• Cheat Codes

    Hit the ''~'' key to open the console. Type in ''DebugMode 1'' to enable cheats. Then type in one of these Case Sensitive codes.

    Add specific number to CharismaModCHA #
    Add specific number to ConstitutionModCON #
    Add specific number to DexterityModDEX #
    Add specific number to IntelligenceModINT #
    Add specific number to StrengthModSTR #
    Add specific number to WisdomModWIS #
    All Spells (all classes)Dm_allspells 1 (Dm_allspells 0 to disable)
    Change your character's age.dm_modifyage #
    Change your character's appearanceSetAppearance (001-298)
    Change your fortitude saving throw.dm_modifysavefortitude #
    Change your reflex saving throw.dm_modifysavereflex #
    Change your will saving throw.dm_modifysavewill #
    Disable cheatsDebugMode 0
    Display current game timedm_gettime
    Display frames-per-secondfps
    Get Specified Golddm_givegold #
    Gives you just enough XP to gain one level.dm_levelup
    Go to Specified Character Leveldm_givelevel #
    God Modedm_god
    Heal Healthdm_heal
    Hide your party's names on the sidebarhidepartynames
    Modify your base to-hit bonus.dm_modifyattackbase #
    Modify your spell resistence.dm_modifyspellresistance
    Set charismaSetCHA #
    Set constitutionSetCON #
    Set current game timedm_settime
    Set dexteritySetDEX #
    Set intelligenceSetINT #
    Set strengthSetSTR #
    Set WisdomSetWIS #
    Set your character's race.dm_setrace
    Show your party's names on the sidebarshowpartynames
    Turn all enemies into angry cows.dm_cowsfromhell
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  • Spawn Creatures

    While playing, press ctrl + space and type in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''code'')
    Note that you can only summon one at a time.

    dire wolfwolfdi
    dread wolfwolfdr01
    gnoll captaingncap01
    gnoll elitegneli01
    gnoll flindgnlfli01
    gnoll shamangnsha01
    gnoll slashergnsla01
    gnoll veterangnvet01
    gnoll warriorgnlwar01
    noble djinnigendjn01
    noble efreetigenefn01
    vampiric wolfwolfva01
    winter wolfwolfwi01
    zombie wolfwolfzo01

    Contributed By: megavolnutt99.

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  • Unlock all expansion chapters in single player

    In the neverwinter nights directory there is a file called nwnplayer.ini Open the file and find the line that says ''CODEWORD XP1='' or some variation thereof. Change it to:

    CODEWORD XP1=ffrodriguez

    If there isn't a ''CODEWORD XP1='' line then just add it somewhere between the ''[Game Options]'' and ''[Control Options]'' lines. After putting this in you should be able to access all the chapters for the expansion campaign

    Contributed By: Starji.

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  • Continual Flame

    For those who have continual flame you may use this exploit for infinite gold. I found this out quite accidentally when I cast it on my weapon so that I did not have to carry a torch. First buy a quarterstaff for 2 gold. Second you cast continual flame on the quarterstaff. Lastly you sell it back for a profit of 200 gold, then lather, rinse, and repeat. :P

    Contributed By: WindsongBard.

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