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    Quest Guide (Dransik Classic) by ArchDuke

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    Dransik Classic
    Quest Guide
    Version 3.66c
    By Jeff Barrett (ArchDuke)
    Started: September 23, 2002
    Last Update: December 1, 2003
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          Version History
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          Static Quest Guide
              General Quests
               Young William's Quest
              Leaving Silvest
              The Teleporter System
    	   Combat Skill Quests
    	    Small Blades
              Large Blades
             Tradeskill Quests
             Utility Skill Quests
            The Jail "Quest"
            The Guild Quest
              Starting the Quest
              The First Book
              The Second Book
              The Third Book
                 Extra: Helping on the Third Book
              The Fourth Book
              Emperium Abbey
            Other Things
              Hell Attacks
              Demon Spires
               Spire Hunting
              The Traveling Salesman
               TSM Hunting
            Authorized Sites
            Banned Sites
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    Ok, now, on to the real stuff.
    Version History
    -Version 3.6c-
     Separated Dransik and Dransik Classic guides.
    Server Notes
    As of this writing, there are two versions of Dransik: Dransik (Sometimes called
    New World, or Primordia, based on some of it's main servers' names) and Dransik
    Classic. This version of the guide is intended for Dransik Classic. Some quests
    are exactly the same, and in others, the differences are trivial. Other quests
    are only available on one version or the other, and some are radically different
    accross versions. Make sure you have the right guide for the version you are
    Static Quests
    Overview: Static quests are quests that are always available. Each character can
    take a quest only once, but multiple players can take the quest simultaneously.
    (This of course raises questions: Just how many times does William the Young
    have to hear about his father before he finally stops sending people into the
    mines after him?)
    General Quests
    -=William the Young's Quest=-
    Location: West Silvest Island
    Reward: 1000 exp-pool
    Leaving the town of Silvest, proceed west along the road. The road ends at a
    dungeon entrance. Instead of going in now, go southeast to find a small cottage,
    situated in the southwest end of a small village.
    Inside is a young boy (Once in a great while, a few stray bats get in here and
    kill him. If he isn't there, just wait for him to respawn). Talk to him. Whichever
    option you pick first, you will be asked to search for his father in the mines.
    Agree, and go back to the dungeon entrance.
    From the entrance, go down, and take the first path to the left. Take that path,
    and turn south at the first branch, and then take the first left again. Follow
    this path left and then down. When you come to an intersection with a large rock
    outcropping in the middle of it, look for a secret wall (it will be just
    below the path branching to the right). This is the Shrine of Talazar, built
    in the days before Talazar turned to evil. A book tells how Talazar, working
    for Lord Arcus, defeated the evil lord Zorak. From the entrance to the shrine,
    head down, and take the door to the right. In here, examine the dead body in the
    bottom-right corner of the room to discover that William's father is dead.
    Return to William. Tell him you found his father, and you have bad news. Comfort
    him by saying his father was a brave warrior to complete the quest.
    Notes: If you say lie to William or tell him his father was weak, you will fail
    the quest. If you are at or above level 4, or have any skill at it's cap for
    Silvest, you get no experience for completing this quest.
    -=Leaving Silvest=-
    Note: Only neccessary on Dransik Classic
    Reward: Access to Krythan and the Mainland or access to Velsinea.
    This is not really a quest, and is actually very simple. However, many people
    have had problems with this. Silvest is a beginners area. Player vs. player combat
    is not allowed, monsters are weak, inventory items don't drop when you die, and
    most skills have limited growth.
    This sounds all great and all, but you have to leave eventually (well, you don't
    have to, but you'll probably want to, since Silvest gets pretty boring).
    There is a book in the church in town that tells you to seek your destiny in the
    Land of the Dead, so that sounds like a good place to check out. But, before you
    go, put all your belongings except your equipment in your bank. You won't
    lose them on Silvest, but if you happen to die after reaching Krythan, you run
    the risk of not being able to retrieve them.
    Follow the road north out of Silvest, and then proceed east. The road will end
    at a guard outpost. To the north is the Kobold camp, and to the south is a
    network of canyons called the Land of the Dead. The valleys themselves are fairly
    extensive (at least by Silvest standards. Silvest Island in its entirety is small
    next to some features on the Mainland), and are filled with roving groups of
    skeletons, and you'll have to have your running shoes on.
    From the outpost, head south into the valleys. Follow the route all the way south,
    then west. Heading north-east from here, look for a cave on the north side of the
    valley in the mountains.
    Inside, you have a choice. The signs say "Peace," and "Adventure." Peace
    goes to Velsinea. In Velsinea, you drop items when you die, but you can't be
    attacked by players. The island of Velsinea is quite large, but lacks much in the
    way of towns, so you'll need to be well prepared for long trips. You can later
    leave Velsinea and go to the mainland. The other way goes to Krythan and the
    mainland directly.
    (If you think this was hard, be happy. A long time ago, there was a huge maze
    full of monsters. And you don't even want to THINK how we used to have to get
    to the mainland!)
    -=The Teleporter Chain=-
    This also is not a quest, but it's something that does get asked a lot, so I felt
    it benificial to include it here, as it is required for some quests.
    The primary way to the mainland is via a teleporter system. On the ptp server,
    this is a three way-portal, going from Krythan to Parian, Parian to Garnea, and
    Garnea back to Krythan. On the beta servers as of this writing, Garnea is closed,
    so the teleporter is two-way from Krythan to Parian and back.
    Ok, getting there: Starting out from New Korelth, you have two choices: First,
    you can take the road out the south exit, and follow it to the east. Alternately,
    and probably somewhat safer, go east from Korelth, through the forest, to the
    coast, and follow the coast south and east. Either way, you will come to what
    looks somewhat like a spawn gate. Pass through this, and you will arrive near
    Parian. The road leading south and east will take you to the south-west gate
    of Parian (which you will quickly see is an immense city). Parian is located
    centrally on the Mainland, and gives access to a number of important areas and
    has paths to a number of other cities.
    Note: Unlike the pathway from Silvest, the Mainland teleporter chain is reusable.
    You can freely travel to and from the Mainland and Krythan as many times as you
    Combat Skill Quests
    -=Small Blades=-
    Items needed: 500gp
    Location: Jeel Pub
    This is, hands down, the simplest quest in the game. Talk to Captain Chugga.
    He'll brag about his ship. Ask him if the ship is seaworthy, and he'll offer to
    tech you daggar combat. Agree. He will ask for 500gp. Drag this amount on to him,
    and the rest is just watch-and-learn.
    -=Large Blades=-
    Location: Hothbra Pub
    Speak to Raglnak in Hothbra's pub, and say you have noticed the evils of the
    land as well. He will give you a practice sword, which you cannot unequip until
    you have completed the quest. You must now kill a snake, a kobold, and an orc.
    (Interesting note: In Dransik, despite the fact that he is in an alley, he still
    calls the bartender to bring you an ale. Good service in those Varg pubs, eh?).
    Buy some healing potions, if you wish, and head out of town.
    Snakes and Orcs can be found immediately north of Hothbra. A little ways to the
    east from there, you can find Kobolds. Snakes provide little threat, although
    killing an orc can be a pain. It's good to lure one between the town walls and
    the mountains, where it can't run away if you die. Kobolds hit fast, and can
    be hard if you get several of them attacking you at once, so try to get one
    alone, and if possible, lure it against Hothbra's north wall.
    After you've killed all three monsters, return to Raglnak. He will teach you
    what he knows of sword combat, and give you a sword as a gift (you also get
    to keep your practice sword, if you want to).
    -=Axe Combat=-
    Location: Hidden room in Varg Pub
    In the back room of the Varg Pub, go through the secret wall on the right side.
    Talk to Hungry Jack, and say you are looking for the axe master. He will tell you
    he has not seen him for some time, but that he can help you. Accept his quest,
    and he will give you an axe which you cannot remove until the quest is done.
    Go out and kill any twenty monsters (it doesn't matter wether you kill bats or
    balrons, they all count the same. Weak monsters are probably best). When you've
    killed twenty monsters, you get 5,000 exp in axe combat. Return to Hungry Jack
    to get the rest of the experience and to unequip the axe. You get to keep the
    axe, which you can sell if you want. There's nothing special about it, it's just
    like the stacks of them you'll likely loot off of zombies in your early levels.
    Note: If you do lose the axe (There are a couple bugs that can trigger this),
    purchase a regular axe someplace, and go to Hugry Jack and tell him you lost his
    Location: Weapon Shop, Lotor's Castle.
    This is a quite long quest, so be prepared to put a few hours into it,
    particularly if your lumberjacking or milling skills are not very good.
    In Lotor's Caslte, find the weapon shop (it's the first door on the south wall of
    the hallway leading right from the main hall). Once there, speak to Klaresh.
    Welcome him to Krythan, and ask about Parian. Then, ask him to tell you about
    Archery, and finally say you would like to become an archer. He will send you to
    find Giltroy, one of the finest bowcrafters on Krythan.
    To find Giltroy, make your way to Vrethpool. Once there, go around so you're
    outside the east wall of the city. There is a secret wall leading to Giltroy's
    room here. Giltroy is not a nice person. If you ask him to make a bow right
    away, he won't be happy about it. Ask him why he's so mean. Ask him about his
    motherland, then ask him to tell you more. Tell him how much you dislike greed,
    and then you can ask him to make you a bow without getting thrown out on your
    Of course, greed-hating Giltroy isn't going make it a free ride. You need to get
    twelve planks. To do this, go to the Vrethpool provisioners, and buy a lumberjack
    axe and a saw. Use the axe on trees to try and get logs, and the saw on the logs
    to try to get planks. This can be a very time consuming process. Some hihger
    level carpenters will sell, or even give, you planks for this purpose, as well,
    or you may go to a city with a carpenter's shop (Jeel or Parian are the closest),
    and hope somebody sold enough of them there for you to use.
    When you return with the planks, giltroy isn't done yet. Now, the bow just needs
    a blue gem. On Dransik Classic, the name of this item is simply Gem. On Dransik,
    there are a number of gemstones, several of which are blue. You want a Blue Topaz.
    Either way, it'll set you back 90 gp. A number of monsters (Skeletons, Termigons,
    Fire Ants, Thieves, Triddles, etc) also drop these if you're a real cheapskate,
    or you can mine and hope to find one.
    Of course, Giltroy isn't satisfied. He yells at you some more, and sends you to
    the north forest to get the blue silk thread of the northern blue silkworm. To get
    this, head ALL the way up to Varg.
    Once there, speak to Lyndsay, and ask for some blue string. You will get the
    string and 500 exp pool.
    Return to Giltroy for the last time, and drop the string on him. Of course, after
    all that, he's too weak to string the bow, so you get the string back, and
    he gives you the Unstrung Giltroy Bow, along with 500 more exp pool.
    He tells you about a man in the city by the crypt, the city of joy, but he can't
    remember the name. Well, if you read the signs by all the towns, you'll know he
    means Jeel, so head there.
    Once there, go to the farm shop, and talk to Sir Robin. Tell him you are looking
    for somebody to string the bow, and he'll do it for you. (He may have the sprite of
    a thief, but don't worry, he hasn't ripped anybody off in a long time) For
    finishing this leg of the quest, you get another 500 exp pool.
    Return the bow to Klaresh. Talk to him, and tell him you have his gift. Drop
    the bow on him, and you'll recieve the balance of the quest reward in your Long
    Bow skill.
    Location: Small island north of Krythan
    Note: this is one of the best combat quests, experience wise.
    Start from Jeel. Purchase a Cure Potion (the orange one, not the brown one),
    and head towards the spawn gate northeast of town.
    Just west of the gate is a small mountian with a cave. Enter the cave.
    (Note: On Dransik Classic, you can navigate caves fairly easily. On Dransik, you
    will need a torch or other light-emitting item)
    Follow the winding path around, dodging or killing skeletons and other weak
    monster (beware for the occasional stronger monster, however, and be ready to run).
    Once you find the other entrance, leave the cave and go north into the house.
    Speak with the man here. He will tell you he has been poisoned by a snake
    (although, snakes in Dransik are not poisonous...). Drop the potion onto him,
    and recieve 1000 exp pool for assisting him. Ask him about the poles on the wall.
    If you wish to learn how to use these weapons, you'll have to gain the three
    marks from the leaders of Krythan.
    Return through the cave to Jeel (Or just feed yourself to a monster if you didn't
    bring any equipment). In the government building, speak to the mayor
    for the first mark.
    For the second mark, go to Varg. Directly opposite of the entrance, enter the
    government building here and speak to the mayor.
    For the final mark, you must go to Lotors Castle and speak to none other than
    King Lotor himself.
    With this, return, again, through the caves, and show the marks to our potion-
    stealing liar of a teacher and finish the quest.
    Tradeskill Quests
    Location: Forest clearing, east of Korelth spawn gate.
    This quest is not difficult in-and-of itself, but is fairly annoying. The NPC,
    Mukk, quite often gets killed by the monsters in the woods. If he is not there,
    (He spawns near the southwest corner of the clearing) you will have to keep the
    skeletons and zombies at bay until he respawns.
    Once this has happened, he will give you some firewood to take to his wife in
    Hothbra. Go there, and find Renn in the corridor in the outer wall's southern
    section. Talk to her, and you recieve some exp pool. Renn will ask you to take
    her husband's lunch to him. Return to Mukk's clearing to finish the quest.
    Location: Flagata Mines, near Korelth entrance.
    Starting in Korelth, I reccomend you put all of your belongings in the bank.
    This entire quest takes place in some of the most dangerous areas of Krythan.
    Go to the Korelth inn, and go in the top-left door. There is a secret wall behind
    the bed, and a trap door in this small room. Go down this to access the Flagate
    Mines. This area is often swarming with undead, so be careful. Head a short ways
    left, and take the corridor going down. You will come to a chamber that normally
    has no monsters (unless they just followed you down here), and a door.
    Go through the door and talk to Youkon. Speak to him of his final battle. He will
    send you to dig ore from the sight of this battle, where he was blinded by a
    Grab a pickaxe (if you don't have one of your own, buy one from the provisioner for
    150gp) and head for Lotor's Castle. From the castle gates, head south, and find the
    pass between the two parallel mountain ranges.
    If you see many monsters and you can't fight them, lure them to their death at the
    guard's hands. Once you can get into the valley, proceed south through the valley
    and locate a ring of stones between the two mountain ranges. Mine an iron ore from
    this formation (you may want to build your digging skill a few levels elsewhere to
    get through this faster). You get a 2000 exp bonus to digging for finding this ore.
    Return to  Youkon with the ore, taking the same precautions as before, and get the
    rest of the quest experience. As a gift, Youkon will also give you a new pickaxe.
    On Dransik, there is no spawn gate at Lotor's castle, so be careful not to die,
    it's a long run from Hothbra if you drop an important item. Also, Dransik guards
    are weaker than those on Dransik Classic, and if you use them to kill too many
    ettins, you're likely to end up finding they're all dead and there's nothing to
    protect you from the next set except King Lotor and a couple shopkeepers, none
    of which are well equipped to put up a fight.
    Location: Dexmor
    Although short, this quest is quite dangerous. You have to make your way along the
    treacherous, twisting route into Winterland, in the extreme north of the Mainland.
    Once in Winterland, head northeast to find a road, and follow the road east
    to Dexmor. Locate the quest NPC just east of the frozen pond, and ask him
    the benefits of living in the cold. You will have to talk to him several times.
    He will ask you to get him some Frost Ore. For this, he gives you a finely crafted
    pickaxe. Leave Dexmor going west.
    When you get to the forest that surrounds part of the road, head north.
    Here you will find a mountain range. From the east end, there is an open valley,
    called Valley of the Frost Giants. Dodge ice golems, frost giants, and the ever-
    annoying nelms to get to the deepest part of the valey. The mountains here are a
    different color. Use the special pickaxe here several times, and you will
    eventually find the Durable Ore (yes, I know it was called Frost Ore in the
    dialogue, but it's called durable ore when you get it). Finding the ore will break
    the finely crafted pickaxe (not so finely crafted, I guess). Return this ore to
    Dexmor to complete the quest.
    Part of your reward is a "Durable Hammer." This works just like the blacksmith's
    hammers that you purchase from blacksmiths, but it can be used many, many times
    before it eventually breaks. This is a very useful item, since it will reduce
    the costs of blacksmithing for a considerable amount of time, by which point, the
    cost of a hammer every now and then will be negligible.
    Utility Skill Quests
    -=Item Identification=-
    Location: Hut on coast west of Korelth
    From Korelth, head west, through the forests. You'll find a large open clearing.
    Pass through this (beware of wisps, as they hit very hard) and keep going until
    you get to the coast. Head a little ways south to a small hut. Speak with
    Tallen'im, and then go inside. Examine the funny object on the floor, and Tallen'im
    will give you a scroll, and ask you to identify the item. Take this scroll
    first to Hothbra.
    Between the north wall and the shops is a narrow passage. Go down this, and speak
    to Xavior. He will identify one portion of the item as a twig.
    For the second part, you'll need to go to Josody, in the west mainland. Speak
    to the woman named Christine, and she will identify the other part of the item
    on the scroll as a loop.
    All this work to identify a loop with a STICK through it?
    Sheesh! At any rate, return to Tallen'im, and talk to him and write this one off.
    Location: Vrethpool inn
    Undoubtedly, the longest and hardest skill quest in the game. This one will take
    you accross more than half of the mainland several times over, and through
    some dangerous areas. Because some of the locations are hard to describe, I've
    included sextant locations this time.
    Starting in Vrethpool this time, go to the top-left room of the Inn. Speak to
    Arabella. The man in the bed is badly wounded, and is probably not long for
    the mortal coil. However, Arabella's uncle is a great healer, and can fix him
    right up. Rightie-O, that's nice. The catch: He's in Zolkranion, at the far end
    of the mainland.
    So... go there. There is a feild at the south end of the village (you can pick the
    plants here and sell them to the provisioner for free money, too). Steal the crops,
    if you wish, and talk to Promesis. He will give you a hand shovel, and send you
    after a series of herbs to make the elixer. Don't lose the hand shovel, or you'll
    be out of luck finishing the quest unless you can get one from another player.
    The first herb is the Elderberry. From Josody, go north through the mountain
    pass to the spawn gate, and then west. The elderberries are tucked against the
    mountains. Use the hand shovel on them to get the first ingredient. Return it to
    Promesis (the sextant location is 1291, 2453).
    The second herb is located in the desert. To get here, go around the mountains
    by Zolkranion, and go southwest to Desprail. From here, go south through the forest
    and follow the tan mounatains around to the entrance. Deep in the northern end
    of the desert, find the Arnica Flowers at coordinates 1714, 3227.
    The desert is DANGEROUS. The main threat here is from Scorpotaurs and Death Skulls.
    Scorpotaurs are fast, strong, and poison badly. Death Skulls are worse, though.
    They run FASTER than a player can, so if one sees you, you better be ready to
    kill it or survive it's attack long enough to get the flower before you die (Hope
    you don't have all your gold in you backpack, or it's time to pay the poor house
    a visit).
    The next one is Hyssop. It's the easiest to find. It's just around the mountains
    east of Zolkranion. Why couldn't Promesis get this while you were lost in the
    desert? Because he's lazy, that's why. As if you need it, the location is
    1850, 2883.
    Next one is the Valerian Root in the badlands, more or less directly west from
    Zolkranion. They are tucked back into a small valley in the badlands at location
    2693, 2887. Be careful in the badlands, between the undead, the orcs, and all the
    other nasties that spawn in here at high rates, it's easy to get surrounded.
    Go back to Pronesis, and you'll need one more: the Boneset herb. For this one,
    go to where the entrance to the desert was. Head a bit west, and down into a
    valley that'll probably be pretty well stocked with evil eyes. Keep your eyes
    peeled for green dragons here, too, since they can really ruin your day -
    especially if you're still marked to spawn back in Vrethpool. Anyway... I digress.
    In this valley is a swamp. At location 1847, 3849 you will find the white
    boneset herbs. (If you see a Green Dragon, count yourself lucky. Dragons are among
    the most annoyingly rare monsters in the game to hunt).
    Go back to Pronesis for the last time, and get the elixer. Run this back to
    Arabella, since that poor guy's been at death's door for longer than anybody
    has any right to survive in his plight. Talk to Arabella to finish the quest.
    Note: You used to have to return to Pronesis (again) to get a healing manual
    to learn how to use the healing skill. However, the healing manual is no longer
    needed, and is not given in the quest.
    Jail Quest
    This feature of Dransik lies about halfway between a static quest and a dynamic
    quest. The quest does not have to be started.
    In the jail building are several notices posted on the wall, listing escaped
    prisoners and wanted criminals. Listed are the names of several NPCs which wander
    around the world: Lovia, Hanvik, and Tarvan. You nver know where they may pop up.
    There are two ways to encounter them. They randomly appear in towns throughout
    the lands, and the gaurd's don't really mind if you chop one up on a pub table.
    Why they don't jail the criminal themselves is beyond me, maybe Lotor doens't pay
    them enough?
    They also spawn randomly in the field. They can appear just about anywhere, be it
    just outside of Jeel all the way to Talazar's Island or Winterland. If you find
    an NPC with a red name in the wilderness, kill it, since you won't turn crim for
    doing so. Collect the head that they drop, and take it to Sir Vantic, the warden
    of the jail. He will give you 30,000 exp pool and 50,000 gp as a reward for
    dispatching the criminal (this amount varies, depending on which NPC you found).
    Note that, as mentioned above, monsters will also kill these NPCs sometimes. If
    you ever notice a head on the ground, pick it up, since it is likely from one
    of these NPCs.
    Guild Quest
    The Guild Quest is an extremely difficult test of your determination. It will
    require you to solve five puzzels, go up against hordes of undead, hordes
    of minotaurs, ettins, and golems, and will even require a trip through Talazar's
    Island, known commonly as Hell (It is called Hell with good reason), all to
    find four books of leadership.
    To get through the entire quest, you will need at least eight helpers to access
    the third book. Once the quest is finished, you still need to pay half a million
    gp to create a guild.
    -=Starting the Quest=-
    The quest starts in a cave near Varg. From the city, go east to the coast,
    and follow it a distance north. Southwest of the cemetary is a squarish valley.
    In the northwest corner of this valley is a cave. Enter this cave.
    The cave is not a great threat. Head a bit down, and take the path going to the
    left. At the end, go up a short distance and look for the secret entrance on the
    left wall. Go through and up the ladder to the Guild Ruins. Speak to the NPC
    here. Tell him you are seeking Holendar, the Guildmaster to start the quest.
    -=The First Book=-
    Reward: 20,000 exp pool
    Your first destination is Jeel. Once there, go into the inn, and go to the
    bottom-left room (on ptp), or the top-right room (on beta). Speak to the man in
    the bed until he finally goes to sleep. Once he does, nudge him. Continue to do
    so at three or four second intervals. He will tell you a series of clues which
    you should memorize (but why memorize when I'm here holding your hand, eh?).
    Talking to this guy can be even more agonizing than talking to Giltroy. If you
    nudge him too many times too fast, he will wake up and yell at you, and you will
    have to start all over again. The game will tell you when you've gotten all the
    information you need. Even though I'm telling you what to do, you do have to
    keep poking him until you get everything you need to know. This is a test of your
    Now, head east to the Krypt of Kargoth. From the entrance, go down through
    the two doors, and through the secret wall on the right side of the room you're
    in now.
    Speaking to the NPC in Jeel triggers a large group of ghosts to spawn here,
    so you'll have to cut your way through them (It helps to bring a few
    friends). In this room, the NPC monster Kargoth sometimes spawns with his
    guard of Zombies. They don't move, but will attack if you come to close.
    (Note: A bug in monster AI on certain servers makes them kill themselves).
    After cutting your way through Kargoth, find the secret wall on the north wall of
    this cave, which leads to another cave. Once in here, go right to the
    main north-south corridor. A ways south, paths branch off to each side. Take the
    first path east, and follow the top wall of it. Keep going, keeping your eyes
    peeled for an assortment of strong monsters, any one of which can ruin your day
    if you aren't a high level.
    If you stick to the top wall as it twists around, you will eventually find a
    switch. Explore a bit to the south before throwing the switch, and locate the
    door. Make sure the area is clear of monsters that could slow you down.
    Go back to the switch, and throw it. Run to the door quickly, and get through
    before it closes on you. Once inside, double click the chest to open the next door.
    Go through, and read the book you find, and recieve 20,000 exp pool. There is
    another switch on the wall that will allow you to get back out.
    Note: If you brought a friend, leave him down at the door, and have him go through
    when you hit the switch. That way, if you don't make it in time, he can throw the
    escape switch and let you in.
    Leave the crypt,
    and return to the guild ruins to continue the quest.
    -=The Second Book=-
    Reward: 30,000 exp pool
    This book is located in the back room of the potion shop in Hothbra. There is a
    trap door against the back wall. Go down this, and you'll be in a small cave.
    There is a blood fountain near a collapsed bridge. Double click the fountain, and
    you'll be teleported to the other side of the bridge.
    In here, watch out. The majority of the monsters here are assorted undeads,
    but stronger monsters make appearances, so be prepared. Bring a strong weapon and
    good armor, and just slash your way through anything that's directly in your path.
    Don't waste time picking up what they drop, or killing anything that isn't going to
    directly block you. Your speed is at the test.
    Once there, find the Wraith NPC. Speak to him about his leader Talazar (Don't tell
    him Talazar has turned to evil. This poor warrior died when Talazar was still a
    noble knight).
    Once he sends you on your way, run to the door in the middle of the left vertical
    corridor, go in and click the fountain. Now, run to the door in the middle of the
    right vertical corridor, and click that fountain. Then, run to the door at the
    top-left and click THAT fountain. Run to the door at the bottom-left and click
    another fountain, then run to the bottom-right door, click the last fountain, and go
    through the door nearby to find the actual book itself.
    If you take too long to get between the fountains, you'll be sent to the spawn gate
    and will have to start over. You can extend the time you have by stopping and
    re-clicking a fountain you've already hit if you don't think you'll make it
    to the correct room in time.
    When you're done, run back to the Ruins to get the commission for the third book.
    -=The Third Book=-
    Reward: A migraine
    This book is the ultimate test of leadership on the Guild Quest. It starts in the
    Valley of the Giants. Tucked up in the northwest corner against the mountains
    (hidden behind forests) is the book temple. There is a book in the middle, and
    eight off-color tiles. This is where you'll need helpers. Get your eight assitants
    (None can be in guilds for this) to stand on the eight off-color tiles.
    Strategy in deploying the helpers may be important if you're having troulbe. Put
    those players with the most HP near the north exit of the temple, and have people
    wear fire-resistant armor if possible. Don't worry about losing items. If you die,
    you keep everything on you. However, if one person dies, you all die.
    When you're all ready, double click the book in the middle, and select "Perform
    the Ritual, and have everybody run north. Dodge the Horned Devils and run through
    the small valley. Have one person run to the right and another to the left of the
    castle. At the back are switches for each of them to flip which open the doors.
    Inside, get one person into each of the cells. Meanwhile, you go through to the
    next room. Read the book here, and speak the words.
    Meanwhile, you yourself have to go up into the next room. Read the book there, and
    speak the words in it, then double click the fountain in the middle.
    Outside, this will light the magic forge. You'll see a set of torches. Now here is
    where the teamwork and leadership comes in.
    Outside, your comrades will have four torches. Have them light pairs of them in
    order (1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4). When the torch corresponding to their cell
    lights up, run down and tell them to stop.
    Once you have all the torches lit, go through into the final room, and read the
    book. Make sure nobody changes the torches again. It isn't fun to be on the cusp
    of success and suddenly pop up at the Parian spawn.
    Return to the guild ruins, and be prepared for the final test.
    Congratulations! It only gets harder from here!
    -=Fourth Book=-
    Reward: 60,000 exp pool
    I hope you've been excersizing. Because you have got one hell (litterally) of a run
    ahead of you now.
    Dransik Classic:
    Head to Solodon (the large Night Elf city near Josody), and follow the road east
    to the chaos spawn. The Crypt of Rhynokah is south of here, and the teleporter
    to hell is north of that, against the mountains. Be ready to dodge horned devils
    that swarm the area.
    Head about directly south of Korelth to the coast of Krythan. There is a large
    penninsula with an assortemnt of fire-elemental monsters.At the very end of the
    penninsula is a small building with a teleporter.
    Go through, and you'll be on Talazar's Island, commonly known as Hell. I hope
    you can kill demons... Or I hope your naked and can run. Fast. One way or the
    other, head south, and skirt to the west of the Minions of Talazar Stronghold.
    Once you pass this building, and pass through the small valley, watch out.
    Strong monsters spawn here. Head to the west, and follow the mountains
    until you come to a cave, just east of the passage up to Talazar's Castle.
    Once inside, you'll have to negotiate a maze.
    Do so by going right, down, up, left, up, right, down and finally up.
    Read the book, and return to the guild ruins. You're in the home stretch.
    -=Extra: Helping on the Third Book=-
    Reward: Some people pay their helpers.
    The first thing to do is get a general idea who's strongest. If you're a weaker
    player, stay behind the others. If you're stronger, take the point and take the
    brunt of the monster attacks.
    Once at the castle, know who's going to hit the two switches, while the rest go
    Once in your cell, Start by setting your torches to 1-2. Wait for the forge to go
    out and come back on. If you weren't told to stop, change them to 1-3, and so on.
    When you're told to stop, just sit tight. A great way to make people mad at you is
    to change a torch after all the work of setting it up correctly.
    -=Emperium Abbey=-
    Reward: 2000 exp pool for finishing the quest, 100,000 for buying a deed.
    Items needed: 250,000gp (500,000 on Dransik Classic)
    From Parain, exit to the south, and follow the mountains to the west to Emperium
    Abbey. Control-click the blood fountin on the island in the middle.
    Talk to Father Gweedo, who tells you the fountain turned to blood when Talazar
    attacked. Find Bother Timmothy, who says you cannot see Holendar until it runs
    clean again. Speak Brother James, and Brother Nicholas. Remember what Nicholas
    says, then go back and tell this to James.
    Easter Egg: Read the encantation backwards for a little dig between the
    dev team. It's Zarquon's opinion on Lothgar's choice of beer:
    "reeb emos em evig
    selur thgil dub dna xus esuoheci"
    Reversed, this reads:
    "give me some beer
    icehouse sucks and bud light rules"
    Finally, talk to brother Timmothy, and he will teleport you to Holendar.
    Now, talk to Holendar, and drop your gold on him if you wish to purchase a deed.
    Easter Egg: If you keep talking to Holendar without giving him money, he'll start
    to whine about the threat of rain. A few people have seen him say, "Give me the
    money or I will hack your account and take all you have and sell it for my personal
    profit." Don't worry, as of this writing, Holendar has not successfully hacked any
    Congratulations. You're a guild leader. Best of luck to you.
    Note: You don't have to buy the deed. However, once you do, you'll be able to
    have deeds transfered to you. Deeds start with a number for the tag (corresponding
    to the number deeds that have been created on that server), and have your name. You
    have to rename it to what you want.
    Other Things
    These things really don't fit the definition of Quest, but they are special events
    and locations that can add to both the fun and RP of Dransik, so they're covered
    -=Hell Attacks=-
    Commonly known as Hell Spawns on Dransik, however this is easily confused with
    a powerful hell monster called a Hell Spawn, which sometimes takes part in hell
    Hell Attacks are when a group of hell monsters appears near a city and attempts to
    destroy it. These are fun events for people who aren't strong enough to fight
    in areas that normally have these monters, but can be dangerous.
    On Dransik Classic, if you encounter a hell attack, and want to fight it, your best
    bet is to run AWAY from town. If you run into town, they will follow you to their
    untimely deaths. A large attack will take out five or six guards, but won't last
    long. Getting monsters outside of town walls is a good strategy, but monsters will
    sometimes flee off into woods or mountains, making it hard to track them.
    There are also a few other kinds of attacks. Jeel occasionally gets spawns of orc
    mages and orc warriors, Varg and the Storm Giant Lair both get hell attacks and
    small attacks of two to four Green Dragons.
    -=Demon Spires=-
    Demon Spires are without a doubt the most powerful force in Dransik.
    They randomly spawn anywhere in the game (excpet Silvest and Jail island. All other
    above ground areas are fair game), and start fairly innocuous. A demon-man named
    Gen Kelvor appears. Gen Kelvor is fairly well known, and guards and monsters alike
    hate him. If you see him, you can kill him with minimal risk and no reward. If you
    want to see what real power is, however, just sit back and wait a while (and kill
    any monsters that try to kill him). You might want to have fire-protective armor
    and cold-elemental weapons (or at least high end, non-fire magic weapons like
    Lightning Sword, Energy Trident, or Vorpal axe), as the monsters you're about to
    face are all fire-elemental, and very strong.
    After anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, he will vanish, leaving a
    swarm of Minions behind to guard a small stone obelisk.
    This obelisk is a Demon Spire. It works like a monster, but it doesn't move. It has
    an average of 200,000 HP, and hits for about 100 damage. If you attack it a few
    times, it will retaliate by releasing anywhere from ten to twenty hell monsters,
    including Nightmares, Minions, Demons, Hellspawns, and Balrons. Be ready to run
    when this happens - even a level 100 player is asking for death to sit around
    when this comes.
    There are several strategies to fighting Spires:
    1. Town fights
    These are rare, since there aren't many places in towns where Gen Kelvor can place
    a spire before the guards get him. However, these can be specacular fights.
    When a spawn occurs, try to trap monsters in buildings, guard posts, wherever.
    A good strategy is to have one person attack the spire while the rest stand by to
    deal with the monsters that come.
    2. Near-town fights
    These are the easiest to fight. When a spawn occurs, run towards the town, and use
    the guards as a buffer to absorb the brunt of the attack, then pick off whatever
    remains. When guards start falling like flies (and they will), use buildings to
    trap monsters so you don't end up trapped at a spawn gate with three Balrons
    rezkilling you.
    3. Long fights
    This is, technically, a bug. A spire will only spawn if it sustains a minimum level
    of damage in a three second period. By moving away each time you hit it, you can
    time your hits so you don't exceed this limit to reduce the number of times the
    spire spawns on you from several hundred to only a few, or none at all.
    This makes or a long, boring fight, but if your a long way from a spawn, it's all
    you can do sometimes.
    If you use methods 1 or 2, you can easily end up with hundreds of thousands of gp
    worth of gold and items just from the monsters, and Demons, Balrons, and Hellspawns
    all have rare drops that can be quite valuable, including elemental swords and
    shields and daggars, and Rune equipment. But the true reward is the spire itself.
    When it dies, it will drop a number of items scattered over a half-screen radius.
    It can drop any magic item - +1-5 weapons, elemental shields and plates, holy or
    black armor, elemental weapons, many rare items like lich staves and Mystic Robes,
    items that don't drop anywhere else, like Daggars of Dread and Vorpal Axes, and
    even the best equipment in the game: Rune armor (I havn't heard for sure if spires
    drop rune swords, but they do drop all five armor pieces). Take note that if one
    dies near a town wall or something, check inside the town, and inside the wall.
    The legend of the newbie who stubles accross two pieces of rune armor sitting in
    the walls of Chlera should be a good incentive to be thourough.
    If a spire is near mountains, be very careful. Monsters (and spire loot!) will
    sometimes spawn INSIDE the mountains. While flying monsters can get out,
    Nightmares can't, and they can block other monsters from getting out too.
    If too many pile up, objects (like guards, signs, monsters, the spire, loot,
    or even you and your equipment) will turn invisible, which can have disasterous
    effects. Especially if you can't see your body with that valuable sword of yours,
    but a bystander still can (it's seemingly random what objects vanish or each player).
    -Spire Hunting-
    Spire Hunting is just that - running around looking for a Spire. It's not something
    most people do regularly, since spires are fairly rare, and you can spend days
    of fruitless wandering looking for one.
    The general idea is to search the area around as many towns as you can, in as
    short a time as you can. Generally, I suggest avoiding towns that don't have a
    spawn gate, since you're likely to die multiple (read: many) times fighting one.
    Scrolls of Recall aid in this greatly, since you can zip around a number of towns
    almost instantly (be careful with Recall - it drains up to 75% of your maximum HP,
    so if you try to do it without healing, you'll die and end up back where you were
    to begin with). However, Scrolls of Recall cost 10,000 gp each, and are hard to
    get ahold of, so this isn't always feasible.
    -=The Traveling Salesman=-
    The Traveling Salesman, or TSM, spawns about once an hour, somewhere in the Dransik
    world (above ground only). His life expectancy in most areas is about five seconds,
    as monsters see him as an easy meal, and despite the billions of gp worth of high
    end equipment he's carrying, he can't kill a triddle.
    If you run into the TSM, I hope you have a good deal of money on you, or can
    run back to town and get some before he dies or disappears. The TSM sells a wide
    variety of high end items, particularly elemental shields and armors, holy/black
    armor, elemental weapons, and other rare armors like Armor of Great Health. Many
    of the items he sells (especially Vorpal Axes) can be sold for considerably more
    than he charges for them, so if you get lucky and load up, you can be a very rich
    man in short order.
    -TSM hunting-
    TSM hunting is even more boring than Spire hunting. The basic idea in this is to
    just wander aimlessly throughout the entire mainland with large amounts of gold
    in your backpack on a wing and a prayer that you'll stumble upon the TSM. In actual
    pracitce, you're not much more likely to find him sitting in a bank chatting than
    running through the wilderness like a madman, but at least running like a madman
    carrys a sense of purpose to it, and you can get some good knowledge of monster
    drops by killing all the assorted beasts you find (Who knows, maybe you'll stumble
    upon the fabled Vorpal Axe drop and save yourself the whole mess of TSM hunting).
    -=Statue of Slyth: The Journeyman=-
    This is a location in Jeel that predates my playing the game, but many people
    fail to realize that it is a very significant location.
    Slyth was a player of Dransik some time ago, during the early beta tests of Dransik
    Classic, and who has passed away. This statue was placed in the game as a tribute
    to him.
    Normally, I wouldn't put this here, and I'm not the best person to talk about this,
    but in recent months, I've seen a number of instances of people taking items placed at
    this statue. Many players who knew Slyth place roses at his statue, and it's very
    disrespectful to take them. They aren't valuable or useful, so please, if you see
    somebody doing this, remember, for many people, this is as close as they can come to
    a grave for their friend. Respect it as you would a real grave.
    There are more tasteful ways to cause grief if that's the only reason you play.
    FinalMasterM - help with exp values.
    Demoshi - help with more exp values, some healing quest herb
         names, and lots of Guild Quest (books 3 and 4, Emperium Abbey) information.
    Waimot - proofreading (spotty as it may be). Beta exp values.
             Chleran Quest
    Mr. 1337 - he did something... dunno what it was.
    JFC - exp limit on William's quest
    Petri - additional book 2 information and William's quest limit again.
    Raektis and Lotheac - fixed missing step in the book 4 maze
    The hordes of newbies asking how to get to Krythan and/or the Mainland.
    All the people who posted in my thread on the Dransik messageboard
         (Far too many to list here).
    jjcool - beta LJ quest data.
    Teh Scorp - axe quest reward on beta
    N/A - beta reward for polearm quest and skill exp reward for LJ quest. (yes, he
         said his name was N/A. He also had "Yes we have no bananas" for an email sig)
    Muzion - Orc starting quest, correction on the Krog quest.
    The many people who plugged the guide for people asking for spoilers on the wrong
    Dynamo - Clarifications on a cosmetic changes to the lumberjacking, large
         blades, Young William's, and guild quests, bug in the Chleran quest,
         a stack of other changes.
    Those two f00gs who claimed that they had written my FAQ on the Dransik boards,
         because those were nice little flame threads while they lasted.
    Lothgar - sorry man, Icehouse does sux0r.
    Zarquon - This Bud's for you!
    Cr0delia - Official potato of Dransik
    The rest of Assylumsoft - because we know Loth and Zarq do nothing but play Quake
         all day while you guys do the work;)
    That poor dying guy in Arabella's room - For somehow staying alive for three
         months between the time I first started and finally finished the healing
    Allowed Sites
    Sites that I have chosen or approved to host this FAQ
    My website: roninet.cjb.net
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
    Dransik Online: www.intristin.com/UO - authorized permission for HTML
              version and abridged edition for Dransik-only content.
    Stratics: dransik.stratics.com - Teich requested permission to host the
              guide, but has not put it up. If he does, that's still fine with
    Knights of Honor guild site: http://www.geocities.com/knights_honor_courage
    Note: Two additional guilds have been given permission to use the guide, but
    do not yet have their websites online.
    If you don't see your site here, email me before putting it up. If you run a
    Dransik related site, odds are good I will allow you to host it. If you run a
    commercial site, odds area against it, ESPECIALLY if I think you're spidering
    other sites to find FAQs.
    Don't expect blanket-requests for multiple FAQs to get accepted.
    If you got this FAQ from any other sites, email me. If an approved site has
    an out of date copy, email the webmaster. The most up-to-date copy will be
    most easily found on GameFAQs and my website.
    Banned Sites
    Sites that will never be approved to host this file unless they give me a
    VERY good reason to take them off this list.
    Cheats.de: www.cheats.de - spamming, spidering
    IGN: www.ign.com - spidering, spamming, posting guide without permission
    Knights Templars clan website: kt2003.homestead.com - Plagiarism
    This file is Copyright 2002, Jeff Barrett

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