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Reviewed: 03/11/00 | Updated: 03/11/00

A classic game that is fun even now

Prince of Persia is a classic adventure game for the PC. This game seems to have inspired some pretty good games, most notably Tomb Raider. It has an Aladdin feel to it. The story revolves around a street mongrel, whose girlfriend, the princess is kidnapped by Jaffar. The hero is thrown in the dungeons and the only way to rescue the princess is to make your way through the dungeon all the way to Jaffar.
The game is side scrolling and you have to kill people using your trusty sword. You also can find different potions along the way to help you in your quest. The sword fight sequences are pretty cool. You can attack or defend and if both fighters are skilled, there will be a few sword-clashing sequences, before a hit is registered. Enemies include Jaffar’s helpers and skeletons. Each enemy has different health and skills, so you have to be ready. The potions help you a lot. Some potions cause you to gain life, while other potions cause you to die. Still other potions give you the float ability, which allows you to jump long distances without dying.
The game also features a few basic puzzles, most of which involve stepping on buttons to open doors. You also have to be careful of spikes and darts along the way. Falling ceilings can mean instant death. If you are good enough to reach and beat Jaffar, you are united with the princess to become the Prince of Persia.

Graphics: 6.
The graphics are very basic. The enemies look the same and since most of the game takes place in the dungeons, the surroundings look similar, too.

Sound: 7.
There isn’t music during the game, but there are some cool sound effects for different actions. The sword fight effects are pretty nice.

Gameplay: 7.
The game can get difficult at times. But, once you get the hang of it, most of it is pretty easy.

Replay Value: 7.
Nothing new to be found. Still, its fun to play again.

Overall: 7.
This is one of the classics for the PC. It still is pretty interesting now.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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