• Debug Mode

    During play, press Alt and D and the version number will be displayed and several debug commands will be unlocked. The commands will only be unlocked for the current screen you are on.

    Assign new value to chosen variableset var
    Change your current X/Y coordinates on current screenposition
    Changes Roger into Sarien uniform with helmetbe alien
    Changes Roger into Sarien uniform without helmetno helmet
    Changes Roger into space suitdrink flight suit
    Changes Roger into space suit and jet packdrink jetpack
    Display game clockclock
    Prompts you to choose current amount of moneyCash
    Prompts you to select an object to obtainget object
    Resets chosen flagreset flag
    Sets chosen flagset flag
    Shows chosen flagshow flag
    Shows chosen variableshow var

    Contributed By: Pleinair.

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  • Debug Mode Item Obtaining Codes

    Enter Debug Mode and input the "get object" command. Enter one of the following numbers to get its corresponding item.

    Dehydrated Water11
    Gas Grenade16
    Life Detector1
    Orat Part4
    Own 1 Used Ship13
    Pocket Lint23
    Remote Control17
    Sarien ID Card14
    Skimmer Key7
    Survival Kit21 and 22
    Xenon Army Knife12

    Contributed By: Pleinair.

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  • Debug Mode Teleportation

    Enter Debug Mode and input the "tp" command. Enter one of the following numbers to instantly transport to its corresponding screen. An invalid input will cause the game to end.

    Aboard Skimmer33
    Arcada Central Control Area6
    Arcada Star Generator Room11
    Asteroid Field42
    Behind Bar36
    Behind Droids R Us38
    Corridor outside of Storage Room58
    Crash on Kerona (You will drift into space if you activate this from area 12)13
    Data Archive1
    Daventry Moat (Death by gators)73
    Deltaur Armory51
    Deltaur Corridor55
    Deltaur Corridor59
    Deltaur Elevator Room54
    Deltaur Hallway Floor Junction48
    Deltaur Hallway Outside Star Generator Room49
    Deltaur Shuttle Bay62
    Deltaur Star Generator Room50
    Deltaur Storage Room57
    Desert South of Kerona Mesa83
    Dripping Liquid Chamber27
    Entrance to Flight Prep Room7
    Escape Arcada12
    Escape Exploding Deltaur (Win Game)63
    Flight Prep Room9
    Get Killed In Arcada Explosion77
    Grate Chamber26
    Grell Death82
    Hallway in front of Janitor Closet2
    Hallway in front of Star Generator Room4
    Hallway with Keycard3
    Hologram Chamber29
    In front of Deltaur Turret (Quick Death)46
    In Vent Shaft47
    In Vent Shaft60
    Inside Bar70
    Inside Crashed Escape Pod14
    Inside Deltaur Airlock61
    Inside Droids R Us71
    Inside Escape Pod10
    Kerona Mesa Bridge19
    Kerona Mesa, between trap door and resurface area16
    Kerona Mesa, east of Escape Pod18
    Kerona Underground Facility31
    Laser Chamber28
    Laundry Room53
    Lower Level of Arcada5
    Meteor Death81
    Name Selection Screen69
    Name Selection Screen67
    Name Selection Screen0
    On Board Cruiser41
    Orat's Cave24
    Outside Bar35
    Outside Crashed Escape Pod30
    Outside Cruiser37
    Outside Deltaur43
    Outside Deltaur Airlock45
    Outside Droids R Us39
    Outside Orat's Cave20
    Path leading onto Kerona Mesa23
    Resurface on Kerona Mesa15
    Skimmer Ride Intro78
    Slot Machine75
    Southwest Edge of Kerona Mesa21
    Star Generator Keypad65
    Tiny's Used Vehicles34
    Trap Door Area17
    Trap Door Cave Entrance25
    Trap Door Elevator Shaft32
    Vegetated Area sout of Mesa Bridge22
    Vehicle Bay8
    Vent Shaft outside of Laundry Room52
    Vent Shaft outside of Storage Room56
    Victory Ceremony64

    Contributed By: Pleinair.

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