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We dare you to solve this fantasy!
A unicorn key? A barn? Magic pills? A spider web? A castle? What do they all have in common? Who knows ... but they are all part of Tyler's vivid, detailed dream.
It is getting more puzzling all the time.
Tyler's dream is so bizarre, it is literally driving him crazy! Help him out of this nightmare and unravel the mystery. Lead Tyler through his dream, solving conflicts and puzzles along the way.
You will meet a dysfunctional family of ants, a couple of bullies named Bone Head and Cement Head, and many other strange characters (some will even provide important information). It is up to you to solve the conflicts, and set right whatever is wrong. Be careful, Tyler's sanity is in your hands!
If you love solving mysteries, this is the challenge for you!
Dare to Dream contains:
- Outstanding graphics and sound
- Challenging fun for the whole family
- No graphic violence
- Full menu with story line
- Easy installation
Dare to Dream supports:
- Sound Blaster & Joysticks

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