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Reviewed: 10/26/02 | Updated: 10/26/02

Can you be a coach?This will tell you!

This game takes you into the world of football,as you'll soon see...

Introduction-This games is a great but for sports gamers.There are great effects,special plays,and just fun!
If you are a kid who loves childish games,or have younger brother or sister,this game will definitely keep them entertained.

Gameplay-It's a fun start to football.Pick a play or make one.You can customize a team,pick it's colors and players!Arrange you team's positions and keep them at the top of the ranks.You have a pick of some of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks!Yes,the age says 5-10 years olds,but you can be older and still love the game.The plays are great.The children on this game are great.And Sunny Day and Chuck Downfield (the commentators) are hilarious!If you're in need of football action on your pc,I urge to get this one!
So in Gameplay I give it a nine out of ten.

Controls-Since it is pc,and doesn't have much different actions it's controls are easy to learn.They are not two handed ones,and anything you want to do,you can do it with you mouse!That's right!The only controller you need it your mouse-and a good finger!I give the controls a very easy out of very hard.

Difficulty-This game doesn't require much skill,be cause it isn't really hard.You can easily get the ball and score.But I believe as the farther in this game you get,the harder it becomes.And for that reason I give this game's difficulty a medium out of a very hard.

Graphics-For a pc game this one has pretty good graphics.The screen will sometimes drag,and the players made look a little weird,but most of the time this game is so-on in graphics.The scenery around the players looks realistic,the players are mostly realistic,and the plays look like real plays.So without a doubt I give this game a eight out of ten in graphics.

Sound-The sounds are very realistic.You can here cheers,grunts,and many modern day background sounds.The voices fit quite well on all of the players,and the music has a good tune.That's why I give this game's sound a seven out of 10.

Play Time-This game can take days to finish,or if you like it one day.A season consists of four-teen games so it is quite a time to finish.It is fun though playing your schedule and picking different teams.I give this game's play time a seven out of ten.

Replayability-You can play this game a lot.For me it is hard to stop playing this game.You may play as many as seasons as you want with your team.I play again and again to keep up the feeling of it.This game is one of those few games that can actually keep you playing for a good two or three months.For that reason I give this game's replayability a nine out of ten.

OVERALL-This games got almost every is creative,it has great graphics,wonderful sounds,and noticeable action.Also it's got its share of glitches and cheats,too! And I give this game a eight out of ten

If you want to buy this game I hope this review helped.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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