not in combat mode. In HotU you can start with least of 15 lvls 
character, combine Ranger LVl10/Assassin Lvl5 you'll get 4 attacks with 
main-hand and 2 attacks with off-hand in each round. In combat you and your 
enemies will roll initiative checks to determine who will attack first, 
either you or them.  NWN use 3rd D&D rules combine with real-time combat 
while other games like Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor use 3rd D&D 
Rules combine with turn-base combat which much more apparent in the 
initiative checks and rounds. It's the same but NWN is more subtle, less say 
it's hard to determine how initiative and rounds just by looking at the 
battle. Hence, it's still be using dice to roll for the initiative checks.

              1d20 + DEX modifier + Feats Bonus = Initiative

+2 Initiative - Blooded (only available at 1st lvl)
+2 Initiative - Thug 
+4 Initiative - Improved Initiative  
+8 Initiative - Superior Initiative (Improved Initiative, 21st char lvls)

Well I have to revise everything regarding this listed feats since it won't
help you as it should be in the game. But having high Initiative still help
a lot in order to execute Death Attack. The only changes in this is only the 
amount of Death Attack you'll be delivering in the beginning round is already 
predetermine and you won't get boost from initiative as I said in previous 
version of this guide. Within all the Assassin builds that I tested, I found 
the number of attacks from main-hand will offset your Death Attack at most 
3 times in a row and with the off-hand it will offset your Death Attack at 
3+1 times at most. This only apply to the Reverend Assassin build, other may 
likely only cap at 3 Death Attacks mostly. The highest number of attacks per 
round you can get is only with the Reverend Assassin or you can substitute 
Rogue in the Loudmouth build with Monk but it won't have the highest amount 
of attack per round you can expect since Wizard is a poor BAB class (see 
[9.0 Special Character Builds]). Refer to the table below for more deep 
explanation. The table show how many numbers of attacks to gain in order to 
have those amount of Death Attacks in row which have the chance to paralyze. 
Maybe the word Death Attack may pop up above your Assassin more then the 
numbers given in the table but then, only these numbers that are accounted 
as chances for paralyzing effect while the rest are Sneak Attacks.

Attacks/round |Attacks(MH=main-hand/OH=off-hand)|   Death Attacks Offset 
       1      | MH 1                            |     1st attack only
       2      | MH 2/ MH 1+OH 1                 |     1st attack only
       3      | MH 3/ MH 2+OH 1                 |     1st attack only    
       4      | MH 4/ MH 3+OH 1/ MH 2+OH 2      |     duplex: 1st/2nd
       5      | %MH 5/ MH 4+OH 1/ MH 3+OH 2     |     duplex: 1st/2nd
       6      | #MH 6/ %MH 5+OH 1/ MH 4+OH 2    |     duplex: 1st/2nd
      *7      | &MH 7/ #MH 6+OH 1/ %MH 5+OH 2   |    triplex: 1st/2nd/3rd
     **8      | &MH 8/ #MH 6+OH 2               |    triplex: 1st/2nd/3rd
    ***9      | &MH 8+OH 1/ &MH 7+OH 2          |    triplex: 1st/2nd/3rd
   ***10      | &MH 8+OH 2                      |quadruplex: 1st/2nd/3rd/4th
  * highest number of attacks/round for Coupe de Grace and Shadow Assassin
 ** highest number of attacks/round for Loudmouth Assassin
*** highest number of attacks/round for Reverend Assassin

% must cast Haste/Blinding Speed or equip Boots of Speed to gain it
# at least Loudmouth Assassin with perma haste and Flurry of Blows
& only available for Reverend Assassin build

Blooded/Thug/Improved Initiative/Superior Initiative will only enhance your 
chance  to perform Death Attack not giving amount of it. Since Death Attack 
only works if the victim is not in combat mode, if your attacks fall ahead 
of your prey it is Death Attack. But still you should start considering 
taking feats in Blooded, Thug, Improved Initiative and Superior Initiative 
suppose to be your first epic feats that you should take to gain upper hand 
dealing Death Attacks. Leave the rest to your total amount of attacks to
determine how much Death Attacks you can deliver per round. As stated above
having haste will benefit +1 additional attack or if you use the Loudmouth
or Reverend build it would give another +1 additional attack with Flurry
of Blows at the cost -2 to all attacks in the round.

Weapon Finesse/Weapon Proficiency: Exotic/Improved Critical
Assassin best roll attacks with DEX it a wise thing to take the Weapon 
Finesse as early as possible. There are few light weapons which is good for 
Assassin either dagger, shortsword or kukri. Never used rapier although this 
is medium weapon and the only medium weapon that can roll attacks with DEX, 
you still suffer penalties of -4/-4 to your main-hand/off-hand attacks. Kukri 
is exotic weapon and deal critical hits at 18~20 which is better for the 
Assassin. While there are lot of monsters immune to critical hits it means 
only they are immune to the multiply dmg only. There are other benefits, 
critical hits will not count concealment bonuses or armor class even a 
monster with 100 AC will still receive dmg. Plain Ranger/Assassin who wield 
keen kukris can achieve critical hits at 12~20 with Improved Critical Feat. 
It is a wise thing to invest in these few Feats, if you want to hit those 
pesky wizards with Improved Invisibility/Visage's Spells buff.

Combat Casting
This will negate the -4 penalty to cast spell within combat. As I said before 
casting Darkness needs some point of Concentration skills to success and with 
Combat Casting it will further reduce the degree of failure much better. Just 
don't spend too much in Concentration because you'll casting a set of low lvl 
spells mostly.

        Concentration DC checks = 10 + dmg receive + cast Spell lvl

Great Dexterity/Great Intelligence
Assassin gets bonus feats every 4 lvls and has access to few selective epic 
feats. I recommended that always spent on Great Intelligence and for every 
character lvls and Great Dexterity on each Assassin lvls. Great Intelligence 
will improve your Death Attack DC retroactively. As for Improved Sneak 
Attack I'm not much of a fan of it since if the enemies are paralyzed you'll 
be getting lots of Sneak Attacks to finish them to dust anyway. Improved 
Sneak Attack is good for Rogue only.

Blind Fight
This also considered worth having around. If you don't have Ultravision or 
out off it and need to hit someone invisible you got second miss chance 
percentile to roll for attack if you miss to hit at your previous attack on 
an invisible creature. Within Darkness this gives you an edge to hit your 
enemies far better and also invisible creatures got no bonuses to hit you 
either. Rogue who multiclass to Assassin might well to get this as early as 
possible to make sure they can survive to fight in Darkness.

This is personal choice you won't get most of these in the early of the game.
What you choose for you Assassin is probably what Rogue usually wears too. 
But keep in mind high intelligence is important if you want to have higher 
percentage paralyzing your prey often with Death Attack. Any item that imbue 
your intelligence are good. If you are Ranger/Assassin some Wisdom Amulet is 
also worth to have around.

Head: Headband of Intellect(HotU)
Armor: Rogue Tunic/ Robe of Leathers (HotU)
Main-hand/Off-hand weapons: Hatred/ Strife (HotU)
Cloak:Shroud of Kings (HotU)
Boots: Dragon Slippers (HotU)/Boots of Speed
Braces: Braces of Natural Armor 
Belt: Belt of Agility 
Amulet: Wisdom Amulet 
Ring 1: Ring of Clear Thought 
Ring 2: Bone Ring (HotU)

Note: Headband of Intellect + Ring of Clear Thought would give you at most
+6 to your Death Attack DC. Since the diminishing return for stats modifier
through equipments and spell boost is 12 point, but still it is a wise thing 
to wear them as often as you could.

How to finish a crowd of prey with Death Attack?
Well that's truly hard to answer it even for me. At certain stage of the game
likely you will met a few prey and sometimes significantly overwhelming in 
numbers. If you only had one resort of your Darkness spell likely you need to 
finish some of your prey with hand to hand fight.

Before you start a fight I suggest you scout the area in hiding mode where 
your prey reside. First look how they move around and look through the 
surrounding certain area where there is secluded and some of your prey move 
close to this area at certain time. In such place, try to finish them without 
casting Darkness. If possible happen to be around like 1 or 2 at time it 
would be easy. Do not cast Darkness without casting Ultravision first, you 
and your prey will end up concealed by the spell. 

If you force yourself to cast Darkness cast it at the correct place with the 
correct timing. This will take few times to experiment with this before you 
can truly cast it correctly. If you don't have the Combat Casting feat or 
lack of concentration points, you likely fail the DC check for casting so 
often and end up running around trying to cast Darkness spell. It do happen a 
lot to me and most of the time it's not the melee fighters but it's the range 
fighters that hit me. Darkness will last 1 round/ caster lvl. If you are 
Ranger lvl10/ Assassin Lvl5, the spell would last around +/-6 seconds x 5 
exactly around half a minute. 

When you ready to cast Darkness make sure that you are at the center or close 
to melee fighters not to close but possible for you to finish casting globe 
of Darkness when they arrive caught inside the globe. Cast the globe of 
Darkness around yourself. The diameter of the globe is around the same 
fireball range effect, either to cast at the center or edge of your Assassin 
is up to you, just make sure to possible cover most of your prey. 

                   ****    o   o    
                 *      *    o
                *x   #   *   o
                 *      *  o  o
                   ****      o
                 |           |
                 |<----------| timing for spell before they arrive at you

x = your Assassin
* = the Darkness globe area
# = spot where you target your Darkness spell
o = your prey moving towards you

Sometime I cast it around a nearby spellcasters or range fighters. Range 
fighters, Wizards or Clerics usually do not rush in to you but they likely 
stop moving and casting some defensive spells like stoneskin or invisibility 
on themselves. 

Once most of them are already inside the globe and you successfully cast the 
globe move inside and hit F1 to Hide and Move Silently (Stealth Mode). If you 
are targeted by range fighters during casting, they will stop shooting at you 
when you enter such vicinity in Stealth Mode. During this time watch closely 
to your rest UI icon button and it usually disable because the combat mode 
status. If you hit your prey during this time it's not Death Attack but 
Sneak Attack so you need to wait few moments until the combat time wear off. 
Usually is not to long, when you start to see your prey start to change 
action and ignore you, start hitting them one at a time. If you fail to 
paralyze them turn back run a little and hit F1 again. Since each of your 
prey is not in combat mode try to paralyze as many as you can before the 
Darkness spell wear off. Don't finish them yet once they are paralyze move to 
next prey. The paralyze effect is long enough for you to finish all of them 
later. There is certain exception, if there is Cleric around I suggest you 
finish them first because they usually will cast some divination spells like 
True Seeing, it won't effect their vision under the Darkness globe but at the 
time the Darkness spell wear off you will be visible to your prey if you are 
in Stealth Mode. By the time Darkness globe nearly wear off, hit F1 again to 
enter Stealth Mode, everything will be visible except you. Since you still in 
Stealth Mode with the Invisibility and Improved Invisibility you have exactly 
3 last Death Attacks so choose your last 3 prey wisely, the rest is hand to 
hand combat or if you have invisibility scroll or invisibility potions you 
might also use it now.

Sometime I can't catch all of my prey inside the globe or they are a bit far 
from it. What I do during this time is I walk outside in Stealth Mode hit 
paralyze one and run back inside the globe and hit F1 again and repeat the 
process again.

Note: You may do a double over Death Attacks when facing with high HD 
prey. Just stop hitting him and wait for another combat cooldown and
apply again your Death Attacks.

In HotU you'll be fighting lots of type of monsters. Most of them are your 
prey and some are your enemies where you need to provoke fight hand on hand
with them in order to progress through the story. Essentially if you are 
Ranger/Assassin they wouldn't be much problem surviving fighting alone. But 
if you are with Bard/Rogue/Wizard as core class I don't have some 
significance guides for that. The best way is to take your henchmen and let 
them storm the front while you flanking. This is a list of some monsters 
which are immune to your Death Attack. To deal with them I suggest either 
hand to hand with lots of health potions or make use your Use Magic Device 
skill with charges item, wands, or scrolls. Casting Ghostly Visage and 
Darkness will still help to overcome them. Ghostly Visage will provide 10%
concealment and damage reduction while Darkness provide 50% concealment,
although both didn't stack, 50% miss to hit is like 5 Feats of temporary 
epic Concealment Feats which only Shadowdancer can have. There's no 
specific guide on each type monsters just hit them as hard as you could.

Duerger (immune to paralysis but not Sneak Attack)
Formian (immune to Sneak Attack)
Stinger (True Seeing - how to sneak attack them?Darkness!Darkness!)
Undead (skel, ghoul, shadow, mummy, vampire, lich, demi-lich)
Dragon and Dragonkin
Bosses (some of them)

In NWN patch 1.66 Any monster immune to mind-affecting spells will not immune
to Death Attack.

Someone equip with critical hit immunities or freedom will also immune to 
Death Attack. There's more, I read this at the NWN forum boards at Bioware 
that someone with Protection from Evil will also immune to Death Attack. Sad
but true, rarely found someone bother with this 1st lvl spell.

Multiplayer notes: I seldom play NWN multiplayer mode and if you plan to play 
with party I suggest you tell your party to let you charge first into combat
and finish few with Death Attack especially Wizards, Priest or Druid. If most 
of these already paralyzed you can ask your party to finish the rest in 
combat mode and you as a flanker sneaks attack-man just like a decent rogue
perform. If you try to finish most of the enemies with Death Attack it might
turn out irritating for the rest of the party since you will be a one man
show and a co-operative party can't accept that right^^? But in a right time, 
a low-profile Assassin is to be feared and admire if you happen to save your 
party ass if caught in an unsuspected big battle sometime.

These are few listed build that you can try for your Assassin. Each has pros 
and cons, If you turn out like this few builds I thank you, if you happen to 
have your own special good builds you might as well share with me here if you
like it. Just remember Assassin is evil so don't start with a good or natural 
alignment core class, you won't be able to multiclass to Assassin later.

Coupe de Grace and Shadow Assassin are early experimental Assassin and these
builds are the least required builds to performed as Assassin. Although you 
can have Bard/Assassin but surely it will suffer a lot when venturing alone. 
You may build Bard/Assassin/Dragon Disciple to strengthen the build more if 
you like. At this version of this guide I likely recommend you get either the
Loudmouth or Reverend Assassin to play since Monk supplement to Assassin
extend its capability to new heights.

All of the builds have Great Dex I ~ X taken into account, u might want to 
substitute some of these with any other feats that come to your liking. 

Final stats govern without any equipment boost on the values.
9.1                       Coupe de Grace Assassin
This is the basic build for my Assassin. Benefits on this build is you can 
get deadly point of DC with your Death Attack, plenty consecutive Death
Attacks with high initiative value, moderate critical treat range with kukri 
and longest Darkness spell duration.

If you happen to play modules starting with 1st lvl character I suggest to 
stick with range weapon first since you've to loose Weapon Finesse to take 
the Blooded first.

You can switch to Assassin at character lvl 6 with 8 Hide/ 8 Move Silently.
Since you already have the ability to cast Ultravision at Ranger lvl 4 you can
just lvl up as an Assassin until 10th lvl if you want. You also can wait 
until lvl 10 Ranger to fulfill all needs for the Assassin.

Build Type: Ranger/Assassin
Race: Elf/Halfling
Starting Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 18 +4
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 16 +3
CHA 8  -1

Skill distribution: Concentration (Ranger), Disable Trap (Assassin), Hide, 
Listen, Move Silently, Pick Lock (Assassin), Search, Spot, Tumble (Assassin),
Use Magic Device (Assassin) 

Note: Rg = Ranger, Sin = Assassin

Lvl 01: (Rg 1), Blooded
Lvl 02: (Rg 2)
Lvl 03: (Rg 3), Weapon Finesse
Lvl 04: (Rg 4), +1 DEX, 1st Lvl Spells Ranger
Lvl 05: (Rg 5)---->Hide 8/ Move Silently 8 (Req. for Sin)
Lvl 06: (Rg 5/Sin 1), Improved Initiative
Lvl 07: (Rg 5/Sin 2)
Lvl 08: (Rg 5/Sin 3), +1 DEX
Lvl 09: (Rg 5/Sin 4), Thug
Lvl 10: (Rg 5/Sin 5)
Lvl 11: (Rg 5/Sin 6)
Lvl 12: (Rg 5/Sin 7), + 1 DEX, Combat Casting
Lvl 13: (Rg 5/Sin 8)
Lvl 14: (Rg 5/Sin 9)
Lvl 15: (Rg 5/Sin 10), Weapon Proficiency: Exotic
Lvl 16: (Rg 6/Sin 10), +1 DEX
Lvl 17: (Rg 7/Sin 10)
Lvl 18: (Rg 8/Sin 10), Improved Critical: Kukri, 2nd Lvl Spells Ranger
Lvl 19: (Rg 9/Sin 10)
Lvl 20: (Rg 10/Sin 10), +1 DEX
Lvl 21: (Rg 10/Epic Sin  11), Superior Initiative
Lvl 22: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 12)
Lvl 23: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 13)
Lvl 24: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 14), +1 DEX , Great DEX I, Great DEX II,
Lvl 25: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 15)
Lvl 26: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 16) 
Lvl 27: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 17), Great DEX III
Lvl 28: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 18), +1 DEX, Great DEX IV
Lvl 29: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 19)
Lvl 30: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 20), Great DEX V
Lvl 31: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 21)
Lvl 32: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 22), +1 DEX, Great DEX VI,
Lvl 33: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 23), Great DEX VII
Lvl 34: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 24)
Lvl 35: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 25)
Lvl 36: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 26), +1 DEX, Great DEX VIII, Great DEX IX
Lvl 37: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 27)
Lvl 38: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 28)
Lvl 39: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 29), Great DEX X
Lvl 40: (Rg 10/Epic Sin 30), +1 DEX, Epic Skill Focus: Move Silently

Final Stats/ Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 38 +14
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 16 +3
CHA 8  -1

Maximum HD rolls: 280 HP (Ranger d10 X 10 + Assassin d6 X 30)
Initiative rolls: 1d20 + 30
Main-hand Attack bonus: +39*/+34*/+29/+24
Off-hand Attack bonus: +39/+34
Death Attacks offset: duplex Death Attacks/round
Main-hand Attack bonus(Haste): +39*/+34*/+29*/+24/+39
Off-hand Attack bonus(Haste): +39/+34
Death Attacks offset(Haste): triplex Death Attacks/round
Death Attack Damage: +15d6
Death Attack DC: 43 (10 + 30 Assassin Lvl + 3 INT Modifier)
Critical treat range with keen Kukri: 12~20 (40% Crit)
Darkness Spell last: 3 turn (180 sec)
Hide: 43 + 10 Camouflage + 4 On With the Land
Move Silently: 43 + 10 Epic Skill Focus + 4 On With the Land

* = Death Attacks
9.2                           Shadow Assassin
This build is quite deadly since you get the Hide in Plain Sight from 
Shadowdancer that can improve the odds to combat in Darkness. Still retain 
high initiative value, high Death Attack DC and Longest Darkness spell
lasting. The drawback with is only you may likely use either dagger or 
shortsword for your weapons and less critical treat range. 

If you loved Death Attack to death and want every prey to die with it this
might be the best build around for you.

Build Type: Ranger/Assassin/Shadowdancer
Race: Human
Starting Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 18 +4
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 14 +2
CHA 8  -1

Skill distribution: Concentration (Ranger), Disable Trap, Hide, Listen, Move
Silently, Pick Lock, Search, Spot, Tumble, Use Magic Device 

Note: Rg = Ranger, Sin = Assassin, SD = Shadowdancer

Lvl 01: (Rg 1), Blooded, Weapon Finesse
Lvl 02: (Rg 2)
Lvl 03: (Rg 3), Dodge
Lvl 04: (Rg 4), +1 DEX, 1st Lvl Spells Ranger
Lvl 05: (Rg 5)---->Hide 8/ Move Silently 8 (Req. for Sin)
Lvl 06: (Rg 5/Sin 1), Mobility
Lvl 07: (Rg 5/Sin 2)-----> Hide 8/ Move Silently 10/ Tumble 5 (Req. for SD)
Lvl 08: (Rg 5/Sin 2/SD 1), +1 DEX, Hide in Plain Sight(SD)
Lvl 09: (Rg 5/Sin 3/SD 1), Improved Initiative
Lvl 10: (Rg 5/Sin 4/SD 1)
Lvl 11: (Rg 5/Sin 5/SD 1) 
Lvl 12: (Rg 5/Sin 6/SD 1), + 1 DEX, Thug
Lvl 13: (Rg 5/Sin 7/SD 1)
Lvl 14: (Rg 5/Sin 8/SD 1)
Lvl 15: (Rg 5/Sin 9/SD 1), Combat Casting
Lvl 16: (Rg 5/Sin 10/SD 1), +1 DEX
Lvl 17: (Rg 6/Sin 10/SD 1)
Lvl 18: (Rg 7/Sin 10/SD 1), Weapon Focus: Shortsword/Dagger
Lvl 19: (Rg 8/Sin 10/SD 1), 2nd Lvl Spells Ranger
Lvl 20: (Rg 9/Sin 10/SD 1), +1 DEX
Lvl 21: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 11/SD 1), Superior Initiative
Lvl 22: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 12/SD 1)
Lvl 23: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 13/SD 1)
Lvl 24: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 14/SD 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX I, Great DEX II,
Lvl 25: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 15/SD 1)
Lvl 26: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 16/SD 1) 
Lvl 27: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 17/SD 1), Great DEX III
Lvl 28: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 18/SD 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX IV
Lvl 29: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 19/SD 1)
Lvl 30: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 20/SD 1), Great DEX V
Lvl 31: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 21/SD 1)
Lvl 32: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 22/SD 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX VI,
Lvl 33: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 23/SD 1), Great DEX VII
Lvl 34: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 24/SD 1)
Lvl 35: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 25/SD 1)
Lvl 36: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 26/SD 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX VIII, Great DEX IX
Lvl 37: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 27/SD 1)
Lvl 38: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 28/SD 1)
Lvl 39: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 29/SD 1), Great DEX X
Lvl 40: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 30/SD 1), +1 DEX, Epic Skill Focus: Move Silently

Final Stats/ Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 38 +14
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 14 +2
CHA 8  -1

Maximum HD rolls: 278 HP (Rg d10 X 9 + Sin d6 X 30 + SD d8 X 1)
Initiative rolls: 1d20 + 30
Main-hand Attack bonus: +39*/+34*/+29/+24
Off-hand Attack bonus: +39/+34
Death Attacks offset: duplex Death Attacks/round
Main-hand Attack bonus(Haste): +39*/+34*/+29*/+24/+39
Off-hand Attack bonus(Haste): +39/+34
Death Attacks offset(Haste): triplex Death Attacks/round
Death Attack Damage: +15d6
Death Attack DC: 42 (10 + 30 Assassin Lvl + 2 INT Modifier)
Darkness Spell last: 3 turn (180 sec)
Hide: 43 + 10 Camouflage + 4 On With the Land
Move Silently: 43 + 10 Epic Skill Focus + 4 On With the Land

* = Death Attacks
9.3                           Loudmouth Assassin
This is a special build that you can start with Wizard class. Although their
Attack bonus is poor, with the spells combination your Assassin can be 
versatile in combat. 

I suggest using True Strike spell under Darkness to hit pesky prey with high
defense or spell buffs. When taken Extend Spell feat, spend all 3rd lvl slots
with Extend Darkness from lvl 2, with this you can perform plenty Death 
Attacks and save your ass lots of time getting hit by your prey. Shadow 
Conjuration also provide your more with Darkness spell if you think you don't 
have enough Darkness spell. With haste you also can gain 1 additional attack 
for a short time. With Find Trap spells likely you can override skills point 
in Remove Trap. With Knock spell you also can leave Pick Lock skill. No needs 
also to spend point in Use Magic Device since you are a Wizard which has all 
the privileges to use scrolls, wands and staffs.

By taking a special school of Illusion as a wizard, you also gain additional
spells slot in each spell lvls. Wearing +INT equipment boost your Death 
Attack DC and will increase the amount of your Wizard spell slots. The best 
class to suit this build might be the Gnome but Human, or Elf is also good 
with this build, they don't suffer XP penalty to multiclass Wizard with Monk. 

Note: Substitute Monk with Rogue for Halfling to avoid XP penalty.

Build Type: Wizard (Illusion)/Assassin/Monk
Race: Gnome/Human/Elf
Starting Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 18 +4
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 14 +2
CHA 8  -1

Skill distribution: Concentration (Wizard/Monk), Hide, Listen, Move
Silently, Search, Spot, Tumble

Note: Wiz = Wizard, Mo = Monk, Sin = Assassin, 

Lvl 01: (Wiz 1), Blooded
Lvl 02: (Wiz 2)
Lvl 03: (Wiz 3), Combat Casting
Lvl 04: (Wiz 4), +1 DEX 
Lvl 05: (Wiz 4/Mo 1)---->Hide 8/ Move Silently 8 (Req. for Sin)*Monk Feats
Lvl 06: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 1), Weapon Finesse
Lvl 07: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 2)
Lvl 08: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 3), +1 DEX
Lvl 09: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 4), Improved Initiative
Lvl 10: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 5)
Lvl 11: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 6) 
Lvl 12: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 7), + 1 DEX, Two-Weapon Fighting
Lvl 13: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 8)
Lvl 14: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 9)
Lvl 15: (Wiz 4/Mo 1/Sin 10), Ambidexterity
Lvl 16: (Wiz 5/Mo 1/Sin 10), +1 DEX, Extend Spell(Wizard bonus Feat)
Lvl 17: (Wiz 6/Mo 1/Sin 10)
Lvl 18: (Wiz 7/Mo 1/Sin 10), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Lvl 19: (Wiz 8/Mo 1/Sin 10)
Lvl 20: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Sin 10), +1 DEX
Lvl 21: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 11), Superior Initiative
Lvl 22: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 12)
Lvl 23: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 13)
Lvl 24: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 14), +1 DEX , Thug, Great DEX I
Lvl 25: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 15)
Lvl 26: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 16) 
Lvl 27: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 17), Great DEX II
Lvl 28: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 18), +1 DEX, Great DEX III
Lvl 29: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 19)
Lvl 30: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 20), Great DEX IV
Lvl 31: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 21)
Lvl 32: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 22), +1 DEX, Great DEX V
Lvl 33: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 23), Great DEX VI
Lvl 34: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 24)
Lvl 35: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 25)
Lvl 36: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 26), +1 DEX, Great DEX VII, Great DEX VII
Lvl 37: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 27)
Lvl 38: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 28)
Lvl 39: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 29), Great DEX IX
Lvl 40: (Wiz 9/Mo 1/Epic Sin 30), +1 DEX, Great DEX X

Final Stats/ Attributes:
STR -8 -1
DEX 38 +14
CON 12 +1
WIS 8  -1
INT 16 +3
CHA 8  -1

Spell pick: Ultravision, Darkness, Extend: Darkness, Ghostly Visage, 
Fox Cunning, Knock, Find Trap, Haste, Shadow Conjuration

Maximum HD rolls: 224 HP (Wiz d4 X 9 + Sin d6 X 30 + Mo d8 x 1)
Initiative rolls: 1d20 + 30
Main-hand Attack bonus: +30*/+27*/+24
Off-hand Attack  bonus: +30/+27
Death Attacks offset: duplex Death Attacks/round
Main-hand Attack bonus(Kama): +30*/+27*/+24/+21
Off-hand Attack  bonus(Kama): +30/+27
Death Attacks offset(Kama): duplex Death Attacks/round
Flurry of Blows + Haste((Kama,Main-hand): +28*/+25*/+22*/+19/+30/+30
Flurry of Blows + Haste((Kama,Off-hand): +28/+25
Death Attacks offset(Kama,Haste/Flurry of Blows): triplex Death Attacks/round
Death Attack Damage: +15d6 DA 
Death Attack DC: 42 (10 + 30 Assassin Lvl + 2 INT Modifier)
Darkness Spell last (Assassin): 3 turn (180 sec)
Darkness Spell last (Wiz): 9 round
Darkness Spell last - Extend spell (Wiz): 18 round

* = Death Attacks
9.4                           Reverend Assassin
This another build which is somehow interesting if you want to try them out.
Compare to other builds, this one might be better then the Ranger/Assassin
build since this build got lots of bonus from the Monk lvl. You'll going to 
stick with kama as primary weapons since Unarmed Strike doesn't give off-hand

What so good about this build is, it follow the Monk AB progression which by 
far the highest attack per round you can get. The  -3 AB progression will 
gives you with 6 attacks with main-hand and 2 attacks with off-hand at 
character lvl 20. Ranger9/Monk1/Assassin30~ would use the AB progression of 
the Monk if you using either Unarmed Attack or Kama. Base Attack for Monk is 
cap at 16 at lvl 20~(although it always higher above 20th lvl) which will 
supply you with +16/+13/+10/+9/+4/+1 for main-hand attacks. Without any 
bonus added to these value the usual Base attack for your build with Flurry 
of Blows(offset -2 to all attacks) and Haste is +14/+11/+8/+5/+2/-1/+16/+16 
for main-hand and +14/+11 for off-hand. Duh it's 10 attacks per round. Cool 
eh? Flurry of Blows with the Death Attacks synergy well in the current 
patch I play (patch 1.66).

For this build you only need 1 lvl in Monk to get all the benefits from it 
and likely you won't be getting red evil eyes glow effect that those high 
lvl Monk have. Still it come with a nice package which offer some good feats 
Cleave, Evasion and Wisdom mod AC bonus from Monk. Wearing Wisdom Amulet 
would benefit you not just more Ranger spell slots but also AC bonus from 
Monk lvl. 

You also have to wear no more better than robe/tunic or you'll lose all the
benefits from Monk class.

Build Type: Ranger/Assassin/Monk
Race: Elf/Halfling/Human
Starting Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 18 +4
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 16 +3
CHA 8  -1

Skill distribution: Concentration (Ranger/Monk), Disable Trap (Assassin), 
Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Pick Lock (Assassin), Search, Spot, 
Tumble (Assassin), Use Magic Device (Assassin) 

Note: Rg = Ranger, Sin = Assassin, Mo = Monk

Lvl 01: (Rg 1), Blooded
Lvl 02: (Rg 2)
Lvl 03: (Rg 3), Weapon Finesse
Lvl 04: (Rg 4), +1 DEX, 1st Lvl Spells Ranger
Lvl 05: (Rg 5)---->Hide 8/ Move Silently 8 (Req. for Sin)
Lvl 06: (Rg 5/Sin 1), Improved Initiative
Lvl 07: (Rg 5/Sin 2)
Lvl 08: (Rg 5/Sin 2/Mo 1), +1 DEX, Cleave, Evasion, Monk AC, Flurry of Blows
Lvl 09: (Rg 5/Sin 3/Mo 1), Thug
Lvl 10: (Rg 5/Sin 4/Mo 1)
Lvl 11: (Rg 5/Sin 5/Mo 1) 
Lvl 12: (Rg 5/Sin 6/Mo 1), + 1 DEX, Combat Casting
Lvl 13: (Rg 5/Sin 7/Mo 1)
Lvl 14: (Rg 5/Sin 8/Mo 1)
Lvl 15: (Rg 5/Sin 9/Mo 1), Weapon Focus: Kama
Lvl 16: (Rg 5/Sin 10/Mo 1), +1 DEX
Lvl 17: (Rg 6/Sin 10/Mo 1)
Lvl 18: (Rg 7/Sin 10/Mo 1), Improved Critical: Kama or Blind Fight
Lvl 19: (Rg 8/Sin 10/Mo 1), 2nd Lvl Spells Ranger
Lvl 20: (Rg 9/Sin 10/Mo 1), +1 DEX
Lvl 21: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 11/Mo 1), Superior Initiative
Lvl 22: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 12/Mo 1)
Lvl 23: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 13/Mo 1)
Lvl 24: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 14/Mo 1), +1 DEX , Great DEX I, Great DEX II,
Lvl 25: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 15/Mo 1)
Lvl 26: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 16/Mo 1) 
Lvl 27: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 17/Mo 1), Great DEX III
Lvl 28: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 18/Mo 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX IV
Lvl 29: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 19/Mo 1)
Lvl 30: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 20/Mo 1), Great DEX V
Lvl 31: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 21/Mo 1)
Lvl 32: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 22/Mo 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX VI,
Lvl 33: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 23/Mo 1), Great DEX VII
Lvl 34: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 24/Mo 1)
Lvl 35: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 25/Mo 1)
Lvl 36: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 26/Mo 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX VIII, Great DEX IX
Lvl 37: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 27/Mo 1)
Lvl 38: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 28/Mo 1)
Lvl 39: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 29/Mo 1), Epic Skill Focus: Move Silently
Lvl 40: (Rg 9/Epic Sin 30/Mo 1), +1 DEX, Great DEX X

Final Stats/ Attributes:
STR 10 +0
DEX 38 +14
CON 10 +0
WIS 12 +1
INT 16 +3
CHA 8  -1

Maximum HD rolls: 278 HP (Rg d10 X 9 + Sin d6 X 30 + Mo d8 X 1)
Initiative rolls: 1d20 + 30
Main-hand Attack bonus: +39*/+36*/+33*/+30/+27/+24
Off-hand Attack bonus: +39/+36
Death Attacks offset: triplex Death Attacks/round 
Flurry of Blows + Haste(Main-hand): +37*/+34*/+31*/+28*/+25/+22/+39/+39
Flurry of Blows + Haste(Off-hand): +37/+34
Death Attacks offset(Flurry of Blows+Haste): quadruplex Death Attacks/round 
Death Attack Damage: +15d6
Death Attack DC: 43 (10 + 30 Assassin Lvl + 3 INT Modifier)
Darkness Spell last: 3 turn (180 sec)
Hide: 43 + 10 Camouflage + 4 On With the Land
Move Silently: 43 + 10 Epic Skill Focus + 4 On With the Land

* = Death Attacks
                                  Builds Table
          |Coupe de Grace |     Shadow    |  Loudmouth  |      Reverend
BAB(lvl20)|      20       |      20       |     11      |         16
BAB prog. |      -5       |      -5       |     -3      |         -3
BA(lvl20) |+20/+15/+10/+5 |+20/+15/+10/+5 |+11/+8/+5/+2 |+16/+13/+10/+7/+4/+1
BA-offhand|   +20/+15     |   +20/+15     |    +11/+8   |      +16/+13
Normal    |   6/round     |   6/round     |   6/round   |      8/round 
Haste     |   7/round     |   7/round     |   7/round   |      9/round  
Haste+FoB |     n/a       |     n/a       |   8/round   |     10/round 
Death Attacks offset/round
Normal    |    duplex     |    duplex     |   duplex    |      triplex
Haste     |    triplex    |    triplex    |   triplex   |      triplex
Haste+FoB |     n/a       |     n/a       |   triplex   |     quadruplex
          |Rapier/Dagger/Shortsword/Kukri |    Kama     |       Kama
Bonus Feats
Ranger    |DualWield/I-2WF|DualWield/I-2WF|     n/a     |  DualWield/I-2WF 
SD        |     n/a       |     HIPS      |     n/a     |       n/a
Wizard    |     n/a       |     n/a       | Extend Spell|       n/a
Monk      |     n/a       |     n/a       |   Cleave/Monk AC/FoB/Evasion
Darkness Spells
Sin(40th) |  30 rounds    |   30 rounds   |  30 rounds  |     30 rounds
Wizard    |     n/a       |     n/a       |   9 rounds  |       n/a
Wizard-ext|     n/a       |     n/a       |  18 rounds  |       n/a
Stats Modifier
INT       |    DA DC      |    DA DC      |DA DC/Wiz SS |      DA DC
WIS       |  Ranger SS    |   Ranger SS   |   Monk AC   | Ranger SS/Monk AC
Build Strength
          |  Critical++   |     HIPS      |  Darkness++ |  Death Attacks++
BAB = Base Attack Bonus
BA = Base Attack
FoB = Flurry of Blows
I-2WF = Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
SD = Shadowdancer
HIPS = Hide in Plain Sight
DA DC = Death Attack Difficulty Check
Wiz SS = Wizard Spell Slots
Ranger SS = Ranger Spell Slots

This is my first guide that I contribute. If you like to give ideas, 
thoughts, comments or special character builds you can reach me at;


I welcome anything that can improve this guide even further and give the
proper credit to you. Just wrote with some "NWN Assassin" in the heading. I 
would also spare my time to reply your mail also.

Thanx! to:-
+ Bioware for such great game even though not as good as BG's series. 
+ You who spend reading this guide.
+ R.A Salvatore for such great epic Novels, I loved Drizzt, Artemis and most 
other characters.
+ GameFAQs to host such great resource from gamers to gamers.
+ Wizard of the Coast for 3rd Edition D&D rules, class and prestige classes.
+ IGN.com for hosting the NWN vault, a great spot to get modules, HAKS etc++
+ Rob for pointing up the Monk Flurry of Blows synergy with Assassin 
Death Attack and its juicy 10 combos input. Reverend rocks!
+ the few people who loved Assassin and know well how to play them, you 
earn my respect.
+ my previous game company, I quit and earn my free time and had the time to 
write this guide.

                      *********(c)2005 Syarul***********

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This a link to the new 3.5e Assassin provided by Junk and nothing is related 
to this guide. Likely it will be implemented in next NWN2 for sure. I won't 
say much just check them to get glimpse of what they up to;-


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