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    Quest Guide by ArchDuke

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     D r a n s i k
    Quest Guide
    Version 3.66i
    By Jeff Barrett (ArchDuke)
    Started: September 23, 2002
    Last Update: December 1, 2003
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          Version History
          Server Note
          Static Quest Guide
             "Newbie" Quests
              Human Starting Quest
              Astari Starting Quest
              Orc Starting Quest
             General Quests
              Young William's Quest
              Krog Quest
              The Teleporter System
    	   Combat Skill Quests
    	    Small Blades
              Large Blades
             High Level Combat Quests
              Chleran Quest
             Tradeskill Quests
             Utility Skill Quests
              Item Identification
            The Jail "Quest"
            The Guild Quest
              Starting the Quest
              The First Book
              The Second Book
              The Third Book
                 Extra: Helping on the Third Book
              The Fourth Book
              Emperium Abbey
            Dynamic Quest Overview
             Dynamic Quest Hunting
            Other Things
              Hell Attacks
            Authorized Sites
            Banned Sites
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    Also, Dransik being a massively multiplayer game, if you wish to contact me in-
    game, my primary character is ArchDuke, I'd rather you contact me through AIM
    rather than in-game, due to assorted chat limitations in Dransik.
    The official home of this FAQ, as well as everything else I create is my
    site, The Roni/Net, at roninet.cjb.net. I have a number of other FAQs, programs,
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    Ok, now, on to the real stuff.
    Version History
    Version 1.0
    September 25, 2002
    -All combat skill quests completed.
    -All tradeskill quests completed.
    -All utility skill quests completed.
    -Young Williams Quest completed.
    Version 1.5
    October 5, 2002
    -Guild Quest completed through book 1.
    -Added guide on how to leave Silvest.
    -Added information on the Jail "Quest"
    Version 2.0
    October 7, 2002
    -Finished the guild quest (Infinite thanks to my guildmate Demoshi for this)
    -Did some stuff to the Jail Quest section
    -Forgot to save the above changes and did it all over again.
    Version 2.01
    October 8, 2002
    -Fixed a mistake regarding deeds. (This is what happens when you use second
    hand information=D)
    Version 2.05
    October 17, 2002
    -Updated to reflect new level limits on Silvest which effect Young William's
    quest. Noted optional portion of Archery Quest.
    Version 2.5
    January 3, 2003
    -Added a number of beta exp rewards (which are lower than those on ptp, where
    the initial information for this guide was gathered).
    -Noted which quests are and aren't currently available on beta servers.
    -Fixed the missing step in the fourth book. Thanks to all the people who sent in
    that it was wrong, but thanks ESPECIALLY to the people who actually told me HOW
    it was wrong (Lotheac and Raektis)
    Version 2.6
    January 6, 2003
    -More beta rewards
    -Guild quest tweaks:
         book 1 (location of Franklin in Jeel inn)
         helping on book 3 (wording change to make it clearer when to switch torches)
         book 4 (terrain change in hell)
         Emperium Abbey (comment on a funny easter egg in the dialogue)
    Version 3.0
    March 5, 2003
    -Server changes.
    -Dransik New World no longer supported, only Dransik Classic.
    -Beta special corrections removed from several quests.
    -Exp rewards temporarily removed, since they were all changed.
    -Removed Etherial Gates, as they were taken out of the game.
    -Removed Defending quest, as it was removed from the game.
    -Two little easter eggs added to Emperium Abbey.
    Version 3.5
    September 29, 2003
    -Reverted to version 2.6 for base.
    -Updated all quests except mining quest (partial) to be correct for Dransik New
    -Cut out some awkward run-on sentence structure from 4th book.
    -Added Human and Astari starting quests (Orc pending)
    -Added Krog quest
    -Fixed location confusion with the item ID quest
    -Added Dynamic Quest overview, and some of the common archetypes of quests.
    -Added tips on Dynamic Quest hunting
    -Added section on Hell Attacks, and some quick tips on dealing with one.
    -Added section on Demons Spires, how to find them, and how to deal with one.
    -Added section on the TSM.
    Version 3.51
    -Added orcish starting quest. Thanks to Muzion on the Dransik Stratics forum.
    -Corrected the Krog quest. More thanks to Muzion.
    Version 3.61
    -Added Chleran Quest - Thanks to Waimot
    -Corrections to Astari and Orcish starting quests.
    Version 3.66
    -Noted the addition of a village built up around poor William's cottage.
    -Didn't note the lack of other children for the grieving boy to play with.
    -Removed note about bypassing the plansk on the archery quest, apparantly
    that was fixed.
    -Noted that the LJ quest gives FAR more experience on Dransik than DC,
    amount previously listed was for Dransik Classic.
    -Added epool reward for the third book (Dransik only). Left the migrane joke,
    because it 50,000 exp does little to ease the emotional distress that often
    follows repeatedly botched third book attempts.
    Version 3.66i
    -Removed the "Dransik Classic Only" quests, made a spearate DC guide.
    -Fixed assorted errata, mainly surface features ane one blunder that I
    don't know HOW my proofreaders never caught.
    Server Notes
    As of this writing, there are two versions of Dransik: Dransik (Sometimes called
    New World, or Primordia, based on some of it's main servers' names) and Dransik
    Classic. This quest was originally written for Dransik Classic, but was rewritten
    to apply to the new version.
    Also note that this version is intended only for Dransik, not Dransik Classic.
    Some quests are identical, some have only trivial differences, but some are
    drastically different, or even only present on one version or the other. Make
    sure you have the appropriate guide for the version you are playing.
    Static Quests
    Overview: Static quests are quests that are always available. Each character can
    take a quest only once, but multiple players can take the quest simultaneously.
    (This of course raises questions: Just how many times does William the Young
    have to hear about his father before he finally stops sending people into the
    mines after him?)
    Newbie Quests
    Each of the three races start out under the protection of a "Patron" until level
    10 or any time of the player's chosing. During this time, your patron may give
    you jobs to do.
    -=Human Starting Quest=-
    As you see, the most lucrative starting quest. Plus, you have immediate access
    to Young William's quest.
    -Part 1
    Reward: 200 exp-pool
    Speak to your patron (The man standing by the throne near you when your new
    character is spawned), and ask him any questions available to learn a bit about
    the game. He will eventually ask you to speak with the guard captain for him.
    Head north of town, and follow the road north to the guard outpost. Speak
    with the guard inside the northern building flanking the road, to learn that
    thieves have been spotted near the city. Return to the patron, and tell him
    this (don't lie) for 200 exp-pool and a small amount of gold.
    -Part 2
    Reward: 500 exp-pool
    After finishing your first assignment, you can speak to the patron for a second
    job. You need to bring him either 10 bat wings, 10 spider legs, 10 snake meat,
    or 10 scorpion tails (uncooked). Bat wings are the easiest to get, due to bat's
    abundance north of Silvest. Whichever you get, get ten of them, and return to your
    patron. Drag the meat onto him for 500 exp-pool and another small amount of gold.
    You can return to him with more meat for more gold (slightly more than the shop
    will pay), but I reccomend cooking all meat you get after this for roasting
    experience, and to keep your character's stamina up.
    -Part 3
    Reward: 1000 exp-pool
    Speak with the patron furthur for your largest assignment as a new citizen of
    Silvest. He tells you to enter the Kobold Castle and kill five kobolds for him.
    The Kobold Castle's entrance is in the far east end of the mines west of Silvset,
    but that's a long and dangerous road, and the castle has some strong monsters
    such as Kobold Mages, the Kobold King, and wargs. Luckily, you don't have to go IN
    the castle per-se. Just head north of town, and follow the road north to the guard
    outpost from part 1 of this quest, and then head east to the next guard outpost.
    North of here is a fairly decent kobold spawn. They should give you little trouble,
    this close to a spawn gate. Kill five, and return to the patron for 1000 exp-pool
    and some more gold.
    From here, I suggest you go and do Young William's quest, which should be fairly easy
    after the leveling you just did.
    -=Astari Starting Quest=-
    Note: Astari are commonly known as Night Elves.
    -Part 1
    Reward: 500 exp-pool.
    Speak with your patron, and learn a bit about the city you're in. He'll ask a favor
    of you: Go up to his estate and speak with his wife.
    The path there is quite straightforward. Go south from the building you're in now
    and take the road leading east out of the city, and follow it when it turns north.
    You'll pass the town of Autumn, and a guard outpost with a spawn gate (don't mark
    the spawn gate - we'll take a shortcut back to Whisperdale), and continue north.
    You'll eventually come to the manor house. Go inside, and speak with the woman in
    the dining hall on the right side of the building. She'll tell you that they need
    flour, sugar, and arrows.
    Head out of the mannor, and walk back to Whisperdale. If you didn't mark your spawn
    like I told you not to, just head south-west, and some monsters will kindly kill
    you, and you'll awaken at your destination. Tell the patron that the estate is short
    on flour, sugar, and arrows for your reward (or lie for no reward - it doesn't hurt
    -Part 2
    Reward: 1000 exp-pool.
    Speak with your patron again for another job.
    You are now to go to the ancient city of Memnon, where the Night Elves and the
    High Elves (Solari) once lived, before the Rune Wars, and read an inscription on
    a statue. You might want to level a little bit before heading there, just in case.
    When you're ready, head east out of Whisperdale and follow the road past the town
    of Autum until you reach a spawn gate next to a guard outpost.
    The shortest way to Memnon from here is to go directly east through the woods to
    the river, and follow it north to its source. Then go east again, and look for a
    small outcropping of rock with a cave. inside is an ancient shelter with a spawn
    gate. Mark here in case you die in Memnon. From here, head east furthur to find
    the ruined city of Memnon. Watch out for scorpions and undead warriors. If you're
    getting overwhelmed, try to click on the statue quickly, and click through the text
    before you die. If not, you can take your time to read the inscription about the
    history of the Elven races. Once you've read this, head back to your patron for the
    -=Orc Starting Quest=-
    Reward: 1000 exp-pool
    Speak to the Orc patron when you start your character. He has lost his tomato,
    of all things. It was taken by spiders in the cavern, which you can find in the
    eastert part of Krog, in the mountains. Be careful when you enter this cave.
    As with all caves, it's hard to see, and can be dangerous inside. Equip a torch
    to deal with this.
    Inside, you'll run into bats, spiders, slugs, and termigon larvae in some areas.
    If you go too far, even stronger monsters will probably kill you. Keep killing
    spiders until one drops a tomato (you can't grow a tomato and try to pass it off,
    either. The quest tomato is called Targon's Tomato).
    Return it to the Patron for your reward.
    From here, I sugest you do the Krog Quest for more experience.
    General Quests
    -=William the Young's Quest=-
    Location: West Silvest Island
    Reward: 1000 exp-pool
    Leaving the town of Silvest, proceed west along the road. The road ends at a
    dungeon entrance. Instead of going in now, go southeast to find a small cottage,
    situated in the southwest end of a small village.
    Inside is a young boy (Once in a great while, a few stray bats get in here and
    kill him. If he isn't there, just wait for him to respawn). Talk to him. Whichever
    option you pick first, you will be asked to search for his father in the mines.
    Agree, and go back to the dungeon entrance.
    From the entrance, go down, and take the first path to the left. Take that path,
    and turn south at the first branch, and then take the first left again. Follow
    this path left and then down. When you come to an intersection with a large rock
    outcropping in the middle of it, look for a secret wall (it will be just
    below the path branching to the right). This is the Shrine of Talazar, built
    in the days before Talazar turned to evil. A book tells how Talazar, working
    for Lord Arcus, defeated the evil lord Zorak. From the entrance to the shrine,
    head down, and take the door to the right. In here, examine the dead body in the
    bottom-right corner of the room to discover that William's father is dead.
    Return to William. Tell him you found his father, and you have bad news. Comfort
    him by saying his father was a brave warrior to complete the quest.
    Notes: If you say lie to William or tell him his father was weak, you will fail
    the quest. If you are at or above level 4, or have any skill at it's cap for
    Silvest, you get no experience for completing this quest.
    -=Krog Quest=-
    Not available on Dransik Classic
    Reward: 500 exp-pool
    I really don't know how to classify this quest. It starts in the Orc starting city
    of Krog, but is available to non-orcish races. Speak to the town elder, and agree
    to help him. He asks you to kill a bat, a snake, and a kobold for him. This is an
    easy task, just head out. Bats and snakes are all over, and kobolds are easy to
    find a little ways south of Krog. He doesn't even make you use a crappy weapon
    for this. Go out, slaughter thy foes, and go back for an easy 500 exp-pool. Yay?
    -=The Teleporter Chain=-
    Dransik features a more complex network of two-way portals.
    1. East of New Korelth to Parian.
    2. Southeast of Parian to the forest near Josody, Redwake, and the Necropolis.
    3. North of Parian to the Orc Lake (Links the chaos spawns).
    4. West of New Korelth to north of Josody.
    With the exception of the portal in the woods near Josody and the Necropolis,
    these portals are fairly easy to find, since Dransik also has a large road
    infrastructure linking towns, so more detailed explaination is forgone for now.
    Combat Skill Quests
    -=Small Blades=-
    Items needed: 500gp
    Location: Jeel Pub
    This is, hands down, the simplest quest in the game. Talk to Captain Chugga.
    He'll brag about his ship. Ask him if the ship is seaworthy, and he'll offer to
    tech you daggar combat. Agree. He will ask for 500gp. Drag this amount on to him,
    and the rest is just watch-and-learn.
    -=Large Blades=-
    Location: Varg, behind the bank.
    Speak to Raglnak, behind Varg bank, and say you have noticed the evils of the
    land as well. He will give you a practice sword, which you cannot unequip until
    you have completed the quest. You must now kill a snake, a kobold, and an orc.
    (Interesting note: He calls for ale from a bartender, despite being in an alley.
    this is a relic from when he used to be in Hothbra's pub).
    Buy some healing potions, if you wish, and head out of town.
    Your best bet would be to head east, into Silvest. Snakes can be found abunduantly
    north of the city, and heading northeast from there, near the castle, kobolds are
    easy to find. Neither of them are difficult at all. An orc may be a minor problem,
    if you're a low level. Head just west of the castle where you found your kobold.
    There is a small valley here with Wargs, orcs, orc warriors, and orc mages. Don't
    go into the valley, or you're apt to have a lot of orc warriors on you. Just mill
    around outside it and try to lure a regular orc out to kill. Orcs aren't very
    strong, but the danger is getting something strong following it on you.
    After you've killed all three monsters, return to Raglnak. He will teach you
    what he knows of sword combat, and give you a sword as a gift (you also get
    to keep your practice sword, if you want to).
    -=Axe Combat=-
    Location: Hidden room in Varg Pub
    Walk around the back of Varg's pub.
    Talk to Hungry Jack, and say you are looking for the axe master. He will tell you
    he has not seen him for some time, but that he can help you. Accept his quest,
    and he will give you an axe which you cannot remove until the quest is done.
    Go out and kill any twenty monsters (it doesn't matter wether you kill bats or
    balrons, they all count the same. Weak monsters are probably best). When you've
    killed twenty monsters, you get 5,000 exp in axe combat. Return to Hungry Jack
    to get the rest of the experience and to unequip the axe. It stays in your
    inventory, but vanishes if you try to equip it again.
    Note: If you do lose the axe (There are a couple bugs that can trigger this),
    purchase a regular axe someplace, and go to Hugry Jack and tell him you lost his
    Location: Weapon Shop, Lotor's Castle.
    This is a quite long quest, so be prepared to put a few hours into it,
    particularly if your lumberjacking or milling skills are not very good.
    In Lotor's Caslte, find the weapon shop (it's the first door on the south wall of
    the hallway leading right from the main hall). Once there, speak to Klaresh.
    Welcome him to Krythan, and ask about Parian. Then, ask him to tell you about
    Archery, and finally say you would like to become an archer. He will send you to
    find Giltroy, one of the finest bowcrafters on Krythan.
    To find Giltroy, make your way to Vrethpool. Once there, go around so you're
    outside the east wall of the city. There is a secret wall leading to Giltroy's
    room here. Giltroy is not a nice person. If you ask him to make a bow right
    away, he won't be happy about it. Ask him why he's so mean. Ask him about his
    motherland, then ask him to tell you more. Tell him how much you dislike greed,
    and then you can ask him to make you a bow without getting thrown out on your
    Of course, greed-hating Giltroy isn't going make it a free ride. You need to get
    twelve planks. To do this, go to the Vrethpool provisioners, and buy a lumberjack
    axe and a saw. Use the axe on trees to try and get logs, and the saw on the logs
    to try to get planks. This can be a very time consuming process. Some hihger
    level carpenters will sell, or even give, you planks for this purpose, as well,
    or you may go to a city with a carpenter's shop (Jeel or Parian are the closest),
    and hope somebody sold enough of them there for you to use.
    When you return with the planks, giltroy isn't done yet. Now, the bow just needs
    a blue gem. On Dransik Classic, the name of this item is simply Gem. On Dransik,
    there are a number of gemstones, several of which are blue. You want a Blue Topaz.
    Either way, it'll set you back 90 gp. A number of monsters (Skeletons, Termigons,
    Fire Ants, Thieves, Triddles, etc) also drop these if you're a real cheapskate,
    or you can mine and hope to find one.
    Of course, Giltroy isn't satisfied. He yells at you some more, and sends you to
    the north forest to get the blue silk thread of the northern blue silkworm. To get
    this, head ALL the way up to Varg.
    Once there, speak to Lyndsay, and ask for some blue string. You will get the
    string and 500 exp pool.
    Return to Giltroy for the last time, and drop the string on him. Of course, after
    all that, he's too weak to string the bow, so you get the string back, and
    he gives you the Unstrung Giltroy Bow, along with 500 more exp pool.
    He tells you about a man in the city by the crypt, the city of joy, but he can't
    remember the name. Well, if you read the signs by all the towns, you'll know he
    means Jeel, so head there.
    Once there, go to the farm shop, and talk to Sir Robin. Tell him you are looking
    for somebody to string the bow, and he'll do it for you. (He may have the sprite of
    a thief, but don't worry, he hasn't ripped anybody off in a long time) For
    finishing this leg of the quest, you get another 500 exp pool.
    Return the bow to Klaresh. Talk to him, and tell him you have his gift. Drop
    the bow on him, and you'll recieve the balance of the quest reward in your Long
    Bow skill.
    Location: Small island north of Krythan
    Note: this is one of the best combat quests, experience wise.
    Start from Jeel. Purchase a Cure Potion (the orange one, not the brown one),
    and head towards the spawn gate northeast of town.
    Just west of the gate is a small mountian with a cave. Enter the cave. You'll
    want a torch, or other light-emitting object, or you'll be flying/dying blind.
    Follow the winding path around, dodging or killing assorted monsters. The bulk
    of what you'll see here are Termigons, which are not strong by the greater
    scheme of things, but they tend to come in overwhelming numbers.
    Once you find the other entrance, leave the cave and go north into the house.
    Speak with the man here. He will tell you he has been poisoned by a snake
    (although, snakes in Dransik are not poisonous...). Drop the potion onto him,
    and recieve 1000 exp pool for assisting him. Ask him about the poles on the wall.
    If you wish to learn how to use these weapons, you'll have to gain the three
    marks from the leaders of Krythan.
    Return through the cave to Jeel (Or just feed yourself to a monster if you didn't
    bring any equipment). In the government building, speak to the mayor
    for the first mark.
    For the second mark, go to Varg. Directly opposite of the entrance, enter the
    government building here and speak to the mayor.
    For the final mark, you must go to Lotors Castle and speak to none other than
    King Lotor himself.
    With this, return, again, through the caves, and show the marks to our potion-
    stealing liar of a teacher and finish the quest.
    High Level Combat Quests
    -=Chleran Quest=-
    Reward: 10,000 exp-pool
    Items needed: 20,000 gp
    Chlera is found at the extreme western end of the road south of Parian, over
    the river past the orc and theif spawns lining the outskirts of the orcish lands.
    For a bit of Dransik Lore, you used to be able to mine Gold Ore here, making
    Chlera a very rich city. However, the gold is gone, and Chlera is now but a ruined
    shadow of the City of Gold.
    In Chlera, head out the eastern exit, and search around the ruins surrounding the
    city for a thief named Enderic. Enderic is a very talented thief. If you tell
    him you have money for him, 20,000 gp will magically vanish from your backpack. I
    do hope you weren't saving for anything expensive.
    About now, you'll be learning that Endric is far worse than Giltroy was on his
    worst day.  Not only do you have to give him all your money, but now you have
    to run around and do more work for him. Oh, joy! Thankfully, you should make
    back that 20,000 gp doing the quest.
    Your job, should you choose to accept it (and I suggest you do), is to kill fifty
    ettins. Yes, that's not a typo - fifty of them. In case you didn't spend most of
    your newbie days dying horribly to these things, don't let their name fool you.
    Ettins are not the cute cuddly woodland creature their name suggests. They're big,
    two-headed giants with big giant clubs and big giant jock-strap-like garments.
    You'll need a strong weapon (I suggest a good +4 weapon at least, to be able
    to kill fifty of them in a reasonable amount of time), and some greater healing
    potions, so stock up.
    There is a good ettin spawn south of Chlera. Your other alternative is to run to
    Parian, and hunt ettins in the Valley of the Giants, which is a higher spawn rate,
    but that's an awful long walk there and back. (There are more places to find them,
    but these are your best bets).
    After a rather long and painful game of slap-and-tickle with the ettins, go back to
    Endric for your reward. Feel free to kill him now - at least the guard's aren't
    nearby like they are with Giltroy or Promesis.
    Note: There is a bug with this quest and the Guild quest conflicting. I'm not sure
    what causes this, but I'm told talking to the guildmaster again will usually fix
    it. It may be a good idea just not to do this quest and the guild quest in
    parallel until the bug is fixed.
    Tradeskill Quests
    Location: Forest clearing, east of Korelth spawn gate.
    This quest is not difficult in-and-of itself, but is fairly annoying. The NPC,
    Mukk, quite often gets killed by the monsters in the woods. If he is not there,
    (He spawns near the southwest corner of the clearing) you will have to keep the
    skeletons and zombies at bay until he respawns.
    Once this has happened, he will give you some firewood to take to his wife in
    Hothbra. Go there, and find Renn in the corridor in the outer wall's southern
    section. Talk to her, and you recieve some exp pool. Renn will ask you to take
    her husband's lunch to him. Return to Mukk's clearing to finish the quest.
    This quest gives a headspinning (for the level you'll take it at, anyway)
    10,000 exp pool. This quest is a MUST for any low level character.
    Location: Flagata Mines, near Korelth entrance.
    Starting in Korelth, I reccomend you put all of your belongings in the bank.
    This entire quest takes place in some of the most dangerous areas of Krythan.
    This quest is HARD. You can enter the Flagata mines either from a cave north of
    Korelth, in the mountain shaped like the number 4, or through a cave in the south-
    east room of New Korelth's inn, behind a hidden wall. From the mountain entrance,
    Youkon is south-westish, and it's west-ish from the inn entrance. Either way, you
    probably want to get a higher leveled friend to escort you, or else you'll have to
    dodge untold legions of undead. It isn't all that fun down there if you can't take
    a group of mummies or black deaths toe-to-toe.
    Go through the door and talk to Youkon. Speak to him of his final battle. He will
    send you to dig ore from the sight of this battle, where he was blinded by a
    Grab a pickaxe (if you don't have one of your own, buy one from the provisioner for
    150gp) and head for Lotor's Castle. From the castle gates, head south, and find the
    pass between the two parallel mountain ranges. Note that the nearest spawn gates are
    south of New Korelth and in Hothbra, so if you die, you'll have a bit of a run.
    If you see many monsters and you can't fight them, lure them to their death at the
    guard's hands, but take it easy with this. The monsters can easily overwhelm and
    kill the gurads. Once you can get into the valley, proceed south through the valley
    and locate a ring of stones between the two mountain ranges. Mine an iron ore from
    this formation (you may want to build your digging skill a few levels elsewhere to
    get through this faster). You get a 2000 exp bonus to digging for finding this ore.
    Return to  Youkon with the ore, taking the same precautions as before, and get the
    rest of the quest experience. As a gift, Youkon will also give you a new pickaxe.
    Utility Skill Quests
    -=Item Identification=-
    Location: Hut on coast west of Korelth
    Note: You can take this quest, yet, but the skill no longer exists,
    so the experience just seems to vanish into a black hole somewhere.
    From Korelth, head west, through the forests. You'll find a large open clearing.
    Pass through this (beware of wisps, as they hit very hard) and keep going until
    you get to the coast. Head a little ways south to a small hut. Speak with
    Tallen'im, and then go inside. Examine the funny object on the floor, and Tallen'im
    will give you a scroll, and ask you to identify the item. Take this scroll
    first to Hothbra.
    Between the north wall and the shops is a narrow passage. Go down this, and speak
    to Xavior. He will identify one portion of the item as a twig.
    The next NPC Is located in different areas depending on what server(s) you are
    playing on.
    Head to the south end of Krythan, and the town of Vrethpool. Find and speak to
    a woman named Christine, and she will identify the other part of the item on the
    scroll as a loop.
    All this work to identify a loop with a STICK through it?
    Sheesh! At any rate, return to Tallen'im, and talk to him and write this one off.
    Jail Quest
    This feature of Dransik lies about halfway between a static quest and a dynamic
    quest. The quest does not have to be started.
    In the jail building are several notices posted on the wall, listing escaped
    prisoners and wanted criminals. Listed are the names of several NPCs which wander
    around the world: Lovia, Hanvik, and Tarvan. You nver know where they may pop up.
    There are two ways to encounter them. They randomly appear in towns throughout
    the lands, and the gaurd's don't really mind if you chop one up on a pub table.
    Why they don't jail the criminal themselves is beyond me, maybe Lotor doens't pay
    them enough?
    They also spawn randomly in the field. They can appear just about anywhere, be it
    just outside of Jeel all the way to Talazar's Island or Winterland. If you find
    an NPC with a red name in the wilderness, kill it, since you won't turn crim for
    doing so. Collect the head that they drop, and take it to Sir Vantic, the warden
    of the jail. He will give you 30,000 exp pool and 50,000 gp as a reward for
    dispatching the criminal (this amount varies, depending on which NPC you found).
    Note that, as mentioned above, monsters will also kill these NPCs sometimes. If
    you ever notice a head on the ground, pick it up, since it is likely from one
    of these NPCs.
    Guild Quest
    The Guild Quest is an extremely difficult test of your determination. It will
    require you to solve five puzzels, go up against hordes of undead, hordes
    of minotaurs, ettins, and golems, and will even require a trip through Talazar's
    Island, known commonly as Hell (It is called Hell with good reason), all to
    find four books of leadership.
    To get through the entire quest, you will need at least eight helpers to access
    the third book. Once the quest is finished, you still need to pay half a million
    gp to create a guild.
    -=Starting the Quest=-
    The quest starts in a cave near Varg. From the city, go east to the coast,
    and follow it a distance north. Southwest of the cemetary is a squarish valley.
    In the northwest corner of this valley is a cave. Enter this cave.
    The cave is not a great threat. Head a bit down, and take the path going to the
    left. At the end, go up a short distance and look for the secret entrance on the
    left wall. Go through and up the ladder to the Guild Ruins. Speak to the NPC
    here. Tell him you are seeking Holendar, the Guildmaster to start the quest.
    -=The First Book=-
    Reward: 20,000 exp pool
    Your first destination is Jeel. Once there, go into the inn, and go to the
    bottom-left room (on ptp), or the top-right room (on beta). Speak to the man in
    the bed until he finally goes to sleep. Once he does, nudge him. Continue to do
    so at three or four second intervals. He will tell you a series of clues which
    you should memorize (but why memorize when I'm here holding your hand, eh?).
    Talking to this guy can be even more agonizing than talking to Giltroy. If you
    nudge him too many times too fast, he will wake up and yell at you, and you will
    have to start all over again. The game will tell you when you've gotten all the
    information you need. Even though I'm telling you what to do, you do have to
    keep poking him until you get everything you need to know. This is a test of your
    Now, head east to the Krypt of Kargoth. From the entrance, go down through
    the two doors, and through the secret wall on the right side of the room you're
    in now.
    Speaking to the NPC in Jeel triggers a large group of ghosts to spawn here,
    so you'll have to cut your way through them (It helps to bring a few
    friends). In this room, the NPC monster Kargoth sometimes spawns with his
    guard of Zombies. They don't move, but will attack if you come to close.
    (Note: A bug in monster AI on certain servers makes them kill themselves).
    After cutting your way through Kargoth, find the secret wall on the north wall of
    this cave, which leads to another cave. Once in here, go right to the
    main north-south corridor. A ways south, paths branch off to each side. Take the
    first path east, and follow the top wall of it. Keep going, keeping your eyes
    peeled for an assortment of strong monsters, any one of which can ruin your day
    if you aren't a high level.
    If you stick to the top wall as it twists around, you will eventually find a
    switch. Explore a bit to the south before throwing the switch, and locate the
    door. Make sure the area is clear of monsters that could slow you down.
    Go back to the switch, and throw it. Run to the door quickly, and get through
    before it closes on you. Once inside, double click the chest to open the next door.
    Go through, and read the book you find, and recieve 20,000 exp pool. There is
    another switch on the wall that will allow you to get back out.
    Note: If you brought a friend, leave him down at the door, and have him go through
    when you hit the switch. That way, if you don't make it in time, he can throw the
    escape switch and let you in.
    Leave the crypt,
    and return to the guild ruins to continue the quest.
    -=The Second Book=-
    Reward: 30,000 exp pool
    This book is located in the back room of the potion shop in Hothbra. There is a
    trap door against the back wall. Go down this, and you'll be in a small cave.
    There is a blood fountain near a collapsed bridge. Double click the fountain, and
    you'll be teleported to the other side of the bridge.
    In here, watch out. The majority of the monsters here are assorted undeads,
    but stronger monsters make appearances, so be prepared. Bring a strong weapon and
    good armor, and just slash your way through anything that's directly in your path.
    Don't waste time picking up what they drop, or killing anything that isn't going to
    directly block you. Your speed is at the test.
    Once there, find the Wraith NPC. Speak to him about his leader Talazar (Don't tell
    him Talazar has turned to evil. This poor warrior died when Talazar was still a
    noble knight).
    Once he sends you on your way, run to the door in the middle of the left vertical
    corridor, go in and click the fountain. Now, run to the door in the middle of the
    right vertical corridor, and click that fountain. Then, run to the door at the
    top-left and click THAT fountain. Run to the door at the bottom-left and click
    another fountain, then run to the bottom-right door, click the last fountain, and go
    through the door nearby to find the actual book itself.
    If you take too long to get between the fountains, you'll be sent to the spawn gate
    and will have to start over. You can extend the time you have by stopping and
    re-clicking a fountain you've already hit if you don't think you'll make it
    to the correct room in time.
    When you're done, run back to the Ruins to get the commission for the third book.
    -=The Third Book=-
    Reward: 50,000 exp-pool, A migraine
    This book is the ultimate test of leadership on the Guild Quest. It starts in the
    Valley of the Giants. Tucked up in the northwest corner against the mountains
    (hidden behind forests) is the book temple. There is a book in the middle, and
    eight off-color tiles. This is where you'll need helpers. Get your eight assitants
    (None can be in guilds for this) to stand on the eight off-color tiles.
    Strategy in deploying the helpers may be important if you're having troulbe. Put
    those players with the most HP near the north exit of the temple, and have people
    wear fire-resistant armor if possible. Don't worry about losing items. If you die,
    you keep everything on you. However, if one person dies, you all die.
    When you're all ready, double click the book in the middle, and select "Perform
    the Ritual, and have everybody run north. Dodge the Horned Devils and run through
    the small valley. Have one person run to the right and another to the left of the
    castle. At the back are switches for each of them to flip which open the doors.
    Inside, get one person into each of the cells. Meanwhile, you go through to the
    next room. Read the book here, and speak the words.
    Meanwhile, you yourself have to go up into the next room. Read the book there, and
    speak the words in it, then double click the alter in the middle.
    Outside, this will light the magic forge. You'll see a set of torches. Now here is
    where the teamwork and leadership comes in.
    Outside, your comrades will have four torches. Have them light pairs of them in
    order (1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4). When the torch corresponding to their cell
    lights up, run down and tell them to stop.
    Once you have all the torches lit, go through into the final room, and read the
    book. Make sure nobody changes the torches again. It isn't fun to be on the cusp
    of success and suddenly pop up at the Parian spawn.
    Return to the guild ruins, and be prepared for the final test.
    Congratulations! It only gets harder from here!
    -=Fourth Book=-
    Reward: 60,000 exp pool
    I hope you've been excersizing. Because you have got one hell (litterally) of a run
    ahead of you now.
    Dransik Classic:
    Head to Solodon (the large Night Elf city near Josody), and follow the road east
    to the chaos spawn. The Crypt of Rhynokah is south of here, and the teleporter
    to hell is north of that, against the mountains. Be ready to dodge horned devils
    that swarm the area.
    Head about directly south of Korelth to the coast of Krythan. There is a large
    penninsula with an assortemnt of fire-elemental monsters.At the very end of the
    penninsula is a small building with a teleporter.
    Go through, and you'll be on Talazar's Island, commonly known as Hell. I hope
    you can kill demons... Or I hope your naked and can run. Fast. One way or the
    other, head south, and skirt to the west of the Minions of Talazar Stronghold.
    Once you pass this building, and pass through the small valley, watch out.
    Strong monsters spawn here. Head to the west, and follow the mountains
    until you come to a cave, just east of the passage up to Talazar's Castle.
    Once inside, you'll have to negotiate a maze.
    Do so by going right, down, up, left, up, right, down and finally up.
    Read the book, and return to the guild ruins. You're in the home stretch.
    -=Extra: Helping on the Third Book=-
    Reward: Some people pay their helpers.
    The first thing to do is get a general idea who's strongest. If you're a weaker
    player, stay behind the others. If you're stronger, take the point and take the
    brunt of the monster attacks.
    Once at the castle, know who's going to hit the two switches, while the rest go
    Once in your cell, Start by setting your torches to 1-2. Wait for the forge to go
    out and come back on. If you weren't told to stop, change them to 1-3, and so on.
    When you're told to stop, just sit tight. A great way to make people mad at you is
    to change a torch after all the work of setting it up correctly.
    -=Emperium Abbey=-
    Reward: 2000 exp pool for finishing the quest, 100,000 for buying a deed.
    Items needed: 250,000gp (500,000 on Dransik Classic)
    From Parain, exit to the south, and follow the mountains to the west to Emperium
    Abbey. Control-click the blood fountin on the island in the middle.
    Talk to Father Gweedo, who tells you the fountain turned to blood when Talazar
    attacked. Find Bother Timmothy, who says you cannot see Holendar until it runs
    clean again. Speak Brother James, and Brother Nicholas. Remember what Nicholas
    says, then go back and tell this to James.
    Easter Egg: Read the encantation backwards for a little dig between the
    dev team. It's Zarquon's opinion on Lothgar's choice of beer:
    "reeb emos em evig
    selur thgil dub dna xus esuoheci"
    Reversed, this reads:
    "give me some beer
    icehouse sucks and bud light rules"
    Finally, talk to brother Timmothy, and he will teleport you to Holendar.
    Now, talk to Holendar, and drop your gold on him if you wish to purchase a deed.
    Easter Egg: If you keep talking to Holendar without giving him money, he'll start
    to whine about the threat of rain. A few people have seen him say, "Give me the
    money or I will hack your account and take all you have and sell it for my personal
    profit." Don't worry, as of this writing, Holendar has not successfully hacked any
    Congratulations. You're a guild leader. Best of luck to you.
    Note: You don't have to buy the deed. However, once you do, you'll be able to
    have deeds transfered to you. Deeds start with a number for the tag (corresponding
    to the number deeds that have been created on that server), and have your name. You
    have to rename it to what you want.
    Dynamic Quest Overview
    Note: Not available on Dransik Classic
    Dynamic quests are randomly generated quests available throughout Krythan Island.
    They give exp pool (ranging from 200 to 1000 per quest), and some give gold and
    small items as rewards.
    Dynamic quests vary widely, but I'll try cover the basic archetypes.
    A Dynamic Quest can start in any city. The names of any NPCs involved is random,
    and the locations are random. You may see the same quest a dozen times, but it
    will be slightly different each time. Sometimes, the NPC you need to find may seem
    to be missing, but don't worry, they are there - someplace. Sometimes they hide
    in the rooms of inns, in back rooms of shops, or in oft-overlooked buildings like
    inns, governor's buildings, and temples.
    Keep in mind that if you die or log out while on a dynamic quest, you fail it.
    These are the easiest quests. An NPC will ask you to go speak with his friend in
    another town. These include the "Gift Quest," which gives a small trinket of minor
    value, and the "Storyteller" quests which give experience, as well as a number of
    These are a bit more complex, and require you to transport an item. This item is
    usually found in a chest (it's actually an NPC. There used to be a bug that made
    these chests say "Good day, adventurer!" to people. Only the quest-taker can open
    a quest chest), or obtained from an NPC, and returned to it's owner.
    -=NPC Escorting=-
    These can be annoying quests, and are quite varied. Some involve helping a person
    transport a document, taking an orphan to his family, or returning a lost dog. In
    all cases, you have to keep the NPC alive until you reach the target NPC.
    -=Item Hunting=-
    The main example of this is the "cursed city" quest, in which a mage asks you to
    find a scroll bearing a curse spell in the target city and return it for disposal.
    The item you're after is usually found in a barrel or dresser in the target city.
    -=Semi-fixed quests=-
    The main example of this is the assassination quest, in which you have to stop an
    assassination plot against King Lotor. These quests can start in any location, but
    always have the same target city (in this case, Lotor's Castle).
    -=Open-ended quests=-
    Sometimes, you aren't told where to go on a dynamic quest. These include some of
    the lost dog quests, and a quest in which you have to help an amnesiac recover his
    memory. These basically consist of talking to every NPC in sight and hoping to
    god one of them is the right one so you can get this NPC to stop following you
    around all the time so you can get on to more important business.
    -=Dynamic Quest Hunting=-
    The best place to find quests is Hothbra. Not that it has more quest NPCs than any
    other town, but that it has more nearby towns. You can reach Jeel, Varg, Lotor's
    Castle, and New Korelth fairly easily from here. When you complete a quest,
    try to find one back to Hothbra from where you finish, or to another nearby town.
    Other Things
    These things really don't fit the definition of Quest, but they are special events
    and locations that can add to both the fun and RP of Dransik, so they're covered
    -=Hell Attacks=-
    Commonly known as Hell Spawns on Dransik, however this is easily confused with
    a powerful hell monster called a Hell Spawn, which sometimes takes part in hell
    Hell Attacks are when a group of hell monsters appears near a city and attempts to
    destroy it. These are fun events for people who aren't strong enough to fight
    in areas that normally have these monters, but can be dangerous.
    First off, you should note that your odds are low in getting loot from a monster
    in a hell attack. When a guard hits a monster, it "spoils" them, so they won't
    drop items when they die. However, guards are rarely a match for a hell spawn,
    and entire cities have been known to fall to them. If you encounter one and
    want to fight it, you can try luring the monsters away from town so the gaurds
    won't spoil too many of them, or you can just let them come to you in the town,
    where it's easier to use walls or signs to keep several monsters from overpowering
    you. You'll get experience doing this, but probably no loot.
    Dransik also gets other monster attacks, most of which aren't as fun. A number of
    towns get orc attacks, but these rarely last long (although in Varg, they have been
    known to kill a few guards), and really aren't much fun unless you're standing in
    the middle of it when it starts.
    -=Statue of Slyth: The Journeyman=-
    This is a location in Jeel that predates my playing the game, but many people
    fail to realize that it is a very significant location.
    Slyth was a player of Dransik some time ago, during the early beta tests of Dransik
    Classic, and who has passed away. This statue was placed in the game as a tribute
    to him.
    Normally, I wouldn't put this here, and I'm not the best person to talk about this,
    but in recent months, I've seen a number of instances of people taking items placed at
    this statue. Many players who knew Slyth place roses at his statue, and it's very
    disrespectful to take them. They aren't valuable or useful, so please, if you see
    somebody doing this, remember, for many people, this is as close as they can come to
    a grave for their friend. Respect it as you would a real grave.
    There are more tasteful ways to cause grief if that's the only reason you play.
    FinalMasterM - help with exp values.
    Demoshi - help with more exp values, some healing quest herb
         names, and lots of Guild Quest (books 3 and 4, Emperium Abbey) information.
    Waimot - proofreading (spotty as it may be). Beta exp values.
             Chleran Quest
    Mr. 1337 - he did something... dunno what it was.
    JFC - exp limit on William's quest
    Petri - additional book 2 information and William's quest limit again.
    Raektis and Lotheac - fixed missing step in the book 4 maze
    The hordes of newbies asking how to get to Krythan and/or the Mainland.
    All the people who posted in my thread on the Dransik messageboard
         (Far too many to list here).
    jjcool - beta LJ quest data.
    Teh Scorp - axe quest reward on beta
    N/A - beta reward for polearm quest and skill exp reward for LJ quest. (yes, he
         said his name was N/A. He also had "Yes we have no bananas" for an email sig)
    Muzion - Orc starting quest, correction on the Krog quest.
    The many people who plugged the guide for people asking for spoilers on the wrong
    Dynamo - Clarifications on a cosmetic changes to the lumberjacking, large
         blades, Young William's, and guild quests, bug in the Chleran quest
    Those two f00gs who claimed that they had written my FAQ on the Dransik boards,
         because those were nice little flame threads while they lasted.
    Lothgar - sorry man, Icehouse does sux0r.
    Zarquon - This Bud's for you!
    Cr0delia - Official potato of Dransik
    The rest of Assylumsoft - because we know Loth and Zarq do nothing but play Quake
         all day while you guys do the work;)
    That poor dying guy in Arabella's room - For somehow staying alive for three
         months between the time I first started and finally finished the healing
    Allowed Sites
    Sites that I have chosen or approved to host this FAQ
    My website: roninet.cjb.net
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
    Dransik Online: www.intristin.com/UO - authorized permission for HTML
              version and abridged edition for Dransik-only content.
    Stratics: dransik.stratics.com - Teich requested permission to host the
              guide, but has not put it up. If he does, that's still fine with
    Knights of Honor guild site: http://www.geocities.com/knights_honor_courage
    Note: Two additional guilds have been given permission to use the guide, but
    do not yet have their websites online.
    If you don't see your site here, email me before putting it up. If you run a
    Dransik related site, odds are good I will allow you to host it. If you run a
    commercial site, odds area against it, ESPECIALLY if I think you're spidering
    other sites to find FAQs.
    Don't expect blanket-requests for multiple FAQs to get accepted.
    If you got this FAQ from any other sites, email me. If an approved site has
    an out of date copy, email the webmaster. The most up-to-date copy will be
    most easily found on GameFAQs and my website.
    Banned Sites
    Sites that will never be approved to host this file unless they give me a
    VERY good reason to take them off this list.
    Cheats.de: www.cheats.de - spamming, spidering
    IGN: www.ign.com - spidering, spamming, posting guide without permission
    Knights Templars clan website: kt2003.homestead.com - Plagiarism
    This file is Copyright 2002, Jeff Barrett

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