1. Jono Lee Additional Art
  2. Tom Ohle Additional Art
  3. Kevin Martins Additional Design
  4. James Ohlen Additional Design
  5. Dan Whiteside Additional Design
  6. John Bible Additional Programming
  7. Janice Thoms Additional Programming
  8. Carman Cheung Animation
  9. Jim Jagger Animation
  10. John Santos Animation
  11. Larry Stevens Animation
  12. Mike Leonard Artist
  13. Trent Oster Artist
  14. Alex Scot Artist
  15. Darcy Pajak Assistant Producer
  16. Dave Chan Audio Design & Implementation
  17. Steve Sim Audio Design & Implementation
  18. Dave Chan Audio Producer
  19. Bhavin Patel Cinematics Art Director
  20. Paul Neurath Cinematics Creative Director
  21. Daniel Thron Cinematics Creative Director
  22. Ben Hansford Cinematics Producer
  23. Cassandra Khavari Cinematics Production Manager
  24. Jeremy Sahlman Cinematics Senior Animator
  25. Kemal Amarasingham Cinematics Sound Effects
  26. Brian White Cinematics Studio Director
  27. Doug Wilkinson Cinematics VFX Supervisor
  28. Ray Muzyka Co-executive Producer
  29. Greg Zeschuk Co-executive Producer
  30. Andrew Nobbs Data-Entry
  31. Rob Bartel Designer
  32. Yaron Jakobs Designer
  33. Drew Karpyshyn Designer
  34. Brad Prince Designer
  35. Keith Warner Designer
  36. Georg Zoeller Designer
  37. Sung Kim Lead Artist
  38. David Gaider Lead Designer
  39. Brent Knowles Lead Designer
  40. Lead Writer Lead Designer
  41. Noel Borstad Lead Programmer
  42. Sydney Tang Lead Tools Programmer
  43. Jeremy Soule Music
  44. Trent Oster Producer Director & Producer
  45. Derek Beland Programmer
  46. Ross Gardner Programmer
  47. Andrew Gardner Programmer
  48. Brenon Holmes Programmer
  49. Paul Roffel Programmer
  50. Craig Welburn Programmer
  51. Owen Borstad Tools Programming
  52. Kris Tan Tools Programming
  53. Jocelyn Ahlf Voice Acting
  54. April Banigan Voice Acting
  55. Wes Borg Voice Acting
  56. Leona Brausen Voice Acting
  57. David Bruns Voice Acting
  58. Serena H. Clark Voice Acting
  59. Dave Clarke Voice Acting
  60. Robert Corness Voice Acting
  61. Bill Coull Voice Acting
  62. Chris Craddock Voice Acting
  63. Peter Daly Voice Acting
  64. Josh Dean Voice Acting
  65. Cathy Derkach Voice Acting
  66. Jerry Firman Voice Acting
  67. Beth Graham Voice Acting
  68. Ashleigh Ireland Voice Acting
  69. Keith James Voice Acting
  70. Tim Koslo Voice Acting
  71. Caroline Livingstone Voice Acting
  72. Gord Marriott Voice Acting
  73. Mark Meer Voice Acting
  74. Debbie Munro Voice Acting
  75. Krista Nebloch Voice Acting
  76. Barb North Voice Acting
  77. Jana O'Connor Voice Acting
  78. Chris Postle Voice Acting
  79. Shelon Shannon Voice Acting
  80. John Ullyatt Voice Acting
  81. Blair Wensley Voice Acting
  82. Grant Wiens Voice Acting
  83. Frederick Zbryski Voice Acting


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, Guard Master, odino, oliist, and theclaw135.

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