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    \Dransik Beta V1.49
     \Non-Official Instructions/Guide v1.2
      \by L0CKE_COLE
    1: Intro
     .1: Version History
    2: Legal Cr@pola
    3: About the Launcher
     .1: Initialization
     .2: Login
     .3: Updating
     .4: Poll
     .5: Servers
    4: About the Game
     .1: Updating
     .2: Characters
       -a: Creating a Character
         1: Races
         2: Professions
         3: Attributes
       -b: Using a Previous Character
     .3: Playing
       -a: HUD Explanation
         1: Health
         2: Stamina
         3: Hunger
         4: Alignment
         5: Experience
         6: Weight
         7: Equipment
         8: Backpack
         9: Skills
         10: Enchant/Cast (Magic and Mystery Only)
         11: Map
         12: Chat
         13: Taming Console
         14: Shield
         15: Ship (Disabled)
         16: Options
       -b: Moving
       -c: Other Players
       -d: Talking to Other Players
       -e: NPCs
         1: What are NPCs?
         2: NPCs to know about
         3: Interacting with NPCs
       -f: Venturing out
         1: Combat Mode
         2: Attacking
       -g: Justice System
         1: Criminal (Crim) Status
         2: Jail
       -h: Skills
         1: Learning New Skills
         2: Building Up Skills
       -i: Tips
         1: Easy Experience
         2: Easy Money
         3: Hunting
         4: Other items
       -j: FAQ
    5: Outro
    \1. Intro
    What is Dransik?
    Depends on what you're talking about. Either Dransik is an executable file,
    used for gaming pleasure, or...
    Dransik is a vast world, filled with mystery, possibility, hardship, love,
    hate, and friendship. It's a world that's been torn asunder, and rebuilt many
    times. In this world, there is no set path that's been predetermined by fate.
    Your future, and the futures of your immediate surroundings, is up to YOU. Are
    you up to the task?
    \1.1 Version History
    1.2: Had to change my name due to a mix-up. Nothing else new besides that.
    1.1: Minor spelling changes and updates. Version History Added.
    1.0: This FAQ is new.
    \2. Legal Cr@pola
    I've said it in many FAQs that I've made, and I'll say it again.
    This FAQ is property of Locke Cole, L0CKE_COLE, and/or L0CKE COLE (who are all
    the same person). You can use this FAQ for reading, printing, and giving to
    your friends, as well as inspiration to get off your @$$ and write a FAQ, but
    not to copy things off of, sell, or anything of that sort.
    Thank you for putting up with my cr@p. We now return you to the regularly
    scheduled FAQ.
    \3. About the Launcher
    If you want to play Dransik, you must first get the launcher, which will keep
    the game updated every time you log on, by downloading patches and such. The
    launcher can be found at www.dransik.com, just click the "Download" link.
    Every time a new launcher comes out, be sure to download the update patch from
    the Dransik website.
    \3.1 Initialization
    Okay, you have all of the files. Great. But to get started, you have to get the
    files "warmed up." Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. The launcher
    initializes, or readies the files for faster use. This may take a while,
    depending on how fast your computer is.
    \3.2 Login
    After initializing all the files, login. Type your user name and password in if
    you have an account, or click the [Create New] button next to the login name
    \3.3 Updating
    If you've got a 56k, and you're wondering why it takes so goddamn long to log
    in, that's because the launcher is sending all of your file info to make sure
    that everything is up-to-date. If there are files that are behind the times, or
    not present, it will download what is needed.
    \3.4 Poll
    Once in a while, a poll will pop up in the launcher. Just pick an option and
    click [OK].
    \3.5 Servers
    "Yaay! I'm ready to play!" NOT!!! Ok, ok... I was a little harsh. All you have
    to do is pick a server. There are three somewhat-permanent servers...
    Dransik New World: The standard beta server, located in Texas, USA.
    Great Wall: A server located in China.
    Krythan Inception: A server in California, USA.
    There is also another server, Magic and Mystery. When magic is done with beta
    testing, it will merge with the other servers.
    Pick a server to begin. Check out the Dransik website for more info.
    \4. About the Game
    After all those hours of tedious downloading, you finally get into the main
    \4.1 Updating
    ...but alas! More updates! If there was an update for this particular server,
    or if this is your first time visiting the server, you will have to download
    settings and such. Don't worry! Even on a 56k, these files take less than 2
    \4.2 Characters
    You don't know what a character is? Why are you even playing Dransik? Go play
    \4.2-a Creating a Character
    To have a character, you must create one.
    \4.2-a1 Races
    There are no differences between what race you are, besides your appearance,
    but the races are Human, Night Elf, and Orc, all with a male/female gender
    \4.2-a2 Professions
    Warrior - Gives you experience in small blades.
    Blacksmith - Gives you a pick and a hammer, and experience in mining and
    Farmer - Gives you a Shovel and Pecans, and some experience in Planting.
    Cook - Gives you a materials for mixing and cooking, and gives you experience
    in Bread Mixing and Cooking.
    \4.2-a3 Attributes
    You get 5 points in each attribute, and 5 extra to put anywhere.
    Strength: Affects attack damage, your weight limit, and your HP increases by 2
    each time you boost it with an orb.
    Dexterity: Affects hit rate and evasion, how often you cut through a person,
    and armor goes up by 1 for every 4 dexterity points.
    Intellect: Need 30 points to tame wolves, and will have something to do with
    Constitution: Affects how fast you regenerate, and boosts HP by 5 for every
    time you boost it with an orb.
    \4.2-b Using a Previous Character
    It's as simple as double-clicking the character that you wish to use: you
    double-click the character you wish to use.
    \4.3 About the Game
    Unless you couldn't log on, you should be playing now.
    You start in the Town of Silvest, on Silvest Island. Silvest is commonly
    referred to (by players) as "n00b island", and for a good reason.
    Silvest is where you learn the basics in whatever you may want to learn.
    Whether it is dagger combat, mining, or whatever, that's up to you.
    Experience has a cap on Silvest. Once you reach a certain amount of experience
    in skill, you can't learn that skill anymore (you stop gaining experience with
    it). To keep learning, go to Krythan Island.
    On Silvest, you cannot attack other players. If you try to, the targeting
    system shuts off before you can launch your first attack. Wait until you get to
    Krythan, you impatient Pkers! :P
    \4.3-a HUD Explanation
    The HUD contains the chat box and your current status. No, not your status 10
    minutes ago, or your friend's status; yours, now!
    \4.3-a1 Health
    Health, the red bar with red numbers, is used to tell how injured you are. When
    you get hit, your Health, or HP, drops. If it drops to 0, you die, and are sent
    to the nearest Spawn Gate, with about 2/3 of your Health restored.
    If you die on Krythan, you will drop items, and sometimes equipment. In this
    case, get to your body as fast as possible (it decays) and get all of your
    stuff, before it drops your stuff off your body or someone loots (steals) your
    \4.3-a2 Stamina
    Stamina is the purple bar with purple numbers. It's used to tell how much
    immediate strength you have left to walk, attack, cast magic, etc.
    It drops as you walk/attack/whatever. When it starts glowing, you slow down and
    attack slower than usual. To restore it, stand still, not attacking, moving, or
    even breathing (that last one was fake, he he) until it reaches a satisfactory
    level for you.
    I have found out that you still lose stamina when you try to move, but are
    blocked by a tree/wall/NPC.
    \4.3-a3 Hunger
    Hunger, the blue bar and numbers, tells how hungry you are.
    It drops in time, and to restore it, eat food. If it drops to 0, you start
    losing HP and you don't regenerate it.
    \4.3-a4 Alignment
    The circle's location on this bar tells what your alignment is; good, or evil.
    Green is good, yellow is neutral, and red is evil.
    If you see someone with a white name, then that person is holy; pure good.
    These are the last people you'd expect to PK, scam, or anything of the sort.
    You raise alignment by:
    Hunting ONLY hostile NPCs
    Not turning criminal
    To drop AP:
    Kill players (playerkilling, or Pking)
    Kill every NPC that comes your way
    \4.3-a5 Experience
    Experience points are what determines your level. You get experience by hitting
    things (experience per hit = the amount of damage dealt), planting and
    harvesting crops, cooking, or basically everything in Dransik except for
    walking, or sitting there and doing nothing.
    Your level is displayed in the top box, to the right of the experience bar.
    Experience Points needed for:
    Level 1 - 0
    Level 2 - 2,000
    Level 3 - 4,000
    Level 4 - 6,000
    Level 5 - 8,000
    Level 6 - 10,000
    Level 7 - 15,000
    Level 8 - 20,000
    Level 9 - 25,000
    Level 10 - 30,000
    There are more levels than that, I'm just not gonna list 'em all. :P
    \4.3-a6 Weight
    Weight is, well, the total weight of all of your items. The more items you
    have, or the heavier they are, the higher your weight goes. Once your weight
    bar starts flashing, sell/drop/bank whatever you don't need. If you reach your
    weight limit, you can't carry any more items. Exceed your weight limit by
    around 10 points, you REALLY slow down. Get to a wacky weight level, and you
    won't be able to move at all.
    \4.3-a7 Equipment
    Clicking the button with the person in it brings up equipment and status. To
    equip something, drag it to the empty slot of your choice (as long as you put
    leggings on your legs and mails on your body), or just simply double-click the
    item to equip.
    (NOTE: Just because a price is higher doesn't necessarily mean that it's
    better. IMO, I prefer a Stiletto to a Sabre, mainly because the Stiletto's
    faster, and does about the same damage as a Long Sword)
    \4.3-a8 Backpack
    Click the backpack button to bring up your backpack, which is where you put all
    of your battle/looting/scamming spoils and merchandise. Need I explain more?
    No? Good.
    \4.3-a9 Skills
    Click the picture of the hand to bring up the skills console, showing all the
    skills you possess, what level they all are, and how much experience you need
    to level up those skills.
    When you finish a quest, you get experience in your experience pool. The
    experience in the E. Pool is displayed in the bottom box to the right of the
    experience bar. You can add any experience in your E. Pool to a skill to aid in
    leveling up that particular skill.
    (NOTE: To level up a skill, the experience MUST go over the amount needed. So
    to level up a skill that has 100 exp, and requires 250 exp, then add 151, to
    get 251 exp, the amount actually needed to level up a skill.)
    \4.3-a10 Enchant/Cast
    Click this, then the button that appears in the box to enchant a mage weapon
    (like a Mage Staff).
    Insert runes into empty slots or on already inserted runes to use them. Click
    the rune(s) of your choice that you need to cast a spell, then click a target
    to prepare and cast the spell at the target.
    \4.3-a11 Map
    Click the picture of the globe to bring up the minimap.
    Double-click the minimap to expand it to 2 times its normal size, then
    double-click again to return it to normal.
    \4.3-a12 Chat
    Click the picture of the lips, or press [T] to open the chat box. See "Talking
    to Other Players" for more information.
    \4.3-a13 Taming Console
    To tame a wolf, you MUST have 30 INT or more. Go up to the wolf, double click
    it, and you got yourself a k00 pet!
    This console is used to control any animals you've tamed. Click on the animal
    of choice, and select a command.
    \4.3-a14 Shield
    Brings up the guild console.
    I have no idea what this looks like. Once I get into a guild, I'll update.
    \4.3-a15 Ship (Disabled)
    The second-to-last button is disabled, because there are no ships in the game
    \4.3-a16 Options
    Brings up the game options.
    Music - Turn ingame music on/off.
    Music Volume - Ugh, if I've GOT to explain this, turn off the computer and go
    play outside.
    Control-Click to Identify - Toggles between how you identify things, by
    double-clicking, or by holding CTRL and then clicking.
    Enable Chat Logging - Records the chat text for that gaming session.
    English - Toggle between English text and Chinese text on the GUI.
    \4.3-b Moving
    ...you...don't know how to move, do you? Simple, move the mouse pointer in the
    direction you wish to move, and hold down the right mousebutton. Or, simply use
    the arrow keys to move in the direction you want to. NOW MOVE YOUR @$$! THOSE
    \4.3-c Other Players
    Did'ja think that you'd be playing this Massively MULTIPLAYER Online
    Role-Playing Game ALONE? GET REAL!
    Many people play Dransik, and they all have different motivations. Some may be
    helping n00bs, while others will kill n00bs. Hey, it's their Dransik life. Let
    'em do what they want!
    \4.3-d Talking to Other Players
    To talk to other players, press [t] and start typing. Press [Enter] when done,
    and everyone in your immediate vicinity will hear (see) you talk.
    Whispering to other players is simple. Stand next to another player, hit [t],
    click the ear button and type your whispered message. Everyone that is one step
    away from you will hear (see) your whispered message.
    If you get into a guild, a third button appears. Click it, and type to send a
    message to any members in your guild that are online, no matter where you are.
    \4.3-e NPCs
    Anyone who is not a player is an NPC.
    \4.3-e1 What is an NPC?
    "NPC" stands for "Non-Player Character," which is a character that is computer
    NPCs are somewhat easy to distinguish from players. They move slower, and
    attack only when provoked.
    \4.3-e2 NPCs to Know About
    Guards - Usually stand at a town entrance, or they patrol around. If a monster
    enters their immediate vicinity, they attack it, no matter what. The same goes
    for criminals, and they will jail you if you've committed enough crimes.
    Monsters - Range from triddles and bats to ettins and horned devils. They
    attack any non-hostile NPC or player, and will follow pursuit until you lose
    'em, you kill 'em, or they kill you.
    \4.3-e3 Interacting With NPCs
    Double-click an NPC that is no more that two steps away to talk to it, haggle
    with it, whatever.
    Some NPCs start dynamic quests, awarding you with 250-750 experience into your
    experience pool, and some good items to sell.
    \4.3-f Venturing Out
    Unless you want to stay in the Town of Silvest all your life and not have any
    fun, you have to venture out of the town.
    For tips, see the tips section.
    \4.3-f1 Combat Mode
    Want to get rid of that huge horde of bats, snakes, orcs, kobolds, ettins, and
    horned devils all by yourself? Press [A] to enter combat mode. In combat mode,
    your character pulls out a weapon, and the mouse pointer turns red. Click on a
    hostile NPC to target it. If you have Target Protection off, you can target
    \4.3-f2 Attacking
    While targeting something, just go right up to the target to attack it. Attack
    damage depends on Strength, your weapon, and whatever the computer rolls out.
    Yes, the hostiles fight back too. Never under estimate an enemy. A skeleton may
    not look intimidating, but if you aren't properly equipped, you'll be dead in
    no time. In the case that you run low on HP, RUN!!! Find a safe spot and heal
    \4.3-g Justice System
    Face it. If you break enough laws, those guards'll bust your butt. Good if
    you're always targeted by PKers, bad it you ARE the PKer.
    \4.3-g1 Criminal (Crim) Status
    The first offense leads to a criminal tag on your name and criminal points. In
    this case, some people will fear you, others will be more compelled to attack.
    The criminal tag is a grey name. You get this tag by:
    Murdering a non-hostile NPC
    Murdering a non-criminal Player
    Looting a body
    Attempting to loot a body
    Watching someone in your guild commit a crime
    Getting 10 crim points will cause guards to give chase to you. If they catch
    you, they send you to jail.
    (NOTE: Killing a criminal player won't turn you into a criminal, but you get
    points for it.)
    \4.3-g2 Jail
    The jail, wa-a-ay east of Jeel, is where all the roadside scum are scraped up
    and put. You get jailed by a GM for breaking a game rule many times, or for
    getting caught by a guard when criminal points total 10 or over, and you may
    drop an item.
    You get a certain time until you are released. This time increases for every
    crime you commit. To lower the time, you must move rocks to a crusher in the
    quarry until you run out of time. To see how long you've got left, talk to the
    judge in the courtroom.
    You may get visited by a friend/enemy/partner in crime/whatever. If this
    happens, you get paged to come to the visiting room. You can visit for as long
    as you'd like. Just remember to get back to work to get out faster.
    Just remember, jail doesn't reprogram a person's mind. They WILL PK again.
    \4.3-h Skills
    You got skillz! In what? Whatever you want. Wanna be a super-duper-uber farmer,
    or a bigtime hunter with swords?
    \4.3-h1 Learning New Skills
    Some skills are learned by doing whatever it is you're going to do.
    When ya dig a hole to plant a seed, and you don't know how to plant (you don't
    have the "Planting" skill), you automatically learn it. Hey, as I said: Dransik
    is a world of opportunity. You don't move down a path made by fate. Make your
    own path.
    Some skills, like Item Identification, are only learned through quests. You
    don't gain experience when Identifying an item, so you don't learn it.
    (NOTE: The quest for item identification requires you to go to Josody, which is
    on the Mainland. I don't know what pieces of the mainland were restored, so
    don't do this quest quite yet.)
    \4.3-h2 Building up Skills
    To build up a skill, use that skill more.
    You can also build up skills by double-clicking the skill of choice and
    choosing how much experience from your E. Pool to put in.
    \4.3-i Tips
    Take it from me, these tips will help.
    \4.3-i1 Easy Experience
    If you want easy experience, farm or mine. Most tradeskills give about 100-200+
    experience, even if you screw up miserably.
    Quests are also good, fast experience.
    \4.3-i2 Easy Money
    Again, farm/mine/chop trees, and sell some of your spoils. Keep some for other
    (NOTE: In farming, Pecans are the edible goldmine! With pecans, you can keep
    growing any you pluck off of the trees. Low hunger? Overweight? Eat a few! I've
    made thousands of gold with pecans!)
    \4.3-i3 Hunting
    When hunting, follow these tips to keep yourself and others safe and happy.
    Bring at least 10 cooked food with you as emergency rations, and some pots
    (remember, pots = (greater) healing potions) for those dubious 50 on 1
    situations. Just make sure you won't put yourself overweight.
    "CRAP!!! All my stuff just got looted!" I hear that A-A-ALL the time! Make sure
    that you go back to town and cash in BEFORE you die! Ya wanna end up as a
    beggar, bumming gold off of people? And if you get looted, remain calm. I
    freaked out a few times, only 'cuz I kept getting rekilled.
    Vulching is attacking a monster that someone already has under control, or
    taking battle spoils without consent of the person that killed/is killing the
    monster. Doing that can earn you a bad rep, and a title as PK Target.
    When you see someone on the side of the road, and you've got a horde of
    monsters after you, let them follow you for a while. Be considerate, and don't
    lose the monsters so they go after that level 5 person with the dagger and
    tunic on...
    \4.4 FAQ
    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions I hear ingame:
    "How do I get off of Silvest [Island]?"
    Follow the path north, and east until you reach an outpost that's left of a
    mountain range. Go south (watch out for skeletons!) and look for a cave. Go in
    the cave, then go to the norther part. Go in the room, and touch the crystal
    ball. Welcome to Krythan Island.
    "How do I get into the Kobold Castle?"
    I don't know... yet. I'll find out soon enough.
    "Can I please have some stuff? I'm a n00b!"
    No, you may not. I'f I'm feeling generous, I may give some gold. But otherwise,
    no. I worked HARD for MY stuff, and I'm not gonna give it all to a n00b that
    just signed on for the first time. Get stuff yourself.
    Read the last Q.
    "I'm doing the [paste quest name here] quest. What do I do?"
    Read ArchDuke's quest FAQ on gamefaqs.com.
    On dynamic quests (quests that are random), you have to pay attention to what
    the NPC says.
    If you have any other Q's, just e-mail them to me. (l0cke_cole@snet.net)
    \5. Outro
    Special Thanks to:
    Myself, for making this. (w00t!)
    ArchDuke, for making the first FAQ for Dransik ever on GameFAQs. That was
    motivation enought to get myself to write this.
    AsylumSoft, for making one HELLUVA game!
    "Th-th-th-tha-that's all folks!"
    E-MAIL, MSN IM and YAHOO! IM: l0cke_cole@snet.net
    WEBSITE: http://l0ckecole.web1000.com/

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