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Magic/Runes FAQ by L0CKE COLE

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/19/02

\Dransik Beta v1.49
 \Magic/Runes FAQ and Guide v1.3
  \by L0CKE_COLE


1: Intro
 .1: Version History
2: Legal Cr@pola
3: Runes
 .1: What are Runes?
 .2: Where can I get Runes?
   -a: Prices of Magic Items
 .3: Using Runes
   -a: Enchanting
   -b: Fusing
   -c: Casting Spells
4: Combinations
5: FAQ
6: Outro

\1. Intro

Magic has always been an issue in Dransik. First, magic wasn't even existing.
People were bugging Lothgar, Artek, and various other GM's about when magic was
coming. Suddenly, it appears, and people (myself included) complain about how
there's a problem here, and that someone just killed them 30 times with Thunder
Strike. Well, hey. We asked for it :P

On a lighter note, magic also replaces the needs for most things. With Nourish,
mages don't need to eat food, provided they can cast Nourish. Also, Bless
Fields helps farmers VERY MUCH while they farm. I could list 20 others, but I'd
rather not.

\1.1 Version History

1.3: Submissions added.
1.2: Had to change my name due to a mix-up. Nothing else new besides that.
1.1: Minor spelling and other changes. Version History and Prices of Magic
Items added.
1.0: This FAQ is new.

\2. Legal Cr@pola

I've said it in many FAQs that I've made, and I'll say it again.

This FAQ is property of Locke Cole, L0CKE_COLE, and/or L0CKE COLE (who are all
the same person). You can use this FAQ for reading, printing, and giving to
your friends, as well as inspiration to get off your @$$ and write a FAQ, but
not to copy things off of, sell, or anything of that sort.

Thank you for putting up with my cr@p. We now return you to the regularly
scheduled FAQ.

\3. Runes

\3.1 What are Runes?

Runes are fused with Mage weapons so people can cast spells. Runes are used in
combinations, and there are many of them.

\3.2 Where can I get Runes?

Runes are...

...sold in magic shops.
...dropped by monsters.
...on other players.

Buy them, get them by battle, loot them, whatever.

\3.2-a Prices of Magic Items

Slots include the one taken up by the alignment rune.

Prices are that of when your alignment is yellow or bright green.

Apprentice Wand, 175 GP [Blunt Weapon]: 2 slots
Mage Staff, 250 GP [Polearm]: 4 slots
Mage Blade, 450 GP [Small Blade]: 2 slots
Iron Wand, ??? GP [Blunt Weapon]: 3 slots

Any rune names put together share the same price.

Rune of Body, Soul, and Nature: 500 GP
Rune of Mind, Distance and Harm: 1000 GP

I will list more and correct others as I find out more info.

\3.3 Using Runes

Runes aren't just decorative items, you know.

\3.3-a Enchanting

To enchant a weapon, click on the magic button (picture of the wand) on the
HUD. Then click the glowing wand button that pops up, and click the Mage weapon
of your choice. (I.E. Apprentice Wand, Mage Staff)

Enchanting a weapon gives it a rune that depends on alignment. If you're in the
red area, you get a Rune of Evil. Yellow gets a Rune of Neutrality, and green
gets you a Rune of Good. (For more on alignment, check my FAQ at gamefaqs.com)

You can disenchant a weapon by clicking the not-glowing wand button right under
the weapon that is enchanted, or by enchanting another weapon.

\3.3-b Fusing

Drag a rune onto a slot in a weapon to fuse that rune to that weapon. Once you
fuse it, it cannot be removed unless you destroy it by putting another rune
over it, so choose wisely.

(NOTE: Alignment runes CANNOT be destroyed.)

\3.3-c Casting Spells

Click the desired rune(s) to ready a spell, then select a target. If you have
sufficient stamina, and your runes have sufficient MP, you will prepare it,
then cast.

When you have a rune combo activated, an aura appears around you. The color
depends on what the spell would be considered.

A red aura indicates a damaging spell (like Thunder Strike, Plague)
A green aura indicates a curative spell (Healing, Nourish)

\3.4 Combinations

Here are some rune combinations that I know of. I haven't tried many of these
myself, so if one doesn't work as I list it, PLEASE TELL ME!



Here we go...

Nourish: Restores 5 hunger points.
Targets: Players missing 5 or more hunger points.

Body + Evil
Starve: Depletes hunger.
Targets: Players

Body + Neutrality
Target: ???

Body + Good
Healing: Restores HP to the target.
Target: Players with more than 1 HP lost.

Body + Distance
Might: Boost strength attribute by 10 temporarily.
Target: Players

Body + Distance + Harm
Magestrike: Damage target.
Target: Players, Hostile NPCs

Bless Fields: Quicken growth and blooming of plants you are growing.
Target: A planted field in stage 1 (fresh planted) or 2 (germinated) of growth.

Nature + Good
Cure: Heals poison and/or disease. *UNSURE, PLEASE VERIFY*
Target: Players

Nature + Harm
Plauge: Makes the target die as if it were starving.
Target: Players, Hostile NPCs

Nature + Distance + Harm
Lightning Strike: Damage target.
Target: Players, Hostile NPCs

Mind + Harm
Brain Freeze: Damage target.
Target: Players, Hostile NPCs

Mind + Distance + Harm
Mind Blast: Damage target.
Target: Players, Hostile NPCs

Refresh: Restores target's stamina points.
Target: Players

Soul + Harm
Misery: Depletes stamina points.
Target: Players, Hostile NPCs

MY COMBOS (These aren't in the game, but they would make sense) :P
Mind + Distance
Telepathy: Talk to players wherever they are, like guild chat.
Target: Self

If anyone has some more (REAL) combos, or knows the functions of rune combos
that I don't, e-mail me.

\5. FAQ

"Where can I find runes?"
Runes can be bought in magic shops or off of players, found on dead monsters
sometimes, and you always start with a Rune of Body if you chose to be a mage.

"Do runes last forever?"
No. When you mouse over a rune, a number appears under its name. That's its MP.
When it runs out of MP, it's lost forever. MP recharges slowly over time.

"What rune combos do you use?"
I usually have an iron wand with a rune of good, a body rune, and a nature

E-mail me if you have something to add.

\6. Outro

Special Thanks to:

Myself, for making this. (w00t!)
AsylumSoft, for making one HELLUVA game!
The following people for submissions:

Chaladar (vince6742@hotmail.com)
-Submitted Magestrike rune combo
[Name unkown] (Codojus4208@aol.com)
-Submitted Plauge's effect
dransik.tk (http://www.dransik.tk)
-Allowing me to use their magic table. Hey Botman! Nice site!

\6.1 Rules for E-mailing me

If you must e-mail me, put the the text next to the corresponding reason for
harassing me in the subject line. If I see (no subject), I WILL delete it:

This faq in general (comment, correction): Rune FAQ
A rune combo or rune combo correction: Rune Combo
Something to add to the FAQ: Add to Rune FAQ

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEEASE sign your Dransik screen name on the end of the
e-mail message! Your e-mail name/address is useless to me! It could be your
real name, or some other ridiculous handle you use in another game!

Due to a virus I got a bit back, I delete any e-mail with an attachment that I
don't know is coming!

If you are unsure of a rune combo, DO NOT send it to me! Check to make sure it
works, and THEN send it to me.

\6.2 My Incoherent Babble

Here are some things that I think would REALLY be great in Dransik.

My rune combos
Mana Potions restore a rune's MP by 1.
Elemental Runes! (Rune of Flame, Cold, ETC)

\"Th-th-th-tha-that's all folks!"

E-MAIL, MSN IM and YAHOO! IM: l0cke_cole@snet.net
WEBSITE: http://l0ckecole.web1000.com/

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